WTF?! You sayin I have to go back?!

Hey everyone,

Holy hell it was a crazy busy day yesterday filled with pirates and strippers and pirate strippers as many of us returned to school from winter break.   I have two classes this semester that have more than 500 people in them so I will have plenty of time to read manga this semester as there is no way a professor can see what someone 30 rows up is doing on his iphone. ^_^

One of the big classes I’m in is an Anthropology class which meets a requirement for graduation so its a mandatory class that alot of people have to take.  Not only do alot of people have to take this class but also pirates…

I always said that when people become super famous they surround themselves with people that only tell them positive things.  So no matter how stupid their ideas are, or how ridiculous their outfit is, the people around them will always tell them how awesomeness they are and how amazing their amazing their outfit looks.  This theory apparently spills over to the Barbie dolls that attend ASU as well.  I didn’t understand what the hell she was wearing from the second she sat down but every guy and girl that knew her (and there were a lot) stopped by to say how cute she looked. 

My friend and I were looking at each other like WTF?! Seriously?  She looks like an F’n pirate!  Which would be great at a Halloween party but horrible in everyday life.  So the Barbie dolls friends all tell her she look great and then whisper to each other as they walk away, more than likely saying horrible things.  Everyone else in the world has friends that say to each other “That’s looks funny..” or “Your not serious are you?” instead of talking behind their back like poor Barbie that sat in front of me.  This works both ways as I’ve seen the Bro crew where some pretty hilarious stuff in an attempt to be edgy or original and fail horribly all while being high fived to death by their Bro crew counter parts.  Unfortunately by college “these” people have learned to be nice to everyone but their own kind… dumb as hell fo sho. 

For the record, I know I’m doing something similar by making fun of her pirate gear but I’m not her friend, its not my place and she would more than likely react violently no matter how nice I tried to say “people are laughing at you”.  So I guess within this same post I’ve come full circle, I say let them laugh pirate stripper!  If you want it to be Halloween all year round, then by God Trick or Mutha F’n Treat! Power to the Pirates!

Besides the pirate this class was pretty cool.  It has this clicker system where you hold a remote and the professor asks questions every 15 minutes and you have 30 seconds to answer.  After the 30 seconds are up the giant screen behind the professor shows how many people percentage wise answered A, B, C or D and which is the correct answer. 

A) Pirate B) Stripper C) Distracting D) All of the above

A) Pirate B) Stripper C) Distracting D) All of the above

It knows which you are and gives you a point just for answering and a point for being right.  You get the point just for answering as a way to reward attendance.  My friend said he would never pay attention and just click any button all day and automatically get a point just for answering, fortunately for him he’s not a math major… If you did this you would get half the available points and earn a 50% or an F- so not the greatest strategy in the world.  It seems like if you just show up to this class and pay attention at least a little bit, it will be an easy A.  It would be easy to pay attention if there weren’t pirate strippers that sat in front of me…

My last class of the day is also one of the very large lecture classes, JUS 200 Drugs and Justice, which sounds fun and possibly very interesting. She starts off the class playing Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit which is a song about tripping on acid so I’m going to venture a guess and say she is more than likely a recovering hippy that dreamed about being the cool teacher some day.  The one that wouldn’t give much home work, smoke weed with her students and blow their minds…

She probably accomplished those three goals and blew a number of things besides the students minds within the first couple years of trying and has now resigned herself to actually teaching… like… really teaching.  In front of a very large crowd of drug addicted college students… I’ve circled her in red because the professor is hard to see from way up here…

It's like a stoners Where's Waldo...

It's like a stoners Where's Waldo...

The best part of this class was listening to all the retarded conversations that high people have while in class.  The best question I heard during this period was said from one pot head friend to another in a very serious stoner voice… “Are you in this class too?”

@_@ Seriously? No, he just hangs out in that particular room for no reason what so f**kin ever, just to f**k with your mind F**K face! I quit!




~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on January 21, 2009.

