Naruto & Innuendo

Hi there, Renee (aka Elfarren) here again with a post that isn’t thought provoking like the last one, just funny.  With all the jokes flying around about Naruto and his balls, I thought it would be fun to show some of the unintentional innuendo Kishi has slipped into the manga.  What I found was better than I expected, and some of it pure gold!  *LOL*  The only altering I’ve done to any of the images below was to either resize them or clean up the lettering, so keep in mind this is all straight from the manga (sans captions).  If anyone can find more panels that go along with this post/poster, let me know and I’ll start making up a second version.  The only rule is that it can’t be obvious, like Naruto’s sexy jutsu, it has to be pure innuendo ^_^



~ by elfarren on February 1, 2009.

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  1. 1st

  2. Great Post.. Lots of good jokes

  3. Also Number 1

  4. Third 😦

  5. That Tsunade vs Kabuto fight one is complete Diamond O.O

  6. awsome post

  7. very nice job 🙂

  8. sai and kabuto was the best one

    im suprised you dont haave the one with naruto and sasuke kissing or holding hands

  9. @ Harshy: I literally spit out my drink when I saw that panel! That’s what convinced me of Kishi’s dirty sense of humor ^o^ Kudos for knowing where it came from, too.

    @ Ultimate Sharingan User: I knew there had to be something good that involved Sai, so when I came across that panel I had to include it. LOL I also thought about using the panel of Naruto and Sasuke kissing, but it felt too obvious for this post.

  10. Yeah…naruto kissing sasuke is too innocent for a post like this…

    @elfarren – Never could’ve forgotten that panel…i stared at the screen for 5 mins asking myself WTF when i’d started reading the manga…penetration..ROFLMAO

  11. Thank god you did this, it’s gold! Sai and Tsunade were pretty awesome, also I like Naruto at the fair w/ squid tops (or whatever they’re called). Keep it up, I’ll check for more.

  12. hahaha, awesomeness elfarren! ^_^

  13. Did you notice that the girls here can spot the sexual puns as quick as the guys? I showed my sister and she didn’t get like three of them.

  14. Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?

  15. that’s because we’re pervs here. …and damn proud of it too!

  16. @ ajd – Yeah showing your sister you have 3 balls would creep most people out ^_^ Stop showing your sister your deformities!

  17. My sister is pretty good usually, but I surpassed her. Now she just thinks I’m weird 😦 if only she could see half the stuff here.

  18. you surpassed your sister?! you sicko..

  19. son of a b**ch, I so saw this coming after that comment, and i shouldn’t have even said the last one. IGNORE IT!

  20. Ehem, sister is just a generic name I give the ghetto girls in my neighborhood…

  21. sigh, this is more difficult backtracking then what Kakashi had to do w/ Naruto during training

  22. @adj… A girl can have a dirty mind just like a guy, it’s just that girls tend to be discreet and not say what they are thinking…to guys ^_^. But some girls don’t care and like to joke about the same stuff guy tend to joke about. Also guys just think about dirty stuff more then MOST girls, sometimes it’s the other way around…yeah.

  23. @ ajd – LMFAO! OMG! The second comment made it even better! Classic…


  24. Way to go guys, my sister is deeply disturbed now. I won’t be talking to her anytime soon. she loves grudges

  25. so your sister is ghetto and you like to surpass her..? i dont blame her for having a grudge….yeesh

    and helllllzz yea, i’m one of those girls who makes guys even cringe haha, it’s fun d:

  26. Well, any suggestions on…you know what, i was gonna say “digging my self out, or am i screwed” but yeah i know laugh it up. maybe someone will have a legitimate answer…

  27. well, youre a male. i would hope you’d have a dirtier mind than your sister, and i also would hope you’d creep her out (in a good way). it’s actually funny when brothers do that, and i’m not being sarcastic either.

  28. she probably isn’t mad, she has a good sence of humor. But she loves the god damn grudges, and for some reason it has always pissed me off.
    They need to kick the stupid ball already. Let’s party already. Friends always think the game has to start to serve food. WTF

  29. no it doesnt, once they serve food _then_ the game starts! …eventually

  30. exactly, and i’m very upset that I have to listen to John Madden all day. Go under dog Cardinals!



  32. Thanks, ADJ and Amongstheliving ^_^

    And just for the record: I’m a girl, I’m quick to spot sexual puns (looks pointedly at poster), and I don’t mind joking about the same stuff as guys – I’m just usually not funny about it unless sarcasm is involved. *L*

    Oh, and I hate sports announcers, too *grumbles about Madden’s repetitive commentary*

  33. Snow globe Doritos ROFLMAO promotion thing would so be me!

  34. Commercials have already had a good one. This is why I love super bowls!

  35. *AJD, sorry for getting it backwards ^_^

  36. no biggie there. Vroom Vroom paryi stahted! lol, sorry, i’ll be on the whole game

  37. John Madden says it well for once.”Maybe that’s why he get’s so much penetration, he jumps early!…”That’s how you flash the right way…”

  38. Last thing. LMAO syndrome. LMAO!!!

  39. @elfarren: Dang! one good post after another! hahahaha looking at this one I can’t help but sing we are all on drugs by weezer wahahaha!

