Kishimoto’s Secret Technique: Time Skip Jutsu!

Renee here (aka, Elfarren), a newbie with too many ideas to keep control of.  Jeremiah’s been nice enough to let me unload on all you people *LOL*  This is my first time writing my own post, so enjoy! ^_^

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Ever since I first read about another time skip, I haven’t been able to get the idea off my mind.  The inner dork in me couldn’t resist, so I decided to see how many chapters Kishimoto would have left to write to equal part one, and the math may surprise you.  As I write, there are 430 chapters total in the manga, and here’s how they break down:

238 – Part 1 chapters
+ 6 – Kakashi Gaiden chapters
= 244   Total Part 1 chapters

430 –  Current chapter
–  244 – Total Part 1 chapters
= 186 –  Part 2 chapters

238 –  Part 1 chapters
–  186 – Part 2 chapters
=   52 – Chapters left before another time skip

Now ask yourself, how many weeks are there in a year?  Coincidence?  Perhaps … but what if it’s not?  What if, by 2010, Naruto will be through with this chapter on his path to becoming Hokage and the manga takes another leap into the future?  The threat posed by Akatsuki, which has been the pervading menace of part two, can’t last forever, and I believe 2009 will be a battle royale that sees the entire organization dismantled.  They have it coming to them from every side, because let’s face it, you can’t go around stealing each country’s jinchuriki and not step on a few toes.  Naruto has to take down Pain, of course, but Akatsuki have more to be afraid of than simply Naruto at this point.


They have ninja coming at them from Kumogakure (Thunder) to the east, not to mention Sunagakure (Wind) from the west, which is Konoha’s closest ally.  I’m going to bet that when Gaara gets word of Konoha’s destruction he’s going to make another appearance to help lay a beat down on Akatsuki.  Whether he does so alongside Naruto or after Akatsuki tuck their tail between their legs and run like b!tches is up to Kishi.  We don’t know anything about the Kumo ninja’s abilities at this point, so I’ll wait to make any guesses about who will go up against who.  I would, however, like to see someone take on Zetsu since we haven’t actually seen him fight yet.  His ability to merge with objects and travel through them would make for one helluva battle.  And don’t forget that Kishi said he was going to fill the posts left behind by Hidan, Kakuzu, and Deidara in the interviews, so there will be plenty of time for Naruto to hone his sage-mode skills on some new faces before another time skip.

Then there’s Sasuke, and before you groan, he is the only person evenly matched to go up against Madara with any chance of walking away alive.  We’ve already heard from the 9-Tailed Fox that Sasuke has eyes comparable to, or even more sinister than those of Madara.  If there was another time skip, I would guess Madara will take over Orochimaru’s role as Sasuke’s sensei.  Like he did with Orochimaru, however, I think if that scenario plays out he’ll kill Madara once he’s learned everything he can.  Personally, however, I’m holding out hope that Sasuke is only going along with Akatsuki for as long as they help him kill Konoha’s elders, and that when that’s over he’ll turn on Madara.  Either way you look at it, Madara is going to die, and I think Sasuke will be the only one who can kill him.

Madara/Itachi 2

And who is Madara anyway?  From all the information we’re given, I don’t think anything we know is true; or, if it is, only on the most basic level.  In chapter 404, he all but admits about lying to Sasuke to get him to join Akatsuki, so everything we know about the “real” Itachi isn’t necessarily true.  The other thing that bothers me is that Madara waited until Itachi died to reveal himself to Kisame.  Why would he do that if he was already on friendly enough terms with Itachi to kill off the entire Uchiha clan?  It just doesn’t make sense.  There’s more to the dynamic between them than we’re being told, and I have a sneaking suspicion Itachi’s mysterious illness might have something to do with it.  Even Zetsu observes how he isn’t fighting up to par against Sasuke, commenting to his other half that over-use of the sharingan wouldn’t cause someone to get that sick.  Knowing this, what would?  If Madara found the secret to immortality, who’s to say he wasn’t stealing Itachi’s chakra – his life force – to stay alive, and that Itachi knew but couldn’t stop him?  Is that the final secret of the sharingan hinted at in 385.


