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-Breakdown of Naruto Manga 432 is below-


Kiss my ass Nagato! All three of them! And more are on the way...

Hey everyone,

Another issue, a few more bodies of Pain pwnd…but are they down for good?  Is Naruto actually winning this fight…let’s calm down from a turbulent week of going back to school after winter break and get back to business…

Many of you e-mailed me that you enjoyed the mood music for last week’s post, except Alec who didn’t dig the Rocky theme and requested techno/raver music.  I’ll have to respectfully decline Alec, sorry man.  Just not my type of music, but I will put up a new music video for you to play while you’re reading this weeks break down.  I went with Hand of Blood because Naruto seems to be pwning Pains bodies left and right, and they even ran from him at one point in this issue!  Anyway, if you want music to listen to while you read, scroll down to the bottom of the post and play the video and enjoy ^_^ If not…



And Naruto's Rasenganwill lead to your death...sooo one of us is going to be really disappointed here eventually...that's awkward.

 Ahhhh…here’s where the fun starts.  Pain reveals to Naruto that Jiraiya was his master as well, and that his vision of peace is what Jiraiya longed for as well.  Pain starts to hint that he’s not trying to bring about the end of the world; in fact he straight up tells Naruto that his death will lead to peace.  In other words, he needs to extract all the beasts in order to initiate his plan of nin world peace…Gandhi tried to do the same thing but had a problem getting any of the beasts without jutsu so he just decided on hunger strikes instead. 

I also like that Pain asked Naruto to come quietly…I don’t think I’ve ever seen Naruto do anything quietly.  He’s REALLY asking the wrong guy…we all have at least a small bit of attachment to Naruto, so it would be really hard to separate ourselves from the question that Pain poses and our emotional attachment to Naruto.  If we could bring about world peace by killing 9 people (who may be very loved or in some cases very important because they protect their village or are the leaders of their city) would we make the same decision as Nagato?

That question could only truly be relevant if you had a genie or something that would trade 9 important lives for world peace.  But that doesn’t exist in our world or even in Naruto’s world.  Nagato seems to want to create a weapon to enforce world peace, which (if you’ve taken a look at US policy) sounds strangely familiar and doesn’t always work out as planned >_<

Oh shit... guys I think he's serious! Ruuuun!

Oh shit guys... I think he's serious! Ruuuun!

So Naruto opts for option C, which is pwn every muther F**ker in your way.  He actually throws the Rasen Shuriken this time, which Kakashi made fun of him for not being able to do with Shuriken in the name of the move back in the Kakuzu fight.  I bet Kakashi would be proud right now if he wasn’t at the creepy dead-dad-campfire-reunion. 

Last week we saw Naruto perform two giant Rasengans and I thought that it was  conclusive evidence that size was everything… until this week when we see how surprised Pain is to see Naruto throw such “dense, quick spinning chakra” I’m not sure if the RASENGAN DEBATE will ever be settled now.  -_-

Many of you were upset that the “new” move was not new at all, it was just Naruto throwing his Rasengan which the name of the move alluded to for, like, 100 issues now.  How are you feeling about the “new” move being the projectile version of the Rasengan?

Human realm caught the business end of this Rasengan.  He cast his vot for rate of speed of spinning and density for which Rasengan hurts more...

Human realm caught the business end of this Rasengan. He cast his vote for density in the Rasengan debate... at least the top half did. The bottom half is 30 feet away twitching randomly somewhere.


Human realm had a really bad day, like the king of bad days really.  He was just hanging back, watching everything go down…drifting off a little bit, starting to day dream…

Let’s take a look at his thoughts.

Human realms thoughts:  I wonder if we’ll get back in time to watch Lost tonight?  I can’t wait to go home and brush my long beautiful hair… What a beautifu…..GAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAH! F**K! You cut me in half, you F**King A$$ #0le!  Aaaaaah geez! This really hurts! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Nothing like being imasculated by your father in front of the whole village...

Nothing like being emasculated by your father in front of the whole village...

 Some of you may already know my feelings about Shikamaru…he’s overrated.  I know, I know, you all hate me for saying it but its true.  He’s one of the most popular characters in the show and I like him, but I’ve had this little ball of resentment building up against him since the Chuunin exams–sitting in my belly forever.  It just annoyed me to no end that he was the only one out of the group who got the Chuunin promotion…it still annoyed me all the way up to this issue.

Something about having his father say “You’re triple A, son and Naruto is in the big leagues now, why don’t you just sit this one out, little guy,”  made the whole Chuuninexam promotions (or lack there of) palatable.  It put a smile on my face during a rather shitty week of school.  Knowing that many of the Shika fan boys/girls are probably fuming right now I’ll say this: Shika is a great character and I like his “don’t bother me” attitude but this should finally seal the deal that he’s just not in the same league as Naruto and really never has been regardless of how “intelligent” he is. In my opinion there is just no freakin way he will be hokage before Naruto or ever for that matter.  Dump your anger on me Shika fans, I understand your anger but know that I do like Shika, I just still think he’s over rated. Feel free to disagree with me in the comments section and you can also vote here…

Does this settle our little bet yet Ibi???     [Ibi says:  hell no…see my comment below…]

If I was in a really dark room I'd be freaked out to see Kermit the frog staring back at me too!

If I was in a really dark room I'd be freaked out to see Kermit the frog staring back at me too!

Pa frog decides that Naruto isn’t kicking enough ass, and figures out a way to fix the whole “one sees what they all see” problem.  Good thing they had a giant frog big enough to put two people into his mouth. It’s simple really, blind one and none of the others can see what the blind one sees, then attack the blind one…because the blind one can’t see anything besides what she thinks are frog eyes.  ^_^  I thought this was hilarious because I couldn’t honestly tell if those were Naruto’s sage frog eyes or two Rasengan balls charging up before I saw the next panel.  LMAO ^_^  But either way, it reminded me of this video.  ^_^  It’s funny, but if you keep watching it the song transcends the comedy and becomes beautifully depressing again. @_@

Are you feeling me up?! Easy buddy! Relax!

Gross! I said I don't want to touch your balls! You can't make me!

 This was a great panel because of the imagery.  The flash of light, Naruto lunging forward, two Rasengans, two hands, no clones and Animal Realm getting owned…perfect!  Sadly, the death of Animal Realm is killing my Kushina theory and LastScorpion’s Rin theory.  We both shed a tear at the sight of her death.  BUT there is hope!  NarakaPain is the last one standing…why is that significant, you ask?  He is the one that resurrected Laser Head.  Just climb into the giant judgment god’s mouth, cook to boil and then serve.  Wa la!  Brand new paths of Pain!  We’ll see.  But until then, what do you think?

Naruto and Pain

One fierce attack after another! comes the return of Laser head, prepare for the douche level to raise back up a few notches.

 The all important last panel in the manga hints at the fact that Naruto had one fierce attack after another but…I think he’s about to get pwnd.  That whole sequence was basically Pain allowing Naruto to show him all his different moves, styles and most importantly allow him to shoot his chakra load on resurrect-able zombies…Naruto is out of sage mode, Deva Pain has been recharging this whole time, Naraka Pain (the one that put laser head back together) is still fine and things suddenly look like they could go really bad at any moment now.

Deva Pain is about to strike back for sure, but with Naruto out of Sage mode what’s going to save his ass now? Is it time for the Kyuubi to step in?  Is it time for Kakashi to come back?  Ooooooooor is it time for… Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiitoooooooooooo Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!? What do you think?

That’s it for this week.  Sorry it was late.   >_<   The first week back to school is always hectic, but I’ll be back on track next week.  Just remember, Tuesday is right around the corner, and then we’ll get our grubby little hands on that spoiler to see what happens next.




 Top 10 comments from the last weekly post, these were either funny, profound, right on or really good retorts…or all of the above.  Best ten…


 “I think that guy needs a cock meat sandwich. Just putting it out there.” – Obitoisdead in reference to a WTF commentor who has offered sex to many on the site and said that they know Kishi by association.


 “We just read too much into the manga…” – Harshytkage in reference to our normal crazy discussions… as if he doesn’t ^_^


“One of Naruto’s greatest attributes is his ability to make allies out of enemies. He seems to havea positive impact on virtually everyone who is around him. Gaara and The Sand are allies of The Leaf solely because of Naruto’s “gift”. Additionally, during Narutoand Gaara’s battle after the ChuuninExams, They fought bitterly. At the end of the battle, though he could only crawl, Naruto says to Gaara, “I will stop you.” Sasugay is the one who stops Naruto from continuing towards Gaara.

Further, Tsunade would not be Hokage if it weren’t for Naruto’s influence on her. During the Three Sannin battle, Naruto never went soft, he got pwnd by Kabuto (after pwning Kabuto with his new Rasengan), prompting Tsunade to finally enter the fray with bad intent.

In the end, Naruto’s”softness, as you put it, usually has a positive outcome for the village.” – jdb44 in response to Kaizer’s fear of a shitty storyline which would include Gaara Syndrome where Pain becomes a good guy.


“When does the mind blowing start? . . . . .” – Sensei in response to one commentors claim that he was about to say something mind blowing and then proceded to fail to do so…


“The two giant rasengan have got to be hinting at Naruto’s sexual frustration. In a sense, Sakura has given him blue balls of epic proportions.” – of813 referring to Naruto’s double Rasengan attack performed in the last issue.


 “I Hereby Patent All Above Claims, Which Have Not Already Been Presented To This Forum. No Copiers!!! If You’ve Suggested A Theory Before Me, That’s Fine. But No One Is Allowed To Claim That It Is Their Theory After Just Reading It Here. Or They Will Die.” – Elasticatedninja in reference to his predictions followed by…


 “I Hereby Patent All Above Claims, Which Have Not Already Been Presented To This Forum. No Copiers!!! If You’ve Suggested A Theory Before Me, That’s Fine. But No One Is Allowed To Claim That It Is Their Theory After Just Reading It Here. Or They Will Die(this means you elast1catedninja.)” – Harshytkage copying everything that elasticatedninja had just written ^_^ Which was subsequently followed by an awkward argument with Wouldn’tuliketoknow >_<  Jeremiah’s comments to the fight: “Hug it out bitches!”


 “I was just wonderin why didn’t danzo try to take over after the 3rd died, i mean it would have been the perfect timing and i bet he was stronger then because he was younger.” jjjjjjj – in reference to what we all forgot, hopefully Kishi didn’t.”


“…through the time skip naruto becomes jounin, maybe having some sex with hinata and then konoha moves against pain and rain village with their allys sand village…” – punxed in mid rant casually drops in sex so as not to startle any one… which makes me laugh out loud because of how cavalier it was mentioned during his diatribe.  Good to see you again punxed… you crazy bastard. ^_^


 “If I had to guess, he is probably seeking out a two tails for himself so that he can get double sealed at both ends. Kinda like he’s a chinese finger cuff.” – Erich in response to a preteen reader who is starved for attention that mum and dad didn’t give him.  Thanks to Erich for having my back and defending your throne as the king of shit talking on iareawesomeness. 


“So honestly is it just me or did naruto just kill the two gayest versions of pain? Obviously laserhead was a dbag… but preta pain had to be in second just because of the way he looked when he escaped kibas moms gatsuga….” – Renzy in reference to his indifference on Naruto killing the two gayest versions of Pain + if you don’t know what he’s talking about the entire statement sounds HORRIBLE! LMFAO!  At least he escaped Kiba’s Mom’s gatsuga… it will still burn when he pees later >_< Funny in two different ways… awesomeness…

Honorable mention

“Thank you for repeating everything I just said” – Alec after Green accidently repeated everything he just said.

Apologies were made and no feelings were hurt in the making of this comment.

Hand of Blood – Bullet for my Valentine


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  1. First!

  2. Damn! 2nd

  3. shit so close

  4. now i got to read the post

  5. does anyone else think that the double rasengan was cooler than naruto throwing the rassenshuriken

  6. sorry for double post i click submit twice my mom always says i have no patients

  7. Id like to see Sasugay’s team or Samui’s team to show up now. Put a little twist in the story. I really cant see Kakashi coming back now and a comic relief character like Gai coming in and helping Naruto would just be dumb.


  9. no its sasuke you little fugg and i dont think hes gonna show up this soon but id like too see him smash pein

  10. LOL Trust me, that’s probably the only time it’ll ever happen because I’m never this lucky. I tend to get a bit like Tsunade *looks over shoulder waiting for something bad to happen*

    Anywho, I have to say I definitely approve of option C ^_^ And if NarakaPain brings back the other bodies again, I think I might have to find one of those things from Men In Black that will erase Laser Head from Kishi’s memory. Naruto will have enough to deal with taking on Naraka and Deva at the same time, adding the other realms is overkill at the point. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them reappear, though I also wouldn’t be surprised if Nagato calls off them off and regroups for another fight. I guess that makes me ambivalent …

    Loved the casual Lost reference, too – the season premiere was great!

  11. I’m sincerely disappointed with this release… I was expecting a massive jutsu, something completely new, but no, it had to be another variant of rasegan. If it only had performed as the spoiler said, but it could only kill 1… .
    I think kishi could make this battle really fun, hardcore and totally unexpected, like naruto arriving at the scene with a bad ass face and powned everyone with is new techs. I want to believe that he really tried and you can see he did, but naruto just couldn’t maintain his mojo, part of it cause of his obvious inexperience in battle he throws his balls at everything that moves and always in pairs … that’s just wrong.

    And a side note, Kakashi is dead, I say this cause he has reached his maximum skill level, and I can’t see where he can evolve he relies too much on his sharigan, maybe and just maybe he loses the sharigan , and gains more chakra but even then I can’t see what he would do with it, make use of his 1000 techniques’ ? Bottom line I believe he will die because he can’t bring anything new to the show, just like jiraiya tsunade the third orochimaru blablablabla .
    Can he revive himself like the almighty jiraiya ?

  12. I just re read my post and there are sooo many errors… hack job really.

    Sasuke isn’t coming into this story arc at all, he still has to deal with Raikage’s squad which is coming for his head.

  13. yeah i dunno as much as id hate to admit it its looking like there really might be another timeskip

  14. OMG did jjjjjjj just say he was gonna dynamically enter fanboi?!

    Another great issue & another great thread. 1st long distance weapon in Naruto’s arsenal, and he has to be in sage mode to use it -_-. Not real surprised, but still cool as hell. Naruto swings two balls around inside Bunta’s mouth, and pwns the 2nd most androgynous character in Narutodom (1st being Sas-gay, not because he is, but because I hate him) Now, what weighs heavy on my soul after two total issues of Naruto f**K’n up the delusional sextuplets is………Laser Head can still come back. NOOOOOOOOOO!

  15. man you sasuke haters dont take a day off do you?
    but lmfao at that two balls in the frogs mouth

  16. “I also like that Pain asked Naruto to come quietly… I don’t think I’ve ever seen Naruto do anything quietly. He’s REALLY asking the wrong guy…”

    @ Jeremiah: Check out chapter 263, page 3. Took me a while to find it, but I thought it was worth the search ^_^

  17. LMAO and pleased to have something to spew about. Settle our bet?! Don’t make me puke!

    The bet was Shika would be an endorsed candidate (supported by elders/townsfolk/jounin) before or against Naruto–and that Naruto will have a serious run for his money. I do not believe Shikamaru will actually become Hokage over Naruto…not entirely. Get it straight. Or has all that taco bell and morning soda gotten the better of your gray matter?!

    Here was the bet: “THing is he’s [Shikamaru] “normal” unlike that fox demon child who just blurts out whatever he’s thinking and has no clue about village etiquette.

    “OK, so there’s some analysis-paralysis issues, but those wicked elders (or some substitute if Sasuke kicks their butts) are going to be looking at him, I betcha–I betcha a t-shirt. (okay, you may be Jeremiah the Litigeous ESQ before one of us has to pay out…so maybe I should increase the stakes…nah. Bet you a t-shirt.) Shake on it?”

    And Jeremiah’s response: “Done.

    “And that demon with no manners hasn’t used that chakra in forever… Naruto could destroy Shikamaru with a forehead flick a la Tsunade. [SNIP]

    “I’m still bitter from so long ago when he got Chuunin after being punked and Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke got to fight the future Kazekage and got nothing but a pat on the back. Re tah ded.”

    For this to be settled there needs to be a council meeting to appoint the next Hokage!!! And I don’t see that yet. You are premature…and re tah ded!

    And then, THEN…the bet was for an awesomeness T-shirt. I think I would even settle this little wager early. I would take the loss I clearly have not experienced, just to get my hands on one… @.@ oops. that went too far. sorry, man.

  18. @Jeremiah, dude. I just did my job and cleaned up a bit. ^.^ no frickin worries. Take back that hack statement! Coz it looks like awesomeness to me. ^.^

  19. @Jeremiah: found this, dunno what it does to the theories you guys had..”and Animal realm getting owned… perfect! Sadly, the death of animal realm is killing my Kushina theory and LastScorpions Rin theory. We both shed a tear at the site of her death.” …Well I found this page, and I think it definitely blows a hole in that theory.

  20. yay!!! its time for naruto to get his ass kicked for 5 straight chapters!!! maybe the Konoha-nin will finally step in after they realize the whole “dont interfere” thing no longer applies!!!

  21. @ Ibi – You are right. I should hold off on the bet since his father is so confident in his abilities to play Robin to Naruto as Batman. So I bet the Elders are super confident in him being THE guy protecting Konoha.


