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Yes please!

Those other frogs must be pissed. They got summoned for the first time in years and all they get to do is stand around and look surprised... and hold stuff... like spears and a giant dinner plate...

Hey everyone,

Some hits and misses this week with the new issue of Naruto Manga available for all of us to comb through like the crack addicted fans that we are.  This post, much like last weeks post is arriving a little late due to a combination of school and a Friday night movie watching binge that lasted into the early morning hours.  The Wrestler was the best movie I saw this weekend. It was much more depressing than I originally anticipated but well worth a watch if you are looking for solid acting and a well paced and told story from a unique perspective.  Tomorrow is also the Superbowl which the local team (Arizona Cardinals) are the big underdogs.  I’m not originally from here but I’ve lived here long enough to root for them tomorrow.  The best part will be hanging out with my friends and eating some good food, the game is just the facilitator.

So lets get back to the important stuff in life… manga.

You've heard of "Sexy no Jutsu" but Naruto just showed us his new technique "Creepy Date Rape no Jutsu!"

You've heard of "Sexy no Jutsu" but Naruto just showed us his new technique "Creepy Date Rape no Jutsu!"

We saw Naruto lose his sage mode in the last issue and I thought for sure that this meant for certain that an ass beating was going to be handed out by Deva Pain, this would eventually be followed by a heroic comeback from our hero who never quits.  Much to my surprise it just wasn’t time for that yet.  Emphasis on yet.  Naruto put on his wife beating face and played the anger card a little longer in this issue even though his sage mode had worn out… or had it… we’ll get back to that in a second.


Deva Pain saw the success of the other Pain's who all tried to punch Naruto's fist with their face. Deva Pain has a better idea, he's going to punch his foot with his head! Lets see how that works out for him later...

 Pain sees what he thinks is his opportunity to strike as Naruto’s Sage mode wears off.  Even though he was still re charging after his last Shinra Tensei he seemed confident that this was his opportunity to take out Naruto.  As he charged at him I couldn’t help but think the same thing that Deva Pain was probably thinking “Here comes the shit storm!”.  This is where Naruto gets his beat down, this is where someone is going to have to step in and help. (Not Shikamaru! :P)  This is where things get bad right???? Not exactly…


This is like the ninja world's version of an ATM. Just have to make a withdrawel everytime you get a little low at the end of a battle... Just be careful not to over draft, The fees are horrible!

Ever since Pa Frog asked the question “How do you look left and right at the same time?” and Naruto had that stupid look on his face, we all knew the clones were going to be involved some how.  So Naruto decides to have a couple hang out back in frog land, which he fused with, channeling natural energy so that when the scroll is used to summon them Naruto can release the jutsu and gain the Natural sage energy that they had been gathering. 

This is similar to what he did during training when he was adding an element to Rasengan except while doing that he was splitting his chakra making him very tired and suseptable to losing control of Kyuubi.  When he does it this way he may lose minor amounts of chakra by doing Kage Bunshin but the fact that Naruto has such deep reservoirs of chakra means that it isn’t really noticeable, making the Natural energy gained well worth it.

If Jiraiya tried to do something similar it wouldn’t  work out nearly as well.  Kakashi had mentioned how insane it was that Naruto could create so many Kage Bunhsins and still be ok.  In fact he said he was the only one that could do such a thing.  With this in mind, Naruto may be the ultimate Sage considering once he practices this technique a little longer he could have hundreds gathering sage chakra while in battle.  So seeing him perform some of these moves using multiple clones in sage mode with numerous Rasengan’s I have to ask the question no matter how mad some of you may get for me asking it… Is Naruto already a better Sage than Jiraiya?  Has the student snatched the pebble from the teachers hand?  Has he even surpassed his father?


If Akatsuki doesn't work out for Deva Pain he will always have a future as a proctologist... "Hows it lookin back there doc?"

 Back to the manga… Naruto regains sage mode by collecting the natural energy that his clones had gathered after he releases them and then delivers a boot to the head of Pain followed by a Rasenshuriken from hell with love.  Unfortunately Hungry Ghost cereal is back in full effect, which is what we were all worried about at the end of last issue.  I only have one thing to say to this “Thank you God that it wasn’t laser head!”  It’s a little emasculating for Pain to be in the fetal position while chubby ghost realm absorbs the blow but what ever gets the job done.

My worst fears were coming to fruition when I saw the previously pwndHungry Ghost Realm resurrected and thinking to myself how much I feared advancing to the next page to see all 6 were fully functional once again… I was mostly fearful of the return of Laser Head though >_<  Sooooo freakin annoying!

Good thing Naruto isn't scout or something in the military... How do you miss the giagantic black flaming head over your right f**king shoulder!?

This is the scariest jumping castle I've ever seen in my life! Marilyn Manson had a similar one for his kid's 3rd birthday party...

Good thing Naruto isn’t a scout or something in the military… How do you miss the gigantic black flaming head?  I guess Naruto isn’t the only one with  a ninja ATM.  Pain just had Naraka Pain run down to his bank to make a withdrawel as well, except his are much more annoying.
Good to see you ba.... Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Where the F**K is your head?!

Good to see you ba.... Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Where the F**K is your head?!

 The good old smoke bomb trick eh?  Surely Pain won’t be suckered by such a sophomoric ninja movie maneuver… right? 

Naruto throws a couple smoke bombs and luckily for him Pain is a horrible ninja and has never seen a smoke bomb before… Rather than jumping back to give himself room to defend he stands there gap jawed with the other two bodies of Pain like they are roasting marsh mellowsaround a giant bon fire.  I laughed about this because the smoke bomb is never a good sign for the other guy in a battle. Uually they are making a sneaky exit from a precarious spot only to show up somewhere unexpected and then pwnage occurs.
Some hugs are bad... So when the police officer asks was it a good touch or a bad touch Hungry Ghost realm will have to point out on the doll where Naruto touched him...

Some hugs are bad... So when the police officer asks "was it a good touch or a bad touch?" Hungry Ghost realm will have to point out on the doll where Naruto touched him...

Naruto bear hugs hungry ghost realm and gives him a fore arm shiver that presumably puts him out of commission again while the Rasenshuriken flies unabated toward Deva Pain who is still in a strange state of shock by the amazing smoke bomb routine that Naruto just put on.  This would have worked just fine and dandy if it weren’t for the blinking green light that Naruto isn’t noticing on Pains forehead protector…

Didn't Naruto see Pain's green light flashing?  That means he's done recharging! That just makes Naruto laying on top of Hungry Ghost realm that much more awkward...

Didn't Naruto see Pain's green light flashing? That means he's done recharging! That just makes Naruto laying on top of Hungry Ghost realm that much more awkward...

Pain is fully recharged and ready to fight Naruto one on one just like Kakashi had to except for one minor detail… Naraka Pain is still fully functional and could potentially bring the rest of them back while Naruto fightsDeva path at full strength.  If only there was a way to take care of that annoying prick…

Says it all doesn't it?

Says it all doesn't it?

Well that takes care of that… Naraka Pain went down quicker and easier than Harshytkage’s girl friend. So now it’s down to just the two of them.  Sage Naruto, whom I believe has one clone left back in frog land loaded with Natural energy and Deva Pain at full strength.  Someone asked in the comments section a few weeks ago why I hadn’t posted a poll asking who would win in a fight between Deva Path and Naruto… this is why.  Now we are ready to ask the all important question, who will win this fight?

The last couple lines tease the final battle between Naruto and Deva Pain and also say that it will be in color!  I’d love to see a whole issue in color but it may only be a few pages… we’ll see.  So until next time…

There are plenty of awesomeness posts to read until the spoilers come out, so check out the latest awesomeness in the right side user bar and I’ll also link the newest posts at the top sometime tonight.  Time is almost expired on your chance to enter the prediction contest!  Enter HERE now! Or else Captain Planet will call you a weak ass bitch!



P.S. Amongstheliving is an ass face, never forget that. ^_^

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  1. FIRST! muahahahaha! …ha d:

  2. awww man just missed it

  3. ha, so i thought the whole date rape sh!t was hilarious.. good stuff d:
    and of course naruto is better than jiraiya.. his kage bunshin allows him to learn things faster, allowing him to progress way past his late master

    @jeremiah – stop with the ass face thing! even though it’s f**ken hilarious it’s not necessary heh d;

  4. fourth!

  5. third actually 9000

  6. third

  7. ass face is screwing up the posts fifth. Good stuff J-Man, but you are getting like Kishi making us wait way to long for our crack.

  8. I wish I was first….=(

  9. I’m thinking Naruto’s going to lose for a little while. Pain’s gonna pull out some rinnegan techniques we haven’t seen yet.

  10. LMAO at the motivational poster. I need one of those for my wall!

    About this chapter and your last poll, though, I have to say I think Pain is about to kick the bucket. Madara told him “as the leader, failure is not an option” – or something close to that anyway – when he ordered him to acquire the 9 Tails, so even if Pain does barely escape with his life, he’s going to have another beat down waiting for him when he comes back to Madara empty handed. In the unlikely event that Naruto is beaten, there are too many Konoha ninja who respect/admire Naruto to watch Deva path steal his body to extract the fox. At least a few other shinobi have to know what Akatsuki are up to, and I don’t see them allowing Pain to get away unless it’s empty handed.

    All that said, I’m a little worried about Naruto only having one more back-up clone in Myobokuzan, especially if he doesn’t start holding back with the rasenshurikens. I know it’s his new and improved jutsu, but he seems to be going a little haywire flinging them around so fast, especially if he can only produce two per clone …

  11. I was just thinking it is good Kishi did not give Naruto any new jutsu. When you think about it he really was not at Myoboku Mt. long enough to learn something new and extravagant including sage mode.

    May be a time skip so he can practice some truely new techs and not complete another tech like FRS. Yeah I am starting to lean towards a time skip the more I think about it.

  12. I’m slippin… I forgot to put a subtext for one of the pics. Just got updated with a proctology comment… Don’t ask.

  13. *Pinch*
    Sorry I just had to do that because I can’t beleive so I’ll be this high up on the post. I really thought by the time I got back frommy track meet there would be like a gazillion (is that a word?) comments I’d have to read through. Phew…

  14. Very nice post Jeremiah. I lol’d so hard at the headless pain. I think god realm deep down is thinking “aww shit! I need to take a mental note on smoke bombs! That’s gonna be a 7th realm!”

    Human realm: Hey what do you do?
    smoke bomb realm: I throw smoke bombs…but they’re friggen sweet smoke bombs…
    Human realm: then do you suprise them with something cool?
    smoke bomb realm: What? You mean fight? Hell no!
    Hell realm: friends?
    smoke bomb realm: yeah right! No offense, but the giant flaming head is a little awkward outside of battle.
    Hell realm: least I have chicken…

  15. Hey Jeremiah, did you read my post I made in the chapter 433 discussion thread? Probably not so I’ll just repost it. BAM!!! 0_0

    @jeremiah-Shikamaru???…….who’s Shikamaru? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m with you all the way on this one man, Shikamaru has to many fan boys. You should make a post on how overated he is with his fancy shadow play! Well, let’s get his tiny list of accomplishments outta the way first….

    1. True he does have an IQ over 200
    2. His laid back demeanor is pretty cool and not emo like Sasugay
    3. Graduated to Chunin before anyone else
    4. Asuma did say Shikamaru can think 10 moves ahead of his opponent and consider 200 possible moves in a second. (Not exact words here but the nuumbers are correct)
    5. The only one to defeat an Akatsuki member without any form of aid but his own wits and determination (go ahead and debate me on this) >_<
    6. Has the POTENTIAL to become Hokage one day. (note the emphasis on potential)
    7. Lastly, due to Shikamaru’s popularity he has constantly placed in the top ten for the popularity polls held by ‘Shonen Jump’ magazine. Even placing fourth one time!

    Phew…alright done, okay he’s all yours jeremiah swing hard and swing low, I got your back!

  16. I hella want to jump on that bouncy castle.

  17. @ edub – only jeremiah can call me an ass face *glare*
    …wait.. no one should be calling me ass face!!!!

  18. Hey Jeremiah, first off great post, funny and a nice summary and explanation of events in a few slides. Anyway, You say that it’s time for Naruto to fight deva pain 1 on 1, but I think you forgot about hungry ghost realm. All naruto did was tackle him so the FRS could hit deva pain. I think Hungry ghost realm is still in commision to fight in other words or did I miss something.

  19. @ Banditqueen – ^_^ lolz That was my fav too!

  20. Even with 5/6 pains down, theres still Konan. I wonder if shell step in, She did say before the fight “from now on ill protect you” who was she reffering too because she hasnt stepped in. Im thinking shell play a role in this fight soon, especially with hell realm pain gone.

  21. I think naruto is going to work Deva pain regardless of sage mode, think about it, we know deva has a time gap on his gravity power and naruto has the answer for it, more and more clones lol… waves of them! 🙂

    Pain went in to Konoha thinking he was the shit and no one could touch him… overestimated his own power and he’s going to pay for it.

  22. hey guys!i am 1 of the readers that is being entertained by your discussions and what not for the past 8 months.just couldn’t help not making a comment since no one among you seemed to notice the title of this post. or maybe i missed something. or read 100 manga issues more than jeremiah. jk. anyway, kaap it up guys! you make the world a happy place. lol.

  23. I hope they attempt to have a talk between god realm and Naruto about true pain. and then right in the middle of Pains sentence, a long awaited DYNAMIC ENTRY of MAAAIIITOOO GAAIII!-sorry, I really really miss Gai recently.

    Realistically, we might see a drive similar to Naruto’s style from Pein. He truly believes he is alone and has felt true pain. As he says, “Only those who’ve felt true pain can know true peace.” Then Naruto will either just rape him, or tell him what’s happened in his own life. Nagato then feels like shit, followed by getting raped, then eventually before Nagato dies, he thinks “He’s felt true pain. maybe he really can create true peace.”*dies*

  24. @ ajd: redemption for Pain at the very end? i could dig it if it happens like that ^_^

  25. Hmmm….that has me thinking. Oh well, beddy time I’m gonna sleep on it. -_-

  26. @Jeremiah- as a sannin, i feel very insulted at the fact you got the chapter numbers wrong, being in the three hundreds is for bleach readers, this is naruto we’re in the 400’s now… and to critique, i don’t want to say that the fourth ever achieved sage mode, by the way ma and pa reacted to nagato i don’t think they ever heard of jiraya having any student, which means they never heard of the fourth, and thus never taught him sage mode. I also think this because the fourth was probably stronger than jiraya even without sage mode.

  27. i love this site i just found out about it, i will be here for awhile

  28. @ Alec – rofl good call i didn’t even read the title!

  29. @alec, good eye. I was wondering if 4th was a sage.

  30. haha, welcome than gaaraplayswii, you’ll figure things out soon enough…

  31. cant wait for naruto to beat deva… cuz after that narutos gonna get his ass kicked by the real nagato for 4 chapters… yay!!!

  32. @ Alec – Minato was tight with Gamma Bunta, what appears to be a common sage coat and was trained by Jiraiya. Kishi also has a pattern going with each generation following in the steps of the previous generation and then surpassing it. It is very true that they have never said he was a sage but I’m just connecting the dots. Maybe ur right though perhaps the frogs accepted Minato but never taught him Sage techs like they did Jiraiya and Naruto. We should have a post on the subject if there is a doubt that Minato was a Sage or not. Glad you liked the post so much Alec, you are too kind.

    As for the chapter number u just fell into my genjutsu ^_^

  33. First off great analysis Jeremiah as always. Second Pic was pretty damn funny =)

    Anyways, I really don’t see Naruto winning the fight. I think its more likely for him to lose and be taken to the Akatsuki base for extraction, only to find out he CANT be extracted yet. Kishi didn’t make the 8-tails escape for shits and giggles. There must be some reason. If you wanna see my full theory its in the Theory Contest Discussion Thread.

  34. tell me if i’m being …….but i have a feeling that why hell pain resurrcted only preta pain?can’t he resurrect other bodies?if not then why not?just something to bite.

  35. in 432 when bunta throws summon pain out then all summons gone.why?i think summon pain is done for good. what do you think guyz & you jermiah?

  36. @ Spanky – I think all the paths of Pain are done now that Naraka Pain is down. Pretty sure Nagato would have to create a new Hell realm in order to resurrect the others. But he’d probably just create all new paths rather than resurrecting the old ones.

    I think animal realm is done for but I don’t think he was limited in which he could resurrect just how quickly. I’m sure it takes up quite a bit of chakra and at least some time. If given the time I’m guessing he would have resurrected them all.

  37. The battle between Naruto and Peins are going to be over in the next couple of chapters. There is only so long that a battle can last. He is not going to be captured by the Akatsuki, this COULD happen later, maybe when the REAL Nagato finally shows his face, but I think the real Nagato is going to play a major role in totally kicking Naruto’s ass, and he’s the only one that can because he will have every jutsu basically in the world rolled up in his tiny pathetic body.

