Naruto Manga 431 Naruto Errupts!!! is Finally out! + Breakdown and discussion of Naruto Manga 430

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  -Break down of Naruto Manga 430 is below-

You may have won the first staring contest but I shall win this time! Believe it!

You may have won the first staring contest but I shall win this time! Believe it!


Hey everyone,

Surprise Surprise!  The new manga has been released and I’ve got the break down on the new issue.  I’ve used the low quality scans that were available but shortly after the high quality one comes out I’ll update the post and replace them with the usual good stuff. Also I’d like to put a disclaimer that because of the low quality some of the breakdown may change once the good stuff comes out because the low quality leaves some questions as to the status of our favorite one eyed nin Kakashi.  So, this is not the final cut of this breakdown but it will have to do for now. Until then…

How excited were you when you read this issue for the first time?! I was so pumped!  It was everything I could have hoped for in a return issue for Naruto.  The scene was set, Pain was dominating Konoha, everything looked grim. And then we see Naruto appear through that summons cloud with a jacket similar to what the forth wore. Holy shit! This is what it’s all about.  This is what we were all waiting for!  This is what we all knew he could do and now we get to watch him drop the hammer on the one who killed Jiraiya and destroyed the village we all love… so let’s get this review started…

Nurse! Do we have a pulse?! I won't let you die on me you son of a bitch! Live! Live!

Nurse! Do we have a pulse?! I won't let you die on me you son of a bitch! Live! Live!

For the most part it seems that everyone is saved by Tsunade and her slimy slugs. Kiba and his mom, Chouji and his dad etc. all thanks to the 5th Hokage.  Which leaves her super vulnerable now that her Souzousaisei technique has been used up but I’ll get back to that later… More important is Kakashi lying there in a questionable state.  Whith these low quality scans I can’t tell if his eye is open, closed or destroyed.  I’m guessing once we can see what is going on with this eye, it will help us figure out his current condition, for better or worse.  So this part of the breakdown will probably change with the better scans.

(Update: Sadly this is the better scan, I still can’t tell what his eye is doing.  Does anyone else feel as though this manga was roughly sketched by Kishi just before the SJ Christmas party?  This isn’t the only panel.  You can see the quick outline sketches on the outside main lines in many of the panels.  These latest pics are from sleepy fans so they have been cleaned. Hmmm… possible rush job? Kishi growing tired of doing Naruto?  Perhaps the reason for so many things happening so quickly? Hope not.

Back to the eye.  If you ask me, the eye is closed and blood is running down the length of his face, which some have mistaken for an open eye.  But thats just a guess and what I think it looks like.)

The staring contest continues! Pain is winning... I think... do zombies even blink?

The staring contest continues! Pain is winning... I think... do zombies even blink?

Naruto and Pain look each other in the eye’s and are ready rumble.  Pain is glad that Naruto came to him and Naruto is… well, he’s not happy at all… he’s really pissed.  In all that comotion Pain destroyed Naruto’s picture of team Kakashi and his favorite Ramen bowl.  No one puts his picture in corner! Nobody!

The only thing worse than paper cuts... suffocation... well maybe not the ONLY thing worse.

The only thing worse than paper cuts... suffocation... well maybe not the ONLY thing worse.

I don’t think this is even going to be close.  Naruto is going to pwn Deva Pain and its going to force an eventual face off with Nagato.  Even Konan has bugged out releasing her paper bunshin returning to the side of Nagato.  That is an incredibly strong bunshin.  If you recall the power of past bunshins I don’t think any of them has done anything besides cause a minor disctraction.  Her paper bunshin pwnd many a Konoha nin by suffocation and with ease.  I’m pretty sure that Jiraiya was completely fooled unfortunately.  He never fought Konan, it was just a bunshin and as Ibibi has said before, he didn’t really pwn the original Animal Realm, Pain just allowed him to take him so that the chakra recievers would continue to transmit locating the center of Konoha… that Nagato is a clever lad.

(Update: I kept this scan over the sleepy fans because this translation is better and makes more sense than the sleepy fans version.)




Never ever have I hated a character more than this douche.  Between the lame ass lazer head move and what he did to Kakashi, I just can’t fucking stand him.  This is a recap of  what I was saying as I was reading the new manga and saw him getting put back together: “God no! I hate Laser head! Why won’t you stay dead?!  Why can’t you just go away?! Die! Die! Die!”

Lunch time! Every one line up. And no pushing!

Lunch time! Every one line up. And no pushing!


Well I guess this answers the question on whether they are done for good or not.  Just as I thought they are reactivated and ready for battle with a flick of Nagato’s wrist.  And wouldn’t ya know… guess who’s back?!?! I loved this panel because it’s like Pain saying “yeah, Naruto is back, so what…”  It’s like him lining up his army and saying “bring it”  This will play very well in the anime as they all hit the ground at the same time looking very intimidating.

Besides Jiraiya, I think this is the most agressive move ever to touch Tsunade's breasts... Huge breasts make men do crazy shit sometimes ^_^

Besides Jiraiya, I think this is the most agressive move ever to touch Tsunade's breasts... Huge breasts make men do crazy shit sometimes ^_^

 Raise your hand if you thought this was the end for Tsunade… There should be alot of hands up right now cause everything that we had been talking about and predicting was coming to fruition right in front of our eye’s.  They had just gotten done explaining how weakened Tsunade had been by saving everyone with the slugs.  She made and attempt to put her foot down as the 5th Hokage and spit in the face of fear and reason. All this would make you think she would be ready for an attack… not exactly, she actually looked surprised.  Ready to be pwnd you could even say… and then something wonderful happend!  But before that, is Tsunade out of the woods now that Naruto is here?

This is for Kakashi you... punk... mother... F**KER!

This is for Kakashi you... punk... mother... F**KER!


So the atmosphere is thick and tension is high, things still seem intimidating and dim.  Pain has thrown down the guantlet and pretty much said “bring it”, Lazer head has lunged for Tsunade and then silence… the quiet before the storm.  You know that scene in every big budget action movie where it is deafaning slow motion silence just before the shit hits the fan… Perfect graceful silence… and then an earth shattering BOOOOM!  Good bye douche bag…. Ahhhh! So much better.  YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHH! F&*K YEAH! HAHAHAHA! F&*K YOU, YOU F&*KING F&*K!

Wasn’t that a great show of power?! Naruto used the shock and awww technique and just straight up pwnd this weak @$$ B!TC# in one swift movement.  You could almost feel the collective Naru nation let out a cheer as we saw our hero trounce the most annoying villan ever.  I think I actually jumped up out of my chair when I saw this and pumped my fist.  I loved this panel and it will forever be burned into my memory. I will say now that lazer head is down for the count and will not be making a return appearance.  What do you think?

Yup... I see the balls... it's a boy!

Yup... I see the balls... it's a boy!

 (Update: Since a few of you wanted a close up of Naruto’s pwnage of Lazer head, I felt obligated.  Yes it is a Rasengan.)

I see dead people...

I see dead people...

This was a great panel.  It was great to see Naruto being compared to Jiraiya and Minato in the manga just like we do every week in the comments section.   I can’t be that happy considering it kinda seals the deal that Jiraiya is dead.  It’s the ghosts of Konoha’s past… symbolic, I know… you know… just kinda sad.

The most over used line in the history of anime/manga...

The most over used line in the history of anime/manga...


Don’t get me wrong… I’m super excited.  I love that the pace of the manga has really picked up but couldn’t Kishi have picked something more profound for Naruto to say rather than the most over used line in the history of  anime or manga?  I’m not sure what he should have said but I’m leaving it to you guys.  Tell us in the comments section what you think Naruto should have said and next week I’ll give props to the best one and replace Naruto’s words with the commentors as we will celebrate that commentors awesomeness!  So break out the good stuff and we’ll have another great week of discussion while we enter into the new year with the most kick ass issue of manga in a long time.








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  1. Naruto should have yelled:


  2. 2nd!

  3. woh! bono! suck you! i was waiting here all the time and yet you got me first!

  4. naruto should have yelled: i’m gonna fu** you to death!

  5. @ Glen – it’s what I do mate. That and shag. Now back to shagging.

  6. hahahha! ow, i know jeremiah’s phase. next time i’ll gonna get you

  7. *now

  8. The manga was too crazy! Naruto wit da sage mode b-boy stance!

  9. anyone wondering what that scroll on naruto’s back might be? is it the frog summoning contract? yeah i do agree naruto could of said something better. i would of prefered ” I’m gonna crush you!” or ” You’ll pay for this!!!”

  10. Yea that scroll looks very interesting gotta see how naruto pulls this one off but thinking of things to say everything that comes to mind would be corny

  11. i can’t believe it! unlike the last one, this chapter was pretty simple and easy to understand….i loved it!
    @captn: that is the official uniform for the sages….i guess…i don’t remember seeing the 4th with that dress (and i don’t even know if he was a sage)

    can’t wait for the finer prints….i couldn’t even see kakashi clearly in this lousy print….but well, since it was released yesterday ( i guess) it’s the best that could be done….

    does anyone know how naruto killed the “cyborg pain”???? just a powerful punch in the head or rasengan…cuz the pose looks like he pushed a rasengan into that cyborg pain….

  12. oh yes….i can’t wait to see naruto’s fall….it’s gonna happen….naruto’s awesome jutsus are gonna look like video game to pain…and then naruto does something even more bigger….

    WOW!!!! that truly is a new year gift!!!!

  13. he must have mastered the sage mode

  14. Tons of cool stuff going down. There a question that I thought of. If Tobi had the chance would he take Kakashi’s Mengeko Sharingun. Tobi can teleport instantly and if there ever was a time now would be that moment. This of course assuming he would go for that. *Looks at Kakashi’s bleeding eye* Maybe he’s so quick he’s already done it. Nah?

  15. See that was an entrance, naruto is looken real gansta, the new sage cloak, he was already on sage mode and he came in with the 3 toad bosses. I bet naruto get some pussy after he whoops pains ass. And yes that was filthy how naruto just shut lazer head down with one punch. I hope he has dope move to kill each of the pains and of course the dope move should be left for god pain ( I just hate that smug look on his face ). And the other corny thing naruto said that dumb shit he said to tsunade after he crash laser bitch. Kishi blew wit those to corny lines.

  16. I woulda said, try to fia your lazza now.

  17. maybe he shouldve said “Im gonna teach you what real Pain is u bastard !”

  18. “IM GONNA RIP YOU TO THOUSAND PIECES FOR WHAT YOU DID !!!”… somewhat old but has the Punch in it

  19. “ Im gonna show you what REAL PAIN is you Bastard ! ” — what he shouldve said

  20. Naruto should have said “I”m gonna force you to buttrape each other so you’ll be a pain in each other’s asses.”

  21. Naruto should have ugh I pity the fool who destroyed my village. But anyway I hope naruto hurries up this fight so I can see wat nagato looks like and I can see what the rinnegan can really do. Oh and can some one explain to me why nagato is takin orders if he has the worlds greatest eye technique that created the first jutsus and all that other oopla that jiriya said

  22. cant wait for madara to finish off pain after hed be defeated by naruto. it seems that would turn out that way. i got that feeling madara wont have use for pain anymore. ill laugh out loud when that sht happens cos every member of akats are disposable even its leader. i bet madara have choosen pain as a leader of akats to fullfill 4 things, 1. use pain to gather skilled ninja that seeks war to ninja world, 2. use those recruited ninjas as a pawns of pain to capture bijuu’s host. 3. use pain’s power/skill/jutsu together with the pawns’ (akats members) chakra/power to extract and collect bijuu powers.

    AND, HERES THE LAST REASON WHY PAIN IS USE AS A LEADER OF AKATS, NOT MADARA. Akatsuki organization would dissolved in this arc.(that means its leader will die together with that group)

    akats org, it is just mere a temporary group that Madara formed to complete a stage 1 of his real goal. im not sure about his real goal but it has to do with bijuus powers and the fag sasuke. this will be like the season 2 of bleach ending, where aizen left bleach society and forgets his role being a captain and join arancar to seek heaven luls. it would be same type of leaving that madara would do to akats group… why did i said ” akats will dissolve”.. dont you think its the right time for kishi to start a new arc and bridgin this arc to more interesting one with completely different. i know people have gotten tired/ desynthized with the group name akats. the death of pain would be good bridges to a new arc with madara starring as a foe.

    the only madara’s trustworthy comrades in akats are the 2-face guy, kisame, and some unintroduce characters that madara is working with outside akats (diehard comrades of madara). who knows who are they but i guess its a ninja from other countries that the hokages of konoha had fought and now joined madara to seek revenge to all konohans. think about it… madara, and kakuzu are in the generation of the first hokage.. how big is the chances that a rival foes of hokages of konoha is still alive till now. 50-50, and you can add the 4ths enemies that he failed to kill that seeks revenge to konoha and remaining relatives of the 4th.

    it would be great for naruto if he faces several ninjas that his father failed to kill in the next arc. the only way to make this work and bridges this arc to a interesting new arc if naruto kills pain, and madara would reveal his ideals to pein are not the same when he kills him and take all the captured bijuus with him and trustworthy/real comrades and unintroduce characters comrades.

  23. Naruto should have said: “You know, Im from a small village called Freshoffofpains Ass and you made me home sick!”

  24. Oh wait, he should have puffed his chest out and in a mighty roar…”SPOOON!!!”

  25. and for my reaction regarding konan using strong kagebunshin, i dont think even she fooled jiraiya, i pretty damn sure she cant defeat jiraiya. seriously, pain would not confronted jiraiya himself if he thought konan had a chance defeating jiraiya. i think pain knows jiraiya is too much for konan to face, and he didnt want another friend to die like yahiko.

  26. Now how did naruto manage to master sage mode when the kyuubi wouldn’t accept the frogs? I would love to know how he did that

  27. he is gona get killed after he kills pain tsunaade going to save him by dat life exchange jutsu and thhen naruto going to be 6th hokage

  28. i almost cried reading that issue! this is the best issue ever! this is awesomeness!

    it’s 7 vs 7! naruto + the 6 greatest frog-summons against 6 realms of pain + konan – animal realm (i don’t think that’s the end of his role. remember the kakashi fight? he still have something to show). i don’t think naruto will let others to enter the scene. this is naruto’s fight!

    @Makumbaum, i totaly agree with you. naruto must have a weapon infused with wind element. that would be the perfect thing to counter sasuke’s katana infused with chidori. but that’s another story, i don’t think it’s time for a sasugay to enter and ruin the awesomeness scene.

    @arrun, coz i had that feeling that 430 was coming out.

    so the epic battle is starting huh? i think this is the perfect time to unleash (ten tenenen!!!!!) fuuton: flying rasenshuriken!!! i think that would kick some ass! but i don’t think that would be tendou’s body. maybe some other realm. my guess for this fight would be something fast but that’s only in the case of the other relams. against tendou would be a different story. i think kishi will end the fight against tendou then nagato will finally show up. i think this would be 2 more issues for the other realms, 3 against tendou and 2 against nagato. so 7 issues exluding this one. i wanna give the awesomeness award to kishi for making a great issue before the end of the year. i think this is a perfect issue for us to continue our support for naruto. kishi is really thinking.

    about kakashi, i think his alive. you see the part where it shows his image? his body is shaking (somehow) and i don’t think that’s caused by the after shock of shinra tensei. he is alive! viva kakashi!

    for those who are hoping for shika’s grand entrance, sorry. he wasn’t awesomeness this time. i think that is to give way for naruto’s growth. naruto has really grown up. now he has surpased the 4th and jiraiya. now he is the total awesomess!

    now the swayze got a match!


    viva naruto!

  29. @captnmexico21, can we have the same gravatar?

  30. Naruto “What the hell made you’d think I’d let you PWN granny Tsunade??”

  31. @pain, that was just a punch

  32. err guyss in the picture of naruto PWNING Lazer Head
    Isnt he using rasengan ?
    you can see by his hands and theres a little ball underneither ^.^ ?

  33. i wonder if this is the right time for naruto to discover his blood line limit. that would probably happen if sage mode isn’t enough to beat pein

  34. naruto should have said: ” i won’t finish this!”….” coz there’ll be next time you mother f**ker!

  35. when will i see zetsu fite?an naruto should have said to pain”you bastard…you’re about to die

  36. Naruto should have used the line from Rocky 5:

    “You’ve knocked them down. Now why don’t you try and knock me down!?”

    And if you look real close you can see that Kakashi’s mangekyou is activated still, or that’s what it looks like to me. Isn’t that a bad idea? in his state should he be using up all of his chakra? i thought it’d be deactivated when he was all unconscious and stuff.

  37. it looks like kakashi is being blown away by the blast and not on the ground

  38. kakahi’s eye is partially opened. don’t know if that’s a sign that he is alive

  39. yoh!

  40. That wasn’t a punch it was a rasengan.

  41. shit i didnt get first this time i hate my time zone i m3 hours ahead and i was sleeping

  42. hell yeah!!!!!

  43. but what will happen with sasuke now tht naruto’s that strong?

  44. Yeahh Wilco it is Rasengan isnt it ?
    Can anyone tell me what happened to Yamato :\?
    i havent seen him ina while

  45. First of all Naruto should have said something with Believe it in it….
    I like the idea of Madara going for Kakashi’s…. then Naruto would have to train to get back at Madara….and I do think Madara is stronger than pain as he controls pain so easily… maybe even naruto and sasuke could team up to take revenge from madara… that would be nice i think

  46. oh and one question…. naruto came at laser head very fast… think he finally got yellow flash’s speed… maybe something jairiya left with the frogs to give naruto on behalf of fourth or something????

  47. Great issue!!

    kakashi is still alive. Why would the slug be attached to a dead guy?

    Naruto is hella strong & pissed, not a good combination for Pain.

    Naruto should have said, “nobody tried to touch Granny Tsunade’s breasts but me a$$munch!”

  48. hey naruto is gonna kill them all or maybe when he is loosing appers a friend like that mother fucker of sasuke or maybe the hokage whos brother is the eight tailed beast u no, dont need to explain more however i would realy like naruto have the same power os nagato teletransportation so he can go imidiatly nexto the real pain lets no forget about him. a and when he finishes he would aver hinata and sakura vere wet by the way 😉

  49. porra muito fodaa

  50. Naruto sucks

  51. LMFAO @ Handicapable – “Naruto should have said “I”m gonna force you to buttrape each other so you’ll be a pain in each other’s asses.”

    Also a fan of “try to fia your lazza now.” by Owtoe

    But I would have added a bitch! or a douche bag! at the end of that.

    ROTFL ^_^

  52. Naruto should’ve said….”Noone goes for granny’s boobs except ero-sennin(lol)….”

    DAMN russ….u stole my idea!!!

  53. or “yo pain! u suck”(short and simple)

  54. or “WTF! wanna see that in slow mo sixer head!”

  55. or “i’m no superman! but u ain’t no swayze either douchebag!”

  56. I’m also digging elasticatedninja’s:

    “You’ve knocked them down. Now why don’t you try and knock me down!?”

    That would have been pretty hard core.

  57. @jeremiah:YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHH! F&*K YEAH! HAHAHAHA! F&*K YOU, YOU F&*KING F&*K!(i said the exact same thing when i saw that panel!word to word!!!!)

  58. or “Umm…mr pain sir…you forgot to say sorry….”

  59. or “I’m so glad the only thing lserheads gonna be shootin is his own earthed up ass for a change….”(actually…thats smfin that i say^^)
    and BTW doesn’t kakashi’s eye look like those kinda prosthetic eye that bad guy osed to wear in “the last action hero” with a badly painted mangekyou….is it just me or he has a swollen left eye

  60. Naruto should have said
    ” Now its time for me to be a Pain in your ass ;)”

  61. or “one of your bodies just got a taste of my balls shithead”(balls=rasengan)

  62. sry for spamming….this issue got me really high!

  63. LOL @ Harshyt 😉
    Or Like
    ” Only Six? I Can Make 1000 Of Me!”
    cos of like shadow clones 😀

  64. Naruto could have said a lot of things. Like, “Bring it, bitch, it’s on!”, or “Be careful what you wish for, you might not like what you get” or anything else cooler than the most overused line ever, manga and anime aside. LOL

    Oh, and I totally called it last week when I said those shadows would be three of Myobokuzan’s toads, though I didn’t foresee Naruto standing on top them looking like a badass. Still total awesomeness =)

  65. Jeremiah, great analysis of issue 430. I can’t wait for 431 to come out.

    Naruto should say, “The pain ends here !!!”

  66. naruto shuda said “ur abt to shit ur pants rascal”!!

  67. “Lets settle this once and for all !!!!” The newer one acc to onemanga.

  68. Naruto should’ve said, “WHERE THE F**K IS SASUKE ‘TTEBAYO”
    That would’ve been more like him. You guys have to remember that he has a 50 word vocabulary, not much you can do with that. He should make 1000 Kage Bunshin and read 1000 books in a day. 8)

  69. lets Settle this once and for all!!! — according to the new onemanga.. i think this is worse

  70. The picture of Naruto with the 4th and Jiraya was epic! But it raised a few questions for me.

    I was under the impression that many of the older nin in Konoha (including the 3rd) knew that Naruto was the son of the 4th. But in the earlier manga, Tsunade played like she was shocked that Jiraya would even dare teach Naruto the Rasengan. But why would she be surprised if she knew of the link between Naruto and the 4th? Would she not know this link considering that Jiraya is really Naruto’s godfather? Why wouldn’t the rest of the village know that Naruto is the son of the 4th? Wouldn’t it be pretty hard to keep a baby secret from an entire village? Finally, the 3rd forbade anyone talking about Naruto being the vessel of the 9-tails to keep him from being ostracized but did he forbid the village from telling Naruto he was the son of the 4th too?

    BTW… It was great watching Sakura cream in her jeans once Naruto arrived.

    Naruto should have said “I got your Pain right here!”

  71. naruto should have said who’s next or ill kill you

  72. Naruto shoulda said “Nobody puts granny in a corner”.
    Or, “Its time you understood the real meaning of pain, bitch…”

    Woah this chapter was so good. Kakashi is definitely gonna survive. I think the fight is not going to end. I think Pain gonna retreat cos he’s already weak. I hope Naruto shows his new Jutsu first.

  73. I just have to say that I still think naruto will make nagato have a chang or heart (just before he dies).

  74. There’s an updated scan on although it didn’t improve the frame with Kakashi at all.

  75. watching the 4th and jiraiya makes me think if jiraiya is really dead i think he is otherwise they won’t show a image of him, and i think kakashi still alive because his eye was open no way they going to kill off a a character like him. as for naruto vs pain i think naruto going to struggle like crazy to fight pain since there 5 of them and they all have there own technique to use to counter naruto moves so naruto has find each and every weakness of each pain hes fighting against, the next comic book going to be a battle for the ages.

  76. He should of just been like f*** you b****, I’m the shi*

  77. better prints are up, unfortunately the Kakashi page still sucks It looks like a rough draft sketch almost they’re toying with us!

  78. tsunade dies and naruto becomes hokage lol that propably wont happen yet. i think naruto is going to kill pain but then madara and sasuke apear to fight naruto =)

  79. nice post.


  81. i have a question….when that guy says “that’s…” and sakura looks to see naruto, where is naruto?????
    no clue about wtf i asked? well, just look in page 11 bottom right box….where is naruto there? (or are they sensing him like dbz?)

    forgot to mention….better prints are out…if you already didn’t know….

  82. I think the scroll on his back is somethink that ll unseal and fuse the nine tail beast with naruto the way that was done with eight tail beast.

  83. he should of said “i feel no pain”

    (turns super sayian)..

  84. also i’m new at commenting. been following this site for awhile. but this issue was too pwnage to pass up commenting


    Anyways, yeah, the theories you just stated were pretty good, but there’s still a possibility that they recovered the body but the other probability would be that they didn’t (because the place was all destroyed and seeing Naruto episode’s for a long time, they DO NOT “usually” recover dead bodies). But my theory will be, well, one’s the 8 tailed beast would meet Naruto, – because they’re the only hosts that are still alive- and teach him how to handle his kyubii. So basically, Naruto’s getting trained before he faces the main villain. Could be Sasuke or Madara, who knows? So now let’s count how much techniques Naruto has learned so far:
    – Sage mode
    – Incoming control of the kyubii
    – Incoming unlocking of the powers Itachi gave him
    – The scroll on his back
    – The scroll that Jiraiya mention that Naruto will use Yin and Yang or something like that to finish Minato’s technique (its about unsealing the beast).
    – And the elements he might still have. He only worked on one right now, but seriously? Having Minato as his Dad and some other great ninja as his mom? He has gotta have some other elements.

    But seriously, I want to know what power Itachi gave him!

    And also, Kakashi and Jiraiya had a hard time killing the Laser Head Pein while Naruto just went farted on the guy.

    @Pain- the guy beside Sakura has Keke Genkai. He was just telling what Naruto was doing to her.

  86. And for the line, he should have said: I’m gonna burn and bring your so called “Godly” ass down to hell!

  87. @pain the guy has byakugan

  88. Oh oops, yea Byakugan. Not Kekei Genkai. -_-“

  89. The one who says it is a Hyuuga, so he can see him with his Byakugan, even if Naruto is not in sight.

  90. man this site is wierd with comments. i post acomment, refresh the page, and five minutes later there’s a ton of comments between my post and the post that i thought was before me. really, this site really is really slow and weird.

    (you guys know i’m not talking about you. its wordpress in itself)
    i’m hoping the snow will go away soon.

  91. naruto should have just went Stalone on them.
    “they drew blood first!!!” haha or
    “YO tsunade!!! I DID IT!!”
    im also diggin the other comments i saw. Something like, but not exactly, “THOSE ARE ERO’S TITS!!. . . .bitch” gotta throw that bitch in there. He’s gangsta now.

  92. Oh yeah, lol. Byakugan not Kekei Genkai. -_-“

  93. @Anon- LOL YEAH!

  94. why do people still forget about kabuto/orochimaru they can come back anytime and start killn mother fuckas

  95. “Shit, who the fuck do you think you are? You don’t even know what Pain is, let me show you.”

  96. .::[“Kermit the Frog Rasengan Shurikan!!!”]::.
    .::[“I’ll define the meaning of pain today!”]::.
    .::[“Anyone else wanna go for her breast?”]::.
    .::[Even just a pissed off “AHHHHHHH!!!!”]::.

  97. Naruto to Pian: “come here you motherfucking weak ass bitch and watch me ride you like a shwayze taxi”

  98. Pain’s thoughts.

    Note to self:Eat flies like frogs to gain true powers.

    P.S.-Wrap them up in Konan’s paper and Laser head’s Ketchup.They say it does wonders to the skin.

    P.P.S.-Oh yeah,avoid the freaky Fox/Frof/WTF jinchurii kid that looks like that porn Master sage that I killed.

  99. so gamabunta is fukakusu’s grandson, i thought so from the original scan… lol, i love how the scan cleared up some of the speech bubbles and what not but they made the picture of kakashi even worse than the original…

  100. isn’t that blue-green frog the one jiriah was on when naruto was in the hospital after sasuke ran away?

  101. errr no never mind.

  102. Naruto should had said:

    Come,you freaky hipnotist eyes dude!Hey,don´t cry either,or pout,Cause Santa Claus gonna pown your ass,mother######

  103. Naruto to Pain, he needs like the classic sentence:

    -Hasta la Vista Baby(AHHHHHHHHH,schawzynigger kinda sentence);
    -That’s my cheesse,homie!;
    -I will(burp,ahhh…).

  104. Pain to Naruto:


  105. he should have said”silly pain tricks are for kids”

  106. So does 431 come out this week or next??

  107. no 431 is coming on friday, or maybe thursday.

  108. ah..Jeremiah this week’s post is just AWESOMENESS 😉
    and Glen you’ve changed your icon 🙂 haha!! every time i was reading the comments i would search yours from your i couldn’
    now as far as the manga concerned i want Naruto to F@@#! Pain’s ass!!!YEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!the next would be even more u guys think that he’ll use Fuuton Rasen Shuriken??i want to see the completed version asap!! 😀

  109. Naruto should have said, “you thought you knew pain, but now I am going to put my evil inside you!

  110. @ Green – I like: ”Only Six? I Can Make 1000 Of Me!”

    @ Harshy – The best one you said was: “wanna see that in slow mo” reminds me of Ace Ventura. That would be funny except he pwns another body but in slow mo ^_^

    @ real – “Pain to Naruto:


    LMFAO! Nice DBZ reference!

    @ sensei – love the Stallone stuff, lolz

    @ anon – snow dissapears on the 4th of january.

    @ Migagawe – that’s pimp

    @ idang – “I feel no Pain” That’s appropriate and pimp

    @ Mosesgunn – Tsunade knew for sure, Ibi actually linked to a discussion with Jiraiya one time that proves that she knew but I’m too lazy to look for it again. Perhaps when Ibi gets back online she’ll back me up on this one.

    I also liked that Sakura got excited about what Naruto did. I don’t hate her as much as most people do even though I think Kishi is totally holding her back. It would be an interesting love triangle between her, hinata and Naruto after a time skip.

    @ Scorpion – I also think this… just before he dies. Just like in my crazy prediction post from a while back.

  111. my friend just suggested a line from the small soldiers for Naruto to say:

    “You’ve got a lotta guts! Lets see what they look like!”

  112. interesting thing about 430. Konan dispels her paper clone before Naruto starts his battle with Pain. Since the clones would pick up and send experience to the main user, Konan will miss the benefit of knowing Naruto’s true fighting strength. It may not matter though if Negato gets the same feedback once Naruto pwns his 6 bodies.

  113. Remember naruto can make clones and that will give him upper hand. I think Naruto is hiding somewhere else and the one standing there is clone ,if pain attacks him all sudden he wont get killed his way. Thats the way to use brain man. see next week guys.

  114. hello jeramaih im sorry if i spelt ur name wrong but i have a question were do u get ur manga wen they come out and do u have a way too get them before they come out same goes wit the cartoon series plzzzz leave a reply wen u see thisss

  115. He should of said “B*tch, you dead!!”

  116. Well he should have said”Boy you look a lot like Sasuke f**kface,heres what i had been itching to give you for some time now”

  117. @ Elija just google (naruto manga chapter….) to get the chapter, and add (spoiler) at the end to get spoilers. for anime, google (naruto shippuden episode….)

  118. Elija – I read the manga at just like everyone else

    I do occasionally get the manga spoilers early from people who put together spoiler vids for youtube but I post those spoilers on this site as soon as they do or I get the chance, since I’m in class many times when the spoiler hits. I’m partial to Fahim’s vids even though I don’t know him.

    I used to watch the anime by downloading torrent files from but they have called it quits, someone posted that new groups will start subbing mid may, if I remember correctly was one of the sites that said they will be showing it. also has plans in the works but I’m not privy to that info, Vered may be able to answer that question better than I can.

  119. @elijah, go to

  120. Only thing bothering me is, why would Pain need extra bodies if he could copy those technique himself? And why hide if he has 6 people that wouldn’t let anyone go near him? Also, why does he need “assistance” like what Konan stated (a person beside him) when a threat(Naruto, also Jiraiya) comes? And earlier Yahiko Pain said “Good thing He did not found out things earlier. We could have lost.”. Is Nagato disable or something? A Godly figure for perfectly controlling dead bodies but a total handicap individual? Really bothers me….

  121. Naruto to Pain: I’m gonna show you real pain, Believe It!!!!

    I don’t think that Itachi would give Naruto an offensive jutsu to use against Sasu-gay (even though this is my first post I know this) I think it is more a defense or immunity to the MS and keep Sasu-gay from controlling the Kyuubi. I think this is the most plausable because Itachi knew Naruto loves Saus-gay as a brother and would most likley give his life to save him. This may end up being what saves his ass against Madara. Well enough for a first post, ya recon?

  122. In the next issue I see the Frog’s with ma and pa pwn the other pains while Naruto concentrates on Pain himself and will just kick his arse using his newly completed mountain top slicing justu that he looks to be able to throw and use at a distance, unlike the rasengan which is a close quarters combat move.
    How about Naruto going Kage Bushin no Jutsu maaking a 1,000 clones each in sage mode with the new flying rasen-shuriken and they all hit Pain at the same time….. Now talk about pwning!

  123. seriously though, there have been lots of jokes so far, but what he should really say is:

    “What The Fuck You Weak Azz Bitch!!!”

    and then five clones are waiting beneath the pein bodies and they jump out and fuuton rasengan all of them, and then the arc is over, so Naruto can go and fight some real pussies like Sasugay.

  124. “kneel before zod!”

  125. Or he could have said:

    “I love the smell of PWND LAZR in the morning.”

  126. LOLZ @ suppy

    nice ^_^

  127. The post has been updated with new comments and better picks plus a close up of Naruto’s Rasengan for those wondering about that…

  128. “See how I farted on one of your bodies, ‘ttebayo!?”

    Lol, Pain looks….pained? All that were left in his mouth were “Uzumaki Naruto”.

    @Tinman-About Itachi’s powers that he gave. He actually said “some” meaning its more than one. Also Sasuke didn’t want to wear Itachi’s eyes because they share “completely different point of view”:
    Sasuke- Crush Konoha
    Itachi- Protect the village-sounds familiar hmmmmm, oh yeah Naruto! =P

  129. @ Migagawe – good comment. “Some” may be a measurement and not a number. I think he gave Naruto the power to extinguish Amaterasu. But all we can do is speculate at this point.

  130. But I’ll say Naruto’s pretty fast, Pain being unable to see him come even though there are five of ’em looking in different angles.

  131. @ migagwe- the reason is that pain is obviously doing something very dangerous to himself by using his most powerful attack than going right back into fighting, so konan would need to either talk some sense into him or to make sure he doesn’t end up killing himself. Pain uses six bodies because they can be killed or utterly destroyed and he can just bring them back with no problem, plus for a guy who talks a lot about “pain’ using the six bodies allows him to avoid feeling the pain, and with six bodies and each seeing the other’s viewpoint it makes fighting people a hell of a lot easier aka “divide and conquer”… the jiraya not finding out his secret is becasue in all probability pain is hiding in that tower and while he’s broadcasting his chakra, he is pretty much unable to protect himself, in that case jiraya goes over, ultimate rasengans the builiding and destroys nagato. or he would have been aware of the six bodies before hand and would not have had his arm blown up in suprise and would have killed the six bodies anyway with a more complicated trap…

  132. Also, no KAGEBUNSHIN Rasengan this time eh? O_O

  133. i still think itachi gave him the power to control the fox when he completely unleashes it from the seal, and a combination of keeping saskue from unleashing the fox from naruto against his will

  134. he’s fast, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t see him, he probably just couldn’t react in time

    to quote rock lee; “it does not matter how good your eyes are if your body can not catch up…”

  135. @ Alec- To me I really think his weak when it comes to physical attacks. ’cause why need bodies if he could hold all those bodies’ jutsu himself, right? Why use real bodies than a Kagebunshin he could easily use than gathering dead ninjas.

    Also, Konan never said she’ll discuss or talk to him about how he pushes himself because he could do that right there. What she said was “from now on I will be looking after you” meaning I’ll take care of you. She also did right when Naruto came. Naruto almost understand how Pain works(because Jiraiya’s message was made for Naruto meaning his the one with the kind of understanding that fits to Jiraiya’s message). Konan’s Paper Bunshin was left behind though. “His is as far as I will use my paper bunshin”. Same thing she did to Jiraiya. Like a distraction. The difference is, Naruto’s better than Jiraiya LOL. Killing that douche easily with no Bunshins with him. AWESOME Naruto is AWESOME!

  136. Yea, it still means Naruto’s too fast. Even Pain couldn’t react in time which was my point.

  137. IMO Next Issue
    i see flames going up
    those huge frogs waiting for battle arnt going to stay still for long
    im thinking huge summons by err
    summon pain 😎
    and then the frogs bring the oill
    and hopefully

  138. (sorry if this was commented on before, but there are too many to read through all of them)

    Since its clearer now that Naruto used the rasengan on gay pain…does this mean that Naruto was finally able to produce a rasengan without the help of clones? It seems like he would not have had time to use the kage bunshin, produce the rasengan, and then save tsunade.

  139. Personally I need more proof that was a rasengun, it looks like he just punched the shit out of him!

  140. @iamlegend

    initially thats what i thought too, but jeremiah was gracious enough to post a cleaner picture and if you look carefully…you can see the rasengan.

  141. madara=emperor
    naruto=luke skywalker
    pain=anakin skywalker
    jiraiya=obi wan

    That’s how I think he is modeling the characters.

  142. Oh yeah, I was thinking, why is hungry ghost like made of machines, what was he when he was living?

  143. Lol, like Anakin Skywalker? Turned into Dart Vader and had some Robot parts lol. I’m sorry but lol its way too far from Star Wars’ storyline. xD

  144. he should have said..”whos next Beaches”

  145. “God schmod. I am the God of Hell FIRE!!!!”

    “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. EAT THIS, ‘ttabayo!”

    “Nice of you to dig your own grave before I got here. Now get in it!”

    “You look tired, Old Man. How ’bout a nap?”

    “Come and taste MY holy host, ‘ttebayo!”

    “Ero Sennin didn’t teach you shit about women, did he? Time you learned some MANNERS!”

    “You call that a hole? I’ll show you a HOLE, a-hole!!!!”

    “This pit ain’t big enough for the six of us.”

    “Hey, Ma, no need to cook dinner. I found the flies right here. SUPPERTIME, bitch, come and GET IT!!!!”

    “You know, you have to come at me like you’re gonna kill me or you’ll have no chance of success.”

    ok…ten alternatives on the theory that quantity is next to painliness.

  146. If nagato is channeling his power through the piercings from a distance . . .wouldn’t the hyugas be able to see the source of the chakra? . . . . Do you all think they are gonna help out in finding nagato?

