Discussion Thread for Prediction contest…



This will serve as the discussion thread for the prediction contest since no normal comments are allowed in that comment section… you can say what ever you want in this thread… well… nearly what ever you want…


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on January 27, 2009.

97 Responses to “Discussion Thread for Prediction contest…”

  1. first again? wow thats a new one

  2. hmm, well i kinda went with what i think the writer would do not my gut of what will happen. oh well we’ll see how it plays out. should be fun! and i have no clue where the counter would be. any chance that after the contest entries finish you could post a current count? up to you of course

  3. wow i guess me and ibi dont agree to much where they will take this year 7 out of 11 different

  4. Great contest. And it was so hard to follow the directions. As a reward for my self-control, I’m going to spout off on my choices. Hard to answer binary to things that…may not be so clear. ;P

    1. Kakashi will be revived by Tsunade who will die. (yes)

    2. Naruto will defeat Nagato, but not in 2009. (no)

    3. Yes, Tsunade will die as soon as Kishi allows focus to shift from the battle. My guess is early March, say, ep 37 she’ll have her hands on Kakashi. (yes)

    4. Danzo will aid but not join Akatsuki, but it may be a reaaly tough call. His assist will be subtle and contradictory (like when he sent Sai to Oro). (yes)

    5. No clear Danzo/Madara/Obito/Madara’s Brother connections will be made. There may be more subtle teases, but nothing will be cleared up in 2009. (no)

    6. Naruto will use the Kyuubi in 2009, perhaps unwillingly (does healing from the brink of death count? because then, definitely, yes). There will at least be a negotiation at some point over chakra. (yes)

    7. No, no 5 tails, Naruto has sworn off that rage. (no)

    8. The power Itachi gave Naruto will be hinted at, but nothing clear will be revealed until there is a huge conflict between Sasuke and Naruto. That isn’t going to happen in 2009. (no)

    9. No, Danzo’s face won’t be revealed in 2009. (no)

    10. Sasuke and Naruto will confront the same enemy. (yes)

    11. No time skip yet. (no)

    Whew. I feel better now. =) Thanks for the discussion thread. Looking forward to everyone’s great ideas!!!!!

  5. i bet shed like her hands on kikashi lol

  6. I didn’t think anyone would post their answers until after the manga released… you guys have moxy ^_^

  7. @ jeremiah id be rele surprised if anything happens next issue that could affect any answers tht badly other thn naruto using kyubbi power maybe buh then i alredi said yes to tht one :] cheers for taking the idea on board hope it proves to be a heated competition. and lol coolbeans wat are u doing on a government computer?? hope it aint illegal 😛

  8. Fail magnificently, its a way of life.

  9. @ grimmjowfan – he’s a USMC. His account is established he just hasn’t added an icon yet, he’s good to go.

  10. LMAO @ MS. Mandi’s tie breaker prediction.

  11. nope im on a white line, its not what everyone prolly thinks when they hear that. its just a craptastic peice of junk very very not awesomeness

  12. 1. No – Kakashi will note return (Does this still count if he returns then dies anyway?)

    2. Yes – Nagato will be defeated (That is a long time for battles)

    3. Yes – Tsunade will die (Tsunade doesn’t look so good right now)

    4. No – Danzo will note aid Akatsuki (He seems like the type of guy who would take action for his own means. If Tsunade is out of power then he will feel on top of the Houkage picture)

    5. No – No connection between Tobi his brother, Danzo, or Obito about his living state (Itachi was the only person who figured he was still alive right)

    6. Yes – Naruto will use the Kyuubi (Naruto is working to use his own abilities but if too much push comes to shove its going to be hard to suppress, though he probably can do it. If the Kyuubi is taken before hand then this takes away the question easily)

    7. No – No the Kyuubi will not reach 5 tails (I should have said yes on this one, but at some point Naruto will likely unleash the Kyuubi though if that yin chakra has anything to do with it then he will probably stay around four.)

    8. Yes – The power given to Naruto will be explained. (Naruto will be in a position where the ability Itachi gave to him is forced out for that moment)

    9. Yes – Mandara’s face will be revealed. (Tobi’s face will be revealed as Akatsuki gets closer towards its goals. However if Toki’s mask is a part for his power then probably not.)

