Naruto Manga 430 is out! + Pain: 23,745 Konoha: 2 + Further break down of Naruto Manga 429 discussion + I need your help!

Naruto Manga 430 is out!

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Click the translation link above to read the translation of Naruto Manga 430! Whoop Whoop!


-Break down of Naruto manga 429 is below-

Sounds like dating life.  Except the only thing that dies is your soul...

Sounds like dating life. Except the only thing that dies is your soul...

Hey everyone,

 A+ issue this week, insanely awesome.  It’s an emotional issue that seems simplistic at first but if you look at each panel, it becomes so much more complex.  My first reaction is to mourn the loss of  a city but then you realize someones ass or a group of people’s asses are saved by a last ditch effort.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you are not alone.  I’ve noticed many emails already coming in that aren’t quite sure what the hell just happened. Some of the panels have people confused as hell and there is a lot to read into the positioning of panels and characters which changes the meaning.  If I’m just confusing you, well let me confuse you a little more by explaining what I’m talking about and getting right into it.

-The worlds angriest flasher- The disturbing part is that he doesn't wear anything under that cloak!

-The worlds angriest flasher- The disturbing part is that he doesn't wear anything under that cloak!


Tsunade charges up her feet, which I thought was clever though turns out unnecessary, to prevent Pain from using his force powers on her.  Instead of the force Deva Pain decides to rise above it all unleash Shina Tensei on Konoha.  Konoha pretty much gets completely pwnd, everyone is pretty much screwed right? Well lets examine that…

Lets hope Shizune's soul can posses Whoopi Goldberg and make pottery with Tsunade in the after life... (If you don't get that joke you need to see Ghost... like yesterday)
Lets hope Shizune’s soul can posses Whoopi Goldberg and make pottery with Tsunade in the after life… (If you don’t get that joke you need to see Ghost… like yesterday)


 Shizune got her chips cashed in early in the manga, done, gone, not coming back.  After human realm rips her soul out, her body falls limp to the ground.  I would say that she could possibly be saved if someone were to stop him in the next panel midway through the process but the next time we see Human realm he has moved on and is outside the village.  Officially add Shizune to the victims list.

Here’s where it gets interesting.  2 things have been incorrectly spread around the net already involving these panels.  They didn’t appear all together like this but I put them all together and in chronological order to preserve the time line but to make it easier to examine.  The first incorrect statement going around is that all the rest of the Pain’s bodies are disposable and dead now.  You see them all land safely outside of the village except for Deva Pain who is about 2-300 meters over Konoha at that point. Konan asks what’s going on and Animal realm replies “I’m going to do “that”, meaning Shinra Tensei.  Notice how talking to Animal realm is like talking to Deva and just like talking to Nagato, they are all the same  one consciousness. While this is going on the frogs are starting their plan, keep this in mind, we are coming back to them.

The bodies collapse to the ground, except Deva Pain who is still taking in the view from far above.  Remember, one collective between the six bodies, power being split between 6 separate bodies.  So what do you do if you want to perform a very powerful technique but you power is split in 6?  You concentrate all your power in one, Deva Pain.  I don’t think the other bodies are  “dead for good” like the first Animal realm, they just have no Chakra being transmitted to them, no control over them right now.  It’s all being sent to Deva Pain currently for Shinra Tensei. What do you think?


 Here comes the second misconception, she says “so your determined to do this” and then turns her head away from the bodies and looks behind her and says Nagato.  She’s not looking up in the air or at Deva Pain.  The speech bubble just so happens to be in front of Deva Pain.  Just like when people called me dumb as hell for my explanation of the new Animal Realm.  She wasn’t Konan, it was just a poorly placed speech bubble, same here.  Deva Pain is Yahiko’s body and is very high above Konoha, Konan is addressing someone not in the air in the distance but someone right next to her… Nagato. That may just be wishful thinking but for sure, Deva Pain is 100% not Nagato.

5 easy steps to saving someones ass...
5 easy steps to saving someones ass…

 1. Frog performs Jutsu. (Kuchiyose means summon but could it be Toad Mouth Trap?)

2. Crazy Hokage jumps right into Enemies attack.

3. Shinrai Tensei

4. We and Deva see a scroll

5. Deva Pain is all WTF?!

I kept the panels in order time wise but I put them together so that you can see the frogs actions in order. Keep this in mind.

Some one get the vaccum and glue we got a mess to clean up...

Some one get the vaccum and glue we got a mess to clean up...

 Shinra Tensei hits Konoha, this obviously sux.  It’s an emotional blow to the city we’ve come to love and it will never be the same. Score board check Pain: 23,745 Konoha: 2.  This is looking like Konoha was just way too weak to even come close to competing with Pain on any level without Naruto.  It also demonstrates how powerful Jiraiya was fighting all the bodies of Pain at once, granted Deva Pain pretty much hung back and sat it out but still, it just puts it into perspective.  So Konoha is just leveled right? Judgement day and Armageddon all rolled into one.  I’m sure they could see that explosion all the way from the Sand village… wait… where the hell are those guys?  And team Gai?! Maaaaaaaaaaaito Gaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii!?

Are they really really really really sure he's coming back next issue?

They say Naruto may finally finally return... Are they really really really sure?

 Take a look at the object in the center of the crater… Doesn’t that look like a summons disappearing?  Those crafty frogs saved someones ass.  Why else would Pain be all WTF?! after he dropped Shinra Tensei and sees the scroll… I don’t have a definitive answer for this but I have some ideas… What do you think happened?  Did the frogs summon back Naruto and Pa frog?

