Live Action Naruto Movie – Movies to watch during winter break part 1

Hey everyone,

I’m sure you’ve all heard that DBZ live action movie is being made… and it looks retarded.  It’s horrible that they are going to mangle that series in a childish attempt at making a few dollars… I just take serious issue with Goku being played by a piece of $#!T skinny white dude but that’s aside from the preview which is painful to watch for other reasons.  I’ll see it regardless, even if its just to laugh at it.  My fear is that this movie will actually encourage movie execs to make a Naruto live action movie >_<

Not that I wouldn’t love to see it but the odds are they would get it very wrong which saddens me considering they could do it very right.  Have you ever heard of the movie Shinobi: Heart Under Blade?  It came out in Japan roughly 2 years ago and it is amazing!  It’s based off of the anime Basalisk but it has MANY parallels to the Naruto world.  These parrales come out not so much in the anime but big time in the live action movie. Eye techniques, leaf and sand villages etc.  I’m not going to ruin all the parallels for everyone.  I watched this with a friend of mine and spent the whole movie connecting similar characters, settings and techniques.

Shinobi is obviously not a live action Naruto but it shows the potential that with a little effort and a budget, live action anime can be pulled off amazingly!  Unlike the expected abortion of a movie that DB will be.  I hope that if Naruto does have a live action movie made, they take their cues from Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, rather than DB.  Here is a trailer for Shinobi: HUB… Enjoy ^_^ 

(P.S. The trailer really doesn’t do the movie justice.  There is a lot of fighting and a great story that runs through out the movie climaxing with a perfect ending. 9/10 ^_^)

Click HERE for a torrent of Shinobi though I highly recommend the Blu Ray because of the quality and supporting awesomeness movies so that more are made.  For the record, I down loaded and watched the torrent before I bought the Blu Ray ^_^ HERE is a link to the Blu Ray on Amazon for $18.99.




~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on January 6, 2009.

20 Responses to “Live Action Naruto Movie – Movies to watch during winter break part 1”

  1. 1st…..Looks tight. I’m downloading it.

  2. first

  3. HA! Second. ^.^

    That’s a must see, and on blueray…..groooooooovy. I can’t wait for it to get here!

  4. I’ve seen this movie, and it is pretty full of awesomeness =) Another one that’s pretty good and made a couple years ago is “Jade Warrior”, though I have to say that it’s also strange. It’s a Finnish (yes, as in Finland) samurai film, with a time-traveling love story, lots of fighting, good versus evil … you know, the usual.

  5. fucking a’… you guys need to be better at moderating the comments so i don’t look like an idiot when this happens… oh wait, invoking sannin abilities, subtract ten minutes off the time i wrote first and submitted it (now i am first, hooray for special powers ^_^!!!)

  6. Don’t feel bad, Ibiki did it too. Plus, I’ve done the exact same thing a couple of times actually. The movie was bad ass by the way.

  7. @ JHall – Glad you liked it ^_^

    I’ll be recommending 2 more before winter break is over which is in like 2 weeks.

  8. No, Alec, you know what’s the worst…I refreshed specifically to see if I was second. Then…*I* did it to myself, letting JHall’s comment through on…myself. Bwahahahahahaah. Sorry, man. DER.

  9. WTF…..the DB movie is sooooo retarted

    when i first saw picollo i was like “WHOA!!! VOLDEMORT!!”

  10. @ Jeremiah

    Damn, where do you go to school? We started back this week at Georgia Tech. The movie made me kinda want to see a live action Naruto movie, as delicate is it would be to make it happen without being “Street Fighter.” Did you guys ever see that movie? Jesus……….

  11. @ Jhall – Arizona State

  12. If I weren’t going to bed right now I’d post my must see movie list. But you can check it out tomorrow.

  13. I think DB looks freaking cool and Piccollo is spot on in the international trailer. I didn’t feel like watching the video above me, because i’m Chuck Norris.

  14. @ Jeremiah, awesome, you guys put robots on mars for fun.

  15. I seen this a long time ago think… it was alright and this is not naruto movie

  16. already seen it and own it… great movie… EYE of DESTRUCTION OWNS

  17. saw this movie. it was stupid and full of anime cliche’s

  18. @ Anonymous – Because it is an anime cliche. It’s Basalisk. Did you not read the post? I thougt I explained it pretty plainly. People that read this blog and or Naruto usually enjoy Anime cliche’s…

  19. Not much fight scenes were shown in the trailer. I know that there is more. This is one exciting movie.

  20. Somebody on YouTube made a “Naruto live-action movie” trailer from what I believe to be clips from the movie…that is so cheating…and disappointing…

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