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The Naruto Manga is out!! Click the translation link above to read it.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE NEW BREAKDOWN POST FOR NARUTO MANGA 435 .

-Break down of Naruto Manga 434 is below-

You've got something on your face... Hold still, I'll cut it off.

You've got something on your face... Hold still, I'll cut it off.

Hey Everyone,

Another week has come and gone and another manga has been published.  Naruto and Tendo/Deva Pain finally square off against each other, one on one so it was 100% action in this issue to go along with a couple flashes of the other beloved Konoha nin.  That and more in this week’s breakdown thread so let’s get to it.

It's sooo embarrassing when the wind kicks your skirt up and everyone can see your underpants isn't it ladies?

It's sooo embarrassing when the wind kicks your skirt up and everyone can see your underpants isn't it ladies?

Naruto is seen finishing off Naraka Pain with a couple blows to the head, which renders him retarded but not dead.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then just hold off for a second because I’ll come back to it.  Naruto is feeling all big and bad ass about himself for laying out the field with relative ease up to this point, flinging his balls around in everyone’s face while screaming “don’t make me laugh”.  In Konoha this behavior makes you a hero. Note: To anyone considering throwing your balls at people in public while yelling “don’t make me laugh” , this behavior will get you 6-10 years in real life so put em away psycho! >_<

I swear it's THIIIIIIIIS big! Sooooo wanna hook up later?

It's actually THIS BIG! Soooo... wanna hook up later? *Pain winks at Ibi* Ibi: "Bansho Tennin!" *Tendo Pain gets sucked in*

 The subtext joke may not FULLY sink in on all of you till much later tonight when it suddenly hits you while in a deep sleep and then you immediately vomit or LOL or both at the same time. Tendo/Deva Pain is having none of this from Naruto.  He sat back, watched and recharged while the other bodies of Pain got a healthy dose of Naruto’s balls and decided that he just was not into it.  He quickly establishes his personal space by laying down the business end of Shinra Tensei which tosses Naruto away from him and Naruto’s clone off of Chubby Pain who was about to be pwnd in a similar fashion.  Page 5 if you didn’t catch it.  Just inches from his face… Dammit!

French readers every where are salavating at the mouth and getting their recipe's out... Put the fork and knife down you sick bastards... ^_^

French readers every where are salavating at the mouth and getting their recipe's out... Put the fork and knife down you sick bastards... ^_^

Remember when Gamabunta was the super summons that just pwnd all… All three of the super frogs got pwnd by Tendo Pain’s Shinra Tensei at the same time.  They didn’t really stand a chance against Pain and were tossed aside like trash, which leads me to the question of how strong Tendo Pain really is?  He destroyed Kakashi and pwnd the super frogs in  a single move.  He did have to block a kick from Naruto that sent him to the ground and then had to have Chubby Pain step in to save his ass from a Rasen Shuriken but he really hasn’t been hurt at all. Even Naruto in sage mode hasn’t put a scratch on his forehead protector.  So knowing all of that, how is he going to be beaten? Or is he?

Nobody puts Hinata in the corner! Nobody!

Nobody puts Hinata in the corner! Nobody!

Hinata got a whole page showing her concern for Naruto, which was followed by her about to go help Naruto which was then followed by good ol’ Douche Bag McByakugan telling her she’d just get in the way.  So as I was reading the panels this was my real time reaction:

Jeremiah:  Oh hell yeah!  That will be interesting.  Get over there and help his ass out! Wait… what… why are you telling her to stop?! Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! F**K! Really?!  That’s retarded…

So as you can tell by my real time reaction I’m a huge Hinata fan and would have been really excited to see her side by side with Naruto defending Konoha.  This is followed only by me wanting to see him fight along side with Team Gai.  Who would you like to see Naruto fight side by side with against Tendo Pain if you could only choose one?

Some people wouldn’t like to see Naruto fight along side anyone. This leads to my next topic…

Some people have expressed strong sentiments that they want to see Naruto do this on his own.  I’m going to go on the record and say this right now… if he goes it on his own then he will be captured.  Hell, even if he gets help he may still be captured.  And yes I wince when I say this but YES I THINK NARUTO IS GOING TO BE CAPTURED. < You guys will not let me forget that if I’m wrong, I know it >_<

Gasps all around, I know.  But unless there is a time skip the story is going to die a little if Naruto beats Tendo/Pain.  It would just kinda be left in limbo.  A few of you have emailed me (34 people to be exact) asking me how I think this fight will end.  I think he gets captured and some of his friends are going to have to get stronger to get him back.  Kind of a mix between the Get Sasuke and Save Gaara story arcs.  This will lead to an opportunity for Konoha to completely crumble and have to rebuild *Glares at Danzo* with the power structure of the manga changing drastically.

Sadly that was the last time we saw the slug alive... the body was later found covered in salt. Later it was deemed a suicide.

Sadly that was the last time we saw the slug alive... the body was later found covered in salt. Later it was deemed a suicide.

 Was I the only one annoyed by this exchange between the slug and the Konoha faithful?  Sadly I didn’t have to change the exchange of words that much for comedic purposes.  Read it again in the manga! Freakin idiots… If you don’t understand the salt joke then ask your science teacher, I’m sure he/she will be able to explain it to you unless you go to a public school… then it’s a crap shoot. (For the record I went to a public school >_<)

An Omage to Pownage...

An Omage to Pownage...

 I love that there is perhaps 2 lbs left of Human realm left and Naraka looks more disgruntled or retarded than anything else.  I’m starting to think that Animal realm is just pretending to be pwnd so that she doesn’t have to get up and catch another dose of beat down… I’d take a nap too after what Naruto has done to them.

How did this turn into wrestling?!  Now that Chubby Pain has Naruto in a Full Nelson I'm expecting Deva Pain to hit Naruto with a chair...

How did this turn into wrestling?! Now that Chubby Pain has Naruto in a Full Nelson I'm expecting Deva Pain to hit Naruto with a chair...

This fight may or may not be winding down but either way it’s been a hell of a fight.  It has started some bebate here at iareawesomeness about where it belongs  on the list of best fights ever.  This question may be better answered as it goes further into the rear view but for now which would you consider the best fight ever in the Naruto Manga? We did not include Pain vs Naruto cause it just happened, give it some time.

Well that’s about it for this week.  We’ll have new threads posting throughout the week so feel free to check out the latest awesomeness on the right side user bar and I’ll be checking in from time to get yelled at by you guys.  So until then…




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  1. FIRST! ^_^

  2. 2nd

  3. i think hinata or sakura need to get in there and kick some major badunkadunk

  4. Sweet i’m close!

  5. Darn if my internet wasnt being gay. I could have been 1st. >_<

  6. ohhhh yea, i’m sure schy. youre just jealous cuz i have the swayze with me

  7. Pain can use the forces…

  8. Swayze :downcast

    JK lol

    BTW when you vote for something then press “View Results”…how long until your vote shows?

  9. I am of strong believes that Pain is already caught in genjutsu and that,thinking he already has Naruto,he’s ok…but Naruto will fuck him.

  10. I think Kishi’s gunna get hit by a Bus next week :wink 🙂

  11. Although naruto getting captured might be interesting what I really think needs to happen is a total and utter beat down on pain! You disrespected my family and the Shaolin Temple! Basically pain has disrespected his friends, his master and his home and loved ones! Naruto really needs to put down his foot and put it right down pains ASS! At least the paths of pain if there is a fight with nagato after that fine. But him getting captured will just make him look week and helpless all the training was for nothing! And who would have to chase after him? the whole village got pwned BAD and they still have to contend with the other Akatski guys! Him getting captured might be interesting but its just not the way things should go right now!

  12. They escape to the forest, when all of the sudden… MAITO GUY! to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And maybe a drunk rock lee? that would be sweet.

  13. best fights, naruto vs. Neji, naruto vs. Sasuke, naruto jiriaya and tsunade vs. orochimaru, sasuke vs. Itachi, oro vs. naruto.

  14. So umm anyone want to answer my question? :downcast 🙂

  15. I’m a strong believer that Bono will return and start getting first.

  16. ha! not while amongstheliving is here!

  17. I’m gonna get it one day

  18. Great wrap up Jeremiah. I was also not impressed with the dialogue between the Konoha nins. Kiba was completely out of character. “Come on everybody, we just gotta have a little faith in Naruto.” WTF Kishi should have shown Chouji in his full on expansion jutsu (eating an oversized bag of chips) sitting on top of Kiba. All you see of Kiba is a dot that represents his head and sticking out from under Chouji’s cheeks. The tag would read, “Get off of me Chouji, and I’ll show Naruto he’s not the only one who’s gotten stronger!”

    At least Hinata behaved the way you would have expected.

    Sure would’ve liked to have seen Tsunade, Kakashi, Sakura, and Team Maiiitttooooo Gaaaaiiiiii’s reactions.

  19. Umm guys question -_-
    My votes haven’t come through….

  20. @schy

    You should see the results of all the votes right after you click on the yellow vote button.

  21. There is no yellow vote button. O_O
    I…..cant vote?
    If so what have i been doing these last few months….

  22. “The subtext joke may not FULLY sink in on all of you till much later tonight when it suddenly hits you while in a deep sleep and then you immediately vomit or LOL or both at the same time.”

    If you watch any Dane Cook stand-up, you’d know this is aptly termed a ‘ninja fu<k’ -_* Just thought you should know …

    About this week’s chapter, though, I have to say I had just about the same reaction to Hinata being told to sit tight and wait out the battle. Once she sees Naruto being dragged away I’m thinking she’ll say ‘screw you’ to McByakugan and enter the fray along with some others of the genin 12. Or I hope so, at least. Next chapter I’m totally expecting a break from the fighting, though, so Kishi can give us an update on some of the other nin like Tsunade and Kakashi.

  23. shit that was awsomeness

  24. Jeremiha u forgot to but the hokage battle royal as one of the dopest fight!

  25. I loved seeing the remains of Pain’s bodies. Seeing Hinata was a plus. I guess I’m a fan of Naruto going for Hinata.

    I read up a little on the history of Pain and Jiraya way back when Jiraya was killed. There is kind of a yin-yang thing going with the ninja groups. Nagato and Yahiko seemed to balance each other out, just like Naruto and Sauske are still at odds in the story. But my guess is that Yahiko died tragically and Nagato took it really really bad. Pain treats Yahiko’s body like the leader of the group. There must be some sort of sick idea of keeping his attachment to a friend that he wanted to protect (sick like Sasori and the puppets in the form of his parents).

    I have a feeling that despite Pain’s calmness, Nagato could end up extremely pissed if Naruto destroys God Realm.

  26. he has that as naruto,kabuto,oro,j-man,t-girl

  27. Naruto still has something up his sleeves. He told Deva that he shouldn’t underestimate him in sage mode.

    “A sage thousand years of pain”

  28. what happened when Naruto’s chakra was absorbed in the past? Kyuubi blocked it! Well, Pain is absorbing sage chakra, not Kyuubi chakra soo…….next question: What happens when some one has sage chakra and can’t control it? They turn into a frog! lol. How great would it be to see Preta Pain turn into a frog. hahahahahaha. It’s gonna happen. Why else would it have been foreshadowed? Next Issue: God Pain and Frog Statue Pain vs Naruto. mwahahahahahaha.

  29. Naruto has an ace up his sleeve. I can’t believe he’ll lose like this.

  30. @kazuzumaki & @nighthawk: Agreed… I’m thinking Naruto is going to win. He’s at the very least not done fighting yet.

    @imover9000: Nice one – turning Preta Pain into a frog would fit with the foreshadowing. It doesn’t seem like Naruto meant to do it though, if it happens.

  31. @ Nighthawk – i’m pretty sure it’s not over

    @imover9000 – I think that the Kyuubi and Naruto may have another talk soon if everything is as it appears

    @ iamlegend – really? I thought that was annoying. How many times can you flash to the 3rd trying to pull Oro’s arm into the death god before it becomes annoying? Answer is 3 and they did it 58 times… just my opinion.

    @ elfarrun – didn’t know that but I think if I accidently do anymore Dane Cook related talking I will off myself immediatly. My best friends girl was funny and he played the part of the douche perfectly in MR. Brooks but thats all I’ll give that king of douches.

    @ Schy – your internet has sucked for a couple weeks now, just get used to it.

    @ Kingcam – I doubt it between Bono and Assface it’s going to be tough.

    @ fartpukeburp – I thought of that exact same thing as a huge possibility!

    @ demonbrosruletheworld – Maaaaaaaaiiiiiiiitoooooooo Gaaaaaaaiiiiii!

    @ deadsoul999 – Yes, that is what I’d like to see as well but I think a divided Konoha is more likely which would require Naruto to lose at least temporarily BUT I’ve been so insanely wrong in the past! See Kushina = Animal Realm thoughts. I just write about Manga. There are way better prediction people. *Glares at last Scorpion* But even the good ones get it wrong sometimes… Rin = Animal realm sound familiar Eddie? Looking pretty bad my friend >_<

    @ jdb44 – lolz

  32. Almost forgot…

    @ amongstheliving – hey ass face!

  33. ****Attention EVERYONE *****

    The best fight survey has been fixed! Please retake if you havn’t already. Plus I added a few that you guys asked for.

  34. Where’s Jiraiya Vs Pain in the list of best fights?

  35. lol i was fixing to say jeremiah ^_^

  36. nvm it’s there now lol

  37. i have to say this again…. i do not see naruto losing this fight… after the big deal kishi made about how naruto was “jiraiya’s chosen student” and that he would either save or destroy the world blah blah blah…. i just do not see him losing this of all fights!!!! who knows… the naruto that pein is holding now may actually be the shadow clone… idk how it is going to work but naruto is not gonna lose… im willing to place all my chips on this and im sure everyone here will make me suffer if im wrong, but that a risk im willing to take -_-

  38. @Jeremiah- it’s only going to take a few more times before ibi shoves you in a hole, a whole lot of shit as she then lights you on fire alive….

    tell’s you the power of the new rasen shurinken. old one kakazu still had one heart and his body was still intact most of the way. new one= one of pain’s bodies completely gone with half the head melted into the ground…

  39. Ok ive been saying Narutos gunna be captured since he first arrived. It makes perfect sense since Killerbee got away. Finally someone else catches on.

    And on the best fights thing i think its definatly the whole Kakashi/Naruto/Shikimaru vs. Hidan/Kakazu. (Choji and Ino dont deserve to be mentioned) =(

  40. the sound ninja vs the leaf genin should be on there lol that was intense. not gunna lie

  41. Forty First!!!!
    (i know, it’s sad isn’t it….)

  42. My internet does suck, better than no internet though.
    But its technically not *my* internet, as i have no internet access poin.
    Im ummm……

    Off a person i dont know….
    And dont know their location >_>
    BTW Has anybody tried chips recently? It goes well with um stuff……
    ….cool huh? yeah…

  43. @ Jeremiah: I’ve never seen any movies he’s been in, only the stand-up performances he’s done for HBO, and only then because of my bf. LOL He likes DC so much ‘ninja fu<k’ is now a normal part of our lexicon *shakes head sadly*

  44. what if Naruto gets captured and as Pain takes off with him Sasgay gets back to Konoha to find naruto gone.

    He then takes off to find him ala Naruto and genin 12 chasing sound five to get Sasgay back. That would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

    *And what if Naruto woops his ass and goes with akats* (JK)

  45. oh cmon you babies! rock lee vs gaara was the bestest most funnest fught ever!!!had me totally exhilarated…

  46. @ Harshy: I voted for that fight ^_^ It showed us all that while Rock Lee may be a goofy little bastard, he’s still a bada$$ fighter. I gained a whole new level of respect for his character after that battle, even though he lost.

  47. WTF!!! David Cook and ninja fuck!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  48. oh! it’s dane cook….sorry,….:-P

  49. rock lee needs to learn how to open the south gate with amazing choclate power.

  50. @elfy – Hell Yeah!!!

  51. he needs to learn to open the Stargate! thatr’s when things will go “Stellar!”

  52. lol May be he could open the ninja f*** gates, now that would be stellar

  53. By the way is it me or is Naruto’s Bunshin fondling the puppet on the cover page for 434
    You be the judge.

  54. im really tierd so….goodnight O_O z_Z

  55. Ok, best battle was Lee vs. Kimimaru. Partly because it was so hilarious, but mostly because Lee was drunk, and amazingly good while fighting drunk. I mean seriously, I’m a little drunk right now, I really relate to that kid. haha. I have a soft spot for crazy drunk people.

  56. Another alright manga. I hate it though when they leave us hanging.

    I doubt Naruto will lose this fight.
    1. he’s got a clone left
    2. genjutsu is coming

    Remember when Naruto made the smoke bomb and threw a FRS at the pains and they absorbed it but he transformed into Naruto. Well what if he does that again but opposite to pain. I can see it happening. Pain suck Naruto in with his technique and *poof* FRS in your face. THE END.
    (so hopes that happens)

    But I am leaning towards Naruto not getting captured.

    Best fight I’d have to say Kakuzu vs. Kakashi(basically that’s who was fighting) bc we saw Kakashi do a bunch of jutsu and not even use MS. Props.

  57. drunken lee, coolest character by far. jackie chan meets the monkey king (from frobidden kingdom not the 3rds summon)

    @banditqueen lol ya im a bit drunk to and totally relate to lee….wait thats right im a drunkard hmmm… let me ponder if this is a bad thing or not. question. is being a drunkard and totally loving drunken master and drunken lee bad?

  58. What? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why is being drunk bad? I mean if you are not too drunk to type such an amazing post, then you are fine. Anyway, you’re my new favorite person.

  59. haha, hopefully jera-man likes my article as much as u liked that post….. holy crap would that make me a published writer *head inflating*
    -my freind from across the room answers-“anyone can write an article and post it on the matrix web-o mat”
    -me- “na-uhhh, not on awsomeness, i gota really raise my game stupid face”
    *head secretly deflating a bit*

  60. dude pain is boss! Frogs got owned in the face, even tho they are my favorite summons. I said it before and i will say it again and again, he is a “god” for a reason! there is no way naruto would have come in and pwned him so easily, if deva pains had his powers still, this scenario would have happened sooner.

  61. if this battle drags on for more than 2 issues, *cringes to admit he may be wrong from previous predictions… like alot of them* then naruto is going to end up going kyubi

  62. oh, and holy crap way off topic

    i looked for like a long time and couldnt find a source i trusted. the endding theme song in the anime……. wtf does bach koi mean. its the only ending that i just cant stop watching (only because its so rediculous)

  63. If he turns into a from it would be great because its a characteristic of Naruto. He’s a lucky mo fo.

  64. @ Jeremiah,

    That is a really interesting way to look at it if Naruto loses, and why he should.. I haven’t thought about it that way, its a good persepctive.

