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2009 Preview Awesomeness style is below…

Hey everyone,

Well, well, well… So another week will come and 430 chapters of manga but not a new drop to drink. If you havn’t heard already onemanga.com is reporting the following:

First off a friendly reminder that Weekly Shounen Jump is taking another break. It should be back next week but for now that mean there will be no Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Eyeshield, Reborn, etc. That is officially anyhow, so we’ll be on the look out again for possible early releases but they are definitely not expected to be coming out.hyko

So the 2008 year end wrap up went so well that I decided to do a 2009 preview. Or I think its better to describe it as the top 10 things that I’m looking forward to in the up coming year from Kishi. So lets get right into it!

-2009 Preview awesomeness!-

10 – Samui, Omoi and Karui

The biggest cliff hanger of 2009 won't be whether or not Kakashi is dead, it will be whether or not he should have put mayo on his fries...

The biggest cliff hanger of 2009 won't be whether or not Kakashi is dead, it will be whether or not he should have put mayo on his fries...

There has been some confusion on the blog about this squad’s destination, if you read issue 417the Raikage demands the assistant to get Samui’s team, then says send word to Konoha that we’ll be dealing with Uchiha Sasuke… Does this mean that Samui’s team is going to Konoha to inform them that they will be taking care of Sasuke and they need info on him? Or does Raikage give to separate orders? One to get Samui’s team together and the other to send word to Konoha to inform them and get info? It’s a big difference.

One scenario sends Samui’s team to Konoha to inform and gather info before heading after Sasuke. If that is the case then not only could they possibly arrive in time to help fight the six bodies of Pain but they would run into resistance from Naruto if they said they were going after Uchiha Sasuke.

The other scenario puts them in pursuit of Sasuke, who is going blind apparently in one eye and a messenger going to Konoha to inform them that the Raikage is having Sasuke “taken care of” which really wouldn’t go over well with Naruto at all… So which do you think it is?

9 – Sasuke

There is no falic symbolism in my new found love for snakes since being "trained" by Orochimaru! Really, you've got to believe me!

There is no falic symbolism in my new found love for snakes since being "trained" by Orochimaru! Really, you've got to believe me!

I bet you all did a collective *gasp* when I listed Sasuke as one of the things I’m looking forward to in 2009 considering my constant bashing of him but how could I not? He’s got crazy cool new eye’s that may be going blind. He wants the power of the 8 tailed beast and he wants to crush Konoha… or at least the Elders of Konoha… and I’m totally ok with that because I dislike Danzo even more than I dislike Sasuke. I dislike Sasuke because he’s just not my type of character but I understand that he has a lot of fans out there and I respect that. He’s just not my cup o tea.

I also don’t think he stands a chance in hell against Naruto at the present moment unless he’s planning on getting the 8 tails sometime soon but we all know that’s not going to happen for a while. Wait till Madara finds out the 8 tails he’s got isn’t the real one. *big gasp*

8 – Kisame

Sasuke always gets touchy around Kisame... he must have sword envy.

Sasuke always gets touchy around Kisame... he must have sword envy.

In a recent interview Kishimoto said that he was surprised at how popular the character Kisame had gotten and that he planned on making him a bigger part of the story in the future. For me this was great news! I am also a huge Kisame fan and would love to see him in a much larger role… but is there room for him? The bad guy list is pretty long already and stacked with violently powerful uber strong bad guys. It did say in the manga that he had the most chakra out of any one in Akatsuki but does that alone do the trick? I’m hoping no…

Why would I hope no you ask? Because if there is no room for him on the bad guy list, which list might Kishi move him to???? I can see you rolling your eye’s as you read this but how far fetched is it really to say that he knew what Itachi was up to all along. They were tight. Even madara said that when Itachi returned to the village he was there to warn the elders that Madara was still alive and who was at his side? That’s right, Kisame… check out issue 401it’s mind blowing to think that Itachi was a good guy back then but there he is and there is Kisame attached at the hip. Kisame knows Madara as Mizukage, perhaps some bad blood considering he’s a missing nin from that country… he may be hiding it like Itachi did… Have I tapped that curious part of your brain yet? Just consider it…

7 – Nagato

If you're happy and you... know it... Oh fine... forget it then! Your not playing the game right...

If you're happy and you... know it... Oh fine... forget it then! Your not playing the game right...

This was the worst kept secret in the history of manga. If you didn’t know that the Yahiko wasn’t controlling the rest then you should do like 100 push ups or something. We’ve all been screaming it from the mountain (or in this case giant black chakra emitting tower) that Nagato was behind all this. Perhaps that’s why this isn’t higher on my list of things I’m looking forward to this year, because I saw it coming from so far away, just like most of the rest of you did.

It will still be cool to see him as an adult and see what he is capable of doing besides having the most tricked out remote control toys ever so I can get excited about that at least. If we havn’t even seen him yet does that mean he’s super super powerful and using his chess pieces to do the work? Or is he weak and his only power comes from his chess pieces (bodies of Pain for those of you lost in the metaphor)?

6 – Madara

Look into my eye's... Correction... Look into my eye... Correction... Just look into the damn hole in my mask and you can tell I'm serious!

Look into my eye's... Correction... Look into my eye... Correction... Just look into the damn hole in my mask and you can tell I mean business!

This is my favorite villain hands down and I can’t wait for them to reveal more about Madara in 2009. How strong could he really be at this age? What’s the relevance of being Mizukage? Is he controlling Nagato or is Nagato controlling him? Is it itchy behind that mask? Why does he act goofy sometimes but serious in others? Did you notice how goofy he was acting when he ran into the Konoha nin in issue 395? Or even weirder is when in 396 he acts goofy one last time and then he appears to be pulled into nothingness… I know, I know… stop yelling at your monitor, I can’t hear you. I know what he was doing before but look at that panel, it’s different. And his legs even have the wobble sound effect like he’s being pulled in. And also note that he is dead serious from then on… strictly business… hmmm I know we’ve talked about it before but is it the same guy with a split personality or are Tobi and Madara two separate people and he just got pulled through so to speak when it was time to leave? Just a thought…

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions…

5 – Sharingan

Eye for an Eye for an Eye for an Eye... you get the point.

Eye for an Eye for an Eye for an Eye... you get the point.

Alot happened in 08 with the Sharingan. Itachi died and Madara offered his eye’s to Sasuke. Sasuke opened up his MS and Kakashi appeared to catch a nail from Pain to his Sharingan at one point before realizing that he had teleported it out of there. I’m still wondering what all that splash was in the last frame of the prior issue before he sent it bye bye was all about. Just lots of sweat? Anyway, you can see where I’m going with this I’m sure. Anything is possible with the Sharingan in 2009. And we may even learn more about why Madara only has one… if you hate Tobito theory then skip to #5 now….

All right, its just us whack jobs left right? Good. Wouldn’t it be so freakin awesomeness to get some kind of Obito connection now that Kakashi’s life hangs in the balance and he’s calling out their names just before he passes out… *day dreams for a second* Tobito theory will never die until Kishi kills it for good and doesn’t seem like he’s willing to do that. Sanity check time…

4- Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaitooooooooo Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii!

Just incase you didn't hear it the first time... Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiitoooooo Gaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!

Just incase you didn't hear it the first time... Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiitoooooo Gaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!

Dude. If I say “dude” then you know I’m serious. Look at my face… this is my serious face… After the destruction of Konoha and Kakashi’s life hanging in the balance I need a huge dose of comic relief. And that always comes in bunches when Maito Gai is on the scene. Not only do I want him to come back, sling Kakashi on his back and carry him to the hospital like he usually does, I want him to fight Kisame and not realize who he is while he’s doing it! All hail Maito Gai! Awesomeness comic relief and Kakashi’s battle buddy till the end. If the most popular answer on this survey isn’t that you are looking forward to Maito Gai coming back then I will do 1000 push ups!

3 – The women of Konoha

(For those of you who don’t know Ibi (AKA Mollie, AKA Ibikiteishi) is our Editor here at iareawesomeness and in the below caption she plays a role in which I will probably get punch for writing ^_^)

There is no wrong answer...

(Shizune): Welcome to Konoha how may I help you today? (Jeremiah): Ummm I'd like to take home some of Konoha's finest melons... (Shizune): Which size, Small, Medium or Large? We actually have the rare Tsunade melons which finely aged, perfectly shaped and come in Jumbo! (Jeremiah): Can I actually get a pair of each? They all look delicious! Absolutely mouth watering in fact! (Shizune): Fine choice sir, thanks for choosing Konoha and have a great day! (Jeremiah): Oh I will, I plan on having some of each all at the same time as soon as I get home ^_^

There is alot that could happen with these three or saddly nothing at all. I’m hoping for a lot. Tsunade has spent all her chakra saving the villages and Kishi has hinted that Sakura needs to grow up soon and that she will be a focus soon. Read into that what you want but I think it spells the end for Tsunade. She could always just hand the title of Hokage over to Naruto like the 3rd did but do any of us really see that happening? Danzo hopes not. He’s hoping to sneak into office during the funeral… but who knows now that naruto is here.

Hinata has been put on the back burner for now much to my dismay and I hope Kishi remembers what he started in the Hurricane Chronicles with the whole secret love thing for Naruto which since Shippuden has started has only had a very brief mention. Call me what ever you want, but I don’t mind a Hinata Naruto back story, I think it added depth. Kishi seems to have added Sakura into the mix or am I crazy? It seems like she’s seen him in a totally different way over the course of Shippuden. I say it makes for an interesting aspect of the manga, what do you think?

2 – Kakashi

Not since Friday the 13th has there been this much attention paid to a creepy camp fire in the woods with dead people.

Shino isn't the only Konoha nin to look thuggish and bust out the B boy stance.

When last we saw our hero conscience, he was sitting around a campfire talking to his dead father, Konoha’s white fang. That’s not a good sign that you are alive when you are at a campfire with dead people, in fact it usually means your dead. If he was Swayze he would posses the body of Anko and go make pottery with Rin until he had the chance to off Deva Pain who is now trying to bang Rin (If you don’t get that reference, watch Ghost… do it now!)

It appears a slug covered Kakashi during the giant Shinra Tensei and why would a slug do that if he’s already dead? I mean, come on, nothing is smarter than a slug! They crawl on the ground… eat leaves… and… oh crap! Kakashi!!!!!!

In all honesty I’m pretty positive he’s not dead. Kishi had said that he was going to have something major happen to Kakashi and if he could describe the color of the event it would be dark blue. Nearly dying and talking to your dead father at a creepy camp fire counts as dark blue right? Ummm yeah… So any time now I’m guessing we’ll see a little more discussion with pops and a “its not your time, you have more to do” line dropped and then a triumphant return! That alone is enough to make 2009 complete awesomeness!

Drum roll please….. and the number 1 thing I’m looking forward to in 2009 is….

1 – Naruto dominating and following in the footsteps of Minato and Jiraiya

(Note: The caption below contains the character Ibi who is known as Mollie AKA IbikiTeishi here on iareawesomeness and I’m probably going to get punched for the following caption)

Konoha employee - IbikikiTeishi -

(Ebisu): Welcome to Konoha how may I help you today? (Ibi) : I'm looking to take home some of Konoha's finest. (Ebisu): Something in particular you are looking for? (Ibi): Hmmm well, I'm particular about the size of the balls... (Ebisu): Well maddam we have an excellent selection coming in a variety of sizes. Small, Medium and Large. May I say that Jiraiya's are particularly large but Naruto's have an extra kick behind them. (Ibi): That sounds wonderfull! I'll take each of those two and I'm also looking for a massively large and very long, thrusting penetrating type object... (Ebisu): Say no more madam... I know exactly what you are looking for but we are fresh out here at Konoha. I heard that if you go to the hidden village of the mist and ask for Kisame you'll get much more than you can handle. (Ibi): Sounds fantastic! Can I special order Kisame through your store? (Ebisu): Yes you can and he'll be delivering exactly what you need to your front door within a few hours! (Ibi): Sounds great but if my front door is jammed when he arrives can you have him just deliver it through my back door? It'll be a tight fit but I don't mind at all if he just forces it through. (Ebisu): Wonderful, I 'll make a note. Thanks for choosing Konoha ^_^

It was an amazing thing to Naruto arrive with skills to match his confidence and his chakra pool. We all cheered as he PWND laser head and we all are dieing to see what the Deva Pain vs Naruto fight further reveals about his skill level. It was awesomeness to see Naruto perform Rasengen with only one hand and without clones with the sage coat on. I’ve been waiting for this for so long, through all the beat downs, through all the believe its, through all the potential speeches. This is it! This is the year Naruto throws down the hammer and gets recognized!

