Can’t You See (Mature Content Read at Your Own Risk)

It never happened...

"It never happened..."

by:   lovesrainscent

Warning:  sexual situation, questionable consent, and some strong language.  Read at your own discretion.

Author’s Disclaimer: I do not own the Naruto characters and stand to make no profit from posting this story.


“Someone’s coming!” Jiraiya hissed as they heard voices descending into the basement.

He and Tsunade ducked around the corner and into an open storage closet. They clicked the door closed behind them as quietly as possible.

They were on a mission gathering intelligence on some fortifications being built along the border between the Land of Fire and the Land of Rain . Fortifications along borders in and of themselves weren’t particularly threatening but initial intelligence indicated the style of the buildings was common to the Land of Wind . That was of interest if it indicated a new alliance, potentially against them.

It seemed an eternity in the dark closet before they heard the footsteps ascending.

They were jammed uncomfortably together and Tsunade was starting to become anxious. It was ridiculous, the remnants of a childhood fear, but she’d never liked tight, enclosed places.

Now here they were, stuck in this closet. The engineer on whom they were spying could return at any moment. Her heart was pounding and she was acutely aware of Jiraiya’s head pressed against her chest in these cramped quarters.

She thought her heart must sound like thunder to him as she tried to calm herself. Then a panic stricken thought crossed her mind. She fumbled for the door with her right hand and found that the handle wouldn’t budge. The door had locked behind them. They were trapped.

Worse yet, she couldn’t move her hand much and realized her sleeve was stuck. Jammed into the corner with Jiraiya crushed up against her, one arm immobilized by a sleeve caught in the door! It couldn’t get any worse than this!

“Jiraiya,” she whispered unable to think clearly, “Jiraiya, the door’s locked.”

“Hmmmm, what?” he whispered back. She felt his breath across her right breast and shifted, trying to give him more room.

Upstairs, they could hear footsteps and chairs moving as the meeting progressed. Tsunade feared that at any moment someone would come back, searching for some needed document, and find them.

Jiraiya’s left hand was still on her shoulder where he had pushed her into the closet. The white-haired young man was stooped at an odd angle, head pressed against Tsunade with his left hand up, cradling her right shoulder.

“My hand’s going numb.  I need to…”

She felt his fingers flex a little and he seemed to straighten himself up.

His hand slid over the swell of her breast.

It rested there.

“Jiraiya, did you hear me, we’re trapped!”

“Hmmmm, oh, uh, we’ll think of something,” he mumbled.

Did she imagine it, or did his thumb move ever so slightly over her nipple?

“I’ll retrieve the documents, sir” they heard a secretary simper as she descended the stairs.

Tsunade froze, icicles in her blood. Jiraiya stroked his thumb across her nipple again.

They heard the girl search around for the correct documents and after she found them heard her footsteps returning up the stairs. Tsunade realized she hadn’t been breathing and exhaled. She listened to Jiraiya’s breathing. Hot and ragged, she felt his moist breath across her chest. His thumb continued moving in lazy circles over her nipple.

Damn him! What did he think he was doing? Weren’t they in enough trouble already?

He moved his hand to the front of her blouse, fumbling with the cloth at the v-neck.

She was going to kill him when they got out of here! She was going to…

Footsteps down the staircase again. The simpering secretary was returning the recently viewed documents.

By the time Tsunade took another breath, her blouse was completely brushed aside. She felt him fumble with the clasp at the front of her bra and then that too was undone. Her eyes widened in the dark as he slid his fingers underneath the cloth and continued stroking her.

This was insane! She wanted to yell at him but the damned secretary was still there. Damn her, too! What did she think she was doing? Shouldn’t she be getting upstairs after returning the damn documents?

Jitters of adrenaline played across her nerve endings caused by fear and the big dummy’s actions. Jiraiya shifted a little and then his mouth was covering her breast, his tongue flicking playfully at her nipple. Tsunade gasped. The secretary, thinking she heard mice, dashed back up the stairs.

Tsunade opened her mouth to yell at him, but shut it instantly as they heard two sets of footsteps descending the staircase. The secretary, the witless idiot , had dashed upstairs still holding the documents. The engineer had sent her back down with his assistant to return them. Good god, was it going to take two of them to return a stupid scroll?