    I think the manga NEEDS him to win. As I’m sure i’m not alone here I’m a HUGE fan of this manga, and Naruto as a character. But if Naruto is to lose this fight I think it seriously hurts the manga as a whole, and it will certainly lose a lot of stock with me. Let me explain…

    If someone were to describe naruto what would it sound like? They would would undoubtedly describe how much he loves his friends, him being hokage, his will of fire, etc. i mean Naruto = Konaha. It does not get more epic than this, Sure Madara bosses pain around like his b!tch (so there are bigger fish to fry) amd there’s always that inevitable NaruSasu confrontation but this is Konaha. Naruto’s village,his home, his friends, EVERYTHING he is and loves was just comepletely and utterly destroyed, and sure we don’t know exactly how much damage was done, but we do know that (at least the point where they are fighting) it is unrecognizably destroyed.

    I wholeheartly feel if the main character can’t beat the guy that destroyed esstientally what the main character is all about that that that says a whole lot. Sure it might set up a bigger fight later, but the timing is too essential here. Naruto NEEDS to win this fight. No one else could. He has to, it is what he was brought up to do, everything that he stands for, he needs to defend konaha. Everything we know about him has led us to this moment he needs to win.

    Now, a couple reasons why i think he actually will win.
    – One, I found it very weird that right after the Deidera sasuke fight (363/17) tobi tells pain after pain asks about the kyubi. He says “You capture him, As the leader Failure will not be acceted” I found that to be quite interesting especially the way he said it, very demeaning. And if naruto can defeat the 6 paths what would madara do with Nagato? that is an interesting scenario to contemplate.

    -Also one of the most obvious reasons why I think Naruto will make a comeback (crosses fingers ;]) After seeing him destroy his other paths all pain does is put naruto in a nelson and take his sage chakra. Here comes the kicker, He promptly proclaims his victory, to me that means your about to get pwned, its waaaaay too much in manga where the first person to declare victory loses.

    -Also Sure his sage chakra is gone, but he still has Kyubis chakra (coincidence that naruto wants everyone to stay away… perhaps) maybe well see good ole four tails or more.

    -He still has a bushin gathering sage chakra in the ATM

    -And Pa frog is about to unleash a genjustsu that has WORKED before on pain, and if narutos smoke bombs worked I’ll be sorely disappointed if a master sage’s genjustsu won’t.

    Honestly do I think it’s a little messed up that Naruto might beat a guy the ENTIRE village couldn’t. But at the same time he needs to win, it doesn’t get any more epic than this. Just My humble opinion.

  65. @ futon .. i still think naruto is gonna win… its just now gonna be as easy as it seemed the last 3 issues…. no way he can lose at a critical point like this (if he does ill be so pissed)

  66. Rock Lee was in 2/5 of my choices for best fight. Not only is the Kimimaru fight funny but it’s faced paced hand to hand combat with out the “special” powers. Looks amazing in anime. The Zabuza knife in the mouth fight against the bridge mob was brutally awesomeness. And the Gai fight with Kiame is awesomeness because of the comedy mixed with 2 of my favorite characters.

  67. yay, its jerry-the-main-man-miah…. lol, i just by dumb luck watched the rocky-maru fight. and i think the best 5 second clip in any fight is when he falls asleep and kimimaru is trying to stab him only to have the creepy bone sword caught by lee’s feet, awsomeness rocky…… yo ten ten iii did iiiiiiit

  68. Hi, I’m new, kind of. Anyway I think Naruto will get captured but he won’t go down without a fight, It’s no where near done yet. Naruto still has one clone in the waiting ready. Plus the Toad song will slow down Pein considerably, but in the end I believe Naruto will go down.

    @ Jeremiah still havn’t heard back again

  69. @fanboi, so in the Kakazu fight Choji and Ino don’t deserve a mention, but you didn’t even mention Yamato at all, let alone him not deserving a mention!… the word mention has now lost all meaning to me, lol.

    My favourite fight has to be Rock lee vs Gaara obviously, given my name and all (and how hard he had to work to recover from it), then Neji vs Naruto, then the whole Sasuke vs Itachi for the mystery surrounding it. After that it’s a toss up between the big fights with Gaara vs Naruto perhaps standing out for the effect it had on the Naruverse, and Sasuke vs Naruto despite the fact it blew open the whole chidori vs rasengan debate, which at the time was a bit frustrating.

    Back to topic, this Genjutsu should be coming and give the fight some legs yet, but I don’t really mind what the outcome is as long as I see everyone getting stuck in and putting their life on the line at some point! As long as he’s not just flown away by pein and everyone’s like “oops, thought Naruto was gonna be ok there” then I’ll be happy, although if that results in another chase with team Gai and everyone tracking them back to a base for some almighty battle then that’d be cool!

  70. damn, forgot to mention drunk Rock Lee fight which def is in there for me too!

  71. lol droptheweights….. now im sad i didnt get the name till you said something. choji and ino played supporting roles in the kakazu fight. choji attacks twice and ino once…. not exactly keynote displays in their fighting profiles

  72. you know what I think will happen?
    I think While Pain is carrying naruto out back to get extracted he’s gonna bump into the 8 tails host. then the 8 tails will get naruto and teach naruto that he must unleash all the demons powers

  73. i still feel like that cover for the manga that showed all the t ails hosts has a deeper meaning to it than just “hey look all the hosts on one page”. Maybe it means they are all bonded and are “friends” with each other.

  74. Hey, where was the color in the last issue?

    Also, has Sakura learned genjutsu yet? Everyone says that’s perfect for her, so why hasn’t she learned it like 50 years after they said this in the beginning? MAYBE IF SHE HAD, she could have HELPED NARUTO… instead she is once again behind everyone in her powers…

  75. @bandit i think she applied her chakura controll to medical feilds instead, thats why they said she would be good at genjutsu its just her natural abuility to controll it.

    and if the force push is a burst jutsu, why not use a rapid fire or sustained fire approch. everyone is trying to figure out how to fit an attack in a 5 second window. why not just have the frogs start a machinegun style water bullet barrage. with each firing in the previous frogs reload time. this is a perfect combination of rapid and sustained fire. one other possibility would be a wind based sustained impact. just because the initial push doesnt connect if it can be sustained for even a few seconds it should hit. even if its not a knock out punch like frs it will create more openings and damage the main body at the same time. now i know that naruto doesnt have much controll of the wind chakura however anime shippuden 95 is all about combination jutsu so he has to be able to use at least some of it.

    any thoughts on this?

  76. @Jeremiah: What about the Gaara vs. Kimimaru fight? I mean the Rock Lee vs. Kimimaru fight was totally badass but Gaara totally PWNED Kimiaru’s A$$ with all of those massive sand techniques! Awesome post by the way!

    @Everyone Else: My prediction: Alright, first off Naruto is not done with this fight yet, why? Because he has a fully charged clone ready to go into sage mode and Pa frog is gathering up sage chakra to create a genjutsu. Why would Kishi be preparing all of this for a concluded battle?…..yeah doesn’t make sense. The Kyubi will not be released but may make an appearance in Naruto’s mind where Naruto then proceeds to tell it to, “STFU and go on licking your A$$ in jail BITCH!” I believe the reason why Kishi put so much focus on Hinata watching the battle this issue is to highlight the fact that she is simply watching the battle and thus will see Naruto get captured. We already know she is anxious to jump in and the last panel with her shows her scrunched up looking like she’s about to fly off into the sky like Neo! Next issue she will ignore the advice of Mr. Douche Bag McByakugan to his utter astonishment and head into the fray for Naruto’s rescue. The other genin will see her lose their reserve and join her to fight Pein. Remeber the adults are the ones holding them back, except for Kiba (pussy), from the fight. The genin will distract Pein long enough from his escape for Pa and Ma frog to release their genjutsu on Pein. The genin may be caught up in it but that’s inconsequential because they’re not the enemy. Naruto will then escape and kick the living….dead s**T outta pein for hurting his friends. Sasuke will then show up and start whining about how powerful Naruto has become then go off grumpy into the forest to train with some other evil villian.

    FIN (note: this prediction is subject to change and the user of said prediction will accept all criticism and berating wholeheartedly from challengers if the prediction goes horribly wrong. BUT, if this prediction was to be even in the most remote way true the submitter of this prediction will let you know…..FOREVER!!!) 🙂

  77. i dont think sasuke will show… i like the rest of the prediction though…. instead of sasuke showing up i believe the real nagato and konan will come out of hiding (pussies)

  78. oh and i tried to get jeremiah to put gaara vs kimimaru… he’s the one who actually won -_-

  79. oh n they arent genin any more -_- (chuunin)

  80. @Reflex- I agree Sasuke won’t show up. That part was just a joke in my prediction making fun of Sasuke but it would be funny if it happend like that. )_)

  81. @supertrek

    id like to see other people jump in at this point. i didnt want it to happen at first but now that there like 1 and a half pains left id like to see the naru-generation jump in and show what they can do together using a concentration of fire. a passing attack by each of them even if not connecting would serve as an indirect fire effect. maybe a bit damaging. but setting up sage naruto for some good old fashion marine tactics. (to locate close with and destroy the enemy through fire and manuver) to put it another way, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

  82. @Reflex- Oh yeah, they are chunin I just demoted every single one of them to Naruto’s level but if you think about where Naruto is at right now that ain’t so bad.

  83. Goallllllllll!!!!!!!!

  84. @coolbeans: Yeah, I know what you mean I at first didn’t want to see anybody helping Naruto besides the frogs but Pein keeps reving people and s**t so it’s only fair for someone to intervene. Techniacally speaking, Naruto killed all the paths except God Realm. Now if some nins were to step in to fight Chubby Pein it would allow a true 1 on 1 fight between Naruto and Deva Pein!

  85. Alright I gotta go to bed I have a track meet tomorrow….today (dammit all)!

    @Ibiki: Goal? Did I miss a soccer game or something? 🙂

  86. don’t really think naruto is gonna get captured. just a guess. There’s another kagebushin left, ma/pa frog performing genjutso, 3 huge frogs and all konoha nin. Doesn’t seem like it. I think this is just a moment of tension before the final blow from Naruto, perhaps. I mean, this is the big naruto moment! It would be so oool if he could actually beat someone!

  87. Naruto Wasnt Captured well at least the “REAL” one.

    Ill take a not from the Neji Vs Naruto Fight Naruto used a clone to distract Neji to deliver Death from below Uppercut.


    Naruto will do what he has done against formidable odds, leave a clone to fight the brunt of a force, learn what he can and attack from his real body, in this case: Naruto Manga 433 Page 15 heres the summary

    1 Naruto Attacked from a Transformed FRS and Football Tackled Absorbtion Pain
    1 Naruto Must of Thrown that Clone when we clearly noticed a Naruto holding 2 Rasengans
    1 Naruto that was holding the 2 Rasengans went airborne at the same time the clone was thrown so guess what.

    THERE IS A NARUTO MISSING… *Gasp* yes a Naruto Missing is a bad thing since he likes to deliver killer blows when he opponent gets over cocky.

    Heres the Script for 435

    God Realm looks around as he quickly notices the Naruto which was in his grasp goes “Poof” and hes like wtf as the Sucky succy pain gets a nice pair of Wide Rin’ Negans and becomes a frenchman. and the death uppercut comes from a weakened but not quite out Sage Naruto when both Ma and Pa Frog look at each other and they’re like “He was the chosen one” then in the midtz we see in the distant Nagato but like Kishi likes to do we dont see his face til the last frame or the first to piss us off.

    So Jeremy does that sound like it 😀

    [psst, dude, it’s Jeremiah. -Ibi]

  88. deadsoul999, Naruto will soon be sharing ur name (+ 1). Talking about Pain sama disrespecting folks, don’t forget that the nin war made him into what he is today. As a child Pain sama (Nagato) witnessed the distruction of lives and property and he vowed he would protect those close to him. The reason why I particulaly love and respect Nagato sama (Pain) is cause he has allied himself with an IDEA (of peace) rather than a geographical location (Village) as is the case with Naruto and his fellow idiots (correction: really really big idiots). If u want to debunk Pain sama’s idea of peace that’s okay but his logic is flawless. O and one more thing, Pain is the most respectFULL character in the whole Naruto series (he doesn’t tell lies, never mocks people and only deletes u if u get in his way or tress pass into his home land or personal space). Pain is fighting for what he believes in, that is; he is trying to create a world that will learn and grow from its pain.

    Let’s get some things straight; Jiraya went into hidden rain without permission and we know this is not acceptable from what sakura said when the sand came for the chunin exams. If ur pissed off that Pain killed his old “master” please remember that Jiraya felt guilty about what the war (which he participated in) had done to Pain’s home and as compensation he decided to train them (it wasn’t just an act of kindness, it was recompense) that makes him and Pain even. As for that stupid bah chan Tsunade who wanted Jiraya to leave them for dead and Orochimaru who wanted to kill them (hey wait a second, I wonder why Pain never got back at Oro, he even let him join Akastuki hmmmm… I wonder if Oro recognized him?) He didn’t even seek revenge, Pain even invited her to join the cause, someone seeking trouble wouldn’t do that.

    I think Pain is definitely a good guy even though his ideas appear to be a bit extreme, after all u really cant view the forest for the trees.

    @of815, ur on the right track.

    @imover9000, that would be interesting.

    @riddicyalutz, I’m a Pain fan and ur comments made a lot of sense (it even scared me a little) however most of the comments about Pain sound as if Pain is wuss without his own bag of awesome jitsus. I doubt the same moves will work on him twice.

    And to all u Pain haters out there; SHINRA TESIE!!!

  89. this site is wild as hell…

  90. I like your script.

  91. @Jeremiah once again another great post as usual.

    i feel sorry for preta pain for the simple fact that he’s going to explode in the next you think he can absorbs all of naruto’s 3 chakra’s? i still believe that naruto’s bloodlimit is his endless chakra limit. he has never been praised for his speed

    Why isn’t shikamaru on the “fight along naruto side” poll? he’s the best candidate for the job. it wouldn’t surprise me if he becomes naruto’s personal advicer when naruto is hokage

    As for the itachi power: i said it before and i will say it again “is NOT POWER but a secret MESSAGE to SASUKE revealing who madara is and how to defeat him

  92. @charzela- WHAT??? A message how lame would that be? I’m not saying that your idea is lame just the implications of it…..alright maybe I am a little. 🙂 Itachi said he hoped Naruto would never have to use this so it must be something dangerous like a giant crow shooting out of his mouth to devour all in it’s path. Why would Itachi say he hoped Naruto would never have to “use” the truth about Madara?

  93. Because Itachi was drunk at the time?

  94. You are playing text Counter Strike

  95. Harshytkage Goes north…
    He pwns schy with a AK 47

  96. Harshytkage has been pwned by Ibi
    Harshytkage takes over his partner coolbeans’s body
    (the game shifts from text counter strike to text counter srtike cum enter the matrix)
    harshytkage uses focus to bust out some others with his uzi

  97. Supertrek has planted the bomb for the terrorists cum agents

  98. harshytkage does a victory jig!
    oops….he was standing too close to the bomb, but the terrorists cum agents win
    in your face NEO!

  99. @supertrek89 and what happend after that conversation? he fought sasuke and died. he was hoping to reason with sasuke and that didnt happen. he could have given this to kisame but then again sasuke wouldnt have trusted kisame. if it was power dont you think naruto would had used it by now and didnt you find it strange that naruto never told anyone about this encounter. he thought it was irrelevant and that itachi just trying to scare him. it has to be a coded message only sasuke will know what it is. all will be revealed the day this two meet.

  100. captain planet has respawned, he frags charlezo into oblivion

  101. ohhhhh you can take my body im here to serve you oro….. umm harshy… i totally ment to say harshy the hole time *raises the scouts hounor thing*

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  105. I tink harshyt’s lost it ^_^

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  124. coolbeans accepts truce but demands a trade of goods and knowledge. amasses armies of ninja-poke-spider pirets just in case

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    Harshy’s PC has crashed…


  127. this site is really off the change…

  128. harshy says to coolbeans as his PC dies…
    “you must go ON!, never give up….”

  129. look how much i have to scroll down to reach the bottom of the page now :cry

  130. Naruto’s Itachi powers will not show until he meets Madara. Kishi has already shown us what happens when Itachi gives his powers to people.

    And what’s with all the Counter Strike talk. LOL. I play Counter Strike: Source. LOL

  131. coolbeans chats to harshy “i told you oro… uhhh, harshy you my pc for THAT jutsu”

  132. harshy quickly builds a 10,000$ rig in 5 minutes(ALIENWARE IS GAY!!!) and boots up, he then frags xdang into oblivion for disturbing his game by idling without playing…

  133. charzelo yielded and begged for forgiveness, coolbeans1 moved closed to charzelo hoping to capture charzelo. charzelo smiled and said “fool you fell for it” coolbeans1 fearfully howled: “ambush retreat”. coolbeans1 relised that is far too late for him & being surrounded by danzo’s goons and their cyberus.

  134. kikashi isnt dead, kishi said we would see his face…. i havent seen it have you?

  135. coolbeans turns tail and runs like a b!t@h with charzelo leading danzos men close behind. coolbeans turns abruptly around an equal number of non charzelo following d-bags jump out an the fray begins. coolbeans stares charzelo down and say “now things are a little more even” *cool hard/lazy kikashi voice* “do you feel lucky punk, well do ya”

  136. Naraka Pain looks like hes stumbled home from the pub
    and his wife or erm konan laid a smackdown on him for getting so drunk ;D

  137. @green: That broken jaw shot had me cheering.

    And…coolbeans, harshy…WTF?! I would have been here earlier to stop the escalation, but I was puking my guts out. I guess Jeremiah’s joke finally hit me. @.@

    I’m trying to remember if we’ve seen little shots of all the rookie 9 since this battle began…going back to check. If we have, they may move in by the end of the next chapter as Naruto’s getting tied up in packaging for easy shipping. He won’t get captured tho, I’m sticking to my story.

    Naruto’s waiting for Pa and figuring out Absorbtion Pain. He won’t use the last sage clone until the tables have turned on the battle. Pain is going to cut and run…and remain a menace for a while longer.

  138. As much fun as it would be to see Naruto’s friends jump in and help him, I don’t think it’s going to happen. I think that Shikamaru’s broken leg is symbolic of their utter inability to be of any use. And not having him there would kind of mar any epic “here come all his friends!” moment. I CAN imagine Hinata running in, but it wouldn’t be helpful. She’d end up needing to be saved or getting her dumb butt killed.

    However, even though I’m not a huge Hinata fan, I was pretty disappointed that she wasn’t “allowed” to help Naruto, for a couple of reasons:

    1. She loves him. Simple enough.
    2. I’m holding out for a really kick-@$$ Hinata. I’m hoping that she will eventually be so freaking cool that I’ll love her, which would make her attempting to help Naruto very entertaining to look back on. So, in a way, I like her for who she COULD be, if not for who she actually is.

