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Hey everyone,

Welcome to the year end wrap up, unfortunately onemaga is reporting that there is no new manga this week so we’ll have to make due with the best of 2008. Below we count down the top 10 moments of the manga chapters that were released during the year of 2008 which were voted on by you, the readers, in last weeks post. Things like Jiraiya’s death were left off because as far as manga releases go, he died last year. I know, I know, it feels like only yesterday but its true. Konoha may have found out about it this year but his death was last year. So what did happen this year? Well, quite a bit. Lets get right into it.

#10 Kono drops Rasengan

Does size really matter? Konohamaru says it's not the size but what you do with it.

Does size really matter? Konohamaru says it's not the size but what you do with it.

I’m not going to beat a dead horse here. We’ve been discussing this event in far too much depth over the last two weeks. The strange part is that so much anger and passion is directed at the technique Rasengan. People are seriously bitter that Kono pulled this off. And then there is the whole argument on what makes the Rasengan strong and who has produced the strongest. Regardless of the answer, this event easily beat out the other events to make the last spot in our top 10 of 2008.

#9 Tobi is Madara

Yeah right.. Gaaaah!

Sasuke: Hey dude, you've got a dickfur on your shoulder.. Madara: Yeah right.. Gaaaah!

Seriously? Only #9? I thought this was huge but this event fell to #9, edging out Kono and his baby Rasengan. I was seriously gripping the edge of my seat while reading this issue for the first time praying that Kishi would reveal his face. The fact that he didn’t just made everyone that much more suspicious. I think we all expected to see his face in 08 but we’ll just have to wait to either confirm or kill the theory of Tobito. This theory drives many crazy and will make a perfectly sane Naruto fan go ape S#!T at the drop of the theories mention. Don’t get Erich started on his Madara = Danzo theory but just for old times sake lets take a new vote…

#8 Sasuke unlocks his new MS and wants to crush Konoha

Sasuke unlocked his new MS power of hypnotism. Now everytime Kakashi hears the word Kunai, he barks like a dog.

Sasuke unlocked his new MS power of hypnotism. Now everytime Kakashi hears the word Kunai, he barks like a dog.

I have to admit that I’m not the biggest Sasuke fan but when I read this panel I got pretty excited. The new eye’s looked cool, his bold statement of crushing Konoha were exciting, it wasn’t gay at all… Very unlike Sasuke. Unfortunately for him, Pain has already more than crushed Konoha so there’s really nothing left for him to crush. So what does the future hold for good ol’ Sasuke.

#7 Itachi gives Naruto powers

Didn't your mother ever teach you not to talk when someone is giving you powers by shooting crows down your throat? Geez! I thought everyone knew that...

Didn't your mother ever teach you not to talk when someone is giving you powers by shooting crows down your throat? Geez! I thought everyone knew that...

This is another one of those incidents that has people debating for hours on end. What power did Itachi give Naruto? And how much? He said that he gave Naruto some of his powers, though some people state it as fact that Itachi gave Naruto half his power. Half his power is unlikely but possible but its more likely a single technique. But what that one technique is remains a serious point of contention…

#6 Sasuke vs Itachi

Oh brotherly love... those rascals, they'll still love each other after its over right??? Right?!

Oh brotherly love... those rascals, they'll still love each other after its over right??? Right?!

Itachi vs Sasuke was no doubt epic but we now know that Itachi had given some of his power to Naruto before fighting Sasuke and Zetsu comments to the effect that Itachi was not performing any where near 100%. This was a major event considering that it had been a goal of Sasuke’s ever since the manga started to fight his estranged brother to the death. Several times it was obvious that Itachi was playing with Sasuke and seemed capable of easily defeating him at any time but then the unthinkable happened, I’ll talk about this more below…

#5 Death of Itachi

I swear to god, if you flick me in the head one more time, I'm going to f**king kill you!

How many times has this been said between brothers: I swear to god, if you flick me in the head one more time, I'm going to f**king kill you!

Mother F#%king Sasuke had to take out one of mine and many other readers favorite characters… Well he didn’t actually… Itachi took himself out. He weakened himself to the point where Sasuke could kill him, allowing his brother to achieve MS. For those of you still thinking that Itachi gave Sasuke the MS by poking him in the head you still can’t see the forest through the trees. Itachi planned for Sasuke to kill him the whole time so that he would be a hero in Konohaand achieve MS.

He did transfer techniques to Sasuke, just like he did Naruto. Yes, he did give Naruto a technique but thats not unlocking MS in Naruto. You need to 1) have sharingan to begin with and 2) kill someone close to you. Itachi knew this and intended Sasuke to kill him all along so that he could achieve that level of MS like Madara did. It says it HERE in the manga and HERE .

He sets a booby trap for Madara as well but that is seperate, explained HERE. Like Naruto, he transfers techniques not MS. Having Sasuke kill him unlocks MS, the poke was transferring techniques, unless he gave Naruto MS too but that would be pretty stupid.

The poke was merely a symbol of a simpler happier time long since past and that’s what makes it seriously heart breaking. Mad props to Kishi for getting this death so right. The panel above is as close to perfect as any frame, ever drawn, in any manga, in terms of capturing a billion things in one action that has ever appeared in SJ! F&*king brilliant!

#4 Naruto achieves sage mode

Has a frog ever been considered intimidating before?  There's a first for everything...

Eye of the frog...really? WTF?! happened to the eye of the tiger? Mr T is still out there crying somewhere.

The first time you looked into those eyes in that panel you had to be excited! So much potential for character growth. So many possibilities! We were all excited about what Naruto could do now with the newly achieved Sage mode. Not to mention all those who are hoping that Naruto falls in the foot steps of the great one, Jiraiya. But what exactly does sage mode do for our favorite half fox, half frog nin.