  147. He should have looked around at the village and then said here’s to you you mother fuckers

  148. IN A RDEFERENCE TO AN OLD COMMENT BY ALEC i’ll go with “i’ll show you real PENIS!!”

  149. suppy, I looked at real good and up close and naruto did hit him with rasengun. So it must be only with the demon cloak and sage mode naruto can do rasengun with one hand and no clones.

  150. “Your first name should be ‘ass’. Don’t get it? I’ll define it!”

  151. I think Naruto should have said this ends now.

  152. luv this issue cant wait 4 the next one.. i luv tsunade!! she’s my fave, she is so brave and compassionate. her luv 4 konoha is so great.. i wana see her in action again!! i feel she that she has some more to show us all!! luv u tsunade hime! kiotsukette mina san!

  153. babyjem has a crush on tsunade

  154. @ suppy and iamlegend- there is a zoom on it in the updated post. It for sure is a Rasengan.

  155. picked up a spoiler…don kno if real…ny ways here goes….

    Naruto 431 Spoiler

    The chapter opens up to Naruto facing Pain.

    Naruto: Let’s do this.

    Pain: Very well then, Jinchuuriki.

    Summoner Pain steps forth with an array of summons. (Those crazy dogs, a beetle, a bird, a dragon and a panda.)

    All the frogs prepare for battle. Tsuande and Anbu are shocked.

    Naruto: Gamaken, Gamabunta and Gamakichi NOW!!!

    All three toads shoot oil on the summons except the bird.

    Gamaken: I missed one. My aim is bad.

    Gamabunta: Shut up Gamaken four is good enough.

    Naruto: Sage arts! Katon: Wildfire technique!

    A powerful eruption of flames and fireballs spew forth from Naruto’s mouth burning the summons to a crisp. Leaving a thick smoke behind.

    Pa Toad asunder the bird with a wind technique. The bird explodes into white smoke.

    Naruto spots the summoner within the smoke, then he takes off at lighting speed and vanishes in the smoke. The Summoner body is seen flying out the smoke spiraling into the ground with a thud that leaves a billow of dust behind.

    That leaves God Realm, Hungry ghost, Hell Realm and Human realm left.

    God Pain: You’re tougher than i thought.

    Naruto: *thinking This guy is like my kage bunshin jutsu. All replicas, but not real. I know!*

    Naruto smirks with a kage bunshin handseal.

    Every wounded citizen of konoha looks towards Naruto as a light of hope.

    – chapter ends.


  156. “Let’s see who is the greatest The Swayze or Chuck Norris BITCH!!!!” that what Naruto should have said, of course itgoes without saying Naruto is the Swayze.

  157. Yep it is Rasegan checkout this picture of it.

  158. I don’ think Pain introduced himself to Naruto, or made one of those I am god comments. Its a sign he will either lose badly or of will own horridly. Oh and this might just be me but doesn’t the rasengun look similar to Konohamaru’s in size?

  159. “Adriannnn!!! Adriannnn!”

    btw- how COOL is that?? naruto can finally do a one handed rasengan. this is a pretty monumental step for Naruto.

    also- is there a time limit to how long Naruto can stay in sage mode when he’s in the regular world? i can’t remember….

  160. I agree @kyoto

  161. well konohamaru is little . . .of course it’s smaller. hahaha

  162. “Mmmm! Goddamn, Jimmie! This is some serious gourmet shit! Usually, me and Vince would be happy with some freeze-dried Taster’s Choice right, but he springs this serious GOURMET shit on us! What flavor is this?”

  163. such a typical goku entrance….I FUCKIN LOVED IT….that was FUCKIN AWESOMENESS….although….i am kind of hopein it doesnt follow dbz proticol….meaning…goku always whoops ass in the beginning…er go “nappa”… go “freeza” at 10 percent power….but than the real fight happens..and he just barely manages to stay on par…until a miraculous event happens and goku uses a trump card…in narutos case “kyuubi” and then he wins by that last hope…hmmm….please naruto….i hope u have found a way to make the sage mode longer…cuz with out sage mode…would u be saying that bold statement…”im gonna finish you”

    on the subject of what naruto should have said, maybe he could have said….”now it is time for you to feel real pain”…….~Avid~

  164. Was it ever stated how long he could stay in sage mode?

  165. Here’s a good One;” Uzumaki is no more, I am become Death” oh yeah, what about “I’m sorry did I brake your concentration?” or simply…”I shall smite thee”.

  166. What would be really cool is if naruto had a new jutsu up his sleeve,which could obviously own pain. Pain is a jackass plain and straight LOL.

  167. Won’t Sasuke be pissed at Pain since he deprived Sasuke of destroying the village?
    I think Naruto will beat the shit out of Pain and he’ll run away, and then Sasuke will kill the real one.

  168. naruto: ” i know what is pain. now its your turn!”

  169. it is rasengan. naruto is going to be killed by sasugay after this fight. thats what is going to happen in 431

  170. you know, kishi’s drawings are not that good this week. they weren’t that finish. i think some pages are just the drafts

  171. naruto has used rasengan. once naruto kills all pains then sasugay comes and kills naruto i have seen this happening in advert

  172. The drawing where Naruto rasenganed hungry ghost was pretty good I think.

  173. but he didn’t. he rasenganed laser head.

  174. this episode was awesome in every way. Kakashi must be alive other wise they wouldn’t have shown him exclusively in his own panel.

  175. naruto: ” the power of swayze is within me!”
    “yo name is pain right? then taste your own name you bitch!”

  176. @SMP, that’s pretty fake for me. i don’t think naruto can do a fire release jutsu or other than wind. i think if the\ey are going to do the toad oil flame bullet, pa would do the fire release

  177. if the 3 big summons would do an oil release then someone would add a fire release, that’s an awesomeness fireworks to open the new year

  178. he calls it a sage art…not sure if that is the same as a jutsu

  179. @glen i guess you can use icon since outlaw360 is using even though i had it…im going to keep this one till something better comes out

  180. why isn’t it showing my icon?

  181. Sasuke will go blind before the fight with naruto LOL

  182. naruto will shout…. MATHA FAKAH… PIERCING REMOVER JUTSU!!!! BOOM… now your uncool.. MATHA FAKAH!!!!

  183. It usually takes a while for an icon to show up. I think it takes a little longer when your first changing it. As for our icons they are different. My icon came from the scan of one of the spoiler pictures. Since the scan was incomplete I was unable to capture the mouth and choose to focus in on the face. Hm, though I think I just got a little steamed… Our Icons are different enough for people to tell the difference. 🙂

  184. ok straight up that episode was too CRAZY the king.. wait the GOD OF AWESOMENESS IS BACK they need to take down the pic wid gaara up the top cz the god of awesomeness is back. naruto shoulda said “IM GONNA PWN U PEIN” OR “IM GONNA PWN U BELIEVE IT!!”

  185. this maybe out of no where but, has anybody noticed that tobi has his left eye covered while danzo has his right covered…

  186. Naruto shouldve said like tropic thunder, GET SOME!!

  187. man the only good that can come out of danzo and madara being the same person is…we will be able to see naruto paste madara right after pain…..since they are all at the same place…madara obviously is not gonna take pains defeat lightly

  188. Its noticed. There are few Danzo/Tobi theories around because of it.

  189. “Pain!!! Your time has come to an end!!” for naruto saying to pain

  190. hello again

  191. Wow!! my first post here guys I’ve been reading for a few weeks now and this issue was truly amazing…. I have a feeling though that the next chapters will have to do alot with what happened to konan, nagato n yahiko…. So we might have to wait around to see some more cool stuff . (I hope not though) but hopefully they do get to show what happened to the orphans after jiraya left some sweet stuff hopefully

  192. About that scroll.. Well we dont know that how naruto can use the sage arts without the frogs, i mean how can he draw natural energy while in sage mode.. We have seen naruto changing his kage bunshin to something else right? so that scroll might be his kage bunshin drawing natural energy… Or am I a complete idiot to think that? =)

  193. About that scroll.. Well we dont know that how naruto can use the sage arts without the frogs, i mean how can he draw natural energy while in sage mode.. We have seen naruto changing his kage bunshin to something else right? so that scroll might be his kage bunshin drawing natural energy… Or am I a complete idiot to think that? =)

  194. Naruto 431 Spoiler
    The chapter opens up to Naruto facing Pain.

    Naruto: Let’s do this.

    Pain: Very well then, Jinchuuriki.

    Summoner Pain steps forth with an array of summons. (Those crazy dogs, a beetle, a bird, a dragon and a panda.)

    All the frogs prepare for battle. Tsuande and Anbu are shocked.

    Naruto: Gamaken, Gamabunta and Gamakichi NOW!!!

    All three toads shoot oil on the summons except the bird.

    Gamaken: I missed one. My aim is bad.

    Gamabunta: Shut up Gamaken four is good enough.

    Naruto: Sage arts! Katon: Wildfire technique!

    A powerful eruption of flames and fireballs spew forth from Naruto’s mouth burning the summons to a crisp. Leaving a thick smoke behind.

    Pa Toad asunder the bird with a wind technique. The bird explodes into white smoke.

    Naruto spots the summoner within the smoke, then he takes off at lighting speed and vanishes in the smoke. The Summoner body is seen flying out the smoke spiraling into the ground with a thud that leaves a billow of dust behind.

    That leaves God Realm, Hungry ghost, Hell Realm and Human realm left.

    God Pain: You’re tougher than i thought.

    Naruto: *thinking This guy is like my kage bunshin jutsu. All replicas, but not real. I know!*

    Naruto smirks with a kage bunshin handseal.

    Every wounded citizen of konoha looks towards Naruto as a light of hope

  195. Pain to Naruto:May the force be with you!
    Naruto when he looks to Pain:Frogs,I think we aren´t in Konoha anymore(Wizard of Oz);
    Naruto to Pain:I’m had it with this motherfuc### Pains in my motherfuc### town.
    Naruto to Pain:Live is like a bowl of Ramen:you never know what you’re gonna get.

    we could put music references:

    you’re like a complete unknow
    after i rasengan you
    you’ll roll like a rolling stone.

    While he’s powning some pains:

    I can´t get no satisfaction…

    Now,a different joke:

    Nike condomns:Just do it!

    Swayze+Norris=very damaged kid-Nwayze

    Swayze way!

  196. “Say hello to my little rasengan” – scarface reference

  197. The ones who are saying Naruto is gonna get killed,note this:tthe spoilers come from Japan;so don´t go to China(by other words,wtf are you saying,freakin retards).

  198. @real! i think those were just jokes. killin naruto is ending kishi’s works. that’s pretty impossible.’

    about your spoiler? hahaha! FAKE!

  199. I can’t wait till Naruto goes Samarai and starts using a Katana also. The slicing power of wind element added to the sword would pwn. One swing of the blade and his enemy is cut into. Awesomeness. And he does not have to touch you with the blade to slice you with wind.

    Who would like to see rasengan shoved down the tip of the sword with the wind element after pinning Sasugay to the wall in the much the same way as Sasugay did to Orochimaru?

  200. happy new year! its new year’s eve here!

  201. here’s another one….

    Naruto to pain-
    “Do you ever feel tired? have you ever felt that being a god is just too mcuh work? ever felt a need to just shoot lazers evrywhere? Is your name Pain?….THen This product Is JUST for YOU!!!
    we here at uzumaki konoha corp. feel that douchebags like pain deserve better for their Supersized ego and pointless sissyness! Just one week with our system and you’ll feel better in No-time!
    Just ask this young Pain…*walks over to pwnd LZErhead* (LZRHEAD speaks commercial style!)- I used to have a nagging ache in my head which made me go crazy sometimes….i felt the constant need to shoot pointless missiles with my head. But after a second to signing up with Naruto’s One second treatment, my headache is gone!(Naruto Adds- And So is the rest of Your HEAD!”)

    For more information just call 666666-NARUTO-PWNED-PAIN

    join now and we”ll throw in a complete “I am a PAIN in My ASS” headband completely FREE! Sure to make ur servant/girlfriend *COUGH…Konan*kick you in the nuts! So what do ya say buddy! wanna join in!
    Tendou Pain(All Excited and ready to piss like a pussy)- how much does it cost???

    Naruto- well…folks! ussually it costs one peek at the hokage’s uhum…assets, but A special offer right Now! If you’ve completely destroyed my home village along with killing one oor two of my teachers! You get it ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!! so hurry now and call 666666-NARUTO-PWNED-PAIN!

    Tendou Pain- All 6 of me would like to sign up!

    Naruto- Good for you!


  203. @DemoniCSage – Good point. It would appear that we are heading to a showdown with Negato and Konan (remember they always travel in pairs?). And what better to pull him out of hiding than Naruto wiping his @ss with his Six Paths.

  204. I don’t think that Nagato will show his face for now! Maybe Naruto anihilates all realms and then Kishi will show Nagato’s angry face, observing from far away of the fight. Maybe his technique looks the same as that one Itachi and Kisame used to fight Kakashi and Gai during Gaara’s rescue.

    For now here’s a list of things that I wanna see:

    1) Naruto cast a wind based long range justu;
    2) Naruto casting frog’s stomach summon;
    3) Naruto use that one schroll technique;
    4) Sasuke watch Naruto kick Pein’s ass;
    5) Hinata hanging out with Naruto and Sakura jealous.

    For future I expect:

    1) More about Nagato and Rinnegan. I think some history about eye tachniques (sharingan, byakugan, rinnegan, etc.) appearance could be good at this time.
    2) Sasuke being trained by Killer Bee. If possible, every member of his party.
    3) Naruto going on a jouney like Jiraya. But along Frog Grandpa and 2 other from Konoha – Hinata and Lee could be good.
    4) Some new chars. An old friend of Minato arriving at the Village could be fine.
    5) One fight: Sharingan X Byakugan
    6) More about Gai
    7) Naruto training to use another element
    8) Itachi’s return!

  205. did naruto us a clone for that rasengan he used on shitbag pain? don’t think he would’ve had the time. think this means he doesn’t need one in sage mode? sweeet

  206. Naruto – “let me rip those black rods out of your mouth!”

    did someone say that already..

  207. @Makumbaum – Add Naruto revealing mystery the power Itachi forced into him.

    I hope it is some kind of resistance to genjutsu, because Naruto has always been weak against it. Naruto vs Genjutsu is like a cat chasing a laser pointer; he can not seem to resist them. If he had full control of the nine tails he could use its power to break him out of a genjutsu, just like Killer Bee did against Sasuke’s Tsukuyomi.

  208. damnit- flip flop those two words

    “Add Naruto revealing the mystery power Itachi forced into him.”

    That’s better. I wish there was an edit function on these posts.

  209. @Glen- Remember? Pa thought him some sage arts? Obviously that includes jutsus and stuff we didn’t get to see. Also, what would be the use of the scroll on his back? Jiraiya had them to be able to release some jutsus he wanted to do. The spoiler stating Naruto releasing some new tough jutsu is not far from possible although theat spoiler SMP gave might have been a fraud, but not too fraud like the other spoilers. And Happy NEW YEAR!

    @DemoniCSage- Well, I really think the flashbacks happen when the character’s about to die, if you were talking about Yahiko, Nagato and Konan’s past.

    Although I have a big theory about Yahiko and Nagato. I really think they had a big battle with someone. Here’s my theory. Just a theory so dont think that it really would happen lol:

    Yahiko dies because he was the most aggressive one, getting Nagato to realize that true Pain’s different than what Jiraiya talked to him about. This battle also made Nagato unable to physically fight, therefore, he looked and found out how to use his Rinnengan properly.(Obviously Konan’s the Sakura or Rin type back then. They had to protect her) Being unable to let go of Yahiko, learning this new skill – copied from some opponent or tribe through his eyes (chakra receivers) – he first used it on Yahiko and it worked. Then, he later learned that the one with Rinnegan could use the so called “6 Paths” and unlocked the secrets of his powers due to madness and ambition that he thinks is just. Also the big opponent I think was Madara. Lol. Knowing akatsuki they like backstabbing each other eh?

    Also, I think the only thing that Hell Pain can revive are the ones with his chakra receiver.

  210. @Redshota- Its weird though. I think Naruto’s more on speed than strength which is good. Compare to Jiraiya in Hermit mode: GINORMOUS RASENGAN but was easily dodged by Pain while Naruto used a normal concentrated rasengan and Pain could not react and all he can say was his name. “…Uzumaki Naruto..” lol weak sauce

  211. Why the hell narutos cloak is red and black flames… is that stupid or what? some kind of amakary (that flame technique) fetish? 😀 in cosplay store they sells narutos cloak in differend colors. does he going to change it or what?

  212. Lol, I think the one in cosplay’s the one for the hokage Naruto. That one has collars. =( Naruto’s cape w/o collars is a NO!

  213. Lol, I think the one in cosplay’s the one for the hokage Naruto. That one has collars. =( Naruto’s cape w/o collars is a NO! Its like combined Jiraiya and Minato. Jinato cape.

  214. I think that the power Itachi gave him was to extinguish Amaterasu. Cause one way or another, Naruto could learn with Keller Bee how to control Kyubii. But Amaterasu is a jutsu impossible to defense of. I bet Killer Bee will trains Sasuke, so the Uchiha will stop with senseless fights. After this, Naruto will have a small encouter with him. Then our hero will get some tip to controll Kyubii. I don’t believe that Bee will stay with him for a long time. Remember that Naruto always learn jutsus by his ways – control Kyubii will be no exception.

    I hope to see some friend of Yondaime arrive at the village. And if possible, to be someone strong. Naruto could get attached to him by some means… But I think it will take time to our hero discover that he is Minato’s son. I predict that from now on, Kishi will write more about Gai, Hyuuga clan, Rinnegan, Sakura, Kakashi and Ino. Well… He’s getting obvious about Kakashi needing some training. But I have to say: the fight between Kakashi and Kakusu was very good at the anime. Kakashi’s animation and movements were pretty good. Those scenes revitalized our expectatives about Kakashi.

    But I wonder… Witch one is the best: open some inner gates or Sage Mode? Witch do you prefer?

  215. @Makumbaum- Sasuke being trained by the eight tails? o___O

    That’s highly unusual. Naruto maybe but Sasuke? He’d be training everyone except Sasuke for almost putting him to death. Even though I’d say Eight tails was highly impressive slipping through Madara and two more akatsukis. We should expect more from Naruto having the strongest beast.

  216. I probally read wrong and I can already fell the flames but diddnt akatsuki try to give sasuke a bijuu

  217. Lol mahn, Kakashi aint weak. His generation’s just getting surpassed. Also, that be pretty weak as a storyline having Minato’s “old friend” in the village. That’s like the incarnation of Jiraiya. >.>

  218. Naruto to Pain:Make Love,not war;
    Screw you and screw U2!
    And you’re buying your starway to Heaven!

  219. @Chris F- Lol nope. They just gave him the task to capture a Jinchurikii.

  220. @makumbuam
    there are pros and cons to both gates and sage mode it would be hard decision and doesnt kakashi know how to uncock the gates he should have

  221. he should have said “shut the fuck up” to all the people who are telling him what to say or “I can say whatever the fuck i want to bitch”

  222. “stop me if you’ve heard this one before….”

  223. Also, someone said Naruto can’t hold sage mode for long. Note this. They were trying to make Pa and Ma as his charger but the kyubii won’t let them. So for now, while he can’t control the kyubii yet, he trained gathering natural energy moving. Pa said “Its like looking right and left at the same time”. Deja vu? Yes. A clone’s hiding somewhere or Naruto himself is gathering the enrgy w/o moving. But its more likely the clone. And notice this:
    -Pain has 6 of him and Naruto can make a 1000 of him
    -They have really good resemblance
    -They both need more than one body to perform unfathomable jutsus
    -They both have a source of power: Rinnegan=Pein, Kyubii=Naruto.


  224. this is about the spoilers…A PANDA???? YOU MUST BE KIDDING…

    btw, happy new year….

  225. Well… My theory about Bee is because Sasuke will see Naruto’s fight and realize himself as a weakling. So he will need someone to teach him more tricks. I don’t think Madara will be his tutor. Sasuke doesn’t trust him. So there are two candidates: Kisame and Bee. But Kisame uses water element. If Sasuke will learn another nature manipulation, then it goes with it. But since Bee uses lightning element, he would be the best choice. Also, there’s the fact that Sasuke acknowledged Bee’s power and know that cannot win against him. That would be a good way to make Sasuke understands better a Jinchuuriki’s lonely feelings. i don’t believe that Sasuke will became good or bad. I have a feeling that he will be a character that roams around. Bee wants to walk around too. So… That’s only a theory…

    But the fact that Sasuke will need to became stronger is clear. In fact, characters training to become more powerful is the main point in mangas. Remember where all of us were a few episodes before Goku shows his new Supersayadin shape. Everybory was excited to see the fight!!! The same happened when Luffy lost to CP9 and showed us Gear Second. The feeling that drives everyone of us to continue watching and reading is to know the evolution of our beloved characters. Years before we’ve never dreamed of watching Thundercats train to use new weapons. Saint Seya, Samurai Warriors, Yu-Yu Hakusho and especially Dragon Ball were the ones that turn this history style popular. And we love this style!

    So… Sasuke lost to Itachi, to Bee… And is not as strong as Madara. Or is not as strong as he used to think. Let’s wait and see how he will became stronger. And how’s Naruto will beat his ass.

  226. Thing is, the story’s focus is on Naruto. I don’t see why Bee would train Sasuke. Bee’s more like, “I don’t give a crap on anything. So get lost.” The only person that can bug people ’til they say yes would be Naruto. Sasuke would just be like, “Yea, whatever.”

  227. Plus, it’s not because they have the same element he has to train him. Kakashi trained Naruto even though his element’s lightning while Naruto’s wind.

    And of course there will be new characters. The one Bee’s brother sent. Those three people. One with big boobs, one with flat tits and a guy who thinks to deep. They seem interesting. =)

  228. so you’re basically comparing Sasugay to great anime characters,Makumbaum.Come on,Sasuke is dead;Naruto in Sage mode would kick his ass just with a look.

  229. madara will train sasuke, doesnt matter if sasuke trusts him because his training is important or madara and sasuke will fight together n try to kick narutos ass………when theyre all weak and tired kabuto will come out of no where and kill all of them LOL

  230. naruto –
    “you are going to pay for my ramen !!!” or

    “not blinking really is a pain!!!”

  231. LOL YEAH….no but seriously. Sasuke doesn’t care who trains him as long as he gets what he wants. The on his way to destroy Konoha would be Naruto. Also, remember Orichimaru? Even though he knew that one day he’ll try to get his body he still didn’t care. Trust is really no big deal with Sasuke.

  232. naruto should have said: “My name is Uzumaki Naruto; You killed my (god)father…prepare to die!”


  234. “You know how much work this gives me as a future hokage?!?!?”

  235. He Should have said….”A$$ Raping Time…BI@7CH!!”

  236. Would you rather have him say ” I’m going to beat you! Believe It!”


  237. Naruto 431 Spoiler
    The chapter opens up to Naruto facing Pain.

    Naruto: Let’s do this.

    Pain: Very well then, Jinchuuriki.

    Summoner Pain steps forth with an array of summons. (Those crazy dogs, a beetle, a bird, a dragon and a panda.)

    All the frogs prepare for battle. Tsuande and Anbu are shocked.

    Naruto: Gamaken, Gamabunta and Gamakichi NOW!!!

    All three toads shoot oil on the summons except the bird.

    Gamaken: I missed one. My aim is bad.

    Gamabunta: Shut up Gamaken four is good enough.

    Naruto: Sage arts! Katon: Wildfire technique!

    A powerful eruption of flames and fireballs spew forth from Naruto’s mouth burning the summons to a crisp. Leaving a thick smoke behind.

    Pa Toad asunder the bird with a wind technique. The bird explodes into white smoke.

    Naruto spots the summoner within the smoke, then he takes off at lighting speed and vanishes in the smoke. The Summoner body is seen flying out the smoke spiraling into the ground with a thud that leaves a billow of dust behind.

    That leaves God Realm, Hungry ghost, Hell Realm and Human realm left.

    God Pain: You’re tougher than i thought.

    Naruto: *thinking This guy is like my kage bunshin jutsu. All replicas, but not real. I know!*

    Naruto smirks with a kage bunshin handseal.

    Every wounded citizen of konoha looks towards Naruto as a light of hope

  238. LOL @ domosenpai and the princess bride reference.
    would’ve been kool if he went the ghost rider/soulja boy way
    *points at pain* “YOU!!” *clones sneak up on all 6 pains from behind*

  239. sasukes a faggot and a wasted prik

  240. this may have already been said (i skipped alot of comments) but the reason Naruto is so fast is stated in those Kishi interviews. he says:

    “By the time Naruto fights Pein he will have fully mastered all of Jiraiya’s jutsu except ‘Frog Mode’ (meaning it isn’t perfect yet) and he has mastered three of the fourth’s jutsu, definately the fuuton rasen shuriken, and i suspect that he’s mastered or at least learned to use Hiraishin, the teleporty jutsu.

    Another thing it says is that this battle will be “The Battle of the Beasts” which sounds highly explosive and utterly awesome.

    Hope i’ve got you exited for the next few issues.

    Glad to be of service

  241. And let me say this for the Millionth time.

    Naruto. Can’t. Learn. To. Control. Kyuubi. From. Killer. Bee!!!!

    For one simple reason.

    Naruto only had the aggressive, masculine, instinctive, animalistic Yang chakra sealed in him, so his Kyuubi is just the bad side of the Kyuubi.

    Killer Bee has yin and yang, so his beast is neutral, and therefore a hell of a lot more docile than the Kyuubi as it has the Yin chakra to balance it.



    Glad to be of more service.

  242. The reason why Minato left yin is for Naruto to do it himself. That’s what Jiraiya said… o__O

  243. it’s really douchie to think that sharingan can control the kyuubi.

  244. I think kakashi used his eye to suck up as much of the blast as he could…
    and that Naruto should have said “Nice fu*king clonens” (beetlejuice style) and after he hit lazerhaed said “I can make a 1000 sages punk”

  245. as one of the previous fans wrote….i really hope that naruto gets with hinata..i think shes better for him…although i would hate to have hinata mad and she start using byakagun or however its spelled…i mean those veins or wrinkles around the eyes are pretty creepy…hahahah ..~Avid~

  246. not to mention…..naruto could never say he was someplace else…..all she would do was use that eye technique to locate him….”senerio”

    naruto – oh hey babe..heh eheh..a funny thing happed on the way to the market…a group of sound ninjas came and tried to rob this little old lady for her groceries.
    hinata – hmm u wouldnt happen to be lyin to me NARUTO …HUH?!?!
    naruto – no no..of course not babe.
    (hinata starts her eye technique)
    hinata – do u really think u can fool me with these eyes….i see EVERYTHING U DO GOD DAMMIT NARUTO!!!! u stopped by shikumaru and fuzzy brows place and went to the strip club…..I SAW EVERYTHING…and u can sleep on the sofa tonight MR. HOKAGE!!!


  247. Best Chapter I’ve read in a long (and I emphasize on long) time. But, something bugs me. During Jiraya’s battle with Pain, the Pain bodies can all read each other’s mind (point of view), which enables them to avoid close calls. But Naruto nailed the Demon Realm with his rasengan (and boy was it the best moment ever, nearly wet myself with joy), shouldn’t Demon realm be able to see that coming. The only two possibilities that I can think of would be that Pein didn’t care, demon realm will act similar during his battle with Kakashi (came back from the dead multiple number of times till he nailed kakashi) or the sharing views require chakra and he was running out of them due to Shinri Tensei. But in either case, sweet Chapter, especially the rasengan.

    *Jeremiah, well, I saw another version of the manga at where the last phrase of Naruto was “Let’s Finish this once and for all”. Not sure if this will help, but yeah.

  248. This is what i think…..Naruto has been taught a bunch of sage arts (which might be a tad different from a ‘jutsu’ in the sense that since he is not using his chakra to do any of it, he could transcend his elemental restrictions and kinda do use any of elemental techniques just by gathering the right kind of chakra from around him ). There is a long drawn out fight between ours truly and Nagato which ends in Nagato getting overwhelmed by Narutos speed,power and array of techs….


    Naruto does not need the frogs to be in sage mode, he has his clones to collect natural energy way faster then the frogs can. Also his body can hold a lot of chakra so it will be able to withstand the amount of energy coming in. Expect a huge Shuriken Rasengan on Pain. Jiraiya is not dead either. Body was never recovered.

  250. so the anonymous says…..

    but in either case, this is going to be one of the most epic battles in Naruto history. And it does look like he can do rasengan by himself (without clones). But I could be wrong.

    *and by the way, it is not shuriken rasengan, it’s Fuuton/Wind Style, Rasin Shuriken.

  251. Rasengan with no clone was one of the best things about 431, thats a huge deal in my eyes. I hope pain hasn’t put rods in Jiraiya’s body, to use against naruto.

  252. Naruto using fire jutsu?! Are you kidding?! That’s a scene that I’d like to see, but I think it’s a fake spoiler. I don’t think that gather natural chakra means that he can use every nature manipulation. In a sense Naruto have a long way to go with wind jutsu. I’m a Naruto fan, but I don’t think he has mastered wind element in a way near Sasuke’s lightning. Sasuke can do almost everything with lightning. Naruto has a powerful wind attack… Even better than Sasuke’s… But he cannot control wind like Sasuke controls Thunder. Aul attack doesn’t means he could make a wind shield or slice the wind like a sword. Sasuke can make ligthning shurikens and send lightning worms over the ground.

    I hope Naruto have truly mastered wind element after Sage training. Imagine if release Kyubii after master wind element!!!! This could be awesome!!! But I guess Sage training is a little different from the tradicional ones. I bet he’ll be able to use strange techniques like Black Toad Stomach summon… I predict that Naruto will beat Sasuke using other means than a great elemental chakra manipulation.

    But… Beat Nagato now could be very disapointing. He’s weak after that big strike on Konoha. If Nagato got killed now, will be a sudden end like was Kakuzu and Hidan’s fight… Like Itachi’s match with Sasuke… I wanna see, at least, a plain and clean fight… With both Naruto and Nagato in their best shape! No more coward fights like Itachi’s!!! It hurts the pride of those who love the chars…

  253. first post I believe of the new year. Excellent review of the latest Naruto chapter.

    As for the line that Naruto should of said I have a few. So here go.

    ” Who up next? ”

    ” Pain perpare to feel pain you never felt before, REVENGE !!! ”

    ” Believe this Pain, your plans end here now !!!! ”

    ” Pain, your Plans end here now !!!! Believe it !!!!

    ” Sadly Pain this won’t end how you believe it will “

  254. IM SORRY BUT THIS HAS TO BE SAID!!! Jiraiya’s body wasnt recovered because he is in another freaking country, where the ydont hold him in that high enough regard to search for his behind!!!

  255. He should have said, “…the balls are inert…”

  256. i was surfing through and found this
    “Just a reminder: The next manga chapter (431) is going to be released in two weeks (The week from January 11 – 18, 2009)”


    Does anyone know better

  257. or he shud’ve said

  258. Something really bugs me… Why does the supposed to be “most” powerful doujutsu (eye technique) the RINNEGAN (pain) follows orders from a SHARINGAN (madara)???

    What does MADARA has or what he did he do that trumps even PAIN (he used shinra tensei for the first time in order to join akatsuki – PAIN must have been pushed that far)…

    What are the other powers of the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan?
    If it can control the almost limitless chakra of the KyUUBI, can it possibly has taken control of the NAGATO/real PAIN?

    Pain as the puppet… how ironic…

  259. @pinoy: experience….
    @everyone else: do you seriously believe on the Panda Summon??? what’s that like? like kung-fu-panda???

  260. @pinoy: but i do have a different theory….i believe madara took pain (when he was a child) and then made him his puppet….that way, no matter how less powerful he is than pain, he is always the boss….
    (like how zabuza had haku….who was stronger than zabuza himself)

    p.s. i didn’t know zabuza was after madara!!!

  261. I just thought about something. The spoiler post above, its fake. In the spoiler the frogs hit each of the summons with an attack and they disappear. Naruto refers to them as Kage Bushins. However that is a contradiction to an earlier chapter. When the dog was hit from before by the interrogation team it just grew an extra head. There was no disappearance what so ever. In other words unless something else is going on the spoiler above for 431 is false.

  262. Also Happy New Year

  263. I have no comment on the clearly fake spoiler, but i would like to post another suggestion for what he could say:

    “One Down!!! Five to go!!!”

    “How do you like them apples!? and by ‘apples’ i mean Rasengans! In you face!!!”

    “Calling Doctor Naruto!!!
    Prescription: Death,
    Diagnosis: Rasengan!!!”

    “All of your heads! Are goin’ up HIS Ass!!!” points to God Pein

  264. Or he could have shouted:

    “GARBAGE DAY!!!”

    and then made pein eat a Rasen Shuriken


    Naruto shouldve shout “HAPPY NEW YEAR” LOL

  266. HAPPY NEW YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  268. Well well well, Granny Tsunade still alive. Naruto is far from over. HOly crap, how much stronger is Naruto gonna get? i mean he still have to face off Saskuke, and Mandara, Im sure mandara is twice as strong compare to pain. If naruto is already suspass the rest of the oldies then how the hell is gonna be able to fight mandara, i cant think of any other special training by anyone else. Actually i take that back, when they got the information about Konoha, he was in the middle of his training, soo i am guessing there are more to sage training and i wonder what Itachi gave naruto…. now i am really curious what the author got up his sleeve. Tsunade will die by the hand of Mandara, Kakashi will die by the hand of saskuke and Naruto will be Hokage and serie end. Game over with naruto.

  269. He should say
    Look Like game over for you.

  270. Hi I’m a newbie and I wanted to post an alternate PREDICTION for 431.
    So I think Kishi won’t actually start it with the current fight, he will start with a naruto-jiraiya flashback or updates on several people and groups of people such as Danzo, Team Gai, Sasuke’s group (Team Hawk), Madara, and I bet Zetsu is somewhere watching too. Last Person is Konan who reaches real Nagato then notices she was followed by a Naruclone. Then we go to the fight, Naruto exhausted and out of Sage Mode,a frog comments that Sage mode should have lasted longer but Naruto is grinning and Pain wonders why and then says his old Now you will feel Pain! and thats the end. so what do you guys think? one other possibility is we have one chapter of the fight then the next chapter is like this.

  271. I think the idea of naruto getting the sharingan is pretty cool

  272. lol

  273. “He should have had a V8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    “U feeling lucky punk?????!!!!!!”
    “Im gonna finish this!!!!………believe it!!!!!!!”
    “Its time……………”
    “I haven’t felt this violated since that weekend I spent in Neverland ranch.”
    “Get ready Pain I’m gonna do to you what we did to Makully Culkin in My Girl.”

    -take your pick……buen ano nuevo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  274. omg my ship sails tonight so i wont have the internet to read 431 😦 AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  275. hai hai, when is it coming out?

  276. @pinoy- Like Pain said, it could be possible that Madara took them in when they were young. There’s three thing he might have done that made Pain respect him as a leader:

    – Typical Madara: Hypnotizer, tricky Uchiha that made Pain believe that they share the same point of view
    – Like what Jiraiya did: trained them, and brain-washed and introduce them “real peace” and took care of them as if he really cares about them.( This might have occurred on the death of Yahiko and Madara caused it. But knowing the power of rinnnegan, he appeared to be a “better-teacher-than-Jiraiya” and taught Nagato how to use it. Although HE NEVER TAUGHT HIM “EVERYTHING” THAT HE KNEW.)
    – Or he’s holding something important that if Pain does not do what he’s suppose to be doing, Pain will loose it.

    @makumbaum – You can’t say that. And saying you’re a Naruto fan does not seem to be true. You always say Sasuke’s good and he’ll train to be better. And you can’t say that Naruto has no perfect control and no new jutsus. Personally I believe that he has new jutsus and improved his wind manipulation. How? Remember when he practiced when “Pa” was sleeping? That’s a new kind of technique in sage mode. Also, “Pa” said “I’ll teach you sage arts”. Kishi never showed us how he used the arts. That’s why we were all like WTF?! when he used no clones using concentrated rasengan.
    We have seen two techniques he has right now:
    – Teleportation? Cause Pain couldn’t even react.
    – A rasengan w/o clones.
    So, why go WTF?! if he uses fire tech.? Even though its a fraud spoiler it is still possible.

    I definitely think he has water element too, cause everytime he goes unconscious, he swims in the water and the kyubii on bubbles. Also, having the kyubii inside him makes him one with the kyubii. What do I mean? It means the Kyubii’s nature will make him be able to manipulate it if he’s able to control it. But I believe that the YIN chakra of the kyubii’s on the scroll Jiraiya’s been keeping.

    And about Jiraiya and Minato appearing behind Naruto, IT IS NOT THEIR FREAKIN GHOSTS!!!!! Its just showing that Naruto makes people remember them. Jiraiya’s body’s not found and in Naruto Orichirmaru can’t use the Minato when he was trying to revive all the Hokages to destroy Konoha. =)


  277. naruto will probly use a clone to make rasenga shuriken so it want hurt the original body but just kill the shadow clone

  278. Well… My point is: have a super powerful wind jutsu doesn’t mean that Naruto has more control over nature manipulation. The way Sasuke put lightning in his swords, send shockwaves below the ground or make lightning shurikens, prove that his nature manipulation is better. I hope to see Naruto making wind barriers and somethings like those, but also I think that now is not the time. If he trained 2 years with Jiraya and didn’t learn what’s nature manipulation… Why in a short time he could master all of it??? If he learn evolution is this fast… Then the manga will not last long!!! And everybody here don’t want this!

    I think that Naruto could beat Sasuke. But by his own means, like he always have done. He always had a few jutsus and always have won using his criativity. That’s the way Naruto is! Maybe this Sage Mode could reveal more jutsus, but definitly I’m not waiting another nature element… He need to mastery more about wind. And for this, not only a powerful attack is sufficient. He need to use weak, but useful jutsus. So he could beat enemies using his creativity. And this includes Sasuke!!! For example… What Naruto will do if the enemy became invisible like when he fought Jiraya? He will need a simple jutsu to beat the foe. The best step to became strong, seems Naruto had done: be faster and use rasengan with one hand! And that was amazing!