    I’m torn on whether or not it would be better for the manga for Naruto to win, or for him to get captured. On one hand, if he wins, there’s pretty much no reason not to just go ahead and make him the Hokage. Seriously. If there was anyone in that village stronger than him, they’d be out fighting Pein instead. And I kind of feel like Naruto shouldn’t become the Hokage until the very end of the series. But maybe Danzo will swoop in and screw everything up.

    On the other hand, if Naruto’s captured, it really does defeat all of the build-up that has happened up until now. This is THE battle. He HAS to win. I would lose a lot of faith in Kishi if Naruto got captured. I do not want to see Sasuke rescue Naruto or any of that crap. Sasuke is nothing.

    So I’m leaning toward Naruto winning, (like someone else said, when Pein announced that he was definitely going to win, that pretty much makes it advanced canon that he won’t) and Danzo keeping him from becoming Hokage somehow. There are still plenty of baddies for Naruto to fight, so I don’t think this particular fight relieves all tension or anything. And whoever said that that Preta Pein will turn into a frog…LOL. I’m very supportive of that theory. We could really use a bit of comic relief right now. Plus, that would leave one Naruto drained, with one clone with sage chakra left to fight the final Pain. Then we’ll see some Kyuubi action in the end. Madara will pwn Nagato, thus removing any concern of future Peins, and leaving Madara as the new imminent threat.

    And I’d love a time skip right afterward, but if Kishi invents some new, even better, more all-powerful power for Naruto to train in, I might stab myself. However, any evidence that the crew has gotten older or had birthdays or ANYTHING would make me happy. They can’t be 15 (or 16) forever.

    Oh, and Rock Lee versus Gaara is my favorite fight. Woo!

  139. Holy crap, that was a longer post than I thought.

  140. Holy WAS!!!

  141. lol, psi, long but awesome…crap…dang you Jeremiah!!!!

    I do think it’s time the rookie 9 show their development. Yes, Naruto’s on a whole other level, but they’ve grown in the last three years, too, and it hasn’t been shown yet (except Shikamaru and Hidan). The unusual strength in this one class has been a theme, and it hasn’t been thoroughly revisited since the time skip.

    And…them joining in doesn’t mean they’ll save the day. Nothing should be that simple, but Naruto’s assets don’t just stop with the frogs or his bunshin, there are quite a few resources at his disposal yet.

  142. @ibi – It took you THAT long to figure it out…i expected better form you..tis tis tis….

  143. i’d like to see hinata give pein a Nose Bleed 😉

  144. It’s frustrating, but every prediction I have in my head has an opposite view that carries almost as much weight. I’d like to see Naruto pwn Pain all by himself, but I’d like to see the rest of his generation do some amazing jutsus and help him out. It’s like that with pretty much every aspect of this manga, which usually makes me hesitant to make predictions, and also makes it very hard to narrow fan fiction down to one story at a time. Darn Kishimoto!

  145. personally, i think kiba needs to do something to get his “rep” back, i actually thought he was really cool before the timeskip, and after it when i first saw him, i was like whoa thats a pwn machine, but ever since his mom reduced him to a Toddler Horse ride, he and akamaru need to grow a pair…

  146. Fan fiction is an art, either you stick to the manga’s storyline, or you make your own, i used to write Harry Potter fics on schnoogle and other sites,but then i stopped, but i never went with the storyline of course..(that me!), and i got quite a nice reader base there before i hung up the boots

  147. Pwn machine. I’m usin’ it.

  148. and shino doesn’t need to do anything, he’s gonna get signed by Ralph Lauren because their ain’t no Model in the world who can bust out those kinda moves!

  149. Niiiiiice Pwn Machine FTW!

  150. Hey, totalitarian hypnosis is back again. I personally think this is going to turn out interesting. Like someone recalled, we don’t know for sure if we would find out eventually that was a shadow clone, but i don’t exactly think so because the clone would have vanished when the sage chakra was drained out of him.

    I reckon pain would find out he is so far from capturing naruto when someone comes to naruto’s rescue….sasuke. I have the feeling either sasuke would come to his rescue, or would be an instrumental factor to pain’s failure to capture naruto. This could happen when naruto is reminded somehow that he needs to rescue sasuke, but i really think sasuke would play an indirect, if not direct, role from freeing naruto from pain.

  151. *role in freeing naruto from pain*…sorry for use of unacceptable english.

  152. I was thinking, if Naruto wanted to get close to Sasuke this is probaly his best chance. Not that Sasuke will give a positive feedback, however the direction of any of this could go down in an interesting way. Naruto learns that Sasuke wants to destory Konoha (That’s right not just the elders, stop jumping around it, we both know he said he wanted to destory all of the village to Tobi…) Though, I think it would be cool if the extraction took place, mostly because its an unexpected part of the story, if there was some way for Naruto to continue living and see Akatsuki’s plans in full force. As for everyone coming to save Naruto if he were to get captured by Pain does anyone and I mean anyone look like they are in the best of health to face Darth Pain(Yasuhiko), Konan and the real Nagato. I don’t think so…

  153. maaaaaiiiiiittttooo gaaaaiiii looks to be in good health

  154. @ supertrek lol i figured it was a joke wasnt sure though 😀

  155. what better way to destroy konoha from the inside…. sasuke saves naruto and goes back, only to f*** s*** up

  156. “*role in freeing naruto from pain*…sorry for use of unacceptable english.”

    maybe you didn’t notice, but the blogs called “iAREawesomeness” ,
    perfect grammar isn’t it?
    so we can’t handle a tiny MISTAKE AT ALL because we’re to l33t… :p

    now you may continue!

  157. I don’t know if this has already been brought up but if naruto’s chakra is being drained to the point where he is passing out wouldn’t that mean his regular chakra is being drained along with the sage chakra. Without Naruto’s chakra being diminished he won’t be able to hold back the Kyuubi’s chakra, so wouldn’t it come out? Just a thought

  158. Sasukes Team vs. Killerbee would be on my list if it was up there. Who doesn’t wanna see Sasugay get owned?

  159. If the manga goes in the general direction, where Douch Danzo becomes Hokage. And a ninja war breaks out. I’ve thought that some ninja will rather go rouge ninja than surve Danzo in war. If so that means Sasuke had a great idea leaving Konoha. He’ll be really experienced by the time others leave and if all those rouge ninja get together…Sasuke will be the most experienced in the outside world and be Kage. To bad he’s in Akatsuki..sort of.:(
    Hey wasn’t t Akatsukis plan to create a war?

  160. @renzy: exactly! it’s time for politics and war and messed up alliances.

    @harshy: you really think I didn’t get it? Don’t make me get out the pwn machine…rofl…do you think that comes in a low carbon foot print?

  161. This page in 434 makes me believe that atleast deva pain will survive and naruto will face off against the real pain since one of the other pains have just told someone that they arent really fighting pain

  162. J-man check ur e-mail…you too ibi!

  163. I hope Naruto does a uppercut to Pain using the real one, not the Kage Bunshin. WHERE THE HELL IS TEAM GUY. I need guy to open the seventh gate, rock lee to open the sixth and tenten to… well… to sit and marvel at beautiful Konohagakure.

  164. the naruto that tackled pain was the real one, or else the clone would have been absorbed, notice how the two naruto’s got force pushed away but one of them disappeared.

  165. Well…anyways I have been reading this blog forever but I didn’t feel like signing up until now…

    You know cause it was bothersome

    But I guess I can’t ignore the awesomeness now


    What happened to everybody else

    are they so scared of getting pwned by pain that they are just gonna sit back?

    WTF happened to the “Will of Fire”

    I mean seriously this is so out of character…but then again I wouldn’t like to see a clusterf**k of dead bodies everywhere

    speaking of which Kakashi!!!

    I think he will wake up out of nowhere and then as one last move he will pop a hole in Preta Pain…(Just imagines it in his head)

    You heard it here first!

  166. or whatever the chubby pain is called

    also how to change the icon…it looks like a retarded bunny

  167. @burningace: Welcome. To change your icon, go here.

  168. @wanderingshion Yeah I’ve been thinking even there will be a lot of revelations about how Pain turned out the way he did. However, I still think he’s an evil character. One way or another he was not able to help himself against killing innocent people just to meet his own agenda. Naruto wants peace but would not kill everyone in his way. So even though Pain may turn out to be a tragic character – he’s still on the evil side. I still root for Naruto to finish him off.

    I also was thinking that Preta Pain wont turn into a frog by absorbing sage chakra. Isn’t there something about the Rinnegan that would prevent that from happening?

  169. I’m satisfied with this weaks issue. Naurto deserved to get caught. Afterall he’s fighting a guy who has the most powerful eye tech thus far. A couple days of training shouldn’t put naruto in a position to be more skilled than pain. If that were the case the manga would be very biased towards naruto. I’m really glad he got caught. Now this gives the manga added depth.

    The more i think about the more i realise that pain seems to be a little DUNCE…. i mean doesn’t he realise that ma and pa frog are like really helping naruto. Why not kill them? They’ll be naruto’s trump cards believe me. I mean he fought agianst them when he fought Jman. In that fight Lazer head sent his arm after pa frog while deva path proclaimed that he missed him. So then he wanted them dead but now i still am waitiing for him to realise that they’re helping naruto. Hmmm….. pain capturing isn’t going to happen.

  170. Changing icon….
    speaking of that i hate my icon. But its this or the default. I cant crop anything. And therefore icons are BLACK for me :cry

  171. ohh by the way everyone, this is the second time i’m aware of wordpress putting us as there big post on their homepage…

  172. Naruto hasn’t been captured yet. The one that Pain has is a shadow clone and the real Naruto is hiding some where. Like Naruto would actually have one of his shadow clones throw a rasen shuriken at Pain with the real Naruto standing right next to him. In 433 there was one Naruto and three shadow clones. Only two of them attacked Pain so where is the third. Pain is gunna get his ass handed to him very soon. Provided Hinata doesn’t do something stupid and get in the way.

  173. @of815, One of the reasons why I really like the Naruto series is that Kishi has been able to write a story which is similar to the real life situation of good vs. evil. There is no clear good or clear evil; everything ultimately is a point of view.
    At the start of the Naruto series, we all thought Konoha was this perfect little village and we all loved gi gi (3rd Hokage). But if we closely examine what has happened so far we’ll see that things aren’t all well and dandy.
    I noticed that a lot of folks love Uchia Itachi even though he killed his own mother, father, aunt, aunt’s husband (and possibly their pet hamster) and the rest of the clan for the sake of “peace”. How can anyone love itachi and hate Pain?

    Then u have the Hyuga clan and their Head/Branch family system. There was even a comment made by the Raikage after Sasuke “defeated” the 8 tails host, he said something like “what is Konoha waiting for; they dealt with the Hyuga quick enough?”

    Then u have to look at what the 1st hokage did, capturing most of the tailed beast and “sharing” them in order to balance power. The result of that was parents (Gaara’s dad and Naruto’s dad) sealing demons into the bellies of their children in the morning, THAT AINT RIGHT!

    Then look at the 4th hokage (Naruto’s dad), so there’s no love for suicide bombers but we accept suicide sealers?

    I have no doubt that most of the characters in the series are okay as individuals but the village system always manages to twist them up and this is what Pain is trying to put an end to. I mean honestly, look at Naruto, it’s not that I don’t like him but he’s just a big BABY (simpleton). Naruto is adamant about bringing Sasuke back even though Sasuke left the village of his own will. So u mean Sasuke can’t have the freedom to do what he likes and needs to be “SAVED”?
    Naruto also claims he wants to save and protect everyone but yet on his free time he goes peeping at chicks (a direct violation of their privacy, and that’s not funny).

    O and on the issue of Pain killing innocent people, no one is innocent, we all collectively shape the world by our actions or inactions.

    Pain is no longer “human”, as a matter of fact, he’s soo good he’s BAD. Now let there be peace, let there be Pain.

  174. @ wanderingshion – next time you post a comment the size of an entire post make sure half of the stuff you say is actually true!!

  175. @ wanderingshion hmmm well thats one dogmatic view. were are you getting all of this. the sealing of kyubi was because it was devistating the village killing people including but not limited to irukas parents. pain just bombed the $hit out of a major city and your all “wow pains awsome i wish they hadnt evacuated that woulda been even cooler” you mentioned peeping being offencive. well that crap-tastic unawsomeness post offended the crap outa me. you just praised your self proclaimed terrorist as the jihadist savior. ahhhh come on really

  176. @ Ix ReFleX xl: Though he did make a very large post that makes little sense, its still not right.
    moderator: Its been fixed

  177. […] Naruto Manga 435 spoiler discussion + 434 breakdown and discussion Naruto Manga 435 Five Best Fights Poll has been fixed! Please retake again if you havn’t already! -Break down of […] […]

  178. 🙂 @ Alec~thats cool, does that mean on wordpress’ home page. It shows us temporaril?

  179. (I dislike how my internet operates now im in HD [since Christmas]. It deletes letters sometimes in my posts :()

  180. i especially love your analogy between “Suicide bombers” and “suicide sealers” because that helps me… why? suicide bombers KILL PEOPLE.. the 4th’s “Suicide sealing” SAVED PEOPLE.. an entire village (konoha in fact!!) …. so how are these 2 things anything alike AT ALL??!??!!!?!! (although i do agree with you about gaara and his dad)

    you also seem to be under the illusion that the first hokage had control of ALL the tailed beasts but if you read more closely, you would know that Madara Uchiha was in control of the 9-tails. The night the 4th sealed the 9-tails it was attacking the village because Madara basically made it!!!! The 4th used the sealing techniques as a last way of beating it… i doubt he had time to pick and choose who he sealed it in (besides sealing it in your own son is better than someone else’s right?!??)

  181. Ohh Top posts a person i get it now
    ….a mod?
    They usually ban me….

  182. @ fanboi … sorry .. i just dont like people who take up a whole page with worthless and wrong info like that (plus im used to talking smack on xbox live) sry 😀

    oh is it still ok to call amongsttheliving an ass face??? (lol j/k)

  183. @ schy … i bet i been banned from more sites than you!!

  184. @ coolbeans…. i agree completely that post wasn’t very awesomeness worthy at all

    (lol im i posting too much??)

  185. Oh yeah i bet -$100.
    That means if your right you owe me $100
    Okay. Ive been banned permanently from Atari forums twice (30 infractions) and been banned from Naruto forums for 1 day. 🙂
    (If your smart you’ll admit your wrong…that way i’ll lose the bet and owe you $100 🙂

  186. @guzhead

    Good observation I was kind of wondering the same thing myself. I doubt that is the real one, cause also notice katsuyu is not hanging off his shoulder feeding him intel. Or did katsuyu bail on him.

    Katsuyu: Hey Naruto you figure out this banto shennin shit on your own buddy Holla.

  187. @ wanderingshion
    whe you lose freinds to a suicide bomber come back and tell me if you want to post that again in its entirety
    but on a lighter note the garra thing was a good point

  188. did I mention

    Ah Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!!!!!

    Mexico wins 1-0

  189. and thats +5000$ not – 5000$ !!!! so if you lose, you owe me!!!!!

  190. @wanderinshion
    k sorry mini freak out, no hard feelings i just go cookoo sometimes. sorry for being a d-bag

  191. have i told you all i like cheese?

  192. so do i!!!!!

  193. @reflex and coolbeans: please stop feeding the troll. wanderingshion was winding you up and trying to start a scene. The cool thing about this place is the ability to bray nonsense into the ether. He’s entitled to his opinion, and personally I think he sounds like an ass, but he didn’t attack anyone. He has the right to express it. Let’s not stir the poo pot he put in the middle of the room. Whadya say, deal?

    MMMMmmmmmaaaaaitoooo GGGGGGaaaaaiiii!!!!!!!

  194. @ ibiki lol i know…. i just like arguing with people

    oh and how come you can call him an ass but when i call him an idiot the admin get all pissed at me???

  195. @ edubkage Yay?



    WHAT? dude you are way off

    I mean we like Itachi now because that everything he did was to protect his little brother.

    Also 4th sealed the fox to do everything he can to save his village and his son!

    Naruto is acting just like his parents, his bonds are something that gives him his strength like most people in life and I think most people would give anything to keep those connections.

    Nagato probably has seen so much bloodshed and death (the trigger was probably the death of someone he cared about) he thought the only way to save the world and everything is to destroy it and start it all over again. I think its an extreme form of PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder). I don’t think he is bad…its just his problems have caused him to have this thinking

  196. i is sowey ibi i did iverreacted pweez forgwiv meee *bats eyes adoribly* (fails)

  197. me too ibi 😦 .. ill try to act better in the future (maybe)

  198. i still want to viamently plegde my support for cheese and its ongoing campain for recognition over bacon!!!! i almost support it more than harshy and thats sayin sumfin

  199. uh, edubkage…when I mentioned “GOAL” last night I was talking about scoring with Pain…do you really mean soccer or did you call Harshy’s girlfriend?! (jk Harshy…)

    @ reflex: 1st, I didn’t call him anything; read carefully. There is a difference. 2nd, let it go, walk away…because believe it or not you’re still feeding the troll.

    Now c’mere and give me a group hug. Trolls hate love in the room. ^.^

  200. @ coolbeans … WE GET IT YOU LIKE CHEESE!!!! GOD!!!!!! lol

  201. What about cheese?

    *stuffs face with grilled cheese sandwich*

  202. lol….i dont have that much money…i have nearly £700 only (5 Xbox 360’s) Things cost more where im from to…so probably 6 Xbox 360’s in the US.
    And im sticking with the -$100 offer :Wink 🙂

  203. ok ok i’ll stop 😀

  204. @ Ix ReFleX xI
    ahhhh i hate you i will fight you in a kill bill style showdown if you talk to me that way again (ignores the fact that last time he touched a sharp sword he hurt himself in under 2 seconds) lol 😉 …

  205. ok then.. i give up. you win now gimme my money

  206. @ coolbeans
    your on!!! *starts twirling sword ninja style*
    hey.. wait a minute here.. where did my hand go??? *looks at bloody sword in other hand* .. oh crap 😦

  207. Sure i will :)…

    Thanks for giving up 🙂

  208. Is anyone thinking this fight could do with the kind of passion that saw Naruto say:
    “If he rips my arms off I’ll KICK him to death, if my legs get ripped off I’ll BITE him to death, if my head gets ripped off I’ll STARE him to death and if my eyes get ripped out I’ll CURSE him from my grave!”

    So far I’ve basically just seen Naruto say “you’re beliefs are wrong and you’ve gotta pay” and proceed to slap his balls in peins face, which (fun as it has been) hasn’t really grabbed me the same way… I’m hoping this whole capture thing brings that shiznits to the table! Of course Naruto should be growing up and dealing with situations in a more mature way, and the way he dealt with the (apparent) news about Kakashi was pretty badass at the time, but I don’t wanna see him lose that raw stuff that made him so likeable in the first place!