But I digress, because the point I was originally trying to make is that once Akatsuki is finished, it would be the perfect moment for a time skip.  Konoha needs to rebuild, for starters, and putting forth an effort of that magnitude is going to take a long time; possibly as long as ten years.  Think about how long it’s taking for New Orleans to rebuild itself (four years and counting), and the amount of devastation to Konoha is comparable.  Plus, there are always more villainous villains just around the corner, and we’ve already been promised a return by Kabut/Oro.  Given a few years’ time to master control of himself, Kabut/Oro could be a much larger threat than anyone’s giving him credit for.  Right now he basically amounts to a mad scientist with uber powers of healing, and when combined with Kabuto’s knowledge of medicine and Orochimaru’s knowledge of forbidden jutsu, you’ve got the perfect recipe for a super villain.


Some years into the future, then, I’d really like to see Yamato, who can combine two elemental chakra types, teach Naruto how to master a second element.  It’s the next practical step in his training, and Naruto’s just stubborn enough to make it work.  Who knows, maybe he’ll create his own type of kekkai genkai!  The trait has to start somewhere, and every theory about Naruto having a bloodline limit gnaws at me because it hasn’t manifested itself yet.  With all the life and death situations he’s been in, which seems to be the requirement for awakening a kekkai genkai, Kishi will have some explaining to do if I’m wrong.  Maito Gai should also teach Naruto how to fight against the sharingan, like he tells Asuma and Kurenai about in part one, in preparation for the battle we all know is eventually coming between Naruto and Sasuke.

I’d also like to see more of the supporting characters in higher positions, like sensei or jounin.  Kurenai and Asuma’s son would be old enough to start at the Ninja Academy after a time skip, and wouldn’t it be great if Konohamaru was his sensei?  I know Shikamaru said he would fill that role, but it would be so much more poetic if Kishi keeps it in the Sarutobi bloodline.  It would also be strangely ironic if Konohamaru took on a role like Iruka’s since his grandfather was called the “Professor”.  You know what they say about history repeating itself.  Just saying ^_^  Seeing Shikamaru as a jounin would be really cool, though, as well as Hinata and Sakura.  That would round out the four platoons as having two jounin each, but it would be even better if all twelve reached jounin level by the start of another time skip, especially if it was 10 years.

*I have to give credit to and for the pictures, though the editing is my own.


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  1. FIIIRRSSSTTT!!!i’m BACk baby!

  2. wow that sounded pretty cool and definetly agree on the oro/kabuto thing that hee will be a major villian in the future

  3. nice first post elfarren :thumbsup”

  4. @ jjjjj – Yup, people forget about Orobuto/Kabuchimaru all the time… crazy part is if he was an alli rather than a villan… just a thought.

  5. that would be awsome get his revenge on akatsuki

  6. @ jjjjj – exactly! Thats the perfect angle for that to be possible. I just don’t see Kabuchimaru being hostile to Naruto at this point. Possibly to complete Oro’s vision of crushing Konoha but… eh, not really that exciting when everyone is trying to do it.

    Unless Danzo joins Akatsuki and they let him run Konoha. In which case he could get revenge at Akatsuki and destroy Konoha at the same time. A 2fer! Nice.

  7. haha, Kabuto/oro helping out brings back memories from way back, but now that naruto can do sage mode i don’t think kabuto needs to help right now… and gaara doesn’t need to come back either!! damn it kishi, why’d you have to go and make naruto so awesome, you ruined my predictions!!!

    if you want to know what i’m talking about:

    haha, me and lastscorpion were so cute back then making predictions that actually made sense at the time, and back when Martin was stll around bashing Maito Gai and Jeremiah’s undying love for him…

  8. Maaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiitoooooooooooo Gaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!

  9. I agree about da Madara,Kabuto role they will play as latter villains,bt wot about da unkown person who created the bijuu’s…I still think he’s da main person behind da curtain.Bt I strongly dnt think dat da tym skip is bound to come anytym sun as there r still too many things which have to be resolved nw,bt if it shud cum,I think it will have something to do with da 8 tails takin Naruto for jinchuriki traing after realization of that Naruto, as gud as he is nw, is still no match for the sharingan as he wud need 2 people to face it(Kyubi+Naruto)like the 8 tails guy did against sasuke…I still wonder wot Itachi gave Naruto n I dnt think ist gona take dat long to rebuild Konohagakure as Yamato is still der,coz he made dat huge waterfall etc. wen Naruto was still in training and maybe other ninja cud help(those who have either water OR earth)…wer is kushina?

  10. point in case


  12. Great job man you make a lot of great points. Some I don’t believe will come into play ever and some are just crazy enough they might just happen.

    I think Kabutoro will be the final villain in the series, at least that we have met thus far.

