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The new issue is out! Click on the translation link above to read it! Click HERE to read this weeks break down post for Naruto Manga 432!

-Breakdown of Naruto Manga 431 is below-

Preta Pain has taken the offensive tactic of trying to punch Naruto's fist with his face... we'll see how that strategy works out for him.

Preta Pain has taken the offensive tactic of trying to punch Naruto's fist with his face... we'll see how that strategy works out for him.

Hey everyone,

Did anyone else notice the parallels between this weeks issue of Naruto and the movie Rocky? I know that many Naruto battles have resembled the Rocky-esque formula of getting no respect, followed by getting his ass handed to him before making a miraculous come back but this one is special. He didn’t start off by getting his ass kicked, he just went directly into getting some ass. So before we get into it today, get that Rocky theme bumpin in your brain… close your eye’s and imagine… wait… if you close your eye’s you can’t read so forget I said that.

(Note: Strangely the exact same thing happens to me running to class late everyday.)

Just keep that song in your head, let it get you pumped… Dun Dun diddy dun diddy dun diddy dun, dun dun diddy dun diddy dun diddy dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnn dunnnnnn… That song should’ve been running wild in your head while you read this! And if it wasn’t, read it again that way ^_^ Lets do this!!!!

Everyone was shocked to see Roger, the giant frog arrive on the scene...

Everyone was shocked to see Roger, the giant frog arrive on the scene...

Just like everyone else I was sick and tired of waiting for the new issue of manga to come out. It seemed like months waiting to see what was in store for our favorite fox-frog hybrid. This issue did not dissapoint. Naruto relieved Tsunade of duty after she did an amazing job protecting Konoha with her slugs, she is at the end of her rope and has given her all. It’s Naruto’sturn and he’s pissed! Some people in the comments section were pissed that Naruto had the balls to take over and send Tsunade away but I have to disagree. She did an amazing job, she metaphorically jumped on the grenade to save the platoon if you know what I mean. So I don’t think Naruto did her any disservice by stepping in and taking over where Tsunade and the rest of Konoha left off.

This scene has also dismantled my Kushina or Rin being animal realm theory. Or at the very least killed the Kushina part and seriously damaged the Rin theory. If there was a time to have some special connection revealed it was right then in that panel. It had animal realm, front and center fighting with her summons, Tsunade standing her ground and Naruto appearing right behind her. This would have been that moment for the Kushina theory to come to light but it didn’t. This doesn’t kill the Rin theory. That would happen if Kakashi sees her and doesn’t react. Since I’m obviously being proven wrong I’m a little disappointed but I’m never one to deny or run away from a statement. I can admit when I’m wrong. It appears that animal realm may just be a random character…

I thought considering the connection to Jiraiya with the other paths of Pain that she would be at least slightly significant, but it seems as though Nagato has just been using the dead bodies from the previous nin war that Jiraiya fought in to supply his little army… hmmmm oh well.


Yo Tsunade... we did it!

Tsunade is taken away to meet up with Sakura and as Erosennin put it “it ain’t over till Chouji’s momma sings”, well Chouji’s mom is definitely warming up at the very least… if you don’t know what I’m referring to, I’m talking about the end of Tsunade’s run. Look at the age lines appearing around her mouth, look at her hands growing old and frail. She’s literally given everything she had to save Konoha from complete annihilation and it worked. She’s saved many lives but it appears that she may have given her own in the process. Some of you may be screaming at your computer screen at me like you have been for months “Stop saying she’s going to die!” She’s just getting really old suddenly, she’s only out of chakra, she’s…

I just don’t see her making it out of this… Kakashi has a better chance of living than Tsunade in my opinion… Doesn’t it seem like this is setting up for her to give her life to save Kakashi like Chiyo did for Gaara? (Green reminded me)

When you see this look on anyone's face... begin to take a few steps backward slowly... no sudden movements...

You know it's bad when Naruto goes Thriller on us... Michael Jackson would be proud.

Naruto can now sense everyone’s chakra and realizes that Kakashi is not amongst the nin that he can sense in the village. He asks Tsunade if he’s out on a mission or something but Tsunade gives him the “….” answer, which is usually not a good sign. This probably means that Kakashi is just out of chakra, at least that’s what I keep telling myself. At any rate this enrages Naruto to Thriller levels and we can all tell by the look in his eyes that someone is about to catch one hell of a beating compliments of sage training.

We’ve all talked about what seems to be drama building by Kishi when it comes to Kakashi but are we starting to get a little worried here? The only thing that makes me feel a little better is that two different people have directly asked Tsunade about Kakashi now and neither time did she confirm his death. I would feel better about his chances if they had another couple pages of him talking to the White Fang at the creepy dead guy campfire family reunion… but they haven’t.

We have two characters lives hanging in the balance right now while Naruto tears into the paths of Pain… Who’s going to make it is the big question…


This is your last warning! Put your balls behind your back and come out with your hands up!

This is your last warning! Put your balls behind your back and come out with your hands up!

When Naruto took on Animal realm’s summons he decided that two balls in the hand were worth… complete pwnage of the summons apparently. The sage mode was obviously a giant leap forward for Naruto as we continue to see insane levels of power and skill improvement. Not only did he one hand Rasengan blast Laser head last issue but he has kage bunshins dropping R bombs on poor helpless animal summons now. All that potential chakra use is finally coming to fruition in these last couple issues.


In fact, his progression over the past 2 issues almost equals the progress he made in the first 429 issues. We are talking leaps and bounds, not baby steps any more. He used to be the fall behind early nin who’s sheer determination and inability to quit got him through fights. Now he appears to be the big angry kid on the block ready to destroy what ever gets in his way. Does this bother you at all? Or is it the pay off you’ve been waiting for?

I applied to Sage Tech but was turned away due to a low GPA... bastards.

I applied to Sage Tech but was turned away due to a low GPA... bastards.

I bet you all expected a “large balls” joke there didn’t you?! I think I pushed the limit last week when we found out Ibi likes it forced through the back door so I’ll tone it down for this issue ^_^

Size does apparently matter. To all those who took part in Ibi’s RASENGAN DEBATE a few weeks back, I’d have to say that this cinches the deal. I would think that Naruto’s Rasengan is even more powerful than Jiraiya’s giant Rasengan because it’s got that added kick of the wind element added to it that Jiraiya didn’t have.

Remember how lowly and weak his clones used to be? He really finally grew a pair… hehe couldn’t resist…

That's Preta funny how quickly this body of Pain got his ass handed to him ^_^

That's Preta funny how quickly this body of Pain got his ass handed to him ^_^

Preta Pain was just slightly more challenging than Laser Head. And by slightly I mean Preta actually saw Naruto coming unlike that poor dumb bastard Laser head, who’s last thoughts consisted of wondering what the other Pain bodies were looking at just before Naruto completely destroyed him from above. In case you were wondering what happened in that sequence, Naruto’s punch was so powerful that it killed Preta path in one shot because of the Natural energy that’s gathered in sage mode. (assist Narutopedia)

And when he farts he shoots out Amaterasu... sage mode is truly unbelievable!

And when he farts he shoots out Amaterasu... sage mode is truly unbelievable!

When I first found out that Naruto was going to go through sage training I thought that he may be able to learn to control the Kyuubi. I was excited about this because of the many advantages the Kyuubi gave Naruto in a fight. But its starting to seem that Sage mode gives the same advantages to Naruto without the side effects. So why would he even need Kyuubi anymore. Or if he does gain control over his beast will it only add to his power like with the 8 tails? Many possibilities… what do you think?

Really? Two issues in a row? In two weeks nothing better came to you?

Really? Two issues in a row? In two weeks nothing better came to you?

So this weeks final line from Naruto is just as wonderfully imaginative and original as last issues but he does tease the new move, though that is pretty text book as well. I do like the subtext to the left of the speech bubble “waves of rage!!!” , I’ll admit I’m intrigued. I was pretty sure his new move would be the Rasengan as a projectile but the “waves of rage” line makes me second guess that assumption. So among other things I’d like to hear in the comments section what you think it is. When he says “Waves” is he referring to like the waves of an ocean? Wind element + Water element? Just a thought. Or are you thinking the projectile Rasengan still? Let us know.

Well that’s it for this week. This issue was a really good one and at the rate we are going I think we are plowing toward a time skip this year. The hyper jump in power coupled with the huge number of unresolved issues leads me to think that the Pain story arc may signal the last story arc before a time skip. And to those who think Naruto is coming to an end, I whole heartedly disagree. Even in the face of what appears to be the soon to be crowned new Hokage Naruto. Sasuke, Madara, Raikage, 8 tails and a lot more stuff is left out there still to be resolved and that’s not going to all happen within the next year. This issue was awesomeness with him raising his pwning average to one path of Pain per issue, which is amazing but it leaves me wondering where does he go from here? I do thoroughly enjoy watching him finally get the recognition that is way over due… he’s still a Gennin technically remember… so I’m really looking forward to seeing this new move.

This issue had lots of visuals and very little talking or hints at other stuff so the review may have seemed a bit thin at times but I hope you still enjoyed it and I look forward to another week of discussion from everyone. Below are the winners from issue 430’s challenge on who could come up with something better for Naruto to say than Kishi did in his last frame and the winners are…

5) "Try to fia your lazza now!" Owtoe

4) “I feel no pain…” iDang

3) “Its time you understood the real meaning of pain, bitch…” Arrrun

2) “You’ve knocked them down. Now why don’t you try and knock me down!?” Elasticatedninja

And the most Awesomeness comment from the “I could have come up with something better” challenge is…

1) “IT’S OVER 9000!IMPOSSIBLE!” Real

If you don’t know Dragonball then you probably didn’t laugh when you read this comment by Real. But if you do then you got a chuckle out of it at the least or in my case made me spray the pepsi I was drinking when I was caught off guard by the power rating reference. The top two were both funny references to pop culture which I’m a sucker for. In case you didn’t pick it up #2 by Elasticatedninja was a Rocky reference, which was both very appropriate and awesomeness. #4 and #3 were straight up hard core and Kishi should have put something like that in there. #5 was funny cause I hate laser head. There were actually a lot of really good ones, some that would have been bad ass but this one actually made me laugh out loud, so that cinched up the top spot. Nice job Real, your awesomeness has been established.

Patrick Swayze's power rating is over 9000! Impossible!

Patrick Swayze's power rating is over 9000! Impossible!

Honorable mention: “Pain dont’ hurt.” The Swayze

That’s it for this week. So until next time…



P.S. Is everyone caught up on Bleach? Many of you have already noticed Yoroichi in the iareawesomeness banner…

And now your moment of Zen…

Sleee eep in heavenly peace... good night precious...

...and down will go baby, craddle and all... good night precious...

Thanks to Sleepyfans for the scanlation and Onemanga for the awesomeness.


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  2. no first for you bono!!! :p

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  4. lol Im suprised you didn’t show the picture of Preta Pain pwned on the ground drooling.

  5. Good Point Fanboi, I’ll add that ^_^

  6. Awesomeness

  7. Did anyone notice the blade like item in Preta Pain’s right hand?
    Or am I just seeing things again?

  8. @ tinman: i saw it too, it’s just like when kakashi saved iruka from being owned by deva pain.

  9. wow naruto use big balls to smack doggy in face!!!

    lick my bawls mother fucka

  10. lol Preta Pain = PWNED!


  11. @ Fanboi – done and done. Bottom of the post ^_^

  12. It was almost too easy for Naruto to own Preta. I am guessing that each path will get gradually more difficult for him until we get to Nagato. Then time skip.

    Althouh…I almost feel as though there was already a time skip since Naruto has been out of the manga for so long (except for the brief obligatory panel ervery once in a while).

  13. Even though its good to see Naruto powerful like this, Id like to see him gain some power/speed that he doesnt have to activate, aka Kuubi and Sage form. Without those, hes still not very strong. He had to go through some tough training to get sage mode though, I just wish it was permanent power.

  14. @ Russ – So by your logic it will gradually get harder?

    Laser head – didn’t even see it coming, one hit knock out.
    Preta Pain – saw it coming, one hit knock out.
    Human Realm – will see it coming, say something, one hit knock out.


  15. Even though he had to go through harsh training to get sage mode, Id really like to see Naruto get some permanent power/speed, as in not having to activate it to use it, aka Kyuubi and Sage mode. He will be able to use this mode whenever he wants, but hes no stronger without it than he was before the training.

  16. If Pain is smart, he will allow each body to buy him time and chip away at Naruto a piece at a time, slightly weaken him before God realm goes one on one against him. I also feel even if he beats all 6 bodies that they are disposable and he has a warehouse full of stasis chambers containing potential vessels to carry his 6 paths. Additionally Pain will be able to analyze Naruto’s fighting skills so the next time they fight, Pain will be better prepared.

    My next hope is Tsunade and Sakura take a field trip to find Kakashi, maybe Tsunade will be able to revive him.

  17. @ Miah…Exactly!

  18. @ Orion – I actually think the traditional ninja tactic of attacking one at a time against a hero has been proven slightly misguided.

    I would suggest they all attack him at once.

    To chip away at something you have to be able to take that first chip


    And to the second part of your comment… revive him… or give her remaining life to save his… just a thought.

  19. Nice chapter 😀

  20. Agreed, she will probably work with Sakura to pull of a Granny Chiyo style technique.

  21. Great job as always, Jeremiah! Glad I wasn’t drinking a Pepsi while reading.

    Naruto in total pwnge-Sage mode. He has arrived as the hero everyone hoped for, just hope Kishi doesn’t have him trip over that new sage coat in the next issue.

    Even though Tsudade saved the lives of so many villagers, she still ended up looking weak. It would have been nice to see her take out one of the realms before handing off the rest to Naruto.

    As far as unresolved subplots, we also still have an Orochi infused Kabuto out there somewhere. Hmmm.

  22. I don’t think there’ll be a timeskip.

  23. you guys are missing something, pain’s just testing out how strong naruto is… it ain’t going to be that easy… notice in the formation it was animal, human, and hatever pain in fron, followed by god realm and THEN it was hell realm. what i’m seeing is that Naruto kicks the but of the other two pain’s and then he thinks it’s basically over and goes after god realm… while he’s fighting god realm, he get’s hit from ehind with one of demon realms missiles, to naruto’s surprise all the other pain’s are perfectly healthy again… this time they realize that it was hell realm that revived the other bodies and that he’ll have to destroy him… the problem is now that pain will begin to use combo attacks.. and when that’s all done with he’ll have to face God realm… there has to be a reason why jiraya wasn’t able to do the same thing and that’s cause they began to use combo moves.

  24. These damned mange characters need to get in the habit of carrying a meat cleaver so they can cut the enemies body up in to manageable sized pieces they can scatter.

    Take the guy that killed Asuma. If he used a wind sword and cut his body into 10 or 15 piece then scattered them with an explosive technique, he would have still died by Hidan, but the other guy would have been too difficult to put back together for Hidan to bother with.

    Take all these damned realms of Pain, butcher his body up after you defeat it. Don’t knock him out with a punch, leave him drooling, walk over him, and proceed on to the next fight. Use your sage power with your wind element to cut both his arms and legs off and feed them to the frogs behind you.

    Our manga characters could take some tips from the organized crime families.

  25. @orion8301

    LOL…Hidden Leaf-La Cosa Nostra.

  26. Pain is getting his assed kicked but the other realms are just buying time until god realm can use his Jedi jutsu again and then they will use their combo attacks.

    Also each realm is weakened since god realm used the darkside of the force move on the entire village. That is one reason why they are getting ko’d so easily.

    But still give Naruto credit he is kicking ass and taking names, no matter whether pain was at full strength or not it is game over for him.

  27. oh no a moderation jutsu *I will use my waves of rage to overcome it* hahahaha!!!

  28. @ Orion – lolz! Awesomeness.

    @ Alec – very possible and probable. He has used a different technique each time and now he’s about unleash his secret weapon. Couldn’t show his hand anymore than he is >_<

  29. Isn’t it about time Danzou made his move now that Granny Tsunade is really beginning to age or did he get taken out by the Shira Tensei too?

  30. @orion8301- Sorry to spam, but I was still chuckling about your mafia analogy… or maybe it should be called The Yakuza analogy.

    Could it have the makings of a fanfic?

    Any way, Naruto Pwns the six raalms, then finds Negato and Konan. We see them having a conversation, but don’t know what is said.

    Later Naruto finds Tsunade and says that he’s taken care of things. She asks, “What about Negato?” Naruto replies, “Le’s jus’ say ah made ‘im an offah he couldn’ rafuse. Ah tole ’em tha’ one day ah migh’ ask em a favah, tha’ he coul’n’ rafuse….”(Excuse the terrible attempt at visually writing in mobster dialect)

    It could work… aahhh.

  31. it’s crazy im expecting neji, lee, gai really pissed off can’t wait to see them in action

  32. I don’t think there should be another time skip. What would Naruto, Sasuke, and Akatsuki be doing during these 2-3 years. Resting? Training? Obviously Naruto and Sasuke are strong enough. Neither needs anymore training. And many plots are already in motion. Plus, what would they have between the time skip? Iruka Gaiden? =)

  33. You know about the waves of rage part ?
    i thought it was saying
    naruto is having waves of rage.
    E.g. finding out about kakashi, konoha like destroyed ?

  34. @ Green – yeah for sure. It alludes to everything going on, I don’t think that is the actual name of the technique or anything. But it may hint at the emotion or even as Alec referred to the waves of Pain as in one after another.

  35. ahh right okay
    btw awesome analasis or however you spell it as usual
    the old chiyo techinique keeps coming into my mind
    the life transferral from tsunade to kakashi
    anyone else with this idea ?

  36. #

    Even though he had to go through harsh training to get sage mode, Id really like to see Naruto get some permanent power/speed, as in not having to activate it to use it, aka Kyuubi and Sage mode. He will be able to use this mode whenever he wants, but hes no stronger without it than he was before the training.

    Nova said this on January 16, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    …What do you mean permanent? sage mode doesn’t disappear..since he learned sage mode its what makes him stronger and faster…he can activate it anytime.

  37. wow..didn’t think i’d make top 5 on the 430 challenge.

    also, damn..past few chapters was like porn for me…pure orgasmic pwnage….

  38. Well even if he uses his new move he still has a possible ace in the hole. That big scroll on his back. I’m sure its not just for show and if it is someone should be shot!!!

  39. there is a possibility he might use that jutsu. but I doubt it since I found it pecular when he said ” new move”. If you think about it, his newest move shown so far was fuuton rasin shuriken. That jutsu was taught to him already between the time skip. He actually nvr used it, but it doesn’t mean its his new move now that he is able to use it with sage powers. I could be wrong, but it just seems too soon for that to occur. and his hand signs looked similar as kage bunshin.

  40. Did anyone else notice the rhino on page 4 had rippled eyes(like all of Peins bodies) and what appears to be a rod in it’s forehead. In fact all of the animals Pein summoned have rippled eyes and rods(the dog has something on it’s nose, you can’t see the bull’s eyes but it has 2 non horn things sticking out of its head)

    Does that mean they are all animated bodies like the 6 paths

  41. @iamnotreallythere

    I think so, they didn’t have any personality, something the rest of the summons in the series did have.

  42. I think the first page of 431 basically proves that God Realm isn’t Nagato, since he talks about “God Realm” in third person.

  43. awesomeness naruto will kick pain for sure

  44. This was mentioned before by a few people, Russ, orion8301, randomthought etc…

    I was thinking along these lines as well, but the more of Pain’s bodies Naruto takes out the stronger the others will get. When Pain used Shinra Tensei he gathered energy from his other bodies to increase the power of one. Naturally I would think that sinc Naruto knocks more and more down Nagato would just divert the power from those bodies into the rest. At the same time God Realm is recovering. By the time Naruto attacks the rest God Realm would be back to average and then some. In addition to all that Naruto still has to deal with Human and Naraka whom both respectively have the ability to rip a person’s soul out of their own body.

    This is a joke however this is how bad it could truly go.

    *Naraka catches Naruto’s throat*

    Naruto: What is tha…

    Naraka: I destroyed Ichimaki Ramen! It was me!

    Naruto: You bastard its a lie, its a lie, your lying I won’t believe it! Believe it! (O.o)

    Naraka: The truth is all around you know this, now burn it into your eyes!

    *Hell King begins extracting Naruto’s soul*

    *Naruto saves himself by doing Rasengun just in time*

    *Naraka and Hell King are defeated*

    Naruto *Tears streaming down eyes* : ******!

    Deva *Shinra Tensei*

    Anyway thats a little how I expect things to go if the battle drags on.

    On another note where is Konan. Why do I get the feeling she is going to end up getting hurt protecting Nagato in some way. Either that or she has given up entirely on the matter and is letting Naruto destroy bodies from lack of interest.

  45. O.K. new rule: Close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and now Naruto Sage Mode punches. Imagine if that would have hit square on.

    What about what Pa toad says, “In Sage mode, he’s more Dangerous and his attacks have a greater reach than usual.” I think this is a clear sign that flying Rasenshuriken is about to come out and play. If I’m wrong it will definitely be a long distance attack. A definite first for Naruto. Lets face it, if Naruto was a long range weapon he would be brass knuckles.

  46. pain admitted, out loud, that jiraiya would have beat him if he hadn’t kept his true nature a secret. and seeing that naruto’s sage mode is more complete than jiraiya’s, it’s pretty fair to say that naruto is gonna smash that punk.

  47. so honestly is it just me or did naruto just kill the two gayest versions of pain? obviousely laserhead was a dbag… but preta pain had to be in second just because of the way he looked when he escaped kibas moms gatsuga….

    he looks like a freaking spider… i hate spiders!

  48. I think waves of rage is a specially designed move to counter god realms major move, the one he is recharging for… the one that destroyed konoha… for that everyone may have to be moved out of konoha or protected, kakashi or even naruto may need protection then – tsunade can use up remaining chakra and hence life and so die. and then the waves of rage… i think!

  49. haha i have no idea, but the Rocky song didn’t work out for me… but what really hit the spot was Deepack’s- “Here’s Johnny”… but what i see being an awesome amv is combining the fighting between naruto and Pain with “Raver”- Showtek cause naruto is just a motherf***in’ raver with a hardstyle flavour

  50. is kakashi really dead as naruto cannot sense his chakra

  51. waves of rage is going to be a S-Rank water jutsu, i know because a japanese friend told me and his dad knows kishimoto

  52. Sorry Alec. I’ll choose Rocky music over raver music any day…


  53. What if naruto got sharingan from itachi and naruto gets kakashis eye because half his body is crushed like obito and he gets mangankyo sharingan. (puts flame shield on, Drinks anti flame potion, protoss batter anti flame shield)

  54. @ Glen – That is the least I’ve ever seen you say.

  55. Hey.
    Stop spelling disappoint and disagree incorrectly. The only reason disservice has two Ss is because service is the root word. Appoint and Agree are the roots for the other two. One S.

  56. this was truly a great issue cant wait for the next one…. i wonder when gai and team will finally arrive to the village

  57. @ annoyed – Gee thanks mom. Nice job playing the part of English teacher on a blog entitled “i are awesomeness”. That is correct grammar, ain’t it? If it wasn’t I would be seriously dissapointed with myself…


  58. I was just wondering why j-man wasn’t this badass in sage mode? was it because it was a complete sage mode? J-man’s and Naruto’s sage mode techniques have been differen’t so far. If J-man did indeed have same abilities as naruto right now( like chakra sensing nd that frog katas) why couldn’t he sense the real pain wasn’t there or kick soem pain ass using frog katas.

  59. sorry i meant “best nin in the world” in my last comment

  60. Well I remember reading somewhere in nthe manga that if a ninja was to use the last drop of his chakra, i mean if were to go down completly to 0%, he would die for sure even if he´s the best nin in the world.

    I don´t think he can be revived since the only reviving tech we saw was chiyo´s and as far as we know that jutsu died along with her, but who knows kishi might surprise us.