Hopefully we’ll get to see what power Itachi gave him in issue 403 and find out if the space time jutsu that made his father the yellow flash of Konoha can be learned by Naruto. Possibly a bloodline limit? Which sage techniques will we see from Naruto? It’s all happening so fast that I fear the end is coming but look at the previous 9 things that were brought up. It seems like there is so much more to cover, almost like… dare I say it… another time skip is coming… perhaps. What do you think? Let’s not vote on whether you think it will happen but rather…

Well that’s about it. I’m sure you’ll either tear my thoughts up in the comments section or praise them for being entertaining, either way is fun for me ^_^ Here’s to an awesomeness 2009!



P.S. In the women of Konoha subtext I was talking about your mind is just in the gutter!

P.S.S. In the men of Konoha subtext I was talking about Rasengan and Kisame’s sword, jeez, you guys are messed up! @_@

Heroes of the Rasengan


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  2. fucking damn it, and i stayed up to be first on this one…

  3. late new year’s resolution: stop swearing so much…

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  5. haha WOW…balls going through IbikiTeishi’s back and front door? very interesting lol

  6. Is there any way to contact the people who make this site?

  7. Is there some way I can contact the writer?

  8. I’d love to see another time skip, but I think Naruto has to deal with Akatsuki first before that can happen.

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  10. Tenth!!!

  11. All I want see is when Lee returns and says the following: FINALLY….THE ROCK HAS COME BACK……TO THE LEAF VILLAGE!!! If you SMELLLLLLLLLLL what the ROCK is COOKIN’!!! that would be pure gold.

  12. Actually if he leaves the village after kicking pain’s ass and everythin settles down, tht wud probably enable a time skip.. Naruto comes back 3 years later ( he’ll be 18 then.. tht opens up possibilities 😀 )

  13. my new years is to stop smoking weed HUZZAH BANZAI GIMME A BANZAI


  15. Hey Jeremiah, your point number 8, you wrote “Even madara said that when Itachi returned to the village he was there to warn the elders that Madara was still alive and who was at his side?”. Maybe it was just me, but, it read more like Itachi was there to warn the Elders of Konoha that HE(Itachi) was still alive and not to do anything to Sasuke… Since the 3rd had died and he made a promise to Itachi to always keep Sasuke safe… Just my two cents:-)

  16. hmmm

  17. @Jeremiah: Great preview! I like the way you left no chance of push-ups, I know several of the regulars that would have flooded a ‘NO’ option despite how they actually felt.

    @Ibiki: WHOA!…..Just whoa…backdoor huh?

  18. @Ibiki: good luck in your future endeavors, sorry to see you go, and yes it happens to us all eventually. Your comments, theories, and ecchi will be missed (Just glad you never delved into yaoi).

  19. Sorry to spam, but…@Jeremiah: Ok no push-ups, how ’bout you do the bacchikoi dance (new Naruto anime ending credits) out side the today show window, or youtube it from a mall (Pokki anyone?)

  20. just adding a bit to the “DARK BLUE” Kakashi theory…when i seen the full color comics of Pein his eyes are Dark Blue so i think dat was the event … Pein vs Kakashi…also I think Sakura is on Narutos nuts too…and after he beats Pein she will get them…

  21. @pein uchiha: Are you saying that when Naruto puts his balls on others, Sakura becomes jealous.

  22. @ EroSennin – do you know something about Ibi that I don’t? To my knowledge she is coming back eventually. Did she put up a post or comment somewhere stating otherwise?

  23. @ Illusion84 – huh, never thought of it that way, its possible but I’m pretty sure he was talking about Madara because he had joined Akatuki to spy on them. He was a Root agent the whole time so I’m guessing that he was reporting back to Danzo occasionally.

    Unless it was a reminder… like… don’t forget, I’m still alive and it’s a short trip to Konoha +_+

    The main point of #8 is that he was there with Kisame. I feel like both times Kisame and Itachi fought with Konoha that they both were holding up a bit on purpose. Remember that no one had more chakra than Kisame.

    Great food for thought Illusion84, thanks ^_^

  24. Why do people keep saying that Naruto used a resengan to beat lazer head? Where does anyone see that in the pictures? A. he doesn’t charge up nor is there any explosion of any sort. His punch into lazer head looks like every punch that Sakura does after the time skip, he is just really strong in sage mode that is what his normal punch does. B. if he did use resengan that is the smallest one he has ever used. I would imagine it would be more powerful not less.

    The other thing is he has used Resengan at least 2 times with one hand and no clones one in the manga when he is flipping out and covered in the fox’s cloak and another time in one of the movies with no fox chakra at all.

  25. @ BJBThe1 – Seriously? If you read my last weekly post and I have a close up of the frame with him pwning laswer head look below that and I zoom in on his hand which obviously has a Rasengan ball underneath it.

  26. OH and one more thing. Have you ever seen him use his rasengan or a type of Rasenganand not say the name of the technique? Not once.

  27. Here is the link to what I believe is the first time he created Rasengan with one hand. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/232/14/. I can not remember which movie it is he does it with no fox chakra but I just rewatched all of them last week waiting for the manga and am confused as to which one it was.

  28. The pic is obvious. Small rasengan =/= weak rasengan, probably just very compressed. This lends some credence to my theory that the next time we see Naruto use FRS, it will be much smaller.

    I’m still reeling over the fact that Naruto traveled, like, the length of a football field in an instant WHILE whipping up the rasengan. Yellow Flash, indeed- I think even his dad would be slack-jawed at that one.

  29. @Jerimiah,
    Okay It does look like a really small Rasengan when I look real close. Why is it so small and so weak though? I would think that it would create a huge explosion and a hole at least not just break the pupped lazer apart.

  30. It’s not that small actually. It’s like the size of his hand. Just like Kakashi’s. The only one that has done a really big one is Jiraiya. But I guess if you want to be exact it may be a bit smaller than the Kakuzu fight. But he may have more control on his chakra now. Tighter concentration. This would be a great addition to Ibi’s Rasengan post from a while back. I’ll link it…

    Rasengan Debate

  31. @Jeremiha, Good call I still wonder about the size Tighter concentration questions as well. Thanks for pointing that out!!

  32. @Jeremiah: No, I don’t know anything. She did have a statement that she would be posting a lot less in the future, and eluded to the “growing up” Kishi reference, but by no means said she wouldn’t be back at all. Sorry if my statements made it seem like a final goodbye, poor wording on my part.

    P.S. Don’t change the subject; Bacchikoi is in your future.

    @BJBThe1: the Rasengan is the same standard size of the others, its the proportion of the point of view that it looks small (Don’t you dare call his balls small! They ‘re not as big as Jiraiya’s, but they have extra kick…uh..I mean,…that’s what I heared! (*sneaks out of room*) The fact that he doesn’t use a clone to make it, or yell, “RASENGAN!”, was covered in the last post. Do a thread search, and you’ll see where the discussion is on this subject.

  33. I think Pain will be dealt with, or perhaps partially dealt with before a time skip. I feel once a massive nin war breaks out, it will signal the arrival of the time skip. But, Akat has to be dealt with to a large degree before that would be possible for Kishi to pull off successfully. This series (Shipuudden) has been about Akat, so it has to have some tie up (seems like its coming soon though, Akat members are dropping fast). -Madara/Kisame relation will not be apparent before time skip
    -Madara will not be dealt with before time skip
    -Sasuke will have some contact with Elders/Danzo before
    -Naruto will have a new struggle with Kyuubi post time skip
    (He has to have a weakness to avoid Goku-ism)
    -Kakashi will die after new time skip at some point to clear Naruto’s path
    -Naruto will meet Sasuke pre time skip and realize each the others problems (who knows the outcome on that, probably unresloved)
    -Naruto will learn something new about the 4th soon, very very soon

  34. @BJBThe1 – just checked out that link that you posted about the first time he did a onehanded Rasengan without the clones. Nice find. That was pre Shippuden so much much earlier. The argument that people will make is that its the Kyuubi doing it. Naruto can’t do everything the Kyuubi can. Like when he does that super dense black chakra ball thing against Oro at the battle at the bridge which destroyed everything in its path… Kyuubi is uber powerful obviously but awesomeness link, thanx ^_^

  35. @Jeremia – Hmmmm, now that you point that out, it could have been, I still like to think about it the other way… since he never met up with Sasuke… although he also did say he was there for the Nine-Tails…

    On the other point of no one having more Chakra than Kisame, Naruto could possibly, if not already have more, as Both Kakashi and Jiraiya have both said that he has more than them, and Naruto Chakra is usually fighting off the Nine-Tails Chakra…

    Sorry I am making this post so long by the way…

    On your next point, that they might have been holding back when they have fought Kanoha, completely agree.. The first time, Itachi kept telling Kissame that they are not there to start a war with Konoha, and the second time, they were using the body clones, it felt like Itachi was holding back more than Kisame because he never attacked Saura or the Old Sand Granny…

  36. @ Erosennin – ^_^ I wasn’t freakin out. OK well maybe a little… but I just didn’t want everyone to think that we were losing her. Consider it like when Naruto went off to train with Pa frog, only iareawesomeness won’t be attacked during her absence (that’s possible though) And hopefully she’ll still pop in from time to time @_@ until she comes back wearing a sage coat and pwns Alec with a Rasengan!

    Laser head is to Kakashi as Alec is to Ibi lmao ^_^ Their fights never seem to end and even when you think Alec is done he fires off a missle or two more…

  37. Hellllllll yeahhhhhhhhh,yipeedipidyfucker

  38. @ Illusion84 – I miss spoke. I meant to say that in the manga it says that Kisame has the most chakra out of everyone in Akatsuki.

    You forgot one meeting though… he did meet up with Sasuke. They ran into Sasuke at the hotel when they went to get Naruto. Remember he beat the tar out of Sasuke and gave him the hatred speech? Jiraiya comes in and traps them in the frogs belly…

    Rather than fighting, they escape. Even though it is Jiraiya I think that an Itachi/Kisame combo is deadly combo that would have been at least equal Jiraiya. But instead they just got the hell out of there. Seems a bit suspicious considering their level of power if you ask me. What do you think?

  39. Oh, he’ll be so lonely, with no one to play with.(>_<)

  40. Dude, Jeremiah, and you notice something, every time i get my ass kicked (i would argue that point but ibi isn’t here right now), I come straight back, while Ibi is leaving and talking to some dead people around a campfire… oh, and btw: i blew Jiraya’s arm off while he was in sage mode, Kakashi blew off deidara’s arm.who’s better Jiraya in sage or deidara in full blown douche mode? And wait, how could ibi be both kakashi and Naruto? way too many split personality’s around here…

    Loving the guy/girl subtext… genius at it’s best (well, next to ibi’s fan fic’s)

  41. Great post, this will shape up to be a geat year!

    I think that Kisame and Itachi were on the good side even though they were doing “bad” things. Kinda like undercover cops, I guess. They were a powerfull combo, and I think they could have given Jiraya a good fight, but did not want to waste their time and effort on it.

  42. @ Illusion84 you are correct about why itachi returned to konoha the first time.

    @jeremiah. Good preview man.

  43. @Jeremiah – I think a Itachi/Kisame combo would be strong… Just depends on who they are fighting, in the state Jiraiya was in in that meeting possibly, as he was out drinking with the girl, but, you have to put into consideration the fight with Pein. Jiraiya was fighting an almost “God”, and he help up to the end, yea, he lost and got his ass kicked, but, gotta give it to the Jiraiya.. Look what Pein did to an entire village.

    The Sasuke/Itachi meetup doesn’t really count in my book.. Sasuke kinda came in and tried to show off.. and just got his ass kicked… The second fight is the one that they really show off their powers and also hold back. I think Kisame could have taken on Gai sensie even after he opened the Gates, if it had been the Real Kisame.

  44. Also, I still put up my end of the argument, they weren’t there at that time to start a fight/war with anyone, they just wanted Naruto and the Nine Tails.. hence why they ran from both Gai at the village and from Jiraiya at the hotel.

  45. @ Illusion – Yeah I agree about that part, they weren’t there to start a war but I think they were half assing the hunting Naruto down as well. I guess that’s the point I was trying to make… Even if they didn’t defeat Jiraiya, if they really wanted to they could have put up a good enough fight to take Naruto at that time.

    I think they were intentionally going to fail on purpose regardless because Itachi was an agent of root and root absolutely did not want Naruto in Akatsuki hands.