    Another nature manipalation could be good… I bet on fire… Cause if the anime use folklore, every Nine Tails that I’ve saw in animes has used fire techniques – sometimes illusionary ones. That element could be useful to creates a competition with Sasuke too. But thinking that Naruto is the opposite of Sasuke, water could be a good choice too. Naruto could do ice jutsu, using wind plus water. By the other side… If we think that Naruto always beat enemies using creativity, probably earth jutsu would be more appropriate. Hide under the ground… Kick the ground making some barriers… Earth opens many possibilities!

    About the fact that Orochimaru has trained Sasuke… I think Sasuke has done that cause he used to have a seal on him. I don’t think Madara will train him if he doesn’t trust Madara. Especially because now he’s not alone (Hawk Team) and cause Itachi didin’t use to trust Madara either. I bet Kisane or Bee. Sasuke can inprove raikon or learn suiton.

    I also don’t think that Naruto will learn teleport skill now. Cause if he uses it, Kishi will have to focus the history on Naruto. And he said that he will work on other chars. I wonder if right now those could be Sai, Danzou, Yamato, Tsunade and Kakashi. I bet on Danzou’s rebelion and Tsunade not being Hokage anymore. Maybe Danzou uses the fact that the village was destroyed to became Hokage. On the next six months I predict more about ANBU Root and Rinnegan. While talking about ANBU we could see some secrets about Uchiha Clan and Minato’s Clan. I hope to see a match between Sharingan and Byakuugan.

  279. this was the best chapter ever i cant wait to the next one!!!!
    ((((((((freedom to gaza and palastin)))))))

  280. @Makumbaum-Lol, all i can say is, before, he never knew he could use clones to train faster. It was Kakashi that thought of it.

  281. I think I just read it again for the billionth time, and now that I can speak again, I will. ^.^

    First, to sound like a complete drunken ass: See? I told you! Hahahahaha. Then to remind you what I’ve said (because SO much has been said by everyone).

    I said Naruto would get there too late and they’re standing in a pit of despair. Tsunade would use her chakra and face Pain weak, but survive the battle (only to ironically die healing someone–Kakashi). AND that she would survive the battle because Naruto pops up in front of her attacker like he did way back when with Kabuto. Part of the awesomeness in this issue were the symbolic references to the past.

    Pain is going to run away like a bitch here, or sacrifice his aspects and slink back into his tower. I’m thinking the loss of the Yahiko body is not going to sit well with Nagato or Konan. I was surprised they all got back up, but I’m thinking they are moving slow. That summons shot looks to me like they stand up slow…but maybe that’s just me.

    Konan as a bunshin was a surprise, and just took her to a whole new level in my book–I think Nagato better sit down before she gets home, ’cause mom is pissed and looking to whip some ass.

    That shot of Jiraiya, Minato and Naruto…if Kishi is Bono he’s teasing me. I still say it’s not just a teacher student connection, but DNA.

    Can I just say, Kiba is looking like a weakass bitch next to his mom? Is kind of funny, because Kiba and Naruto have parallel personalities. Here’s what Naruto could have been with a strong parent around to protect him. It’s interesting…

  282. Maybe Naruto will beat Pain when he’s weak. Nagato will lost Yahiko and hate Naruto. It will force Nagato plan something to get Naruto on a futher match. And during this second Nagato will come himself. So he will use (supposing that they’re dead) Jiraya and Itachi as corpses. If a ninja corpse has his secrets, those two could be enought for another epic fight. I’m hopping that Itachi is not dead. His death was ridiculous for the most powerful char that manga has shown until this point (Madara and Zetsu haven’t had a fight yet, but I bet they’re stronger). But Jiraya… If he’s not dead, it’ll hurt watching a char that everybody loves without an arm.

    The point is: Does anybody here want not to see Rinnegan history?
    If Kishi don’t write about it, we will all become furious!!!

    I have one question for everybody: Who thinks that Naruto is a member from the Senju Clan?

    (Personally I don’t think that raising trees looks like Naruto’s patern. But actually there’s a possibility! Even though I don’t think that’s the right way to control it… This could solve Kyubii’s control problem – for those who thinks that only Sharingan can control Kyubii. We could see Senju versus Uchiha again!)

  283. I totally agree…Naruto really should have said “Kneel before Zod…bitch!”

  284. @makumbaum according to madara basically everyone from the main part of konoha is senju… so yes naruto would be senju, also there isnt much to know about the rinnegans history, the only 2 known to have had it are rikoduo or w/e and pain, but they will probably show clips from pains past after jiraiya left.

    and not everyone in a clan has to have the bloodline limit… the first was the only one able to use his wood element(naturally… yamato is artificial), and we know that the second was his brother and tsunade is his grandaughter… so naruto being senju doesnt mean he can use wood haha

  285. Lol, yeah. That’s why Minato Namikaze, if he’s a senju, has different type of jutsu. The teleportation technique that can kill millions instantly.

  286. When will the next issu get out in Onemanga?

  287. Motive – Damn Naruto is boss…Nw he’s got 2 elements,wind AND fire n to think he’s still genin.I wonder hus fire techniques are stronger between Naruto and Sasuke,but I think its Naruto cos his r sage techniques and on top of dat he can make it stronger using his wind element.The other thng is dat he can actually control his Summons,lol…I think Naruto is da best match 4 da rin’negan cos da six,I mean 4 pains(lmfao) r lyk Naruto’s Kage Bushin technique.I really think dat the scroll on his back is one of his clones transformed collecting the natural chakra while he’s on da move…damn I cant wait for ep.431 to come out,I wonder hus stronger NW btwn Naruto n Sasuke…

  288. dattebayo is dropping naruto shippuden =(

  289. @Renzy: wood combined with balls would just be…overkill wouldn’t it? O.o

    @Makumbaum: I think Uchiha vs. Senju at the end is a given, I’ve been wondering how Naruto might be Senju, and posted this. We know he doesn’t get Senju from Kushina, so it has to be coming from Minato–the only question is how daddy links in.

  290. @ibi maybe kishi is toying with us and naruto is a huge sexual joke… but yea im hopeing minato is the seconds grandson haha

  291. or great grandson cough cough daddy-jiraiya cough

  292. that was last weeks

  293. When I look at the Second Hokage, Minato, Jiraya an Naruto… It’s impossible to say that they don’t have some kind of connection!!!

    The Second was alive when Tsunade was young. So… Could Minato be the Second’s son?! Well… It could be awesome if it were true. But doesn’t explain the nature manipulation. If Naruto is a Senju Clan’s member, maybe his first element would have been water or earth… I agree with @renzy10… Just because he’s a Senju, doesn’t mean that he can cast wood element. We’ve never saw the Second use wood – he was the best water user ever seen. If it cames this way… Maybe Naruto’s next element could be Water or Earth.

    And when the village were formed, another ninjas, from other small clans joined Senjus and Uchihas. Hyuugas joined them when this happens. Maybe they were another powerful clan…

    About Rinnegan… Kurenai has strange eyes. Can she be another Rinnegan user? And she was found without memories… She’s a misterious char. Let’s wait to a little more about her.

    About fire element… Using fire now could be too early. If it were water and earth, it can be understandable cause Sages control the enviroment. But fire has to be created. But… Like I said before, I think it’s early to see Naruto using any second element. Maybe we will see this after he prove some abilities using wind – not only powerful jutsu, but especially useful ones too!!!

  294. @makumbaum narutos next element is going to be water… we established that on here over the summer haha basically because its the hurricane chronicles(i beleive is the meaning of shippuuden haha) and wind + water gives you a hurricane… i dont think kishi will give naruto fire because that would connect him more to the kyuubi… naruto is a character who wants to be able to achieve greatness on his own, using fire brings the fox in and its almost like he IS the fox which we dont want haha

  295. o also the way i see it as possible is the second is jiraiyas father, then jiraiya is minatos father, and of course minato is narutos father, but if you think about it the second was a grown man when the third was a child… so there must be a missing link in there between jiraiya and the second if they really are related haha (what if it was danzou lmao)

  296. @renzy10 I’m not so sure about water cause it’s a more defensive element. Naruto is an agressive char. If he uses water to make ice… Then it’s on another level and could be good to see. Imagine the Ultimate Fire Jutsu, Amaterasu, against the Ultimate Ice Jutsu?! That could be cool. Let’s wait and see… By one way or another, just seeing him use another elemental jutsu will be awesome!!!

    But definetly… To some sneak attacks… Earth would be great. He could change the terrain, kick the ground and make some walls, hide himself… That’s more the way Naruto fights.

    But I’m keeping my bet on fire (not now, but on future)… And maybe Sasugay uses water. Water plus Lightning makes a good combination… Imagine a Hell Fire Rasengan!!! Naruto’s arm will turn to ash… hahaha

  297. im prty sure the scroll is the frog scroll just like how jiraya wore it and the cloak is almost like his dad dats why the frog saw the resemblence betweeen jiraya and the fourth

  298. @renzy10 I’m putting my money on Jiraya beeing Naruto’s uncle.

  299. the phrase should be like in tropic thunder: GET SOME!!!

  300. @makumbaum see naruto cant use ice because haku only had it as a bloodline limit… so unless kushina is from hakus clan there is no way naruto could use ice jutsus, and that actually is a possible thought haha

  301. I think Kakashi is the Second’s great grandson; the hair is the same, and in the anime the Second created a chakra lightning blade or something, which seems to be a family trait.

  302. @domosenpai the second used water techniques at the highest level… idk if he was ever proven to use lightning although there are similarities to kakashi with the hair

  303. oh and can someone explain why Hinata’s little sister does not have the weird looking seal on her head like the rest of the branch family.

  304. is she old enough yet? thats the only reason i can think of… or the fact that hinata isnt the head of the family yet… she is still a part of the main household, and if hinata were to die she would be the next in line to take over as head of the clan


    theres the 2nds bio

  306. when will chapter 431 come out?

  307. @renzy10 The second wasn’t grown when the third was a child, how I know this? The picture showing Tsunade as a kid with the first hokage. She was trained by the third so I figure the third is a couple years younger than the second and first. And it is plausible that the second is Jiraiya’s father. The only thing that makes it not plausible is Jiraiya and Tsunade would be cousins.

  308. Naruto should have said, “You’re about to experience more than pain!”

  309. i like naruto

  310. he should had said taste this nuts

  311. He should have said…. YOU CANT BEAT ME, MY POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000!

  312. @kingcam: back in the Third’s death flashbacks there is a panel with the older brothers (1st and 2nd) who are grown, mentoring little Sarutobi.

    @Makumbaum: like Renzy points out, 2nd did serious water tricks, so Senju has that in the bloodline. Naruto’s going to want to learn water next because fire (Sasuke’s 1st element) is weak to it. My guess is Sasuke will learn earth and Naruto will also learn fire–so that between the two of them all 5 elements are covered.

    @elasticated nin’s trash talk made me lol…’all your heads are goin up HIS ass!” hee.

  313. @renzy10 I thought bloodline limit were techniques that pass through the family. For example: If Naruto specialize himself on rasengan shuriken and made this technique a family’s secret, then it becomes a bloodline limit. So it’d possible to create some ice techniques. Sharingan and Byakugan has it’s screts too. But certaily involves more than only nature manipulation. And that sword of Second was out of manga…

    I’ve never seen any very offensive water technique… Except on the Movie that Naruto dies. There was an enemy that use a powerful water attack that could slice rocks!!! But… It’s out of manga script…

  314. @makumbaum- ice wold be cool but it is the bloodline trait of Haku’s clan, whcihc he was pretty much the last one of, so ice is out. But wind does make the water attakcs much larger and much more powerful (such as when he and yamamoto combined elements… ice is out, but massive storms are still in… giant water dragon, the water fang projectile, kisame’s sharks, water vortex? those were fairly offensive attacks. Water is more of a hybrid element where as rock is primarily defense, and fire, lightning, and wind are offensive techniques… water can be used as both…

    think of it as a combo attack with naruto, imagine him and saskue teaming up later on against madara or whoever is the big bad ass vilian… naruto brings a giant storm with ferocious winds and rain, saskue shoots giant fire balls into the clouds and shoots kirin at the enemy wich naruto folows up with a combined massive fire wind tornado

  315. @Makumbaum Erm i think bloodline limits are tecknics that ivolve clans dna to perform the jutsu.. such as byakugan sharingan etc…. the one that u say are hiden teckniks that are passed to families..such as shikamaru’s chouji’s etc … And I BET MY LEFT TESTCLE that naruto’s second element is water… naruto’s name is namikaze.. just like his fathers that means water and waves… So if u think naruto with water and wind element can surf all the time::PPP Ooooo

  316. @Makumbaum: as I understand it, kekke genkai are passed in DNA like eye color. There’s no guarantee you will inherit the clan’s kekkei gankai just because you’re a member of the clan. Only a select few of the Uchiha had sharingan. Also, and maybe I’ve misunderstood this, kekkei genkai happens when the person has two natural chakra affinities. Ice is wind and water, wood is water and earth.

    Tenzou wouldn’t talk about sharingan and shadows, so maybe that gets into the the yin yang things we’ve kicked around before?

  317. @ibiki maybe it was Asuma playing with the first and second, they look a lot alike. And if it was sarutobi, then it seems that the first didn’t age very much.

  318. @kingcam: no, it’s Sarutobi’s flashback as he kills his resurrected brothers, sealing them inside himself. Gray hair and tiny little Sarutobi eye tears.

  319. lightning nin are still coming to knonoha saskgay and madera
    wtf happend to kasamie
    tobi was mizukage
    zetu dissaperd
    the black tailed beast is still raping his heart out
    wtf is gonna
    i bet here will be an after shippuden type shit
    like naruto thenext generation
    like madera still out there and shit
    and there will actally be more black ppl
    in there like some random ass dude genin alwys eatin chikn ramen
    and looks tite as hell
    like jay that one lighting nin

  320. I had an epiphany

    I dont see why a slug would bother to protect kakashi if he was already dead! Kakashi lives……

  321. and that still doesn’t seem set in stone. If anything it would seem that the first just didn’t age or that the third wasn’t as old as he seemed.

  322. Tsunade’s silence to Kakashi would indicate that she had grave doubts. In addition she only asked Choji to return for his father and team. It is possible she is either protecting the body out of respect or she hasn’t given up yet despite all of it.

  323. The question is how injured would Kakashi have to be that Tsunade is more than just regularity worried, but severely concerned.

  324. @kingcam: exactly.

  325. i don’t htink sarutobi is brother to the first and second… and madara talks about the senju as one big clan, but it sounds like it was more or less a group of clans seeing as there are no senju around in one giant village, and the hyugas along with shiki’s, chouji’s, and ino’s clans have been around since the founding of konoha. Remember Asuma is glad he was a member of the sarutobi clan…

  326. @kingcam, the third was old and in his seventies, the first and second both died in there thirties to forties… but it’s a manga, a lot of the details can be way off…

  327. Yeah! I’m convinced about Ice! It’s a blood limit!!!

  328. The First Hokage was strong!!! But one thing makes me wonder…
    Was the Fist Hokage the one that gather chakras and made those nine beasts? The manga doens’t talk about details, but it make us understand that was it. I bet Konoha was made up by 9 clans. And each clan had its specific beast – Hyuuga, etc. Uchiha’s was Kyubii. Remember when Sasuke came to Uchiha’s hideout… There was a small fox there. It just came to my mind… Maybe the Uchihas can summon foxies… And Kyubii was their leader, just like the frogs.

  329. nope, the tailed beasts have pretty much always exsisted and are more or less along the lines of greek gods (not that they created anything, or in this case govern anything) but they are incredibly powerful. They exsist for whatever reason so just nod your head and go with it cause kishi said so. Also the fox never led the uchiha, the whole point of the sharingan is to control the kyubii cause nothing else can control it. if the sharingan came from the byakugan, it was developed to control the power of the fox.. and that’s it, that’s the whole point of the sharingan.

  330. LOL @Makumbaum- first, its unusual for Sasuke to get water. Naruto will get water you know why? One proof is that when he goes unconcious, he usually is in and on water. Also, the kyubii inside him appears in bubbles.

    And frogs are wat different than tailed-beasts.

    Frogs are a group or clans like humans, while beasts are concentrated chakras that makes their hosts(Naruto, bee, etc) or owner(Madara..) unfathomably strong.Unfortunately for Naruto, Minato wants Naruto to everything else himself. Like sealing the Yin(Kyubiis good side in a scroll) himself.

  331. Also @kingcam- They had a picture of the two advisers of Hokages ( those old men and women that are incredibly annoying) with Sarutobi and the two first hokages.

    It confuses us so much because, note this, Jiraiya, Ori and Tsunade seem to have, well they actually have ways to make themselves appear younger than they’re suppose to be.

  332. he should have said bring it bitch then pain should say its already been broughten, then naruto should say you killed jaraiya and you killed??? kakashi and you destroyed my town now im gonna kill you and you and you and you and you and you. i hope you can take some pain cuz im bout to dish it out yipeeo ki yay muthereffer im ready to bring down the house o pain on ya you sir are one dead king of duechecakes you prick

  333. I searched for more information on the spoiler and I found the original source. Turns out its fake, more than fake its a prediction posted by a user at Naruto Central. Someone got the idea it was the real thing and spread it around as a spoiler.

  334. @alec the way i understood the sharingan coming from byakugan was it was a fluke haha but idk it was way back

    @makumbaum kakashi even says in the zabuza arc that hakus clan are the only ones able to use ice… but i wont give up on the idea that kushina was possibly part of that clan haha (you heard it here first)… also sarutobi was definitely trained by the first and second as a child there is no possible way you can come up with anything that argues it

    in general i think in the last anime when they showed the anbu dying and destroying his body it was a hint that kakashi is alive, that whole intro to the episode was completely unnessesary haha so kakashi would destroy his body if he were to die

    also the kyuubi is supposed to be a natural disaster from hate and shit like in ghost busters haha

  335. Could Danzo be Madara?

  336. @makumbaum we had this discussion too haha… idk if we ever came to a conclusion… there was a theory post about it it was tobi being danzou madara and obito and there were so many things that supported it its kinda odd i think… my thought was if it was true, madara took obitos body for his sharingan even though there was only one, then fixed up the body (metal plates on his body) or you know change the order haha… but then danzou covers that right eye, if he is madara/tobi/obito im guessing the real danzou was killed and madara stepped in, this would also explain danzous connection to the hidden mist, because kisame refers to tobi as mizukage madara and mizukage is the leader of the hidden mist…

    hope that helps (-:

  337. Theory: Could Pain take Kakashi’s body then use it as one of his own to make a combination of the Rinniegun and Mangekyo Sharingun and making Tobi say oh **** why didn’t I think of that. The irony being we would finally get to see Kakashi’s face but only when its no longer him and Pain has dyed Kakashi’s hair orange and pierced it like his own. Gasp!!!

  338. I thought it was only Orochimaru and Tsunade that did the make themselves look youthful thing and they’re all in their fifties.

  339. madara has been around since the beginning of konoha though haha that is a long ass time… he is old enough to be tsunades grandfather if you look at him as being around the same age as the first… he would hafta be close to around 90… so im sure somethings going on there lol and like ive said before maybe oro got the body switching techique from madara

  340. holy macaroni….

  341. Or maybe Madara is a cyborg ninja like the guy on MGS.

  342. @makumbaum, don’t say that stuff, erich might be listening… we finally got it to die down, and i don’t feel like bringing it back up, especially here, dig back in some of the older posts you’ll find everything you need there, especially in the comment section…

    @renzy- i figured it’s fake, but it’s the only thing we got… actually it’s more like the byakugan and sharingan branched off from the rinnegan (gift from god cause otherwise those eyes wouldn’t evolve per say), i claim the basis for this idea since the byakugan is like the six bodies (can see everywhere and the taijutsu is similar to pain using hte balck rods)… and the sharingan can copy any non-bloodline technique, like the rinnegan can use all chakra types…

    @kingcam- yeah Tsunade changed her appearence, and oro was using younger bodies, jiraya naturally aged himself… and madara or tobi, whatever, has metal pins in his arm and is able to block the head cleaver with just his arm (or termiantor capabilities)

  343. I’d love Naruto to say something out loud but towards Tsunade, “One finger should be enough”.

  344. i cant wait for the next one

  345. It would be funny if Naruto looked at Tsunade and said “I better be getting laid after this!”

  346. have everbody forgotten Danzou!?!?

  347. Naruto shoudl have yelled: Those eyes wont save you now!

  348. Good one ScreaMo!

  349. we saw naruto pwn laser head with rasengan so quickly does this mean he can now use it with only one hand and without any bunshins?? if so about time !!!

  350. How come there’s no love for Pain? I think he’s the only good guy in the manga. Those senju bastards are nothing but racist, treating the Uchia like that. Plus Konoha has been the most powerful nation in Ninja-dom but have done very little to ensure peace, even in Konoha the title of Hokage seems to remain in one family circle. Pain wants to teach the world the true meaning of pain so that the world can grow, much like how people start to realize the really important things after a major disaster or a near death experience. Naruto is an okay guy but everyone knows he’s just a really really big IDIOT (mo baaakaaa).
    I mean 4 people have tried to destroy Konoha (Madara, Orochimaru, Pain and that root guy) but not once has any of the younger generation ever questioned why. Orochimaru may have been a whack job but Madara and Pain are different.
    I swear I hate those Konoha bastards, how can u insert a demon (kyubi) into ur own child (naruto) in the name of power? that’s just wrong.
    There is no way Naruto can defeat Pain unless the writers write a ridiculously unbelievable story (as they often do).
    Fag-suke is another childish character, the fool has to be tied up before he can listen to reason but who can blame him, after watching ur own brother (stupid, idiotic, evil, hell bound brother) kill his own mother (come on people, something is wrong here, its not like she molested him or something) in the name of following the orders of a stupid stupid stupid hokage (sarutobi) who when Orochimaru had killed countless nins in the name of experimentation let him walk free (WTF!, where is the justice there, what about the slain’s family huh).
    I can go on and on, Konoha citizens have issues and are in much need of therapy.

    What Naruto should say; who gives a crap what he says, I hope he farts himself to suffocation (dobe!). And after he’s done talking Pain should say: “Pain is inevitable…”

    Hokage break down.
    First: Racist bastard.
    Second: Puppet leader.
    Third: Unjust ruler (letting Orochimaru get away with multiple homicide)
    Forth: Child abuser (sealing a horrible demon into his offspring)
    Fifth: (woa, here goes) Compulsive gambler, Drunk, child beater, animal molester (poor ton ton the pig), deceiver (lying about her wrinkles), hot tempered, arrogant etc.

  351. we jus saw laserhead get completely owned by narutos rasengan so does this mean he can use it without any clones and in one hand now?? if so about time is all i can say !!

  352. in naruto manga 431 naruto use a jutsu name fire style:wild fire jutsu and where naruto nows katon or fire i do not understand

  353. If we take a look at Akatsuki members, everyone had some kind of immortality – expect Deidara and Itachi. Sasori, Orochimaru, Kakuzu, Hidan, and so probably, Madara, Pein and Zetsu. That’s my idea of Akatsuki… Even if they use their body in experimental jutsus, they try to archieve immortality. Deidara joined after Orochimaru… Itachi was like a detectetive… But let’s wait to see Kisane. There’s a gap on Kisane’s fight with Sasuke’s partners… Maybe Kisane is a good guy, like Itachi was, and Madara will try to kill him when the chance comes.

  354. @Alec-“… actually it’s more like the byakugan and sharingan branched off from the rinnegan (gift from god cause otherwise those eyes wouldn’t evolve per say)”

    Lol, then Madara might have been looking for girl that could match his DNA to produce Rinnegan. Producing Nagato, he tried to make Nagato taste “real Pain” so they say making Nagato what he is right now….LOL dunno, just a random idea.

  355. the translation i saw..naruto says “Lets settle this once and for all” in the last panel..which is cool.
    Also i dont think naruto demolishing the deva pain is such a big thing..if you refer to manga 422-423 chouji and team did the same to him in a single blow…makes me think kicking deva pains ass in the easiest. it will be intersesting to see how/if naruto takes out the other pains. Also where’s sasuke?

  356. Also, Madara looks like Nagato to me..o_O

  357. but kisame was one of the seven hidden mist swordsmen and so far weve seen them to be ruthless bad guys. and his specialty is a humungus amount of chakra which he probs gets by stealing other peoples through his sword like he did to naruto tht long time ago

  358. Naruto:he did smart but he has frog eye.Maybe naruto will be kill pain.

  359. Im gunna tear you limb from limb!!!

  360. kisame i think is going to cause trouble later on

  361. NAURto to pain: Get Some!!!!

  362. urgh…@Screamo- u do realize that the woman you refer to is above 50!

  363. I completely agree been a while since I commented but if madara is just madara and not obito or something he said that because of his huge massive amount of chakra he still lived and we know that kisame has the largest amount so therefore he should be around for a while

  364. naruto shud’ve said-

    “Look what u did!It’s all your fault!now sasuke likes men!”

  365. oops…wrong person to say that too

  366. he shuda jus said its over then used the fourths space/time jutsu and ripped off deva pains head

  367. how ’bout-


  368. i cant WAIT for Pain(aka shithead) to comment on Gai’s dress(yeah i SAID dress…)

  369. maito guy is the sickest guy ever uunless we count chuck norris buh either way insult one and u gettin roundhoused in the face

  370. @Sion,shut up already:I mean,come on,you can’t be that dumb?

  371. @Shion- Saying all that means that you hate the storyline and how it works. If you think its all stupid and messed up, then just don’t read or watch Naruto, because it would just stress you out.

  372. Oh yeah. The first one to have Rinnegan’s (Rikodou Seninn) a sage like Naruto eh? Interesting…

  373. @shion- wtf are ya ramblin on abt…be careful/too mcuh of that..the swayze’ll take care of ya…

  374. O.O mm…i think that the spoiler is…ahem..I wanted to say thanks to everyone here and of course to you Jeremiah for the AWESOMENESS blog!!I won’t be around for about 6 months..I have to study hard cause I’m sitting for my finals and I must get into the University I want!I’m really sad cause I’m gonna miss the all the next issues but that’s life..huh 🙂 Glen I hope you are doing well 😀 Ibi continue your awesome work!! Minna-san ja matta ne!!♥✿

  375. c ya babyfox!

  376. “All your bases are belong to us.”

  377. congrats on the 700,000 hits mark J-man!

  378. crap i wrote something fo rthe 300,000 mark back in October, this is just insane

  379. lol!

  380. I think Naruto should have said something like

    “So you want pain huh, It’ll be my pleasure” or
    “One down, six to go” eluding to the fact that he knows real pein Isn’t actually there.

    As for the fake spoiler, My guess is that someone watched the movie Kungfu Panda one too many time before writing that absurdity.

  381. @Shion, i hate to join in on gang rapes but you miss a lot of the points everywhere… the first wasn’t rascist (plus he can’t be rascist unless he was hating on Naruto or the raikage guys, it’s more of a clanist???) the first was the strongest period, which is why he got the job, the second was not apuppet ruler, he led for such a short time he didn’t do anything (actually he was more of the clanist), the third didn’t really let oro get away with anything Oro was more than a son to the third so he hesitated on acting, which oro took the chance to get away. The 4th sealed the fox in his own child becasue he was about to die, and why not take the fox and use it to protect the village from the one who summoned it. The fifth had her vices, but she’s obviously saved pretty much everybody in the face of destruction. Plus, what about madara? He tried to destroy the village because he was pissed that he was beaten by the first, and then he went ahead and killed his entire family in the name of revenge. The first, second, and fifth are the only ones related. The third wasn’t related to the senju, and the fourth wasn’t either. Plus Madara was the strongest of the uchiha and was thought to be dead until now, so obviously they went with the strongest people availabe (the fourth was picked over Oro) and the third tried to stick up for the Uchiha so it was the elders who were the ones being “racist.” And your hero pain, so it’s perfectly exceptable to go around killing a man who once saved your life, challenge the leader of your country and then after you kill him, you kill everybody who once associated with him in any way shape or form. Not too mention he has basically tried to destroy an entire village in which most of the people are innocent. He has also threatened to kill millions in the name of “peace”, konoha has done a lot better job than you give credit in keeping peace, think about it there were 2 greatr ninja wars before the founding and and during the early years, there’s been one since and only minor skirmishes here and there. oro comments early on that he was living in a time of relative peace, and konoha has gotten to use to the peace it has brought. Madara even mentions that they are living in relatively peaceful times, and yet he and your hero pain are trying to disrupt that. I like Pain’s goals, but they are jsut to extreme to say that the ends jsutify the means

  382. welll…since it’s a fake…how can it still be a spoiler?(cant seem to logically still refer to it as that since it didn’t really spoil anything….except the rep of panda’s all over the world)

  383. Alec just took the words right outta my mouth!
    take that Shion!!!

  384. it’s not, somebody posted it somewhere else as a theory for the next issue, then somebody else got confused and thought it was a sopiler and posted it everywhere like a monkey on crack…

  385. WTF no sasuke does not like men 波風 harshytkage.
    oh yeah and and RUMBLE…. no wait hold up. RUUUUMBLE. lmfao I honestly cant stand narutard but that was a sick little entrance with a instant can of laser head brand whoop ass.

    Happy new years to all even thou its a little late and im glad to know i havent been forgotten by thanks for the shoutout in the year end wrap up long live awesomeness

  386. lol, nice to hear your not dead…

  387. and my little gravatar thingy is fuked if anyone knows what im doing wrong or what i need to do to get a decent pic instead of this little wiggly monster please let me know

  388. LMAO….monkey on crack….maybe i’ll write my own spoiler and post it sumwhere and another monkey on cannabes can do it’s bussiness

  389. @skyhigh303- umm…sasuGAY means smfin….:p

  390. Nah narutos the homosexual think about it
    1. always crying over his friends (male friends)
    2. spent years straight training to bring his “best freind sasuke back” note the quotes cause sasuke makes it obvious he dont even like his spazztastic ass
    3.never had a girlfriend and cant seem to tell that hinata obviously wants his peter
    4.he kissed sasuke yeah thats right he kissed him dont act like you all forgot
    5. hes always and constantly forever trying to avenge or save one of his male friends…… um aint there any chicks in konoha he could save?
    6.HE’S NARUTO wtf nuff said
    well that should do it i just outlined a few basic reasons why naruto should be veiwed as the obsessed stalkerish little homo spazz that he is

  391. but his name doesn’t rhyme with gay!
    so it’s SasuGAY all the WAY!
    1)SasuGAY’s dick doesn’t shift an inch even if there are girls swarming on him(he is NOT acting cool…just himself)
    2)Naruto has been obsessed with boobs for a long time…
    3)SasuGAY kissed him too, you cant kiss alone(and if i remember HE was on top! :p)
    4)SasuGAY rhymes with GAY(dunno why it wouldn’t)
    5)He’s Gay…(self explanatory)
    6)He meddled with the swayze…(reason for abve symptoms)
    6)HE”S SASUGAY nuf said…

    well that should do it i just outlined a few basic reasons why SasuGAY should be veiwed as he is


  392. Good to see you skyhigh, we were about to erect a memorial. ;P

    Yeah, Alec, I forgot to tell you I let the monkeys loose. Next time we’ll lock up the crack, huh? AND…WTF, you don’t know the 4th wasn’t Senju. Take that back! My whole universe hinges on that DNA line! And if I cannot get you to take it back I will post 100 lines of nonsense! And if I cannot post 100 lines of nonsense I will write 1,000 crackpot theories…

  393. LOL NO! Sasuke’s still gayer. He smokes weed then tries to attack Itachi. And remember when he got high? He just randomly killed Ori LOL

  394. 6)He meddled with the swayze…(reason for abve symptoms) lmfao too funny lol lol i’ll give you this round

  395. i only have some questions…. where did you see itachi giving a “present” to naruto…? I’ve read and saw all of the manga and anime and i can´t remember something like that…

    and do someone know when will the 431 manga come out?


  396. @ibi-
    well….alec my not take it back but i’ll give some more, I say he is as much a senju as madara’s screwed up eyeless brother was…

  397. @skyhigh303….i know lol!

  398. and another thing fukusaku himself said that naruto surpassed jiraya on mastering the sage mode… so the sage mode that he has is on the highest level there is… and not like someone said before… lol

  399. skyhigh303=Sasuke lover.

    Why do you defend him lik he’s your brother?Damn,you’re hooked by the Sasugay spell(though it only works on you.)

  400. @ ibi- i have a feeling he isn’t senju, cause there ain’t no blonde haired blue eyed folks in the picture of the senju “clan” his family can be from the original senju group, but what i’m saying is the senju is made up of a bunch of difernt clans to make the big one group. Think about how can the senju have founded konoha when shiki’s, inos’, the hyugas, and chouji’s caln have been there all along, the senju i htink was a hodgpodge of differnt clans that came togehter under the senju banner… i base this on that besides the byakugan there are no kekkai genkai’s in the senju (except the first wood element, whcih hasn’t been seen before or since in a legitimately passed down form). Unlike all the mist had the bone people, and the weird eyed ranmanrou (in the anime), and haku’s clan… all kekkai genkai, and there are other groups with secret techniques. To sum it up, the namikaze clan could have been part of the original senju group, but i don’t think that he or naruto for that matter are related in any close way to the senju clan that that the first was part of and Tsunade is descended from…

  401. @ me – read the year end post. Itachi giving Naruto some of his powers happened this last year right before itachi fought Sasuke and Naruto flashes back to it right after the fight is over around 402.

    @ Skyhigh – whoot! Whooot! Good to see an OG return from time to time?

    @ babyfox – WTF?! Make sure you at least drop in to say high from time to time. I’m gonna miss you!

    @ everyone else – new post will be up soon.

  402. but go ahead with the 1,00 crack pot theories, that would be interesting cause there would most likely be one in there that is right and totally mind blowing…

  403. *1,000 theories (btw: which is like half the amount i’ve probably come up with)

  404. exactly clans would have been made up of various different families and were rulled by the first. i doubt even everyone in the uchiha clan has the 2nd name uchiha because not all of them have the sharingan. sasukes family just happened to be the main household part.

  405. soz first part was jus senju clan made up of diff families *

  406. @grimmjowfan: Senju being made up of different clans is just Alec’s hot air. There is no cannon proof of that. Personally, I want to flush that nonsense, but he’s so attached to it, I’d hate to make him cry.

  407. @babyfox: Nnnnuuuuu! I totally missed your message back there. We’ll miss you. I’ll miss you. Good luck on you’re exams–Swayze will be with you I’m sure.

  408. @ibiki: i find it hard to believe tho that the senju and uchiha formed the hidden leaf then all the other clans came along afta as that is way over half of the people we have seen in the manga. in fact have we ever herd of any other people named senju??

  409. @babyfox it will be like in the last manga except instead of jiraiya and minato at your back youll have the swayze and captain planet (-:

  410. @grimmjowfan agreed but madara says the whole like main village is senju… so its possible it did just start senju and uchiha and everyone else came along… its just not that long of a stretch

  411. @grimmjow: Konoha was founded either during or after a great ninja war, and the First did unite a bunch of other clans. That’s cannon. Uchiha was among them–Madara being rival and right hand man to the 1st. Also cannon.

    But uniting these other families into a village does not make them part of a clan.

    Families don’t get adopted into clans, it’s completely counter to the culture. Your clan, your ancestors, define you and you have no existence but for those identities. That’s why Asian cultures put surnames or clan names first. That’s also part of why Naruto is such an outcast in this world–he has no clan.

    No other Senju? Are you sure? Tsunade is the only known Senju–ever hear anyone refer to her clan name? Just because you haven’t heard the name doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Also, she may be a daughter of the 1st’s daughter–in fact the 1st and 2nd may have all had girls (which also might explain Sarutobi as Hokage). Senju sons–who pass on the name could have all died in wars. That means no one would carry the Senju name, but still have Senju blood.

    Jiraiya also has no known clan name, and yet Nidaime (according to hair theory, which isn’t much) seems a likely ancestor.

  412. ibi, you can’t make me cry, well you can, but not about the senju thing… it may be my hot air, but there is no proof that the fourth is related to the first and second, much less Tsunade, they would have made that argument back when Jiraya was explaining her qualifications “part of the sanin, blah, blah, blah, granddaughter of the first, great neice of the second (okay i put that in there, but it works) ohh, yeah, she was a second cousin to the fourth” show me that and i’ll believe you…

  413. well, what i think is that kakashi is still alive…during one of kishi’s interviews he said something about someone later losing their eye sight. And in that flashback of obito he said something about last time he would see for obito, maybe its just the last time he can use that eye. Besides why would the hokages summon protect a dead body from the explosion??? seems like a waste if he was really dead. —-dude thats a good point!

  414. Naruto should have said : Try it again if you dare. I’ll show you what the true pain is, Motherf’rs!!!!!!!

  415. phhh, hair means bull crap as far as tracing ancestory, Tsunade’s hair is nothing like the firsts hair and she is his grandaughter… Sure Kakashi’s hair looked like his dads (cannon), but it also looks like the second’s, and jirayas… are you saying that the hatake are descended of the second and somehow kakashi and Jiraya are some how related… plus how do factor in that the fact that the fourth and NAruto are the only blond hair blue eyed people in the whole damn show, definently not because they are related to a bunch of people who had either white hair, or really dark brown… oro doesn’t have a clan name either… Actually if you want to go hair than, those who have black hair and use fire are somehow related to the uchihas, those who have brown hair and use water or earth, or white hair and use lightning and water, than you can use the senju… that still leaves Naruto and the fourth completely out of the picture, they don’t even have the same eyes as Tsunade (she has light brown), and you can’t use the chakra to define them (in fact you’re more likely to match up with the sarutobi’s)… so until kishi right’s somehting that outlines where naruto and the fourth come from, i’m going to stick with my point of view that he is not related to the senju… plus if kishi is really bono, i expect that to happen against my favor…

  416. @Alec: but that’s just it, you shot yourself down. They didn’t mention that Nidaime was her uncle-of-some-sort, so why would they mention if she’s 3rd cousin once removed from Minato?

