1 Million Served, Part Ichi: Party Intro, Jeremiah Interview and Commenter Love

Mollie here (Ibiki Teishi), hosting your Awesomeness Party bash.  There’s shimp on the barbie, drinks on ice and a playlist here.  Sorry, wordpress does not allow any flash embeds (in non-geek that means it can’t live here), but it can be opened and played in a separate window as you read.  Enjoy!  The 1 Million Hits Bash. 

Welcome to the 1 Million Hit Party!!!!

ballons-0911 Million Hits.  1 Million readers served.  But that isn’t about us.  It’s about you and the fact that so many of you stopped in here…just to make this place complete and utter awesomeness.    Jeremiah could crack jokes into the ether that are never read.  The Sannin could be spouting theory into black holes of cyberspace, and I’d just be lost somewhere on fanfiction.

Bono would have to find some other place to post FIRSTTTTT!!!!  @.@

What makes this place groove?  Hands down, it’s the comments and the participants.  (Uh, that’s you, baby.  Really.  YOU.  ^.^)

Jokes about this site being like crack or porn…wellll…they’re well placed.  It is a little like that.  I love to read all the new posts, including innuendo about my back door or perversions with Pain (waves at Jeremiah–flattery will not get you shots of my cleavage, but I never welch on a bet–although I reserve the right to crop as needed).

My favorite part? It’s checking in to see what nutty thing HarshyTKage has said today, whether Last Scorpion has left a something hilarious and thought provoking in the threads, see if Alec and I can get into an argument er, discussion and what utter (covertly disguised) filth EroSennin has left for me. (Oh speaking of delightful filth, an aside:  I found a great vid of some Swayze balloons, you know the kind from the foil pack with reservoir tips…but I was afraid it really crossed the line…pester me and I might find a place to stick it…)

You put the sparkle on my teeth. *DING!*

You put the sparkle on my teeth. *DING!*

Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t the only people who make my world go round, you’re all pretty incredible people.  Renzy is charming on and off the page on top of being a top notch fan.  Orion quoting journal articles just about made me choke laughing.  Coolbeans and his marathon workdays and…love of cheese.  Punxed and his…illicit activities down at the internet cafe halfway around the world.  Erich’s sharp tongue and quick wit with one liners.  Skyhigh’s legendary defense of the Sas-Uke, er, Sasuke (I’m not a hater Skyhigh, I’ll even defend him next time they start bashing on him–just for you).  Kyouto’s great ideas, that often get buried in the smack talk and jokes (I see you in there…).

And there are way too many of you who have caught my notice since last June–when I read the spoilers and things but was scared to death to participate.  If I stop to mention everyone y’all will fall fast asleep–from ajd to jdb to TheRanish to supertrek, and pain/microtube.  And many, many more–you’ve all been part of some really awesome memories.

Together, you all make up one hell of a messed up community that is part barbeque in the outback, part science lesson in the fiery pits of hell and part rocket ride to mars with the top down.  (EEEE!!!!  Dammit, Jeremiah, you didn’t frickin’ win yet.  And I didn’t mean that kind of top.  Get. off. my. bra. hooks!!!!!!!!  You’ll hurt yourself.)

Then there are the ladies, some who drift in and drift out, but more and more of us seem to be stepping from behind neutral masks of cyber anonymity.  Let’s face it guys, this isn’t the safest place to let people know you’re a gal–because immediately you’ve got some douchebag telling you you’re full of crap just because you don’t have a penis.  And everyone knows a penis is essential to understanding the basics of manga (eyeroll).  So you kind of have to build a little street cred.  Here’s to Elfarren, PSI, MistressMandi, BanditQueen, Krechet, amongstheliving, Penny and probably a couple others who have come and gone, or whose admission of female identity slipped under the radar.

 heartbeatsWhoever you are, where ever you are, whether you’ve commented every day since day one, or just been around for the last 5 seconds, I hope you know we love ya.  The site, the blog the posts…they’re really all about you.  If there has been any success around here, it’s due to the readers and commenters.  That’s not lip service, that just putting the props where they belong.  So, soak up the love, and my cheezy Valentine’s hearts, and enjoy the rest of the party…



Jeremiah sits for an interview…


Jeremiah promised to share some words with us, so despite his schedule I bothered him relentlessly to capture his thoughts.  MistressMandi actually interviewed him for some other top secret and dark purpose; I’ve come along later and taken some liberties with the script.  I hope neither of them mind, the content is theirs, the baloney is mine…(this is a pisspoor tribute to honor Jeremiah for his kickass interviews…)

–  –  ~  ~  *  *  @  ||  @  *  *  ~  ~  –  –

Mistress Mandi:  What was you inspiration for the site?

Jeremiah:  Because I kept looking around for spoilers and ran into sites that only had the spoiler with commentors dying to talk about something but actually had nothing to talk about.  They were starving for discussion fodder and no one was giving it to them.

Ibiki Teishi:  Mmmm….fodder…that sounds like you’re feeding cows…

Mistress Mandi:


Ibiki Teishi:  What?!

Jeremiah: (clears throat) I also noticed that there was no review or break down of the chapters on any of the major sites and the minor reviews that people were doing on their own blogs were 1 paragraph suck fests.

Ibiki Teishi:  Woo hoo!  Suck fests…er…oh.  Sorry.  That is a bad thing.  And you’re right, Jeremiah, most of the stuff out there hoovers.  er. (looks from one to the other).  Continue, by all means, don’t let me stop you…

Jeremiah:  Ahem.   The third part to the puzzle is that I’m a full time student and needed something to vent on in between and during classes.