    @wanderingshion, you’re opinion is just a bit at odds with the way most ppl see things in this forum but it’s always good to hear a new perspective, even if we disagree, it should only make us discuss the ideas even more and perhaps in a new way so I’m all.. for.. wait… I’m descending into major cheese here, but I’m sure you get the point!

  209. hey droptheweights… one question .. how did jeremiah give you the nickname ass face??? (just curious)

  210. @ reflex and coolbeans

    Let me be the equalizer in this battle

    GETSUGA TENSHO!!! *see bleach for reference*

  211. @ schy
    i coulda won… i just want my money!!!! tell me your email and ill send you my bank account #

  212. @reflex, i’ll leave it to jeremiah to answer that one.

  213. @ burningace .. no thank you… i’ll just google it 😉

    @ droptheweights
    i agree…. naruto should act a lil more how we’re used to, but i do like the fact that he didnt scream like a baby when he found out about kakashi… a mixture of both would pretty good
    oh n do i have to ask jeremiah (he’s mad at me cuz im a writer and i got in trouble with the admins 😦 )

  214. Anyways isn’t absorbing Sage Chakra bad?

    I mean didn’t Naruto almost turn into a frog because of it?

    Will that be a cause of fatty pain absorbing his chakra?

  215. not absorbing it…. gathering it from scratch is dangerous however

  216. Isn’t it amongst the living who’s ass face? Unless you’re endorsing me as well after trying to let wanderingshion off the hook? lol. I thought there was a chance Jeremiah had called me it so I told you to ask him, but I am pretty sure it’s just atl.

    I should be getting a new icon soon, even though I’ve become strangely attached to this tranny bat splodge thing!

  217. Yeah I am sorta impatient on my icon

    *see retarded bunny*

    My new icon is something I just referenced a few minutes ago

  218. dude it took 5 days for my icon to show… i had to redo it 5 times and it still took forever

  219. Why does it say my ” your comment is awaiting moderation.” ? The comment i submitted at 6:30? Im not even sure if you can see it….
    It doesn’t appear on the recent comment section (top right)…

  220. @ droptheweight…. i am so sorry… i got confused 9i feel like the ass face now 😦 ) lol.. damn this is embarassing

  221. I want a better icon but somebody needs to log in my account. Since the PS3 wont let me crop an icon it’ll just show as black.
    I’ve asked Jeremiah to do it but i guess he doesn’t want to 😦

  222. i’ll do it if you want

  223. Haha, no worries! Looks like you’re in enough trouble tonight as it is, lol. I thought it was a bit out of the blue, but it’s cool!

  224. yeah… the admins got mad at me cuz i called some person an idiot?!?! lol go figure

  225. @schy

    Every once in a while a moderation jutsu will get you.

  226. schy: links and e-mails in comments get moderated. period. Also, try your local library or internet cafe, you should be able to upload an icon there yourself with a little bit of effort.

    RE: Icons. When you get a new icon or change the old one it can take a bit for it to go through. BUT, if you clear your browser’s cache you will be able to see it faster.

  227. Okay ^_^ Ummm give me a Sai icon…
    I’ve posted a email but i guess it didn’t show in that comment that “awaits moderation”. So email this address and i’ll tell you my password.

    ^ignore the spaces…
    if the email address last time is the reason for “your comment is awaiting moderation”..well..thats why i’ve put spaces…so its not a link.

  228. and you can get it all at your local libarry,… libry…. liabary… hmm maybe i should go to one of those new fanggled things

  229. WELL i think ive embarassed myself enough for today so im gonna go relax and play some xbox 360…. have fun talking about me behind my back guys 😀

  230. I hate my local Library i have to walk for 30 minute such a drag. >_<
    @ Ibiki~so i was right why i got a moderation…but thats vanished like my comment now. Thanks for the tip though 🙂

  231. @reflex, I spose it’s a natural reaction when a comment as outrageous as that is made, but it becomes a bit of a slippery slope if we start abusing people for posts no matter how bad they seem. I don’t know if that was his first post, but if it was, he could just have got excited by the awesomeness and decided to blow our whole debate wide open with his first comment. If he wants to join in then I say we should let him and the power of awesomeness will soon convert him from his twisted ways! I notice he hasn’t tried to retaliate yet, so lets see what comes next…

    Then again if he is a cock we’ll give him a DYNAMIC ENTRY to the face followed with a sage mode fingertip rasengan THOUSAND YEARS OF PAIN/INCONTINENCE! Can’t remember the genius who came up with that jutsu, but it’s pure awesomeness!

  232. lol… i feel like an idiot… i don’t know any of these jokes yet…. but good ideas ^_^

  233. @droptheweights: it was EroSennin.

  234. Wow you’ve already emailed me. I knew thats what you meant by “play some Xbox 360” ^_^

  235. Wow my message was like 20 minutes slow. 0_0

  236. @reflex, I found it, it was made by Erosennin,

    If only Naruto himself had that originality! lol.

  237. @ schy… no. im actually playing call of duty now as well.. its called a “Router” … buy one

  238. Cheers Ibiki! would have saved me a lot of time if I’d just noticed that you found it straight away.. ahh well, past my bedtime again so I’ll reluctantly leave it there for tonight 😦

  239. Oh multi task lol Yeah routers doesn’t the PS3 just have one built in?
    Oh and thanks for the change. ^_^

  240. check your email schy (lol we r both on the same account)

  241. lol XD

  242. …ok, guys, go take your game somewhere else. I’ve been patient, but only because I’m sick and really cranky and I’m trying really hard not to be mean. That’s enough, please. You’ve both been talked to. Final warning now.

  243. ok ok i was changing his photo for him (why so angry?)

  244. why arent my comment going through??

  245. im still awaitin to see hinata and kiba fight since the time skip. naruto is in the clutches of like the most crazy guy (set of guys…and a girl) ever. how long will everyone be on the sidelines before a roster switch….. ps. nagato has like endless chakura or what, i mean six bodies, a nuke, tossing giant frogs, pwning every nin in one the superpower villaages. have we not seen nagato because hes just a giant energizer bunny and hishi is still to embarassed to bring him out?

  246. i ment kishi not hishi… he-she wow i are type bad

  247. This isnt a game ^_’
    But forget all that.
    You said please and im freakin sleepy its 3:30 AM 🙂
    Thanks for the help Reflex
    And Goodnight everyone.
    PS. Ibiki Hope you get well soon and
    …are you a mod or summut?

  248. There are so many reasons I like Itachi better than Pain.

    I’m not going to go into complete details. Pain is disturbed. Even his friend the paper girl feels that he is going too far. We can never really call Pain a good guy even if we find out he has some sort of tragic past.

    I like the kind of peace that Jiraya and Naruto uphold. Naruto just has to have more information and get rid of more of the corruption that was inherent in his own village. Once Naruto knows the situation he is usually high minded, ethical, and has a good heart about his decision making.

    Naruto MUST keep trying to save Sauske. The question is not: “Can Sauske be saved?” It is: “Is it worth it?” And the answer is yes. Sauske, over time, became Naruto’s best friend. And I’m sure he will never change his agenda.

  249. she may not be a mod but hey… she said please.
    oh well im not the one to hold a grudge though.
    goodnight everyone
    ps. i also hope you get well soon ibi 😀
    if you do you’ll be even meaner and you can make me shut up earlier next time ^_^ … lol j/k
    see you guys later

  250. ahhh, im going stir crazy, why am i still at work its saturday……. I GOT HERE WENDSDAY!!!! SOOOOO BORED IT HURTS

  251. @harSHIT!, WTF WAS THAT? you and co. sucks. that part was disgusting. i was hoping that after i left for 2 weeks, i will be seeing some actions and new awesomeness theories from you.

    by the way, let’s play special force. it’s almost like counter strike. it’s online. visit

    btw, yoou harshy killed the emo looks of gaara. you made him look like a killing machine. that makes me mad

  252. @ibi- WTF! You do know if my girlfriend ever finds out about this page and all the sexual references about her, either of two things can happen-

    a) I get the crap slapped out of me and my rep as a sweet and kind guy is destroyed.
    b) My girlfriend is turned on and then …you know what i mean 😉 (wait that did not just mean what you think it meant!!!)

  253. k, so in one of the comments above, there were some posts to why the nine-tails was sealed in naruto – minato has some sort of secret plan thats going to blow everyones’ mind eventually.
    as for the battle between pain and naruto – i’m thinking its a possibility that naruto may figure out that code jiraiya inscribed onto pa frog. i don’t think we actually know what it means yet.

    i just had a cheese sangwhich 😀

  254. man that was a harsh comment….muah hahaha i crack myself up

  255. along with figuring out the code, i meant to add on “and show pain some pain”

    my bad… please don’t dynamic entry me in the face.

  256. Muahahaha!!1I will personally make sure that Captain Planet wins that Poll!!!

  257. oh its drunken lee. he is over 2.5 swazeys strong

  258. Lookee here I finally reach a computer after my track meet and it’s 1:23 in the moring and no one’s here *sigh* alright anyway!

    @harshy:….I was totally confused that’s all I gotta say, lol.

    @beesylum: Please note that Nagato has the full Rinnegan not the 6 paths of Pein. They can’t all have Rinnegan which is the rarest form of eye technique in the entire nin world. The paths are just mere puppets being controlled by Nagato through Rinnegan and the only thing we’ve seen them do with it is one special abilty each. I think they have a very much watered down version of it so it’s not so hard to see Naruto kick some Pein A$$ in sage mode!

    @coolbeans: I’m stiill lmao at the Nagato being a giant energizer bunny comment……you know what you made some good points there about Nagato’s chakra level! He must be a f’ing beast!

    @charzelo: Itachi planend to die from the beginning of the fight with Sasuke. He had two plans 1.) To erase the curse seal on Sasuke’s shoulder thus ridding orochimaru from his body and 2. To awaken Sasuke’s mankegyo. Follow link for reference. He didn’t come to that battle to reason anything with Sasuke because reasoning was long gone between those two at that time. Of cousre Naruto doesn’t know how to use the power Itachi gave him becuase it needs to be activated just like when Sasuke saw Tobi’s face and unknowingkly used amaterasu. I personally believe the power is a protection against Sasuke’s Amaterasu. That’s why Itachi said, “I hope you never have to use this” beacuse he hopes Sasuke would never use Amataresu against his best friend Naruto thus activating Naruto’s hidden power. So he could never intentioally use Itachi’s power but I do agree with on the whatever it is only coming out when he meets/fights Sasuke again.

    @burningace: Is your name a tribute to Fire Fist Ace from One Piece? Just checking.

    @Everyone Else: Anyone else annoyed by Pein’s pompous a$$ attitude talking about himself in 1st person. I mean goodness gracious *snicker* look at this you are Pein you beeyotch stop reffering to yourself like you’re a god….wait you do think you’re god don’t you….a$$hole!

  259. @charzelo: My last line should’ve been *I do agree with you on that whatever it is it’s only coming out when he meets/fights Sasuke again.*

  260. @supertrek: lmao, who does he think he is in 3rd person, the Swayze?!

  261. @ supertrek

    actually I got the idea of sticking with the name because of that but no.

    The real reason I have burning ace as a name because its a reference to my jrotc past lol. Ace (if most people didn’t know) is a term given to most people who have shot down at least 5 people in combat. The burning part well thats me being a bit of a pyro…but thats for another time (actually thats kinda why I liked sasugay….considering that the Uchihas have an affinity for fire jutsus).

    Anyways well the fight I voted for…was J-man vs Pain.

    Honestly the old perv is my hero! The way he lived to the way he died…seriously (not by sneaking up on girls though).

    The final fight really said a ton about the type of person he is. He used the last of his strength to make sure that his god son, no more like his village could have a chance to defeat someone that he couldn’t beat. That was his finest hour and his best moment in the manga. Gaara vs Rock Lee is #2 on this list though

  262. Well since know one is here I might as well continue on with my Sasuke becomes temporary Hokage prediction. (Note: I don’t even believe in this prediction and I REALLY want Tsunade to live but I thought it’d be fun. I pay tribute to Schy for helping me come of with the insane predction from his above post about Sasuke becoming kage of the rogue ninjas.)

    Alright so where are we….oh yeah, so let’s say none of the nin go to save Naruot, Pa frog doesn’t gather chakra quickly to create the genjustu, Naruto is rendered unconcious from the draining of his chakra thus POOFING the clone gathering sage chakra at the waterfall, and the Kyuubi doensn’t appear. Conclusion Naruto gets captured. Pein runs off into the woods with his prized golden haired trophey draped over his shoulders with an Un-Pein like smile spread acroos his face singing,

    One way or another, I’m gonna find ya’
    I’m gonna get ya’, get ya’, get ya’, get ya’
    One way or another, I’m gonna win ya’
    I’m gonna get ya’, get ya’ ,get ya’, get ya’

    Anyway going back to the scene in Konoha the nin finally grow some balls, that goes figuratively for the women to, 🙂 and decide to chase after Pein. But before they do Danzo sees his chance and strikes with the ROOT anbu first killing off Tsunade, Danzo the bastard does the favors, who is in a very weakened state after healing an entire village of useess ninjas. The already weak and battle fatigued ninjas from the intial attack of Pein are quickly subdued especially with the best ninjas already outta the way like Kakshi, Shikamaru, and Choza. The chunin put up quite a fight too but are eventually overwhelmed by numbers. Danzo gathers all the villagers from the evactuation points and assembles them in the creater to hear him declare himself the new hokage of Konoha, or whatever’s left of it. But just when he’s about to do it guess who shows up….TEAM MOTHER F’ING HAWK! Akatsuki capes flapping cooly in the wind and Sasuke with those crazy Atom Smasher eyes staring into the depths of Danzo’s soul. We all know Sasuke is here to destroy Konoha, but well he’s a little to late for that party so he does the next best thing on his emo-to-do-list, kill the elders. Yep, that’s Dazno alright so Sasuke orders his team to move out kill the ROOT anbu while he personally deals with the elders. A massive battle then ensues betwen Team Hawk and the Root Anbu. With Sasuke squaring off against Danzo in the center. Skipping ahead past the drama, the blood, and mayhem Team Hawk ends up winning with Sasuke standing over Danzo’s dead corpse. He searches the village for the other two elders but learns that they have fled. After coming back to center of town to gather up his team he finds the whole village including all of his frends, mentors, and neighbors all focusing on him. They have unamimioulsy come to a decsion while he was gone, SASUKE WILL SERVE AS TEMPORARY HOKAGE now that Tsunade is dead and there is no immediate replacement. he is the strongest, he is originally apart of the clan, and he helped avenge Tsunade’s death by taking Danzo’s life. Team Hawk stands aside with giant sweatdrops on their heads not wanting to be apart if this. To make this short Sasuke eventually agrees and decides for his first mission as Hokage to lead a team to help rescue Naruto from the Akatsuki base. Secretly though, now that Konoha is taken care of Sasuke is checking his emo-to-do-list and finds he needs to kill Madara anyway so this suits his purposes just fine. The scene ends with Sasuke leading Team Hawk and the original Teams 7, 8, and 10 off into the forest. (Shikamaru is being carried on a strecher) 🙂


  263. whoops people are here now and I just posted a long A$$ post….hehe 😦

  264. @Ibi: Aw s**t I feel stupid now you’re right he was talking to himslef in 3rd person not 1st, lol ….Swayze. 🙂

  265. Awww, that would never happen…Sakura would heal Shikamaru’s leg first.

  266. lol 🙂

  267. Can’t believe someone actually read it.

  268. wow that would blow my mind. i would love to see that supertrek….. not gona happen but holy crap if it did this blog and the naru verse would be on f-in fire. but does that mean sai dies with root?

  269. @coolbeans: Nah, Sai would be part of team 7 at this point in time. It would be fun to see Sai fight alongside Sasuke who he replaced to begin with. 🙂

  270. The match I would rather see would be Sai vs Sasuke…

    The Robot vs The Emo

    Almost polar opposites ya know lol

    @ supertrek I read the entire thing…

    You know I don’t really see it going down like that but it would be fun to watch!

  271. @firefistace, whoops I mean burningace :): Yeah, I know the entire prediction was just a joke made purley for fun. It was a crazy idea that popped into my head after reading a post by schy. I like the robot vs. emo contradiction. One has no emotions and the ohter’s on permanent teen angst.

  272. @ burningace
    lamo holy crap best annaylogy ive heard in a while. mr what do you mean this is how the book said to smile vs. daddy never hugged me

    creepy and sad vs creepy and strange i could go on

  273. ummm…why is glen bashing me up?

  274. viva el queso!!!! night yall time for the first sleep in days…….mmmmmm pillow i missed you promise youll never leave me like that again

  275. Now THAT is Freakier than Randy Jacksons “Dawg” Laugh!

  276. Some of you said that 9 tail’s chakra is coming out now that preta pain is absorbing narutos chakra, but wouldn’t preata just absorb 9 tail’s chakra too? so 9 tail’s chakra would just get sucked out and couldnt help naruto at all..

  277. All I’m saying is that I think the 9 Tails is gonna make a special appearance…….thats just my feeling.

  278. @ coolbeans1 yeah dude I mean we already have had one of these opposite matches before but with our buddy naruto

    Gaara vs Naruto (same circumstances, different outcome)

    Naruto vs Pain (same master, different outcome)

    Neji vs Hinata (same family, different outcome)

    If you think about it now I mean it might actually happen

  279. I’d like to see 9 tails again. should be hard enough for God realm to deald with it..

  280. Great blog as always…loved the captions about the slug (and I even went to public school). I laughed so hard. And, I wasn’t even drunk.

    @jeremiah: in your poll you practically covered the entire manga with that fight list! It’s amazing how many fights Gaara was in.

    Naruto will NOT lose this one. I don’t think he will “go Kyuubi” but he won’t lose. He may, however, have to re-think his “keep the villagers out” demand as he clearly needs help. If his remaining clone and the “frog king” genjutsu don’t work, he has no other choice – he promised he wouldn’t “go Kyuubi” again due to him hurting Sakura, though they might have a consultation at the sewer cage…

    Thought it was interesting that Hinata had her own page this go round. Is that a clue (and no, not a clue as to Naruto’s gf preference)? I could see her doing something on the sidelines to support Naruto such as gathering information via Byakugan and handing over the “intel” to any available slug. In either event, “awakened Hinata” needs to make a stand to help her comrade who is obviously in dire need of assistance.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Kakashi is dead and at the “creepy campfire” permanently and Sasuke has his own “agenda.” Who knows? He may be paying the price with Madara for extracting a substitution jutsu with the 8 Tails. No way will those two play a role in Naruto getting out of this one.