It was an epic issue all in all but the last sentences don’t really hint at anything besides Naruto possibly returning so lets speculate just a little bit on what is next…

Next week is the almighty wrap up post that has been promised for the year of 2008.  I’m putting together a list of events that were huge in the Naruto world.  Some of them are time sensitive like Itachi wanting to take Sasuke’s eyes.  Every one was freaking out about that back when it happened but we look at it now like its no big deal because of what we know now.  Or remember how freaked you were when Kakashi saw that Tobi had the Sharingan! OMG! Right?! You get the point so take the survey below.  Pick the 5  biggest events in your opinion of 2008 from the list.  I’ll have a top ten break down of the year based on the results.  I’m not going to show results on this survey so that it’s a surprise when I list the top ten next week.  So you guys decide.  Which are the biggest events of 2008?!

Ja matta,



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  1. i want to know who is going to be summoned by naruto ad ma and pa toads maybe like the first toad sage that would be awsome

  2. wow first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 2nd dammit

  4. i just noticed that there are three shadows in the summon cloud that look like people what if j-man,the yellow flash,and the 1 most unpridictable ninja fight together!

    a person could dream

  5. I was here first, but read slowly. Anyways, I assume Naruto will arrive very soon, but it will not be as simple as Naruto vs Pain. Sasuke, Gai, Hidden Rock nin, are all on their way to Konoha. I am thinking they will turn a chapter over to one of these groups at least in part next week.

  6. What I am most curious about is what happened to Danzo and his retard followers? Were they protected from the blast, or are they finally dead? And Sasukes reaction to Konoha and what Pain did will be very interesting I think.

    And in terms of who survived the blast….. the rookie nine along with team gai probably survived as they are ‘the next generation’ and this manga constantly goes back to that fact. So Shikamaru should still be alive 🙂

  7. @ meh – well Danzo went underground remember, so his chicken $#!T @$$ is fine. Team Gai isn’t even in Konoha but know something is wrong so they should be showing up around the same time Naruto does. I also doubt any of the 9 would die.

    Yeah, I wonder what Sasuke will say… The people he wanted dead the most are safe underground…

  8. I think naruto is getting in time and kisses sakura

  9. pain just create battleground …. 😀 now naruto have space for fight

  10. awesomeness post Jeremiah!!:D

  11. I’m not so sure the other Devas survived. It’s odd the way they dropped. I do agree it was to power the a-hole bomb, but wonder if they can be re-animated after the signal is cut? (Wow, now I’m thinking Nagato killed the signal to the original summoning aspect as bait. Jiraiya didn’t really kill him at all. That’s why laser head wouldn’t die…in fact, did you see him there when they gathered? WTF?!)

    The frogs did a summoning, but I think they were acting quickly just to get the summons on. My guess as to the chronological order is Ma works the kuchiyose to bring Pa and Naruto to the scene. Shinra Tensei. Tsunade’s slugs save the day. Eye from the sky Deva Pain is shocked as hell as Pa pulls the scroll out of his gullet and hands (uh, tongues) it to Naruto. The last panel is their combined summoning down in the crater. Now there will be fu, or Pain will have to run away and regroup.

    People were saved by Tsunade’s slugs, and there’s one shot of rubble and a bunch of giant slugs crawling through it as the shrapnel settles (middle left panel on page 14). Anyone with a slug on their shoulder survived, thanks to Tsunade, just like Sakura. That means, sorry townsfolk, but at least the nin-army was mostly preserved. Ibiki, Inoichi, Ino and Tsume survive. Did Kiba and Shino have slugs?!

    I don’t know if I’m convinced that Nagato is right there, because I think she turns her head away from the other puppet aspects to talk to Yahiko’s body, who is out side the circle, or maybe she is talking to him through the stud in her lip. Still, wouldn’t be surprised if he showed.

  12. And…can I just say…there is nothing more frightening than a crazyass fascist who earnestly believes his own propaganda, AND had the power to make it happen. I’m gonna start calling him Stalin Pain. Adolf Pain. Benito Pain. Franco Pain. Anyone want to come up with two more?

  13. I agree, I don’t think the realms are a goner, they’re simply “deactivated”. But I don’t agree that Nagato is standing right next to Konan. I do think Konan is looking up at Deva Pain, however, I think she’s looking up at him cuz she knows shits about to hit the fan right over Konoha. Deva Pain is Yahiko’s body, he’s definitly NOT Nagato.

  14. @ Ibi – I added a survey with the possibility that the realms of Pain don’t come back. Also added one answer to the WTF happened question basically saying that they summond Naruto and pa frog.

  15. @ Ibi – yeah, I think thats why Shizune freaked out when they found out that the rods were transmitting chakra.

  16. omg 429 was epic

  17. Yeah the rods were transmitting…but I just wanted to think Jiraiya actually put the other one out of commission. Not that he fell sucker to a kill switch. Now his death makes me really

  18. On page 10 of the current chapter its Shima doing the Kuchiyose no jutsu right? She has probably summoned Naruto and Pa frog. And together they are qoing to do a super-duper summon. I wonder what that is…Looks like Naruto has to do some time traveling for sure now.

    @Ibi – I’ve got one, Mussolini Pain

  19. oh wait i just remembered its Benito Mussolini, oops

  20. I still want to know if kakashi is dead for good since it looks like he is. The only thing that makes me think he is still alive or is going to come back to life is the kishi interview, when he said he was going to write about kakashi after all the sasuke stuff. But we have only seen one fight with Kakashi in it so far.