    If Naruto had a blood line limit then the fourth would have definitely been able to use it and since he didn’t have one then Naruto can’t have one either. His “Bloodline limit” is the Kyubii. I know it’s not a techincal bloodline limit but he was born with it and that’s probably the best he’ll get, The kyubii is like a built in Medical ninja that heals him quickly. Can’t make him too godly having the Kyubii and a bloodline limit and sage mode? That would make him better then Pain, Kakashi, Sausgay, and Jman.

  13. I don’t see any reason for a time skip and if they did have one they would have to do it after Akatsuki is destroyed. They have already been working on their plan for years now, at least 3 that we know of and I don’t think they are going to stop on the last 2 jinchuikis when they are so close to their final goal. All that would do is let Naruto get stronger and since pain is not going to die for a while all of akatsuki will know that he is too dangerous as is to let him grow any stronger.

  14. To be franc from wot we’ve seen thus far of da fourth and his skills, we dont know much about wot he cud do other dan da rasengan and da famouse sealing technique and wer he cums from etc. so who knows, he might have had a bloodline limit or maybe it just skipped his generation,look at nagato and da rinne’gan, people used to think dat it was a myth, bt out of no wer came nagato of tha six paths…so I think he does have one as the big players in this manga end up having dem,proof- Kakashi ddnt inherit sharingan, no did his dad have it…

  15. For the record, this is my first comment on i are awesomeness, and I love this place.

    Now for the comment.

    I’m not sure I buy your mathematical proof of the impending time skip, especially that you include Kakashi Gaiden as part of Part 1. I do, however, think a time skip will come. Konoha to the Big Easy was an interesting comparison, but I imagine that Konohagakure’s emergency response system is better implemented than our own.

    As for the future roles of our favorite nins, I would like to see Naruto with some time as a team leader before assuming command of the whole village. Shikamaru seems to be the ideal candidate for 6th, in my opinion. Konohamaru would be in Naruto’s team, and maybe elite teacher Ebizu can fill Iruka’s role. I mean, after a disaster like Shinra Tensei, sometimes you need to suck it up and commit yourself to being a lowly ninja academy instructor.

    I’ll get around to putting some actual predictions up, sooner or later. I just wanted to toss out my 2 cents worth and tell what I’d like to see. Oh, which of course includes Kakashi not dying and Maito Gai doing something more central in the near future. I really like the counter-sharingan training idea.

  16. @ Saabonosuke – Glad you started commenting ^_^ I don’t think she meant it as proof but rather something to consider. I found the mathematics interesting.

    Shikamaru is a favorite of our editor Ibi but I think he’s a bit over rated… I may have to do a post on that some day… I can only imagine the hate email I would get @_@

  17. @Jeremaiah – Thanks for the welcome! I think your dead on about the volumes of hatemail for a Deflate Shikamaru post. My main thing regarding Naruto as 6th is that he doesn’t have enough decision making experience. I guess Tsunade didn’t really have any administrative training either, but, still. I think Naruto is still the sharp end of a stick, not the stick wielder just yet.

  18. @ Saabonosuke – don’t you think Minato was the same way though? Like father like son. I’m sure he was the most powerful in the village and that is why the third stepped down. I can see something similar happening with Naruto. Him being Hokage because he’s the strongest and someone else making the brainy decisions i.e. Shika or Kakashi.

  19. Great effort Elfarren; you’ve provided lots of food for thought/debate in your post. I particularly liked your theory about Madera’s involvement in Itachi’s illness.

    One potenetial way that the time skip could occur without Akatsuki being defeated is that Akatsuki actually wins the war. Not a good thought, but let’s say that Naruto and many of our favorite characters are able to escape and are forced into exile. During some extended time frame they train and plot their revenge. This could also provide Kishi a vehicle for fleshing out some the other characters with a little more detail. It could certainly provide for a big showdown. Would Sausuke stay in Akatsuki, would Kabutoro side with Konoha, how much more powerful can Naruto become….?

  20. @ Saabonosuke: Like Jeremiah said, I wasn’t using the math as definite proof of another time skip, I just thought it was really coincidental that there were 52 chapters left to equal part one, there are 52 weeks in a year, and at the time I wrote it was the first week of 2009. I only included the Kakashi Gaiden chapters to figure out how many chapters of part two were written as well, so if you go back and look you’ll see that I didn’t include them in the math I got 52 chapters left from. Does all that make sense? LOL I’d like to see Naruto as a sensei before he becomes Hokage, too, but I have doubts that he’ll teach Konohamaru since their ages are so close together. I won’t say it can’t happen, though, because we all know how Kishi likes the Hokage to take on squads with future Hokage material in them. Thanks for making your first comment for my post, that’s awesomeness!

