How I found Naruto…

You've got all our attention... Even The Swayze is curious...

You've got all our attention... What's your story?

Hey everyone,

This is just a quick post for an upcoming user based post about how we found Naruto.  So click the eyes below and tell us how you got into Naruto, what you thought about Naruto before and after you first started watching it, who got you into it etc.  I’m also looking for stories about you getting your friends into Naruto and how you found this site and what kept you coming back.

This weeks survey entitled…

“How I found Naruto” has been closed.

I’ll be posting a best of very shortly… Including my own stories on all the subjects of the blog including why I even started it ^_^




~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on February 2, 2009.

63 Responses to “How I found Naruto…”

  1. uh, first?

  2. second, and I did it!!

  3. 3rd?

  4. =O when i clicked on Sasukes eyes i wasnt expecting to see pictures of hot chicks.

  5. You mean from FFXIII? 😦

    Thats always been there when you click on Sasuke’s eyes
    Sasuke’s M sharingan
    Anyways nice thread/post thingy and its nice to see the click on eyes again.
    Its snowing again…

  6. yay 6 i guess

  7. 7th 😥

  8. Ummm….8th is this really neccessary?


  10. @harshykage- Lol, by the way I wasn’t talking about the post I was reffering to counting down all the way to 8. 0_0

  11. i meant the counting down too….i would’ve never even thouhght it was smfin as abvious as the post that you were talking about….thats just how my mind works….


  12. @ Schy – It feels a bit old school and retro right? Just like the old days ^_^

    You still owe me a game of LBP.

  13. The old days so memorable :cry
    I like it though 🙂
    If i recall i only got into the best of slots 1 time “Bring them back”.
    And that was because my post was random and funny ^_^
    It was about Lee being a highly flammable packet of cheese and onion flavoured chrisps. And he styles up hair so Sakura falls in love. But he gets caught on fire by Guy because of Lee’s hair spray. So Kakashi kills Guy in Revenge which starts the next ninja war. ^_^ It actually took 5 hours to type that. I wanted to go into detail but my PS3 text space ran out half way, causing me to cram it all to about 1000 words. And the deleting and typing took ages to fit it all in. A lots changed since then but in a way it hasn’t. So memorable ^_^
    And your right i do owe you a game on LBP 🙂

  14. @ Schy – I think the blog improved 100 fold. But the survey lost it’s personal touch, it just got too big to do manually. Here’s your chance to be old school though. It will return from time to time.

  15. Yeah ^_^ I think i’ll submit a second time…something random and hopefully funny soon.
    I’ve already submitted my story though about how i found Naruto the blog e.t.c.
    And yeah the blog has improved so much. theres so many more members that it’s nearly impossible to look at all the survey entries-like you used to. It is much easier to use the poll. But it doesn’t say who choose what, it relied on comments and that also ment i was fully silenced for a long time. I prefer the click on eyes.
    When did you first publish this blog anyway? Im starting to feel old now, but maybe i should know how old. What generation was i in? 🙂

  16. Jeremiah I’m the user based idea guy.
    Should I rewrite how I got into it via that sasuke eye link?

  17. hey those are my eyes from my pic

    the artist formally known as jjjjjjj

  18. are you tryin to mess with gaara…sasuGAY?
    i copied the link and pasted it in another browres, no way i’d let sasuGAY’s eyes lead the way….


  19. @ allschoolreject – sure

  20. hey guys i have a prob..i clicked on the eyes, wrote my story *sob* hehe and upon pressing submit, it says page cannot be displayed, does anyone had the same prob i did? or is it just me?
    ||m(0_0)m|||<–me being jiraiya and doing some peeking |||||||||||| |||||||||||| ||||||||||||

  21. Everything appears to be ok. You can resubmit if you want. Ibi is in charge of the submissions so if she comes on and sees your having a problem I would imagine she would look for your name in the submissions and let us know. She’s pretty awesomeness like that ^_^

  22. that’ll be great!! what’s up jeremiah? hehe m still enjoying the site!

  23. fumakotaro, did you sign your entry with your logon id or some other name? I don’t have anything from fumakotaro and I do have one blank entry…that may be yours. But if you signed it “Bob” or something I could have it. If you signed fumakotaro, I’m sorry dude; I don’t have it and I need it again.

  24. hey….since i already put in how REALLY i got into naruto, can i put in how i got into naruto( the way that i didn’t actually get into naruto) that wasnt really the way i got into naruto…?

  25. i signed it fumakotaro,demmet something might be blocking me here… crap hehe. yep i’ll try later, maybe it’ll work… harshytkage! go ahead with your story i’d like to see that lol!

  26. still getting this one : <–cannot find server..nah, i give up hahaha!

  27. fumakotaro, are you willing to e-mail it to me?

  28. sure… expect it in a bit. thanks ibi!

  29. @ibi: going your way now ibi…

  30. Thanks for your patience (I got it!). Anyone else has trouble, drop me a line if you can, or let me know here.

  31. So where will the responses appear after we post an answer. FYI… Warning Ibiki, the body of my response is long winded. I am not exactly sure what you will be creating with these responses?

    Oh and check your e-mail when you get a chance.

  32. @ Ja It’s been a while since I clicked on some eyes!

  33. @erich- Lol, WTH does that mean? Lol, it’s so nonsensical it’s funny! I can’t stop laughing dammit! >_< Fufufufufufu (If anybody actually laughs like that I’m shoving two minature rasengans through their eye sockets….no joke) Now back to laughing fufufufufufufu!

  34. wow, it’s been a long time since the survey sheets been whipped out… what got you in the mood?

  35. @ supertrek
    Top o’ the post “click on the eyes below”. We used to click twice a week if something good was going down. Now we’re worried about who’s going to dress as Wheeler at the Awesomeness party.