    10. Yes – Sasuke will be in a scenario where he works with Naruto (Sasuke and Naruto may have to assist each other at some pont. However Sasuke is still probably more focused on Konoha’s destruction. The idea only occurs if the rest of team Hawk becomes unavailable. The complete opposite might happen though and it could be Naruto and Hawk versus Sasuke)

    11. No – The time skip will not occur (Though several things could happen within the year it doesn’t feel like it leads up to anything unless there is a huge event happening between the two points. Then again Nagato destroying Konoha should have probably been a hint. Plus when I think about it, there may be some time before Kabuto learns to fully control Orochimaru’s powers)

    Tie Breaker: 640,99,100, (Believe It!)

  13. @ Kyouto – in regards to number #1, as long as its in the flesh, real return and then he dies again. Not a final gasp of air or final words while laying on the ground to Naruto, then he’s still dieing.

  14. What about deathly illness, that is a return right but he is still dying from that point?

  15. @ Kyouto – Sounds like he’s back but dying. That would be a return.

  16. lmao. Return means he gets up from the rubble he’s buried under right now for more than a farewell. If he catches pneumonia and dies afterward, or even catches it from dust in his lungs due to the destruction, I think that’s an entirely different prediction. But I defer to Jeremiah…

  17. @ Ibi – well said ^_^

  18. Bah…humbug!too many restraints…i’ll go for it anyways though….

  19. @ Harshy – the restraints are there for a reason. This way we have a clear cut winner. Otherwise it would be up for debate.

  20. oops…i got a smiley in my ans…shud’ve stick to the format, should i post again?

  21. @jeremiah…nah they were just boggling my mind for trying to make up a list of loopholes that’ll come in handy when the occasion arrives…:p

  22. @harshy

    lol it looks like your prediction for question 8 is a sharingan sunglasses block…

  23. lulzzz

  24. 1. Yes – Kakashi is in bad shape, and I think he’s going to go through a major character change. But he should live. I actually think there is a chance we will see Kakashi’s face. And there is a chance he could still become Hokage.

    2. Yes – The reason I think Nagato will be defeated is that, even though he’s a powerful character – I don’t think he ended up being an interesting villan. Also, Naruto should go to the ends of the earth trying to destroy him, just because of the people Pain has killed. I’m still waiting for what happens with Tobi.

    3. No – Tsunade will live. Even though the idea that she will make a sacrifice for Kakashi fits really well. Also, the other legendary sanin have died. ‘But’ as long as there is a chance Pain will use Pervy Sage’s body or Oro’s shadow still looms, Tsunade should still be around.

    4. No – Danzo has his own thing going. I think it’s more likely that we will find out some secrets about him. There was a time I thought Danzo was Tobi. So I’m out on a limb here.

    5. Yes – There has to be some connection with the people that use sharingan.

    6. Yes – He will use the Kyuubi. He has shown it on his face in the last few issues. There was kind of a frog/fox combo face.

    7. Yes – If the Kyuubi reaches 5 tails it will probably go all the way this time and go to a full nine (with or without using Naruto as a host). I think Naruto will gain control of the nine-tails, given that Killer-Bee hints toward this being possible.

    8. No – This power will be reserved for another fight that fits in better with the context. It will be a fight with Sauske probably, but I don’t think that will happen for quite a while.

    9. Yes – We’ve been seeing him reveal his face here and there, or almost showing it. We’re steadily getting more clues, much like we were getting with Pain. It should happen soon.

    10. Yes – This explains some of my other ideas about where the series is going. Sauske and Naruto may well figure out their differences because they’re growing up. Sauske will more likely pin point the people responsible for his brother’s situation, and Naruto will figure out what happened too. There will be an understanding between them, they will keep their rivalry, but they will have a new mission of peace (getting rid of the corruption in Kohona or some other thing). Though a fight might have to happen between them before the compromise. There wont be such a black and white thing where Sauske is going to destroy Kohona and Naruto is going to protect it.

    11. No – Too much story still to tell. I don’t see another three year jump for a while.

  25. @Jermiah

    Can you provide a few clarification for the vote:

    2. Does Naruto have to Defeat pain? As Ibiki has pointed out to us, Naruto didn’t kill kakuzu; Kakashe provided the coupe de’ gras. If say, Danzo or Maaiitooo Gaaaiii dynamically enters the melee and defeats pain, would that be a NO or a YES for this prediction?

    6.&7. Are these during the current battle or for all of 2009?