  21. @ Harshy: Thanks!

    @ BJBThe1: Even I’m not sure what will happen, it’s just fun to speculate. And I wouldn’t discount a bloodline limit just because Minato didn’t have one (that we know of) since technically a Kekkai Genkai is created when a ninja can combine two types of elemental chakra. Yamato wasn’t born into the First’s family, but he learned to master that bloodline limit anyway after Orochimaru injected him with the First’s DNA. I think Kishi is trying to show us having a Kekkai Genkai isn’t cut and dry with Yamato, and I hope it’s because we’re going to get to see him teach Naruto how to create his own. If that makes Naruto the most uber ninja ever, even better ^_^

  22. I think it makes more sense to have a time skip after akatski is finished or almost on the edge of disbandment as more time is needed to build up another resistance. For instance in DBZ after cell dies there is a 10 year time gap and there is also a small time gap between freiza and cell. But in logic it makes more sense to take a time skip than rather build up the characters slowly as the manga goes on and boring people to death.

  23. What!!!! Naruto not the 6th hokage. Crazy talk.

  24. Oh, first comment material, absolutely! I see where you’re going on the math front. And you make a fantastic point regarding Hokages leading teams of Hokage material. Someone else’s post reminds me about the Madara-Itachi illness connection, which is certainly thought provoking. Keep up the good speculation!

  25. Great post! If indeed there is a timeskip I cant wait to see who takes over the knucklehead role of Naruto (man I miss him being an idiot). I cant wait to see someone drive him nuts Like he has done both Hokage’s, instuctors, hell just about anyone he could sexy jutsu.

  26. @saabonsaskue- it doesn’t really matter that Naruto doens’t have the leadership experience… hokage is about protecting the village first and foremost, the advisers can handle everything else, that’s probably what shiki would turn out to be… when it comes right down to it the hokage represents the village’s strength and last defensive measure. When Pain or some other bad ass villian comes knocking on your door trying to destroy the village, do you want naruto fighting him or shikimaru? Shikimaru would be better in a large bureaucracy but even he’s too lazy to do all the administrative stuff. I’m sure gaara wasn’t the best for leading the village but he dam well was the best one for protecting it. The hokage isn’t a president per say, it is the ultimate fighter in the village who is willing to lay down there life in the line of battel to defend the village. That’s why madara and the first fought for it. It was not a competition to see who could best allocate resources, and troops most effecitvely, it was a contest of raw strength and determination. You can have an assistant (like shizune) run most of the stuff, a council (like gaara), or advisors (like the third) to also help in the day to day stuff, but you can’t have shiki or shizune fighting pain when the survival of your city is on the line (especially shizune, kinda unreliable on that front)…

  27. @Saabonosuke and Elfarren: What team did Tsunade run before becoming Hokage?

  28. @ Repairmanjack: Run as in sensei, like Kakashi is to Team 7? Can’t say that I know … or at least that I don’t remember if Kishi told us. She’s mentored Sakura, Shizune and Ino, but they were never a platoon.

  29. @Elfarren: When did she mentor Ino?

  30. @alec that was awesome. couldn’t have said it better myself

  31. @repairmanjack ,Not sure its in the manga, but Ino came to Tsunade just like sakura did “tired of being useless”. It was either One of the late pre timeskip anime or One of the first few Shippuuden.

  32. “Great effort Elfarren; you’ve provided lots of food for thought/debate in your post. I particularly liked your theory about Madera’s involvement in Itachi’s illness.

    One potenetial way that the time skip could occur without Akatsuki being defeated is that Akatsuki actually wins the war. Not a good thought, but let’s say that Naruto and many of our favorite characters are able to escape and are forced into exile. During some extended time frame they train and plot their revenge. This could also provide Kishi a vehicle for fleshing out some the other characters with a little more detail. It could certainly provide for a big showdown. Would Sausuke stay in Akatsuki, would Kabutoro side with Konoha, how much more powerful can Naruto become….?”


    Forgot to log back in after clearing my Cache to see Harshytkage’s new avatar…Yah, that’s it, it was Harshy’s fault…. Baaaaad Harshy.