#3 Possible Death of Kakashi

Stop buggin me! I'm trying to take a nap...

Stop buggin me! I'm trying to take a nap...

I think this would have been number 1 if everyone actually believed that Kakashi was dead. Many of us think that Kakashi went to the hospital after every fight not because he was hurt but because he wanted to rest and take a vacation. Perhaps he’s just napping now here in the rubble cause Pain destroyed his usual resting spot, the hospital. If he really is dead dead then this will be in the top 3 all time, as far as events that have occurred so far in this entire manga. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the reason why everyone is freaking out about Kakashi dying is because almost everyone likes Kakashi. Naruto fans love Kakashi, Sasuke fans love Kakashi, hell, even Gaara fans love Kakashi! Are we ready to bury him for good now that Deva Pain dropped the massive Shinra Tensei in the last issue, leveling Konoha?!

#2 Pain vs Konoha

Pain vs Konoha implies a competative fight. This has been more like the roid raging football player vs the special ED kids.

Pain vs Konoha implies a competative fight. This has been more like the roid raging football player vs the special ED kids.

We are still in the midst of this “battle”. Pain vs Konoha has really just become an un holy execution of nearly the entire city. Even the fan friendly Shizune got heartlessly pwnd by Human Pain. That wasn’t even a hero’s way to go down, she got the info on Naruto ripped from her brain and then she got jacked of her soul right in front of everyone. Geez, that’s harsh. Kishi must have really hated that character… Are you happy with the way the Konoha invasion has gone?

#1 The truth about Itachi

Who knew killing your evil brother would turn into such a confusing and mind bending situation?  Now I find out he's a good guy...WTF?! You couldn't have told me this yesterday?!

Who knew killing your evil brother would turn into such a confusing and mind bending situation? Sasuke: Now you tell me he's a good guy...WTF?! You couldn't have told me this yesterday?!

Well, here it is. Your number one event of 2008 and I have to agree. This was the conclusion to the epic story between two brothers with a lot of twists, turns and heart break. A part of me really wanted Sasuke to say Fuck You to Madara and take up his brother cause of protecting Konoha side by side with Naruto. But unfortunately my prediction of Itachi’s death driving Sasuke further away from Konoha was correct. But we have much to look forward to in regards to the Sasuke/Konoha/Naruto relationship dynamic this year, so let’s all hope for an equally eventful 2009. As we look back on 2008 it was a year of massive change within the manga. We said goodbye to Jiraiya a second time, we saw the Sasuke/Itachi story come to some sort of closure, Konoha brutally destroyed by Pain, the goofy character Tobi reveal himself to be Madara and make his return to prominence, may have seen the death of Kakashi, a new realm of Pain, Konohamaru rise up and grow a pair, Naruto achieve sage mode, Sasuke achieve MS and we said a long goodbye to an insanely cool character, Itachi. Thank you Kishi for another great year, it was an amazing ride and I can’t wait to read for another year in 2009.

TOP 5 WTF?! Moments and inside jokes of iareawesomeness in 2008

For those of you who are lost every time that one of us references an inside joke, here is a quick list of the 5 most referenced or crazy moments of 2008.

#5 Tsunade Cosplay interview


I warned many of you before posting this post that we were going to do something very different for one week just to switch it p a bit. This happened during the WordPress glitch that lost almost all of our original posts and it also lost nearly 150 comments off this Cosplay interview with Kelly the Tsunade girl. She was insanely cool and nice about the whole thing and a great sport. Thanks again Kelly. Click HERE to read this post. P.S. I have a couple very cool and interesting interviews lined up for 2009… Stay tuned.

#4 Captain Planet

Captain Planet had already become an inside joke in the comments section by this point with most people assuming the obvious that Captain Planet was Patrick Swayze. I think we all know this to be true but we’ll let him keep his identity a secret for now. Click HERE to see the weak ass bitch post of Captain Planet.

#3 Wookie Porn

I think this confused us all but it exposed a dark side to the Wookie nature that none of us knew existed. Chewie’s creepy cousin needs to be heading back to Virginia now… Click HERE to be emotionally scared for life.

#2 Japanese toilet training

Just when you thought that the Arnold post put the Japanese people as lock for the absolutely craziest people in the world, this one took the baton to that finish line with flying colors. Click HERE and see if you can be pants man!

#1 The Swayze

Number one has to be Swayze, it’s got to be. No one is more referenced or more dominant in the comments section than the Swayze. No more needs to be said than that. Long live the Swayze. Click HEREto read the rules of the Swayze.

My thanks to the readers…

I wanted to say thanks to all of you who have supported the blog and made it what it is today. If I forgot you, I totally didn’t mean to, there are just so many awesome commentors that its impossible to remember you all. A big thanks goes out to:

Of course The Legendary Sannin; Erich (Danzo is not Madara ^_^), Alec (even though you hate me) and LastScorpion(all hail Lelouch!). You guys dominated the comments section for a reason. This blog would not exist without you guys. These 3 guys pretty much decided the attitude of the blog and the direction that it took through their early input and continued contributions and participation.

The missing nin (Uber vets that we miss); Skyhigh (The OG Sasuke of iareawesomeness), Martin (I hate you), Dudeihatesasugay (The OG anti Sasuke of iareawesomeness), Lalulilalo (The craziest), Akatsuki Rules and several others…

The Super Hardcore Vets Babyfox, Renzy, EroSennin (performs secret “off shore” missions for anbu), and Schy (PS3 Loyalist)

The OG Vets 9tailedsage, Jamesthegreat (where you at?), Microtube/Pain (even though you get crazy sometimes), Kingcam, Charzelo (even though you defended danzou ^_^) and Whostolemytaco (I did).

