The Pic that Inspired this Fic...Young Sannin in T-shirts...yum.

The Pic that Inspired this Fic...Young Sannin in T-shirts...yum.


by: lovesrainscent

author’s disclaimer:  I do not own these Naruto characters, nor do I stand to make any profit on this story.

“Tsunade, you lost,” Orochimaru said matter of factly, ignoring her pleading look.

“Jiraiya,” she whined turning her head to look at her other teammate. “What about you, aren’t you named after a gallant folk hero or something?”

“Tsunade, you lost, fair and square,” he chuckled. “Man up, you’re sleeping on the floor.” He flopped down on the rickety couch in the room and tried to get comfortable.

Orochimaru lay back on the bed and closed his eyes as well. Tsunade looked around the cheap hotel room in a mixture of dismay and disgust. They had been on their way back from a mission when a terrible thunderstorm came upon them. Normally, they wouldn’t have minded sleeping outside while traveling to and from missions, but this was a torrential downpour of epic proportions. They’d hurried as fast as they could to the nearest shelter.

Tsunade was thinking they may have been better off to take their chances in the storm. This place lowered the bar in terms of flea-bitten motels. She scratched her arm subconsciously, then realizing what she was doing, shivered. *Ugh* This place probably was crawling with fleas…among other things.

First she’d lost at drawing cards for the bed. Orochimaru won that. Then she lost to Jiraiya at jan-ken-pon for the couch. She sighed heavily and slumped to the bathroom to change out of her wet clothes.

“Oh, no!” she exclaimed from the small room.

“Whassa matter?” Jiraiya mumbled. Orochimaru just sighed and turned over, pulling one pillow over his ears.

“My spare clothes in my bag are all wet!” She whined.

“Won’t bother me if you sleep naked, Hime,” Jiraiya chuckled. “Besides, I told you that pretty little bag you bought would leak.”

“Ji-Rai-Ya!” she threatened.

“Fine, fine, there’s a spare shirt in my bag. You can wear that.” The white haired sannin replied.

She huffed back out in her still soaking clothes and yanked the spare shirt out of his bag.

Then she stomped back into the bathroom to change. It felt good to get into the oversized shirt, soft and thankfully warm and dry. She looked around to find a place to hang up her wet clothes to dry. Orochimaru’s clothes hung neatly over the entire shower curtain rod. Jiraiya’s were piled in a heap in the floor. She shoved Orochimaru’s aside to make room for her own, kicked Jiraiya’s for good measure and huffed back into the bedroom.

She stood with hands on her hips, chest heaving. She was so …angry…at this whole mess. Her teammates were such jerks. She looked around the room. Orochimaru appeared to be sleeping peacefully in the bed. Jiraiya was leaning with his head over one arm of the couch and his feet hanging over the other end. He had one arm sprawled across the back of the sofa, the other trailing on the floor, and a ratty blanket half on, half off his lower body. Well, she thought to herself, at least Jiraiya looks uncomfortable.

Wait a minute, where did he get the blanket? She stalked over to him and leaned over. “Jiriaya,” she hissed, “Where’d you get the blanket?”

“Orochimaru gave it to me. Said he didn’t need it on the bed, it was too hot.”

“Well, where’s my blanket?” She asked loudly, turning her threatening gaze toward her other partner. She had to agree with Jiraiya on the hot part, though. This place was an oven, hot and muggy. The thunderstorm outside wasn’t even doing much to cool things off. She didn’t want a blanket ON her so much as UNDER her on that nasty floor.

“Tsunade, there are usually spare linens in the closets. Did you look?” Orochimaru answered her rather calmly.

She gritted her teeth. Damn him, he was using that oily-sweet-calm voice of his just to irritate her.

She nearly yanked the closet door off its hinges. She rummaged around and found a couple of sheets but no blanket and more importantly no pillow.

“There’s no pillow!” she announced loudly to the room.

“Hey, I don’t have a pillow, and you don’t hear me complaining,” Jiraiya answered her.

Her eyes narrowed to slits and she looked at the bed. “Orochimaru, you have two pillows!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, and I need them both,” he replied, trying to burrow even deeper between them.

“Why do you need two pillows?” she demanded.