    It’s just like the first time I watched Naruto lose to Sasuke! SOOOO CLOSE!!! GAAAAAHHHHH

  41. hey, it’s not over till its over *holds out hope*

  42. @ fumakotaro: thanks ^_^ i had a lot of fun putting this together.

  43. damnit …. that was the lamest almost comeback in the history of the superbowl …

  44. Everything was set perfect to get them to win, then last second pulls out a lame ass excuse of a drive. How perfect would it have been? Under dog defense trumps Goliath: A True Cinderella Story. GRRRRRR

  45. Man, Kakashi doesn’t even have to talk to get me in the mood…..*drool*

    *Looks around then scurries back to her hidey corner*

  46. Now that I recall the Sakura picture, we never saw the ENTIRE scene with her. What was she up to???

  47. lol, Mandi. Once again, you remind how behind I am…and I agree with you, although J-man is more my style.

    Nice, Elfarren, I’m trying to think up some more, because I know there have to be more. One of the reasons I love this story are all the dirty little jokes.

  48. oh! I see one here

  49. Naruto a mid left panel

  50. @ Ms. Mandi: I had to do a double take when I read the Kakashi panel, too. As girls, I don’t think we can help having that reaction! LOL

    @ AJD: That scene is in the Forest of Death, and you’re right, we don’t get to know how she moves Sasuke and Naruto after the battle with Orochimaru *waggles eyebrows suggestively*

    @ Ibiki: Thank you! I’m sure there are more innuendo-y panels out there, too, but I had already spent a week finding these so I wanted to throw it out there for everyone else to find some, too ^_^

  51. once approved, think I got two more having to do with experience!

  52. top left…

  53. :O, he started early!

  54. No comment….wait a minute (Dammit). Might as well, great job elfarren was LMAO on the Oro and Sasuke panel! Would someone tell my little sister who unadoringly loves orochimaru, and mind you she’s only 9, that he’s totaly gay and is quite possibly a pedophile. (Remember he was after Saskue when he was around twelve!) She think he’s cute and I think he looks like Indiana Jones worst nightmare, especially if Indi was a kid!!! ^^

  55. Orochi liked Anko to until she “matured”
    Then he ditched her. ‘.’
    Poor Anko she liked Orochi to-For being given the “curse love bite” on her neck.
    Really though just how many kids did he bite…he even bit Kimamaro on his chest *cough nipple* 🙂

  56. what about Konohamaru’s ultimate sexy no jitsu boy on boy lol that was like :S but 😀

  57. Thst was cut out in the anime…same as Shikamaru smoking.
    It has something to do with Viz again ~_~
    Apparently the some manga versions will be edited to-because of Viz -_-

  58. @ deadsoul999: Sorry, but that’s a bit too obvious. Taken in context, all of the panels I used were fairly innocent – it’s separating them from the manga that brings out the dirty humor. LOL

    @ supertrek89: Thank you! The Sasuke/Orochimaru panel was the one that really got me started, since when I saw it however many months ago I had to raise an eyebrow at the suggestiveness. I know Kishi was trying to show the way Orochimaru covets Sasuke as a vessel, but still … hell, even putting it that way sounds suggestive *headdesk* LMAO

  59. @elfarren- NP elfarren, it’s in a gentlemen’s role to compliment a lady, HAHHAHAHAHAHAA *Sweat Drop* *Scurries away*!


  60. Hey I think I found a couple of innuendos involving sasuke and Madara! Alright here goes.

    First one: middle slide.
    Caption: ‘Listen? Is that what you really want him to do here Madara?’

    Second one: first and second slide combined
    Caption: ‘And now that you’re in that corner I’ll be taking over from here *chuckles*’
    (you can take the chuckle out if you want to whichever is funnier to you)

    Or for both: ‘Poor Saskue, first Orochimaru and now Madara. Why do all the old immortal pedophiles want to go afetr him?’


  61. Lol, look at the second one from supertrek bottom right. Oro has an interesting set up down there…

  62. @ajd- Lol, holy crap I can’t beleive I didn’t notice something that big….literally! XD

  63. Asupertrek: LMAO!

    Yeah, that whole immortal pedophile thing…WTF?! I mean, it’s almost too obvious, isn’t it? And see, when I write fanfic that puts THIS kind of innuendo right on the surface (instead of clearly implied…tied him up? tried to eat him with his snake? WTF?!)…some people call me nuts and say I’m violating everything pure and holy about the manga. I’m glad I’m not just crazy.

  64. @Ibiki- Well, we all could be crazy for finding stuff like this. lol. =)

  65. @ Supertrek and Ibiki: Nah, not crazy, just more observant than most. LOL

    Thanks for the references, too, they’re great! I’ll have to start working on the second entry for this thread over the weekend …

  66. @supertrek and ajd, lool! Also in the first one from trek, has Madara not got a comparatively insignificant bit of junk trying to make itself known?

