Bleach for Dummies, Vol. 2

Troublesome hollow makes troubles.  Rukia struggles one on one with the hollow.  Chad fights blind.  Ichigo makes his first delivery to hell.  Kisuke Urahara sells Rukia some defective duck-headed soul candy.  Ichigo’s body hijacker kisses the girls and makes them cry.  Urahara and Rukia  both hunt for the condemned mod konpaku in Ichigo’s body.  Rukia saves the ant-loving mod from Urahara.

This is Mollie (Ibiki Teishi) again, with the latest install on your Bleach catch up assignment. 

This volume was a lot easier to read.  Volume one is like medicine, you know you have to take it to feel better, but it kinda tastes like shit after you’re done.  And it’s hard to swallow.  Only two new characters get introduced in this volume and the others are developed a little more.  There are fewer passages of exposition (that’s the bit where they cut to little drawings and explain how the Shinigami world works) and the characters themselves are starting to propel themselves through the story.  In other words, this volume took me an hour to read and the prior volume took a good five days.

8.  Chase Chad Around

Dumb chapter, but good set up for a battle.  Ichigo’s sister, the tomboy Karin is feeling sick and spends a couple pages barfing in the girl’s room.  Chad has gone missing.  Rukia explains how hollows can hide between worlds, with one of those funny little drawings (exposition alert…this is the way the world works).

Pay attention!  Not chibis but just as important.  The exposition, let's begin, the exposition, don't be dim...

Pay attention! Not chibis but just as important. The exposition, let's begin, the exposition, don't be dim...

They know that it will be after Chad, so Ichigo focuses on the parakeet and amazes Rukia with his near impossible abilities.  hmm.  You want to know what I think…I think part of Rukia’s amazement might be her incredible lack of skills.  She’s the only Shinigami we know, and she’s doing the teaching, and her lack of power is irritating her.  She’s set up as the expert, but that doesn’t mean she is.  I’m guessing she’s a B level Shinigami–bright, competent, but not an all star. 

We expect her to be because she’s the only Soul Reaper in the story right now, but I think that’s a false expectation.  Otherwise, how the hell did she get in such an embarrasing predicament?  Locked in a gigai (human meat puppet, false body) and losing her powers…Ichigo may be incredible to have pulled that off, but I’m thinking a good bit is her own weakness.  And boy, is he gonna be pissed when he finds out she’s not as much of a badass as she presents herself.

Chad runs away, Rukia and Ichigo separate so he can take his sick sister home.  She’s sick because she saw the ghost memories of the little boy trapped in the parakeet.

9.  Monster and a Transfer (Struck Down)

School uniforms.  Comfortable.  Conservative.  And now, wash and wear.  Everybody wants one...

School uniforms. Comfortable. Conservative. And now, wash and wear. Everybody wants one...

Rukia takes on the Hollow on her own, because he manages to sneak up behind her while she’s chasing after Chad.  Now, see, that’s just what I mean.  That’s a rookie move right there.  And she shows a lot of grit and backbone despite her loss of powers, so I don’t think she’s incompetent, despite her current state.


Ichigo awkwardly tells us about his tomboy little sister to save some time.  I find this irritating as a writer.  If you want me to give the character life in my head, you have to show me her tomboy antics and refusal to cry.  Her tears motivate Ichigo in this battle, so I get the pause to acknowledge them.  Here’s my problem, tho, I still can’t tell if I need to invest myself in her or not.  She seems to be supporting cast, used to highlight Ichigo’s temperament and deepest motivations (protection of his family).  Yet, she’s being developed here a bit more strongly than a supporting role.  If she’s meant to be more, I need clips of these actual memories, and if she’s just there to motivate Ichigo I need a lot less.

NO...WTF?!  Man of steel <em>and</em> a powerlifter?  Dayum.  Hubba hubba hubba...

NO...WTF?! Man of steel and a powerlifter? Dayum. Hubba hubba hubba...

Now, Chad.  Chad I want to see more of.  WTF?!  He just ripped a telephone pole outta the ground and swung it at an invisible opponent like Casey Jones at bat.  Like John Henry and his hammer.  Damn…what makes THIS one tick, huh?  It’s always the quiet ones.  Be careful of the quiet ones.  They will snap and mess you up.

10.  Monster and a Transfer, Part 2 (The Deathberry)

I still say he's 30, but maybe that's just to make me feel better about staring at those guns.

I still say he's 30, but maybe that's just to make me feel better about staring at those guns.

