WTF?! SMAP! Movie Night

Thanks to nighthawk for sending in these links. You guys are looking bored, so how about a new post full of video goodness? Watch them all at once or in little bites. These Japanese short films were made by a group named SMAP. The first has no subtitles, but a lot of the action doesn’t really require words. If it’s gonna bug you though, you may want to skip it. BUS PANIC!!!

I included it because it makes the third film that much funnier.

This next one is subbed and worth the seven minutes. I want to know if they actually shot the flaming arrow passed the guy’s face or if they worked some video magic. I’ll never look at a laundromat the same way again. Pow Pow Power Rangers! Long live Zarray the army of evil!

This is Rolling Bomber Special!!!

This third one is short and sweet, and has the most punch if you watch these in order. Enjoy…

And that spoof on the Power Rangers made me think of this from an OLD comedy show based out of Seattle. This one’s for Babyfox as she studies, and for the rest of us returning to school after the holidays. Mind your manners in the Library of Death!


~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on January 3, 2009.

9 Responses to “WTF?! SMAP! Movie Night”

  1. first

  2. seconf…sooooooo close!

  3. Thirdddddddddddddddddddddd…i’m almost there.

    Cool Power Rangers stuff.Do you guys remember that anytime they got hit,they turn to each other like “are you alright”.Stupid show.

  4. fourth

  5. Pink Fresh? Are you all right, Pink Fresh?

  6. No ufckin stupid sissy green power ranger i’m NOT!

  7. These were total awesomeness!!!

  8. lmfao that power rangers spoof was fucking great!

    that old bastard took a drag while dragging that cops ass!!! OLD SCHOOL STYLE!

  9. Hehe, my clips were posted. I thought Jeremiah wouldn’t post them 🙂

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