The Awesomeness Vets Repairmanjack, Glen, Arrrun, Vered (spoiler watcher), Mitsos, Outlaw630, Nighthawk(get an icon!), Losers (same thing, icon!), Kusiman, Cdog, Iamlegend, HermitofNaruwisdom, Tony, Mitsos, Maricoz, Chris, Mosesgun, Iamnotreallyhere, HarshyT, Jonn, Blackorean, Bendercu, Blackhearted, Shodai Hokage, Punxed, Jackalofdoom, Lunachik, jjjjjjjj, Orion, Anon, Ranish, bari, elasticatedninja, avidphan (sorry for leaving you off!) and to a bunch more that I can’t think of, you guys are amazing and without your contributions in the comments section this blog is shit. I mean that! You guys are awesomeness.

Last but not least, our Editor, the priceless Ibikiteishi who has really made iareawesomeness multi dimensional with her awesomeness fan fics, theory posts and site work, we would be only half as awesomeness without you. Our site Admin Russ who moderates a large portion of the comments on the site, putting up with all your crap and making my life generally easier (even though he’s been slacking since the arrival of a new girlfriend @_@) and with Ibikiteishi teamed to make things much easier for me during finals. Fahim00717 for uploading spoiler videos every week with amazing quality and accuracy. And finally to the genius Kishimoto without whom we would not be so entertained in our spare time in between classes or during breaks. P.S. I know you read the site @_@ and I think you are BONO!

And to all you readers who comment once in a while or never at all but read on a regular basis, thank you so much! Naruto fans are a tight community and even the quiet or silent ones are greatly appreciated. I hope everyone listed above, those I forgot and those who are Anonymous, have an awesomeness 2009 and although we don’t all fit in where we are from, you are all always part of our world hear. F&%K the haters and refuse to conform in what ever country you are in. See you next year ^_^



Here is your Christmas present or Chanaka present or whatever your religion’s present is. Enjoy ^_^

Here is the original version that aired


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  5. wooot…awesome wrap up. =) Loved that count down, and the Christmas Carol…ah, what a gift.

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  12. Great Recap! The only thing I can’t agree with is the fact that you say that by killing Itachi Sauske learned MS. The only way we know hot to get MS at this point is by killing your best friend not your worst enemy. At the point when Sauske kills Itachi he still hates him. Further more Itachi does not want Sauske to use MS at all because it will cause him to go blind. The only reason he gave it to him was so that it would go off automatically if he ever met Madara (Which it did). Had he never met him he would not be able to use it at all. I agree it was symbolic the way that Itachi gave Sauske the power by doing the Poke in the head thing he always did when he was a kid but that is also the way that he gave it to him. It’s like his Genjutsu and shoving a bird in Naruto’s mouth. Both were a way to transfer power. Even Madara says Itachi must have given him MS “Before” he died in order to protect him from Madara. Therefore how could killing him had given it to him if he was given the power before Itachi was killed?

  13. Fahim’s Spoiler-

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  16. i think the poking thing somehow passed something to sasuke. i think that is how itachi passed the amaterasu. remember that when he poked sasuke, blood from his hand (which came from his mouth after a cough) flowed down to sasuke’s eyes. that passed the amaterasu

  17. @ BJBThe1 – great comment and that is exactly the arguement that people give… I’ll answer your question with another question. Why would Itachi have Sasuke kill him if he could have just given him his power?

    Yes, he did give Naruto something but thats not unlocking MS, he transferred techniques just like he did to Sasuke but did not unlock his MS by poking him. To unlock MS you need to 1) have sharingan to begin with and 2) kill someone close to you. Itachi knew this and intended Sasuke to kill him all along so that he could achieve that level of MS like Madara did. It says it HERE in the manga and HERE He sets a booby trap for Madara as well but that is seperate, explained HERE. Like Naruto, he transfers techniques not MS. Killing him unlocks MS, unless he gave Naruto MS too but that would be pretty stupid.

  18. @ Glen – that does not diminish your contributions, just didn’t have anything to add. ^_^

  19. @jeremiah, can i answer for him? simply because he wants to keep the secret of uchiha assassination. and besides, he has a terrible sickness, he want to make a drama before he die.

    about me, that ok. no prob

  20. @ Jeremiah – Great wrap up! Is always interesting/fun reading ur posts.

    With regards to who has the strongest Rasengan i dont think the newer version of it should be counted really as they aren’t Just the Rasengan, the elemental one has a different name altogether. As we’ve never seen Minato do Rasengan i’d have to say Jiraiya has the Strongest one that we’ve seen.

    I also am of the belief that Sasuke was given the MS by Itachi, but my reasoning is that i don’t think Sasuke killed him, Itachi fell over dead.. but he had one that fight imo, Sasuke was as good as dead if Itachi hadn’t fell in his lap. Sasuke didn’t do anything to directly kill him at the end imo. I mean sure he did damage to him, but he didn’t strike a death blow or anything of the sort.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  21. to all of you who think itachi gave sasuke MS by poking him or by letting him kill him, it doesn’t matter. all that matters now is that sasuke has ms.

  22. Fahim’s spoiler is out!

  23. I refuse to vote on #9. Ya’ll know where I stand.

  24. Year end wrap up; AWESOMENESS! Thanks for the props Jeremiah.

    I think it only fitting that Bono be First to comment, “First”.

    The following are my comments on each event.

    #10 – All I have to say is I’m looking forward to a battle where Kono & Naruto team up. Mass Shadow Clones, Rasengans, Sage Mode and Monkey Pole; oh my.