Huh, deathberry.  I like that…goes to change the message on my Blackberry…

He fights an invisible enemy because its the right thing to do.  No special powers…er, wait a minute, I did say TELEPHONE POLE, right?

But he can’t see what he’s fighting, doesn’t know what he’s fighting, he’s just helping out because walking away or hiding doesn’t seem to be an option for him.

He seems to be all mushy and sensitive on the inside and his buddies really think highly of him, that’s always a huge clue about the truth.

I love that he’s like a burnt marshmallow…all gnarly and tough on the outside and full of runny-sweet mushy stuff on the inside.  I want to know where he came from and what, aside from his hobby as everyone’s guardian angel, he’s really into. 

The hollow starts throwing these leeches around.  Sticky little slimes, stickier than your average macrobdellidae member (er…don’t stop to think about it, just laugh at my geekitude that I looked that word up for your entertainment…AND I think I even spelled it right).  AND they’re bombs!  So Chad gets immobilized to keep the parakeet hostage from being blown up. 

Hmm.  That's actual affection in the midst of standing on the hollow's head.

Hmm. That's actual affection in the midst of standing on the hollow's head.

Ichigo arrives just in time, jumping up on the hollow’s head.  (Is it wrong for me to wish Chad was the Shinigami?)  Although the way these two are talking and looking at each other, I’m wondering if they should get a room.  Huh.  My guess is that’s a tease that never went anywhere.  Rukia’s boobs aren’t big enough to be carryin’ on with the male lead of a shonen manga…

11.  Back (Leechbomb or Mom)

Who doesn't hate the dentist?  Always with their hands in your mouth...and then they want you to TALK.

Who doesn't hate the dentist? Always with their hands in your mouth...and then they want you to TALK.

Rukia knocks Ichigo out of his inconvenient body and gets him up to speed.  Chad, now free to move, rescues the parakeet, and comes to help Ichigo’s body.  I think this guy’s gonna get in over his head, being who he is and hanging out with these two.

The hollow reveals himself to be real piece of work.  Orihime’s brother was a pussycat in a Halloween mask compared to this thing.  Ichigo calls him a wanker and takes his tongue.  I laughed.  FINALLY.  This one’s been kicking far too much good guy butt for three chapters. 

12.  The Gate of the End

Feelin' it yet, scumbag?  The sudden insignificance that comes when you find out your were the biggest douchebag fish in the smallest, scum-covered pond?  Welcome to the ocean there, lil guppie.  Hope you stay for lunch.  You're are the menu.

Feelin' it yet, scumbag? The sudden insignificance that comes when you find out your were the biggest douchebag fish in the smallest, scum-covered pond? Welcome to the ocean there, lil guppie. Hope you stay for lunch. Mwa ha ha ha. 'Coz you are the menu.

The gates of hell!!!! make an appearance (and why was I hearing Tenacious D? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I don’t suggest you look it up.  If you do, you only have yourself to blame…). 

Bad guy goes to permanent jail. 

The shinigami sword cuts and cleanses hollows of sins committed as hollows.  This means if they were good in life they can get to Soul Society, but if they were pricks like our serial killer friend here, they get a one way ticket to damnation. 


The child trapped in the parakeet goes to Soul Society to be with his mum, and Chad’s goodbye, simple and non-wordy is gooshy, sweet warm marshmallowy goodness.



One shady character.  Kiss U, K?  F@ck no, not till you shave that...those...ewwwww.

One shady character. Kiss U, K? F@ck no, not till you shave that...those...ewwwww.

Rukia’s memory altering, flashy thing lighter is running low on juice, so she goes to the ‘store’ for much needed supplies.  Enter Kisuke Urahara.  hmm.  Don’t know if its okay if Urahara can kiss me yet, but he has potential.  I know this guys a series regular, but I dunno if Tite thought so at this point–he didn’t even give him a last name.  He seems to be a convenient artifact to keep the plot device (acquisition of Soul Candy) from unraveling.  I’m wondering if his unexpected popularity made him more of a player or he just gets a slow reveal.  He’s a little shady, a little lazy, comments off the cuff and probably got his morals off the back of a bank note.  There is potential for comedy and terrible things and surprises.  I like the potential, but don’t know enough about him to know if I like him.

Sooooooooooouuuuuul Candy!  Who wouldn't want Pez for the Undead?  YUM.

Sooooooooooouuuuuul Candy! Who wouldn't want Pez for the Undead? YUM.