    Tie breaker: When did you get the first hit on the site, August, 2008?

    BTW – Google “Naruto Manga 433 spoiler” and Iareawsomeness comes up in the top 3.

  26. Naruto has to be involved some how, if it’s like Kakuzu then yes. If he gets an assist then yes. I’ll be leniant on this one. Nagato being killed or submitting is the key. The only way this is no is if Naruto has nothing to do with the fight.

    Every question is the entire 2009. August 2008 is when this site started and we had 30k hits in our first month, we’ve been growing exponentially ever since.

    If anyone wants change any of their answers post a comment in the contest post with a completed new submission, I’ll erase your old one. I’m normally all about the jokes and goofing but I’m seriously going to crown the victor as the prediction genius of iareawesomeness and it’s very possible that this comes down to a tie. So if there is any one that wants to change their tie breaker I think that would be wise and make the competition more legitimate if it did come down to a tie. Otherwise people may use it as an excuse.

  27. ooo….crap…I forgot something when I made my tie breaker. Can I just change it Jeremiah? Or do you want a fresh entry?

  28. Thanks Jeremiah

  29. Change anything you want up to the deadline.

  30. 1. yes – i’m one of those optimistic fans who won’t take kakashi dying as an option. it would suck more than a… well, now that’s inappropriate, but i guess my point was made haha

    2. yes – of course naruto will defeat nagato! enough said. …believe it!

    3. yes – i think it’s inevitable that tsunade will die. i think she’s taught sakura everything she needs to know, just like how orochimaru taught sasuke then left the building, and same with naruto and jiraiya.

    4. no – danzo’s a d-bag, and i think he might attempt something but akatsuki will go swayze in dirty dancing on his ass and take him out

    5. yes – something between madara and obito, i think… well i’m hoping. heh.

    6. yes – of course naruto will use the kyuubi! it’s what makes naruto, naruto

    7. yes – mhmm, i think it’s about time we see some more tails unleashed.. maybe his powerlevel will go over 9000?

    8. yes – i think itachi’s little gift will work it’s way in nicely and give everyone a nice, giddy-filled surprise.

    9. yes – i’m thinking he might get knocked in the head and it’ll fall off, or possibly he takes it off in one of those ‘cool guy’ ways and when he looks up everyone is like ‘gasp!’ ..yep.

    10. yes – another thing i think in unavoidable, naruto and sasuke teaming up has just gotta happen. they might set aside their differences and sasuke might possibly end up blindsiding naruto when they or somethin’. it’s a toss-up on what exactly will happen, but it’ll happen either way. since sasuke’s little dream of crushing kanoha is kindof… already done, i’m curious what will go down.

    11. no – i think it might skip a few months, or maybe weeks, but i dont think a full-year or more skip will come during 2009

  31. 1. yes – kakashi isnt dead.. we saw in the anime that when an anbu dies their body is immediately destroyed, kakashis body is still hangin around

    2. yes – naruto is gonna hunt that bitch down and completely destroy him

    3. yes – shes pretty much toast, you see her age like crazy, and shes probably out of chakra. she will step in to save naruto which will release the kyuubi

    4. yes – hes a rat who will work with them in order to keep them out of konoha

    5. no – there is no connection, but if there is it wont be released until next year

    6. yes – i already said it

    7. no – he wont go passed 4, oro killed the third who was basically his guardian growing up and he took sasuke, along with this naruto actually asked for some kyuubi chakra, he let it come. now he tries to supress it so i doubt it will get any further than 4

    8. yes – naruto will probably have an encounter with sasuke during the year, and it will either come out then or against madara who will come after pain is gone.

    9. yes – madara defeats naruto (after he is weakened from killing pain) and sasuke will fight to save him, this will push madara to his limits and he will need his second sharingan eye.

    10. no – sasuke will never come back to konoha now that he knows about his brother, he will fight to save naruto, but they will not fight together until the end of the manga, which hopefully doesnt happen this year.

    11. yes – at the very end of the year, after naruto is saved by sasuke he will go back to konoha and learn all the diplomatic stuff we dont wanna see while he becomes a jonin (finally). he may come back as a young teacher, the time skip will be like one or two years tops. during this time we will learn more about the fourth probably

  32. @ renzy10 – nice catch on number 1, that didn’t even occur to me. i also think the idea of tsunade stepping in the way is a possibility…

  33. A last fight with Sasuke could be a story ender, but I think a scenario where Naruto has to fight his own Kyuubi should be considered as well. Because it’s the whole fighting your own demons kind of thing. But why stop the story right?

