Ip Man Movies to watch while on winter break part III

I’ll keep the description short tonight and just show you the movie. This movie is about Bruce Lee’s master Ip Man or also pronounced Yip Man. The action sequences are insane but I can’t vouch for the acting yet since I haven’t watched anything but the action scenes because the movie just came out in China in December. I have yet to find one with the subs built in so I just posted the action scenes below.

So with out further delay, get comfortable, grab some popcorn and enjoy the fight scene’s from Ip Man. Individual scenes and descriptions are thanks to the uploader TheSenseofTouch. Thank you so much! You are awesomeness ^_^

This is the trailer with subs so that you get a general idea of what the movie is about, very cool trailer:

Sifu Liu goes to Ip Man’s house while Ip and his family is dining. Ip invites Liu to dine with them. After a little bit of tea and dim sum, they spar; Ip dominates Liu; Ip says “jong”, signifying a hit, every time he lands a strike instead of actually laying the hits onto Sifu Liu.

There are two separate scenes in this video.
A Kung Fu man from the North has come to challenge the Kung Fu schools in Foshan and is victorious. After defeating two schools, he goes to the next school, but the Sifu there is absent.

In the second scene, we find out that the absented Sifu is Sifu Liu and he is engages a fight with the Northerner and is defeated. The Northerner is very disappointed and seeks to find a better fighter.

After defeating the three Kung Fu schools, the Northerner goes to Ip Man for a fight.
During the fight, Ip Man’s son rolls by and tells him that mama said that if he doesn’t attack everything in the house will be broken.

Through close observation, it seems like Ip Man gets serious and attack whenever he rolls up his sleeves; same thing with the end fight.

Japanese soldiers get their butts kicked for messing with Ip Man’s family.

There are three separate scenes shown in this video.
The first scene shows the two Sifus who fights against the Northerner previously in the movie and Ip Man’s friend, Lin. They have come to kick some Japanese butts. Upon their arrival, they see Sifu Liu defeating a Black Belt.

It is now the three’s turn in the second scene; this time with the General; 3 against 1. The two Sifus give up early in the fight, but the Lin continues to fight.

Now, we see Sifu Liu back again defeating another Black Belt. He thanks the General for the rice and asks for a fight with three more Black Belts.

So, the Japanese General is giving out white rice to any Chinese person who defeats the Japanese fighters at a ratio of 1 bag per 1 defeated fighter.
The General has killed Ip Man’s friend in a 1(General)vs 3(Chinese men) duel. Right before the scene shown in this video, Ip Man witnesses Sifu Liu getting shot to death by the Colonel for losing a duel with 3 Japanese fighters and still dare to pick up the bag of rice he won earlier, though not by the orders of the General. Ip Man gets real pissed off, so he demands a fight with 10 of the black belts.

Upon his victory, he refuses to take his reward(10 bags of rice) and the General tells him “again”; Ip Man replies “I did not come here for the rice”. The interpreter tells the General that he will come again. The General asks for his name and Ip Man replies “I am just a Chinese”. The interpreter tells the General, “He is Ip Man”.

This sets up a fight between Ip Man and the Japanese General. The Colonel tells Ip that if he defeats the General, he will get shot. Drama…

In this fight, the General successfully threw Ip Man to the ground once, laid a kick to the face, two kicks to the chest, and a kick to the abdominal… that’s it. All hail Ip Man!!!!! This is obviously not the whole movie. Not even close, there is plenty of awesomeness in this movie to go around, there are even a couple more fight scene’s. I just put it in a quick to enjoy format for you considering there is no sub yet. So I hope you enjoyed it ^_^

This is the final installment of the movies to watch during winter break series. Unfortunately this movie just came out in China BUT there are DVD quality torrents for download already. This is awesomeness IF you speak Chinese, which I don’t. The action scenes are amazing so perhaps you can enjoy it without the subs. I can’t wait until the subbed version comes out so I plan on watching it now or at least skipping to all the fight scenes until the subbed version comes out. Below is the trailer. And HERE is the torrent for the movie without subs.

So anyway, I go back to school on the 20th and this break has just flown by. Hope I provided you guys with some good movie suggestions over the last 2 weeks. Wish me luck at school ^_^




~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on January 11, 2009.

14 Responses to “Ip Man Movies to watch while on winter break part III”

  1. FIRST!!!!YESY FINALLY!!!!!!

  2. Freakin Awesome

  3. there are some english subs here :


  4. Thanks Kanjo! Nice job ^_^

  5. Keeps coming up error. I’m downloading a new file now that may have the ENG subs already hard coded into the avi file. I’ll update the post if it is good. There are also a couple with SRT files that I’ll look into as will if this one is bunk.


  7. anyways awesomeness movie, but my winter break was over on the 2nd. 😦

  8. In the link that kanjo gave ( who is actually me not registered ) I tried this author subs “ngnhatminh” and they work very well they are in sync , dunno if it’s well translated cause i don’t understand chinese


  9. This site is awesome! I want to start a blog, but would like to know how to embed video like you do…

  10. simple html code

  11. @ fktar – thanks again for that link.

  12. And I thank u for pointing out this movie for us . I’v just finished seeing it, it’s the best fighting movie I have ever seen . The fights are suberb, it’s a very very good movie , the only problem was the chinese language, they talk so fast … there were times that I had to stop it just to see the subs.

    I’v donwloaded shinobi and Zatoichi, din’t have the time to see them yet cause of the exams 😦 , hope they are as entertaining as IpMan .

    Ip man ROckzzz


  13. donnie yen kicks ass in everything he in.

  14. i can’t wait till this comes out in the states. i think i saw sammo hungs name in there too.man i can’t wait.

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