“If you’re going to talk all night long then I need them both to cover my ears!” he snapped, sitting up and clutching the two pillows possessively.

“Give me a pillow!”


“Give. Me. A. Pillow!” She said through gritted teeth.

“Better give her one, Orochimaru,” Jiraiya chuckled, “or she’ll rip them apart trying to take them from you.” With a sigh, he closed his eyes and tried to picture that: She and Orochimaru, black and blond hair flying wildly as they lock in mortal combat over a pillow. The pillow would be ripped savagely in two, feathers fluttering madly in the air. As the pillow gave way, the two combatants would fall into each others’ arms at that very moment realizing the passion that was flaring between them…. Jiraiya closed his eyes, a blissful smile on his lips.

“Fine!” Orochimaru relented, handing her one. “Just shut up, will you.”

“Fine!” she hissed back at him, snatching the pillow out of his hands.

Tsunade did the best she could with the ratty, nasty sheet she had pulled from the closet. It was only marginally better than the nasty carpet itself. She knew the carpet had never been cleaned. At least she could pretend that the sheets had been washed once or twice in their mournful existence, but *ugh* she was pretty sure it hadn’t been recently.

Two of the three legendary sannin slumbered peacefully. The third tossed miserably on the floor. Tsunade’s hair clung, sweaty to the back of her neck. She felt gross beneath the grimy sheets. Jiraiya’s snoring irritated her no end. Orochimaru’s peaceful, even breathing was more bothersome to her still. She huffed. She puffed. She sighed. She turned this way and that, twisting in the sheet.

She froze.

Had she just imagined it or had something … scurried… past her?

She thought she heard something… a scritch scritch scritch sort of sound.

There was something on the floor with her! Crawling around her!

It might actually crawl…on her.

It might actually get in her hair.

She squirmed.

It scritch-scritch-scritched again.

Tsunade held her breath, eyes wide in the dark. Oh dear God where was it? What was it?

Jiraiya snored.

Orochimaru breathed peacefully.

The creature scritch-scritch-scritched and darted across her legs.

Tsunade screamed and in one quick leap she was on Jiraiya, scrambling to get on top of the back of the couch.

With an ‘oomph’ Jiraiya set up quickly, rubbing his eyes and knocking Tsunade to the floor. She clawed her way back on top of him.

“Sheesh, Tsunade, all you ever had to do was ask,” he said sleepily.

“Shut up!” Orochimaru snapped switching on the light and sitting up in bed. “What is wrong with you people!”

“There’s something on the floor,” Tsunade rasped out in a hoarse whisper, chest heaving. She pointed a trembling finger to the corner. “It’s over there.”

Orochimaru rolled his eyes. “Tsunade, did I not just see you take out an entire squad of the enemy’s equivalent of ANBU by yourself on this mission? Do you not summon slugs, woman!?”

“Don’t worry, Tsunade, we’ll get it,” Jiraiya said soothingly then added, “Orochimaru, get it.”

Orochimaru sighed in exasperation. Jiraiya had Tsunade on his lap, one hand around her waist. The t-shirt was bunched up around her hips. Orochimaru imagined the boy’s other hand sliding up under the shirt onto what was undoubtedly warm smooth skin beneath, up, up, up higher still…

Tsunade’s chest continued to heave in a most fetching manner. Damn toad brat had all the luck he grumbled to himself.

Orochimaru kicked off the thin, thread-bare sheet and stood up mumbling, “If it will get you two to shut up…”

He stood stock still and listened. Listened to Tsunade’s gasps, listened to Jiraiya’s warm murmurings soothing her. Listened until he heard it… scritch scritch scritch.

In one slippery smooth, lightning fast motion he had snatched the mouse up by its tail.

Jiraiya was impressed, he loved to see Orochimaru move like that. It was so damn… sensual. Aw hell, it was just plain sexy. Almost made him wonder… what would it be like to…

“Is this what’s bothering you, Tsunade-chan?” Orochimaru taunted, approaching her and holding the dangling rodent by its tail.

“Get it away, get it away, get it away…” Tsunade whimpered, turning toward Jiraiya, burying her face in his hair.