    This is a great chapter though I hate the feeling of being left wanting more. Can’t wait until 436!

  281. 4 tails in my opinion should be enough..

    but we don’t want our homie naruto to die though…

    if people don’t remember 4 tails nearly killed Naruto if he goes past 5 he is probably dead

  282. Wow great issue ,,,, !!!

  283. I’m with the whole Itachi power coming to the surface against Sasuke, but it would be interesting if a side effect was that Naruto now has more control over the Kyuubi! Uchiha control connection etc

    @supertrek, lol!

    @coolbeans, “mr what do you mean this is how the book said to smile vs. daddy never hugged me” lol!

  284. I’mmmmm BACK!!!

  285. and where TF is er-sennin…i haven’t seen that perv for ages!
    Come out come out wherever you are!

  286. @harshy: Ero-senin is out doing “research” at coed bathhouses! I would like to join him this time in helping out his “research” on the fema….I mean bathhouse…..anatomy. hehehe 0_-

  287. @ supertrek not without ace ya won’t!

    Besides I got the best place to hide….

    *bring on the perverted comments*

  288. @coolbeans1, remember what Pain said to Jiraya when they fought? It was something like “u cannot understand the actions of a god”. That was my point, if u view Pains isolated actions u will then lose the meaning of his goal which is peace through pain.
    Please allow me to explain the point of view of Pain in yet another gigantic post lol (school is out, I got nothing but time).

    We operate in a world of pairs (sets of twos); good and bad, joy and pain, light and dark. We cannot understand one without the other; e.g. there is no such thing as “darkness” only the absence of light (to understand darkness u must know light). To know peace u must understand pain.

    Yahiko once said something like “the only way we can have peace is by letting them feel the same pain we’ve felt”. In other words if they don’t feel what we feel, then they can’t understand us. This is the same feeling that made Naruto cry when Gaara died. In fact one of Naruto’s most commonly used phrases is “he’s just like me”.

    Itachi was ordered to eradicate his clan to prevent another nin war which would have cost a lot of lives. Pain is doing the EXACT same thing on a larger scale (the eradicating of a “few” to preserve the many).
    Pain doesn’t kill in anger or revenge, he views his victims as sacrifices (u guys, I do not approve of this behavior but I understand).

    @burningace, I don’t think Nagato’s goal is to destroy EVERYTHING (he does want to destroy a whole lot though). I thought that Naruto may change him but after seeing how he dealt with Conan (which kinda pissed me off) I don’t think he’s gonna change his plan.

    @droptheweights, that’s why my posts are sooooo long, I’m trying to represent the “dark side”.

    Guys leave out all the ill feelings, let’s talk manga (NICE guy pose!!! in the background)!

  289. @ wanderingshion: Well the thing about Nagato is that he is acting on the feeling that the only way that he can fix the world is to begin it again, I know that necessarily destroying the whole world isn’t what he is thinking of but something close to it. The God complex comes from the fact that he is the only one who thinks that he can dictate the world since he is the one who has lived through true “pain”. Think Light Yagami from Death Note but instead of writing somebody’s name in a book he actually goes out there and does the dirty work. I still think it is a severe case of PTSD considering the fact that the most of the people that cared about him died or left (Family, Jiraiya, and Presumably the naruto look alike whose name I can’t remember yet)this triggered the series of events which led to Madara, and the formation of the now infamous Akatsuki.

  290. @wanderingshio: Maybe you should re-read the manga, if you even read at it all, before you start posting misconceptions on this blog! Follow this link and explain to me then how the hell Pein is making “sacrifices” for the greater good. That MOTHER F***ER is monopolizing war. He WANTS to create conflict so he WANTS to destroy alot more than just Konoha. If you continue reading that chapter his ultimate goal is WORLD DOMINATION! Pein is just pure evil simple as that or just really misconstrued (afterall he does think he’s god). I don’t care what Nagaoto’s, Yahiko’s, and Konan’s childhoods were like this s**t is uncalled for. Now on a lighter note I did enjoy your post about the contradiction of light and darkness and how they needed each other to exist. If you would just post more intelligent views like that we wouldn’t be having this problem.

    @burningace: Sure you can come along but rember to bring your own towel! -_-

  291. @elfarren, (from innuendo post) yeh that whole Kiba fight really raised my respect for Naruto as a quick thinker, so it’d be a step back for him to be caught out like this, he’s using clones on a whole new level now, right? Hopefully that applies to tricking people with them as well as learning from what happens to them. Therefore he’s bustin moves all over peins face in the next issue, farts or no farts!

  292. @ droptheweights: I can think of several “pull my finger” jokes involving God Realm’s ability, but I’ll spare everyone here my retarded attempts at humor *L* And yeah, Naruto getting caught so easily would definitely be a step back at this point. Why would Kishi have Kakashi comment about how much Naruto has changed as a fighter by using clones unless he’s going to pull something totally unexpected on Pain? I said in the Innuendo post that I’d like to see the Naruto left in Myobokuzan be the real one, but I still think it’s a long shot … if not, though, it would be a great comeback from Konoha’s maverick ninja!

  293. @ supertrek: lol

    @ droptheweights: props on the name…now only if you could open at least the 5th gate.

    Also on Naruto getting captured….I don’t buy it.

    Let me tell you something he is the number one unpredictable ninja of all time!

    so he is not going to be captured at all time

  294. this time whoops

  295. Ummm….for some reason my posts aren’t being posted but if this is posted then that only means I’m wrong and I’ll be happy again.

  296. WOO-HOO!!! Yes, I’m back in business. Alright folks this is a tricky so do try to follow along, don’t get lost, and remember to comment.

    @droptheweights and everyone else: Speaking of clones in these panels we see Naruto has two Next we see the original Naruto throw himself disguised as a FRS to make an awesome tackle on Preta Pein here and here Also here we see a FRS come out of the smoke bomb, presumably thrown by one of the two clones, to catch deva Pein off guard. On the last panel of that same link we see ONE of the two clones jump up out of the smoke bomb to PWN Nakara Pein from behind with a full blown double rasengan Here we see the clone that owned Nakara Pein go poof So where is the second clone that went mysteriously missing from the smoke bomb? PLUS in issue 434 Naruto says he can create three clones in battle in addition to the two at Myobokuzan In conclusion we’ve seen one clone go poof, one clone mysteriously dissapear from the smoke bomb, and the possibilty of a third clone. If Naruto created three clones and one is dead do you’ll think the other two may be hiding in wait for a surprise attack?

  297. @wanderingshion, supertrek89, burningace

    The yin and yang pairs/dualities are certainly a big part of this manga. Sauske and Naruto are the main rivals that seem to grow together, but there are many more. It’s when the yin yang properties of the most powerful characters go out of sync that you start seeing major problems or lopsidedness. Pain happens to be one of the most evil characters, and he does it effortlessly. But Kishi usually has a reason behind why things are messed up with evil characters. Burningace had a ‘PTSD’ idea that fits perfectly.

    Yahiko was Nagato’s counterbalance. Once Yahiko was killed, Nagato’s place in the world grew out of proportion, making Nagato into Pain. If Yahiko would have lived, Nagato wouldn’t be Pain. So what happened to Yahiko? I’m fairly sure we haven’t heard anything yet. We just know he ends up being one of Pain’s bodies.

    I hate to keep beating a dead horse on the subject of Pain having redeeming qualities. But, it’s important to keep in mind that Nagato ‘did’ care for his friends and wanted to protect them (back when Jiraya was taking care of them). So hopefully sometime we will get the full scoop on Pain’s history and why he lost his mind.

  298. @af815: I’m sure Pein has some redeeming qualities, excuses, flashbacks, past, or whatever you want to call it for him being who he is today. But as I said in my above post, “I don’t care what Nagaoto’s, Yahiko’s, and Konan’s childhoods were like this s**t is uncalled for.” I understand the yin/yang dualities presented in the manga which if the reason why I complimented wandergshion for pointing it out. As for Pein being redeemed for what he’s done it’s not gonna happen in my eyes. Nagato was a likeable character in the past but after killing Jiraiya there’s no turning back for that love train because it derailed right after Jiraiya thought his last thoughts.

  299. Good point, of815. I don’t know if I’d go so far as saying Pain has redeeming qualities…extenuating circumstances? It’s kind of like the Itachi discussion, is he good, is he bad? You can come up with reasons why either of those might be true.

    That’s the thing about Kishi’s work. Simply put, the villains and the heroes in his story have good and bad in them…and there’s always a story to the bad guys so we can have a little bit of sympathy for them.

    I do think you’re right on target with Yahiko, just like ace is with PTSD. It’s hard to completely loathe a character who has such loyal friends like Konan (and, we assume, Yahiko). And Jiraiya liked him too, once. But…make no mistake…that pain guy’s a crazy megalomaniac (if you don’t know that word google it, it’s a great term to use on your teachers…).

  300. @ supertrek: I really also don’t think that anything Pain could do would redeem him for destroying most of Konoha, or killing Jiraiya. It might be the only option for Naruto actually…if he isn’t gonna do anything Tsunade definately

    In this sense I think we are probably gonna see Naruto make his first kill. I don’t think there is a chance that he is going to be left alive after this fight and this is my prediction.

    Ace out

  301. I meant to say

    *Tsunade definitely will

  302. @supertrek: I liked your link salad up there, and I’ve been trying to follow the whole clone thing with little luck. My brain’s a little taxed and I can’t keep straight how many there were, are and should be…but something felt odd. Thanks for the count. lol. There must be one in the air? Do you think that would work again?

  303. @supertrek. naruto needs two clones to create a rasenshuriken. dont they usually disperse when they are done?, and the one who threw the rasenshuriken would be fast enough to go and pwn naraka pain after throwing the rasenshuriken. idk though, maybe the other two are just chillin out playing some roshambull to decide who attacks first haha

  304. Here’s the script for the next issue. Pain sucks the sage chakra from Naruto, and Naruto is captured. Quickly after Pain leaves with Naruto’s body, the Konoha ninja go on a search for Naruto’s leftover Rasengan’s. Using 7 of the Rasengans that were laying around the battlefied, Pa Frog summons Parunga who grants them 3 wishes to bring Naruto back, return konoha to normal, and bring Jariaya back to life. Then the next episode, Garlic Madara attacks while Naruto is on another planet training, and Konohamuru creates a defensive barrier to protect his friends and blasts Madara into the Dead Zone.

  305. also @burningace technically the 6 paths of pain are already dead…. haha so idk if it counts as a kill?

  306. lol, renzy. What happened in the earlier RS attacks? Did each clone get a blow or did they pop? I can see either one happening…

  307. i just like reread i guess would be the right word. but where is the slug on narutos shoulder?

    @ibi probably a pop, but maybe ones underground too…. going old school (naruto vs. neji – awesomeness)

  308. there katsuyu just like disappears….

  309. @Ibiki: Unless Naruto learned how to fly I don’t think there’s one in the air right now, lol. I was thinking one underground and one disguised as a rock or something. He seems to like the underground tact as much as Kakashi and the rock idea is just funny and awesome at the same time. Highly doubt it would work though on a foe like Pein. Well….then again he did get fooled by a smoke bomb so a fake rock it is. 🙂

    @renzy10: True, clones usually do disappear after the formation of a rasenagan but only if Naruto wants them to and it always shows it. The thing is we know at least ONE of the clones didn’t disappear because it did the double rasengan on Nakara Pein whether it was the same clone that threw the FRS or not. So it’s safe to assume the other clone didn’t disappear either because when the clones disappear they usually disappear together. And if they’re not underground or disguised as a rock as I suggested to Ibi then I think you may have something there with them playing roshambull…..uhhh….what is roshambull by the way? 0_0

  310. @supertrek haha its a fancy name for rock paper scissors, and yea its very inconsistent with them staying and leaving. but my thing is, ok you produce one rasenshuriken and one throws naruto, when they throw the smoke bombs naruto needs two clones for his double rasengan too, so he would really need three clones plus the original.

  311. @renzy10: AH-HA so you put the final pieces together. Naruto throws a smoke bomb then creates his third and final clone. They throw the original Naruto disguised as a FRS then before the Nakara PWNing clone goes to PWN Nakara the two other clones give him the double rasengans. It all fits together!

  312. @renzy10 continued: Then before the smoke recedes the two clones burrow underground like mole rats waiting for their chance of a sneak attack on both Deva and Nakara Pein. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

  313. WAIT holy s**t look what I just came across! more evidence that pein won’t capture Naruto. Does Danzo have some back up plan that would make it impossible for Deva Pein to get away with Naruto? In the end will Naruto’s saviour not be himself or his friends but the one and only DANZO!?!? AGGHHH, can’t take the possibility! *passes out*

  314. Exactly, supertrek, this is what I was talking about before…about Naruto having a lot of resources besides his clones and the frogs on his side. The rookie nine are all itching to get involved. Team Gai is on their way. The team from the Raikage, Killer Bee, Sasuke…and Danzo. All are there, on their way or presumed to be (Killer Bee…idk, but it’s possible)–and all might have reasons to join the melee.

  315. Yeah, mostly when I talk about Pain’s redeeming qualities I’m far from actually seeing him as being redeemed. Pain has gone too far, I think most of us agree with that.

    Burningace with yet another good point: Naruto might have his first kill here. Has Naruto actually ever killed anyone?

    Supertrek89: Nice catch with the Danzo thing. I think we can pretty much confirm Pain’s mission is not complete.

  316. @Ibiki: So I guess the only question is; Who will jump in first and join Naruto in playing Super Smash Bros. Melee against a level 9 Pein?….. I have a feeling you were talking about something else entirely. *_*

  317. No, I think we’re talking about the same thing. I don’t think everyone’s jumping in here at once. BUT, I do think there are reasons why (even if it looks like the frogs can’t save him, for example when the genjutsu fails and the clones give out) we shouldn’t assume the battle is over.

  318. Lets see the people I think have the best chance of jumpin in this brawl is

    Shikamaru: Even though he is the lazy type I think he would do just about anything to help him, considering the vow he made after the failed Sasuke attempt. (look it up

    Hinata: She sees her man in trouble….I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

    Sakura: Uhm…she is wanting Naruto big time now days if people hadn’t noticed…just sayin.

    this is the big one:

    Maaaaittoooo GUUUUYYYYY: What can I say DYNAMIC ENTRY to the face!

  319. i have a better idea… how about all 4 of them come at once 😉 … TOTAL PWNAGE!!!!!!!

  320. @supertrek everything makes so much more sense now!
    also on that page i think danzou was talking about killing the messenger toad….

    @burningace… or maybe kakashi will come out of the ground somehow and nail pain with a raikiri!

  321. @renzy10: Hmmm….perhaps you’re right if he believed Naruto is still in Myobokuzan then that would prevent Akatsuki from capturing him. I doubt he still feels the same way now but as Ibiki mentioned above there are still multiple obstacles heading his way that would prevent Pein from making a successful escape with Naruto.

  322. @ renzy: as long he isn’t at the creepy campfire reunion I am happy.

    @ reflex: haha I can already see it in my head

    Sakura and Hinata fighting to see who can beat up fatty pain the worst.

  323. Didnt Naruto kill Kakuzu? the dude with 5 hearts..

    @supertrek: regarding Danzou – he was referring to the fact of not allowing Naruto to return to Konoha or for him to stay frog hut.

    I suppose paib can take naruto and escape rather comfortably now having regained his powers. it would be funny if the clone in frog hut would chase after the real naruto ]]

  324. @ bumpuss
    he didnt kill him. he almost did. kakashi had to finish off the last heart

  325. @bumpuss: yeah, I got that already from renzy10 thx anyway though for the info. 🙂 for no hard feelings!

  326. what’s up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  327. maybe the anbu root realized how much of a dousche danzou is and decided to kill him………. thats my dream haha

  328. I think that real Naruto is hiding somewhere for surprise attack. just cant see Naruto throwing real one (transformed as FRS) to Pains, he would hae died with pains cause there was another FRS coming.. kinda stubid if he did that..
    on the other hand, that naruto didn’t disappear when God realm attacked him but other naruto clone did. but they are sage mode -clones after all so they might bee stronger than normal clones? and maybe naruto made just another one to disappear so Pain would mess up and think he has real naruto?
    (sry for bad english)

  329. wouldnt it be easy for pain to escape if nagato just reverse summond him. i mean they did have the same teacher/teachers assuming pain got sage training from the frogs when j man still thought he was the chossen one

  330. @coolbeans yeah, just like animal realm summons the other pains.. Nagato should be able to do it too

  331. if noruto does get captured that better be the way it happens. because if he starts to leave his a$$ better get jumped by the whole village. Leaf nin represent wha’ wha’ lol

  332. @coolbeans – We know that Nagato doesn’t have any sage training. Jiraiya only trained the three of them for 2 years and they were all training together the entire time and not in the frog land. If they did then Konan would also have had saget training.

  333. If Nagato had sage training along with the rinnengan that would be like having a power level OVER 9000!!! XD

  334. @Supertrek89

    Nice job on the Clone links. Hope the clones pull Kakashi’s underground foot grab on Preta and Deva, then drag ’em straight to hell.

    As for your Danzo panel. Danzo was talking about the fact that he had killed Kosuke, the frog who was sent by Tsunade to bring Naruto back from Myobakuzan. Danzo was just saying that he had stopped Naruto from coming back to Konoha. Remember that the frogs knew something was wrong because Kosuke’s name disappeared from their list. Naruto showing up to fight Pain will be a surprize to Danzo…when Danzo crawls out of his hole and finds out.

  335. *sigh* WHERES THE 435 SPOILER!?!?!?! Tuesday can’t come fast enough 😦

  336. coolbeans1, the reverse summon idea may not be possible cause there needs to be some sort of blood contract for it to work right? If Nagato were to summon god realm back Naruto may be left behind.

    On the issue of Pain being Naruto’s first kill, I’m pretty sure Naruto has killed before in the anime series (recall one of the shinobi swords men with the lighting power, Naruto rasenganed him off a cliff and the impact to the ground would have killed if he hadn’t asked for lighting to give him a funeral).

  337. @..everyone, am I missing something with the Danzo thing? Just cus he was referring to how he had removed the possibility of Naruto returning by killing the messenger frog (Bastard!) doesn’t change the fact that he said “we can’t allow Akatsuki to have the nine tailed beast”.
    I can’t see him learning of this fight and just sayin, “oh well, Naruto’s back is he? My plan’s failed then, they can take him for all I care”. He still wouldn’t want them capturing him!

    Like someone said ages ago, there’s a chance this could turn into an opportunity for Danzo if he steps in and finishes off the job! He must be fairly badass if he thinks he’s got a chance of becoming hokage, and if he makes out like it’s Naruto’s fault for pein attacking the village cus of his beast and that he’s saved the village from the mess Naruto brought on it then the whole emphasis of the story changes!