    SOOOO, until then there is going to be a battle, the question is, who is going to take Konan out of the picture because she really needs to go, and she’s going to go before Nagato does. Does it happen now or is she the one that is going to drag Deva Pein’s body out of the rubble to resurect him again? Who know, next issue will definitely shed some light.

  38. before naruto vs pain battle few people were discussing the 6 element fact. what 6th element could be? i think anime given the answer for the que. i think 6 elementary composition is crystal.what do you think guys?

  39. Whoa you are forgetting about konan, what will she do? im sure she has a role in this battle at one point

  40. @Spanky-The six elements of the Ninja arts are Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Lightning, and Summoning. The term Elements does not necessarily mean elements of nature(Earth, fire,etc..). That is how I understand it anyway, as Jiraya said during his fight with pain that he knew he could utilize all six elements that he wondered why he was only using one of them, summonings.

  41. I agree with Alec, next…

  42. We all know Naruto can’t lose now. So the most likely thing to happen is that Pain will retreat. Besides, like Jeremiah pointed out, Pain is actually an awful ninja. He’s taking in by a smoke bomb! I mean he’s supposed to be a great ninja but a stupid smoke bomb does the trick!

  43. @ alec surely since minato was the greatest leaf ninja and he had a summoning pact with the frogs as we know he summoned bunta and cud get along with him , pa and ma frog mustve known him.

  44. The 4th might have been a sage as the fight with the kubi he comes in on the back of a toad. Thus he has a contract with the toads and could have trained with the toads at some point

  45. I wonder if Pain will resort to do another Shinra Tensei.
    Well i dont think Pain can win this one.
    It was a mistake to weaken himself with Shinra Tensei anyway. I think he may have won if God realm was at full power from the start…

  46. well, first things first. very nice post jeremiah.

    I assume now that naruto did learn one new jutsu. reverse summons. bc he did try to run away and do it himself, but god went after his ass. so the frog did it.

    also the last panel of pains face the “what!?!” face. makes me think that god is thinking
    1. fuck, they’re all dead i’m next..or
    2. yeah god, this is madara we’re having a little problem back at base you need to get back…

    maybe it’s just me thinking that…

  47. I just remembered this but technically, can’t Deva Pain fly? When he did Shinra Tensei against the village he was up in the air and pretty high as too.

  48. hey jeremiah cool post dude…
    I kinda like that kishi doesnt do the underdog trick to naruto again… dont u think its time for him to pawn??? i mean pawn llike hell… No more “thats my way of ninja” and ” i dont give up datebayo” shits… I dont wanna see naruto get beaten again so he can win eventually… i wanna see him more like his father(like at the gaiden u know “are… you… the konoha yellow flash the second??? lol xaxaa).. I personally think that naruto is the better sage of those we know(jiraya.-i think minato wasnt a sage.. just because he signed that scroll doesnt mean he is a sage right?) 1 of all because he pawned pain.. and second that thing with the clones is fucking cheating… at that rate he could take an entire army on his onw… 3 times in sage mode??? wtFFF… Also about pain avoiding the naruto-rasen-shuriken stuff.. this move of naruto could have been done in seconds i mean rly rly fast… do u think naruto threw the smoke bombs so he can w8 for pain to go back?? thats retard.. if u throw smoke bombs do your move fast dude!!!:P and doesnt naruto runs out of rasenshuriken???? i mean he said he could do 4 at sage mode and i am bored of seiing it… if i go back to the start of the fight ican count 4 maybe 5… that means that naruto has to face pain without his number 1 tecknik and i dont think a normal rasengan can do the trick so maybe we could see a new pawnage tecknik:P

  49. I’ve never been certain if Minato was sage or not, for the same reasons Alec mentioned.

    Nobody calls amongst assface. Nobody. ;P

  50. I guess he can sort of fly.
    But will that prove problematic for Naruto?
    I guess if for Pain its DBZ style flying, then yes….

  51. Im still getting used to this -_-
    I just posted a comment which didnt show so i posted a similar comment….which hasn’t shown
    And i think weather they show straight away or not is random?

    If i had to guess i’d say Minato would be a sage…although there’s no evidence that suggests this.

  52. haha she agree’s with me for once!!! ^_^

  53. lol come through my comments…..why you taking so long?

  54. urggg this is annoying when will they come through.

    If i get 1st one day and my comment comes through 5 hours later it’ll be sooo twisted 0_o

  55. U guys keep forgeting pa toad acknoleged that he say those old formilar forms of jiraya and manito to gamabunta, when naruto finshed laser bitch with his rasengan. So all the toads know manito, if la toad knows manito.

  56. nope that was gamabunta who said it to pa, key word was gramps… and just cause they know him doesn’t mean he knew sage mode, he was a freakin’ legit ninja without it…

  57. @ ibi – i luff you ^_^

    @ alec – i gotta agree with you on this once, i’m not so sure about the whole minato sage thing either

  58. one*
    damn typo..

  59. @ everyone – if my stalkers are even questioning me then I’ll have to do a post. Minato = Sage, post coming soon.


  60. the 4th did die pretty young, maybe he just hadn’t been trained as a sage yet but was going to be.

  61. to be a sage u must have Too much chakra… thats why naruto and jiraya was.. we have no evidence that minato had loads of chakra but only that he had a pawnage tecknik… also naruto had signed the contract with the frogs long time ago before he even dream to be a sage??? do u think jiraya made him sign because he would be a sage???? Summoning frogs is a teknik that u have to sign the scroll… Sage mode is an extra teknik from frogs for those with loads of chakra… Its not necesary that if u sign u have to be a sage.. Do u feel me??

  62. its like how u buy a hambourger…. Minato jiraya naruto went to buy a hambourger(contract sign) but jiraya and naruto had 3 euros more (much chakra)so they bought onion rings too(sage mode).. So naruto and jiraya eat hambourger and onion rings andminato stays with the hambourger:P (but minato had a souvlaki with him:P(body flicker tek) so we could say that souvlaki pawns hambourger and onion rings:P lool xaxaxaxaxa

  63. One thing I did not like about this issue. A glancing blow from Naruto’s Sage chakra took out Hungry Ghost

    However, a direct “boot to the head” had little affect on Deva from a freshly recharged Sage Naruto.

    The characterization of Naruto’s sage powers are not conveyed in a consistent manner here. A direct kick, blocked or not, should have done considerable damage to Deva. I do not agree with it simply knoching him back 20 feet (6-7 meters for you damned metric users).

    This shot right here says it all.
    That should have been the outcome.

  64. Oh yay my comments came through ^_^

    I wonder how much Chakra Minato had?

    Something thats been bothering me is when Hiruzen and Orochi batted. There was so much chakra it was effecting the surrounding environment.
    But the 3rd never had much chakra in his age and not sure about Orochi.
    But how can that be so much chakra, because Naruto has more Chakra than both in 0TK only. 0_o

    Also why has Orochi never gone Curse seal? Surely he would have chosen a body with a CS…but why dont we see him in that form? Even in CS LV1 there should at least be a pattern on the body he’s using (under the fake Orochi skin)

  65. Minato is a sage I’ll but money on it. He was jariya’s student and became hokage, that means he had to be more powerful at ever aspect than is master, and minato was chosen over the other sannin. The toads just ain’t said nothen to naruto yet because Pa toads like the 3 hokage and is waiting for the right moment to tell him. Minato is a sage he’s the dopest ninja, intill naruto gets his dad’s flash technique he hasn’t surpassed Minato in my eyes yet.

  66. @ orion ….. i think i can explain this.

    the reason hungry ghost went down so easily is because naruto most likely used a rasengan on him after he took him down (hence the arm quiver) … kishi just didnt show us this for some reason

    The reason Deva DIDNT die is because naruto had just returned to sage mode. He didnt have enough time to charge his foot with sage chakra before kicking him like he did earlier when he used frog katas, making the kick alot weaker than it should have been

  67. Minato may or may not of been chosen over Jiraiya. It depends if Jiraiya put his name down to be Hokage….because from what i know Jiraiya never wanted to be Hokage, he declined the opportunity to be 5th Hokage.

    But would he have made a greater Hokage, than Tsunade? He would be alive now if he had become 5th Hokage (or possibly 4th if he wanted?)

  68. Another thing that I did not notice on my first read through of the Managa was Naruto’s tackle of Hungry ghost realm did not take him out. This move in the bottom right panel did that.

    If a simple forearm whack can take Hungry Ghost realm out, (and yes I know he is weak to physical attacks) then shouldn’t that reinforce my initial argument of “a kick to the head should have been fatal to Deva”. It would have made for an anticlimactic ended, but at least it would have been a consistent message about Naruto’s physical attack strength.

  69. I don’t think Sage Mode requires a lot of chakra, just a balance between the amount your drawing in and using. As for Minato being a Sage its possible but there isn’t much evidence to support it. Also it didn’t look like he was in sage mode when he fought against the Kyuubi, a situation that might have called for it the most.

    About Pain fighting DBZ style Naruto would be in more than just trouble that is like Maito Guy learning to do Kage Bushin just plain scary. You know he is about to use Dynamic Entree the question is which one of the 12 is going to do it and where are they going to come from.

  70. once again… no because as i said, naruto had just returned to sage mode and didnt have enough time to fully “charge” his kick before he used it on deva.

  71. @lx ReFlex xl – Naruto’s whole body has to be charged with Sage chakra by that point. on the page before he broke a metal sword barehanded. Look in the bottom left image.

    The next two images are Naruto revealing he is in sage mode by showing his eyes, then a skull kick for Deva.

  72. For the attack on Deva Pain I think the block lesson the blow. Sage Mode just extends reach and power however since it wasn’t a direct hit there is less of an effect. Also Naruto had just entered the mode so it might not have come full force.

  73. Hmmm 12 X Guy = 12 X the awesomeness. ^_^

  74. yeah but he has to channel it so a certain part of his body do to more damage (like sakura’s punches) so before he kicks he has to channel as much sage chakra as possible to his feet so it does more damage.
    now as you said, he just broke the sword bare handed, meaning the largest concentration of chakra is in his hands… so for the kick to be as effective as the punch was earlier he has to take all that chakra and rechannel it to his foot almost immediately…not an easy thing to do..

  75. i also agree with kyouto… the block weakened the kick even more than it already was

  76. Im 1st on another thread of awesomeness…..
    But it hasn’t came through -_- YET

  77. Kyouto claimed 1st. But i claimed 1st 3 times 20 mins before him and my post it still hasn’t came through….it better not come through after his post. 😦

  78. Go for the post on Minato and Sage Mode if it appears I won’t stop you.

  79. I still have issues with the way it was directed, however it is not critical for Deva to be defeated just yet. This should leave us with a one-on-one battle next week between Naruto and Deva. I hope that Kishi will not extend these chapters out by interjecting a back end storyline of Tsunade/Kakashi/Sakura or Konan/Negato during the midst of Naruto’s battle, but I have a feeling he will.

    Also how long does it really take for team guy to make it back?

  80. he always does… after naruto beats deva, he still has to go through the real nagato and konan.. remember that…. that will be interesting as hell (someone else may have to step in and fight konan)

  81. idk where team guy is, where sai is, wtf “root” is doing, and what is going on with sasuke and the raikage!!!! oh and where the fuck is the sand village when when you need them!!!!!

  82. @ Schy – ur comments are going to spam for some reason on your end. The moderators are pulling them out when they see them but the time stamp never changes.

  83. Team Guy is heading to Konoha now, however since they were on a mission they are probably still far away. The trip from Konoha to the Sand Village is around three day travel and thats after they get word of the attack in the first place. As for the group sent by Raikage they are on two missions, and haven’t arrived to get information on Sasuke yet. In addition its still a distance from Konoha. Basically eveyrone is too far away to stop the damage Pain has done in what a few hours maybe more.

  84. OK.
    BTW why do my comments appear instantly sometimes? Did you do something so the mods dont need to do that sometimes?

  85. :O dunno if anyone realise buh at the bottom of 343 it says naruto and pain will face off in colour. does this mean it wil be the final batlle and its gonna be a race to get the best new dp and i will be there;)

  86. just like alec to take credit for what nier24 pointed out 2-3 posts above him…(:P)

    either all three are true or none….

  87. Well i dont know why its debatable…Naruto is the greatest sage by far. He basically has 3x the sage power as a normal sage. And I believe Minato was also a sage being Jiraiya’s student.

  88. guys minato was way strong than juraya let me put it this way, when juraya was training naruto. juraya almost got killed by the demon fox only in four tailed from, but minato stopped the demon fox`s full form.

  89. ummmm…schy…WTF is wrong with you….if i’d kicked you in the balls for every time you said smfin abt ur comments appearing or not, you’d be having crushed “planets” in ur kellogs for breakfast…;)

  90. @narutosharingan – Minato WANTED to use SHiki Fuujin…but he was Pissed when arrived in the death realm….

  91. The student bon between Minato and Jiraiya is something to note however its doesn’t make him a sage. Sage Mode is something taught by the frogs. Its a secret from there. Also there should be a reason for learning it. Its something learned by ones own free will and since Minato was able to use the Yellow Flash him learning becomes an addition rather than desire.

  92. i am sure minato had loads of chakra, cause if a ninja has`nt got enought chakra he can never be a gd ninja. because without chakra they can do anything. srtong jutsu`s makes strong ninjas, shinobis or hokages like minato. so minato had strong jutsus`s thats why he was a great hokage so he must have loads of chakra`s to preform his jutsu`s. minato was very strong, if u watch naruto episode`s u will before orochi attack on konoha, the 3rd hokage said ” i wish minato was here so he could stop orochi.”

  93. i thought the issue was pretty cool but why did naruto only leave 2 kage bunshins in frog land why not a thousnad for infinite sage mode

    the artist formally known as jjjjjj

  94. @kyouto – sure, you can have unlimited amounts of chakra for short periods of time with the flash technique, and farting out amaterasu is no sweat, and gettin some cool GUYliner…yup, the yellow flash does it all…

  95. sorry guys for wrong spelling and grammer it is just i am typing fast

  96. “….cause if a ninja has`nt got enought chakra he can never be a gd ninja. because without chakra they can(t) do anything”
    @naruto Sharingan
    Yup… Kakashi was a wet assed sissy, and who cares what shikamaru can bake in a kiddy oven right!
    (SARCASM LEVELS: Below zero, none, negative, this is sarcasm for gods sake)

  97. minato was the 2nd strongest ninja ever in konaho to the 3rd hokage

    Actually he might of been stronger or maybe itachi might of been strongest

  98. hahah thanks harshytkage lol

  99. minato was stronger than the 3rd but i dont think itachi was. i think itachi was the most strongest of all, i mean thats what i think

  100. i dont know the third knew every technique in konaho and he beat the 1st, 2nd hokage and orochimaru when he was like 90

  101. @ultimate sharingan. if u watch naruto episodes. when the 3rd understood that orochi was going to attack the 3rd said ” i am not as strong as oro and i wish the 4th was here to stop orochi:

  102. but he did stop him and the first two hokages and he was old

    buy your probaly right i just like to argue

  103. @ HarshyKage
    Sorry buddy…i just wanna get it sorted out. In this 1st day. Not being able to comment since i 1st went on this blog in June has been well “gay” :cry

  104. @schy….didn’t jeremiah say that you could comment easily about 2-3days ago, but you’ve [osted at least 4 after that saying smfin abt appearing or not….neways…glad it’s sorted out(i think it is)….now stop saying it …:p

  105. @ jeremiah – must i remind you i’m not _stalking_ you, it’s just a little friendly ‘watch every second of your lfe and write it down’ kinda thing ^_^

  106. Okay 🙂 I think its sorted out…the whole concept is they sometimes appear straight away…sometimes the mods have to do something with them. And the time is when i originally posted.
    Got IT! *.*
    I just wasn’t sure >_>
    Anyway how are you?
    Me? Well…..
    Im going to bed ^_^

    Goodnight ^_^

  107. Minato couldn’t possibly be a sage. Crap, i don’t have any new arguments. He probably could have just killed 9 tails then. Could you even imagine him in sage mode+flickering around? An army of 1,000 would show the guy in the back sighing right before the, thinking he wouldn’t get to fight. Then approx. 1 sec later he is face to face with Konoha’s yellow flash.

  108. okay, i think that’s highly over exaggerated, but you would think seeing as it took him two years to develop the rasengan that he would be trying to add elements to it. If he had more time, he might eventually have tried to master sage arts, but I think he was too preoccupied with war/mastering rasengan. where is the time frame that he could have left the village…on top of Kushina being knocked up 😮

  109. minato wasn’t a sage. In manga issue 418 page 5, grandpa frog said to himself that naruto did not have any frog transformation at all and possibly surpass jiraiya at that. He could’ve also mentioned that naruto was like minato or better if minato was also a sage.

  110. ya know, you think if naruto is so strong in sage mode he wouldnt freakin need to use kage bunshin to do rasengan

  111. sup assface?

  112. @ATL-I think he can, but he sacrifices chakra control due to less focus. That’s a waste if it’s not necessary.