    Oh well, it gives me a chance to say good job again to you Elfarren.

  33. @Amun-Ra: I remember Ino wanting to be an aprrentice too, but I thought she got mad at Sakura and didn’t go through with it. I haven’t seen anything evidence supporting Ino was trained by Tsunade in the manga, if so please give me a chapter and page number I would be interested in seeing it.

  34. @Alec
    Valid points. I’ll say, however, that Gaara was a good choice as leader, as evidenced in his sessions helping train the less experienced nins of Sand with weapons. He was also a good leader because he was inspiring…we all saw how tore up the Sand village folk were when they thought he was dead. As for the Hokage automatically being the best warrior, I don’t think that’s the case. I think Jiraiya was stronger than Tsunade, even despite how close she came to busting him up in the decolatage debacle. I think the Hokage needs to be a top notch ninja, an inspirational leader, and a solid decision maker. Shikamaru’s laziness is a major factor, but he has reduced his ‘that’s too troublesome’ ratio to, like, 1 line in 50 these days. Tsunade’s lazy too, right? She didn’t want the job. Azuma’s death and the following raid on Kakuzu and Hidan saw Shikamaru grow up more than a little bit. With little Azuma on the way, and a recognition of the role of the king in chess, Shikamaru has, I think, started to realize that caring for the people of the village isn’t a troublesome task, it’s an honor. Naruto, like Jiraiya before him, is going to have to spend some time out in the field stomping ass. After Naruto sows his wild ninja oats, he’ll be good Hokage material in terms of all the criteria, and Shikamaru can retire to a cushy appointment to Naruto’s inaugural cabinet.

    @Repairmanjack Tsunade doesn’t have experience leading a team of Ninjas like Kakashi, I don’t think, but she was the leading voice in the village to revolutionize squad composition to include medical nin. That counts for something. Didn’t she train a bunch of the medical nin too? I forget.

    Anyways, Naruto needs to bust heads outside Konohagakure. Konoha, although basically leveled at this point anyways, couldn’t survive another major battle inside it’s territory. Maybe an interim hokage that wouldn’t get his/her head on the cliff, but held things together while Naruto eats some Akatsuki for lunch? In an emergency, like the one which brought Tsunade to the post, he would do fine. I don’t think anyone would say that leadership experience would hinder Naruto’s ability to faithfully execute the office of president of the uni…I mean Hokage.

  35. Konoha will fix itself within a few days..Naruto will use 10000 Clones to sort that out.

  36. Actually.. he’ll probably leave the village restoration to the rest and take care of any invading army with his own 10,000 strong sage-bunshin army :] Wouldn’t tht be fun to watch…

  37. I love this guys prediction,

    Im jw whatver happed to konhamuro after he got into the fight with one of pains bodies

    Also itachi gave naruto the sharingan,

    If u look very closely on of the slides when itachi and naruto meet one of the crows has a sharingan eye

    just a thought 😉

  38. Actually.. considering tht naruto is Jman’s disciple after all… If there is a time skip it could be after Konoha is stable n he decides to go on a journey of his own.. followin in Jman’s footsteps.. Maybe write a pervy book of his own.. hehe..

  39. Naruto get a Sharingan, uh-uh, no way, not gonna happen. If it does, I’ll write a freaking Haiku in 5 point iambic pentameter in your honor, glorifying your ability to sense the future.

    Reason your sharingan theory is probably incorrect.

    Sharingan is a hereditary genetic trait found in the Uchiha clan. This genetic trait has the ability to dramatically increase the sensory capabilities of the ocular nerve. The rods and cones in the Uchiha’s eye can permanently increase sensitivity brought on by high levels of stress, maybe a hormonal release such as cortisol, growth hormone, or norepinephrine are being synthesized by the endocrine system to bring about this conditions. It generally manifests it self in under conditions of extreme distress or in survival situations. Continually over stressing the optic nerve causes degradation of the eyes ability to transfer signals through the optic tract sending signals to the visual cortex in the occipital lobe at the back of the brain. Prolonged use of this leads to loss of vision and eventually blindness. The eye can be replaced using a viable organ donor. A direct relative would be required to reduce the risk of organ reduction.