    It’s a bit of a stretch, given how much the village loves Naruto now, but then a lot have evacuated so it turns into a battle of words to convince them and Danzo could probably win that! Taking it further, there could then be a split in the village over those who support Danzo and those who support Naruto, and Naruto may end up having to fight Danzo in the end for title of Hokage! It’s about time we got to see what this dude is all about really.

    Would be interesting if it were to happen, so credit to whoever it was who first suggested it!

  338. If I was a character in the Naruto universe I’d have two healthy eyes – but, I would wear an eye patch. Just to SCREW with people.

    It’s about time something about Danzo is revealed.

  339. I think Danzo is Madara’s brother. Madara said he took both his brother’s eyes, but what if he’s lying, and he only took one. Tobi and Danzo have one eye opposite of each other. Perhaps Danzo has the Sharingan and is manipulating people with genjutsu.

  340. @droptheweights- I wasn’t saying that Danzo wouldn’t try to prevent Pain from taking Naruto. I was saying the panel that Supertrek had pulled up wasn’t refering to some back up plan to get Naruto to Pain, It was actually a plan to keep Naruto away from Pain by keeping him back in Myobokuzan.

  341. @jdb44, so I did miss something then! Like you say/said, I spose he doesn’t have a masterplan then, but if worse comes to worst, hopefully he’ll be able to cook up something good on the fly! What do you think about the whole Danzo opportunity thing tho?

    I’m hoping when the story of his past comes through it will add a whole layer of significance to the past of Konoha, and throw up a morality issue or two about where Sarutobi and Danzo couldn’t see eye to eye, and maybe shake Naruto’s ideal vision of his village a bit? Maybe causing him to question what he’s been fighting so hard for, before deciding on rebuilding the village with his own way of the ninja…

    Don’t know where that came from in my cracker head, but if anyone wants to run with it, counter it, whatever, feel free!

    First off, I’d have to say The Third is about as clean as a character has been in Naruverse so far, so whether that adds or detracts from the likelihood of there being something morally obscure in his past I don’t know!

  342. Well all I gotta say is what about Yamato and Sai did they go back to their respective ANBUs. And I don’t think that the root people are liking the stand that Danzo is taking I smell dissention in the ranks. Perhaps Sai will lead a rebellion.

  343. idt Danzo is madara’s bro, even if he is using a genjutsu to fool everyone, someone would have known where he first came from and I think it would have been mentioned if he was an uchiha…
    Who knows maybe we will get lucky and Danzo Douche will try to save the day and get his sorry a$$ killed.

    My opinion on the whole Clone theory going on here… well I’m actually not too sure, a lot of you have come up with awesome possibilities that, truely, anyone of them could happen!

    oh and just throwin this out there, cause I would like for someone to explain this to me (cause im totally confusing myself here) When Ero-senin said that Yamato only sealed the one half of the fox into Naruto (can’t remember if its yin or yang) wouldn’t that mean that if the fox where to be “released” he couldn’t fully be released cause this other half would be missing??? or am I totally wrong on this?

  344. OMGH I meant Minato not Yamato… idk what I was thinking…

  345. thats probably why narutos mom is missing the sure dont say anything about why she was absent his entire childhood

  346. @droptheweights

    Several posts back we had a discussion about Danzo. My take on Danzo centers around several panels when he is hiding in his catacombs and talking to Root. He states something to the effect that there will be casualties, but they are necessary in order… for him to become Hokage. When he allows Konoha to be destroyed and all inhabitants to put in harms way, that says it all. It’s not about protecting the Village; it’s about power. If he thought that Naruto’s capture would help him gain power, he would provide the handcuffs.

    Maybe he will turn out to be a more sympathetic character, but I find that highly unlikely.

  347. Oh man, I didn’t even think of Naruto’s mom.

    How about… Naruto’s mom was the original host of the chakra weapon. Madara kills Kushina – extracting the beast. Madara unleashes the Nine-Tail’s fox on Kohona. Minato dies locking the beast in Naruto. Naruto eventually finds out. Naruto gets a taste of Sauske’s pain.

    Or is there already stuff about Kushina. I haven’t heard anything.

  348. OMG GUYS! i had a dream. a crazy but kinda makes sense kinda dream haha xD. it was soooo clear and vivid i had to share.

    So somehow Naruto was fighting against Madara but it was actually Pain he was fighting. Like…Pain in Madaras body. But Naruto used his sharingan ability to search through Pein’s thought’s and he figured out that his mother and brother had been killed right in front of him. I forgot the name of the brother -.- (dreams suck when that happens). So RIGHT after naruto finds that out about Pein he tells him that he learned another technique and he’s gonna open the GATES….well in my dream it was the 11th Gate Life. haha sorry but I’m not into the gates so i don’t know anything about them. So Naruto had learned how to open the gates because Gai Sensei taught him how to. But Guys you had to see the PWNAGE OF Sage Mode Naruto + the Gates! omg guys i swear it was the best thing i’ve ever seen but someone called me and interrupted the dream so I quickly got on and had to share the news =]

  349. @blackoreanboi nice dream 🙂

  350. omg guys i’m telling you it was perfect haha xD

  351. @of815 kushina died giving birth to naruto while the battle with the fox was going on if im not mistaken

  352. is that for sure? I’m going to look it up.

  353. I keep seeing people saying that Kushina’s death isn’t even confirmed, but she is presumed to be dead. Nothing on if she died during childbirth. And there is a rumor going around that Kishimoto will be addressing her death soon.

  354. @of815 idk if anything was ever even mentioned in the manga about kushina giving birth, ive just kinda heard that around. i have no idea if its true haha

  355. wtf.? why are we talking about kushina? pshhh Kushina must have almost no role in the manga whether or not she’s dead or alive. I can only see her as an “Info Giver”. Naruto will eventually meet up with her and she’ll tell him all about how his dad was the 4th.

  356. if shes alive shes in anbu or possibly a missing nin(?), but blackoreanboi your probably right

  357. … Crack fiend for 435 Spoiler… >_>

  358. blackoreanboi is probably right. I’m mentioning Kushina because she could be a major player in the plot development if she’s alive. Even if she’s dead, finding out what happened to her may prove to be another huge plot development. Naruto’s personallity has been the most affected by the fact that he had no parents. Almost the whole story is about the bonds Naruto holds dear because he wants to get closer to knowing what it’s like to have a father, mother, and brothers, and sisters. So if he finally gets to find out about his father and mother, it’s a big deal.

  359. I agree with of815

    If Kushina is alive that would be a freakin bombshell…

    Does anybody remember the fact that Kushina is pretty much a chick version of Naruto (personality wise)?

    Haha I can already see it now…

    ” Hey who is that strange lady by the bathouses?”

    ” SHHH!!! its reasearch buddy”


  360. sorry to be kill joy guys but kushina is freakin dead, she cant be in anbu… that would be dumb and if she is like naruto she really isnt very discrete about things, let alone what kind of mother would let her child grow up like naruto did??? Lonely and unloved, that would take so much away from her character. BTW Tsunade talked about her like she is dead, as Hokage she knows/ has a file on every nin in the village, she talks about kushina, like she isnt there or aka dead. THis could mean she did go on a journey like jiraiya but i cant see it happening.

    sorry for the long post of pessimism 🙂

  361. dunno whether it’s a fanfic or not, but there is a gaiden in which you see kushina die, when she’s saving naruto from a collapsing building.. so i’m afraid she is as dead as can be..

  362. hey guys i am sure the power that itachi give naruto is mangekyou sharingan cause with mangekyou sharingan naruto can keep the fox like his pet and madara wont be able to control the fox with his mangekyou sharingan. is manga 435 spoiler out yet?????/

  363. Naruto Manga 435 Spoiler: Kyuubi Erupts!

    Pein: Mission Accomplished.
    *Nagato: Pein needs to recover bodies
    Pa Frog: Only a little more…Hang on Naruto-Chan!
    *Genjutsu Duet!*
    Tendou Pein: Not this time…Shinra Tensei
    *between both Ma and Pa Frog*
    *Ma and Pa are blown away, knocked unconcious*
    *Naruto appears in front of Kyuubi’s Cage*
    Kyuubi: You’re weak…pathetic…
    *Outside Naruto’s Mind*
    Ko: Hinata-Sama! Don’t Go!
    *Hinata closes Ko’s Chakra points*
    Hinata: I’m very sorry Ko, forgive me.
    *Hinata rushes to the battlefield*
    Tendou Pein: Preparations are made, it’s finally time.
    Tendou Pein: !?
    *Hinata attempts to use 64-Palm Strike*
    Tendou Pein: You must be the Nine Tailed Fox’s woman..To charge directly in front of God so recklessly.
    *Tendou Pein stabs Hinata through the center of the chest with a black rod*
    *Naruto regains conciousness, only to see Hinata stabbed*
    Naruto: *thinks* HINATA! Wh-
    Tendou Pein: Your woman is dead, you will meet with her shortly.
    *Naruto’s chakra is sapped even more, rendering him unconcious once more.*
    *Naruto’s Mind*
    *Naruto is crying*
    Naruto: Fox, it seems I have no choice.
    Kyuubi: Fool…I knew..You are weak without me!
    Naruto: ENOUGH!…Fox, You will obey me…or Die.

  364. No

  365. “hinata’s naruto’s woman!”
    now that’s really ******* hilarious lmao
    keep up the good job with the comedy….

    (bottom line: it’s fake! i would rather go with “team-guy appears” spoiler: onemanga forum)

  366. yea that was one of them there are lots of them with different stuff.

  367. i have a feeling Pein is controlling Madara….lol i had a dream that naruto….actually lemme jut repost the earlier post

    So somehow Naruto was fighting against Madara but it was actually Pain he was fighting. Like…Pain in Madaras body. But Naruto used his sharingan ability to search through Pein’s thought’s and he figured out that his mother and brother had been killed right in front of him. I forgot the name of the brother -.- (dreams suck when that happens). So RIGHT after naruto finds that out about Pein he tells him that he learned another technique and he’s gonna open the GATES….well in my dream it was the 11th Gate Life. haha sorry but I’m not into the gates so i don’t know anything about them. So Naruto had learned how to open the gates because Gai Sensei taught him how to. But Guys you had to see the PWNAGE OF Sage Mode Naruto + the Gates! omg guys i swear it was the best thing i’ve ever seen but someone called me and interrupted the dream so I quickly got on and had to share the news =]

  368. hey ya’ll, i’ve been away for a lil, i tried to read all the predictions from ya’ll, but i have to bring something up that got me thing “yes, again” after i was reading the naruto chapters “from the begining”, but…. why do ya really think naruto will win this fight, I really want to see him win, and beat the hell out of him, but when has naruto really defeated and opponent to where he nevr came back, and yes, gaara was one, (still alive) deidara (killed by sasuke) sasuke (still alive) kakuzu (killed by kakashi) oro, kabuto, haku, and everyone else(in the manga, not the anime version) until now, he has not killed anyone, so i dont think he will kill pein, he will stop him, delay his plans maybe even fight nagato, but he will dont defeat him as a whole, cus he has not killed anyone yet nd if he does cross that bridge then i think it will be with madara…

    Just My Thoughts…

  369. sorry about the mispelled words, im sure ya all smart enough to fill em in… lol

  370. well idontwanagrowup,,,your saying naruto hasn’t killed anyone and will he kill pain….the pain bodys are dead bodies being controlled and he has already killed a few of the bodies. Im pretty sure the beam pain is dead….or dead again??? not sure how it works lol since hes already dead but the body is smashed up pretty good…..and for human realm……yeahhhhh pretty sure he might be dead 2 lol. but your right naruto has nvr killed anyone that was living in a sense lol.

  371. which brings me back to my point, if he does defeat pain it would mean he would have to kille nagato, (which is the puppet master) but is he really going to cross that bring or save that for madara? because if he does than that would mean that he would have to kill to characters, something that he hasnt even killed one so far… and i get the realm thing but they all dead, so in a sense its like veating a bunch of clones, which doesnt defeat the real one…

  372. I was wondering with the whole Danzos reign thing looming over Konoha and Narutos capture nearing, does this mean that Naruto vs Sasuke 2 will never happen? Naruto and Sasuke will soon share the same enemys, Danzo and Akatsuki. Also Narutos sheer power is much greater than Sasukes at this time. If they did fight Sasuke would have to resort to MS almost immediatly, making the fight short and less climatic. At this point I see a Naruto vs Pain and Madara vs Sasuke as the climax of the series.

  373. @fanboi – if it did come to a naruto vs sasuke 2 right now and if sasuke did resort to the ms, i dont think he would still defeat naruto, because we dont even know what power itachi gave naruto. i think itachi gave naruto something to fight ms, or at least even things out a bit. as far as danzo, i think that sasuke wont even get to him, and if he did, there would another (A-Rod) moment where he finds another side to the story, since he seems so gulable. and i really think that tsunade will find out about the frog and what danzo trying to do thru papa frog and maybe even yamato or sai and woop his ass…

  374. I think Itachi gave Naruto something to fight MS to.
    Maybe its a summoning crow jutsu that pecks away at Sasuke’s shiny new eyes.

  375. actually i don’t think he s given naruto any jutsu at all, i don’t think he wanted naruto and sasgay to fight.. I think he has given naruto his memories so that when naruto and sasgay finally meet up, he can tell him the true version of what happened when the uchiha were massacred.
    after all theres a lot whe don’t know about itachi, sure we’ve heard a lot of things from madara, but who can guarrantee that he’s telling the truth?? and if madara could keep secrets from itachi, then itachi might’ve kept some secrets to himself as well…

  376. The waiting is deadly.

  377. @idontwannagrowup – You are right about him and his past battles. But this battle he can defeat all 6 of the pain bodies and the real pain (Nagato) is still alive so he can come back and fight. That’s why People think he will “Win” this battle. He can destroy all of the bodies and still not have won this fight so there can be a second one between him and Nagato down the line.

  378. @navo89- I like your theory and it would provide some insights into the Itachi as a “good” guy discussion. But… Itachi told Naruto, “I’ve given you some of my powers.” His words imply jutsu not memories. Moreover, it implies more than one jutsu.

  379. fat pain turned into a frog, shizune is confirmed dead, pa frog is hurt. that’s the juice of the spoiler from mangahelpers.

  380. Don’t know if this is fake or not but…let me know:

    “Short Summary:

    The 3 big frogs are unconscious and seriously hurt.

    The confirmed casualties number goes up to 100.

    Shizune is confirmed dead.

    Nagato starts rambling at the end. (probably flashbacks next chapter).

    xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

    Quick and Rough Summary:

    Absorption Pain turns into a frog.
    Ino and company arrives in Shikamaru’s location.
    Shizune is really dead.

    Fukasaku helps Naruto get away from Pain but was stopped by Pain’s
    attraction jutsu.

    Naruto gets stabbed by Pain in the left hand with the weird sword.
    Shima sheds some tears for the fallen Fukasaku.

    Naruto asks what the hell pain is.
    Pain answers by saying, “What am I? Let’s talk”

    At the end, Ino’s father realizes something important about Pain.”

  381. i think the nagato naru battle will be alot better (but with more talking :(…) because as everyone knows its harder to baet a team twice in the same season *obligitory football referance on manga blog, check*

  382. I didn’t think summoned animals could be unconscious, I thought they would ‘poof’ away in those instances. I could be wrong, although on that basis it seems fake.

    Side note: Truer words have never been written

  383. This is what I found at mangahelpers, they are calling it confirmed:

    Naruto’s Senjutsu chakra is absorbed…!!

    Naruto: No… not yet…

    Nagato: you’re pretty persistent…

    Absorbing Pein strengthens his hold on Naruto and comes to steal his chakra

    Naruto: …!

    Fukasaku: Persevere Naruto-chan!

    Naruto: (Hmm… I get it… then… it works out well that I can’t move.)

    He closes his eyes, chakra gets sucked up~ and when Naruto doesn’t move, Absorbing Pein’s face startes to become frog-like

    Nagato: !?

    Naruto: Natural Energy (chakra) is difficult to handle!

    Absorbing Pein’s leg and face become a frog.

    Nagato: This…

    Naruto tries to break loose

    Scene change
    Ino: Shikamaru!

    Ino, Ino-dad, Anbu and anbu-carrying Shizune arrive to shikamar

    Shikamaru: ! Ino – you were all right?
    Ino: Yeah… but Shizune-san was…
    Shikamaru: Wait… is she…?
    Scene ends

    Bunta: Dammit! (My bones all over broken! Ouch…!) The other frogs are down too.

    Scene to Shikamaru guys again

    Shikamaru: I see… is that what happened…
    Shizune is lying on her side

    Ino: If we were more cautious… this would not have…
    Shikamaru: … we can’t waste Shizune-senpai’s death. Let’s figure out the mystery of Pein that she was working on, and no excuses until we find the ‘real body’ of his!
    Shikaku: …Shikamaru you need to put it a little bit kinder…

    Ino dad: No… it’s exactly how Shikamaru put it. What we must do now is to figure out where the real body of Pein is.
    Shikaku: Inoichi – someone of your skill should be able to pick up the enemy’s chakra and figure out where the real body of Pein is… right?
    Ino dad: I have already tried… the enemy is constantly changing the frequency of his chakra. Tracing it is impossible.

    Scene to Naruto

    Fukasaku is stabbed by Nagato’s sword (the same one that stabbed Jiraiya)
    Nagato: quite formidable…
    Naruto trips

    Shima:Tou-chan! (Fukasaku)
    Naruto glares
    Naruto: You!… Seriou…!!
    He tries to punch Nagato, but Nagato swings the sword that stabbed Fukasaku, Fukasaku is thrown off the sword and towards Naruto

    Nagato raises his left hand, does his drawing-objects-toward-him jutsu

  384. ok i was just thinking… didnt tsunade want to capture an akatsuki member alive if possible? why did kakashi finish kakazu? and why didnt shikamaru bring back hidans head? kakazus body was done, and hidan didnt even have one, they couldnt do any damage to anyone.

  385. @renzy10 – wasnt it a ‘if possible” order, shika was not going to bring them back alive because of what they did to asuma, and they seemed to be too dangerous for that, but i guess it was also before they found out what akatsuki’s goal was…

  386. Oh no, spoilers are coming in must do my best to ignore th…. what’s that?….. Pa Frog gets stabbed and Preta Pein gets turned into a frog? Holy s**t I gotta read more of this, damn!

  387. spoilers make me sadness…… look a spoiler… ahhhhhhhh addiction rating level up noooooo

  388. Is that the real spoiler? Why are there no pictures? I can’t believe anything until Fahim’s is available he is always trustworthy!