  34. I’ll be joining this soon just need a night to mull it over. Hehehe

  35. If Naruto uses Kyubi powers I’m gouging my eyes out because that would mean I have two effin questions wrong already!!!

  36. LMAO @ supertrek – that would suck to have two wrong so quickly


    You also need to enter a tie breaker.

    @ bash brother 09 – though funny you may want to change that number. Look at the blog stat counter on the right side user bar. We’ve been around for 6 months and growing quickly. This month we are going to finish around 250,000 hits… just for this month alone.

  37. hmm well that still averages out way short for me…… mabe i should just make 300 hits a day myself 😉

  38. I’ve seen how the blog is trending. I honestly think your guess is low. But it is one of the better ones.

  39. Even though I’m not in the contest, I’ll be posting one just so everyone can make fun of it when I’m horribly horribly wrong. I’m one of those Naruto fans that think everything is true (Except Danzo = Madara) and I’m probably going to say yes to way too many things.

    My tie breaker should be decent considering I have tons of charts and graphs to look at as far as projections are concerned.

    I hoping to see Erich’s soon… so that I can go the other direction on everything he guesses!

    ^_^ jk Erich… but seriously you are crazy…

  40. pssh, jeremiah, who keeps charts and graphs?
    *pushes obvious charts and graphs in drawer*

  41. dammit.. my personal prediction doesn’t match with the contest
    my prediction for the comming year is :
    naruto vs pain will end in naruto losing because of hell realm reviving all the other creeps…
    then danzo is gonna step forward with his gay root army, chasing pain away, killing tsunade in the process. naruto ll be pissed, going kyuubi, and in the end he ll have to flee from konoha
    result = civil war, ending with naru, saku, and all of the former rookie nine to become known as missing nins, and the start of the fourht shinobi war.
    while on the run they ll meet up with sasugay, and naruto ll be pissed at sasgay for wearin akats clothes, and they ll fight
    neither of them can win, and ultimately they join forces after they hear each others storys
    next up : time skip

  42. @ nova89 – very creative, the whole missing nins thing. sweet idea

  43. Pain will defeat Naruto and take him to the Akatsuki hideout for extraction, only to find out that Sasuke failed to catch the 8-tails. Zetsu and Kisame go to kill Sasuke and his team for their failure while Pain trys to find the 8-tails. After a long battle, Kisame and Zetsu are defeated by Sasuke. Suddenly, Madara appears and kills Sasukes Team and takes him to the Akatsuki Hideout to study his Sharigan. He is thrown into the same Chakra Prison or w/e as Naruto. The two talk for a little until they are both saved by a Konoha team. Naruto and Sasuke are taken to a hidden camp in the forest. It is revealed that Danzo took over Konoha after the Pain attack. The few who escaped his reign left Konoha and hid. Sasuke then allies with Naruto and the Ex-Konoha Ninja (which consists all the good ninja we’ve seen from Konoha in the past) because they both want Danzo and the elders who stayed with Danzo dead.

    Thats just what i came up with =)
    If im right you all have to give me $1,000,000 =P

  44. @ fanboi – have any ideas on how sasuke and naruto will be saved and by who?

  45. wow, im going to lose my mind if that happens fanboi…shortly before declaring you the new nostradamus and next asking what next weeks loto #’s are

  46. @fanboi…. wouldnt it be more likely for kisame to turn on zetsu and protect sasuke for itachi, i dont think sasuke’s team could take the two of them, kisame has too much chakra and we have no idea what zetsu can do

  47. well can anyone say what zetsu is going to do… that whole split personality thing, however kisame siding w sauske is pretty possible. itachi and kisame seemed to work well together. but him siding with sauske depends on itachis real story wwich at least to me is still unclear. madara could be telling the truth but then again it is the uchias and nothing they do seems to be black and white

  48. @coolbeans yea they way i see it madara is telling partial truths, the whole story about itachi is extremely possible, i thik he probably lied about how uchihas were treated, or how he was basically kicked out

  49. do you ever wonder if zetsu argues with himself when deciding on what to wear? ‘i wanna wear this dress..’ ‘no, the zoot-suit conquers all!’

