Ever wonder where spoilers come from?

Hey everyone,

For those of you not in the know, Fahim is the creator of the spoilers we use here at iareawesomeness every week.  When Fahim comes out with the spoiler then you know it is the real deal.  In my opinion he has the best quality and most trusted spoilers on YouTube.  We sat down with Fahim to pick his brain about spoilers, anime and the Swayze… hope you enjoy it.

Jeremiah: What started you on making the spoilers and taking up the cause?

PainLessFahim:  I used to upload manga chapters only. I didn’t even know that there were other uploaders who came before me. So, after uploading the chapter, I get bored for waiting for the next one to come out and so do my subscribers. I thought it would be great if I uploaded the spoilers. And it was. The viewers liked it. It inspired me to make more spoiler videos.

 Jeremiah: So do you scour the net to find the spoiler pics and script or do you have a contact?


PainLessFahim: I have a direct contact to a Japanese friend and sometimes I also search Japanese blog sites, known as 2CH.  Last summer I posted spoilers on popular manga forums but because of the school I had to stop.
 Jeremiah: What is the hardest part of making the spoiler?

PainLessFahim: To be honest, choosing the song is the hardest part, at least for me 🙂 If you guys (people at awesomeness island) can recommend me some songs (no American music) I will be glad to use it in my videos.  

Jeremiah: No American Music?  Is that because YouTube has copyright issues with it?

PainLessFahim: Yes, all manga uploaders have to deal with YouTube copyright checkers. It’s not only that we are uploading Naruto images; it’s because of the music we use. Music/sound is the most important part of a video and if you don’t have it then it feels incomplete.

Jeremiah: How long does it usually take you to put together one of these spoiler videos?
PainLessFahim: It takes 45 minutes in total with uploading it to YouTube. It’s became a part of my life, I have to spend more time on the computer than before waiting for the spoilers to come out. Time zones are one of the biggest problems. According to the time in New York, spoilers come out at 5:30 AM, or sometimes 7:30. That’s like 30 minutes before the school starts. If the spoiler doesn’t come out until 8:00 AM, I have to just upload it when I get back from the school.

Jeremiah: Besides the Youtube spoiler videos, what else do you do Anime/Manga related?

PainLessFahim: I am the webmaster/admin of VizAnime.com. We, the Viz Team, basically will provide free Anime downloads and online streaming. The users of this site can also join the community   forums and interact with other members easily. We are better or  maybe the best among the other anime streaming sites, because we will give you free Anime Music, Anime Movies, Anime OVAs (Jump Festa), Anime News, Anime Reviews and normal episodes which are divided into three section  [Raw/Subbed/ Dubbed].

Jeremiah: Along with the streaming video will you offer a Torrent file of the episode similar to what [DB] had?

PainLessFahim: Torrents, Direct Downloads, File Sharing Servers. Yes, we are offering it. But we will not host those files in our server.

Jeremiah: You have Viz in your site name, so are you guys associated with VizMedia?

PainLessFahim: VizAnime is a website created by anime fans. It has nothing to do with who subbed what. It is true that our name matches but we are not affiliates.

Jeremiah:  It sucks that Dattebayo [DB] dropped Naruto and Viz has a history of censoring its releases, who will your site be carrying?

 PainLessFahim: A: I know it sucks, although there is a new subbing team if you haven’t heard yet. It’s called “Horrible Subs” or [HS]

Jeremiah: Horrible Subs [HS] are the ripped subs from Crunchy Roll, the official carrier of Viz media’s sub of Naruto.  The Horrible Subs [HS] sub group name is in actuallity a rip on Viz media and a critique on the job they do subbing.

So now to the fun questions… What is currently your favorite anime/manga? And the answer better rhyme with Blaruto.

*Jeremiah pulls on his right ear lobe, signaling the ninja in the bushes behind Fahim to attack if the wrong answer is given*
PainLessFahim:  Anime is Hitman Reborn!

rasengan*Jeremiah stands up and begins charging up Rasengan*

*Ninja jumps out of bushes and readies his sword.*

PainLessFahim: But Manga is Naruto 😉

*Jeremiah relaxes and sits back down and pulls on his left ear lobe signaling the ninja to abort mission*

*Ninja looks confused and then disappointed and then returns to bushes*

Jeremiah: Nice save…

*Fahim looks confused and uncertain now*

Jeremiah: What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word Tobito. And you can’t answer Blarito… I’ve copyrighted it.

 PainLessFahim: “LOL” “HTF” and “WTF”.

Jeremiah: I said word, singular.  Those weren’t even words…

chidori*Jeremiah charges up Chidori*

*Ninja starts hopping up and down, anxious to get the signal to attack*

Jeremiah:  If Captain Planet and Patrick Swayze got into a fight, who
would win?

PainLessFahim: Scientifically, Patrick Swayze.

Jeremiah: LMFAO! Trick question! Patrick Swayze is Captain Planet!

 PainLessFahim: LOL… u_u Damn… I sound dumb answering that… heheh.

*Jeremiah feeling guilty now for laughing stops charging Chidori*

*Ninja looks disappointed and once again returns to ready position*

Jeremiah: Can you define Awesomeness?

PainLessFahim: This word is very hard to define. To me it is beyond saying awesome. It’s like I found $100 on the street and say, “this is awesomeness!”

Jeremiah: So you are comparing us to something you found in the street?

rock-lee*Jeremiah begins to open his 8th gate*

*Ninja puts away his iPhone and takes up his sword again*

Jeremiah:  I know we are awesomeness but how awesomeness do you know we are?

PainLessFahim: You guys have a very awesome blog. How awesomeness? Unlimited.

*Jeremiah and the ninja nod at each other, both content with the answer*

*Fahim looks over both shoulders with a confused look on his face.