    #8 – New MS so powerful he’s already going blind. Don’t look now Sasuke but you’ll need some bonds in the future or a good seeing eye nin dog.

    #7 – Trying to imagine what a Demon Fox / Sage Mode / Sharringan looks like?

    #6 – Classic fight can’t wait till we see the anime for it in 2012.

    #5 – Was Itachi transfering power to Sasuke EVERY time he poked him in the head?

    #4 – Hopefully this gives Naruto the bag of tricks we’ve been waiting to see from a future Hokage.

    #3 – Kakashi will learn something powerful and important from his father before he comes back to take over as the 6th.

    #2 – I thought Pain was a puss at first. Now I’m wondering why Konoha was considered the strongest.

    #1 – Everytime our favorite Metro-nin has a clear path it gets shattered. I wonder what he’ll do when he gets to Konoha and finds it destroyed already? If the Hokage and the elders are dead the only people left that need some Uchiha revenge brought down on them would be… Danzo & Madara. I’d sure like to see him kill 2 birds with one stone.

    Thanks for the forum Jeremiah!

  25. lol Jeremiah i don’t hate you… i just enjoy giving people a rough time…

    and my last bit for the ’08 year is : Love the Tentacle!!!!

  26. Spoiler is out-Fahim00717

  27. Yeah, Naruto!!!!!

    That should sum up how we all feel.

  28. Amazing wrap up! pretty nostalgic looking back over all of the things which have happened this year, I even got a mention!!!! even though i’ve only been here like three days, but i’ve been reading I ARE AWESOMNESS since like October, so it’s ok. Thanks for being such a great group of guys and gals!!!

    Oh, and by the way, it’s been christmas for 29 minutes here in the U.K, I’m still one step ahead of all of you!!! so suck that everyone who’s still stuck in yesterday!!! HaHa!!!

    Have a Merry Christmas and a great 2009!!!

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  30. great job jerimiah haha and BONO! i believe it was last week i pronounced him dead… now i believe in jiraiya haha (:

  31. what the fuck… does Bono ever die… that jackass always thinks he has the right come back everytime i pronounce him dead. Or maybe it’s my super power… “Jiraya is officilly so gone that there is no way he’ll come back to life this instant ” *waits in silence* umm, get back to me on that…

  32. @ charzelo, it doesn’t mean much to me, just a lot of hidden stuff that he’s not talking about and that this is the sickest part of the series we’re entering

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  36. And i was wondering, Lalulilalo, what ever happened to the world ending in 60 days?

  37. So, we have a new manga spoiler, but onemanga is saying no new one this week? Did someone get their info mixed up?

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  39. there will be a manga this week… naruto will go 4-tail or more in the end of 08 and in the beginnen of 09

  40. I like my icon though! merry christmas.

  41. thanks for the honorable mention jeremiah 🙂

    i honestly thought that the madara scandal would’ve been higher on the list, but since i just reread the last 100 chapters this week off, i have to agree that the fact that itachi killed off not only his mother and father, but his LOVER TOO! once you saw his tears whilst fleeing from his beloved little bitch of a brother, you honestly felt some surreal fucking shock, although itachi’s character was developed in such a brief period of time it didn’t detract anything whatsoever from the drawing of his final curtain. truly a death befitting the most noble of shinobi.

  42. It is a good run. Though for me it was a rush. I started reading recently after waiting for an episode to come out. Jiraiya’s death, Itachi, Sasuke, Deidara, Orichimaru & Kabuto, Tobi Mandara, Konohamaru Rasengun and Pain. All at once and it is awesome!!!

  43. Merry Christmas people!!!
    Thanks Jeremiah and Ibiki for your awesome posts without which there wouldn’t be a more awesome place for us fanboys and fangirls to submit our comments.
    The spoiler looks shady…who summoned Enma? And “Enma eats ‘bean’ Pain”?

  44. Thanks to you Jeremiah, if on the first day that I clicked onto this site I hadn’t found the chapter introduction funny & smartly written I wouldn’t have continued any further. Thanks to Ibiki not just for your entertaining commentary, your continued interest in balls, and your ecchi fan fiction. Thanks to everyone else for your great insight and humor; you are also the reason I wake up and immediately refresh my page to see what’s been posted.

    Well, Happy New Year!

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    For all Naruto fans!!!!!Merry Christmas^^
    Damn this took me about an hour…and the ‘R’ isn’t quite good…oh well=)

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  49. @babyfox – yea the ‘R’ does look a little weird

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  51. Nice one Jeremiah….(with the capital T)
    btw guys….i’m a little messed up on this…why is there a spoiler in a no manga week this week???

  52. I think I found this site looking for Tsunade facts or something and the interview came up. I thought it was funny and eventually I just kept coming here.

    Keep up the good work.

  53. since evryone’s tellin everyone how they ended up here….i’ll say it tooo, i was high on naruto after reading chpter around 420 and i wntd someone to discuss that with, i googles it and clicked on the first link and ended up on the GODDAMNED BEST NARUTARD DISCUSSIN SITE IN THE WORLD!

  54. Hmmm…I found you guys on a google search last June and have been quietly following along at home, afraid to comment. ^.^ That’s right about the time I decided to stop work on my novel to write fanfic and started obsessing on the next issue of the manga. ;P~

    I can’t say you guys have been a productive distraction, although maybe you have because you’ve ALL taught me a lot about writing. At any rate, I’m having a blast with you all, and like EroSennin can’t wait to check in and see what everyone has said while I had to go live life. Hope all of you are safe and warm, well fed and with those that you love today.


  55. on my part, i found this site when i was searching for spoilers of chapter… i forgot. and i found the best, perfect, awesomeness site.