    And I’m not trying to convince you my DNA theories are right, I’m just saying your point about Senju being a bunch of different clans is theory.

  417. yeah, and i still think they are cause why would Madara want to destroy a village when all the senju have been wiped out, or no there any more?

    but exactly, i’m just saying all these theories on people being related are stupid… so just stop because half of them don’t make sense… and thanks for taking my viewpoint on Naruto not being related to the previous hierarchies of the village…

  418. Naruto should have said: I will never forgive you for this !!! I swear I will kill you!!!

  419. haha maybe kishi is a nazi and uses blonde hair and blue eyes to show minato and narutos supremecy over everyone else…

    also the hair just shows a connection of some sort… it doesnt have to be blood

    if you look you can kind of see that sarutobi jiraiya minato kakashi and naruto all have that similar hair its all jagged and stuff haha

  420. Alec: taking your viewpoint about Naruto, LMAO, nice try. I should have said, symbolically, Naruto has no clan. This makes him a total reject in terms of the Japanese culture: he’s loud, he’s abrasive, he brags, he talks before he listens, he disrespects his elders/shows no respect for clan ranks and he has no clan identity to give him just a little benefit of the doubt.

    And that’s why the CLAN speculation is important. Not because of the ‘ships, but because Kishi’s made those clan bonds really important to jutsu, skills and plot points. History repeats because our ancestors’ sins come back to haunt us until we get it right.

    Kishi’s brought in traditional Japanese cultural values, revering and shattering them at the same time.

    THAT’s why I think Naruto is somehow Senju, but we’re not likely to know that until the very end of the story. That fact will be his ultimate redemption in the eyes of his society…and the ultimate lesson to them for being such douchebags about his ‘lack of clan’.

  421. @Ibiki I’m with you… Senju is Senju… Uchiha is Uchiha… And those who feared them, or could see a peaceful life living protected by the strongest, joined them!

    And I think there’s a connection between Jiraya and Naruto. Maybe Fourth’s father died on some ninja Wars. So only Jiraya lived. Also, I think Jiraya has somekind of clan – like Orochimaru and Tsunade. Where Jiraya known frogs? Maybe his clan is related with the frogs!

    And Senju Hashirama gave one bijuu for each country… So I bet make a Biju could some kind of technique of his, just like Kakuzu collected some hearts. (
    Also I think that the ultimate Sharingan jutsu is related with rejuvenation or anything related with immortality.

  422. @ibiki: to rival the uchiha clan the seju caln must have been extreemely big and to have not seen any senju ninja is very strange. this leads me to think that the clan really was a bunch of clans that united under the first.

  423. He should’ve said something like: Give me some ramen!

  424. i also dont believe that every ninja NEEDS to be part of a clan. that may have been the case before the villages were founded but now it seems asif families have simply entered their children into the ninja academy. we have never seen any other harunos. although asuma says he was proud to be of the sarutobi clan the only known members are the 3rd and his 2 sons and their imediate family. this means a clan could simply be a small family upto a very large one. u have the hyuga clan which has different houses but its obviously nowhere near as large as the uchiha were.

    also talking about jutsus being related to clans. the first was head of senju and we know that other than yamato through experiments noone else can use wood jutsu. compared to the uchiha and hyuga the senju clan is more a big mismash of smaller clans.

  425. How about first a panel of Naruto looking seriously saying your dead. Then jump to that panel going your Dead Mother F#r!!

  426. The hair theory is a simple one because usually in the manga family members have the same hair, shika, chou, kiba and his mother. But families can also be recognized by similar activities such as the thirds and asuma’s smoking and again kiba and his mothers abrasive or aggresive personality.

    Kakashi is in no way related to the second, that would be known and talked about, and no one would have had a problem with him being a jonin at the age of 13 or whatever.

    the senju are a collection of clans, together they were the most powerful of all. they wanted to add in the uchiha to this meshed family structure to keep peace i nthe general area of the fire country. The uchiha was an individual clan. we all know this because they showed us a picture of the two clans and uchiha had all black hair and relitivly the same kind of dress( sorry to use the hair theory), while the senju had all different styles of hair, white, gray, black.


    1) he cant use ice because that would be dumb of the writers to have a character (haku) say he was the last of his clan then have naruto somehow be related
    2) water is a smart choice because im not sure but tsunade said that naruto’s mom was from same country and i think it was a country that had water in some way related to its name…, but also it could be in some relation to sasuke. What im saying is that naruto already has wind which helps sasuke’s fire moves but stops his electric ones, if we add water in the it would help complete the win lose situation we have because water would amplify a lightning jutsu but stop his fire jutsu.

  427. @grimmjowfan Man… Look at my point of view… There were two very powerful clans… Everybody feared them! They decide to made a truce. WHY OTHER CLANS THAT HAD TERRITORIES NEAR WOULDN’T JOINED THEM? It’s better for everybody… They could be protected against wars and live a peaceful life, just because enemies would think two times before attack a region protected by Uchiha’s and Seju’s. (Especially when we remember that Hashirama had every tail beast. Maybe could have existed other ones that did not have tail.)

    There’s no need to mix clans… If they were powerful, they were proud of their clan’s name. Konoha is big, but has its own clans peacefuly existing. Obviously there will be commom jutsus… And clan’s high level secret jutsus – like sharingan, byakugan, moukuton. And just to say… We don’t have any information that the Second and Tsunade couldn’t cast Moukuton.

    Also I think Hanzou is alive! (

    And maybe there would exist some others much powerful limit bloodlines. Even if Naruto were from Senju, I cannot imagine him using wood element… I can imagine him using Earth and Fire… But Wood and Water… So I hope that Naruto’s mother had one astonishing limit bloodline.

    Naruto’s being from Senju could mix Sasuke’s ideals. Maybe Kishi want to say “the new generation don’t have to be blamed by old generation’s errors”.

  428. @grimmjow said: to rival the uchiha clan the seju caln must have been extreemely big and to have not seen any senju ninja is very strange. this leads me to think that the clan really was a bunch of clans that united under the first.

    Big? That’s a leap in logic. Powerful, yes. Both clans were descended from 2 men, they were likely small when Konoha was founded.

    It is strange not to have seen any senju, especially when so much of the manga has turned on clan issues and history repeating.

    So? Why the silence? I’ve given you my reasons. And I’ve listened to yours, but they don’t make sense to me given the culture. Clans don’t adopt other families; the whole point of clan reverence is to grant immortality to your ancestors.

  429. @Fuutonsavior
    Here’s her country: Whirlpool Country. (

  430. gotta say im impressed with the knowledge of the actual japanese culture history but there has to be a plausible theory as to why we havent seen anyone with the name senju. when the first taught the third and the 2 elders we see they arent called senju. and this cant be too long after the founding of konoha. tbh it seems more likely that the senju clan was a full of smaller clans than to have a village of senju members who have never even been mentioned or seen. i understand the point of the clan history and ancestors being important to a clan but it gives no reason why there cant be very different faccions tht were orringinally diff calns.

  431. @Fuutonsavior: Still not logical. Uchiha have an obvious kekkei genkai that has always been considered powerful. Don’t you think they might have tried to preserve that with a little inbreeding in their past? Quite possibly, they look alike because the gene pool is small.

    The Senju don’t appear to have that ‘problem’ and so even the brothers we know about (1st and 2nd) are not clones of each other. This doesn’t mean they are adopted brothers, though, so to say Senju is a bunch of unrelated clans is a huge leap. AND your statement relies on hair theory, which just as easily makes Jiraiya Minato’s daddy. Pffft. Maybe he is, and I kind of hope so, but I’m not going to spout that crap off like fact because…it’s pure speculation.

  432. Maybe Kishi was hiding some people names just to create onother discussion between us. Remeber that Japanese mangaka need to creates an evolution on his characters… And this happens with the elements that forms a history too!

    Back then, who dreamed to ask yourself about elements chakra? We only thought that it was a jutsu and didn’t need some requeriments. But elemental chakras were inserted just to enrich the history line. Back then Kishi have talked about limit bloodlines, but didn’t give details. Now it’s the time for Bloodlines. Like in past, Kishi talked about yin-yang chakra, but did not reveal details either! After bloodlines, probably it will be the next. And the evolution continues… If there’s no evolution, our history will come to an end!

    I will not be surprised to see some chars without clan’s name until now being Senju. There’s also a possibility that Kyubii could have destroyed Senju’s house. And this could have been the trigger to kill all Uchihas.

  433. yeah i see wat ur sayin but what i was trying to say was that the senju could have easily defeated certian clans such as the hyuga ( dont know how to spell it) and and many others, in return the loosing clans could have decided to form an alliance’s with the senju, thus uniting under the senju banner.

  434. @Ibiki Teishi Now I have to desagree with you… Jiraya didn’t had kids. (

    I think that maybe he was Minato’s uncle.

  435. i agree with futtonsavior 100% buh it may not have even had to be a fight tho i dotn see wat stops alliances of clans

  436. @grimmjow: I’ve already given the most common reason for a clan name to disappear: daughters.

  437. @Fuutonsavior I don’t think so… I think that the formation of Konoha was just to unite clans without the need to join the name Senju.

    Many Clans in War -> 2 of them were stronger (Senju and Uchiha) -> Those 2 decide to make an aliance and construct a city

    I’m from a weak clan that lives around the area of the city. Of course I’m gonna join them to archieve peace! What I have to loose? I’m gonna have free militar defense from the 2 most powerful clan from the Era!!!! When we have fear from strongers… We have those who follow them… (Nurarihyon No Mago’s logic hahahaha)

  438. @Fuutonsavior: alliance with a clan is not the same thing as being in the clan, tho. Sorry if I misunderstood you.

  439. @ibiki: i understand that the name may dissapear buh can u rele expect it to alm,ost dissapear completely?? were there no sons born at all? i could be wrong and there could be many senju living in konoha that havent been mentioned. but wouldnt daughters marry other clan members to keep it going because as u stated erlier the idea was to keep the imortality of ancestors and it seems as if because of marriage issues the clan name has died out :S but i guess we cant know for sure

  440. @Makumbaum: re Jiraiya’s statement about never having kids…better to say he never raised kids. You honestly think that old perv doesn’t have a few er, ‘heirs’ running around?

  441. @千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi: no prob

    @Makumbaum: so wat ur saying is that senju and uchiha formed an alliance then the others followed? cause that could have also happened, but sadly we dont know the order of events, but wat we do know is that the uchiha kept very exclusive even when they did form an alliance with the senju they had there own sector in the village for uchiha’s only. Unless forced to comply to an alliance by force, i dont think they would do ur idea.

  442. @Fuutonsavior: I think that’s because Madara was the leader. He sacrificed his brother to became powerful (if it’s really true), and could not became supreme leader of the village. But that aside… I bet that Madara were envious. Like Sasuke were when Naruto was stronger. Madara wanted to be aknowledge as the most powerful ninja becaming Hokage. So he tried to use this event to start a coup d’etat. But the Uchiha’s didn’t agree. So he take Kyubii and attempted to attack Konoha. Maybe he caused some casualties during this event – e.g. maybe destroying Senju’s house. So the remain village clans saw Uchihas as trouble to maintain peace… And then Uchihas, moved by that diffidence, tried to became leaders of the village. But Itachi killed them (if it’s true).

    That’s part of history could be explained by a new char linked to Minato. That’s why I hope to see an old friend of the fourth… Or Narutos mother… Or even someone linked to Naruto’s mother. Another new char wouldn’t be bad to extend the history and explain more about the fight against Kyubii. There’s many mysteries behind this attack!!!

  443. Speaking of clans what clan is Naruto from ? Thats bothered me for the longest what is that crest on his shoulder ?

  444. ok where do i read the new ones my sorce stopped at 429

  445. well uzumaki is supposed to be some clan from one of the water villages… i forget the exact name…. he got this name from his mother seeing as how he doesnt know his father was the fourth

  446. Best line there would have been:
    “You THINK you know pain. I’ll show you pain.”
    as a more in your face line.

    Or go for the Narutocliche “I was baptized in pain but my friends helped me out of the sadness. Let’s make up and kick Mandara’s and Sasuke asses !

  447. What about the crest? I thought pervy named him in one of his books? and Minato ran with it….

  448. lol can Naruto FINALLY become a jounin? I mean COME ON!!!!!!!! hes like frickin awesome, he showed the sage mode, showed rasengan which is a A-rank move, so is shadowclone, and also how bout the fact that he has different rasengans.


  449. lol the name imaginative guy is gay(Im him) but dont u guys think so? I mean cmon srsly Sagemode and by himself its like 1 hit K.O. to that lazer head, then what if he did sagemode which gave him awesome power then he does like a 1000 bunshins then he does rasengan, and since its sagemode he doesnt even need the shadowclone to charge his up anymore.
    for those who disagree with that: that was a moment’s notice theres no way he couldve charged, then ran, THEN hit that guy.

  450. @ ibi- your missing the whole point, There could have been senju clan which the first and second were part of… but i’m saying that they could have joined with other clans and then they picked the senju name as there banner because of the strength of the first… I have no problem with saying nruto and the fourth come from this original group, but saying the are related to the other hokages in any way is absurd. The senju could have been like a mini-village before they joined with the uchihas to make the powerful enough group of konoha. Otherwise, why would madara refer to the leaf as senju, when there are none. Senju seems to mean anybody in the leaf, not of Uchiha blood… that makes more sense in saying the uchihas were betrayed by the non-uchiha leaf ninjas… thus the senju…

  451. 😀 I love you Alec, you nerdlinger. YOU’re missing the point. ^.^

    See, you can’t just get together with your homies and say ‘yo, our posse is now a clan, straight up.’ It’s completely counter to the culture of filial piety, ancestor worship and…the will of fire.

    I’d be more likely to believe that Nidaime had 100 daughters and strategically married them into the Hyuugas, Yamanakas, Aburames, Akimichis, Naras, Morinos, Uminos, Mitearishis, Sarutobis and yes, even Uchihas.

  452. Sooooo, nobody knows what that crest is?

  453. omfg, yes i get your point, but i’m not saying that those clans joined the senju clan… i’m saying they all got together and stayed seperate clans but went under the organizational banner called senju (aka thousand skills) which they wood (yes the pun was freakin intended) much like they all gathered under the organizational name Konoha… it has nothing to do with breaking down family tradition cuase they obviously kept there clans, but they joined under the name senju as an identification amongst the other villages…

    not to freaking mention, it is the daughters who lose there names why is Naruto’s name Uzumaki, when his dad’s last name was namikaze… get your own facts right before you walk in here with your damn crack pot theories…

    and i’m not ranting at you ibi, i’ve just had a bad day, sorry for making you the source

  454. lol, Alec, of any of the monkeys in here I’m the one most likely to take your ranting as it is intended and find it funny as hell. No worries. Sorry you had a crap day. Now…we were saying…

    Psh. Uniting under a banner is NOT a clan. Having a thousand jutsus and specialists of diverse skills does not mean people are unrelated–it points to a diverse gene pool (the opposite of what the Uchiha and other clans with single unique talents would have focused on). Hashirama and Tobirama didn’t have family names in .:addition:. to Senju and what you are suggesting is that Senju is a political alliance not a blood clan. The evidence of their names (Senju Hashirama, Senju Tobirama) testifies against that.

    Naruto’s named Uzumaki and Kiba’s named after his mom–because there is no known dad. Go back and look here: Why is Kushina embarrassed? Why does Jiraiya act surprised to see her? Or is it her belly he’s surprised to see? OR both? And the next shot is her looking at her swollen belly. Notice they are not in the Hokage tower but in a homey kitchen. Kushina’s apartment? No, Jiraiya would have expecter her to be there. Minato may not be hokage yet, and he and Kushina aren’t officially a family by these reactions. There are lots of reasons why they would keep their child a secret, but I think we’re going to have to wait and see.

    And…I have my facts straight!!! But you’ve had a bad day so I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that. (I think I’d be less offended if you called me a stupid ho.)

    Psst…Alec, I think we may have frightened them. Quick, hide their pipe while they’re distracted.

  455. ibiki… thats completely absurd. nidaime had 100 daughters and stragegically married them into other clans… its like saying all residents of leaf are all blood related cos they fixed all marriages of individuals in the village.

    i find alec previous comment make more sense. 1st hokage together with his clan (bro and relatives) and other different clans decided to form a group and name that group as Senju clan.

    theres no way to back up senju clan is a real clan. if it were, what happen to all senjus? the remaining reference we could do is look at the history of hidden leaf how it was formed, and do this quick math.

    all hidden leaf clans – uchiha clan = remaining clans are part of senju clan

    (if hidden leaf was formed by two groups: uchiha and senju clans.)

    theres no way to back it up, but go think about it logically. if uchiha clan that madara lead back in the day were all uchiha and i cant see any equal amount of senju clan as uchiha but just different clans exist in konoha.. what thats tell you… senju is merely a banner name of the group of the first hokage that belongs.

    go criticize my comment. im open for any arguments, but i stand what alec belief on the senju clan that is a banner name choosen by different clans that 1st hokage belongs to.

  456. Minato had the crest too…Does anyone have a brakedown of the clan crests?

  457. all im saying senju clan is not like uchiha who is only family clan, but rather have dozen clans consisting it. we could say jiraiya (?), namikae, sarutobi, hyuuga, hatake and other clans today are successors of those other clans exist within senju.

    to make short, senju clan is clan within clans of elite ninja that the first hokage formed. thats why eventhough uchiha was wiped in the earth… konoha is one of the strongest village because its still ruled senju clans…

  458. AAAARGH!!!where’s my fix!!I wANT MY fix!!!Who hid my pipe!!……I cant take it….my pupils are dilating…i need my crack…i…need….itt……….!(lighting cracks.!thunder all around)

    Noone…..takes…my….FIX!!!(WILD BLINDING FLASH OF LIGHT!)

    *harshytkage goes ssj 5*

    scares the shit outta whoever hid his pipe and takes it back!
    *he then black out*

    Wha…what happened guys?

  459. all im saying senju clan is not like uchiha who is only family clan, but rather have dozen clans consisting it. we could say jiraiya (?), namikae, sarutobi, hyuuga, hatake and other clans today are successors of those other clans exist within senju.

    to make short, senju clan is a clan within clans of elite ninjas that the first hokage formed. this makes sense to back up that konoha is considered as the most powerful village in ninja, and despite of the uchiha massacre that happened, madara knows konoha is still swarm by successor clans of senju. thats why he is cautious with his identify to so the konoha wont know he is still alive and plotting something sinister.

  460. @mod. why this got deleted what? this should be on top of my first post.

    ibiki… thats completely absurd. nidaime had 100 daughters and stragegically married them into other clans… its like saying all residents of leaf are all blood related cos they fixed all marriages of individuals in the village.

    i find alec previous comment make more sense. 1st hokage together with his clan (bro and relatives) and other different clans decided to form a group and name that group as Senju clan.

    theres no way to back up senju clan is a real clan. if it were, what happen to all senjus? the remaining reference we could do is look at the history of hidden leaf how it was formed, and do this quick math.

    all hidden leaf clans – uchiha clan = remaining clans are part of senju clan

    (if hidden leaf was formed by two groups: uchiha and senju clans.)

    theres no way to back it up, but go think about it logically. if uchiha clan that madara lead back in the day were all uchiha and i cant see any equal amount of senju clan as uchiha but just different clans exist in konoha.. what thats tell you… senju is merely a banner name of the group of the first hokage that belongs.

    go criticize my comment. im open for any arguments, but i stand what alec belief on the senju clan that is a banner name choosen by different clans that 1st hokage belongs to.

    @mod. why this got deleted what?

  461. Reflections on the Senju Debate….

    I believe that the name Senju is the adopted name for a collective of united clans and the honorary name given to its first leaders. It makes sense to assume this since the name Senju translates roughly to “1000 skills”. No one clan has that many unique techniques in its arsenal. However I understand that the number 1000 is likely an exaggeration. It might have been their intention to tag themselves as such to serve as a intimidating psychological factor against their rivals, primarily the Uchihas who lacked variety in skill and technique. Each group stood behind their strongest members, The First Hokage and Madara Uchiha respectively. It makes the most sense to assume that the Uchihas were not the same in composition as the Senju. The Uchihas were mostly likely a single clan with homogeneous traits and skills, unlike the Senju, who were made up of many clans with many skills.

    I think the reason that we don’t hear the name “Senju” brought up anymore is explained by the natural progression of the manga. The theme of Naruto is evolution/succession (new generation surpassing previous ones).As time passed, the Fire country stabilized and wars became less frequent. There was less of a need to rally behind the Senju identity now that the Uchiha were more or less allies. Thus the clans become more independent. They established new identities more closely associated with their clans unique abilities. However, there is still an emphasis on preserving a joint identity, of responsibility and pride. The Senju title was dropped for the over used catch phrase “Preserving the Will of Fire”. That phrase really expresses the themes of the manga, evolution and individuality, but at the same time, ironically, speaks of the Konoha’s history and the important group unity that help create it.

  462. im thinking that naruto has somehow convinced the fox to channel the sage chakra for him unless he is so badass he managed to comeplete it while moving

  463. @Alec: Sorry… But Wikia said “It is very well possible that the Senju clan disbanded into smaller clans and families […]”. It didn’t said “The Senju clan was disbanded”.

    Well… I don’t think that Minato and Jiraya were from Senju. But that could be a good way for Kishi to proceed. This can creates another fight between Senjus and Uchiha. Also it can shows that there’re things that must have remain in the past for the success of the Next Generation. That could be one Kishimoto’s message.

    @Amun-Ra: I think that crest is related with Namikaze’s or Uzumaki clan. If it’s related to Minato, maybe Naruto uses that just to show everybody that he is the Kyubii kid. Or someone told him it was from his father and he uses that with pride. One way or other, soon this crest secret will be revealed along with Naruto’s lineage.

    Someone said something about hair styles. I partialy agree with it. But not in all cases it’s true. But to help this guy… Just take a look at this picture of Minato:

    Does someone can see the resemblance with Jiraya?

  464. Here’s the hair picture:

    The link didn’t work… Maybe it was the “”.

  465. Naruto should have said: ‘which of you motherf**kers destroyed Ichiraku’s Ramen shop??!!!???’

  466. Hey I found you website and its awesome! Thanks for showing us the close up of Naruto destroying Lazer Head as you call him(pretty good name!)I didn’t know he used the Rasengon, so that thanks for the closeup! Also Naruto’s finishing line should have been “I’ll destroy you for what you’ve done!!” Also I believe this manga is number 430. Thanks again.

  467. @Tara: welcome! I assume by your name you’re another gal, so I’d love to see you get an icon and logon and all: here. Same goes for all you other anons.

    @Harshy: you can have the pipe back, I wouldn’t dream of harshing on that awesomeness. ^.^

    (Although, I feel like I have to state…because some apparently can’t tell the difference between outrageous joke and honest statement…this is a joke. It is not true. Smoking crack is NOT awesomeness and really, NOT funny. I’m reasonably sure Harshy does not smoke crack or he wouldn’t have such beautiful comedic timing. See? That’s why it was funny, and now that I’ve had to explain it…it’s not.)

  468. Hey,@Jeremiah,@Ibiki,when is the next post coming up?

  469. @Kapatidmo: as a new commenter your are moderated at first, and sometimes it takes a bit for someone to let them through, they were not deleted.

    I don’t know you well enough to spar with you, but apparently you want my attention. At the risk of repeating myself, I will answer–but only because I don’t want it to look like I’m ignoring you. There is nothing more to say here.

    The 100 daughters was not a theory but a straw man argument to show the oversimplification fallacy in the ‘Senju is not a clan or they wouldn’t have disappeared argument’. It was a joke. You’ll find I that when I start arguing with fallacy, there is a joke in there somewhere.

    Although, 1,000 daughters (as ridiculous as that is) offers a better explanation about the disappearance of Senju than Senju not being a blood clan but an alliance. I can’t say it enough, this idea is completely counter to clan culture, and would only make sense to Westerners of European descent (generalization, a joke). It is only logical if you don’t understand what a clan is and how it works. (statement of fact, not a joke)

  470. @everyone- what ibi said is right folks….i don’t smoke crack, the timing was just to irresistable for me so i HAD to write smfin!
    P.S- Smoking crack in NOT awesomeness!
    P.S.S – Smoking anything LIKE crack ain’t awesomeness either!
    P.S.S.S – WTF smoking ain’t awesomeness in the first place!
    P.S.S.S.S. – Thanks for my pipe ibi ^^

  471. Like @Ibiki said, there’s no sense in talk about Senju clan if they’re an alliance of many clans! Obviously Senju was an independent clan, as big as Uchihas. But something happened to them during Uchiha’s or Kyubii’s Attack.

    Maybe Madara killed Senju’s while Uchihas were massacred… Of even before this… During Kyubii’s attack, the nine tails could have destroied Senju’s clan house! This could have pulled the trigger for everybody suspect Uchihas. Imagine: Madara uses Kyubii to attack Konoha and massacre Senjus. But everybody thought that Madara was dead. So it became obviuous that everybody would suspect Uchihas. First because their sharingan can control Kyubii. Second cause they were the clan that always had the desire to archieve the Konoha’s leadership.

    I bet my money that into ANBU Root there were many Senjus. Maybe Senjus wanted to archieve power. But under Second’s eyes, it wasn’t good. Afterall… Three Senju Hokages, one after other, wasn’t good to improve every clans bonds. So he indicates Sarutobi as Hokage. Hanzou, that probably is a Senju, hated this decision, and founded ANBU Root.

  472. Just to correct my mistake… It’s not “Hanzou”… It’s “Danzo”.

    Also here’s his page in Wikia:
    His clan hasn’t been revealed until now.

  473. Look…i would like to state that not EVERY friggin sharingan can control the kyuubi like that japanese dude in the new WTF post…..
    Only a mangekyou can do it!
    so dont go takin it sooooooo lightly that a 8 year old kid with the 1 tomoe sharingan could pet the kyuubi and not get burnt…..

    (i know this post doesnt mean abything but i like to sound all haughty and beggy once in a while ^^)

  474. i meant “braggy” instead of “beggy” in the last post. :p

  475. One more thing… I predict that Kakashi’s mouth was not revealed yet cause it’s a Limit Bloodline. Until this happens, Kishi will not kill him.

  476. @Makumbaum- you seriously believe that Kakashi’s face is a bloodline limit????? O.o

  477. i dunno about a limit bloodline… if it was so important to keep it a secret throughout the manga, then why did it not hide his father’s face when he had that firepit talk. also, in the episode when team 7 was tryin all but nothing to make kakashi show his face, why were their expressions of the owner and daughter in the ramen shop so positive.
    now if it was a bloodline limit….what could it be….and why wouldnt he have used it as a desperate last resort before using his ms. hmmmm ~Avid~

  478. the mere thought of Kakashi’s face being a bloodline limit is complete and utter trash(no offence meant)….it’s like satin that pain is modest, the kyuubi is a saint and sasuGAY is straight….SERIOUSLY!!

  479. Naruto should have muffled under his breath, “Not before Tsunade teaches ‘that’ technique to Sakura, so she doesn’t get all old and frumpy like…” and then shouted at Pain, “You killed my Sensei, now you must Die!”

  480. tsnade would have died if not for naruto why was she just standing there

  481. i think kakashi is dead

  482. look at his pic

  483. naruto should have said: eh that wasnt oscar stuff…but what do u think pain, golden globe?

  484. imo,he should have said something along the lines of “pain,im gonna kick your ass so hard u ll be reincarnated with a sore arse”
    feel free to alter it into somthn even better^^
    btw,whats this im reading about the possibility of kakashis face beeing a kekkei genkai?we all now kakashi to b a “smell” user,much like kiba.iff u recall the 1st shippuuden movie we saw gitai,another smell user who also covered his face.imo,iff kakashi didnt cover his nose,he’d simply be overwhelmed with smells.try it urself,go on a bender and see what happens to your hearing when u have the mother of all headaches^^

  485. If Kakashi were really dead they would not continue to draw him in each chapter of the recent manga issues. They are simply building the suspense for his return in the aftermath section of this arc. He is too important of a character to dismiss at this point in the story. He was also foreshadowed by Jariaya and Tsunade to be the next best option for an eligible Hokage.

    Additionally why put forth all the effort to begin developing a back story for his father if you are going to kill the character off. I disagree strongly that Kakashi is going to be written out of the manga.

  486. ok the way i see it is senju was a group of clans… one clan doesnt have 1000 techniques, i think it was named that to show the diversity of clans, and they battles uchiha who was just family which led to the alliance and bla bla blaaaa… but is senju ever used as a name for the first or second hokage?

  487. Wait a minute there, hold up, Renzy. One clan doesn’t have 1,000 techniques? Impossible you say? Just what do they say about Kakashi to emphasize that he knows a lot of jutsu? What do the they say about the Professor? Huh? Now how can you say a clan cannot have this 1,000 techniques (which is clearly a figure of speech) when these two individuals have both been described by that phrase in either the manga or anime?

  488. Question on an different subject.

    Cartoon Network is about to finish up these horrible filler Naruto episodes. They are at 206 now, leaving 14 more episodes, that will make April 11th 2009 the final Naruto episode (if they do not skip a weekend).

    Do you guys think they will do the Naruto to Naruto:Shippuden transition like they did with Dragonball Z and wait 2 years to show Dragonball GT? Or could we possibly see english translated episodes in the US by the end of 2009 or early 2010?

    About the debate above between Ibiki and Renzy, I am going to have to side with Ibiki. Kakashi may not actually have 1000+ jutsu, but I’d be willing to bet he knows a few hundred iterations of the various Jutsu I have listed below. He may be like the Bubba Gump of Jutsu thanks to his Sharingan.

    Basic and unique genjutsu’s with his sharingan
    Earth element jutsu
    Water element jutsu
    Lightning element jutsu
    Fire element jutsu
    Wind element jutsu
    Shape manipulation jutsu (Rasengan)
    Shape + Elemental jutsu (Chidori and lightening blade)
    Clone jutsu & Sexy no jutsu too I bet
    Time and space jutsu (like he did with Deidara’s arm and explosion)
    Summoning Jutsu (his dogs)
    Sealing jutsu (like he did with Sasuke’s curse mark)
    Substitution Jutsu
    I do not know if Taijutsu counts, but he is no slacker there either
    And probably a huge amount of useless knowledge he does not find practical in battle. Like the empty bottle of beer substitution jutsu to refill his pint of Guinness.

    Take that same level of talent and multiply it by an entire clan of war torn shinobi and it becomes possible for a clan to have 1000 jutsu collectively. Kakashi has this many jutsu in a time of peace, what would war time conditions permit him to copy?

  489. Actually the only elemental jutsu that Kakashi hasn’t casted was Fuuton. He already have used Raikon, Suiton, Doton and Katon. He, along with Sarutobi, were known as those who can use every ninjutsu at Konoha. Obviously, it is exaggerated. But… If Sarutobi knew all basic elemental (and even yin yang and Fouth’s seal technique), his Senju masters could knew too.

    I think that Kakashi’s mouth is related with his father’s title – White Fang. Maybe he could lose himself using this technique and hasn’t used (or mastered) it yet. I bet it’s something like Sage Mode – if you can’t properly master it, you turn into a frog… So… That’s what I’m waiting…

    Here’a page abou Kakashi’s father ( But definetly… Those informations hadn’t appeared in manga, so read carefully.

  490. Also… Jiraya and Naruto carrying that tome… Harashima Senju carried one too (

    @Ibiki’s theory could be possible… But I cannot see Naruto making trees… If he turn out to be a senju, Kishi will have the obligation to make he use wood jutsu. But if he’s from a totally different and powerful clan, that had not yet shown… It opens more possibilities. Actually could have existed some small and powerful clans different from Senju and Uchiha – like Kimimaro’s clan.

  491. Here is a shot of him using the scroll on his back in battle against Madara.

    And a nice Uchiha family photo. That is a bunch of Sharingans.

  492. For Jiraiya and the rest of my village I swear that the pain brought on by you won’t even feel like a pinch compared to what I do to you …. B1@τ©h

  493. naruto should have said- I CAN NEVER FORGIVE YOU NOT EVER

  494. Alsooo Minato left a scroll to naruto and he knows flying thunder god jutsu

  495. @ibi kakashi has all those techniques because of sharingan which is an uchiha thing… not senju, and by professor you mean the third right? those scrolls naruto stole in like the first couple chapters i believe have all the seperate clans jutsus in them, and they are entrusted to the hokage… this of course is also after they all join too haha

  496. what im saying is that each clan specializes in their own techniques like shikamaru with his shadow shit and chouji with his rediculous growth jutsus… i think they called it all senju because they brought all of the seperate techniques together… obviousely just speclation

  497. @Renzy: and where do you think that scroll collection came from? Senju clan kicked everyone’s a$$ and scrolled up the jutsus. Your argument is still not logical. The point is, if one individual (such as Kakashi or the Third) can be said to be master of 1,000 jutsu, there is nothing to prevent an entire clan from having 1,000.

  498. @ibi sorry i reread and came up with a better theory thats closer to yours… they basically say it in the manga that after uchiha and senju made their alliance they formed a pact with the land of fire which contained konoha… so yea youre right senju was an individual clan like uchiha

  499. Renzy: lol. I don’t have a theory about this, I’m just trying to get you guys to draw logical conclusions.

    BTW, you have to check the Contest comments…I think I just died laughing.

  500. oh, and #500!!!!!!!!


    ok question where are the pins in 398/13?

  502. This is kinda outta the way but remember way back when naruto was talking to itachi and he gave him some kind of power, i think it lets him counter sharingan.

  503. “You say you know true pain… not till I’m threw with you!”

  504. Uzumaki Naruto should have yelled…

    You say you know true pain… NOT YET!

  505. naruto is look very powerfool but when manga 431 comes out?

  506. yeah im lateing to see what kinda of power he gived to naruto

  507. I have developed a theory on a possible connection between Madara and Dazou. What if Madara lied about his brother dying and in reality Dazou is Madara’s Brother. It would explain why they resemble each other. My thoughts are that Madara may have only taken one of his brothers eyes (since that’s all they show in the flashback), which would explain why Madara only uses one sharingan, and Danzou has a bandage over one eye.

    My theory has holes, but in my humble opinion still isn’t as crazy as some of the theories out there. What do you think?

  508. Ok i found naruto 430 AT lot better scanned at
    and the last page says ONCE and for all. Not lets finish this. One manga translations sucks.

  509. a little to spice up the naruto – senju connection-

    Anyone remember 106’s little bro nawaki and his resemblance to naruto!…guess it is based on the hair theiry but neverthless..

  510. @ibi – not judjin or nefin but i think lastscorpion pwned everyone in the fanfic contest ^^

  511. naruto should have said : This saves me a lot of trouble finding you .

  512. after much thought I have decided what naruto should have said. Yippee ki yay mother fucker.

  513. @iamnotreallyhere: Good theory. It could be possible!

    @harshytkag: It could be possible. But remember that there are some manga where chars resemble, but doesn’t have any type of connection. Like when someone just looks like the girl’s father or something like this. Does anybody here ever readed Kurohime? It’s an example!!! But again… It’s pretty possible. And maybe Kishi is trying to tell us this using the scroll…

    (But again… Even though it could be cool… I just can’t see Naruto casting wood jutsu. And the if that’s the point… What’s the crest meaning? I thought the crest had sometype of connection with his mother. But Fourth was using it: So there’s a high probability that it’s related with his clan! But… By one way or the other, both will be cool!!! Kishi beats every mangaka!)

  514. Naruto should have yelled out “NEXT!” or my favorite, “You’re a real pain in the ass!

  515. Naruto says: ,,Your days as God are over!!!”

  516. @ iamnotrelehere: u see madara aty one point with both his eyes with the mangekyo sharingan and u also see both his brothers eyes bleeding where theyve been taken

  517. @iamnotrelehere: in one chapter we see madara with both his eyes having the mangekyo and we see his brother with both eyelids closed and bleeding. and its always reffered to as plural “eyes” nt eye. also u do see his brother dead in a coffin. thts the 1 way to show someone is actually dead in a manga.

  518. I’m offshore til the 14th, and these people are stingy with the internet. But, I covertly got online and got the latest issue, and stopped here to say, “hi”.

    Naruto should have said, “you got to ask yourself one thing, ‘Am I feeling luck?’ Well, are you, PUNK!” – ala Dirty Harry

  519. yeah that crest probly is the symbol of naruto’s clan because his father had it and not only that looking at sasuke’s father he also had his crest on his shoulder.

    btw i cant see naruto traveling around in his sage mode clothes all the time with that scroll it doesn’t fit him well considering he is reckless and not careful at all with himself or his belongings

  520. Naruto should have said:” Stop…! Hammer Time!”

  521. @EroSennin: missed you…covert internet is better than none at all. >.<

    @fuutonsavior and others wondering about the symbol on Naruto’s left shoulder. Someone know where there’s a good shot of this?

    From what I remember it’s just a swirl symbol like on the back of every chuunin jacket–a symbol of Konoha (yeah, instead of CLAN marks…lol). Naruto probably doesn’t have a known clan symbol, so he wears the village swirl the same way Nara used to wear the circle with the slash through it, and Sasuke still wears the Uchiha winnowing fan. Now about the funny little slingshot looking ropes on either side…who knows.