  61. Yeah I’ve seen kakashi say that himself. My guess is kakashi is actually dead and comes back to life somehow. Either a chiyo reviving jutsu used by tsunade(god i hope not) or his talk with his dad awakens a hidden power within him or a hidden MS power? Remember tobi is suposively madara. If it is madara he is hella old(i think itachi said madara was immortal)

  62. hehe i hope so too. If kakashi revives outta nowhere that would just mean the overused “son, its still too soon for you, you have a lot of things left you must live”

    PD: are you mexican? i am

  63. oh yeah, about you j-man comment.

    He might had been unabloe to sense nagatos chakra because of an special barrier that prevented his chakra from being sensed it, i mean so far he has proven to be really cautious and remember that j-man was gathering intel on him, he wasn´t trying to kill him so we will never know how strong he really was in sage mode and pain was serious on j-man sinse the very begining. He might just be teasing naruto right now but naruto might be still able to defeat pain even if he stops holding himself off because naruto already has all the intel he needed he doesn´t have to figure out anything while fighting him so naruto doesnt have to be fight the way jiraiya did

  64. sorr i meant “naruto doesnt have to fight…”

  65. …(2X)

  66. how do i manage my subscriptions? can anyone help
    i checked the box below that said notify me of followup comments via email and now i cant see the manage my subscription link
    i wanted to go home and drop out naruto but the regular emails i get is provoking me so much that i am almost going to explode

    sorry this is a spam as well but this will be the last one. i just need to unsubscribe from here
    also, kakashi isn’t dead stop forcing him to the afterlife when you are supposed to be kicking the shit out of mashashi to get him back to life -___-

  67. .

  68. @glen, i know exactly how you feel…

  69. Why doesnt pain use all the bodies at once? I mean isnt that why Rinnegan is so powerful. You can see what the other bodies see. Why didn’t anyone assist demon realms attacks? Is Nagato testing his power? Toying with him like he did with Jiraiya? God I hope not. Pains pwning spree really needs to end soon!

  70. @FANBOI. i think he is measuring naruto’s abilities.
    @namikze, actually, i just don’t feel any thing of think of anything to say. hehehe

  71. omg!!! i cant wait 2 c how gai reacts to kakashi being lyk pretty much dead!!! he mite turn towards depression if he dies, then lee will be all lyk “gai sensei!! i challenge you to do 5000 push-ups using chopsticks!!” and then gai will be all “lee……. im busy being depressed, go do that thing somewhere else” *morbidly depressed luk on his face. poor lee’s all lyk “gai sensei????” *tear rolls down face.
    and then gai goes insane and tries 2 take over the world.

  72. Naruto’s advantages from j man’s lost. No form of pain seen is the real one. J man fought with the 2 elder toads while naruto is owning with the top 5. Unlike jman, naruto knows of some of pain’s abilities….so there’s an advantage there. And I hate to admit it( I really do) but even if tsunade makes it out of this…..she won’t last much longer….and that’s the overall factor

  73. I can’t wait to see Naruto vs. the real Nagato… Do people eventually see Madara vs. Sasuke (Sasuke win) and then the eventual final of Naruto vs. Sasuke or do you want to see Naruto vs. Madara and Naruto vs. Sasuke, I’d rather have the former, the less frames with Sasuke the better imo.

  74. @glen, yea… that’s, uh, what i meant too… *shifty eyes*
    @fanboi, Pain’s strategy right now is actually kinda good. On page one you see the 5 remaining realms shift into an ‘I’ formation with Human-, Animal-, & Preta Pain on the front line, Naraka Pain in the rear and Deva Pain in the center. Deva is still recovering so it makes sense to protect him right now. Naraka’s ability to heal instantly heal the bodies with his King of Hell technique (Ch.430 p.13) sorta gives him the medical nin role and explains why he should be the last line of defense. I also have a feeling that he needs time to recharge after using the technique.
    With Animal Realm fighting long-distance with summons, Preta on defense, and Human Realm ready for close-combat(he’s strong too… remember he was able to stop a sage mode J-man punch with just one hand in mid-air [ch377 p15]), Pain’s pretty much ready for anything… except a badass Naruto throwing summons hundreds of feet in the air, putting his balls on their foreheads, and punching through Preta’s ‘perfect’ defense without actually punching him.

  75. Hmm, I hope Nauto’s new jutsu won’t be a disappointment. I hope it’s not a new Rasengan variant and if it is it should be a long range version.
    No, what I’m hoping for is that this new jutsu of his is actually something totally unseen before. Maybe something only Minato could do to some degree. I’m thinking here about a space/time jutsu but it’s highly unlikely that this jutsu is anything but explosive. So I’m guessing this jutsu will be something explosive.

  76. I was looking back at and remembering that panel where he was wet looked an awful lot like when Naruto was first learning how to cut water with his wind chakra. Could the cloud on page 10 be essentially his clones lined up ready to unleash a line of wind capable of cutting anything in its path? Similar to Pain’s Violent Wind Palm technique except it’s mixed with natural energy so that, similar to Preta Path, you can’t just ‘dodge’ the wave to avoid getting hit. Plus you get sliced in half as an added bonus.

    Naruto would have been unable to do such a large scale slice without the Kyuubi chakra getting in the way. But with Sage mode, he could still accomplish this easily with no fears of transforming.

    Of course Naruto could also just try a Rasengan with wind and natural energy. I sure wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that technique either!

  77. Does anyone think that sasuke is coming back soon, to help kill off Pain, catch Danzo, and realize that his ambition of crushing Konoha has already manifested, which will Just leave Madara to kill, which he knows he will not be able to acheive with out the help of his brother from a different mother?… or am i just day dreaming?

  78. don’t you think naruot is moving too fast?
    he’s not even gauging pain’s capabilities
    i think we’ll all be surprised on the end if naruto gets pawned ny pain and extracts the kyuubi inside him..

  79. Since everyone is having a hard time dealing with the Kakashi incident I have created a small theory to cheer a few people up.

    I’m sure you have all noticed it by now. Everytime Kakashi uses the Sharingan he is drained of his chakra. One week, two weeks maybe more. Each time he is forced to rest. And now years later after developing the Mangeko Sharingan the periods of rest are longer and the outcomes more troubling. As it stands from the last battle he can’t move at all, not some joke but full blown one step closer to one of Pain’s bodies. I won’t tip toe around it he may actually be dead. Don’t screw with me you know that campfire was bad.

    So what is the answer where do we place our logic. The solution is the same as the problem. The very thing that makes Kakashi the current Shinobe that he is and the same thing that continues to keep him weaken. Obito’s Sharingan, no Kakashi’s Sharingan. This is where to place your hope. The Sharingan is a constant drain on Kakashi’s chakra, it is never off. So what do we have to do. Deactivate it. Simple short and no less vague. But how you say, that thing won’t go off by itself.

    There is what your looking for. We take the Sharingan out of Kakashi. To save his life or even offer the chance it is appears as if a must. The eye that keeps offering him so much, is hindering his chakra reserve. With it he can’t even recover as easily as anyone else. Right now in his moment of death even as he lies there it is taking from what ever he has got. By removing it we hold the narrow chance of allow him to regain even a fraction of chakra. With that Kakashi’s life would extend and his chances of coming to life probably several times higher than with it.

    Do you agree with me? If not maybe your ready to accept what s happening but if not then above is one of your chances for hope.

  80. I also had another theory that the reason Kakashi’s chakra can’t be detected is by uses the Mengeko Sharingan in the same way as Tobi he has entered an existence where he isn’t physically determined to be there. Time Space Jutsu existence anyone. Just something from Tobi, but still you know…

  81. I’m sure all that will happen is either, kishi wraps all the side syorys quickly and ends the series OR somnething will happen that makes Sage mode unavailable for naruto or alot weaker… >.<

  82. the swayze lives on

  83. Does anyone else notice how utterly badass naruto looks in the bottom right pick on page 7

  84. @alec: I vote for ‘someone’s gonna get their head kicked in tonight” by the Rezillos

    @jeremiah: It worked for me. ‘Eye of the Tiger’, not so much.

  85. i’m pretty sure waves of rage will be dat move he used to cut the mountains in half…bak when he was training wit the frogs

  86. i have a feeling naruto and pain are going to have an all out war like goku and buu. then naruto starts to lose but out of no where
    kakashi flies in and says “i broke obitos promise once and i will not break it agian!”

  87. the promise being dont let your comrades die again or something
    and rin being the reason he broke it the first time

  88. For one I think Tsunade will be just fine she got like this once before but even faster when she saved naruto awhile back like AWHILE back in the anime. Though Kakashi I think has less of a chance of making it that Tsunade does, I’m sad to say it seeing as he’s my 2nd fav char and all but I believe it’s the truth.

    As for Naruto’s new move It might be something like what he used to split the mountains while he was sage training solo at night while the frog was sleeping. His long distance move he used though while they didn’t really show what it was and only showed the mountain split.

    If you watch the anime as well you’ll notice Sasuke has come up with a lightning based move sorta like naruto’s wind based move to split things or cut things from a distance which I find rather interesting.

  89. Think back to when Naruto was training alone after everyone else had gone to bed. Remember the tops of the mountains he was cutting the tops off of. This has to be the jutsu he is refering to. I beleive he will use this in his current battle and he may be able to throw more than one or have control over the direction of the one that does not break down on each impact but cuts thru what it strikes and then continues on to the next and so on. He could actually chase the remaining Pains off or cut them to shreds (this is what I am hoping for) with one move… This would really scare the shit out of Nagato seeing all his realms of pain actually pwnd by one person and one move. So keep an eye out for any flying fuuton: rasen-shuriken or maybe just a large Fuuton-Shuriken w/o the rasengan added. If he can create two huge Rasengan balls ( do I hear AC/DC in the background: I’ve got great big balls of fire). Remember he has wind based chakara and if he uses it like Asuma(God rest his soul) then he could create something massive with his new found sage powers. Wind also is nature based so he could gather the four winds and combine them into one huge shuriken that would cut thru mountains like a hot knife thru butter… The realms of pain best beware his next move because it may just be the last they ever see.
    Naruto + Sage mode = pawnage of the realms of Pain!!


    This is Naruto’s new jutsu I forgot to add to my last post as my evidence of what he is fixing to unleash on the realms of Pain.

  91. u know naruto can sense chakra now, maybe he can sense nagato and is keeping it a secret as some sort of trump card. he might be waiting till all of the pains are taken out and when nagato tries to escape or revive them naruto gets out the shovel and administers shovel to face justice.

    oh and naruto will probably end up having a showdown with the kyubi at some point to gain control. maybe a clone goes kyubi or akatski extract the kyubi and naruto manages to live like gaara did, that last one doesnt seem likeley, it would seem to repetitive.

    narutos momentum will eventualy run out, hel lose sage mode and well have two manga issues of pain going,

    “aha u have lost ur strength now u will feel pain, because i am pain, and pain is good. did i mention my name is pain!!??! well it is!PAIN! and u r just a pathetic underdog, not like pain, who is me! not nagato! cause im not nagato”

    then big suprise, at the last minute, naruto will use clones to gather chakra and gain sage mode again. so hell still have that struggling to win theme that runs in all other fights.

  92. Wheres the poll asking who´ll win the Naruto vs Pain fight already?
    Also, will Danzo kill Tzunade-sama?
    Whos gonna join the Battle?

    Im saying Naruto will barely win against Pain, as Tsunade gets taken out by “Root”, next Root gets Susannooed by Sasuke for his little revenge fetishs sake, and finally Madara shows up, capturing Naruto, stealing Kakashis eye, raping Sakura, eating the towns last ramen and then riding into the dusk, singing a cowboys song!

    And im some guy from the internet, so i must know!

  93. Im sticking by it being the idea of it being RasenShurikan
    But he’ll throw it
    Back when he owned Kakuzu with it,
    it was only half way done and that took 2 of kakuzus lifes

    Im thinking a clone distraction with sage mode special rasenshurikan behind it.

    @MosesGunn But im loving the idea of a cutting wind like move that he learnt alone. Like a huge slicing wave
    what would be awesome

  94. Maybe that the big role Kakashi has to play is simply giving his eye to Saucegay. I mean, his vision is getting worse because of MS so, it would be welcome if saucegay could have an eternal MS. PLus your theory that Kakashi can’t die because of what Kishi said could be wrong: I don’t think you need to be alive to be… beeyed (Does this word exists?). I think Kakashi will die and then Saucegay will do something stupid, as usual and Konoha will finally give him Kakashi’s sharigan and it will ba an epic battle. Madara’s eternal Ms angainst Saucegay’s one.

  95. @fanboi th for stealing my avatar now ive to hange it again

  96. Sorry for the double post but I just thought of something. J man said that Minato knew something of grave importance and so that he sealed only the yand chakra of the kyuubi inside Naruto. Maybe he knew what Madara in the name of akatsuki was plotting and therefore he did so. Maybe that Naruto will be defeated this time and the same thing that happend to Gaara will happen to him. But, because he only has the yang chakra, the big weapon Akatsuki is trying to build won’t work. then comes the hunt of the ying part. it gives time to saucegay to understand some vital things, and what I said in my first post happens, only that this time, it would be a big battle Naruto and Saucegay vs Nagato (pain) and Madara. Like that, we can see who is the child of the prophecy and who is the strongest among the Uchihas…

  97. i HOPE the new jutsu will be some kind of wind blade that he can send out flying in the air cuting anithing.

  98. @ Charzelo – but at least your Zabuza icon is pretty dope.

  99. man

  100. Who thinks naruto would now pwn sasugay?

  101. read the manga last page at the bottom it hints its a meelee attack

  102. read the last page of manga youll see that it hints that its a meelee attack

  103. i do.

  104. I just saw this issue today. I Can’t believe i was like one of the last persons to see this issue!!!! reason being, I had to go to a college track meet this weekend and i learned one thing in life is DAMN true. . . “black people ARE fast”. . . .alot faster than what i thought previously. Well anyways aside from getting my ass handed to me at the meet, seeing this chapter made my weekend a WHOLE LOT BETTER. Amazing show of skill from Naruto, boy is stepping it up.

  105. are bijuu natural occurring chakra given shape and form?

  106. @charzelo: Shit i was looking around the previous comments if anyone was using Madara. Sorry xD. Madara is my favorite antagonist by far.

  107. It’s pretty obvious that Sasuke is going to interfere.
    I beleive naruto will get his ass handed to him somehow maybe by madara. BUT the 8 tailed demon is going to save naruto.

  108. i changed my avatar 2 killer bee like 3 days ago. wtf?

  109. can anyone answer the bijuu quetion?

  110. @ highkage: that doesn’t matter. maybe they’re huige animals with a lot of chakra and a lot of intelligence, or maybe they’re just a lot of chakra with a brain and a body. point is: they’re super strong. ;P

  111. wouldn’t sage mode give naruto better control over bijuu if they were made of natural chakra?

  112. Bijuus are completely composed of chakra as said in this panel by Madara and Karin.

  113. imagine his hurricane rasengan in sage mode thats how hell kill nagato. His power to deflect only happens for one shot and the H.R. sends attacks to all of your cells

  114. @ highkage: not really, cuz sage chakra comes from SURROUNDINGS, not things inside you. kinda like spirit bomb: you don’t need to be in super saiyan (aka kyubi)to do it, but it’s still as lot of energy.

  115. ok heres my theory on the awesome manga. Naruto is really strong but pain is a “god” for a reason. He is testing naruto’s powers and trying to find out his secrets before sending all of his clones into a battle. i dont know who said this but he is in defensive formation, he not trying to win right now, he just testing him. Preta pain can be revived as long as naruto is kept busy and animal realm keeps summoning stuff.

    THe reason Jman couldnt sense chakra was because his sag emode was complete while naruto’s is. but wat i don’t understand is how jman was so much physically weaker then naruto, he learned th same moves and stuff but how could human realm just block his punches like that.

  116. @ anon: senjutsu is a combination of internal and external chakra, not just external (surroundings).

  117. pain wasn’t stroner than jiraiya. jiraiya just didn’t find out his secret til it was 2 late.

  118. Maybe the new technique comes from Itachi…

  119. it not that naruto is crazly powerful that all the pains are weak its that pain used shinre tensei which weakrned them and he collected all the power left with in the other pain and put them into god realm so naruto iis going to have a hard fight with god realm. and also naruto giant rasengan doesnt have wind element chakra in it. its the futon rasenshuriken that has the wind element in it.

  120. one more thing sage mode is really powerful but its nothin like kyuubi

  121. does anyone else think that the reason killer bee is alive still is to train naruto to control the nine tails….what else is there for him to learn?

  122. i think they will meet.who knows what’ll happen after that.

  123. imagine if naruto and B fight. that would be epic……

  124. hey who hold tsunadi`s hand and said well done. which one do u think is donzou, kakashi, madara or sasuki?

  125. @ bori: non of the above.maby it was the 1st talking 2 tsunade.

  126. @bari: sorry i spelled your name wrong

  127. nah it is kool thanks by the way

  128. what do u mean the 1st?

  129. Next chapter “Melee” or “violent free-for-all”

    Certainly with Naruto and the toads vs. Negato and the paths of pain we’ve got enough bodies (and bad intent) for a melee, but what if all the potential players who may be heading towards Konoha show up?

    1. Madera/Tobi (are they heading to the Leaf?)
    2. Killer Bee and Hachibi ?
    3. Yamato and Sai (where are they?)
    4. Negato and Konan
    5. Sasuegay and Team Hawk
    6. Maaaiiittooooo Gaaaaiiiiii and Team Gaaaiiii
    7. Team Samui sent by the Raikage from the Hidden Cloud
    8. Douchebag Danzou and Anbu Root

    Now that would make a melee! And…I’m sure someone is missing from this list. Seriously there is a ton of badness heading to the ruins of Konoha. Will they all show up at once or in dribbles; will they show up before or after the main event is finished? My brain, such as it is, hurts just thinking of the possibilities. Does anyone think that Naruto and Pain will finish this fight without somebody showing up to, spoil this showdown, help one side, take advantage of the situation…? I hope we get a satisfying finish to the fight.!?

    @Tinman- I like your assessment of the flying fuuton:rasen-shuriken…errr…Mountain top cutting technique. Hope he gets to use it to pwn the rest of the paths.

  130. why is it that naruto’s last name is uzumaki and not mizuke?..
    what happened to kushina?..
    sage mode will not be naruto’s trump card against pain, nor his new jutsu,
    the fght will be like his recent fights, after a few episodes his ass will be kicked by nagato, then he’ll talk about his love for the village and the people of konoha will cheer for him and he gets due recognition and he’ll have a surgeofadrenaline rush and he will retaliate and kill NAGATO…amp

  131. @ bari: i ment the 1st hokage.

  132. @ anti_nagato_syndicate- Kushina’s last name was Uzumaki. I think they gave Naruto his mom’s last name to protect him from potential enemies. The Third forbade anyone from talking about Naruto’s “delicate condition”; I surmise that using Uzumaki as his surname helped in that regard also.

    If you follow Kishi’s formula for previous Naruto fights, your analysis of the form this fight mght take is spot on.

  133. man i’m tellin you guys, pain wouldn’t have beaten jiraiya if he wouldn’t have kept the nature of his doujutsu technique a secret.

  134. @anti-nagato-syndicate: thats definitly gonna happen, naruto always fights like that. getting his ass kicked the then at the last minute gets inspired by the village or some friend and finishes the fight.

    my only doubt is that naruto has never really entered a fight and completely pawned an opponent like this. he always has a bit of staring, a few little tricks that do sod all, then the enemy starts to win. Then the routine continues. maybe the realms are just the lead up to the real fight with nagato.

    at one point sage mode will ware off, the frogs will say things like its impossible and hes gonna lose. then naruto will use a clone to go into sage mode again and the pa toad will praise him for it. just like how he used the foxs chakra agains neji or wen he first used the resengan or wen he used the rasenshuriken. get my point lol

  135. Preta Pain – all mere “zombies.” But, it ain’t over yet…

    I, too, was sooooo ticked off that I had to wait for “forever” to read this manga. The last one left me wanting more. This episode was pure “awesomeness!” I can’t wait for the next issue!

    Agreed: there is so much to be resolved: What about Danzo? (There are political-behind the scenes stuff going on with Danzo wanting the Hokage title and willing to see Konoha destroyed for his own benefit.) Speaking of Danzo: where the hell is Sai? We see Sakura…Of course there is Sasuke, which I think Naruto will have to make a very emotional decision regarding – to kill or not to kill (remember the “power” that Itachi gave to Naruto?), Raikage and his rampage against Sasuke and his cohorts, 8 tails, Kakashi and, well, any further development in relationships (the Sakura versus Hinata debate – Kishi had better get some help in developing this one).

    Regarding Tsunade, remember that she uses a jutsu that makes her appear to be younger than her years – it’s just her bustline that reflects her age. In the earlier Naruto phase, when the Oro fight took place, her jutsu was wearing off due to extreme fatigue. Then, her “instant facelift” returned after resting. She’ll be back, but with the realization that her days as Hokage are numbered. Kakashi won’t be so lucky…

    Another item: when, in God’s name, will anyone clue Naruto in about who is parents are???? I mean, jeez, he is the son of a powerful Hokage and a strong Anbu. Shouldn’t someone TELL him? Like he has time to do any kind of ancestry search…

    This also may be a minor point but…when is Naruto going to receive the ninja ranking he truly deserves? It is just yet another reminder of how many underestimate Naruto, which is unfair. In my opinion, at the very least, he is a higher level Chuunin if not an outright Jonin (ok, leadership abilities may be in question but no one is perfect). Any thoughts on this from anyone? Or, is it just me that’s stuck on a minor point? Oh, and his “apprentice” should be Konohamaru. Perhaps his other two: the snot nosed kid and Moegi will come along for the ride (?)

    Keep up the great work. Love the postings, opinions and theories. They make me lol.

  136. @ bari- Sakura was holding Tsunade’s shriveled hand.

    I got the impression from the way that the text bubble was drawn, that this was Kishi himself inserting the general sentiment “Well done, Tsunade.” If so, he may be foreshadowing her honorable death…

  137. maby tsunade will die maby she wont but i think konoha will still need a new hokage ether way.

  138. […] Naruto Manga 432 + Preta Pain, Man or Vegetable? + Further discussion and breakdown of 431 Naruto Manga 432 -Breakdown of Naruto Manga 431 is below- Hey everyone, Did anyone else notice the parallels between […] […]

  139. @highkage-Whether or not Tsundade remains Hokage, and I would argue that few alive could do it better. We can agree that whoever is Hokage, they will need a new assistant. RIP – Shizune…

  140. wouldnt u like to know- it is not a girls hand, it is a man`s hand lol. loook at the pic carefully.

  141. @bari- I may be wrong but look at the sleeve and skirt that go with the hand. They are similar to what sakura’s wearing 2 panels prior to this panel. Also in that prior panel Sakura is running towards Tsundade. I still say it’s Sakura holding her hand.

  142. Oh god, he used two ultimate balls, pray the new move isn’t ultimate mushroom stamp

  143. In one of the tsunade-sakura slides someone says “well done tsunade”…bet thats danzo

  144. Im thinking ‘waves of rage’ is gonna be an amped up shadow clone techneque. Look at his hand sign in the last frame.

  145. @fanboi no probs i needed to change my avatar anyway, im glad you have good taste. he loves to manipulate people. unlike oro, he knows exatly what he’s doing

    @jeremiah zabuza was the one who put kakashi on the map, their fight was the reason why i started watching the series

  146. Yeah I can understand where a lot of you are coming from but the truth is. As much as we prefer kakashi. Kishi won’t do that. Think about how important tsunade is to the leaf village. I don’t think that she would give her life for just one person while the village is going to need her more than ever. I believe kakashi is going to somehow come back to life. Either by a new jistu by naruto or by the talk he has with his dad the white fang. Honestly do believe that naruto is going to kill the 6 paths of pein. And the paper bitch and the real pein which I think is nagato we flea while he recovers. This leaves the question of danzo. The frogs know that something happend to the messenger frog so I wonder if they can bring that back danzo. That would be intresting because that mean that anbu might have to fight against anbu. I think naruto won’t be able to handle it himself because he would be to tired from his fight with pein. But the next manga chapters will obviously tell of that. And bout the time skip. I could maybe see that happening. Only if when pain gets back they have to deal with the 8tailed beast and there hokage. And what I would think would be kinda cool is if naruto becomes hokage after the time skip. Konoha is rebuilt and sasuke trys to destoy konoha then and we see the battle of the ages!!! Oh yeah and bout the kabuto oro thing. That’s really up in the air. No idea how he can match the power of pein….