  113. well at least i was worth mentioning harshy *glare*

  114. i think Minato was a sage, because when Naruto pwnd lazer beam like tha bitch he is, they saw both J-man and Minato and said he’s surpassed both sages. Sounds like the 4th was a sage to me >_<

  115. @muttthesage, gramps said ‘naruto surpassed those who came before him’, pertaining to both minato and jiraiya but not as being a sage in particular. Unless you read it from a scanlation other than onemanga.

  116. just a note on deva pain flying – he cant. he uses his power to repel himself from the ground, like a powerful jump. On whos the strongest sage – jiraiya could use ma and pa’s song genjustsu, which naruto cant master. also i think jiraiya could stay in sage mode longer since he doesn’t use techs that require huge amounts of chakra.Finaly, the real naruto tackles ghost pain, not a clone. couldnt he be caught up in his own Rasenshuriken if it hit?!

  117. Jeremiah, I’m sure you were joking.

    But anyways, all the Pain were standing in a straight line when Naruto did the smoke bomb so that the Ghost Pain can absorb any technique Naruto throws at them.

    And I guess Deva wasn’t afraid because he knew his powers would be back just in time.

    But Naraka was just stupid for not watching his back… err, top. Oh well, whatever makes this fight a one-on-one battle is fine with me! ^_^

  118. Naruto needs the Dorito chip no jutsu from the superbowl commercial. cue music. Maybe that’s why choji’s always diggin the chips!

  119. darn! It’s lays here in Canada and not doritos!

  120. watch them! they are awesome!

  121. those were f***ing hilarious! especially the one where the guy was hit by a bus. thanks ajd!

  122. oh you know shikamaru wants to touch pakkuns supple paws. (just look at his face when the ninja dog offers)

  123. @coolbeans…huh?

  124. Computer! Yes! First off, still skeptical about Minato being a sage, there seems to be evidence on either side, nothing conclusive. Summoning contract with the frogs is not the same as having sage techs and katanas. A pic of him merging with ma and pa would convince me, but the flashes of battle against the fox (when one would think such techniques would be NEEDED) haven’t shown that–so far. I think it’s possible, but not definite.

    Second: This match is about to be a draw, because Pain is going to run away before Naruto grinds his bones to flour. Naruto may decapitate Yahiko’s body, he may not, but Konan and Nagato are going to retreat to the Tower of Power, Radio Free Swampland…and it’s gonna rain like Noah’s back in business.

  125. @adj
    lol reading the chunin exams totally unrelated to the topic. thought it was funny that shiki was like (didnt say this) “hmm supple paws…. nice” totally irreverant and unneded comment.

  126. speaking of which i know that the theme is each generation surpasses the last but sarutobi vs oro not even close to the pain naru fight… just sayin. i know that theres plenty of factors (age, 3rd not being close to the right generation ext.) but that fight where anbu says “so this is a hokage level fight hun? i never thought id live to see it” while awsome at the time, is completely blown away by the naruto pain fight

  127. can it be said that since sarutobi said that, “oror is the most brilliant nin of that time of war. the one that i thought would succede me” that he was better that minato, he just got passed over because hes super extra mega evil but still stronger. (note as stated 1st/2nd hokage were stongest in leaf history. 3rd=professer 4th= not mentioned to much aka mysytery for later)

  128. Naruto will DIE! MUUUAHAHAHAHAH!!!! (I have nothing against Naruto)

    Anyways, to prove my point. During the first few episodes, Kakashi shows Team 7 the stone with heroes’ names on it. Naruto pointed out that he wanted to become a hero JUST LIKE THEM! Then Sakura told him that those were ninjas who sacrificed their life for the village.

    I think that’s one of the biggest foreshadowing in all of Naruto.

    At the pace Naruto is going, he’ll end up sacrificing his life like Jiraiya… NOT as a Hokage like Minato.

    Even if he DOES become Hokage, at some point he will have to sacrifice himself for the sake of the village. Tsunade’s about to do the same pretty soon.

    The path to Hokage… leads to death(untimely death). ^_^

    PS: Naruto will sacrifice his life to save Sasuke!

  129. i agree on the sauske thing, unless theres a closer character to naruto (unlikely)

  130. @rockleex: I do think you’ve got something there. But you’re also forgetting a couple things: Naruto always comes back when he’s out for the count and the series is called Naruto. Generally, that means he’s going to live. He might die, or come very close to it; he may sacrifice himself (as he already has repeatedly), but he’s going to be alive when the last chapter is written.

  131. Hey yo, 1st/2nd WERE strongest, but how can we say that now? Even if The Third declared it, he still took both of them down and almost Oro.

    At least The Office is coming on.

  132. no he will die saving ppl close to him and in turn making some kind of dramatic “we shouldnt have any more wars” impact on the world. his destiny is to fight the greatest battle/last important one, leading to an age of peace. thats totall anime-tastic

  133. I am not very smart but if he dies in that all important battle. This means the bad guys win and no peace which would not be a great animetastic ending.

  134. nonono if he dies it will be a last move killing (insert current bad guy) in the prosses its not gona be like sarutobi and oro where oro gets away. naruto is a big power kinda guy. he’ll say you guys get outa here and then bust out an endgame jutsu. the sith pulling the strings since the show began will die (havent seen him yet of course) and evil will be on the weakside and there will be peace. or at least there will be enough of a peace to end the show within a manga or two (*story wrap up) and the fans wont revolt

  135. No not really feeling that ending. Something more like uses some enormus jutsu snd kills bad guy. Survives but barely.Becomes Hokage and has two bunshins get married to Sakura and hinata the end lol. All fans are happy.

  136. lol buring both ends of the candle (sakura/hinata) is better but in anime terms he will die then there will be 1-3 manga that set up the world post naruto and it WILL be happy, difference of oppinion i guess but naruto will fall, sauske will play a part. pro or con they will come together but i dont see it happening till “the vally at the end” if you get what im saying. im mean the movies interview the cast and everyone says something about the hero dyining at the end

  137. the last battle i see naruto doing a: face kick to garra to sace suske: sort of start and it will be the final im saving my freinds battle. and it will set an era of peace

  138. yea definitely a difference of opinion. Either way so far it is the best manga I have followed. Which is what really matters.

  139. totall agrement there. ive goten absorebed into several and this is far and away the best (characters, interest, story, plots, innuendo, relating to characters ext.) that list goes on. best part is you can argue a 100 different ways and none can be correct. sum total is best part=total paths that they could take it and the speculation that good story telling causes

  140. @Ibiki: True, Naruto always makes a comeback. But the Fourth is nearly undefeatable, and even he had to sacrifice his life. Naruto may be alive when the last chapter is written… but he won’t be alive when its DONE being written. ^_^

    @coolbeans: Yup, that’s also my prediction. But I think its too obvious so Kishi will change it up. It will end with Naruto bringing some kind of peace, but probably be more open ended, with implications that its up to the next generation to take the right paths or not for the world. Also, the world will have been nearly destroyed by then… with few villages left to decide the fate of Ninja-kind.

    @edubkage: He won’t just DIE in battle. He’ll die due to a sacrifice he makes. This means the bad guys will be stopped by his sacrifice.

  141. @rock
    i prettymuch agree completely thats why i think there will be prolly 1-3 mangas after he dies. it will ties off lose ends and set up how the world works post naruto. again good point idk bout most of the world down but the movies indicate that other continents works differently. narutos continent (japan 😉 ) will get messed up i think garra will die in a rellated battle. maybe a pre battle so that naruto can pursue the real bad guy

  142. hey guys! can’t help but ponder on a lot of things after reading your posts… Minato being a sage? that’s something kishi needs to clarify, but we do know he has uber chakra as well because he can summon gamabunta, remember naruto’s training about summoning and chakra whatnots? remember the amount of chakra needed to summon them… i’m just gonna ramble but i do apologize if its not organized, now as for minato being stronger than jiraya because he was able to contain the 9 tails…we don’t know how he did it…we just know that he used the demon god but so far the demon god technique we’ve seen is trapping the opponent using your own body, minato could have used whatever but it doesn’t imply he might be stronger than jiraya.. maybe creative than jiraya but stronger? hmmmm…still a maybe… also has anyone noticed that naruto was able to deflect pein’s attack even if he was not in sennin mode? frog katas at work right? but does frog kata only work in sennin or is it just a type taijutsu? and finally, that kick to the head? only thing on my head right now is that on the previous missed punch of naruto, his fist passed by the head therefore allowing some sort of sonic boom and major damage to fat pein…however on the kick there, it was stopped, minor force would impact deva pain on that one… blah blah blah blah blah *fumakotaro shoots himself*

  143. naruto summuned “the frog boss” at age 10ish, a kata is a series of mvements usesed for trining. frog katas i see as like a tijutsu plus or hand to hand extra thick. look at it how you want but its more than just natural energy. it a form of fighting all its own. (frog has a place in ninpo in case you wondered)

  144. I dare you to find me a story that people love that ends with the title character dying. I agree Naruto will sacrifice himself and suffer mortal wounds (how many times have we seen that in the series?)…and it will change the world…and there will be a new way of doing things and there will be peace…Kishi’s showed us all this time and again.

    He’s also showed us that Naruto survives at all costs, does the impossible and cannot be killed. Naruto = Jesus Christ. The Konoha twelve plus Sai are the Apostles and Sai is Judas. Sasuke will deny Naruto three times before the cock crows and Danzo is Pontius Pilate.

  145. @coolbeans1- he summoned gamabunta at 12

  146. as i was, i stand corrected *bow to master*
    but still young as **** umm heck and before his time

  147. ruronie kenshin

  148. as i was withdraw

  149. @Ibi, impressive defense there. Hard to counter, but would you consider the apparent end of Dragon Ball series? In GT, Dragon takes Goku and leaves, It shows the world at peace after he’s gone years later. Of coarse, you can debate that it should’ve been different if it was the lead writer choice(can’t remember name), but that’s what happened in the anime.

  150. lol nice ibi, i like it funny and plausible

  151. @Ibi don’t get me wrong totally agree, but I love to attempt debates

  152. Yeah, about DBZ, why would Kishi attempt a ‘redux’ if not to change the ending?

    @coolbeans: ^.^ yes, it was a joke.

  153. Ibi – I may be wrong but doesn’t Jebus die at the end of that story? LMAO


  154. death note ends horribly wrong… but than again it wasn’t named after the main character…

  155. well he comes back and saves all our souls, thus not really dying…

  156. Death note does end horribly wrong, 100% agree but I still tell everyone to watch it.

  157. @ Alec – really, is he still chillin a couple weeks later?

  158. haha jokes are funny i get jokes *laughs way to loud* wait what. iruka is the most important ninja in history what!!!???!!!

    oh i remember, everything that naruto has ever done is because iruka is the most important ninja that ever lived *snaps back from crazy out of body typing tangent* huh what?

  159. Well, I hated what they did w/ DBZ in GT, but I only mean they did end it with Goku never returning. I just saw you said “story” people love and thought DBZ. Manga makes a more of a novel though, but they did try. your right GT was a joke, and if they do it with Naruto, that would be beyond disappointing.

  160. Kishi absolutely LOVES Dragon Ball… don’t discount it.

  161. Jesus dies… but lives on in people’s hearts for all of eternity.

    Naruto will follow the same path. ^_^

  162. dude, he’s still chilling now waiting to bring down a wrath upon the world if you don’t repent now *said in a southern tv evangilist accent* so i say to you my friends, REPENT NOW!!!! OR FOREVER BURN IN HELL!!!

  163. Sacrifice himself like Jesus!

    *watches video of religious people dancing and rolling on the ground*


    Hopefully Naruto doesn’t leave THAT kind of impact on the Ninja world.

  164. @Alec: I know, Naruto’s still chilling and about to bring wrath upon Pain’s world! XD

    Oh… you were talking about Jebus.

  165. naruto will harken back to, (in his death fight) “out of narutos handbook” against garra. where pakkun says all of those moves and you only scored one hit? that is jesu… i mean narutos legasy extra effort to save others in all ways. battle trainging freinds all that happy horse shippuden

  166. still cant wait for gamakichi to become the next gamabunta (forgive spelling)

  167. Oh no! I have an AP Bio Exam tommorow! Stupid snow, I forgot everything! Gamakichi reminded me for some reason…thanks coolbeans1. It’s gonna be a late night-early morning 😦

  168. @Jeremiah: yep, everyone agrees Jesus dies, but what happens after…depends on who you ask. ^.^

  169. @adj

    (lol other military get it)

    im here for you speaking which if you need answers on that test i can text them to you, BELEIVE IT!!! lol but i was a master of the ap bio i still have all the answers to the…. nm you should email me for some naruto related reason 😉

  170. well naruto goes beyond the limit of darkness and light…. transending figure??? you tell me (thats the last episode title season 6 btw)

  171. @Ibiki: But some people debate whether he ever lived… O_o

    Btw, that reminds me of Minato. The thing is, does the Death God truly kill a person? It takes their soul and keeps them in his stomach for eternity… but what if there was a way to access his stomach with some space/time/dimension jutsu? ^_^

    All you would need to do after that is find a container for the soul. ^_-

  172. well that would be a double summon. making the first a spiritualisht medium. i dont see it happening (it could) but i think thats kishi’s “ok so they’re not comming back jutsu” i may be wrong i hope i get blasted on that one cause its not what i want. its just what i see it as

  173. I kinda like this whole Jesus thing. Naruto is the prophesized child who dies for peace, just like Jesus supposedly died for everyone’s sins! yeah either way I think Naruto has to become Hokage first, it’s kinda been his only goal throughout his whole life, so unless he dies protecting Konoha as Hokage… it’s not happening.

  174. @ banditqueen20
    ‘you have to save sakura if its the last thing you do” sausgay

  175. @banditqueen20: Jesus never became a King. He sacrificed himself for everyone before that could happen. ^_^

    Which proves my theory even more! XD

  176. “its not until you’ve protected someon important to you that a shinobis true strength comes out” 3rd hokage

  177. @ Alec – I’m already burning in hell! I live in Arizona!

  178. I bet Jebus achieved Sage mode mode…

  179. @coolbeans: Sasuke actually said that? I seemed to have forgotten about that.

  180. it doesn’t play into the storyline that naruto would die before becoming hokage, i mean he could always die for sakura and then be resurrected but I don’t think a whole Grandma Chiyo things is going to happen again.

    Anyway, Sakura has learned how to take care of herself, I think that was just kind of a thing that Sasuke said that would play the role of motivating Naruto when she was kind of a loser and couldn’t do anything so that he would continue to get up and fight in impossible circumstances and make her look like the pathetic wimp that she was. Now that she’s been trained my Tsunade she hasn’t really needed any help, and if she ever does in the future it will be when she herself faces Sasuke and Naruto needs to step in and remind Sasuke of what he said to him in the past, or if she is in danger with the Akatsuki and Naruto lets himself get captured. He may sacrifice himself, but Naruto is definitely not going to die anytime soon.

  181. well we already heard that jebus did walk on water jutsu. “where the tree leaves dance, the fires shadow shall illuminnate the villiage and once again tree leaves shall bud anew” 3rd hokage

  182. @Jeremiah: I don’t know… but three Sages DID come bearing gifts for him. ^_^

    Search “Jesus sage” on Google. There’s a lot of results.

  183. @ rockleex : how does that prove your theory more?

    First of all, Jesus was considered King of the Jews.
    Second of all, what do kings have to do anything in what I said or your theory?
    Third of all, I never really said anything against the theory that Naruto was going to die in the end, he just needs to become hokage first, unless, okay, I will admit, I could see him sacrifcing himself and his dreams for becoming hokage for the village, but I personally still believe in my gut and heart that Naruto will be hokage someday. This dream began from basically chapter one.

  184. Oh Jebus… I’ve had too shitty a day to get dragged into a conversation like this… I’m calling it a night.

  185. All Naruto needs to do now is turn water into wine! 😀 Then Rock Lee will get drunk and own everybody. ^_^

    @banditqueen20: He won’t die anytime soon. In fact he won’t die until the end of the manga/anime. ^_^

  186. @rockleex: okay now THAT I can DEFINITELY agree with.

  187. well, taking practice questions I average a 72.5% right and rest wrong. If I remember to not guess, i might get a 4 on my practice AP. Small class so we’ll see how I do compared to my class. Not like any one cares, but if I wasn’t commenting, I would never have remembered. hopefully it pays off. *sigh* Ohio weather is so cruel

  188. Jesus was CONSIDERED King of the Jews… but he never became a King.

    Jesus died before he ever became a King. Naruto will die before he ever becomes Hokage.

    People will argue that Jesus WAS a King although he wasn’t officially a King. And people will argue that Naruto was the best Hokage although he hadn’t officially been a Hokage.

    The reason why I believe Naruto will sacrifice himself before becoming Hokage is because of his Way of the Ninja. A person who can’t save his friend isn’t fit to be Hokage. Eventually… he might have to sacrifice himself to save his friend. ^_^

  189. Sorry Jeremiah. Join us tomorrow? 😀

  190. wow, Ibi started an interesting conversation here…but @rockleex, the 2nd to last sentence is one I like to emphasize. Agree, but he will live. I have faith.