Rukia gives Soul Candy to Ichigo; it’s a cute little pez-like candy with a duck head.  She’s pouting because she wanted the bunny…and as disappointed as she was in the store, I thought she’d had to compromise functionality.  Nice.  I like the idea of the soul candy, it allows Ichigo to leave his body without getting smacked around, so he can go shinigami without Rukia’s help.  Always a plus.  It also puts a soul into his empty body from the candy.

That’s where the premise didn’t quite work for me.  Rukia says the candy is to remove reluctant souls who won’t leave their bodies in the morgue.  I can see the need for that.  BUT, then why put another one back in the body?  What is the purpose of that?  Now the further developments in the next few chappies make me think there could be more of a story to this candy thing, especially since it was renamed from Gikongan (substitute soul pills) to Soul Candy.  It seems to have a popular following (bunny or duck head).  So is it a shinigami party trick to pop soul candy into people’s drinks and watch the hijinks ensue?   I’ll be disappointed if this contradiction isn’t explained better…why the replacement soul?

Ichigo's replacement souls appears to be a dorkelgeekler, an ubernerd from another dimension.

Ichigo's replacement souls appears to be a dorkelgeekler, an ubernerd from another dimension.

Ichigo isn’t happy with his doppelganger, he seems to be a dork suck-up and he’s worried his rep is going to crash and burn.

14.  School Daze!!!

The dopplenerd likes Orihime's balloons.  (psst, guys, when they are this round and you never get a peak at cleavage...they're SOCKS...never trust a teenage girl.)

The dopplenerd likes Orihime's balloons. (psst, guys, when they are this round and you never get a peak at cleavage...they're SOCKS...never trust a teenage girl.)

Heh, Ichigo needed to be scared, but not the way he thought.  His doppelganger is in need of excitement…and he likes to jump…and he likes Orihime’s boobs. 

Urahara finds out the soul in the candy was stamped defective.  Whups.  My guess is he bought that shit on a discount out the back of a panel van.  Again, this could be an endearing flaw or a sinister bent…and I’m not getting enough on him right now to figure that out.  He does rally his troops and go out to make it right…but seems only to do so because otherwise it’s his ass.  Capitalist pig.

Note this, fans, the official translation here is funnier than the fan scans.  Ichigo says:  Stop!  It's too high!  That's <b>MY</b> body you're totalling!

Note this, fans, the official translation here is funnier than the fan scans. Ichigo says: Stop! It's too high! That's MY body you're totalling!

Ichigo’s body, full of defective soul, kisses the girls and makes a stir.  Tatsuki, the amazing girl-boy clocks the lascivious substitute soul and he jumps out the window.  Invisible shinigami Ichigo shows up and faces the terror, the unholy terror of a bad rep.  Rukia names the thing in Ichigo’s body:  mod konpaku.

15.  Jumpin’ Jack, Jolted

These are some crap chibis, Rukia must be 'splaining again.

These are some crap chibis, Rukia must be 'splaining again.

More of Rukia’s drawings and exposition.  Mod konpaku is a modified soul, with exaggerated skills of some sort.  And suddenly the soul candy makes more sense.  The idea was to inject the Mod into a corpse so they could serve as soldiers against hollows.  Apparently the idea didn’t work so well.  You know, ethics of using people’s bodies, standard necromancer performance code issues, nothing to be alarmed about.  So the project was scrapped…and now I have a different question about the candy…why is it still available?!  Or is it?  hmmm…maybe this is a shadier deal by Urahara than I expected.

I tell that to my characters all the time when I'm writing.  Trouble is, they turn around an flip me off and go on about their business.  Sigh.  The hazards of writing character-driven stories.  I'm with you there Tite; I feel your pain.

I tell that to my characters all the time when I'm writing. Trouble is, they turn around and flip me off then go on about their business. Sigh. The hazards of writing character-driven stories. I'm with you there, Tite; I feel your pain.

The icky part:  since it was wrong to reanimate the dead, what to do with the modified souls?  OH, yeah.  Condemn them.  Destroy them.  Reasonable, eh?  I’m starting to think Soul Society is a little too bureaucratic to have come up with a solution like that.  Did Mengele make it to heaven or something?  How did this happen in the first place?

Has she been rolling in the dirt?  Is that a dust cloud?! He offers her candy, I'm calling CPS.

Has she been rolling in the dirt? Is that a dust cloud?! He offers her candy, I'm calling CPS.

