WTF?! Kelloggs…I mean, REALLY?!?

Get this before it disappears…


Ibiki T


~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on February 8, 2009.

21 Responses to “WTF?! Kelloggs…I mean, REALLY?!?”

  1. funny stuff first


  3. I was to busy watching youtube to check up on the posts and look what happens. I miss it by this much but at least I get good laugh great post! 🙂

  4. that was funny! And true!

  5. Fourth!!!

  6. I really didn’t get it.

  7. LMAO! This was soooo perfect ^_^ I think Leno put it well, too, when he said Phelps isn’t corrupting the youth, the youth corrupted him by handing him the bong!

  8. haha this is funny… and it really is true hes what like 23? give him a break

  9. What you talkin bout Snap Crackle and Pop are my homies…I just saw em the other day lol

    Yeah Phelps is how old? 23 right?


    sheesh this is why I think being a celebrity at a young age kills your youth…its not that I support him smoking pot but it was his mistake to make!

    The world needs to loosen up….thats mah take

  10. micheal phelps sucks dick

  11. really? and you know this ronan…because you claim he serviced yours?

    @burningace: I don’t support it either, I think it lays waste to bits of you that could be better put to use elsewhere. BUT, trying to make an example out of him is dumbass. And, how big of a jerk did the person who sold the pic have to be?

  12. @ronan: OOOHHHHH!!! You pissed of Ibiki you’re in the sh**ter now! ;p

  13. LMAO! Its retarded this is news. 23 year old swimmer does drugs… and when does the surprising or interesting part come in?

    If I knew the guy that took that pic and sold it I would beat his ass severely out of principal, which has nothing to do with Phelps who I could care less about… Its the freakin principals of it all.

  14. lmaooooo Nice. xD

  15. @Jeremiah: I’ve got a lead pipe…let’s go hunt that MF’r down…

  16. @ Jeremiah: I gots a blow torch lets gooo!!!

    *I have a crazed look on my face* kill kill kill

  17. ROFL @ the keebler elf statement. i’m loving this. da fuck is wrong with him smoking anyway? really, weed isn’t an enhancement drug or anything, not like he on steroids. hope captain planet pwns the leaking douche that took the pic.

  18. lol ha he deserved it personally i still think he lost that 7th race in the olympics any way

  19. @Skyhigh: Is this the same skyhigh that Ibiki mentions in the ‘1 million served’ post? If so you should read it and comment….or just read it. Whatever suits you. 🙂

  20. roflmfao!!!
    that was hilarious
    kid:”if he can smoke weeds, why can’t i?”
    mom:”you can honey! all you need to do is get 12 gold medals for your country” that’s some humor!

  21. forget that
    “thinking of something to put cheese on all day!”
    WTF! LMAO!

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