Her attention jerked back to Jiraiya as she felt his right hand brush against her thigh. His left hand joined it below her waist as he brushed against the outside of her legs. He nuzzled the hollow of her throat and his hands wriggled her skirt up. Tsunade inhaled sharply in what sounded like a squeak when she felt his thumbs in the waistband of her panties as he started to slide them over her hips.

“I told you there were mice!” the secretary herself squeaked.

“Yeah, well, that’s somebody else’s problem. Tell them to call an exterminator when you get back upstairs,” the assistant snapped. “Come on, there’s the shelf, just put them up and let’s go.”

The two sets of footsteps they heard going up the stairs was followed by a heavy set stomping down the stairs. They could hear the engineer muttering himself about witless idiots, useless secretaries, and bureaucratic nonsense that required him to personally seal documents of such sensitivity. What insane structural nonsense would allow anybody at all to retrieve the documents, but only the owner to store them? Ridiculous.

Tsunade wanted desperately to be out of this closet and safe at home again. But the thrill was undeniable. The combination of the danger and desire made her feel alive in a way she hadn’t felt since…

This was insane. They were going to die here. She fluttered her right hand vainly at him.

She tried to push him away with her left hand. However, since her left elbow was all that was supporting her weight on one side of the closet, all she succeeded in doing was losing her balance and clutching at Jiraiya to keep from completely falling over.

Apparently, Jiraiya took this as a sign of encouragement. He managed to slide her panties down to her knees and his right hand skimmed back up her thighs.

Some part of her brain was screaming that the punishment for espionage was execution. Would she at least be allowed to clothe herself before the sentence was carried out? Jiraiya, at least, still had his clothes on. The rest of her brain was screaming at the first part to shut the hell up and let him keep doing what he was doing.

Jiraiya had now managed to straighten up so that his face was even with hers. His lips brushed hers and then he kissed her softly at first. But when she responded, melting into him he kissed her hungrily, fiercely. His left hand was behind her head holding her close, his right hand continued to fondle her.

Her own breath was coming in ragged little gasps and at this point Tsunade realized the true impact of her situation.


She had taken Dan as a lover a year ago and although she had been in love with him, and their love-making had technically been successful, she’d never really understood what all the fuss over sex itself was about. There had never been anyone before or after Dan and certainly not since his death. Sometimes Tsunade wondered if she herself were even still alive after Dan’s death.


And she loved him and she hated him and she fought with him constantly and his tongue was in her mouth and his fingers were… well, where they were.


Tsunade now wanted to hold Jiraiya close, but she only had one free hand. She wanted to tell him how much she wanted him, but she couldn’t make a sound. She’d never wanted anyone or anything so badly in all her life and she couldn’t DO anything about it.

Jiraiya pushed back from her a fraction. She heard the rustle of cloth as he fumbled with his own clothes. He pulled back close to her and pressed his forehead against hers, in hardly more than an exhale, she heard him murmur “Shhhhhh.”

SHHHHHH! Had he just said SHHHHH to her? Now? Didn’t he know she was going to shriek like a banshee when she came? They were going to hear her all the way back in Konoha!

Jiraiya tipped his head back from hers. It was pitch dark, but she knew he was grinning at her, thinking of something.

THINKING? THINKING? HOW COULD HE THINK? She was half-clothed, achingly hot and the big goof was THINKING?

As the engineer continued to rustle around checking in documents, Tsunade felt, rather than saw Jiraiya’s grin widen. All at once his left hand circled around the back of her head and he crushed his mouth to hers. He wasn’t going to let her scream, damn him! His right hand pulled her to him at the small of her back and…

He waited…

What in the hell was he doing? She wriggled in his arms. She tried to change her position so that she could take charge of the situation but to no avail.

Jiraiya waited and waited until he heard the engineer start back up the stairs. Tsunade was trying to think of 1000 different ways to kill him if he didn’t finish what he’d started RIGHT NOW!

The upstairs door closed and Jiraiya obliged. The movement was exquisitely delicious but she’d been aching for so long now that what she really wanted was for him to just stay, bringing her back to life with his heat and his strength and his closeness.