Urahara comforts the little girl who thinks she screwed everything up, but it’s awkward.  Damn.  More on him…I can read him either way.  Look at the stiffness of his hand, the masklike expression.  Is he pretending to be nice? or is he sympathetic but uncomfortable with affection?  It’s mildly amusing, but if I knew he wasn’t some sort of freaky pedophile, I supposed I’d laugh out loud.

16.  Wasted but Wanted

It all comes down to ants.  Aren't we all just ants on a trail to...F@ck it, I used to go out of my way to smash these things when I was a kid.  They bite.

It all comes down to ants. Aren't we all just ants on a trail to...F@ck it, I used to go out of my way to smash these things when I was a kid. They bite.

Everything converges on Mod Ichigo, and he saves his sisters’ nerdy classmates from a hungry hollow.  Ichigo and Rukia show up.  There is a sweet fight scene where the Mod and Ichigo argue while booting hollow head.  The Mod puts Ichigo’s body in danger saving some ants from the crush of the hollow as it falls.  Great character development on the Mod, who became a pacifist philosopher sitting in his pill candy waiting to be executed.  He’s a candy buddha who respects all life.

And just as you really feel for him, Urahara steps in and stamps him, and for a second you think the worst, but he just put him back in the pill.  Rukia lifts the pill and tells Urahara it isn’t his problem and to back off, by pointing out that his little operation is illegal.  He does, but takes this seriously.  hmm…very interesting.

Hmm...another mystery?  I hope so.

Hmm...another mystery? I hope so.

Ichigo tries to thank Rukia for saving his Mod, and this is what she says.  I’m not sure what it means, but I’m hoping I find out.

Now I’m really looking forward to Volume 3!  So far, I like the characters, but it’s usually the little mysteries that get me hooked.  There’s plenty of great action and cool one-liners and sexual tension, so that holds my interest.  But it’s the mysteries that pull me deeper into the story.  Urahara is a mystery.  Soul Candy and the seedy underbelly being hinted at in Soul Society is also a mystery.  The Mod is a mystery.  And Rukia’s reaction to it all…also a mystery.  So at the end of Vol. 2 I can say I’ve been hooked.

Am I obsessed yet? Naw. 

I don’t trust Tite yet, that’s something that develops over time…seeing my questions answered without contradiction, watching the complexities and mysteries develop.  That trust takes time, and I’m forging ahead to help that trust along.  Hope to see you again soon.

Ja mata,



~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on February 2, 2009.

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  1. Urahara’s scene where he comforts her comes off some what better in the anime… I just don’t think he’s an emotional guy. He’s the opposite of Chad, he’s uncomfortable with mushy stuff and takes it easy on no one.

    Tenacious D! That’s telekinisis Kyle! Mind Blitz!


  3. turd

  4. 4th wait he didnt call it so first!!!!

  5. Wow, it’s so interesting reading what others think as they progress through the series and you know stuff they don’t. Like Rukia being a level B shinigami? Hahahaha not after she beat *SMACK*

    Ibiki: “NO SPOILERS”

    Supertrek: “Sowwy”

    Just a warning to all of those who might wanna be assholes and post spoilers! We’re watching…they’re watching! ;P

  6. Haha your review of Chad was spot on!

    He is honestly the reason I kept on reading honestly

  7. I said honestly twice lol

    sorry for spamming

  8. I’ve been thinking about giving Bleach a look for a while cus my friend recommends, and this is just what I need. So far I’ve watched the first 9 anime eps alongside this.

    So far the universe hasn’t grabbed me the way Naruto did but I’ll be giving it more time and with Ibi’s help I’m sure I’ll be a convert before long!

  9. *bonks Ibiki on the head* Psst you might want to change the cover link. I know this isn’t the case because of the chapter pictures, however for a second I thought you were screwin the readers over.

    I wonder what people are going to think when they get to the unspeakable chapters with Rukia. (If you have read the manga or even watched the anime you know what I mean)

  10. No, you little wanker–and you know who you are. I want nothing more to do with you. Piss off.
    ,|,, (-_-) ,,|,
    or let me translate, for those of you across the pond:
    V,, (-_-) ,,V

    @droptheweights: glad this is helpful; I appreciate the feedback.

  11. Thanks for doing this Ibiki. As with Naruto, I came into Bleach a good ways into it so my perceptions of some of the characters are somewhat skewed based on what they were doing at the time. Thanks for doing my catch up work for me.