  36. nah not worth the hazzle.

  37. “I am not exactly sure what you will be creating with these responses?” -Orion

    Wallpaper. natch. ^.^ You’ll just have to wait and see.

  38. OK. Dudes. Sign in or sign your entry…I’ve got a lot of great stories no one is going to get credit for. Sad little lonely comments that belong to phantoms…

  39. She said “Dudes” so you know she’s serious…


  40. Yep, she said “Dudes” 0_0

  41. @ibi, sorry in advance…First one is totally true, and the second I don’t like to talk about, is labeled Ajd2

  42. @ajd: lol…hey, everybody’s got a few experiments in their youth; you shouldn’t apologize for moments of wild ecstasy and bad judgment. Really, it’s ok. ;P~

  43. I hoping we can get passed that phase and be friends. He’s the foxy one any ways

  44. Seriously, you have to see this to believe it! Skip to 10:30 and watch for about ten seconds or so …

    Thus proving that Naruto is awesomeness LOL

  45. naruto pales in front of the harshyt-kage!(in one dept. at least ;-))

  46. @elfarren: hearing Naruto say awesomeness was almost worth the dub-suckage. ^.^ thx.

  47. @ elfarren: First off, why were you watching that episode! Holy pile o crapness ^_^ An episode on Ramen?! What the hell were they thinking? Second, nice find. Must find way to get that clip out!


    “So that we can show them what kind of real awesomeness that a shinobi brings to the table.”

  48. @ Jeremiah: It has to do with the entry I submitted for this thread. I was curious to go back and watch the episode again, so when I saw that I had to rewind it just to be sure that’s really what I heard ^_^

  49. @ Ibiki… I know you have seen my first “how I found Naruto” submission by now, but I just want to let you know my second one is way more AWESOMENESS!!!

  50. @last scorp: seen it, loffed my hiney off…damn you forcing me to make editorial decisions. ^.^

    @Jeremiah: that could be arranged, you know, for a price. ;P~

  51. @elfarren- i love how there are ninja of every kind: rapping ninjas, cooking ninjas, porn star ninjas *checks ear piece*, umm well apparently not those yet but they’re on there way…

    actually correction- at like 10:30 it looked like naruto was auditioning and they were practicing his close up face… i thought it needed a little bit more energy, a little more zest, but that’s just me…

  52. My tale is of an African-American family bonding through the pursuit of anime. Can’t say that’s it’s funny though but more like a VERY short version of me and my brothers finding Naruto. It seems rushed but that’s what you get when you write a true stroy right before class.

  53. I dunno, Alec, it looked like innuendo to me…turn the sound off on this and you’ll see what I mean…out of context. lol.

    I felt sorry for people waiting for the dub to DL and buffer, so I clipped what Elfarren referred to above. Here’s the good bits version.

  54. @ Alec: That was one of my favorite filler arc episodes, even with the horrible dubbing. And just ’cause Kishi hasn’t mentioned porn star ninjas doesn’t mean they don’t exist *WEG – runs away laughing*

  55. Welll, yeah. I mean, just what do you think kunoichi stands for, anyway?!

  56. Lol, the dub sucks but I agree with elfarren that was a good filler ep. And yes, I’m one of those guys that wathces EVERY single episode of any anime before going on to read the manga, fillers and all. Here’s some food for thought, shouldn’t Naruto’s rasengan have completely obliterated that entire table? I mean how weak was his Rasengan back then for it to be used as a cooking utensil to mix up some dough? lol.

    Alright moving on to something completely UnNaruto related, sorry if anone gets mad, but is anyone else wathcing ABDC tonight at 10. Wait….to make this more Naruto related if Akatsuki formed a dance crew they would definitely be ‘Quest Crew’! lol. XD

  57. did anyone notice while naruto said ‘awesomeness’ it looks like he was….uhm. well, basically it’s from that ep. on that naruto started getting the frustration to release his giant blue balls on peins

  58. I submitted my second entry this morning (my time GMT 00:00)

  59. how i found naruto?
    let’s see (<<<nah…not gonna post it)
    i was wandering around konoha one day…
    was feeling so lonely…
    but far in the horizon, i saw a red light…
    it almost seemed like a way out of that hell…
    i ran towards it…the more i ran, the bigger it appeared…
    finally i stopped…
    *fuck! it’s the 9 tails…run fo*
    end of story
    i know, random sh^t…can’t help it…

  60. Cool im going to post mine now!!
    A rino ran over my nose and i had a nosebleed. But i turned Supersaiyan-2 and died.
    So i wanted justice…so i purposely lost my footing and feel down a hole. Down the hole. Jesus appeared told me to eat grass then research grass on wikipedia. And then he would show me a miracle. That miracle was AKillerBee. So from that day forward i decided to play tidly winks alone in the forest…..OF DEATH lol.

  61. Hey look! Shit on wings!
    let’s make a flow chrt out of that shall we schy

    Schy in house ======> Rhino tramples=======>schy gets nosebleed========>schy goes supersaiyan2=====>he dies(why?)======>schy wants justice(while he’s dead?)======>purposely looses footing(while he’s dead?, can’t angels/devils fly?)====>jesus appears====>tells schy to eat grass and write a badass wiki post=====>jesus eggs schy on by promising to show him a miracle=====>shows him a killer bee(WtF?)====>plays tidy winks in the forest of death…====>Hey look! Shit on wings!

  62. I died because i went supersaiyan-2 (minus 2 “-2”) It was such a power decrease i died. But death wont stop me from living and falling down a hole ^_^
    And when was i in my house?
    Oh yeah i dont have to create a Wiki on grass…there already is a page `_^ :wink

  63. @harshy:
    nice flow chart dude!
    made me roflol (maybe 12 times…idk…lost the count at 5)

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