    Found a medical explanation of how it could be triggered. This is a survival instinct encoded in the genetic makeup of the organism.;jsessionid=EBCBE3B19F91CF2AFE22CAF17D223673.tomcat1?fromPage=online&aid=303780

  40. organ rejection, not organ reduction

  41. @Saabonosuke-

    Great post, all of your points have valid arguments, and I agree that Shikamaru has the chops to be Hokage. However, if the elders were to choose Douche-Danzou as the next Hokage, Naruto might challenge him(I don’t think Naruto would challeng Shikamaru). I don’t think this would be without precedent; didn’t Danzou challenge Sandaime’s Ascension to Hokage? As for Naruto’s standing in the community. Naruto is currently, single handedly, protecting the village from an enemy so powerful that the entire population has had to be evacuated. If The Leaf village survives, you would think that Naruto will have generated an enormous amount of goodwill and respect from the entire Village. Additionally, pedigree appears to have played a role in the choice of past hokage’s. We now know that Naruto has an impressive pedigree to pair with his two large…Rasengans.

    Truthfully, if Shikamaru were to become Hokage, Naruto could be his enforcer. If Naruto were to become Hokage, Shikamaru could be his Counselor. Although I have to admit,at this stage, Naruto would probably be more satisfied by “sowing his wild ninja oats.” My point is, Naruto may be in such a strong position after this battle that he would hold some sway over the elder’s choice. If they choose poorly(in his opinion), he could swing a wrench into the process.

  42. Actually i think he’s already managed to influence a lot of people into changing their view of him… to

    And Shikamaru has the brains.. but the Hokage is supposed to be one of the strongest in the village (if not THE strongest).. But yeah.. i think it’s too soon for Naruto.. If Danzo tries to become the Hokage then Naruto could challenge him.. But all this is IF Tsunade is no more.. n i gotto admit.. even though a lot of you guys believe she’s gonna get her ticket punched.. i stil have hope :]

  43. Lot of ideas floating around. Great job with the math. I think it would be awesome if it followed your theories. I just have to think Naruto has to do something about sasugay before hokage. He does say how can a man who couldn’t save his best friend become Hokage. I’m cheering for tsunade to live and stay in power. Maybe offer him the position but he declines until the time skip kicks in, or after sasugay’s dealt with. Basically, I believe he will be the 6th.

  44. @saabonosuke- nice point’s but again, Naruto is doing a pretty inspirational job and what not considering that it was Tsunade and Sakura who said his name… shiki has gotten the admiration of Tsunade but she still was waiting for Naruto. Notice Shikimaru’s leg’s broken, Naruto on the other hand is so far kicking Pain’s ass. Jiraya didn’t get the job becasue HE didn’t want it, he was selected as hokage but he turned down the position because if he was hokage a) he wouldn’t be able to move freely and collect info on oro and akatsuki and b) be an ero-sennin…

    Plus look at the raikage, he doesn’t look like the sharpest tool in the shed, he looks more like a bigger more badass version of Maito gai… and Gaara was inspirational AFTER he became kage, before he was a a psyhco nut job with unbelievable powers. Naruto is inspiring before he is hokage. And notice that the abilities to command only comes into question really when two or more candidates are equally powerful or one is not completely stronger than any other ninja in the village. Take oro and the fourth. You have Oro, or the fourth to choose from. If the 4th wasn’t around, Oro would become hokage regardless of his evil and sickly disturbing ways, and vice versa. It came down to the fact that in the end the 4th had showed more compassion for the village and was willing to lay down his life to protect the village.

  45. @ajd09
    Great point, Naruto would be straying from his nindo if he accepted the position of Hokage while Sasugay is still living on the dark side. That said, whether Tsunade lives or not, Danzou plans on usurping her power.

    When he makes his move, Naruto, the number one knucklehead ninja, won’t be able to let that stand. Notice Danzou’s statement that casualties are necessary for him to become Hokage. For him it’s about power, not protecting the village. Makes you wonder if he would make a deal with the Devil…oorrr….a God to acquire/keep that power.

  46. “Naruto get a Sharingan, uh-uh, no way, not gonna happen. If it does, I’ll write a freaking Haiku in 5 point iambic pentameter in your honor, glorifying your ability to sense the future.” – Orion

    ROFL LMAO! ^_^

  47. @ Orion: That was the most comprehensive explanation of the sharingan that I’ve ever seen. I have to give you props for finding and sharing that tidbit ^_^

    @ajd09: I think being the 6th would be too soon, but I could totally see Naruto as the 7th Hokage. It would be especially fitting since he’s part of Squad 7 … I hope the Naruto/Sasuke storyline moves forward before he becomes Hokage ,too, though I doubt a resolution will happen yet. We’ll see!