  22. My answer for what would Naruto do for an offensive wasn’t up there exactly. Have we all forgotten about the BIG A$$ scroll on Naruto’s back, hmmm… It could be a summoning, a weapon, chakra reserve, or even a defensive measure like those giant gates Orochimaru pulled out with his fight with the Kyubi. I think that’s his ace in the hole when he runs out of sage mode and what will keep him alive against the last two pains or any others that might be revived. What I’m absolutely sure about though is that he will not draw on the Kyubi for power because we all know he want’s to protect his Nakama *One Piece cough cough* with his own powers. He stopped relying on the Kyubi after unintentionally hurting Sakura. As for the other theories let’s see…no Kakashi is not getting back up to fight with Pein because he’s ubber Pwned right now and on the verge of death (like literally reading death’s doormat). Naruto getting pwned is a definitely, after all he couldn’t go through this fight completely unscathed could he? The team gai theory is more plausible than one might believe. If you think about it the only reason why none of the other nins have interfered is because…well hell Naruto was kicking A$$ and taking names in sage mode. Now that he is out of sage mode basically the whole village can jump in anytime now, at least the ones not injured to lend Naruto a helping hand. Whatta you’ll think?

  23. OH, you should never assume what words will come out of that bitch Koharu’s mouth. Trust me, I understand the illogic that is bitchery. Shikaku pushes his kid’s buttons, like all parents. More than that, he always knows exactly what to say to Shikamaru to get him to toe the line–and in this case dad needed his hormonal, adrenaline phuqed teenager to stay off his broken leg.

    I still say there is more to being Hokage than massive, dumbass balls.

  24. Pain wont do anything, in the next chapter konan will get horny and jump on nagato. Nagato will then forget that the path of “PEINS” are in konoha and are suppose to kill naruto. In the camp fire Rin will join kakashi and white fang and theyll do a threesome.

  25. I think Naruto is facing a struggle with his sexuality, I mean he keeps ‘blowing’ people with his massive wind-chakra filled balls. lol…huh?…no?…I didn’t think it was that funny either. Ahem…

  26. Well im looking forward to next week mostly because we have no idea whats going to happen. I mean i was like 90% sure that Naruto was gunna throw his Rasenshuriken this issue.

  27. Well, this fight is going to last some time still. Here are my predictions.

    1. Naruto will be able to return to sage mode either with help from his shadowclones, ma and pa frog, or hopefully team gai.
    I mean, who doesn’t want to see Super Saiyan Gai and Lee with Byakugan vs the realms of Pain. Oh yeah, and Ten Ten is there….cuz she’ll make a difference.

    2. Pain will do a lot better in round 2 against Sage Naruto. He’s seen his bag of tricks, and he’ll know how to respond.

    3. Naruto will focus more on disconnecting the bodies and summons from the rinnegan and destroying the chakra recievers, but he won’t be able to do it all before running out of sage chakra again.

    4. Deva Pain is going to give a speech. It’s time for a real speech. Gaara had a big speech about his past and why he hated the world. Pain is going to reveal things about his past and Jariaya.

    5. Naruto will go into Kyuubi mode. The remaining Pain bodies will go back into survival mode just like when Naruto first started kicking their butts.

    6. Kyuubi Naruto will defeat all the remaining realms except God realm. Naruto will be forced to pull himself out of Kyuubi mode because the Kyuubi is almost taking over completely. He’ll be to exhausted to fight. God Realm will be last man standing.

    7. Danzo saves the day. Anbu black ops finish off what nobody else could. Danzo defeats Pain, and he makes it look easy.

    8. The villagers see Danzo as the hero who saved the village from Pain and the Kyuubi, and he becomes Hokage.

    9. Naruto is held captive by Danzo to keep him away from Akats. Those who are opposed to the idea of Naruto in captivity will be hunted. Danzo will try to have them killed. You know how awesome it would be to have Naruto’s generation having to fight against Konoha to save Naruto. This would make for some interesting story-lines and bring the action back down from Goku vs Frieza level to Goku vs Tien level. Can’t you envision it? Shikimaru working close to Danzo to try and outsmart him. Team Gai fighting Anbu. Sai’s character actually being important. Konohamuru sneaking around and being a main character for a little while. Naruto battling the demon fox for control of his body and doing mental training while he’s in a prison of sorts.

    I don’t know. These are things I think or want to happen.

    P.S. Don’t be mad at me. You didn’t have to read my post.

  28. @ fanboi – he did throw his rasen shuriken this issue…what’s the matter with you?

  29. I read your post and I’m mad at you Handicapable, jk. Pretty interesting predictions you got there and it definitely would flip the script and make for an interesting story line. There’s a problem with your prediction though, Tsunade. She’s still Hokage and as far we our concerned still alive. I don’t see her stepping down from office just because “Danzo saves the day”! Most of the villagers our still wary of Danzo and just because he comes in and ‘finishes’ off Pein after Naruto and the others clearly weakened him and fought for the village from the beginning while Danzo squatted in his dark cave sipping tea s**t, I don’t believe the villagers will see him as a hero, but instead as a power hungry dictator sweeping up the crumbs and looking for attention. Absolute, I would like to vehemently state again my firm belief that Naruto will NOT use Kyubi because of the reason I put in my above post. Well, it’s debatable but I don’t see Naruto stooping to that again, much less Kishi.

  30. @Handicapable: Ya i know lol. I meant that I knew what was going to happen this issue before it came out (and not because of spoilers =P). Now that Naruto is out of sage mode I have no idea whats going to happen. Maybe he’ll get pwned and taken for extraction. Maybe Kakashi will come back and help him or other konoha ninjas. Or maybe he will unleash a new power? Who knows?

  31. @supertrek89 – i failed to put my assumption that Tsunade is probably going to die to revive kakashi or for another reason. Also, danzo is a master illusionist from what I theorize. He could easily warp everyone’s perspective into believing he saved the day. “Did you hear about Danzo? He’s the hero that saved us from the kyuubi boy. Tsunade couldn’t keep it from destroying half the village.” Can’t you see something like that happening? Naruto and Tsunade being outcasted.

  32. @Handicapable-I would hope not or else the villagers would be A$$holes. After all Tsunade and Naruto did for this village, Tsunade giving her chakra up to protect the villagers lives, Naruto saving the village from Gaara, and a plethora of countless selfless deeds, I would find it hard to believe they would turn their backs on them so easily.

  33. i hated gai
    i love shikamaru

  34. Danzo will never be hokage as long as tsunade is alive, the village also like naruto now, that was the whole point of ibisu’s or (watever konohamaru’s teachers name is) flash back and why no one told where he was. Also tsunade already doesnt like Danzo and will f him up.

    A really awkward situation will be when all the kanoha nins see the clean and unscathed root anbu members running around and ask them where the F*ck were U!

  35. The village has more respect for Naruto than before, notice how when Pain went on a rampage, more refused to give Pain an answer, while the remaining one third finally cracked under the soul ripping. Its different than before, he is more than noticed and people supposedly see him as one of the shinobe everyone keeps talking about, participial because he stands out like a frog doing a slug with snake for a threesome, but you get my point right.

    As for Naruto’s new move he was just gloating how big his balls were, trustfully he couldn’t finish the load. Though it could just be that Pain is smart enough to move when he see’s an attack coming unlike some villains…

  36. I think next chapter ,Naruto will get the beaten of his life, and someone going to jump in to save his life at the end.and after that ,danzou will probably go afer tsunade and become hokage .my opinion

  37. was it Choji who said he thought Naruto was going to throw the windyballs?

  38. It seems that Pain was risking it not so long ago when he put all his chakra into one body to do that destruction technique.. Even if he is no longer in sage mode it doesn’t mean that its all over for Naruto we seem to forget that 1. He has a high reserve of chakra and 2. That Naruto has that he has tenacity. Maybe Konan is going to come into the picture now and some how i feel that they are going to retreat… They don’t have the 8 tails yet and I remember that in order to have the 9 tails go into that statue all the other demons have to be in first or the chakra would overpower the technique… Team Gai hasn’t made an appearance, we don’t know when that team that other kage sent is going to appear, and kakashi’s story is still lingering so I see Pain leaving!!

  39. I will say this about the idea that Naruto will go back into sage mode while moving: the last thing that we saw Naruto doing in Myobokuzan was working on entering sage mode while moving. Typically when this happens Naruto will learn the difficult technique during the fight. So, I would say there is a very good chance (most likely after it looks like he’ll fail) Naruto will bust out sage mode again. Trash Hell realm, and Deva realm will run home with laser heads tail between his legs.

  40. 40th!

  41. dear you f@ckin people of iareawesomeness,

    the legendary glen07 will be out for at least a month. i’ll be on a serious acad-mode (or maybe babyfox is just my idol). and i guess after i come back i’ll be seeing more arguments from mollie and awesomeness from jeremiah (sorry mollie.)

    one more thing, please send a friend invitation to me in my facebook account. search for leandro glen lorenzo. thanks.


  42. Im curious to see who the real Pain guy is, remember none of the 6 are him, so isnt this fight pointless, Right?

  43. idk, i posted on pein’s gaara syndrome that i expected him to be like freiza til the end. Well, one of them looks like freiza already…*looks at human realm*

  44. @Bob well, the real pein is nagato. and the point to the fight is to not let konoah get pwnd

  45. you need to kill the realms to force the real one (nagato) to pop out of nowhere

  46. Then if he doesn’t appear it just leaves you with that feeling of your village just got attacked in which case victory doesn’t really feel so great. Sometimes I think to myself what is Nagato did a Rasengun, then again Shinra Tensei is more effective at the moment.

    I just thought of something, but what happened to Konohamaru and Ebisu. In fact for that matter why the heck is Hell Realm still up and walking. There is a problem here. I think that Naraka can self resurrect!

  47. neji is going to fight pain because he will see his weak spot through the byakugan and so him and naruto are gonna beat him

  48. I am a long time reader frist time poster

    all i can say is that if Naruto could go Demon and go sage wouldnt

    that just be one super awesome kick a$$ expolision of power.


  49. i figure hell realm’s needs just couldn’t be filled by kono’s small ball. plus it looks like kono went soft on him. He was always fantasizing about Naruto before his ball would come.

  50. @ Jeremiah – I don`t think Shika`s dad was taking a shot him, just that everyone was told to stay back but having said that… a long range fighter like shika could still help naruto in that fight, specially now that he isn`t in sage mode.
    No matter how strong u are u`ll only be better with someone smarter coming up with the plan of attack. A good leader uses the ones around him instead of trying to do it all himself, having said that i dont think shika will become hokage but he will be a right hand man. Naruto will never be smarter/better at coming up with strategies.

  51. @Kyouto-YEAH, that’s a hella good question. I was wondering too what happened after Konohamaru hit Hell Realm with that rasengan. The thought never crossed my mind that Konamaharu actually won though. So, I wonder what happened after Hell Realm recovered and dusted himself off. Since it wasn’t explained I put it in the back of my mind for later analysis until now. If worse comes to worse and nothing is explained I guess we’ll have to settle for: Ebisu and Konamaharu retreating very hastily off into the village right after the initial attack seeing that Hell Realm was only stunned for the time being and they had no chance in ‘Hell’ of winning. Though it doesn’t seem that way because Konmaharu stood over him after the attack, declaring something about being a ninja of Konoha, or whatever, and he surely looked like he was ready for round 3. I guess Ebisu persuaded him to run after all, the knucklehead. Hmmm…maybe I missed something but I highly doubt it, can anyone else explain this phenomena? I mean one second Hell Realm’s fighting Konamaharu and the next second Naruto without a word heard from Konamaharu…..maybe he’s dead! That would put Naruto over the edge!!!

  52. Sorry,but Shikamaru wouldn’t be a help.

    Did anyone else noted that Deva Pain took Hell Pain from the Rasenshuriken’s trajectory?Think that’s Kishi’s subtle way of regarding Naruto’s pownage as plausible.

  53. @supertrek89 – Actually i think he was just stunned.. not totally defeated (can’t be tht easy to pwn one of the pain realms.. atleast not with tht tiny ball..) Animal realm probably just summoned them all after Deva pain retreated to gather extra chakra to flatten konoha.. just b4 the fight could continue…

  54. MR.Peins should be convicted for 1st degree douchebaggery maybe he’s mad because his name’s “peins” hmmmm… he should live by the swayze laws so he could get some konoha cooch even though it’s Fire… but everyone knows cooch from the land of waves is better for obvious reasons… and FOOL IF KONAN JUMPS ON “PEINS” PENIS HE’LL GET A PAPER CUT… Haha I’m sorry I was bored this issue was great but the “new” Jutsu was disappointing what happened to the WAVES OF RAGE haha.

  55. I expect Naruto to say: Congratulations Pain, you just survived one of my Bunshins in sage mode. How about 6 of them? You like the number 6 don’t you?

  56. It will be really interesting to see if Naruto can re enter Sage mode right away via some trick, or if he actually learned to do something else during his training. If hes gotten even a little better on his own, without having to use some “mode” to get power, then Id like to see it. Maybe in the time before he reactivates Sage mode he will be able to hold his own, Id wager hes still about as weak as he was before the training started though.

  57. what about the Elders,Kurenai,Danzou,and Nagato all at ?

  58. I wish that I could transform into like a dragon thing and fly and breathe fire and all the cool stuff that comes with being a dragon like thing. I would want to be like the one from jackie Chan adventures though, I’ll look up his name… Shendu!!!, I wanted to say Shenlong. But If I could just like transform into him without the stupid voice (my voice would transform into a mix of Mr. T’s Chuck Norris’s, Timmy Naber and Action hank) that would be pretty cool.

    If i happened to recieve these powers, i would probably go steal some PS3 games and do some cool stuff, like throwing cows at random McDonalds. And teepee-ing the white house. That’ll be about it.

  59. wtf with that jajaja i hope naruto reaaly gets the hell beaten and come’s back at it with more power; maybe kyubi’s or more sage mode. he needs to be beaten a little

  60. Naruto’s Next jutsu: ‘rasen-thousand years of pain’

  61. naruto needs to bring out three tails then we will have one badass fight

  62. look left and right at the same time, thats will naruto do to back at sage mode,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    w/ his special jutsu
    kage bushin

  63. Other people have suggested it but I fel like the Naruto that is fighting right now is just a clone. I also think Shika will convince his dad to go with him and help. Maybe they will hold the pain bodies with their shadow binding techniques while Naruto juices up and throwss another RFS.

  64. f**k yeahh

  65. jiraiya is going to come back to life and kill them allll

  66. this is the point when everyone dies and iruka becomes hokage LOL

  67. @kingcam……… wtf? what are you on? hahaahahahaha

    also hell realm was summoned by animal realm and he clearly wasnt dead…. when have we seen ONE rasengan kill someone? they are always just out of it…. so he heals up and hes fine haha

  68. i know rasengan never kills any one! there should be a post about which is stronger rasengan or chidori/lightning blade

  69. chidori is a piercing force while rasengan is a compressing/swirling force. one will send you flying and really hurt u but the other will pierce right through ur body

  70. We need 1 more registered awesomeness user (who did not enter a theory) to judge the Danzo/Kaiza contest. Any volunteers? e-mail me at

  71. it is a real hard choice but kakashi learned chidori because rasengan was incomplete! also sasuke has learned how to do so much with chidori and naruto learned how to add an elemnet to rasengan so it is a real hard choice

  72. haha ill make a post 😛

  73. Late to the party again. Jeremiah, great post; it was worth the wait. I don’t really have a dog in the Naruto vs. Shikamaru becoming Hokage fight, but it was rather satisfying to hear Shikaku tell Shiki to stand down, “He’s [Naruto] on a whole other level now.” Sweeet!

    A thought on the double (two fisted) Rasengan, but it’s pretty nerdy:

    The first thing Jiraiya had to show Naruto when they were starting the Rasengan training was which direction Naruto’s chakra rotates, kind of like whether your left handed or right handed. Jiraiya said that chakra flow is disrupted when it’s not in harmony with your own rotation. Although Jiraiya never said it explicitly, I assume that it would be near impossible to perform Rasengan in a rotation that is opposite from your natural chakra flow.

    Now, if you look at the panel in chapter 432 which shows naruto forming Double Rasengan, one could argue that they are spinning in opposite directions. If that’s the case, could you argue that this jutsu is just as difficult (or even more difficult) to master as any justu Naruto’s performed? I suppose the question then becomes, is it an efficient use of chakra or just a really cool looking waste of chakra?

  74. another thing is that anybody can learn rasengan but chidori you have to have lightninh element and sharingan because if you dont it wont work because it could be countered! at least that is what the 4th said!

  75. This may be wrong but remember the look left and right when he was collecting nature energy? I think a clone has been either fighting/ or storing energy elsewhere, Don’t underestimate Naruto. he has always come up with unpredictable techniques, right!!!!

  76. @jdb: Interesting point, but I always thought Jiraiya’s thing with the rotation was more of a joke than anything else. I used to get coffee for my dad at that age, and he’d tease me about it tasting bad because I stirred it wrong. It had to be with the right hand (I’m a leftie), and the spoon had to go once to the left and twice to the right. ;P~

    Maybe there was more to it with J-man and Naruto, especially as a beginner. But it seemed like the kind of advice that wouldn’t matter once he really started mastering the thing.

  77. @jdb44:I have a theory about the double Rasengan.
    We know that the chakra only flows in the one direction, but if you have two gears working off of each other one turns left and the other turns right. I know we didn’t see any interaction between the two balls, but if you do need to ‘balance’ the chakra that may be a plausible way. Think of the mathematical infinity symbol, the figure eight on its side acting as a invisible belt between the rasengans would drive the two off of each other, and balance spin speed. Also, when it ‘hit’ one would spin you in one direction and the other in another causing massive damage.

  78. And I still say that a “1000 years of pain” (or 1000 years of death depending on the translation) Taijutsu and Rasengan (like a tiny one on the tip of the fingers) combination needs to be developed.
    Hey guys?….What!…..where are you going?….Oh come on, like you didn’t think of it.