Ibiki Teishi:  During class…did you just say DURING class…?!?

Mistress Mandi:  Go on, Jeremiah.  I’m listening.  (dummy slaps Ibi on the back of the head)

Ibiki Teishi:  ow.

Jeremiah:   The last part is the humor.  Most of the sites out there are total manga/anime elitests which are as funny as cancer and all about being cool or whatever which goes against the entire culture of manga in which no one is cool but seems to be the norm with everyone trying to make everyone else look stupid…I really hated this.

Ibiki Teishi:  Hey…wait a minute.  (starts to pout and mutter)  You don’t think I’m cool.   Well, I’m not…not a bit…”cool”.  I mean…look up uncool and there’s me, right in the dictionary…filed under ‘u’…

Jeremiah:  (gives Ibi a funny look and turns toward Ms.Mandi) Is this too much?

Mistress Mandi:  Nope, I can condense…I won’t be quoting you directly.

Ibiki Teishi:  Ha!  But I will be, so watch what you say!  (looks back and forth at the other two) Riiiiight.  Uh.  I’ll just be…right over here, k?

Mistress Mandi:  (turns back to Jeremiah) Anyways…how long have you been ‘in’ to Naruto?

Jeremiah:  Naruto?  For a little longer than a year, perhaps two… In to manga and anime? 10 at least.

Ibiki Teishi:  Yeah, well…my dad could beat up your dad.

Mistress Mandi:  ok…

Jeremiah:  …

Mistress Mandi:  uh huh.  So…how would you describe the site?

Jeremiah:  Naruto related retarded humor…

Ibiki Teishi:  I are a Narutard…

Jeremiah:  (nodding)  Narutarded

Ibiki Teishi:  (pumping fist, muttering to self)  Yeah, awesomeness!!!

Mistress Mandi:  Narutarded Awesomeness…

Jeremiah:  Humorous Narutarded Awesomeness

Ibiki Teishi: (wipes a tear from her eye) That’s just…beautiful.  Are…are there any plans for the future?

Mistress Mandi:  (turns and stares at Ibi, mouth open) …  Wow.  Welcome back to reality.  You’re…psycho.

Ibiki Teishi:  (looks at Mandi, puts her finger over her lips)  Shhhh!

Jeremiah:  We are just getting started.  I know some people have heard that from me before and I came through.  The blog has improved a 100 times over what it started out  to be.  There are huge things on the horizon and I’m happy to take anyone along with me…

(Mistress Mandi and Ibi jump up and down waving their arms, but Jeremiah can’t seem to see…)

Jeremiah:  …who is creative and…

(Mistress Mandi and Ibi start pushing each other out of the way, still jumping up and down)

Jeremiah:  (Jeremiah tugs on his left ear)…wants to do something awesomeness.

(Two masked ninja jump out of the bushes, push Ibi and Mandi back in their seats; a scuffle ensues when ropes come out.  Ibi unmasks Alec and mouths “Hell no…”  Jeremiah quickly tugs on his right ear and the ninja disappear.)

Ibiki Teishi:  Hmpf!

Mistress Mandi:  (looking over her shoulder) Wha…?

Jeremiah:  I can’t get into to many details because things are still being negotiated but it’s gotten to an insanely exciting level of awesomeness coming in the future.  It would be impossible to even guess what I’m talking about unless you actually knew because there is no way I would have even guessed it 6 months ago.

Mistress Mandi:  Will there be grapes?

Ibiki Teishi:  Or balloons?  Are we talking balloons?  or is this more along the lines of some kind of super-purified, mainline crack?!

Jeremiah:  What the…?

Ibiki Teishi:  Nevermind, dude.  Sorry I harshed on your eloquence.  Hit me with the good stuff…I want to see the future in your eyes…so look at me when you tell me…

Jeremiah:  I love being creative and surrounding myself with creative people and this site has become a breeding ground…

Ibiki Teishi:  Breeding gr…Dude.  Seriously.  My eyes are here.  Those melons aren’t for sale…

Jeremiah: …for creative awesomeness.  I’m confident that we are going to shock alot of people in the foreseable future.

Ibiki Teishi:  Grrrrrrrrr…..

Mistress Mandi:  (whispers) Psst.  Jeremiah…I think she’s finally serious now.  Stop staring, you’re making me blush…

Ibiki Teishi:  Yanno’ I could take off my top and snap a picture…it’d last longer.

Jeremiah:  (grins)  Deal.

Mistress Mandi:  (facepalm)  Is there anything else, Jeremiah?  I…gotta…I gotta go.

Ibiki Teishi:  Yeah, is there a right or a wrong way to participate in this future you’re going on about?

Jeremiah:  (nodding)  Some people will want to be involved and do amazing things and some people will watch from the sidelines and be entertained as hell.  There really is no wrong answer.

–  –  ~  ~  *  *  @  ||  @  *  *  ~  ~  –  –

Many thanks to Ms.Mandi for her excellent interview questions…and (I hope) many thanks to Jeremiah AND Mandi alike for being good sports about my buffoonery.  You can kill me in the comments if you hated what I did to you (you too, Alec…lol).


Feeling the Commenter Love…


art by Ichisfire

art by Ichisfire


BUT wait, there’s more. 


I asked for your stories, too.  We got so many responses, that I actually split this party into two posts. 