  56. Anime is out on

  57. Also, has it, and says that there will likely not be a manga this week.

  58. Tobi why would they even consider putting tobi 9th its not our fault that we had to sit down and read Sasuke sharing a tear or two the mystery enveloping Tobi is far more important his identy is still a mystery even thou the Manga states that his Madara his childish persona he sometime possesses making the transition to ordering Pein around fuk if feel that should have been number 1 not EMO boy crying LMAO

  59. and about Kakashi well his got some of Shikamaru’s Attrabutes his fine his just having a gud sleep on the rubble his not dead Kakashi never

  60. i would say Naruto’s Rasengan is the strongest not because of the added element (though still true) but because…

    1. Of his abundance of Chakra
    (which in the first place allowed his Shuriken Rasengan technique to be completed)
    2. His dad created the technique. -had his dad’s genes? lol
    3. His dad’s best friend, one of the sanin tutored him.


  61. more like his dad’s teacher tutored him.

  62. more like his dad’s teacher tutored him.;)

  63. 430 is out!?!

  64. to perde^

    no, I don’t think so.

  65. I first found this place by google-ing:

    “Insanely retarded theories about Naruto and everything else in life dissjointedly thrown together in a melting pot with some realy interesting people and one or two pricks. Oh, and about four or five tonnes of AWESOMENESS thrown in as a kind of dressing to the salad that is life.”

    not really, but that’s what i type in whenever im at a friend’s house and haven’t got the page bookmarked, this forum comes up first every time.

    Thanks For Being So Brilliant.

  66. looks like naruto does not mess around anymore

  67. I also find the blog by google-ing…and i consider myself reaaaaaally lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  68. 🙂

  69. ahhhh!!!i can put smileys again without moderation…???????

  70. Random thoughts:

    If you were Naruto and had an impending battle with very powerful foes, what would you do to make yourself stronger for the battle?

    Now that Kakashi has pointed out to Naruto that he can gather information from each of his Shadow Clones, I would have a few of my clones train with each Team Captains, some friends I made from other villages, and the Hokage. At least 5 clones so if a few pop another can step in.

    Each training session I would send;
    5 to train with Guy to acquire the ability of opening a few of the 8 gates and learn some better tyjutsu skills.

    5 to train with Tsunade to learn high level chakra control and superior strength.

    5 to train with the Hyuuga clan for their tyjutsu and learn where major chakra points are in the body. (Even though you can not see them)

    5 to train with the Baki from the Sand Village to learn his wind sword technique and any other wind nature jutsu he would share. Gaara could hook that up for him.

    5 to train with Shikamaru for combat strategy.

    5 to train with Killer Bee to master the nine tailed beast.

    And of course learn the sage techniques and frog katas.

    If you had Tsunade’s medical jutsu’s to boost your physical strength, combined with Natural energy, combined with opening 2 or 3 of the 8 gates for speed and an additional strength boost, full control of the nine tails chakra, mastery of your wind nature chakra, the shape manipulation jutsu’s you learned from Jiraiya, and solid combat strategy you should be pretty unstoppable. With the use of shadow clones it would actually be possible for one character to attain all of this. It may take a good year to become well versed in these techniques, but he could easily be the most over powered character if he did this style of training.

    What training would you want to go through?

  71. I wonder if I’m the only person who’s been constantly searching onemanga and the web for 430… anyone else?

  72. Damn. That is a great idea.

  73. i have checked periodically throughout the day lol

  74. well orion theres one problem… he runs out of chakra and goes all kyuubi… who can stop him? yamato but he can only be at one place at a time

  75. Reply to orion8301
    I would like to see naruto master all the elements, Combine them into a concentrated rasengan, and nuke a country LMAO!! HAHA or nuke sasukes face??? lol

  76. Oh by the way i agree with AT. it is a great idea orion. and renzy10 your not alone, i have checked at least 10 times lol.

  77. @Jeremiah Thanks for the mention. You and everyone else involved has made this site pure awesomeness!

    @reny10 When Naruto goes kyuubi shadow clones starts disappearing so Yamato would only have to be where the original Naruto is. I have trouble seeing that kind of training happening.

    @everyone – This has to do with Fukasaku saying you have to look left and right thing to Naruto. Look below if you forgot.

    I found an instance where Naruto says something about “looking left and right at the same time”. Check it out below.

    I’ve also been checking periodically throughout the day for 430 with no results : (

  78. OneManga has put up a new announcement saying there are no ‘official’ releases of any Shonen Jump this week, but that they will keep watching. They specifically put this up to address the spoilers posted on the net.

    @elasticatedninja: ^.^ Although, I hope I’m not one of the pricks. >.< It would suck to be one when you don’t even have one. @.@

    @babyfox: it’s good to see you smile

    @kingcam, renzy and repairmanjack: yeah, I’ve been checking, too. lol.

  79. well…i hve a prob with the training with gai thing(and all the others for a fact….)

    i mean….one hit and POOF!Say bye bye to ur cloned buddy!


    wel…umm…nfin…thats all..
    the snowflakes hve gone all mini nano sized!

  80. I wonder how long the natural chakra lasts when he putsit in his clones, because I would think they would be stronger with it and could train better. If so, couldn’t he just like gather the chakra for a day and then train fro like a year with that gathered chakra.

  81. anyone notice that elemental clones seem to be more sturdier than others such as shadow clones….i mean…yamato’s wood clones actually seem quite more complex which i can assume from the time it takes to completely form one, and we saw kakashi’s lightning clone was actually really strong…same with kisame/zabusa’a water clones…so whats wrong with shadow clones….the’re like balloons, one prick and you’re OUT!