  522. lol oohhhh didnt know that they all had swirl on there jacket

  523. I was thinking about how the younger ninja are now starting to surpass the older ninja in their techniques. Shikamaru, Sasuke and Naruto are growing by leaps and bounds. How do you think this growth will appear for Sakura? I would think her medical ninja skills would surpass Tsunade just as Naruto has surpassed both Kakashi and Jiraya. Thoughts anyone?

  524. if u look on google for minato and kushina u see kushina wearing the swirl. its the symbol of the former whirlpool country.

  525. “I’m returning your pain 10 fold!” or of course, “I’m going Swayze on your ass!”

  526. ok i looked at naruto’s swirl and it is different from the one on the jackets, but he doesn’t know who his mother or father is. maybe he just likes those kinds of jackets with that swirly thingy on it

  527. If it is the former whirlpool country symbol, why do all the chuunin wear it?

  528. its jus the toggle things tht makes it a former whirlppol thing. a combination of minato and kushinas heritage.

  529. ok that makes sense, I have occasionally wondered about that

  530. acutally i think the thing on his shoulder is completely whirlppol bcos its a grey swirl and the konoha ones are red but my original theory may be right too =/

  531. ive been thinking that is would have made more of a statement on how fast naruto was if in picture were the anbu was reaching for the 8itch’s tit’s that he would have said something like ‘not going to make it’

  532. does anybody know what the whirlpool country is a part of now? like what village?

  533. i think it might have been destroyed

  534. So ibi, your saying it’s more likely to have 1,000 daughters who don’t pass on the name (even though we’ve seen it happen in the manga) than a bunch of clans combining under the title banner of Senju (which i don’t disagree was the clan name of the first)? ever heard of the European Union, NATO, the UN; countries do it all the time… though a country prides itself in its name and heritage, it will join a coalition or alliance, which is led often by a stronger nation(s), which i don’t doubt the senju were a strong clan with the three siblings leading them (forerunners to the sannin?), which was composed of the first, second, and their sister. But it’s more likely that Naruto and the fourth are not from the senju CLAN but they are likely from one of the many smaller and weaker clans that joined the senju GROUP before Konoha’s founding… the name Senju was in all likelyhood dropped once Konoha and the land of FIre were created when the senju GROUP (the original senju CLAN, along with all the other smaller clans) joined the Uchiha clan…

    that’s the last you’ll hear from me on this subject until kishi writes something explaining in more detail (if he ever does)

  535. I started to look through the original chapters of Naruto and saw an image that struck a cord with me. This shows how consistent the writers direction has stayed for our members of team 7. Even in the beginning he planned for our 3 members of team 7 to replace the 3 sanin. See image below.

    Look on Naryto’s back in this slide

  536. i read somewere dont kno if its true or not but this is what i read
    when the fourth was young he was the last of his clan and all of the clan members have blonde hair blue eyes and are in a sense geunies, and he was brought up with the uchiha clan (for some reason) and i was able to keep up with then dispight them have in the sharingan, until he was a bit older when he just surpassed everyone basically.
    dont know if it is true or not.

  537. @Grimmjowfan & Anonymous-Do you always believe everything you see in a Manga? My theory revolves around the possibility that since these images were in a flashback Madara himself was narrating, that they could in fact be lies, at least in part. I will concede that my theory is wrong only when I see both of Madara’s eyes in the present,or in a flashback recalled by someone who has no potential reason to lie about it.

    I believe that almost everything Madara told Sasuke, and even Itachi, was little more than lies. I also believe that Madara allowed the Uchiha clan to be wiped out do to possible interbreeding with the Senju and that the thing that may turn Sasuke back from the dark path may be the revelation that his mother was a Senju. Keep in mind that this is all simply my opinions and theories on the matter. Still I would like to know what you think.

  538. i think naruto should of said. “time to finish what jiraiya started!”

  539. yea i think madara was lieing to
    and i also think sasuke will go blind

  540. Dude these are seriously HILARIOUS!!!!
    i think he should have said: “BITCH PLEASE! Do you WANT me to summon Chuck Norris?”
    and of course you can’t forget the lasers
    “Imma chargin’ mah lazer!!!!!!!!”
    or just “SHOOP DA WHOOP”

  541. @Alec: For something like European Union, NATO and many other… For this kind of representation, they formed the Fire Country – a place (or a flag) that represents a bunch of clans and citizens. That’s what I think… I could be wrong too…

    About the crest… They really look the same. Also they look like Naruto’s seal. Take a look at this page:

    But taking a carefull look… They have some diferences. Look at this picture of Naruto’s shoulder:
    The lines are not conected like those from Konoha’s simbol. But it could only be some kind of simplification.

    And the “Whirlpool” name make me think of some connection with Hidden Mist.

    @iamnotreallyhere: I too believe that Madara is telling some lies. Not that everything he said are lies… But maybe he’s hiding important details…

  542. fine nobody cares what i have to say, well you guys can go all take a bucket ****** and **** daniel radcliffe with it!!!!

    naw i’m jsut jarring with y’all, i can be a stubborn jackass at times and this is what i’m sticking with, so until it’s written in the manga, this is what i believe…

    @smurfclassic, you undoubtedly have read a fanfic, though i would believe they had their own clan considering the fourth and naruto are the only ones with blonde hair blue eyes in the entire series, but being raised by the uchiha is questionable considering eventually he was taught by Jiraya, though it does make some sense considering he seemed to know a lot about the nine tails and why it would appear though it hadn’t been seen since the first and madara fought…

  543. Madara obviously twisted some truths and added his story into it. Some events in the story might be truth like itachi is protecting his bro, but all of evil remarks towards senju that the senjus are takin advantage of uchihas like uchihas had become dogs of senju is utterly shit to me. “Madara could be the one responsible of the uchiha massacre.” (he said himself, he seeks revenge toward those uchihas that betrayed him) So his reason is more convincing than the uchihas are planning to coupdetat. theres no reason for uchiha to do a coupdetat if youre living in peace in konoha. we can see that on some scenes of uchiha that theyre not living in hell so theres no reason for a revolution to merge.

    I also still dont believe Tobi is madara. Idk if the first hokage is damn stupid that he would let Madara live if he knows madara is the one stirring up the civil war in konoha between senju and uchiha. The Tobi we know could be Madara’s twin bro, and disguising and takin his well-known bro name as his. Either way, he somehow got hands of Madara’s dead body in the valley of the death and took his bro power even the nine tail fox, and later he used that gained power to unleash the nine tail fox to bring destruction to konoha but failed when the 4th interferred with his plan and seal the 9th tail fox into his son naruto. For all that years had passed, he stayed in the dark plotting his next move. Then he continue his vengeance to the clan that betrayed his bro. and the rest is history after

    And one more thing regards this chapter, Im pretty damn sure Madara let Pain do the suicide mission (to capture naruto) to see Naruto if he have control/tame the 9th tail fox sealed in within him and if he did tame, theres no use for madara to capture naruto and unseal/break/suck out the 9th tail fox from him because naruto and the 9th tail fox had already compromise to each other that he will grant his freedom, but becoming his ally whenever naruto needs him he would lend his power to him. (you can use your imagination that naruto isnt stupid to completely trust the fox, and take further security and give him a another seal like the neji seal that forbids the fox to disobey naruto). you can say naruto will be like madara with the nine tail fox in his side but not like madara that take full advantage of the fox.

    hmmm small essay i did here. hehehee

  544. dude the thought of tobi not being madara is… well i dont know wat it is…. he is madara, his bro is dead, he killed him no other way to get manyeko sharingan. first hokage probly had more important things to do then chase a rogue ninja around. Probly had to found his newly formed village. then he could deal with some one he knew he could defeat/madara.

  545. Naruto’s shoulder swirl looks like it really is his family crest.

  546. @kapatidmo: Man… You’ve got a good theory here… I don’t think it’ll happens… But just to help you… Have you ever thought that Danzo could be Madara’s little brother? He could have gotten one of Madara’s eye whe he died. So his Sharingan became always active and he needs to cover this. Even though I don’t think it’s true, it’s only to help you.

    My opinio is that Madara massacred Senjus during Kyubii event. So every clan on the village started to susect Uchihas. Again, Madara fill Itachi’s head with bull shits and conviced him to kill Uchihas. Also I think Danzo is a Senju that hated everybody cause Senjus had the idea of found a village, and stay at the top forever. But Second Hokage indicated Sarutobi as his sucessor.

    But this place is to for everybody expose the ideas. And if Danzo is Madara, maybe it could help you @kapatidmo. It’s quite possible. Danzo always cover his right eye. And Madara always cover his left eye. Even though I don’t wanna see this… It’s quite possible!

    About the theory of control Naruto… I don’t think so. Maybe Sharingan can control more Bijus, and that’s why Madara offered a Biju to Sasuke. And if that’s true, there’s no need to stay with a stubborn Jinchuurik like Naruto. Also… I think that Pain could be killed now, but not Nagato. There’re tons of pictures showing him as the one who control the Biju’s extraction process. Nagato seems to be an impressive character. Even when Itachi fought Kakashi, it sounded that was Nagato that had teach (or used) the jutsu to Itachi and Kisame. Look at their conversation:

    Itachi: “Even though it’s a convenient jutsu […]”

    Pein: “Humm. The justu has been released.”
    Sasori: “For the sacrifice for your jutsu […]”

    Or maybe it was the traslation… Nagato will be a key and trully powerful character.

  547. Oh! Here’s Madara offering a Tailed Beast to Sasuke:

    Those page are crucial to explain Bijus. Maybe they were formed by somekind of Hashirama’s techinique. And because of them, not cause wood jutsu, First Hokage became famous. To think that Madara could fight equaly with a man that used to have several Tailed Beasts… Maybe to counter this tailed beast, Uchihas created Kyubii – the strongest of them all.

  548. I don’t know if it’s been brought up yet but I found it weird that Naruto said

    “I feel the same presence as when I fought by Jiraiya’s side”

    or am I overlooking something??

    sorry i didn’t want to go back and read the last couple hundred posts to see if this was brought up already.

  549. well im just logging in real quick i didnt get a chance to read everything but what stood out the most was the discussion between ibi about senju and so forth.. this is what i think.. that senju is its own seperate clan.. unlike the uchihas that were specialist in fire jutsu and all that the senju had many gifted ninjas who were good at many jutsus not just on particular one. When konoha was established the senju remained among the uchihas and hyuugas and shino’s clan (forget the name) … so i think that senju is not a general clan name for all these clans to be addressed by. maybe the storyline hasnt gone long enough for us to really know what happened to the clan.

    I really think this will eventually be covered later in the story line when they reveal to Naruto about his history and i think it will be till then that they will cover further history to konoha, its ancestry and also naruto’s family history.. i can still predict that this will be held back many chapters to come due to the whole invasion of konoha, madara , and also with a further Sasugay retrieval… So unfortunately guys its still a long way in my opinion until they cover any further information about the senju clan and the 4th…
    In a whole other note…. I dont know if it was covered.. but i believe naruto’s mother is from the whirlpool country and that might just be the crest he is wearing… not to sure on it but i read it somewhere oh here manga chapter 382,and on naruto wiki well hopefully we’ll see some good stuff in the next naruto chapters… (Im hoping for it!)

  550. by the way just wanted to put up these facts i found on “The Senju clan (千手一族, Senju Ichizoku) was considered the strongest clan in the world during the war-torn era before the founding of the hidden villages.” so Senju was an established clan before the founding of the villages therefore they weren’t any other clans within them.
    “The Senju clan gained their fame in the era before the founding of the hidden villages. Where other clans focused on mastering one particular skill, the Senju had masters in all skills, from Ninjutsu, to Taijutsu, to Genjutsu.”
    So Hopefully this helps a bit to that discussion about the clans..

  551. Naruto should say, “I gonna shove his head up his ass, his head up his ass, his head up his ass…”ala Hancock.

  552. when i saw the manga with sasuke knocking the glass over i though he was going bind a bit fast for only ms a few time.

  553. i read a while back about jiraya being related to the second but i think that the only ones related to each other is the 5th and the 1st and 4th and naruto.

  554. what if madara is really Obito….eh eh?…that would explain the one eye…kakashi has the other one…tell me what you think…yes no?

  555. what if madara is really Obito…what if Obito didn’t die…the manga dosen’t say what happens to his body…dosen’t kakashi leave him to go save rin… eh eh?…that would explain the one eye…kakashi has the other one…and that would leave room for another uchiha besides sauske and itachi that is not madara or his brother…tell me what you think…yes no?

  556. sorry for the spamming my computer was fucking up and i didn’t know it was posting every time

  557. fuck…i ment tobi…what if obito is really tobi not madara…sorry

  558. i think naruto should have said: your pain shall be legendary, believe it bitch!

  559. Naruto should’ve said:”Your fight’s with me.”

  560. about the swirl crest/drawing or whatever is that..its the swirl you can see on most jounin vest printed at the back. lmao. and about the swirl on naruto jacket, its just mini version patch of that swirl. you can also see the same swirl at the wall behind him.

    not a crest of his family obviously. if it were, he has alot family even the enemies ninja that wears that jounin vest.

    regards about my post ill follow up some of new idea into it.

  561. Wat if, Tobi & Madara are two different guys!

    Been away lately and wille be away for some more time as I just got my wisdom tooth pulled out. Hopefully the managa and anime is released quickly so I watch it and forget about the pain!

  562. naruto should have said “does this cape make my ass look big” lol or “i like what uv done with the place, not sure on all the death and destruction though”

  563. Naruto should have said… ” It’s Hammer Time. “

  564. pain will conquer the world with the dizzleee eyes hahahahaaha
    konaha will fall in his hands en the paperladie wil make poster over the world that lazy techniq

  565. where is the other chapter waaaaaa

  566. “So you’ve found me, lets see if you like what you’ve found” my bs quote.

    Anyways just felt like throwing my opinions around since you all are

    Senju was an established clan that was the only true rival to the powers of Uchiha. If one side of a war hired the Uchiha the other would hire the Senju to counter and they were the only 2 apex clans, or so it seems.

    The whole Senju forming after the combination of clans into a city is kinda BS imo, Senju was around for a long time, a widely known clan and to argue the UN coalition etc argument, yeah those exist, Senju+Uchiha+Abrami+god knows how many became the Konoha Alliance or village/nation blah blah blah

    The scroll on the 1st’s back that he always carried in my opinion would be where he contained his sealing jutsu and barrier jutsu. The manga states that the 1st had either acquired most if not all of the chakra beast and as nations began to form he gave them out as a sign of trust, most likely sealed within the scrolls he carried and kept as the hokage.

    The scroll Jiraiya carried as well as Naruto and the 4th, is that of the Gama pact. I believe it was in a filler anime but thats when he pulled it off his back and had Naruto sign with Gama to summon the frogs, the 4th wore it when he faced off against the 9 tails atop Gama’s head and so on.

    The scroll Jiraiya left behind, that contains Naruto’s seal technique is seen next to Fukasaku here,, in the second panel, now whether or not it was given to Naruto I cannot say though it did travel back to Konoha with Fuka.

    The 4th’s “Flash Dance” technique I’m sure is still sealed within the Hokage libraries, where Naruto found the scroll with the Shadow Clones and etc. I don’t see him mysteriously learning his father’s trade secrets while training in purely sage arts and such, though he may learn of them later once pain has been defeated and Tsunade sees that Naruto has matured enough to harness the powers left behind. Though we don’t really know the specifics of the “Clan secret tecniques” and how they are guarded or for what reason they are kept secret from the town’s ninja. Seems to hinder their strength in my opinion since they have all of these godly skills in scrolls they do not allow anyone to read, unless Anbu are provided the right, which doesn’t seem to be so…

    Minato’s name means “Waves and Wind” so to expand on that and bs a little, Naruto has mastered the Wind element, for him to over come Sasuke he must find a way to use Water, seems like father’s name fits perfectly for that, as well as his mother being from the Whirlpool country. Though it’s never discussed where Minato comes from, for all we know his name could be a branch from a former Whirlpool country clan that was wiped out.

    The power or powers given to Naruto by Itachi could be any number of things, Naruto himself will have to learn to control the 9 tails, and in a way has quite well, if we exclude the whole fusion botch, but other then that the 9 tails has not awoken in some great time, excluding anime fillers which in most cases don’t count. Anyways my thought is that it was a defensive skill set, maybe to extinguish the black flames, neutralize the Sharingan or unlock an inner power Naruto’s bloodline possesses that Itachi may have learned about while in Anbu.

    Sasuke himself, we’ll he’s weak as all hell, he’s just damn lucky. From the very beginning Sasuke had no real talent, he lacked skill and discipline in everything. The only way he gained power was form his brother imparting it every time he begged to be thought, how you ask? well look at what Itachi does to his forehead every time he flashes back. Do you think Sauske finally figured out what his brother was doing when Madara points out the obvious? I doubt it but anyways he only managed to barely defeat the body Orochimaru was in while he was beyond weak. He barely beat Diedara, mainly because he was careless. and he failed horribly with the 8tails, nearly dying 3 times all I have to say is he needs to go blind or die or kill himself and get rid of those crap fillers about emo flashbacks.

    Naruto has gained a ton of strength confidence and all around combat skill and perception. He seems more keen, more observant and just all around bad-ass. The problem though is we’re seeing him draped over extremely weakened opponents and allies. Tsunade has little chakra left, she’s beyond weak the Anbu all seem to be weaklings and the lazer head Pain body was just reincarnated using a ton of chakra, further weakening the 6 pain bodies. Who’s to tell if he’s really that great? At least I can say he’s damn fast, quick on the draw with his rasengan, FINALLY, and tbh that shot to pain’s back looks like more then a normal rasengan, seeing as how it has a trailing explosion not unlike the futon wind infused did.

    I think that is a good enough bs session for now, maybe someone will read it lol.

  567. Naruto manga 431 Spoiler [Confirmed]

    Naruto:Lets do this.
    Pain:Very well then,Jinchuuriki.
    Summoner Pain steps for an array of summons.(Those crazy dogs,a beetle, a bird, a dragon , and a panda)
    All the frog prepares for battle.
    Tsunade and Anbu are shocked.

    Naruto:Gamaken, Gamabunta and Gamakichi NOW!!!
    All Three toads shoots oil on the Summons except the Bird.
    Gamaken:I missed one, My aim is bad.
    Gamabunta:Shut up Gamaken four is good enough.
    Naruto: Sage Arts! Katon:Wildfire no Jutsu !

    A Powerful eropution of flames spew forth from Naruto’s mouth burning the summons to crisp.
    Leaving a thick smoke behind.

    Pa toad asunder the bird with a wind technique.
    The bird explodes into white smoke.
    Naruto spots the summoner within the smoke, then he takes off
    with a lightning speed (Most likely Sunshin no Jutsu)and vanishes in the smoke.
    The summoner’s body is seen flying out the smoke spiraling into the ground with a thud that leave’s a billow of dust behind.

    That leaves God realm, Hungry ghost, HellRealm , and Human realm Left.

    God Pain: You’re tougher than i tought.
    Naruto:*Thinking* This guy is like my Kage Bunshin Jutsu.
    All replicas, but not real.
    *Somthing strucks into Naruto’s head* Naruto:I know !!

    Naruto smirks with a kage Bunshin handseal.
    Every wounded citizen of Konoha looks Towards Naruto as a

    ~~Light of hope~~
    Chapter Ends.

  568. I don’t think that Madara could be Obito cause of the age. Itachi searched for Madara… And Kakashi, Obito and Itachi have almost the same age. If Madara is Obito, Itachi could have revealed to Sasuke. Also… If Obito is alive, why did he wanted to destroy Uchihas? He didn’t had any grudge against Uchihas…

  569. the naruto world works in strange ways……..

  570. i like what naruto says on the improved second version that was put up and onemanga. does anyone know if i write in asuming thee the destoyed part if the village was were the hokages office buliding was? if so isnt the ramen shop near that office buliding? if i correct in assuming these things if so i sure hope naruto dosent find out because his head will explode lol

  571. @Dave: I read your statements. Good points you have!!! Even though the natural way to proceed is watch Naruto using wind and water… I just cannot imagine him using water… Cause it’s too defensive! I hope it doesn’t happens!!!

    I disagree with you only at one point. Frog’s scroll is different from the one Jiraya carried. Look:

    I totally agree with you about Sasuke’s thing. Sasuke is damn weak. He’s only a cheap talking!!!

    Well here’s a Kishi message:
    Kishi has the same pattern as Naruto! ahahahaha

    For those who like to read more about Biju’s:
    Note that Kyuubi is related with Yamata no Orochi – that saneke that cames out of Sasuke.

  572. Also… Again, Naruto’s simbol is a little different from Konoha:

  573. @makubaum: i thinkl ur right about naruto not learning water although i do think it could be an awesome offensive style too. jus look at the 2nd hokage. ppl seem to immediately say no to naruto using fire buh i think thts the most obvious one bcos its one of the leafs most common jutsus (no surprise) buh also bcos its practiacally a necessity to use with sage arts. jus look at most of jiraiyas techniques. and even if ppl disagree he could learn 3 elemental jutsus. look at kakashi. his main element is lightning buh hes awesome with water and knows that ground attack we love.

    i dont think its impossible for a wind natured ninja to learn the one fire jutsu. and besides if we look back a bit when naruto was first learning wind we see kakashi saying that being tht type of chakra natured simply increases the power of those kinds of jutsus drastically. and knowing naruto hes deffo capable of learning 3 diff types of element jutsus. nothings impossible for naruto.

  574. @grimmjow, the series just doesn’t lend to him learning fire on his own, yet… its understandable if he begins to use the fox for fire elemental attacks, but he’ll learn water before that. Look at it, Saskue is basically his counterpart, they are a yin and yang of their own (don’t worry ibi, this is a westernized description)… Saskue knows fire, which is strong against wind, but wind is strong against lightning, which is strong against water (okay, i’m going with pokemon on this one), which is strong against fire… balnce my friend

  575. This is off topic, but I wonder what plans the Third Hokage thought would be done where he could step down 5 years from now. Maybe he was thinking Naruto would be of age? Or maybe something else entirely different.

    I’ve began wondering if the Third was really as good as he was cracked up to be.

    The quote about stepping down in 5 years is from when he said that to the Kazekage a.k.a. Orochimaru before the final Chuninn exams started. Here’s the link below.

  576. but if he has water element wouldnt he be able to use ice and that is a kenkia genkia

    sry for mispelling

  577. @jjj: he cant do kekke genkai bcos he doesnt have the bloodline like haku and im sure he could learn the fireball technique frm the frogs. u gotta c how he has to have the fireball jutsu to work with gamabunta nd the others. main part of sage arts. and i dont c it being completely necessary tht he nd sasuke are mirrors of each other. and like i sed erlier he cud learn fire and water. and lightnings strong against earth nt water.

  578. tht was aimed at alec aswell

  579. @Alec: that was right on the money, and not westernized. =)

    Although I think Naruto and Sasuke are both going to have fire. Because toad oil with fire is just too awesome a jutsu to let die with Pervy sage. Plus, Sas-Uke can’t have control over more elements than Naruto. He just can’t. But between the two of them they will have all 5 because, yeah, balance.

  580. exactly :]

  581. @ ibi- well its been shown that he doesn’t need to use fire for toad oil explosion thing… In the anime gambunta used toad oil and naruto lit it on fire with an explosive note, while in sage mode it was jiraya who brought out the toad oil, shima brought the wind, and fukakasu used fire… and thanx, i actually got something right on your book, that makes my day ^_^

  582. @grimjow- I’m not saying he’s going to use ice, just because you have water and wind doesn’t mean you have ice abilities, just like kakashi uses both water and earth, but that doesn’t mean he can make wood element… plus everything in the series just happens to hint at him learning water next, though that probably won’t happen for a little bit. Plus Naruto learning fire is a little redundant with him just becoming the next jiraya, so far its been hinted that his style is more like his mothers and so far all he’s learned is rasengan and toad jutsus (i’m talking about stuff more powerful than shadow clones), wich are more like his dad, plus it looks like his dad, so naturally he needs some of his moms abilitites, wich is water cause she’s from the former whirlpool village

  583. lol, Alec, you get lots of stuff right, I just like picking on you because you’ll play devil’s advocate with me. ^.^ Plus I know you’re not gonna blubber like a little girl if I practice some trash talk.

    I still say fire justsu tho…that explosive tag seems like a weenie way to light a gout of toad oil. It works. But it works like a two-handed, tiny-balled, double-clone rasengan. ^.^

  584. i am naruto`s fun but sasugay is strong. dont u remember when they started training with kakashi he was the best. and all the jutsu`s are nothing to his sharingan ok. he did beat diedra easily but he didnt want to kill him cause he wanted to know from him where itachi was. didnt u see when naruto met itachi in the first min naruto was already in gangetsu, he couldnt do anything. unless if itachi has give naruto something that works against sharingan, then yeah naruto can beat him otherwise no.

  585. I am going to have to side with Alec also, but for slightly different reasons. If I had to think of Naruto and Sasuke as black and white opposing forces. The natural antithesis to Sasuke’s fire jutsu would be for Naruto to control water jutsu.

    This make a nice balance.
    Wind overpowers lightning, but is weak to fire
    Water overpowers fire, but is weak to lightning.

    If they fight as a combined team, they can strengthen each other. If they fight against one another Naruto can negate Sasuke’s elemental jutsu with his own (Water vs Fire, Wind vs Lightning).

    Sasuke = Fire and Lightning
    Naruto = Wind and Water

    Also what two forces make up a Maelstrom/Hurricane/Typhoon (Wind and Water)

  586. i think u guys are understimating sharigan. sharingan ganjetsu is too strong aswell and it can do many more damages not only black fire.

  587. I strongly believe that the power itachi gave to naruto is the capability for controling Kyubi… the sharingan is known to have the power to do it… so I believe he made something to make sasuke’s power against kyubi and madara useless… something like, maybe if naruto get’s captured they won’t be able to extract kyubi from him… I dunno just thinking

  588. Yes, orion, exactly. But i’m saying they have to complete the circle. Naruto learns water, so Sasuke learns earth to complete the 5 elements. But then Naruto needs 3rd or Sas-Uke knows more than him…unless Naruto also learns a third. Jeez, he’s got flames on his new coat for cryin out loud…of course it’s fire.

  589. yeah i agree wit the water theory. i kind of said it a while ago but yeah it balances the scale, and create an awesome battle in the end.

  590. or yano maybe sakura learns earth d-:

  591. ooooo….renzy i like that. We do have to see another sannin three-way replay. Will Sakura inherit the slug?

  592. Earth would be fitting for Sakura’s herculean strength. Question, is that strength gained through medical ninjutsu training or was that gained separately through other methods taught by Tsunade? I never read how Sakura gained that power, she just seemed to pop up with it one day in an exhibition against Kakashi at the training grounds.

    @ Ibiki, maybe he just thought flames looked cool on his cloak or that could have been an old cloak given to him by Fukasaku that Jaraiya grew out of. You know we men tend to gain a little weight as we grow older. The cloak could be the equivalent of a pair of jeans you could fit into in High School, but can’t squeeze your butt into anymore now that you have graduated college.

    I still think it is water element….. Whirlpool country….. Hurricane chronicles….. Counter to Sasuke’s fire….. And water is defensive, balancing out his offensive wind element…..

    @ Renzy – I believe in time they will learn all 5 elements each, like Sarutobi and Kakashi. If they live to their mid 30s or early 40s.

    Final thought.
    Naruto’s big weakness is ginjutsu. He is such a puss when it comes to defending against it. For the love of God I hope Itachi’s donated power assisted with overcoming that weakness.

  593. @ Ibiki – Does this answer your Sakura/Slug question.

  594. It’s funny that some of our new questions can be answered by very early chapters. That Chapter 4 shot foretold of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura’s future 200+ chapters later.

  595. that’s called: good writing. ^.^

  596. Was there ever a chapter that chronicled how Sakura trained for super strength or how it is attained?

  597. The 8-tails jinchuuriki is still alive, and being that he has full control in his 8-tails form, I think kirabi will be the one to help naruto control his beast. It only makes sense since kirabi is the only one who knows how to control it. Anyone agree or disagree?

  598. orion: that was covered in the Shippuuden anime and there were quite a few flashbacks of Tsunade teaching her not to flinch and that kind of thing.

  599. Just throwing it out there but i do believe gai will die saving lee and a point in time releasing all 8 gates ive been grounded all i got is the computer but its not so bad well yea it is but still been watching naruto and stuff it just came to my head

  600. I found the first demonstration of her strength, but still did not find a training session.

  601. sakura has always had super strength… she could just only use it when she got mad

  602. @ Akatsukirules – Sounds very reasonable? These past two years have marked turning points in the young ninja of the leaf village growing into powerful shinobi. A few have lost paternal or brotherly figures. I think the strongest father/son type bond between the team captains and students is the Gai/Lee relationship. Everyone knows Gai thinks of Lee as his own son and Lee seeks his approval like a son does to a father he admires.

    I can easily see Lee loosing Gai in a Atatsuki battle in later chapters, but I think we are some time away from that. Lee is under Gai’s wing too much and lacks his own individuality because of it. The death of Gai may render some original talent Lee generates with his own skills. I can not think of any major talents Gai has not passed down to Lee, so Gai is nearing the end of his usefulness as a captain to this particular generation of shinobi.

  603. @ akrules – nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Maito Gai can never die, especially when Lee has already grown up! don’t utter that blasphemy!! jk, well if he got rid of guy, there wouldn’t be much to laugh at anymore now that pervy sage is gone form the manga and almost gone in the anime…

    @everybody – continuing saksue debates: Saskue is more of a finess player who specializes in multiple techniques, but his biggest power attack (besides kirin wich only appears under very special circumstances) is his amaretsu, and the dragon fire balls… lightining and fire more suit his style of excelling at facing one opponent at a time (just like itachi) with his attacks, where as Naruto’s style is completely different, he can go against multiple opponenets at the same time with his summonings, and his clones. Saskue can face manyopponents but he still attacks each one with a different attack, where as naruto can use one big move to take down many. Saskue uses finess and skill to defeat them, and Naruto completely overwhelms them with pure power… more balance i guess. And genjutsu is only effective as long as the person can’t interupt there flow with somehting, where as Naruto could use the fox as a partner or shima/fukakasu thus ending the jutsu no matter how powerful… Saskue used Tsukyomi and it was still ineffective against the eight tails, and that is the most powerful genjutsu technique there is thus far… again just more balnce, in fact i would have to say if Naruto gains control of the fox just a little bit he’ll be even with saskue

  604. Well… For a near future I think that Naruto will learn Fire Element. Cause a Nine Tail Fox uses fire. And using fire will show that he started to control more the fox. Also it will creates a competition between Sasuke and Naruto about who uses better Fire Techniques.

    I think that Sasuke will use every five elements. But Naruto not. And it will not make any difference in the end: Naruto will beat Sasuke the same way. Naruto will be the master on weird jutsus and on creative ways of using them. Not necessary, he needs to walk the same path as Sasuke to archieve power. That’s why I wanna see him using toad’s stomach summon. It’s better than any defensive water jutsu!!!

    But that aside… Let’s see in the next chapter if Madara will show his face. If he doesn’t show, maybe there’s a high probability that he is Danzo. Both of them cannot show themselves at the same time. I don’t belive that they are the same. But it’s quite possible.

  605. Just a though if anyone cares. Naruto appears to have used the rasengan without a clone. Do you think that is because of sage mode or his train. IE when he learned to focus for sage mode

  606. We all know that Donzo is as power hungry as Madara. So I think that Donzo’s right eye (covered eye) is an Uchiha eye (like Kakashi) and Donzo’s covered arm is Kyuubi arm like Sora’s arm or maybe something freaky. I think that he teamed up with Madara to secure his place as Hokage and in return he’ll hand over the nine tail but first he needed to kill the 5th. In return for Madara’s cooperation Donzo will follow Madara’s world order. So, we’ll see that the 5th will be killed on the next or next next… chapter

  607. Naruto should have said “Rasengan!” (or one of the other forms of rasengan…)
    Yeah… no need for cheesy lines; he should just go for straight for pain.

    Pain: Uzamaki Naru–
    Naruto: RASENGAN *Flash/teleport*(CRUNCH!)
    … straight into his face, mid-sentence.

  608. bari up there is uttering complete nonsense up there

  609. Fairy Tail is out! Maybe Naruto will come until thursday.

  610. hyi

  611. @naruto element debate

    im not disagreeing with anyone who says that hes gonna learn water because i think he will. all im saying is i cant see him not learning the fireball jutsu otherwise he is extremely limited on his sage arts. i dont see him learning many fire techniques because it would seem strange if both him and sasuke were good at them. but like i said its possible for him to know 3 elements with the 3rd fire meaning hes only rele got 1 fire jutsu buh thts enuff. i agree that water would be a cool element becos i can imagine him using it. but i also want to see him use wind manipulation in normal combat and sum wind jutsus.

  612. @harshy: yeah! he is talking nonsense up there!!!!


    i hate inherited talents (mostly because i didn’t!!!!
    also, i hate everything sasuGAY owns!!!

  613. for god sake i keep forgettin to sign in before i start commenting. the above anoynamous comment about narutos next nature type is mine 😀

  614. @renzy: i hate sakura!!!! i mean….what’s with that pink hair? and for god’s sake WHY DOES SHE CRY ALL THE TIME???? wish hinata (or ino) was on her place….she just teamed up with naruto and sasuke….otherwise she would be less then even a filler character(the ones we see once and they die shortly afterwards)….

  615. Kishi said that will talk more about Sakura… But I agree with @Pain. She is a pain in the ass! The only char that had more chances to be killed than Sasuke. hahahaha But every time, someone appears to save her! I prefer Hinata!

    I wanna see more about Gai and Lee! Actually… Gai can uses Ninjutsus!

  616. Couldn’t Madara have taken his brother’s eyes and his brother Madara’s eyes?

  617. Pain & Makumbaum: I don’t normally go in for personal attacks, but in this case, if you mean what you said, you guys are complete idiots. Perhaps you prefer to read a manga based on a society of only male characters? *PUKES*

  618. well, thank you!
    btw, i am just pissed off because i have to wait for so long (and they say the next issue is a double…whatever…i might as well go killing peoples)how long do i have to wait? i already finished vampire knights (i started it yesterday!!!)…and so many other useless mangas!!!!

    p.s.(this one’s for people other than Ibiki) if someone was offended by what i said earlier….well….LIVE WITH IT!!! I AM NOT GONNA TAKE MY WORDS BACK!!!

  619. @Pain & Makumbaum – I think it’s funny how both of u talk like Sakura is a worthless character and how much better Hinata is… Considering all Hinata has done in the actual story (not talking about filler..) is get her butt kicked by Neji.

  620. and yeah! i am a SEXIST (also a sadist…if you care!)

  621. @ orion – I was just reading over some old posts and i must say that the chapter 4 pic of the 3 of them on the summons was a great find, i was totally blown away at how old that is and how much information it gives that isn’t used for years after that.

  622. @benderu: well, at least she doesn’t have PINK hair….and at least she DOESN’T CRY ALL THE TIME….and at least she HAS AWESOME POWERS….and at least she doesn’t ALWAYS NEED OTHERS TO PROTECT HER!!! and finally….at least SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

  623. @NIGHTHAWK: well, that could be a possibility….lol…nice one dude..

  624. @pain – how do u know she doesn’t cry all the time.. she’s almost never shown lol! All hinata does when she’s shown is blush and become utterly worthless cause she can’t even move at that point. i’ve yet to see her fight to see if she needs people to protect her.. she sure could have used some protection from Neji in the chunnin exams lol. Since the time skip there haven’t been many times that sakura has had to be protected. Also, i’m not offended just saying my opinion on the matter.

  625. well, that’s true…(and deep in my heart i am happy that i have something to do) but let’s look the facts….

    hinata is shy (around naruto…and maybe everyone else)…this is considered good traits of a japanese girl…not speaking that much and not being MACHO (pointing towards sakura) is a good virtue….for japanese girls….

    sakura is always “where’s naruto?” “please come back naruto” and “we’ll find sasuGAY together….you don’t have to push yourself”(and she does NOTHING to accomplish that)…

    it’s clear, isn’t it? kishimoto made sakura the lead girl-character so that he can create a glamorous entry (and a nessesity) of naruto in a situation…frankly SHE IS THERE FOR NOTHING ELSE….that’s the way kishi’s mind works…and hinata…well, she is destined to be naruto’s wife(don’t go on telling it’s not a romance manga….i am not talking about sex!!!)…and well, she is the one with true caliber and is a perfect girl…

    it’s clear….sakura is a filler character….PAIN must kill him/her….

    p.s. replace every “sakura” with “SUCKura”….she’s a lengendary SUCKER (she inherited it from tsunade…i like Tsunade btw)

  626. Yeah… Maybe Kishi didn’t had put much effort on doing Sakura… She’s a cry baby! Tsunade arrived after Sakura and until now is a more developned character.

    And it doesn’t really matter how many times Hinata had appeared. But at least when she appeared, she has done something by herself. At least Sasuke wins alone… With his own luck… Cause Sakura count on the old one’s luck (fight against Sasori)… Kishi needs to work a lot on his cry baby!

    A female one that didn’t had appeared much, but seems to be strong is Anko. She appears only when Orochimaru do the same…

  627. woo-hoo….someone who agrees!!! i am so glad!!!
    *completely ignores other remarks about ANKO and goes back to reading “it’s not like that, darling”*

  628. hokay. You guys just inspired one angry feminazi post from the uberbitch. RAWR. Go ahead…give me some more to work with.