She felt her climax building and she wanted to scream but he wasn’t going to let her!

Tension built until she couldn’t stand it any more. With barely more than a half-sob into his mouth, stars shattered behind her eyes and reason left her. In her mind she was shrieking like a banshee even if he was preventing her in the real world. As she came he thrust once deeper still into her and with a suppressed groan of his own he joined her.

They clung together in the closet, exhausted and sweaty. It was the most wonderful thing she’d ever felt and she didn’t want it to ever end. They stayed that way long past the time they heard everyone leave the meeting upstairs. Her fingers tangled lazily in his long white hair. His breathing was soft and even on her chest.

Relaxed, spent, satisfied, there was still something tickling the back of Tsunade’s mind.

Then it came to her.

“Jiraiya,” she whispered “Jiraiya, we’re still trapped. “

“Hmmmmm? Oh, yeah,” he responded sleepily and in the darkness she could feel the hand signs that he was making and also that he was grinning again. “Transparency Escape Jutsu, Partner Mode.”

They landed at the top of a small gully and rolled down the hill in the leaves. Jiraiya had his arms around her waist laughing softly. “Oh, man, Tsunade, that was fucking incredible.”

She wriggled away from him, the words echoing in her ears – Escape Jutsu, Partner Mode. You mean…they could have escaped anytime? He’d never told her or Orochimaru about that one.

Just who had he practiced that with and how many times had he used it? It was all just so… casual, so meaningless to him.

She was on her knees in the leaves. She turned her back to him, refastening her clothes. “We should get dressed,” she said levelly.

“Oh, yeah, right, Hime,” he placed one warm hand on her shoulder and kissed her there. Her skin burned where his lips touched. “That is unless you want one for the road.”

She shrugged his hand off her shoulder and reached to reclose her bra. Her own hands trembled as they brushed against her breasts and she fastened the snap. It was a taunting, faint reminder of how it felt to have his hands, large and warm and strong there.

“Look, Tsunade, I…I know sometimes I’m an ass and…”

For a moment she panicked, thinking they had left her panties back in the closet. Stupidly she realized they were down around one ankle. Stupid, stupid, stupid! She blamed herself.

“And, Tsunade, I’ve not said anything for a while now, because I know how you felt about him…”

She was swaying on her knees in indecision. Kick them off and leave them there? Sit down and wiggle them up, getting leaves and moss and dirt on her ass? Or stand up and show him her backside as she pulled them up? Hell, her knees were so wobbly, she wasn’t even sure she could stand.

“But Tsunade, it has been a long time now… and if you’d just think about it…”

She swallowed hard, sighed, and forced herself to stand. Leaving them there was not an option. They were on a mission. And she just didn’t feel like getting any… dirtier… tonight. She bent over, straightening the undergarment and stepping into the other leg. She pulled them up over her hips, flipping her skirt up and smoothing it back down.

Jiraiya gave a long low wolf whistle. Tsunade gritted her teeth. Why didn’t he just stick a kunai in her gut and twist it while he was at it? Letting her know she was no different than any other kunoichi, waitress and whore he’d ever been with…

For God’s sake, she’d been his partner for years now, since they were children. She would have died for him 100 times over. And what was she? A quick fuck?

“Hime? You okay?” Jiraiya’s voice was soft, worried.

She heard the rustle of him straightening his own clothes and standing. She felt her eyes brim with tears and forced herself to open them very wide, anything to keep from spilling over. She might mean nothing to him but she was not going to let him see her cry.

“I’m fine. I’ve got the scroll. We should head back,” came her reply without even turning toward him.

Jiraiya fumbled for something to say. This was going to hell in a hurry and he didn’t even know why. “Look, Tsunade, about tonight…maybe… it was a mistake…and… I’m sorry.”

Of all the things he could have said to her right now, that one really got to her. She almost broke down and cried right then. She wasn’t even a good quick fuck, she was a lousy fuck. She wiped a piece of dirt from her face with the palm of her hand, a ridiculously wet piece of dirt that must actually have been dew because it couldn’t possibly have been a tear because she didn’t give a damn. She wiped both sides of her face with her hand, checking for any more dew or wet dirt.