  46. First of all i will like to wish everyone a happy new. i havvent had the cchancce to do so since i was on holiday for a couple of weaks. i am very happy that there isn’t a manga this week because i just finished reading 430 and i’m amazed how naruto has grown in that short amount of time.

    now about this week’s post

    samui’s squad: i think the squad is heading to spy on konoha. remember konoha is one of the strongest village in the ninja world. konoha’s current state, it will be easier for the other countries to destroy them even with naruto on thier side i think the squad will exploit this and report back to the kage

    sasuke vs naruto: naruto will kill him in an instant. sasuske Amaterasu wont be able to hurt naruto because of the demons fox chakra.when it comes to speed sasuke is slightly ahead then again we dont know who is faster madara or the 4th

    kisame: there are no bad people in this world there are only bad decisions.i’m not sure what his gameplan is but i think he’s either there for fun or there to kill madara.

    nagato: i’m not really a big fan of this character. it wont make any difference if he lives or dies

    madara: yes i will like alot of this character please. all will be revealed the day we see zetsu’s fight

    sakura vs hinata: i think naruto will choose hinata for the simple fact that she has loved him from the beginning. for some reason i believe that hinata and naruto went on a date before his training with j-man then again sakura’s reaction towards naruto’s return in the last chapter shows how much she loves naruto.

    kakashi: i havent seen any decent fight from him ever since naruto and the others grew up. what happend to this guy. he used to win even when the odds were against him. for someone with over 1000 techniques, he surely relies too much on his ms. i hope his father’s visit is a wake up call for him to immprove.

    j-man: shame that he died; he fought with everything he had unlike kakashi he was facing 6 pains no chance of escaping but the good news is that i heard he will be back as the new pains body.

    minato: i still dont believe that he is dead. how did he die, manga says the 9tail killed him and it also says that the he sealed 9tails in naruto. that doesn’t mmake alot of sense to me and if you go back to the oro vs 3rd fight, oro summoned 3 coffins and the 3rd blocked one. if i had to choose who to fight i would rather fight my apprantice than my sensei. so why did he block minato’s coffin and not one of his older brothers simmple because mminato’s coffin was empty that is why and he didnt want oro to find out

    NARUTO: finally some respect, 2009 will no doubt be all about naruto’s strength, more and more to come from him and i cant wait

    other characters: i would like kishi to get raid of boring characters such as tenten, kiba and maybe shino they don’t do anything for me

    P.S. there is a new hajime no ippo series titled new challenger if anyone loved the series

  47. What about Danzo? I’m surprise his character and Roots aren’t going to be playing a bigger part in 2009

  48. @ anonymous… Danzo was considered, but just didn’t make the top ten.

  49. My favourite character has got to make his splash! Zetsu eats people, instantaneously travels country distances, is politically correct & even Madara the Rakim of Naruto (10points if u know who Rakim is) speaks to him as an equal! Glory for Zetsu in 2009

  50. @ charzelo – the sealing technique he used to seal the ninetails in Naruto is the same that the 3rd used, it takes your life in exchange.

  51. @ rosebulletteacher – 80’s rapper? Don’t sweat the technique. See Juice soundtrack. Known associations: Erik B

    Zetsu is cool. Hopefully he’s more than just a vouyer and a nin garbage disposal.

  52. @Jeremaih – When was it revealed that Itachi was an agent of root??? I thought he was just working with the village elders to stop the Uchiha from taking over the village.. As from what I have seen of Root, that is Danzo’s own doing, trying to take over, and isn’t Anbu strictly the force of the Hokage?

  53. But seriously Zetsu is the blank slate of Akatsuki his chakra type is unknown ditto for his method of battle he hasnt even been shown doing any offensive jutsus! He & Madara seem to have a history & he seems to be the only cat truly in on Madaras plan. Kinda like they made it together? & Madara being 80plus doesnt seem like he would have many friends. Could Zetsu be from Madaras time?

  54. Loads of stuff I’m waiting to see, and the melon vs. ball pun pure comedy. Not laughing with me, then think of something that does because I know it deserves props.

    Following a different note, may have even seen this somewhere, but why didn’t Akasuki just attack pre shippuden time line. Seeing their powers now There isn’t a doubt in mind they would have owned, none the less if they were all together in the current one. It doesn’t seem like they got stronger so why let everyone else catch up?

  55. Well-scored 10 points Jeremiah(props for that old ‘the Litigeous’ title)that makes Zetsu the Big Daddy Kane of this piece of art & hes gotta make his contribution & maybe be the ultimate yin yang chakra expert!

  56. I think Akatsuki didnt attack the old konoha because they were still evaulating their plans implementation also the big meeting before shippuuden they hadnt met in a while they were probably doing the pre-preparation for the plan?

  57. @rosebulletteacher – Preparation? I guess that makes sense though I can’t hardly imagine what. Still though I’m the type of guy if I’m taking over the world I’m train my butt during the time skip even if preparing. None of that fancy of crap they are on my level now thing, laugh.

  58. Its true they wer ridiculosly strong & with 3 years? Damn dats a jinchuuriki a week & dey stil got time to ambush jiraiya & take naruto plan solved. . . . Would be a Bad manga though

  59. You guys keep forgeting about conversation itachi and kisamie had as the followed jiriya and naruto and kisamie made it clear he would die if he fought him and that itachi could go head to head with him. But itichi said that true but would only end up with him dead even if he beat jiriaya! And kisamie said he never thought he would never have to fight one of the sannin. To me it seem the members of akatiskie fear the sannin except for pain and madra. O ya and itachia dosen’t fear oro cause he can defeat him just with sharingan! And akatiske dosen’t won’t to start war with any country till they got all the tailed beast first. That way they can control the war.

  60. @Illusion84: I would have to search through the manga to find you the exact manga & page, but I won’t be home until Wednesday. I sure someone here will be able to dig it up. If memory serves me right Itachi was the youngest person to become a member of ANBU, not sure about root. But, root was supposed to be disbanded after Dumb-zo failed at his first attempt at power. Obviously that didn’t take because Sai was/is a member of Root.

  61. @charzelo – The third stopped Minato’s coffin because the fourth hokage was the strongest ninja in the world at his time. He would have annihilated the third hokage. One of the biggest themes in Naruto is that the new generation surpasses the old. That’s why Saratobi would fight the 1st and 2nd and fear the 4th.

    @kyouto – I don’t remember where I read it, but I think they have to get the different beasts in a certain order to maintain balance in that sealing jutsu pein uses. Also, like mentioned before, I think they were allocating money and minions to be their eyes and ears to find all the jinchuriki before they started collecting the tailed beasts. Finally, none of the teams of Akats could have beaten Jaraiya or the village. Only Pein was/is capable of taking on the village all at once, and he was probably busy taking over his own country. lol. They also may have gotten really cocky knowing how strong they were and didn’t expect konoha to be a problem in the future.

  62. Man, I hope Kakashi developed some killer moves and stopped relying on his MG. If Kakashi’s MG was gone, right now, he would be pulverized unless he has some killer move other than Lightning Blade!

  63. I`m no less surprised than Kishi that the readers actually LIKE Kisame and they want his to appear MORE often. Sorry, but for me he was and will be always more of a joke with his hillarious small round eyes, grey skin and stupid grin. True, his shark jutsu is great but does it mean that Kisame should look like a X man mutant? He is supposed to be powerful but for me his appearance is just ridiculous. Would be differnet if he was one of Orochimaru`s experiments but at his present role…It`s just ridiculous. One of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist should look more like Zabuza Momoichi who is a pretty bad a** ninja villan and not as the product for the “shark fin soup” Suigetsu is planning to cook LOL

  64. Jeremiah – I’m sure you guys probably already covered this topic but thought you might revisit. The Shippuuden episodes seem to be developing Naruto in ways that aren’t readily referenced in the manga itself. At first, I keep thinking ‘its just filler’ but I wouldn’t think a filler episode would give a character new abilities not referenced by the manga itself.

    For example, in the latest Shippuuden episode (#91), Jiraya is training with Naruto before Orochimaru meets his double cross at the hands of Sasuke. The training seems to be developing a long range technique using his wind chakra and a toad summons.

    Did I miss something here? Was this referenced in another part of the manga? Because it would certainly change the game regarding the extra training Naruto has been doing when he was with the toads. It would also point to the possibility that Naruto may have actually developed new jutsu with Jiraya at a time when Jiraya and Naruto knew of his wind nature chakra. It may also give Naruto the time to learn how to create the Rasengan with one hand. Help!

  65. Uchiha Madara may have had Nagato fix Obito dead body for him as a carrying case for his ever so incredible Chakra and Doujutsu…………………..OBITO’s body + MADARA’s chakra and eyes=TOBI. just throwing it out there for my first post………………….BB….out.

  66. @ BB – I like that thought. I was thinking though that he can only control 6 at a time and the bodies take up the Rinnegan eyes. Would that change with the Sharingan…?

  67. tobi maybe, andf i only say maybe, obito, and the only clue is hat obito’s body was never shown to be retrieved, and that he said that his eye under the rock( too lazy to remember which) was completely crushed under the rock. BUT! madara can NEVER…EVER… AND I MEAN EVER… BE DANZO, because madara made akatsuki, and we know that madara can OWN pain because he treats him like he’s his own and gives him orders, NOT discuss them with him. back to the point. since madara is ORDERING pain to capture the nine tails, EVEN THOUGH madara can do it himself, ultimately madara wants all the bijuu. now, DANZO does NOT want akatsuki to have the nine tails, because he said so INSIDE the safety of his underground lair where NOBODY could see him. if madara was danzo, what would madara’s point be if he wanted NOT to want the thing he wants. I MEAN IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!!! so i just refuted the claim that danzo is madara. now all that’s left is to prove that hamas is not a terrorist on some other website.

  68. quick question: can anyone have TWO bijuu sealed in him?

  69. mosesgun, I think you may have skipped the manga chapter. The shippuden episode airing now is a filler arc. If you read the manga, you would know that one, Sasuke kills a bunch of ninjas before the incident and two, Orchimaru was in bed when Sasuke tries to kill him. Sasuke has no plans on killing him yet. It is just training.

  70. Anyone here know that the swayze now has pnuemonia?

  71. In response to ANon. It is true that Obito’s body was never shown to be retrieved. But Obito is a ninja of konoha and has valuable info on konoha and the uchiha clan. So, the leaf ninjas are forced to retrieve him to protect the village. And aren’t you curious why Kakashi is always late; he visits Obito’s grave (if I do recall) everytime. The only possible situation in which OBito = Madara is if Madara used Space/time jutsu to steal the corpse and replace it with a good copy.


  73. @mosesgunn – In episode 91 the preview for next week shows Naruto summoning the two toad brothers for training. He seemed pretty shocked to see them and for us this is the first time we have seen them that big so maybe it is Narutos first time as well.

    In the Manga we see One of the toads huge and for us it was the first time in the manga seeing them that big Here is the link http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/409/09/ (on the next page you can see how big he is)

    Right now he is fighting pain and has 3 huge frogs and the one little one (well kinda little) as well. I have a feeling he is going to use the technique he is learning with Jiraya and the toad now in the anime on pain in the manga.

    Granted this is all a theory but the anime usually closes up the questions we have about things in the manga like Ino learning Medical ninjutsu.

  74. @Handicapable – Thanks

    @anon- Yes anyone can have X number of bijuu sealed inside him or her so long as it was done properly. This means having someone taking their own life to place it into that person. Additionally its the off hope that the person’s body is able to handle worse case scenario and not end up destroying themselves. Though in all logic would you really grant a single person that type of potential? If they go bad or on the really really bad chance someone is able to defeat them there may be problems. One thing to note though is there may be more than a single way to seal a bijuu and may be different from the forth’s method. Plus Akasuki seemed to be gathering them already as a weapon so its just one step off of placing it into a summoning or person. For a final thought I guess halves can be sealed as well.

  75. yeah man Madara/ tobi cant be obito. He was crushed under all of those rocks and their is no way madara got that crushed up died body and revived and lets it grow to maturity… that would be ridiculous even for fantasy.

  76. Kyouto@ Of course there are other ways to seal a bijuu in a person, choyi of the sand village a had a differnt jutsu to seal the one tail in Gara, that’s why she gave up her life to save gara.

  77. @BJB – I get your point, however, my question really has to do with the Shippuuden series and how it supposedly mirrors the manga itself. My understanding is the filler arcs prevent the series from catching up to the managa… perfectly understandable. My confusion is that the current filler arc shows Jiraya training Naruto with advanced techniques related to his knowledge elemental chakra. Jiraya also introduces water as an affinity attack option for Naruto as well as how to channel his chakra attack through a toad summons.