    I call it: 1000 years of incontinence

  79. will kakashi cum bak?
    is he dead or did he just pass out?

  80. did kakashi die or did he just passout?

  81. @Anonymous & maria silva: That is up for debate…..STILL…..but ‘it ain’t look’n good’ as they say.

  82. why would kakashi die when he only used mankyko sharingan once in a fight against diedara he really didnt use it against pain becuase he used it to save choji. Maybe im just stupid and wont give up for my favorite character

  83. NOOOOO!!!! kakashi wont die -.-
    if they are gonna kill him off im sure it will happen infront of naruto, sakura AND sasuke. i think this could be one event that mite turn sasuke back to the leaf. cos as weve seen he nd kakashi were real close bcos he focused more on teaching sasuke cos he knew about his dark past and intentions. or maybe sumin more happened between them thn weve seen =/ neva know wen dealing with sasugay XD

  84. going back to the whole rasengan only sending people flying but chidori piercing the body thing. yea okay chidori rocks buh rasengans power can vary cos u see jiraiya can control it when u see him hit the guy iun the suit before shippuden. he only does a lil bit of damage to the guys body buh wen naruto goes full out on kabuto he almost disables him. im sure rasengan could completely wreck someones internal organs from the force and impact.

  85. I love your analysis as always, J…and I love the Kermit video. LMAO There are so many hidden references in that video that I couldn’t help but laugh.

    The comment about Pain wanting Naruto come quietly: I about fell out of my chair when I read that. My kids and I said the same thing in unison: when has Naruto done ANYTHING quietly?

    What happens next? I’ve really been thinking about this one and I have to say that my head hasn’t been spinning this much in a while. So many options…he could go total Kyuubi, but I doubt it: his attack on Sakura changed things on that score forever. He might, however, agree to take on more power from Kyuubi – aka, increase the “rent” for the space he occupies. However, I know that I wouldn’t be too happy if my landlord came to the door and immediately demanded more rent from me. lol

    Team Gai? Possibly, but, given the talents in that bunch I believe it is out of their league. Besides, this is Naruto’s fight for survival here. I can’t see Neji doing his Gentle Fist on an enemy that has the ability to both draw in and repel his opponents.

    Kakashi? Dead as a doornail. End of story.

    Other options: I saw a comment about “that BIG ASS scroll.” Awesome observation. Most scrolls I’ve seen like that usually have some specialty jutsus that are for situations such as this (Hey, that’s how Naruto learned the mass shadow clone technique…). He just might pull that “ace” out of his sleeve. I also believe that the Toads will help out more, like Bunta did.

    Another option is Tsunade, but that has political implications that brings that old geezer who can’t seem to take off his bandages – Danzo.

    I know there is an emotional attachment to having Sasuke coming into play finding out that Konoha is no longer standing. I can easily visualize Sasuke coming in and helping Naruto finally knock off the enemy and say something to the effect, “Not bad. But, you’re still a loser.” In watching the latest anime episode, episode 93, where Naruto relates to Jiraiya that he wishes that Sasuke would acknowledge him and his abilities, this could be plausible.

    Shikamaru: I’ve always been fond of Shikamaru. When Asuma died, I recall among his dying words were that he thought that Shika could be a great Hokage, but that he was too lazy and would come to hate it. I think that pretty much says it all. He has the ability (ok, he’s still stuck on the Kage Mane) and the intelligence but, in reality, he knows deep down that he’d hate the position. He’s more of an action type, though he is highly intelligent.

    I can’t wait for next week. However, I also hope that the battle ends soon…

  86. @Ibiki:
    I suppose that Jiraiya could have been poking fun at Naruto, but if you look at the manga page:
    there is a lot of space dedicated to the process, and Kishi does one of his chart panels which usually signifies something important is being explained. Although I did like your “proper” stirring of coffee analogy. I’m also a leftie; can’t do a thing with my right hand…. that’s an easy opening, so there’s no need to take advantage of it. So by my standards, Naruto pulling off a left handed Rase’ is pretty amazing.

    That is Awsomeness. You put into mechanics, what I could only theorize. As you ‘splained it, whenever an object was hit by a Rasengan, it would eventually overcome inertia and start spinning in the same direction as the jutsu’s rotation, thereby losing power. With the double Rasengan, that power loss is negated. Now pair it with the 1000 years of pain, and who needs Flying Rasen Shuriken. LOL

  87. Kakashi,shikamaru and j-man all have the skill and smarts to be hokage but that is not thier style. Next hokage is danzo sadfully then naruto, then konohamaru

  88. @jdb: yeah, I remember that bit. Thing is, I don’t think the direction is important once you’ve learned how to really do the initial manipulation. I think it’s something that could completely stop a beginner because they don’t know how to get started, but wouldn’t pose a problem to an experienced rasengan user. I think the explanation about the direction of the spiral WAS important knowledge in general, but the whole hand on the top of the head ‘well, here’s your problem right here…’ bit was more of a smartass joke. I could be very wrong, of course. >.<

  89. ISNT IT OBVIOUS, Now that Naruto is out of Sage Mode hes Gonna Use His Sexy Justsu on Pein and win that god damn fight just like that.
    I tottaly see it happening

  90. @Ibiki
    I getchya.

  91. I think Naruto is gonna tap into a bloodline limit to finish Pein or something else.

    Now for the Bloodline limit. I belive their limit deals with sealing, why? Because if you have a look at Naruto’s tummy you will see the very same Uzumaki spiral. You must be thinking “But The sandime used the sealing jutsu aswell..” Yes But the Sandime was only able to seal things within himself, The fourth was able to Seal things inside Other beings (Such as little baby Naruto) But I also have a second thought, Maybe he couldn’t seal the nine tailed fox in other things, maybe he did seal the fox within himself, Once more you might find yourself thinking “Well then how did the demon fox get in Naruto?” Well to adress this problem lets take a look at the japanese Hou-ou (phoenix) The phoenix as we all know dies and is reborn through it’s ashes. Maybe when Yondie died he too was reborn as Naruto, maybe the Uzumaki clan’s bloodline limit is not simply the sealing jutsu but maybe the fact that they can be reborn after their death from sealing? Or maybe they just have powerful sealing talents? I dont know mabey this is idea is Dumb.

  92. And no, Kakashi is not dead, but Kishi is enjoying making you all squirm. I bet it will go on another 4 chapters at least before we have an answer one way or another. So, that puts us at, what, chapter 36 or 37? I’m guessing 37, page 3 Tsunade will have her hands on him and fall into his deadzone. Anyone else want to start a pool?

    I’m gonna say it again. More plainly. Shikamaru will never be Hokage. He will be a candidate, and a strong one, because his strengths oppose Naruto’s weaknesses.

    @EroSennin: 1,000 years of incontinence? Welllll, I suppose that depends where it hits. O.o Crap. We have to stop commenting to each other, kids are puking all over the world. (or they should be, if they had a clue what I just said…)

    @jdb: I getchya too. =)

  93. If you analyse Kishi’s interview u will see he saidsome important things. Firstly it was
    “Naruto will collide with Pain; Kakashi’s team will collide with Tobi. There will be big turnaround on Tobi v. Kakashi’s team. Naruto v. Pain will be fights of the “beasts”. Be prepared, during this fight there will be deaths from Naruto’s team”
    Analysis:This says Kakashi is still alive plus sometime in 433/434 naruto will get help; maybe Team Guy or Shikamaru, remember Asuma telling him he will protect the king n he alone will know who that is. Sounds epic along with present sides that he may die protecting naruto Or…
    this two battles on battles could also mean Pein will retreat and both sides will regroup n fight will continue. Tobi/madara hasnt been shown 4 a while.As shown now still no kakashi though this also is a contradiction, the meaning kakashi’s team could just mean that, a team in honour of a fallen warrior and meaning kakashi is dead.

    Secondly”Naruto’s new skills and the result of the training will reveal when he fight against Pain. He have learned all of the Jiraiya’s jutsu during the 3 years of the time and he became much stronger. He did not learn the “toad mode or w.e u call it”. Naruto also learned 3 of the 4th’s jutsus.
    Analysis: We havent seen much cept Sage mode thus far, he hasnt even shown haraishin if he learned it(4th’s) or even shown more off Jiraiya’s techniques. All still to be shown. battle far from over I think.I believe we will see a flashback wit naruto learning about dad basically.

    Lastly “There will be death on Tobi v. Naruto team and one of them becomes unable to fight”
    Analysis: Naruto’s Team defats Pein n Tobi defeats Kakashi’s Team suggesting battle between 2 winners. Cant think of who unable to fight till more is shown.
    Plus one more what Itachi gave Naruto wont be used till fight with Sasuke, Tell me guys what you think!!!

  94. @ibi – I’ve sent “them”…
    @ero-sennin, jdb44-
    yup, spinning in opp. directions is definitely more PWNAGE,
    here’s how, in addition to your own thesis,

    When a rasengan spins(primarily in one direction), a clockwise/anti-clockwise torque is created about the point of impact(causing it to rotate a la torsion), but with another rasengan spinning in the opposite direction, it would lead to two rotational tendencies in peins body at once and in different directions, that in turn would create a massive amount of tension that would in escence rip the bodies of Pain apart from the top

    let us consider pains torso to be about this long

    ||(let the center of mass/gravity be located here)

    now if we apply two rasengans on the thirst vertebrae on the two opposite sides of it visibly

    O(rasengan) ||(vertebrea) O(rasengan

    at a distance say R metres from his CM(center o mass)

    that would create a torque = (pie)x(theta)x(modulus of rigidity)x(radius of the rasengan)/(divided by) 2x(length of the spine from the top vertebrae to this one)

    now since we have calculated the torque on the body we need to double it due to the symmetry of the two rasengans abt his spine.
    Considering that the maximum effect of the torque on pains body would be at the most distance from the axis of rotation, we rake it that the top of the spinal cord is the max tension poinrt, this calculation the tension by the first torque – by (Torque) X (perpendicular distance of the top vertebrae to the CM) we multiply it by two!

    thus in the end 2 X T(tension)

    would be arather large amount given the theta by which his skin wiuld’ve been distirted and the mudulus of rigidity itself.

    Hence Proved

  95. EDIT: third vertebrea in the line right after the spine dig.

  96. wtf! left alone again….soeone come online and comment around…

  97. where could i find kishis interview ???

  98. @ Grimjowfan – They are all on this blog. But I can’t link to them while on my iPhone >_< check the archives on the right side user bar. 2 posts 3 interviews.

  99. thanks alot jeremiah 😀

  100. @Ibiki: OMG now I just spit coffee all over my keyboard…..oh, I think it went out my nose!

  101. Pein is smart,he said tht deva power is need little time to recover,pushing naruto emotion to out of sage mode wasting chakra itself or to see th opponent jutsu and moves,using formation before
    Like Summon,absorbs, fight ,while god realms protect hell realm
    “Oh watch out counter attack!!..Naruto

  102. i hope to god this fight doesnt drag on as much as itachis and sasukes did. y is everyone near immortal in this anime. for god sake does no one appreciate the good old once ur down u stay down rule. no it has to be some magical jutsu that makes the bad guy come back alive and the good guys fill ther kecks.

    id be more suprised if somone came along got stabbed and died instantly.

    “i am phil the evil ninja of rain, u go left on victoria street and through the waterfall u cant miss it. i have the power of long winded speaches and am the worlds number one staring champion….oh $h^t… u stabbed me! damn!”
    (falls down dead)
    “i am his brother richard and i will avenge my brother, you feel my rath……..oh crap….u stabbed me too! bit anti climactik but oh well.”
    (falls down dead)

    personally i prefer someone to die in a feak stamp collecting accident.

  103. *Pukes*

  104. Bah….i’m going to sleep. c ya later lads!

  105. waaiittt
    will sasuke and sakura EVER be together?!
    i relly want thm to……

  106. @maria silva: Oh, i hope not. That would be the worst sort of abuse ever. Kishi admits that Sakura’s choice of love object in the beginning is really just random and makes a great foil for Sasuke’s coolness. I don’t think you’re ever going to see Sasuke/Sakura unless its a bad thing. I think the same is true of Naruto and Hinata. I mean come on, this may be shonen, but the whole fantasy of some gal pining away for you while you don’t notice she’s alive…and her still being there when you finally decide to stop wearing your a$$ as a hat…it’s sick.

  107. darnnn
    i always thought tht thy wud be together later on b/c sasuke always cared for sakura

  108. I think he might, but it’s not his priority and that’s probably going to be a problem when he starts worrying about his ‘second goal’ (rebuilding his clan).

  109. I’m not sure females will ever be Sasuke’s priority… if ya know what I mean O_O

  110. lol…but they are a necessary (perhaps even tolerable? O.o) evil if you want to make babies… ;P~

    Although, he and Sai will probably have a bungalow somewhere, as a retreat. That’s where his heart will be. >.<

  111. lemme get this straight
    his second priority is to rebuild his clan-but u need a gurl for tht
    and wats his first priority?

  112. my guess is that sakura will stay with naruto because all the stuf yamato said about the true sakura’s feelings towards naruto and he frigging loves sakura a lot.
    it’s just divine justice dont you think ???

  113. His first goal was to ‘kill a certain man.’ He’s done killt his bro, Itachi, but then there grew a new list of assassinations. His to do list keeps getting longer. One of these days, he’s gonna be done booting head (O.o so to speak) and have to procreate–he’s told us so.

  114. i dnt think tht naruto and sakura will be together
    i always thought thy had more of a brother sister relationship
    well in the end sasuke is going to need sum1 to make his clan and i think tht sum1 is sakura

  115. Hey, get out of here and go vote for your favorite serious Danzo/Kaiza theory here. And someone, please, go in there and scream first, I feel all naked without any comments on.

  116. […] Naruto Manga 433 spoiler discussion + further discussion and breakdown of Naruto Manga 432 Naruto Manga 433 […]

  117. @harshyt: Sorry I was cooking and could only post in spurts. Well, someone is obviously an engineering major, or physics at least. The only thing I didn’t see in your addition was surface friction drag coefficient. lol I love it when science and nerdom come together!

  118. why did sasuke want karin on his team?

  119. OMG! I’m voting engineering, EroSennin. I was trying to come up with something nasty to say about his clearly phallic rendering up there, and missed the gist of the proof. LMAO. I want to go wake him up now…I wonder if he has his alarm clock wired into the net?

  120. I would like to make a new post about who is manipulating what in the series soon, I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

  121. @Harshy
    LMAO – Great post!

    Now can you mosey on over to the Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Massachussetts? They need some help proving the Hodge Conjecture. It’s worth a coool $million if ya do.

  122. He’ll be back combing the post in the wee hours of the night. Then he’ll be mad as hell that he’s the only one here, unless glen07 shows, or by slim chance babyfox. I always enjoy wakening to his rants. 😛

  123. They are funny, no doubt.

  124. lol, well, if you’ve noticed, the power of rasin-shuriken seemed weaker than it was during the kakuzu battle in my perspective. I mean, kakuzu was completely terminated, while human realm got cut in half (not sure if that was all that occurred). Well, if you were to look at this in a physicist’s perspective, you’d notice that the gravitational potential energy was at maximum during naruto’s battle with kakuzu since naruto was the only one exerting energy and not the frs (it may have been by a small margin), but during this battle, frs is losing more energy than it did before since it requires energy to move the frs during the throwing sequence, which can be placed in the kinetic potential energy. And at impact, the difference between its gravitational potential energy and its kinetic energy would result in its power level being incredibly lower than gravitational potential energy. And I’m pretty sure naruto isn’t out just yet. And is it just me or does Naraku Pain seem suspicious.

  125. It didn’t completely terminate him, only his cells.

  126. Sounded more like a chiropracter visit for animal realm than a proof.

  127. I am disappointed with the new tech if that was it FRS. Before seeing it I thought it would be so cool but no it was a major disappoinment.

    One can only hope that Naruto has something else up his sleeve, I am not in the mood to see him get beat down again. You wait this long for the return and that is the weakass jutsu we get after all that waiting.

    I mean all the moves leading up to the FRS were more impressive than FRS, because we had not seen them before. Yea I know we had not seen it fly but damn everyone already knew that shit was going to happen(going back to the closet to cry some more) may be we will get a more impressive jutsu next week.

  128. to: N.Singh
    Like you said, and what most people forget, is Itachi’s little gift to Naruto. And Kishi wouldn’t let something so important go to waste like that. Plus the big show down with Naruto vs. Sasuke still needs to occur, which will most likely come after this Pein battle. The only thing is after this Pein fight, which will come next Tobi or Sasuke? it could go either way I think… Or for all we know somehow the table will turn and Sasuke may end up fighting Tobi- IDK
    So obviously Naruto is going to survive this fight, the question is how?
    In my opinion I think Naruto will win this battle. Worst situation, God Pein gets away, but thats all good cause he won’t have anymore bodies. Naruto-since he is no longer in sage mode- will probably get pounded on for a while, until one of the many froggers XD with him intervene and he somehow reenters sage mode.
    Or better yet, Naruto can go Kyuubi, which I always find exciting. I’m think 5 tails? actually no, cause it cuts his life span or soemthing like that…
    Either way this fight better end EPICALLY!!!!

    (oh and people go easy on me first time commenting!)

  129. team gai will come back and maito gai will speech “it’s showtime”

  130. I think it would be cool if they have to like finish off whoever is the last villian together, and like by that time they’re friends again. But the last episode or 2 is just them fighting laying it all out.

  131. sensei revenge is manga law…MANGA LAWWWWWW!

  132. jeremiah, dude, an Indian might really get offended by the way you spelled “Gandhi” as “Ghandi”….its sort of a rude word in Hindi….

    and it wasn’t Kakashi who made fun of Naruto for not throwing Rasenshuriken at Kakuzu, it was Choji

  133. yay i swinddled a white line on the 5 day feild op….. i can still fill my naruto ADDICTION!!!!