  21. Well they would not have to summon naruto since they summoned naruto to myouboku all the have to do is release the summon for naruto to go back to the leaf.

  22. Tojo Pain. Pol Pot Pain.

  23. @lastscorpion –
    remember Tsunade sent Chouji back on his way to save his father and possibly Kakashi. I don’t believe Chouji was killed in the blast. I’m sure that he made it in time to help both. But Kakashi may have to go back to the hospital again for another long time.

  24. This issue was awesomeness lol.. NExt chapter.. Gai against Konan.. NAruto Vs Pain.. And some konoka people in myoboukuzan will be like WTF? kakashi.. i’m sorry. 😦

  25. I alrdy know what happen naruto gonna come in manga 433 and the 5 hokaga gonna say “when the war over hand over naruto the hokaga pride or something and she gonna die!

  26. @lastscorpion: remember the last shot of Kakashi has a slug on his shoulder. I haven’t given up on him yet.

  27. Oh, and don’t put Tsunade down for the count yet. Remember the Sannin three way…’I will never die in battle.’ She’s gonna pop up with THAT face on before she’s done. And if she doesn’t I’m personally gonna get a switch and go give Kishi a spanking on her behalf. ^.^

  28. I say that naruto gets sad and into kyuubi mode…..sasugay , team guy everyone else out of the picture arrives…thinks that kyuubi brought all the destruction and goes against kyuubi 😀

  29. @ibiki- castro pain and sadam pain?

  30. oh and tsunade cannot be dead because her slugs are still there (protecting people like sakura) and if she was dead, then they would have disappeared just like the 3rd’s monkey enma. at least thats what i think

  31. Saddam hupain orPain o’ Mugabe.And I think the summon is the toad sage, she was mentioned in this chapter and Naruto’s real pain when seeing Konoha powned is gonna unlock the Kiubbi’s power.

    Oh, and the hokage shrine?was it just crushed?

  32. no naruto next week

  33. Saddam Hupain

  34. Besides,now the manga is gonna hit the break.I mean, the only revelations are who is dead and who isn´t.Kishimoto is screwed on ideas,that’s why he blew Konoha.

  35. @krodude: sadam, maybe, if you consider the kurds. I’m looking for extremely nationalistic butthole dictators responsible for wholesale slaughter and land grabs in the name of their political ideals. In that sense, Bush Pain might fit…but that wound is prolly too fresh to be entertained.

  36. ummm, j-man, nagato isn’t really there! konan is (probably) talking to the real one far away at the tower…you should add an option to the poll saying that too…

  37. im thinking a lil different then ya a lil bit…well everybody says tsunade is going to die and i thought the same thing but looking back shizune jus looked like she died wat if tsunade wasnt the one kishi was talkin about when he said sakura has to grow up…. hmm jus think about it a lil!

  38. i already said this but i will do that again…when i read this week’s manga issue, i was like “wtf? has kishi gone insane? who on earth will understand that useless piece of shit? *reads manga again* what the hell is that supposed to mean? what happened? when? how? *reads the manga again* omfg! this hurts! i need to lie down”
    so, basically i didn’t get what kishi wanted to say this week. i understood the manga but didn’t quite get “what is it supposed to mean?”, “which way is it going?” and “wtf just happened?”

    p.s. i am never gonna trust spoilers now…i should have realized that whole “time travel” thing was a big pain in the ass but sadly my innocence made me believe that junk….

  39. ceausescu pain…

  40. @ Ibiki…Castro Pain, Sadam Hussein Pain, and George W. Bush Pain!

  41. OoOoOoh does anyone think that perhaps Sakura’s growing up will be Tsunade dying at the hands of Sasuke? and that theory correlates perfectly with Sasuke’s assholish personality.

  42. @ibiki- yeah if we said bush pain, we might as well say mccain pain and obama pain because they all basically suck.

    @ms.mandi- not to make you feel bad but try reading the other posts, then u may realize i already said castro and sadam, which were not good enough i suppose lol

  43. @ibiki teishi

    i looked at the manga just now and saw nothing of guren and never remember someone with a kekei genkai in oro’s crew other than kimimaro and sasuke

  44. there can be anything in next issue… but maybe the closest guess is something extra ordenally. but first to clean up couple thinks… only a few ninjas has dead in that blass ‘cos everyone who’s not fighting is inside those rock head, remember? the shelter right… then the teory:
    frog summoned naruto and another old frog after tensui…
    then naruto would be so messed up that 9-tales gome out and pain’s other boddies will be “live” and then we will see narutos new raseng suriken and then 5th. going to give his last word’s something like “naruto, you will be the 6th. if you kill pain” after that naruto get erection and hi going to hit nagota whit it and then he will rape him… pain have to know real pain before he can know the peace…. after pain is defeated next one who will try to capture naruto is saskeku and madara together and thats the end of issue.

  45. @kroddude I didn’t see that post. Sorry….

  46. Just a thought….how could the frogs transport everyone in Konoha? Sakura was still there after the blast in the rubble. Also the next chapters title says “End”. This makes me think the next chapter will be the end of the arc so i think pain and konan will leave for now. No Naruto vs Nagato or Team Gai vs Konan is going to happen for now.

