You’re Invited…to an Awesomeness Party

Toga Party?!  Welllll, maybe not...but still a party! (pic by oge nwaobi)

Toga Party?! Welllll, maybe not...but still a party! (pic by oge nwaobi)

What:  Yes, you read that right, An Awesomeness Party

Why:  because the site is about to roll over the hit count to 1 Million hits, and all those zeroes make me crazy.  ^.^

Who:  we’re celebrating the 1 Millionth hit by putting together a special tribute to YOU, the readers/commenters who make this place complete awesomeness.

When:  Soon, but only the traffic on the site will tell exactly when.  This might even happen in time for Valentine’s Day (February 14th) or even President’s Day (February 16th for those of you outside the States).


The Professor is working hard on his contribution to the about you?

The Professor is working hard on his contribution to the about you?

How:  I’m putting a post together as a salute to all commenters.  (That means you!)  But I need your help.   Here’s how:

  • Make sure you are signed in.  Don’t have a logon?  You can get one here.
  • In the contact form below, write a tribute to your favorite commenter (maybe even yourself)
  • Keep it brief (150 words max).
  • Only one submission will be accepted per user name.  If you mess something up and resubmit, any earlier submission will be automatically deleted.
  • You can say whatever you like, but bear in mind I might not include your post if I have to handle it with asbestos gloves. (It’s a party, let’s leave any flames to the candles on the cake and the shrimp on the barbie.)
  • Examples of great contributions:  remind everyone about that comment or pic or review that still makes you laugh OR give props to another commenter who really breaks you up OR whatever you can come up with, I want to feel the love people.

Remember, the theme is ‘salute to the commenters’, and so although compliments about the site or the posts are welcome (*blush*) this party is supposed to be about you, not us.  I’ll stop taking comments at 980,000 hits.  I don’t know what day that will be, but you can keep an eye on the hit count in the lower part of the right hand menu bar on every awesomeness page.

If you’re a long time commenter/contributor (*cough* or a sannin *cough*) who has been here from the beginning, I’d like to feature your top 3 favorite memories of the first 1 million hits.  I’ve seen that you’ve been digging through the moldy archives, I know you’re ready for this.  Please, please, please contact me at: if you want to boost the party’s level over 9,000 (and I hope you do).

[We’re at 980,000 and that means the entries are closed]

Okay, so now the really exciting bit.  I’m trying to add an interactive feature or two to this party, like a chat room discussion or trivia contests with prizes throughout the day or a music playlist, or…whatever you can come up with.  (It’s your event!)  We can’t have an actual barbeque or cake, but we could do some other fun things.

If you have suggestions for the interactive bit of the party, leave them in the comments below.

As we get closer to the magic number, I’ll schedule the interactive bits and post the date of the festivities on this page.  Woo hoo!


~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on January 28, 2009.

64 Responses to “You’re Invited…to an Awesomeness Party”


  2. awwww i missed it, umm i mean yay 2nd


  4. third.. bald-headed nerd..?

  5. nerd headed bald?

  6. headed bald nerd?

  7. balded nerd head?

  8. bedded bald nerd?

  9. Bedded nerded bald??(two Question marks!)

  10. and two ‘ed’ endings, making that grammatically incorrect.
    sorry. i had a JHall moment. myyyy baaaad…. MAIIIIITOOOO GAIIIIIIII!

  11. then handle THIS!

    Nerded Balded Headeredinged!

  12. nerdeding baldedate headeredingedtion

    ooooo bam

  13. I am not BALD! How dare you! *WAAAAAHHHHHH HAAAAAAAAA*

    LOL. OK, the comment submission box is fixdeded. Enjoyinate yer selfses.

  14. Ohhhhh. I get it. You want the party to feature a bald headed nerd?!

  15. i like grapes

  16. will there be balloons?