  191. wow…it…it was just a joke…

    ajd: go to bed, you’ll score higher if you get sleep at this point.

  192. @ajd: He will live on forever… in our hearts. 😀

    I just think he’ll have MUCH more impact on the world dead rather than alive. Just look at Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr.

    Another thing they have in common, they’re all underdogs. But they left a lot of impact on the world. Jesus had godly powers, but he was still the underdog. Naruto may become the strongest Ninja that ever lived, but he’ll still be an underdog(Genin).

    Not that I want him dead. Of course everybody would be much happier to see a happily ever after ending… but Kishi’s not the type to just hand us such a simple story or ending just to please us.

    Anyways, I think I’ve done too much rambling tonight. ^_^

  193. did anyone else notice this is fumakotaro’s comment up there?!
    ‘allowing some sort of sonic boom and major damage to fat pein…’
    fat pein?! ahahah, that was _hilarious_

    i gotta agree with the dbz thing, akira toriyama shoulda went a different route, and shouldnt have settled pan into the stereotypical dbz girl role of being annoying, bossy, and unable to turn supersaiyan. LAME

    and @ ibi – ..satisfied with main character dying? cowboy bebop. every fan of that show that i know thinks the ending is perfect.

  194. and although it isnt titled ‘spike’, he’s the ‘space cowboy’ and ‘cowboy bebop’

  195. Everybody loved Romeo & Juliet… they both died at the end. ^_^

    And they didn’t even sacrifice themselves for other people’s sake. They actually accidentally killed themselves for their own selfish puppy love reasons.

    Surely Naruto’s sacrificial death will be MUCH more loved by people than Romeo & Juliet’s.

  196. @amongstheliving: I’m a space cowboy in PlayStation Home. O_o

  197. romeo and juliet is overrated, like shikamaru. hopefully he ‘accidently’ kills himself. haha jk, maybe

  198. @rockleeX – are you implying that being a genin despite being the stringest ninja that ever lived makes him an underdog?

  199. @ harshy – was that sarcasm? cuz i think he meant how naruto was always the underdog..

  200. @atl – Wasn’t romeo and juliet made by one of those gereenpeace guys who said that being related or linked to shakespeare in any remote or pointless way whatsoever harms the environment?

  201. no…for once, it wasn’t, he clearly said that “Naruto may become the strongest Ninja that ever lived, but he’ll still be an underdog(Genin)”
    meaning that he’ll still be one after he becomes the strongest Nin in da world…;P

  202. Hey rockleeX ^_^
    Funny how i never noticed you here before.
    I guess you made an account then…:)

  203. is everyone here a Ps3 crossover.???lol

  204. @ harshy – my bad, yo. i didnt see that shizzle

    and i have no idea what the hell that romeo and juliet thing was talking about *sweatdrop*

  205. don’t try to understand….t’was just a load of gibberish…

  206. i figure as much, since everything you say is a load of jibberish… HA! JUST KIDDING *cheesy smile*

  207. Yup, I’m new here. ^_^ Hi guys.

    @ATL: Ahah. The Romeo & Juliet post was a reply to Ibiki’s old post that begged us to list stories that people love where the main character dies. Kind of like how you posted about Cowboy Bebop.

    @harshy: Naruto will still technically be an underdog if he’s still a Genin because people will still be laughing at him because of his rank. Pain was SERIOUSLY underestimating Naruto even after he attained Sage mode… until Pain got pwned.

    How many times has Naruto proved himself just to once again be looked at as an underdog?

  208. I have a friend on the PS3 called RockleeX I told him about I are awesomeness. Its nice to see him here.

    @ HarshyKage
    Join the PS3 crossovers club 🙂

  209. @ rockleex – yea i know but it made no sense. hence, him telling me to ignore it since it’s jibberish lol
    and i dont really think naruto is seen as an underdog as much anoymore. i mean, really, he doesnt go around blurting out he’s a genin, and everyone in the manga knows he’s way past that, even if he still has the title. and pein underestimates everyone. he’s a ‘pein’ in the ass.
    … i just achieved super mega lame mode with that joke…ahhh

  210. Super lame awesomeness 🙂

  211. thanks schy ^_^
    *turns around and mumbles ‘ass face..’*

  212. or it could be put as ‘peins’ in the ass… hopefully you guys get that… especially ibi..

  213. Awesomeness by far cancels out lame 🙂

  214. Im going to play STORM now 🙂
    And school/college has been cancelled because of the snow 🙂 😦

  215. so i’m super? LOL, i feel like richard simmons is trying to motivate me now

  216. Your whatever you want to be.
    As for me im hungry……

  217. @schy -Seriously I wish i could…dude, buy me a PS3!!! 🙂

    I know you will wont you?(makes big adorable puppy eyes, but all they do is make him look creepy like a monkey on ckrack who’s pupils are dilating…)

  218. I’m so frickin’ BORED. Why can’t work be like awesomeness, huh?

    Hey, Harshy, have I mentioned lately what complete awesomeness your pics are? DYNAMIC ENTRY!!!!!

  219. I would buy you a PS3 but my money is all the way at my bank :)…and its snowing and cold outside and even school/college is cancelled. As well as a transport system failure. Deaths. And etc 😦
    The last time the weather was like it is now was 20 years ago. 😦

  220. You know im getting bored to….where’s the comments? Dont hesitate…:(

  221. ok. Hey mates, this is totalitarian hypnosis in the house. Kinda a weird name, but would certainly do for a new member and someone who’s been hoping to share with everyone what i just found out. I’ll take my time, certainly.

    first, it was kinda an interesting discovery. Naruto is a BLOODY SENJU. Everyone say a huge yeah to that. I’m sure true fan would know what that means. First, remember in the anime, the fight between naruto and sasuke at the valley of no end, how kakashi said that the lives of naruto and sasuke are like that of the first and madara? well, that’s a little inconsequential i’ll admit. But more importantly, for hard evidence, look up naruto manga 399, page 13.(you’ll have to pardon me, i’m not very sure of the link.) Madara, in addressing sasuke on the history of the uchiha, and the motive that drives his hatred for konoha, said, and i quote “as time passed, the senju retained supremacy, and the proud uchiha clan where nothing more than senju’s dogs”. And then BAM. They showed the busts of the 4 hokages, from the first to the fourth. That means naruto has senju blood flowing down his veins, but what we dont know is to what degree his ancestry from the senju hails, and what sasuke would do once he finds out(that’s if he doesn’t know already).

    Second, let’s also take into consideration the relationship between “senju” and “senjutsu”. Now we know a jutsu means technique, but spotlight of comparism comes from the word “senju” and the other “sen”. Now, if my “theory” holds, then we could assume that the first and maybe the second were all sages. Who knows, the fourth even. Now if that’s the case at all, we would also want to assume that, given the first could control bijuu, that there’s more to sage mode than meets the eye. And if the theory of the first using senjutsu to control the bijuu is correct, then we also might want to conclude that naruto could be able to control the kyuubi with senjutsu. By the way, those who might want to argue that senjutsu was inherited from the toads might want to think again. Senjutsu just mean sage technique, which, to be honest could have been inherited either by the toads or the original founders of the senju clan. we dont know that yet, but one thing’s for sure. Expect more from kishi, cause we’re all gonna wet out pants realising the power of senjutsu.

    Third, about naruto’s past, i feel the kyuubi know’s naruto more than he know’s himself. Now one thing’s for sure. Naruto is definitely a senju, and the kyuubi, fighting alongside madara against the first in the valley of no end(naruto manga 399, Page 10-11) and against the fourth hokage before it was sealed into naruto, knows a lot naruto doesn’t. Now the kyuubi, seeing naruto’s impressive growth and strength, would be uimpressed by naruto’s neglect of it(source of emphasis from kyuubi’s rejection of fusion with pa and from kyuubi’s last message to sasuke saying sasuke would regret killing naruto). I reckon that the kyuubi would want to congratulate naruto for his growth at one point, tell naruto that he knows a lot about his past, his father, his lineage, and possibly being there from the very beginning would be in a better position to tell naruto what kind of power and potential sleeps inside him, being a senju, the kind of powers the uchiha possess, and even compare the potency of the uchiha abilities and the senju abilities, which we essentially know to be naruto and sasuke’s abilities. i believe that would be an indispensable revelation to naruto and would help naruto in his fight against sasuke.

    Another thing is the necklace from tsunade. Now if you all think my previous paragraphs have all been gibberish, then this should at least go close to hitting the nail right at the head. We all knoew that tsunade inherited the necklace from the first not because she is the granddaughter of the first, but because she was destined to be in the line of senju’s that were to maintain supremacy over konoha, at least according to madara. If not, then anyone who explains why that particular necklace did not last long enough with the first’s grandson, nawaki, and tsunade’s boyfriend, dan, would get a pat in the back from me. Shizune pointed out that those who were not destined to be hokage died when given the necklace, and of all these casualties, the first’s grandson was one. Then remember when naruto in the anime eavesdropped into the conversation of Tsunade, shizune and sakura about sending a team to capture the akatsuki spy, she said that naruto had the first’s necklace, so maybe he was not an ordinary child after all. That, at least, and for me, closes the topic of who would succeed tsunade as hokage because naruto has everything going for him in that direction. Dont worry, danzo would have sasuke to worry about before becoming hokage.

    oh…and here’s more. Has anyone ever heard of this jutsu- Senjutsu: Fuuton rasen shuriken tajuu kage bunshin no jutsu. Well this is essentially throwing a sage mode FSR and replicating it massly with kage bunshin technique. Remember the third’s jutsu against orochi when he mass replicated one shuriken? Well it would reaall kick ass to find naruto doing an FRS replication. Sasuke’s done a shuriken replication, and that’s not a huge thing for S-class nins. Well, good a thing FRS is a shuriken technique, so doing an FRS replication wouldn’t kill, would it? That would in time make it the most powerful wind element jutsu if that happens, and imagine adding the word “tajuu”. One word to describe the jutsu: Overkill.

    And…i’m really sorry for literally being a pest, but doesn’t anyone agree with me that the scroll natuto carries does more than just reverse kuchiyose? Ok the first then carries a scroll, then minato, then jiraiya and naruto? Well enough said, that pretty sums it up. In case anyone’s gonna say minato didn’t carry a scroll, don’t forget minato has a scroll for naruto.

    I’ve got more, but i’ll need time to polish them. Well you gon right on and tell me what you think. Cheers.

  222. “minato wasn’t a sage. In manga issue 418 page 5, grandpa frog said to himself that naruto did not have any frog transformation at all and possibly surpass jiraiya at that. He could’ve also mentioned that naruto was like minato or better if minato was also a sage.”

    Alright, first off, i think it really sucks that most of you would be more than willing to engage in an arguement comparing the death of Jesus to the way naruto would die. One word describing that. INCONSIDERATION. Even if you’re not christain you should respect the views, morals and religion of people.

    Secondly, if you say minato wasn’t a sage then you’re saying you know all there is to know about him. I personally think there’s a reason why minato has been kept from spotlight, a reason why his casket was stopped by the third during his battle with oro and a reason why most of the characters have aaid little of minato. There’s also a reason why even the kyuubi, jiraiya especially and tsunade have never mentioned minato to naruto. I think it’s saved for the best. It’s supposed to be an important revelation to naruto at some point. And also whoever reveals that revelation is crucial.

  223. another thing guys, i just remembered. Does anyone remember the issue where danzo was declaring his intention to be hokage? I noticed something in that issue “yamato walls”. Remember yamato’s a very good tracker who could use earth element in spying the enemy?(he did that against orochi in the anime) Doesn’t anyone think he’s spying on danzou and root?

  224. That was just to much to read 😦

  225. i think minato mastered the rasengan whiles ago, and would definitely have had more time to master senjutsu. I mean, you never know.

  226. Okay, first you make that longass comment, that I had to read/moderate at this hour of the morning and now you’re telling me talking about Naruto and Jesus is inconsiderate.

    Let me remind you that we have talked Deva, Asura, Preta and Naraka Pain–thanks to Kishi’s efforts. We’ve also talked Naruto and prayer bells, Amateratsu, Susanoo, Tsukuyomi, Naruto and Yin/Yang. These are all elements found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism and Taoism/Confucianism.

    No offense, but I don’t see anyone getting heated up about their use by Kishi and our subsequent discussions as ‘inconsiderate’. And over a billion people could be really angry about this right now.

    It is Kishi’s use of these other religions that made the joke (and it was just a joke) funny in the first place. (Okay, that and the continuing theory that Naruto is a retelling of Star Wars… ^.^). sheesh. I’m going back to work…I hate having to explain about my own jokes AND religious tolerance.

  227. Hmmmm….if you could give a nice summary of what you just said up there in your essay/post Mr. Tolitarian I would rerally appreciate it. Awwwww hell nvm, I’ll just read it.

    As for all the above posts how did we get from DB GT, to Nauto sacrifising himself like Jesus, then to Death Note, back to Jesus again, moved on to Cowboy Beebop, I think I read something about Rouroni Kenshin, then miraclously to Romeo & Juliet, finally to top it off with PS3s? *sigh* this post just went everywhere but the moon, lol.

  228. Amen to that Ibiki you just summed up his entire post for me, TY! ^_^

  229. Isnt the moon wonderful 🙂 I used to believe it was made of cheese.
    Quote lanif1/SCHY~atari forums “everlasting in the moon and mistlight”

    There we have talked about everything now. ^_^

  230. Yeah what Ibi said…

    Does anyone know which manga chapter and pages have the Minato/Kyuubi summary?

    And yes this thread has been all over the freakin board.

  231. I dont >_>

    (Jeremiah’s response: Don’t spam @_@. *Slaps Schy on the wrist*)

  232. You’re a king!

  233. @ everyone – bspaeth22 is my blog mentor… He’s like my Obi wan! Thanks for gracing us with your presence Brian!

  234. Hi bspaeth22 ^_^

    And thanks.

    BTW isnt Spam just typing the same thing over and over.
    For example if i only typed 69 in this post.
    And then posted 69 5 more times…

  235. *All hail Brian*

    Nice to meet you Brian, I’m busy going over chapter 400-410 to make a snappy comment on ‘The Truth about Itachi’ post…but I can’t find any dirt on that sonofabitch Itachi, DAMN!

  236. Oh yeah i also got an award once for BEST spammer ^_^(thats not the same as worst spammer ^.^)
    Its because of my over use of smiles ^_^ like this…..

    lol ^_^

  237. @ Schy – First…Brian wasn’t talking to u and second, spam on a blog is posting needless comments in threads which add nothing to the conversation… Like complaining about comment post times or asking about/trying to explain what spam is.

    *smacks Schy on the wrist twice for spamming and pulls on right ear lobe*

    *ninja enters ready position*

  238. *pulls out blackberry and settles into ready position…*

  239. *Gets ready to block Jeremiahs attack with a Water wall*. ^_^

    I know Brian wasn’t typing to me (well not really) but i thought i’d do it anyway ^_^

    Oh and thanks buddy. ^_^
    I wish i actually say needed things often 😦 But im as random/stupid as Guy *eating swiss cheese on a Sunday Mornining* in terms of a comment ^_^
    Mwahahaha *nice guy pose while charging H20 Wall*
    I wonder what Guy eats? I bet he forces himself to eat the toughest things 🙂

  240. Dude, you have been warned twice now. I think you might need to go take a break now before I take a break out on you. Let’s get back to the discussion of the most recent manga chapter…

    I’ll even provide a topic: who’s going to win this fight? or will it be a draw? How many more chapters before the battle ends or dies off? Will Naruto need help? Who will it be? Will Nagato and Konan make an entrance? Will there be a dynamic entry?

    mmkay, that should spark a couple interesting opinions…let’s get back on track…

  241. Jezz so serious:(…

    1) Naruto win
    2) I say theirs a winner in 3 chapters (if i had to type only 1 option)
    3) YES
    4) Gai of course 🙂
    5) After Pain gets thrashed. We may see Naruto/Konan back at the hideout….<_<
    6) Of course 🙂 maybe ‘_’ possibly "_=
    Finished ^_^

  242. 5 I meant Nagato/Konan
    Not Naruto/Konan >_>
    Sorry ^_^

  243. Sweet Jesus, lets get back on track, that was a painful read!

    About Gai’s team being on their way back to Konoha, I think they may stumble upon Nagato and Konan (Konan leaves to meet Nagato 430/14) if what Ino said about him needing to be nearby in order to control the 6 paths of pein is true. I think there’ll be another death here, and we’ve had the major one, with more on the cards, so I think it’s perfect timing for TenTen to make herself useful and dai! This would bring Neji Rock Lee and Gai right into the picture and keep the chase up on Pein so the real fight with Naruto can begin!

  244. By keep the chase up, I mean Nagato is gonna have to retreat but MMAAAIIIITTTOO GAI obviously wont let them get away and will let Naruto know where they are!