    But the manga never even approaches this topic for Naruto. This is HUGE in Naruto’s development but is not mentioned ANYWHERE in the manga (not that I can see). Least of all, at the point in the manga (where this filler arc is leading up to). Yet it shows up in a filler arc in the animated series? I always thought the manga was THE definitive source for anything pertaining to the Naruto characters development, however, it appears that the Shippuuden series is showing more character development details than the manga… why?

    Lastly, does anyone think its just a coincidence that Jiraya is doing this training in Shippuuden at the same time that Naruto is starting to show the fruits of his sage training in the manga?

    Maybe I’m making too much of this. I just think that the Shippuuden series should never show more detail than the manga since the animation doesn’t exist without the manga.

  78. hey! you forgot to mention the extra small balls of konoha. konohamaru’s

  79. It was destiny to receive your instructions wise ruler. You ask of me the world, I can barely keep myself from forcing laughter. You planned all this? Every detail of perfection unwinding exasperatingly in always sudden failure. I’m being mocked and dragged from prison’s comfort to perform for you? I’m faithless and I’m sorry, what could happen next? Every ounce of awe in tears.
    By the way you blew you my mind

  80. Why wasnt Danzo on the list? I wanna see what happens there. Plus, where is Sai?!? Ive been asking and no one seems to talk about it. Is he hiding with Danzo or on a mission? Only time will tell.

  81. @mosesgunn The anime can provide quite a bit of filler that can be used as flashbacks in the manga so the comic doesn’t have to waste 2 montsh explaining why naruto was rubbing on a female toad with sexual issues. Maybe what Jiraya started was the basic of sage techniques? I mean you have to have a toad with you to preform it, or at least it’s more reliable to be able to summon a companion then pray they’re by your side 24/7. This could start the look into Naruto’s new forbidden technique, or Jiraya’s work around for the rasen-shuriken through use of different types of manipulation, allowing Naruto to make his own jutsu. Anyways it’s kinda like Tsunade training Sakura, it would take a long time for the manga to cover it in detail so they focus on it during a filler.

  82. i you guys won’t ind, may i just ask why sakura have small “melons”. coz most animes consider that as a standard for female characters. hahaha! just asking

  83. that’s why i like hinata more! ahahahaha!

  84. what about TENSEI technique, pain used sinra tensei , Orochimaru used Edo Tensei (oro vs 3rd battle). do u know somthing about it, tensei techniques are awesome, would be more of them?

  85. actually glen…..animes tend to grow the melons some more than sakura’s, i mean her’s end before they start, i’d say ino’s small, hinata medium and tsunade friggin larrge!!!!! ^^

  86. Harshy, have you seen Hinata lately? I don’t the average size of them in your part of the world, but medium? No I think not. But, I’m not much of a ‘breast man’ more of a ‘leg man’ myself.

  87. charzelo – just read your post but the way i always thought is that the sealing jutsu has a heavy price (which is the life of the person using it) thats why minato is dead and the reason why the 3rd stopped the 4th coffin from being ressurected is because he was the most powerful ninja around and fighting him alone would be very difficult but also fighting him with the 1st and 2nd hokage would be imposible.

  88. and to who ever said the itachi was in root, the way i believed it was is that like kakashi says to kurini and asuma itachi was the leader if anbu when he was 13 so why would he be involved in root.

  89. kyouto (outlaw630) – yes there is more than one way in sealing a spirit because chiyo was the one handled seal9ing the spirit in garra and we know it was under garra’s father oder and as far as we know no one was killed in a life exchange i don’t know how old garra is but around the same age as naruto i suspect and garra was infused with the sand spirit while he was still inside his mother and i dought that after minato used the jutsu it had time for someone from the sand village to learn about it and copy it.

  90. actually i hve ero-sennin, we went out just last night ^^, it was then that i realised that i needed to get my contacts changes…WTF was i thinking medium? large!!!And hey, just to tell ya, my interest lies much more south too *_*

  91. its never said the kakkashi vists obito’s gave just that he vists the statue and in rememberance to of the shinbo that were KIA during the great shinbo war, after the 3rd dies the anbu lady (dont kno her name) but its the one paying her respects to hiyate see say ‘and you kakkashi paying respects to obito, instead of constantly coming up with new exquses for why you are late why not just come here early’
    kakkashi: i did i been here since dawn
    (or something on those lines)

  92. @ Errosennin and Renzy – shoot me an email ASAP please.


  93. i been reading about people wanting time sjips but i dont because i kno this is the fear that we all hope will never happen but naruto will end one day (probelly going to kill myself on that day) so i want naruto to stay young as long as possible, and that why i also welcome fillers but dont get me wrong i would love to see the anime version of the sage training and the pain fight and with out the fillers thats probelly were the anime would be right now but god forbid the day that the manga ends we dont want the anime to be too close or that will end shortly after (like wats going to happen to bleach if they dont start putting in fillers.

  94. I’ll ask one more time: what about TENSEI technique, pain used shinra tensei , Orochimaru used Edo Tensei (oro vs 3rd battle). do u know somthing about it, tensei techniques are awesome, would be more of them?

  95. at last anime naruto shippuden Jman told Naruto that water element would be best as his second (wud be funny if Naruto wud have all 5).

  96. I think that the water element is to lead into the idea that water is strong against fire, and wind is strong against lightning. Both a lead into the potential upcoming battle with Sasuke. Also this is the Hurricane Chronicles, Wind + Water + power = Hurricane

    Tensei: could be nature, heavenly voice, transformation, etc, etc… So I don’t know if it is a style / form, or do they just share a common word.

  97. @zetsu: tensei means heaven or heavenly, like ero sennin said.

  98. here’s an awesome theory. what if danzo was obito!!!! they both have the same side destroyed and the other functional. cray Z.

  99. What if Dansou was able to deceive Itachi that the Uchiha clan were going to revolt. What if his plan from the very begining was to get rid the only group that had the power to thwart his attempt at a hostile takeover? Did he also conspire with Madara(who has to be pissed at his clan because they turned their collective backs on him)? Is he in cohorts with Pein to kill Naruto and ridding himself of the Kyuubi and possibly killing Naruto and Pein at the same time? What if Dansou was the person behind Orochimaru walking down the dark path he chose? Were all those forbidden experiments done on Dansou’s order? What if Orochimaru even after fleeing Konoha was the pawn of Danzou? What if Danzou was actually the one who caused the death of the Third?
    What if after all is said and done it turns out that Dansou is the greatest threat to ever face Konoha? Hmmmm what if?

  100. @anon: with the strong feelings you have toward Obito not being Madara I think it a little funny that you see it plausible that someone who was Kakashi’s age is living as a 72 yr old man (according to Narutowiki) with an uncovered face, and a well known history in the village.

  101. @ ero sennin: no that was the only thing against that theory being true. they’re all just random thoughts that ppop up in my head…

  102. @ 雨隠れの里Tinman: And all in the name of keeping the village strong? Interesting idea. Also, what if Danzo plotted the unleashing of the 9-tails to get Minato out of the way? That way he could have another shot at Hokage. Hmmmm, indeed.

  103. So, i just got thinking, pein has 7 bijuus, right? what if he gets people to help seal 6 of them in his puppets, and 1 in him? That would be a sweet fight all against killer b and Naruto. don’t think Madara would use the biijus in that way, but 8+9vs.1,2,3,4,5,6,and 7 would be epic.

  104. oh and sasuke will own naruto if they fought right now i mean he took out deidara, orochimaru, itachi kind of, and made killer bee run away

  105. interesting approach towards danzo charactar! it could be danzo may be a great antagonist in the series since he competed with the 3rd hokage for the title. we know how 3rd is powerful. he fought with 1 and 2 hokage at the same time.

  106. @ jjjjjjjj, well naruto took out kakuzu, he was about to kill jiraiya but jiraiya sealed the kiuby again (BEFORE YOU SAY “OH BUT HE USED THE KIUBY”) remember sasuke used his cursed mark and naruto is gonna defeat pain and sasuke didnt made killerbee run away at all bee just used sasuke as a diversion to escape from his village oh and sasuke took on itachi and orochimaru when they were nearly dead due to a disease

  107. As to the Danzo comments…

    I didn’t add Danzo to the 2009 preview because it was a list of things I’m personally looking forward to in 09. And I’m not looking forward to anything involving that douche.

    You all have valid points that he will be a big part of 2009, I agree and in fact think he will be hokage for a brief period.

    As to the Danzo = Madara theory… read my 3 rules of manga theory post. An event happens simultaniously in the manga, which unless Madara took to wearing a wig to fool Itachi then it’s just not possible. Also Itachi was under orders from Danzo to destroy Uchiha and then Itachi asks Madara for help to do it… I’m just sayin is all.

    This also brings me back to a point that I needed to address from illusions, no where does it say specifically that Itachi was in Root BUT he took the order to destroy the Uchiha clan from Danzo, he was the top Anbu agent and it does say in the manga that he joined Akatsuki to spy on it from the inside.

    Does this guarantee that he is a Root agent… I will concede and say no BUT Root is under Danzo’s direct command, Itachi was directly under Danzo’s command and Root handles the most secret missions in ANBU soooo… you decide.

  108. First of all there will be another time skip but not for about 50 more chapter, then there will be the side story for Naruto and Hinata ( not sakura, i would be pissed unless it was a threesome )
    and Jeremiah you missed one of the thing alot of people are waiting for and as you said drum rolllllllllllll
    Kushina Uzamaki
    where did she go, is she dead, is she alive, is she good, is she evil, and why havent we heard or seen anything about her.
    when will naruto learn the truth about his parent.
    im also waiting for sasuke to get balls hand to by naruto who is way stronger than him.Upon further investigation i think danzo is going to be banish and will play a major role as a bad guy in the next time jump. I drooled so much for manga 431 till i feel like im the dessert and my mouth is so dry and blistered up i just have to have it.
    i just need to even see some accurate spoilers so ease the pein a litte. if any one agrees with me on kushina let me know

  109. alright you got me on the orochimaru and itachi but kakuza was weaker to because kakashi took out 2 hearts already so if he used those mask things he would still be out numbered

  110. oh and i forgot 4 tails mode is way stronger than curse mark

  111. sasuke knows more techniques and he is way smarter

  112. and if tobi is obito it will be an awsome ruenion with kakashi it will probely be the best fight ever
    *crosses fingers*

  113. @ Jamaicankilla – not sure you’ve been reading the site for but I actually think there is a small possibility that animal realm is Kushina.

    I think they will bring her back into the mix somehow even if my long shot guess is wrong.

    Check this post out where I discuss the possibilities of Kushina/Animal Realm/ Rin

  114. I answered yes to the poll asking if you wanted to see more NaruSaku or NaruHina. Heres what i think. Sakura has always choose Sasuke over Naruto. If Sasuke comes back to the village then I think they would have to be together. The reason is Naruto is probably over his childish crush on Sakura. Plus, Hinata is in love with Naruto. Why would Kishi leave her heartbroken? Sakura does have feelings for Naruto but that doesnt mean she loves him like she loved (and probably still loves) Sasuke.

    Maybe after all the bad guys in Naruto die Kishi will make a spin of romance series. Id read it! =D

  115. hey!….ami the ONLY one who’s gonna say that the Tobito theory is shitass boogerhead theory, i mean , CMON! ^^

  116. @Kenin Noone loves sasuGAY except homo luvin chicks 😉

  117. Oh and heres a side note. I was watching the new Shippuden and it had a lot of Hinata in it. When it was over i looked down and I think you know what i saw (it could have been Kisames sword Who Knows?). Maybe it was for the toad woman. =)

  118. @harshykage Youll see once Sasuke does what he has to do he’ll be all over the laddies. Not that I in any way like Sasuke, I just think Naruto should be with Hinata and comon Sakura needs some luvin too.

  119. @harshyt: Well I don’t know about the Tobi / Obito theory for sure, but hell of a coincidence that if it were Obito he covers the eye that Kakashi now looks through (or did look through). Anyway, what about idea that Madara / Tobi was around in the war, and jacked the other eye from a dieing Obito. Because he could only salvage one eye, he only needs one hole in the mask.

    What I want to find out is: If only people old enough to remember Madara would recognize him, then why is Kishi keeping the face such a secret? Even when he shows his face to Sasuke or Kisime, Kishi hides it from the fans. Is there a clue there? Would we recognize him?

  120. @Kenin: Read the subtitles again. That toad….WAS A MAN BABY! Yes that’s right, MR. Gamariki. I know this must be a confusing time for you, finding out this sort of thing about yourself, but I just want you to know that harshyt is here for you. (just joking around)

  121. @EroSennin: lol those new subtitles suck maybe thats why i cant read them. =P
    And please tell me SOMEONE got excited seeing Hinata in color HOTTER THAN EVER!