  47. Amien Pain

    I agree with Ibiki, the 106 said she could never die in battle, but at the same time Shizune (RIP) said that it shortens her life. I saw a scroll & frog leg (being from southern Louisiana I know frog’s leg). I am at a lose for this issue, I think that I’m still in shock. I think Nagato is nowhere around, like Roach-anzo underground, he is safe in his tower. Did anyone else notice that lazerhead pain summoned face in the dirt while all the others were still on their feet. Konan just turned away for dramatic effect. After this fight Naruto will still have to go to Village hidden in the rain for that fight. I would love for Naruto to level that place, but we all Know that is not his style. I am basically free writing here sorry if it goes astray.

    Best laugh of the issue: Kiba’s thought on his mothers comment. What would Freud say?

    From now on I will never refer to pain as pain (except just now). Ihate it when people give themselves some uber-tough nickname to be cool. From here on out he is the teary eyed little sissy boy crybaby Nagato, or just Nagato for short.

  48. Franklin Delano Pain!!!!

  49. @9tailedsage: Guren appeared in Shippuuden 89 (anime) last night. I put up a link to the youtube vid in the other post, or you can check my blog’s entry on #89.

  50. Franklin Delano Pain or Franklin Delano Roosepain!!!!!

  51. or Woodrow “Pain” Wilson or Che Pain or Pain Guevara

  52. @ms.mandi- dont worry bout it, we just gotta think of better crazy dictators. lol

  53. napoleon peinaparte- GWB is not a nationalist asshole either. He went to spread democracy, not to colonize. Ma and Pa summoned a giant glass dildo which saved a bunch of villagers. Now naruto is gonna take that dildo and fuck Pain with it.

  54. I don’t want to believe that Nagato is alive and is Pain. He was way too nice as a kid. He even felt bad about killing an enemy. So would he grow up and become a total psycho like Yahiko Pain? Would he grow up and believe that he really is a god? I don’t think he would. Yahiko totally would, that kid has problems. So did he steal Nagato’s eyes, or did Nagato give them to him freely (which he would do cause he’s so nice)? Or did Yahiko’s crazy rhetoric just drain him mentally over the years, until he became crazy enough to act like a god and hide in the bushes while his best friends did all the fighting? Nagato wouldn’t want that either, to put them in danger!!!!

  55. And if Yahiko is just a body and not the real one, does that mean he is dead? Nagato would never kill his friend, or allow him to die in order to gain power or become a body. So WTF is going on???? My head is spinning. Konoha just got wiped out. Now it needs a bailout. I’d say around $500 billion should be enough to make sure it doesn’t fail. It’s one of the 5 great nations, it can’t fail!! It’s too big to fail. Barack Hussein Obama will help em out.

  56. Pinochet Pain, Mao Tse Pain

    Or as EroSennin suggested: TELSBC Nagata.

  57. mao paindong haha

  58. I don’t think Nagato is really there, i think Konan is just looking towards the village… but is so freakin’ hard to tell

  59. Dictators/revolutionaries/’great leaders’ of the 20th century and the approximate (conservative) death toll of each.

    Stalin: 50 million
    Hitler: 42 million
    Mussolini: 1/4 million (but only about 250 Italians)
    Mao Tse Tung: 54 to 57 million (including Tibet)
    Pol Pot: 3 million of a population of 7 million
    Franco: over 1/2 a million

    There…anybody any good with photo shop? or paint or somthing? We need a portait.

  60. Jiraya returned with a scroll and a frog arm? jk, i wanna see this damn thing and and would kishis really kill the entire village just like that? and umm, wasn’t kakashi some where in there?

  61. so many questions to be answered makes up just a little for the whole saskue segment

  62. I don’t know what happened to my last post, but she’s not looking at anything specifically I don’t think. I mean, she is looking to her left and the village is to her right, in the direction opposite where the pain kakashi beat up is laying. At least that’s what I gathered from looking at the frames and using the pains as a compass. I think it’s just supposed to be just looking off into the distance, toward where nagato really is which is probably back in his own village in the tower… which is quite aparently the transmitter. I mean it’s the tallest building in the city with a big pointy thing on the top, which is the same thing we do with radio towers.

  63. well time to repopulate…wink wink

  64. EroSennin never said truer words

  65. Johnson/Nixon = 1.35 million not including civilians

  66. i want to see wath are going to do naruto.. and wath its are planing pain

  67. I like the idea of Johnson/Nixon as the multi faced laser head pain…

  68. @ Milo – yeah thats probable. I was just trying to make a strong point that Deva pain is NOT Nagato.

  69. OMG! Repopulate?! Are you cueing me up to write some SMUT? Heh…I guess that doesn’t take much cueing…

  70. i wonder why nagato would even bother saving laser head anyway? after the fourth or fifith arm and the most of the abdomen, wouldn’t you call it a day and try again with a new body?

  71. Like Jiraiya’s

  72. *takes a swing at Jeremiah* Bite your tongue! Although…I’m deathly afraid of the same thing.

  73. @ Ibi – your Ibiki icon is back… so confusing.

    Temari is easier on the eye’s. ^_^

  74. Jeremiah- All those dead in Vietnam were communists, so that is a good thing. Who cares about commies???? So Johnson/Nixon were not dictators or nationalist douches like the rest of the names that have been posted.

  75. Jiraiya is dead and not coming back, not as a body, not as anything. Get over it!!!!! Even if Pain did make him a body, he wouldn’t be using any of Jiraiya’s techniques so who gives a fuck?