  82. 430 raw is out.

  83. were is the raw (dude give it to the translator then)

  84. kishi is still shittiing on us. as i review the manga, there is a recent mistake that he made. reember shapter 427 page 3? kono made a dragon hand seal, but on the next issue, all he made was regular bunshins and rasengan. those jutsus don’t need a dragon hand seal. was there scenes that were not shown?
    i think this is my 4 or fifth discovery about kishi’s mistakes

  85. to the writers of this blog site, can you please make a post for the mistakes of kishi. i could help. i think that must be included for our year-end review.

  86. oooohh! glens going all high an mighty!
    sry glen…but that things been pointed out many a times…and we’ve agreed that kishi makes these mistakes…or it was just a stance an nthin else..

  87. still i deamnd a post about his mistakes.

  88. @orion8301: 1st I would have to learn a time space jutsu to let me go back in time to learn Jiraiya’s ‘Peeping Jutsu’, Even the third wanted a class in that (;P)

    @Glen: Maybe the hand sign was part of the distraction, if Konohamaru’s opponent was very skilled, then when he saw the dragon hand sign the last thing he would have expected was what he got hit with.
    I think it probably had to do with Kishi’s staff. The artist drew a cool pic of a tough Kono, and they just went with it. I doubt the creators hang on every little detail like we the “Fans” do. To that I give you the word “Fanatical”

  89. Obsession……by Masashi Kishimoto.

  90. @erosennin, that’s exactly my point. kishi isn’t that aware of the details. that drives us to wrong theories. like that we thought that kono have made an elemental bunshin, futokagebunshin(wind show clones)

  91. i wonder what wind clones would look like. they’re JUST AIR!

  92. i dont think so. wind nature cuts. remember? so like kakashi’s bunshin, if a wind clone puffs, the air inside will explode and cut everything on its way

  93. @glen: wind only cuts when it’s been lined up and ‘sharpened/ just so–it doesn’t just naturally shred averything.

    @EroSenning: obsession…lol. ^.^

  94. @ibiki, anyways, thats just how i imagine it

  95. The sign isn’t a mistake. A scene took place in between. (The first panel may have even been the dodge stopping that move.) The Konohamaru that battled Pain was a shadow clone. It was sent out before hand to figure out Pain’s ability. The original Konohamaru countered once his disappeared for a surprise rasengun attack.

  96. hmmmm…no recognition for poor ole avidphan……bah humbug…

  97. @avidphan: There you are, I’ve seen you here before. (just kidding, ….get it, recognition)

    I’m sure it was simply an oversight, and he did say everyone is important to the site. Don’t go all Shino on us.

  98. Definitely avidphan, no worries. =) Just an oversight, sorry about that. In fact, I’ll go flex some editorial muscle right now and phix it. =)

  99. @repairmanjack sorry im a little late but the clones are disappearing because they are too close to the fox chakra, if they were seperated they wouldnt disappear

  100. @ avidphan – u are there. Thx 4 your awesomness this past year. ^_^

  101. the second to last page of chapter 429 you see naruto return with a scroll on his back it seems that naruto is wearing a cloak as well check it out!

  102. haha avidphan is in there twice now

  103. @ibiki, remember the training of naruto for nature manipulation? by releasing wind nature from his hands to the leaf, the leaf cuts into 2. meaning to say, pure wind natured chackra cuts! viva! i was right!

  104. so if a bunshin is mixed with wind nature which will probably be named fuutokagebunshin, when it pops the wind natured chakra will be released and cuts anything on its way! wwwwwooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! viva glen!

  105. wha? why the kage????
    it’s simply fuutonbunshin, meaning wind clone, a fuukagebunshin would be some nonesense like wind shadow clone(????????WTF)

  106. Glen that was really funny!! 😀

  107. @harshytkage – Yea the normal shadow clones remind me of the Putty Patrolers from Power Rangers. One hit and their gone…

    @Glen – I agree that the bunshin would have characteristic of the element. Just like how Kakashi’s lightning clone technique zapped Demon Realm in(Chapt422/Pg15). However, I don’t think that its going to go poof and cut up the enemy, maybe it just blows the enemy away. Just like how the water clone is probably not meant to simply wet the enemy like the water chakra does the paper or how the earth clone to turn the enemy to dust like how the earth chakra turns the paper to dust.

    Wind cuts paper into 2; lightning makes the paper crumble; fire burns; water wets the paper; earth turns the paper to dust.

  108. glen you got so worked up on the futon bunshin thing. it was just a…well let’s face it you’re still worked up about it so i won’t spoil it for u.hahahahahaha…

  109. tobi died….theres no way hes madara…cause madara is madara… lol

  110. @anonymos: whaaaa! what do you mean tobi died.

  111. waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … huhu.

  112. Have you guys seen this yet?

    This is Fahim’s spoiler, and yes, it has been posted to the site.

  113. people keep forgettin that itachi knew orochimaru was inside of sasuke so he had to use all his strength to try to make sasuke mad and unleash orochimaru… then itachi used that awsomeness justsu with that gaint spirit man who killed orochimaru

  114. is it out yet?

  115. im too lazy to get a icon sorry

  116. glen why you so high?
    everyone’s so sleepy without any naruto to read or think about. when’s the next chapt out?

  117. I’m expecting to see a full spoiler with several pics Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. At that point I imagine Fahim will post a new spoiler vid. I also expect the full chapter will post as early as Thursday. This seems to be the pattern after off weeks.

  118. or are they gonna push it off further cos of the new year?

  119. that means e get 2 issues next week and we won’t have a blog for 430, but a double-length blog for 430 and 431. cause we’re not gonna predict what we already know.

    or maybe jeremiah will put 2 blogs.

    who knows

  120. @jeremiah well 430 raw is out “alone”. its not with 431. So you dont have to double length. No bull,the manga looks good.