  122. If you read above your post in Ibiki’s Wilting flower, then you’ll see I too think that Hinata has boomed…uh, er …I mean Bloomed.

  123. @Kenin- get me wrong here….Sakura DESERVES Sasuke(in connection with my previous post!)
    and Hinata? W00t BABY!!!

    @Ero-Sennin – i just think it’s too far fetched to hve madara being obito too far fetched, i mean, wtf was madar doing looking for some sharingan eyes in the rock countryside in a pile of rubble for a crushed body, wouldn’t it be easier to become a grave robber, also, wouldn’t he hve lost his eternal mangekyou if he changer his body?

  124. @kevin- yeah she has “bloomed”, i had a blast with her yest night 😉

  125. @harshyt: Dunno. Maybe hunting down Kohona’s Yellow Flash. Madara can move at the speed of light, Aloe Vera said so himself. Certainly he could have pursued Minato back to Obito & the rest. Maybe upon seeing the Sharingan, he got the idea. Didn’t he gain something from taking his brothers eyes? He was already powerful, but his brother sacrificed his eyes (according to Tobi), for the good of the clan. (manga 399 page 4)

  126. @harshytkage: Sakura deserves Sasuke but does Sasuke deserve Sakura? Hell no! He deserves a death in a large fire. But thats probably whats going to happen. I dont care. As long as Naruto ends up with Hinata. =) BTW maybe Narutos not gay for not wanting to bang her RIGHT NOW ya thats right fuck the 6 pains. GO RIGHT FOR THE GOODS!

  127. Sorry i hane a question to on naruto manga 417 page 11 the statue that holds the tailed beast chakara seems to have chains correct me if iam wrong but why does a statue need chains no right on lees is a machin that it uses their chakara to do something?

  128. @Kenin: I asked you to GET ME WRONG THERe…lol, what i meant was, sakura deserves a douchebag like that coz she is a crybaby herself

    @erosennin- question- why would madara be after the yellow flash? he can already move at the speed of light so what would he need from him(unless he wanted to know how he got that rad hairstyle!)


  130. I thought the comment about the speed of light was just usage or hyperbole. You know like a joke someone might make. Still though Madara does get there pretty fast so maybe not so far off.

    About Sakura I didn’t realize there was that great of dislike for her in the first place. Anyway right now she is strong not much getting around it when a single punch can literally kill someone. It goes well with healing jutsu.

  131. hey jeremiah i wanna make love to you the way you talk just makes me horny .. bet sll of you guys too

  132. well he is mine bitches

  133. Would it be crazy to assume that madara/tobi is nagato? This panel just get’s met thinking. I want to know who’s behind that mask damnit! http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/404/01/

  134. I mean what if Nagato used Enma to revive madara and control him somehow. Who knows >.<

  135. @bronken- monkey king enma? lol

  136. quick question: am I the only one who thinks that the pein bodys resemble the puppet technique ??
    would make for an awesome fight because every time one of the bodies gets destroyed it will become increasingly difficult to finish the remaining ones…

  137. @kroddude- he meant scary big face douchebag lazerhead reviving enma

  138. “(Ebisu): Yes you can and he’ll be delivering exactly what you need to your front door within a few hours! (Ibi): Sounds great but if my front door is jammed when he arrives can you have him just deliver it through my back door? It’ll be a tight fit but I don’t mind at all if he just forces it through. (Ebisu): Wonderful, I ‘ll make a note. Thanks for choosing Konoha ^_^”

    LOL nice one!

  139. @Nova: No not at all. In fact a couple of threads back someone said the same thing (can’t remember who, sorry guys), and I think you’re right. If Nagato has to drop off 5 realms to level Kohona, then certainly as one drops off the rest get stronger. Kinda reminds me of when Team Gai was fighting the clones of themselves in the Gaara captured arc. The clone remained as strong as when the fight first started, but as the fight went on the original got weaker. In this case the longer one fights Nagato’s realms the stronger the remainder get, though Nagato’s opponent uses up his/her chakra reserves (and still has the original Nagato to hunt down before 6 more realms are dug up from the grave yard). Good point!

  140. WTF Jeremaih! how DARE you not take me melon shopping with you! You know i’ve been thinking of buying some lately….
    *pouts and runs to his room crying*

  141. @ Erosennin: my bad :p haven’t read all the threads yet. Actually I was thinking more about the fight against Sasori: When fighting whith 100 puppets his control increased as the number of puppets he controlled decreased… combine that with what you just said, and I think Naruto will have more than enough chances to prove how tough he is 😀
    can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next…

  142. @Nova: By past threads I mean previous manga threads. It just goes to show that great minds think alike. you should go here to set a profile image, and settle into the awesomeness.

  143. welcome to awesomeness nova 😉

  144. is kurenai’s baby born yet?

  145. i’ll go ask her…..

  146. @anon: I haven’t heard anything about it. I think the last time Kishi gave us a clue on it, Kurenai was somewhat ‘showing’. Now that has me wondering, just how fast did Naruto master the sage techniques? Didn’t Jiraiya spend years? I mean unless gestation takes a really long time in the narutoverse, then certainly he/she should be. If the child has been born did it survive the Nagato-splosion?
    If Naruto did master the sage techniques in record time, then that supports my (and others) idiot savant theory about him.

    @harshyt: Jeremiah, and her posted statement, said she is on a short hiatus. She is expected back more powerful than ever.

  147. @ ero senin: i don’t get what yuo’re saying.” gestation??” and “naruto splosion=ultra mega super shinra tensei”. oh and i just checked. i think in chapter 400 thru 410,( too lay Z to find out) when shikamaru condoled him and told him about kurenai and how they should all be guides for the next generation. then naruto, dumb as always, thought kurenai had eaten too much and looked FATTER THAN CHOUJI!!!

    and yeah pain invaded konoha, true, but it became day and night and day in myobokuzan before naruto came.

  148. found it. 406 p 13.

  149. Obito is DEAD okay, he was crushed by the freakin rocks!!!!!! there is no reason for madara to go onto the battle ground in search of an uchiha that may or may not be there. How would he know that under those piles of rocks Obito lay DEAD? th efourth would have sensed him anyway cuase he is the one who destroyed the troop of nins who killed obito. Its would be so stupid if madara was obito and why is he so old if he only kakakahi’s age? I know he’s old because when we saw half of his face it wasnt a crushed look it was wrinkled much like the village elders.

    Cant believe that Madara is Obito

  150. @ fuutonsavior: no, it looked more like a burn mark wrinkle than an old age wrinkle.

  151. @anon: Gestation is basically the time spent in the womb (approximately 9 months in humans etc..). I may be just lazily, but I assumed that because someone could walk to Myoubokuzan that time remained the same. I re-read 408-430, but didn’t see what your talking about. What I did find was in 405 page 7, Naruto and Jiraiya sitting on toads meditating. That kinda fits in with the anime filler.

  152. @Carpio: I saw the chains, but they appear to me as handcuffs not really a mechanism. What I do find neat is with that view it appears to be kind of like Yamato’s wood element. The same type of technique that he (Yamato) uses to help subdue the Kyubi chakra when Naruto trains for the Rasenshuriken

  153. @ ero sennin: i meant that the events that happenned in myobokuzan didn’t happen concurently with the pain invasion, because it became day nd night and then again day in the manga WHILE pain started his invasion of konoha until naruto came.

  154. Itachi was warning the village elders that he is still alive not Madara

  155. you covered just about everything I’ve been wondering about, except one thing…what about KABUTO?!

    where is this guy at and what exactly has he been up to?

    many many MANY questions left unanswered….

  156. what happened to yamato ?

  157. either way if his face was crushed by boulders then it should be horrifically messed up, or just wrinkled. it would be much easier to just sneak intothe village and kill a uchiha from the village it seams that anyone with skill can do it.

  158. *not just wrinkled

  159. Just stopping off at home for a breath and take care of some day job stuff. Missing you guys.

    Where the heck is Alec? I need a fight…uh, a fix…uh, a missile…oh…nevermind. ^.^

    Great post Jeremiah. 😀

    Really good to see EroSennin getting a chance to comment more. ^.^

    Harshy made me BWAH! back there.

    Oh…and Jeremiah…my back door is exit only. I’ve posted a sign warning of severe tire damage for going the wrong way. One way road, man.

  160. What if Pain used the Demon Realm or whatever to bring obitos body back and fix it up all nice? We know he can he did it with lazer head. And if he has used it once he has done the technique before obviously. i think it could be Tobito after all. Only Kishi really knows…………

  161. i love naruto… 🙂 thanks for good share..

  162. @ kabutokun: no way that’s gonna happen, ino is going to end up with chouji (no idea how to spell his name) and shikamaru will fall in love with temari , or maybe even that girl from the decoding department !!

  163. @kabutokun funny idea I wanna see it

  164. regarding th post about narutos mother maybe being animal realm….. im not sure this would be possible….

    Jaraiya would have def. noticed her the way he noticed yohiko….. and konan. at last in my opinion.

    and regarding sakura/hinata/naruto… hinata DEF deserves narutos love and vice versa… i think they are gonna end up together. as for sakura, naruto is gonna have to end up killing stupid sasuke so of course she should end up wth the only other person (other than naruto) who showed her love…

    ROCK LEE!!!!!!!!!! lol

  165. @Ibiki: Thanks. Good to see you stopping in. You have been missed.

    @Jeremiah: Might I suggest run-flats. Though, you might just want to avoid that altogether, opposing traffic and all. ewwww.

  166. scratch that about my theory on animal realm… just reread the part where she JUST came in the body bag =p

  167. @kabutokun you horny bitch/dog (^^), sasuGAY ain’t bangin’ anything….know why? because he’s sasuGAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY(*ignores all fyrther pleas for attention from this guy)

    @ibi- nice to see u drop by ^^

  168. 1.) With all the destruction that has been done to Konoha, will they be able to rebuild the city. I mean look at the picture of destruction, It looks as if a meteor has struck and left a deep crater right in the middle of the city. I am very interested in seeing exactly how much of the city has been leveled. Will it all be miraculously restored in a couple manga issues or be drawn out over a good part of 2009? How will Kishi accomplish the rebuild of Konoha?

    2.) How come we never see any pregnant women in Konoha… I have only seen one and that is Kurenei. Where are all the children coming from. Do the Ambu steal them out of other villages to replenish the populace?
    Ok now what powers will the child of Asuma and Kurenei have?
    Asuma being the son of the Third has wind as his primary chakra type. Kurenei on the other hand, did she gain her genjutsu powers from the curse mark given by Orochimaru or does the curse mark only enhance what she already has. What of her family tree. I have not seen anything as to her background that I can remember off hand. Could she possibly be a descendent of the Second Hokage? ( I’m sure someone out there can help here. ) Oh the questions that come to mind when there is no manga… I find that I tend to ramble on sometimes so forgive my posts if you don’t find them interesting. I’m only trying to kill the dead time between issues and besides these to me give pause to thought and an active mind is far better than an idle one, right? Even if I might come off a little crazy sometimes. shhhh be wary, wary quiet,, I’m hunting wabbit! 😛

  169. @雨隠れの里Tinman: 1.) I am definitely curious on how Kishi plans to address this. Will it be like the rebuild after Oro, or will Kishi take a page from the tsunami damage, Hurricane / Typhoon / Cyclone (name depends on part of the world your from), or some other real world natural distaster as a reference.
    2.) I see small children with parents, but no pregnant women other than Kurenai Yuhi that I can think of. I just remember, from that filler arc in the anime, that she is from outside of the village (came as a young child).

  170. @雨隠れの里Tinman- also….kurenai never reciever the cursed seal, it was anko who recieved it

  171. and what happened to the gaara banner….there’s smfin called empflix there now….is it some kind of link up eh j-man(moneymoneymoney) 😉

  172. @ Rosemi – Jiraiya could not have recognized the new animal realm because the new animal realm which is debatebly Kushina replaced the old animal realm which Jiraiya battled and sent back to Konoha just before he died. Jiraiya never saw the new animal realm.

    @ Tinman – besides Kurenai they have also shown flashbacks of Kushina preggers.

  173. @ harshytkage – huh? Gaara is still there on my screen. If you can. Take a screen shot and email it to me. Not my doing at all.


  174. @harshyt: you might want to run a scan, because all I see is the Gaara banner.

  175. sendin’ it to ya ASAP!(keep checkin ur inbox!)