  76. I have not read any of the comments as yet but I was wondering. Konan looks shock when she turns, could it be team guy she sees and not Nagato, or is she surprised that Nagato is that close to Konaha?

  77. @ Shinra Tensei – Funny that you say that to a Socialist like myself who thinks America should Nationalize the auto industry, air industry and health care industry… Choose your next words carefully, evil capitalist…


  78. @Jeremiah: right behind you on all accounts. I knew I liked you.

  79. capitalism pwns all dummy. Socialists ruin everything and long for utopia which is of course impossible. This aint a brave new world. Its the real world. Capitalism rewards an individuals hard work. Socialism condemns anything outside its influence, like the individual. Its destroys all that is good. Sure, it looks great on paper, and as a theory, but it was not and never will work. poop on u!!!

  80. @ randomthought – she does look surprised, with that swoop mark showing that she’s turning her head quickly. Perhaps back toward the village away from the bodies that just collapsed? Perhaps Nagato? Perhaps incoming nin? We’ll see…

  81. u would think that we should nationalize our businesses. that is crazy and retarded to say the least. Why is capitalism evil? Cause it looks at the facts and coldly chooses that which is the best. cause that is what it does!!! boner

  82. collective ownership of goods property or services- pipe dreams all totally foolish
    “fair” redistribution of wealth is an oxymoron- and moronic
    u r a commie 2 huh??

  83. @ Shinra Tensei – Capitalism is responsible for slavery and the subjugation of minorities for the last couple hundred years.

    Do you want to go back to when fire departments would only put out fires of houses who paid their monthly dues and had that fire departments bage on the door?

    There are many socialized industries that you support, you just don’t realize it because you’ve been brain washed your entire life. Watch the movie “The Corporation” and then we’ll discuss Capitalism vs Socialism.

    Ask Detroit how capitalism is working for the American auto industry. Ask the airline industry how capitalism is working out for them. Ask all these banks that America has been nationalizing how free market capitalism is working out for them…

  84. Shinra, the problem with capitalism is that a few individuals are able to rape public ‘goods’ (things like clean air, clean water, the general health of the population…) for unusual personal profits. I want babies born free of birth defects and food that isn’t poisoned and air that can’t be seen. But as long as corporatocracy runs the world, it will also run any sort of government regulation that could put a stop to such rape. And why? so a few uber rich, bougeouis jackasses can glomp onto a bigger piece of pie–while more and more people starve and choke on the dirty air that subsidized their profits. But hey…

    Mmmmmmmaito Gaiiiiiiii! He’s coming, I know it! And Konan better look out because she’s gonna be put through the paper crusher that is shadow leaf dance.

  85. How did we get on this subject anyway… Oh yeah, you just randomly said it was ok to kill all those Vietnamese because they were communists… Lets just drop the subject. I’m not hatin you but thats horrible rationale that its ok to kill people based off of their economic policy. Retarded.

  86. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaito Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii!

  87. Well the big ass bomb that just went off made sure Tsunade is no longer going to be hokage and danzo will take over. I think tsunade still might give her life to save Kakashi so he can keep naruto and sakura safe from danzo.

  88. roflmao…. @ Jeremiah- i was about to put my two cents into it all but that would have pissed way too many people off and this isn’t the palce for saying what i wanted to say… just a glimpse though: capitalism is a naturally self destructing process, but i t re-heals itself over time, while socialism is simply impractical on a scale on any signifigance…

  89. this is why the wirters of naruto are amazing, everyone had theories of naruto coming back, or ninjas using new jutsus and peoples deaths but i dont think anyone thought of konohoa being completely demolished. well if they did they just thought “no its way to early for that sasuke isnt ther yet.” but just look at that its depressing as fuck but good.

    i really hope the toads have managed to save people by transporting them back to frog land or at least protected them with a summon. if thats the kyubi seal scroll then i think wer about to see some kyubi carnage. only problem is thers nothing ther for the kyubi to destroy! except pain. 🙂

    battle of the beasts people. battle of the beasts!!!

    i didnt think wed see sakura cry out for naruto in shippuden cause she become her own woman and blah blah blah womens are strong blah blah… not gonna be a burden… blah..blah women are as good as men blah blah blah! u no all that crap lol

  90. I hope naruto makes the dopest “the hero arrives at the last minutes” entrances ever! I hope the summons is a toad like 3 to 4 times bigger than gamabunta.

    And capatlism is alright America just needs to socillalize the Heath industry, if Cuba has free health care why can’t the state? O’ that right, old white guys are still getten rich off of it!

  91. lastly, the problems that America is seeing right now is from fucking douchy Senators and Congressman, from the Federal Govt. not from capitalism. Capitalism solves and saves all, it shuns no one. Fed Govt. fucks up everything it gets involved in. I’d say it’s time for a revolution. Time to start lynching senators outside of the Capital building.
    if only ninja were real, they would have already killed all the progressives and corrupt politicians. tooo bad. but a guy can dream

  92. Alec- put in ur two cents do it now i wanna read it come on buddy!!!

  93. wouldn’t u like to know: actually, I did. And here’s the thing: it’s going to be demolished again before the series is over–just when things are looking normal. THAT one will be Sasuke (well, his team), but it’s not his time yet. There isn’t going to be a Pain Naruto battle this time–not the rager everyone seems to expect.

    Pain / Tsunade yes, and Naruto may have to step up in the end, but Pain just shut off his five guys. And Naruto doesn’t know about the force, remember? He might just get into a bad spot. Also, he protected Tsunade from Kabuto in their first battle, this time she might do the same for him.