She squared her shoulders and turned to face him. “It didn’t happen.”

He gave a half-laugh, “Sure it did, Hime, I’ve got the scratches to prove it.”

Her eyes were steel. “It didn’t happen. And it is never going to happen again.”

Steel for steel his eyes met hers. “So you’re telling me we did not have mindblowingly fantastic sex back there?”

Complete neutrality in her tone, “I’m saying nothing happened and nothing is ever going to happen.”

He ran his hand back through his white hair, “Shit, Tsunade, you make me crazy, I can’t even finish a sentence around you… and what I’m trying to say is, shit,…jeez why do you have to make it so hard? Aw, hell, Tsunade, I just want to see you happy. You’ve been miserable for so long …ever since Dan died…”

Her tone was lethal now, “Dan’s got nothing to do with this.”

“Oh, for crying out loud Tsunade, Dan’s got everything to do with this! Because Dan is dead and I am here and alive and you’ve never even given me the time of day since you hooked up with him.”

“FUCK YOU!” she screeched.

Even as the words left his lips Jiraiya realized they were the sounds of the nails in his own coffin, “You just did, sweetheart. You just did.”

He wished she would hit him, kick him, swear at him, anything would be better than just watching her standing there trembling. Finally, she spoke in a voice so low he had to struggle just to hear it.

“You want to see me happy? Why don’t you just leave? Go somewhere the fuck away from me and leave!” She shouldered the bag containing the scroll and turned and walked away.

Jiraiya sat for the longest time alone with his thoughts in the dark. He pulled out his pipe and lit up, sitting back, thinking. Really screwed that one up, my friend, he said to himself. You made it with the girl of your dreams, the subject of your first and last wet dream and most of the ones in between and you had to go and royally fuck it up.


Goddess. Lover. Bitch.

He looked at the stars. Pretty late. Which meant it would be pretty early by the time he was back in Konoha. Sarutobi had woken him up early plenty of times to send him on missions. Just this once he’d wake sensei up and let him know he was going out on his own. Maybe if he lived a hundred years and went to a hundred different lands then he could figure out what the fuck happened here tonight.

The End

A/N: The printed words don’t do it justice, you really have to hear it live but in case you don’t know the lyrics, to that old song Can’t You See here’s the part that makes me think of Jiraiya and was the basis for this fic:

I’m gonna take a freight train down at the station, Lord
I don’t care where it goes
Gonna climb a mountain, the highest mountain, Lord
And gonna jump off, ain’t nobody gonna know
Can’t you see, oh, can’t you see,
What that woman, Lord
She been doin’ to me


~ by lovesrainscent on February 2, 2009.

26 Responses to “Can’t You See (Mature Content Read at Your Own Risk)”

  1. first

  2. 2nd!!!

  3. you did an excellent job lovesrainscent

  4. Nicely done, loves. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. His first little move gets me every time, no matter how many times I read this. That and “You just did…” whups. It’s like a needle scratching all the way across a record.

  5. Some might argue that the romanticised notion of the American Cowboy is the western version of samurai/ninja tales. The lone, flawed hero battling the bad guys and bringing order to lawless lands, but often he rides off into the sunset…alone.

    “This Ol’ Cowboy”

    Now honey I’ve been a fool but a bigger fool
    I can’t remember when I’ve been
    Just to open up my heart
    And let you walk right in
    Now there’s one thing in this life
    Ain’t hard for me to do
    That’s as soon as I kiss the lips of another woman
    I’m gonna forget all about you
    So I don’t want you to think

    That you’re the first one
    To leave me out here on my own
    No this ain’t gonna be the first time
    This ol’ cowboy spent the night alone

    …Also Marshal Tucker, and again the lyrics don’t quite convey the “feel” of the tune.

  6. beautiful

  7. awesomee!
    keep the stories coming!