  147. ok, i’m juat gonna come out and say it — I think pain is a punk. i say this because all he does is hide behind those 6 realms. i know naruto uses alot of shadow clones but at least he fights along side them; he’s not off in another country or something, unless pain just doesn’t have an actual body… for a shinobe that just seems really punk@$$ to me… feel free to agree or disagree.

  148. It is definitely Sakura who is holding Tsunade’s hand. Not sure if it is Kishi saying “well done Tsunade” or not. It may be Danzo is fixing to show his true color and take her out while she is very weak. We will have to wait and see, but he seems the type to strike while someone is unable to defend themselves. Beware the ides of March Tsunade. Et tu Danzo! About Naruto still being a Genin, he may become the first Hokage that doesn’t reach the Jounin rank.! Naruto’s new rank is SAGE and this trumps Jounin I think and possibly Hokage. Until Kishi finishes Kakashi and his campfire reunion with his dad I say it is possible for Kakashi to come back to us. Please Kishi don’t take my Kakashi away.! Now it will take a miracle of sorts for Shizune to come back, seeing as her sould was ripped from her body. But did Human Realm (I think this is who took her soul) actually absorb her or did God Realm call him with his summoning jutsu before he had the chance to injest her soul? Any thoughts on how one would return a soul to their body or maybe she will take on the Swayze for ghost domination, lol… The Swayze rules as does Captain Planet!

  149. @ i think i know how to deactivate the sharingan. remember that kakashi is out of chakra now, and sharingan constantly uses consumes his chakra, meaning to say, if he is out of chackra, he sharingan won’t work, this time it will turn off it self. then when kakashi wakes up ( i hope) he have to learn how to activate his sharingan, then as he learns to, he will also learn how to deactivate it.

    problem solve.

  150. haha at 1:29 of that rocky video did anyone else notice the kid with the broken arm?

  151. nobody said “well done tsunade” it’s not written on a speech bubble. it’s like kishi just added that. no one said those words. look carefully.

  152. it’s just kishi

  153. @ Jeremiah- haha, but somebody has to be freakin’ trippin in this part, i mean have you seen there eyes? it’s like Pain and naruto cleared out the village just so they could throw a huge ass fight party, plus they’re totally tripping nuts, especially pain who’s wondering why naruto is so thoroughly kicking his ass so far…

    yet again, another point at which our opinions differ… but to each their own…

  154. wow. i called pain a punk-@$$ and no one disagreed?

  155. On the subject of Shizune, Naruto doesn’t mention not sensing her Chakra, so maybe once Pein is smashed she’ll recover from whatever condition she is in, it seems to me that if she were dead Naruto would have noticed since he can now sense everyone’s chakra, and dead people have no chakra. It is also possible that we are wrong and that is not her soul being ripped from her, but something else entirely. In any case we should not be jumping to conclusions on anything right at the moment. This is just my opinion on the matter though, and you are free to think what you will.

  156. maybe naruto just didn’t bother to sense for shizune’s chaackra. she is not that important. lol!

  157. @驚くばかり glen07: lol. Shizune couldn’t get her chakra sensed in a bar at 3 in the morning.

  158. lol!

  159. sorry but where does it say that the sharingan is constantly draining kakashi’s chakra? i thought it drained his chakra when it was opened, hence why he wears his headband over his eye.

  160. I freakin waited fer this!
    i think what he means by waves of rage is like a huge like wave of wind is going to fuckin own pain

  161. don’t take rage of waves literal. it’s something more than describing the new jutsu. yah know.

  162. my take on it is that it is danzou. those types of bubbles are used when someone outside of the perspective says something. danzou kills tsundae. also, narutos final move is definatley a long ranged fuuton rasengan. end of discussion. these two things make too much sense not to happen.

    by the way, kakashi stays dead. someone important needs to die. shizune is too much of a secondary char to be impotant enough to be sufficient emotional sacrifice to connect the reader to the oblivion of most of the reader. someone the reader cares about needs to die to make that emotional connection.

    the only way kakashi will come back is in a resurrection jutsu lik orochimaru used agaisnt the third.

    so it has been said, so it shall be.

  163. @Bari,Tinman, & SMP-

    Danzou (aka Douchebag) thinks he has set the table so that when he crawls (like a cockroach) out of his catacombs, his ascendency to hokage is a fait accompli. I believe, he thinks that the village will accept him as its savior,or at minimum its only viable option. Even though the village is now a mound of rubble, Naruto has thrown a wrench into his plan. If Naruto beats pain or forces a retreat, Douche ends up with little or no rightful claim to leadership. I don’t think that he ever set this up so that he had to assasinate the Hokage. He assumed she would die in the attack or be so humiliated that the rest of the village would lose faith in her leadership. I don’t see him openly killing Tsunade, it would defeat the purpose his surrepticious coup-de-tat. On top of that, Tsunade is currently surrounded by Shinobe who will die to protect her, not the least of them being Sakura. Douche’s best hope is to arrive at the Sage/Pain battlefield and “help” defeat Pain. If that happens, then Tsunade’s position becomes tenuous, even if she lives. I think Naruto will go balls out to keep her Hokage if she lives. If she dies….

    @glen07- I also thought that the “well done tsunade” bubble was Kishi inserting his thoughts. It’s posted in a earlier comment.

  164. now that i think about it naruto may become hokage right now. everyone is watching him battel pain and they all know his tha only one that can stop them.pain smacked down the entire village tsunade,kakashi and all. i still think pain is a punk-biyoch 4 always hiding behind the 6 realms but my point is the village is on it’s @$$ right now and no one in konoha could do anything about it til naruto showed up.

  165. i still dont think that pain is taking this seriously. remember konan said that pain’s bodies can recover themselves, also he can use any other corpse as a new pain body.

  166. ….sup ppl!

  167. AAARGH! why the old Gravatar????

  168. i think thats not refer to the rasengan or something, if you notice at the end of the message in the last part telling that what naruto techniqe will he use?.. as you notice it has a message of “melee” melee means o man to man combat or one on one fighting with each other, thats why naruto’s hads are in a sign of kagebunshin, so im guessing that it is a techniqe where naruto will release a 2 or 3 kagebunshin attack the remaining pains.

  169. I think after using this new technique Naruto will throw pain bodies all over the place and when he thinks he’s done they’ll all rise up for the last round 😉 How’s that….:)

  170. Naruto won’t run out of sage mode power because he figured out all he needs is some clones to power it up.
    His new technique will probably be a combination of rasensuiriken and sage art fire technique.
    Tsunade will not die, she got old like this the last time she used all of her chakra during the fight with orochimaru and kabuto.
    Kakashi…That’s a tough one, I think while sasuke might come into play there.
    Madara will definatly come into this fight.
    All pains will die, nagato will get away with konan somehow helping, as we havn’t seen her power yet.
    um what else… Ahh yes Danzou..He and Madara will fight, danzou will die. Madara will take control of Root.

  171. Hmm
    About the danzou and Tsunade theory
    im thinking that anbu that keeps sticking with tsunade is going to kill her,
    like right after the pains in the ass are defeated
    .. get it ;D

  172. How can the village be destroyed when Yamato is still around? He could rebuild that joint with just the click of his fingers!

  173. id love to see naruto become hokage and i can imagine it happening now buh tht wud kind of leave him stuck in the office. he may inherit the title but theres no way hes gonna be stiiin around doin paperwork just yet 😛

  174. guys .. how do i change my picture :|?

  175. My thoughts: Tsunade will live, Kakashi and Shizune are dead, Danzo will attack the real Pain outside the village, Sasuke will be intercepted by team Samui, Madara is following the battle for Konoha through Zetsu, Naruto will own Pain (Naruto can’t get his new clothing dirty now can he) but Pain will retreat and fight another day.

  176. @Green: Go here and follow the instructions, you’ll need to register with wordpress.

  177. Ahaa Thankyou 😀

  178. Now im offishal ;D

  179. I guess the same thing will happen to Tsunade and Kakashi as when old Chiyo revived Gaara’s life with her’s in return.. Is this possible? What do you think?

  180. The manga mentions that when Tsunade uses her Creation Rebirth technique she shortens her lifespan but doesn’t say by how much. That’s what the Anbu was talking about in 430 when he said ‘At this rate’ when he noticed she used it to save the citizens when Pain used his Shinra Tensei on Konoha. She’s already used that technique twice so far that we know of. So there is the chance that she can just die of old age because she used that Creation Rebirth technique too many times.

  181. BTW, here’s a theory:
    I think Kabuto is actually from Root ANBU. We all know that Kabuto is the son of a former Konoha medical ninja. Furthermore Kabuto has no feelings. Kabuto is in service of Orochimaru but we don’t really know why. Is it because, just like the bone dude, he’s devoted to Oro because Oro is the sole person that ever cared for him? I don’t think so. For Root ANBU putting a spy like Kabuto in Oro’s team would be a great asset.

    I knowit’s far fetched and the likelihood for this theory to be true is low but I think it’s an interesting one.

  182. @ Nighthawk00

    What about Maaaiiiitttoooo Gaaaaiiiii!

  183. What happened to konohamaru
    he didnt have a slug did he ?
    and he wasnt hiding in the mountains with the villagers ?

  184. I doubt he nor my fav character Neji will contribute anything this time.

  185. i meant
    do you think he got blown up ?

  186. nah….he was shown wid team gai heading for konoha….

  187. @nighthawk- ROOT can’t be the reason for everything… people are using it way to much nowaday’s… plus Kabuto was an orphan from the time he was little wondering from village to village always as a spy of sorts and thus hlds loyalty to nobody… somehow he wqs under the command of Sasori (that has yet to be explained) and sasori sent him to be a spy under Oro when Oro left akatsuki… but Oro realized that kabuto was being infleunced by sasori’s jutsu and released him from it… and kabuto started following oro on his own free will. So the chances are very low that he’s from root and it would be interesting except people use root for almost anyhting these days, especially itachi, and i have no idea why they do that…

  188. It’s the first time I use Root for any of my theories ^^

    Anyway, here’s a possible WTF post:

  189. let’s see if i get my new aatar this time…

  190. NOOOOOO!

  191. I really dont think Kabuto will play a major role in the future. He has no real power. And i dont see him actually becoming Oro that would be dumb. He could show up helping Naruto, Sasuke, or Akatsuki at some time but as for major antagonists hes no where near the top of the list.

  192. @ Alec sasori had a control jutsu over kabuto
    like he did on that guy from the sand village
    he was under control
    but orochimaru broke the jutsu
    they said it when they was on the bridge
    before naruto went 4 tails kyuubi

  193. @fanboi – i really think that u’r mistaken there, it’s true that kabushimaro/orobuto won’t play a major role during this ARC, but i’m DAMN sure he’ll be doing smfin in the future…

  194. What if Naruto’s new jutsu is two clones, one with a huge wind jutsu and the other with a giant Raengan. They combine it as they release and create the biggest rasenshurikien ever. That would be an awesomness jutsu.

  195. I just keep going back and forth with this issue. Naruto’s power has definitely gone well over 9000. Not only does he stop the rhino’s charge at full gallop he spins and tosses the beast up into the stratosphere. The rhino is still airborne when Naruto double rasengans the bull and dog knocking them into the air.

    I laugh and think of the next time Sakura goes to wallop Naruto in the noggin and he just looks at her and smiles…. lol. Perhaps he will chance giving her a kiss now, heh!

  196. @randomthought – but it would be BORING, i mean we need smfin new, not another shape/size mod on the rasengan, a thrown one would be sweet though 🙂

  197. yah. what harshykage said. plus kabuto was a kinda strong ninja befor he ingested orochimaru.

  198. @highkage- lol “Ingested”!

  199. @harshytkage – i know right! lmao!

  200. rite rite rite.
    first of all bari i didnt comment on the hand lol i always look at pics carefully i have magnifying glasses and telescopes. its definitly sakura though.

    second, everyones getting confused over whos gonna die and whos gonna survive. heres my theory and it seems to fit in.

    tsunade will either die or become incapable of the hokage role, normaly the next in line would be kakashi. this was mentioned before jeriah left to go fight pain, wen talking to tsunade. but kakashi will be too injured and be in a coma due to over usage of chakra. he wont be dead.

    this will leave the throne open to danzou. i dont think naruto will get it because hes still a genin and it would be too soon in the story. danzou will then go to the meeting with the kages who will all discuss the akatski problem. danzou being the war mongerer that he is will start another ninja war. madara will use fear and persuasion to win over some countries. not many countries will want to fight the biju.

    i like the idea of a throwable resenshuriken, but the hint of melee combat makes me think itll be a combination of clones and sage mode to create some awesomme melee combo.

    sakura has yet to actually surpass her sensei. both sasuke and naruto have. i dont think sakura is gonna become a combat sannin, i think shes gonna surpass tsunade in the way of heeling jutsus. before jeriah fought pain we had never even thought about some sort of sage mode. jeriah managed to go sage using frogs. now naruto has mastered it withput the use of frogs and is majorly powerful. perhaps sakura will learn a new jutsu in a similar way. remeber how tsunade has been using he chakra through the slugs to heel everyone when against pain, perhaps sakura will do the same thing but without the slugs.

  201. It’s over 9000! THATS IMPOSSIBLE!

  202. wouldnt u like to know: haha u are funny but i think u are right. and gd prediction.

  203. there is to many stories about kakshi left to tell like rin and how he got mago whatever sharingan for him to die he also has never been showed going all out in a fight

  204. what if naruto was a rabbit

    what if madara was actually two face from batman

    what if danzou liked rabbits

    what if tsunade turned into a turnip called patricia

    what if sasuke and naruto combined resengan and chidori to form a disco ball

    what if god was one of us

    what if kakashi was leornard nemoy

    what if tobi was hitler

    what if orochimaru/kabuto was actually itachi/roger moore

    all this and more answered in the next episode of bleach!

  205. and why does kakashi always save choji like the kakuza fight and now pain FUCK THAT FAT ASS CHOJI

  206. @harshytkage: He is about at Kakashis level and he may inherit some of Oros power but still he isnt involved in any of the plots atm. Hes has no allys hes pretty much just out there on his own. If he ran into Naruto or Sasugay he would get pwned. But you could stil be right. I hope your right I like Kabuto. =)

  207. BTW
    Sorry about all the mistakes. Im using my iPhone xD

  208. GOD! u guys are damn lucky to even have an Iphone, really, what i can afford makes me so embarrassed. isn’t there a contest or smfin i can win, i mean, i need an iphone coz evry1 has an iphone(i know i’m pathetic :p quesiton is:wha can you do about it???)

  209. @Green thank you for repeating every thing i just said…

  210. @alec i just scrolled up and read you comment
    and i realised i read about half way through it
    and rushed down to answer what i thought was a question ;D
    sorry about that
    ill read more carefully in the future

  211. sorry for any mistakes in that
    on an ipod touch ;D

  212. did you remember the spoiler for 431
    did you notice that there s alot of mistake in spoiler
    looks like kishi is w8ing for the spoiler to be confirmed then he runs quickly to changes the real manga.
    he wants all spoiler to failed
    to unpredict narutos future manga

  213. Hey, isn’t Danzou a one eyed one handed old geezer?? I though the Hokage was supposed to be the strongest in the village. He freakkin uses a walking stick !!! How exactly is he better than anyone else? I’d pick Maiiiiiito Gaii b4 i pick him !! Yeaaaaaaaah,,, Bachikoooiiiii Babeeeey ! ;B

  214. Jiravey (Frog guy) is live. Because at the he was drifiting in the ocean thinking about his new book, which will be Narutos name. Also his body was not found at all. Also when a frog dies his name appears in a book, jiravey (frog guy) name did not appear at all, even though he had a contracte with the frogs. So he is not dead

    Sorry for wrong spellling in a hurry.

  215. @lalala Actually… i think the name disappears from the books when a frog dies… And if tht were the case Pa frog wud have said somethin… But hey.. i was him to live to.. miss the ol perv :”(

  216. hmm, just to remind everyone, even if naruto gets captured, they can’t do the extraction without killerbee. if they did, they’d lose everything according to kisame. But I doubt he’d lose to pein.

  217. @ Harshy – it is pretty awesome…


    -Sent from my iPhone-

  218. @gideon the manga comes out in japan before the actual spoiler comes out…. it just needs to be properly translated

  219. hello guyz i havent written for long time now but i watching over the posts at the site and the mangas…. so lets see i strongly believe That tsunade will die and kakashi will live… i am not saying that because i like kakashi and dislike tsunade or smthing i am saying that because,,Kishimoto is not writing for his mother’s soul but the naruto manga is his business.. so keep in your minds that kishi wants to keep his famous characters… Tsunade’s pick for hokage was a disaster imo because ,,think about it,, hokage must be the strongest ninja in the village but tsunade is a freaking healer.. its like (for those who play wow or linega) a holy priest fights with a rigue or a hunter… Medical ninjas are not suposed to be hokages…YEs they are very usefull but they are HEALERS NOT FIGHTERS.. Also that “well done tsunade” was said by kishi not a character and i believe that he said that to 1st farewell tsunade in a heroic manner and 2nd to raise the opinion about tsunade to the readers smthink like “U where great but its your time”… So with tsunade out of te picture who is left to be the Next hokage???.. Naruto??? NO WAY TOO FREAKING EARLY.. Danzou??? not by a chance)*** .. Exept kakashi i cannot think of another Jounin thatcan feel this place.. maybe shikamarus dad but still he is not that powerfull.. kakashi will live in order for him to be hokage… (i am not talking about kakashi determination to live etc etc -thats bullshit- but that if kakashi dies kishi has no other char to be hokage).. and plz stop that though about tsunade giving her life for kakashi… Thats not gonna happen.. it was so freaking fake the first time for the salvation of gaara its not gonna hapen twice.. Thats about kakashi and tsunade….Also jeremiah is wright we are about for a time skip and maybe after the naruto pain fight.. U see pain its not just a man… he is a leader of a country… so to kill pain u need to fight an entire country and maybe its allys.. TIME SKIP IS PERFECT that period.. check it out.. U see the point of the series is naruto to be hokage.. Now naruto is strong he can fight many good shinobi’s but he has not the other skills to be a hokage(diplomacy etc etc)… through the time skip naruto becomes jounin maybe having some sex with hinata and then konoha moves against pain and rain village with their allys sand village(gaara get into the picture-many more readers for kishi) also the lighting country with the raikage(thats where killerbee comes in and teaches naruto to control kyuuby)… sry for the long post guyz but i had to say what i had to say^^

  220. @ punxed: lol i play WoW. Naruto = Mage (why can make clones)
    Sasugay = Rogue (Fast and Fucking Gay)

    My nerd level just went over 9000 xD

  221. @ punxed: lol i play WoW. Naruto = Mage (can make clones)
    Sasugay = Rogue (Fast and Fucking Gay)

    My nerd level just went over 9000 xD

  222. @うちは Fanboi naruto a mage??? wtf?? NARUTO IS WARRIOR:P

  223. @punxed, you’re funny, (maybe have some sex with Hinata)

  224. @伝説kingcam07 dont lough m8..eventually this will happen..:P kishi must blend with fights the sexual life of his characters… Can u imagine naruto kicking pains ass and being a virgin??? WTF:P

  225. iruka made kiddy porn with naruto and hinata but naruto forgot… thats why hinata is so shy she remembers…. so technically he is not a virgin 😛

  226. regarding what punxed said…
    i dont want another time skip, i dont want to “not” see how naruto learns diplomacy and etc. etc. i mean whats the fun in that? seriously, kishi could have written so much on the things that happened in the last time skip. naruto’s kinda getting too serious. its still good, but its not the same…

  227. if he time skips like this naruto will be over in no time. and the worst thing with anime is when its over.

  228. i’d like a time skip..

  229. Well, I really enjoyed this chapter. It was pretty was ridiculous. Naruto has to have some limit on his sage mode. It’s the way Kishi writes. All ultimate powers have some backlash. This fight won’t be as easy as it’s appeared so far.

    @jeremiah and his regular Swayze and Captain planet fans – I made this picture like 5 years ago in Photoshop. I couldn’t believe when I found this blog how similar your jokes were with those of my friends and I.

  230. well…after banging my head on the wall due to the continous taunt by one apple product after the other, i was finally able to sit down and write smfin,
    for the wow dudes, who fits the char of a druid?
    Naruto may hve been raped by that filler char gama riki 😉 so he’s not a virgin

    (Take that! i managed to type that on my 160X128 res, 1.5 Inch Nokia 3500C though i could barely see the comment box(i dont even know how the hell i found the “submit comment” button and now my fingers are cramped)

  231. @handicapable- if what you say is true then quick! try to do smfin , u may have inherited the spirit of the swayze and it was giving u premonitions! Hurry, maybe u could even do the legendary Swayzeingan!

    and as to the power “limit”(laughs at the word), there’s one word that smashes all those theories “Dragonball/Z/GT”:)

  232. Hmmm…so basically Naruto could develop a new technique that would destroy galaxies.. !?

  233. @ Handicapable – LMAO! So freakin awesome!

  234. @handicapable its limit is he cant stay in sage mode forever and he cant gather more energy while moving…. i think thats why it seems like naruto is kind of conserving his movement, it seems to me like hes staying still as much as possible and really only moves for killing blows, im sure the more he moves around the sage mode will start to weaken………….

    also this leaves room for other characters to become stronger 🙂

  235. if you look at it in two moves he takes out laser head and all of the summons along with preta pain… he makes those giant rasengans on his way to preta pain so i am counting it as one rediculousely fantastic move haha

  236. @renzy10 – i dont think sage mode has anything to do with how much you move around, you see, it is more of a “15 min constant power up thingy”. i believe that once you’ve entered sage mode you continously gather natural energy but the trick is to balance it such that you dont go toad face

  237. Sure he could, but he wont use it because he’s the good guy until some buu like villain comes along….:p

  238. i think this fight will last long..
    it’s like jiraiya fought with pain..

  239. Everyone seems to be overlooking the fact naruto has figured out how to gather sage energy whilst in sage mode.

  240. I think Pain will reveal that he actually has 10 bodies. Wouldn’t that screw with everyone six paths of pain. His other four bodies show up, and they are even more powerful than the six. Like the second tier of Nagato’s powers. (Like the higher realms of Buddhism)
    Each of the Ten Worlds possesses all Ten Worlds

    Concerning Danzo:
    Considering the fact that Kishimoto Masashi really likes to base Naruto around Japanese legends (the sannine, pein, hanzo). Take a look at this page and look for the section about Kato Danzo.
    Now, if you didn’t notice. It shows that Danzo is in fact Tobi. If you haven’t heard this theory before then I just made you wide-eyed. Forget about the Obito crap. Danzo is Tobi. Danzo is a master of illusions afterall. Tobi would be the ultimate illusion. Here’s a question: Why does Danzo hide his right eye under bandages? Is it because he has a sharingan or is it because he’s had a head wound that hasn’t healed for 40+ chapters.

  241. *Whoops. This is the right link for the Danzo = Tobi theory

  242. i h8 it when everyone leaves and i’m left witing for someone to post something….(*lonely*)

  243. i am here m8:PPP

  244. hey punxed….but there’s still an eerie silence welling up inside me…like a supernova about to eradicate all hopes of existence in the futile wait for comments…WTF??? who the hell are you and what are doing logged in as my username!
    Sry for the poetic bullSH*t guys. 😉

  245. That was a good one after shonen jump declares a holy shit holiday…

  246. my theory is somehow naruto getting the sage chakra is related to the big scroll he’s carrying on his back. it could even be the scroll is one of his bunshin, or some sort of transport that channels sage chakra to him.
    tsunade wont die because naruto is not ready to be the hokage yet. it would be a tough choice for someone else to be hokage as well. i reckon tsunade will stay until naruto is ready to be hokage.