Below are the folks who answered the Awesomeness Party invitation and shared with me some love about their fellow commenters. I spliced things up a bit to keep their comments brief (with the exception of Alec and Last Scorpion who have more than earned a little extra space to love things up a bit). 


At Jeremiah’s request and my own inability to take a compliment, I’ve cut most references to the blog or the posts or the writing staff.  It’s not that we don’t love the love ourselves, it’s that we want you, commenters from around the globe, to be honored and appreciated here today. 


You all are the groove and the awesomeness that makes this place tick. 


So, without further puckey from me…here are your thoughts…



Name: of815 

My name of815 is from the show LOST. It’s “Oceanic Flight 815“. My first post actually got it wrong and I put of813.

And though I have only been here for a short time, I have been a fan of Naruto for quite a while. Everyone [on this blog] is pretty friendly and has good humor. And you guys have an unbelievable knowledge base. [snip]   [BTW, that ‘snip’ and the ‘…’ means Ibiki edited the comment down to the good bits.]

Now for a shout out (salute?) to a comment that sticks out in my mind…[snip]

Alec [November theory contest]…wrote a ton of stuff about what was going to happen with the story. I have never seen so much thought put into the details of the story. [snip]  So a salute to Alec, whoever you are. So far you’ve left the comment that left me absolutely floored with how much knowledge you have of the story. Don’t worry, I’ve noticed a lot of other people too in my short time here. (One being Renzy).

Reading Naruto weekly has been an addiction for me…But I still get dates with women – believe it!


Name: amongstheliving

AHHHH, okay! So, basically, I’ve been reading iareawesomeness for about 3 months, but I just joined.. 3 days ago? Yes, so anyway, my point is: Jeremiah is THE BOMB. Before I joined I thought he was mega cool yo…and I always look forward to reading his comments on here. The $#!T he says is just purely funny, nonstop. This may be blasphemy, but I think he beats out The Swayze. Just sayin d:


Name: rawrrz

so i’ve been coming to this site for a little while now, and i finally just signed up. all you guys/galz are awesomeness haha. i always looks forward to the overviews – the one with kermit – hurt = almost as good as MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITO GAI. “NEVER EVER SAY ANYTHING ABOUT GAI COMING IN BEING DUMB OR ELSE I WILL GIVE U A DYNAMIC ENTRY TO THE FACE” best line ever!!!!


Name: ajd

Hey, this blog is the Swayze of any other Naruto Blogs. I love the absurd amount of variety in the community, and I am constantly having to change shirts because I’m always drinking something when I read the most ridiculous comments.


However, my favorite commenter has to be Harshytkage. Nothing he says makes sense, but it is always a guaranteed laugh. I wonder just how crazy of an idea he can manifest?…thinks back…
“I am Danzou”
“I am Kaizou”
“We are Kaidozou”
Oh god!

congratz on the 1 mill… *teeth shine w/ thumb up*


Name: 9TailedSage

I’d like to thank Jeremiah for creating a haven for me and the legions of other narutards alike. When I found this site about a year ago, after my first dive into the enthralling universe of manga or Japanese comics, I had no venue whatsoever to vent my frustrations (my friends only watched the anime and I would just spoil everything). So for me to finally post some bullshit theories and argue with people a thousand miles away that Sasuke sucks ass, this site made the 2008 school year many times more bearable. [snip]


Name:  Josh

I would like to comment on the number of post done by Ibiki. It is already known she contributes to the site with daily post, but its not just that, its the content of those post that are worth mentioning. Post should be able to provide humor, but maintain a firm grasp of knowledge. This goes out to everyone who researches before they state the things they say. Someone who uses logic in their words, looks at the chapters and watches the anime. The amount of confusion cleared up by those post is what I like. Still its more than this. There are contest and topics meant to generate interest. Without those additions would the site have the number of hits it has today or the next. The answer is unknown, but it is fact that the presence of those post help keep the site as it is now.   

[I tried to edit that down but couldn’t without eliminating the post…*blushing*…goes off to hide…


Name: Alec

I wanna say thanx to all the people who make this possible, Jeremiah (well no shit he gets my honor…), Ibi (another freakin’ no brainer), and Russ and Ero-Sennin who keep this place sane when the other two are away… but especially I want to thank all the readers and commentors who have helped this site grow from where it started in June.  Actually, it took us nearly four months to get to 300,000 hits and now, another 4 months later, we’re at 1,000,000, so thank you.

I would have to say my favorite moments have been the Danielsan flameout, finding out that I didn’t know everything about Naruto, and whenever ibi or jman has the courtesy to let me shoot my brains on to the computer screen even when the brain matter doesn’t make since.

Though I miss originals like li lo lau, skyhigh (who shows up once and a while), and martin (there’s way too much Gai love around here without him *yes that was an allusion to Scrubs*), I enjoy the presence of the new guys who have more than filled in their roles.

I can’t fit into words what there is to say (or at least the 150 words i was given, which i’m way over, damn socialists).  [We love you too, Alec.  ^.^]  So again, I say thank you for your patience, input, and wonderful personalities (or at least punx’s dope).



Name:  LastScorpion


Memory UNO… My (Third) most recent post back in Aug 2008 about Code Geass (yes, I know it had many errors in it) .  Me and Jeremiah took the Suzaku VS Lelouch fight to a discussion about morality, war and change.  This post also spawned a comment by a crazy guy that said the world is going to end…but we are still alive yay!!  I still think I won that fight, because we now know how Code Geass came to an end, and we also have Obama as president. 