  134. Imagine Naruto going to another village and displaying his skills. Everyone will be thinking how great he is and that Naruto would be at least “special Jounin”. Then he tells them: “nope, I’m just gening”.
    ==> R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Konoha

  135. I hope :
    Gai team come back and help naruto…
    Tsunade use a same jutsu that chiyo use to gaara for Kakashi…
    A new hokage if Tsunade do a jutsu above is Kakashi…

    — —

  136. Naruto sucks!!!!!!! just kidding…..maybe not

  137. Damn some of you people are really ignorant no one is going to help naruto everyones already been told to stay back so he could fight this is his time to shine just like gohan did when he fought cell so sit back and relax and let naruto show the village with everyone watching just how strong he has become and show them he is now the strongest shinobi in konoha and not even gai can touch him now

  138. @coolbeans: glad to have you along. LOL. You need an icon, soldier. ;P~ The link is here: icon and username awesomeness. You are a registered user, but an icon puts the level over 9000.

  139. Shit wen did u awsomeness guys start to rate these comments,oh well,too bad I didnt make da cut lol…bt I’m just wondering y dey all have ref. to gays n balls,hmmmmmmmm

  140. Da 1 thang I wanted 2 know is dat y doesn’t Naruto make a completely new,from scratch,technique…cos all he does is just Improve on some1 elses jutsu,even his signature undefeated,bt so called useless, perverted jutsu dat Jiraiya n da 3rd used to like is just an improvement on henge(transformation)jutsu…cos look at sasgay, even he made dat crazy lightning techn.

  141. OMG! Team Gai isn’t coming to help Naruto on the field. Team Gai is going to come across Nagato and Konan who are holed up in that outpost outside the city walls. Yes! Now that will prove interesting, especially since there won’t be any Katsuyu or anyone else around to get them informed. Rock vs. Paper. Scissors (Ten Ten) vs. Paper. Did I mention how much I wanted that?

  142. Wouldnt Naruto being in sage mode and using the kyubis power at the same time make the affect of going 4 tails or higher not so bad for him?

  143. tobi, to-obi, obi-to. haha

    I have a theory for all of this stuff too.

  144. Hum. Here’s what I think:

    * Naruto will enter Kyuubi mode. He wins the battle but get a little out of control in the end, needing to be retained by someone. Later, 8 tailed annoying black dude teaches him how to deal properly with the Kyuuby.

    * Kakashi is dead.

    * It is offered to Naruto the Hokage position, but he leaves the (rest of) the village and become a wanderer, just like Jiraya. He thinks it’s way too dangerous to stay in the village, blaming himself for what happens.

    – OR –

    * Naruto falls numb after the battle and Danzou sends ANBU to take over (rest of) the village. The main characters flee to the forest, starting a new ninja clan (maybe Forest Clan 2, since there’s no Uchiha) that will try to take the village back. 8 tailed brother’s makes Konoha responsible for the apparent death of his brother. Danzou politics leads to a world war.

    * Naruto learns the truth about his father and learns a bloodline jutso.

    * The power given by Itachi makes Naruto immune to some effects of the mangekyou sharingan.

    * Naruto goes after the original Pain. Former team Kakashi goes after Akatsuki.

    * Sasuke is moved by the destrucion of the village, but he acts cold and don’t show it. He may have a huge fight with Naruto on witch Naruto will learn the truth about the Uchiha clan. Naruto convinces sasuke that they can make a different history of peace by bringing toghether what has been broken appart. Sasuke gets the gaara sindrome.

    * Sasuke fights Madara. Sakura may die. Sasuke gets blind.

    * Pain gets the 8 tailed beast. Pain kills the Akatsuki and make them pain bodies with tailed beasts inside. He plans do destroy the world to make it pure again.

    * Naruto haves a final battle with Pain. He dies showing the nations they can be together to overcome whatever they need. Naruto teaches that the real significance of Pain is that you can overcome it with the help of others, or the bonds you make or something. Sasuke(blind) leads a final battle agains pain. The nations work together and avoid the end. Pain dies with a huge smile in his face, knowing he accomplished what he wanted.

    * Naruto never gets to be Hokage.

    * Konohamaru, as an adult, teaches about the great hero of a village once called Konoha that changed the world forever and will be always be acknoledged.

    – The End –

  145. lol well thought of prediction of all of naruto. maybe sum1 shud post a naruto now till end prediction contest. jus hinting 😀

  146. @ibiki
    thats marine, soldier is offencive to us in the better branch 😉 jk usmc heart usarmy

  147. @ daviaviana:
    That a pretty cool prediction! I would agree with everything but one thing: Sasuke being blind. The only reason I say that is because he still has Itachi’s eyes and if he really wanted to, he could make them his own…

  148. interesting take, at the beggining i thought u just rattled off every possibility but umm that prediction kinda grows on you if you let it soak in. well thought daviaviana…….BUT IT STILL MAKES ME ANGRY AHHHH SWAYZE SMASH!!!!

  149. just how quickly does the MS make sasuke go blind?
    i thought it happened gradually over time
    15-20 years
    itachi seemed to last quite a while ?

  150. @coolbeans: sorry, Marine it is then…by any chance your name isn’t Guy, I mean, Gai is it? >.> <.< O.O

  151. @うずまきGreen

    I guess it’s not about time, but intensity of use. Sasuke felt hardly after using amateratsu in the fight with 8tails. Itachi seemed pretty confortable using it to make illusions, but making amateratsu and susano’o really harmed him.

  152. MMMMMAAAAAAAIIIITOOOOOOO GAAAAAAIIIIIII, is not my name 😉 much more plain/lame….. wait no, i mean hella cool. no my name isnt “hella cool” wait what was i talking about (hey look a bird, i like birds theyre all like whoosh vrooooom. cars go vroom…huh) (looks around confused) oh ya, Evans, Eric Evans (tries to sound bond-like cool but fails)

  153. @ Grimmjowfan – We should have a prediction contest with 3 items. Each time someone gets one of their 3 predictions wrong their name falls off the list. But to make this contest resolve in a reasonable amount of time, it should be dated…

    Yes or no… will the following happen before the end of 2009…

    1. Will Kakashi return?
    2. Will Pain use Jiraiya’s body?
    3. Will Naruto defeat Nagato?

    That way you are betting on whether they will happen or not and within the next year…

    Perhaps 5 or 10 questions would be best… hmmmm the hamster wheel in my brain is turning.


  154. @ 土龍 drigruan – Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well. – Gandhi

    ^_^ Fixed it!

  155. daviaviana
    i agree cool prediction, it kinda grows on you. it would be an interesting while still awsomeness way to take the story (new and fresh but still very anime) but still it would make me ANGRY!!!! AHHH COOLBEANS SMASH AHHH!!!!

  156. or perhaps people could predict what happens in the next chapter and the person with the closest answer wins 0.o

    I’m back everyone, hopefully someones around this time,(PLEASE…no more LONELINESS…PLEASE>>>>or GAARA will go mad(he would settle for waffles though))
    thnx guys for lauding my 3 min post mad typing physics post,(seriously, took me less than 3 mins)though i’d like to debate over daffy ducks methodology of pertaining that the FRS has less energy than RS (aka kakuzu pwning RS)
    maybe i’ll write that one as well….

  158. this is the best one i read i really like the twist abount them having to save naruto for a chance

  159. at leats naru’s lost borther is here….(get away from me you bitchin bastard(refering to the loneliness0)

  160. @ Grimmjowfan – but that happens every week in the regular post. People predict and if they are right then they remind everyone the next week…

    BUT you did give me a Swayze level idea… Thanks much and you will be credited. I’ve decided to run with it. Look for the mother of all prediction posts coming soon. And if anyone has any questions they think would work please feel free to post them in this thread, if not I’m pretty sure I can come up with 10 of my own.

  161. what ever happened to BONO

  162. Haha, or in my or your case Jeremiah we like to pull shit out from months ago…

  163. speaking about crap from months ago we all remember when pein told jiraiya that yahiko was dead and tht he was simply “PEIN”. well from past sci fi films and other comics whenever anyone pulls the old take over different bodies they ramble on about how tht person is dead and yet theres always sumin of them left behind. wonder if theres any possible way tht wen nagato relinquishes control of the bodies yahiko might come out nd giv a bit of past info bout nagato and pos some future warnings for naruto?? ill let people mull it over.

  164. i feel like this is the best original theory ive ever had so i dare any of u to shoot it down -.-

  165. @daffy duck
    i’m not ranting here, just some questions-

    “lkakuzu was completely terminated, while human realm got cut in half”
    -Well unless you’re hidan or oro or kakuzu, cutting in half seems pretty destructive to me
    counter question: would you like youur tomatoes sliced or ripped and torn will needle like holes all over it at the cellular level?
    though the abve q may seem like i’m pwning myself, i’d like to say it’s the contrary, on a oponent like hidan/kakuzu/oro, the slicing attack may be ineffective, though here it is quite so, i mean, naruto could have let it do the same thing as with kakuzu, but instead of concetrating all his energy on a single body, he decided to create a rasenshuriken out of it thus concentrating all the chakra in the X-Z plane, which allowed him similar effects on all the bodies.

    “Well, if you were to look at this in a physicist’s perspective, you’d notice that the gravitational potential energy was at maximum during naruto’s battle with kakuzu since naruto was the only one exerting energy and not the frs”
    yur theory of loss of energy due to work done by the object was correct though the situations to which you applied them seemed off by a margin to me-

    unless you refer to the relative height wrt kakuzu from which naruto attacked, i don’t get the play of GPE n this. He generated the same amount of Kinetic Energy for the RS as he did like that time, only this time he used running and throwing to compensate for the same.

    take it this way –

    O(Naruto and RS)

    ………O(kakuzu)(i’m using dots to space coz WP makes wierd work of spaces after you commet)

    i’ll say let us consider at kakuzu’s height, the energy of an object is Zero. and that naruto is h metres above him,
    thus the Final KE when he hits kakuzu would be

    KE- (Mass)x(acc gue to granity aka small g)xh

    in the second scenario

    O(naruto and rs)………………O(three Peins)

    naruto comes running in providing it with Ke lets say small k
    then he provides a massive torque in his shoulder pivot joint thus giving the RS more Ke equal to (torque) X (length of naruto’s arm)

    if the combined energy of both the running and throwing is equal to the energy gained in akuzu’s fight, the RS shouldn’t lose any energy with the Translation Motion in biew., itt’l actually gain energy due to the acceleration wrt to the vertical axis.(and i f i disregard Air resistance, (which i will because of the minimal drag coefficient of the RS due to it’s aerodynamic shape and the layer of air created due to it’s rotation), it wont lose any speed in it’s horizontal translational motion.

    now we take the rotational part of it-

    here, it’s shaky ground, because we don’t know how Naruto was able to throw it when he unsuccessful in the kakuzu fight, though my theory is that since natural energy is a part of naruto in sage mode, he basically provided the energy through it’s surroundings, another theory is that he used a chakra string like puppet jutsu and controlled it through the string.

    though if i say that the FRS did not lose any energy during it’s time of flight i can easily say it pwns the normal RS i terms of precise hit and area of effect, he flattened the original RS such that i loooked like a sunny side up egg with a bulge in the center, like a normal disk shaped galaxy.
    you see, when it hit kakuzu, naruto lost control of the RS thus leading to that vast spherical structure in which kakuzu’s was punctured like a tyre. here he actually went for effective over power(which is unheard of from naruto)

    Counter question – can you throw a bolwing ball with the same amount of energy as a ping pong ball fired through a bazooka.?

    “frs is losing more energy than it did before since it requires energy to move the frs during the throwing sequence”

    the energy requires to move during the throwing sequence is actually transferred to the RS without which the “throwing” wouldn’t be possible.(basic knowledge – energy cant be created/destroyes only transferred, and the only thing into it could transfer would be KE of the RS, unless there was a massive soundwave or heat produced when he threw it…)
    Counter question – “the energy in the universe as a system is constant”…not a question a statement

    “….placed in the kinetic potential energy”

    ummm….what is Kinetic POTENTIAL energy?

    counter question – Does gay SasuGAY like girls?”

    “And at impact, the difference between its gravitational potential energy and its kinetic energy would result in its power level being incredibly lower than gravitational potential energy.s.”

    The force AFTER impact doesnt matter anyways, the chakra dissipated by then, the only thing that matters is the effect before and during collisoin when in reference with the FRS.

    and i couldnt understand the part about the diff b/w the GPE and KE of the FRS, the KE is already compensated by the running and throwing in the pein battle whereas the KE was rovided by the height(aka GPE) during the kakuzu battle.
    anyways, the GPE doesnt really matter much considering that it’s addition(yes addition not reduction) to the total KE of the FRS was negligible ie let de be energy from the projecitle motion, while E is the energy from the throwing,running action, thus

    de <<<<<E

    so we neglect de.thus having a possibility of more power in terms of PURE energy wrt(with respect to) the kakuzu RS.

    i could go on and on….i still havent explained how the disk shape of the FRS can do desicively more damge….or how the drag coeffeicient of the FRS is so low…and many more aka etc.etc.etc….


  166. ive got a question for you jeremiah, does a “good” sauke-naru showdown happen at least once every time period? will j-man be a path to pain? does naruto wander the world like a young ero-sennin? will danzo make his move right after peins withdraw? and is gai awsomeness or most awsomeness?

  167. @harshykage : wat u jus wrote was longer than my school application form and deffinately sounded more impressive lol. ever thought of starting up the RasenShuriken insitute of technology and jutsus?

  168. @coolbeans : Gai is the defifnition of awesomeness…it’s official
    look here
    img516 . imageshack . us / img516 / 5382 / newspapergeneratorphpwl9 . jpg(remove spaces)

    @grimmjowfan – just another day of work for your own neighbouryood friendly spider ma…ugh i mean harshytkage(this is my completely original catchphrase now…:p)

  169. DAMN! everyone asleep once again….now once i go to sleep you all will wake up, why? well…as soon as i go to sleep the bijuu inside me takes over for a while…hope you don’t mind…

  170. dont worry man grimmjow happy to keep ur bijuu company. can kick his ass around for awhile . even if one arm is blown off 😛

  171. how can the disk shape be inherantly more destructive than a body sized chamber of ultimatly amounts to an almost gama radiation like attack destroying on the cellular level rather than a hot kitana through soft butter. sure it cuts great and has higher sight impact but what about the overall body damage, something that hits every cell inside and out intrinsically has the edge

  172. im here if u want to talk or argue about anything

  173. …”he decided to spread his attack among all the three bodies and not at one”
    if he had gone with the massive power thing, he would’ve pwned one pain to within an inch of an incinerator, but it would’ve allowed the other pains to get away…thus he expanded the disk architecture which would ulitmately allow him more control over it as well to surprise them. i never said that the disc was more powerful or less powerfull, i said in relation to the situation, he decided to go with that option.

    thus the tomato question.
    thats why i said that naruto actually went against absolute power in this case

  174. but it only killed one any way and now that one could be fixed but if he did it in the cellular level it probaly would of destroyed the black pole things

  175. lol id like to see him try to fix human realm but im sure tht hell be at least 3 inches shorter as the disk mustve obliterated tht much of his waist.

  176. @jjjj- dude…he tried smfin and it failed…(in a way), he wanted o go all realms at once, thus eliminating the chance fro revival or maybe he was just fucking stupid, we don’t know enough about naruto’s attack yet, now stop questionaing my questions….if you do, i won’t argue, just assume that ur right coz i got to go 2 SLEEEP!!!


  177. and anyways my main argument was against the enrgy loss theory, i just added the other for effect :p

  178. aight dont go crazy bllod thirst garra

  179. Ok that was an amazing issue but in my book i think you shoulda had the page 3 panel where he has the rasen shurikan in his hand saying “i Said” he looks so beastly there and yeah it just looks like such a nice panel

  180. @ coolbeans

    hey, thanks!

    @ jeremiah

    what’s the point of predicting things if you can’t remember people after?


  181. harshy, i get what your saying and i agree…. i kinda just like to argue alot, gai sucks 😉

    so who else is waiting for naruto to get pwnd for a bit juat so he can pull out his shadow clone tricks at the end in a dramatic frs finish ultamtly ending up in the hospital (for a few days, most of them asleep) and everyone will have new found respect for our hero. that is right before danzo shakes things up which has to be comming since hes laying in wait in the leaf village presidential bomb shelter with a hit teams worth of root. total power play comming down the pipes. naruto’s actions will speek volumes as to how it plays out of course

  182. @Harshy:
    It was fun to read.

    Questions for prediction contest:

    1. Who will be first to show up to the Naruto/Pain battle scene? It has to be at the actual battle scene. That’s for you Ibiki, Maito Gai confronting Negato/Konan (ain’t gonna happen) in the Love shack outside of the Village doesn’t count. There are a lot of possibilities though: Team Gai, Team samui, Danzou, Team Hawk, Sakura(or any of the other Chuunin,Genin,Jounin), Madera, Konan, Negato, Madera, Zetsu, Killer Bee….

    2. Will Tsundade remain Hokage, if not who will be the next hokage?

    3. Will Naruto need help (other than the toads) defeating pain… if so who or what team?

    If more come to mind, I will post them.

  183. Can any of you guys give me good reasons why you hate Sasuke? I got in a big argument with some dude over why i hate him and now I just wanna show him why other people hate him.

  184. i think that sasuke will show up and help out naruto and kill the elders
    but naruto wont care

  185. @kincam07 – it’s because Sasuke is designed to be hated. If you love Naruto then you feel obligated to hate Sasuke. Personally, I don’t hate any of the characters in Naruto except Shizune. So, you can imagine how happy I am now that that biznitch got what’s comin to her.