  389. @bjbthe1: Well, they wouldn’t post it up on this site unless it was 100% confirmed. This site itself has earned my trust in those regards. (Alright that’s enough kissing ass) 🙂

  390. @supertrek89 – That is true I have never seen a spoiler on this site that says 100% confirmed and it be wrong so I guess you’re right.

    *Whispers* You have a little brown on your nose 😉

  391. well i guess in chapter 436 “if spoiler is true” we’ll know more about nagato, and what happened after jaraiya left them…

  392. i think wer definitly gonna see pains story now, then naruto will break control and finish pain. or naruto could be controlled for a bit fight the others then break free, that would be good.

    after pains dead wer probably gonna see orogami lady arrrive be all upset and such. well find out she only followed pain out of love, then sakura who once told sasuke that she would turn evil to be with him, will talk her into being good. cause she knows how she feels. then well shizunes replacement. lol

  393. WOOT!!!! Last thursday i was talking about pain not being able to handle the natural energy he was absorbing and if he would turn into a frog. =) can’t wait to see the pic of froggy fat pain lol

  394. I’ve tried so hard to leave spoilers alone but with the latest battle, it has been tough. I’ve seen everything from Hinata biting the dust to the stuff with Ino. I sure hope that the Pain “fat boy” turns into a frog; that would be justice, in my book. lol

    And, Tsunade gave an “if possible” order on the capture of an Akatsuki. She said capture if possible. Otherwise, kill. So far, it has appeared that killing is their only option given their incredible and bizarre abilities. Although I would have loved to have seen Hidan get captured – he was one hilarious and colorful villain.

    I sure hope that Naruto has some aces up his sleeve (that clone, for instance?). I’m beginning to wonder if, at the very least, he has some “consultation” with the kyuubi (Noooooo! You promised…)

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  397. @pain: You’re funny. And, of course you were missed (and you are probably wondering “who the hell is that b!@#h?”) lol

  398. Looks like another Pains down then.

  399. @ Ibi – Look! Pain is here, ur favorite person is back! @_@

    @ bjbthe1 – I agree, I’m hesitant until I see Fahim’s.

    @ crikeycross – I thought of ur comment immediatly when the spoiler came out ^_^ If the spoiler is true I’ll be sure to give u a shout out in the new weekly post.

  400. @bjbtheL: Where’s the wet wipes when you need em’? >_<

  401. so, guess what?
    new frog joins the cause…
    tsunade looks better when she is old…
    and naruto with frog eyes….really creepy (wonder what the anime version will look like)
    hinata…as gorgeous as always…
    sakura…she didn’t appear in the recent chapter, did she (she didn’t…good to hear that)

  402. @harshy:you changed your icon? >no< why did you do that for????
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  403. @penny: i am funny??? that’s a new one!
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  405. @Pain: “sakura…she didn’t appear in the recent chapter, did she (she didn’t…good to hear that)” LMAO at that comment. XD

    I wonder how Ibiki will respond though? 0_0

    *trembles and goes off to hide in the corner with Harshy*
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    *Pain walks away leaving Supertrek a shell of his former self*

    FIN! 🙂

  419. It just hit me, but kakashi cant be dead! because if he did, did he really take to his grave the fact that he seen another sharingan user. it doesnt state anything in the manga as to whether tsunade, or intel know about that fact… which would still bring up more questions and storylines from the elders…

  420. *sigh* Lets wait for Fahims.. I’ve been waiting for the spoiler since 8 am ._.’ still nothing?.. Christ >_> 12 hours and counting….

  421. omgh this next chapter is sounding amazing!!!!

  422. I saw this on a site.

    Source: 2ch from one manga
    Verification: Confirmed (By Mona, the Bleach Spoiler Provider)

    435 万象天引 ジライヤをあやめ、カカシを奪い、里さえも潰した…その男は余りにも強かった。

    Naruto’s Senjutsu chakra is absorbed…!!

    Naruto: No… not yet…

    Nagato: you’re pretty persistent…

    Absorbing Pein strengthens his hold on Naruto and comes to steal his chakra

    Naruto: …!

    フカサク:耐えてくれ ナルトちゃんよ!
    Fukasaku: Persevere Naruto-chan!

    ナルト: (なるほど…そういう事か… なら…動けねぇからちょうどいい…)
    Naruto: (Hmm… I get it… then… it works out well that I can’t move.)

    目を閉じ、チャクラを吸いとられ~ 動かずいたら…吸収ペインの顔つきが蛙になりはじめる…
    He closes his eyes, chakra gets sucked up~ and when Naruto doesn’t move, Absorbing Pein’s face starts to become frog-like

    Nagato: !?

    Naruto: Natural Energy (chakra) is difficult to handle!

    Absorbing Pein’s leg and face become a frog.

    Nagato: This…

    フカサク様子を見ながら(そうか あのペイン ナルトちゃんから仙術チャクラを取り込みすぎて蛙石化してしめうたんか!)
    Fukasaku observes this (I see! That Pein was absorbing too much of Naruto-chan’s Senjutsu chakra and had turned into the [frog-stone]!)

    Naruto tries to break loose

    Scene change
    Ino: Shikamaru!

    Ino, Ino-dad, Anbu and anbu-carrying Shizune arrive to shikamar

    シカマル:! いの無事だったのか!?
    イノ:うん… でも…シズネさんが…
    Shikamaru: ! Ino – you were all right?
    Ino: Yeah… but Shizune-san was…
    Shikamaru: Wait… is she…?
    Scene ends

    ガマブンタ:わりゃくそが!(体中の骨がいってもうとるがな! 痛いっっ…!)他の蛙達も倒れてる
    Bunta: Dammit! (My bones all over broken! Ouch…!) The other frogs are down too.

    Scene to Shikamaru guys again

    Shikamaru: I see… is that what happened…
    Shizune is lying on her side

    シカマル:…シズネ先輩の死を無駄にはできねェ…先輩が解こうとしたペインの謎を解き明かして その本体ってのを見つけ出すまでは泣き言はなしだ!
    シカク:…シカマル もう少しやんわりとだな…
    Ino: If we were more cautious… this would not have…
    Shikamaru: … we can’t waste Shizune-senpai’s death. Let’s figure out the mystery of Pein that she was working on, and no excuses until we find the ‘real body’ of his!
    Shikaku: …Shikamaru you need to put it a little bit kinder…

    イノ父:いや シカマルの言う通りだ シカク 我々のできる事は すげにでもペインの本体の居場所を探し出すことだ
    シカク:いのいち… お前ほどと術者なら 敵のチャクラを拾って 逆探できるハズだろ!?
    イノ父:…すでにやってみた が 敵は常にチャクラの周波を変えていやがる 逆探は無理だ
    Ino dad: No… it’s exactly how Shikamaru put it. What we must do now is to figure out where the real body of Pein is.
    Shikaku: Inoichi – someone of your skill should be able to pick up the enemy’s chakra and figure out where the real body of Pein is… right?
    Ino dad: I have already tried… the enemy is constantly changing the frequency of his chakra. Tracing it is impossible.

    Scene to Naruto

    長門:かなりの やり手だよ
    Fukasaku is stabbed by Nagato’s sword (the same one that stabbed Jiraiya)
    Nagato: quite formidable…
    Naruto trips

    ナルト:てめェ ホンっ…!!
    長門に殴りかかる が 長門刺さったフカサクを剣ごと振る フカサク剣から抜けナルトのとこに飛ぶ
    Shima:Tou-chan! (Fukasaku)
    Naruto glares
    Naruto: You!… Seriou…!!
    He tries to punch Nagato, but Nagato swings the sword that stabbed Fukasaku, Fukasaku is thrown off the sword and towards Naruto

    長門左手を上げ 万象天引
    Nagato raises his left hand, does his drawing-objects-toward-him jutsu

    ナルト動きが止まったところで長門 ナルトの首を掴む ナルト、フカサクを落とす 長門、ナルトを地面に叩きつける
    When Naruto’s movements stop, Nagato grabs Naruto’s neck. Naruto drops Fukasaku. Nagato slams Naruto to the ground.
    Naruto: Gua!

    叩き着けたところで、長門ナルトの左手に剣を刺す ナルトの脳裏に輪廻眼が…
    When slamming him down, Nagato stabs Naruto’s left hand with his sword. The rinnegan appears ‘behind’ Naruto (we have seen this a couple times before – Jiraiya, Kakashi)
    Nagato: will you settle down a bit now, Kyuubi?
    Naruto: Ggg..

    フカサク倒れてる シマ涙流してる
    長門:何で…か… 出来事は いつも突然だ 理由は後になって気付く この状況… そうだな…少し話をしよう
    Fukasaku is down. Shima is crying.
    Naruto: What the hell are you!!? What the hell do you want!!? Why do you do this!!?
    Nagato: Why… Everything happens all of a sudden. The reasons you realize after the events have passed. I see… let’s chat a bit…

    Scene to Shikamaru

    シカマル:ペインと接触した人達からカツユを通して なるべく詳しく情報を集めるんだ 死んだ者も何かしらの情報をのこしてるかもしれねェ 死体を運び出してでも徹底的にやるぞ!
    イノ父:…!(死体を運ぶ…) 待てよ…そうか分かってかたぞ!
    Shikamaru: Gather information via Katsuyu from all the people that have come in contact with Pein. Those that have passed away may have also left some information. We’ll carry out dead bodies if we have to!
    Ino dad: …! (carrying a dead body) wait… i see – I think I (am beginning to) understand!

  423. I’m not sure if its right. There isn’t any mention of the 4 creatures seen in an earlier spoiler.

  424. big blog on wordpress yet again

  425. @supertrek: nice one!

    @everyone else:
    so…it seems as though pain is a sadist….pierces black poles into people…and eventually makes them GOD!(should one feel happy or sad about that?)
    & naruto’s going to be one of the pain’s realms(if the spoilers are true,that’s got the highest possibility, don’t you think?) now that’s a ******* amazing episode….can’t wait for the next iareawesomeness post! Naruto ******* RULZ!!! Hell Yeah!

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  429. Cool im feeling smart now >_>
    Fukusaku is dead.

    And some idiot thought Shizune was alive on Naruto forums.

  430. @schy: Now hold on a minute ‘turd with wings’ *snickers* just because Pa Frog got stabbed through the body with a sword doesn’t nessecarilty means he’s dead. It takes anime characters forever to die you know. He may have a little juice left in him for the next chapter to pull off that special genjutsu when Nagato’s not looking. By the way, where did Nagato come from anyway? I coulda swore just a second ago that Naruto was fighting Pein. By the way schy I thought you were changing your avatar. *snickers again*

  431. Shizune isn’t important….who cares if she’s alive or not???

    @harshy: now, i have reverted back from a mean, arrogant, bothered by everyone possible: Squid-ward to the level of GOD….don’t you dare talk to me like that…unless you want to feel the REAL PAIN

    *clears throat* that’s it for now…i will make sure i change it to something good for eyes (you know what i mean *grins*)

  432. I guess the avatars just taking ages to change.

  433. hey….it’s shit on wings!!(snickers at schy’s avatar….)
    hah! you actually think being a god makes you harshy proof
    dream on god-dude….i do whatever i want, and WTF is up with that distorted mona lisa(i can’t see what actually the distortion is coz u can’t enlarge avatars…)

  434. For your awesomeness blog! XD

  435. @painless7 AKA Fahim…. you are awesomeness!!!

  436. Hmmm pain is going to tell a story I wonder if that will make naruto want to change pain… yeah.

  437. @ Scorpion – Yup… here it comes.

  438. why everybody insists on sasuke helping? he wants to destroy konoha lol…

  439. Dammit Naurto, why can’t you just stick your feet to the ground using chakra like Tsunade did? Now Pein’s pulling and pushing you around like your his b**ch, he’s your pimp, and you owe him some money!

    Pein: “How many times must I smack you?…1 *smack*,2 *smack*….2 smacks Hahaha!”

  440. @ whitestar – because everyone thinks it’s going to happen eventually…

    If your name is a Buuulacku Staaaaaroooo! reference you get +10 awesomeness points noob.

    If not -10

  441. I find it strange that people think Sauske is going to help Naruto there is no reason for him to first off and that isn’t Kishis style. Naruto has to get Pain to retreat on his own and if he doesn’t get him to retreat on his own he has to kill him on his own down the line. Pain wont die anytime soon that’s for sure but Naruto wont get captured yet either. The next time we see Sauske will be when the 8 tails students find his team and they fight.

  442. epic…..

  443. @ bjbthe1 – yeah for sure, I totally agree on the part about when we’ll next see Sasuke.

    I do think that Kishi will bring them back togther eventually though.

  444. gee, i’m at the bottom…whew! must catch it!

  445. Better Pain and Konan before anyone else, Konoha has been short of allies lately. Sasuke left the village, Danzo is in take over mode, Kabuto is training alone, Jiraiya is dead, Shizune had her soul ripped out, Itachi is gone, Kisami is a mystery, Killer Bee is enjoying his freedom, Hawk is following Sasuke, Kakashi is dead and the frogs are loosing supremacy. Garra still protects the sand village, but he was recently jumped by clay bird pilot. The Raikage is searching for Killer Bee, and is on a mission to kill Sasuke. Tsunade is alive however not in the best health. Still if they deflected Tobi would freak, though not that it has that high of a chance in the first place.

  446. @Jeremiah – Oh I definitely think they will be brought back together at some point but right now there is too much going on for them to have any reason to meet up. Sauske has his plans to make and The 8 tailed students are hunting him.

    Next issue (maybe 2) we’ll see why Pain is the way he is and Naruto will say “He’s Just like me!”

  447. So we are starting the Rocky parallel again, but first a story for a break in the action.

  448. wow…spoiler ty !!! im still watching shippuuden ..hmmm..

  449. So whats his face learns about something when carrying dead bodies.
    Summut about how Pains bodies are all dead?
    Maybe Pain takes the souls of people and injects a different soul (his own?) in a body.
    Refering back to Cell from DBZ maybe he absorbs (souls) for more strength. But that’ll be more Soulcalibur-Nightmare.
    Anyways next time (next week) we may here Pains story. Like Madara explained Itachi’s story (to some extent)
    So im guessing theres going to be some Bull sh#t about how Pain’s been in pain since his buddy (yu…..whatever his name is Deva’s body) died. And how pain leads to truth and how pain is wonderful…so “im going to start a ninja war so everybody’s in happy pain land and Akatsuki will be relied on because we have Bujin” basically Pains story. lol
    Although The land of lightning may hate the land of fire (like the last war with that Byakugan stuff) but this time because an Uchiha beat Killerbee. Way to go again Sasuke. The Raikage’s stupid anyway but Sasuke got trashed by Killerbee and Raikage doesn’t know. And Killerbee may believe the Uchiha’s are still in Konoha? Unless its an all out war against Akatsuki.
    I wonder what the land of Earth is like? Its probably underground.
    BTW i completely forgot what i was typing about ever since “Killerbee” because i had a 2 hour break. >_>

  450. Lol @ schy.

    Btw, I like your theory about Pain taking out people’s souls in order to control their bodies.

    Okay, from here on, this post will be replying to many people’s previous posts.


    People say Pain has gone too far to be redeemed. I don’t think so. I think Naruto can, in one instant, make everyone love Pain! 😀 Its very possible for another Gaara-like transformation. Although Gaara did not kill Jiraiya and destroy Konoha… >_<

    Pain is love/love is Pain… Gaara feels pain and has Love written on his forehead. Hmm… hints!?!?!


    Pain talks in 3rd person because Nagato is actually the one talking about the Pains.


    Sai vs Sasuke would be pretty plausible. Considering how Sasuke wants to destroy Konoha(or its elders/Danzo). I think Sai would protect Danzo and at the same time Sai wants to protect Konoha too. So either way, Sasuke has to face Sai sooner or later.


    Yup, I think the powers Itachi will HELP open up a lot of alleys for Naruto(that sounded wrong). Although Itachi only gave them to Naruto as a failsafe, I think Naruto(like always) will be able to utilize it for more than its actually worth. A fine example is how he can utilize his clones to overcome so many obstacles. There are multiple things Naruto can utilize Itachi’s powers for, depending on what the powers are. He could us the powers for Kyuubi control, possibly some eye techniques, genjutsus(he is in dire need of genjutsu), etc.


    Whatever happened to Konohamaru? He did the Rasengan a few pages before Deva did Shinra Tensei on all of Konoha.

  451. Oops, with my comment towards droptheweights, I meant to say “I think the powers Itachi gave Naruto will HELP open up a lot of alleys…”

  452. @ rocklee. if pein does do a gaara-like transformation i will personally kidnap and torture kishi until he agrees to change it!!! *loads an ak-47* .. dont any of you guys worry about that.

    but i still think it wont happen so i wont have to kidnap him *drops ak-47 in disappointment and walks away*

  453. the contents of the above comment are completely untrue. i would never go as far as kidnapping someone but i may scream really loud and cry a little. so if kishi happens to be reading this, dont take it seriously. i *promise* i wont kidnap and or torture you 😉

  454. *whispers to Reflex* Its a secret(not really) but Jeremiah is actually Kishi.

    *Jeremiah pulls on left earlobe and RockLeeX pulls out a sword ready to assassinate Reflex*

  455. Why do people believe Kakashi is dead? When the Third died, he wasn’t seen at a creepy campfire talking to other dead people. When Asuma died, he wasn’t seen at a creepy campfire talking to other dead people. When Jiraiya died, he wasn’t seen at a creepy campfire talking to other dead people.

    If you read the manga, Kakashi said “Obito… Rin… Master… I’ll be there soon.” Then BAAMM!!! His dead father appears to STOP him in his tracks into the depths of the afterworld. This is all from Chapter 425.

    Kakashi’s not dead. What has he done recently to deserve a worthy death? Nothing important enough yet. His death must come during a worthy battle. Getting his Chidori that was aiming at Deva Pain blocked by Lazer Head is the worst way a great ninja like Kakashi can die.

    By the way, Kakashi didn’t get “killed” by an attack. He “died” from loss of chakra when he used the space/time technique to send the missile, that Lazer Head sent after Chouji, into another dimension. Technically, all he needs to be “revived” is a little bit of chakra. In fact, Gaara had “died” for a far longer amount of time, and in a more mortally damaging way than Kakashi, yet Gaara was able to survive.

    Why can’t Naruto sense Kakashi’s chakra? Obvious answer: Kakashi used up all his chakra… and all he needs to return to consciousness is a little bit of chakra from Tsunade or whoever else. Then he can spend another few weeks in the hospital(like usual).

  456. @rockleex, good to see you back dude, looks like you had a lot to get off your chest, lol! I think pretty much everything you said is bang on, especially the Kakashi stuff, there’s no way he’s going out like that! like you say, it’s just some serious laziness on his part and he needs to find the chakra from somewhere to haul his ass out of there, not before he gets a new lease of life from some awesome inspirational back storying or prophesizing, and possibly a bit of kum-by-ah!