Memory DEUX…  PARA! PARA! DANCE!, WTF!!!.  Okay, I love the tone of the blog (I know that I helped set it), without the WTF post and all of the other crazy posts that we have, I don’t think I would have ever stayed with the blog as long as I have.  If the tone of the blog was serious business, I think we would just be a bunch of Naruto fans bitching at each other just like every other place on the interwebs.  As for the Para Para Dance, I think it is pure AWESOMENESS that the Japanese made a genetically-altered Swayze clone to combat the loss of Japanese women to the American Swayze.  The Japanese even gave their Swayze killer dance moves, a power mullet and a sexy red thong.  Just look at him, sexy women all around, and he can still dance like a god.

Memory SAN… umm… hmm… CAKE!!!… no wait… penguins…



…yeah I think that is it, penguins…o, yeah and crack, you can never have enough crack.

P.S if one of my predictions is right I will have to make a post on how I make them so accurate…shhh, keep it a secret, but I have Kishimoto chained up in the basement.



There is a second post coming,

for all those who
clicked the eyes

to be continued…shortly…




~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on February 10, 2009.

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  12. Thanks, it is nice to finally have freedom to use the internet. I snuck on a connection on occasion, but bandwidth is so limited out there. It is good to be home, and I’d like to say that after scanning through what seemed like hundreds of Naruto sites. I clicked on one that when the page opened I knew something was different. I first read a well thought out commentary on the latest manga, it had the typical uber fan knowledge, but what made it great was the lack of ridiculous ego over (essentially) a comic. Don’t get me wrong, just read back a post or two, and you’ll know that I love to analyze Naruto to down right silly levels. As Jeremiah, Mandi, & Idiki yelled so well, “Narutard!” Anyway, that with the Swayze plugs…uh..bits, and the WTF post I knew that I found a place to return to. I want to thank Jeremiah, Ibiki, Alec, LastScorpion, Babyfox, Harshytkage, Glen, Ms.Mandi, Renzy, elfarren,….god I could just keep going. Basically you are all why I return, and look forward to the up coming year with you.

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    Me: “Hinata wanna dance?” 😉

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  26. Firstly, thanks to Jeremiah, Ibiki and all the people who have created and maintained such an informative, tolerant and ultimately hilarious blog! You’ve probably stopped my friends from strangling me out of frustration with my constant cracker babbling about Naruto!

    Secondly, what is going on with that group photo at the top!?
    It looks like with Sakura’s help Sai has pinned Temari down and is about to violate her from behind! Naruto appears to be advocating something a bit more drastic tho…

    Keep up the awesomeness people!

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    My New Signature-

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    FIN (on a sad note) 😦

  54. @supertrek lol he said he was gunna pop all of our balloons 😦

  55. @renzy10: NOOOOOO!!!! NOT THE BALOONS!!!……..what that’s all I can do! 0_0

    Renzy10: >_< “Useless!”

  56. we should assemble…. almost like the planeteers…. and go fight the evil that is harshytkage. WE WILL SHOW NO MERCY!

  57. @renzy10: ARRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! *battle cry and rushes at Harshy*

  58. holy crap…. the ballons are in danger!!?!! i tottaly call linka’s role! harshy…your mine *points in anger*

  59. *hands out pins to the asembled* You know where to stick ‘im boys.

  60. So where are my grapes at man?!?! I want my mouth orgasam!!!

  61. Bono’s in charge of that kind of thing…

  62. @ ms.mandi
    well ive always got wine laying around but im not sure thats the same thing
    ps. do you know what wine goes good with???????? thats right it starts with a C and i think you know what comes next!!! lol

  63. Now that I’m a little more awake, I’d like to formally say …

    Jeremiah, you’re the ultimate in awesomeness for bringing this site to life. The interview was full of great insight, and you have definitely created the perfect spot for everyone here to not take Naruto too seriously (ala the elitists).

    Ibiki, your commentary/posts are part of the reason I came forward as another female fan with strong ideas (and even stronger opinions! LOL), so thank you for speaking up and letting all us other gals know we’re not alone.

    I also wanna give a shout out to HarshyT, Alec, EroSennin, Supertrek, AJD, Last Scorpion, Fumakotaro, Droptheweights, and Renzy – your comments and arguments are always entertaining, enlightening, ridiculous (in a good way), but they’re also the reason I can’t stop refreshing my page to see what you’ll say next. Awesomeness! *Thumbs up with tooth sparkle* To everyone else, I’m sorry I don’t know you better to leave a personalized comment, but I am kinda new around here …

    There! That’s my contribution to the party ^_^

  64. @supertrek89: whoa! Lets leave me out this. *Nervously sips his Glenlivet & soda, and finds a quiet corner to hide in*

    thanks elafarren, I like having you Grrlz of manga around to keep things balanced.

  65. Do we have any hard alcohol in this joint aside from wine? I need to get drunk…

  66. My shout out to everybody on Iareawesomness (btw props to ibiki for the article lol, major props to Jeremiah for creating the website lol) for being awesome and helping me through boring school days.