  247. @SS – I outrightly deny the your scroll theory :p, and there’s someone to take over from tsunade. Who? u aask? MMMAAAAAAAIIIIITTTOOOOOO GGGAAAAIIIIII! (IF kakshi is dead)

  248. danzou> would definitely take advantage of the situation tsunade is in right now, but he has bigproblem with regards to his ohh sooo brrilliant plan and that is NARUTO, remember? that’s why he killed the messenger frog so that NAruto won’t be able to interfere.. but NARUTO is back..

    PAIn> he will not go down without a hELL of A fight HE might be like LEONIDAS.. ARU ARU.. what bugs my mind at this point is that,what happened to the REal NAGATO?..

    KAkashi> Kakashi GAiden will resume on January 31st.. so a flashback of his old days.. a very fitting eulogy indeed..

    TEAM 7> i hope a powered up sakura plus a sasuke with a more stable MS plus NAruto will be reunited and kill MADARA once and for ALL!!!!!!!!!

  249. are they really making another kakashi gaiden cause if so i will piss in my pants

  250. one thing is for sure “the scroll” naruto is carrying is nothing but a kage bushin. He shocked when the old frog said about looking about two sides because that is similar to what he said to kakashi.

    result “kage bushin”.

    Aslo remember kage bushin is naruto’s trademark…

  251. the scroll is the scroll jeriah used to carry on his back, its just a mark of being a sage. its the scroll with all the signatures of toad summoners.

    it wont be a kage bushin because that would seem like a cop out by kishi. like last minute he thoght “sod it the scroll is narutos clone. there thats that chapter done.” lol

    iv said this a thousand times, narutos sage mode will wear off cause they all said it temporary. then well have a while of pain taking advantage and the toads doubting naruto. then naruto will use clone to go into sage mode last minute suprising everyone. even though theyve seen him use clones for everythng before. lol

  252. The next Hokage:
    Here is how I think the Hierarchy of Konoho is. the moment it is Tsunade
    a) I put the Elders here just because of their wisdom. They are not able to become the hokage but will be the deciding vote on who does.
    2.Danzo – why hmmm, he is in charge of Root for one. He also could be considered one of the strongest in the village if only because he fought and lost to the Third in an earlier bid for Hokage. Remember that the Third was a genius and very strong.
    Just what are Danzo’s powers? What can a one armed one eyed ninja do?
    3.Kakashi – and only because we are still not privy to whether or not he is deceased. I consider him one of if not the strongest in the village. He would be the most likely to become Hokage because Tsunade would support him and therefore so would the Elders.

    If Tsunade dies here without announcing a successor then it could throw the politics into turmoil. If the Elders are still alive they would have the say on this. If they are both dead then look for a coup or two. I think they live so this means with Kakashi in a comma or long term injury or dead then Danzo would get the support of the Elders and become Hokage. The only person who could argue here would be Naruto but I think he said somewhere that he can’t become Hokage until he saves his friend Sausgay.

  253. I don’t see any reason why people keep saying that Naruto is going to beat pain any time soon. He will kill all 6 bodies or at least enough of them to make pain retreat temporarily. This is not the final battle with pain by any means. Besides Naruto has to run out of Natural energy in the middle of the battle and show us how he managed to get around the fact he can not combine with Poppa frog to get more natural energy.

    Chiyo is the only one who knew the Jutsu to bring back Garaa and it was a forbidden jutsu anyway so I can not see Tsunade using it. What would people say if the Hokage used a forbidden jutsu? Therefore Tsunade is not going to die yet either. Her getting old doesn’t mean anything other then she used up most of her chakra.

    Kakashi is going to live otherwise they would have shown him actually die tragically and have a long drawn out ending like Jman and Asuma. We will find out more about his talk with his father by the campfire in flashbacks or the anime since the Manga always leaves details out.

    I don’t see any reason for a time skip either. He is old enough now to be hokage if Tsunade “did” die and Kakashi wouldn’t be the Hokage anyway he is like Jman not the right kind of person for the job. Although even if they did offer it to Naruto he wouldn’t accept it until he finishes his Sauske search for better or worse.

    I also don’t think Sauske will show up until Pain is gone or the village is rebuilt. On top of all this I believe Sauske is and always has been good and never went bad in the first place. The fight with Naruto when he got his headband scratched was a fight between friends. How many times have you broken your friends nose or any bone for that matter and you were just mad at them not trying to take over the world? He was just really pissed that he was weaker then Naruto and when he finally got power he over did it.

  254. @wouldn’t u like to know – I like your theory about the scroll being one of Naruto’s clones. That would make perfect sense to have the scroll be one of his clones that is gathering the natural energy for him while he is fighting! I am currently watching the entire series from the beginning again and was just thinking why doesn’t he turn his clones into shurikens like he did when saving the little boy and his mom from the two samuris on the dock? or the even more famous right when He turns into the giant shuriken that Sauske throws at Tenzu. That is something he should definitely do more often.

  255. I was wondering how he would be able to keep one of his clones out of the battle after being summoned right into the middle of it but if he did transform his clone into the scroll that would solve that issue.

  256. i was just wonderin why didnt danzo try to take over after the 3rd died i mean it would have been the perfect timing and i bet he was stronger then because he was younger

  257. i really believe the scrollbunshin theory is wrong, else, here’s the reason, PAIN has the rinnegan, the most powerful of all eye jutsus. This would prob allow pain to see chakra in a specific way(like colour for the sharingan and currents for the byakugan). Now i am pretty sure that if it was a bunshin pain would’ve noticed why a seemingly normal scroll would be gathering stupendous amounts of chakra and would’ve reacted by now.further Naruto(or if not him, the toads) aren’t stupid enough to not consider that, i mean, if that’s it then why transform it at all and bring it along, he could’ve left the clone at “myo-bkahblah mountain” and released it whenever he liked, hence, the scrollbunshin would be a horrendous mistake for naruto to hve made, hence it’s false 😛

  258. @ anti_nagato_syndicate-

    Why would Kishi insert another Kakashi Gaiden at this point in his story line? The first Gaiden served as an interlude between the original story line and the time skip story line. Inserting a Gaiden right in the middle of this battle would annoying as hell. I hope your not right… at least about the timing.

  259. MADARA is Danzo…Just think about – go back do side by side illustration comparison. Is he really cripple. How does know that Pain was leading the attack when the elders confronted Tsunade.

    What’s going to happen Naruto will win the Fight against Pain. Then Danzo would appear in front of Naruto with his ROOT squad, there there Naruto tell Dnazo to back off when he doesn’t the Root squad would surround Naruto. Right there his comrades and Villagers would surround the Root Squad for a Civil Battle. It just a few thoughts but that can a scenario.

    I enough reading all the comments and I really enough the THIS CHAPTER..the next one is going to be good.

  260. Whew! my account broke and i had to make a new one (note the 1 instead of the L) and in the few short weeks since i’ve been gone a Helluva lot has happened!

    So i’ll perform my usual ritual of coming in after everyone else has thrown in their two cents, and then dropping a fifty dollar bill of counter-arguments against every comment i can be bothered to read.

    Firstly: “Yeah!!! i got second place! i use that line all the time and only now does it get the recognition it deserves!”

    Secondly: Kakashi. Isn’t. Dead. There are many reasons for this, not least because he is too awesome, but there are multiple GROUPS of reasons why.

    First we have the reasons Kishi wouldn’t want to:

    He is one of the most popular, if not the most popular character. Everyone has them in their top ten, most people he is in their top five, and to prove this point to a friend of mine, i did a survey on another site, and out of 57 people, Kakashi was in their top three 23 Times!!! that’s 40%!!!

    Also i don’t think Kishi would kill off so many major characters to the one enemy. the J Man is already down, and Tsunade may be on the ropes, if she goes, then there’s no WAY Kishi would Kill Kakashi as well.

    There’s the evidence in the Manga:

    Kakashi i suffering Mainly from Chakra exhaustion, and a clone of Katsuyu filled with Tsunade’s chakra enveloped him, and unless Katsuyu is the biggest retard of a summon ever to be summoned, she will realise that all he needs is some chakra for a jumpstart.

    And the Final Reason:

    His Mangekyou Is Activated Still. I saw this back when all we had was the bad scans of 430, but if you looked close enough you could see quite clearly the shape of his Mangekyou while he was on the ground. This may not be conclusive proof that he’s alive, but think about it, he expends huge amounts of chakra keeping it activated, so when he falls into a coma, why would it remain that way? surely it would switch off at some point. Unless he was still alive!!!

    Another possibility which was brought to my attention, whiuch is a long shot, is that it may have been stuck in the ON position, continually draining Kakashi of his chakra and rendering him unable to fight indefinately, or until it is removed from him. I’d say that both of those fit into Kishi’s description of ‘Dark Blue’ being alive, but unable to fight as a ninja anymore.

    Thirdly: Another thing i noticed was the picture of Yoruichi in the banner, this is a good thing as i finished watching and reading the Bleach anime and Manga about three hours ago, and decided to see how you guys were doing without me. Pretty well, it turns out.

    Fourthly: Ip Man looks like Awesomness, i can’t wait to watch a fully subbed version.

    Fifthly: I greatly enjoyed Ibi’s post about Sakura, as many of my friends thing she can “EAT S#1T AND DIE!!!” becuase they are typical teenage boys who think that anything with boobs smaller than a 200lb tumor sucks. I however, am a more mature teenage boy, and think that Sakura, with her new powers, Totally Rocks!!!

    Sixthly: Naruto is Awesomness!!! he can beat Pein, i really want to believe that, but the more i think, the more i realise that it’s probably not gonna happen. I don’t think he Killed preta Pein, becuase all Nagato has to do is send more chakra to it, and even if the bones don’t work anymore, he can still move it. remember, they’re corpses to begin with. The only way to beat him is to destroy the chakra recievers, the huge @SS radio tower transmitting them, or disrupt the chakra signals in mid air. Naruto has done none of these so far. BUT!!!

    When Naruto uses Fuuton Rasen Shuriken, the tiny needles will damage the Pein bodies abilities to mould and channel chakra, if he damages the chakra recievers with it, then they won’t be able to communicate, and will all slump dead in a heap. This is what i believe will happen, and then Yahiko Pein will absorb all of their powers into him once again and we will be set for an Awesomness 1-on-1 battle. Yahiko vs Naruto.

    Seventhly: Oh Yeah. And then there’ll be a timeskip.

  261. I Hereby Patent All Above Claims, Which Have Not Already Been Presented To This Forum. No Copiers!!! If You’ve Suggested A Theory Before Me, That’s Fine. But No One Is Allowed To Claim That It Is Thier Theory After Just Reading It Here. Or They Will Die.

  262. Handicapable posted [url=[/url]
    I also thinks that there are 10 relams 6 lower & 4 higher

  263. @ Passing – check out the 3 RULES OF MANGA post when you get the chance.

    @ Elasticatedninja – LMAO! Great Comment. Hope you get your account fixed.

  264. irstly: “Yeah!!! i got second place! i use that line all the time and only now does it get the recognition it deserves!”
    Secondly: Kakashi. Isn’t. Dead. There are many reasons for this, not least because he is too awesome, but there are multiple GROUPS of reasons why.
    First we have the reasons Kishi wouldn’t want to:
    He is one of the most popular, if not the most popular character. Everyone has them in their top ten, most people he is in their top five, and to prove this point to a friend of mine, i did a survey on another site, and out of 57 people, Kakashi was in their top three 23 Times!!! that’s 40%!!!
    Also i don’t think Kishi would kill off so many major characters to the one enemy. the J Man is already down, and Tsunade may be on the ropes, if she goes, then there’s no WAY Kishi would Kill Kakashi as well.
    There’s the evidence in the Manga:
    Kakashi i suffering Mainly from Chakra exhaustion, and a clone of Katsuyu filled with Tsunade’s chakra enveloped him, and unless Katsuyu is the biggest retard of a summon ever to be summoned, she will realise that all he needs is some chakra for a jumpstart.
    And the Final Reason:
    His Mangekyou Is Activated Still. I saw this back when all we had was the bad scans of 430, but if you looked close enough you could see quite clearly the shape of his Mangekyou while he was on the ground. This may not be conclusive proof that he’s alive, but think about it, he expends huge amounts of chakra keeping it activated, so when he falls into a coma, why would it remain that way? surely it would switch off at some point. Unless he was still alive!!!
    Another possibility which was brought to my attention, whiuch is a long shot, is that it may have been stuck in the ON position, continually draining Kakashi of his chakra and rendering him unable to fight indefinately, or until it is removed from him. I’d say that both of those fit into Kishi’s description of ‘Dark Blue’ being alive, but unable to fight as a ninja anymore.
    Thirdly: Another thing i noticed was the picture of Yoruichi in the banner, this is a good thing as i finished watching and reading the Bleach anime and Manga about three hours ago, and decided to see how you guys were doing without me. Pretty well, it turns out.
    Fourthly: Ip Man looks like Awesomness, i can’t wait to watch a fully subbed version.
    Fifthly: I greatly enjoyed Ibi’s post about Sakura, as many of my friends thing she can “EAT S#1T AND DIE!!!” becuase they are typical teenage boys who think that anything with boobs smaller than a 200lb tumor sucks. I however, am a more mature teenage boy, and think that Sakura, with her new powers, Totally Rocks!!!
    Sixthly: Naruto is Awesomness!!! he can beat Pein, i really want to believe that, but the more i think, the more i realise that it’s probably not gonna happen. I don’t think he Killed preta Pein, becuase all Nagato has to do is send more chakra to it, and even if the bones don’t work anymore, he can still move it. remember, they’re corpses to begin with. The only way to beat him is to destroy the chakra recievers, the huge @SS radio tower transmitting them, or disrupt the chakra signals in mid air. Naruto has done none of these so far. BUT!!!
    When Naruto uses Fuuton Rasen Shuriken, the tiny needles will damage the Pein bodies abilities to mould and channel chakra, if he damages the chakra recievers with it, then they won’t be able to communicate, and will all slump dead in a heap. This is what i believe will happen, and then Yahiko Pein will absorb all of their powers into him once again and we will be set for an Awesomness 1-on-1 battle. Yahiko vs Naruto.
    Seventhly: Oh Yeah. And then there’ll be a timeskip.

    Hereby Patent All Above Claims, Which Have Not Already Been Presented To This Forum. No Copiers!!! If You’ve Suggested A Theory Before Me, That’s Fine. But No One Is Allowed To Claim That It Is Thier Theory After Just Reading It Here. Or They Will Die(this means you elast1catedninja.)

  265. yay! my new avatar is finally here(abt time, been a 2 whole days!)

  266. @harshytkage – I agree that he could have left one of his Kaga Bushins back at the frogs home to gain natural energy but that would lose the effect of him running out of Natural energy and then being like… Oh Wait… Just kidding and having the scrollbushin disapear turning him back into sage mode.

    The other thing is I don’t believe that Pain can see the Natural energy being absorbed or around naruto at all. The only people/Beings able to see the natural energy would be a Sage or the toads that get summoned. Naruto can see regular chakra as well as Kyubii chakra (We see this in the sora anime story line), but he couldn’t see Natural energy yet. Not until he is able to absorb it himself and Pain does not have that ability.

  267. @BJBth1 – he doesnt have to see the natural energy, if he can see the normal chakra system of the clone then the clones done for…AKA KAPOW!

  268. Great issue guys definately great more things to come.

  269. why do people keep agreeing and disagreeing with things i never said.

    @bari: i didnt say that was sakuras hand before. i did later on but not before u said i was wrong lol

    @BJBthe?: i never said naruto was using the scroll as a bushin, i even disagreed with it.

    the scroll is just a mark of the sage, you might as well say his cape is a bushin. jeriah was in charge of the toad contract scroll and now that naruto is a sage it has been passed down to him.

    @harshikage and elast1catedninja: get a life seriously, ur not gonna get any credit for being the first to come up with a theory so why the hell make up a gay little patent. or do u think kishsi gonna give an award to the person who guesses the ending first lol

  270. I just read some of the spoilers (a couple) at and I found them quite interesting, especially the second one. THe first one was an obvious fake, but the second one seemed more realistic. but mhm. HOpefully, naruto isn’t going to use that jutsu jiraya told him not to use.

  271. @wouldn’t u like to know – WTF are u a retard? if u didn’t get the joke then ii won’t waste my time replying to you anymore….

  272. @wouldn’t u like to know – I know that you disagreed with the scroll if you re read what I said I was saying that I disagree that Pain can see natural energy so “IF” the scroll was a bushin which is a possibiliy then Pain wouldn’t see the natural energy.

    That and you need to calm down and lay off of Harsykage. This isn’t a pissing match just a place to talk about what’s on our minds in regards to Naruto and soon Bleach (Can’t Wait!!!)

    Naruto can’t defeat pain yet because if he did then Akatsuki would be disbanded and what was the point of all of those other members? If there is a time skip then it can’t happen until after Akatsuki is destroyed which should take a long time.

  273. naruto manga 432 spoiler:

    Naruto produces an extravgant amount of shadow clones. The clones surrond the entire area)

    “Mass Shadow Clone jutsu. My new technique should take them out in one sweep. These clones should buy me some time,” said Naruto.

    (Naruto grabs his wrist and places his arm up in the air)

    “The sheer volume of chakra among the clones is staggering,” said Human Realm. “Truly its the power of the 9 Tails. But its alright now. My chakra has recovered,” said God Realm.

    “Mass shadow clones. What is that boy planning,” asked Shima. “Who knows? But can’t you feel the natural energy surronding the real one,” asked Fukasku. (Close up on Naruto shows huge arrays of natural energy gathering around him) “Whatever it is. I don’ think it will be safe here any longer,” said Shima.

    “He must be planning something,” said Hell realm. (Hell realm revives Hungry Ghost Realm) “Animal Beast will use summonings to protect realms. I’ll move forward, while the rest stay back until I give the go ahead,” said God Realm. (Animal Beast realm summons Chimera lizard that turns invisible. Animal Beast realm also summons a defensive summoning. Animal Beast and Ghost Realm hides in the lizard, the others hide behind the panda)

    (shadow clone notices Hungry Ghost) “So it seems one of them is capable of using a
    regenerative techinque to bring them back to life,” said Shadow Clone. “Like it really matters. My new technique will kill them all anyway,” said another shadow clone. “So they can vanish, with that type of summon,”asked shadow clone.

    (Fuuton: Rasengan forms in Naruto’s hand)

    “Damn it. The chakra control is too great, even for Sage Mode. Its because I have so many clones. I’ve never practiced with this many before. I still need more time,” said Naruto.

    (The ground starts shaking)

    “What’s that jutsu. What ever it is, I have to stop it now,” said God Realm. (God Realm rushes in the fray head first.) “Now. Don’t let him near my jutsu,” yelled Naruto. (The Shadow Clones all Surrond Pain.)

    (About three shadow clones grab a shadow clone from the right and the left and uses Henge to transform them into Huge Shuriken. Three shadow clones tosses six huge Shuriken toward Pain with extreme speeds. As they reach his location. They poof into shadow clones. God Realm stopped in his tracks)

    “Not bad,” said God Realm. (They prepare to unleash massive punishment until God Realm uses his technique to blow them away)

    “What’s going on,” asked Naruto. “That is another power of Pain. He can deflect and repel any ninjutsu, as well as phyiscal attacks,” said Katsuyu. “I was sure that attack was going to work,” said Naruto. “The jutsu is getting more deadlier,” said God Realm. (Naruto holds (regular) Oodama Rasengan while its influenced by the wind element. It looks like Rasen Shuriken, except the Rasengan is bigger)

    (God Realm continues pushing on. The Shadow Clones surronds Pain in a circle. Cutting him off.)

    “All Direction Shuriken,” yells Naruto. (The Shadow Clone launches a huge volume of shuriken toward Pain. “Shinra Tensei,” said Pain. (A the shadow clones surronding Pain the closest are destroyed. Pain sores in the Air. He is then followed by a barrage of Exploding Tags with Kunai attached. A Huge Explosion in the sky appears)

    (In the smoke)

    “I can use a smaller version to stop the jutsu,” said God Realm (He pops out the smoke and sees a sight giving him even shivers. An Ultimate Rasengan Infused with Wind Element. The stems from the jutsu stretches about 15 feet from all ends. The Ground starts to crack. People in Konoha feels a small quake)

    “Shima are you seeing this,” asked Fukasku. “He’s not serious about activating that thing,” said Shima. “We’ve got to get out of here. Warn the Buna,” said Fukasku. (Before they leave. Naruto’s shadow clone stops them). “BOy what the heck are you planin,” asked Fukasku. “Are you mad, trying to take us with you,” asked Shima. “Don’t worry. I’ve been practicing,” said Naruto. “Wait, all the techniques we’ve taught you and I don’t remember this one,” said Fukasku.

    “I have Kakashi sensei to thank for this one,” said Naruto. (The shadow clone poof)

    (All the Shadow clones vanish) “I need as much control as possible,” said Naruto. “NOW,” yelled Pain. (A invisible suspect appears to strike Naruto from behind. However Shima uses her tongue to bind the lizard down. She slams it to the ground. Followed by that attack, Gamabunta’s blade comes rushing down.)

    “They saw through it,” yelled Pain. (Close on Animal Beast and Hungry Ghost shows them
    defeated, blood spewing from their mouth)

    “That’s another one grandma,” said Gamabunta

    “I can’t risk using the technique again. If I do. The bodies won’t recover. Looks like I’ll have no choice. His jutsu must not ge through,” said God Realm.

    (Close up on Naruto)

    “Sage Tech: Fuuton: Oodama Rasen Tendrils,” yelled Naruto.

    (A quick flash of Konan’s face)

    “Nagato, don’t,” said Konan.

    Next Chapter: The Clash

  274. guys trust i have predicted it right and this is what is going to happen in manga 432

  275. @harshytkage- I’m still seeing your old avatar 😦

    Just don’t change the humor with the avatar.

    ROTFLMAO at your copy post.

  276. hmm i dont think that spoilers true
    naruto will continue owning
    probably smack down another pain
    then his sage mode will either dissapear
    or it wont and fukasaku will explain how hes lasting so long.
    like he did with the natural energy smushing that guys face in ;D

  277. hm very nice,, i was just wonderign what were the powers the uchiha itachi gave to uzamaki naruto.. and also i would like to remnd everyonme guy sensais team is coming back to teh village so i think that pain is gonna get owned, andd then nagato actually realizing the true power of naruto is going to bring the rest of akatsuki and sasukes team

  278. still old oone?…
    dunno, istarted gettin this one a couple of hours ago, which is still a day aff from when i uploaded…

  279. @ bari – I have to say that sounds like a fun next episode but there is too much wrong with it. 1) you don’t see God realm talking about what his next move is to the other realms unless Konan is there. Why? Because that would be like talking to yourself. They are all the same person so when one knows the plan they all do. 2) Kakashi hasn’t taught him any new techniques that have been hinted at, the only technique we have any hints to is the one that Jman told him never to use in this manga It’s been a long time coming so I’m excited to see what Jman taught him that he can only handle in Sage mode. 3)Katsuyu would warn him about god realm the second God realm started to move not after Naruto is already starting to fight him because then the information would be too late. Not a bad theory though.

    I’m thinking that the new Jutsu has to do with Water and Air combined hence the “Waves of Rage” but it will be called something much cooler…. I hope.

  280. @ harshy your little picture atm is erm gaara ?

  281. yes, thats the new avatr, i guess everyone has to delete their browser cache to get the updated pics…thnx for the heads up Green 🙂

  282. sorry harshikage only skim read posts so didnt notice that ur post was a copy of elast1cated ninja lol im glad someone else hates things like patents on theorys.

    oh was the retard comment necessary, it made my eyes rain 😦 lets not our knickers in a twist lol

  283. @UcHiHa MaDaRa – Do you think that Gai sensais team will run into Konan and Nagato on there way to the village? I mean Nenji would be able to see them no problem on their way back using his byukagen (sorry probably wrong spelling), and then they could go after Nagato causing him to run from Kanoha in order to keep his real body safe. I can’t see him controlling the pain bodies that are left and fighting Gai at the same time without having difficulty. Even if Konan is there she wont be much help against Gais team.