    I like the whole Sai vs Sasuke scenario too, if it were to happen.

    As for the penis redemption, I’m not sure it’s gonna happen in a full blown way, I think maybe Naruto will just be able to sew the seeds of doubt within pein and maybe cause him to change his ways somewhere down the line. Perhaps doing something hugely redemptive before a heroic death Darth Vader Style, with Madara assuming Emporer role…?

  457. I don’t really believe that stuff I said about pein is actually how this will pan out, cus Kishi is far more original than that, but I can’t see pein dropping his ways now. I think this goes a bit beyond ‘little bot lost’, and he won’t turn back so easily, but maybe something nagging in the back of his mind making him think twice isn’t out of the question! imo

  458. Ahem, ‘little boy lost’ sorry

  459. @droptheweights:

    Lol, with your and my name correlating to Rock Lee, and you complementing my post, others around here might start to suspect that we are actually one in the same person. <__>… <_<

    All joking aside, I’m glad you agreed with my Kakashi theory. Most people seem to think he’s more likely to die than Tsunade for some odd reason. O_o

    You read my mind with Pain. I think Naruto will be able to sew the seeds of doubt onto Nagato when they finally meet face to face. So far Pain hasn’t been affected by Naruto’s persuasive words because Naruto is basically talking to puppets.

    I also think(without any clues or evidence to back it up) that Pain/Nagato will ultimately help Naruto and team fight against Madara. Therefore, ALL Jiraiya’s prophesied students will end up having saved the world. ^_-

  460. I agree completely with you both about Kakashi, I don’t think for a second he is dead. I don’t even belive Tsunade is dead. I think they killed off Shizune so that they didn’t have to kill of either of the other two. This way Tsunade can get even more pissed at losing her best friend and concentrate all efforts on destroying Akatsu!

  461. I’m Definately Impressed At This Blog. It Kept Me Laughin And You Made Nice Points Too I’ll Be Readin These Every Week No Doubt… And Personally Kiba Is My Favorite Character And I Hate The Way They Portrayed Him Like He Was Calm And Not Obnoxious I Thought He’d Be The First To Jump Up And Do Somethin.. Well… Aside From Hinata

  462. what happened to naruto 435?I’m dying to read it.

  463. one manga sez it’s not out till now…and they don’t know anything more… 😦

  464. Looking at the prediction thread most people think Kakashi will return. I don’t think that is the case, Chakra is energy and when your run out theoretically your dead. Kishimoto stated Kakashi’s story would be dark blue, cool colors are associated with depression and the blues are known for sad situations. He allowed Choji to escape, from that they were able to gather the information on God Realm. Seeing his father doesn’t take away a death, it doesn’t apply to all however when a character dies sometimes there is a vision. Garra experienced this when he first died. The campfire is resolution for Kakashi. Although his state is unknown each character has more than a hard time stating it but it isn’t something to look away from. As for anyone saving him would Kakashi feel satisfied knowing that even a single person, say Tsunade died bringing him back. Kakashi wanted to protect Konohagekure and the Hokage, the other way around is irony. Then again given the chance he would always choose to continue that life to protect others. Plus who is Gai going to give piggy backs to now if Kakashi is down. There are also the Pain & Tobi theories. Another outcome could be surviving through the Chakra frequencies Nagato sends out.

  465. It’s probably nothing, but isn’t odd for Pain/Nagato to say Naruto won’t die. What does he think would happen by extracting the nine tails?

  466. @Kyouto – Pain was telling Naruto as he was draining his chakra that he wasn’t going to kill him (he meant he wasn’t going to kill him just yet). The host bodies must be alive to extract the Kyuubi out of them.

  467. I find it hard to believe that Naruto, after going through all of this training, and grief with Kakashi and Jiraya, still hasn’t figured out that the ‘The Real One Isn’t With Them’? Could Naruto grow into a great hokage and still be this dense?

  468. 435 is out!

  469. What does the first page intro text mean? ‘he stole Kakashi?’ Is Kakashi coming back dead with piercings?!

  470. @erosennin i dont think kaksshi will come back with black rods. one thing i do know KAKASHI ISN”T DEAD. 🙂

  471. hehehehe [:]

  472. @ EroSennin: I dunno if that was just a poor translation since it wasn’t the usual sleepyfans who interpreted, but that is an interesting choice of words! The only thing is, Naruto had already started destroying realms by the time Pain regrouped from the ST and would have had a chance to take the body, so when could Pain have stolen it? Definitely worth another look through the last couple of chapters!

    And as an aside, is anyone else as happy as I am right now that Pain is about to make every villain’s ultimate mistake?!? He’s going to stop and chitty chat with Naruto, and if I’ve learned anything from movies and manga, it’s that when a bad guy starts giving away his master plan they’re about to DIE! LOL

  473. @ erosennin: i think that the sentence should be read from naruto’s perspective: right now he thinks that kakashi’s dead becuz he cant sense him at all…
    @ elfarran: was thinking the exact same thing :p only queation is who ll kill pain… i’m voting for DYNAMIC ENTRY by MAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIITTTTOOOOOOO GAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII

  474. Just went back and reviewed Jiraiya’s battle with Pain. When Animal realm stabbed Jiraiya with one of those black rods, Jiraiya yelled that his chakra was going haywire. You would think the same thing is happening to Naruto right now. The only question is that Pain spoke directly to Kyuubi when he asked, “Will this make you a little more accomodating?” Is Pain powerful enough to control both Naruto’s and Kyuubi’s Chakra?

  475. @elfarren: yeah, he’s about to start ‘monologue-ing’ (the incredibles reference)

    @nova: Yeah, Sleepyfans may have a clearer translation. If Guy was on a near equal level with Kakashi (though Kakashi doesn’t strike me as the competitive type, too cool for that kinda stuff) he would do best to stand clear of Sage Naruto. (though that’s not really the case now is it) I’m in the ‘want Naruto to beat the bodies on his own’ camp

  476. Is it just me, or did Pain just choke slammed Naruto!?!? 😀

    Pain officially = Kane(from WWE)


    Yes, I know a person is theoretically dead when they run out of chakra. But that’s nothing a little chakra injection can’t solve. Its like a person running out of blood, all he would need is for someone to give him blood then he’s good.

    Running out of chakra is nothing compared to getting your Bijuu extracted. But if Gaara had a vision when he died, then it further proves that Kakashi will survive.

    In the campfire vision, it needs to be emphasized that Kakashi was STOPPPED in his tracks, as he was walking towards the afterlife, by his dad.

    Here’s a link.

    I thought that should be a big enough hint as to Kakashi’s fate. I also don’t see dark blue as the color of death, but more like a dark period in someone’s life.

  477. WTF! they kicked Jamar out!!!!and put TATIANA IN!!!

  478. Okay So Ma Frog is going to save Naruto from Pain or at least free him from the sword through his hands after Pain tells his story. Probably in 2 to 3 issues.

    Ino’s dad is going to use Pains dead bodies to track where Nagato is. He’ll do this by using the black piercings that are still connected to Nagato. I would imagine the still get some signal from him.

    What do you think?

  479. @ jdb44 – Pain has always referred to Naruto as Ninetails. He has yet to call him Naruto as I recall.

  480. @jdb44 – When Pain is talking to Naruto and says will this make you more accommodating Kyubii, He is actually talking to Naruto. He has Called him the Kyubii since they met because that is what Naruto is He “Is” the Kyubii, they are one.

    @EroSennin – I think that the first line was a way of telling us that Kakashi isn’t dead. Otherwise they would say He killed Jaraiya and Kakashi not that he “Stole” him. I think when they say “Stole” it is a very blatent hint that Kakashi is far from dead.

    @All – All of you that think that Kakashi is dead because he is having a vision have no faith in the man. People have visions when they are unconcious in mangas all the time, Hell Naruto has a vision everytime he calls the Kyubii but he isn’t dead when he calls for his help is he? Think about that!!!!

  481. @Jeremiah – Beat me to it 😉

  482. @ jeremiah – thank you!!! i been saying for weeks that kakashi isnt dead but half the people on the comments shoot me down. (their mistake) 😀

    Right when i started reading 435, i also noticed how it said pain “stole kakashi” and figured it meant something, and its nice to have the main awesomeness man confirm what i was thinking! this is prolly the best proof we have have that kakashi is alive

  483. Whatever, Sakura is the best. I love this comic.

  484. If Fukusaku is still alive then he is a God.
    And yep i knew his Jutsu wouldn’t work twice. As i typed (pushed)

    More importantly though….
    @ bjbthe1 or anybody else~How did you get that smiley?
    The only ones i know on this blog is 🙂 which is a : + a ) and 😦 which is a : + a (
    Tell me more

  485. @ rocklee – if jeremiah is really kishi then how come he’s always wrong??!?!! 😛 is he trying to lead us off course or something.

    @ jeremiah – if you really are kishi then prove it. tell me where you live and ill come “verify” that you are really him 😉 . I *promise* i wont come trying to kidnap you.

  486. @ Reflex – Ha! If I were Kishi the story would feature Maito Gai, Gaara and Drunken Rock Lee A LOT more ^_^

  487. @ jeremiah – lol. thats what I’m sayin. theres no way you could be kishi. but since rocklee seems to know so much, maybe he’s kishi ehh! ;). should we kidnap him and make him put maito gai, gaara, and drunken rock lee in more often??? Want to? i know you have a secret army of ninjas so it would be even easier to capture him!! hell we could even make him rename the manga after gai or the swayze or one of your other retarded awesomeness inside jokes!!

    ps. if u use weed enough and when you read the mange every character looks like Maaaaittttoooooo Gaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii !!!! trust me. i tried it several times

  488. @ ReFlex – the next time I read the “mange” I’ll remember that. HAHA isn’t that a disease a dog gets?

  489. @ jeremiah – do you want me to go through all your posts and look for every spelling / grammar mistake you ever made??? trust me, i already know of a few and i’ll post every one of them here… O $#!T. i forgot. your an admin and can delete that post!!!! CURSE YOU AND YOUR MYSTICAL MODERATION POWERS!!!!

    *okay reflex calm down.. deep breaths*
    so do you want to kidnap rocklee and make him change the manga or no 😀

  490. @Ix ReFleX xI – Wait I thought I was the one that just yelled at everyone about Kakashi not Jeremiah… although I’m sure he agrees completely 😉

    @schy – You make this 😉 with ; + a )

  491. ps. here is the definiton of mange

    Mange: any of various skin diseases caused by parasitic mites, affecting animals and sometimes humans and characterized by loss of hair and scabby eruptions.

  492. jeremiah, make sure you read up on that mange. maybe kakashi might have it, and that’s why he covers his face..? hm.. maybe, just maybe..

  493. @ bjbthe1 – do you think he is alive or no. if you do then you are cool and if you think he is dead then you shall die as well *evil laugh*

    i havent screamed at people about kakashi for a couple of weeks but i used to. i cant believe people always shot me down considering one poll said like 92% of people want kakashi to live… go figure ehh??

    @ amongst – don’t make me embarrass you too. i can find places where you made spelling mistakes as well. I WILL FIND THEM ALL!!!
    lol. j/k..
    good thought about kakashi. i hereby take all credit for the theory since i was the first to type “mange” MUAHAHAHA!!!

  494. @ schy – : + a D = 😀 : + a P = 😛

  495. 🙂 😀 😛 😦 😉 Thanks.

  496. oh and @ bjbthe1 – i know it was you that was yelling about kakashi. when i read the comment first though it said jeremiah’s name on every comment (i should have been suspicious eh??) but yeah. i know it was you not him. thnx for correcting me though

  497. @everyone – Kakashi can’t die, since he is one of the main characters that mke up this manga, and if he did die, than that would mean that a new one would have to emerge and take his place, and its kinda late for that this far into the manga, he’s been there since the beggining (unlike jaraiya) and alots of other characters that came and went.
    Also when pain metion or call naruto by kyuubi, could it be that heis actally talking to th 9 tails itself, on page 15 you see where the pein’s eyes could be looking into naruto, somewhat like what sasuke did with him th last time they met up…
    Pa frog is dead! he might have a couple of breaths left, enough to say bye, but this is it. And last, as far as Nagato, or them finding out about nagato and how to stop him it won’t for maybe another 3-4 chapters, we still have this long story (like madara n sasuke) to b told, and shikamaru to come up with a plan to for after nagato, but even if they figured out where he is, they still have to get through Konan which would elay us from seeing his face…

    Just for thought…

  498. I am not looking forward to Peins’ monologue…I almost threw my computer last time he spouted off. When I saw the spoiler, I was half afraid he’d start in on the last page.

    Interested to see what happens with Naruto’s chakra now, with that receiver in his hand. Hmm…I’m actually thinking we might see a little kyuubi-stimulus response. OR, is this just genjutsu?!

  499. that would be really painful having a hole punched in your hands and then have them stuck to the ground, the only way to escape is to have the whole rod pass through his hands which would hurt like f***….. hell probably gather more sage chakra while hes stuck listening to pain, which would help a lot

  500. In reference to Kakashi being dead… Ibelieve the last poll we did had most people believing Kakashi would still be alive by a wide margin.

  501. @ ibi – how many curse words did you throw around when you found out about pain’s monoloque. for me it abou 26… you???

  502. @renzy – i dont think naruto would gather more sage chakra, 1- he hs that pole in him (hands) that disrupes the flow, 2- when he concentrates to gathe chakra he seems to close his eyes for that, and by then i would assume that pain would realize what he’s doing and stop him, and if he was to have that whole rod go thru his hands, if in sage mode dont think it would hurt much, i mean its naruto, in sage mode…

  503. so its true fat pain couldn’t handle the natural energy and turned into a frog i finally predicted sumthing that came true lol =)

  504. @idontwanagrowup o yes i forgot about the whole “disrupts your chakra flow” part hahaha, if he did try hed turn into a frog which wouldnt be good, but maybe naruto can use that rod in his hands to locate nagato…. that would be intense. and yea hes a badass sage. that weakass shit wouldnt hurt him lol

  505. @renzy10 – lol, dont think he would even think about using that rod to find nagato, thats not his style to look “underneath the underneath”, but i do think that that rod would come in use later, maybe even killed that realm with the rod (in the name of perverted sage)

  506. how long is it going to take for the defeat of pain? feels like this is taking months, after pain theres nagato……how many more months for him to be defeated lol…..wish kishi would make chapters longer of something.

  507. Is it just me who wants to find out a bit more about pein? I’m not too bummed out by the potential monologue, but then this is the first one I’ll have to sit through week by week…

    Like elfarren said tho, pein is about to make the ultimate mistake… awakening Naruto’s Shrink Mode! His most powerful form! Lets get comfortable..

  508. I dont think Kakashi is dead.

  509. Naruto can just pull his hands away from the sword, letting his hands get split in half.

    Any damage done can be healed through the Kyuubi and/or Sage chakra.


    There IS a replacement for Kakashi, his name is Yamato.

    But now is just not the right time for Kakashi to die yet. Tsunade will die before Kakashi does, that’s for sure.

  510. @droptheweights- LOL Activating Naruto’s “shrink” mode is more devastating than the Nine Tails chakra. Great comment.

    @rockleex- I’m still not convinced that either Tsunade or Kakashi will die in this arc. Hope I’m not proved wrong. 🙂

  511. @droptheweights; lol, nice one (shrink mode). But I think Pain is too far removed from Naruto’s “reality” to even listen to him. At best; perhaps Naruto would say something which Yahiko use to say or just the similar looks that Naruto has with Yahiko may trigger something. But even so, lets not forget that this whole “cause the world pain” campaign was actually Yahiko’s idea not Nagato’s.

    Kakashi; is he coming back or not? quite frankly I’m sick of “not seeing his face”. I think he’s a goner and I would be really pissed if they brought him back (it would take away the intrigue in the story and it wouldn’t matter any more if important characters die cause they’d just be brought back to life again).

    I think Pain is very much under-estimated by most people, partly because in both his fights (Jiraiya and Naruto) he seemed to be smacked around all over the place. If Pain could kill the super pervert hermit (Jiraiya, the man who Itachi himself retreated from) what makes u’all think a tadpole like Naruto (powerful but without experience) could stand a chance?

    Sage mode wont work again cause Pain cannot be affected by the same technique twice.

    O yeah! the Kyubi thing. Madara could controll the Kyubi, Sasuke could disperse its energy, the 1st hokage could control multiple Biju’s at once, Naruto at age 13 with the help of Gamabunta defeated Gaara’s 1 tail (although not fully awakened), the Akastuki guys captured most of the Biju’s single handed (Akastuki members usually fight 1 on 1), and last fact; Pain invented the extraction technique for the Jinchirukes, it is very possible that he knows more about the Bijus than the hosts or villages.

    I’ll say this once; “PAIN CANNOT BE DEFEATED”…

    Come on u guys; Sasuke vs Sai? Whats Sai gonna do? invoke microsoft paint brush eraser technique? (come on!!!).

  512. Funny thought, at the same time that might work. Sai can match Sasuke in skill and knew how to block that sword, however he doesn’t match in power which is a difference. As for Pain winning it more than possible, but I don’t believe its impossible for Naruto to win. I think it comes down to strong will, however the situation is also something important.

  513. @wanderingshion:

    Nice points. Yup, the only way for Naruto to invoke any emotional response/doubt from Nagato will be to remind him of Yahiko.

    Kakashi’s not a goner. Tsunade is more likely to die. Jiraiya and Orochimaru are gone, its Tsunade’s turn soon.

    The Fourth died as a sacrifice to seal the Kyuubi. The Third died as a sacrifice to seal the First, the Second, and Orochimaru. Asuma died as a sacrifice for Shikamaru to find a way to beat Hidan. Jiraiya died as a sacrifice to give Konoha information about Pain, he also caught one of Pain’s bodies.

    Gaara didn’t die a worthy death. That’s why he was brought back. Kakashi didn’t die a worthy death, that’s also why he’ll be brought back.

    Unless Kakashi’s death DIRECTLY helps Naruto defeat Pain, then his death is not worthy.

  514. Someone mentioned that Itachi ran away from Jiraiya… well of course, he was Jiraiya’s spy! 😀

    If he stayed for too long, they might accidentally reveal their connections. ^_-

    Btw, if Itachi wasn’t Jiraiya’s spy, then who was? Zetsu? Kisame? Lol.

  515. lets see if my avatar changed yet

  516. lets see again

  517. ho humm

  518. @ Shartina – Cool Matsumoto icon ^_^

  519. I want my Ichigo to pop up damn it

  520. I still want Sai to pop up anywhere outside my profile 😮

  521. Lanif again…seriously dude…are you having an identity crisis??

  522. You bet :[)

  523. All his powers will come out. The powers that were given by his ancestors will be used.

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