    See ya

    Ace out

  67. *rattles the ice of a scotch & soda*

  68. ms.mandi i am offended when i hear that question and im in ear shot 😉 marine=alcoholic…. ok not all of them but this guy. that said start passing the booze cause ive got it all, can i get a what what for my good buddies jack jim and jose lol jk… but not really 😉

  69. didn’t intend to offend…just need booze…stat

  70. i ment to say not all marines are alcoholics…. but this guy sure is and im not going to lie *cough cough* my beer pong skills are over power level 9000!!!!! lol who brought that up the first time anyway. just one more reason to give a shout out to jeremiah and ibi for putting together an awsomeness sight! totally waiting for the 10,000,000 served party held in vagas. i hear its headlining elfarren singing with ero on piano and a duo of lastscorp and alec whaling a legendary backup

  71. lol wasnt really offended, i come off as course because of the constant getting yelled at and then passing that yelling on to those under me lol 😉 ok i dont yell that much….wait i diegress i dont get offended on this sight, totally not the vibe and thats another check in its awsomeness box hehe is my nose brown enough ibi 😉

  72. @ Coolbeans: LOL I’ll only sing if I get to wear a sequined dress and lounge on the piano like they do in the movies ^_<

  73. oh i know you can pull it off, BELIEVE IT!!!! but only if you mix in frank sinatra and swazye remakes 😉

  74. Question for those over 21. What is your drink of choice? I think this can be a telling characteristic of a person. Now, don’t dress it up. Honesty counts. I used to sit on NYC stoops with a $1.50 40oz, though I was a younger I was still the same person. That wouldn’t make a person stupid, so be truthful. But that was not a favorite. I love Guinness, but as I got older (and could afford better stuff) I have a wine chest that I keep full, a dry white & a Momokawa Diamond (sweet, light, fruity sake I highly recommend) in the fridge, 5th of Absolut in the freezer, but my favorite of the past 10 years is a Glenlivet & Soda on the rocks with lemon & lime.

  75. honestly, Malibu and pineapple or white russians

  76. bud light for mass consumption and straight jack, no ice no cola for… mass consumption. killians for tasty beer and finally im a fan of sake WARM haha but i was totaly there with you on the 1.50 40oz ive done that all the time back in the day *hangs head* and still do sometimes. you just got bit by the cobra 😉

  77. when i smoke a cigar nothing completes it like a good glass of scotch, right now my price range is set at glendelle fitch, or a sweet brandy depending on the fullness of said cigar. (ohhh no preventing myself from writing a 2000 word post on my second favorite subject behind naruto, seriously ive given 2 hour lectures on the subject of beer alone ;))

  78. @ Ms.Mandi: Rum and fruit juice must be a girl thing LOL

    @EroSennin: I like bay breezes/sea breezes, and occasionally a rum and coke.

  79. fu ki’ makes a decent sake for first timers over 21, not at all the best but a mid ranger thats not to expencive……… ahhh must stop myself……… oro is gona come back, orobuto chaaaaaarge

  80. Damn I am way late I missed the 1,000,000 mark by 11,000 >_<. I hate college and other crap. But congratulations to all of the awesomeness!!! in this blog. I have to thank Lincoln and I will celebrate his birthday by thinking about Naruto. don’t you just love random holidays that you get the day off.

    P.S Hmmm… I need to put something random in this spot… I could put a random Swayze or captain planet reference… no that wont due… Ahhh screw it, we have to use captain planet to recruit the children of the world and build a child army of Awesomeness!!!. Muhahaha WE WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!! -_+

  81. ooh I had thise plum sake once….it was so farking good….that sounds yummy.

  82. @ero
    if i may ask (no need to worry about offending me, and i dont care if the community hears you thoughts) what do my drinks say about me. and dont pull the punches cause you are totaly like the guy around here (no offence to the other long timers who are also the guy… guys…women… oh man now im gona get myself yelled at) 😉

  83. My chioces:
    Liquor – Captian Morgans & Coke
    Beer – Leinenkugel or Duvel(that belgian beer will F you up)
    Wine – Any by Winter Snows or Pinnacle by Childress

  84. lol @ coolbeans: what does straight jack say about you? srsly, you asking this? ;P~ It tells me you’re hard drinking, hard living, crazyass MF who lives on the edge. 😀

    @ero: mmm…Guinness, but only when properly served with nitro tap and a proper 2 min head. Keep the scotch, I’ll take the cigar–but only if it’s quality. Damn it…that wasn’t in innuendo joke, really. Beer is best, but none of that mass quantities see through stuff–I did enough of that in my day. I brew my own. A nice merlot if I’m in the mood for a migraine, and would rather risk the headache. But my favorite buzz is from champagne.

  85. acid makes a great cigar called acid for you readers over 18.
    its not my fault that tennesse makes a great sour mash 😦 its just so tastey

    The Ballooons are MINE!
    All MINE!!!
    I’ll Pop em’ ALL!!!All of em!!!Take all the stands you want against me!!!
    The HARSHYGAN!!!( X | X )
    I’m gonna pop all the ballons and then go surfing with them!!(???)
    THEN We’ll go to a bar and i’ll get them TIPSY ENUF!!
    urgh..wait…i got a little carried away there…


    *Unleashes his Harshygan Pin Missile!)

  87. @harshy: roflmfao…which anime character are you most influenced from?

  88. me? i was influenced by Shaoran from CCS and tsubasa chron.
    that’s why i’m calm calculated ad peaceful everytime

    ALL MINE!!!!

  89. @Elfarren: Aww shucks, you didn’t have to mention lil’ ol’ me! You make this site awesome too! *blushes profusely* @_@

    @Ero: What’s that….you volunteer your time to show Fanboi some new tricks? How kind of you! Fanboi, over here Ero wants to show you something! *smiles evily* Oh yeah, even though your question was for people 21 and over (I’m 19)….