    @everyone – This is Handicapable. I signed up, but some one already had my name.

    And back to Danzo for a second. I’m starting to lean more towards the theory that he’s Madara’s brother, and that they both took one of each other’s eyes. This would make it possible for Danzo to either be working with Madara or against him, and we just have to wait to see.

  186. @grimmjow ” rasenshuriken institute of technology and jutsus” LMAO!!!!!!

    @daviaviana cool ass theory. That sounds pretty .. i dk .. . like pain dying knowing that he help world peace “IS..DEFINATLEY…. BLOWING MY MIND” hahaha

  187. helped not help

  188. now that naruto is out of juice and not much is left, i think this is when danzo might come in

  189. Couldn’t White Fang Give Kakashi the “White Chakara”, bringing him back to life and giving more power to develop Sharingan!?!…

    Don’t cha think that Naruto has attempted to use natural energy to control The Nine tails chakara, giving him a kyuubi sage mode?

  190. but whats danzou going to do? he wont allow naruto to go with pain? or will he?

  191. @kingcam07

    I think of Naruto and Sasuke as yin and yang. Naruto being the sun side (yang) and Sasuke the shaded side (Yin). However, in part I of “Naruto”, Sasuke was the genius, well liked by everyone(except naruto), first in his class, idolized by the girls, aloof and cool. Naruto was the monster, despised by most of the village, bottom of the class, ignored by the girls, loud and obnoxious.

    After being placed on team 7 together, along with Sakura and Kakashe Sensei, they began a path toward friendship through a burgeoning rivalry. By the end of part I, Naruto had blossomed and become an equal to the genius. At this point, in many ways, the two seem to switch roles. Naruto embraces relationships and hard work as the path to strength. Even his reason for seeking power is noble… to protect the Leaf Village and those who are dear to him. Sasuke, on the other hand, chooses to sever the bonds of friendship and seek power through Orochimaru’s cursed seal and the higher forms of Sharingan, which can only be obtained at a heavy cost. Sasuke clings to hate and vengence as his reason for seeking power.

    Part II –

    Skip to the current story line. Naruto has gained acceptance,friendship and respect from his peers and leaders alike. He has gained allies from not only the village, but from all over the Shinobi world. He has shunned use of the Kyubi for power, instead relying on hard work and finding his own unique ways to master dificult skills. He’s matured tremendously, still not the brightest student, but a genius in his own right. He’s even turned the heads of a couple of girls. He’s grown into a young man of character. A driving force for him remains the “rescue” of his friend, Sasuke.

    Sasuke has assasinated Orochimaru(okay that’s a good thing), killed his brother Itachi, joined Akatsuki, attempted the capture of Killer Bee(knowing the Jinchurike would be killed) and is now headed toward Konoha to destroy the entire village.

    Upon completing his life’s mission of avenging his clan’s demise, he is informed by Madera that Itachi had been protecting Sasuke all along. Everything that Sasuke had believed about Itachi was misguided. Instead of learning from that lesson, Sasuke turns his vengeful eye from Itachi and aims it at Konaha. He was manipulated by Itachi as a youth, and now, as a young man, he is being manipulated by Madera. Although Sasuke has become a powerful shinobi, he still has a narrowly (and misguided…again) focused reason for using that power, vengence and hate. He has severed all bonds from his childhood and would kill Naruto to achieve his goal.

    Finally, chicks still dig him, of course we hate Sasugay.

  192. @Kyuubi Sage, I think Kakashi already has the white blade of his father. Kakashi had it in the Gaiden arc….shown here.

    my prediction for the next issue. The frogs seeing Naruto is out of sage mode will try to get him to fall back and recover. Naruto will refuse to leave and say something stupid. Like I’m ok, I’m just getting started here. I think it’s time for number 2 to take over and poof this Naruto vanishes and another shadow clone takes his place. But hold on this one is in Sage mode, how bout that… Pain will start to worry and tell Hell realm to gather the others while he keeps Naruto clone #2 at bay. Hell realm will collect the other peins when two other shadow clones appear behind Hell and feed him two the sharks with a double FRS. Deva will freak and rush forward. Now the real Naruto will appear behind Deva and again say something like If you really feel pain take two of these and call me in the morning!! Another double RS and it’s all over.. Names taken, and Pains the name.

  193. I didn’t know that Kakashi’s hair was silver. I wonder, does Kakashi still carry his fathers white blade and if so why doesn’t he use it?

  194. OK so this is my first post but I’ve been reading for the past 5 issues so let me get some words in..ok first of all I’ve dreamed about this show..sad i know..and in this dream there was a konoha civil war..then i woke up not much just thott that would be for the balls joke..eerrr ummmmm..ok so im not very good at comedy but ne wayz…on to next issue…naruto gets a beating gai’s team shows up pain gets pwn’d negato whom i dont think is ne where near konaha but in that strange tower will be all like fuck it u win this one and summon his bodies back…village saved most live..including kakashi 😛 for the new move Waves of Rage i thott it should be Wind of wrath or something ..a lil more appropriate for the move..seriously wheres the waves..the rage i can see in his new move but waves?? now whats next ..o yea guys tobi is madara and thats tsunade cant do life tranfer jutsu shes too weak i dont think pain will summon the other bodies back b/c they were reviving slower when he brought them back last time so what would be the point for them..??human shields ne one?

    well thats about it for me..o yea danzou is gonna try something after attack but even i cant guess his plans of action..i hope he does get hokage and a battle like the first and madara takes place …like the above guy mentioned this would make sai a crucial character and open up LOADS of new arcs ok thats it seriously ty for reading i pray for kakashi..

  195. Wait if the Naruto that is talking to Pain in the last page is a Shadow clone?

  196. kakashi wont die, i think we all know that. hell probably have something like what happened in “my name is earl”. hell go into a coma and have dreams which we will see. but his will be about his father and his childhood. and maybe hell piece together that tobi could be obitio because he noticed he had sharingan.

    @ awesommnessnoob: you can tell uv been holding that in for a while lol good points, i dnt think pain will bring the bodies back to life either, it would take too long.

  197. @雨隠れの里Tinman: kakashi does have his fathers white blade, he used it to save obitio as a kid. I dont think he uses it because he trying to make it less noticeable hes the white fangs son. because people hate his father. its another case of people not recognizing someone other than the son of the disgraceful white fang. thats why he wears the mask maybe. hell probably reach acceptance in coma and loose the mask.

  198. kakashi is f****d
    Kyuubi is blates coming next chapter.
    God Pain hasn’t done anything since levelling Konoha, is he recharging still or about to do something we haven’t seen yet.
    Wasnt naruto given the 4th’s special kunai, where he can teleport places instantly??

  199. This would be a great time to see what going on the other side of the naruto world. I think that 433 will be on whats up with every on else and maybe four panels on the naruto fight.

  200. @ wouldn’t u like to know

    I Really think kakashi is dead, or will be injured beyond healing (like being criplled or something) If you pay attention, Kishi is getting rid of past generation characters in order to make the ones from naruto-gen to take over and grow up. It’s only natural for the storyline that kakashi gets killed. What was he doing lately? Fillers in the anime!

    That, and I think it is pretty damn cool to kill a character everybody loves so much. It’s someone we will REALLY miss.

  201. ide like killerbee showing up and taking over narutos fight then after, sasuke realises he was wrong and will destroy pain =P
    yeh about danzou im clueless xD he seems like a weak retard to me.

  202. *The following comment contains a spoiler for TTGL, so if you’re not up to date do not read this comment.*

    @ Davi – I hate when they kill the most likable character, in fact it ruined Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann for me.

  203. Found a spoiler for 433 at:
    If this is real, looks like another good one!

  204. There are 4 new confirmed pics:

  205. as if noone saw this coming, as soon as pa toad said ull need one person to gather chakra while the other fights i knew naruto was gonna use clones. and by the sounds of it so did everyone else.

  206. looks like a load of u wer rite about the scroll being linked to narutos clones. i thought it was a mark of a sage like jeriah had on his back and that naruto would have it for the rest of the manga.

  207. @Kingcam: I don’t hate Sasuke. He’s a jerk for leaving, but I understand why. If anything, I feel sorry for him, because his goals have taken him to some really nasty places, alone, and changed him forever. There are signs that he’s doing his best to keep from becoming a complete monster. I respect him for that, and for pursuing his goals–he’s just a little misguided about how he’s going about it. His change of heart is going to be about accepting help from others–whether that’s his new team or his old one, who knows. The battle with Killer Bee started to show that.

  208. @ Kingcam – I have some reasons but I’m in class, I’ll answer later. One quick thing though, my hatred has eased over time and I call it dislike now, rather than hate.

  209. I have seen two copies of the spoiler you have shown above so I believe it is, at least in part, accurate. 🙂 In the translations I’ve seen, what Naruto does leaves Pain wondering “why?” That’s priceless – if that translation is correct.

    I suspected that Naruto had something up his sleeve but wonder if what he did with the clones – having some in “passive” mode at Myobokuzan – is going to be enough. I also would have thought that Katsuyu would have warned Naruto about his ability to draw in and to repel attacks, but…guess we’ll upon release on Friday. In any event, this brings his usage of shadow clones to a whole new level…if he isn’t the strongest shinobi in Konoha, he should be.

    So much for Maaaaaaiiiiiittttttoooo Gaiiiiii…

  210. Maaaaaaaaaiiiiiitooooooo Gaaaaaiiiiii!

  211. I STILL HATE SASUgay, WHY??? because idk??? maybe because he’s got the coolest looking MS out there?( oh boy….it finally happened….i turned out to be a spiteful and hating admirer of the guy…shit…)

  212. so does he kill hell realm at the end with the two rasengans?

  213. I belive that we’ll see somthing more than only double rasengan again… that binding from spoilers above is greate for starting Naruto using other jutsus, there is enough rasengans… (it’s powerfull, but why he uses only this…. rasengaan, double rasengan frs. etc….)

  214. i’ve sworn to myself that i wont read the spoiler this time…no matter what…i just WONT!

  215. i know why we all hate sasuke. it is because he looks better than naruto, he is kooler than naruto and he is very strong with his sharingan eye. and we are jelouse cause we dont want him to be more stronger than naruto

  216. Harshy cover your eyes. Spoiler coming up.


    Since it looks like Naruto is going to use the Double Rasengan again, maybe you can do another take on who’s got the biggest Rasengan’s. I have a suggestion for the theme song that could be played in the background. A/C D/C’s “Big Balls”, below is a sample of the lyrics:

    “Well I’m upper upper class high society
    God’s gift to ballroom notoriety
    And I always fill my ballroom
    The event is never small
    The social pages say I’ve got
    The biggest balls of all

    I’ve got big balls
    I’ve got big balls
    They’re such big balls
    And they’re dirty big balls
    And he’s got big balls
    And she’s got big balls[Not naming names; You know who you are]
    (But we’ve got the biggest balls of them all)

    Some balls are held for charity
    And some for fancy dress
    But when they’re held for pleasure
    They’re the balls that I like best
    My balls are always bouncing
    To the left and to the right
    It’s my belief that my big balls
    Should be held every night

    That Bon Scott (RIP) sure had a way with words. LOL

  217. The first thing I thought when Konoha was demolished was “heres Naruto’s out as far the kyuubi goes, how much more damage to the village could he do? As long as Mount Hokage-rushmore is intact…” Several characters have referenced “staying out of Naruto’s way” and Pein has been warned how “strong” Naruto is, Manga Law suggests Naruto pulls this out further cementing Madara as the main antagonist and allowing the story to move on. Yamato channels Naruto’s chakra to rebuild Konoha in the vein of Chiyo/Naruto bringing back Gaara? Eh? I could see it. Team 7 reunion on the way! MANGA LAW!

  218. Dang it, I gotta start learning to log back in. Harshy you can uncover your eyes now.

  219. I KNEW IT! Naruto left kage bushins in Myobokuzan and by poping them he can return to sage mode! Hahhahaha

    @ Jeremiah – When it’s the most likable character yes, specially if he is important to the flow of the story, but kakashi WAS important, don’t think he is anymore. It’s different than killing Shikamaru, for example, who is a very likable character and still haves lots of things to do.

    And what’s fun about killing someona nobody cares, like Ten-ten?

    Kishi could make kakashi hokage, though. That would change things.

  220. Thanks for the answers everybody

    … … … … … … … … … „„–~-„„… … … … … … ..„–„„
    … … … … … … … … .„*………*„… … … … … ..ƒ…..*„_„-~–„
    … … … … … … … ..__*„………„’„-*’¯’„… … ..„~-„’„………….„*
    … … … … … … … (…………………„*_„„„„„„„_*„…………..„-*’
    … … … … … … … .’*-„…..„„––„„–~*’¯:::::::::::¯*-„………….¯’*„
    … … … … … … … „-*’…„*’::::::::’*-„:::::::::::::::::::’*~–„„____„-*’„… „-~–„„
    … … … … … … … *-„-‘ƒ::::::::::::::::*-„:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::„-~„’„*……..)_
    … … … … … … …„-*:::|::::::::::::::::::::*„:::::::::_„„–„„:::::::: :::{…..*…….„-‘:::¯’*-„
    … … … … … … .„*:::::::::::::::::::::::’*~-„::::::*’¯:::::::::::::::::::’„………*’¯’*-„::::::*„
    … … … … … …„*::::::::„„–~~~–„„::::::::::*„::::::::::„-*’::::::::::::::*-„„-………„*::::::::|
    … … ..SL„–~-„.’ƒ::::::„-*……_„…..*-„::::::::’::::::::::::::„*:::::::::::::::’*~––~*’: :::::-„’ƒ
    …„~––„„_„’…..„’-‘::::::ƒ….„-*¯„*……..*„:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::*„
    ..(…………..„*::::~-„::’„..ƒ;;;ƒ…………’„:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::’„
    …’-„…….„„-~*’¯::::::*„:*„|;;;;|…………..|:::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::|
    …„*…..„-*::::::::::::::::*„:*-„;;|.………….|::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::’*-„ƒ
    …*~–„*:::::::„-~*„*:::::::*-„::’*-„„……….„’:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::*„
    … ..’ƒ:::::::::::::ƒ*„::::::::::’*:::::’*~––~*:::::: :::::::::::::::::::::„-*’¯¯¯¯’*~-„::::::::::::::::::|
    … …|:::::::::::::|. . *„:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::’ƒ:::::::__::::::’*-„:::::::::::::„’„–~–„„
    … …|:::::::::::::|. . .„*-„::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::| :::::„__*-„::::::::::::::::::::::::::::’*-„
    … …*„::::::::::::*~-‘::::*~„’~––„–„„:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: *~-„„_:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::„„–~„:::|
    … …’..*„::::::::::::::::::::::|. . .ƒ::::|’*-„::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::’**~–*::„’
    … … …|*-„:::::::::::::::::::’-„_„’:::::’„. . *-„::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::„„__„„-*
    … … …|:::*-„::::::::::::::::::::::::::::*„. . „’:’*-„„:::::::::::::::::::::___:::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::}
    … … …|::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::’*–*:::::: :’*~„––––„–~*¯’\. . . ‘*„~-„„_____::::::::::::„-‘
    … … …’„:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::*~-„„::::::::::::::*-„_„-*:::::::::’-„_„-*::::::’\. . .„-‘*~„––~*
    … … … *„::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::’**::::::::: ::__„„„–~*:::::::::::_„„::::::’*–*::::::
    … … … ..*„:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::––~**’¯¯: :::::::::::::–~*’¯„„–~„~~––––~*’
    … … …„„_.*„::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::„*…
    … … ..(….’*„*„:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::„*
    … .„„–~’*-….*|:*-„:::*-„::*-„„:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :„„-*
    … (…………..|:::’*:::::’*-:::’*~-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::*’::’„
    … .’*–„„_……..|:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::„*
    … … ..„-*’……|::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::*-„

  221. LMAO I had nothing to do so I went back to some of older posts. I just found out that I was right with the piercings are chakra receivers back in July 08 -_+.

  222. @ Scorpion – when are u going to submit your entry in the prediction contest? Before or after the new issue? You are one of a couple people that Im really looking forward to seeing their entries.

  223. Naruto 433 Spoiler video by Fahim00717

  224. @Jeremiah… just did that ^_^.

  225. @Jeremaih… If pain has a change of heart from naruto and dies of his own free will, like bringing Kakashi back to life, is that naruto defeating pain? If so then I need to make that one a yes.

  226. yeah we both were scorp… and that’s why we kick ass…

  227. Sauske to The Rescue ^^

  228. Nahh no Sasuke for a while, my guest will be a look to the right and look to the left in the same time thing. Naruto must have a clone somewhere gathering natural energy and just wait for the good time to release that energy to the original.

  229. do u kno whut???

    in mobyokusan mountain there are bunshins of naruto aining more nature chakra 😉

  230. Awesome spoiler. Too bad some of it was blurred…

    The genius of Naruto (ok, we don’t quite know that) shines again. I swear just about everyone underestimates him. I want this battle to stop all of the rumblings that Naruto is a dunce (ok, so he is on worldly things but he is growing a lot).

    Physics?!? Who brought physics into this? I thought I left that behind when I graduated college. Ugly…

    And Sasuke re-building his clan: yeah, this “Adam” does need an “Eve,” though I don’t think that procreation is very high on his “to do” list at the moment. Karin is the one closest in proximity. Sasuke and Sakura??? That would be ugly…

  231. first time commenting

  232. Yeaahh.. Sasugay and KArin.. Red eyes n red hair.. much better then ol pinky…

  233. i’m ere everybody, and i think i’ll be here for awhile

  234. i still can’t change my picture from this alien lookin thing….

    well it’s a matter of time until Minato comes back because uhhh, he’s awesome like that.