  284. @wouldn’t u like to know – hey….no offence meant, sumtimes i get a bit annoyed when i’m already annoyed by some annoying thing. :p,ussually i add the friendly teasing smiley but i forgot that time.(amazing what difference a single smiley can make in the mood of a comment) anyways i dont take any shit and in return dont give any shit…Peace bro!

  285. lmao that spoiler is just another prediction, i saw that same “spoiler” on a forum like last friday, so i couldn’t be a real spoiler

  286. Does anyone know where that loser Sai has been hiding?

  287. that is not reall spoiler thats just my prediction so i wrote it on the other site too. eheeehehey lol

  288. my prediction about itachi`s power is that we wont see it yet, untill naruto fights against madara or sasuke

  289. hey green u forgot how powerfull pain is. god realm is not fighting cause after a while it takes him a while to regenerate his powers. go to this link and read it next to pain`s image

  290. didnt u see how easy pain defeated everyone. sorry to say this but after a while when pain regenerates his powers he might kick naruto`s ass and sasuke might come or danzou might interfere cause remember that danzou doesnt want pain to capture naruto.

  291. danzou would more likely kill naruto to prevent pain from taking him then helping…thats just how he is.

  292. Hmm… if Naruto can sense everyone’s chakra.. can he sense danzo and the root douchebags hiding underground n not doin sh1t to help the village? although i admit he’s a bit busy right now..

  293. There will be another time skip in April. meaning naruto is going to train to get stronger. So no manga in April also naurto will be back in may 10x stronger.

    Go to shonen jump.
    Sorry for spelling and grammar

  294. Also donzo is tobi. You can tell. how? Both tobi and danzo cover thier left eye. Both have same hair style also same height.

  295. Same height no madara is like 4times taller than itachi being sarcastic but danzou isn’t that tall besides considering what pein is doing to konoha by himself madara could have easily taken over with root since pein is on lock down by madara

  296. @jonroy not true. If danzo is what he’s come off as, he would want to keep naruto safe so he can have an “ultimate weapon.”

    @bari, interesting theory, but personally don’t see it happening. Naruto’s never gonna give up, and i don’t think there’s been a fight where someone saves him AND finishes it for him.

  297. wow, everyone is putting some much faith on Gai’s team. Hmm, did everyone forget that jiraya and kakashi lost to Pain (unfair match in both cases), but I doubt that Gai’s team will make a big difference if majority of the village couldn’t defeat Pain. Naruto is their only hope.

    And why do people still refer Tobi as Tobi. He’s Madara Uchiha, he even said it himself. We don’t know if he kept the same body or anything, but the fact is that he’s Madara. I seriously doubt that Madara = Danzou. I do admit, they have similar traits, but I still doubt they are the same.

  298. @rasenblaze: i was thinking the same thing but for nagato, i mean of he could tell that kakashi was injured then surely he could spot some unrecognized chakra hiding in a bush somewhere. remeber shizune said he was somewhere nearby before she was killed. and he should definitly sense danzo in his little bunker under the village.

  299. The two giant rasengan have got to be hinting at Naruto’s sexual frustration. In a sense, Sakura has given him blue balls of epic proportions.

  300. Im just wonder if Naruto really can take his dad one attributes like in kakashi gaiden, in the face of enemy he becomes a cold blood killer in an instant. I cant stand Naruto becoming one sick ass ninja wo having that. What i want to happen in here during the fight with pain, if pain begs for his life in the end, Naruto still going to kill him wo mercy.

    Any thoughts about my post?

  301. Thats what I hate about Naruto, in the midst of a battle, he becomes soft to his foes. Completely different to kakashi, jiraiya and minato ideals when theyre in midst of a battle, they become completely different person to their daily live. we can see this as shown in Jiraiya vs Pain, Jiraiya has a completely intention killing Pain. remember the scene where jiraiya had his kunai blades out and they shown two bodies of pain dead (we can infer he use his kunai to struck their heart to make sure their dead.

    Im just saying if naruto cant have that softhearts in the midst of battle because thats where they goin to exploit his weakness and might result to his downfall as this manga develop further. if weve seen a epiphany through naruto fightings, we should see a changes in ideals of fight that killing a foe is merely normal through battles and softheart ninja is a only sign of a failure ninja.

  302. im having gut feeling theyll be another gaara situation between naruto and pain. ihope not or else it will a shitty storyline if that happens. theres no reason for forgiveness left that naruto can give for pain: he killed jiraiya and had killed innocent lives including civilians in konoha when he use his a-bomb jutsu.

    i expect completely different ending of their fight… like before pain dies, naruto tries to listen to why pain have join akats and whats all about this BS emo pain drama that he went through… then suddenly naruto SNAP HIS LIFE in an instant wo hearing the rest of his story because vengeance clouded naruto minds and thats what a emo deserve.

  303. hello guyz gud morning..
    i cannot go to sleep because of NARUTo…
    how will this face off end?..
    i have never seen naruto thus confident and powerful..
    but the question is?..
    is it enuf?..
    to beat the hell out of PAIns pretty rinnegan ASS!!!!

  304. @ of813 – lmao! It would be hilarious if in the anime they colored those two blue!

  305. @Kaizer-

    One of Naruto’s greatest attributes is his ability to make allies out of enemies. He seems to have a positive impact on virtually everyone who is around him. Gaara and The Sand are allies of The Leaf solely because of Naruto’s “gift”. Additionally, during Naruto and Gaara’s battle after the Chuunin Exams, They fought bitterly. At the end of the battle, though he could only crawl, Naruto says to Gaara, “I will stop you.” Sasugay is the one who stops Naruto from continuing towards Gaara.

    Further, Tsunade would not be Hokage if it weren’t for Naruto’s influence on her. During the Three Sannin battle, Naruto never went soft, he got pwnd by Kabuto (after pwning Kabuto with his new Rasengan), prompting Tsunade to finally enter the fray with bad intent.

    In the end, Naruto’s “softness”, as you put it, usually has a positive outcome for the village.

  306. waves of rage is rasengan cobiined with water element to make a wirlpool like move

  307. @ lalala – Danzou covers his right eye and Tobi/Mandara covers his left eye. They do not have the same eye covered. Also I’m not sure where I posted the 2 pictures from the manga but if you look at Mandara’s brother from way back when and you look at Danzo now you can see that they both have the X on their chin and the same lines around their eyes. My belief is that Mandara and Danzou are brothers and they each tried to take the others eyes or agreed to it. Anyway that is why they both have the oposite and only one eye.

  308. it is my oppinion narutos new attack is a large wind syth type attack… make another rasengan would be boring… if you look at the mountain he attacks while training its a single cut….the rasen shiriken has an uncountable amount of cuts.

  309. I think the waves of rage line just means that Naruto is really angry personally, but it’s just my opinion and is as good a guess as any.

    I also have a few cents to throw on the Tobito pile. Where he says: “My Power, Uchiha Madara’s Power.” Why would he talk about himself in the third person, and if he is Madara, that means he’s just repeating himself. I think that it is somehow Obito, and he just inherited Madara’s powers. One of my more plausable and less easy for people to shoot down theories is that Eternal Mangekyou, means not only that it can be activated eternally without using too much chakra or making the person blind. I also think it means that you can pass on your chakra and powers to another Uchiha. Which is why Tobi is helping Sasuke to rebuild his clan and so on, so that he has more Uchiha’s to live on through, forever.

  310. I’ll admit that this theory has probably been said over and over again, but if you’ve heard it before, then it’ll be fresher in your mind, and might be the spark you need to come up with an even better, and hopefully more accurate theory yourself!

  311. we just read too much into the manga…
    (harshytkage goes back to obama’s swearing ceremony)

  312. Naruto-s new attack is gonna be>
    ;Freaking strong
    Somehow related to frog katas<
    It will relate to wind chakra.]

    Maybe he will form a rasenshuriken and wield with the frog Katas,killing the enemy by wrapping him up in katas,kill him with a complete rasenshuriken while not getting hurt.

  313. I know this has nothing to do with naruto, but I just found out that Tengen toppa Gurren Lagann now has a manga series out that is in a diffrent reality then the anime (you can find it on one manga).

    P.S- to the people who have never seen Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann WATCH IT NOW!!!!! if not I will have the swayze kick your ass “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!!!”

  314. anyone know abt that parody manga in which there’s a blind kid instead of naruto or smfin …i’ve heard it’s hilarious 🙂

  315. @ Lastscorpion – they are also making a Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann movie! ^_^

  316. Yeah but the movie is just the anime put into a movie >_< I was pissed when I found that out.

  317. @Jeremiah- I take it that the yoruichi pic means you are about to do a bleach section soon ^_^. Well If you are, bleach is something I can make new theories for -_+. Bleach is so slow with the story right now, but it still has a ton of action.

    P.S I might have to change my icon to urahara since I look just like him…..If he had brown hair lol.

  318. Am I the only one who noticed that someone said “Well done… Tsunade”?

    It wasn’t a regular speech bubble either, it was more like a thought bubble. Or it might have been a “this is very important” bubble!

    I know it wasn’t Sakura who said that to Tsunade. It could have been Danzo… or Jiraiya. >:D

    What I mean is that Tsunade is dying and she is slowly descending into the afterlife, thus she would be able to hear Jiraiya.

    But, its more likely to be Danzo who said it. I expect him to take advantage of the situation to take control of Konoha in the midst of all the chaos.

  319. @RockleeX-Look at the earlier posts. Several theories about the text bubble are discussed. 🙂

  320. haha i assumed it was the anbu guy…. she did protect the whole village

  321. the tobito theory is just not possible….because that means that obito fooled none other than Itachi….that aint happening…

  322. Just found this on YouTube. May be fake or real. IDK..

  323. I think that Kabutokan guy needs a cock meat sandwich. Just putting it out there.

  324. ————————–BREAK THROUGH———————-unless i’m too high to realize it

    So i’m sure you guys have been reading the series from beginning to end. so you guys can probably prove my theory wrong or not because i havn’t read the whole series…just from like 2nd deidara arc.

    so remember back in the first set of naruto when he was still a kid? itachi and the fish guy came to “take naruto” and jiraiya trapped them in the frog mouth jutsu? Itachi used amateratsu and busted out taht thing.
    ———–After that jiraiya took out some kind of scroll and took a sample of the black fire technique but never mentioned that EVERRR.
    What is naruto’s forbiddon jutsu was a duplicate of amateratsu?

    i know i know but i would have never gotten that brilliant idea if it wasn’t for the weed i just smoked. =P

  325. ————————–BREAK THROUGH———————-unless i’m too high to realize it

    So i’m sure you guys have been reading the series from beginning to end. so you guys can probably prove my theory wrong or not because i havn’t read the whole series…just from like 2nd deidara arc.

    so remember back in the first set of naruto when he was still a kid? itachi and the fish guy came to “take naruto” and jiraiya trapped them in the frog mouth jutsu? Itachi used amateratsu and busted out taht thing.
    ———–After that jiraiya took out some kind of scroll and took a sample of the black fire technique but never mentioned that EVERRR.
    What is naruto’s forbiddon jutsu was a duplicate of amateratsu?

    i know i know but i would have never gotten that brilliant idea if it wasn’t for the weed i just smoked. =P

  326. that would (NOT) be awesome….Naruto with amaterasu is Gay…i like the idea of him fating out Amaterasu(winks at J-main)….but there should be something after jiraiya took a sample…dunno maybe it does have something to do in the future

  327. yeah amaterasu is crap though its just a fire.

    a fire that Madara & Sasuke can handle with relative time Kakashi as well.

    I think the forbidden jutsu was just something that required to control kyubbi first…





    fina-f**kin’-ly we all get to see what we’ve been theorizin’ for what feels like a fucking eternity since wayback with kakuzu. and when it started getting f**king unbearable was the sawed off mountain-tops that jeremiah had to point out for the less experienced narutards that initially overlooked that tiny ass cloud in the f**king background *hangs head in shame*

    bah this weeks issue is gunna rule for $h^t sure!!!

  330. oops it seems that i might have over embellished that previous comment with obscenities, please understand emotional outburst considering that naruto was kicking some serious pain-sama POSTERIOR in the this weeks release of WSJ.

    my most sincere of apologies to the moderators, but once you see the pictures, i mean, COME ON, that was some incredible shizzer. no seriously it was. ok last time, SUGOI!!!

  331. @ JEREMIah you might not wanna toss your Kushina theory so soon, because it appears as though animal realm is being protected by Gamabunta…

  332. You can see a spoiler for 432 here:

    If confirmed as it says and looks authentic 432 is gonna be another awesomeness issue. I am salivating heavily but not drooling quite as bad as animal pain is as he is lying in a heep on the ground… Fuuton rasenshuriken looks soooo cool and deadly.

  333. Awesomeness again it looks like a killer issue.

  334. That spoiler looks to be real. I called it, projectile Rasenshuriken, but it seems he is out of sage mode time. So, what next?
    Will Pain retreat? Kyuubi rage? Danzo help/treachery?

  335. spoiler 432 pics

    @EroSennin that looks very dangerous. i dont think even madarra will be able to evade in time

  336. Naruto runs out of Sage mode at the end… Why do I have a nagging feeling that Naruto is about to get his ass handed to him in the next issue after they are all resurected again?

    In 433 we may see the Pain’s attack all at once and from every angle like they did against Jiraiya…


  337. I’ve also just pulled Charzelo and Tinman out of the spam dumpster this morning and I think it happened to Nighthawk last week. I’m not deleting your comments, the wordpress spam filter is seeing your links as spam.

  338. well it looks like me along with a lot of this site were right when we said he could throw rasenshuriken hahaha

  339. All the spoilers refer to Naruto as being in Sennin mode. Are Sennin mode, Sage mode, and Hermit mode all the same thing … using Senjutsu to gather natural energy? Or did I miss something?

  340. I really wanted a completely new jutsu, it was inevitable that he was gonna throw the fuuton rasenshuriken. I mean it is a shuriken. Am i right?? Would anyone have wanted to see something completely different? or is it just me??

  341. yeah its all da same…

  342. i think the other realms of pain are done for now. pain will need time to ressurect them and naruto wont give him that chance. wer definitly gnna see a more equal fight now. one pain and one normal naruto.

    but at some point naruto will use clones to go into sage mode again briefly to finish off pain. he will only be in sage mode for one move. but it will be the deciding one.

  343. i knew naruto would smack down the other pains
    and then run out of natural energy ;D
    next prediction,
    he gets attacked, someone helps or delays
    he goes back into sage mode
    god realm is stuck by his 7 second time thing were he cant use his jutsu
    bye bye mr pain 🙂

  344. oh oh and then nagato will be pissed that yaihko ? cant spell his name
    body is gone and get akatsuki to go to konoha, or something like that

  345. I’m a little disappointed that THE jutsu was “just” his old jutsu thrown at the enemy. I would have preferred to see a whole new jutsu, the jutsu Jiraiya said to Naruto to not use. “Do not use THAT jutsu Naruto, no matter what happens.” where up Naruto answers “I know …”.

    I think it’s also a shame that Naruto couldn’t remain in Sennin mode. I would have liked to see something better there. But hey, that’s something that can be worked on for Naruto.
    The question now is: How will Pain react?

  346. I agree with you nighthawk. I wanted to see “that” jutsu!! “That” jutsu better be something beyond amazing because the anticipation of seeing or even gettin clues about what the justu could be is ridiculous.

  347. With Naruto throwing the FRS though woundn’t that mean that long haired pain as mentioned can’t be resurrected because every single cell which probably means the chackra recievers can’t have any chackra flow everything is cut by the FRS.

  348. Sorry to only comment in flashes, but I’ve been real busy lately. Well, Naruto finally adds a long range jutsu to his arsenal. 431 was great and 432 appears to only continue the awesomeness, and leaves us with the cliffhanger of Naruto out of sage mode (Kishi has me on cliffhanger overload, I can’t take anymore). Cannot be sure yet, but it appears that only Deva Realm is left standing. If Naruto has disabled the Naraka Realm that uses the ‘God of Hell’ summons then Nagato will only have Yahiko’s body left. Will Nagato risk just Deva Realm (his former friend), or will he retreat? I don’t think that Deva realm can stand against the rest of the village, and a Naruto who hasn’t unleashed the tailed beast yet. If Naruto is out of chakra, and Deva realm stays to fight then I would say that a tailed beast is next. After all Naruto has the key dosn’t he? I think that Naruto will be able to maintain Sage mode longer as he practices it (or is emotionally forced to like Ichigo in Hallow Mask Mode). Still nothing on the condition of Kakashi (Dead Man Not Walking), is there something to Obito and Kakashi both being buried under rubble? I have read that some here say that he can’t die because he didn’t fulfill he promise, but he did save Choji & his dad. Anyone else hear a Rubenesque lady singing in the distance? I am guessing that Naruto ended Animal Realm in the toads mouth to keep the summoned animals away while he worked her over, anyway without translations that’s my best guess.

  349. Okay this is slightly off topic but relates to pain..
    is anyone here from the uk with a £10 note ?
    if you look at the queens eyes on the note ..
    it looks like she has the rinnengan
    i was well freaked out when i saw it haha 😀

  350. “God save the Pain” lol

  351. If someone has a very good resolution scan of a close up of her eye, email it to me. I want to see that!

  352. ive had a look
    ill try and scan it tomorrow
    but i dont know if the scanners high quality enough
    but yeah its quite kool theres about 3 rings in each eye

  353. Man, all of you were right about 432 being a badass issue! I think the frog team including Ma & Pa will take on the fight now while Naruto gathers himself for Sage mode again. I noticed that when he was mad, his canine teeth were popping out as if the 9-tail’s chakra was doing a lil somethin. Makes me curious! Damn, time for class..oh ya, I had my ACT test in your JUS 200 class jeremiah! haha. Pretty sure I sat where the crutches guy is.

  354. I don’t think naruto felt it was a desperate enough situation to use “That” jutsu that Jiraiya was refering to, considering naruto obviously felt like he’d could beat pain with his normal attacks, so why bother with a jutsu that sounds like it is a last option attack.

  355. @ EroSennin – I don’t think the 9 tailed fox is going to come out at least not if Naruto can keep it from coming out. He knows that he can’t control it yet and there is no way he would risk releasing it in the middle of… well what’s left of town anyway. Also No he does not have the key yet. We see Jaraiya talking to the key about how he should go to Naruto but we have yet to see the key actually appear to Naruto. Not only that when the Key does show up he is going to tell Naruto that he is the 4ths son. So we have that to look forward to.

  356. His giant rasengans are like the one Jiraiya used in his fight with pain–it’s just a rasengan with a crapload of chakra fueling it. It makes total sense to give those to bunshin, since they’re going to waste the rest of their chakra as soon as they disappear anyway!

    His new move is almost certain to be a wind shuriken rasengan that he’s finally learned to throw–they suggested it way back when he was killing that Akatsuki multi-heart guy, and that’s why his “secret” training on frog mountain had him facing a bunch of mountains that had been sliced apart. Plus, severing all the chakra connections to a body’s cells is the perfect way to break pain’s control of it! He can’t control something that chakra can’t flow through.

  357. @BJBthe1: It isn’t a matter of what Naruto wants, If he is still fighting & out of chakra, then as we all know Kyuubi is coming. Now, whether or not Yamato shows, and can do something about it is another story. As for the scroll, I could be wrong, but it seemed that’s (to Naruto) where he was headed after Jiraiya left the area he summoned to sign the release seal.

  358. sweet, 4 bodies in one go. And naruto throws FRS, now that’s pure awesomeness, right there. But he’s out of saga juice in the end. So anything can happen, both Pain and Naruto are worn out. Pain still has his original and Naruto still has kyuubi + toads, so it’s an anything goes match; both sides are equal to some extent (rinnegan effects are still unknown).

  359. Could you please refresh us with a link to this chapter where Jiraiya conversates with the key!?

    PS That Ten pound note with the Queen is true!!!! Great spot, it’s even more evident on the new twenty pound notes too! I’m awaiting the Queen Realm in the next few chapters! LOL

  360. HAHAHA
    Really ?
    *steals £20 from mum 8-)*
    i found something worth while
    wooohooo ;D

  361. guys listen i am sure naruto is well capable of controlling kuubi cause do u remeber when juraya took naruto`s seal key out of him and told the frong to store himself (the key) in naruto.

  362. @ DuudeLove – Issue 370, that issue drives so many theories about a number of things, there are whole theory posts in this blog dedicated to that issue.

  363. @ Bari – he couldn’t control it then but Jiraiya had faith he would in the future and he knew that Minato would want it that way.

  364. yeah so the key is inside naruto now so it is easy for him to control the kuubi.

  365. @bari: Not necessarily. It is just the key to the seal that binds the Kyuubi inside Naruto.

  366. i think somebody will come to help naruto maybe even sasuke or kakashi. kishi always loves to surprise. Naruto doesnt have time to get sage mode agian he will get killed before he blinks in normal mode with no strength left

  367. Other thoughts:
    1. I think Zetsu is “taping” the whole battle. Madara is thus, or will be, aware of Naruto’s powers.
    2. The Rin’negan is said to be the strongest dojutsu out there and thus far I’m a little disappointed in its powers. I’m sure there’s (much) more to it. Something like a Mangekyou Sharingen for the rin’negan would be nice.

  368. well considering you can see from everything else that has the rinnegan, can split yourself into six different bodies revive them at will almost, and create damage comparable to naruto 4 tails and amaterasu without ever actually putting yourself in harms way, i consider that to be pretty good…

  369. He can also master any nature type of jutsu cant he ?

  370. well considering you can see from everything else that has the rinnegan,

    It’s just an advanced form of Kage Bunshin.

    can split yourself into six different bodies revive them at will almost,

    kage bunshin

    and create damage comparable to naruto 4 tails and amaterasu without ever actually putting yourself in harms way,

    Kage bunshin @ 4 tails, though I admit that’s pretty good.

    However, I’d like to see NEW powers of the rin’negan. Pain’s secret has been deciphered (mostly) so I’d like to see him throwing a new jutsu in the battle.

  371. yes, and kage bunshin take a lot of chakra, and they can see from any angle but you only get that info once the bunshin technique has ended… it’s not like you can see what the clone can see at that moment,only what the clone has seen when i “died”… plus pain did beat Jiraya without really trying, and isn’t that impressive enough? And if it isn’t, he obviously should have some other powers because nagato killed a chunin when he knew absolutely no techniques of any kind…

  372. has anyone noticed how bleach and naruto have become extremely alike with the main characters.

    in bleach ichigo had his normal fighting and so did naruto. then ichigo got bankai as an amazing new pwer and naruto got the ability to control his chakra also an amazing new pwer.

    then these powers became ther basic power, ichigo always uses bankai and naruto always uses tons of chakra. then they start to fight a demond inside them, ichigo had the hollow and naruto has the fox. and finally ichigo got to use his hollow mask which is only temporary and now naruto has sage mode which is only temporary. both are huge boosts of power.

    so i think narutos gonna do the same thing as ichigo. as time goes by hell make sage mode last longer and longer until it lasts a whole fight.

    surely im not the only one to see this. and if people have said this before…..who cares lol

  373. Well i always thought “that” jutsu was Great Ball Rasengan. And i thought he told him not to use to because it took too much chakra and wasnt perfected (Hints the 2 clones needed to use it).

    Silly me =(

  374. they are inredibly similar.. and notice how bleach is exactly 90 issues behind naruto? the exception is that ichig isn’t fighting the most bad ass villians yet, there are other people way stronger than him doing the heaviest of lifting…

  375. With Naruto out of Sage power, All the villagers staying away from the fight and Konoha already turned to rubble I think it’s time for the fox to come out. God Realm needs a good ol’ rage induced ass kicking. I think the frogs have enough knowledge to control the Kyubi or help control it after the fight is over. But I’m thinking that Naruto can do it on his own. Is the anime he was able to reverse the 4 tails transformation. Plus he’s been learning to control more power by being in sage mode anyways. I think this fight will continue to esclate in power much like the Uchiha brothers fight.