Jiraiya patted her shoulder. “Tsunade, Orochimaru is right. You summon slugs. Frogs and snakes don’t seem to bother you either. Why does this bother you so much?”

“Frogs and snakes and slugs don’t have little claws and twitchy little whiskers and pointy noses and beady little eyes,” she mumbled, her face still buried against his shoulder. “Get rid of it,” she pleaded.

“Fine,” Orochimaru shrugged, “guess I’ll just eat it then.”

Tsunade’s head snapped up. “You will not! Just put the poor little thing outside.”

Orochimaru leaned his head back, raising the rodent higher.

“Jiriaya, make him stop. Don’t let him do it.”

“Come on, Orochimaru, just put it outside will you?” Jiraiya said, reaching up. His hand completely encircled Orochimaru’s wrist.

Orochimaru froze, eyes blazing at Jiriaya. Tsunade felt Jiraiya’s whole body stiffen, his arm around her waist tighten just a fraction. For the very briefest instant the tension between the two of them was palpable, electric in a most deliciously, unmistakably male kind of way. She licked her bottom lip and swallowed hard. It was…exciting.

“Come on Orochimaru,” she whispered hoarsely, “just put it outside.”

“Sure. Fine. Whatever,” he said flippantly walking to the window and putting the mouse outside.

Orochimaru went back to bed. Tsunade looked forlornly at the rumpled sheet on the floor then up at her partner. “Orochimaru, please,” she whispered softly, bottom lip trembling, making her best puppy-dog eyes at him.

“Oh, all right,” he huffed, sliding over in the bed and raising the sheet, offering her sanctuary. She scampered over, snatching up her pillow off the floor and jumped on the bed beside him. She clambered over him, keeping his body between her and the side of the room where the mouse had been found. Orochimaru smirked at Jiraiya and turned out the light.

Two of the three legendary sannin slumbered peacefully on the bed. Jiraiya twisted and turned on the couch, unable any longer to get comfortable. Damn, he had a crick in his neck. He flopped on one side. Now his back hurt. He sighed and turned over on the other side. Now his…


Now his head was lower than his feet because the legs on that end of the couch had broken. “Crap! Tsunade, you broke the couch,” he cried out.

“Sorry,” she whispered and giggled. He swore he heard Orochimaru giggle too.

Jiraiya stood up to survey the damage. He grumbled to himself about the fact that if women were going to go around breaking the furniture that he was sleeping on there ought to be a little bit more fun involved first. He sighed. There would be no fixing this tonight.

He stomped around to the side of the bed where Tsunade was sleeping. “Move over,” he groused.

“Jiraiya, there isn’t enough room in this bed for the three of us,” Orochimaru said over Tsunade’s head.

“There is if you spoon up,” Jiraiya answered, pulling up the sheet and slipping under it beside Tsunade.

“I don’t want to ‘spoon’ up to anybody in this heat,” Orochimaru snapped. He grudgingly slid to the edge of the bed on his side. Tsunade wiggled over. Orochimaru had to grab her to keep from falling off the bed. She giggled and turned herself so that her back was to him, in effect spooning herself up against him. He’d grabbed her around the waist to keep from falling and as she turned on her side, she shifted so that his hand was now on her hip.

There seemed to be some sort of silent negotiation going on between Tsunade and Jiraiya Eventually he ended up with the pillow and she ended up using him as a teddy bear, one arm thrown around his waist, head nestled against his chest. In a short time the two of them were breathing softly and evenly.

Two of the three legendary sannin slumbered peacefully on the bed. Orochimaru lay for long minutes with his eyes open, thinking. This wasn’t exactly comfortable but it was …comforting.

Tsunade was warm and pleasant beside him. She spooned, as Jiraiya called it, nicely up against his body, his chest against her back, their hips close together, legs tucked and touching each other’s their whole length. He let his hand slide from her hip, up beneath the bunched t-shirt to the dip of her waist. It was a marvelous curve, almost as if it had been made just for him to hold her there. She sighed softly. That was better, that was more comfortable he thought to himself as he let the flat of his palm rest against her belly.

Orochimaru’s eyes were getting heavy now. He tucked his head down against Tsunade’s smelling sweet jasmine in her hair. But it wasn’t just jasmine he smelled, there was a pine and forest fragrance too. Dimly he recognized this as Jiraiya’s scent.