    I think Pain has some special stuff to do back in the tower (remember the prep for this outing?) before the puppet/aspects are functional again. He’s going to have to retreat faced with a Sannin and Naruto at once. Konan won’t be able to back him up because she’ll have team Gai all over her.

  94. Teishi is rite- Even if naruto showed up rite now, Pain would leave cause he is weak now. Couldn’t he just reactivate the animal realm and then she would summon Yahiko out of the area. And naruto would only be able to whine like a bitch. It would be really cool if Team Gai thought that naruto was responsible for the destruction!

  95. I don’t think it will be demolished again. I think Sasuke will take aim at the interim hokage Danzo and the elders which my unite him with Naruto once again.

  96. as more of a comprimiser, i say how about we comprimise: good economic times for every HARD worker, from a factory worker to a CEO=> we stay on capitalism.there is a story about a REAL tribe that lived in the desert, that, whenever they had a drought, everyone would get all his food and they would put it in a little bank, and they all would get their food shared equally for everyone, and that way nobody could complain.=> bad economic times for a lot of hard workers=> we slightly socialize ourselves by giving bailout money to the people themselves, because they paid the government (taxes), and it should help them.

    let’s go back to topic now.

  97. Yes, Moritorium on the Capitalism vs Socialism subject! No more.

  98. Since Everyone is talking politics I wanted to add, that neither capitalism, nor socialism can survive by itself. There must be a little of both for a system to work. If capitalist was awesome, then the economic problems that are happening, would not be taking place, and if socialist was awesome, then probably the Soviet Union would still be there. In any case, you must take the best of every system, and put it together, and maybe not limit ourselves just to those two systems, don’t you all agree? :p Or who would like a private pension plan?? or private health care?? Or even worse, paying for school?? and I don’t mean university. But also, why should someone who doesn’t make much effort have the same as me? So, both parts make good arguments in my opinion. Anyway, it’s too long already, sorry to bug with this lol. And Naruto will come next issue btw 😀 this is looking more and more like Dragon Ball.

  99. i support the theury that tsunade is not dead because there’s still slugs.

  100. amen anon- fuck the corporatiosn, give the people the money…. a consumer based economy will heal itself when you give money to the fuckin consumers because they will spend it on what it needs to be spent on: whatever the consumer needs, that’s how capitalism can fix itself… Money doesn’t trickle down in any society, but in a capitalist system it always trickles up…

  101. i favor compromise 2- compromise rocks!!!! but we have tried socializing b4- it was called the Depression and socializing everything turned it into the Great Depression
    and we r not socializing ourselves now, we r socializing all the fuckups who got us into this mess i do wish we were socializing ourselves they could give me money, and id turn around and use it to create a lot more money
    dont tell us what to do

    (Social Security and social work programs came after the great depression to get us out of it. Speculation in the stockmarket got us into it i.e. capitalism. Giving money back to the people is wealth distribution.)

  102. Tsunade is alive i agree so is Kakashi shizune is totally fucking dead tho

  103. Yeah, some people have said that Shizune could still be alive and I’m like “no way” done, deep fried.

    @ Shinra Tensei – you should make your icon, the actual jutsu Shinra Tensei. Like Konoha exploding or something. That would be cool.

  104. did some moderator add something to my post that is fucking funny
    and he is wrong too social work programs, among many other socialist tenets enacted by the fascist FDR extended the Great Depression–that is why it was a depression throughout the world and a Great Depression here! and speculation wasn’t the one and only thing that got us into it. Lots of things did, including govt intervention
    i wont even get into wealth redistribution even im getting tired of this
    but i will add wealth redistribution is what socialists do wealth distribution is different i suppose the mod meant redistribution

    (Nope, its all in your head. No body is moderating your comments. You just have to personalities.)

  105. sorry one more thing Fuck FDR <—-fascist WWII got us out of the Great Depression not social works and SSI

    (I continue on this subject even though people have tried to drop it many times, I wonder why I keep doing that?)

  106. The problem with this Government is thatit is a capitalist democracy, we need a social democracy. In capitalism you will always have the prosperous lives of the few built on the backs of the many. At least this is my compromise (old age) I came this far right from anarchism.

  107. this moderator is way funny lmao fuckin A man!!! and u mean two personalities right?? no to
    (Oops, I meant two. Thanks other self we make a great team. Good thing we are in the same body.)

    *High fives myself*

  108. this mod is a stud i love u buddy!!!

    (Does that mean I love myself? I’m good enough. I’m smart enough and gosh darnit people like me.)

  109. Let’s not talk about global warming other self. That would be annoying.

  110. stuart smalley shout out!!!!!!! al franken rite?? Luv that guy

    (Al Franken is awesomeness other self! *High Fives myself*.)

  111. im so high im seriously not sure if this is a moderator or just myself typing
    im freakin out man

  112. other self lets talk about naruto

    (sounds good other self, lets go watch TV for a bit, take a break, come back in a couple hours and pretend this was all a bad acid trip. *Pats self on back* Other self isn’t a bad guy, just gets a little worked up sometimes.)

  113. Are those three shadows in the last panel those of Naruto, Fuckasucka, and Old Bitch Toad?

  114. dude stop spamming

  115. @ mike – I’m thinking that’s a distinct possibility. That would explain the “!” Deva Pain had when he saw what ever it was.