27 Responses to “WTF?! You sayin I have to go back?!”

  1. first hahahaha

  2. FIRST ;D

  3. F**K SECOND


  5. That’s funny, I wouldn’t even be mad if the prof. figured out what i was doing. that’d be ungodly impressive

  6. that’s why ASU is in the same place as Long Beach State, and Chico State, at the very bottom… i have a phobia of stripper pirates in classrooms, it’s really embarassing…

  7. welcome back top school big J, i’m in my third week back already…

  8. I would say we are more on par with the massive schools like Ohio State and University of South Central (USC). LBS and Chico are tiny in comparrison.

    We are no Stanford that’s for sure but we do have the SDO school of Law which Sandra Day O’Conner lecturs at, the Cronkite school of Journalism, W.P. Carey school of business is nationally recognized and we also have the biggest Bio Tech Eng program in the world.

    Have to rep my school. ^_^

    Plus we are on Playboys list of top 10 party schools every so often and have been #1 ^_^ That’s what Brittney Spears and the Pirate Strippers come for. I still think its hilarious that Spears tried one semester here and didn’t make it more than a couple weeks before dropping out… re-ta-ded.

  9. haha i’m messing with you j man… i know asu can be a great school if you try to make it that, but obviously you are well aware enough of its rep with the rest of the nation… haha, i once dreamed of playing for ASU’s baseball program, but then i realized that they are freakin’ monsters… definently on my lsit as a saftey school though…

  10. lol….pirate strippers, come to the pirate lord….(evil grin as the curtain falls)

  11. @ Alec: it’s a major research institution and those other places are for beer (ask me how I know…I assure you I won’t tell). ^.^ The psych dept at ASU is top notch…but I won’t say anymore than that, on the grounds that you might learn too much about me.

    @ajd: the prof knows what he’s doing back there, even in the very back row with 500 people in the room. She may not know which manga, youtube video or who he’s texting…but trust me, she knows. @.@

    @Jeremiah: get your ass out of the nose-bleed pirate section and learn something. ^.^ Mmmm. Clickers. One way to assure form over function. Man, give me that old-school lecture where the prof writes with one hand and erases with the other…for every second of class time, without pausing for breath, without stopping to adjust his grip once. Yeah. It’s not school til someone runs from the room tearing up their notebook and hair at the same time…or, tearing their pirate scarf off… @.@

  12. LMAO! You got me at the end with the stoner conversation. Makes you wonder how they even made it into college, no less to their classes …

    @ Ibiki: I had one of those teachers in college, and while she was totally hardcore about cramming every second of those 2.5 hours with learning, as long as you tried she was fair about grading. I still saw more than a few people run out of there missing clumps of hair LOL

  13. haha, ibi i i’ve done enough research about asu to understand that it’s a great school, when you work for it… i’m joking on the fact that there are a shit load of people who ruin that reputation with the giant ass party school one… asu’s still on my list on places to go, just as a safety school though… i know long beach and chico are for beer, their reputation is very well known within my state, very well known, considering my parents help fund their “extracurricular activities” and there classes for that matter…

    i stalk you now! jk, if you have any special connections and are interested in doing some admissions work, because i’m genuinely interested in learning more, have jeremiah send me stuff to my email…

  14. This is one of the most f***ked up things i have ever seen and it is real the guy that had this happen to him has a ruptured testicular wall

  15. “Besides the pirate this class was pretty cool. It has this clicker system where you hold a remote and the professor asks questions every 15 minutes and you have 30 seconds to answer. After the 30 seconds are up the giant screen behind the professor shows how many people percentage wise answered A, B, C or D and which is the correct answer. ”

    Wow…that’s almost like education.

    *sigh* I love the hardcore lecture teachers. Favorite type of class, period.

  16. There are plenty of those lecture classes. In fact like 95% of the classes are normal lecture/debate classes. But how many people write books and movies about the “Oh Captain, my captain” type professors. The answer to that is like a billion? <That’s science

    I don’t want to write about what every pretencious douche in the history of the world has already written about or made a crappy movie about starring Robin Williams.