    And as for your description of Uruhara? “He’s a little shady, a little lazy, comments off the cuff and probably got his morals off the back of a bank note.” *Ahem* that works for me. 😉

  12. Naruto seiyuu(voice actors) who appear/will appear in Bleach:

    Abarai Renji = Akimichi Chouji ——– Itou Kentarou
    Hitsugaya Toushiro = Temari ——– Paku Romi
    Ishida Uryuu = Uchiha Sasuke ——– Sugiyama Noriaki
    Kuchiki Byakuya = Rokushou Aoi —— Okiayu Ryotaro
    Kurosaki Isshin = Kimimaro ———– Morikawa Toshiyuki
    Ukitake Zyuuchirou = Uchiha Itachi — Ishikawa Hideo
    Mizuki = Urahara

    For peeps who sense something familiar.

    Personally Bleach lacks the depth Naruto has but i’ll give it that much it is more mature then the Naruto series. Love the music.

  13. there are a few more but no time to write them down right now.

  14. yeah…tenacious d…that’s it.

  15. What about English voice actors in common…
    I cant say i pay attention to Jap seiyuu…

  16. I prefer the subs to the dubs. I feel I get a more accurate translation (depending on the source), and I find that I prefer the Japanese voice actors. I can’t understand a word of it, but I listen for the inflections. (rage, arrogance, happiness, or the way the Japanese girls go eah! You know what I’m say’n….What!…..stop looking at me like that, Ibiki. I’m..I’m male…er, uh..I’m wired this way…What!?)

  17. In Naruto i prefer dubbed, in Bleach i go for subs, simply becuase in Naruto the voice actors seem enthusaistic and like they might actually like the anime they’re working on, so they put effot into it. The voice acting in Bleach comes across as bored and a little forced sometimes, so i go for the Subs, the Japenese voice actors know where it’s at, full of emotion and vigor and what not.

    By the way Ibi, i can’t wait until you see Chad develop, it’s amazingly satisfying to see his mushy, strong, caring, tough characterisation gain some awesome and kick some ass. He’s currently my second favourite character in Bleach, after Ichigo obviously.

    The only thing right now which puts Naruto ahead of Bleach in my list of favourite things in the whole world, is the incredible arc which Naruto is on right now. If Naruto was still at manga 340, then Bleach would be miles ahead. I also prefer the Bleach anime becuase the first filler episode is like episode 70 something. However, that filler arc lasts for two seasons, oh well. It still progresses a hell of a lot faster than Naruto. The equivalent Sasuke retrieval squad arc starts at like episode 20 until episode 60 or something.

    Can’t wait to see all of the new opinions on characters and events which will surface as all of the new guys start reading Bleach.

  18. oooo…and EroSennin, I’m so glad that you are both male and wired that way. *.< lol.

    You forgot to mention the “tee hee hee” thing they do too.

  19. @ elasticatedninja- dubbed Naruto?! Any dubbed anime sucks! Its horrid and unnacceptable… believe it!

    *barfs again*

    I can’t believe u just said that!

    *dry heaves*

    Nothing left to throwup… Damn u!

    *eats more just so he can throw up again*

  20. I was trying to ignore that, thanks, Jeremiah. Now it’s going to be a puke o rama with stink everywhere. *Heaves*


    *gets out the mop*

    *gags. coughs.* Dammit!

  21. i started reading like 3 months ago and im cought up. i read slow at first then once it got passed this part you meet alot better characters

  22. @e1asticatedninja: You’re kidding right? Sarcasm perhaps? You don’t think that Oro dubbed sounds like a crappy Cobra Commander?….and why do I smell puke?

    @Ibiki: If you think Naruto & Bleach are laced with those sounds you should try and watch Kanokon (full blown ecchi, no don’t, I’ll lose what little respect I earned)

  23. @ /_) I/ /_)
    err Google it lol. Can’t be arsed to check the english voice actors cause the only way to go with Naruto is japanese voice casting. Because english version is PG-10 (not a fact) english version lacks swearing and bones cracking.

  24. @Jeremiah, Ibiki, and EroSenin: Lol, you guys, and girl, are a buncha jerks…maybe assholes…whichever one suits you better. 😉 So what if the guy likes Naruto dubbed I admit I liked the dubbed version of Dragon Ball Z better than the subbed. In Japanese Goku sounds like a b***h but in English Goku sounds like Japanese Goku’s Pimp! I hope I don’t have to find you a video of Japanese Goku talking to prove my point because it makes my ears bleed. >_<

  25. AHHH!!! I just insulted three moderators what the hell was I thinking? unpostunpostunpost…damn. -_-

    Wait, I’m not afraid of your moderating jutsus! I got your back E1asticatedninja!