  116. I hope this new stage we’re about to see of Naruto’s character is as dramatic & surprising as this arc has been.

  117. I don’t think anything was summoned to protect Konoha. The only ones who even suspected Pain was up to anything is Tsunade’s group. In addition, they were the ones rushing straight into it. Konan is the one person I can think of that even thought Atomic Explosion.

    Also, if anyone has arrived they are lucky to have survived at all. Imagine it missing the blast only by few seconds, when it would have been a direct hit otherwise.

    (WTF Scenario)

    Naruto arrives with the frogs: The village?!

    Team Gai returns: We have to hurry!

    Pain *Shinra Tensei*

    Naruto with the frogs/Team Gai:*Bad Feeling* Wait… WTF!!!


    Pain: Muwhahahahahwahahahbuwahazazazazazazazazbabahah!

    In short there was no counter time because they didn’t know what was going on. The same situation also applies when they arrive after the blast. If you don’t know what’s going down, you probably won’t be stopping it. Following another note why give Pain a nickname. His current one is pretty self explanatory, you can tell his goal right away instead of hearing about what he wants to do unlike others.

  118. lol @ socialists, you think thats a good idea then go to France and Britian… see how they like that shit. And economys always rise and fall. Blame your liberal senate that fucked over business owners (like myself).

  119. About that can we stop discussing it. This is place for Naruto thus we should be more into that. Also since its not producing well thoughts between posters lets drop it all together and say everyone has a different view and this shouldn’t be the place to prove it?

  120. locaso

  121. I personal just noticed this but pain summoned all the pain and probly konan out of the village so they wouldn’t get hit by the jutsu. So all the pains has to do reactivet them for the fight with naruto. Naruto will probly catch god pain off guard cause of this. And when he see naruto with both toads that jiraya had with him when they fought, might get him a little rattle cause he will know that naruto is on that same shit as jiraya.

  122. @mike lmfao fuckasucka

  123. @iamlegend we dont know if nagato can reanimate those bodies… if he could why wouldnt he just bring the first animal realm back, i think once the chakra signals are disrupted they no longer work, so those 5 bodies are useless… but well see haha him taking them out of the village wouldnt make much sense unless they wanted the recievers out of the bodies

  124. renzy 10 u probaly are right. To back up your point, one of the pains was glad he found the black rods that were in the original animal realm.

  125. remember they skewered Jiraiya with the rods. At first Jiraiya said his chakra was going crazy. That was a clue perhaps. As Jiraiya sank and TESBC Nagato touched the water, maybe that was the beginning of the body retrievel.
    sorry for the poor grammer, I am out of town working this from my phone.

  126. MORTACRACIES(aka People’s lives raped during Dictatorships)

    The Deka-Megamurderers … 219.634 million

    China (PRC) 1949-87 …. 76.702 million
    U.S.S.R. 1917-87 …….. 61.911 million
    Colonialism ………….. 50.000 million
    Germany 1933-45 ……. 20.946 million (including 5.291 million Jews)
    China (KMT) 1928-49 … 10.075 million

    The Megamurderers …. 19.180 million

    Japan 1936-45 ………… 5.964 million
    China (Mao Soviets) 1923-48 … 3.468 million
    Cambodia 1975-79 …….. 2.035 million
    Turkey 1909-18 ……….. 1.883 million
    Vietnam 1945-87 ………. 1.647 million
    Poland 1945-48 ……….. 1.585 million
    Pakistan 1958-87 ……… 1.503 million
    Yugoslavia (Tito) 1944-87 … 1.072 million

    Waiting List

    Pein/Pain(konoha)- ????
    Pain just went badass GOD mode on Konoha!
    and to think he still hasn’t debveloped his”ULTIMAATE” jutsu
    btw SasuGAY wan’t do anything coz he’s just a friggin crybaby

    Looks like i’m seriously off my game….this is the 3rd post in a row where i’ve not com efirst!DAMN!

  127. don’t worry dude, when you try to get first all the time, you’ll never actually get it, notice what happened to Bono? He failed so many times in a row at his own goal he eventually left and just shot himself… R.I.P. Bono: my rival, my friend, we all will miss you dearly…

  128. I think Pain is in for an ass whoppin! 1- He killed the village Naruto wanted 2 be the hokage of. what is naruto supposed 2 be hokage of now? plus, all his friends live there. 2- Sasuke is gonna be pretty pissed cause he wanted to kill all of them. Then he’s gonna get even more pissed when he finds out the eight tails tricked him. And he might have a slight emotional break down cause kakashi is dead.
    3- If the 50 year old Orochimaru learned how to bring back the dead, how cant stone age toads do the same? I hope the Yellow Flash never died and was sealed away too (when he sealed Naruto) and now the seal is broken. But you know he’s fight pain kill all of dem except Nagato, be real dramatic and tell Naruto everything. Then Naruto will get pissed and kick Nagato’s ass. Meanwhile, the original 9 vs. Team Eagle. And then, either Sasuke kills Tsunade and Naruto kills him. Or Naruto & Sasuke vs. Mandara and then Naruto and Sasuke fight for the title of Hokage. But what would be dasha vu (or however you spell it) is if Naruto and Negi fight for the name Hokage. I was hoping it be Kakashi vs. Naruto or Sasuke vs. Naruto for Hokage.
    n positive survivors are:
    original 9
    team Gai
    its only right and makes sense

  129. ok call me crazy but look at the page were he has all the numbers on it and look at panel 4 it looks kinda like a cape does it not kinda like a cape this guy used to wear×600/yondaime-vs-kyuubi.jpg now look at that pic odd resemblance just maybe they used a summon like the orochimaru used to summon the other 2 hokages but used to summon the 4th maybe.
    sorry if this was already posted

  130. For my two cents on this issue, I’ll say first that I think there is a high probability Kakashi was not caught in Pain’s uber-blast from hell. That’s not to say he isn’t dead, but the blast didn’t reach any of the areas with plumes of smoke from the other realms fighting Konoha ninja, so there’s still a shred of hope … okay, perhaps more like a sliver.