Jiraiya shifted and Orochimaru realized that when he had moved his head nearer Tsunade’s he must have lain it on Jiraiya’s hand. He raised his head a fraction and in sleep his friend lifted his hand and let it come to rest on Orochimaru’s hair. Orochimaru found this both comfortable and comforting.

His eyes were very heavy now. He yawned once and closed them, quite comfortable.

And the three legendary sannin slumbered peacefully.


~ by lovesrainscent on February 2, 2009.

21 Responses to “Trinity”

  1. 1st

  2. second

  3. third, first time in the top 3!

  4. another great chapter, love. i’m almost sad that there’s only one part left…

  5. Fifth?

    Dammit, I knew I shouldn’t have put those clothes in the dryer yet…

  6. Loved this chapter – it was playful, funny, and stayed true to each of the Sannin’s personalities ^_^ I especially liked how you portrayed Orochimaru, because it was like a glimpse of him before he went rogue/ turned into a mad scientist. Can’t wait to read the last chapter!

  7. OMG!!! >_< What did I just read? Did I sense a little yaoi in there Loves? Lol, I guess I should have seen this coming from a mile away eh? Anyway, I loved the story, the sense of humor, the playfulness, the awkward situations, and the characters sticking to their personalities made it all the more fun. I mean who would’ve imagined the three Legendary Sanins sleeping in the same bed together at a cheap motel? Lmao, that’s just brilliant fan fiction writing right there so great job! Though, I do wish a fight would’ve broken out but I guess that would have torn the motel down wouldn’t it? 😀

    Best Part:

    “Jiraiya stood up to survey the damage. He grumbled to himself about the fact that if women were going to go around breaking the furniture that he was sleeping on there ought to be a little bit more fun involved first.”

    Hell yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about! 🙂

    Best Part (For perverted girls like Ibiki and Loves): 😉

    “Jiraiya was impressed, he loved to see Orochimaru move like that. It was so damn… sensual. Aw hell, it was just plain sexy. Almost made him wonder… what would it be like to…”

    *shudders and tries to forget what he just read*

    Best Part for all of us Pervs:

    “Orochimaru froze, eyes blazing at Jiriaya. Tsunade felt Jiraiya’s whole body stiffen, his arm around her waist tighten just a fraction. For the very briefest instant the tension between the two of them was palpable, electric in a most deliciously, unmistakably male kind of way. She licked her bottom lip and swallowed hard. It was…exciting.”

    Lmao, 3 way anyone? Damn Loves, you had something in here for everyone didn’t you…if only Shizune was there at the time then we could have had…*drifts off into imagination and drools*…I’m sorry what was I saying again? 0_0

    Looking forward to the next one…is that the one where you bash the hell out of the third? I’ll be ready. 😉

  8. 7th

  9. Thanks again guys – that one was fun to write. Ah, the idea of three snarky-snippy-hormone-riddled sannin teenagers stuck with each other makes me giggle.

    @elfarren – yeah, young Orochimaru, although he seems completely inept/uncaring about social interactions at a young age, he does not yet seem like an evil genius/mad scientist. I think they all three must have been friends at one time, or at least grudingly tolerant of one another.

    @supertrek – LOL – yeah I tried to put in something for everybody.
    But Shizune? The sannin have got twenty years on her – she wouldn’t even have been born yet.

  10. That was awesome! I laughed during much of the read. It was great to see Oro before he became such a nutcase. The interplay and humor between the three was fantastic – and I could easily visualize this happening.

    I think now I understand how Tsunade got the name “Hime”…and it ain’t merely because she was the granddaughter of a Hokage. LMAO

  11. @supertrek – BTW – I do not think I’m going to “bash the hell out of the third” in anything that I write. Sheesh! jdb44 paints with a broad brush. 🙂

    @penny – thanks! yeah – I imagine that Tsunade certainly lived up to the Hime designation in more ways than one.