    I could have written about the weather, or the Justice theory classes, or seeing my friends for the first time since last semester and how we all had lunch and discussed the inauguration of Obama and how perfect and movie like it was but how many times would you have gagged and skipped out of this post, not finding it funny or the least bit entertaining like a run on sentence that never ends and has no punch line, with tons of “ands” and “,” and “”” and “…” and blah blah blah… boring boring boring…

    Not going to do it, and you’ll never see it on this site…

  17. @ Jeremiah: we weren’t picking on you, or…I wasn’t. I laughed really hard when I saw this. I wss just riffing on the ridiculousness of that bitch Institutionalized Learning. She’s a ho dressed up in silks and she needs to be made fun of. Wasn’t trying to make fun of you.

  18. This is the result of a 21 credit hour class load…

    F**king horribly stressed out…

    I’m sorry for lashing out at my peeps.


    I guess its like when you complain about your family all the time to your friends and then your friend off handedly makes fun of your sister and you get super defensive.

    You say: “Talk about my sister again and I’ll f**king kill you.”

    Friend says: “But you just called your sister a whore!”

    You say: “I can do that, you can’t! She’s my sister!”

    ASU is a dirty whore. But its my dirty whore ^_^

  19. I hate being all stressed out like this I need to lighten the mood…

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitoooooooooooooooooo Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii!

  20. @Jeremiah-

    In the pic of your Prof, is that a set of crutches right in the middle of the picture? When I was in college it seemed that in one of my classes, on the first day back from break, inevitably someone would show up on crutches. “Dude, I was really rippin’ the slopes, then I hit a totally gnarly patch and had a yard sale.” Not to make fun of that guy, I was that guy one semester too… I also lied and said it was a skiing accident.

  21. I did notice the irony of like 6 people on crutches in that class. I guess drugs equal = extreme sports?
    Or at least they equal poor balance ^_^ The funniest part is that I went to day 2 of that class today and I saw a noticable decline in attendence. And also that the people who were “acting high” on day 1 seemed to have their shit together today. I wonder how many were freshman just trying to act cool on day one in a drugs and justice class? @_@ And how many were looking to see if they wanted to take the class and realized she was actually going to teach so they chose an something else instead.

  22. jdb: Hmmm…ripping up the slopes was generally the public story. Usually, the people I knew with crutches busted an ankle trying to slip over the fence when the cops raided.

    @Jeremiah: dude. 21 credits is intense. You know, taking an extra semester or an extra summer may seem like the end of the world right now…but your sanity and physical health (not to mention mental health) is more important. Like Tensei jutsu, finishing faster will take years off your life and trash the quality of your present life.

    OK, just some advice from an old bag, I’ll stop sounding like your mom now. And BTW…I happen to know a lot of great people who graduated from your bitch-ho institution (and I’m not saying that because she’s your sister, I’m saying that because all Universities are bitch-hos); she’s a grand dame.

  23. @ Jeremiah – 21 hours in a single semester is insane. How do you do that and still have time for this site? I’m impressed. It is hilarious how those classes are at overflow on day one, and by drop day they’r cut in half.

    @Ibiki – He blushes and says, “It’s true, I swear, really, why would I lie.”

    BTW – A “yard sale” is when you wipe out, go a$$ over teakettle, skis and poles all go in different directions, and you land with your head buried in the snow and your legs spread eagle above you. If your buddies happen to be there for the event, THEY call it a “photo op.” 🙂

  24. ASU huh? Which ASU?

  25. Hey my cousin goes to ASU, her names Brittany Delfino if you know her (But i highly doubt you do. No really im not retarded i know how many people go to ASU xD lol). Anyway im wondering what you took the video with because iPhones dont have video cameras =(

  26. GO ASU! ha i was gunna go there this semester, but i decided to go to EMCC first for two years, then transfer. i’m a bit lazy. heh. and personally, i’m thinkin’ scarf lady is in reality a dirty pirate hooker/gypsy wannabe

  27. Don’t tell me you hate pirates just because you like ninjas! XD

    Ooops, I probably shouldn’t bring up the topic of pirates vs ninjas! >_<

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