  376. I also thought that with them showing Shikamaru wanting to help and not beeing able to because he wasn’t powerful enough will spark something in his peers. After this is all over you are going to see them all search out a way to get ridiculously strong.

  377. One more thing Kakashi isn’t dead he’s in the woods searching for Nagato. That’s why Naruto can’t sense him because he’s out of range just like Nagato is.

  378. Sage mode is supposed to help Naruto recover quickly and not
    get exhausted while he’s fighting.

    So in that last 432 spoiler pic, why does Naruto look like he spent all day training with Rock Lee and Maaaaiiiitttttooooo Gaaaaiiii?

  379. That sounds fascinating Jeremiah! I’m new to this site and have thoroughly enjoyed the insightful in depth analysis and banter going on. I don’t mean to sound too noobish, but I would really appreciate a link to all those theories concocted, stemming from chapter 370! Keep up the good work! Cheers

  380. @erich22 – i like them theiries of urs’ especially kakashi’s, has a nice ring to it!
    MOM:” Harshyt!!where’s kakshi??
    Harshyt:” Oh! he’s gone nagato hunting in the wood mom…!”
    MOM:” How many times have i told him not to go when he’s out of chakra…and right after i made his favoutrite fruit loops as well….”
    Harshyt: “Dont worry mom…the SWAYZE(harshyt winks at the viewers of the show *wink*) will keep an eye over him….

  381. Erich: good to see you commenting, and of course great comments. I think you’re right, no one in that group of 12 wants to be the weak link and they’re all going to training even harder now.

    I’m baaaaaack. Like a bad freakin penny. Just a little lost in a sea of comments. Someone have a compass and a paddle? ^.^

    Last issue, did you notice how Ma and Pa are riding the scroll? A lot of theories have been offered about a clone sitting still. Naruto has transformed his clones into inanimate objects before–is the scroll just another clone that the frogs are sitting on?

  382. @harshytkage

  383. if the frogs are sittin on naruto’s clone, i dunno what kind of odour disorder he’s gonna have when he releases it…;)
    (don’t blame me, i tried to convince him, but if it’s toad farts you want, toad farts you’ll get…..)

  384. Loool toad fartss ;D
    haha what do flys smell like ?

  385. Nice spoiler. Wish new move was actually “new” but awesomeness none the less. Looks like a killer issue for this week. I was laughing my ass off when i read “bunta puts naruto and the girl in his mouth so that naruto can go at it to his heart’s consent” was this translated wonr? put in for a good laugh? or did I miss something?

  386. it it would be cooler if it was sword..rather than a sword..

  387. Definitely too many loose strings to end the series now: What does the White Fang know about Konoha’s history? Will Kakashi learn the truth to the Uchiha slaughter? Will he return? Is Obito really Tobi? (see chapter 404 for all those who think he is and is not Madara) Why are Kisame and Zetsu still alive?…do they have a specific purpose in the storyline? (seems weird that they haven’t been killed off yet that’s all) Is the Fourth still alive? Perhaps trapped in a similar realm as the White Fang? What of the summit called by the Raikage? Is there or was there a Uzumaki clan? What else took place during Naruto’s Sage training? Did he learn of his parents? (seems to have matured quite significantly since his return)Who really is Danzou?…and will he face Tsunade or Naruto for the title of Hokage? What of Gaara? Will he return to Konoha after learning of Pain’s destruction…Will Naruto be crowned Hokage?? If so would he accept or decline to complete the rest of his Sage training?……..OR will I finally get a life of my own?!

  388. … did anyone understand losers comment :|?

  389. @ losers


  390. As in all Manga/Anime, the hero comes out strong inflicting mass damage. The enemy powers up and counters the hero. Our Hero takes a harsh beating and is near loss, then miraculously makes a comeback to win the battle. We know how this fight will play out and how it will end.

    Now to wait for 9 more days to see the final battle begin. I imagine it will be at least two chapters worth of material. 433 will have Naruto on the ropes, 434 will have Naruto winning the battle.

    He will probably re-enter Sage mode by buying time or a 3rd party will step in and assist him; either Ma and Pa toad or one of the 3 frog summons behind Naruto should lend a hand. I would not count on any leaf village ninja helping Naruto, they have all been told to stay back. He will either have to do it himself or the Frogs will have to save his butt. He does have the advantage of knowing pain’s ability.

  391. If he does indeed defeat Pain will this flush out Madara…There’s no way Madara can now complete the tail-extractions so what will his new intentions be?

  392. Another Rasengan customization? :[ oh well.. it does sound awesome.. but i did hope it was “new” ^_^

  393. OK, prediction time. I’ve already gone on record saying Tsunade is done and Kakashi will survive (with one eye). Tsunade with tensei Kakashi back to the land of the living only to croak herself. And she’ll do it right in front of Sakura.

    Kakashi will keep his sharingan eye but lose with regular eye. The chakra use will keep him (for all intents and purposes) blind when he’s not kicking ass.

    6th Hokage will not be Naruto. It will be either Kakashi or Danzo, and I’m about 50-50 either way until we find out just what the cockroach has been up to the last couple issues. I think for western numberology 7th is a nice number for Naruto become Hokage, but I’m not sure if that meaning of “completion” is the same in Eastern numerology. If Naruto is 7th, Danzo will by 6th. If Naruto is 8th, then Kakashi and Danzo will both be Hokage for a time.

    Hmmm…maybe I’m 60-40 that it’s Danzo next. Because I’m thinking that the war Akatsuki is stirring up is going to get intense because Naruto and the others are going to be busy trying to keep the douchbag from completely ruining Konoha. By the time they can deal with the outside world things will be bad.

    Oh, yeah, and this battle with pain. Eventually, he’s going to cut and run like a coward and retreat back to the tower of power. It’s time for Naruto to take some hits, but in the end Nagato’s going to save his puppets to fight another day.

  394. If Danzo becomes Hokage I predict Naruto will become a Missing Nin or Wanderer (ala Jiraya) and leave Konoha. That would make for one hell of a time skip.

  395. Hmm I have read that Kakashi may lose his legs which I don’t want to believe of course…having said that we only saw him from the waist up before he passed out

    Danzou as Hokage? The thought of the Anbu rebelling against him has crossed my mind given he considered the civilians killed in the attack a necessary sacrifice. I think the White Fang will educate Kakashi on Danzou’s intentions then upon his return will confront and banish him from Konoha – perhaps he has more to the storyline than we think…seems as though Madara (Tobi/Obito, whatever makes you happy) wants him dead as well

  396. ok you guys are not listening to me…it’s pretty obvious that “that jutsu” has something to do with amateratsu. maybe a rasengan/amateratsu projectile? that would be PURE awesomeness…or maybe jiraiya just taught naruto how to distinguish the fire…not really awesome.

  397. it can’t be over just yet. i’m sure naruto has that HUGE scroll on his back for a reason

  398. @ Hermit .. the fact that you question having a life of your own shows me that yes it will come about some day. But until then we can all enjoy the AWESOMENESS of Naruto!

    # Ibiki .. Glad to have something to comment on. Waiting for Naruto’s return to Konoha has been like waiting for Lance Armstrong to ride again. Although Naruto didn’t exactly finish in 120th place on his first day back:)

    Most people know I’m from the Danzo = Madara school. Just wanted to point out that if Kakashi did bite the dust then the Tobito theory wouldn’t hold much water.

    I’m also for the ninja world war 3 happening. I too would like to see Danzo rebuid Konoha and meet with all the kages to seek out the missing nin of Konoha. Beofre Akatski force all out war on everyone. Then the true people of Konoha are forced to fight eveyone and fight to get their way of life back. Sasuke would have to get down with that. He could even destroy Danzo’s Konoha for all I care.

    As a last thought why didn’t T.I. have the lyrics to his song say “No one on the coner has Swayze like us”?

  399. “what can he be hiding?”…….. ” huh, no way…i .. i can feel it!” “what!?! now…it cant be…naruto …a.. a SUPER GENIN!??!?!” ” but hes a low class soldier it doesnt make any sense?”..” so ..the legend is true after all, but why naruto!.. it should be me (sasuke) me.. im the one with the royal uchiha bloodline limit that carries the hidden possibility to become a SUPER NINJA!”…”so it happened..after 3 thousand years another super genin has emereged…but the last super genin could only maintain his status in the transformed state..his power was extrodinary!?!?…….<===== i thought the parallels between dbz and naruto were a bit funny…..~AVID PHAN ~

  400. Not many Akatsuki members left now…Guess we’ll have to wait and see how many are still standing after confronting the legendary Naruto

    Sasuke’s arrival in Konoha is what I’m waiting for – looking forward to seeing the look on his face when he sees Naruto looking like the fourth…no doubt Naruto will sense him immediately upon his arrival – what a face-off that will be

  401. @ ibi- HIIIII!!!!!!!! ^_^. okay now that that’s over, i actually agree with you on this, i still think in the aftermath of the battle we see danzo take over as hokage cause he’s a douche… but everyone else who has been so useless up until now goes what the fucks and gang rapes danzo out of position of hokage, and giving it to naruto because he actually tried to do something while danzo sat in a corner somewhere under ground and got familiar with a blow up doll. If that wasn’t bad enough, somewhere along the line the guys from lightning land come in and decide that they must have the wrong address cause there ain’t no french fries and mayo.

  402. @ Ibiki: somewhere up there, you were speculating on Naruto turning himself into the scroll to use as a clone, and it reminded me of something I was thinking about earlier -> what if Naruto (the real one) is standing still for sage mode to pump up the jutsu while his clones are the ones who create the jutsu? It seems to make sense after seeing the last chapter, because he stands there with his palms out for his clones to build rasengans in, then he uses his sage powers to make them giant before attacking the summon creatures. That’s how I interpreted it, anyway, but I’d love to hear other theories.

  403. 432 looks like it’s going to be crazy i can’t wait to see naruto owning all of pains body except the last one, and even though you see him running out of sage mode he still has one last trick behind his back.. literally. that scroll maybe he’s going to use the scroll as his last resort and force pain to run on home to the tower of power. well at least i hope that would be the case. we’ll have to see in a few chapters.

  404. With respect to the spoiler, why does the Senin power run out? When did nature start having a limited amount of power???

  405. @Ibiki Teishi-

    I just started reading this post a few weeks ago and started posting comments several days ago. Sorry for your loss, but if it helps, even a newbie noticed that this post wasn’t the same without your sharp wit and insightful predictions.

    As for Douche-Danzou(DD). Earlier in this thread (Jan 17,mid-late AM) several of us posted thoughts on Danzou’s intentions toward handling Tsunade. The short version of my post is that DD (I also used cockroach to describe him) intended to complete a “soft” coupe de tat by keeping Naruto out of the fray and allowing Tsunade to be killed/lose the elders confidence in her leadership.

    Naruto’s arrival, in time to battle pain, puts a wrinkle in DD’s plans, especially if Naruto defeats Pain. It appears that DD might now have to undertake a military coupe. Will our favorite Leaf Nin’s allow that to happen without a fight?

    Unless DD handles his entry into this “Melee” very deftly, he will end up losing another bid for Hokage. And… if the toads figure out he had a hand in the death of Kosuke, Danzou will be in a world of hurt.

    I’m starting to think that Tsunade will live, but the two elders will blame her for allowing an enemy to destroy Konoha. They will remove her from leadership and try to place Danzou in her stead, but that assumes his secret coupe remains secret.

    As for Naruto, someone in another post made an astute point. Naruto has already pondered, “How could I become Hokage if I couldn’t even save a friend.” Even if Naruto was appointed Hokage, at this point, he would probably refuse.

    I still think Naruto as Hokage and Shikamaru as Consigliere is a smooooooth combination. Oh well, it’ll have to wait til after the time skip.

  406. it ends at 451

  407. @ everyone who is questioning why Naruto came out of Sage mode, please reread this page.

    The bottom right hand panel states that he can not stay in Sage mode for extended periods of time. AKA, it is a transient state.

  408. You guys should really consider the “Amateratsu” theory as being “that jutsu”. Rasengan/amateratsu = awesomeness. or maybe jiraiya only taught him how to extinguish the fire? =[

    don’t forget the scroll on his back. it can’t be over yet. AND, don’t forget that the kid that always looks up to naruto…i forgot his name at the moment but didn’t he rasengan one of the Pein bodies? what happened with that? is he dead?

    I believe this whole thing is just a mere distraction…i think the person we REALLY should be worrying about is the Plant guy in akatsuki…

    errr, Hinata hasn’t used any of her COOL looking jutsus yet.

    we havn’t seen any of Shinos big attacks…

    So be on the lookout for:
    Team Hawk – Sasuke
    Plant Guy (akatsuki)
    8 tails
    Jiraiya as Pain
    4th Hokage – i have a SUPER little feeling that he’ll be back…i know i know, hes dead and all but i still have a feeling that he’s gonna show himself to naruto.
    Konomaru – I remembered his name! what happened to him?

  409. Perhaps Anbu will move on Danzou’s orders only to be stopped in their tracks as Kakashi returns to the realm of the living…

    Naruto’s dreams of becoming Hokage hinder on Sasuke’s stubborn ass…That may be the case – Naruto HAS said this on multiple occasions (‘How could I become Hokage if I couldn’t even save a friend?’)

    I recall Asuma on his deathbed saying Chouji could become Hokage someday with Shikamaru alongside him

  410. Follow up. The only way he can stay in sage mode for longer periods is if he fuses with another person that gathers natural energy. He has not shown us how he has overcome this inherent weakness of the technique.

  411. Zetsu (plant guy) has long-term ties with Uchiha Madara so perhaps you’re right in saying he’s one to look out for…

    Couple of theories re the fourth

    1) He is roaming within the same realm as the White Fang’s and will actually appear in front of Kakashi before his return to the land of the living
    2) He IS the actual seal within Naruto trapping the Nine-Tails

  412. @ blackoreanboi .. I’ve tried to think of what Itachi gave Naruto to no avail. However I’m wondering if Naruto could master fire element and combine it with Rasengan I think it would be as powerful as Amaterasu just not as long lasting.

  413. @ hermit….Kakashi will need his usual three month stay in a hospital before he is worth anything. That is if the past repeats itself.

  414. Pretty sure Naruto will be in big trouble and this time all his friend will help and fight the resurrected Pains while he gather his chakra. Just like in other anime, his friends will be pretty hurt/died… That my friend might span for at least 4 issues again.
    sigh. this is taking too long.

  415. hi all how are us doing. looking forward to next weeks manga, can’t wait. sunadai is getting older and ugly, that she is. Naruto pounding pains neck and i thing its awesome , that it is’

  416. nice one russ…probably an extra 3 for using all his chakra

  417. I’ve got a question that might blow folks minds…How did the Fourth die ? And did He ? This has been bothering me for a while now I re watched Episode 70-80 when the third used the reaper death seal…and there are some inconsistancies. Just based on that . Wouldnt the Fourth be sealed in naruto doing eternal battle with 9 tails? Wouldnt naruto be dead? The seals appeared on Saratobi right before died(clones dissappeared). There are other techniques to do the seal as elder chiyo alluded to…So being Hokage, One would think Minato would be aware of them. After saying that I think we will see Minato again(maybe in the final Showdown with Tobi?

  418. Amun-Ra: I think the 4th is sealed in the death god thing with Sarutobi, yin 9-tails and oro’s arms. He called the death god to eat yin 9-tails and was able to seal the yang in Naruto (yes, this is speculation, but speculation based on the facts hinted at in the manga). In the process he was eaten too, since the death god has to feed once he’s called. Remember how Sarutobi almost craps when Oro calls up the third coffin? I don’t think it’s just because Sarutobi was afraid of the 4th’s jutsu (or he would have shat after knowing he had to face two former hokages at the same time). I do think the problem was calling the 4th out of the death god would break the seak and unleash the yin 9-tails.

  419. @ amun-ra when does the mind blowing start? . . . . .

  420. Is it possible that (like with Sasuke’s brother…the name escapes me) That he didnt want to let Snake-boy know that Minato was still alive? On a secret mission that Only he can comlete like wait for Madara to show his hand And then attack? Given the previous plot twist(and the facts that People tend not to talk about the Fourth coupled with the lack of evidence that he is indeed dead)Would it be far fetched for this to happen? Here is another Kooky theory: the scroll Pervy was holding for Naruto was the formula for the “yellow flash” jutsu, That Once he completes it he can summon his Father…Just something to chew on.

  421. @sensei..I had a smart-assed response, But I’ll say this; the Key word in that sentence IS “MIGHT”.

  422. @Ibiki: Welcome back! I know that Pa couldn’t sit on Naruto’s shoulder to skip the whole “being perfectly still” thing, but could he sit there after Naruto entered sage mode? Or, are Ma & Pa on the scroll to prevent contact with Naruto?

    Also, we still haven’t seen Naruto beat the sage mode while moving problem. As we all should know, he always overcomes these problems, and don’t forget the whole, “looking left while looking right” thing that Pa toad said during the sage training. Now I don’t know if that comes out in this fight or a later one, but make no mistake it will be back.

    Personally I’m kinda starting to think that Naruto will kill Sasuke, that will be the hard decision he has to make. I think that Naruto will be forced into it. Basically I think that Sasuke will commit “suicide by cop” if you know what I’m saying. I know that Naruto has enormous empathy, and this helps him win people over because one needs to be exposed to a higher moral development in order to obtain it. Not that one will obtain it, but they still need the ‘example’ to be able to. Any-who, If Sasuke actually does come around can he live with the things that he has done? Can he face his ‘friends’ after it is all said and done? Looking at the cyclic pattern that the manga takes, will Sasuke become the Oro figure of team Kakashi? This seems like another battle at the waterfall, but whether it is Naruto and Sasuke again, or Naruto and Tobi is what I am not sure about.

  423. Narutos lifes goal is to become Hokage by saving Sasuke – its “his way of the ninja” he will never go back on his word…ever – that said I highly doubt that Naruto & Sasuke will battle to the death…perhaps Naruto does save him then is killed by Tobi/Madara…

    Good comments amon-ra – I have debated this so many times with other fans…Would there have been a body in that coffin?

  424. @ EroSennin – I doubt that sasuke would be like the Oro figure because Sasuke doesn’t really care about the village at all. God damn it i hate not knowing whats going to happen haha! I believe sasuke will end up killing naruto…for some reason i don’t know why but it has to happen…Remember when sasuke tapped into narutos head? The 9 tails specifically warned sasuke not to ever kill naruto or he’ll regret it.

    Ok so let’s see the TRUE relationship between the 9 Tails demon and Naruto.
    What happens to the 9 tails when naruto dies? wouldn’t the seal just break and release the fox? After all, he IS only sealed. So why wouldn’t he just want Sasuke to just kill naruto. Maybe since the fox has been with naruto for all these years he has grown fond of naruto. We’ve seen the fox lend naruto his power for the first time against Zabuza…well his partner…we’ve also seen the fox lend his power during the fight with Neji. When naruto is desperately in need of help the fox is always there to back him up.

    What we all fail to understand is that Minato (the fourth hokage) sealed the Yang? or was is ying? whatever it is, the good chakra got sealed into naruto right? They’ve said it themselves…the 4th hokage sealed the good chakra in him…however the bad chakra can’t just disappear like that…we know the bad chakra is in him because he can communicate with the fox. Maybe naruto has been using the bad chakra this whole time and the good chakra is even more powerful than the bad?

    Maybe the doesn’t really care about naruto. The fox did tell sasuke that the sharingan is more sinister than his own but maybe the fox knows something about naruto that no one else knows. Maybe he’s warning sasuke that if naruto is killed that will release the 9th tail which would totally PWN sasuke.

    well i’m tired of thinking. I will think more tomorrow i guess…or maybe if someone leaves me a quick comment lol!

  425. oh yeah ABOUT the 4th now.
    @Hermit – That theory about the fourth being sealed in naruto could be quite amazing.
    maybe kakashi knows that the fourth is still out there. You know how he’s always late for the meetings and everything so maybe he could have been at Obitos grave or MAYBE he is always at a meeting with the fourth. So kakashi might still have that kunai knife that has the 4ths seal. Maybe kakashi will remember he still has it and then throws it towards the last Pain while naruto lost his Sage powers and then own the Deva realm! lol just a theory

  426. hey jeremiah i think yur the most fake RETARD ever who cares about this shit of site anyways

    (Jeremiah’s response: Funny part is this psycho is on the site all the time and I’ve had to delete several comments by this person offering me and other commentors sex… I’ll let you decide who gives a shit about the site and who’s the retard in this situation… Obsess much?)

  427. @Hermit: Try to remember the Itachi & Naruto conversation in the woods. That is why Itachi gave Naruto some of his power, in the instance that Naruto can’t live up to his ‘way of the ninja’. If Naruto can, will we see Itachi’s gift?

  428. @blackoreanboi: remember this manga is named, “Naruto”, not “Sasuke: The Eternal Emo Ninja”

  429. @Alec and EroSennin: thanks for the welcome back (you too, jdb), I’ve really been down the rabbit hole in some ways and it’s really good to be back. My dad said my coffee smelled like a gun boot full of assholes. huh. But I still can’t figure out why I end up finding you guys, your irreverent humor and nastiness…fun. :P~

  430. LMAO @Kabutokun: a retard says, what? come on, pal, isn’t there enough hatred in the world without you trying to pick a fight over nothing? At least come up with a dumbass theory we can all take pot shots at…this poses no challenge.

  431. @blackoreanboi- you got somehting’s mixed up a bit… it what the west calls bad chakra, but it really is the more aggressive chakra (thank you jackie chan…). And the nine-tails dies when naruto dies. He mentions it when naruto is summoning gamabunta for the first time in the chasm, and again when naruto is baout to die agaisnt kabuto, the fow feels everything growing darker around him and he feels as if he is about to die…

  432. what?……Oh,… wait! 😛

    PS: ATHF is on. it’s the leprechaun mugging episode (a personal favorite) When does Squidbillies return? Oh, it’s on! Awesome Bill from Dawsonville!

  433. ibiki teishi nice pic of temari by the way

    iam not trying to pick a fight or to come up with some dumb theory iam just speaking by my feelings and i think he is a fake guy

    but i do respect you
    hey do you think naruto will kill this pain and then fight the real pain nagato?

    cuz so far he is not having that much trouble

  434. ……*Ibi you didn’t remember me :'(*……..goes of to sulk like shino……..(comrades are supposed to remember what they look like….)

    And for all of you: Naruto and Amaterasu mixed together is completely GAYYYYYYYYYY!, like elasticated ninja once said
    (unless he farts it out as jeremiah speculated 😉

  435. @kabutokun(who is a girl) – i remember my first post on this blog was “You Suck Jeremiah”, though i really didn’t mean that…lol

  436. You have to winder what else Naruto was taught in Frogland…apart from Sage training that is…he seems to be more like his father everytime we see him – was he told? Notice how quickly he moved in front of Tsunade from that distance to smoke Asura Pain? Only the Yellow Flash could move that fast!

    And what of the message on Fukusaku back? Apparently Naruto feels its a personal message for him only and not intel on Pain…Hmmm

  437. Noooooo!, finally i come online(after 3 friggin OS crashes and sebsequent reloads) and there’s noone online again…

  438. LOl…Gaara shows up and people dissappear.

  439. DOnt worry too much Gaara…someone out there loves you

  440. The move Naruto uses in this issue is similar to something I thought of awhile back for an RP site. The idea was to attach a chakra link to the attack to throw it… If Naruto creates an attack that gets larger as its spins out, but becomes weaker the more distance it covers then I am going to be more than just a little thrown off.

    Anyway does anyone think that Naruto could lose this fight? He is using a lot of energy. Sure the others are there to protect him, however, the same could be said for Pain and Konan. Then if Tobidara shows up a capture and flee is in the victory.