  245. wow…now jeremiah, you know that saying all that really cuts down my options if i want to saay anything…:(
    1)Harshyt-kage wins
    3)who’s naruto?
    4)yup they’ll go public in a few days

  246. Could happen…
    Although i cant see Tenten randomly being the one to die.
    Whats so bad about her anyways 😦
    I think we may see a 8th gate (of life or death i think it was called) sometime in the future.
    Like in that ninja war kishi spoke of.

    BTW wasn’t that Kishi interview confirmed fake? It seemed real though…

  247. ahh brain turning to mush so much reading ahhhhhhhhh

  248. By some miracle 1/2 way check in AP Bio, I got a 5! #2 in my class! think they forgot to:). Thanks coolbeans1 for not directly doing anything but saying Gamabunta, and Ibi for reminding me to sleep. *sigh* it is only 1/2 way check though. BTW, my class hates me for never taking notes and getting high test marks. maybe i’m just lucky :p

  249. lol….i know how it feels,
    i got a 96.4% in what would be our equivalent of a SAT, without studying abit. Though, really, the tests were too friggin easy…anyways, they honour me by calling me a “Damned genius”

  250. Now schools the subject? That was quick. Well my school/college…(you no i’ve mentioned it)
    Lets give up its inevitable that the subjects gunna change to random stuff exept it ^_^

    But to keep it on subject Does anyone like Sasuke’s future chances in life?
    (if your answer is YES Put “Y” at the top of your post.
    if your answer is NO Put “N” at the top of your post.
    If you dont then im sad.

  251. Y

    all sasuGAY has to do is shift to California, go to a gay bar, bust out some gay moves and get married…

  252. btw…jeremiah…i like the idea of having a top 10 comments in the weekly manga breakdown, i’d say it’s a really gr8 idea, that way, we’ll get to LOAO(laugh our asses of) on posts that we had missed….

  253. naruto e muito bom por fim acho que ele vai acabar usando poder da kyubi

  254. N
    Though it sux because I don’t do crap in calc, BS an exam W/O a calculator, and tied our valedictorian, best friend scored negative. no one talked to me for a while. I had to ask what the exam was over before it. Our Calc teacher is relentlessly fast at teaching.

    back to subject, Sasuke will live on, but if he doesn’t straighten out (in more ways then one) I’ll kill him my self! Gai’s team should help the village recover a little. He needs to find out about Kakashi’s situation. hell, i need to find out about his situation!

  255. Y
    Kishi said 2 Uchiha will perish. My bets on Madara (And Itachi’s dead :cry :Itachi)
    Although if that wasn’t mentioned i’d say Sasuke and Madara would die erasing the Clan.
    BTW I get 8th highest of 10. ^_^
    It sounds a good idea though.

  256. Y
    I want to find out the truth about Sasuke to… >_<
    We know about Itachi now (probably)
    But whats going on in Sasuke’s mind?

  257. @harshyt, please don’t bring back the chance of my bad wording being used badly against my sister. It never happened, superbowl, focus on the superbowl! 😦

  258. Btw, she said it was funny, in a disturbingly traumatizing way…

  259. Goodnight +_+

  260. @Everyone arguing about whether or not Minato was a sage

    I found proof that Minato was a sage in one of kishimoto’s japanese interviews. Check out the link.

  261. Here’s the proof of awesomeness:

  262. @totalitarian: Naruto could POSSIBLY be a Senju. But if I remember correctly, Minato wasn’t born in Konoha. The only way for Minato to be a Senju is if they purposely secretly raised him somewhere else to keep his Senju identity hidden. Seeing how there are many Senjus in Konoha right now that don’t need to hide, I don’t think Minato’s “Senju identity” would need to be kept secret.

  263. Next wtf post?

  264. Warzone, Naruto and God Realm clash

    “No more games Pain,” said Naruto. (The shadow clone holding Ghost Realm down, uses his forearm to pound in its face. Blood sprays in the air however, we don’t see the details)

    “Brilliant work Uzumaki, you are indeed the successor to Jiraiya. Although, even a demon like yourself falls to the power of a God,” said Pain. (Pain prepares to use a ranged attack with his palm toward the real Naruto. Then, similar black crows seemingly passes through Naruto’s mind. All of a sudden, both of his shadow clones explode.)

    “Exploding Shadow clones,” asked Shima. “Where in the world did he pick up a technique like that,” asked Fukasku. “This kid, he’s certainly on another level,” said Gamabunta.

    (The smoke clears. Naruto notices Pain’s body and rapidly backs up.)

    “So, even explosions don’t work against him either,” said Naruto. “That was one of Itachi’s techniques, interesting,” said Pain.

    Switch Scene:

    (Konan thinks to herself in her head some distances away from the battle)

    “God Realm has the most offensive and defensive might among all of the bodies. Now that Nagato is fully controlling God Realm, he’s able to take advantage of the atmoshpere and punish his opponents. God’s judgement, that’s why he’s never lost a battle. To think, Nagato hasn’t got this serious since that time ago, the time when he battled Hanzou,” said Konan.

    Switch Scene to battle:

    (God Realm floats in mid air)

    “Is he flying,” asked Naruto. (Everyone is shocked by God realm’s power. He launches himself far into the sky. Then comes rushing down.)

    “Bunta, Ken, Hiro. Its time you guys go back. We need all the room we can manage,” said Fukasku. “I don’t care what he plans on doing. I’m going to knock him flat,” said Naruto.

    (The summons go back home. Meanwhile Naruto prepares to defend himself, however God Realm uses his forces to draw Naruto to him. Immediately, God Realm punches Naruto, sending him across rubble. God Realm retreats back and lands on the ground.)

    “Boy,” yelled Fukasku. “Come on, get up,” said Shima. (They rush to his side. Naruto immediately recovers and emerges from the rubble. Naruto takes off his cloak and throws it to the side. Naruto is a little scratched up.)

    “Boy, we’ll step in as needed,” said Shima. (Naruto smiles) “Boy are you feeling okay, you just been clobbered,” said Fukasku in a worried tone.

    (God realm prepares to attack again, however immediately the earth around him begins to crack. He is immediately held down by a shadow clone which emerges from behind and constricts Pain, stopping him from using his technique. God Realm looks angry.)

    “You are all out of tricks now. I could either blow you up with my technique or I can pound you to death personally,” said Naruto. “Afterall that, he was still able to plan a counter,” said Pain.

    (Naruto Rage grows. Fukasku and Shima grows fearful)

    “All the people you hurt. (flashback of Jiraiya and Kakashi. Then the village). I’ll show you the true meaning of Pain. No more peace for you,” said Naruto. (Naruto make the shadow clone jutsu sign and the clone explodes)

    Next Chapter: Has Naruto defeated the Six Paths of Pain/ or has Pain managed to escape yet again?

    what do u guys think???????????????

  265. Crazy Whacked Out Theory Time!!!!
    I just had a thought, what if the upcoming time skip isn’t what we are all expecting. here’s my thought, Sasuke shows up, fights Naruto.Sasuke tries to use the space time jutsu but ends up screwing it up flinging both naruto and himself though space and time where they end up in different times. naruto could end up at konoha before the fourth died, would it not be awesome if Naruto actualy got to train under the fourth Hokage! Sasuke could end up durring the time tight before the Uchiha massacre and could then learn the truth about madara’s scheming. Then could master the space time jutsu, locate naruto, take him back to their time, and then they could both hunt down madara, who at this point seems to be the origins for all of the pain and suffering both have had to endure their entire lives.
    Just a crazy little Idea I though I might throw out there.

  266. Jerimiah what’s your e-mail, I have a few questions about getting a blog started.

  267. So i have a question, how deep in mourning are you going to go into when Swazey dies Jerimiah?

  268. @iamnotreallyhere what if naruto IS the fourth hokage? ….i just went there…. or we could have a lost scenario where they jump all over the place.

  269. @narutossharingan thats prolly a fake script… its only monday hahaha. that would be sick, but i think there will be so much more conversation between the two of them.

  270. Ok I was sitting there in class thinking of Naruto (Don’t laugh i know you all do the same thing). Anyways I thought of a strategy for Naruto. Make 2 clones, both with Rasengan. Charge with one of them *leading Pain to use his ability* then immediatly charge with the next one. xD Seriously how could Pain stop this? He has no one helping him. He’d be screwed amirite?

  271. @Fanboi we are not 100% sure laza head is dead yet.

  272. @Fanboi: I’ve got a better idea, imo.

    Two Narutos just need to stay back while one clone runs in to attack Pain to “distract” him.

    Then a Naruto throws a Rasenshuriken towards Pain. Pain realizes that the one attacking him was just a decoy, so he deflects the Rasenshuriken. Two scenarios could take place after that.

    1. The Naruto that is physically attacking Pain could do a Rasengan/Rasenshuriken close range.
    2. The Naruto that is physically attacking Pain could keep attacking Pain or hold him down somehow, while another Naruto throws a Rasenshuriken at Pain.

    Either way, Pain won’t be able to deflect the second one. He can only dodge, but that’s why option #2 works better because he won’t have as much freedom of movement to dodge. ^_^

  273. Oh yea, and I think Rasenshurikens would work better because they’re projectiles.

    A regular Rasengan wouldn’t force Pain to use his “Force”… unless he’s caught off guard, then he would have to use the Force to push Naruto(along with the Rasengan) away.

    In my opinion that would be slightly harder to do.

  274. @rockleex: Ya thats a better plan than mine. I hope Pain has more abilities. If not hes gunna get pwned fast.

  275. I wonder if Konoha can survive a second S Tensai?

  276. @schy: I don’t think Pain has the energy left to do a second one.

  277. totalitarianhypnosis i think you have a very decent theory. Its possible that minyato was a sage. hmmmm!

  278. @ rockleeX
    Yeah maybe and even if he did ,it would diminish his powers again. So its a last resort attack.
    BTW i think you’ve left your PS3 on BioShock?…its been like that for hours. And isnt it night for you?…

  279. @renzy10-EEEEWWWW!!! EEEEWWWW!! That would make Naruto his own father, I don’t think Kishi or anyone else besides you would go there. Would explain a few things though…

    Naruto did his mother and conceived himself…


  281. @narutosharingan- Dude, I think that’s an awesome idea for the next chapter. But I see Pein surving that explosion because the fight would be to short otherwise. You should e-mail that idea straight to Kishi’s inbox. It would save him time to think and give him more time to draw and prevent any delays of the manga release.

    @iamnotreallyhere- Man, if that happened my brain would explode outta sheer awesomeness!

    @renzy10- WTF dude? lol, I know you probably didn’t mean it that way but WTF dude anyway!

  282. Well, if any of you guys watch Futurama… Fry is actually his own grandpa… or something like that. >_<

  283. wow…
    Konan goes M Jackson-

    “He was more of a gay scene, than a hunky bean
    i said i don’t mind, what do you mean i am the one
    who’ll clean your head hole number one…

    Lazerhead is not mah lover,
    He’s just a nerd, who says that i am the one,
    who’ll clean head hole number one…
    who says that i am the one,
    who’ll clean head hole number one…

    Yashiko always told me
    becareful what you do,
    don’t go around breaking shitty ppl hearts…
    Nagato always told me,
    becareful what you do,
    cause the eye becomes the fooooooot…

    Lazerhead is not mah lover,
    He’s just a nerd, who says that i am the one,
    who’ll clean head hole number one…

    Lazerhead is not mah lover,
    he’s just a nerd who says that i am the one,
    and PAin is not my son…

    Lazerhead is not mah lover,Lazerhead is not mah lover,
    Lazerhead is not mah lover,Lazerhead is not mah lover,
    Lazerhead is not mah lover,Lazerhead is not mah lover,

  284. @rockleex – yeah! i just remembered that….lol

  285. jeremiah, there is a block on my hotmail account from this IP provider, so I can’t read any messages if you have sent any.

  286. *Snickering turns into LMAO at Konoha’s rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” song*

    comic genius

  287. hey…anymore requests on Harshytkage Radio live!

  288. @renzy: we all know the spoiler is not out, i wrote what i thaught is going to happen in next chapter.
    @ supertrek89: thanks u dude u seem like a cool dude. lol

  289. @ narutosharingaan – Dude, that’s a lot of dudes in your comment dude… you must be REALLY serious dude ^_^

    @ Harshy – ROFL! Soooo sweeeeeet!

  290. narutosharingan, I like the spoiler however it’s not been confirmed yet. There’s a high probability that it’s a fake.

  291. @narutossharingan hahahahaha o ok sorry that makes a lot more sense….. that would insane crazy 😛

    @everyone else HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LMFAO anything sick or twisted you can pull out of that, i meant. they should destroy any naruXhina shit naruto + kushina all the way haha. and yes that probably did subconciousely come from futurama

  292. I dont know if we seen the last of lazer head…cant Pain find other body’s to be realms? He could get a body that revives the others and….l L H is back?
    Well i hope and dont hope we see L H again….

  293. when 433 come out, i downloaded inmediately! i cant wait to read 434 and watch it in anime.

  294. @narutosharingan- Nah Dude, you’re the coolest dude of all the dudes I ever met. I mean DUUDDDEE did you read your own post dude it was freakin awesome……dude! lol (I’m just doing this to get on jeremiah’s nerve) &_&

  295. I cant imagine Lazer head with a different body <_< (2nd L H)
    He just wouldn’t be Lazer head…
    Just the realm he’s supposed to be…

  296. pain has already used different bodies to do the same realms, the animal realm was a dude before and then a lady later cus Jiraiya trapped the original body and sent it back to Konoha!

  297. I don’t want to see any of these pains after this fight, I’m hopin that Nagato will decide he has to put his balls on the chopping block in order to counter Naruto’s barrage of balls and face Naruto himself next time!

  298. Yeah me to.
    I wonder if Nagato has any of his own abilities though…
    He probably does. Didnt he kill a shinobi when he first activated Rinnegan?

  299. @ droptheweights – I think Schy is saying that he couldn’t imagine Pain starting a new body of Pain like Laser Head. He’s obviously built like one of Kankuro’s dolls… I think that’s what he’s referring too. It would just be hard to imagine but we all know he can do it.

    *goes back into fetal position on floor, mumbling to myself*

    He can’t come back, won’t come back, please don’t come back, stupid laser head, i hate u, i hate u, i hate u…

  300. @ Jeremiah
    If a new body is used for Lazer head will you still hate him? (the new L H).
    I mean he wont be the same guy *scum* that was smiling when hurting Kakashi causing him to suffer right?
    Or is it once a D always a D? ^_^

  301. @ jeremiah, lol yeah, kinda realised that just after I sent the post! ahh well, fools rush in…

  302. JEREMIAH – I HATE YOU. ^_^

    stop talking about lazer head, he’s worse than a person who thinks swayze isnt captain planet. pssh

  303. @amongstheliving,I have to stand for the litigious here:Lazer Head is a douche and my first gasp of air with the new mangas was seeing him drolling on the floor,begging for help.

    P.s.-I was one with the nick Real,don’t know if anyone remembers.

  304. I would like to see Lazer head ^_^ Just for the lolz.

    BTW Jeremiah Lazer heads head is off for 1 last spin. So dont get to ahead of yourself ^_^ Check your PS3 inbox 🙂 you haven’t seen the last of his (Lazer) head 🙂

  305. @ amongstheliving – I hate u too.

    Didn’t see u hanging out side in the bushes at all yesterday. Taking a break?


  306. if naruto starts getting beat up, then some kind of duex in machina shit happens, then it would just be the same shit again. I say, for orginiality purposes, let Naruto beat the crap out of deva pain completely with no retaliation from pain’s side. Then let him “fly off” or run, or teleport to the remaining akatsuki members and just take care of them whilst they slumber. Then kaboom, Naruto v Sasuke, Naruto uses Sakura as a sheild/hostage, then boom. Sasuke no more arms or legs. (Which will be a fulfilling of naruto’s promise during the valley of end battle). Bibbidy bobbidy, Naruto manga COMPLETED boo…

  307. Lets go spoiler lets go….. >_>

  308. I’m really dying to know what will happen in the next chapter.

  309. hey guys this is a new spoiler that i found. what u guys think about it:#


    Pain uses his ability to pull all of the kagebunshin into him at once (*the spoiler writer compares this to the “Tezuka Zone” in Prince of Tennis)

    The real Naruto manages to prevent this and notices that when Pain uses his ability to pull things in he can’t blow things back so…

    …Naruto is trying to time things just right so that his kage bunshin can launch a coordinated attack on Pain

    The real Naruto then brings all the frogs except Bunta with him to repel the “keyman**” (presumably Tendou Pain at this point).

    Shikamaru hears about Naruto’s situation as well as Pain’s ability from Katsuyu and decides, “I can at least do this much!” He then begins analyzing the situation.

    The color page is the frog group and sage Naruto

    The spoiler writer then says that he’ll post images once he gets back to his house

    **A “key man” in Japanese refers to someone important or “key” to the success of something. In the prior chapter, the “key man” was identified as the reviving body. In this chapter it would presumably refer to Tendou.