  176. Yeah, I’m thinking its on your end Harshyt.

  177. As soon as I get it, I’ll forward it to the WordPress people.

  178. i’ve scanned my box about a dozen times this week…(everything viruses, malware, adware….)

  179. got it?

  180. @ 波風 harshytkage: Well yep you are right, it was Anko who received the curse seal from Oro… Damn what was I thinking? Guess I wasn’t thinking. Thanks for the memory jar.

  181. i think i’ll hve to reload windows(again….)it’s too damn Bloated….it’l be nice to hve a little neatness to it

  182. it IS smfin on my end….when i open the blog in Chrome i get the empflix banner but in FF and opera i get gaara….

  183. it’s ok guys….i just cleared my cache and gaara’s back again!(but wtf was that empflix banner doing there????)

  184. Glad its fixed ^_^

    Saw the screen shot. That would have pissed me off too.

  185. can anyone explain this to me-
    http :// img293. imageshack. us/ my.php?image=tempyd6.png remove spaces

    looks like folded cloth WTF(i’ve encircled it in red)

  186. the way naruto is surpassing jeriah and the 4th and the fact that konohoa has been destroyed makes me think this manga is gonna end in a few months. So here are a few ideas of what i think will happen in the end.

    naruto: i think naruto being named hokage will be the finishing moment of the manga. after the village has been built up from scrathc and is finally stable. if hes named hokage before the end that meens hes most likely gonna die. i think this cause its hs goal and ending it any other way would seem boring, unless he has a child.( i doubt that to be honest, wud be cool though)

    hinata vs sakura: all these debates about whether naruto will end up with sakura or hinata are gettinng a bit annoying lol to be honest i dont think well get a full answer. kishi doesnt write much romance in the manga, remeber how asuma and kurenai were together before he died, there was no romance u just saw them walking together from time to time. from an unbiased opionion i think the most likely one is sakura and naruto because recently its started to be less once sided. hinata and naruto is completely one sided, the only time we see naruto give hinata affection is in the filler arcs and they dont really count lol

    sasuke(douche): when it comes to sasuke i have a strong feeling that if naruto lives he will die and vice versa. sasuke will probably turn good on his death bed sacrificing himself. i doubt hes gonna fight with konohoa again. i think if he appears now and sees naruto, hell feel week again and combine this with him going blind and youve got an excuse to use itachis eyes. nuff said lol

    whats gonna happen now: when naruto does defeat pain wer gonna see the village system crumble, now that konohoa is weak other villages will take advantage. this means another ninja war with the sand village and probably the raikage on konohoas side while everyone else is against them.

    well thers my input lol hoped yall liked it

  187. hey! you’re the 50th most popular wordpress blog!

  188. @wouldn’t u like to know:
    gaara is tha freaking kazekage.. he wouldn’t attack konoha!
    i think konohagakure, sunagakure(sand), and kumogakure(clouds) are more likely to form an alliance if what you said is to happen
    {srry if i misspelled!}.

  189. @ harshytkage – which day? we’ve been number 1 several times and top 10 often.

  190. @jeremiah- dunno….never relly noticed…i just thought i’d check it out 2day after my eyes wandered onto the hits column(youre nearing a million…)

  191. This morning the last thread hit #8. The Golden Globes & Obama Smoking beat us (how? I dunno)

  192. @ Harshyt – I know… 1 million… crazy right? The Swayze would be proud of us.

    I’m getting a little edgy waiting for the spoiler to come out…

    @didinho – I agree, he would never attack Konoha… unless he was fighting along side Naruto against Danzo… things that make you go hmmmm….

  193. The list is here. Now, I don’t know where that is validated, but the site is at 807,506 views.

  194. just google most popular wordpress blog and the link to the original wordpress page should appear…

  195. @didinho i said sand and raikage would side with konohoa if ud read it properly, that incldes gaara lol

  196. Ok When The Hell Does the next Manga Actually come out
    Anyone Got A DatE?

  197. @ didinho
    I believe that’s exactly what wouldn’t u like to know meant.
    At the end he said:

    “this means another ninja war with the sand village and probably the raikage on konohoas side while everyone else is against them.”


    WAR, with the sand village and probably the cloud village on the side of Konoha.And everyone else against them.

    I think he left a comma out. Sorry, it just bothered me 😛

  198. ^Oops. He just came back and corrected it. Forget what I said up there^^^^^^^^^^

    Before moderation–


  199. @ Relapse – we should se a spoiler tomorrow or worst case scenerio very early wednesday and the actual release should be up thursday at the earliest, early friday at the latest.

  200. O.K., your absolutely right #52 top blog (English filter), #53 top post (English filter Naruto Manga 431 What Happened? + 2009 Preview Awesomeness style), and #93 top blog (unfiltered all languages). So, if you go with WordPress’ claim of 4.5 million blogs then IAREAWESOMENESS is in the top 1%. WordPress also claims 69% English language blogs, so once again top 1%

  201. wtf is shonen jump playin with my emotions for i was ready to see naruto kick at leas 1 or 2 more pein asses but noooooooo

  202. any ways i dont see kisame going good his shark face just screams bad guy and that litlle snagle toothed smile dont help either. plus sasukes shark face team mate wants to kick his ass bad and take his sword so i see it happening like this. kisame kills gai and then when sasuke finally decides to help naruto smash madara his team will have a change of heart too and help with the demoliton of akatsuki and shark face will kill kisame.
    And as much as i hate to admit it sasuke cant beat naruto any more but their final showdown will be epic.

  203. and my bad for the triple post but i gotta say i dont think the next issuee will pick up where it left off i kinda get a feeling its about to jump back to sasukes story for a bit and let the anticipation for naruto vs peine build some what do you guys think

  204. I’m looking forward for next chapter.
    I’cant stand such gap between releaseing each other…

  205. @ skyhigh – I really hope not >_< I actually think/hope they finish the fight with the realms of Pain that are there then go to something else, then the real fight with Nagato. Konoha’s finest invading Nagato’s tower lead by a really really pissed off Kakashi.

    Perhaps the Kakashi dead guy campfire will break it up a bit???

  206. Heeeee’s baaaaaaack….

    Good to see you Skyhigh.

  207. Ok I just found this. Check it out.

  208. Whoops meant to add it is a spoiler for 431…. 😉

  209. Sasgay’s guy looks more like a pirhana face than a shark, besides Kisame already looks like a shark. I do agree however that there is no way Kisame is going to be a good guy just not the nature of ninjas from the hidden mist.

  210. Ok heres something on my mind? Why did Kakashi learn Rasengan? First off, it probably took him a few years to learn a technique that he NEVER used in battle. Well you can say that he thought he could combine it with lightning element, But even if he did, it would be a slow natured ability just like narutos wind rasengan. Or maybe the lightning would make it fast. i dont know xD

  211. @ kenin: kakashi= copycat ninja. that’s why he knows the rasengan. oh and he made chidori cause he couldn’t infuse lightning with rasengan from yondaime. that said, he MUST HAVE learned the rasengan BEFORE he tried to infuse lightning with it, and he created chidori.

  212. @ kenin: I’ve always had this scene in my head of Minato and Kakashi sitting silently in Ichiraku after Obito’s death…
    Minato, knowing how sad & powerless his student must be feeling, decides to show him something that only J-man knows about. He looks down to Kakashi with that patented grin and asks him if he wants to see something really cool that he’s been working on; A new technique that, though still in the early stages, feels ‘special’. Kakashi, still looking at his untouched bowl of ramen… not wanting to look at his sensei with what he feels is proof of his failure, slowly nods his head an follows Minato out of the shop. As Minato drapes his arm over the youth’s shoulders, he whispers “You’re gonna love this!”, flashing that grin once more as the two head toward the training grounds…

    Sorry about the long post. My imagination got the best of me this time lol

  213. i getting bored w8ing for naruto 431 released
    or may be kaishi is changing the naruto manga to make the spoiler incorrect

  214. @ anon no he cant use any ninjitsu he copys at will whenever he wants. He can only use it during the battle…or thats what i thought. And he made chidori before he learned rasengan. Theres no way he could have learned a technique like rasengan while developing chidori.

    @ namikaze88 He probably learned it around that age. He might even has used rasengan (even though its not really his way of fighting) while he was in ANBU. Still its impressive that he learned a powerful technique like rasengan and never showd it off or anything. =)

    @ namikaze88 he probably learned it around that time period.

  215. @ Jerimiah. The comparison between animal realm pain, kushina and Rin is a good but the details that are in the faces of Kushina and animal realm are very similar true but as an artist I see more of a similarity between Rin and Animal Realm. As soon as I can I’m going try and do a morph of the 2 and see who has the most similiarites of between them.

  216. @skyhigh # 1 Kisame sucks Balls he would never be able to kill guy. He might be 1 of the best hidden mist ninjas but you’re talking aboout guy he has the Hidden Lotus Technique which if you forgot grants the user Hokage like Power. # 2 The thought of Sasugay coming back and helping Konoha is crap he is a selfish little pissant with no real power the only way he could get stronger is by going over to orochimru and getting taught frbidden techniques unlike Naruto our #1 Knuckleheaded Ninja who learned a Forbidden technique on his own.

    @Kenin and @Anon Kakashi obviously learned Rasengan after he already developed the Chidori his own created technique because if memory serves correct Kakashi became the Copycat Ninja after he received his Sharingan. Because if you remember at all the Sharingan allows the user to copy any jutsu that he/she witnesses in battle. “The Sharingan’s first and most well known ability is to memorize any technique that it witnesses. It can memorize Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu with perfect accuracy, allowing the user to use the techniques as his own. In order to reproduce copied jutsu, however, one must have the necessary skill or ability to perform them. A prime example is Rock Lee’s brand of Taijutsu. While Sasuke was able to copy some of Lee’s moves, they put a much more significant strain on him since he hasn’t trained physically nearly as hard as Lee has. In addition to physical skill, the Sharingan cannot allow the user to reproduce other Kekkei Genkai since the Sharingan user doesn’t possess the same genetic trait. Additionally, Sharingan users cannot summon a creature which they have not made a contract with.

    The Sharingan also grants the user incredible clarity of perception, allowing them to track fast-moving objects with ease and even predict the subsequent movements of those objects. The ability to track and predict movement is largely based on individual skill, as unskilled users have much more trouble tracking fast-moving objects. A fully-evolved Sharingan eye can track all but the quickest opponents, even if the user can’t move at the same speed, (so even if the user can follow his or her opponents movements it doesn’t necessarily mean their body will be able to react fast enough even though they saw the attack coming). This perception is also great enough to see through Genjutsu, depending upon the skill of the user, and the ability to observe the movement and flow of chakra, but not to the same extent or clarity as the Byakugan. Another ability of the Sharingan is the ability to see chakra as color, even through other objects. For example when Sasuke fights Deidara, he can see Deidara’s bombs hidden under ground because of their chakra. Additionally, the Sharingan grants the user exceptional analytical powers, allowing them to instinctively pick up on various visual clues with little difficulty. In one instance, Kakashi had to shut his eyes to avoid accidentally reading Naruto’s lip movements while he was spoiling the ending of one of Kakashi’s Icha Icha books. Sasuke was also able to reproduce answers on another person’s test by watching their pencil movements during the Chunin Exam.

    The Sharingan also is capable of a unique brand of hypnosis that involves suggesting actions and thoughts to the opponent through simple eye contact. When used in conjunction with the other aspects of the Sharingan, this allows the user to perfectly mimic every move their opponent makes, even before they do, making it appear as if the user can see the future. More advanced Sharingan users can take the hypnosis ability even further by tricking or even trapping their opponent within an illusion. The potency of the Sharingan’s illusion is dependent on the user’s knowledge and skill with implementing Genjutsu”
    That is from Narutopedia and This will clarify any objections

  217. Another thing, Why doesnt sasuke every copy jutsu? Yes he did copy lees barrage and the hand movements at the chuunin exams, that was it. Thats pretty much it. But in retrospect, there isnt a lot of jutsu that CAN be copied. For example you cant copy Deidaras bombs or Sasoris Puppets. Ninjas use tools they carry with them that the sharigan users dont have.

  218. @ Jerimiah in regards to Itachi being part of root yes itachi got his orders from Danzo but Danzo didn’t always have root. Root was started when Danzo saw that he was limited to the orders of the Hokage and was not able to operate as he saw fit therefore he started the Root Division of Anbu meaning Itachi could not have been part of root.