    @Jeremiah, Ibiki, and Erosenin: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!

    *Hides behind e1asticated ninja*

    I said I got your BACK! @_@

  26. @ super – lol and i used to be the one who pissed off admins 😉

  27. @Reflex: Shhhh…I don’t think they’ll notice if we are very quiet and don’t post on this page anymore! more posts!

  28. hey ibi erosennin and jeremiah!!!!!! look up higher on this page and supertrek dissed all 3 of you!!!

    nice post. nice to see you finally got it done ibi 😉 .. now i need to finish mine -_-

  29. I actually know quite a few English voice cast similarities and off the top of my head. (OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD-so sorry my name spellings bad…)

    Shino-Ishida-Derek steven Prince
    Sakura-Karin-Kate higgins
    Genma-Ichigo-Jonny yong bosch
    Kiba-Ganju+Aizen-Kyle hebert
    Hinata-Inoue-Wendy lee
    Jirayia-Kenpachi-David lodge
    Neji-Hitsugaia-Steve stanely
    Sasuke-Asano-Yuri lowethal
    Ino-One of Inoues friends
    (Basicly there is common voice actors everywhere playing minor roles) And of course the voice actors alter their voices to play the role.

    I was just curios to see why English casting wasnt put up….

    But i really cant believe some people are so closed minded, that they cant bare to see a dub O_O

    I mean come on…Not all dubs are bad…or even a bit bad.
    And some people i know cant bare to see subs, because they hate Jap voices/words (they’re minds are also closed)
    Besides…i’d much rather listen to something i understand, than having to constantly read the subs and miss half the anime.
    And as far as originality is concerned…ummm read the original manga O_O

    But that doesn’t mean i dont like subs though.
    It is usually better acting.

    But remember each of the 2 have there strengths and weaknesses.

  30. Oh yeah @ few comments above

    A friend of mine years ago, was led to believe all Japanise guys have high voices because of Goku (before DBZ games were dub) thats how bad that was.

    I mean Gohan has a deeper voice than Goku.

    I know the voice is like that to show his innocence and purity And maybe Goku being Mr. sqeaky balls is acceptable in Japan…but im not so sure about America and England.
    I mean its honestly surprising he can reproduce ^.^

    I think the translation to change the voice types and tone in dub, from sub-in all anime, is done for appropriate marketing and cultural reasons.

    And lets not forget that in the original manga, characters never had voices…and even if the manga creater choose a specific voice for the anime him/herself…those rules/reasons may not apply outside Japan.

  31. @ /_) I/ /_): Funny enough, I actually heard that English speaking males tend to sound high pitched due to learning Japanese from Japanese women. When they try to copy the inflection they end up sounding feminine. And, sorry, but I think the dubs are crap. This goes back to the first time I found, when I learned how far ahead the Japanese series was, and then got to hear the voices that way (mind you after only watching the dubbed American series), I can no longer stand to hear the dubbed version. In fact, Cartoon Network recently aired the first Shippuuden Movie, and I had to turn it off. Maybe this is just a character trait I have. For all those kids in the ’90’s that loved the Nirvana Nervermind album, I then, and to this very day, think the Nirvana Bleach album kicked it’s overplayed a$$.

  32. Yeah, I can’t take English dubs at all. I hate that they change some of the sexual innuendo and name jokes. I will say that I can watch the dub for FMA and Cowboy bebop… other then that I can’t watch English dubs, the emotion in the English voice actors is just horrible.

  33. @Scorpion Legacy: I thought so too, but after first seeing FLCL in dub, but downloading it in sub (I then edited it together in to one movie) I find I feel the same about those shows too.

  34. OMG! Ero, that Cartoon Network dub of the movie…yeah. I fell asleep. And made no effort to wake up. ogod…heaving again…

    @scorp: I enjoyed Hellsing dubbed…but you’d have to work pretty damn hard to feck up a characters like Alucard and Integra with dubbage.