  310. this fight is taking forever now. a fight shouldnt that longs cause it is gettting boring now. dont u guys agree???

  311. this fight is taking forever now. a fight shouldnt last this long cause it is gettting boring now. dont u guys agree???

  312. @narutosharingaan: I actually like the fights that go on for multiple episodes. I like the build up. It has worked a lot in my opinion – like with the Sasuke and Itachi fight. But I don’t think they have topped the fight between Naruto and Sauske that happened before the time skip, especially the way they handled that fight in the animated series.

    That said, I think the Naruto and Pain fight is entertaining mostly because we have seen how strong Naruto has become. I don’t think they built up Pain to be a very good villain.

    People have been talking a lot about what abilities Itachi gave Naruto. I think most likely it is some sort of defence against the sharingan. But it would be interesting if it were more straight forward, like if the power gets triggered by Sauske’s sharingan and crows fly out of Naruto’s mouth and peck Sauske’s eyes out.

  313. Aww Come on the Naruto Sasuke fight was so ridiculously prolonged out with flashbacks it really had a negative impact on it as a whole… Don’t get me wrong it was amazing but flashbacks are an awful way to drag out a fight. The up and coming Itachi Sasuke fight is done much more tastefully thanks to the Uchiha Madara story + Genjutsu.

  314. @of815- Lol, no I have a better idea. Instead of crows coming out when Sasuke uses the sharingan on Naruto, Itachi comes out of his mouth revived like Orochimaru and says,

    Itachi: “Alright now that I’m finally back where the hell’s the bathroom I gotta take a major dump! By the way, you’re welcome Naruto you have no idea how long I’ve been holding it.”

    Naruto: “WTF man you taste like S**T and despair”

    Itachi: “Alright so I didn’t hold everything in, muhahaha”

    Sasuke: “Brother…but…why?” *starts to sob*

    Itachi: “DAMMIT little bro if you start to cry again I really am gonna pluck those eyes out. The least you could do is give your big bro a hug”

    Sasuke: *continues to cry and hugs Itachi*

    Itachi: “F******G emo kids!”

    FIN ^^

  315. @supertrek89 very funny idea 😀

  316. Itachi wouldn’t swear.
    “The weakest pups bark the loudist” lol ^_^

  317. [url=][img=][/url]
    last pic from 434

  318. [url=][img=][/url]

  319. fattas relam sucks Naruto sage chakra who then closes his eyes & that would be dynamic entry for KYUBI in 345

  320. Man, Naruto must feel so violated when Itachi put his crow in Naruto’s mouth.

    Itachi’s excuse: “But I was just giving him a TASTE of my powers! Plus, once you go black crow, you don’t go back though.” ^_-


    Anyways, I think Sasuke wants to destroy Konoha because Itachi gave Naruto ‘some’ before giving him some. Sasuke simply doesn’t want Naruto’s leftovers. Add the fact that Itachi made it his mission to grab hold of Naruto’s “tail” while completely ignoring Sasuke and we have a motive for a soon to be murder/killing spree case. ^_^

  321. I feel bad for Naruto. He must have felt so violated when Itachi put his crow into Naruto’s mouth. >_<

    Itachi’s excuse: “But I was just giving him a TASTE of my powers! Once you go black crow, you don’t go back though!” ^_-


    Anyways, I think that’s why Sasuke’s always so pissed off at Naruto. Itachi gave Naruto “some” before Itachi gave Sasuke “some”. Sasuke’s not the type who wants anyone’s(especially Naruto’s) leftovers! 😀

  322. Everything released up till now:

  323. hahahahahhahahahahahaha i just got back from dynamic entry course. i leveled up my guy-ness…. wait that sounds weird

  324. sry for my multiple post above

  325. Dang, I was so caught up in the Naruto Sage Mode hype that I completely forgot that Pain seemed like he was a dumb ninja because he’s not trying to kill him.

  326. My Spoiler Video:

    I think it’s good to share on this blog.. XD

    Make sure to leave a comment and rate it…I am not begging for subscribing.

  327. Oops, I double posted because I thought the first post I made(from the PS3) didn’t work.

  328. Thanks, Fahim!

  329. @ everyone – make sure to click on the thumbs up next to the awesomeness/Captain Planet/Swayze references in Fahim’s post!


    Click HERE to comment on his video.

  330. Time for Maito Gai show his face!
    I wanna see Neji hiting all chakra points of Pein!
    Let’s wait!

  331. I guess Pain does use S Tensei again >_>
    And was another Pain still around there?
    I thought God realm was the only Pain left.
    Oh well buy Naruto, buy Kyubi, Sasuke’s right he’s still a loser. I knew it wouldn’t be a 1 sided duel. <_<

    JK lol

  332. What Naruto “defeated”? That’s pretty lame after all the pwnage. I suppose Naruto is gonna rise up in the next chapter. Naruto simply can’t lose now, it would be against all logic: the gutsy shinobi that never gives up; the gutsy shinobi that’s become pretty strong and never gives up.

  333. He’s finished lets accept it and move on….
    to Sasuke.

  334. @ schy – There is no way he is finished. It’s just supposed to make the battle have a bit of suspense instead of Naruto kicking the crap out of him so quickly and easily.

    Besides no one would read the Manga if it focused on Sauske. I had a hard enough time reading about him after his fight with Itachi. Then that lame battle with the 8 tails who is just as annoying if not more then Sauske with his annoying rapping.

    Naruto For Life!!

  335. lol… i think when Fukasaku(SP?) says the only way is Genjutsu Naruto awakens what is given to him by Itachi without knowing it… so i think Pain believes he just won, but in the next issue Naruto knows what has happened and uses what Itachi gave him. i’m guessing it’s some Genjutsu… hmm we’ll see huh

  336. Nope im afraid this is the end for Naruto.

    Even a Dynamic entry will be useless.
    The only thing that can save Naruto’s useless rear end is Ametaratsu. And Sasuke wont waste his important time.
    I Knew Naruto was blowing gas all along.
    They say a flame shines its brightest just before it fades.
    Naruto’s gunna end up like Garra and he’ll cry when he see’s Sasuke watching as a fellow Akatsuki.
    R.I.P Naruto/Kyubi
    Manga ends with Sasuke’s triumph ^_^

  337. Let’s bet on it schy, I bet Naruto will win and you’ll bet on his dead. The loser will have to pledge eternal cyber slavery to the winner e.g. speaking in a honorific way of the winner all the time, for every new post the loser must say how great the winner is etc.

    Basically, the winner is Kim Jong Il and the loser is the people of North Korea.

  338. @schy – *sigh* and here I thought you were one of the more intelligent people on this site but I guess I was wrong. Any Sauske Fan obviously doesn’t understand the deep meaning of the manga ;). “Never Say Die!” Besides Sauske couldn’t even touch Naruto at this point. He will need more training before they can have a fight worth reading about.

  339. Im just wondering now if people were actually taking what i said seriously. O_O

  340. In their defense I wasn’t entirely sure of your sarcasm level either.

  341. Im good at changing my internet personality huh *thumbs up* 🙂

  342. @schy – Nope I figured by the way you were commenting you were just kidding 😉 But I couldn’t just let you say such horrible things about The future Hokage 😉

  343. I was wondering what everyone thought about who is going to kill Pain in the end? I don’t believe this is the final battle, I truly believe that Nagato is not going to fight Naruto for quite some time.

    Does anyone think that he will get help to defeat Pain?

    I think that he has to do it on his own like Shikamaru did otherwise he wouldn’t really be getting vengence for Jaraiya. What do you think?

  344. Right lol. 🙂
    I went Sasuke worshipping for less time than i thought i would…but i did put “JK lol” (Joke lol) to give some hints that i wasn’t serious. ^_^
    BTW what have i typed to make you think im “one of the more intelligent people on this site” please do answer ^_^…and thanks.

    Isnt Shikamaru hurt?
    My guess *could* be fresh troops (Team Guy)
    Or maybe the Kyubi power. In that (apparently fake) Kishi interview, it leaked that at least 4 tails will show early 2009. And was it mentioned that the seal will be released? But if 4 tails are released a new problem will show in Konoha…and only Guy can save the day *wink*
    Another (3rd) alternative is Itachi’s power. Itachi said “Hopefully you’ll never have to use it”(its a DANGEROUS S rank jutsu?) so if it could be a M Sharingan jutsu (as we know MS is a double edged sword that makes the user blind) without Sharingan Kekki Genkai it could make Naruto instantly blind = *.* And in that Kishi interview i recall it was leaked that somebody will go blind in this battle.
    Question is: Naruto or Kakashi (nail in eye) who will be blind?
    I guess it depends on if the battle started when Pain attacked Konoha. Or when Naruto arrived. My guess is it isnt the latter because “There is deaths in this fight” (notice deaths not a death) so Shizune for example died and other shinobi. And since Naruto arrived there have been no deaths. (unless you count each realm which is a retarded thing to do) Each random shinobi wont justify “Deaths” though, because they’re not important. So Shizune + somebody else die’s…my guess is “Frog dies” as was mentioned. so maybe the S Tensei that blows the frogs away as mentioned in the spoiler is the attack that kills a frog. I just hope it isnt Gamabunta.

  345. It makes a lot a sense to me if naruto is defeated. Why? It would definately show us that naruto has room for more growth. So naruto may get an ass whooping in the next manga, and somehow he’s gonna be saved. I would be more disappointed if pain was defeated easily. It is said that the rinnegan is the most powerful eye technique. Based off what i’ve seen thus far there’s nothing so ‘special’ about it. It seems that if itachi was still alive he could’ve pawned pain’s ass easily. Hmm but then again, he is the leader of akatsuki and he seems to be revered by everyone on akatsuki. Whats up with that? There’s more to pain that meets the eye, much much more

  346. Thats just a few ways in which Naruto can turn it around/or Pains end.
    Whether the battle “starts” when Naruto arrived or not is up to Kishi i guess. My guess is no though.
    It might just relate to Japanise culture though When do they/you officially “begin” a battle? Seperate it in parts e.g Naruto VS Pain, Kakashi VS Pain When its the Hero VS villain? Or just combine it all as the battle of Konoha? (e.g Combine each battle as “WW2” instead of each battle in WW2?) I think what Kishi meant by Naruto and Pains battle…is this battle of Konoha when Pain started attacking….

  347. The trouble is Naruto’s going to HAVE to be saved in some way otherwise he’s dead. He cant afford to lose And Only Killerbee left……………………..
    (NARUTO shippuden is now Killerbee shippuden as he’s the only remaining Jinchuriki)

  348. Naruto still has a clone left at that frog place.

    Itachi’s genjutsu might come out. In other words, Naruto will pull out his big black crow and shove it down Pain’s throat.

    Shikamaru and others might jump in… probably not since it seems like Kishi wants it to stay as a 1on1 fight.

    But it would be awesome if Rock Lee jumps in to help, then Gaara jumps in to help Rock Lee when he’s down. Just like old times! ^_^

    That also brings up another topic, will Gaara’s fighting style change now that he no longer has the 1 Tail?

    Back on topic, will Kakashi get revived to jump in one final round? Kakashi’s the best bet for a genjutsu right now, him or Sasuke. <_<

  349. Not sure if someone noticed it yet, but since naruto was in sage mode and fat pain was absorbing the chakra…..wouldn’t it be natural energy that he was absorbing? And remember what happened to naruto when his body absorbed natural energy when he didn’t know how to control it…..=) maybe thats why he was smiling =) fat pain=froggy pain lol…… just a theory with no proof to back up though.

  350. well guys it naruto manga is getting crap cause it means naruto hasnt grown up not even a bit. naruto didnt even last for 5 minuets against god pain`s power. kakashi lasted way longer than naruto against god pain`s full power. naruto hasnt changed if he is defeated who all talk

  351. i mean if naruto is defeated then it means naruto is the same weak ninja persom who doesnt give up and who is all talk.

  352. damn it sorry guys i type fast and look other way while typing. hope u guys understand

  353. Killerbee sucks. He’s really selfish. Dont really see him helping anyone but himself.

  354. naruto smiled hes going to use the natural energy against fat pain =) fat pain=froggy pain! cuz pain isn’t a sage so he shouldn’t be able to handle the natural energy. lmao it would be funny though if that happened. =)

  355. He’s like Sasuke caring about his own goals.
    Hmm when does chapter 434 of “Killerbee” come out :wink ^_^

  356. watever i think naruto is going to get his ass kicked and killerbees squad is going to save his ass ( i thought naruto got stronger guess i got my hopes up for nothing)

    Sasuke is still not stronger than naruto even if naruto loses

  357. naruto smiled hes going to use the natural energy against fat pain =) fat pain=froggy pain! cuz pain isn’t a sage so he shouldn’t be able to handle the natural energy. lmao it would be funny though if that happened. =)

    FAT PAIN TURNS INTO A FROG! Naruto Manga 435

  358. If genjutsu is the only way why do i see a sasuke comeback??:P

  359. Kurinai comes back. ^_^
    Genjutsu >_<

  360. I don’t agree about Killer Bee being selfish. Maybe he is, but I don’t think his peeps would be as concerned as they were when he got captured. They were impressed he got captured, but they also seemed to really care about him.

    Also, not so sure about froggy pain–although I’d LOVE to see that. Naruto already has the energy balanced, so it’s getting to Pain balanced too–at least that’s my guess.

  361. @narutosharingan- Ummmm….Kakashi did last long but he had help and still in the end he was defeated by Lazer Head. God Realm was too strong for Kakashi. Naruto has fought all 6 paths with the help of frogs but now he’s fighting on his own and he actually got a hit in on God Realm by himself whereas Kakashi failed to do. Who said Naruto’s even done yet? About the Itachi PWNing Pein thing. Yeah, you’re right there is more to meet the eye when it comes to Pein. The Rinnigan is the MOST powerful eye technique in the world. Thus, more powerful then Itachi’s leveled up Sharingan. I believe the 6 paths of pein aren’t even using the full extent of the Rinnegan because only Nagato himself can do it. The 6 paths are just mere puppets with weak imitations of the Rinnegan.

    @beeslymm- Killerbee sucks? Killerbee is one of the strongest shinobi in the enitre manga right now. Especially with full control over the 8 tails and being a superb swordsman he’s on par with the best of the best shinobi. Dare I say he’s on Itachi’s level. And I Stand By That! BELIEVE IT! (who cares if he raps every character has a quirk to them, besides it’s kinda funny ;))

    @rockleex- Nah, Kakashi’s done, not dead, just done! Others joining in though I can see, ONLY if all 6th paths are revived for a second time. Then we can have multiple 1 on 1 battles going around in what usd to be Konoha while Naruto fights with God Realm.

    P.S. It’s interesting what you said about Gaara I was wondering about that subject too, does he still even have the same chakra without the 1 tail? Is he a weak A$$ Shinobi now? Can he still manipulate sand? Does he cry himself to sleep at night because his monster friend who’s been with him since childhood is gone, or does he sleep like a baby rid of a huge burden? Is he still Kazekage of sand village? ADoes he worry about birds pooping on him now that his auto sand shield is gone? AHHHHH, TO MANY QUESTIONS!!! *faint*

  362. Hell ya i was right! I knew Naruto would get captured. Think guys….why would Kishi make the 8-tails escape then SAY the 8-tails needs to be extracted first.

    And btw what an asshole move by Pain killing a buncha frogs with plates. Suigetsu would be sad. =(

  363. And i agree with supertrek….Killerbee is awesomeness. I still thing one on one Itachi would win =P

  364. @ fanboi … i know what you mean about how kishi revealed the 8-tails being extracted first, but i just dont see naruto getting captured at all… i believe this is *sighs* .. leading up to some kind of miracualous comeback by naruto (as usual) … i just dont see him losing this battle

  365. @Fanboi- Wait, does the spoiler actually SHOW Naruto being captured and taken away or are you just assuming this because he may be defeated. And yeah, who really knows who would win in a 1 on 1 Itachi vs. Killerbee fight it’ll never happen. Or will it….(inser Twilight Zone music here)

  366. @ SuperTrek89 – I agree with you about the whole Kakashi thing 100%

    The fact that Killer bee is one of the strongest shinobi doesn’t make him a likeable or any less annoying character. The fact that he ditched his entire Hidden village including his brother and his students doesn’t sit well with me either. All he wants to do is play all day. Not very Ninja like. It’s going to Take Naruto’s “Special Power”(By that I mean his ability to change people for the better) to set him straight.

    About Garaa, we do know that he still has the ability to control the sand because after he was rescued he used the sand to move Narutos hand to his so they could shake hands. We do not know however how much Chakra he has and if the sand will automatically protect him like it did before because of the 1 tail. We also know that he was unable to sleep while the 1 tail was inside of him and would create horrible nightmares as well as possibly take control of him while asleep, that is why he has those dark circles around his eyes. I would imagine he can finally sleep now but I doubt they would remove those circles under his eyes because that makes him look pretty bad a$$.