    Harshy: “KID”

    Me: “Shut up Harshy!” *plants a bomb in his house for whenever he comes back*

    Ahem…. I would just like to say I choose not to drink so therefore I would say my favorite drink would be……Brisk Ice Tea!

    Harshy: “LOL, what a B**CH”

    Me: “Hey Harshy why don’t you go check up on your cat”

    Harshy: “Thaks man what a good idea, Freckles gets lonely without me sometimes” *walks into his house*

    Me: *develish smile* *presses red button* ….. *button doensn’t work* *looks on the back of detonator* MADE IN CHINA “DAMN!”

    Harshy: *walks out of house with Freckles* “What you got there Supertrek, birth control pill for your period?” fufufufufu (manga laugh)

    Me: “Naw, just a pill that will give you Swayze like powers for an hour here try it.”

    Harshy: REALLY, AW S**T GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME!!! *takes detonator and swallows it* ……. *dies of led poisoning*

    Me: *Picks up Freckles and sells him on the black market in China* (Cat + China = Bad)

    Ero: “Damn, that’s cold bro!” *sips on 40 oz.*

    Credits: I would just like to note that Harshy nor Ero had anything to do with this post and Harshy’s really not the asshole I make him out to be in this little skit. I just think he’s a cool guy who can take something like this lightly. If not well he can make a skit about him….pooping on my head or something and we’ll be even (Harshy plese don’t). And take no offense guys and gals I have nothing against anyone who drinks and I can only hope you’ll have nothing against someone who doesn’t.
    *Stares at group with large puppy eyes*

    FIN 🙂

  90. @harshy: never heard of ’em -____-
    @jeremiah: hot picture of kunoichis (except that sakura isn’t that…umm..big..)

  91. oh…that explains it…
    ibiki made this post…and i thought master was behaving weird….

  92. lol…”Master”…that’s what i’m gonna call you from now on…

    say master, where’s god?
    *too much lols….tummy hurts…ah!*

  93. You suck on an earlobe and belly button simultaneously with the force.
    The forces of push and pull….with your mouth.
    Like Deva pains ability. Now…

  94. PUSH!!!!

  95. hey! shit on wings(snickers at schy’s avatat…)
    @ pain – you haven’t read tsubasa reservoir chronicles or card captor sakura? well, you don’t seem like a guy who’d rread em anyways, neways, i luv both the series….

    @schy(aka shit on wings)- when we suck,l we make an air tight chamber out of our mouth, now we move our ongue back into out mouth thus creating a larger volume, but since your mouth’s air tight, it creates a suction vacuum inside due to the difference in the air pushing out in your mouth to the atmospheric pressure on our mmouth(mainly the cheeks…) thus created a sucking or pulling effect….

    hey look! shit on wings!

  96. you have 1 minute to hand over 5 mill or this one is over

    OOPS! too late

    i’m holding the rest hostage!

  97. oops…forgot in the lastr post

    HEY look! $h^t on wings!

  98. Anybody else think Harshy has had too much to drink?

  99. @coolbeans: This isn’t based in any fact, just my personal bar-room barometer. Bitter flavors are interpreted as poisonous by the brain, while sweet flavors are read as safe, and then there are the drinks that are both sweet and haven’t alcohol aftertaste. Now some people drink for effect, some for the experience, and others for a combination of the two. (coffee is another version of this..black/bitter, with sugar/sweet but rougher aftertaste than milk & sugar/ the sweetest least harsh) So, how far removed from the primal instincts is a person?(somewhat masochistic, or pure rampaging Id) Are they a foodie?(experimental) Are they out for effect only? (feeding the id, self gratification all the way) Home brew? (driven when it comes to personal needs, relishes the ritual…person is affected by their environment, aesthetics are important to this one) This is all western based, and will change in the same person based on finances, mood of that moment, and setting. Rough example: the girl with the rougher drink, sipping, is gonna want to know that I meet her criteria (longer evaluation period), whereas the girl with the sweetest drink is looking for self-gratification and is going to only need me to meet the needs of that moment (not necessarily sex, as a conversation until friends arrive, or to ward off annoying suitors by seeming occupied with a person she sees as harmless etc..)

  100. Gentlemen, be wary of the friend that you’ve known for a while, that normally seeks aesthetics, and is now drinking sweet drinks, touching her face/hair more than when normally speaking to you. You are the gazelle, drinking at the bank of the Nile, and are about to be pounced.

  101. @ Ero

    Coming from a true man of experience *bows down and worships*

  102. Yeah, that should be like the 11 commandment or sumthin…

    @Pain – cool upgrade on the icon but you really don’t have to call me master, it gets a little uncomfortable…

    @ Harshyt and Schy – the alternative life styles you have chosen are interesting ones… I’m just sayin is all

  103. Wait… AmongsTheLiving was a female all along? O_O

    Ero, you are truly a Sannin. I bow in your presence. *bows*

  104. hey jeremiah!

    It’s shit on wings!!!

  105. @ Ero… would you believe that a Irish catholic guy, that grew up in a typical Irish family, in a very Irish area of NY, with a pub on every corner and had his first beer at the age of twelve doesn’t like to drink. I have to say you are spot on with your bar-room barometer. Although I don’t like to drink, I have been in many bars since most people I know love to drink and you are spot on with what you say.

  106. for everyone here…i DONOT drink….my tastebuds aren’t mature enuf to like it…and really, i just don’t like to drink…

  107. lmao…master switched my comment…
    that’s violation of the rules….

  108. edit:

    @harshy: shit on the wings..where?

