2 New non writing positions are open on our staff.

Don't cry Sasuke... even though you can't write you can still be awesomeness...

Don't cry Sasuke... even though you can't write you can still be awesomeness...


Hey everyone,

Do you like the site and want to be part of the team but can’t/don’t want to write?  Well we are looking to add 2 more people to the iareawesomeness team.  No, these positions don’t pay money, none of us get paid to do this but you can be involved in something awesomeness and fun.

The Two spots that need to be filled are:

MySpace Webmaster

Thanks to everyone that has applied for the MySpace Webmaster position.  We’ve gotten plenty of entries…

Manga Aritist

We need someone who can draw manga, any style is fine.  Nothing elaborate or colored will be required unless you as an artist insist on being elaborate and in color ^_^

What we are looking for: Someone who can draw up average sized panels in a reasonably short amount of time and is looking to get exposure.  We will promote what ever site or link you want us to if you draw for us ^_^ No sense of humor is required but you have to be reliable! Must be motivated to do something exceptional because we have large plans for this position.

How to apply: Send us scans of your work to jeremiah@iareawesomeness.com, whatever you think will win us over will work but a simple 3-4 panel manga example would be fantastic!




~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on February 4, 2009.

20 Responses to “2 New non writing positions are open on our staff.”

  1. 1st

  2. 2nd

  3. second, and you have mail Jeremiah

  4. dammit flex…I was posed to be second!!!

    Fine third

  5. I’ll take fourth Hokage…ahem, I mean fourth place on the post! 😉

  6. 4th maybe….(lol +.+)
    I’ve had 3 chances to get 1st and i’ve got 2 of them :wink
    I didn’t count 1 because it was posted while i slept.

    On myspace it wont even accept my email, I mean WTF really (0/_/o) Its the biggest F U a websites done yet. Its like avoiding a punch because of a electric surge that just happened to hit my Gameboy at that exact nano second the punch made contact, causing a character to vanish just that 1 second and avoid. WTF Take your Gameboy in the showers with you and you unlock all characters 🙂

  7. Sasugay and awesomeness dont mix…


  8. Sasuke’s cool.
    And a genius :wink
    Although he never quite lived up to his bro’s standards ^_^

  9. For real though, if I was the fourth Hokage I would use the Yellow Flash jutsu to be the ultimate Ero Sensei! MHUAHAHAHAHA! 0_0

  10. Jeremiah, I have a proclomation to make, “I can’t draw and I don’t have MySpace but when you need some one to dissapear I’m your man!” That is all. >_< *sulks away*

  11. Don’t look now, but The yellow flash is ———->

  12. yay! I qualify for the ice-cream eating post!!

    oops…no such post, wrong thread……

  13. oh oh ohhhhhh, please tell me you need someone to drink copious amounts of beer!!! ps i can also do flips, thats useful right?

  14. @ajd- LOL, XD

  15. hey….is there still a writing post available, i think i may be comme up with a weekly “LMAO” post…

  16. Lol, at harshy and coolbeans too, don’t want anybody to feel left out. :0

  17. how bout i send you an example…

  18. i can draw. but i don’t think i’m on the kishi level. but i bet i have something to show.

  19. Wow….glen’s back!
    Hi! gaara IMPOSTOR!!!!

  20. stop it harshyt, i’m the original! viva gaara!

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