  219. You mean “CAN’T” right?

  220. @ the loser with Too many JJJJJJs You have no clue as what the Fudge you are talking about. Sasugay could never beat Naruto he is a lttle Biatch he like I said before had to run to orochimaru to get stronger. In regards to him killing orochimaru he attacked a weak orochimaru while he was sleeping. Deidara Committed suicide sasugay never beat him. Itachi doesn’t count in the least 1.he was already dying 2. he was never and I repeat Never and again I repeat NEVER going to kill Sasugay he told sasugay that he never intended on killing him. As for killer Bee he attacked him with 3 people on his side tailed beast or not those are messed up odds. Sasugay is too much of a punk to do anything right on his own. If he wanted to get stronger he could have stood in konoha and trained like naruto has and become stronger he didn’t have to take it in the @** for orochimaru and get tronger that way.

  221. @ Jrenji – Good comment. What you are saying is that Danzo started root post Uchiha massacre so Itachi couldn’t have been part of Root cause it hadn’t started yet.

    I can live with that.

    Itachi just carried out Danzo’s orders of a secret assasination plot against his own family. He seems very loyal to Danzo up to the point of Sasuke, which is where he drew the line. So If the above is true then Itachi was Root before there was a Root… Kinda.

    The funny part is all this discussion is based on the fact that I talked about how close Kisame and Itachi were. Just sayin is all…

    I’m to tired and my iPhone is dying. Someone want to check the above information at naruto. Wikia.com for us and post the answer.

  222. WTF! listen up all you TARDS! Kakashi developed the chidori AFTER he had failed to mix the rasengan with lightning chakra…he says so himself, somewhere when naruto is REALLY pissed that kakashi can do the rasengan too, he saysb so himself(maybe not where i’ve said that he said) but he DAMN definitely said that he developed his chidori after he had failed to manipulate the rasengan with lightning chakra!

  223. To all of you banking on Sasugay beatng Naruto using all his abilities especially the curse seal that orochimaru gave him. Guess what He doesn’t have it anymore it was removed by Itachi after their fight. If you look at Naruto Manga 396 page 14 it is clearly visible he does not have that little love bite orochimaru left on him. Sorry to disappoint you Sasugay FANS BMWAHHAHAHAHA

  224. @ Jrenji170: Wow thats like Naruto fighting without the 9 tails help…..

    lol jp in all seriousness sasugay would get pwned

  225. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/239/18-19/ no Sharingan so he knew Chirodir at a very young age, well before Obito died. Theres no knowledge of when the Rasengan was created by the 4th, theres no talk of Kakashi using sharigan to copy it all that is known is it was made by the 4th for him to add his own chakra affinity to which he never accomplished, and neither did Kakashi.

    but there is a clue http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/321/09/ Kakashi claims he tried to combine his “Elementally Recomposed” “Lightning Chakra” aka Chidori into the Rasengan, which would hint to me that he learned Rasengan well after chidori, and most likely trained along side Minato in hopes to combine it or maybe after the 4th had died to attempt to surpass him.

  226. if shikamaru ended up with temari where would they end up living?

    and if sakura had babies with sasuke would they be uchihas?
    sasuke did say he wants to restore his clan but if he dies he might leave sakura pregnant so they have an uchiha

    and if hinata had babies with naruto would they have a byakugan?

    in the naruto world i dont think they have a law where you have to marry someone from your own clan other wise sakura or ino would have been intrested in sasuke even if there kids

  227. again that is just a guess as to what Kakashi was saying, not a concrete example or even theory, until something comes out that states Kakashi learned Rasengan prior to or after chidori we will not know for sure

  228. @jrenji – WTF! who said that sasuGAY could ever even scratch naruto…..and why is BIG news that his c seal was removed….do u think wer’re n00bs here? we ALREADY know that :p

    @Dave – Amargein – ummm….he said it clearly, i developed the chidori bcoz blah blah blah, seriously i’d give u the exact page but i’m busy right now so see for urself ^^

  229. bah the more i read into it and over and over Kakashi’s “At just that level i can somehow manage to copy it” http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/321/10/ keeps nagging me, so I would say he used the Sharingan to copy it and thats where ill leave it for now =p

  230. @harshytkage when he’s training Sasuke?

  231. nope….it’s in the shippuden era, when he trains naruto(he says this TO naruto, i’m not sure when) maybe when he was explaining the natur manipulation for the first time(maybe.._)but i’m DAMN sure ihe said it

  232. ah ha gotcha http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/321/07/ thats where you read it from so yes i guess Minato trained him well before he was even 8

  233. @kabutokun Ya wtf i was thinking the same thing. Maybe it would be a 50/50 chance or something. Or maybe the dominance is kekkai genkais is with the males. I cant see Narutos babies having byakugan. That would just be stupid. But there would have to be some way for sasuke to restore his clan. So yeah, I like my male dominance theory. GO MALES! =D

  234. @ kenin if this theory was true, why would there be females with byakugan? I’m not sure if there were any female uchihas with the sharingan, but if there were why would they have? Its a good theory but if it were that way, there would be no point for the females of the tribe to have these abilities… right? Just a thought

  235. @Harsh!t yea your name is close to horsesh!t. if you all knew why is it that no one on here has metioned it. Also you have plenty f Sasgay fans on here that are saying he is going to win in the fight btween he and naruto. I am a Naruto Fan to the End and Know he’s going to kick Sasugay’s ass so stop biznitchin so much and just take the fact that Sasugay is an even bigger whiner than you are

  236. Happy Holidays everyone……aint it great!

    Just wanted to see whats going on… alot!

  237. Look at those eyes:
    Don’t Kurenai’s eyes look like Rinnegan?

  238. @Jrenji170 – WTF!did i say smfin here? If you wanna pick a fight, it’s not a wise thing to do…
    Oh it’s THAT comment….didn’t you see that friendly teasing smiley i put in the end. You see, being blessed with the spirit of swayze, i try not to pick up fights, if i do then awfull tjhings happen……^^

  239. and the horse*$h^t thing….i already know that, and every1 has mentionaed it to me, just that every1 else was civil enough to not make a mean joke out of my real name (ie harshyt). if you want i could manipulate ur RWAL name into oblivion.

    And you’re right ….i AM a bigger whiner than sasuGAY!(lol :))

    P.s.-but i’m not gay….

  240. @wouldn’t u like to know:
    I misunderstood what you wanted to say, man.
    I’m a big Gaara fan and reading that he would attack konoha just pissed me off a little.

    @jeremiah :
    good point, my friend! the only reason Gaara would attack konoha is to fight against that douche, Danzo.

  241. i just registerd.. i’m didinho!
    i would like to ask you guys something.
    it’s time to use your imagination..
    what elemental chakra do you think different characters have?
    i’m talking about neji,shika,kiba,.. & co.
    i,m guessing neji has wind chakra.
    shika is probably water natured
    i dunno about kiba or the others

  242. guys itachi was the most powefull of all. no one couldnt evern touch him. he didnt fight juraya cause he didnt want to kill juraya, cause he knew that jeraya is the only one who could save naruto and konoha from akatski. cause he loved konoha so much the he even his whole clan for it. and the fight with sasuke itachi was holding back cause it was all his plan to give him more power so no one could hurt him. madara and etc didnt even dare to attach konoha just cause itachi warn them.

  243. @ bari – my thoughts are very similar. We’ve never seen him at 100% trying besides the Uchiha massacre.

    @ Didinho – awesomeness icon

  244. @makumbaum – kurenai’s eyes have the same pattern as the rinnegan, but they aren’t the same color and there aren’t enough rings
    Just look:

    All the spoilers for 431 are fake. If you believe them, you aren’t looking closely.

  245. @didinho: easy mistake to make, i dont pay much attention to grammer so my comments can be hard to read lol and gaara is kickass

    iv seen quite a few spoilers mention sasuke arrive, ther probably all fake cause its still early. but if he does appear i dnt think hell interfere with pain and narutos fight, hell probably watch and realise how much stronger naruto has got. he mite even kill danzo for shits and giggles. seeing naruto getting stronger will anger sasuke and make him take up itachis eyes.

    i dont think itachi and madara gave big lectures on how a super amazing sharingan is formed when u steal ur brothers eyes just to dissapoint us when sasuke sticks with mangekyou.

    i still hate sasuke and want naruto to kick his ass to the theme ghostbusters but oh well lol ghostbusters is a kickass song

  246. @Everyone arguing about Kakashi’s Rasengan

    This is the episode where Kakashi says he developed the Chidori after he failed to put lightning element into the rasengan. He’s known how to do it since before he had the Sharingan eye because he could use the Chidori while he was on the mission with obito.


  247. thank you Handicapable….i’ve been trying to convince these guys abt it fer some time…

  248. harshytkage i love you

  249. O.o

    @kabuto-kun – i’m flattered but first tell me…are u a chick or a dude

  250. @Jrenji170 alright your lucky i been too busy lately to be on here as much as i want but wtf how could you say that in order for sasuke to get strong he needed or and naruto did it on his own.
    for one thing naruto used to always use the nine tails and that itself is like a godmode cheat or some shit, and thje fact is right now if jiraya who was a sanin just like orochimaru hadnt taught him hed be garbage right now all hed have is shadow clones.
    oh yeah and GAI SUCKS

  251. this wait sucks

  252. :[ rly this waiting sucks horribly

  253. @kingcam07: i couldn’t agree more
    i hope manga appears Thursday,
    and i hope is worth the waiting!

  254. @skyhigh-YES!It’s about time someone said “it”.

  255. @skyhigh u do not bad mouth GAI!!! that is illegal in most countries!! its classed as treason!

    and naruto has had to keep the fox’s chakra but had to keep supressing it all this time while struggling to learn new techniques. sasuke had sharingan to copy stuff but didnt have a lot of chakra, then orochimaru gave him the seal. so really they both have had equal advantages and disadvantages for most of the manga.

    but sasukes still gay and i wish to hit him with a shovel.

  256. I agree with wouldn’t you like to know 1000000000% sasuke sucks so much @$$ its unbelievable. He WISHES he was as good as naruto, who is obviously so much stronger than him in sooo many ways. I never had a problem with him at all, even though he sucked no matter what, up until he went freaking crazy! He’s obviously such a dumbass and deserves to be hit with that shovel

  257. @Bai I agree that Itachi was one of the strongest members of Akatsuki. But, he is nowhere near as strong as Madara and Pain. Also, Jiraiya is the strongest of the Sannins. But, trust me he is definitely one of the strongest people in Anime. We never actually got the chance to see Jiraiya fight seriously. There was this one scene where Itachi said to Kisame that if they both fought again Jiraiya they would be killed. Also, I believe that when Jiraiya was fighting against Pain he wasn’t fighting to stay alive but, to get more information on Pain to send back to Konoha. I don’t think Jiraiya EVER fought seriously in the anime.

  258. Go to Shonen jump and read about naruto it is said that in may naruto will go on a scearte traning mission so no naruto in may.

  259. @Anbu – on what basis can you say that itachi was less powerful then either madara or pain? I mean he was invincible because of susano and that sword which could be described as the grand father of the kusanagi.
    On the contrary, the person we NEVR saw fight seriously was ITachi. he was a damned genius and planned his life pto his death, i will NOT stand for such humiliation against one of the best characters in the narutoworld.
    (:p, just fakin the outburst, but what i say is true)

  260. chick duh

  261. check eh?, send me a pic and then i’ll decide if i wanna take u out or not ;P

  262. man! girls using guy names gets me confused…..at first i was like why the fuck are they calling ibiki a “she”, at that time she still had scarhead as her avatar….lol

  263. EDIT* Chick instead of Check(DAMN! smfins wrong wid mah Keyboard, TOOO MANYYYY TYPOOOOS!

  264. @ harshyt itachi himself said susano is in mangekyou sharingan, and madara has to have susano cuz he has ems.

  265. @ harshyt: madara has to have

  266. oops. anyways madaa has to have susano cuz itachi himself said that susano was one of the powers of MS, and we know that madara has to have susano cuz he has EMS. ;:

  267. but does that make him more powerful than itachi,….for all we know, itachi was the most secretive character in the manga, GOD knows what else he could do!

    ps nobody is strong compared to death. nobody. not even my 2 year old little sister. for real.

  269. same level….yeah, i can live with that

  270. I don’t want a time skip to come, but i think it’ll come after the fight with pain. Naruto finds out about madara, and Sasuke wanting to kill the elders. He has to train himself, or with the frogs, to learn how to control the nine tailed fox, so he can learn the jutsu his father left for him.

  271. has any one read the supposed spoiler that came out?

  272. @Rosemi most ppl says that they’re fake.

  273. Not yet I am looking for it. Everywhere I go just has the fake ones with the changed page from the Sauske Itachi fight.