  109. @harshy: just figured out what your name pronounces like (i thought it over and over…and finally realized what your real name was…yai me!!!!)

  110. by “shit on wings” i was refering to schy’s avatar…

    yup…another name teaser emerges in the form of pain 😥

  111. @Last Scorp: I hereby revoke your Irish…lol

    @EroSennin: I was going to warn them about the two playing dice at the bar. They’re cheating. And the boys may understand that they are being hunted, and think that’s pretty cool…but they seriously have no idea. They’ll wind up having to call a buddy from some unknown location and beg for a ride home in hushed tones…@.@…or chew their arm off in a coyote attempt to escape…

  112. now that is wild…

  113. !!!taht gniod peek esaelp:retsam@

    @harshy: not wild…random…

  114. @jeremiah: change that if you can… lmfao…i know…u are a genius 🙂

  115. U are just being so complimentary today 🙂

  116. lol…i thought i was going to call u a “god”
    and say “u are a genius” which would have been a nice touch
    too cheesy, don’t you think ma-ster?
    or did you forget the doctor Tom’s advice…”cheese is a good thing, too much cheese is a great thing… mmmm I love pizza”
    roflmfao…yup! u sure are a genius *pats jeremiah on the back*

  117. Different life styles?
    Hmm my life style is PUSH 1st PULL later. Im pretty sure im…probably confusing myself though and im already confused. And i dont even know what im typing. But technically im not typing im pushing the buttons on my PS3 controler. So typing was inaccurate and inaccuracy is not cool.
    Oh and i also forgot who i was replying to. Umm the guy who asked me how you suck on summut like a earlobe. Yeah i wanted to say to ’em i hope my last message helped.
    By the way 1st we are going to defend ourselfs, by not defending ourselfs. That is the key to victory.
    That statement was stupid and a lie by the way. The internet has lied to you, remember this because it will lie to you again. >_> And then if your that gullible people like me are going to take advantage of you and lie again. And its not cool to be taken advantage of. Unless you want to…then your doing a pretty good job. And i think im gunna go to sleep now i dont no what im doing…

  118. Me thinks its a good idea to call it a night schy… u make little sense…

  119. @ jeremiah.. maybe its just cuz he’s a british tea-sipper 😀 .. j/k (once again. too much xbox live)

  120. @reflex:

    Should schy have some Chamomile Tea? Or some OTHER sort of fracking tea? XD

    Read this for reference:


    PS: Approve it quick admins, its pretty hilarious(to me).

  121. OK, first that wasn’t the latest chapter of CUMCUM: Tactics. I made the mistake of using the girl in the bar analogy, my bad. It is something that I did use, I made it up from scant bits of knowledge. But, it is biased to my taste isn’t it. It dosn’t tell me who is feeling randy. Sometimes a person finds themselves at a bar that doesn’t have what they like, but because of a social gathering, or a menagerie of other possibilities this person finds themselves drinking something out of desperation. So, spotting the girl with an umbrella in her drink isn’t coitus in the bank. It just guesstimates a persons disconnection to their baser feelings.

    As for the second entry; It was meant to be humorous, and true, mostly humorous. She could have had a bad day a simply wants to not be sober as fast as possible, and/or is drunk, and you being a person she knows, she may trust you not to take her the wrong way.
    Now, disclaimers aside….Dog will hunt. And, typically the female of the species is the best hunter. (see sexual selection: female choice)
    So, I know there are those of you who understood me the first time, but for the others: anytime you got some, it was given to you…that’s important to remember. (I am taking for granted that I am not speaking to any rapist, if that is the case you are scum, and should forfeit your right to air)

  122. @rockleex: that is F**K’N hilarious! I hope that it is true, but seems too funny to be real.

  123. @rockleex: That s**t is funny and that teacher is so awesome! I love how they killed….*Rockleex puts his hand over Supertek’s mouth* “Shhhh, don’t tell the story you’ll ruin it.” Anyway funny stuff dude!

    @Ero: RAPIST WHERE?!?!?! *hides under tree* Ah! Nice and shady 🙂 it’s a known fact that rapist don’t like shady trees just shady places. But not trees!

  124. hey….dont tell me it’s no manga week!

  125. @Erosennin, you really seem to have some insight there, you been reading dating books? lol. Although I think I prefer not knowing these things sometimes, cus being able to read situations or at least think you can, can take the excitement, surprise and spontaneity out of it all! I like trying to take it as it comes and bumbling through, sort of brings out more of who I really am. But anyways here’s my favourite drinks: Lagers: Super Bock, Asahi and Cobra. Cocktail: Mojito. Wine: Eagle Hawk Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon and any reserva rioja. Home Brew: Skittles Vodka! 😉

    @rocklee, LOL! I love the exchange at the end and the teachers comment capping it all! I can assure you we English do not just sit around all day thinking about different types of tea.. there’s crumpets and scones too you know!

    @Elfarren, 🙂 thanks for the shout out, same to you!

  126. @Ero:

    I(and others… I think) fully understood your original post. It is not an almighty rulebook that we must strictly follow. But it helps give an idea of a person, that is, if said person was drinking what they regularly love to drink.

    You heard of PUA by any chance? Your knowledge of females seems to sound a lot like PUA stuff.

    @chamomile tea:

    Although it sounds too good to be true, I have seen/witnessed far too many hilarious situations such as these(in different contexts) in real life to know that it COULD *emphasis on could* definitely be real! 😀

    The teacher reminds me of Kakashi for some weird reason. ^_^

  127. Aw crap, I gave blood today and I’m fading fast. I think I’m taking an early nap today! -_- zzzzzzz…….not the rapist!……zzzzzzzzzz……….