  121. Jeremiah will not have to put 2 blogs up. 430 is out raw already. ALONE, not with 431. NO bull, this chapter is good.

  122. ah damn it. . . . i triple posted because it never went through. my bad

  123. Naruto 430 raw

  124. Jeremiah do you think that Fahim will make another spoiler??Isn’t this one real??

  125. @repairmanjack: thanks for the awesome raw vid!!!!!

    Thanks to others who submitted links, but in the interest of keeping things sorta simple, I put up the best quality, sorry if it wasn’t yours.

    (feel free to call me a jerkwad, but all the links are confusing my senile brain.)

  126. yo everbody 430 is out now

  127. Manga is up!

  128. It’s up at onemanga!

  129. wow! I’m shocked! Breakdown of 430 will be up soon ^_^

  130. That was a great chapter, Naruto destroyed hungry ghost like it was nothing. And the robe was pure awesomeness. The Swayze would be proud.


    Naruto is the man!!!!

  132. I’m gonna beat bono!

  133. hmmm was the manga out on thursday and the translators just pushed it off because of christmas. I hope we get another one this week ^_^.

  134. ^Jeremiah

    How soon is soon, i want to get first!!!

  135. naruto 430 out on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. the manga is out on and it is awsomeness

  137. cant wait till 431 the battle will start

  138. I predict that in the next issues we’ll gonna see a fight with Pain, that Naruto will win. But Pain will not be killed. At the very end, Papergirl will come and saves Pain. Or maybe every corpse will be destroyed. By both ways I hope to see the real Nagato and more about the secret of the Rinnegan. I think that this skill is related with Naruto by some means.

    Everyone do not notice… It’s not clear… But actually Naruto seems to be performing Rasengan with only one arm – there wasn’t any need for Bushins. This is something I’ve always hoped to happen!!! Maybe he has improved his Rasegan technique to eliminate some unnecessary movements.

    I think he will use one Bushin to gather natural energy while he fights. This could eliminate Frog’s need. I’m waiting to see Naruto performs frog’s stomach tech and some kind of Fuuton Sword or Fuuton Claw. If he’s Kyubii’s Jinchuuriki it’s naturally for him to be with the claw. Throwing some small Rasengans aren’t bad either.

    About Sasuke, I think he’ll appear as well and watch the fight. He will watch Naruto beat Pain with summons (that alone creates an epic battle) and new skills. So he’s gonna turn his tail around and go home crying. Sasuke chooses the easiest way to became strong when he gives his body to Orochimaru. On the other side, Naruto used his guts to reach another level. I’m hoping to see Sasuke training with Hachibii in the future. After this, I could accept he becaming truly strong.

    I hope that on a near future Naruto get a sword or any other cool weapon, so that he could transfer his chakra to the blade. I bet his second nature chakra will be fire, to match Sasuke’s. Or water, just to creates Ice jutsu by fusing fuuton and suiton. But I’m not right about water, cause it will make him a more defensive character. Let’s wait a little longer.

    Everybody didn’t expect that the final realm could be Itachi’s body. This could turn around the table. If it doesn’t happen, maybe there’s a chance that Itachi could be alive. Maybe he’s the one pulling the strings… Kisame was devoted to Itachi. And he seem to be pretty satisfied when he saw Tobi’s face. That’s strange, don’t you think so?

    Well… Thanks to Kishi that we could read a real history! That’s the difference between Naruto and Bleach. Kishi creates a great expectative befere the battle begins. Everybody gets excited to see Itachi and Sasuke’s fight. Everybody wants to see Naruto avenge his master… But looking for Bleach, I could only see a series of battles without sense. Bleach’s author is not creating an air of mystery around the chars. I hope this year things get some changes. That’s not a matter of defining the best of them. The point is: I want as many good animes and mangas as I could. Fairy Tail is a great candidate to became Anime. Hiro Mashima is great.

    Let’s see what Kishi prepared for us on next issue. I hope this year I could see more about Rinnegan; Hachibee training Sasuke; Naruto getting a new weapon; and Sakura jealous about Hinata haging out with our hero. Actually imagine a son of Naturo and Hinata… An awesome frog-byakugan-nin!!!

  139. OMG!!!!! 430 is EPIC!!!!! Goes back to read it again…

  140. OMFG!!!!!!!!!430=epic…i was all the time with my mouth opened…hahahaha^^*does what Ibi did…!*

  141. Of course you noticed in 430… Kakashi is ALIVE!!!

  142. Kakashi alive isn’t a sure thing yet, but one can hope…

  143. you know what i just noticed… the big frog on gamabunta’s left is blue, when he was summoned backed when oro invaded konoha (god that seems forever ago now…) he was a light brown… what kishi didn’t think Alec wouldn’t notice, i feel insulted…

  144. i wonder if kishi purposefully released it now as to get into the final wrap up of the year for award of sickest chapter made all year

  145. Hey Kakashi’s alive. Granny’s gonna die saving him. Pain’s gonna run away like a little bitch (or Konan’s gonna make him come home to the tower of power to rest up).

    LOL, Alec…I love you. ^.^ Sorry, man…I think I just OD’d on AWESOMENESS…goes back to read it AGAIN.

  146. Yeah, I think that cinched up the number one spot for the 2009 wrap up ^_^

    Kakashi’s eye is so hard to see with the low quality scan that’s it’s impossible to draw conclusions from that until we see the good one. But I still don’t think he’s dead.