  274. http://narutomanga-soletuti.blogspot.com/2009/01/naruto-manga-431-spoilers.html CHECK THE LINK ABOVE. NARUTO MANGA 431 SPOILER!!! IS THIS TRUE OR JUST FAKE?

  275. Seen spoiler pics on mangahelper.com sorry don’t have web address cause I’m on my iPhone and I’m to lazy to write down the web address. But pics show toad bout to fight and naruto drawing in sage chakra.

  276. http://mangahelpers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=45128 spoiler is at bottom of page! naruto draws sage chakra and does KB .. just wach

  277. why is kakashi so damn cool? it is impossible not to like him he does stuff like he is not even trying. He cant die he didnt even use all his strength and abilities

  278. Just realized…. WHY DIDNT KAKASHI TELL ANYONE ABOUT TOBI’S Sharingan. he definitely saw it when tobi ran away

    Sasuke really wanted to destroy the village, he just said he wants to kill the elders in front of his little group.

    cant wait to see 431 man, its killing me!!!

  279. Here’s the link for the spoiler pics

  280. New spoiler has been posted.

  281. looks like naruto in sage mode, on top of being totally awesomeness is a chakra sensitive nin as well. he can sense everyone’s chakra and can tell where it come from(cool, kinda like karin).

  282. Yeah, but he can’t sense Kakshi’s. Does that mean that he is dead, or just still out of chakra??????

  283. wow awesomenes! finaly somthing new
    @Russ I’think someone would resurect/heal Kakashi, maybe Naruto has new skill…

  284. NOOO Kakashi. I still reckon he’s gona end up being brought back to life somehow. This issue looks awesome can’t wait 😀

  285. i hope you’re right on your second guess Russ.
    kakashi is simply too awesome to die now.
    It is possible though that he is indeed dead; in that case i think tsunade is going to use a jutsu á la Granny Chio and revive kakashi.
    that would be the coolest way for her to die: as a true hero, a true hokage, sacrificing herself to save the younger generation(and possibly the future hokage: kakashi; he has the best chances of taking tsunade’s place as rokudaime hokage if he lives through this)

  286. I bet that Kishi is just dagging out the drama. He is out of chakra, but not dead. Just reminding us of the drama in case we forgot.

  287. Not like anyone has forgotten or anything.

  288. it is bullshit lol. we waited too long and then when it comes out. nothing important happens in it

  289. hope you’re right, man

  290. this is bullshit lol. we waited long time for this manga. and there is nothing important in it

  291. gonna be one of the best fights ever!!!!! cant wait to see gama put the smack down on pain

  292. I think Tsunade’s definitely done for. I’m guessing she’ll save Kakashi & make him hokage just as Naruto finishes off Pain… At which time both Sasuke and Team Samui will arrive!

  293. dude jeremiah who is on thetop next to gara?

  294. It’s Yoruichi Shihouin from ‘Bleach’… hot & a bad ass fighter.

  295. This is just a scary thought I had but what if the unexpected occurred and Killer Bee ended up training Kabuto. Kabuto seems to more than open to find a purpose and Killer Bee is the type who would do it for kicks. Not saying that its likely to happen but still scary combination.

  296. @ kyouto: scary thoughts can haunt me everyday. DON’T EVER SAY THAT AGAIN!!!

  297. worse yet… what if kabuto doesn’t need training. what if oro’s life energy has taken over kabuto completely?? (dun dun duuuuuun!!!!)

  298. i think white fang has some secret jutsu that can revive kakashi
    ooohhhh.hope so

  299. you guys really should stop i just peed myself a little bit….

  300. Renzy…that’s usually a girl thing, isn’t it? ^.^ OK, gotta go rack up some more frequent flyer miles…c’yall.

  301. @ibi sorry i was really scared until you showed up haha

  302. think about orochimaru(kabuto) see naruto like this damn!!!, he wouldnt last a second with naruto, he definitly is even more stronger than jiraiya now!!! a cant wait to see whats coming next…

  303. BIG POLL@

    Who’s Melons are larger?

  304. @ Harshy – that is the question that will be debated for centuries to come. If only Jiraiya were still alive… He was the formost expert on the subject ^_^

  305. ohh and to answer the question… in the Narutoverse, bigger balls are way better!!! Point Proven… obviously in kishi’s world its the size of the ship and not the motion of the ocean…

  306. @ big J dog- i know it’s a late entry into the next post but Naruto should have said this:


    and then he would proceed to do extreme butt kicking…

  307. I’m just wondering. Does using a lot of chakra burn calories? Because Nagato has been making the Pain bodies do almost everything physical for him. so wouldn’t that make him a fatass sitting in his mind a controlling some corpses?

  308. Lmao! Nice Alec. Unfortunately the top five were already decided. I think you’ll enjoy them just the same when you see the new weekly post ^_^

  309. haha, i took a look already and saw that it was filled up, and those are freakin hilarious… i just had o slip a swayze reference in there…

  310. @jaycorn – Of course it goes, remember the mission in which neji fought spiderman, shikamaru fought pink haired floyd and chouji fought the incredible BULK. when chouji ate his secret pills, he actually got slimmer (IN YOUR FACE SAUNA BELT!!!!)

  311. who’s the chick who just shunted gaara to the side o’ the room!

  312. @harshy, It’s Yoruichi Shihouin from ‘Bleach’… hot & a bad ass fighter… kinda said it already lol

  313. oh…hit the reply by mistake, i saw ur post right aftrer that….ur right, Blazin’ hot, haven’t seen bleach yet, i barely have time for naruto and i’m planning to go on a long hiatus for some time(Study study study!), but i still hve about 2-3 weeks more in me, i’ll announce be departure abt then 😦

  314. man, it kinda sucks to have to choose between you ‘future’ & awesomeness… then again, success is pretty awesomeness. if that’s what ur into…

  315. nut i;ll be back sure as HELL after it’s over, i’m guessin it’l be around 1 year 2months or smfin(I know A YEAR!!!!), but if i wanna get into the college of my choice i have to do it, i’m gonna pack up my computer and bury myself in physics, chemistry and maths

  316. @harshyt: It is all about balance, you can do both, just have to cut down a little a critical times. I would hate to think of you gone for a full year. You’re the comic relief. (like a really cranky, less pure, bushy brow)
    \ /
    O O
    I’d say that if Tsunade’s chest is filled with the grief she carries, then It’ll be time for a new bra. Or, she can wear the old ones, everybody loves a push-up.
    It is so nice to finely be home, and to find some real spoilers is such a relief. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  317. i’ll come and check in once in a while….but hey, i still have 2 weeks b4 that so lets not mention it(likes to think of the present)

  318. wow the spacing on that really didn’t work out.

  319. iknow….wordpree only allows one space b/w characters everytime you post so if you put in too many it’l reduce i on one space(i think), what were u tryin to show? the melon contest?

  320. no, Rock lee in full blown 7th gate

  321. oh k,but i fail seem to see the resemblance…?:)

  322. oh…k i saw it!!! lol

  323. http://anime-and-manga.info/naruto-431/

    this link has more spoilers, i know its a bit late and the translated version will be done soon but what the hay. if u cant wait (like me) heres some pics.

  324. I knew it! rasenshiruken in sage mode thrown for some distance! awesoemnes

  325. thank it says on the last page naruto says “This time im goin to finish you all off”

    I bet goku is proud

  326. got that from the link (wouldnt u like to know) had

  327. How much longer until they release it im dying! xD

    The good news is next week we’ll only have to wait 7 days…..right?

  328. How long do i have to wait for chapter 431 to come out 😥 It doesn’t help tht we’re 16 hours ahead here .. bahh

  329. Naruto 431 is out !!!! Waves of Rage is Naruto’s New move. and he can detect chakra!! read fast guys !!

  330. naruto is out
    it is the shiznit

  331. naruto 431 is out on one manga.take a look.

  332. its here on onemanga.com first it came out like 30 mins ago frist on

  333. guyz i think in 431 they confirmed that kakashi is goner now.coz naruto can’t feel kakashi’s chakra.with natural energy inside him he can fell everyones chakra.sorry guuyz about this bad news.lol.

  334. @spanky: It ain’t over til Choji’s mama sings.

  335. epic.only one word epic.nothing else.lol.

  336. Its so damn good to finally see this, I’ve waited so long for Naruto to reach a point like this. Spanky is right, epic somes it up.

  337. ok what do u think about new Naruto move? would it be completed raseshiruken, I guess he can throw it for distance now.

  338. A few things I think are interesting…
    – Naruto may be pwning Pain’s bodies but they’re dead anyway! Even if Naruto takes them out, wouldn’t Negato just bring them back to life? Naruto didn’t do anything about those chakra receptors yet has he?
    – God Realm is recharging… that confirms he is the transmitter. Naruto has to take him out to immobilize all of Pain’s bodies.
    – The real battle is still to come. Naruto’s team versus Negato and Konan. Looks like its shaping up. Naruto vs. Negato / Sakura vs. Konan

    Can you feel the awesomeness!?

  339. @mosesgunn: I think that god realm has to recharge after exploding with so much chakra at once, either in the way that he has to pause 5 sec between small burst in hand to hand combat (more time for this large an explosion), or possibly like a cordless phone it is just the receiver from the base, but it needs to recharge after prolonged use.

  340. that was a wonderful peice of manga… naruto is gunna clean house and it will be amazing

  341. It was worth the wait. The number one, hyperactive, knucklehead ninja just became God’s…err..Pain’s equal.

    Tsundade left the battlefield to Naruto without even so much as an admonishment to be careful. Saying only, “Take Katsuyu, he should be helpful.” Then she tells Sakura “It’s alright NOW…” We have to assume NOW means…now that Naruto is protecting the Village. Question: There’s bubble (on the bottom of page 5) which says “Well done…Tsunade.” Is this Kishi interjecting his thoghts into the story? If so, does this foreshadow Tsunade’s impending exit? I hope not.

    Deva Pain appears to be thoroughly shocked that Naruto take’s out Ghost Realm with a punch that didn’t even appear to land. Ain’t Sage Mode beautiful?

    Next chapter “Melee”…translation (A violent free-for-all or confused hand-to-hand fighting in a pitched battle). Niiiice!


  342. Edit: thoghts=thoughts I hate it when that happens.


  343. hey does anybody have an idea whether naruto knows his father is the 4th hokage, i think he knows. does anybody has to say anything about this

  344. does anybody have an idea whether naruto knows his father is 4th hokage or not, i think he knows. does anybody has to say anything about this?

  345. @mosesgunn i think only hell realm or the one with the judgment summon can revive people, thats why he hid behind deva pain when they took battle formation, im guessing he’s kind of a medical nin for the pain team.

  346. @jdb44…Yeah, she is done. With all of her chakra that she has been storing to keep her young used up, she is on her way out. Notice that even her hand is all wrinkly as she is holding Sakura’s hand. Sound the trumpets.

  347. @Russ

    Like Erosennin stated earlier, “It ain’t over til Choji’s mama sings.”

    Until Kishi writes/publishes it, Tsunade’s not gone. However, it does look like our Condutor is waving at the principal first violin to ready the Orchestra. I hope somebody breaks a few strings and the fat lady catches a cold.

    I suppose that Tsunade’s departure does pave the way for another recurring theme of the manga. The next generation inherits the will of fire and surpasses the previous generation. But I for one hope that the torch isn’t handed off just yet.


  348. looks like everyone’s waiting for the new post!

    BEAT IT! i’m gonna be first this time! :p

  349. @Erosenin – My guess is Deva has to recharge because that’s where Negato is channeling his chakra through to the other bodies. So it goes from Negato to Deva to the other Pain bodies. If Deva uses the chakra for a concentrated burst, through Deva Pain, then it will take time for Negato’s replenished chakra to reach the other bodies through Deva. I think that’s also the reason why the other Pains are essentially surrounding Deva Pain before going after Naruto. Negato is protecting his transmitter until he can replenish his chakra to the to other bodies.

    @Fuutonsavior – I may have misspoke. Negato isn’t really reviving anyone since the bodies are dead to begin with. If the bodies are disabled, its Negato’s chakra (disseminated throughout the other Pain’s in specialized ways via Deva) that’s putting them back in action.

    My bet is Naruto will figure that out, eventually, and take out Deva Pain permanently.

  350. @harshyt: Hey buddy, there is a line here! *folds arms and cocks eyebrow in an attempt to not appear intimidated*

  351. Harshytkage BUSTS out Shino’s B’Boy Pose!!

    Beat that Ero-sennin

    Harshytkage do what he want and dat includes cut in line bro….

  352. pain admitted jiraiya would have won if he hadn’t kept his true nature a secret.naruto is going 2 smash that punk.

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