  128. @droptheweights:

    Wow, you said what I was gonna say before I said it(Ero reading dating books/PUA)!

    It can’t just be the Rock Lee connection, maybe we are long lost brothers! XD

    I also agree that figuring out the pattern of the dating scene can potentially make a person lose all passion for it. But if you don’t know the pattern, then every girl you meet would just seem like a goddess/best thing since sliced bread. Yet when you know the pattern, you’ll lose your passion for the dating scene.

    But I stand by the law that there’s always an exception to every rule/pattern. ^_- That one exception will forever invigorate the springtime of youth!

  129. @ supertrek: dude giving blood sucks after a while…

    seriously my arm was dead for a good two days lol

  130. @supertrek:

    It must be the Chamomile Tea affecting you on a lazy evening at home. ^_-

  131. @ EroSennin: I’d say your analysis was pretty spot on, in relation to me anyway. I’m totally the sweet drinks girl that’s there to hang out and be with friends, and while I don’t mind talking to strangers, I make it clear I’m not there to hook up right away so I don’t lead anyone on. LOL

  132. @elfarren:

    Now, what sort of tea would you have?

  133. Btw, I should mention to reflex that Britains aren’t the only ones enjoying tea.

    In Japan, there is a thing they call the “Tea Ceremony”. Even the most hardcore Samurai of all time, Musashi Miyamoto, loved Tea sipping. ^_^

    Anyways, who would win? A samurai, a ninja, a pirate, or a cowboy?

    You are all wrong because the correct answer is “The Swayze!”

  134. @rockleex: Glad you got it, I knew some did, but feared that is was taken the wrong way & wanted to clarify. Pick-up-artist? Me? No, I am somewhat of a introvert. Thus why I have the time to over analyze the all the trivial aspects. My pick-up lines consisted solely of, “Hey, what’s your name?” I was never confused with the smooth guy.

  135. @ rockleex: Call me old fashioned, but I like a nice hot cup of Earl Grey with nothing added to it.

  136. @Ero:

    Yea, I was wondering whether you got those information through analyzing or from PUA sources. The internet is very accessible and I just thought you might have read on some stuff.

    Anyways, the more introverted people like us usually like to analyze more than being the one that is analyzed.

  137. @EroSennin: I thought it was hilarious, so I hope you didn’t think I was taking you the wrong way. My response was actually a true story about a friend of mine. Apparently he enjoyed himself in the end, but it was a wierd call to get early Saturday morning…

    “Hey, come and get me?”
    “OK. Where are you?”
    “Uh…I don’t know.”
    “Look out the window…”
    “Wait. I gotta go. She made me breakfast…”

    She eventually returned him safe at the end of the weekend, when she was done. But we never let him live it down.

  138. and to quote man vs. girls gone wild “remember guys to remain emotionally distant because these bitches will break your heart”

  139. @Ibiki:

    Did is just SOUND crazy? Or was it actually crazy? Sounds like he was handcuffed to the bed or something. *I don’t trust female cops* >_<

  140. wowzer…yo ero, all that seems second nature to me actually, my pickup lines vary from “wowzer! when did god send you here”…to “your doctor did a wunderful job on yer nose(yup…i picked that one up from ugly betty)” or simply “hi, i couldn’t help noticing but you’ve got the eyes of an angel”

    All of them are cheesy nuf to make people puke, but looks like many indian girls fall for em, i h8 myself for using em….

    But hey! my GF says it’s mas poems that do the trick

  141. @rocklee: I didn’t press for gory details. But it was pretty clear that there was a well thought out distraction put in his way every time he tried to leave.

  142. Well thought out distraction… kind of like this?


  143. @ rocklee – what kind of tea is “fracking tea”, and where can i buy it. is it at walmart or what? it sounds really good and i LOVE to try new things 😀

  144. BTW when did i ACTUALLY TYPE “i like tea” 0_o WTF

  145. @reflex:

    Ahah, “fracking” is a word from Battlestar Galactica. Its the equivolent of “f*cking”.

    If you love to try new things, try watching Battlestar Galactica. ^_-


    We all know you’re a closet tea sipper! Ahah j/k.

  146. LMAO Ibiki- I just found your Playlist at the top of the post. George Clinton and Parliament, OMG. That was one wacked out group of muscicians. They have the craziest song titles (not to mention songs) in music. I went and pulled an old cd, here’s one for you,”Dr. Funkenstein’s Supergroovalistic – Prosifunkstication Medley: Let’s Take it to the Stage/Take Your Dead Ass Home (Say Som’n Nasty)(Live).” Sweeeet!

  147. Um I dont get it ^.^

  148. YES! jdb: EroSennin suggested it, but I’m familiar with George Clinton and parliament–and was very certain to put it on there. ;D Geezers should stick together! The mother ship has landed…

  149. @ibiki- Erosennin is full of surprizes. Mother ship indeed. Your list got me to wondering if I could think of a theme song for Naruto’s current nemesis. It hit hit me, there was a band in the mid eighties called Shriekback and they had a song called “Nemesis.” It fits pretty well, it’s definitely weird, and the club version had the voice of Marlon Brando (from his character in the movie “Apocalypse Now”) overlaid in the opening…”the Horror…Horror.” I’m pretty sure they even had a video for the song.

  150. 😀

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