  17. i want a pinata

  18. Grapes? Balloons? Are those code words for more bald headed nerds?! What is it with y’all today?!

  19. by balloons i meant balloons 😛

  20. I think what Renzy is trying to say is that he would like to know if there will be balloons, which is Latin for ” balloons”.

  21. I have *two* dirty responses to that, but EroSennin isn’t around, so I shall keep them to myself.

    Ah, balloons, tho. Pix of balloons. AMVs of balloons. Renzy, this party is stricly BYOB. (Yeah, bring your own balloons…heh, those damn dirty jokes, right on the tip of my fingers…)

  22. grapes are amazing, they are like little orgasms in my mouth…..they make me happy.

  23. ill bring the pong cups 😉 ive always got cups and balls on hand

  24. (still keeping it to myself…yep…loffin, but keeping it to myself.)

  25. ha, i think this is all my fault. me and my damn ‘bald-headed nerd’ comment.. but bring on the dirty!

  26. For the contribution you want non staff members right?

  27. @ibi i feel your pain i have so many disgusting things going on in my head right now but it would be highly inappropriate…… and i dont have any balloons to bring to this party…. i actually do mean real balloons lol

  28. oh, i’ll bring some balloons alright… no really, i have a multi-coloured selection to choose from. sasugay black, sakura pink, MAIIIIIITOOO GAIIIIIII green, and my personal favourite, THE SWAYZE BALLOON.



    Ibiki i recommend you dress as Kurenai =)

  31. @Kyouto: contributions are for _everyone_, but if you’ve been here since the early days, I’d like a larger contribution. =)

    @Renzy: my fear is the Swayze balloon comes in a foil pack.

    @Fanboi: bandages. really? Hey, and isn’t Kurenai knocked up? @.@

  32. @ Ibiki: Damn your right she is =(

    Konan =)

  33. i wanna be a planeteer haha

  34. ohhh can i be Frances from dirty dancing…. wait she a girl *pondering* well baby is awsome and im pretty secure. i just dont think its possible to pull off swazey so jennifer here i come 😉

  35. @Coolbeans- Ummmm…..I second the pinata but instead of candy falling out why not XBox 360s, PS3s, and Wii’s in that order of awesomness?

    @amongtheliving- Dude, I’m all for going as a planeteer, but if you haven’t called then I got dibs on Kwame, “Earth”.
    (Yes, I did go through the trouble of googling planeteer to find out his name) 🙂

  36. No body puts coolbeans in the corner! Nobody!

    Nice Kwame referrence supertrek. I feel sorry for the poor bastard that gets stuck with Ma-Ti. And yes, I also had to look up the Wiki in order to spell that name right ^_^

    LMAO @ the Swayze balloon which comes in a foil rapper and has a dude with a brush on his head emblazened onto the front LOLz

  37. well, he _does_ get a monkey… but what the heck were they thinking? ‘hm… yes.. heart.. that shall defeat any evil doer.. LOVE CONQUERS ALL! ..except if you have a gun.. or you’re swayze.. then it all depends on baby..’

    i want fire. ‘wheeler’ as this ‘google’ calls him..

    @ supertrek – uhm.. wouldnt those knock the person with the blindfold on out..? not to mention that hitting the pinata with the customary bat means that severe damage would be done to the systems.. just a thought d;

  38. I am going to the party as a Pan Pan Pants man!… I will then put on some Para Para and bust some swayze-tasic dance moves. every one will go blind from my super dance of awesomeness and I will then give Ma-Ti’s monkey Suchi some crack…then we will have an AWESOMENESS PARTY!!!

  39. looks like lastscorpion is going to be “that gai” at the party

  40. Lolz

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii!

    *Last Scorpion makes his dramatic entrance in a Ma-Ti costume*

  41. Monkeys on crack can be dangerous….*looks around alertly for any sound of his counter ego, the incredible bulk, who can transform into a wild chimp on crack and heroin*

  42. is it just me or Temari looks friggin HAWT in that pic?

  43. Dude, she always looks hot, and it has to be true. The first smart thing i’ve ever said was using the word dude. “Dude, these are isotopes.”

