WTF?! Seriously… its just wrong…

I don’t even know what to say about this guy.  Next to hannibal Lector this guy wins the award for most likely to make a jacket out of human skin… Be thankful he lives in Japan…


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on December 31, 2008.

30 Responses to “WTF?! Seriously… its just wrong…”

  1. firssst

  2. Wow … that’s about all I can manage right now …

  3. thats………… idk what to say

  4. FIFTH…o.O

  5. Okkkkk…that’s…wtf,what is he?

  6. It’s like Chucky,the malevolent doll.

  7. ummmm, good for him… i think…

  8. Hmm Okay
    i dont have anything to say to that..

    Done :).

  9. I already imagine it:he wakes up,drinks his Japonese Starbuck’s (deretriutyuioportyuiorewere or coffe(not a racist,just a kidder)),goes to work.When he returns,he finds his “doll”with another man.


  10. Please post this…it’s like,fraking hilarious!

  11. Amazing Hypnosis Makes You High

  12. Key to this story is that the company that makes the dolls started making them for ‘handicapped men.’ I think it’s safe to say that’s still true.

    That’s some servere control issues right there–‘they’re mine 100%.’ Glad he’s got his dolls and he isn’t trying to be that way to another human being. WTF?!

  13. Sadly even some of the inanimate dolls have left him because he’s so pathetic.

  14. haha its like that one burger king commercial when the guy wakes up in the morning and the king gets up next to him with breakfast lmao… could you imagine if that actually happened? i would change the locks and get some kind of ass guard idk though

  15. O.O …OMG!! WTF was that???and here i was planning on moving to Japan in the future…now I’m having second-thoughts..scary~

  16. Anyone Got Anylinks Where i can buy these dolls …
    LOL 😉

    Jokes its sick
    why does he need so many ?

    And @ Real
    imagin if they made men ones so that they could cheat on them ?
    haha how funny 🙂

  17. @Jeremiah: lol, is that why he had all the body parts everywhere? He tracked them down and tore them apart? eeee.

  18. @Green,what would totally rock is when he beats the crap out of the man (it’s a man Green,it’s funnier that way)and he’s like:
    -At least…no…you didn´t even wear…a CONDOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

    but this is just so sick,if he wants something in his life,why doesn’t he just…connect with FREAKIN PEOPLE,yipeekyaimotherfucker to your mother (I bet she was a doll,ahahahah!)

    P.s.-From now on,no MAITO GAIIIIIIIIIII!


  19. 1:13,what?Lingerie on a doll?Give me a break!

  20. that’s….umm…scary…100 girls looking at you…i would be freaked out if that happens to me….

    and…wow!!! he has sex with them???

  21. hoo…very funny…I want Naruto 431 !!!

  22. Just goes to show that there are some very messed up people out there, and we are getting more numerous.

  23. I’m anerd right, i mean, we watch anime, deep inside we all are, and even i can get a good looking girlfriend, why can’t this pathetic bastard do the same? and even if he can’t, for some reason, get a good looking girl, even a fat one who’s nice and kind and a good friend is infinately preferable to a freaky plastic doll. Even Mr. Right hand is MUCH less creepy, and doesn’t cost £6,000 Dollars.

    I think they should make those dolls as a test, and anyone who buys or defends them should be instantly and painfully removed from the gene pool.

    When i come to power i’m gonna make that a law. And it will affect the Japanese because i’ll be their supreme overlord as well.

  24. *To that Freaky Bastard*:

    “Come the revolution citizen, You’ll be the first against the wall.”

    Yippee Kai Ay Mother Fucker!!!

  25. i cant imagine this guys childhood \-: haha

  26. Hey,@elasticninja,don´t steal my cpoied line.That’s my idea.

    yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kyai Motherfuck#####################3

  27. I think I watched this on tv once a long time ago…..that guy is still “Dumb as hell”.

  28. Basically
    Bruce Willis Is The Best
    And These Dolls Are Sick 😉
    Case Closed.

  29. Woah, that’s weird!

    I adore your blog, your chapter summaries are humorous and well written 🙂

    Btw, is it ok if I add you to my blogroll? I’m kinda new here :$

  30. @awesomeadi: feel free to add awesomeness to your blogroll. Hope you come back around to comment more. If you do want to hang around, please get a user id and icon here.

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