  367. hey guys i dont understand why do u guys think sasuke will come and save naruto. sasuke wants to destroy the whole villege remember. okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  368. yeah but before god pein didnt have his power ok thats why it was easy for naruto to defeat the others cause pein didnt interapt and he was saving himself from naruto cause he didnt have his powers. and when he gets his strength back naruto even couldnt fight for 5 min okay. i dont know if that is the reall naruto or naruto be this one did lose to pein

  369. @narutossharingan – the village is already destroyed, he would only want to kill the elders now probably and why wouldnt he save naruto? throw a couple flashbacks in there plus hes mad at pain for destroying the village. its perfectly believable that sasuke would save naruto.

  370. When are we going to see what Nagato looks like? That’s all I care about, I hope he’s hot… all the hot guys are dying off…

  371. hey I’m new here but.. doesnt anyone remember in the spoiler is said on the last page pain says capture of the kyuubi mission complete. it just said last page just to make you think he got him. I bet its just a clone and the real naruto is still back at the frogs place. sorry I dont remember what its called.

  372. and a nother thing to go with that. it prob is a clone bc hes using to to feel out pain to see what he can do before the real naruto comes to kick his butt.

  373. @banditqueen20


  374. im sticking with ten ten ^_^ i hope she dies, then rock lee goes crazy with his power of youth, and destroys pain single handedly….. this would all happen while they are retrieving naruto btw hahaha

  375. @bjbthe1- Maybe he dithced his clan becuase he has ulterior motives. For instance, he may want everybody to think he’s dead for the time being so Akatsuki doesn’t go after him or his village. Look what happend to Konoha and all the lives lost over Naruto. We don’t know anything about him yet. Another scenario is Jinchuurikis are known to be isolated form the rest of the village and lead a sedetary life becuse of the monsters inside of them. Just look at Naruto and Gaara and see how screwed up their childhoods were. So for all we know he could be using this oppurtunity of them thinking he’s dead to get away and start a new life. The fact is we don’t know anything about him except that he’s a Jinchuuriki and a superb swordsman that likes to rap alot. I don’t think anybody should pass judgement on his actions until the reasons are fully thrown into light. Besides, he can play all day if he wanted to with how powerful he is. 😉

  376. Arg still no new spoilers on mangahelpers. This is really driving me nuts!

  377. @ narutosharingan, whatever Sasuke says to Akatsuki may not be true cus in the fight against killerbee he says he’s just using them, okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

  378. @Jeremiah, is everyone against the idea of a seperate spoiler thread? You know, just in case ppl want to wait for the whole thing to come out, and still read this blog without finding out things. Just a thought. Although I guess we’re all such crackheads that no one can hold back eh?

  379. @dropweights- Agreed, I’m one of those guys that don’t like to read the spoilers but like to read the blog. And one more thing who you callin’ crackhead? *goes back to sniffing crack*….hey don’t judge a book by its cover!

  380. I swear if I wasn’t so addicted to this forum I would probably have to use crack as a substitute, I only read all the mangas about a month ago tho, I’d spent about 4 years content to sit through weeks of filler to get to the good stuff, but I’m so glad I broke!

  381. Plus, supertreck, I would never offend you.. I wouldn’t want you hiding in my bushes ready to pounce at the pull of an earlobe! And I wouldn’t want you stealing all my crack…

  382. @Supertrek

    We do know how the people around Killer Bee felt about him. They were Frantic about his disappearance. There dialogue indicated that they weren’t just worried about losing a weapon; they genuinely cared about him. That doesn’t sound like a guy who lives a solitary, isolated life.

    On the other hand, if Killer Bee was leaving his village for selfless reasons, his conversation with Hachibi indicated otherwise. KB basicly said he was glad he finally got away from the village, his meddling brother, and now he’s free. Doesn’t sound like he was protecting the Hidden Cloud.

    Ya gotta wonder who Sabu and the Enka ninjas are, and is he on his way to see them?

  383. @jdb44- Hmmm…true dat i just reviewed the manga again and I see your point. Well from his viewpoint you can see that since being a jinchuuriki he’s been dealt with the role of defendng the village all the time whether he wants to or not. This brings into play him being used as a “weapon” as you said in your above post. I do believe he does live quite a sedetary life away from the village as seen here. Furthermore now that since Akatsuki thibks he’s dead, or at least that’s what killerbee believes at the moment, he finds no reason to stay there and guard a village as strong as that. Lastly, we don’t know the relationship between himself and his brother or the villagers. They could have been real assholes to him when he was little as is the typical treatment of jinchuurikis going off of Naruto’s and Gaara’s examples. The Shinobi didn’t want to give away killerbee’s position becuase you never give away your greatest asset to the enemy plus he’s your leader’s brother. Again, I do see your point and believe he may be an little selfish all I’m saying is that he has his reasons and may be entitlesd to it!

  384. KillerBee is like Kobe Bryant.

  385. ok… so the fourth can’t be dead.
    The frog that was supposed to summon naruto back, his name got erased from the scroll when he died… how come we can still see the fourth’s name on it(even tho it’s signed arashi uzumaki, could’ve been the fourth using a pseudonym)?

  386. Too many posts to read through… True awesomeness! The genjutsu angle would explain why Pain defers to Madara as leader of Akatsuki. It would be interesting to see if the powers Itachi gave to Naruto may help him in the battle with Pain. And, if not Pain, then maybe Nagato/Konan?

  387. Or maybe there’s another uzumaki?

  388. naruto will get captured. then shit will go down, sasuke ends up making a guest appearance. qeue time skip.

  389. Ok, what’s stronger. Sharingan or Rinnegan because they usually describe Rinnegan as being the strongest eye technique and it was what the original shinobi had and whoever has it can use any element, but if this is so then why does Pein take orders from Madara? Seriously, who will win out in the end? To me it seems like Madara is the stronger one and the larger evil… maybe that’s only because Pein has been fighting like a wuss in the last couple of chapters.

  390. Do they describe it as the strongest or the first? Rinnegan is what the sage of six paths had, supposedly the one who created the hidden nin world.

  391. i am gonna be mad if pein actually capture naruto… its just.. not right

  392. Jiraiya says Rinnegan is without doubt the most powerful of all the eye techniques in the little flashback when he first saw it

  393. @jeremiah – Jiraiya comment

  394. (Assuming Naruto really gets Captured.)

    If Sasuke saves Naruto I’ll stop reading. So gay. But who else could do it…? Leaf village got pwned. Gaara would get his ass kicked, Jiraya is already dead. Sasuke is the only one who would even stand a chance (Minor). Getting the Kyuubi extracted is out of the question well cuz it would Kill Naruto for 1, and even more so make the entire show fucking moot if he were to survive.

  395. Didn’t they say sharingan was the weakest of the 3 eye techniques? I don’t remember where they said it.It was Rinnegan, then Byukugan, and Sharigan last. I’ll try and see if I can find it.

  396. I thought Byakugan was the weakest, it can’t do anything to people all it can do is see people’s chakra right?

  397. Naruto will get captured…face the facts. Theres no one there to save him. But don’t worry they cant extract him without the killerbee =D!

    And about the whole heros comback thing, that may work on like gaara and neji but this is the leader of akatsuki. And if Naruto won it would just be dumb. I wanna see a lot more of Pain!

  398. If thats the case then there will be a long period of waiting time with naruto in captivity in Akatsuki’s hideout so bam contact with Sasuke and an eventual team up.

  399. Just a thought.

    What about Naruto defeating Pain. Maybe for some reason Madara would want Pain out of the way because he is too strong or something. Naruto beats Pain. Madara finishes Naruto. Then maybe some sort of StarWars-esque scene (Darth Vader, Luke, and the Emperor) where Sauske chooses between Madara and Naruto – possibly saving Naruto from the extraction.

    Naruto had an extreme advantage over Pain because Pain had to ‘recharge’, and because Naruto was given intel. But Pain also might have some advantage having been Jiraya’s pupil. Naruto has yet to deliberately use any of the Kyuubi’s power, so perhaps Naruto and Pain are evenly matched if you count that too.

    Someone asked about Gaara and whether or not he sucks now because of his demon being extracted. I heard he’s still awesome with all the sand techniques, much like Naruto still being pretty powerful with the sage techniques.

  400. i don’t get it how that stupid pein (i guess hell realm) was able to do what sai did to kabuto(*innuendos) i mean c’mon, naruto has senjutsu, he can detect chakra and he’s strong! that’s so lame that pein can just “grab him from behind”

  401. Haven’t found what I was talking about yet but I did find( I had forgotten all about this) more on the Rinnegan.
    Having Rinnegan gives all 6 types of chakra!!! all jutsu available to you!! That’s pretty right?

  402. I want to see more Sai.
    Sai and Garra VS Killer+bee

  403. @captnmexico21, I’m not sure if it said Sharingan is the weakest, but I do know that during the one on one chuunin exam fights for the 3rd round prelims they mention how Sharingan was born from the Byakugan of the Hyuuga clan, not sure whether that would mean it’s weaker or not. But they could do with another little trick for the Byakugan I guess, cus all it does is see chakra and the flow points and that scoping trick. Not quite as badass as all the Sharingan Genjutsu business.

    I think like everyone I’m hoping there’s more to the Rinnegan, at least when Nagato actually shows his face rather than these zombies that prob can’t use it properly. It would be badass if he had all their powers in one tbh, but I’d still hope for something new, cus he hasn’t used Genjutsu or anything yet, and thats definitely the freakiest most badass power.

  404. @droptheweights
    he has used genjutsu, it was that wana be death god going around eating souls. boy those people are gona feel silly when they realize they’re not really dead

  405. Hey guys, i am new here. So let me just start in a serious mode. The Points i wanna make are:
    1: Those who thought that naruto was gonna just ‘pawn’, well, they simply forgot that pein is THE AKATSUKI LEADER. It would’ve been trash if he got trashed soeasily.
    2: I do not see why in the hell of all people Suseke is gonna enter the picture right now. Last time we saw he had some real problem with his sight, there was nomention of an immidiate attack on konoha by the hebi. I mean, come on guys, there has tobe some sort of continuity in a series: and so far Naruto has been top notch in this regard (even when pinch-hitters came into into play there was some kind of hint beforehand like calculation of Shikamaru)
    3: idon’t see a dynamic entry either as it is clear that team Guy is meant to find the location of the nagato and konan and may be gather important info about real pein
    4: if anyone comes to play robin then its either tsunade, yamato or sai.i’ll bet my buck on tsunade, in case kishi is planning for a change inthe seat of Hokage.
    5: however the most likely outcome isthat naruto is gonna manage to defeat al the puppets(including god-puppet) single-handedly,but not nagato,not this time anyway. you see one constant pattern that is rivalry between naruto and sasuke, and this naruto vs pein should match sasuke vs itachi(which inmy humble opinion is the bast battle in naruto so far)that nagato remins unharmed should cross out itachi’s suicide like defeat(that is neither sasuke nor naruto can fully claim credit for victory). And i think kishi might not want to mar the tragedy of kakashi y kiling tsunade rigtht now. She will probably be alowed a grander death later on.
    Damn r u still reading this garbage? u should just get outta here and prepare yurself for THE GRAND NARUTODAY.

  406. Could it be?

  407. diosclaimer: by garbage i meant my own clever predictions. if you think i
    meant your witty ones it’s solely your fault.

  408. 1) Why didn’t Naruto kill Hungry Ghost?

    2) All it takes is for Naruto to break free and do an attack from the ground after he absorbs his last bunshin. A lil smoke bomb and BAM!

    Then we’ll probably see another pain reunion at least one more time…but if Naruto wants to beat him he’s going to need to unlock his yin seal. This won’t come about until he meets bee!

    3) Naruto is gonna hear about the building in the hidden rain and head in that direction to finish pain…

    4) Danzo is going to do his coup de etat when Naruto leaves but unfortunately for him that puts him in Sasuke’s radar(the timing is just too perfect!) And you know that the elders have been in league with Danzo the whole time! It’ll probably be just Danzo who gets pwned! This might be where sasuke learns a hint(at least) of minato’s treachery! And this also might be where (gulp) Tsunade. . . . .>_<

    5) Before Naruto leaves he is gonna either have closure with kakashi or be a part of some miraculous healing. . .

    these are just predictions… 😉

    The only question is…How is Naruto going to meet up with bee? This is probably going to take some time……….. Like till next year!

  409. lol nice avatar, Chuck would beat evry1

  410. @ashher – You just summed up what I have believed about this fight from the start. Great post and you are right!

  411. @ashher, right on! lol

  412. @asher
    Welcome. From what we now know, it appears that Madera is the one who really controls Akatsuki. Most of the folks on this post thought the battle would follow Kishi’s normal formula for a Naruto fight….Naruoto gets pwned, refuses to give up, figures out or “lucks” into some unique way of defeating the enemy.

    Based on the timeline Team Samui, from Hidden Cloud, should show up before Hawk. The Raikage tasked Samui with getting a message to the Hokage soon after Killer Bee went missing. Sasuke had to deliver what he thought was KB to Tobi, then recover from the battle.

    Don’t count Team guy out. I’m still not convinced that Negato and Konan are in the… guard shack anyway. Look to the tower.

    It’s unlikely that Tsunade is in any condition to help in a fight. Yamato and Sai have been mysteriously missing. Hmm.

    As for the conclusion to Naruto vs. Pain, I’m fresh out of guesses.

  413. @ashher, also welcome, I’m pretty new here as well. Just a warning, you’re never getting out now, this place is basically a cyber crack den!

  414. end of naru pain fight. flash to sai gathering info while standing around with danzo and his men, yamato maybe hiding in the wall. sai plays double agent on root anbu

  415. In color spoiler page there are two shadow clones and Naruto controlling a mechanical Naruto puppet. The puppet doesn’t appear to be controlled by Chakra like Kankurou uses his. They are actually manipulating the puppet with mechanical devices. And… the puppet is throwing a Flying Rasen Shuriken. WTF!

  416. Brainwashing of Droptheweights complete, one more has been added to the army of awesomeness Mwahahaha!

    *Evil lightning flashes in background*

  417. Oops! The above comment refers to the current batch of spoilers for 434. Again, WTF!

  418. @ jdb44 – I’m like 100% sure that it’s just fan service. It’s something SJ does to get a laugh out of the readers, Bleach does it a lot. It is drawn by Kishi and is in the manga but it’s seperate and has nothing to do with the manga story line.

    Mecha Naruto is not in the manga. lolz ^_^

  419. @ Jb44 – Like Jeremiah says it’s not part of the story. Also if you look there are 4 narutos in that picture if you include the mechanical looking one. They are all wearing something different to boot. When Naruto uses his clones they all look the same. The picture is just for fun.

  420. Aaahh! Thanks for the explantion, bjbethe1. Did I miss that further up in the comments?

  421. I just got thru watching the new Shippuuden anime with Naruto and Gamatatsu training trying to sort out a new jutsu combining Wind and water. What is the possibility of this being what saves Naruto in his current situation with Deva Pain in the manga? Could the anime give some insight to the Manga situation? Will Naruto summon Gamatatsu and perform the long anticipated Shippuuden Juusu? Can Deva repel the power of a hurricane? Or will Hungry Ghost turn into a frog from absorbing Naruto’s sage power. Ribbit ribbit poof Hungry Frog… Anyone got any snacks???

  422. Hey, I new to this and this is my first post, gotta say i enjoy reading your posts.

    This is just a thought, alot of you guys are right about the naruto vs pein fight, i really do think that naruto will be getting some help from both team Gai and team Samui, whether its now or while his getting his ass wooped…

    Another thing have anyone ever thought that maybe maybe naruto escapes the fight, Pein learns about the 8 tails and focused his attention on it because of the extraction order, and because of the help that Naruto receives. So this might even give for a possibility for a Naruto and Killerbee meeting and possibly a training session on how to use and control the kyuubi, which would also create a conversation between Naruto and the kyuubi, telling us a lil more about his experience with the sharrigan user “Madara”…

    One Last thing has has eveyone forgotten about Konan, that if Naruto was to even fight Nagato, he would have to go through her, giving us a possible Konan vs Sakura fight, a fight of loyalty for their friends (besides the fact that Sakura seems to have done nothing yet to show she can hold her on by herself). And I do like the “Madara getting rid of Pain” idea, which would give him full control of Akatsuki, since he is a power munger, and as far as the sharringan vs rinnengan, if its Madara vs Pain, well I think Madara would win, being that he has build so much experience over his long liftime…
    That’s it for now more later on.

  423. about 12 hours left to showing up new 434 😉

  424. @idontwannagrowup: welcome. We haven’t forgotten Konan. I’m very much looking forward to a Lee v. Konan v. Ten Ten (Rock, Paper, Scissors) and a Nagato v. Gai and Neji knock down drag out. Nice comment btw.

    We’ve had several great comments from some new blood, so welcome all of you. Be sure to get an avatar so you can look as awesomeness as you sound. =)

  425. rock paper scissors now thats comedy. i changed my mind, no one is comming to help naruto. this is another situation where he “…has to cross this dangerous bridge…” himself or he wont grow up. thats been the theme of shippuden. naruto finding ways to beat enemies on his own.