    Poor Sasuke, he’s gonna get it twice as hard from Madara to make up for that little thing.. ^_^

  67. Sasuke’s little groan too, I think he must be into the whole bondage thing…

  68. Oro’s face as he flops his dongle out too, he looks so proud ^_^

  69. @droptheweights- HOLY SHIZNITS MAN, ROTHFLMAO!!! I can’t believe I missed that. It totally fits in with the next slide to and Sasuke being tied up. Dude, nice eyes…..wait why were you looking down there again? lol. (0)__(0)

  70. @supertrek, Madara must have finished pretty quick too cus by the next panel they’re already having that awkward post sex conversation… lol!

  71. A whole sex scene in Naruto, whoda thunk it? Kishi is corrupting the minds of all of us, we’ll all be an Erosennin before he’s done!

  72. @droptheweights- That’s wrong and funny at the same time. ^^ I feel sorry for Sasuke but at least with Madara being so old he must have a lot of experience eh….alright, maybe that was alittle overboard? ><

  73. Going back to the Itachi post I’m so obsessed with, screw the whole Genjutsu thing, Madara turns people to his ways by raping them! Notice how Sasuke looks so downbeaten, dejected and violated after his little ordeal, then slowly starts coming to terms with how Itachi may not have been the enemy all along.. Rape, the ultimate Genjutsu!

  74. @ droptheweights : LMAO!

  75. Certainly would explain why Itachi had so many issues, he just couldn’t bear to look people in the eye any more, he thought they all knew his dirty little secret and he couldn’t take it! Stockholm syndrome kicked in and he ran off with his abuser to live happily ever after, till he died of aids during his fight with Sasuke, which is obviously the mystery illness Madara had given him…

  76. too far..? Certainly would make for an interesting Itachi Gaiden.. Bit of a departure for the series I’ll admit.

  77. Maybe Itachi’s ‘best friend’ was actually his boyfriend, and he got suspicious of Itachi cus he’d been acting strange since he cam back from his latest mission, then Itachi just flipped out and accidentally killed him, thus obtaining MS! (not Multiple Sclerosis mind, that would be too much of a killer on top of the whole aids thing)

  78. Right, think that’s enough from me, time for bed! Just goes to show what you can ‘prove’ if you look for it tho…

  79. lol droptheweights… speaking from personal experience??? 😀

  80. @reflex, Thankfully I’m not writing this from prison, so I can safely say no! 🙂 I’m just gonna put it down to the old late night super crackhead chakra leaking out again (3:35 am here).

  81. where the hell do you live??

  82. Little old England dude!

  83. oh i figured that… i was fixin to say though… you must REALLY be high if you think its 3 in the morning 😛

  84. @droptheweights- Lol, you took it to a whole nother level! The amazing thing is I can’t find any holes in your theory, you may have something on going on there! lol 0_0

  85. one problem with his theory…. if itachi was gay then why was he flirting with kurenai back before the time skip?? 😀

  86. He was just putting on a front trying to make Kisame jealous of course. 🙂

  87. r u sure about that… he also flirted with kakashi…. twice!!!

  88. itachi’s just a playa i guess 😀 … he likes to try everything (and everyone) bat least once 😀

  89. Alright, I got another innuendo. 🙂 The title of Naruto Manga 194 is actually called “Probing Each Other” and on the cover page it shows Shikamaru and his dad with a sweatdrop on his face. LMAO XD…but why is Shikamaru smiling?

  90. … creepy

  91. It’s far beyond creepy!

  92. gimme the link
    not as creepy as itachi though (read my comments)

  93. MAn! Kishi and his pedophilic, incest gestures…doesn’t the life of the artist eppear in his creations…;)
    (*looks suggestively*)

  94. Here’s the link but beware you’re in for a scare muhahahaha….

  95. WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!
    @supertrek – 4get the pic…look at what’s written besides it on the margins-
    “dad…you’re not game enuf to go up against mom!”

  96. WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTF!!!WTFWTF!!!
    @harshy- WTF!!! Dude that is WTF sick but I can’t stop LMAO. That right there is some Unholy S**T!

  97. Exactly. Now you’re seeing it the way I do…lol…and you’ll never be the same again.

  98. This post is bringing to light the dark side of ‘Naruto’!

  99. Looks luike the nara family has Daddy-son weekends and Mommy-son weekdays….MAN! we guys are so sick…no..wait…kishi’s the one who’s sick, if he tells me that he didn’t notice then i’ll ram Captain planet up his ass…come out bono…err…kishi!

  100. Are you implying that Bono is really Kishi? Hmph, at least we know now were he gets all of his cool ideas from. Now we can ask him what all of this sickness is doing in his anime. Next time I see him yell first I’m tracking him down!