  44. @jeremiah- Lol, I wasn’t putting him in a corner I was just upgrading his super idea to a ‘Super Kick Ass Pentium’ idea!

    @amongtheliving- You just crushed my dreams, thus negating my ‘Super Kick Ass Pentium’ idea mentioned in my note above directed to Jeremiah! >_<

    Guess we’ll have have to go for the regular pinata treats of candy and condoms! (Whoops, did I just mention condoms…hehehe) Those girls above are going to be at the party right? ^^

    *Supertrek get’s five heels (maybe sandals) buried into his crotch*
    *supertrek dies ready to be revied another day hopefully not to be killed by jeremiah’s bloodthirsty ninjas or preubescent teenage ninja girls)*


  45. and how awesome is this guy?!?!??1one

    (towards our planeteer discussion..)

  46. DAMN you ATL how the hell did you find my picture >_<.

  47. i googled your name and sasugay and that’s what came up d;

  48. Hmm, how many submissions have been entered? I am already thinking about writing for a certain member, but I am stuggling with great site memories and what to place down.

  49. I’ve gotten some great comments, but it’s more of a casual dinner party than a bash. Comment away.

  50. I see… Alright for the bash there needs to a full music playlist following all openings and endings to Naruto from each season A video can be embeded into the background or on the side and change once the previous song is finished. For the site it should brighten up with imagea of Naruto and characters from the series in a poarty of some sort. The font colors for the site should be changed for the occasion and there should ber a post compairing as many members as possible to a chasracter from the series and manga. A small in blo0g rp could be impliments, though that idea is a little if so… A list of ending parody videos should be created for a sungle page as well.

  51. Character themes can also be added to the site, and change when the page reloads.

  52. almost 950k….

  53. Play list suggestions? Anyone?

    Also, I could use more comments from commenters for the post, otherwise I’m going to make a bunch of stuff up. The hit count is up to 960k, the clock is ticking.

    Tell you what, feel free to violate my rules, but if it’s long I might turn it into the ‘good bits’ version.

  54. playlist suggestions-
    “Black Book”- Opiate for the Masses
    “Raver”- Showtek (just for you jeremiah)
    “I Could Care Less” -Devildriver (there’s a pretty sick helsing amv with this song)
    “Lie” -Opiate for the Masses
    “Immigrant Song” -Led Zepplin
    “Down with the Sickness”- Disturbed

  55. sooooooooo, fashionably 6 days late.

  56. Right on time…we’re probably going to be almost underway by the time you get back, EroSennin. ^.^

  57. Ok seriously, have any of you ever had a mouth orgasam? It’s amazing! It’s better than any other orgasam ever. It’s like someone just blew your brains out and you went to heaven and met god. That’s how amazing that sht is….

    (And it’s completely different from someone orgasaming in your mouth…..)

  58. @ Ms.Mandi: TEACH ME!!!!

  59. “New Rose” – the damned
    “Animal” – Anti-Nowhere League
    “I’m OK You’re OK” – Dickies
    “On A Rope” – Rocket From the Crypt
    “Flashlight” – Parliament
    “Run’s house” – RUN DMC

  60. @ Ero – do the Swayze of all prediction contests ASAP!

  61. @ Ms. Mandi – I dare you to take a pic or video of that and send it to us to post on the blog ^_^ LMAO! That would be awesomeness!

  62. Man, I don’t have any grapes….and that’s the only thing that gives me mouth orgasams…..sorry.

  63. Belly Button Orgasms > Mouth Orgasms.

    One day I was just sitting with my laptop getting bored so i just started playing with my bellybutton randomly then i started doing it harder and harder and it was getting quite enjoyable then after about 20 Min’s of doing so, i felt some weird whole body stimulation, it was similar to a orgasm now by bellybutton is throbbing!

    What started this Orgasm discussion ^.^

  64. WOw…fanboi, that’s…classic. ^.^

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