    And supertrek, it’s okay that elasticated likes the dubs. It’s also okay that they make me puke. Differences of opinion make this big beautiful mudball go ’round. But I do resent being the one with mop. Hey, I know, since I’m an asshole, I’ll leave YOU with the bucket. ^.^

  35. @reflex: yeah, quit popping off, there, grasshopper-san and get your shit done. Or you shall leave me no choice (*oh shit, my lips are out of synch with my words!*) but to wet willie your ear, give you an embarrassing pink belly and a noogie that’ll ache for a week! CHA!

  36. Ummmmm… Not ok to like the dubs @_@

    U must be under some kind of genjutsu in order to listen to Naruto yell “Believe it!” or Orochibra Camarudura hiss at Kabuto for 30 mins.

    *looks around*

    Hey, someone cleaned the floor. I just ate Arby’s for dinner…

    *hears someone yell believe it and then projectile vomits*

  37. Maybe the reason that I hate dubs is because they make me feel like I’ve been really getting into a show that seems to be aimed exclusively at pre-teens when it’s translated and it’s easier to convince myself that the original version is for a more mature audience 🙂 (cus it def sounds more badass in JAP). All the intensity and integrity just seem to be lost when I hear it in English.

    Actually tho, does anyone know the typical demographic for Naruto/ all manga/anime in Japan? I’m guessing a few of you will!

  38. OH for the love of…f#ck me running…what asshole left a half-chewed Arby’s combo all over the floor? (Maybe if it were taco bell it would still be good.) Supertrek! Clean up on aisle 9.

    @droptheweights: I think that’s just the point. The Japanese version is aimed at families (this from the pampers, McD’s and Sapporo commercials on the raws). Cartoon Network is aiming steadily for the kids and kids alone. And since we’re still heavily under the influence of Puritanical censorship the blood, bone cracking and off color language are removed. Dub Naruto is a soulless zombie coming to eat. your. brain.

  39. I’ll tell you why *I* hate dubs, besides the obvious: sometimes they mangle the soundtrack. The only episode of Naruto I’ve seen in English, for example, was episode 4, I think, when Team 7 is trying to get the bells, and Kakashi’s all impressed by Sasuke. I’m pretty sure he says, “Koitsu…” in Japanese, IIRC, which is cool, but then when you change it to, “This guy…” and say it in a voice that sounds like you’re about to fall asleep, and THEN strip out the background music and just have the sound effects, complete with this one line floating in the middle of nothing…yeah it reeks.

  40. well…cartoon network( and co.) do Horrible dubs….so i don’t give a shit(or puke) to them, but the animax dude’s are way better…ussually that is, i watches their dubs of FMA and tsubasa reservoir chronicles and they weren’t all that bad( though they do tend to exaggerate the american accent sometimes…understatement)
    So animax ain’t all that bad!

  41. EDIT watches to watcheD

  42. @PSI: i second that…

  43. I like the dub however, I really prefer the sub. Some of the voices in the English versions are really good, Naruto, Kakashi, the main cast. Its after hearing the voices in Japanese first that any sort of problem occurs. Listen to it in English first then change and it doesn’t sound so different, however watch the series in Japanese and if you switch to English the voices sound a little off.

  44. HAHA, very funny Ibiki but I’m not cleaning other people’s vomit without getting paid!
    *throws mop down and goes on strike*

    Are you’ll telling me you’ll didn’t like those animes that came on old Toonami when it was actually good? Come on you have to give Cartoon Network some credit for these excellently dubbed shows.

    *takes a deep breath*
    Tenchi Muyo
    Gundam Wing
    G Gundam
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Card Captor Sakura
    Cyborg 009
    Rorouni Kenshin
    Outlaw Star
    Ronin Warriors
    Sailor Moon (This shows sucks in Japanese and English but the dubs were good. My brothers loved this show I wonder why…)
    Dragon Ball Z (of course)


    Let’s not forget the dubbed movies played on Toonami (All by the infamous Miyazaki of course) 🙂

    Nasicaa, Valley of Wind (Badas movie dubbed or subbed)
    Spirited Away (Lil’ sister loves and I’m not ashamed to say I do too) ^^
    Princess Mononoke (Even more badass than Nasicaa)
    Castle In The Sky (See Spirited Away above)

    Look back on your childhood memories and deny yourself these great experiences if you want to but you can’t deny you didn’t look forward to coming home from school everyday and watching these great DUBBED animes. True you might not have known better not knowing the sweet sound of Japanese voice acting but like Kyouto said. It’s the fact that once you hear a character’s original voice in Japanese that you grow accustomed to it and then you hear the English version you go BLECH! The same can be said for the opposite. I watched Dragon Ball and Outlaw Star all the way through in English. Years later I tried watching both of them in Japanese and the voices just didn’t sound right…they sounded terrible in fact. So there you have it…a difference in opinion. 😉