Jeremiah:  Any last words before I give the signal to my secret assassins in the trees behind you?

PainLessFahim:  I would say to your readers to keep reading your sweet blog and don’t give it up.

Jeremiah: Excellent last words… but they need no encouragement… it’s like crack, awesomeness is the most addictive drug in the world. It’s impossible to give it up.

*Jeremiah pulls on right ear lobe and walks away, putting his earphones back in so that he doesn’t hear the screams as he walks away*

A special Swayze level thanks goes out to Fahim for being a good sport about the interview and for putting out awesomeness spoilers every week ^_^ I’m down for what ever he’s doing over at Vizanime.com and you should check it out when you get the chance.  Goodluck Fahim!




~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on January 28, 2009.

33 Responses to “Ever wonder where spoilers come from?”

  1. first?

  2. am i first? yippee

  3. Ninja jumps from behind , harshy chrges up his RS
    and sez

  4. and thanx fer ur AWESOMENESS fahim!!!

  5. Oops…did i say RS???
    gaara don’t do no RS!
    He sharges up his Dessert Draveyard Avalanche thingy….

  6. Great read. And if Fahim is reading this: for my part you shouln’t bother with the music, we don’t watch your clips for the music … . To be honest I always mute the clip because I find the music to distract me from the reading.

  7. LOL! For nighthawk its like porn… gotta turn the volume down so mom doesn’t hear it.

  8. Nighthawks like..”OH SHIT! i left Itunes running before i left after connecting it to a very large speaker so that everyone in the neighbourhood can hear, i’m gonna get screwed when i get home…”

  9. well, as for me.. i watch the spoilers with the volume at 2 or 3… same for my porn. haha jk, maybe

  10. WOOT! Great interview, Jeremiah. Thanks, Fahim, if you’re out there. Personally, I enjoy the music and it would be incomplete without it–although it’s not what I tune in for.

  11. Great interview! Many thanks to both of you for the awesomeness you’re providing, and now I’ll enjoy it even more after seeing everything that goes into putting together a spolier and post ^_^

    *Gives the Maito Gai thumbs up with tooth sparkle*

  12. very nice work haha i believe elfarren said it all

  13. lol once again Im impressed that you can make something as boring as an interview hilarious =)

  14. i have to agree with fanboi. it was a great interview too, it kept my interest the whole time.

  15. *Sobs* Why’d you kill Fahim? I don’t understand you bloodthirsty ninjas, DAAAMMMMMMN YOOOOOUUUUU NIIIINNNJJJAAAASSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Shurinken to the heart*

  16. *Jeremiah pulls right ear lobe and points at supertrek*


  17. damn it jeremiah, if you order me to kill a guy. let me do it the first time, i hated wondering when the hell you’d let me kill him. I don’t like taking out my sword so often and then putting it away, it chaffes that way, and you also interrupted some “research” i was doing on my iphone…

    jk, nice interview and thanx fahim

  18. @alec – ‘research’ meaning ‘pornography’? yes? hehe..

  19. So how do tell fahim some good songs? Well Jeremiah, if you talk to him , tell him to use Miyavi. Maybe his song “freedom” or “ready to rock”

  20. @ Kroddude – By you posting that comment, he’ll see it.

  21. haha ok good. im glad that worked out lol

  22. mmmmmm…no amerivan music eh???….got to search deep for smfin like that…maybe i’ve got some british bands but i dont think they’re the ones that fahim would like to use…

  23. Did everyone ignore the fact that Jeremiah has blood thirsty ninja’s at his disposal? Fahim you rock. I would pull a Chiyo to rez you, but it might take a while. I have so much left to accomplish in my life, how could i just end it?

  24. @adj – Dont Worry!

    SHENRON-how dare you???

    *unleashes the swazeingan on shenron*

    (whimpering like a pup)
    Your wish is my command harshytkage sir, master, sorry for my insolence, i will do 1000 body wraps to make up for it….

  25. Whew, thank god. Now I can live a nice long life knowing Fahim lives. Swayzeingan was overdoing it a little donchaknow?

  26. i had to give i to him…else he would’ve done a frieza on me, and i wasn’t in the mood to kill around ppetty half bodied dragons so i said what the heck…

  27. oh, i see. you pulled a shika and used the plan with the highest percent chance of sucess, though you’ll always have 100% with swayzeingan. I would have done the same.

    BTW, nice topic shutdown on the balls debate.

  28. Ipod Touch > Iphone

    All that rubbing of ear lobes ..
    must be painful 😀

  29. Thank you for all the sweet comments and the ones that might come in the future. I really appreciate it. I enjoyed answering every single questions. And two thumbs up to Jeremiah to put this together very well XD… You guys know, how he works 😉

  30. Cool interview, Thanks to fahim for the spoilers.

    recommended songs (I love j-rock and j-rock)

    1. Shoko nakagawa- soraio days

    2.Yahhoo- Morikawa Miho & Asakura Akira

    3. any song from AKFG (asian kung fu generation) but I am sure you alredy know that ^_^.

    4. cool joke- undo

    5. also you can do songs from the pillows

    6. cant think of anymore off the top of my head and to lazy to look at my music folder >_< lol

  31. Um…I must be the only clueless one out there but…

    WTF does Patrick Swayze have to do with anything?????

  32. lol…Penny, welcome to the nuthouse. The Swayze is a reference back to here, the inside joke to end all inside jokes. Enjoy and welcome.

  33. Jeremiah! You are wrong about Naruto, there is another group subbing it. Independently: and unlike HorribleSubs they are creating them from scratch and they are a LOT better! The group is called TakaFansubs. You can check them out at:


    Let’s support these guys. They are doing a great job.

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