  48. @saabonosuke- see, the new spoiler even says shiki is no where near naruto’s power. He is not going to be hokage, because his dad isa way stronger than shikimaru and even he is no where near naruto… thus shiki= not being hokage…

  49. @Elfarren: thanks for the post! love the math. 😛

    @Orion: you, sir (I think?), are a total egghead and funny as hell (from one egg to another). If I weren’t already spoken for I’d confess my undying love and propose. LMAO…iambic pentameter…JOURNAL articles?! LOL. ^.^

  50. I think that there will be a new Hokage real soon but I don’t think that it’ll be Naruto at this point in time, think he’ll pull a J-man and turn it down so he can continue roam and wrap up other conquests (Sasuke, Akatsuki, Madara, etc.). Hokage needs to be in the village and protect the village.

    Also its just a matter of time before Naruto has to fight Jiraya and/or the 4th. The 4th because oro’s reviving the dead technique that he used against the 3rd. The 3rd was able to stop the 4th from being released and then he sealed the 1st and 2nd inside himself. It’ll be used by sasuke pending on if he taught it to him, or Kabato cause he was there with him when developed it and used it.

    Hell fight Jiraya because his body was left there in pein’s possession and hell become one of the paths of pein. I think it’ll be later down the road after this battle pein will go back and reorganize.

  51. @jb44 I agree with you on just about everything you said. I’ll just emphasize that I think Naruto won’t become Hokage until he wraps up some loose ends out in the field, as Steve also points out. As for Naruto’s standing in the village, right now what you say is true. I hope it stays that way, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Danzou pulled some twisting the facts monkey business: “This is all Naruto’s fault…that freak is the only reason Pein came to our village to begin with! He’s too dangerous, and needs to be kicked out of the village!” It would be propaganda B.S., but I could see it happening, and I doubt that Naruto is much of a politician.

    I agree that Naruto is way stronger than Shikamaru, that’s never been in dispute. I think the reasons you explain for the big J not accepting the post are applicable to Naruto too. I’m not trying to say that anyone in Konoha is stronger than Naruto. I’m saying that Hokage = strongest ninja is an equation that works when the mantle is passed during times of peace. Right now, Naruot has more important stuff to do than figure out what that bottle in Tsunade’s drawer is for, or why she’s always drinkin’ it instead of working.

    As for brains, you make an excellent point about the Raikage…that guys a goon, I tell you what. On the other hand, do we know that he’s stronger than the Killa Bee? Until we see him fight, we don’t know if he’s the strongest in his village.

    Orochimaru becomes the Hokage if the fourth’s not around? I don’t know. The third beat him, sorta, and I doubt that the citizens of Konoha would stand to be lead by that girly haired Gene Simmons imitator.

    Finally, in defense of what may have been misconstrued, Naruto is probably the strongest in Konoha, barring some secret technique stuff we haven’t seen from some surprise character. I think Naruto would be a good Hokage. I don’t think Shikamaru wants the position, and I also suspect that his dad is stronger. A possibility that I don’t even want to bring up because I hate the bastard is that Danzou will step up and claim the role of Hokage with some slick words. If he smooth talks Naruto, who doesn’t even know who he is or that he should be wary of him, Naruto might even go along with it. He could appeal to Naruto’s desire for revenge and send him out on missions to deal with the loose ends (Orochibuto, Madara, Akatsuki, etc.). While Naruto is out takin’ care of business Danzou might consolidate his power and slander Naruto, making the villagers forget how valiantly Naruto defended the village through so many crises.

    Phew. I feel like I just took a big, long, satisfying dump. I’m gonna take a nap now.

  52. i think it will be naruto to take out madara the reasons:

    1 – it was because of madara that naruto’s father died
    2 – everything started because of madara eg Kyuubi
    3 – because of madara that Itachi and sasuke had to suffer

    and i think its the main character(naruto) role to end it by killing madara.

    and you forgot to mention the power itachi gave naruto.

  53. @ NotoriousWarrior: Actually, I have an entire theory about what power Itachi gave Naruto, but I’m hoping to save that idea for another post.

  54. The only thing I would like about a time skip is that Naruto would finally be voice acted by a guy.

  55. OH, Kingcam, YES!!!!! I would love that bit.

    I’m not convinced about a time skip, although in another 52 issues I may feel differently. =) I want things to heat up politically so the younger Konohans grow up in that way, too. That may take a few eps with Danzou as Hokage…

  56. well….another timeskip…those in favour say “Aay!”, those not in favour say “Nay”….