  147. no one better f**ing take the title page, it’s my gravatar so back the fuck off or i will f**ing hunt you down and kill you like Patrick motherf***ing swayze!!!!

    have a great new year ^_^!

  148. it’ll take a while to kick in but leave it alone…

    especially you jiraya, i’m taking this pic of naruto now

  149. not jiraya, i meant jeremiah, that’s just how much respect i have for you lord Jeremiah, i get the two of you so confused jsut cause of the awesomeness…

  150. Somebody better crack a window. The buzz overwhelms meh–and I’m getting Alec a pillow so he doesn’t hit his head when he passes out. @.@ :P~ X.X

    GAAAAAAHH! (and I’m STILL not coherent…glad I’m not writing the post…) Definitely #1, Jeremiah.

    @.@ Hurry up Alec’s icon…must see the pic HERE…

  151. truly a great one for the tenth anniversary

  152. 430 is just EPIC!!!! can’t wait for 431.

  153. i almost cried reading that issue! this is the best issue ever! this is awesomeness!

    it’s 7 vs 7! naruto + the 6 greatest frog-summons against 6 realms of pain + konan – animal realm (i don’t think that’s the end of his role. remember the kakashi fight? he still have something to show). i don’t think naruto will let others to enter the scene. this is naruto’s fight!

    @Makumbaum, i totaly agree with you. naruto must have a weapon infused with wind element. that would be the perfect thing to counter sasuke’s katana infused with chidori. but that’s another story, i don’t think it’s time for a sasugay to enter and ruin the awesomeness scene.

    @arrun, coz i had that feeling that 430 was coming out.

    so the epic battle is starting huh? i think this is the perfect time to unleash (ten tenenen!!!!!) fuuton: flying rasenshuriken!!! i think that would kick some ass! but i don’t think that would be tendou’s body. maybe some other realm. my guess for this fight would be something fast but that’s only in the case of the other relams. against tendou would be a different story. i think kishi will end the fight against tendou then nagato will finally show up. i think this would be 2 more issues for the other realms, 3 against tendou and 2 against nagato. so 7 issues exluding this one. i wanna give the awesomeness award to kishi for making a great issue before the end of the year. i think this is a perfect issue for us to continue our support for naruto. kishi is really thinking.

    about kakashi, i think his alive. you see the part where it shows his image? his body is shaking (somehow) and i don’t think that’s caused by the after shock of shinra tensei. he is alive! viva kakashi!

    for those who are hoping for shika’s grand entrance, sorry. he wasn’t awesomeness this time. i think that is to give way for naruto’s growth. naruto has really grown up. now he has surpased the 4th and jiraiya. now he is the total awesomess! now the swayze got a match!

    viva naruto!

  154. @ captnmexico21, i was suppose to change my gravatar to that! suck you! you got it first!

    i’m f***ed up with gaara who’s now forever hiding in his beloved village. he is no longer awesomeness

  155. 4


  156. @glen, hahaha! C’mon now who wouldn’t want that as a gravatar after this issue. btw im new here. just had to make an account for this issue, but i have been reading you guys post for half a year.

  157. I say…The Greatest Overall Naruto Event of 2008…

    Definitly Chapter 430 in all of it’s GLORY!

    If you agree, say I…hell, i know everyone will so let me cast the first vote:

    FU**IN’ I! XD

  158. I really think the power he gave Naruto was not just one. He said “some”. Some’s more than one. Also people said it was the sharingan for reason being Sasuke stating that he won’t wear Itachi’s eyes because they don’t share the same point of view which is:

    Itachi- protect Konoha (Deja vu? Don’t we remember Naruto from this phrase?
    Sasuke- crush Konoha

  159. Well now we can be relaxed about kono´s rasengan deal since he wasnt able to take out naraku with his rasenngan & naruto took out “bean” pain with his …so… that proofs it naruto´s is stronger (i know he is in sage mode but it is still the normal one. o yeah and looks like he finally didnt use a kage bunshin!)

  160. I don’t think that Nagato will show his face for now! Maybe Naruto anihilates all realms and then Kishi will show Nagato’s angry face, observing from far away of the fight. Maybe his technique looks the same as that one Itachi and Kisame used to fight Kakashi and Gai during Gaara’s rescue.

    For now here’s a list of things that I wanna see:

    1) Naruto cast a wind based long range justu;
    2) Naruto casting frog’s stomach summon;
    3) Naruto use that one schroll technique;
    4) Sasuke watch Naruto kick Pein’s ass;
    5) Hinata hanging out with Naruto and Sakura jealous.

    For future I expect:

    1) More about Nagato and Rinnegan. I think some history about eye tachniques (sharingan, byakugan, rinnegan, etc.) appearance could be good at this time.
    2) Sasuke being trained by Killer Bee. If possible, every member of his party.
    3) Naruto going on a jouney like Jiraya. But along Frog Grandpa and 2 other from Konoha – Hinata and Lee could be good.
    4) Some new chars. An old friend of Minato arriving at the Village could be fine.
    5) One fight: Sharingan X Byakugan
    6) More about Gai
    7) Naruto training to use another element
    8) Itachi’s return!

  161. Great Wrap Up…. cant wait to see 431

  162. That technique given to Naruto by Itachi. I think Naruto mentions it when he first starts his sage training. He says “Maybe I can use that technique…” or something along the lines. It could be rasenshuriken, but just maybe.

  163. Madara has the same whiskers as Naruto when he removes his mask. Could they be related somehow?

  164. Anonymous – consider age marks or the long shot crush marks before anything similar to Naruto’s whiskers +_-

  165. Doesn’t fit well on my son’s wrist. It is difficult to close, and when worn the thumb trigger only works 10% of the time. I think he’s played with this once since getting it for Christmas.

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