  8. Don’t make me bust out the lyrics to ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ on you’ll…jeez trying to make me cry…*sniff* *sniff*…It ain’t gonna happen! 😉

    Boy oh boy did we have a hot chapter for dinner tonight! Thanks for another fantastic story Loves you did a wonderful job balancing out the sex with emotion and even threw in a little bit of justu in there. And of course there was great story telling too and as per usual,

    Best Part:

    “Even as the words left his lips Jiraiya realized they were the sounds of the nails in his own coffin, “You just did, sweetheart. You just did.””

    *whistles* Talk about shooting yourself in your own foot and realizing it while pulling the trigger. Poor guy…I’d almost feel bad for him if he just didn’t finish having hot incredible ninja sex with a big breasted woman! Lucky bastard didn’t even have to yell SURPRISE! 0_0

  9. Great job lovesrainscent. This was beautiful. So this it what you meant by careful what you wish for kekeke. Certainly worked its magic. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading the next one ^_^.

  10. @supertrek- isn’t old poeple sex supposed to be disgusting?\\

    @love- awesomeness…sheer awesomeness!

  11. @Harshy: They weren’t old during the time of the story :p…besides…Tsunade’s hot now even at 50…just as long as she keeps her chakra makeup on. 😉

  12. you’re right!

  13. holy crap that was good we need more than one a week like seriously that was really goood like damnnnnnnnn good keep it up

  14. @everybody – thanks again – glad you liked it.

    @ibiki, supertrek – re: the “You just did…” line, yeah, he had to go and shoot himself in the foot didn’t he? I wrote it and it still gets me. I just… WANT Jir/Tsu so bad, and Kishi’s not gonna give it to me. Darn it.

    @captnmexico – yeah, that’s what I meant by be careful what you wish for.

    @jdb44 – Hmmmm…I should probably put you on my list of those I’d like to hang out with and drink beer/listen to music with. Good choice of song. And re: American Cowboy/Westernized Samurai tales – weren’t a lot of the old spaghetti westerns from the 1960s (sergio leone literally plots from 1950s samurai movies that had been lifted and transplanted to be told against a western cowboy backdrop? I’m thinking specifically of Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More.

  15. @LoveRS- Yup, I think I’d enjoy that meandering conversation… sans sla… well you know. Beer is fine, but there’s something about the klink of several ice cubes in a tumbler filled with single malt scotch, now that’s music to my ears. I’ll bring the Glenfiddich. If your man, Jiraiya, was there we might have to see if Mezcal, salt, and lime were to his liking. I’ve gotta warn you, my musical tastes are pretty durned eclectic, some might say sporadic.

    You didn’t mention the last film of that Sergio Leone trilogy- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. It’s one of my favorites, certainly the best of its genre, in fact, Quentin Tarantino called it the best film ever made. I’m not sure if Leone was influenced by the East, but I understand that he was something of a Civil War buff. And yet, I’d be pretty confident in saying that those cinematic influences traveled in both directions, East and West.

  16. @jdb44 – *I’m trying to compose a coherent thought after the mental image of me+Jiraiya+mezcal+salt+lime you just gave me. Gimme a minute…*

    Okay, You’re right – The Good The Bad and The Ugly was one of the best!

    And who can forget The Magnificent Seven (straight from Seven Samurai)? I about cracked up the first time my son told me about Zabuza in Naruto “Mom – he’s one of the seven legendary swordsmen…” and it all seemed so familiar for some reason.

  17. @LoveRS- LOL – Glad to be of service. I wonder who would end up eating the worm.

    I didn’t even think about Seven Samurai. For some reason, I thought that the director of Seven Samurai was influenced by John Ford’s movies. It’s rather circular: The Searchers(or insert your favorite Ford film) to Seven Samarai to The Magnificent Seven. I like the symmetry. Now if Ford had named one of his characters Zabuza, that would have been perfect.

  18. That’s awesome – and, I believe, a very accurate portrayal of the very complicated relationship between Tsunade and Jiraiya. I’m convinced that those two loved each other until the end. However, given that they were teammates, they couldn’t reveal that to the other.

    Loved the spiritual lyrics. I thought of Jiraiya too when I read them.

  19. @LoveRS- How about this for timing, IFC has a special on tonight at 10:00 P.M. central time, called “Spaghetti West.” The synopsis says, “European Westerns become a popular film genre in the 1960s.” Hmmm. I’ll be interested in hearing their take on the phenom.