  101. @ supertrek…. i looked at the link… i still cant get over the “probing each other” WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then the side panel is just bad!! lol nice

  102. @ibiki- I’m scarred for life now I hope you’re happy! 😦 No wait…I’ll put the blame on elfarren instead…yeah…curse you elfarren….or maybe droptheweights…..perhaps harshy??? Hell, all of you! Anybody but me who took the time to actually search for these things and subject my self to torture. I just want it to end *sob*…..*starts to search for more*. I think I may be an addict now.

  103. Oh SHIT!!!
    Supertrek’s gonna go hentai!
    Stand BACK EVRYONE!!!!

  104. oh no.. run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. 434 is out!!!

  106. Is that a boner in Naruto’s pants? Lol, Alright that’s it I’m going to bed dammit!

  107. @ supertrek89 : you have my most sincere apologies for stealing away your last bit of innocence … not! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  108. i guess there’s the answer to the queestion why he didn’t make any more clones….

  109. wtf!!that’s it…Pain grabs Naruto Doggystyle and he surrenders….

  110. Dude, if Naruto gets captured that easily, and none of the villagers try to stop Pain, I’m gonna be seriously pissed …

  111. no… they r prolly gonna save him with the genjutsu… then when naruto is free again theyll summon his other clone

  112. @ elfarren…. same here… if he really does get captured i’ll be pissed!!!!!

  113. We’ve already seen Naruto get out of these kind of situations in clever, unpredictable ways – like the battle against Kiba during the Chuunin exams when he turns his clones into Akamaru to confuse him. I’m hoping the real Naruto is back at Myobokuzan gathering sage chakra, even though I seriously doubt that’s a possibility. If anything, I’d like to see Hinata step into that battle since she’s probably the closest person right now. And what about Sakura? I wanna know what she’s up to …

  114. @Reflex & Elfarren- If naruto get’s captured that easily I say we start a petititon for Naruto’s safe and quick release from the Akatsuki organization….. but not one of those hard petitons that requires like a million signatures or something. Our pettion is only gonna require three elite signatures (bet you can’t guess where those signatures are coming from let give you a hint….us 3 *wink*) Let me warn you though I’ll probably be the weakest link and if Akatsuki offers me let’s say I don’t…..a piece of candy to drop my signature then I’m betraying you faster than Kabuto did to Sasori! 🙂

  115. @ supertrek….. what if i offer you one more peice of candy than akatsuki… will you stay with us??!?!?!

  116. @ elfarren… if naruto makes it out of this without getting captured you and i are going to be the first to let jeremiah know ok 😉 ..
    oh and i agree… he is known for being the comeback fighter.. every fight he has ever won he was behind for a good portion of the battle… so even if he does lose and get captured (unlikely), this fight is long from being over..

  117. @ reflex: I call ’em like I see ’em, and I’m always prepared to eat my words when I’m wrong. LOL Since I’ve started commenting on the blog, however, I’ve had a pretty good track record with correct guesses …

  118. @Reflex: HELL YEAH!!!

  119. @ elfarren … i agree with your prediction completely. after the big deal they made about how naruto was “jiraiya’s chosen student” so on and so on, i just cannot see any way for him to lose this fight. not to mention what you said about how he still had a clone left in frog land. Why would kishi set this is up if naruto was just going to lose without using it??? This fight can… make that WILL not end yet… Besides, we have yet to even see the real nagato and konan make an appearance yet.

  120. @elfarren, Naruto vs Kiba? do you mean to say Naruto is gonna pwn pein in the face with a well timed fart? Lol! Maybe that’s why the frogs gave Naruto all that dodgy food, eh? SAGE TECH, ULTIMATE EGGY FART NO JUTSU! It’s the perfect compliment to his wind based chakra I spose…

    for anyone who can’t remember:

    Anyways, how has this place become a side post for the manga discussion?

  121. @ droptheweights…. idk how this became the side discussion…. it just kinda happened
    i also like the eggy fart jutsu idea… maybe that was really naruto’s “new move” he was talking about early 😉

  122. @ droptheweights: LOL I was actually thinking of how Naruto uses his clones to keep turning himself into copies of Kiba and Akamaru to confuse them, but farting in Pain’s face would be SOOOOOO awesomeness, not to mention hilarious! I think this became a side discussion because a couple of us happened to be online when the new chapter came out and Jeremiah hadn’t written the weekly post yet …

    @ reflex: I dunno if Nagato will make an appearance, but I’d like to see Konan get pwned by Hinata. *evil laughter* We all know how Kishi feels about boys beating up on girls, but girl against girl he doesn’t seem to care. That and I really wanna see Hinata kick some a$$! ^_^

  123. @elfarren: Hell Yeah! Hinata kicking some akatsuki a$$ is a change I can believe in! (obvious reference) As for Naruto farting in Pein’s face as hilarious as that would be I think it’s to childish and unfitting in this stage of his adulthood and this magnitude of a fight.