    (I’m not mentioning Pokémon because once they went over 150 of em’ it was like, “No Ash I’m sorry but you can’t catch them all now because they just keep ADDING THEM!”) 0_0

  45. don’t worry i’ll clean it up

    *mop* *mop* *mop*

  46. @supertrek-
    the Cardcaptor Sakura dub was the worst ever in HISTORY!I swore over that shit for months and don’t get me started here….dubbing is one thing but cut and pasting evrything into oblivion shit is the worst thing you can do….they changed the names, changed the story, fucked up all the relationships and the Dubs were HORRIBLE…

  47. more for you to clean of815-
    CCS Dub by cartoon network
    dunno where the k came from but

  48. Oh no you don’t! You’re not taking my job away from me!

    *Snacthes mop away from Of815 and starts to clean Arby’s sandwich*

    *mop* *mop* *mop*

    …wait…WTF just happened here? DAMMIT!!! >_<

  49. seriously…everything Cartoon network has dubbed, Animax has dubbed WAAAAAAAAAAAY better!

  50. @Harshy: Alright stop puking all over the floor I just got my mop back…Of815 would you care to take over again I’m sick of this s**t!

    *throws mop back down and goes on strike*

    Harshy what are you talking about the dubs were good in Card Captor Sakura. They sounded like normal pubescent teenage girls and boys who saved the world with card monsters…what do you expect? The voice of God to come out of there throats? Lol. I don’t know about the original story or character relationships but the English version was fine for me. Again, you saw the Japanese version which demeaned your perception of the English dubbed version because it didn’t live up to your first ‘experience’ of Card Captor Sakura.

  51. Oh Yeah

    R.I.P. Toonami you are gone now but your early days will not be forgotten. You got alot of American kids hooked on anime and I was one of em’. Thanks a lot you big headed jerk! 😉

  52. excuse me…i saw the english one first and thought i knew what happened, then i saw the jap one…true 6the voices were a little wierd but i got used to them, but that’s not my main prob, they changed the story, threw out all the relationships(homo and pedophile’s are ok considering the audience, but the normal ones too?), i really suggest you watch tyhe jap version(or the ANIMAX version) which has the complete story and the right one…
    if you wanna know what’s the difference….just google it, why is “cardcaptors” bad as compared to cardcaptor sakura…or if you read the manga you’ll see, the difference b/w the english “cardcaptors” and the original “cardcaptor sakura”

  53. @ Ibi.

    Spot on, sarcasm is the word i would use to describe it. I started watching Naruto in dubbed episodes, and about episode 40, i watched a subbed one, and could not believe how unbelievable the difference was, i could finally take it more seriously. I’m actually surprised that Jeremiah took it so seriously. Harshy had to clean that up you douche!

    anyway, if it gets that kind of reaction i might be even more sarcastic:

    I Full metal alchemist Ed’s voice acting in Japanese is so bad that i was FORCED to watch the english dubbed to prevent my ears from bleeding. And it was well better.

    *Hands Jeremiah a bucket*

  54. If you want to see my worst dub…
    Check out Dragonball Z by AB group…
    Its so bad it hysterical.

    THIS is what a bad dub is…


    If anyone actually thinks Naruto dub is bad then in comparison to that, your deluding yourself.

  55. @supertrek89: Leave everything to me!

    *mop* *mop* *mop*

  56. *sniff* *sniff*

    I’m thinkin’ Arby’s.

  57. ^ The link…

    (sorry i forgot the “h” from http)

  58. Ok, so I came a little late to the party.

    I guess I am going to have to pick up reading the manga a bit here – or read this again. LOTS of action and I think I need that “Soul Dictionary” by my side when I read. lol

    It is getting better, I will admit. Now you have me wondering about Chad. This “Mod” body thing: I’m still not quite buying the goods…

  59. I probably shouldn’t bring this up so long after anyone spoke in this topic, but I guess it won’t do any harm.
    I think the point of the Soul Candy is to give the shinigami(in this case, Ichigo)’s body an autopilot of sorts to keep their corporeal form out of harm’s way while they fight hollows. Otherwise their body would just be dumped in the streets or wherever else they left it, and could be damaged or otherwise interfered with in an unpleasant manner.

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