  629. is it ever state that the 9-tails uses fire, even tho i think he does and so does everyone

  630. i dont think that danzou is madara because i kno think that pain should get rid of all the ninjas in the village first before he fight naruto (thats would be a good point towards them being the same person) but him stopping naruto from coming back will only lead to naruto getting alot stronger and already knoing that naruto was strong from the fight against the 2 immortals i just dont think that taking out the other ninjas is a bigger threat than naruto obtaing sage mode

  631. hinata would make a good housewife… sorry ibi i had to d-:

  632. i want too see what will happen if sakura starts liking naruto after he becomes hokage and then he realizes that he no longer like’s her a shot’s her down, and then he starts like hinta (definatly not ino becuase he thinks she annoying) and he will ask her out and have to do it about 100 times because everytime he does she faints lol
    p.s love the youtube’s naruto and hinta storyboard with the song faraway from nickelback

  633. I hope sakura marries sasuke.. not that i wanna see that but that way she will be out of the manga… staying home taking care about the litle uchihakia:P>>> I wanna see hinata fight with naruto… suckura sucks man she is tooooooo idiot… Also about the elements NARUTO WILL LEARN WATER…. naruto’s full name is NAMIKAZE NARUTO.. seeeee guyz Minato’s full name means “waves and wind” … also he needs to be strong enough for sasuke and the only element he neeeds to do that is water…. DO YOU THINK is a quincidence??? thats fucking tooo obvious and if its not water naruto’s second element i am gonna kill myself:P… So we got 4 elements.. lets see sasuke has lightning and fire.. so naruto negates sasuke with wind and waater… but who is gonna negate naruto’s water jutsus with earth juutsus??? and then is when useless sakura makes smthing usefull… sshe learns earth jutsu’s and negate naruto’s atack.. See elemts as personalities… sasuke (lets face it) respects naruto and he is gona be the only person that sasuke gona listen to..also naruto respects sasuke as well(fire wins wind wins lightning wins water wins fire etc:P) sasuke pawns sakura all the time…( by telling her that she sucks and i dont love ya and stuff)(lightning wins earth ) and naruto gets pawn from sakura and listens to her many times..(earth wins water):P

  634. Someone had posted earlier and said that they don’t agree that Madara and Danzou are the same, and I don’t think they are either. I’m gonna say it again because it is definitely true. Madara is Danzous brother and they both took one of the other ones sharingan. Madara already talked about taking his brothers eye in order to not go blind from his upgraded sharingon. In order to upgrade their eyes they needed to kill their best friend. I could see both of them doing that no problem. Then once they both were going blind I could see one of them trying to take the others eyes and there being a fight between them thus only succeeding in taking one eye from each other. Plus this could lead to Danzou being “Good” (and I mean that in the lightest of ways) and helping to fight Madara becasue of their past battle over the eyes. I could totally see Danzou wanting to have both his eyes working again and that would only improve his sharingon because as we know the left eye is better for Genjutsu then the right but the right eye is better at copying moves (I might have the order reversed but they explain it in the manga) That is why you always see Sauske cover his right eye whenever he uses his black fire.

  635. @ Makumbaum – Sasuke wins by himself?! Well I guess. His two biggest victories were Oro who was on his death bed because he needed to switch bodies and Itachi who gave away some of powers to Naruto before the fight, was dieing from an undisclosed disease that Zetsu and Madara were talking about and wanted Sasuke to kill.

    He had to be saved by Karin twice and never defeated Killer B, only thought he did. He had Orochimaru’s help against Naruto with his curse seal in him, without it he would have been KO’d quickly. Also, Naruto didn’t want to hurt him, he only wanted to be acknowleged, that’s why he marked Sasuke’s forehead protector with that final shot instead of attacking like Sasuke did because Sasuke said he couldn’t put a mark on it.

    Deidara is the one exception and as you all know, I think Deidara is the biggest Douche on the planet but he did take down Gaara even if only because Gaara had to protect an entire village while doing so. In a one on one without having to protect a village, just straight up, I take Gaara everytime. But I’ll give Sasuke credit for taking him out.

    I’m not trying to bash on Sasuke but trying to defened Sakura’s victory over Sasori. And her complete pwnage of the Animal summons in the Konoha invasion which every disposable nin in the village was running from, followed by being sent to hospital duty by Iruka who she saved. WTF?!

    I like Sakura escpecially during the Sasori battle but I’m a Hinata fan if pressed to choose between the two. I like the fortitude she showed during the Neji fight even though she was out matched talent wise, just as 98% of everyone else would have been except Naruto and Gaara in the Chuunin exams.

  636. In a previous post people were wondering why Naruto didn’t say Rasengan when he beat the first Pain in the last issue. Well he didn’it use Resengan to beat him all he did was punch him with one of the Frof Fu styles. I think they just did this to show that he is that strong now without even needing a Jutsu.

  637. @BJBThe1: allow me to direct you to the original post where Jeremiah painstakingly enlarged the shot of Naruto’s attack on laserhead. It was, most clearly, a rasengan. Also, the person who suggested Naruto yell ‘rasengan’ was participating in the ‘fill in the dialogue’ bit of the post. You may want to read it. Jeremiah’s posts are funny as hell.

  638. @ all youz guyz- you guys just made an huge mistake pissing off ibi… that was totally idiotic. I’m still wondering why kishi has a problem making his female characters anything more than damsels in distress… fucking annoys the hell outta me…

  639. How many Mangas or anime have you read that are created for women where the Female characters are worth anything? I can’t think of a single one. They all save the day at some point in the series but for the most part they are always the ones that are in trouble. I mean even tsunade the Hokage is no match for even one Pain. I mean the third took out the first and second. Tsunade is a Sanin for gods sake! JMan took out one by himself while fighting all 6 and she can’t even handle 1 with the entire town behind her? Just the way the culture is. It’s unfortunate that it still hasn’t changed very much over the past 100 years. (By the way I like all the female characters in Naruto a lot except for Ino)

  640. haha, well tsunade was busy saving the rest of the town cause it couldn’t save itself… that’s more of a pressing issue is why is konoha so strong if it can’t handle six of the pain bodies even when they split up from eachother…

  641. sakura may hav used to be weak buh im impressed now. the only reason u still think of her as tht weak lil shinobi is cos she aint done anything much lately. it was a sik fite between her and sasori not to mention the test that kakashi put her and naruto through wen he got bak. she bloody punched her way through the ground to find kakashi. and u say shes a cry baby buh tbh wat girl hasnt cried ova a guy (no offence ladies).,

  642. BJBThe1 ….in response to your comments about there being an Anime or Manga series with women being the main characters. Two words for you…

    Sailor Moon

  643. Good point Alec She did use up all of her Chakra and probably 99% of her reserve chakra keeping people alive. She is still my favorite female character in the series so I’ll let her have her cup of tea on this one 😉

  644. @Jeremiah: Take it easy man… That’s why I said about his luck…
    And Sakura only won that fight cause that Oldie was there. She uses those strings and controled Sakura. If not, she would be dead. Sasori was one of the most powerful char that appeared in manga. But that fight was really good. But about Kakuzu and Hidan’s death… It was ridiculous!!! They were powerful til the end, but yet were easily killed. I didn’t like that kind of end. That match could have take more time to end!!!

    @BJBThe1: Man… There’s a lot of Manga that the female beats everyone. Kurohime is one example, some girls on Bleach, on Fairy Tail, etc.

    @Everyone: Why does lightning element wins against water? Imagine if the char cast a water ball… Lightining will not affect at all. I think that if an elemental jutsu doesn’t follow the natural order, it will depend on its shape characterists. Same water jutsu doesn’t have any contact with its caster. For example: a Dragon jutsu definitly will not be affected by a lighting jutsu. And almost every time, the Dragon comes form a lake. If Sasuke tries to beat this, he will be killed eletrocuted when the water hits him. Take a look at the order:

    So I don’t think that Kishi will give just now a water element to Naruto. No matter how many elements he will learn, I think the next one for Naruto to learn is fire. It’ll forces Sasuke to use his fire too. And creates a competition between those two. And I hope to see Naruto burning Sasuke’s ass!!! It will be the humiliation of the year!

  645. @ BJBThe1 – Jiraiya did not take one out. Nagato let him take a body so that the chakra recievers would continue opperating like beacons. Hence the reason why they freaked out when they found out they were still recieving. None of the bodies die until Nagato dies. That’s why they keep returning. Also, Jiraiya never faced Deva Pain like Kakashi did. Deva merely observed.

  646. Also I want to see one of Minato’s teamates appear.:

    Seems to be a Hyuuga among them. It could makes things get interesting.

  647. In response to the strong female characters here are a couple from shows that I watch currently: Michiko and Hatchin from Michiko to Hatchin, almost every lead character in a Miyazaki anime movie, Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Maka Albarn from Soul Eater, Yoruichi and Soifon from Bleach and Shikamaru can also thank Temari from our very own favorite manga Naruto for his life (see retrieve Sasuke story arc #1) just a few off the top of my head…

  648. @ Makumbaum – wasn’t an attack or anything. I just wanted to make a case that Sasuke has had help along the way too, just a different kind.

  649. i heard sasuke kills naruto… is that true?… i don’t believe it

  650. @ BJBthe1 – good comments, I agree there are not enough strong female characters in Anime. Culture has a lot to do with it. The Japanese have viewed woman as subserviant for centuries, only recently has it started to change. Really the whole world is like that. Some countries are ahead of the curve and others are way behind. *glares at middle east* I would say Japan falls somewhere in between. The US is for sure not the front runner though. Some countries have had women prime ministers or presidents, we have yet to hit that bench mark and even in the last election the US forced stereo types and evaluted Clinton based on how the country percieves woman should act.
    Strong confident women = bitch
    strong confident male = leader

    Double standard in the US

    @ sfly – no, never will that happen.

  651. Naruto should’ve shouted, “Oh iss ooooonnn”!

  652. @ jerimiah: i disagree. i’ve lived in the middle east, (saudi arabia), and women are not the least bit depressed over there, and niether are men, compared to the societies of urbanized areas, and being of arab genes, i know that arabs have enough will power in them to explode with a bomb, (just like on the news), and certainly have the power to revolt, male or female, on their superiors. who do you think raises those suicide bombers to have such willpower other than the women who are their mothers? if they can CREATE personalitie like that, then they can BE porsonalities like that. now if they can BE people like that, and if they think that they are discriminated against, they CAN revolt on “the men” and force themselves to their desired positions.

    ps. i know you were joking, but my ara genes really force me to write this post.

  653. *edit* …my arab genes really force…

  654. *edit* …my “arab” genes really force…

  655. dont you think that the team sent by riakage are taking there sweet ass time getting to the village, they will probelly get there just after naruto defeats pain.

  656. if they only get 3 elements each i think that its should be wind,water,,lighting,earth.
    and naruto will end up getting fire if he controls the fox

  657. This is great that we have so many sub-topics in this. I am for female equality but i didn’t really like Hilary because her policy. She was good at finding what typical Americans like and exploiting that. Though for this election, why not her? She had the best chance to do something in office.

    Naruto wise, i have no problem with Sakura. She is continually improving, and, unfortunately for her, will be a great support for Naruto.

    Element wise, i agree with fire as a third potential, but water makes a lot of since. @Makumbaum, in that very link it shows potential foreshadowing to water element.

    No need to comment on the clan topic, should go without say now.

    @everyone, constructive criticism usually has a better impact! hmm…that seemed like an unnecessary lecture/rant…my bad:P. (sry pain, i know you have those outburst)

  658. I don’t mean to disagree with you anon, especially when your point of view is so heartfelt.

    But I would call your attention to whole countries that make it illegal for women to do something as simple as driving–let alone holding political office or voting. Where women are not allowed to be educated or leave the country for education when male counterparts are sent overseas for schooling. Where women are forced to cover themselves up completely, to basically prevent them from turning into lust filled beasts (yes, boys, that’s the reasoning behind the coverings it has to do with their beliefs about the 9 desirable bits of human anatomy).

    And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on female genital mutilation, the rights of male family members to do as they wish to women accused of being lascivious, the ease of divorce (if you’re male, just say it three times, your x-wife is now a ho and her brothers can now beat her to death).

    This isn’t to say that all people in that part of the world do these things, but these things are factually permitted in various parts of the Middle East.

    These political/cultural structures seem biased against women from our western point of view. I think these are some of the things Jeremiah was referencing above–without getting so specific. I think I know him well enough now to say he didn’t mean this as a personal attack on anyone–and I hope he doesn’t mind me saying so.

  659. I found this on youtube, maybe it’s real……..I dunno, what do u think?

  660. Yeah! Everything shows that he’ll have water (even though I’m hoping for this not happens)… But I think that now is the right timing for fire element. It’s just a matter of order.

    And look… About water wins against fire is true. About his father’s name is true. But say that lightining wins against water is not true at all! It depends a lot!!! A dragon water tech beats many lighting attacks.

    Like I said before… I waiting Sasuke with every five elements. And Naruto with 3 or even 4. But it will Naruto beat the crap out of Sasuke! Naruto will be the master of weird (and yet powerful) jutsus! Like Jiraya was.

    And I don’t think that, on the future, Naruto will want to became Hokage. He’s just too irresponsible for doing that so. Maybe Neji or Shikamaru would be best choices.

  661. Correction: But it will not avoid Naruto beat the crap out of Sasuke!

  662. When it comes to the hokage subject, i fight my self on that one. It is everything Naruto wants, but I think he has to bring back Sasuke to prove to himself he’s worthy. Shikamaru would be an awesome sub, but i do want Naruto to be hokage. Sakura could help him with the paperwork stuff.

    I personally can’t see sasuke pushing 4 elements, let alone 5. If I remember right, it’s rare to have 3 legitimately, and i don’t think they should just give out elements left and right.

  663. @ajd09: you’re right constructive comments lead to fewer pissing matches. Really, I’m not this much of an a-hole in real life–you’ll notice that most of the quippery is sparring between veterans and OG and that we are (usually) more courteous to the noobs.

    Might I be so bold to invite you to this link?

  664. @Makumbaum: Why does lightning element wins against water?

    I think many of us believe lightning wins against water simply because it is a conductor of an electrical current and could be used against anyone in contact with the water.

    (Example, stand in tub of water and drop hairdryer that is plugged into the wall. AKA you will get the shit shocked out of you or die)

    What would be cool is if an Electricity & Fire user like Sasuke was skilled enough to pass a high current electrical charge through the water (Electrolysis breaks water into its constituent elements, hydrogen and oxygen (non-metals)) and use the released gases as a boost to their Fire elemental jutsu.

    Science Lesson#2
    Water itself (Hydrogen and Oxygen) can hardly conduct electricity. However when it contains dissolved Sodium Chloride (SALT) or other conductive impurities (ionic solids), it can. The electrons simply pass from one positively charged atom to another with in the sodium chloride (SALT) as a link between the water molecules. So pure water is a horrible conductor, water with salt in it or that is mildly acidic conducts fairly well.

    Damn you High School science why are you still stuck in my head. Get out…..rrurruuruaaahhh!

  665. I agree water and electricity are deadly. >.<

    But doesn’t the progression go: fire, wind, lightning, earth, water and back to fire? We haven’t really been told what happens if you jump ahead one (fire vs. lightning).

  666. just a bit of fun til more concrete pics or manga come out keep in mind i don’t know the order they are in or if they are not, but wouldn’t that be a twist. If sauske enters the scene.

  667. Do you think that kishi will think in something like water purity? I don’t think so. And something like Hydrogen molecules to boost the jutsu… It’s like Naruto becomes Seikon no Qwaser!!!!

    But… All right! Now tell me witch one is more suitable?
    1) Fire + Lightning or Lightning + Earth or Fire + Earth
    2) Lightning + Water

    Water + Lightning is deadly for the person that comes in contact with it. See… If I cast, for example, a Suiton Dragon… I’m not in contact with it. So, if Sasuke tries to couter this attack with his lightning, the water will becomes electrified. If hits him by chance, Sasuke will be dead. It’s like the same backfire as using wind against fire.

    So if we use the current logic of Yin-Yang that everybody was saing… Definetly… Naruto will not use water. Cause he will be strong against Fire and Lightning.

    Look… The point that I wanna show is: everything indicates that Naruto will use water, but not the “water is weak against lightning” theory. Just Naruto’s father name and the Whirlpool Country theory are good points to justify his water natured chakra!!!

    But again… Please Naruto! Avoid this logic and uses earth… It’s better! With water you will be on defensive! I wanna see you raising a mountain to destroy Akatsuki’s hideout!

    But if you will gonna use water… Use that technique showed on Movie 4 by the enemy with a strage dance. The one that sliced rocks like paper. That was the only cool water skill that I’ve seen until now!

  668. Orion : clap clap clap. Good shit man, thats exactly why its lightning -> earth -> then water. etc.

    I’m not sure who asked how sakura got her superhuman strength buts its because tsunade taught her how to control chakra better (you have to be very precise to heal) well in doing this they both learned to put the chakra in there fist and at the last moment of impact release it to make it explode pretty much. I don’t really remember her being superhuman as in lifting wise but rather destroying shit.
    As in a matter of when she was able to do this, is pretty much during the time skip. So does that answer the question??( i dk who asked)
    I want to put my mind in this naruto and sasuke fight. I think Saskue has a slight advantage of power because of the mangekyo sharingan, not saying he is going to win if they ever fight but as far as power goes he might have the advantage this is why.
    1 .Genjutsu just overpowers naruto tooo much, UNLESS naruto can counter it with sage mode. I mean don’t you need a external or internal force to overwhelm your chakra to snap out of the genjustu?? IF he is using his clones to gather natural energy and disperse then that should be a way to get out of Saskues genjutsu, or use the fox like 8 tails did. Personally i think they might fight before Naruto learns how to use the fox demon lik 8 tails did. Then have another figh towards the end of the series. Or another way to snap out of genjutsu might be the unknown power itachi gave him.

    2. Also amaterasu, how can naruto counter that. . .i really don’t see how he would be able to. Unless like above, that power itachi gave him can counter it.

    3. Susanoo, we are yet to see if saskue can use this. But if he can it would just be another huge obstactle that naruto has to counter. Could anyone think of how naruto can get out of this one?? maybe a rasenshuriken?? .. no sarcasm just asking for opinions.

    For narutos second element it could be water. Someone above just stated reasons why, the name of naruto, father’s last name, the mother being from whirlpool. Also someone else stated that it could be fire because of the kyubi whatever it is i don’t mind, but i can actually see naruto rather than learning a new element, learning many other sage arts for defense and offense. I personally rather see him do this than learn another element. We have already seen many elements, how many times do you get a chance to see a sage in action???
    Didn’t mean to put such a large post up. Hope you all read it. My bad for not giving credit where credit is due.

  669. @makumbaum- though the fillers suck and get boring after a while (really boring and depressing) they have some good info in them… such as in the last one, one of the female villians used lightining after her water attacks because the water carried the attacks and made it stronger… just like fire doesn’t defeat wind, wind makes it stronger, lightining doesn’t beat water, it only increases the power of the attack…

    think boosting its powers not defeating the other one…

    yeah it does ibi, but there must be balance… and purity of water doesn’t matter sense most of the time its whatever water happens to be around (except for kisame and the second)… plus this is a society with trains, cars, radios of sorts (yet they still use carrier birds) and has no guns and it defies physics and somethimes common sense, just go with it…

  670. It is supposed to go;

    Wind———->Strong against
    Lightning—–>Weak against
    Earth———>Strong against
    Water———>Weak against
    Fire———->Strong against, based on power of jutsu user

    But I do not get the alternating strengths method in all cases. Cause if I am an earth user and you use your fire against my earth jutsu…Well guess what… Now I am going to chunk extremely hot rocks at you.

    It makes complete sense that;
    1) Wind is weak to Fire (Fire uses the oxygen in air as fuel)
    2) Lightning is weak to Wind (air is an insulator and does not conduct electricity)
    3) Earth is weak to Lightning (Lightning (Negative) is drawn to Earth (Positive) to complete a circuit and discharge all of the negative electrons into it.
    4) Water is weak to Earth (It is a more dense phase of matter and can displace water)
    5) Fire is weak to Water (It limits fires ability access a combustible fuel source, aka oxygen contained within air or wood, and fire does not contain enough energy to cause water to release its oxygen or hydrogen molecules)

    With that being stated I do not understand;
    1) How Fire is strong against Earth
    2) How Lightning is strong against fire (their both plasma and should be closely related, though lightning is higher energy)
    3) Water vs Lightning can go either way

    Those do not seem to match up very well in my mind.

  671. #3 Water vs Lightning means; who ever touches the water is F’d as soon as lightning hits it. If you use water as a shield, I’m gonna shock the piss out of you, but if you hit me with a water Jutsu when I have chidori charged its going to backfire on me.

    That’s what I mean by it can go either way.

    This guy would get the mess shocked out of him if I were Killer Bee –

    Add one bucket of water to Sasuke here in this shot and instant bad hair day. –

  672. It should have been… “Die Mother F*cker die!”

  673. I hear that Naruto has learned a sage fire style combo with the toads.

  674.–theres 1 new spoiler pic. hmmm….so he does learn a fire elemental style….yay! wind plus fire equal naruto kick ass

  675. shouldnt have said anything…….half the page shouldve been naruto….other half god realm……..simple and plain

  676. No, Naruto could be more like, “I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can’t deny. That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist. And a round thing in your face …” And also big boobs… Just kidding

  677. Say.. does anyone remember way back wen sasugay 1st woke up after gettin the seal from orochimaru n was fightin the sound nin.. the guy with the holes in his palm blew away sasugay’s Katon jutsu…

  678. Aint tht an example of Wind beating fire??

  679. well in physics water can disperse an electric charge if the volume is great enough, but in most cases the electricity will overwhelm the water molecules and cause a short burst of discharge, unless the flow of electricity stays constant. Small portions of water on the other hand would let of a large shock of amperes which could instantly kill any normal person. In Sasuke’s case, he’s encasing his body in the lightning and thus being a giant conductor already so if he were to be struck my water it would most likely ground him out, not shock him. Problems like these are prob what limit Kishi’s from further explaining the circle of Jutsu, all the but what if’s and such that or it’s just easier to keep things linear, which would be my guess. and BTW that spoiler recently added, nice Sasuke shows up and it looks like he releases a giant fireball on pein? wonder if he’s going to cross the organization after seeing the destruction.

  680. ok nm it looks like it is Naruto who is using the fireball


  682. Can anyone see naruto taveling in that outfit and scroll with his team which makes me think that he might go travel alone or he will have to take it off oh and someone made a comment about all the uchihas having black hair is false in the anime when they flash back to when itachi and sasuke were younger one of the guys who confronts itachi about his dead friend has brown hair also I don’t think madara is tobi for the simple fact that I don’t think dead/deformed bodies can grow tobi can’t be much older than 13 yet in the manga where madara explains itachi to sasuke he is a good foot taller than itachi in the scene where madara is standing next to itachi

  683. oops I ment oboito LOL typing on an iPod touch sucks srry

  684. wow WTF obito

  685. Can i just say my last thoughts on lazer head (I hope, god i hope)?
    The 6 bodies of pain are supposed to be 6 dead bodies am i right? Why is it that Lazer Head looks like Nagato crafted him using pieces from a large clock? xD I mean you dont see Deva Pains head falling off, causing large avalanches. Also why does he look like a psycho killer while the other pains have no facial expressions at all? Maybe Nagato channels all his evil into him?

  686. Qoute…….we are (usually) more courteous to the “NOOBS”……Unqoute


    Ok Ibi….let’s start with the process here…,

    Sakura sux(only in this manga though, in almost every single other anime/manga the sakura is usuakky really good( And Cute!))

    Hinata is extremely good at just about EVERYTHING!(comparin to sakura

    And as some dude abve just stated, Namikaze, the name itslef proves water and wind so VIOLa! Wind it is!

    Hopefully the above points will enrage you enough to become quite uhum,,,UNcortious to the uhum….noobs*coughs*!

  687. naruto should have said.You noob ,6 v 1 not paisei(embarrase)

  688. Sasuke has sharingan – so basically he can use all elements, but only lightning is really powerful. Fire is ok.

    But how is lightning good against Earth? that is bizzaaree..why dont you lol ground the chidori or any lightning jutsu.

    lightning is the worst elemeent – (fire is probably the 2nd worst).

  689. @ibi never saw the laws, thats awesome. The lightning?water thing is a confusing one for sure

  690. @sensei:
    2. Also amaterasu, how can naruto counter that. . .i really don’t see how he would be able to. Unless like above, that power itachi gave him can counter it.

    You can put out a candle by simply blowing on it. I think the same thing will happen, Naruto will have such a powerful wind-jutsu that it will even be able to extinguish amaterasu.

  691. hora v maruto manga 432 naruto ymira a v maruto manga 433 go pogrebvat sakura pla4i i si kazva 4e ako nikoga ne go behe pomolila da pribere saske tova nikoga e namalo da se sly4i a ako pitate kak ymira saske 6e vi kaza i tva saske go ybiva s negovoto chidori ili litening blade ako ne se sehtate se pak tova behe naruto svarhi na manga 433

  692. when naruto becomes hokage he doesnt need sakura to do his paper work because of his clones like when the 5th stamped all of the reports r8 fast he could just use shadow clones and do 1 a piece.

  693. i read a while back about everyone thinking that water is a defensive element but there is a lot of water offensive moves
    1 water dragon
    2 water whip shippudden movie
    3 water sword OVA waterfall village
    4 water vortex (against zabuza
    5 the move that itachi did on kakasi the first time we saw them meet
    5 water

  694. if that spoiler is real then i never expected to see the sasuke show up, a few of you thought that he will see the fight from a distance and with naruto not knowing about it but it looked like naruto saw him. and wat does everyone think about that tech that he used was it fire or oil or wind or something else?

  695. the spoiler is fake im afraid. heres a link,

    go to the bottom and youll see someone found the origional picture where sasuke uses a fireball on itachi. the spoiler is the exact same pic with narutos head instead of sasukes and pains head pasted onto itachis body.

    I really hope sasuke doesnt show up cause that would just mean more chapters of talking and then waiting for a fight. plus sasuke is a douche :).

  696. in fact the chapter its from is 389 sasukes strategy.

  697. Except for the hair, everything else is an exact copy. This could mean it’s a fake. But it could also mean the mangaka’s simply re-used some of their previous work. Though, that’s more unlikely.

  698. @ nighthawk00 : “you can call me dragon” haha. (stepbrothers quote)

    About amaterasu, i don’t think Naruto can blow it out with a wind jutsu. First by followin the logic given to us, it would only make the flame stronger. And i dare to say even the strongest wind jutsu wouldnt be able to put it out. Maybe a fairly strong water jutsu that naruto might learn. . but not wind man.

  699. @sensei: I’m with you, man! I wanna see as much as unusual Sage Jutsus. I’m putting my coins that Naruto will be the master of weird jutsus. Also… Naruto needs to have his weak points. And Genjutsu is one of them. Kishi didn’t made him to be a Superman! Maybe he will stay with this weakness until the end. Only Kyuubi will be able to help him in this.

    @Alec an @orion8301: Seems like you get what I was trying to say. Lightning acts as a backfire against water attacks. So that’s the wrong theory to justify Naruto using water. But there are other theories that can prove so…

    About Amaterasu… Well this the ultimate fire jutsu until now. (I’m not really right if it’s fire yet, but let’s just put like this.) I don’t know how… But seems like Yamato had extinguished those flames after Sasuke X Itachi. Look: Maybe he has somekind of Super Water Jutsu.

    @miny Minato: I can’t see him traveling with his team either. So I bet he will travel with Fukasaku and one other partner. In that point I think that one char related with Minato or Kushina will appear and go with Naruto. Also I think that Naruto will travel because of Kishi’s intentions on write more about other chars.

    @losers: I too think that Sasuke will learn every elements. But Sage Arts and Naruto’s own weird jutsus will beat Sasuke in the same way!!!

  700. #7 freekin hundred.

    @ ajd are trying to start something? You’re not worthy.

  701. lol naruto doing a fire tech. that would of been pretty cool considering we all still dont know what “unknown” abilities itachi gave to him. at this point pretty possible for naruto to do anything.

    but my guess is we probably won’t see naruto using itachi’s powers until he gazes eyes on madara’s sharingan. itachi probably also knew that naruto would meet up with madara one day. and also that naruto cares about sasuke just as much as he did.(that wasn’t gay)

  702. u forget that sasuke can use all the jusus he wants but if he gets narutos clone instead of naruto he leaves himself wide open. ameratsu weakens the user so if naruto does dodge it with a shadow clone sasuke will be defenseless. I doubt naruto will learn a jutsu to get rid of ameratsu when he just needs to avoid it.

    Sasukes main problem is similar to kakashis he hasnt got a huge amount of chakra like naruto, so he wont be able to use all of his jutsus in one fight. And now he doesn’t even have the cursed seal to give him more chakra.

  703. Sensei, Not sure what you were showing in that link but on the page before that link you can see that Yamato lifts up all of the trees that are on fire with and Earth elemental Jutsu and then splits a path way for everyone to run. The fire is not extinguished it just burns on above them and out of the way so they can cross. Odds are it just burned all the trees to nothing and when it hit the ground it didn’t have anything to burn and went out. Yamat does not have the power to extinguish the fire I’m afraid only Sausgay does at this point.

  704. Kakashi doesn’t have much chakra but I’d say Sasuke has lots of it. Of course, his chakra pool is not as big as Kisame’s or Naruto’s or Gaara’s but it’s pretty good. Certainly one of the best out there except for a few monsters 😉

  705. @knighthawk: well, you can put out a candle by throwing in a mug of water, pouring sand all over it, melting the whole base, and hitting it with lighting (i don’t know the name of any other elements)

    lmao, i don’t mean to insult you but your point has too many loopholes….

  706. Makumbaum: on the pervious page it shows yamato moving the earth apart so that there was a cap in the fire and he stayed back so the trees behind him is were the ameratsu didmt reach, as far as we know the only people to have been able to put the flames out is uchiha and jiraya. but he didnt put much put.

  707. The Swayze can put out flames with just a dirty look…

    P.S. The Swayze is being interviewed on prime time tonight, I heard a clip on the Adam Corrola show this morning… he refers to himself as “the Swayze dog” talking in the 3rd person at one point… I’m just sayin… ^_^

  708. @ BJBThe1
    Yo man i didn’t put any links up. and i think what that link is trying to show is how yamato had something to do with getting around, through, or extinguishing the fire. A key to this is that it wasn’t raining or a cloud was in sight, then yamato tells the rest of the team to go on ahead after he uses a earth jutsu to split the burning trees. A couple of pictures later water is coming down on narutos face. So i see what that dude is trying to say like if yamato used a water jutsu to extinguish it, which is very possible, and the evidence is the water coming down as a aftermath of it.

  709. @jeremiah: lol…..
    @everyone else: i thought i was the only one who gave useless comments and stupid rantings *pointing towards the useless element discussion* (and….you involved physics in it???? did you forgot that kishimoto dropped out of collage???? roflmfao)

  710. Sorry Sensai I meant to post that to Makumbaum. Either way take a look at this page This is earlier in the fight with Sauske and Itachi. It is raining there because of the storm that Sausuke had created to strike Itatchi down with lightint. That is why it is only raining where the fight is. This shows that Yamato did not use any water jutsu and the fact that the fire is still burning in the storm shows that the rain would not extinguish the fire. Also if you look at the fight with the most annoying character in the manga thus far the 8 tailed beast jinchuriki you can see that the fire does not go out in water because he is lit on fire and jumps into a lake and it doesn’t go out I can’t find the page but I believe they say that nothing not even water can put out that fire I think it is when Jman meets Itachi when he is with Sausgay and Naruto. Also they wouldn’t have been so worried abou Karin when she caught fire if she could be put out by water.

  711. for water jutsu there is also water shock palm jutsu so its not a defensive element the most defensive element i would say is earth

  712. @ pain.

    yo most of this stuff you learn in high school??

  713. no matter if tht was a fake spoiler any sane person knows were gonna c naruto use a fire and oil combination with the frogs whether his next element is water or not bcos like i sed a million times a skilled ninja can learn 3 diff elements.

  714. well thats a fireball justsu and it is sasuke who does it. and i think naruto got the sharingan. it is kool

  715. @ BJBThe1
    Yeah, i agree with you, all im saying is that the guy probably thinks this because of those reasons that i stated. But still your right.
    I don’t know how Naruto would be able to counter amaterasu, i had said this above in a looong post that i had posted. Its just a godly jutsu. Burns through anything, unextinguishable(unless you have the sharingan). Amazing if Naruto gets out of it, which i hope he does because c’mon by the end of the manga Naruto is gonna be the man and thats just gonna add to the reasons why he’s one of the best characters ever.

  716. @sensei: well, he wasn’t that strong in school too….but no…i don’t learn those things at all (that’s why i call it “USELESS KNOWLEDGE”….)
    @ everyone else: since you are still discussing about that elements….have you noticed that when rasengan and chidori struck against each other(in that naruto vs sasuGAY in valley of end) the blast was pretty huge….bigger than rasen-shuriken….
    maybe kishimoto got the idea of elemental recomposition (or whatever) from that! and since that blast was pretty huge…i think if sasuGAY learns it….it’s gonna be better than rasen-shuriken…(and he has that sharingan thingy too)

    also, doesn’t anyone remeber zetsu say “a master with stone beats an amateur with shuriken”….i think that’s always the case….no wonder how powerful the element is….the stonger ninja always wins(not valid for equal footed ninjas)…

    @sensei: look ↑↑↑ that’s what i call a useless knowledge (come on….when is knowing that going to come in handy to me?)☺☺☺

  717. This naruto 431 spoilers is fake look

  718. naruto manga 431:

    It starts with naruto facing pein

    summon pein comes in front and summons

    then naruto jumps and hits him and destroys him

    then somewhere else it shows sasuke going to konoha
    and karin asks him is he sure

    then sasuke arrives and thinks there somewhere else then he walks in and sees naruto and pein and he sees naruto and jumps in the air then it ends

  719. get ready, because this the end

  720. Chidori is already recomposed with ligthning chakra…that’s why when Naruto asks Kakashi to learn,he says it’s not that easy.

    But your idea is kinda cool,i mean,cursed mark and nine tailed chakra in one rasengan,it would be amazing.But Sasugay can´t beat Naruto in jutsu power…pity for all Sasugay lovers,the sucker would so get powned by Naruto.

    Besides,you can put it this way:

    Chidori is already lightning chakra infused and it’s weaker than Rasengan;
    Rasenshuriken is way stronger than chidori ( which means that Rasengan infused – stronger than chidori,which is already infused.

    So I believe that even if Chidori is infused by all elements,Rasengan only needs four to beat it;even if one element has the advantage and all other neutralize themselves,normal Rasengan is still stronger than infused Chidori.)

  721. I finaly have proof on chapter 417 akatsuki were going to give sasuke the eight tails power who told me that all akatsuki told sasuke was to get the eight tails well who ever did it in your face muthaefer

  722. swayze has pancreatic cancer… very sad 😦

  723. @smurfclassic: I know… I know… It didn’t show any evidences on the picture in the link. But the flames couldn’t have stood there forever!!!! And Yamato was left behind… So if it was not Yamato who extinguished those flames, who else was?

    That chapter leaves a gap just to punish us!!! It didn’t show, but left all the evidences that was Yamato who extinguished. A few pages after, the group is where Itachi was defeated, and Yamato was not with them. Kishi made on purpose to makes wonder…

  724. I guess there is a possibility that he put it out and that he is saving that Kishi is saving that information for a later date. I just assumed that since Yamato lifted the earth and all the trees up the trees would just burn out once there was nothing left. Since I don’t think the earth would start to burn once the fire hit it I would think it would just go out on it’s own. I guess we will have to wait and see how Kishi decides to deal with the black fire.

  725. @makumbaum- dude read more carefully, just like wind is a back lash to fire, water is a backlash to lightning… BUT water beats fire and wind beats lightning… so where as naruto’s attacks can beat saskue’s, saskues only get stronger, but not really beating them… plus it’s written everywhere so there

  726. the flames burn out themselves Makumbaum- the burn for seven days and nights, but it only burns what it was aimed at, thus they don’t move like a normal fire but they burn whatever they’re aimed at. Notice when Jiraya sealed the flames they weren’t burning everything else down? Cause it doesn’t spread unless commanded to by a ms

  727. @ Dave – The Swayze didn’t get pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer got the Swayze!

  728. how does sasUKE still have the curse marks power even thought the mark is gone if i can remember right

    oh and the swayze will live through it if he stops smoking

  729. wow, a possibility of a three way battle or sasuke helping naruto beat Pein (doubt the helping part). LOoks like another epic chapter.

  730. @ jjjjj – I’m pretty sure he no longer has that power since Itachi got rid of it in his battle with Sasuke. He drew it out and killed him.
    He still knows all the jutsus that Oro taught him but you won’t see that curse mark or the 80’s rocker hair and wierd wings again.

  731. @ibi not sure what you mean, but I don’t think it is in general worth it. I don’t want to come off as a random guy, so here. I have counted on this forum for basically all new mangas of Naruto since 419. I always read every comment, but never cared to contribute. Now that I am, Time is going by a little faster than before. I hate racism, and most people think I have too much energy. calculus sucks.

    I’m also aware that because of this post, people will hate me.

    So, I’m not sure where the confusion is being created from. Everyone knows the wheel of elements and their weaknesses, they are how they are. Logic wise, it’s questionable to say lightning beats water. water can screw up any electronic device.
    I don’t think there is a proven fact that supports most theories of how to extinguish amatersu, other than time. Is there still that chance for naruto having the mysterious 6th element?

  732. btw, is there a reason when i’m all the way scrolled down that I see a tiny black smiley face in the lower left hand corner? lol

  733. When will Naruto learn Minato’s light speed technique thing?

  734. they need to make another kakashi gaiden so that it can explain rins death and some more about the 4th

  735. im not sure if this true but didnt kakashi say there are dark and light elements like the shikamarus techniques

  736. @ ajd09 – Well I know extinguishing Amaterasu is a technique that can be achieved through MS since Sasuke extinguished it and apparently Madara has as well when Itachi tripped wired his face to trigger Amaterasu. ^_^

    @ Theguy – I’m guessing bloodline technique

    P.S. @ ajd09 – The black smiley face in the lower left hand corner means Ibi put a self destruct virus in your computer, you have 10 seconds to save it!