    @droptheweights and Reflex: Come on guys no more fart jokes! 🙂

  124. @supertrek, now come on, you didn’t think that was a serious suggestion.. did you? 😉

    @elfarren, in order to get your post back to innuendo/fart jokes I think I’ll put a reply in the main thread!

  125. @droptheweights: Nah, I knew you weren’t serious thus the 🙂 at the end of my sentecnce. Maybe I should’ve used 😉 instead?

  126. @ elfarren .. that would be pretty funny, but personally i think konan would kick hinata’s ass (sorry but.. its true).. right now though, all i want to see is naruto put a beat down on the real nagato

  127. @ Ix ReFleX xI – i think hinata could beat konan.

    1. she is by far the best female ninja of the 9 rookies (shes better than ten ten too haha)

    2. she has that defense thing she does in the anime against all those bugs, that would be similar to konans paper.

    3. konoha nin always find a way to win even if they are far less powerful than their opponent.

  128. @ renzy.
    we haven’t seen konan’s “full powers” yet…. all we really saw was a paper bunshin strangling a bunch of people, so we can really cant say who’s power are better… i agree with #3, but i think if that wasnt a factor, konan would probably win (she’s not in akatsuki for no reason after all)

  129. @ renzy
    just an fyi… im not gonna respond to any more comments involving the konan discussion. according to ibi im “picking fights” and posting “off-topical spam” so im almost gonna stop commenting completely… dont wanna get banned completely eh? -_-

  130. Konan’s pretty vulnerable. You just have to oil her up.

  131. @af815: Lol, is that some kind of sexual innuendo becuase if not then damn. If so then I’ll volunteer my time and services for the oiling. 😉

  132. @supertrek89 I figure I’d do the same thing whether she was friend or foe.

  133. and people say i get off topic… lol damn ^_^

  134. @reflex: *tries to be very patient, as you seem to be 14 at the oldest.* Since you’re having trouble interpreting what I told you, I’m going to clarify one more time, just so everyone can hear.

    This _is_ the kind of discussion you _should_ be participating in.

    This, as opposed to (among other things) how many sites you’ve been banned from, what video game you’re playing, the merits of routers vs. a ps2, and a blow by blow commentary of logging in to someone else’s account (WTF?!) to change their icon…you know, if all that had been on a side discussion and not on the main manga discusison page I probably wouldn’t have said anything at all.

    I made every attempt to keep this private so you could keep your pride intact. Yet, you chose to ignore me. In fact, you tried to (and are still trying to) stir up trouble.

    I’ve turned on the lights and made this public (my apologies to everyone else who had to read this). If you choose to scurry under the baseboards because you honestly think I was a bitch or unfair or mean…let me invite you back to reality.

    Just like everyone else here, you are welcome to participate, and I really, really hope you can adjust your ‘tude enough to play nicely with everyone, and respect the many readers regardless of whether or not they comment.

    Hell, you’re even welcome to pick fights and spam off topic–if you do it the RIGHT way. The key to fights is not to engage in personal attacks and only engage those who want to be engaged in ‘that way.’ The key to spam or off topic comments is…to be funny as hell.

  135. @reflex – me and supertrek89 were on topic. Konan is one hell of a woman and we were talking about innuendo concerning her.

  136. i wouldnt wanna get a paper cut ^_^

  137. @renzy10: I’d risk the papercut and alot more! 😉 ……Wait, that’s not what it sounds like you gotta believe me! -_-

  138. @supertrek89, renzy10 – she also seems to be into crazy stuff like suffocation. Konan’s a freak, I could go on and on.

    But, just for the record my favorite is Hinata.

  139. @ ibiki
    i must say that i completely agree with you, and… im sorry. When i posted that comment last night i was tired, frustrated, and generally pissed at everything -_- . I was just blowing off steam and regret sending that comment in. As a matter of fact, as soon as i posted it,i realized how immature it sounded and tried to delete it, but unfortunately wordpress doesn’t let you do that 😦 . Once again sorry…..

  140. @of815 and supertrek, lool! I bet she’s barbaric in the bedroom, too!

  141. Okay, so there must be a better K(C)onan reference than that, I was struggling a bit tho..

  142. You know we’ve only scratched the surface here.

    Like: Hinata can do 64 palms on me… If you know what I mean.

  143. @af815: I think I see where you’re getting at like…..Ino can take control of my body anyday If you know what I mean! +_+

  144. Yeh, and.. Sakura can heal her own wound any day for all I care, if you know what I… NNNOOOOOOO! TOO FAR! My sincere apologies to all the women on awesomeness, hope I don’t offend! :s

    Okay, try again.. Sakura can cure my stiffness any day, if you know what I mean! Still too far??

  145. @droptheweights: LMAO at the sheer awkwardness of your post! XD Good innuendo by the way I’m delving into the depths of my pervy mind to come up with some more possibilites. 0_0

  146. Alright I got another innuendo. what the hell Ino is it really that easy? Damn you lucky bastard Shikamaru! ><

  147. @supertrek, ha yeh, I guess I’ve had bad experiences when it comes to accidentally overstepping the mark and offending ladies, even though they all seem cool on here, I’m not taking any chances!