  12. @Loves: Lmao, you’re right for some reason I thought Shizune was the same age back then as she is now…she wasn’t even born yet, lol, man no more late night reads for me. 😉 Alright, for the sake of my perverse dreams lets say she invented a time machine, went back in time to that motel, and joined Jiraiya’s, Orochimaru’s, and Tsunade’s little threesome…or just cut out the two guys and we have can have some hot les…

    *drifts off into fantasy gets a major nosebleed and faints from the lack of blood* @_@

    *wakes up*

    So yeah like I was saying you’re right Shizune wasn’t even born yet…why is there blood everywhere? 😉

    BTW, I guess I shouldn’t have worded it that way but I was exaggerating when I said, “bash the hell out of the third”. What I really meant was simply ‘constructively criticize with an authors unique taste of character’ dealing with the third’s actions. Yeah, that’s what I meant to say… 😉

  13. @supertrek – LOL – no problem – jdb’s not here anyway so we can blame it on him…;-)

    BTW I think it’s cute that you thought Tsunade found it exciting thinking of ‘threesome’. Maybe she just wanted to watch?

  14. holy crap loves that was damn good. great take on the sannin, i never really think of them as a team bc of what they show in the manga, but its easy to overlook them being on the same team for like years. and did i sense j man checking out oro a little bit?

  15. ARGHHHH!!! Bad images! >_<


    There we go much better. Who knew running into a wall at full speed could be so…healing! 🙂

  16. @LovesRS- Sorry for being late. I enjoyed your vision of the young Sannins. As I said in an earlier comment, you easily manage to paint Orochimaru as a sympathetic character, to my chagrin. Jiraiya and Tsunade are drawn out in a way that is very believable. This was a fun read.

    Brushes? We doan’ need no stinkin’ brusshhes. I’ve been known to pick up the whole gallon bucket, draw back, and sliiinnnggg. (whispers to Supertrek) “She thinks that the Third is Manga’s version of Machiavelli reincarnated.”

    Did you forget that I’m married… I’m used to getting the blame. I think they must teach that trick to you ladies in the womb. We guys get taught, “What, when did you tell me that?” 🙂

  17. best one yet!

  18. @jdb44 – I personally do find young Orochimaru to be a character toward whom I feel sympathetic. To me he seems like someone with many of the characteristics of Asperger’s – brilliant but some serious lack of social skills. Look at the comments he made to Tsunade at the deaths she experienced and to Jiraiya when he took care of the orphans. Not evil per se, but blunt with an inability to consider other’s feelings.

    I don’t think 6, 8, 12, or 16 year old Orochimaru was “evil”. – Messed up, maybe, but not “evil-i-will-set-out-to-destroy-the-world-especially-konoha” So what happened to him?

    And probably the only people he ever came close to relating to were his teammates. Tell me he’s not compensating with Kabuto – white-haired nin with unsurpassed medical skills? He was in love with them both. 🙂 (I think I hear supertrek puking…)

    The sannin are as complicated and messed up as a Mississippi family in a Faulkner novel.

    As far as theories go, I personally hope that somehow Kabuto-chimaru (whoever/whatever he is now) at least gets to make some contribution toward helping Tsunade either heal herself or Kakashi (if this is truly the end of the sannin). Or maybe even help heal Hinata (Kabuto did that for unexplained reasons a long long time ago, remember?) It would be nice closure to the sannin saga and IMHO fit Kabuto in a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” kind of way.

  19. @LovesRS- Your right, none of us are born evil. The question is, why does Oro become evil? I agreee that an evil nature can start from the inability to interact with others and understand their feelings. However, in the end, Orochimaru chose his psychotic path. That’s why it’s hard for me to empathize with him.

    I can’t believe you worked William Faulkner into a Naruto discussion… and it fit perfectly too. I never liked Faulkner’s story telling much, but A Rose for Emily, one of his short stories, was pretty twisted.

    That’s a good theory, but I’m thinking Orobuto is going to come out of the woods later in the storyline. We shall see.

  20. @jdb44 – Just to clarify – I find young Orochimaru to be sympathetic. You’re absolutely right that he chose his own path.

    And A Rose for Emily is good, but I was thinking of the Compson family in The Sound and The Fury 🙂

  21. @LoveRS- There I go again, painting with that broad brush. 🙂

    As for Faulkner, I was thinking about Colonel Sartoris’ happy clan. I found Faulkner’s novels difficult to wade through as Melville’s works.

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