  737. @ Anonymous – It does seem that way in many aspects but everyone was saying the same thing before they knew about the time skip and Shippuden. Everyone thought it was ending with the fight at the valley of ends with Sasuke. I’m really expecting a time skip in the future with so much left unfinished.


    that what i was talkin about yin and yang are those elements
    in the anime i think it was subbed dark and light

  739. @jjj:
    im not sure if this true but didnt kakashi say there are dark and light elements like the shikamarus techniques

    Yes, I remember something like that. However, I think it’s a misinterpretation/translation fault.

  740. @nighthawk i think i remember dark and light is just yin and yang types of jutsus. one is indirect nature, the other is direct. could be wrong, i’ll check

  741. i can’t find anything on either using Naruto wiki, so ignore me. could have sworn i did hear that somewhere.

  742. thats where i saw it.

  743. is the scroll in naruto’s back is that the one where jiraiya summons a frog where it is sitting on the scroll when they were talking about madara and the kyuubi many mangas ago.

  744. @ theguy/Jeremiah – I was kinda thinking maybe he used the light speed technique to hit pain with the rasengan at the end of the last chapter since everyone around looked shocked. Before that he was standing on top of a frog not to mention how’d he get that close to 1 pain with the other 5 standing there watching, shouldn’t the other 5 have seen it and the 1 have been able to dodge the attack instead of getting blown to pieces lol?

  745. Another female manga, Claymore, I think it rivals the womaness of Sailor Moon.
    In all of this page no one has brought up the Tengu!!!
    The fire temple that has a clear depiction of a Tengu and a Frog at the doors!
    O and the posts earlier about Naruto’s clan symbol, they posted the manga front page of the three Clan Symbols painted, Kakashi’s Decision, was the title of the Chapter. Anyone else think that the fan actually looked like a bleeding eye, weird. dun dun dun.

    And the elemental stuff, I think naruto might get fire just for sage techniques, but is creme de le creme will be water and wind.

    Fire beats Wind
    Wind beats lightning
    Water beats Fire
    Lightning = Water in terms of strength, but lightning can travel through water which could pwn Naruto, why not Sasuke you ask? Sasuke already has lightning coming out of his hand, a little bit of water isn’t going to hurt him…So depending on how naruto uses his techniques, or how Sasuke counters, each has an element that they can beat or be defeated by. (also it is stated that a technique of the same caliber (fire x wind) fire will be fueled, and become stronger, I don’t think the same is if the fire technique is weaker then the wind technique used.)

  746. @ bendercu – very good point. If they note the speed of the attack in the next chapter then I would say that it is confirmed.

  747. Looking at the very first manga, Naruto’s scroll kinda looks like the ‘scroll of seals’. I submitted a story, but I think I was too late since it post has been pulled from recent post list.

  748. @ Erosennin – on Ibi’s last fan fic post? I’ll have to check that out. I don’t think it’s to late she’s just been side tracked lately with other posts and an interview post that is coming up.

  749. lightning nin are still coming to knonoha saskgay and madera
    wtf happend to kasamie
    tobi was mizukage
    zetu dissaperd
    the black tailed beast is still raping his heart out
    wtf is gonna
    i bet here will be an after shippuden type shit
    like naruto thenext generation
    like madera still out there and shit
    and there will actally be more black ppl
    in there like some random ass dude genin alwys eatin chikn ramen
    and looks tite as hell
    like jay that one lighting nin

  750. It was the Kaisa / Danzo connection, not as funny as some others, but a hypothetical idea.

  751. Yeah…Jeremiah just made me his bitch this week…I’m kinda busy. ^.^

    Yes, EroSennin, you made it! ^.^

  752. well tobi is uchiha madara. tobi is not cause madara is too old, and he even did fight with first hokage but obito was a kid even in the time of the third hokage. i mean in the time of madara there was no kakashi or obito.

  753. I dont know if jeremiah is still looking for other things naruto can say but I think he should say:”I’ll show you even a god can die!”

  754. @ pain did you do a background check on the author?? lmao

    Okay i agree what you posted up as a reply to my commment IS pountless, but as far as the physics behind the elements i think it is some real genuine stuff behind the claims. As for example a person posted up how pure water doesn’t conduct electricity like salt water and that was the reason why water doesn’t fall next to lightning in the elemental chart of naruto.
    @ peoole that think the spoiler pics are real. They are fake. Someone already explained above that it was previous manga editing.

  755. i think the most strongest charactor in naruto was itachi. there are three charactors that i really like. itachi, erosennin and kakashi so they are all dead now. so i am not going to watch naruto anymore. and the other reason is damn it takes too much time to be released the manga`s and shuppiden episodes. bleach is gd.

  756. I kinda agree with Nighthawk. Fire beats Wind elementwise, but if Wind is magnitudes stronger than Fire than the fire should be extinguished. Sasuke might be skilled but in terms of Chakra capacity , Naruto owns him.

  757. Still see that you are all stuck up with why Naruto can do a fire tech in sage mode…..simple he is not using his chakra(thus transcending his chakra elemental limitation)….besides in the spoiler it is called ‘sage art’. Might not even be a jutsu….said this before too….

  758. wow just found real spoiler-the whole thing about the fire jutsu is fake. he doesn’t hit the summoner either but he does do something interesting.

  759. @naruto bleach is good but waiting for the mangas and the episodes doesn’t make them any worse. Patience is a virtue.

  760. where can spoilers be found because i can only find the fakes

  761. wheres the real spoiler senior?????

  762. that’s what I wanna know, the real phantom spoiler.

  763. Question to those who believe the blurry picture of Kakashi in 430 is showing him dead…

    If he is in fact deceased, then why would it be necessary to have a slug bushin protect him when Pain released his destruction technique on Konoha?

  764. here’s a question: who are the nine people who helped seal the fox in the very first panel of naruto?

  765. the spoiler is fake cuz kishi ALWAYZ draws huge SFX’s in solid black.

  766. that was the original pilot, and obviously he decided to change the nine to one person. Kishis decide to change naruto after the original pilot cause he didn’t feel like drawing so much and hated the story but love some characters like the ramen guy, the third hokage and obviously naruto…

  767. are we going to see that forbin tecnique jeriah told naruto never to use around when they first returned to the village in this fight? is sakura going to start diggin him even more now? and is naruto no longer going to be afraid to peak on sakura naked now that he has super human strength to match?

  768. naruto should have said:


  769. Heh.. in the original pilot Naruto was actually a fox-kid.. with a tail to boot 😛

  770. what is this? where’s the spoiler??

  771. no Naruto this week either!?

  772. seriously wtf…no manga this week?!!? this is bullshit! japanese dont celebrate christmas!!! naruto should have yelled “WE SHOULD JUST ALL DIE BECAUSE THE PERSON WHO DRAWS US BECAME RETARDED FROM RADIATION IN NAGASAKI MAKING HIM WRITE ABOUT RETARDED LITTLE BOYS FIGHTING WITH KNIVES!


  773. the pancreatic cancer got swayze, and now he’s killing it!

  774. i bet if pain retreat after receiving a hummiliation of defeat from naruto (if naruto beats all those 6 bodies). nagato will use those dead akats members: itachi and sasori so its not possible that sasori and itachi will be seen once more in the future chapters, but all would be control by pain or madara though.

    idk whats the purpose of the two face guy getting all those dead akats.. but we’re sure pain has that sht ability to take over a dead body as vessel like those 6 hes using right now and can bring it to life. so its highly possible it might turn out that way.

    also,you can count jiraiya too, his body is on the village where he fought pain and theres no proof that ma frog take his body with her.(BUT IM HOPING THAT IT DOESNT TURN OUT THAT WAY cos it will be sad for naruto to face him even its not the real jiraiya anymore. you can say theyd be hesitation at first when naruto sees him.

    about sasuke, nothing… but ive no doubt he will envy again naruto with his new skills. you can expect sasuke again will go back to madara and kiss his ass for exchange for teaching new techniques. it will be like oro again and but sasuke will fail to kill madara after he has gotten he wants.

  775. Naruto should of shouted in that panel “I’M RICK JAMES BITCH!” that woulda been awesome.

  776. Naruto shudve sed ‘Ill make u regret what youve done to my village pein… BELIEVE IT!!!!’

  777. sasuke + gay = sasugay

  778. Sweaty palms, twitchy eye, shakey hands, irritable disposition, migrane headache, lack of sleep, too much coffee, too many cigs, and malnutrition. All signs of missing my Naruto fix………
    Calling Captain Planet, calling the Swayze, help me…. I need my Manga… Kishi if I don’t get my manga this week I may go f–king beserk. Right now the only saving grace I can find is reading all the great posts here. arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  779. Actually many do celebrate Christmas in Japan, but not for the same reason or in the same manner as we might celebrate Christmas here in the US.

  780. pain death haha

  781. i thought that he still had the cured morks power but it didnt eat away at him because the mark gone, thats why he was able to be healed the second time in the fight, when juugo said never mind what he said just look her

  782. @surje: Issues sir, you have issues.

  783. @smurfclassic he lost the power of the cursed seal when itachi killed oro in their fight, when juugo did that i believe he got it back… but we dont know yet because he hasnt fought anyone since

  784. In that panel, Naruto should have said “I’ll show you PAIN!!!” (wordplay)

  785. ok bye the shippuuden episode is out already sudded too.

  786. if one is looking on or its not on there yet but it is already on
    anf even tho its a filler i was hoping for some episodes with naruto training with jiraya

  787. oh yea and the preview to the next episode is training a well naruto is all healed up and he summons gamakichi and his broter there a bit bigger aswell not as big as they were in the manga sage training.

  788. At this point NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN 91 = BOORING

    Lets hope the manga is not a disappointment as well.

  789. wtf is up with all these crappy spoilers. i hope their fake coz i didnt wait 2 weeks for a 17 second comic.. theyre all over utube

  790. AH NOOOO the comic is coming out next week on the 15th

  791. Naruto: I have not come for what you hoped to do. I’ve come for what you did.
    Pain: I am God, i dont believe in the role of a dice. You will die.
    Naruto: I will….someday, but you, you die today!!!

  792. At this rate, there will be over a thousand post easy. Just tried to count out of boredom and got 830-840. Ibi was right on with the 700th.

    You think Naruto’s clones will survive longer than one punch now? Or, maybe he will scare everyone and kick pain’s ass without them? Or, they’ll delay the manga another week? Why not, we’ve already waited this long?(9 days)(I am a very sarcastic person if you didn’t know.)

  793. Hey i was wonderin the same thing.. Will his sage bunshin last longer than one hit.. maybe he could just sit in one place and collect natural energy and send his bunshins to fight.. pretty much the same as pain in a way

    The manga will be out on 15th.. bahh 😐

  794. Naruto should have said to paiin “I am going to rip your head off and shit down your neck while i read make out tactics.”

  795. maybe hes using a clone right now =O


  796. this is post 795

  797. this is post 795 , just copy all de posts and paste them in a notepad , it will appear a number for each post , scroll down and u have the total of posts :O

  798. Little Review

    Amaterasu hurts any target that it gets in contact:

    Maybe Sasuke is the luckiest guy on Naruto:

    Pains is still necessary get Bijus:

  799. Seems like Hyuugas were domesticated, but Uchihas not!!!

    Rinnegan doesn’t look like Byakuugan?

    If ANBU is the Assassination Squad, who are those guys? Look at their symbol:

  800. Yeah! He acknowledged his enemy. Seems like he sympathises with Sasuke.

    He surpassed Jiraya:

    Hope to see some of middle air battle like this against Pain! Kage Bushin is a helpful skill: imagination is its limit!!!

  801. Lost the chance to cast Raikiri and becomes the hero. I like you, but after seeing this, you asked to be beaten.

    Oh! Some original earth jutsu! And I was thinking that your earth skills were only copies.

    Yeah! He almost mastered all the Sage arts:

  802. It’s the start of a good friendship! Maybe they will travel along…

    For thoso who thinks that Naruto is a Senju.

    How Danzo knows that Pain is the leader? Sounds fishy…

  803. What are you waiting to show us this?

    Out of the way… This line could have many interpretations…

    If it were a Fuuton Bushin, what could have happened?

  804. 91 may be boring but it is the last one DB is going to sub. Damn I do not want to pay for Naruto ttebayo.

  805. By the way JMAN good call on SHINOBI a little bit short and predictable but a good movie to pass the time until we get some Naruto ttebayo. They did spoof of Naruto no doubt with Zetsu, Kakazu, and the eye techniques, and kekkai genkai.

    It was a good watch.

  806. @Blacks
    are you serious right now?
    do you have any idea on whats about to go down?

  807. All I know is, Sasuke ain’t got SHIT on Naruto now. Kishi finally gave Naruto that power we’ve all been dying for ever since Shippuuden came to fruition.

    All that’s left to say is: WTF is a Pain?

  808. O.K. I had a friend e-mail me the anime, did anyone else sit through the ending credits? I know what I ‘m about to type will make me look like a sad, pathetically pervy old man (sorry Ibiki I’m disappointed in myself too), but did anyone else see when the three girls are a’shaken their stuff, and jump’n a round that…. (no I don’t live in my parents basement) …. Hinata has a balcony that you can read Shakespeare from, if you know what I mean.

  809. hey guys naruto is shit anime now, cause all the gd charactors died and now takes ages for a new menga or shuppiden to come out.

  810. @EroSennin: I haven’t seen 91 yet, but I have noticed post-time skip that Hinata has a rack and a half. O.o

    @all: I’ve gotten some bad news today and that means I’m probably going to be scarce here for a bit. I don’t know yet for how long. Some of you will probably grateful for the silence, but I’ll be here in spirit, ‘ttebayo. I miss you guys already. Catch you on the flip side of misery. Guess it’s time for me to grow up, too.

  811. Huge new post coming out tonight. Preview 2009! It’ll give us something to talk about until Tuesday^_^

  812. lets just say that on a whim that the spoiler pics are real( i find it hard to believe), that would make sasuke present this whole time while naruto comes in and just mind boggles everyone. you gotta be wondering what the heck he is thinking at the moment. he’s prolly like…”damn naruto is PHUCKIN AWESOMENESS…i wonder if we were to fight now would i be able to beat him…i better lay low for now so that altercation never happens”….ha….which would give more supporting evidence that sasuke is GAY….~AVID~

  813. I don’t get how pain deliberately let pa frog and ma frog take the pain Jiraiya killed to the village when the pains had already made their way to the village. Someone explain please.

  814. I’d rather sasugay does not interfere in the naruto-pain fight even if he does end up in konoha.. This is supposed to be an epic fight.. he’s gonna do wat jiraya could not (assuming he’s gonna kick some major ass) and astonish the whole village… sasugay would just be a bother…
    Finger’s crossed the spoilers are fake !!

  815. The pancreatic cancer got swayze…..and he’s gonna take 2 years to kill it 😦

  816. The new shippuuden ending needs a WTF post I am just to lazy to do it. Also no more subs from DB >_<. o well someone will pick it up… if not i can wait a week.

  817. Bring it! Bring it! baby! Gai and lee rock!!!!

  818. I have new dance to impress the ladies. *puts on green jumpsuit of awesomeness and starts to dance*.

  819. Topics I want answered in 2009:

    Who lives/who dies (Tsunade)
    What will Kakashi gain in 2009 (Hokage, a new power, or something else)
    Who will go blind (Sasuke or Kakashi’s overused MS)
    Who will swap sides (Kisame or Kabutorochimaru)
    Maybe something about Kabutochimaru and his sworn revenge on Sasuke
    Is Danzo really evil or does he have Konaha’s best interest in mind
    What role will Konahamaru play
    What are killer bees real plans
    What did mean by Konoha took outa Hyuga, and was it someone close to Neji
    Will Sasuke take Itachi’s eyes
    What are Zetsu (Aloe Vera’s) powers and will we get to see him fight
    What has the Atatsuki done with the 7 tailed beast’s they already have, are they contained or being implanted
    Will Tobi/Madara’s real (Obito/Danzo) identity be revealed
    Will the donated power Itachi gave to Naruto surface
    What happened to Gaara’s stature as Kazekage since Shukaku was stripped from him
    Will team Hawk remain a functioning group
    Will Sasuke be trained further by Madara
    Will Naruto beging to control more of the nine-tails power
    Will Naruto get to use the key Jiraiya saved for him
    Will Naruto learn his lineage as the 4ths son
    Will Sakura or Naruto gain a new elemental jutsu
    Will Sakura gain access to Katsuyu (Tsunade’s Slug)
    Will Konahamaru gain access to Enma (the 3rd Hokage’s summoned ape)
    Will Naruto use the sword we see on the credits after most Anime
    Will Kisame be friend or foe
    Did Sasuke get Susano from Itachi
    Will Naruto use his new jutsu learned in sage training (chapter 421 page 10)
    Will the village turn on Danzo and will he prove to be working with Atatsuki
    Is Shizune really dead
    Will Sai remain a character
    Will Ichiraku Ramen be rebuilt
    What does Danzo have under his bandages
    Did Pain’s explosion collapse the underground hideout Danzo and team waited the attack out in
    Will Jiraiya’s body be recovered
    What went on between Kakasi and his father during the blacked out dream
    Will Lee grow up and develop as an individual character
    Will Sasuke and Naruto have a rematch making use of the power Itachi gave both of them.

    OK this is getting long so I will stop for now. But I want these answered in 2009 Mr. Kishimoto.

  820. Correction;

    What did the Raikage mean by Konoha took outa Hyuga, and was it someone close to Neji

  821. Correction;

    What did the Raikage mean by Konoha took out a Hyuga, and was it someone close to Neji

  822. The Raikage is talking abut Neji’s dad… way back in the chunin exams we see into neji’s past and that his dad sacrificed his own life to save hinata’s father (the dad’s were twins) and keep the lightning and konoha from fighting as lord hyuga (hinata’s dad) killed the previous leader of the lightning when he tried to kidnap hinata to gain the byakugan…

  823. Exactly….

  824. @orin:

    I think he may have been talking about Neji’s father. Remember he was sacrificed to save the clan’s secret, they talk about it during his fight with Naruto in the chuunin exam arc ttebayo.

  825. naruto should say
    : I am PANADOL the painkiller

  826. The Raikage is talking abut Neji’s dad… way back in the chunin exams we see into neji’s past and that his dad sacrificed his own life to save hinata’s father (the dad’s were twins) and keep the lightning and konoha from fighting as lord hyuga (hinata’s dad) killed the previous leader of the lightning when he tried to kidnap hinata to gain the byakugan…

  827. @kanjo- DUDE? why the pointlessly long process….the number of comments of each post are already shown on the home page O.o

  828. either wordpress is freakin out or someone is stalking me…

  829. u mean that post abve mine that obviously someone who wasn’t you because of the gravatar and everything…..

  830. yeah…

  831. Arrun, I’d advise you to stop fucking around. Personally, I’m not in the mood for that shit.

  832. i ve read some of the comments.awsome.i think itachi gave naruto susano mongekyo tech to fight saskue….its indestructable…not counting naruto him self.also some one brought up the possibilty of naruto havein a blood line limit…that would be the shit.i think naruto has endless possabilitys.naruto should have said( now what douchebag,is that all you got)

  833. naruto should have said i am going remove those chakra bars from your friends body shove them down your throat and use the 1000 years of pain technique kakashi taught to defeat you

  834. Anyone seen new shippuden ending? shit is funny.

  835. Bacchikoi baby!!!!!! why does it say its awaiting moderation for my last comment?

  836. nnevermind it’s all good now. Bacchikoi Baby!!!!

  837. So Naruto uses the toads for water element jutsu..another one for fire..another for earth etc. hahaha..

    the fact he can have clones..though mean he can use all elements at once..pretty hectic. 5 toads. 5 narutos = RIP Madara, RIP PAIN

  838. Naruto should have said, “Pein, I’m going to rip your fucking heart out!”

  839. Naruto should have said, now you’ll feel konoha’s pain!

  840. I have a question. In what issue did Itachi give Naruto powers? I keep hearing aobut this, but obviously I missed that one.

  841. @ Shuhei – 403

  842. you dont actually see him give them to him at the time because it miss’s it out but its during the time naruto sends all of his clones everywere to try and find sasgay because his scent is spliting up but the actual manga were you see him give them to him is

  843. The new weekly post is out. Click HERE to read it and to continue with the new comments and discussions.

  844. I want to say thank you to the writer,
    every time i read his comments under manga picures i laugh my ass off)))
    lol, i guess we have pretty much the same sense of humor)

  845. now you’ll pay for what you did to pervy sadge and konoha

  846. anyone here know that the swayze now has pnuemonia?

  847. Naruto:It’s time for you to feel the PAIN!

  848. he should have said aggressively: ur gonna regret that you ever came to konoha and did this and ur gonna pay 4 wat you did 2 jiriyah!!

    p.s – did naruto learn the flash step would really love to see him learn that wit a couple more techniques cause with the rasengan and that flash step/teleportation techniques would be hard to stop him and to make things more entertaining he a sage evrybody really want to see what sages can do.

  849. there must be something that kakashi is good 4 in the future after all he the copycat ninja + plus a former anbu blackops ninja i mean hes the only one with a sharengan in the village an if by some miracle saske came back it would be two hes one of the coolest ninjas in the village dats left atleast don’t let him go like dat!

  850. Naruto has finally apeared to see his beloved home in ruins so the arc continues therefore will he be enough to defeat pein the 6 paths of pein is it? I’m hoping for the transistion to where Tobi and the other 2 were sealing the Hachibi mind you Sasuke on his way to konoha just leaves more specalation on what would happen when he arrives man the Manga that just keeps on getting better and better Dattabayo

  851. these are from the spoilers you got they eventually edited the picture of sasuke, i just cant understand spanish

  852. he should have said [Aggresively]: you killed jiriyah then destroy my village then look down then up after claimly saying ur dead where you stand then wipes out the one closest to him,then anaylize the enemy after see that all of them are clones,he uses is shadow clone technique and meanwhile fighting the rest with the clones the real naruto would use the teleportation technique and follow kohan undetected to nagatos hideout the real faceoff between the real pain and the real kohan would begin starting with kohan!! just to let nagato some strength back into him. so is to great thing so back to the village Afterall he is sage so i guess the shadow clones would attack they use some technique and naruto tell the frogs oil technique now the frogs would aim one miss so 2 out of the 5 pains got oiled while human realm, god realm and whoever else dogded then naruto would use the fire technique to destroy the other two. pain gives a comment example: your tougher than i thought naruto not nine tail fox naruto so that leaves a stand off with 3 Pain against 5 shadow clones of naruto but obviously the frogs had already figured when naruto started to trail kohan from the start but seeing how strong he has become they leave it up to him. and everyone at the village stares at cause obviously hes there light of hope ! hope you found something in this useful 4 the future manga you can email me if you wish about it

  853. wats the release date for naruto 431..
    plz provide the link for the manga..

  854. […]… […]

  855. i was wondering… sasuke wanted to destoy konoha didn’t but isn’t it already destoyed xD? poor sasuke lol

  856. i think that the scroll on naruto’s back is a shadow clone transformed to collect natural energy while naruto himself can fight off pain. Cool theory init. Naruto way more powerful than before. I have been waiting a long time for this.

  857. god damn, when is 431 coming out?

  858. @ anonymous: either this thursday or this friday.

  859. Naruto should have said “Now I’ll make you pay for what you did to pervy sage and konoha, believe it!” or “You killed my sensei and destroyed my village just to find me; well here i am!”


  861. Naruto should have f**k him with out saying anything and paind should kiss naruto’s a$$ and good bye to this s#!t pain.

  862. “Your finished” “Your chop suey” Lol. “Your ass is mine” “Unforgivable” “Kick ass time”

  863. “Pain is over rated” “No Pain without Love” “Pain is all psychological” LOL.

  864. ” 6 pains 1 cup “

  865. Where the F**K is the new manga?
    He should have said:
    Pain, I’m here ta f**k shit up!

  866. Naruto actually says “let’s settele this once and for all”

  867. OMG!!i love this comic!Darn forgot to read goosbuumps 😡

  868. Naruto should have said… “BELIEVE IT!” How epic would that have been?

    But in all seriousness… I don’t know what he should have said, but I agree, it should have been something cooler and more epic. Maybe “DON’T F**K WITH ME!”

    I hate to say it, but the pace is still going too slow for me.

  869. sadly, we must wait another week before the new manga comes out.

  870. It seems like it’ll take forever, but hopefully just another 4 days.

  871. yep it has been like forever, fortunately for me i was too busy with schoolwork to sit there and be bored to hell, that it felt shorter than the 427 haitus of 3 weeks.( god i still remember those miserable 2 weeks.)it was the same, wasn’t it?!!

  872. waiting for the thousandth post

  873. Can’t wait for Naruto to open up his new bathrobe and show everyone how big he’s gotten.

  874. Death has come to you PAIN

  875. “pain I will take a break” this is what he meant.
    the break is getting toooooooooo big

  876. guys itachi was the most powefull of all. no one couldnt evern touch him. he didnt fight juraya cause he didnt want to kill juraya, cause he knew that jeraya is the only one who could save naruto and konoha from akatski. cause he loved konoha so much the he even kill his whole clan for it. and the fight with sasuke itachi was holding back cause it was all his plan to give him more power so no one could hurt him. madara and etc didnt even dare to attach konoha just cause itachi warn them.

  877. @ bori – I don’t know if I would put Itachi above Pain just for the fact that his greatest asset is Genjutsu and with 6 bodies it would be very difficult for him to get them all at once. I know Jman and the frogs used Genjutsu on 3 of the pain bodies but that still didn’t save him. Besides that it didn’t save him it was Genjutsu that uses sound so that he didn’t need to be near the pains to use it. Itachi would have to be within Visual sight of the Pain bodies to use his powers.

    I still think Jman could take Itachi without a problem as long as he didn’t get hit with his Sharingon Genjutsu. Since Jman spends so much time with Kakashi I’m sure he knows how to avoid looking into Itachis eyes. Regular Genjutsu he could free himself from.

  878. u are very very wrong lol. cause itachi had lots of skill. u dont even know what was he like when he even was akid. it is not only his eyes.

  879. @BJBThe1: I don’t have access to my Naruto database at this time, but I seem to remember that Itachi can initiate a Genjustsu with just the tip of his finger (Gaara Captured arc) Not even a need for direct eye contact. One would basically just have to see Itachi, and the only counter being same eyes & blood, or fight blind. Same eyes and blood is from the fight between Itachi & Kakashi in Kohona.

    @Jeremiah: I don’t know if it is in the manga, but the anime showed some background on Itachi in the filler where Sasuke learns the fire ball technique. because I don’t have access to my files yet, I don’t know if there was anything that addressed the ANBU / Root question. As we all know he graduated at 10, and joined ANBU’s ranks at 13. Where Itachi & Kakashi in ANBU together?

  880. let me oppen ur eyes. do u remember when juraya had a fight with orochi i agree that he was a bit drunck but still he couldnt even touch orochi, but do u remember the fight between orochi and itachi, orochi couldnt even touch itachi or itachi even didnt move and he already got orochi

  881. yeah erosennin u are damn right.

  882. @harshyt: Do you remember our ‘what if’ conversation about Obito. Well it just hit me that a dejected Oro was out & about then, so what if Madara lead Oro to Obito’s corpse? Certainly digging up a crushed corpse to salvage parts is right up his alley.

  883. U all must have forgotten that Itachi ran from Jiraiya lol… Also Jiraiya wasn’t just “drunk” when he fought Oro… he was poisoned/drugged, the drug was limiting/not allowing him to use his chakara correctly.

  884. no ok he did run cause he didnt want to hurt juraya cause he knew that juraya was the only one who save naruto and konoha. u forgot that his mission was to protect konoha even though he joined akatski.

  885. Meh, i think he ran cause he was scared. Jiraiya knew how to fight against Genjitsu, he tried teaching naruto, there was a little blurb in the anime about it i can’t remember where though. Also when oro fought itachi i wouldn’t really call it a fight, he was trying to do his body transfer jutsu so it’s not like he was trying to fight to the death, i think it would have been slightly different.. though i think oro still would have lost.

  886. @bari: I don’t think so. He was there to nab Naruto. Itachi purposely distracted Jiraiya (with the genjutsu affected woman), as to not take him head on. He was forced to use Amaterasu to escape the ‘Toad Mouth Bind’ Jiraiya summoned. I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t think he was that powerful. Also, he fled the Toad Mouth Bind without Jiraiya ever thinking about Hermit Mode.

  887. @Ero Sennin – You are right about him being able to cause genjutsu with only his finger but that still means you would need to see him where pain can come at him from 6 sides and possibly not get all of his bodies caught in the Genjutsu. Unfortunately we will never see that fight 😦

    I was pretty sure that Itachis Eye techniques are different then normal Genjutsu. I know that Naruto almost got out of the genjutsu Itachi put him in with his finger so I’m sure someone like Kakashi or Jman could get out of that one. When Kakashi was stuck in the Sharingon Genjutsu he couldn’t even attempt to get out of that jutsu.

    Please let me know if you have more information about the differences between Regular Genjutsu and Sharingon Genjutsu.

  888. @BJBThe1: What your thinking of is Tsukiyomi. Manga 142 about page 16. Also you should read on Itachi here.

  889. i said it a while ago team 7 will reunite and kick pains ass

  890. I still think Itachi was taking it easy when he was trying to take Naruto.

    It’s like when you wrestle with your little nephew or something, you play lightly so that you don’t hurt him and then he kicks you in the balls… Play times over, you toss him across the room onto the sofa and go into the living room to watch football with the rest of the grown ups.

    Itachi was just playin around until Jiraiya caught him in the balls and then Itachi was like I’m out. I’m going to the other room to watch football with Kisame…


  891. But I’m also a huge Itachi fan so perhaps I inflate his superiority in my mind.

  892. @john: Which realm? Also, don’t forget to check out the 2009 preview.

  893. I agree that the fight was never that serious. We saw in the fight between Itachi & Sasuke, Itachi had a lot more tricks in the bag. Certainly more than he showed in the hotel hallway. And, I also might, just maybe, have a bias (icon & profile name are not subtle clues on who I like). Even with my obvious bias I really like the Itachi story, and think it make for its own short story (in the form of the Kakashi-Gaidan style)

  894. Yeah, that would be cool. I would have liked seeing more about Itachi as well.

  895. let me put it like this. juraya`s and orochi`s story is almost the same as naruto and sasuke`s ok. so juraya never could bring orochi back to village cause orochi was always too strong for juraya k. but u can see the person who surpassed juraya (orochi) couldnt even touch itachi. do u get it how strong was orochi. orochi was way stronger than juraya and tsunadi. if u remember the fight orochi couldnt even use his hand but still he was too strong for them. but still the orochi who could beat juraya and tsunadi was nothing against itachi. do u know how strong itachi was now. he found many appartunities to get naruto but he didnt. cause it was all his plan from begining that he would never harm and protect konoha. and he didnt come to konoha to get naruto cause that was akatski`s plan not itachi`s personely. he came to konoha to warn the elders of konoha about sasuke after the third hokage`s death.

  896. for itachi naruto was just an excuse to he could come to konoha to see the konoha elders to warn them so nothing should happen to sasuke otherwise he will kill them. didnt u see naruto`s last meeting with itachi, itachi could have taken him easily but he didnt cause it was not in his plan. do u get it now

  897. bari is talkin sense here people

  898. No itachi is superior, he pretty much treated Kurenai and kakashi like rag dolls without even trying, he easily could have killed them but he wanted to make sure that kisame and itchi got the attention of the village jounin to make sure the elders knew he was back and perfectly healthy…

  899. BTW: NUMBER 9 F***ING HUNDRED!!!!!! bu yah!!!

  900. @ Bari – I totally disagree with Oroc being stronger than Jiraiya and using the fight before the time skip with the 3 sannin as an example isn’t fair to anyone involved. Tsunade was the only one that didn’t have some kinda of hindrance. How strong u are has absolutely nothing to do with being able to get oroc/sasuke to come back to the village.. it’s a choice they made, beating the crap out of them and bringing them back does nothing if they dont want to be there, they would just leave again…

  901. @bari- flawed argument, while Oro couldn’t use his arms, jiraya couldn’t really use anything as he had been drugged by Tsunade before hand. Not to mention they both pretty much ended up the same after facing a four tails naruto (infact jiraya has a giant scar on his chest, while oro was only saved by the fact that he could reproduce his body which he did multiple times to save himself). Oro’s arm was blown off after anruto went three tails, jirya got hit in the chest with naruto at four tails… not too also add into it, Jiraya never went sage mode with oro, he staid in his regular mode. And Tsunade was busy fighthing kabuto, who was about as strong as kakashi… Plus the same reasoning applies with why saskue won agaisnt naruto at the valley at the end… he scratched saskue’s forehead protector because he didn’t want to hurt him, while saskue was trying to kill naruto… doesn’t mean anruto was weaker, he just wasn’t trying to kill him at the time. same with Jiraya, he wasn’t trying to kill Oro, he was trying bring him back, which to qoute kakashi “it’s much harder to capture somebody alive than it is to kill them…” especially if that somebody, oro in this case, is trying to kill you. Itachi showed no fear in fighting oro, but he did have respect for jiraya, and to prove a point using your logic, itachi was stronger than both but respected jiraya over oro for a reason, jman is stronger. Also it was oro who ran away after pretty much getting the crap beaten out of him by Tsunade, not the other way around. And he reason Tsunade was so weak becasue she was still afraid of blood, but was trying to save naruto, so she couldn’t fight back, got stabbed like three times, and had to release her seal mark. Thus at worst they are even, and at best Jiraya is stronger than oro by far…

  902. Alec talks even more sense people…

  903. not by far because of orochimarus teqnique he gets weaker
    but he is stronger
    now the naruto and sasuke thing sasuke didnt want to kill him cause if he did he would have when naruto was knocked out and naruto didnt want to kill him but fought with all his strength that is why he got knocked out

  904. sasuke and naruto are about even
    speed= sasuke
    Stregth= naruto
    smartness= sasuke
    determinaion= naruto was sasuke before itachi died
    teqniques= tie

  905. There a lot of deluded comments here. Itachi gave naruto power to save sasuke, not defeat him…so, i guess it’s something to defeat madara, n will be used in the very last battle in naruto.

    I don’t think naruto will be able to use fire as he has shown little affinity with fire. In fact, I think he will be able to use water(not just now) so that chakra-type, it’s a draw with sasuke(who is not gay- are you guys feeling inferior to him in any way?).

    And don’t we dare forget Danzo who is waiting beneath and will perhaps attack naruto after the fight with pain. So I think Sasuke will make an appearance to complete his quest for revenge.

    Finally, orochimaru was indeed stronger than jiraiya, but then jiraiya surpassed him because itachi defeated orochimaru, but he fled (along with kisame!) when jiraiya turned up.

    Awesome release, though.

  906. @ Sixth Hokage – good comments, I especially agree about the water element but I’ll disagree with you on what Itachi gave Naruto. With the discussion he had concerning what he would do if he had to stop him I’m guessing its something that would be used against Sasuke but not kill him. Perhaps the ability to put out Amaterasu or something along those lines.

  907. The power that Naruto was given by Itachi will probably take a long time to be revealed. I have been thinking that maybe it will nullify Sauske’s Sharingon completely or at least against Naruto so none of his Genjutsu will work on him. It seems kind of extreme to make him lose his sharingon permanently but That would definitely make Sauske no longer a threat to kanoha. I mean without his Sharingon he is no match for any of the Jonin in Kanoha let alone Naruto.

  908. It is possible that the power Itachi gave Naruto isn’t anything to do with the sharingan, it’s possible that the power he gave him is the power to open Sasuke’s eyes to all of Madara’s lies, thus finally revealing the truth to Sasuke, whatever that may be in the end. Personally I doubt he could have transferred anything that has to do with his blood limit trait.

    Also I predict that the next release will be text heavy with Pein telling Naruto of his philosophy, and Naruto chewing it up and spiting it right back at him, most likely with a line that somewhat resembles “It’s not that people suffer pain that makes them better/stronger, it’s how they deal with it/overcome it that counts”

    As for the Sanin power chart, they are all equal to each other due to their diverse skills and abilities, no one Sanin is stronger than any other. The same goes for the next generation of Sanin(Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura). They each have their strengths and weaknesses, and they each have jutsu and other techniques that make them unique from each other.

    As for those who would mock Sakura, she is a medical nin, Medical Nin don’t get to go out and kick butt as often as other types of ninja because they are much too valuable to risk. Thus since Sakura became a medical nin she has been sent on considerably fewer combat missions, thus is the reason we haven’t seen much of her in the manga. It doesn’t mean she’s inferior in anyway to any of the rest of her genereation. And those of who continue to refer to her as a “filler character” your only proving just how ignorant you really are.