  426. *correction not all of shippuden* but as of late, that seems to be comming up more

  427. @coolbeans1 – by himself meaning with no help from the frogs? cus without them he wouldnt have gotten as far as he is now…

  428. no, himself being him and the frogs/kage bushins, that kind of stuff. the frogs are just one of the things he can use that no one else can/does.

  429. Well i guess chapter 434 is out in Japland now…
    *sigh* lucky ß#$t#rd$

  430. It just hit me but, how about Kabuto?! he seemed to be grateful of Naruto, but still wanted that rematch, how about Kabuto to the rescue, I mean his Idol Oro did want to get rid of Akatsuki, might be something that Kabuto feels he might need to finish in Oro’s name… which brings me to another thought, what if Oro comes back through Kabuto… I mean it seemed like Oro’s DNA was trying to take over…
    Just some more thoughts…

  431. tell me narutos still got that 1 other clone at myobokuzan :O
    we knw tht he cant be captured so y wud kishi make it look like hes going to be lol

  432. @Refelx- TY, Naruto’s gonna make a comeback! It would be uber lame for Naruto to be captured by Pein and then some people say rescued by Sasuke? WTF kinda manga is that? If Naruto went through all of this s**t to get rescued by Sasuke’s a$$ I’m knocking on Kishi’s door. Phew….had to get that off my chest.

    @asher- If you think about it Pein’s not even the real leader of Akatsuki. The 6 paths of pein are just dead dolls being controlled by Nagato.(Well we don’t know if Yahiko, aka God Realm, is actually dead so lets make that 5 dead paths!) If anything Nagato is the leader of Akatsuki since he controls God Realm, while Madara is the one working the strings behind the curtains. In conclusion Naruto defeating all 6 paths of pein wouldn’t be him defeating the leader of akatsuki but only a very powerful pawn. Now on the other hand if and when he gets past pein to face Nagato now that’s when the true battle will begin. As I said in my above post the 6 paths aren’t even using the rinnegan to its full extent. I believe only Nagato can in person.

    @idontwanttogrowup- GROW UP, lol, jk. 🙂 yea, we all know orochimaru’s gonna make a comeback through Kabuto’s body somehow. He’s one of the oldest villians and Kishi seems to want to hang on him for future story lines. As for him making a comeback now. Nah, no chance in hell he’s still to weak and only part of Kabuto’s arm trying to take over the rest of the body from there.

    @everyone else- My prediction, simple, Naruto still has another Kagebushin at the waterfall. He’s gonna use that one to go into full ass whoopin’ mode, aka sage mode, and deliever some true pain to….Pein. YEAH!

  433. I don’t like the very idea of Naruto getting helped. Naruto is a big boy that will become the greatest shinobi in history, he must be able to fight on its own!

  434. @supertrek99 – Leave me alone! lol, ^_^, I know about Oro, but I ws refferring to Kabuto making his presence felt, he does seem to be fond of naruto, so why now give him some sort of pointers or nudge to assist him in his struggles… and if there was to be a time skip, I think Oro, and Madara would be involved. Oro amking his comback, and Madara mad at what Naruto messed up…

  435. oro ain’t comin back, it’s either kubutomaru or orochibuto, both which would be cooler than or…i’m with zetsu on this, i hate oro belching up stuff from his stomach…

  436. @harshyt- Yeah, that’s what I meant I was just to lazy to type kubutomaru or orochibuto. By the way I just copy and pasted that from your post, see? >_<

  437. Im curios about what abilities Kabuto now has. 1 Things for sure though, ever since Orochi’s in Kabuto…Kabuto’s been after Sasuke. (*lol*) even now OroSasu)
    But Sasuke did change sides AGAIN. Orochi’s side to Akatsuki’s (although he’s more on his own side) Now Orochi’s side consists of…..Kabuto….he’s alone like Zabuza.
    Also i wonder if Naruto ate Jiraiya’s skin….wonder if Jiraiya would take over. Same with Tsunade+Tsunade’s skin? Like Orochi’s doing to Kabuto…They’re all Sannin, so why not. But Orochi’s more freaky >_>

    Hey i’ve got an idea To TEST 🙂 @Alec, Erich22, Lastscorpian…
    Send me your skin samples so i can consume and gain power 🙂 Your Sannin afterall. After i absorb you and your skin integrating you into my being, i’ll reach my Perfect form and be the ultimate perfection~Perfect Sannin. ^_^

  438. well schy….
    i’ll just have to go gohan on you then…don’t blame me…

  439. Hi guys!!

  440. Hiya! fumakotaro

  441. hey harshy! can’t wait for the new one to come out!! hey, you got an idea when’s ibi gonna post the survey?

  442. ask her…;-)

  443. lol, fumakotaro…when you’ve grown more patient.

    schy, you do realize oro was able to merge with Kabuto in some way because he was in the middle of his longevity jutsu. Right?

  444. ibi! read my mail!

  445. @schy, nope you can’t fuse with us, you would catch on fire if you even touched our holy skin… sorry…

    @ibi- actually oro was already trapped inside saskue and then Kabuto took some skin from oro’s now dead body and grafted it on himself…

  446. woah! hi ibi! hehe just curious on how other ppl replied.. will wait for it. if you don’t mind me butting in, has this come to mind? since oro has tricks up his sleeve for longetivity and with kabuto’s regeneration, would he still need a new vessel after kabuto? that is to say if oro is able to control kabuto directly and occupy his body completely! hell, he was even able to retain himself inside sasugay!! that didn’t come out right…

  447. @Alec: he was still in the middle of THAT jutsu and was only mostly dead. It takes hours for all the cells in your body to physically die.

  448. 🙂

  449. @ nice emphasis… no saskue already completed THAT jutsu and had already consumed oro’s soul basically… the body was souless, spirit less, whatever (let’s call it brain dead)… and the body was cut into like three different pieces with blood everywhere with no movement, probably no pulse so i’m sure that is considered dead in most medical circles… plus yeah a human can be harvested for organs within hours of passing but they still are dead, maybe some cells aren’t but cells isn’t what determines whether a whole person is alive, it’s kinda of like all the organ systems and what not, but thanx for trying to come up w/ something we can banter on…

  450. @schy You stated –> Also i wonder if Naruto ate Jiraiya’s skin….wonder if Jiraiya would take over. Same with Tsunade+Tsunade’s skin? Like Orochi’s doing to Kabuto…They’re all Sannin, so why not. But Orochi’s more freaky <–

    Wouldn’t be more appropriate for Kabuto to collect those living cellular remains of the Sannin and use the same technique of cellular grafting to gain more power. If he was able to approach the area where Jiriaya died, collect a sample from him, and perform a similar task with what will remain of Tsunade after this Pain battle. In essence he could assimilate all 3 Sannin into his being. That is cliché and would make for a character reminiscent of “Cell” from DBZ. I do not feel like Kishi will take Kabuto in that direction, but who knows…

  451. It’s a fun thought to think of the potential power of that enemy though.

  452. haha, he actually could considering his blood type is AB while all the sannin have B blood type….


    Why does Bee say Sasuke is one of the strongest ninjas hes ever fought? Is he fighting a lot of 10 year olds? Cuz thats what Sasuke looked like in that fight.

    Just a thought xD

  454. Ohhhh, I just thought about it. What if he grafted Tsunade’s cells and got her boobs. I’d play with my boobs all day like a cat with a yarn ball. Just think about it guys, our own set of huge hooters, mmmmm!

    My wife would no longer have that power over me. Honestly she’d probably be glad though so I would quit grabbing hers all the time.

  455. Alec. It’s not that clean cut or Oro wouldn’t have popped out of Sasuke at an inopportune time. If Kabuto was just grafting cells, then they wouldn’t have taken over half the features on his face and he wouldn’t be talking about merging and identity and all that. It’s not that simple and none of us knows what really happened. BUT coverage in later chapters proves that Oro didn’t just get “offed”, jutsu done, something a lot more complex took place.

  456. yeah his life force was strong. Oro’s ability was regenerating himself faster than a starfish on crack… So to me it seems like Oro’s cell’s are now trying to replace all of kabuto’s cells. Oro popped out because his jutsu allowed him to appear from within the snakes, notice how he could not appear on his own… i do believe something more complex is going on, but i believe it goes back to he curse seal more than anything. The curse seal not only allows you to transform into a stronger form, but it also allows a person to use snake jutsu’s that originate from within the seal, which leads me to believe oro was putting bit’s and pieces of himself and his soul inside his victims. Much like lord voldy-butt in hairy pothead. The sound four or what not said the more you use the seal the more you lose your own will to orochimaru’s which makes it sound like everytime you use it his soul or whatever seems to take over.

    Which gives plenty of material for later on in an interesting twist in which Kabuto figures out how to unleash the curse seals and all the little oro’s trapped within. Making it like there would be one kab/oro controlling things with hundreds of little oro’s running around using some scary ass shit. Like at least 2 times worse than snakes on a plane *hint of sarcasm*… and for some drama anko becomes conquered by her curse seal making her turn against the leaf….

    but for now oro has been neutralized and besides a brief cameo i don’t think kab/oro is coming back for a while…

  457. Man, orion is making me nervous.
    On a side note, who, besides me thinks that sleeping at Oro’s hideout is akin to a sleepover at Michael Jackson’s house?

    just a pop in to say ‘hello’, and see ya’ll in 5 days.

  458. I want to throw something else out there in the sea of comments we have going.

    One of the problems Naruto has always had is that he has had to worry about where to place his original body in with the clones.

    I would suggest that Naruto could figure out a way to be aware of all clones at all times, and be able to travel to any one of the clones (like switching places) – so an opponent finding the original body of Naruto will make no difference.

    If Naruto does create something to address this problem (maybe something similar to Minato’s spact-time technique), anybody have thoughts on what it would be?

  459. @orion – ” In essence he could assimilate all 3 Sannin into his being. That is cliché and would make for a character reminiscent of “Cell” from DBZ. I do not feel like Kishi will take Kabuto in that direction, but who knows…”

    I already replied to that “cell” comment-

    “well schy….
    i’ll just have to go gohan on you then…don’t blame me…”


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  461. @Saabonosuke- WARNING: Don’t read this comment if you don’t read the manga and don’t want any spoilers. Just scroll to the top of the page and forget about anything written down here. If you’re still here then I’m assuming to want to continue reading and don’t care about the spoiler I’m about to show…..OK! Sorry to blow your theory but J-man never had any kids read the first panel in the middle. Better yet just read the whole thing and start reading the manga. 7_7

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    The Priorie de Swayzion is holding the body in secrecy…it’s up to us to find the fluer-de-captain-planet….!!!

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  464. @idontwana: the dvd Japanese release isn’t due until April, so if you do find it, I’d watch it quick because I’m sure it will be shut down before you can count to 5.

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    This website is the best because there are ppl here who wld listen to you and and give u a postive reply.


    ITS OUT!

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  493. Funny I’ve been thinking that Shinra Tensei had both attraction and repulsion as its forms. Based on this issue, the attraction part is actually called “Bansho Tenin”. If that is the case, could Deva do a higher level Bansho Tenin(like the Shinra Tensei that destroyed the village)? All the rubble of Konoha, along with its people being pulled up in the air, then dropped down to fill the empty crater. Not only would there no longer be a Konoha, there wouldn’t be a valley in which to rebuild it. 😦

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    The Pain that’s absorbing Naruto’s chakra will turn into a frog, then Naruto will be free. Pain will be shocked. Then the two frogs will do the Genjutsu, then Naruto can summon the other Sage clone.

    Then it will TRULY be a 1 on 1 fight between Naruto and Deva Pain! ^_^

  495. @jb44 – That’s a good thought. I’m curious though as to whether or not he can only pull things to him of a certain size. I would imagine if he tried to pull something too big he would be drawn towards it as well as the object being drawn towards him. Like if you were to throw a magnet towards a refrigerator, The magnet would get pulled to the refrigerator not the other way around even though the magnet is the one that is actually pulling.

  496. @rockleex – makes sense but do dead bodies turn into frogs when they absorb natural energy? Or do those black piercings actually take the energy?

  497. @bjbthe1:

    I don’t think the black piercings take the energy, otherwise ALL Pains would be able to absorb chakra/techniques. They’re just there as transmitters between Nagato and Pains.

    Do dead bodies turn into frogs? Probably not. But the body might go out of control, like have a seizure or something. It might interfere with the black piercings’ transmission signals to and from Nagato.

  498. @rocklee i was actually thinking the same thing when he started absorbing the natural energy, but hes already drained it and he hasnt transformed yet, so it doesnt look like that will happen.

  499. @bjbhte1

    Evidently Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” doesn’t play in Naruland. If it did, then Deva Pain should have shot to the moon when he performed his high level Shinra Tensei. Also, he must be able to target what he’s pulling in with Bansho Tenin, ’cause Ma & Pa Frog were right next to Naruto and didn’t get sucked toward Deva.

  500. My thought, In the anime, because of anger 4 tails were released against oro. Hinata will have something to do with the rescue of naruto or she wouldnt even have been in consecutive chapters. while she’s trying to help naruto, she gets hurt in the process, naruto wakes up and realize what she was trying to do and and gets really pissed at pain causing the 9 tails to come out… as far as the “turnin into a frog” thing, well how does nagato seem to have so much chakra to use 6 bodies, maybe thats a form for him to recharge himself to continue fighting without reaching his chkra limit. and if he is truly a master at using the rinnengan then i am am sure he would know how to keep himself or the realms from turnin…
    just a thought…

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  502. @ultimate sharingan user – I hope it’s better then the Itachi vs Sauske fight. I didn’t like that fight in the least.

  503. @ultimate sharingan user – I hope it’s better then the Itachi vs Sauske fight. I didn’t like that fight in the least. It might just be the fact that I dispise Sauske that made me hate that fight 😉

  504. why you must not like sasuke like everybody else

  505. Well I did like him at the beginning a lot actually. He was a great rival and friend that would push Naruto further and further and without him he would be no where near where he is today. Even after I didn’t like him he was still the reason for Naruto to continue his training. I just lost my taste for him when all he did was whine about being too weak and doing nothing about it. Then when he does finally do something about it he has to use someone elses power to get there.

    Had he trained as hard as Naruto did I would like to think that he would have surpassed Itachi on his own. I just think the way he went about geting his power was weak. Naruto said it best when he said “Nothing is Easy”. 😉

  506. I am honestly hoping that he will do something soon that will bring me back to liking him. I just feel he is too easily manipulated by what people say. If he is really thinking about Helping Kanoha instead of destroying it then he might make it back into my good graces!

  507. Sasuke takes shortcuts, Naruto works his ass off.

    Sasuke’s goals are about revenge, Naruto’s goals are about protecting people he cares about.

    Sasuke’s a whore(sells out his body), Naruto’s a pimp(he officially has the pimp cloak now).

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  510. Naruto Manga 435 is coming out soon

    But if we are having the discussion on who teh strongest ninja in konoha were (emphasis on the were)

    It’s gotta be itachi

    He had a very severe illness

    He still dominated Kakashi

    He gave half of his power to naruto yet had a chance to kill sasuke who whooped narutos ass twice

    Even Uchia Madara was pissing his pants over this guy

    and normal ninja cant kill off clans


  511. Sasuke had to be a whiny b***** and had to take revenge on his brother…

    Not looking to ask questions, not looking to grow stronger by working harder on his own. He just wanted everything to be instant for him.

    Look where that mindset has brought him…

    I honestly liked Sasugay at first. Then he showed his moody emo side and now I honestly don’t care about his character anymore…

    so thats my take on it

  512. @bjbhte1, jdb44: Pain’s shinra tensei power seems to be a little out of sync with the laws of physics. But, here’s how I think of it.

    It’s like he is filling an object with a ‘force’ as if it had already happened. Like seeing a baseball fly into the stands by filling the baseball with a force that could have otherwise happened with a connection to a swinging bat.

    When he flies off the ground the only explanation is that he can do the same technique to his own body. And the huge shinra tensei that demolished the village is still only going to affect the objects he wants to ‘push’. It doesn’t mean that he is going to be pushed back.

  513. actually… you are VERY wrong with the first poll… MINATO WASNT a sage… get the facts right boy. 😉

  514. @jabapr: you should check the Minato: sage or surreal post, might give you some facts.

  515. @itachi:

    Actually, I think Kakashi’s even better than Itachi. The fact that he’s not even an Uchiha, yet is near Itachi’s level, proves that he would be even better than Itachi had he been an Uchiha.

    Plus, the Sharingan takes a huge toll on Kakashi, yet he still manages to use all those moves including MS, proves his awesomeness.


    That’s what I was thinking about Pain’s power too. Its not like Pain uses magnetic force.

    Just think of it like Gaara’s sand, when Gaara moves an object with his sand, he doesn’t feel the equal and opposite effect because his sand are feeling it.

  516. Naruto is the best of course. Nobody is better than him. He is the ultimate winner.

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  518. your kidding??????????????? what the fuck scene……………..

  519. :O

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