  441. The fight with Pain is no where close to the end, Naruto has to learn to gather natural energy while moving in battle, Itachi powers is not yet released and the fox in naruto can always lend a hand in times of need. Plus Kabuto and Sasuke would neva ever let anyone kill naruto excemt them. So there is no need to worry about Naruto, Just worry and hope Kishi makes it exciting.

  442. Good God Harshy, did Akatsuki screw up and slip shukaku back in you. Do you ever sleep.:-)

  443. @ blackoreanboi I believe it was the yang that was sealed in Naruto and the yin was sealed away with Minato. Since it is only the good chakara (yang) and not also the yin (bad chakara) there is no balance to the kyuubi’s chakara. So for Naruto to be able to control the Kyuubi’s power he will have to balance his chakara with either his own or perhaps the sage chakara. This is the reason he has not been able to use the kyuubi to it’s full potential yet. With no balance it is the same as the sage chakara. ie: no balance to kyuubi, he starts turning into the kyuubi and no balance to the sage, he starts turning into a frog. Now he has the balance to use sage power and he still has to find the balance for the yang chakara in order to safely use the kyuubi’s power without turning into a mindless devastating kyuubi himself. Perhaps the sage chakara will help Naruto to balance out the kyuubi’s chakara or he may find this in the key scroll, IDK. Maybe the power that Itachi left Naruto will help him balance and control it.
    Jiraya came to believe that the Kyuubi was not a naturally occuring beast but was summoned by Uchiha Madara. If this is true then no wonder that Madara wants the kyuubi back..

  444. Ibiki said:
    “Amun-Ra: I think the 4th is sealed in the death god thing with Sarutobi, yin 9-tails and oro’s arms. He called the death god to eat yin 9-tails and was able to seal the yang in Naruto (yes, this is speculation, but speculation based on the facts hinted at in the manga). In the process he was eaten too, since the death god has to feed once he’s called. Remember how Sarutobi almost craps when Oro calls up the third coffin? I don’t think it’s just because Sarutobi was afraid of the 4th’s jutsu (or he would have shat after knowing he had to face two former hokages at the same time). I do think the problem was calling the 4th out of the death god would break the seak and unleash the yin 9-tails.”

    The reason Sarutobi didn’t want the third coffin to rise, presumably Yondaime, is because he simple didn’t want to fight ANOTHER strong shinobi if he could do anything about it. I think you’re seeing too much into this.

  445. Plus the dude was the stuff of legends.. If he came out too the fight was over for sure… am guessin thts all tht sarutobi was afraid of..

  446. I always thought it was because the 4th was insanely strong BUT now that I think about it… he was sealed in the death god, the implications of that would have been?????

    Very interesting -_-

  447. The funny part is the card game that has taken place within the death god between Sarutobi, Minato, the Yang Chakra of the Nine tails and the uncomfortable silence that takes place when it’s Orochimaru’s lifeless arms turn…

    I just imagine a table with all of them sitting around it, one on each side and then just two random arms on one side of the table. All three of them just sit and stare at the arms and say… That’s f**ked up… seriously… wtf?!

  448. @tinman-

    If that theory doesn’t become canon, shame on Kishi. Good stuff!



  449. @ Kabutokun – I love the way I get dubbed as a “fake” guy by someone that uses a male characters name, claims to be a girl and offers sex to me and other commentors on the blog… sure I’m the fake one.

    If you’re upset that I’ve never replied to any of your comments ever, consider today special for you because I realized you existed.

    Last warning. If you don’t like what I write then disagree with it. Just becuase you don’t agree with it doesn’t make it fake. Alec disagrees with a lot of what I say but he’s still one of my favorite people on this blog.

  450. @nighthawk also, in naruto there is a reoccuring theme of one generation always outdoing the previous…. the 3rd was able to beat the 1st and 2nd, but failed to completely destroy oro…. i think the 4th would be stronger than the 3rd just based on that, and now naruto is stronger than the 4th 🙂

  451. The Anime #93 is out at!

  452. can some one please explain god realm hell realm. are these people whats the deal, help me!!!!!!!!!!!

  453. @ahhaaa: If you read in the manga during the Death of Jiraiya parts start there and read forward. You’ll see Jiraiya had a flashback about three kids, more specifically about one named Nagato. You can also go here at Narutopedia.

  454. @ ahhooo – I would go HERE. It will explain in depth on top of the manga that Erosennin suggested all the realms of Pain.

  455. @Shino (oops, I mean Harshy): dude, if you’re gonna pout…no, man, seriously, don’t sulk…how can I type hello if you won’t even frickin look at me?! ^.^ Hi Harshy!

  456. @Nighthawk: have to agree that Sarutobi was probably better than either the 1st or the 2nd, but they were still both Hokages. I think facing two Hokages at once, even if you are technically more skilled than either one, is the stuff that fills one’s pants with foam. So why is it he was particularly worried about the 4th’s coffin and not the odds (three on one is not an easy fight)? Yeah, Minato could just be THAT awesome, but also remember it didn’t work and Oro couldn’t figure out why.

  457. i have been joking this whole time you people fall for everything people say… its funny

    but i still think your just someone fake retard hahahha

  458. @Kabuto: seriously, time to stop now. Let it go. Walk away. Find something else to talk about.

    I generally don’t go in for censorship, but in this case you’ve been told this kind of humor (given the entire history and context) isn’t sitting well with the rest of the community.

    Your options at this point are to settle down and try a different sort of humor/participation or to face bannage.

    Nobody here wants to do that to anyone–or my guess is you would have been shown the door already. This site represents a lot of wacky participants, drunken monkeys and unadulterated chaos. Censorship and ban hammers tend to organize that chaos and put a lid on it. So please, leave off with the personal stuff, because it’s not sounding like a joke to anyone, and find a more amusing way to express yourself.

    I won’t address this again, so consider this your 15 minutes of fame and attention for stirring the shit.

    And the rest of you…mischief managed, nothing more to see here…please do move along.

  459. ah ibiki, my hero! *flutters eyelashes*

  460. Oh man, the drama unfolding on this blog is overwhelming.
    Just saying, this place has become one of my favorite little spots , and I love both the analysis and the comments.

    Cheers! Keep it up.

  461. @jeremiah- the game of cards would also include the 1st and 2nd. People don’t realize but all the hokages are in that death god. Except tsunade of coures.. HOpefully she’ll be dead soon so that the story could move along already.

  462. Thanks for the comment omar.

    I thought the 4th was the first to use that technique in Konoha?

    Could you comment with a link to the manga page that said the first and second used it as well, resulting in them being sealed in the death god.

  463. Found it. Issue 123 page 10 Sarutobi seals them in.

  464. lol, beat me to it, Jeremiah. Yep, that must be one hell of a card game. Think Tsunade’s going to manage to actually die or is she going there too? @.@

    Can you rip open the death god and let them all out? Is that possible? Hmmm…

    Still…Oro’s arms. The problem is he keeps showing his hands to everyone…(groan, eyeroll).

  465. Not sure if everyone favorite blogger Kabutokun is around or not. I read Ibiki’s warning and she sounds serious. I wouldn’t Eff with her or Jeremiah or anyone on this site for that matter. If you feel like trashing someone I welcome you to bring it. Like Rocky said “why don’t you try pushing me around”. Fly straight or not it doesn’t matter to me. Either way I’ll dismantle you comment style. Up for the challenge? 9pm Eastern Standard Time. I’ll be waiting;)

  466. I think that he is referring to the Oro battle with the 3rd. Sarutobi used the ‘Dead Demon Imprisonment Jutsu’ on them in that battle. HERE They are also there playing cards.

  467. darn, I should hit the reload button on another tab before commenting.

  468. does anyone know who this women is saying she will get revenge. standing at the 4th hokages monument. heres the link

  469. Ibi knows, we had a big discussion about it in a post a couple months ago. People were saying it was Rin but it’s someone else… anyone have the link please post it in the comments section for crikeylance… I’m too busy to look it up right now.

  470. I believe the Fourth will make an appearance soon…There’s just way too much mystery surrounding his death and it is almost like a taboo subject within Konoha. Perhaps it was only the Third and a select few who knew the truth of what took place…I believe the White Fang knows all and will pass on this knowledge to Kakashi…

    The only element thats itching me is Kakashi’s ongoing mention of Rin and Obito…were they taken as puppets? Who the hell is this guy Tobi? He was wearing some sort of Ninja outfit then suddenly appeared in a Akatsuki cloak with a new personality…? Kisame also identifies him as Madara – but how could he be when we saw him farting around like a 5 year old with Deidara? Thats like Itachi hiding his true self behind a mask acting like Gai-sensei!

  471. Its The Guy That Spits Needles Girlfriend ..
    his name escapes me
    but he has fans
    and was one of the procters wernt he?

  472. Wow so many people ask about that girl >_<. the girl is Hayate Gekko’s girlfriend. Hayate Gekko is the guy with the cough that was killed by Baki from the sand.

  473. OHH YEAHH
    thats rightt
    he wasnt the needle spitting guy
    that guy was his replacement

    sorry guyss ;D

  474. man, i just had to post this link. well i originally thought the coat the 4th always wore was his but guess it went jman-4th-naruto
    check him out when he was lil. look at him tied to log. =) and ty for info. bout the girl.

  475. sage mode is over but here comes kyubbi

  476. I just looked it up her name is Yugao Uzuki and I was right she is Hayate Gekko’s lover, she knows Kakashi from ANBU and so many people think she is rin…but she is not.

    P.S- I still have a tiny hope that animal realm is rin, If she died in the last three years it would explain kakashi mangekyou sharingan. My theory still alive….I hope ^_^.

  477. @CRIKEY: Her name is Uzuki Yuugao and you can find her biography here if you scroll passed all those Uchiha and Umino Iruka. She has a red anbu tat on her arm and she was Hayate’s girl friend. Hayate was the guy found dead after the chuunin exams; he was also the referre for the prelim battles (the guy with the tubercular cough).

    I know who she is, because I did some research on all the known ANBU for a fan fic. She is the only known/named female ANBU.

    @Green: the guy who spits needles is Genma (Shiramui Genma), as far as I know he has no girlfriend, which is part of why he’s such a target in many, many fanfics.

  478. I need to start looking at the blog more, I just never have the time.

  479. cool and hard…gonna love to read more from u

  480. ty for the info. on the girl. when i saw it said she was take at hayate or whatevers grave i was thinking of kakashi’s family but now i know thanks. =)

  481. yeahh
    his name had came up before
    and since they were both procters
    i got a bit mixed up

  482. Everyone has been affraid to post since Erich threw down the guantlet.


    Better lighten the mood…

    Maaaaaaaiiiiiiiiitoooooooo Gaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!

    Feel free to do the same… It feels sooo good.

  483. I just did 1000 laps around my apartment on my hands. I think I need to train harder.
    Dynamic Entry!!!!!

  484. Many people have speculated on the way Madara acts, as if he’s got two personalities. He also hangs out with a plant that has two personalities and they seem to faze through objects the same way. Could it be that Madara died and Zetsu is controling him as some sort of puppet?
    Maybe Zetzu planted his seed in Madara.

  485. all i have to say is that you people only make this site funnier by the stuff the you say, damn you guys are trying to hard

    all of your thories dont make any sense

  486. Anybody seen Kabutokun lately? I wonder if he got my message?

  487. Okay specalation on Madara has culminating in so many theroies remenets of Obito still resides in Madara that is due to his Childish composition now moving on to Naruto futon Rasengan relying on the natual energy around i heard that Naruto will eventully fight Madara and lose control of the kyuubi.

  488. A follow up on that theroy will be greatly apprecieted

  489. I don’t think Madara’s fight is with Naruto. I think he needs to suffer at the hands of Sasuke. Since his whole existance tore apart Sasuke’s.

  490. whoa, time out! why is it sarutobi’s clones can seal the 1st and 2nd? Couldn’t he just have used a clone on oro and not have died?
    (i’m a bit behind today)

  491. Hmm.. i donno.. Madara is the big cahuna here.. Sasuke might have a go at him but in the end he shd be defeated by naruto… The show is named “Naruto” after all…

  492. @naga-kabutokun, most the theories I’ve read here seem very logical when you have any knowledge of the manga. Yes, a lot of the theories are probably meant to be ridiculous, but that’s the fun. Why do you read them just to say they’re wrong and not support yourself? That sounds like a waste of time.

  493. @ erich 22 i think he’s above you. lmao!! (as in above your comment) not in your home or whatever.

    @ jeremiah. card game was CLASSIC. Its hilarious because you can actually picture it.

  494. Negatokun now! Sounds like someone is trying too hard to find a name. Since all our theories are so off base will please enlighten us to what’s going on?
    I do have a theory Negatokun aka Kabutokun aka Mr.Gamakichi will reveal himself soon enough. I think behind the little yellow blob is just a little boy with tail envy.

  495. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaiiiiitttttooooo GGGGgggggaaaaiiiiii!!!!!

    Damn, that does feel good.

    Tail envy…lol

  496. As soon as manga 432 comes out sum1 plz put the link up. i found most of the raws so not long for the manga.

  497. If I had to guess Kabutokun is probably seeking out a two tails for himself so that he can get double sealed at both ends. Kinda like he’s a chinese finger cuff.

  498. bahaha erich, i was right in the middle of a drink and now my shirt is soaked with it. wow, a Chinese finger cuff. omg

  499. @erich22 HAHA DOUBLE SEALED!!!! double stuffed. kinda like a oreo huh?? lol
    Here is the raw manga, i repeat((( RAW )))

  500. Sorry ajd09 Once Kabutokun pays his dues we’ll use it to get you a Sage Tech t-shirt.

  501. Erich, dude, you get the ankles and I’ll get the wrists. We can heave ho away. ^.^

    I think our little finger cuff is planning to settle down. Picked a new name and everything.

  502. Ladies and Gentlemen…and manga lovers around the world you new and 6th hokage…….MMMMmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaiiiiitttttooooo GGGGgggggaaaaiiiiii!!!!!

  503. Let’s not show the raw manga to Kabutokun. I’m worried he’s got this blown up poster of Konohamaru in his room, wishing he could play with his little Rasengan.
    In fact I’m sure he can’t hang out around outside the academy anymore. Sorry Kabutokun it must suck having to tell all your neighbors your problem.

  504. i hope he wont be able to resurrect his bodies cuz the hell realm guy is gone right?

  505. HAHA!!!! Your ripping him erich.

  506. @ Ibiki… Glad to help take out the trash. But no matter what fake ID he uses he’s not getting back in the club:)

  507. @ Sensei.. Thanks for the RAW manga. Makes me wish I had continued those Japanese courses. Oh well I could start tomorrow and be reading it in 30 days.
    I wouln’t be able to rip K-bag with out the blessing of Jeremiah. Thank him for tonights entertainment.

  508. @Amun-Ra-Dishonor to you dishonor to your family his name is itachi do us all a favor and don’t forget it LOL I’m jokin but anywho I’m new here so I hope you guys don’t mind be jumping in about the minato conversation I refuse to belive he’s dead untill they show me a body I mean I don’t think he was even in the coffin to begin with and if he was why couldn’t they show us his shadow or maybe a strand of hair it just seems fishy to me but I was wondering do you think if it’s possible to get a new pupil for naruto say if he goes kyuubi and sage that would be sexy as hell what color does red and gold make???????

  509. sorry K-bag, he gave you plenty of time/warning. You knew it was coming.

  510. ha. No problem man. I need to start learning something else besides spanish. Japanese would be a good third language (the only thing i would probably use it for is to read raw mangas haha)

  511. Well If Kabutokun is still out there feel free to take all the shots you want at me while I’m gone. I’ll be back tomorrow. May I suggest you bring some friends with you next time to help you (if there parents don’t have restraining orders on you alredy).

  512. well, I’m feeling it’s time for a ridiculous and totally stupid theory.Naruto is the main villain! Why? It starts back when he was a kid.he paints on the hokage’s faces. He claims it was because he’s gonna be the best, but I’m not convinced. Naruto appears to be able to “change” everyone. What if he wants to change the government and take over the world? He developed sexy jutsu to gain appeal to others. then he found followers of his disciple. Posing as an “unpredictable ninja”, he met haku, who he brutally murdered. He only let Kakashi kill him. Chunin exams go on, and he fights with Kiba. He Uses “that jutsu” to defeat him, knowing it would torture Kiba the most. He decided he needed more power on his side, so he got the infamous ero-sennin with the sexy no jutsu. Later he goes to win neji over by using danzo’s underground networking system to surprise him. Gaara saw through the evil plan and cleverly decided his battle. Sasugay was a minor inconvenience, but Naruto needs sasugay as the trigger for his master plan, so he pwns Gaara. Gaara then joined in under code word “bonds”.

    There’s more, but it’s quite extensive.

  513. haha, wow… i’ve missed a lot in the last few days… thanx Jeremiah, ibi and erich for taking out the trash… why is it that erich is always willing to take the abusive of everybody??? haha, erich you are now the new tsunade, except you have a great chance of living beyond next week…

  514. @amunra @hermit – Of course….someone always loves gaara 😉
    @Jdb44 – Naaaa….akatsuki didn’t screw up, they did their job fine, actually i let myself get caught, i was gettin’ sick of shukaku, i mean you can only handle sand in ur cornflakes to a point, but in your coffee too???thats when it gets personal pal!So after gettin revived an all i went all original and created the swayzebi/catain planetbi(Ok…not that original), so i thought yeah they’ll at least let me sleep, but i couldnt, thats when i realised smfin was wrong

    @ibi – *STARES HARD* it’s ok, i knew you couldn’t forget me…:)

    @erich22 and everyone else-

    OMFG!!!!!!I found them at the poker table, and oro’s arms seem to have taken a new body, you’ll have to look closelyt though
    img217(.)imageshack(.)us(/)img217(/)2360(/)pokersymp1600x1200copyez4(.)jpg (remove brackets!!!it’s a quick job so i wasnt neat, but the idea was soo funny i couldnt resist!)

  515. I think pain may loose all his beloved bodies, he (Nagato) may retreat, for he too, has the chakra limit remember, the only two characters we know to have the tremendous amount of chakra is Kisame & Naruto 4 to even more times more than kakashi, who can utilize a thousand techniques… Well, i must say Nagato’s retreat will be just in time for a time skip:

    1. make the konoha safe from akatsuki & revive the dying fire country. & gaara & the sand village could be of a great help.

    2. if ever the Last of the Sannin passes out, its time for new naruto to gain the thrown. (if they finds out the gets danzou out of his closet.)

    3. naruto trains again for some new jutsu (Collaboration element) or will yamato teaches him (if kakashi really is dead, or alive but can’t handle naruto in training anymore)

    4. or naruto, lets konohamaru train in the Frog mountain too, for he also posses quite descent amount of chakra & performs great with kage bunshin, (Cause they all realizes that Naruto can’t just defend their village alone.)

    5. or naruto searches for some1 in the village capable of training in the frog mountain for sage training (let’s say sakura, who have less chakra than naruto but more than sasuke & is capable of utilizing & spending/disposing her chakra very well) thus making sakura replace Stunade for being konoha’s greatest medic ninja, or if even old granny passes out, she’ll hand over Katsuyu to sakura making her a Sannin next to Naruto.

    6. mean while, Akatsuki regrouping, adding up 1 or 2 new membrs (as of Kishi’s 1s interview last year.) replacing those dead one’s. or maybe, finding it a way for zetsu to recover Hidan’s body in the place where shikamaru left him..

    7. Nagato’s Stock of 6 pain’s bodies isnt done yet. im sure he won’t let naruto destroy his Yahiko “deva” pain body. but remember that he killed Hattori Hanzo, so he might have been storing Hattori’s body in his tower for reinforcement. This could be much more exciting as Hanzo was really strong he could have beaten the 3 Sannins at once. & or a very wild speculation could be that zetsu brought Itachi’s remains to pain. so i’m expecting one of these theories to materialize some time before naruto story ends.

    8. Madara could be Sasuke’s new sensei, but realizing what he did to Oro, that could materialize too… ’cause madara couldn’t lay a hand on Sasuke because of what itachi did to sasuke. & could be in some remote place where madara could teach sasuke the space time technique or whatsoever technique he would like to.

    9.kabuto may then reaches the full potential of oro’s power & revives/gains control over Oro’s unused Forbidden techniques and his powerful summons + his Super Healing Prowess, & his being “Deceitfull” He is no doubt a Big Threat to Sasuke and to konoha as well. as he want’s revenge over Sasuke’s betrayal & killing of Oro. we can’t disregard on how Oro has funded his experiments for this will be a defining factor on how Kabuto can conduct experiments on himself with what’s left on Oro’s wealth (w/c could be a greater amount than of Akatsuki’s).

    10.Raikage then searches for Sasuke’s team & will possibly face the members except sasuke (for he might receive apprenticeship from Madara & went off training elsewhere) & sasuke’s members will die in the hands of the Raikage’s hired Ninjas. (i forgot the names of the three 😀 2 males & a female if im not mistaken..) This could materialize too because of the threat they’ve been to the Raikage’s borther, the KILLER BEE.

    I hope this makes sense to this thread!
    hope some1 agrees with me 😀

    Thanks for reading! 😀

  516. naruto 432 is oout

  517. pain told naruto tht he was jiraiya pupil too

  518. finally

  519. yay the new manga. =) you may thank me now.

  520. wow that was good in a way kind of short but we have to wait another week again

  521. Part 2

    Sasugay finally realizes Naruto’s plan and goes A-wall. Oro forms a rebel camp to prepare for Naruto’s invasion. Naruto fights with sasugay one last time to get him to covert to narutoism, but sasugay decides to break any part he once had in code word “BONDS”. years pass as naruto trained to dominate. Behind his back, other country’s nins realized the impending threat. They weren’t taken seriously and kicked out of their village. They banded together under akatski. Gaara was their first mark, as he was Naruto’s biggest asset. Naruto’s plan of having an ally that was the part of the take over plan seemed ruined. But he met Chiyo and used his crazy non-aggressive mind tricks to eliminate her and revive Gaara at the same time. After more speed bumps, He heads for Sasugay. After effing Oro up a bit, he came across sasugay. The mind tricks didn’t work on him, and he fled. He then improved rasengan and killed kakuza(not sure about speeling)for no real reason. That’s how evil he is.
    J-man is killed because he was secretly info for naruto. Naruto is pissed and decides to go into the final phase. He sages up and returns to find his homeland destroyed. pein knew they were all corrupted. Naruto Rapes pein, but Pein learns who Naruto really works for. Danzou. “B.O.N.D.S.=Burn Over Nations Danzou’s Strength! After peins defeated, akatski fails. Naruto get’s the world, and decides to turn on Danzou. First, sasugay attempts to fight Naruto and gets raped. Sasugay says ok, i’ll join you, but Naruto had other plans. as Danzou attakes, Naruto realizes that Danzou was really Swayze this whole time. desperate, He turns to Sasugay and pushes both sharigans through sasugay’s brain. This triggers the end of the world. Therefore, Naruto is the villain the whole time. You heard it hear first.

  522. He shouldn’t have wasted so much in 431 on the summons! obviously he has something else up his sleeve



  524. it’ll be funny if narutos demon chakra kicks in too! lol. that’ll be awesome. Just liek the fight with Ichigo and the blossom guy. right when it seems like the blossom guy is winning, ichigos crazy hollow kicks out and whoops ass.

  525. dude that manga was insane…. 2 realms left!

  526. well since naruto hasn’t said anything about collecting natural chakra while moving. im almost positive that he will in chapter 433.

  527. hi there long time listener first time caller. the new mangas up and it looks awsome. props to the pretty acurate predictions by y’all who post here. ill save my thoughts till you guys get a chance to read it.

  528. This sucks imo! ofc the one naruto didnt kill is the one that can revive the other bodies..

  529. Two single handed rasengan! And in the toad mouth! Sweeeeet. I think that was more surprising than the rasen shuriken, which I assumed was on its way since Naruto sliced the mountains.

