WTF?! do Balloon animals and Swayze have in common…

WTF?! do balloon animals and teh Swazye have in common?

They’ve got to get it on… They have no choice but to get it on…


~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on February 12, 2009.

20 Responses to “WTF?! do Balloon animals and Swayze have in common…”


  2. LMFAO holy s**t, horniest condoms I’ve ever seen. Makes me want to buy some condoms NOW! Great find Ibiki. 🙂

  3. I couldn’t stop laughing the first time she showed this to me the other day… Ibi, are you trying to tell me something?

  4. Well, seeing as there’s three ‘condom animals’ *lol* in the video I say she’s trying to tell US something if you know what I mean, eh? 😉

    Ibiki: *glares at Supertrek*

    Supertrek: “Jeremiah said it!” *runs away to perv another day*

    Jeremiah: *giant sweatdrop*

    FIN 🙂

  5. *barfs in mouth, but quickly recovers and swallows*

  6. that’s definitely gonna build up a lot of static electricity….is that balloon watching?…..OMG here comes the shock…oh..oh wait…I’m, I’m gonna be sick

  7. lmfao thats awesome

  8. Message? Simple. Always…ALWAYS…USE one. (or two…or three…)

  9. Funny…

  10. Freakin’ hilarious!! I ha to watch it several times so that I could see the whole thing. I was laughing so hard I was tearing up!

    Great find!

  11. @ Jeremiah…Probably shouldn’t say that you swallow in this company. Even if it is your own puke!

  12. Ibi, I love this vid!

    @Russ…omg you made me spit coffee man!!!!

  13. MMMMM balloon animal porn now thats a new fetish I can get into… ahhh crap now when I see a clown making balloon animals the squeakiness is gonna give me a stiff one… thanks a lot ibi >_<.

  14. wow…anyone notice that balloon animals are practcally see through, that’s why there wasn’t no foreplay, they’re always turned on since they can see everything!

  15. ummmmm…

  16. @ schy: dude seriously don’t feel bad about your icon. Look at the retarded bunny (curse the shit on wings comment lol)

    IF someone was watching this over my shoulder..

    wow this would be really hard to explain

    Mom: “what are you watching?”

    Me: ” UHhh its Condoms doing it?”

    Me: *Starts sweating profusely* hehehe *gulp*

  17. Hhahahaha so FUNNY!!!

  18. omg… okay i havent been on in a few days and i see this freakin post… WTH, i should’ve never mentioned the swayze balloon *bangs head against wall*

  19. Isn’t the marketing for condums up. Its strange…

  20. strange but funny

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