    Also, Ibiki is so articulate and on the money when it comes to giving a tongue lashing, I wouldn’t want to get in her bad books! Wait.. now even that sounds rude!

    Right then Elfarren, I’m blaming you for the corruption of my innocent mind! 😉

  148. @ Reflex: we’re cool–but you can e-mail me next time ( Sorry you had a crap day, and hope this one’s better. Next time, take it out on Sas-Uke or Peins, huh? Renzy can tell you I can be your worst nightmare or your best defender. I’d always rather be the latter.

    @ the rest of you (let’s see how gross I can make this…if you don’t barf, shame on me…): Jiraiya can do research on me. Especially if he can manage to put that uncompressed rasengan in a place I can’t normally reach. @.@ What? I meant scratch my…back.

    Rock Lee can drop his weight on me…

    Garra could put his sand in my coffin…

    Maito Gai…dynamic entry…too easy.

    I have a place for Kakashi to mount his lightning rod…

    Naruto’s tadpoles…ok, can’t go there, even I’m grossed out.

    I have a button that needs to be stitched on…and Shikamaru’s shadow sewing would be just right.

    Sai…OMFG, not even…one of you guys will have to do him.

  149. @Ibiki, LMAO! I think you’ve just exonerated me of all guilt! I’m glad you came in and redressed the balance for us guys! nice

  150. @ droptheweights: I guess that makes two people here on the blog whom I’ve corrupted *WEG*

  151. i didnt barf but i laugh for about 10 minutes. nice job ^_^

  152. @ elfarren … make that 3. over the last few day i re-read the first 100 chapters looking for innuendo!!! CURSE YOU!!!!!!! 😀

  153. OK, so Sai.. This is definitely getting sick for me now.. but I bet I could put a smile on his face any day! hmmm, maybe.. I could show him how to do things by the book! (Ibi, spare me please! I feel dirty now!)

  154. @ Reflex: MWAHAHAHAHAHA! My sinister ability to corrupt awesomeness readers knows no bounds!

    *More calmly* Sorry, I got a bit carried away there LOL

    As for Sai, I don’t even want to think of the kinds of things he could make come to life with his artistry jutsu … let’s just say he’d never get lonely and leave it at that, eh?

  155. LMAO, HOLY S**T IBIKI LMAO!!!! XD WTF!!! @_@ Can’t breathe! Everyone in the comoputer lab is looking at me strangely now, ahem…alright I’m back under control. Very nicely done someone had to step up and do all the guys (no pun intended unless yu want it to be) and you took the mantle. As for Sai I’m not gonna be the one to undergo that expenditure. “Nose Goes!” *puts finger on nose*

  156. Oh, thanks droptheweights you already took care of Sai for us! Good job, while I was reading I came up with a real nasty for Sai. Alright, here goes: Sai can draw me in anytime! AGHH, I feel sullied! ><

  157. lol. i m not very creative (and im lazy) so ill ask you guys. can someone make something up about minato and his body flicker jutsu??

  158. @reflex, I’ve kinda already done one on the sage post!

    “…that guy invented used a space-time jutsu, so I’m pretty sure he did everything fast! (small thought spared for Kushina there, I bet her whirlpool country was never fully satisfied…)

    @Elfarren, You see? It’s spilling out into other posts now!

  159. @Reflex: Minato and flickering hmmmm….the possibilities! What about Minato’s body flicker jutsu on Kushina’s….yeah…is what convinced her to leave the Whirlpool Country for Konoha! Oh my…that may have been too much?

  160. LOL supertrek, small minds never differ, hey? 🙂

  161. @ drop the weights… sorry i havent really been payin much attention to the main post. i’ll go look real quick

    @ everyone else: how about i feed you guys ideas and you make shit up???

  162. Back to the classic one liners.. Minato can flicker my bean any day!

  163. @droptheweights: Hey, now wait just a minute, I don’t have a small mind I just have big brain with very limited capacity! 😉

    @reflex: Lol, most of the s**t I didn’t even make up. Most of the stuff I provided are valid links to s**t Kishi made up!

  164. @Elfarren, you can’t corrupt the corrupted…

  165. Of course, everyone may just have misheard Minato, and what he actually said was “Body F****r Jutsu”, which implies some nasty necrophilia!

  166. @ droptheweights…. i currently like the body f****r one the best… short, simple and to the point 😀

    @ ibiki.. i was already corrupted as well. just not in this particular way 😉

    @ supertrek… try to find some innuendo involving pein and his “multiple paths” … be creative 😀

  167. @ supertrek don’t do the obvious one where he “choked” jiraiya to death either!!!! (is that taking it too far??) ah who cares!! lol

  168. Right, it’s 5:15a.m where I am and my crackhead chakra is leaking again! I’ll have to call it a night.

    @reflex, I thought that one was a bit crude tbh, I’m happy with Kushina’s whole Whirlpool Country myself, but whatever floats your boat!