    I say “dunno”

  57. Nay! How would they do 20 year old Narutos voice in the anime? =O

  58. If naruto has a bloodline limit it could be the fourth’s ability to “teleport”/move really really fast.
    that might be one of naruto’s final moves he has to learn to make him invincible or Hokage

  59. nice, liked reading it.

  60. @Saabonosuke
    Great comments, I agree that Douche Danzou is a slug (sorry Katsuyu) and he may still have a plan B for ascending to Hokage. My assertion that Naruto has thrown a Flying Rasen Shuriken into Danzou’s original plan, remains true. Danzou will have to be very smart and/or very lucky to pull off this coupe de tat, now that Naruto protecting Konoha.

    I do agree, as distasteful as it may be, that “Danzou as Hokage” opens some interesting story lines for Kishi to explore.

  61. first time user and first comment… Great wordplay! had fun reading everything… the conspiracies flying around are armed with solid reasoning. Finally a thread with no dumbasses… although i cant put my two cents worth first for naruto, i have one conspiracy that i believe got around before..kishi is reading forum threads and taking the ripe ones to add to naruto storyline! sometimes its too coincidental, sometimes its too de ja vu – ish… but whatever, continue writing good stuff and i know sooner or later, kishi will incorporate that one in naruto!

  62. welcome fumakotaro.



    who was that masked commmenter? Actually we think Kishi is Bono (known for usually swooping in and claiming first on every post) and he hasn’t been around for a bit. Too busy shagging chicks.

  63. hahaha good to be here. this is the first thread i’ve enjoyed in a bit… when are they posting the scans?

  64. friday

  65. oh yeah, different timezones, actually its friday here now.. m located SE asia…been stalking different sites but to no avail.

  66. alright, then tomorrow haha. d:

  67. wahahaha!

  68. Forever I thought that they wouldn’t do another time skip, but then, it hit me, it could be really cool. The only problem I hae, is what are they going to do with Sasuke, is he just going to be lurking around.

  69. i’d really love to see how the characters develop as adults, and i’d especially love seeing new outfits! ahhhh, that would be supermegaawesomeness SWEEEEEEEEEEET

  70. I want to see naruto with flash step or sasugay with that big ass thing his brother kinda summoned… its gonna be speed vs. speed if they both meet up in the future manga…although i know that no one will die on that encounter..Danzo on the other hand, i believe would take the opportunity to kill the elders…with them out of the way and him being an “elder” of some sort, that would really be something. although i think naruto can’t help put with the politics though…

  71. naruto is kindof reminding me of dbz in a way… the two main chraracters are getting so much stronger than all the rest that theyre not even in the same league anymore, and the only challenge they have is each other, and villains.

  72. well goku died later in the series coz i think he got waaaaaaaaaay too much stronger!! maybe same thing will happen on this one if kishi is way tooo diehard for dbz

  73. @ fumakotaro: Thanks for the words of encouragement ^_^ I like to think I can guess plot lines because I read a lot of books/ watch a lot of movies, but only time will tell. And yeah, how awesomeness would that be if Kishi was reading Jeremiah’s blog?!?

  74. LOOK OUT A GIANT CHICKEN AHHHHHH!!!! ok thats not true. there will be a time skip but not this year. i am stoaked about narutos outfit upgrade. i cant remember the last time i got so excited when i saw a single frame. no time skip untill akatski is destroyed or forced into a prolonged stale mate with each side unable to beat the other. i know tons of other things will happen but akatski wont be put on the backburrner as villans untill that happens..

  75. @elfarren: he would be half the man he is if he’s not reading this blog wahahaha!!! for me i believe this is one of the best thread i’ve read in months. Good Job!! enjoyed it a lot!

  76. i wounder if i can post again, come on signal boost i love you

  77. … this may seem random but i would really like to see naruto learn fire element… imagine the rasengan with wind AND fire element in it…. that would be ultimate pwnage!!!!!

  78. i would rather see naruto with water element… hehehe why am i always contradicting ppl!!!! damn me!

  79. If you think about it, Naruto is a lot like Goku and Sasuke a lot like Vegeta.

  80. i hope this happens i can’t wait to see how it pans out

  81. i wonder if this time skip is still happening…
    these flashbacks are like time skips to me…

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