  530. @ibiki
    that and he did it one handed for both, no shadow clone needed in sage mode apparently, i wounder if he can do it without the natural energy boost??? now that he lost sage-ism ill be willing to bet someone is going to make a guest appearence at his side. i just cant figure out if its going to be s shocker from outside the village, or maybe just sakura in danger to give narutos power a kick in the butt

  531. not only that but he did it without shaddow clones. i hope it caries over to when hes not in sage mode. (even tho i thought it was one of his best quarks) now that he lost natural energy id be willing to bet a newcommer will make an apperance at his side… just cant decide if it will be a surprise outsider joining the fight or something more conventional like sakura being in danger to give his power a kick in the butt. (they have made it pretty well known that when he was in sage mode to stay to the side but what about now)

  532. hmmmm. I think this naruto in konoha isnt the real one. he got to be a clone that the real naruto is using. Its kinda stupid for the two frogs to let naruto faces those 6 fake pains, and not get the real pain. I dont think the 2 frogs would let naruto face the same fate as jiraiya, imagine it- after knowing the secret of pain, would you rather go after the real one or fight its 6 pawns… find the real one obviously.

    i think before ma and pa went to the konoha, they already work out a plan to find and pinpointing wheres the sources of the 6 vessels bodies are coming from? we saw konan have already prepared for the worst scenerio by going back to the tower where the real pain is. thats a hint for us that kishi is telling us, that the place where the real pain is hiding will be discovered by naruto himself with the help of the 2 toads.

    This is the first time that Ive ever felt in this anime that I really wanted a demise of a antagonist (yeah its pain). this guy irritates me that much why this guy still living after killing jiraiya. I think many jiraiya fans (including myself) would jumping in joy if this guy dies in a gruesome death. we’re hoping naruto would do it wo mercy and bloody.

    I didnt fell this much h8 from other villains like oro or any from akats members except pain. man i hope this guy is dead by the next 10 chapters because i cant stand seeing him and hearing all of his BS pain he had experience. My feelings wont change ever about him even if kishi reveal the reasons why he became that way. no symphathy will come from me for sure.

    why my posts dont work?

  533. Or it could just be Kishi’s way of building suspense.. Last page Naruto is wihtout sage chakra.. Next chap Ma n Pa frog worried.. Pain gets smug… n the next thing you know Naruto pulls out some new trick.. back to Sage mode.. Some funky moves.. Body reviving douche pain gone.. n deva pain n naruto face off for the last n final mega battle…

  534. I’m fuken loving this is it this is the one we’ve been waiting for peoples Masashi is the mordern day genious of out generation Naruto’s was kicking butt till his Sage chakra depleted and now God relme is up how’s Naruto gonna get himself out of this one folks find out in the next exciting chapters of NARUTO

  535. Finally Pa Frog figures out what to do to stop all the realms of pain……cut the Rinnegan’s connection. I have been waiting for someone to figure this out…If the frogs can create a jamming barrier and prevent the reception of chakara flow between Nagato and the Realms of Pain then they will be unable to receive anymore power from the tower with Nagato in it. The problem left is that Naruto is out of sage mode and back in regular Naruto form. The realms that are left (looks like there are only two) Hell and God will not be able to recharge their chakara and could use up what is left in them. I can sense that Maito Guy and his team are close and will join in to protect Naruto and be able to take the final two down or force them to retreat. Until Naruto is able to merge with the nine-tails he will only be able to sustain the sage mode for a limited time. How will Naruto accomplish this is still unclear but there are a couple of possibilites that come to my mind. First Killer Bee will teach him how (this seems too easy for me). Another could be the power that Itachi gave to Naruto is somehow going to allow him the ability to safely merge without the problem of going all beserk and not having control. Third is he can use his Kage Bushin and use one or more of his clones to absorb the natural energy needed and then when they vanish this energy will go to Naruto. What do you guys think of this?

  536. ok if freaking konohamaru can beat hell realm. i think naruto can, the only problem will be god realm, but i think maito guy will show up to help with god realm

  537. In the panel on page 16, where Naruto’s doing the “Two Fisted Rasengan”(That has a better ring to it than just “Double Rasengan) on Summoning Pain, look at Naruto’s feet. There’s a couple of large balls on the ground… err … toad tongue. Hmmm. We all new Naruto had grown some big ones, but that’s just not right.

  538. With Naraka Realm still around Deva realm can distract Naruto in combat while Naraka Realm revives the other realms. Yes even (cringe to say it) Laser Head. NOOOOOO!

  539. Ok this is my last post on this subject, but look at the next panel. Gamabunta is exhaling a large puff of smoke and has an expression of extreme satisfaction on his face.

    The next panel shows Peins (s added for affect) gazing up in wonderment and saying, “In his mouth.”

    Alright, enough of that.

  540. Well, with the no clone ball slap on laser head, the Double ‘look at my big balls’ (bigger than Jiraiya’s BTW), and the ‘ball in each hand’ to the chest (chestnuts?) I think that it is safe to say that Naruto has really gone balls out in this battle. What stamina.

  541. AhhhhhH! Bite your tongue, EroSennin! Laser head must DIE!!!

  542. lol. ^.^ Balls to the walls. -_-

    Too bad that term doesn’t mean what it sounds like, I’ve been so disappointed in it since I learned what it really meant. Sigh.

  543. @ erosennin. HAHA ERRONEOUS!!! Erroneous on all counts. haha, fucking laser head.

  544. I know, for years I thought it related to a innuendo, but aircraft? I just couldn’t let the ‘ball’ jokes go. Sorry to mention ‘he who should not be named’ coming back, but that little revelation smacked me last night, and misery loves company.

  545. I Like Naruto With Sage Powers Just Like His Master

    But Please Let kakashi not die
    if he does that pein kills the 2 most important characters
    R.i.p. Jiraya and Kakashi sensei


  546. You have to love these parallel storylines. Naruto is trying to kill Pain who killed both his and Naruto’s master Jiraya. Kabuto is trying to kill Sasuke who killed both his and Kabuto’s master Orochimaru. I think we need one for Sakura involving Tsunade.

    Question to ponder: Since Sasuke is now a member of Akatsuki, would he become the member that turns into an ally of Naruto’s?

    @Tinman – Pa Frog and Jiraya figured the key to defeating Pain was to split him up from the other bodies by disrupting the Rinnegan. During Jiraya’s battle with Pain, he succeeded in disrupting the Rinnegan with the Sage Tech Frog Song but did it too early when they were battling only 3 bodies of Pain… not knowing there were actually 6 bodies in total.

  547. Does anybody have a feeling that Naruto is going to go Kyubbi and unleash hell on Pein in the next few chapters. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen him lose it, and it’s about time for him to have a relapse.

  548. new post quick…..this hunger insidde of me….i cant control it….give gaara COOKIES!!!!

  549. @handicapable: I think that it would have to be involuntary on Naruto’s part. Either by over use of chakra or near death experience for that to happen. Too many injured near by, even Naruto isn’t that thick headed.

    (or a new post would suffice, any idea when it’s coming out?, lol, i’m starting to wait for the post as if it were the manga itself…lol awesomeness)

  551. Harshy…pipe down…I just gave you a new post. Or maybe you didn’t read it? Did you watch the vids? Quit pestering Jeremiah or I’m gonna clothesline you the next time you run by. ^.^

  552. EroSennin (because I’m in a naughty mood and can’t help myself…and I missed you…) you say the idea smacked you last night (back a few comments)? What, like tea bags?

  553. of course i did, the AMV was awesomenes…
    so how long will j-man take(not pertering, hides behind the chair)
    _ _

  554. btw…i have a new much improved pic with titles for the new post about the hokages playing poker in the death realm….i just wanted to share it, but on the new post only…(btw, i got my cookies….*dances*)
    <(^^<) <(^^)< >(^^)> (>^^)>

  555. awwww….harshy…send it to me, maybe I’ll feature it in a post…please? >.> <.< (OMG. I’m beggin Harshy T for something. >.< I have no frickin’ shame left. I must need some.) ^.^

    BTW, did you ever do that dictator/Peins pic, cause I’d love to see that, too?

    Pretty, pretty please?

  556. sent…

  557. that senju letter thingy a mail to VIZ for doing pproper subs or smfin and not trashed censored ones?

  558. “awwww….harshy…send it to me, maybe I’ll feature it in a post…please? >.> <..< I have no frickin’ shame left. I must need some.) ^.^
    BTW, did you ever do that dictator/Peins pic, cause I’d love to see that, too?
    Pretty, pretty please?"

    Yeah! get some shame, you just begged smfin from me, now i have to battle a time space continuum to correct the massive rift caused due to the anomaly in the universal system…see ya after i come back from that ^^

  559. New break down post won’t be out till tonight. Got to busy with school >_<

  560. the new move is throwable rasenshuriken

  561. ummm…its 3 am here,,,,i get wat u say anyways…c ya gnight

  562. dont you think it would have been cool
    if naruto like hit the double rasengan on like
    either side of the body ?
    crushing it between the power of the rasen ;D
    that would have been so sweet
    evil pein body parts all over the show

  563. on the off chance my contest judges don’t check the contest post, i have sent them instructions to their registered e-mails and have found my “outside” judges. I’m trying to get a winners to the Danzou/Kaiza Theory contest announced by early next week. On-site judges I have contacted: monkeyphant (who may not be able to judge), youngking, and kyouto. Please check your registered e-mails.

    If you did not make a contest entry and would like to volunteer as an alternate judge, please drop me a line at Then read through the Contest Post and comments. If you are needed, I will send you voting instructions via e-mail. THanks!

  564. @Ibiki: lol eewww! NO more of a Cincinnati bow tie.

  565. *blush* i told you…naughty today…**goes off to write some indecent fiction**

  566. Do you think Naruto will use some sage chakra to revive kakashi?

  567. @Tinman: I’ve been thinking the same thing about Naruto’s sage abilities.

    It seems like we were given enough hints about the new ability. Naruto was forbidden to use rasenshuriken by certain people, so he trained alone. He talks about needing a projectile attack sometimes. And they did talk about how rasenshuriken damages Naruto as well as his opponent, so I always hoped he would learn a way to throw it. Not only that, obviously, shurikens are meant to be thrown.

    For his sage chakra situation, I think we should rest easy. Naruto had an epiphany about regenerating or maintaning his sage form. Usually this means he has figured out a natural way to solve the problem, we just haven’t ben shown yet. I think it will be similar to the clone regeneration theory. Naruto is probably doing almost the same thing as Pain. He is probably able to hide a clone somewhere to regenerate. If Naruto ‘is’ the scroll that the frogs are sitting on, they’d run into the same fusion problem that they did last time.

  568. Also, Naruto isn’t even close to as powerful as he could be. With control and respect from the Nine-Tailed Fox alone (like Killer-Bee) Naruto could be many times more powerful.

  569. Naruto used 2 Rasengans in the 2nd movie (which was pretime skip). I dont know why Kishi lets them make these dumb fillers and movies that don’t make sense and in the end CANT have any relevance to the story. I like the amine (I’m an AMV maker) but why even bother. By the time the anime gets to Pains invasion ill be 40 with all these damn, meaningless fillers.

  570. when they say throw bun at naruto wat does that mean? is it bunta’s tongue or something

  571. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Naruto’s Rassenshuriken will have done enough damage to Pein’s two bodies that they will either be too badly damaged for Pein’s Hell realm’s Jutsu to revive them, or it will take so much chakra to revive them that it ultimately weakens Pein even further. Remember Rasenshuriken damages it’s target on a cellular level. Meaning that it will be a lot more complicated process to revive them than what it took to revive the three after Jiraya simply stabbed them with a sword, or after lazer head got pwned by the Akamichis, and on top of that we just don’t really know if Hell realm’s revival Jutsu is capable of such delicate work.

    As for anyone jumping in and helping Naruto, I believe Fukusku and Ma toad will be the ones , along with all three of the chief toads, to hop in and keep pein busy while Naruto gathers more Natural Energy.

    As for who might become the 6th Hokage, My feelings are that Danzou will use his Root Anbu to at least attempt a Coup de’ tat after Pein is either defeated or retreats. I think he is just the kind of person to have( or try to anyway) the 5th assassinated, and anyone whom opposes his accession to Hokage status will likely be ordered executed on the spot. This will result in a civil war. Sasuke will show up around this time, the state the village is in will have a profound impact on him, but he won’t be willing to admit it. Sasuke will kill Danzou and the others who he thinks conspired against the Uchiha, he will then leave the village in search of the final person he blames for his families downfall, aka Madara.

    Sorry for the long post, I hope at least a few people read (most of) it.

  572. Nice time for team gai to pitch in…..i miss the thumbs up and smile routine…..

  573. I completely agree with you smp0, where the hell is team Gai in all of this mayhem. Seen Neji but what about Ten Ten, Rock Lee, and Gai. What about Hinata as an honorable mention. I mean their home is under attack, the least Kishi could do is show their astonished-angry-confused-slightly’mollified-teen angst faces in a slide or two. I wanna see the opening gates of hellish dimensions from Rock Lee and Gai. Giant Scrolls throwing kunai, metal pans, and other assorted utensils from Ten Ten. BUT MOST OF ALL. I wanted to see my sweet Hinata bust a move or two with some Ultimate Byakugen Ninjitsu Technique she developed over the past 3 YEARS. She’s my favorite female character and I don’t appreciate how Kishi is downplaying her (mainly interacting with her once) in I don’t know how many issues since the time skip! Phew, sorry about my long rant guys just a pissed off Naruto fan feeling the need to post. Still, love the manga and love the site. =)

    P.S. Naruto PWNS ALL, including you Sasuke just wait your turn.

  574. Yeh is Jiraiya slightly different to how Naruto is in sage mode right at this moment i mean sencing someone elses life force and Chakra and so forth what exactly happened to Naruto during his training where the Kyuubi has to be complaisent to the Sage Chakra and most of all how Strong Naruto at this current moment he did lose his Sage Chakra just before starting a fight with Pein.

  575. I have seen posts where people say the Rassenshuriken hit two of Pain’s bodies…..? Ughhh, I only see human realm pain being struck by this ( ) and 3 of Pain’s bodies escaping unharmed. Next animal realm pain is removed from the list of pain’s available bodies in this slide ( ).

    So that leaves us with two pain bodies remaining God and Hell I believe. I have seen other posts where people have stated only God realm was remaining.. that’s incorrect, read it again kids.

    The most important page in this whole chapter from my point of view is this page ( ). It looks like Ma or Pa frog have the ability to sense chakra just like Naruto and they plan on attacking Negato’s body directly to cut off the connection to the Rinnegan from the remaining 2 bodies. I do not think it is simply relating to Animal realm and her summons. Let me know if you guy read that page differently.

  576. More last minute thoughts on this page ( ). Ma and Pa frog know Naruto is running out of Sage mode chakra To finish this fight off with less harm to Naruto they must attack Nagato cutting off his access to the two remaining realms before Naruto get’s hurt.

  577. @orion8301: I read in a few post here that Pa frog has figured out how to stop Nagato’s access to the Realms, but I don’t think that is what they’re talking about. In the manga 378 Pa & Jiraiya are talking about one of the powers of the Rin’negan. I think they are still talking about being able to share each realms’ field of vision. That’s why you saw the ‘Sage Tech Dust Cloud’ to blind the other realms, and hide the capture of Animal Realm. Then launch an attack at Hell & Deva Realms. Having Animal Realm in the pitch black of the toad’s mouth confused Nagato until it was too late. Thus, his surprised, “In the toads mouth!”

  578. @orion8301
    Ma and Pa frog were talking about an ability of the Rinnegan eyes, i.e. the ability to share 6 visions. They cut the connection by putting 1 pain in complete darkness and then killing him.

  579. @orion at one point it looks like the rasenshuriken hits animal realm also but like 2 pages later we see she is fine… so idk why anyone would think he took out two haha

  580. @orion: i think that ma and pa noticed that the boss toads were about to get owned by the summon dogs and also had to stop the summons from attacking naruto so he could focus on pain before he ran out of chakra

  581. It’s too dang quiet in here…I was going to scream Maito Gai, but just couldn’t manage the energy. Blegh.

    @Fuutonsavior: bun (分 or ぶん ) means the following in japanese:
    1: part; segment; share; ration;
    2: rate;
    3: degree; one’s lot; one’s status; relation; duty; kind; lot;
    4: in proportion to; just as much as

    My guess is the translator left the original word because it might be a pun or might have an additional meaning (specific to the toads/Naruto world). At this point, I don’t think any of us knows until we get more frog time, but the choice to not translate seems to make sense.

  582. @orion8301
    If you look at the picture of the fuuton: rasen-shuriken when it expands Hell and Deva jump clear while human realm tosses animal realm clear but he is caught up and taken down by the rasen-shuriken. Animal realm then summons some prehistoric flying reptile (pterodactyl I think). When Naruto takes out animal realm inside of Bun’s mouth with the double rasengan all of the summoned creatures vanish because the jutsu that brought them out has been extinguished.
    What Pa and Ma are talking about is severing the connection between Nagato and all the realms of Pain.

  583. I think everyone is here waiting on the chance to call first.

  584. Nope on second thought I think what Erosennin said makes more sense. Yea I can change my mind, can’t I.

  585. lol…yes you can change your mind, but you’ll never catch Alec doing that. ^.^

  586. I really dnt thnik dat naruto can regenerate his sage mode again coz he depleted his own chakra as wel,thus affecting the stability and balance of da 3 types of chakra…so da only thing left is(as is da case evrytym he runs out of Ideas)da kyubi chakra to flow,so I predict an even crazier fight and show of power btwn Naruto(kyubi mode,lol) and the fully powered god rehlm pain,with naruto being able to do unlimited Spiraling sphere rasen shurikens etc. Then Pain retreating…NB-For once can u guys give me ur opinions on dis n wot is dis mystery tecniques itachi gave Naruto,L8a…

  587. Who thinks they Know the last secret of Mangekyu Sharingan?…No one…?Wel how has madara been livin 4 so long? What caused Itachi’s Illness?

    I think its all related,what if dat secret/ability allows the user to feed off a persons life force thus explaining madara’s bros mysteriouse death along with Itachis crazy Flue,hahahaha

  588. I still think there is more than a good chance that Naruto will have already found a way to sustain his sage mode. The frog training him mentioned how moving while gathering natural energy was like ‘looking right and left at the same time’. Naruto said “OH!!”. So I think that whatever occurred to him in that moment will be addressed. And it will probably be addressed very soon!

  589. Nah, Naruto’s not gonna pull out the Kyubi even if it costs him his life (not if he can help it that is, just saying the Kyubi is known to force its way out sometimes). Anyway, he’s been downright against drawing on its power again ever since he found out he hurt Sakura on the bridge fight with Orochimaru. What I see Naruto doing is drawing on his regular vast amounts of chakra and using that giant summoning scroll on his back to take at least hell realm out and give god realm something to think about. After that who knows what he’ll do but don’t forget Naruto’s still the no.1 most unpredictable ninja. As for the technique Itachi gave Naruto….well….it’s obviously……
    THE SHARINGAN!!!! Hahahahahah THE POWER he would have, Naruto would be the Broli of….’NARUTO’! (Anybody who didn’t get that reference/comparison tsk tsk tsk shame on you!) >0

  590. mmmm….what happend to the new post???it’s been 22 hrssince i last asked…buck up J-man, don’t make me use “THAT” jutsu…

  591. Harshy, dude. Giving birth to a post is a lot like birthing a baby or waiting for death. It happens when it happens. Smoke another cigar and pace around the waiting room for a bit. I’ll go see if Jeremiah needs an epidural…

  592. Hey tinman: In the panel where Human realm saves Animal realm from the Flying Shuriken Rasengan, Deva and Hell realm are running away like scared little school boys. WTF is that thing comein’ at us , “Every man for himself; see ya in another life Human realm!”

    If you look in the background of that panel, Hokage mountain appears to still be intact. Almost looks like they are all looking down watching the battle.

    Just thought I’d throw somenthing out while were wainting for Jeremiah’s post.

  593. hey @ibi got the dictator pain piv?

  594. Oh! Ya’ll have to post the dictator Pain, and Texas Hold’em in the Death sealing Demon! I want the card game in black velvet & framed, like the “dogs playing cards” thing.

  595. hey ero-sennin, i think you saw the old version of it, that was a quick 2 min idea of what i had, i sent a remastered version to ibi which was much better in my opinion…

  596. I’m not sure if I’m the first person to post this or not, but do you remember the unique text box in the panel of Tsunade’s wrinkled hand and what I believe to be Sakura holding that wrinkled hand. Click the link below if you want to check it out again.

    Well, I found another text box like it and it makes me believe it’s a text box showing thought and that Sakura thought the words “Well done Tsunade” when she grabbed her hand.

    The 2nd text box I found is when Naruto expanded his Rasen Shuriken and Pa Frog had the suddden thought of “It expanded!!!”. The link to it is below.

    I read some earlier post from people saying Danzou may be the culprit behind the 1st strange text box, but I don’t believe that anymore. Let me know what you guys think about my theory.

  597. Yeah, i got it Harshy…it’s awesomeness…and EroSennin, it’s coming…think of that last tease and referece as the ultrasound.

    OMG! I just made a analogy that leads to the inference that Harshy and I are about to produce offspring. @.@

    Jeez…anything for a laugh, huh, Harshy?

  598. O.o, Man Britney’s gonna be mad when she here’s about this, better call Kevin(federline) up to tell him i’ve joined the club….lol!

  599. i was searchin for top secret and yet to be revealed pics [snip] i stumbled accross…a Gai fanfic-

    harshy’s comment edited by Ibiki to protect the innocent…Harshy, damn, don’t tell. That bit is a surprise.

  600. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
    what just happened, was that smfin that i should know but don’t know because i’m new here but not all that new here now but i dont know anyway…ohh. shucks.

  601. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS no more sage mode thats his arse now hes gonna get beat up by god realm and them frogs are starting to pant so that means pein might walk away with the nine tails and a frog leg buffet

  602. i’m going to sleep evry one 3 am, and if that post ain’t born by morn, i’ll just rant at myself(i wouldn’t dare disturb J-man), and sry to ibi for that post that didn’t get posted if i did smfin wrong there…


  603. @skyhigh – ummm….that yessss was so VOLDEMORT-ish…..

  604. ZZZZZ……afk…..ZZZZZZ…..afk…ZZZZZ…..

  605. lmfao man why i gotta be a harry potter charactter now im offended

  606. lol….hw about SAURON-ish….

  607. OK, there’s been a lot of speculation about where Nagato might me, and if he’s locked in his tower or somewhere closer to Konoha. Y’all remember when Pain rolled into town? Yahiko-Pain offed the nin at this outpost outside Konoha’s walls. Could Nagato be inside?

    And on the next page, why are they all faced in the same direction? Photo op? Or is Nagato in front of them?

  608. good point i dunno thou i kinda assumed they where all looking towards konoha but if nagato has to be anywhere close to use the chakra recievers then you most likely figured out where he is thats a pretty logical place for him to be in, and wtf howed you even notice or think of that any ways

  609. well id hate to think hes hiding in his tower but i rekon he is close. wat i dont understand is tht konan seems seriouslky worried about him asif he needs protecting if his other 6 bodies arent enuff. but from wat weve learned he knows all 5 elements. can know any jutsu he wishes :S remind me why some woman made of useless paper has to protect him ??

  610. well nagato is close by…..remember the dead body brought back by jiraiya…..started receiving chakra only after the pains invasion started….should mean that Nagato is close by…..dont think we will see Naruto get beat up just yet…..this wouldnt end without pain showing up……

  611. i call new jutsu to be cover himself up with rasengan energy and explode causeing a wave of chakara

    (this is probably the dbz side of me talking where they gain a lot of energy and yell they explode with an enery field around them basically destroying weak people and environment lol)

  612. Will naruto some how to go into perminant sage mode like his cells continusssly absorb the natural energy.Or possibly naruto during the time skip jariaya told him a little bout sage mode and naruto made a jutsu/seal to give him perminant sage dude that would be awesum if he was a perminant sage pain would be screwed.

  613. In the end, it will always be Naruto. I miss the underdog that will eventually end up succeeding.

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