  169. @ droptheweights … lol i know its crude. thats why i picked it (it was a joke) they were all good though. you can bet on that.

  170. @Ibiki: Pain wants your body. No really. And I got a Naruto innuendo for you that’s dialed down a bit. (a lot) Your Gaara innuendo was awesome. (i’m not at liberty to say what came to mind)

    Sometimes Naruto can be a stone cold fox.

    And it’s too bad Gaara lost his one tailed demon.

    And what I wouldn’t give for Hinata to burden me.

    (I’m actually stopping to do air quotes for these.)

  171. @ Ibiki: I know … if anything it’s you people who are corrupting me! I never even would have thought of an innuendo post if all those jokes about Naruto’s balls weren’t flying around. Add to that your and Erosennin’s sparing and this is the result (I still think the joke about Naruto having his balls in Gamabunta’s mouth is the funniest) LOL

  172. @ elfarren, just because they are corrupting you doesnt mean you should keep spreading it!! GOD!!!!! *curls up in fetal position and covers ears* no more!! please!!!!!! god save me!!!!!!!!

    lol. but really i know what you mean. while i havent been on this site very long, it already starting to affect me as well. now i’m gonna have to write some kind of post like this myself!!

  173. Let’s Begin! *whistles*

    Hinata can look me all up and down with her Byakugan! 😉

    Anko can be burdened with my snake! 😉

    Tsunade can play doctor with me anyday! 😉

    Konan can fold over me anytime! 😉

    Temari can blow me……with her fan whenever I’m hot! 😉

    Kurenai can perform genjutsu on my head everyday! 😉

    Tenten can…..throw knives at me all day?…..dammit!

    If anybody can come up with something clever to say for Tenten or Shizune I applaud you. See ya! 0_-

  174. Shizune can assist me any day!… or… she can handle my pork any time!

    Tenten.. I’d give her ten out of ten… damn, she’s so useless even innuendo is beyond her! Someone do her quick!

    Elder Chiyo can string me up whenever she wants!

  175. Tenten… I have a new weapon for you to handle.

  176. @droptheweights & af815: F’ing brilliant the both of you, lol! But did we really have to bring elder Chiyo into this? Ych! >_<

  177. Thinking of innuendo for Tenten was a long and hard process.

  178. hmmm, … aren’t you people forgetting Ino??
    I mean, she could blow my mind away anytime…
    (I know it is’t as good as the rest, but I posted it anyway… guess I’m too drunk to think it through)

  179. @nova89: I did Ino in a earlier post somewhere up there but that was a good one too! 🙂

  180. hmmm… did anyone do sakura ??

  181. no idea whether i can translate this pun in english… (tell me if it sucks, i’m trying to improve my english): sakura really blows me away

  182. @nova89: Lol, that would be more appropriate for Temari because she has a fan to blow people with…you know. Unless you’re reffering to Sakura’s temper flares where she blows Naruto away with her punches. Sorry it’s kinda complicated to explain. Oh, and droptheweights already did Sakura but we don’t mind repeats here. 🙂

  183. You’re english is very good by the way. Better then my Japanese….wait are you Japanese? Perhaps something else it matters little to me I’m just assuming.

  184. I wish my outer-me could get in touch with the inner-Sakura.

  185. @ supertrek89: actually i’m dutch, but i guess you’re right, it doesn’t really matter

    i’ve been wondering … rn’t there any innuendo whith naruto’s sexy no jutsu… i mean, there should be some… has anyone found anything like that?? i’ve been searching for a couple of days, and still can’t find any 😦

  186. I cant remember seeing a Naru sexy jutsu once post TS. In fact he never even uses it in the anime’s useless filler arcs.

  187. that “cunnili….” joke was the best!!!

  188. I’d like to see Tamari’s spread fan.

    I’d like to see Sakura’s cherry blossom. I wonder if the tree is kept trim?

    Ino can hand arrange my vase.

    Hinata push up on my chakra points.

    Tenten can pull out my scroll. (think of the scroll she keeps in the bed side drawer.)

    Shizune can nurture my pig while Tsunade offers us shade.

  189. Kurenai can climb on my tree and send me to dream land

  190. Iruka can teach me a new jutsu.

    Genma likes to play with that senbon in his mouth. I have a different toy he can try.

    I’m laying out an all you can eat spread for my friend Chouji.

    Neji can count his rotation out on me.

    Kiba can go manbeast on me.

    Shino, yeah, I’ve got a cocoon for his pupa.

    Kankuro…I could wear his strings as a necklace. (mmkay, that just made me wanna hurl… ;P~)

  191. I found this middle row / right side, and I know that it is suposed a moving effect, but very…..very disturbing.

  192. What’s more disturbing is Gai peeking around the tree and watching that…

  193. lol ibi.. you if you keep making phrases up like that there arent gonna be any more left!!! slow down!!!