  909. I really hope kishi surprises us with that power that itachi gave naruto.

    to put it simply i will be disappointed if it’ll be something very predictable like extinguish amaterasu or s#!t like that.

    and one more thing; what Sixth Hokage said about naruto using itachi’s power to pwn madara is totally plausible, and kinda badass;
    just think about it:
    madara(to naruto):since when do you have such an ability?
    naruto: it’s a gift from your pall, itachi. NOW DIE!!

    madara(last words):That itachi… he eventually got me, even if he’s long dead. I’ll be joining him now… (and fades away)

  910. @iamnotreallyhere: great post man. and you are completely right about sakura.

    p.s. 10x jeremiah

  911. well the power of itachi which itachi has given to naruto is something related to sharingan cause itachi knew that naruto`s weakness was ganjetsu and i am sure it not only one sort of power that itachi has given him. if u look at them manga itachi says” i have given u some of my power” he doesnt say one of my power. so it means he has given him more than a power. and i am sure they are the most powerful jutsu`s ever. and as for benderco and alec if u watch naruto shuppiden 91 it is a flash back from juraya that he wanted to bring orochi back to konoha but juraya was not strong enough to defeat him and bring him back to konoha the same as naruto wanted to bring sasuke to konoha. by the way the charactors that rocks the most ever is itachi. juraya and kakashi they are the most kool charactors ever specially itachi and his story

  912. @bari that doesn’t means he’s not strong enough to kill Orochimaru, that means he was pulling punches cause he didn’t want to, oro on the other hand had a mental advantage in that he didn’t care if Jiraya died, and jiraya still survived… plus look at there fellow opponents… Naruto four tails: Jiraya ends up with just that giant crater in his chest (which is so sick cause that reminds me of mine…), while oro has to respawn his bodies three different times which means if he couldn’t do that he would have died at three different points. Itachi: Itachi is by and far stronger than both of these guys, and yet he dissed oro to his face and called him weak, yet he had nothing but respect for Jiraya’s abilitites.

    I know that you can’t compare sports team by who they play, you can only compare them when they play head to head. But Jiraya and Oro were never on the same field with the intent to kill eachother. Oro has always held the advantage of wanting to kill Jiraya while Jiraya pulled punches, and even with that he more than held his own. Remember that you have to be way stronger than somebody (or in shiki’s case, smarter) to capture somebody. You only have to be a little better, or just plain lucky to kill somebody. Just because Jiraya didn’t bring oro back doesn’t mean he’s weaker, it just means he’s not so strong he can capture him… Oro though with the intent to kill never did kill jiraya, which makes his superiority over Jiraya very questionable… especially since Jiraya never experimented with his body or has any soul transfer jutsu. If i need to i will pull out all sources form manga and fillers and other sources to back myself up, and trust me you don’t want me to go there right now.

  913. u are right and wrong. u are right that oro had the advantages of him. but let me take u way back when it shows a flash back or oro tsunadi and juraya were in one team. it shows that he was way stonger than tsunadi and juraya it also shows that tsunadi and oro was able to take the bells from the third hokage but not juraya and he was tide up to the tree. and then the people used to call orochi a genious when still he was young. and tust me u dont want me to go there to get the manga sources to back myself up

  914. hey alec comm down i really hate orochi too and i loved juraya`s charactor and i couldnt believe that died. but it is the truth that oro was stronger than juraya

  915. why do people say he had respect for j-mans power and he ran away does anybody remember he was a good guy and he wanted to pay his respects to the 3rd’s grave that is why he went to konoho in the first place and he also ran away from asuma, kureni, and gai who are strong but he could probaly take them with kisame

  916. He ran away so that he wouldn’t have to fight his old comrades in arms. It’s that simple, he didn’t want to have to fight them to the death which is what would have happened if he had stuck around during any those fights. His plan was to die by Sasuke’s hand therefore securing him (Sasuke) a place of honor in the leaf village. the only one out of all the leaf shinobi that he faced that could of killed him was Jiraya, and he ran away from him for the reasons stated above.

  917. @Alec – Help me remember the time line, did Orochimaru have the use of his arm at that point or did the 3rd’s Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal take away his ability to use Jutsu.

    I think Oro’s arms were still f’ed up at that point in the story line and Kabuto had to do all of his summons for him. If so, loosing your arms is a pretty big handicap in the ninjutsu world.

    Jiraiya is no slacker, but that would be a much more difficult fight if Oro’s body was at 100%.

    Here is a test to put yourself in Orochimaru’s shoes. Go and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with out using your hands and then eat it. Remember no hands. Then think about that fight more.

  918. thank u arian thats what i was trying to tell them
    and orochi was nothing against itachi which make juraya not stronger than itachi. itachi didnt even move himself but had all three asuma, kureni gai and kakashi almost but he didnt kill him cause from beggining his mission was to protect konoha and sasuke. he love konoha so much that he even killed his whole clan for it.u see kizami is very stong but still he was itachi`s bitch lol cause itachi was way strong. madara, kizami and the rest couldnt attach konoha just cause they feard itachi cause itachi told them not to touch konoha otherwise he gonna be in trouble

  919. i mean other wise they gonna be in trouble

  920. i am sure naruto has got much stronger and i am sure with the powers that itachi has given him he gonna be the most strongest shinobi ever.

  921. one thing i wanted to point out about yamato, he is doing his thing with ANBU, yamato is with Ibiki and they do show him. yamato is the guy that wears the cat mask, he was 1 of the 3 anbu watching the third hokage fight orochimaru

  922. to the guys talking about itachi vs orochimaru…orochimarus only weakness is gengutsu, that is why sasuke took him over so easily. jiraiya was 2nd strongest of the sannin. and honestly only reason orochi was stronger is the fact that u cant really kill him cuz he just regenerates (ie 4 tailed naruto punching him in half)

  923. hey guys it is so bloody stressing. i have been waiting almost three weeks now for bloody 431 managa what is going on.

  924. @orion8301- Jiraya during that fight had been drugged by Tsunade and his ability to gather chakra was severely reduced as a result. To say that Orochimaru is stronger than Jiraya simply from that fight is folly. In other words what i am trying to say is that both orochimaru and Jiraya were severely handicapped during that fight. Thus I propose this argument. Take a whole bunch of pain killers and try making and eating that peanut butter sandwich of yours, I bet you’d have just as hard a time as you would with no arms….

  925. I hear what your saying, and you make a very convincing argument. It is just the assumption that Itachi is stronger that gets me. Don’t misunderstand me, he could be. I just keep thinking about Shikamaru & Hindan. I mean that it seems like the raw power is not everything to Kishi, and I know before you say it, “Shikimaru had to win that fight.” I get that. I know that it is a logical course for the storyline. That said, it seems as though a tactical genius (with little chakra and kinda a one trick pony) can use an immortals own strength against him. I also understand that Itachi too is a genius, but to say he pwns all outright. I just can’t get behind that 100%. I really don’t know what from Madara/Tobi’s story to Sasuke we can take as truth. All the other jutsus in the manga that seal life, do so at the cost of life. Now if it was Itachi’s plan to draw out Oro and seal him; then wouldn’t it explain his death at his own victory?

  926. Oh Yeah, I forgot she drugged him, good point. Your right both of them were severely crippled. I still believe Jiriaya would win the fight with Ma & Pa frog fused to his shoulders in Sage mode. He is ungodly powerful with that technique. I brought up the loss of Orochimaru’s arms so people would be objective about the fight and not use their love of the character as their deciding making factor. If you read my previous post again, you will notice the tone and content never say that Orochimaru was more powerful. It simply says he was without use of his arms, and asking for people to look at it from another perspective. Additionally Orochimaru was fighting individually against Jiraiya and Tsunade one on one. I think he did fairly well with his disabilities.

    With that being said, I do not know if Orochimaru ever displayed a power that made him a Sannin. Yes, Orochimaru could regenerate his body, swap his soul into other people, and had a Hydra technique. However, I never really saw him display anything that was equivalent to Jiraiya’s Sage Mode or Tsunade’s heal the whole damned village technique. We saw Orochimaru display a wide range of jutsu, his insatiable appetite for using others to fight for him, but he did not have his own curse mark or really amount to what I would think a Sannin should be. Maybe since we generally saw him in a weakened state we were not privy to his full power.

    Alternately with Kabuto in possession of Orochimaru’s life force, maybe we will see his return vicariously through Kabuto. I would like to know what power he possessed that made him a Sannin.

    If I were on pain killers I would probably not even be hungry, so a PB&J would be the last thing on my mind. Alternately, you could just wake up in the floor at 4:00 AM with the fridge door still open, jelly everywhere, and the dog licking you clean.

  927. Want to buy an edit button so I can correct the grammatical errors and the linguistic Cul-de-sac’s I find myself writing.

  928. @orion8301-Your right Orion, If Jiraya had been able to use his sage mode he would have totally pwned Orochimaru. If you look at my post at 3:56 pm you’ll see where I stated my beliefs on the powers of the three legendary Sanin. I too believe some people(whom are too numerous to name conveniently) give Orochimaru way too much credit.

    As for Itachi, he is/ or was, I believe, about at the level of Sanin himself, and most likely was at the very least Orochimaru’s equal without the sharingan. With the sharingan Orochimaru had no chance. That being said I don’t believe the Akatsuki were afraid of him, I believe that it was a stipulation on the part of Itachi when he joined that they leave the people of the leaf village alone. It was Madara’s will that his request be honored as he needed Itachi to get at Sasuke, who in my humble opinion was probably his goal all along.

  929. Oro can summon dead people, i.e. former Hokage’s. Now that’s a powerful technique!

  930. Oro > Jiraiya any day..Oro is still alive and Jiraiya isnt. Oro had the cursed mentioned ability to the summon the dead. Also when he fought Jiraiya it was said he won all the time..also the last time they fought..Oro couldnt do any jutsu because of his arms being dead.

    ITachi is better than Oro..he is better than Jiraiya easily as well.

  931. @losers jiraiya was also drugged when they fought and couldnt control his chakra

  932. K where is Naruto 431? Does it really take this long to do a few pages of manga? it looks like the writer kishi is not into naruto anymore. too many long breaks.

  933. thank u nighthawk. hey renzy get it in ur head in that time it was 2 senin against one okkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy doooooooooooooooooo u get iiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt nooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and lets stop discusing this anymore. guys wat is going on with naruto manga this year? it is killing me

  934. well akatsuki was afraid of him. kizami is one of the most strongest akatsuki but he was scared of itachi that kazami was every his bitch.

  935. yeah u are right naruto

  936. I’m not sure what to make of this but here we go…

  937. @bari naruto and tsunade were fighting kabuto haha chill dude

  938. Wherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre is chapter 432 spoiler pics!

  939. That’s true Tsunade was not fighting Orochimaru until Jman started to get his control of his chakra back at least a little bit that’s why he was able to summon the boss toad. Although it was basically 2 injured sanin vs 1 injured sanin and his apprentice of sorts. Either way that battle is not a good one to compare anyone because they were all injured.

    The fact that Kisame said if he battled Jman one on one he would die and then Itachi said that if they both battled Jman at the same time they would die or best case scenario they would kill him but both still die. (I know this has been stated before). Itachi must know enough about Jman to not want to fight him.

    Oro states that he is weaker then Itachi earlier in the manga and the anime. If we go by what the characters say Jaman is stronger then Itachi but Itatchi is stronger then Oro. The only issue here is that Oro always beat Jman when they fought in the past so Oro must be stronger then or at least equal to Jman.

    The only thing I can think of is that Jman is good against Genjutsu which is Oro’s weakness and that is where the differences lie. They all have their stregnths and weaknesses that pretty much make them even.

  940. @ BJB well said in the begining, but in my opnion Jaraiya was way stronger than Orochimaru

  941. @Rosemi – I like to believe that as well but sadly we never got to see them fight to the end when both were healthy 😦 I think Jaraiya would hold back until he had no choice because he doesn’t want to kill his best friend where Oro could care less about Jaraiya dying.

  942. @bjb it would be similar to naruto and sasuke 😛

  943. @ renzy – shoot me an email when you get the chance.

  944. @jerimiah my e-mail isnt working right now i need to get it set up cuz we switched our internet and shit so my old one is no good… ill try to get it working tonight though 🙂

  945. AAAARGH! this boredom is killing me….someone post smfin or comment pleaseeee!

  946. Harshy is my cyber slave and I have him locked in my laptop for safe keeping. ^.^

    …and if you’re gullible enough to believe that, I’ve got a bridge you can buy. No reasonable offer refused. (Well, Harshy, you said you were bored. That should spur at least a couple comments…then I can, uh, put my spurs on later…)

  947. Ibi, come back I realize now I’m nothing without you!!!

    Harshy, think of this, we are all figments of our own imagination…

  948. I’ll be back in a week, Alec. Save an argument for me. ^.^

    I’m done cryin’ but like everything in life there is a hurry up and wait thing that has to happen.

  949. @ibi how does he fit in your laptop?

    haha totally joking

  950. I’ll try…

    the best of luck to ya

  951. @Renzy: I fold him up into little pieces along the perforations, and then hold everything together with duct tape. 😀

  952. New spoiler has been posted.

  953. @ Ibi – It will be awesomeness to have you back ^_^… when you do come back… Until then…

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiitoooooooooooooooooooooooo Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  954. in manga helpers there are real spoiler pictures.

  955. From the spoiler it seems like Tsunade gives the last of her power to save a dieing Kakahi. It also sounds like Naruto is more grown up and his powers are greatly magnafied.

  956. Well I’m now sitting in a padded cell awaiting this weeks manga.
    And with this time I started a top ten list of ninja that are still alive. So here is what I came up with, I am sure everyone has their own idea and this is just mine at this time which is subject to change at a moments notice.

    1. Madara – Anyone that controls time and space is simple awesomeness.
    2. Nagato – The Rinnegan, need I say more.
    3. Killer Bee – wow, not only is he strong on his own but he has control of his 8-tailed beast to boot.
    4. Naruto – only because he now is a Toad Sage.
    5. Sausgay – yes he is strong I admit it.
    6. Kakashi – even though you beleive him to be dead, I got two words for ya,,, forget it.
    7. Kisame – weilder of the samehada the charka eating saw-bladed sword.
    8. Tsunade – the last remaining Sannin. Who by all intents will soon be gone if the rumors are correct.
    9. Gara – even without his beast implanted within him he is still among the top ninjas.
    10. Konan – for what ever reason. There are others I could also put here but didn’t.

    honorable mentions
    1. Zetsu
    2. Kabutomaru
    3. Kurenai

    Ok I’m stopping there. Hope I can withstand the backlash I’ll get from some but oh well it’s better than beating my head against the wall.

  957. was madara the fist uciha or the stongest?

  958. this icon sucks!!!

  959. I just had a very scary as hell thought, but what would happen if the unexpected happened and Killer Bee ended up training Kabuto. Not that it seems likely to happen, but they are both on the road and Kabuto is stuck looking for a reason to get strong or a purpose in life while Killer Bee is the type who would do it just for kicks. A combination that would make you weep at the sight.

  960. @ highkage: he was the first uchiha to discover mangekyou sharingan with his brother,. not the first uchiha to discover regular sharingan OR the first uchiha.

  961. i’m going to ROFLMFAO if Tsunade gives up and is like “Well…I’ma die anyway” and uses that life swap jutsu on Kakashi that Elder Chiyo used on Gaara XD

  962. can sumone please tell me the name of this beautiful song

  963. wow, another awesome chapter so it seems. Hope it’s worth the wait.

    *Tsunade becomes wrinkly, well, I feel sorry for all those Tsunade lovers; she might lose a lot of fans….

  964. Looks like Tsunade is a gonner. I hope theres more to it before she’s toast like telling naruto im you grandma or something. We still don’t know why she “avoided” naruto conversations with j-man. I just want that solved. Rooting for grandma even if ages aren’t right.

  965. Oh shit!! just noticed the Yoruichi pic with coming soon.. does this mean you are gonna do bleach? If so thank god. Been looking for a good site for a while now. Looking forward to it if it happens.

  966. Can you make a link to the spoilers on manga helpers. I cant find them xD

  967. @ Kennin – someone linked the manga helpers page in this thread or the other. Too lazy to look.

    @ Captainmexico – I can niether confirm nor deny that rumor… Purely speculation at this point…


  968. when will they release the manga?

  969. @雨隠れの里Tinman, i think the eight tails is a completely f**king
    ASShole. its a total weakling. not like the nine tails. i think the kyuubi will just look at him and he’ll melt

  970. @Glen, it most likely will be on Friday.
    And about the 8-tails, well I appreciate your stance on the matter I think anyone that completly pwnd team Hawk can not be that weak. Look he toyed with Sausgay for as long as it amused him but when things got serious he just put him down for the count, and I mean the count. Sausgay was lying there crumpled on the ground with most of his chest missing and the only thing that saved Sausgay was Jugo joining with him in some form to replace the missing body tissue and organs that were destroyed. No I don’t beleive the 8-tails will cower in front of anyone or anything including the Kyuubi. Remember that the Kyuubi is susceptable to the Mangekou eyes while the 8-tails is not. I don’t beleive we have seen the extent of Killer Bee’s powers either. Will he come to help Naruto or will he be an antagonist? I think at first it could be as an antagonist but in the end he will befriend Naruto if only because Naruto has that power to change people and their views.. Remember this is a power that is mentioned from time to time throughout the manga, and I think it is his greatest power and it will greatly help him once he does become the Hokage. Hell I deviated from the topic.. well heck.

  971. Now that I go back and look at my list I find I did not follow my own criteria. Pain is not truly alive, his body is controlled by Nagato from the tower along with the rest of the realms. So scratch Pain and insert Nagato in his place.
    Wish I could edit my own posts, I would change it to show this…

  972. Can someone please post the script. Fahim’s spoiler, although I appreciate it, is difficult to follow.

  973. wooo bout time the real spoiler came out -.- honestly ppl who put theories up and claim them to be spoilers are just pure gays. almost as bad as sasugay.XD

  974. “I’ll end your pain by killing you!”

  975. @ grimmjowfan: yes, almost.

  976. @ tinman – I fixed it for you

    @ Glen – I’m hoping tonight. Usually when there is such a long wait it comes out a little early because the people that scan and translate the issue are freaking out as well.

    As to the 8 tails convo, I actually think the 8 tails is decently strong to be able to pwn, Sasuke, Karin, Yuugo and Suigetsu all at the same time. He kinda annoys be though.

  977. @jeremiah: who’s that girl on the top (with that “coming soon” text box)???

  978. she is on bleach i forgot her name but most of the time is like in a cat form then other times naked jejejeje

  979. @harshy: don’t you do anything other than spamming??? lol…way to go dude…that rocks…

  980. shit! i wish i knew who she was…(reading bleach chapter 68….started reading it a few days ago…had to do something in sparetime…i am gonna kill kishimoto if he takes another break!!!)

  981. @ Jerimiah – I agree with you on the 8 Tails. He is the most annoying character they have introduced so far. I mean everything he says just makes me hope he dies. I was really excited when I thought Sauske had won but Sadly it didn’t last long.

    He is incredibly strong to pretty much kill Sauske twice and then defeat all of the others as well. Hopefully the next time we see him it will be a battle that he actuallyi dies in.

  982. The Iareawesomeness Daily

    It is the year 2019, the cyber slaves have started a revolt agianst their captors, leading their assault is slave for 10 yrs, 2 time oscar nominee(1 time winner), 8 time grammy winner and 2019 people choice award winner for best cyber slave of the year award Harshytkage!

    A*HOLE(reporter) – “sir, what led you to go to such lengths to bring urself to the poeple’s awareness???”(reffering to the mass internet stampede caused by all laptop trapped slaves, fortunately, no avatar was killled, though reports of injuries to e-maiil addresses and blogs continue to come in)

    HARSHYTKAGE – “well A*hole, it all started on a personal level, my captor the no gud fer nfin Ibi had gone way too far”

    A*HOLE – “In what way sir?”

    HARSHYTKAGE – “well….since as cool as i am (winks at cute girl behind camera), i didn’t mind getting folded up into little pieces and held by duct tape (cute girl looks confused), but making me dance on her desktop in a tutu while balancing a dildo on my head while eating a bowl of kellogs(WITH NO FRIGGIN MILK) and reciting the gettysburg address is stepping it too far ibi, but it’s after that when it goes personal, she recorded me and released my S** TAPE all over the internet(S**=Sic…what did u thinkk ;))

    A*HOLE – well sir, what are your demands?

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    A*HOLE- (iterupts by throwing a punch to his jaw) sry sir, we are out of time….

    HARSHYTKAGE- WTF!what did u do that for???

    A*HOLE – No antislavery laws yet KAGEBOY!!!(taunts like a ten year old…)

    HARSHYTKAGE – WHta abt our demands???
    A*HOLE – Next time loser…
    Now we join our weatherman D*CKHEAD for the weather, i am Reporter A*HOLE reporting with cameraman DOUCHEBAG live on AONAS(All Our Names Are Swears) TV…..

  983. Naruto: Shippuuden 92 is out, and you can download it from narutofan in either 480p SD or 1080p HD. Just something to pass the time until the manga is released. Make sure to read on the type of player you will need.

  984. man i gt only 548 mb free on my HG….only xvid’s please!

  985. *EDIT HG – HD

  986. is naruto manga 431 out yet????? and if it is where can i wach it

  987. or maybe you can watch it here…(sorry for being late to do that….i was reading harshy’s posts….

    and @harshy: seriously dude….don’t you do anything other than spamming? and what’s up with using the internet only after midnight???? are you like insomniac or something(like gaara)?

    i wanted to talk to you….but i guess i will have to wait till tomorrow…G’nite…

  988. the “kage” is the strongest shinobi in the village or land right? is anyone in konoha stronger than naruto now?

  989. and i am not being rude….i really wanted to talk to you…also i love spamming (well…not here…youtube…and everywhere else…this is a holy land) so i didn’t mean to sound rude(and sorry if i did)

    anyways, i tried the megavideo link (that i posted) but it seems as if it delays the buffering after each interval (and i am trying to figure out why)…i guess it will cover up for the time until 431 gets released….

  990. hey….i took that as a compliment!!!!

  991. shit! guess i should wait for my earlier comment to be approved before i post a new one huh? well…i will try that next time (and for those who think this and the earlier comment is useless….just report the answer….oh wait! this isn’t yahoo answers….well, see you tomorrow…goodnight)

  992. did madara even mention the hyuuga clan in his version of konohas founding? i think he twisted the facts.

  993. Finding this web site for the first time and reading your guys comments, I just couldn’t resist. First who’s stronger J-man, Orochimaru, Itchi, or Pain.

    Itchi – is the strongest. It’s easy to see that pain is week against Itchi. First of all The Pains share the same view or sight, so if one of them is caught by Itchi all of them are. So unless Konan or another Akaski saves him he would get pwnd. Itchi might have been know as a traitor to most people, but he was actually protecting the leaf the whole time. As a member of akaski he was so powerful that no one would attack the leaf without his go ahead. (He was just that good)

    Pain – is next not whole lot to say it’s hard to say he is bad and also hard to say he is the best. We all know sooner or later he will get beaten.

    J-man – would pwnd Orochimaru. There may have been a time long ago where orochimaru was stronger then J-man. But many years later J-man trained the forth and the forth trained him. If I can take you back to the fight with Orochimaru and the 3rd, where orochimaru wanted to know how the forth was able to seal the 9th, and the fact that we all know J-man would have owned the 3rd where Orochimaru lose the ability to use his arms fighting the 3rd says a lot.

    Orochimaru – well duh last. He is still pretty tuff and his ability to add abilities to others is pretty sweet, but he still just falls short manly because he is dependent on stilling other people’s bodies to remain alive.

  994. DID you guys know know that we are 11 volume behind in naruto. Japan is way a head of us, so teh manga 431 is alerdy relased in japan. GO to shonen jump to find out more

  995. hyuuga are the ancestors of uchiha and are a founding family of konoha did madara mention this in his version of konoha? i can’t remember but i don’t think so.

  996. who do i talk 2 about this ugly-ass icon?

  997. @lalala: some of us are further behind than others.


    this link has more spoilers, i know its a bit late and the translated version will be done soon but what the hay. if u cant wait (like me) heres some pics.

  999. yo ero did you mean me or other peopl

  1000. oh u ment lalala

  1001. help need kick-ass icon like EroSennins or glen07,orion8301 or ojd09 anything (almost anything) but this.

  1002. nooooooooooooooooooooooo!! just missed the thousandth post!!!!!!!

  1003. nooooooooooooooooooooooo!! i just missed the thousandth post!!!!!!!

  1004. @Highkage, go to top of this page and you will see in the top left corner a my account button. Put your mouse over it and go down to the edit profile icon in the drop down box. On right top side you see your gravatar. Rest is up to you….

  1005. @Highkage, go to top of this page and you will see in the top left corner a my account button. Put your mouse over it and go down and click on the edit profile icon in the drop down box. On right top side you see your gravatar. Rest is up to you….

  1006. i hate hwo people are so one-sided to good guys
    Orochimaru and j-man are almost the same power j-man might be stronger by a little same with sasuke and naruto can people stop being one sided

  1007. Hello guys;

    This is my first post, but I have been following your conversations for a couple of weeks. I have enjoyed your banter, and I have learned a lot about the Naruto world. You’ve sent me scurrying to Wikipedia, Leafninja, et al many times in order to keep up with/understand some of your discussions, but it has been fun and insightful. Jeremiah, Ibiki Teishi, EroSennin, Harshy, Alec, Orion and all keep up the great dialogue.

    Although this is just a neophyte’s opinion, I like Itachi’s chances against virtually all the Nins, with the possible exceptions of Madera and Negato. That opinion may be a little prejudiced by the fact that Itachi posthumously became my second favorite character, just edging Kakashi from the spot. Naruto will surpass Itachi…and all the rest, but I don’t think he has just yet.

    Again thanks for letting us Voyeurs tag along for all of your discussions. They have been (and hopefully will continue to be)both enjoyable and informative.


  1008. @highkage: Go here. Jeremiah has laid it all out for you to change your icon.

    @jdb44: thanks.

  1009. haha no prob jdb44, welcome to the commenting world, thanx for the shoutout, but i hope that isn’t in any sort of order cause i’m getting a little jealous…

    anyone will agree that Itachi is pretty much was the msot bad ass ninja cause he scared the shit outta everybody, treated three of konoha’s elite jounin like genin… but he wasn’t able to kill madara for a reason (or didn’t try), and he probbaly never got a chance to meet pain in person, thus was unable to fight him, and he still might have lost.

    in my personal opinion we’ve gotten a little lazy around here and haven’t been giving enough proof, probably cause the veteran guys have memorized the entire thing so we no each of the parts… that would sometimes save some digging for you guys, but it allows you to explore more info and come up with your own stuff…

  1010. this is just a theory i came up with cause i had nothing better 2 do.what if the hyuuga clan discovered somehow that jealousy and hate toward the main house caused certain branch members byakugan 2 become sharingan?what if that and them wanting 2 protect the secrets of both eyes is why they place the seal on branch members?i’ve never herd any origin of sharingan or the first could happen. the sharingan itself appears envious in nature with its attempts 2 analyze and copy.also members of this bloodline (madara,sasuke,neji,hizashi)have shown extreme feelings of jealousy and or hate;although hizashi did give his life 4 his brother he did it 2 b n controle of his destiny.madara openly admitted 2 sasuke his envy of hashirama the leader of senju.he also sed his lil bro willingly gave his eyes 2 him but could have been jealous that his lil bro wasn’t going blind and he was.we all know sasukes envy toward narutos progress caused him 2 seek out orochimaru.that and wanting 2 kill itachi.neji hated the main house and almost killed hinata.this is just a theory.

  1011. @highkage- there was a theory a few years back about the sharingan descending from the byakugan, but i think you do make a good point on how the sharingan always comes with wanting to acheive something… the nine-tails commented that the sharingan has more sinister chakra then his own, but the theory of the sharingan descending for the byakugan is relatively unproven and not very feasible… jsut nod your head and go with it, but there is relative connections to gods and spirits so they probably came from one of those if anything and didn’t evolve in any way. Unless with my new theory that the byakugan and the sharingan descended from the rinnegan (don’t ask me how yet cause that would take another long post)

  1012. thx 4 the info Tinman!

  1013. @EroSennin- Your welcome.

    @Alec- No particular order; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Truthfully, because so many of you indicated where you were getting information, I was able to go to those sites and search for the information. No need to apologize for a lack of back up, you guys provide tons of it;and as you said, a little self research helps us form our own conclusions.


  1014. can we unoffiicially call naruto hokage? is anyone in kohona as strong or stronger?

  1015. Naruto has never been a leader. He has no idea how to deal with village issues like an invasion for example. Right now, Kakashi would be the best canidate for Hokage if Tsunade dies.

  1016. @highkage: Here comes a pretty nerdy theory, so you have been warned.

    All Sharingan users are Uchiha, but not all Uchiha are Sharingan users. That is to say that though it is a ‘bloodline trait’ the genes do not always align to make it the phenotype. Genotype is what genes a person has, where phenotype is what genes are expressed. Simplified example: brown eyes are dominant, and blue eyes are recessive. So that if it takes two genes to make eye color then a person with brown eyes has either a combination of dominate & recessive, or dominate & dominate. A blue eyed person has recessive & recessive only. In the case of brown eyes the dominate & recessive are the genotype (what genes are there), and the brown eye color is the phenotype (what is expressed, in this case dominate & recessive = brown) Although the person carries the gene for blue eyes (let us say sharingan), without the right combination they will not have blue eyes (or be a sharingan user).
    I know that’s a lot, but hopefully you’ve had some basic biology at this point, and understand where I am coming from. Darwin has the theory of evolution. That would say: that because the genes are always forming new combinations, when the environment changes there can be a combination that has already evolved, and will thrive in the new environment. While the past dominate combination suffers due to environmental changes, the new thrives. This is a very, very basic explanation.
    With all that in mind, if Sharingan sees the chakra in colors, and Byakugan can see chakra flow in clear focus, then I would purpose that the basic color view sight came first and evolved into the clearer focus.

  1017. Woooo!, If your genealogy and my basic physics from the lightning jutsu post had a baby we could give birth to the next Einstein, Albert Hoffman, Tim Berners-Lee, Steven Hawking, or Michio Kaku with a Sharingan or maybe just Blue eyes.

    Flashback to around post 400 in here
    Water itself (Hydrogen and Oxygen) can hardly conduct electricity. However when it contains dissolved Sodium Chloride (SALT) or other conductive impurities (ionic solids), it can. The electrons simply pass from one positively charged atom to another with in the sodium chloride (SALT) as a link between the water molecules. So pure water is a horrible conductor, water with salt in it or that is mildly acidic conducts fairly well.

  1018. @Fanboi

    I agree that Naruto doesn’t necessarily have the mental acuity of say… Shikamaru, and I’d be hard pressed to claim that he is a leader in the traditional sense; however, he has an innate ability to change virtually everybody (for the better)that he meets. That ability is certainly one of his greatest strenths,and it is a leadership characteristic.

    Tsunade has Shizune as an assistant but Shizune is really more of a 2nd lieutenant. Shizune’s strengths actually offset many of Tsunade’s weaknesses.

    Why couldn’t Naruto have Shikamaru as his Consigliere. Think of him as Shizune on steroids. Now that could be a wicked combination.


  1019. wasn’t sartobi younger than naruto is now when he became hokage?i don’t think he was the smartest or wisest person in the village at that time just the best person 4 the job.naruto has shown a wisdom(not all the time)beyond his age when he talks about friendship or finding his own ninja i think we all know naruto would die 4 konoha with a smile on his face.

  1020. yah what jdb44 sed

  1021. @jdb44 welcome to the club homie!

    @jjjjjj – how ’bout this…i WONT!

    after the mating of the geneology and lightning post, harshytkage is born a genius

  1022. pain sed that if he hadn’t kept his true nature a secret he wouldn’t have stood a chance against young thunder bka jiraiya.fukasaku sed that naruto has surpassed those who came before him as he sees an image of the 4th and jiraiya.naruto is going 2 open the biggset can o wup-ass we’ve seen in the manga so far.hopfully it’ll last a few issues; i hate pain and want him 2 suffer.

  1023. @harshyt: Hey, I may have a job coming up in the next year that will have me flying to Saudi / Dubi area. If I wanted to go to visit India where is a western friendly (especially if I tote my family along) area with cultural spots and good food? (I think I remember a few threads back that you lived /live there)

  1024. hey Ero, most of the peopl who live there say its pertty much safe.they say u just need 2 get used 2 the cultural differances dress,alcohol,ect.


  1026. HEY $#! Is OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!woooot

  1027. it’s finally up f**kin a

  1028. naruto 431 is officially out!!

  1029. Team Naruto is cleaning house!!!!! I thought the 2 huge rasengan were going to be the new move but guess not. It looks like his new is a new mass shadow clone jutsu? It did say “waves of rage” and he was making shadow clone sign. Any thoughts on this?

  1030. And next chapter is called “melee

  1031. Is it just me or did Naruto get too strong too fast? I mean hes just pwning out there. And about Kakashi, does this mean hes really dead? Oh comon he cant die saving Chouji seriously.

  1032. haha onemanga is faling cause so many people are trying to read naruto… golden

  1033. Hey its out on onemanga gogogogo

  1034. Naruto is Awesomeness!!! Did it look like his whiskers expanded on page 4?

    @highkage: Thanks. I thought it would be a good place to visit, sense I’ll spend 1/2 of my year there, and I refuse to subject my American wife to Saudi laws. We’re from a part of the states that eats very spicy food (when we eat thai here we have to ask for hotter than ‘thai hot’) I would love some authentic tandoori chicken & Vindaloo curry.

  1035. @alec: It can be downloaded for free from Then one can print it out spread it out on the bed and……er, never mind.

  1036. Naruto 431 is out on one manga.take a look boys.

  1037. I don’t think Kakashi is dead. I mean Kishi did say he was going to write a lot about Kakashi and so far we haven’t seen much( like nothing at al!!) and about Naruto getting too strong to fast..keep in mind that he still hasn’t fought the real pain aka Nagato. Plus it seems god pain is recharging his “batteries” so he can go the force unleashed on his pan dulces. Also keep in mind the he can only stay in sage mode for a limited time. So yeah he became godly but for a short while.

  1038. yah Ero i have a wife and kids too 2boys and 2girls.we could visit 4 the experience(hopfully a good 1) but i wouldn’t make them live there.

  1039. anybody read 431 yet? it’s tight!

  1040. Who runs this site, could anyone tell me?

  1041. Holy ****, 431 was ridiculous. Naruto just had a Goku versus Ginyu Force moment. I feel content.

  1042. is there a limit 2 how long naruto can stay in sage mode?if there is it’s probably longer then jiraiya could and he stayed in sage mode 4 most of his fight with pain.

  1043. HOLY SH*T !!! 431 is awesome people !! Naruot totally kicks a**…
    Sorry.. i know this post should be in the 431 breakdown post tht wil probably come soon.. but i just couldn’t wait.. :))

  1044. @JenovaX: the man who owns the nuthouse is Jeremiah, but sometimes he gives inmates like me the keys to our cells. 😀

    Hey…431…Naruto exposes quite the pair. LOL…size matters, they start small and get huge. Pain’s drool puddle was kinda satisfying.

  1045. 431 is awesomeness. now we are seeing real actions.

    i hate kishi. as we advance, it’s just getting tougher for kakashi. i still have faith that he is still alive. he can’t be dead with that. he was suppose to be a hokage. he is at the hokage level. he can’t be dead.

  1046. but i won’t be shocked if he really is dead. hey i have a theory! as tsunade dies, (coz of chackra loss) she’ll gonna revive kakashi. maybe she’ll use the forbidden jutsu. then we have kakashi! the next hokage. naruto isn’t ready yet to take it and i don’t take the possibility of the danzou regime.

  1047. those arent whiskers! those are sideburns!

    Toadz ownz..but where are the penguins?

  1048. what’s meleee?

  1049. 2 super rasengas without hesitation dan the naruto is old

  1050. One word for this weeks manga… Awesomeness!!

    A note on Kakashi. He is not dead, he simply used all his chakara and that is why Naruto can not sense his level. He used the last of his chakara to protect Choiji when he was fleeing.

    Naruto should have said, absorb this you SOB. by the way was that some sort of blade that I saw Pain with when they exchanged blows. I hope that Katsu got back in Naruto’s pocket.

  1051. Why is Naruto such a badass. He wrecked those cats

  1052. @glen07
    Melee: a confused hand-to-hand fight or struggle among several people. That is according to one definition from the dictionary.

  1053. OK one thing is for sher naruto = badass
    pain was like GASP
    and i wanna see the new move
    Boxxy = GOD

  1054. He’s a badass

  1055. ehhehehehey it awsome i was waiting for this moment for long time. he is well strong i think he can beat anyone now. tje rasengan was wicket. thats what i want to see. it will be kool once we watch this in video

  1056. wtf since when has naruto been so savage?

  1057. He still aint got shit on sasuke thou

  1058. thats what i thaught as well but in manga 431 it shows he is more stronger. didnt u see how he throw thier samons. and yet he hasnt used his power that itachi has given him and he also havent used the nine tailed fox chakra. the eight tailed beast was about to kill sasuke. dont u think it would be easy for nine tailed to kill him easily.

  1059. Kakashi still might be alive
    422: ” I was prepared for this… But I’m Glad i can store my chakra”
    431:”Now that i have Natural Energy, I can feel everyones chakra”
    “Did Kakashi leave on a mission?””…I Get it….”

  1060. starting from this day on i will not read this manga because naruto somehow alway benfit power just because hes a main character,,, another fact naruto mentor jiyari was only able to kill like 3 pain which cost his life but naruto can kill 2 without a sweat–not impress

  1061. thats becasue pain was weak from using that jutsu that he destroyed konoha with and he took the others pains powers and put them into god realm so they all got very weak

  1062. Naruto will destroy peins bodys one by one….and then pein will be like wtf nigga …since u destroyed my bodys ill jus have to get more…and he will take over kakashi’s dead body and whoever else died in kanoha’s village and make naruto fight against them

  1063. Just been watching the earlier animie episodes of shippuuden again…. oh my god – i really hope shizune is dead and not coming back. That mole deserves it – i actually kinda want her to have been killed, but her spirit being constantly tortured etc… so annoying, deserved everything she got and more

  1064. jebus crist….holy crap…naruto…is the best manga..scratch that…story line…scratch that…amazing creation….ever…ever… can any one disagree…please try… amazing…amazing…i can’t say anything more…i am floored by the new episode…and to think…it will only get better…i am glad to share this with you guys…if only everyone knew what was going on and how eagerly we await for the new episode…i love it

  1065. Naruto wins in the staring. He has strong and angry eyes.

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