  235. he got castrated by pain.

  236. @ Blackorean – it explains how to change your icon HERE.

  237. @ edubkage – which is good, cuz then he can’t have any annoying little konohamaru babies running around or trying to rape naruto. and i can tell that kid would be having kids left and right like a mormon… no offense intended

  238. no offense to Konohamaru…

  239. The spoiler is kind of a letdown =(. Naruto cant always be drawing his power from frogland. And wtf why is preta pain back?!?

  240. Hah, this is like some sort of new phase irony. To everyone who was messing around calling Pain a punk for staying hidden Naruto just did the same exact thing. Nagato and Naruto are equvalent.
    Naruto stays in mount mykouba while he gathers chakra and it is recievec through the scroll on the back of his kagebushin while Nagato as Pain stays in his tower and uses charka recievers and tranfers it into each body. Freakening scewy…

  241. Also for Preta Pain Naruto just knocked his out. When Lazer Pain was destryed and without as body he was still able to move the body being knocked out probably doesn’t stop him one bit.

  242. This is MY NEW ACCOUNT!

    @ibiki, this thread is about Rasengan vs Chidori so don’t try to spin it around as if you were right 😉

  243. Ha, I freakin knew it in my above post when I said don’t forget about the BIG A$$ scroll on his back. I said it could be used as a chakra reserve and look it’s being used to recieve more chakra to possibly go back in sage mode. Where’s this prediction contest being held at so I can enter. There should be prizes for first, seoncd, and third. Like first should win an official title of awesomeness becoming legendary and is recogniozed by his/her title all over ‘iareawesomeness’. Titles such as “Hokage” (If not used already), “IAreAwesome” (a play on words of the site title), and “Just Dumbass Lucky” (My personal favorite). lol!

  244. Wait…nvm found it. Wasn’t to hard if just looked around abit. >,<

  245. Just signed up so here’s my first comment! This is a great blog btw, some awesome predictions and stuff.
    I finally gave in to reading the manga after the latest round of filler kicked in, so its all fairly fresh for me. One thing i’ve noticed is no one seems to have mentioned the key for the kyuubi seal that jiraiya gave to the frogs to pass on to naruto should anything happen to him in the fight against pein (issue 370, p 10)? Any theories on how it could be used and when it could come into play?
    We don’t know if naruto’s got it yet tho i guess…

  246. hmm… i don’t think that naruto will never become hokake… I think that he is going to follows jiraijas foot teps and when the time gomes and elders ask Naruto to be hokake he will say “no” and then skimakaru would be hokake. Becouse if nauro will become the hokake then the series lost his key. Theres no point to continue anymore after that. So i guess there will be another timeskip and naruto has dominated to next hokake, but he will turn it down and continue living and saving the day as jounin. have a pupil and after everything he will give 9-tale’s quardian job for next generation. maybe at his children — and then the 9-tale’s guardianing is respectible thing and everyone look up to him, just like 4th. wanted at naruto.

  247. @ supertrek89 – I’m pretty sure from the spoiler the Scroll is being used to Reverse summon the Kagebushins that are gathering Chakra at the frog place. I don’t believe it is actually drawing in the Chakra and transmitting it to Naruto. That’s what the spoiler suggests anyway. You can see the 2 or 3 narutos gaining energy while they sit next to the Frog oil fountain.

  248. @bjbthe1-Don’t ruin my dreams! *cries*

  249. The Kagebushins don’t need reverse summoning because as soon as they vanish Naruto receives all the info they gathered. Remember when Kakashi had Naruto make a shadow clone and sent him into the woods with one of Kakashis bushin… The shadow clones played paper rock, sissors. After they played the clones vanishes and Naruto retains/gains the knowledge the bushin had gathered. So Naruto doesn’t need to reverse summon the bushin from frog mountain to gain whatever energy and knowledge the bushin has gathered since it’s inception. I actually think the scroll is Naruto in henge form. He is beating Nagato at his own game.

  250. The reverse summon is to get Naruto back in the real world I suppose …

  251. @ Droptheweights – We actually had 2 posts dedicated to theory on issue 370 which is by far the most theory riddled issue of Naruto ever.

    HERE is part one and HERE is the follow up.

  252. Nagato = 6 Pains
    Naruto = 1000 Kage bushins.
    1 Kyuubi in sage mode = one doomsday
    2 RS’s = 1 cure to a pain in the arse.
    Nagato = hemorrhoid
    Naruto = preperation H or in this cases Preperation N

    You do the math… 1 Rinnegan vs 1000 bushins in sage mode.

  253. Pssst, nighthawk…wrong page, dude. Meet me over there if you want to scrap about it. =)

  254. cheese is still good!!!

  255. Thanks jeremiah, this is great!

  256. wow…i’ve managed to survive two days without looking at the spoiler….will i make it???
    Of course i will…what harshy sez…becomes

  257. based upon everything that i’ve read (where the mangas are concerned) naruto seems like he still has a lot of growing up to do. He has a limited amount of jutsus,(they may be potent but limited nevertheless). Rasengan, Fuuton rasen shuurkin (never mind the spelling), that summoning technique and his mass shadow clone technique; are bascically all the jutsus he has. Everything else is just an extention to the fundamental jutsus , this extention is seen in his sage form/mode. If you do a character comparison with (lets say) Sausgay we would realise that currently (where jutsus are concerned) sausgay has more jutsus coupled with the fact that he’s a genius (a more robust character development). I want to see naruto with more jutsus, and if he has them then its about time he releases them.

  258. see, i’m thinkin’ naruto needs a teacher.. maybe swayze as a ghost could teach him a few things jiraiya would be proud of… heh. but honestly, i kindof want killabee to take him under his wing… hehe, catch the pun? d:

  259. hehe lol

  260. *GONG*
    NOT…what Naruto needs is to lose his virginity, everything else’ll come automatically after that….;)

  261. Yeah, if Naruto is 17 and still has not gotten laid, he is due for a good nickname like; Count Jackula or Spankenstein

  262. @orion8301:

    How about Uzamaki Spanki. That sounds appropriate ( may be he could develop a jutsu to go with his new name too, any suggestions?

  263. The shaken not stirred jutsu!! haha

  264. My name is Spanki….Uzumaki Spanki…

  265. anruto lose his virginity ?? 😮
    but then whicg girl ll do the honours??
    sakura or hinata?? …. did i hear someone mention the word threesome??


    Sakura : a big PHAIL
    Hinata: All Konohan Topper

  267. *facepalm* oh you boys and your anatomy…didn’t you hear Orion over on the Chidori/Rasengan Post…keep it in your pants…that’s Kishi’s nindo.

  268. @beeslymm i completely agree its a killer seeing him use the same jutsu every time…

  269. Arrgghh… When is he going to learn some new justu.. i’m tired of him forcin his balls onto everyone around him all the time.. granted they come in various forms n sizes.. but its still gettin old !

  270. @beeslymm: I totally agree with you.
    Kishi said that Naruto leraned all sage techs. Looking at frogs conversation, it can be true. But where’s frog’s stomach summon? Where’s all those weirds sage jutsu?

    And the worse part… Before, Naruto could all his jutsus unlimited times. Now he has some restrictions. It could be all right if he had developned, at least 3 new jutsus. But looking at him now… He’s only a char depending much on Sage Mode. If Pain wait until it’s gone, Naruto is finished!!!! And I was hoping to Naruto using wind at will… I’m disappointed!!!!

  271. ok perverts how’s this for ultimate…. why does Naruto need women for he can create a bushin have it under go the sexy no jutsu transformation and there you go,,, asexualism at it’s lowest…..hey he can have two undergo the transform and instant 3-way….

  272. hey can u guys tell me how can i add a icon on my user name

  273. Yep. Go here Scroll down to the bit about icons and follow the directions. =)

  274. @ makumbaum
    my point exactly. I heard/read around the net that the recent spoiler hints at him being at frog village and sending bunshins to do his dastardly deeds. If thats the case then thats kinda cool. When we think about it he can send his clones, gather all the info he can on the enemy and at the same time not phyiscally being hurt. That’s kinda cool.

  275. ok thanks lbiki teishi

  276. what the hell

  277. or what the HEAVEN

  278. maybe naruto has sharingan and given to him by itachi maybe he can use that. can u imagine him using sharingan
    that would be sooooooo kool

  279. hahah lol beeslymm

  280. no, definitely not, a naruto with a sharingan will look somehow cool but it’ll suck, kishi would be giving sharingan to everyone just lyke flyers i guees the power itachi gave naruto is that to repel amateratsu twukiyoumi and susanoo,like a sharingan nullifyer, let’s not forget that itachis was , is and will always be a freaking genius.


  281. SOrry, Narutosharingaan, the link died…go back and try again. WHups.

  282. what? jaja i diidnt quite get that lol

  283. i just thought of something….. what if the power itachi gave him broke the seal on the kyuubi, like when he was facing madara because itachi knows how dangerous he is…. with one sharingan eye madara probably couldnt control the kyuubi, maybe its like how he planted the amaterasu in sasuke, that would be insane, all nine tails haha

  284. then sasuke with his new eternal ms from itachi “puts him back in his cage”

  285. @beeslymm: But now he has some information about Pein left from Jiraya. And what will happen whe he didn’t had those?

    Every fight we saw until Shipuuden started had some sort of information involved. Sakura has beaten Sasori cause she was with Chyo-oba. Shikamaru’s Team wins cause they had some tricks after Azuma death. And now… Naruto can only do this trick cause he actually knows that Pain is not there. Mannnn… When Kishi will give us a fair fight that Akatsuki doesn’t win???

    I’m disapointed with Naruto!!! We waited all Holidays just to watch him throw an old skill and doesn’t show anything new?! Is it good to him going long range? Yeah, off course! But I waited all this time to see something new comming up… New possibilities to Naruto. But util now he actually didn’t show nothing really new! I expected no new nature manipulation. But to doesn’t have any new jutsus was too bad!!! Sasuke can use lightning as it was his limbs. But Naruto only have a very powerful jutsu full of requeriments: need 2 clones, be on sage mode, and can cast only two times. He made his preparations against Pein. But will he be in Myobokuzan all his life? I hope that on a near future, Kishi show us a Naruto using wind as it was part of his body. So that he can beat Sasuke, Nagato, Madara, and every S-O-A-B (son of…).

  286. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like pein is a little bit of a let down? There’s no doubt he’s great at all out destruction with his shinra tengey and bigass summons etc, but where’s the sinister punch that gaara, itachi, orochimaru etc all had?

    His hell realm soul eating/make over doll is pretty intimidating, but his approach leaves me feeling a bit empty maybe… pretty bad considering he’s responsible for the (two?) most shocking death(s) so far!

    Obviously i’m hoping this will change once we’re dealing with Nagato himself rather than his zombies, but does anyone want to try and snap me out of this!?

    Also do you think Nagato will just have the powers of all these 6 himself, or some other mad technique once you’re in front of the real rinn’egan rather than those possessed by it?

  287. hey does anyone know how to change my image icon ??

  288. sorry nevermind that

  289. Umm, i think he’s more jsut finding out information on Naruto than anything really, seeing what he’s really capable casue Pain doesn’t like revealing his strengths until someone shows that he has to move up a power level, this makes it easier to suprise someone with a move, or to keep it from spreading how he fights… notice how nobody in his own village knows what he’s capable of, or even knows what he looks like. He’s very secretive in his abilities, and his identity because he is the leader of akatsuki making it that everybody in the ninja world would be after him, and there are still the other kages and the other ninjas in the other villages to worry about.

    He has plenty of more on the way believe me…

  290. @droptheweights unfortunately i think kishi had pain kill off jiraiya and almost kakashi so he could show just how strong naruto is…. three bodies of pain gave jiraiya trouble and six absolutely pwned him, 2 was enough to almost kill kakashi, seeing naruto take out five in 3 mangas is just showing how far ahead of the other two he is now.

  291. ive asked this before… but has Kakashi told anyone about Tobi’s/madara’s sharingan? its pissing me off cause that is vital info

  292. Cheers for the replies Alec and renzy. i guess i’m looking for him to be a sick bastard and start salting the wounds a bit and screwing with peoples minds more, rather than just going through them like a juggernaut and talking about how unstoppable he is.

    Naruto’s mad but i wanna see pein really piss him off!

  293. droptheweights: I think Kishi’s going to start messing with Naruto and the other’s heads a bit more now. But I think it’s Danzo we can look to for Naruto’s training in politics and head games.

  294. isnt it weird how pains eyes change size like the inner dot is small then thru out the fight they get noticeably large?, and also pain said jiraiya was his “old master” maybe he has a new one? maybe its madara or that dude who was the first to hav the riningan

  295. omg guys this is completely off topic from naruto but i hav ea comparison. ok so i saw this movie the other day called “Crows Zero”. This movie reminded me so much of naruto because of the different personalities each character has. haha One of the characters in this movie reminded me of Shino because he wore a hoody and he is kind of a “mystery character”. jst watch the movie and find out.

  296. Sorry to say Jeremiah… but Shikamaru will become Hokage BEFORE Naruto does! >:D

    With Naruto running around trying to find Sasuke and training in unknown places all the time, its VERY UNLIKELY for him to become Hokage anytime soon. Especially with him gaining Sage mode, he’ll be relied on more than ever to fight Konoha’s most important battles.

    Shikamaru’s the type who can sit back and strategize. He figured out how to defeat an immortal DURING the battle with said immortal. He knows when to stop. Example: Chunin Exam.

    As a Hokage, he would know exactly the right team to send out for a mission. He would also know when the enemy has an advantage, and would be able to come up with plans to counter that advantage.

    For now, Shikamaru’s just a better fit for Hokage. Especially with Tsunade dying. Yes, she will give her life for Kakashi. Sorry she couldn’t do the same for Jiraiya, a man who was in need of love. ^_^ Wait… Kakashi’s in need of love too! Always reading those romance novels. <_:D

    That’s right. His Kagebunshins are the answer to EVERYTHING! How to cure Patrick Swayze from cancer? Kagebunshin! O_o

  297. @ rockleex – I’m sorry but there is no way that Shikamaru could become Hokage. That title is Specifically held for “The Strongest Ninja In The Village.” Shikamaru isn’t even as strong as Sakura for gods sake so there is no way he could become the Hokage. That said Sakura is Tsunade just younger. Same skills and gaining the same power so she would be a better choice then Shikamaru.

    Kakashi is not going to die yet, not for quite a while I would imagine. I can’t see him dying until Madara kills him. Why wouldn’t Kishi put two one eyed Sharingon users in a battle? Especially since they have opposite eyes which gives them advantages and disadvantages since we know that the left and right eye are stronger in different ways.

  298. tsunade isnt going to die, they mention at least once or twice (ill find where later) that the title of hokage cant switch back and forth all the time because it destabalizes the village, their power and national standing. if kishi keeps killing hokage every few years it undermines that principal which is something he historicly has stayed away from pretty well.

  299. i hope that doesnt mean that kikashi is going to die. but then he always fights with a very calculated inteligent yet still reckless way… i mean he spends half his time in the hospital (only partly bc he has a touch of recklessness, kishi has also been putting him against some of the top fighters, but he also gets banged up against much weaker opponents i.e. zabuza)

  300. @ Coolbeans – a hokage has never died of old age. The 3rd almost got to be the first but then had to come back after the 4th died and we all know how his second term as hokage ended >_<

    The pattern doesn’t really bode well for Tsunade.

    Not to mention that another nin war seems to be brewing so destabilization may serve the story well.

  301. well the first hokage would be roughly 100 years old and assuming he started the village at the hight of the youth power curve he was probably in his late 20s early thirtys. that gives kohna roughly 70 years, there been 5 hokages meaning average reign is 14 years. give or take (i have quite a few assumptions there of course)

  302. @ Coolbeans – don’t forget that the 3rd served 2 terms which would change the average a bit and the 4th died young so there is precident for short reigns of power as Hokage.

  303. have you seen the anime?
    it really suck’s. the idea of this filler is ok, but there’s hardly anything going on in this ep.. and the previous one ass well. the action is progressing annoyingly slow.

  304. @ jeremiah
    ill concede that point it does happen… but for that and other reasons she’ll be around for at least a while longer. every hokage has to have at least one good victory right? its not anime law by any means, but power players usually have at least a few good stories once they hit the top

  305. @dida: If it’s so bad, why did you post a link? Is that your site or something?

    And yes, I have seen it. And it’s pretty essential to the whole 3-tails story AND explains how the heck Naruto, Sai, Sakura, Yamato, Kakashi, Shino, Hinata, and Kiba/Akamaru ended up out on that stroll that brought them face to face with Tobitodara. It also shows why Naruto took to sage training so easily–Jiraiya had put him to work on the basics before he died. IT wasn’t so easy–funny, yes, but far from easy. I’m having a hard time calling this arc filler.

    It is slower than it needs to be, but I think the animators are working hard on a really cool finale to this arc–and it will fu-licious I’m sure. Akatsuki’s bound to show up soon to retireve the 3 tails and…something awful’s going to happen to Yuukimaru.

  306. Don’t forget that Yuukimaru has shown an affinity, albeit subtle, towards Naruto. There’s going to be a connection between the two that, I think, will be of significance to Naruto. Maybe something similar to Haku’s impact on Naruto.

    I agree that this filler seems to be filling in some holes left by the Manga.

  307. @ jdb44 – I can pretty much promise you that Yuukimaru will have no effect on Naruto at all outside of fillers. If its not manga, its not relevant, its just background fan service.