  50. @Jeremiah or Ibiki

    I just noticed that EroSennin hasn’t posted his predictions, anyone have a way to contact him to let him know about the contest? It would be a shame if he was not able to put his two cents in.

  51. quick question.. do we have a ‘naruto loophole’ thread? if not, that would be pretty durn sweeeet…

  52. jdb44 – yeah I do. It’s being taken care of.

  53. @ amongstheliving – if you have an idea for a post that would start a discussion on that subject email me and we can work on getting something up.


  54. jdb: that was nice of you. You’re an actual human being, thanks! =) I feel better now…I think I needed that little faith in humanity boost. (oy vey…what a morning…)

  55. @amongstheliving
    i think zetsus other side wears a jogging suit on his time off he looks like he wants to be comfortable yet functional. or maybe he just has two things put together, because its just hard to argue with someone you cant punch or walk away from 🙂

  56. who’s ero-sennin??…just kiddin, who wouldnt miss that perv…

  57. wow i started reading the manga from the begining (again of course) and i didnt get past page 1 issue 1 before i saw like 10 forshadows. intentional? i dont know but sauske is on a hawk, naruto is on the smoke of a giant frog and the giant scroll he has looks more like the one he has now than the scroll of sealing (what he stole first) sometimes i wounder how far out kishi plans his stuff? or maybe he just goes back through and picks things out that he liked. idk just caught my eye

  58. thats known as a writers intuition my friend….i would know of course…(flairs his collar trying to act uber cool)

  59. im not as good of a writer. i dont have tons of imagination, cant spell and what oh man my pen blew up, even my writing tools know it and hate me (that did just happen) *sinks head* poor pen, now how do i doodle… *sad sigh*

  60. poppin’ your collar was out a few years ago… along with kanye west.. sorry harshy *wink*

  61. Kanye west is never out of fashion, coz te only model he looks at is himself
    DAMN !that guy is SOOOO vain, i still remember his marathon Grammy speech, i mean WTF, there are other people waitin for theirs dude…

    anyways…what harshytkage does is unique…it never goes out of fashion, fashion goes out of it

  62. i know! his new stuff sucks bawls, he needs to get over himself. he’s one of those people that everyone hates, even his momma

  63. dont talk about harshy that way harshy is cool people 😉

  64. harshykage of the village hidden in the west?

  65. more to the east actually
    Harshytkage of the hidden village of india(misplaced…he was supposed to be in Edinburgh)

  66. @coolbeans – he wasn’t reffering to me, he was reffering to Kanya west…but thanks for the defence…i’m flattered…
    *takes out his katana and cuts him into pieces*
    “well…i did say i was flattedred that should make up fot it….”


  67. EDIT * KanyE

  68. i know, im master of all that is lame jokes…. tremble at my power



  70. haha i’m a girl d:

  71. Whoops!
    just like when i said that Ibi was a Dude
    and that troll Kabutokun was a dude
    and now amongsthelivin is a dude

    seriously, if anyone heard about that without knowing it happened on the internet, they would get really suspicious about my mental health…

  72. haha, you live in a world where everyone is male.. do you… prefer.. men? d;

  73. @coolbeans

    One of those old panels shows Naruto on a frog, Sasuke on a snake,and Sakura on a Slug… you gotta think Kishi’s got this outlined way into the future.


  74. NOOOOOO! i will never fall in the SasuGAY category, noooooo, i have a sizzling girlfriend for cryin out loud….

  75. Well, hopefully that doesn’t happen off the internet…or does it? And if anyone were to question your mental health, i don’t think it will be from that…(kaidozo theory)…

  76. @Ibiki –

    Oops, hit submit instead of k. It wouldn’t be any fun hearing EroSennin say, “I would have won this contest hands down …. if you’d have only let me play.”

  77. FUN FACT
    the guy who lead the manhatan project (oppenheimer) tried to strangle his best freind when he was young

    back to naruto
    Tsunade is well known for her extremely large breasts (106 centimeters as stated by Jiraiya)

  78. Ok responding to my theory:
    Just because its been suggested that Kisame is actually good doesnt mean its real. I mean he does always want to hack peoples arms off and shit like that. And Naruto and Sasuke would be saved by the Ex-Konoha Ninja. Im thinking a team like Shino, Neji, Shikimaru, Rock Lee, and Gai leading. They could kill Konan who could be guarding the Chakra Prison since Pain is still away looking for the 8-tails.