  194. Do ya’ll think Sasuke ever charmed Oro’s snake?

  195. did tsunade summon a giant slug for j man

  196. did zabuza ever let haku play with his big sword

  197. did minato ever seal the beast in tsunade

  198. Did Kisame let Itachi taste his caviar

  199. did Deidra play with Sasori’s puppet

  200. I wonder if Karui will get Samui’s mayonase

  201. I’m done

  202. has two naruto balls hit pain’s backside?

    jman hates snakes, he’ll go froggy for any fish

    have you seen yamamoto’s wood?

    and just for ibi- sai can draw me a pretty picture and show me how he keeps his abs in shape…

  203. WHAT? Done and no tentacle?!

    Sai’s abs…*PUKES*

  204. wow! ero manga here…god! how did i miss that?
    great job *scrolls up to look at the name* elfarren!!!
    you have a bright future in the field of hentai (lol)


    In chapter 424 when they are carrying Animal Relm’s body one says they can tell its a girl. At first is nothing and it may take a little assertion but what type of stuff had to go down for him to know the female body so well in the first place. As said it takes a little push but it can work.

  206. unbelievable….i actually can’t think up an Innuendo…
    it must be “me”‘s nfluence…

  207. @harshytkage: If I couldn’t think of anything, here’s what I would say.

    I want Hinata to have sex with me. If you know what I mean.

  208. @af815: No, actually I don’t know what you mean. What exactly are you hinting at here with my Hinata?

    *af815 smacks himself in the forhead and walks away*

  209. Oh, snap I got some but I warn you they’re beyond wrong:

    Hey Konan, I can give you pain but it’ll quicky turn into pleasure! 😉

    Hey Sakura, I wanna get to know the inner you a little better! 😉
    (props to of815 for that one because he did a very similar joke up above which led me to this one)

    Sup Temari, it must be hot living in the Hidden Sand Village, need something to drink? (alright maybe that was a little to far)

    Yo Tsunade, I’m a little thirsty can I have some milk please?

    and for my favorite girl…

    Hello Hinata, how good are you with your hands again? 😉

    alright I’m done. 🙂

  210. “No inyourendo” get it get get it?

  211. @allschoolreject: I see what you did there.

    @supertrek89: Don’t worry, she’s just not that into me.

    *smacks myself in the forehead and walks away*

  212. Sai to Kabuto..”What to chill with some natty ice…wish me luck”…spits into hand…

  213. Here a go one the 2 last panel just imagine Pain say: The nine-tailed fox has been captured, lets the fun begin 😛

  214. Last one I promise, “Tenten let me put my kunai in your sheath.” Alright I’m done! 🙂

  215. Sakura has the cure for what ails me.

    That’ll be my last one too.

  216. do you guys know how to change the avatar?

  217. @lizard:
    here you go.

  218. thanks ibi

  219. Go to my account in the upper right corner of the page. Then enter the menu and scroll down to and click edit profile. From that page you should be able to change your avatar along with other settings. Sometimes there is a wait period before it takes effect.

  220. Fast…

  221. Would any of you ladies fancy letting pain penetrate you with his black rod? He seems to have a thing for older men, younger boys and on occasion will pull a toad, but there’s no doubt he’s in dire need of a woman’s touch!

  222. @droptheweights: lol. Yeah but in true Freudian fashion he’ll want that woman to be his mom. Probibly has her at the tower of power already (reanimated incest…EWWWWW).


    had to do it…

  224. Ino- This time, I go inside YOU!

  225. @of815: Freakin-A! Good job couldn’t have found a better one myself. Tsunade looks kinda pround there. What the hell has she really been teaching Sakura?

  226. @harshy: lol…wait WTF! 0_0

  227. She was teaching her how to make a dead fish come alive.


  228. Is this Shikamaru stealing 2nd base? (bottom left hand panel)

  229. @ erosennin – i think your right… i didnt know shikamaru was such a playa man… nice job

  230. Naruto just jerking around.

  231. 2nd AND 3rd, and I totally noticed that in the anime (which I saw first). lol.

  232. So Shikamaru’s the ‘Konoha Midnight Molester’! The victims never saw his face and now we know why. With his shadow jutsu he can molest bystanders from afar! Damn, that Shikamaru!

    …To far, nah.

  233. but wait…all shika can pull off is quickie’s, he has a chakra time limit!!!

  234. Lol, yeah but from what I’ve seen when he’s determined he can last pretty long. Just look how hard he tried to molest flute girl. Poor girl must of felt like she was under some perverted genjutsu for at least a couple minutes! 😉

  235. Lol, no one’s probably even going to see this. ^_^ I know I said “this is my last one” but I couldn’t resist after reading this Ahem…

    Hinata you can overtake me any day! 😉
    (Kinda obvious but whatever)

    On a serious note though DON’T DIE HINATA!!! 😦

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