  308. Neji is a good candidate for Hokage too. He’s intelligent and powerful. I hope to see more about him…

  309. @Jeremiah: pffffffffft. Hard core ‘tude. And you have a point. But, the manga after about #350 started to act a bit different. (Correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t that about time, in real time, that the anime switched to Shippuuden?)

    The big plot bits were still there, but there are huge gaping and annoying holes–inlcuding the story of all the other beasties from 3 to 7. I think it’s dropped to tailor the manga to the shonen audience (where’s the jutsu? did he learn a new jutsu?what about the action?). It also helps boost the following of the anime (ka-ching!)

    My guess is that if Kishi were telling the story the way he wanted, without concern for what this audience or that audience will want…that a lot of the anime (I didn’t say ALL, blegh), fillers and all, would be told in one place.

  310. guys i think the sane thing about shikamaru. i think he is more smart than anyone else didnt u see how did he take akatuski only whith his mind game. whenever they used to go on a mission even kakashi used to ask him for plans. he is gd. and shikimaru is way stronger than sakura

  311. personally, i think sakura would own shika. i mean, yea he’s smart, but she’s pretty smart to, and she can control her chakra very well, and his shadow jutsu drains him pretty quickly :/

  312. i cant believe u are comparing sakura with shikimaru. shikimaru is way better than her. i dont think u have the shuppiden properly lol.

  313. I’m going to write a post one day about how insanely overrated Shikamaru is and make all of you Shika fans cry yourselves to sleep. And that’s not directly aimed at you Narutosharingaan, I’ve said it many times before so I don’t want you to think I’m digging at you… just Shika fans in general and I know there are a lot of you!


    @ Ibi – I do have a HC attitude today. Something related to the blog that I can’t reveal to everyone right now is eating at me big time.

  314. @Jeremiah

    I understand that Kishi doesn’t write the fillers, but the Naruto anime does stay true to the Manga. There have been times that the fillers seem to foreshadow events in the Manga. Like the Gaara protecting his student arc. It seemed to foreshadow Gaara becoming Kazekage. Granted, anime isn’t canon, but it can serve to fill in the blanks.

  315. @Jeremiah – i’m all for the shikamaru fans crying. do ittt

  316. @ jdb44 – I totally agree, that’s what I meant by fan service. It doesn’t alter anything in the manga but makes people obsessed with the show happy by giving depth to stuff not covered in the manga.

    I’d like to point out that Bleach is much better at fan service than Naruto is but it’s gotten A LOT better recently.

  317. I think Jman died because he had little info on pain at the time, and he sacrificed his life to get that information on how this eye technique works. If jman had known what naruto now knows about pain i think would have been waaaaay different. Jman was waaay strong and his death was un-timely.

    Tsunade as hokage is cool, and she’s also very strong. If she didnt had that super slug technique konoha would’ve been filled with zombies. Will she die? ahhh i think so. And then the leadership of the village would be very fragile. Danzo would obviously make his move, this would be very interesting. Because Danzo seems to be very strong (leading anbu black ops) and him having the title of hokage gives him more POWER.

    I dont think the copy ninja will die. I believe he a has more extended role in the manga. Roles such as unlocking the truth behind madara and the sharingan, & watching naruto grow up.

  318. @narutosharingaan – I am damn tired of sying this but here goes again

  319. don’t try to argue with harshyt, he will rape you with completely true random facts and/or disturbing BS. Plus, he is absolutely right IMO

  320. @narutosharingaan – btw….welcome to Iareawesomeness :p

  321. I dont think shika is an overrated character. I think he’s pure awesomeness. I need you guys to remember that every ninja has their strengths and weaknesses. His strength is his MIND. I think he can put up a great challenge to any ninja and i mean any ninja. His brain is just awesome. I think He’s the only true genuis in the manga (keeping the word genuis in the context too). He’s the best strategist in the entire village. He has a skill that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Is he physically stronger than naruto, no he’s not (naruto is the chosen one/child/boy/man/ninja). And he’s not physically stronger than sakura but could sakura defeat kakazu? Or could shika defeat sasori?

  322. never compare two antagonists in a manga/anime, basic rule for sanity

  323. what about kakashi? genius right there.

  324. It was said that kakashi is wiser/smarter than shika but i dont believe he is. Kakashi is very smart but shika still has the crown.

  325. kakashi is smarter experience wise. even then, shika is catching up. kakashi can’t be done yet, though. he has to explain Naruto’s dad etc…

  326. thanks harshytkakge. why do u think if naruto having sharingan will make him gay? i think sharingans are the koolest eyes ever. yeah it makes sasuke look gay but it didnt make itachi look gay or madara. lol. and beeslymm u are right. hey guys naruto shuppiden 94 was a waste of time. damn it. hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  327. but we all know one thing….kakashi is the undisputed champion in coolness…perhaps contested by just one other..MMAAAAAIIIIIITTTOOOO GGGAAAAAIIIIII!

  328. @narutosharingaan – well…because a protagonist in a manga(aka naruto) possesing the same powers as the antagonist of sorts(aka sasuGAY) is kinda wierd and takes the juice out of their fight, i mean, if we all had strawberry flavoured condoms and noone had a chocolate flavoured one…t’would take the fun out of amm..Stuff…

  329. i would be like- i have more charm with my strawberry flavoured condom…
    and ajd would be like – i have it too

    End of story

    if it was thus
    HK- i have a strawberry flavoured condom, more charm for me with the chicks…

    and Adj was like – i have a chocolate flavoured one , beat that

    NOT thee end of the story…
    it goes on as

    “Yeah right! Prove it”

    K…we do the same chick and ask her..


    then the story continues

  330. gd point got it harshytkage

  331. hahahah u are funny harshytkage lol

  332. if only tsunade was here. she would vouch for you. That would have been an interesting addition to your theory.
    “i am DANZO, I use Strawberry!”
    “i am KAIZO, I use chocolate!”
    “we are KAIDOZO, we don’t use either!”

  333. buuuuuuuuuuuuttttt….. kakashi graduated the academy when he was _how_ old? thank you, thank you *bows*

  334. @ajd- ROFLMAO!!!that was hilarious…i shoud’ve put that in the theory…lol

  335. @ ajd – LMAO, oh geez man, i’m dyin’ here laughing

  336. I do love plot twist like that

  337. @Jeremiah

    Got it. As for Bleach fillers, when they are a long, well defined filler, your right, they are pretty good. However, sometimes they will throw a couple of trash fillers right into the middle of an arc (usually at worst possible time), and it’s aggravating as hell. That said, if Yoruichi is in the filler it’s automatically good.


    Naruto + Sharingan = Horsesh!t

  338. or lemon twist if you want something different from chocolate or strawberry..

  339. naaaaa….GLOW IN THE DAARK CONDOMS….

    “pant..pant…oh now i know it’s not her belly button”

  340. Or it’s massive size makes for banana look. Banana, chocolate, and strawberry. Tsunade is ice cream and whip cream.

  341. @ jdb44 – When Kenpachi or Yoruichi is in the filler it is automatically good.

  342. mmmmm….chocolate….Doh!

  343. Let me know what you think,

    If Naruto got the Sharingan or finds out he has a blood line limit (I’m talking the 4ths ability which people seem to keep calling a blood line limit), it would be overkill. He already has sage mode which is like having an Eye tech because his eyes change and he is more powerful. On top of that he already has the Kyubii inside of him, which you could consider better then any blood line limit we have seen thus far.

    Basically if he had all of those things, Sharingon, Sage, and Bloodline limit there is no one that could even try to compare to him. Anyone fighting him would be like when he fought Tsunade while he was learning the Rasengan. The battle would last 2 seconds and SUCK!

  344. even the swayze hates the sharingan(hating as in too worthless to look at…), so no sharinGAYn for Naruto…

  345. @jeremiah

    I stand corrected. My two favorite characters in bleach. Ken-Chan = bada$$.

  346. hhahahahahah u guys funny love it lol

  347. hey guys wat time is the manga out?

  348. hey guys i am 100 precent sure that pain will beat naruto. cause remember wat naruto says in the spoiler. narut says( it is not easy to take down the person who wants to a hokage ) so from this we know that naruto will be defeated but with very dificulty.

  349. I bet who will become Hokage: Neji or Shikamaru…
    I have no doubt that Kakashi will die at some point in Manga. And Naruto just has the same feelings as Jiraya. He knows that he is too impulsive to become Hokage. So I think he will choose to obey orders from someone that can predict anemies actions. I don’t think Sakura is the best option cause she is always depending on everybody. Kishi hasn’t showed her becaming more mature like Shikamaru, Naruto or even Sasuke. Sasuke could be another good Hokage… But, again, I don’t think he will come back to Konoha… I bet his end will be protecting something important. Sasuke is like Sesshomaru – Inuyasha’s brother. He is powerful, yet alone… Making his own path.

  350. *revived*
    @jeremiah-Shikamaru???…….who’s Shikamaru? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m with you all the way on this one man, Shikamaru has to many fan boys. You should make a post on how overated he is with his fancy shadow play! Well, let’s get his tiny list of accomplishments outta the way first….

    1. True he does have an IQ over 200
    2. His laid back demeanor is pretty cool and not emo like Sasugay
    3. Graduated to Chunin before anyone else
    4. Asuma did say Shikamaru can think 10 moves ahead of his opponent and consider 200 possible moves in a second. (Not exact words here but the nuumbers are correct)
    5. The only one to defeat an Akatsuki member without any form of aid but his own wits and determination (go ahead and debate me on this) >_<
    6. Has the POTENTIAL to become Hokage one day. (note the emphasis on potential)
    7. Lastly, due to Shikamaru’s popularity he has constantly placed in the top ten for the popularity polls held by ‘Shonen Jump’ magazine. Even placing fourth one time!

    Phew…alright done, okay he’s all yours jeremiah swing hard and swing low, I got your back!

  351. hahahahaha lol @ supertrek89. With a list of accomplishments like the one you made, its gonna be hard for anyone to ‘swing’ and connect. hehe

  352. @ narutosharingaan … ahhh i don’t get what u’re saying.. are you sying that naruto will die at the hands of pain?

  353. no lol. naruto will never die cause he is the main charactor lol. i mean he will be defeated by pein but he will be saved by someone cause pein is pretty sure that he can deafeat naruto but not that easily as he says (the guy who wants to be hokage won’t be caught that eaisily)
    remember we havent even seen god pein fighting with naruto really. he was able to take on juraya, kakashi, so easy. the reall fight is left cause pein just got his powers back

  354. anyone here have a ps3?

  355. Actually.. am not too sure bout him not dying.. he could.. right at the end.. the big hero sacrificing himself for his precious people.. but yeah.. not anytime soon…

  356. that would be a good way to put a total end to naruto although if he might die he must acomplish being hokage and having sakura for him and all the people at konoha admiring him as the greatest hokage. But i’ll be happier if he is kept alive at the end of naruto.

  357. i have a ps3

  358. what’s your psn id.

  359. monkey taco

  360. uwishuweremiah

  361. LOOK OUT A GIANT CHICKEN AHHHHHH!!!! ok thats not true. there will be a time skip but not this year. i am stoaked about narutos outfit upgrade. i cant remember the last time i got so excited when i saw a single frame. no time skip untill akatski is destroyed or forced into a prolonged stale mate with each side unable to beat the other. i know tons of other things will happen but akatski wont be put on the backburrner as villans untill that happens

  362. what happened to naruto 433?is sj taking another break?i heard that there is no manga in japan also until now.what happened?

  363. I have a ps3. I was hoping new chapter would come out tonight but so far no luck.

  364. Seriously, is 433 not coming out tonight? Naruto is what gets me through the week!

    not translated yet

  366. raw is out now.. but i dont see the english version yet.

  367. look at post above, this is awesome, such lvl of kagebushin traps… frs dispelled etc…

  368. my psn is blackbro26

  369. can’t wait for translated finally understood that hell pain reviving other bodys.normal narutop fight is also good.

  370. Well, too bad I can’t read Japanese. Oh well, I didn’t realize he was going to go back into sage mode so quickly. I guess his real self was in Myobokuzan that whole time and his clones were the ones fighting Pein? And he was summoned there after gaining sage mode? Oh well, guess I’ll just have to wait till tomorrow or something to find out.


    if anyone want to download raw.

  372. yea i’m tired, i think i’ll wait till tmorrow 😦 sadly i need sleep to function properly…

  373. naruto manga 433(translated) is out on onemanga.check it.

  374. this is gonna be like never ending story – that fight Naruto vs Pein

  375. i think other pain bodies are done for good coz in the end of 433 they said that its now sage naruto & fully recovered deva pain.can’t wait for next issue.what do you think guyz?

  376. ooooohhhh please tell me this means no more lazer head, at least in this fight! *chanting with causion optimism* (hell no, lazer must go, hell no, lazer must go)

  377. i can finnaly see a retreat comming from pain with hell gone. otherwise this fight would never end. i hope naruto vs just god relm is as good as the first two issues of the fight cause it was getting a little dissapointing. kinda let down that hes still just finding different ways of playing with his balls and then smacking dudes with them

  378. Another excellent issue. All the Shikamaru fans who talk about Naruto not being able to plan strategy more than one step ahead, this proves you wrong. I can see another surprize for Deva realm now that this is a one-on-one fight. And then… Dyyynnaamiiiiiccc Ennntrrrryyyy for Team Gaaaaiiii!!!

  379. who said that naruto can’t plan few steps ahead?if anyone saying that then they are forgetting the fight sasuke & sound four.the 1 with spider web sound(don’t remember name) shikamaru & all other got caught but naruto’s bunshin got caught not naruto.which give time to neji to break those weird was in part shippuden naruto got inelegant 10 times.sorry for the long post.if anyone wanna argue please be confortable & get angry on your brains for not giving you shikamaru support

  380. reasons*

  381. jaja naruto owned hell realm with his two balls

  382. I can’t see God Realm beat Naruto on a one-on-one fight. Even without Sage Mode, Naruto is using Kage Bushin on a totally different new level. May he will became famous about his Kage Buchin Tchnique. But, again, he has a looooong way to go on his nature manipulation skills. Rasen Shuriken is a powerful, yet a full of requeriments jutsu. The fact that he need two Bushins makes his fighting style slow. And he is relying too much on Sage Mode. For now, it’s OK. But future awaits!

    I guess Pein will be beaten, but at the verge of his death, Konan will show her face. So she will take Pein and retreat. At the end, we’ll see Nagato’s furious face… It’ll be a warm-up to a future fight involving Pein and Naruto. Then… Naruto will release his Sage Mode, and will become very popular with Konoha girls. I hope to see Hinata advance!
    About beeing Hokage. Now, Shikamaru is the best choice. But Neji has his good points. I don’t consider Kakashi cause he has low chakra, and it’s a very bad point. But Tsunade will stay alive! Now is not her time!!!! Maybe when Orochimaru show his face…

  383. Naruto would make an excellent hokage in my opinion.

  384. i think pain is going to retreat….last panel get’s me thinking when pain has that look on his face. “what!?!”

    i think he’ll get told to retreat by the higher ups

  385. Wow this is the first issue I predicted everything right!!! Kinda dissapointing though already knowing what I’m about to read.

    My next prediction is that Pain will retreat either when all of the bodies are dead or just god realm is still around. Nagato doesn’t really have any need to go get the bodies other then the black peircings so if he can make more of those then who cares about the 5 or 6 bodies Naruto took out. I’m sure he can get more easily enough or just go use Jaraiyas body. Pain wont leave until Naruto is totally out of Bushins in the Frogs home, gotta keep us on the edge of our seats.

  386. haha, personally i found it hilarious how god realm was laying on the ground like a little b!tch and had to be saved. did you see that s***?! hahaha

  387. @bjbthe1

    Negato is down to only Deva Realm now. Naruto took out Preta Path with fake FRS/Sage technique frog kata. Then he took out Naraka path with the Double Rasengan head shot. Leaving Deva Pain all alone saying, “What!?”


    That was sweet. And Deva’s look in the last panel, when Naruto pwns Naraka pain…priceless.

  388. it seems naruto have thought of that “same trick” that the fourth used in previous war: the special kunai that teleports him from various places. his son, naruto, is using that same trick but different tool: scroll. totally different though since the fourth dont use a clone but rather he faces the enemy whenever his fellow use his special kunai to summon him.

    but its kinda gay though, since naruto is doing the same thing what pain is doing. naruto’s clones vs pain’s dead bodies.. lmao. when will we be seeing those two fight face to face.

    man that reverse kuchiyose no jutsu is pretty handy in combat. it would have been useful in the gaara abduction arc. naruto could have been in sand village with split seconds.

  389. hehe yeah God realm looking like a b!tch was very FUNNY.. i really dont think that pain has anything up his sleeve. I think everything that naruto did surprised him. And crazy props for naruto. I now understand where kishi might take his character. He’s the only person in the manga that can do the shadow clone jutsu the way he does. Everything seems to integrate his shadow clone techinque. Now think about it-if sage mode allows him to be really strong to the point where his clones seems to be 10 times as strong as well as leaving clones at frog village while using the rasen suriken (which btw is a very powerful tech) then GUYS i think NARUTO IS A GENUIS.

  390. @jdb44 – It does look like Preta is down for the fight but I just have trouble believing that tackeling and elbowing Preta pain is all it takes to kill him. I wont believe he is all the way out until he doesn’t move for the whole next issue lol. They are like Cockroaches always coming back.