  20. @LovesRS- You were absolutely correct about Sergio Leone basing Fistful of Dollars on a Samurai movie. It was based on Akira Kurosawa’s movie Yojimbo. Kurosawa sued for infringement and recieved all royalties for the Japanese box office, he claimed to have made more money from that film than all of his own movies. Here’s the kicker, Yojimbo was based on Dashiell Hammett’s (Author of Maltese Falcon, Thin Man, et. al.) novels The Red Harvest and Glass Key. Other than that nugget, the show was mostly literary types arguing the case for this genre and Italian directors reminiscing about the good old days.

  21. @jdb44 – Thanks! As a married man, you know that the three words a woman most wants to hear are “You were correct.”

    Thanks also for the heads up on the IFC special – I had seen the promos for it, but kind of suspected that it would be mostly about the Italiian directors themselves. It appears my suspicions were borne out.

    It is an interesting little circular bit though isn’t it – east-to-west-to-east samurai-to-cowboy-to-samurai via european film directors. LOL.

    Re: Kurosawa – Rashomon is totally the best one ever. It would be interesting to try a fic like that in the naruto-verse alas, with Konoha’s “military police force” in the form of the Uchiha clan having been wiped out – who investigates such matters now?

    And also re: films – not Kurosawa, but Masaki Kobayashi’s Seppuku is totally an awesome look at one of my favorite themes – What happens when OMG Peace Breaks out? And with what’s going on in the manga right now, I am wondering how this theme will play out in the Naruto-verse.

  22. @LovesRS- As my wife says, “It’s the golden rule of marriage.” I say that it’s the golden rule of … keep my sanity. 🙂

    Your suspisions were spot on. Most of the directors whined about the term “spaghetti western.”

    You’ve got me interested, I’ll try to find both movies and watch them. Ok, a movie about about the outbreak of peace… and it’s titled Seppuku. Do all the Samurai start committing ceremonial suicide because there their reason for being has been taken? Or do they manufacture a war so that the family business….remains open for business?

  23. @jdb44: re: Seppuku from imdb…

    “Peace in 17th-century Japan causes the Shogunate’s breakup of warrior clans, throwing thousands of samurai out of work and into poverty. An honorable end to such fate under the samurai code is ritual suicide. An elder warrior, seeks admittance to the house of a feudal lord to commit the act.”

    If you are a fan of both spaghetti westerns and their eastern influences then this movie is everything you could possibly hope for!

    I have seen it broadcast here under the title “Harakiri” as well.

    Thinking about that movie makes me wonder about the potential outcome of the Naruto series – if Naruto as the child of prophecy does succeed and peace breaks out – what fate does that leave in store for the “hidden villages” – what purpose will that social structure serve in the future if peace breaks out? As captnmexico said – be careful what you wish for…

  24. @LovesRS- Thanks for the recommendation, Seppuku (Harakari actually) is in my Queue. I went to IMDB and read the full synopsis. On the one hand I wish I hadn’t read it, on the other…ooooh! What a great plot twist. There’s a couple of short vids on Youtube also. You’ve got me hooked, I’m definitely looking forward to watching the movie.

    As for the comparison to Naruto. You’ve certainly put a wrinkle on my brain. Can there be real peace if all the countries maintain their sovereignty? Would Naruto unify the countries in a shogunate fashion and become Supreme-Kage? How quickly would the Ninja world’s eprit de corps crumble? How devastating is peace to a culture built on war? It’s a conundrum.

    Funny, but virtually all the great civilizations of history were built on war; the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Qins, Mongols, Aztecs, and should I say Americans. These civilizations leave so much to the next generations, but the underside of their greatness is usually quite ugly. And their demise seems so often to precede the darkest times.

    Kishi has said that he doesn’t want this story to go on for much longer, though he has said that for a while. If he ends the story with a bubble that reads, “…And Naruto brought peace to the world of Nins,” I will veiw that as a convenient ending, not a fulfilling one.

  25. No freakin way that luckky peice of crap i wish i would have done it with tsunade.

  26. so awesome hun Inspiration!

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