  79. 1. yes- Wishful thinking

    2. no- Just being contrarian. Thinking it might not happen ’til 2010, or Madera will decide it’s time to show who’s boss and do the dirty. Orrr… Maiitttoooo Gaaiiii takes center stage!

    3. no- I don’t think she’ll die from the current battle, but all 2009 made this one more difficult? Went with stays alive.!?

    4. yes- If Tsunade lives and remains Hokage, I think Danzou rationalizes that helping Akatsuki will eventually strengthen Konoha. If Tsunade dies, I’m wrong on both. Craaap.

    5. yes- Too many coinkidinks, has to be a connection in there somewhere, but will it be revealed in ’09? Yes, I t’ink.

    6. yes- Naruto is Konoha’s Jinchuriki, Kyuubi has to make an appearance.

    7. no- Tuff one, If Killer Bee shows up to teach Naruto, good news for the “yes” crowd.

    8. yes- I think it will be required during some kind of interaction with Sasuke or Madera, if that doesn’t happen in 2009, wrong again. x%@*!

    9. yes- 50/50, we’ve waited years for Kakashe to be revealed.

    10. no- Not yet, maybe not ever.

    11. no- Too many unresolved story lines, timeskip 2010.

    Tie Breaker: 4,517,000


  81. And another thing…why is everyone putting there Tie Breaker so high? I mean this blog is awesomeness but we havent got past one million. Most people put there numbers in the 4 millions which is highly unlikely xD

  82. haha that’s what i was thinking.
    but shhhhhhh, *whispers* if they dont know we have a better chance.. *nods and winks*

  83. actaually…that means you dont know the site well enuf

  84. @fanboi…the blog is not even a year old yet and the number of hits the blog generates is growing every week, that is why people put the number so high. You can trust me on this since I know the blog traffic.

  85. @Last scorpian shhhh,*whispers* if they dont know we have a better chance.. *nods and winks*

  86. hahaha nicely put ajd

  87. LMFAO *nods and winks in nice guy pose*

  88. There is another question about Kakashi I want cleared up. The answer is probably obvious but its also important that I know. Its been bothering me for awhile, but what if Kakashi’s existence becomes non existent, like a ghost. Maybe something similar to Tobi, Kakashi’s chakra can no longer be felt, he stops aging and or becomes intangible. If the same situation or even vaguer suddenly applies. Something that isn’t tracked because he really isn’t there and yet at the same time is…

  89. @Kyuto… I dont think anyone can answer that one… It could happen, but it’s a very small chance.

  90. yeah, it actually would generate a lot more questions if one could answer that. I have never thought about it.

  91. ok im a little late haha but wasnt kishi originally planning to make naruto based on magic, the three types of magic being snake toad and slug. also there is a story about tsunade jiraiya and oro out there google it…. i think kishi changed the whole story and implemented the toad snake and slug summons in haha

  92. also @kyouto…. so kakashi is gonna be a ghost? unlikely, if he actually does die, which he wont, he will be in all flashbacks

  93. @renzy: there is an old Japanese story about Jiraiya (who knew toad magic), Orochimaru (who knew snake magic) and Tsunade (who knew slug magic). It’s the Tale (legend? too lazy to google…) of Gallant Jiraiya.

    In that story, Jiraiya and Tsunade were married and had a son. Their magics were not compatible, so they shouldn’t have been able to stand or even be near each other. Love conquers all, tho and they have a moderately happy life and a series of adventures.

    Jiraiya is killed by Orochimaru, and the last scene of the novel has his son and Tsunade (I think…maybe she was killed and Jiraiya went to avenge her death…I don’t remember anymore) charging in to kill Orochimaru and make an attempt at resurrecting the old man.

    My memory is shaky on this, I read it a long time ago. The story is out there, it is an actual thing and it did provide the basis for character names and talents–but I don’t think much more.

    If I remember correctly this “book” was published in chapters (kind of like what Dickens did or Kishi is doing now). So i think it was a tribute to the work that inspired manga.

  94. I think i’ll be optimistic about the blog hits.

  95. Jeremiah, arnt you a little optimistic on yours? You really think all thats gunna happen in 2010? i mean think theres like 40 issues left give or take. Thats a lot of stuff going on in 40 issues. And if there is a Tobi/Madara/Danzo connection wouldn’t Kishi save it to the end of the manga?


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