  391. Naruto used his kagebushin to gather chakra and transfer it back to him when they are released. Personally, I didn’t see that coming even when I thought clones were the answer in the first place…

  392. i dont wanna sound like i’m bragging, but i knew that the whole time… 😡

  393. okay, stupid face, that wasnt what i was goin’ for…. ignore that haha

  394. @bjbthe1

    Remember when Naurto took out Preta the first time. It looked like Naruto completely wiffed on his punch, then Preta went flying. Pa Frog said that in Sage mode, Naruto’s attacks are more Dangerous and have greater reach. On the attack in this issue, Naruto actually hit Preta Path. He’s dead. Now that Hell Path is gone, Deva should not be able to resurrect the other dead paths.:-)

  395. sasuke will probably show up with madara to save pain… that would be crazy

  396. Then congratulations. I guess that scene with Naruto moving as he entered sage mode was the chakra being transfer to him from kagebushin.

  397. personally, i wanna see what’s going on with everyone else… and see a much-missed MAIIIIITOOOOOO GAAIIIIIIIIIII!

  398. My prediction: Next time just plain straight up fight, Deva vs. Naruto. No one else around, something will happen, Pein will have to retreat with Konan like someone said earlier.

    THEN chapter after that we finally see Gai and team, maybe they chase Konan and Pein, and we also finally see what’s going on with Kakashi and Tsunade because it’s time to finally clue us in on all these cliffhangers. Oh and Danzo will finally show up and show his true colors to the village.

  399. Damn, i feel disappointed in this fight, cause all naruto is doing is using stuff he’s learned since he got back to the village, where the fuck is all the crap he was supposed to have learned with Jiraya… i thought jiraya would have been better than that considering he taught naruto summoning and rasengan in like two months… what the hell wasw he doing with three years??????

  400. why do we have to make an acount to write stuff now

  401. Naruto 434 is going to be IN COLOR!!!!!! lol

  402. @ j x9000 or however many j’s – ibi explained it somewhere on here..

  403. i got an acount now but i was just wonderin

    this is my new name i was jjjjjjjjjjj

  404. Awaitign maderation i just got an account this is bull

  405. @alec, yeah i kinda agree. Though he was trying to get naruto to control 9 tails and almost died. he should have taught naruto something more. Unless “that jutsu” is actually something we haven’t seen.

  406. jiraya and naruto were doing test runs on the new Ich icha sexy no jutsu RPG…obviously…

  407. Which makes me wonder if he really got that wound from 9tails chakra. No doubt he was the “research part” and Naruto was the development. I’m sure a fox did give him that scar.O_o

  408. @jjjjjj aka ultimate sharingan, you only have to wait once

  409. EEeewwww! ultimate sharinGAYn…Gross!

  410. @ Alec: I think the whole 4 tails incident while they were training really held them back. I mean think how long it would take to recover from that injury. But your right we have only seen one new jutsu from that training which is kinda dumb.

  411. Whew finally got to see the manga. I still think Nagato’s going to be found or have to cut and run like a little bitch. He’s not going to want Yahiko’s body damaged is my guess, but probably in the chapter after the next one.

    Double rasengan from above was a nice move–a tad repetitive, but it had a good energy and I could dance to it. If laser head shows up again–unless he’s on Yahiko’s back–I swear I’m gonna scream.

  412. haha the one thing on the double rasengan panel it was like, wow someone used a smoke screen so suprise there enemy from behind (or on top this case) it was an actual ninja move for once…

  413. Has anyone else noticed what looks like a speech bubble coming from the scroll on Naruto’s back on page 2 (bottom right panel)? It’s empty, so I’m not sure I’m seeing it right, but I thought it was strange considering the scroll only summons clones instead of being one itself …

  414. correction…”reverse summon”

    @ibi-btw…what happened to the top secret stuff?

  415. errr…why is it a reverse summon anyways?

  416. Hey it’s nothing big but has anyone noticed in episode 94 when Shino picks up the the crystallized bug that he picks it up with his right hand, then it goes into his view with the bug in his left hand and goes back suddenly to his right hand and throws it?

  417. This chapter was great. Naruto is finally thinking like a shinobi! However, eventhough I like that Kage Bunshin is his trademark jutsu and rasengan is like his second TM, he should use a little more variety. Pain knows all his jutsu’s now.
    Yes, Naruto is using his bunshins effectively. But another jutsu or two would give Naruto so much more power. I’d like to see a “speed jutsu” and a “defense jutsu”. That would make Naruto complete. We all know Naruto isn’t the guy to have many jutsu’s. So, a Kakashi or Uchiha style combat is out of the question for Naruto.

  418. I just get so annoyed listening to people talking about Naruto is not good with ninjutsu and this that and the other. Naruto is the most talented ninja in the Naraverse. People are running around calling all those other shinobi genius’ while Naruto at his age has out classed his peers and anyone who has came before him.

    There is a reason the manga is called Naruto and not Sasgay or something shitty like sasgay. You know what though, that is what makes Naruto so great, people count him out and he finds ways to prove them wrong.

    All haterz keep at it, he will be hokage Dattebayyo!!!


  419. Harshy, it’s coming, I promise. I got hit with a crap storm of a to do list this week and am a couple days behind…please be patient with me.

  420. @edubkage a little random, but I think everyone here agrees Naruto is in his own class. Yet to fuel some fire, he did say that he doesn’t think someone who couldn’t even save his own best friend wasn’t fit to be hokage.

  421. Ever heard the saying you cannot save someone who does not want to be saved. If you follow Naruto it is pretty obvious that friend of his does not want to be saved.

  422. PS. That shows naruto’s greatness he will not give up on a friend even though they have given up on themselves. Can you ask for a better hero.

  423. I can’t…but he keeps his word, and I believe he won’t accept hokage before he saves sasugay. that’s where I will always find debates.

    welcome to iareawesomeness!

  424. ty good to be here good way for me to relax after work lol.

  425. naruto should not and can not be hokage just yet. Yes Naruto is very powerfull and has all the traits that a hero has, but he is immature. Think about it right now Naruto would fail as hokage, he can not make handle all the responsibility decision making that is required for the job. A powerfull but dumb learder is a bad one, he needs to “grow up” first. So untill then I think the Hokage will have to be someone other then Naruto. I think that Gai should be Hokage and force everyone to wear a sexy green jumpsuit. Maiiiitoooo Gaaaiiiii.

    P.S How cool would it be if Ten Ten opened the 8th gate, saved narutos ass, killed pain, and then killed the rest of akatsuki before her death… it would be the best twist ending ever!

  426. hahahhahahahahah @last scorpion ten ten! really!?!? she is probably the most useless character ever

  427. @ajd-It is called a reverse summoning because the summoning animal is summoning the shinobi, where a regular summon is where a shinobi summons a summon animal.

  428. @renzy – OMG you have me dying here! LMFAO @_@

  429. its true, when has she added anything to the story at all, if she died she wouldnt get a funeral. and nobody would care.

  430. thank person who’s not really there. i guess your a comment created by my sub conscience. oh no, I feel like I’m watching fight club now.

  431. aww, poor ten ten. she did get to blindside Lee when Naruto was leaving to train

  432. they’d be all like ‘hm… does anyone know her..? no? uhm.. well we cant just leave her on the grass.. it might die’

  433. Yeah, I think temari proved that being a ninja tool master doesn’t amount jack sh!t

  434. i think ten ten is just there to please MAIIIIIIIIITTOOOO GGAAAAAIII! and his team lol

  435. haha she’s the victim of a lot of “dynamic entries”…wow that could seriously be taken wrong

  436. i think she’s there cuz every manga needs a loser no one cares about and the fans can laugh at and be like ‘ha! this is a joke, right??’


  438. Hm, how many Hokages that we’ve known anything about have been perfect…. Tsunade, an obsessive gambler, third Hokage, pervert, Naruto, pervert and immature at the age of 14. I think he can do it, maybe not now, but soon. And his immaturity has definitely died down since part 1.

  439. hmmmm…just what kind of ninja tools did she master…?

  440. again naruto saves the day with kagebunchin!!!!!

  441. well for all those who are trumping Shikamaru for hokage because he is a great thinker…beg to differ….he cant think in the moddle of a fight….he needs to think everything out lay a plan and it has to all go according to plan…else he gets ratted on….well why else was he unable to save Asuma…pain was running around town laying waste…the big thinker didnt even have to get involved in the fight….but not only did he not come up with a plan but managed to break his leg as well….his success against the akatsuki is a bit inflated….hidan was the stupidest ninja of that lot…

  442. now hold on there, first encounter with hidan, he figures out how to beat him and truly should have had a victory. Asuma cut his friggen head off. shika told him how to do it. when they tried to rescue sasufag, they were all traped in the earth dome, and he had already figured out the farthest point was weakest, and effectively distracted the user. again, girl with the flute, he figured her out, but he was saved by Temari. Back to hidan, he uses his shadow bind to through chara blades at hidan, then punches to get him. He then says it didn’t matter how, but he needed to get him with the shadow bind, suggesting that he didn’t know before the battle how easy it would be.

    If Naruto isn’t going to be Hokage, which eventually he will, Shikamaru is very high chance. Though he wouldn’t be as well suited for last line defence.

    obviously my opinion is biased as I like Shika, but wow it’s 3 A.M. and I just kinda snapped on that one.

    P.S. I’m mainly talking candidates in Naruto’s generation

  443. Those of you waiting to post your comment for the 1million hit post…hit count is now at almost 950k and yesterday there were 11k hits. This party may be happening very soon…so don’t miss your chance to make a comment.

    Also, speaking of Dynamic Entry…check out the new post…

  444. Why would anyone call Sasuke “Sasgay” or things like that?

  445. beacouse he sucks horibly & gives his a** for right and left….

  446. @nighthawk00 beacouse he sucks horibly & gives his a** for right and left….

  447. Probably because of the generl dislike of the character, when Sasuke left Konoha helost a few fans. Its also a loss of understanding the character. Similar to how people diss Sakura for no reason its like that…

  448. @ajd well thats the point …all these instances he relies on someone else to do the fighting….he usually cuts a soory figure in a fight with a tough opponent….hidan vs team asuma was 2 against one and hidan just exposed all his weaknesses and strengths…the loud stupid character that he is…this is not gonna happen on a fight with a strong enemy… his pursiut of sasuke..he had to be bailed out…..just think of shikamaru going up against a orochimaru/kakuzu…he simply wouldnt have a chance…nobody would want a wimp who has to be rescued in every fight for a hokage….vs Naruto came up with ideas and the moves in his fights with Zabuza, Kabuto, Neji, Kiba….tough opponents and tough situations…Naruto has been portrayed as immature….well he is goofy but he can come up with a lot of smart ideas when the moment calls for it…he is a natural, instinctive fighter….that simply would be huge qualification enough

  449. @nighthawk00:

    I would say because for his own selfish reasons he chose an immoral path to acquire power. Sasgay was also jealous because Naruto was getting stronger and, that perhaps more than anything drove him down his chosen path. Naruto has never sold his soul for power. As a matter of fact he stopped using the Kyuubi when he found out he was hurting the people around him. Sasgay obviously has no regard for the people around him.

    Plus above all it is funny. hehe

  450. sasuke didnt go to orochimaru because naruto was gettin stronger he did it because when he met itachi he had no chance and he said he needed to get stronger. so sasuke wanted to get stronger no matter what to kill itachi

  451. @swp0, but when the village falls under attack, the ninjas must be organized, dispersed properly, and the hokage must be the last defense. You should give shika more credit. after he learned hidan’s abilities, did single-handedly beat hidan, who was akatski. Hidan, who was immortal, killed a legendary monk, two tails, Asuma, and many more. Oro was a freak. Kakashi is terrified of him, yet most people say if he lives, he should be hokage. Kakashi would not have been able to defeat Hidan without sending him to another dimension. I don’t disagree, Naruto is getting a lot smarter and if he keeps it up through this fight, he is the best for the job. Your only looking at negatives for Shika. Oh yeah, Kakashi would be dead if it wasn’t for him pwning Hidan. Then Choji and Ino would have been killed. When Naruto gets caught the first time, no one could have split the threads that would have otherwise killed him likely. If your looking at what newer Naruto can do, start looking at what newer shika has done.

  452. hey..didnt actually wanna put it that way…shika is certainly smart….can be a good team captain and is a real asset to konoha…but just that doesnt make you hokage….say a war breaks out shika is more likely to do command and control from his office rather than lead from the front….sure that might be all that you need for a small skirmish but then that would’nt be the case when everything is on the line….see what just happened….pain invades…Tsunade is nowhere as strong or skilled as him….she fights him from the background and not upfront….this would have been a lot different had this attack taken place during the reign of the previous hokages…they would have come out and put a stop to it in a flash….and this gives someone like a danzo a chance to butt in….surely not a feat konoha wants to repeat

  453. Both qualities are asked, and Shikumaru and Naruto are at opposing ends. If the Hokage is smart enough they can overcome nearly every adversary with thought. At the same time if the Hokage has enough power they are able to fully defend the village.
    There are some enemies that are hard to get past on intelligence alone and there are opposite adversaries that no matter the amount of power used against them intellegence is one of the only ways to defeat them. For example right now power is needed to beat Pain, but strategy would have prevented the damange caused to the village and might have beaten him as well…

  454. Its really annoying that i cant comment.

    (From Jeremiah: Hells yes you can! You are going to the spam for some reason but I’m fishin you out. Nice to see you outside the PS3 ^_^)

  455. alright yo, just making sure you looked at all sides. Honestly, If shika could get stronger, I would advise they change the system. I don’t think ANBU is Shika’s style, but when Naruto is hokage, i would like Shika to act as the man at Naruto’s side when the chips are down. Make it so he is head of military, second to Naruto, and if Naruto should need to leave for something, Shika can fill in for a bit. Or something of the like. However, all that said, him killing an Akatski before Naruto is bull crap.
    @Kyouto, so true. When Shika grows more, he will minimize casualties while maximizing Naruto’s offensive out put. Of coarse, he needs to see the jutsu and how Naruto fights now. I wish he would start watching now.

    sorry for the explosions there smp0. Don’t think I’ve seen you around here to much. Welcome to iareawesomeness.

  456. Bah!…Humbug…

  457. Oh alright FINALY i can comment from my PS3 ^_^ After 7 months or so of trying to comment i can finally do it. Now i dont have to watch behind in the shadows. Thanks Jeremiah. *Thumbs up*

  458. What? How come I still can’t comment from my PS3.

    Whenever I load up iareawesomeness from my PS3 browser, it says “Currently under construction. For more information call 1-800-SWAYZE” or something like that. >_<

    Btw, why does it seem that everybody here has a PS3? O_o

  459. @rockleex: i think you are going to the iareawesomeness domain. There are two sites: (this site) and (the 1 800 Swayze place under construction).

    Jeremiah is prolly going to something with the domain later, but for now, you’re just headed in the wrong direction. Capiche?

  460. Thanks! ^_^

    Ahaha, wow. That place used to work on the PS3 though… I think.

  461. Anyways. In my other post I was talking about how Shikamaru will become Hokage before Naruto(if Naruto ever does). Let me re-explain myself.

    Just because I think Shikamaru will become Hokage before Naruto does NOT mean Shikamaru is a “better ninja” than Naruto. It also doesn’t mean that I like Shikamaru more than Naruto. In fact Naruto is my favorite with Rock Lee and Gaara trying for first place with him. ^_^

    Here’s the thing. Naruto is more like Jiraiya. He’s not the type to settle down. I’m just factoring in everything, and Shikamaru just ends up being most fit to become Hokage for now.

    If Tsunade DOES die at the end of this battle(most likely), who else would be fit for Hokage? Kakashi definitely does not want to be Hokage(most likely he’ll be alive/revived). He’s kind of like Jiraiya too in a way. He doesn’t want the burden, and he prefers doing his own things behind the scenes until someone calls for him.

    Sakura? Maybe, but not right now. Remember, Kishi says she still has to mature. She will eventually become Hokage later on at some point… I think.

    And although Shikamaru probably thinks being Hokage is a burden, he has learned from Asuma about protecting the next generation. This along with Asuma’s death will probably have a lot of effect on Shikamaru and lead him to take the role of Hokage if there’s no one else available for the spot.

    Seriously, who else is fit for the role of Hokage should Tsunade die? I know Danzo will probably try to take over, but lets say they overthrow him. Who would be fit for Hokage?

    They say the Hokage is the strongest ninja in the village. That may be true, but the Hokage must also be willing to sacrifice their life for the village. Not just any strong ninja can become Hokage, nor would they WANT to anyways.

    When factoring in EVERYTHING(not just strength), Shikamaru is currently the one most fit for the job.

    If anyone cares to debate, please don’t talk about how Shikamaru is not the “strongest ninja in the village”. Strength has a lot of meaning. Physical, mental, chakral, genjutsal, bloodlinial, willpower, cunningness, etc. Yea, I was making up some words. ^_^

    The debate about Hokage has more to do with the ROLE of Hokage. Look at the Sannin. They were the strongest three, but only ONE of them was fit for Hokage(Tsunade if you didn’t know).

  462. @ rockleex – i’ve got three words for you: Ultimate Ninja Storm!

  463. Lol, wow. Didn’t know Ultimate Ninja was that popular, even though I think its the best Naruto video game series. ^_^

    But I liked the 2D gameplay better, it allowed for more direct control over what moves you can execute.

    The next Ultimate Ninja for PS3 should include both 3D and 2D gameplay! ^_^ I mean, they got all those tree climbing and tree jumping modes, why not add the 2D combat along with it?

    They also need to include all the playable characters that were in previous Ultimate Ninja games. People like Haku and Zabuza were taken out and their story arc wasn’t even in the Story Mode!

    Seriously, they need to start utilizing that Bluray Disc! XD

    Its a great game, I’m just complaining about the 2 steps forward 1 step back process they took with Storm. ^_^

  464. I

  465. I like the epic boss battle’s

    I wonder if Jeremiah has Storm? 😦

  466. Great issue this week guys getting ready for the upcoming new one


    That is the hottest spoiler on the net right now! This is everything but the english! Enjoy!

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