    Also, I don’t think Konan was talking to Nagato in the panel before Pain unleashes Shinra Tensei. It felt to me more like she was affected on an emotional level that Nagato made the decision he did, and turned her head away because she’s upset. And on the subject of Pain, I thought at first that the other five realms were “dead” when they fell, but then I realized they were already dead to begin with so that couldn’t be the case. I agree with Jeremiah that they deactivated in order to transfer all that power to Deva realm. The plus side to all this is that now, if and when Naruto arrives to fight him, Deva won’t have the other realms to communicate with. That turns the battle in Naruto’s favor, especially if Tsunade is still standing to fight alongside him.

    And speaking of Tsunade, I feel bad for her after this chapter. All the people she’s held affection for (except Naruto) are dead now, since Shizune was Dan’s neice (if I remember correctly). Sorry, but Shizune’s not coming back *shakes head sadly*

    As for the three figures standing in the midst of the summoning cloud, I sincerely hope that it’s Naruto with ma and pa toad, though with their relative sizes being equal, I doubt that’s the case. Taking a stab in the dark, I’d say it’s either three of Myobokuzan’s best ninja toads, or Naruto with shadow clones working up a rasen-shuriken to pwn Pain with.

  131. ^^ makes sense

  132. Man, Konoha ninjas suck. >.> They always get their ass kick and never win one on one battles. I’m talking about the older ninjas…why can’t their be on badass they dont kill off…they killed off the big 3 in A, J, and K

  133. Anyone lese noticed how the manga is going all DB/Z/GT-ish, i know that kishi used to love DB, and i did too, but there was something that put naruto apart from that, it all started when we had that Naruto 4 tails vs oro. It seemed as if it were right back to that leech of a cell.
    Also with pain going all Blast this, blast that i half expect kakashi to go SSJ 3 using the dragonballs and kick pains knuts.
    But hey….just an opinion

  134. Maaaaaiiiiiiiitttotoo GAAAAIIIII!!!!!!

    (Danzo’s going all lovey doevey with his ANBU)

  135. You know what the konoha people need, a saviour, a True saviour, leader of the people, someone who wouldn’t care if he’s dead or not(it wouldn’t matter)….And that PERSON is!!!!!

    SWAAAAAAYZE!!!!(Hell yea!)


  137. Jiraiya’s death happened last year, though Naruto found out about it this year.

  138. what timeline are you living in “anonymous”???
    Dude…jiraiya died ages ago!
    “Jizz in my pants!”
    lol ^|^

  139. why would naruto show up that is counterintuitive, and he is not strong enough to fight Pain at all. what u r saying is that naruto will be destroyed by pain, because he really isnt that good of a fighter yet, then the manga will be over. J-man couldnt beat, him and Naruto is not as good as Jiraiya at all!!!

  140. naruto will not return, it is too dangerous

  141. Naruot wont come back to kanoha because he isnt as strong as many of the jonin like Kakashi or tsunade, he doesnt have the skill to gather natural energy while moving yet and if he returned now it would be like bringing a knife to a gun fight. (close range fighter with less experience against a mid-long range power house)

  142. @the instant flash i think it will be naruto v sasuke, the whole series seems to repeat a lot with different generations… and the first v madara would be a good comparison to naruto v sasuke… especially since they fought at the valley of the end already haha

    @harshy couldnt have said it better myself

    @bono… you will be missed you giant peice of shit *tear*

  143. also @envy explain to me how the fourths cape could ever manage to hold up a scroll like that……..

  144. i wasnt spamming just telling the truth and the moderator couldnt handle it
    (oh other self we both know that’s not true, we were commenting at an insane rate, and Jeremiah had told everyone to drop it. We wouldn’t drop it would we? Still seems like we can’t drop it, shame really.)

  145. dammn u people are cold, shizune just died an no one is weeping for her, kakashi has been dead for weeks and still people are talking about it. i guess tonton will be lonely now. i believe now that tsunade will die in the near future

  146. @ibiki list of dictators

    Mao Tse-Tung
    King Leopold II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Vladimir Lenin
    Kim Jong Il
    Antonio de Salazar
    Idi Amin
    Slobodan Milosevic
    Omar al-Bashir

  147. @charzelo: thanks. I’m really hoping someone will make me a picture now of the dictators pain.

  148. who has a spoiler about naruto chapter 430++ ??

  149. Hey, someone better get over to that new post (Who’s Got the Biggest Balls?) and call first…I worked for hours on that piece of crap.

  150. Vzz, the spoiler comes out by Wednesday, usually we have it on Tuesday.

  151. @jeremiah: isn’t that scroll the same one jiraiya had in his stomach? the one that’s supposed to be naruto’s key? (even the hand that holds the scroll is black, kinda like that black frog which was naruto’s key)

  152. naruto’s key scroll looks different.

  153. Next episode Naruto is back with the frog contract scroll Jiraiya uaed to carry around. Pa Frog summoned him back to Konoha and Ma frog summoned Pa frog back (thus explaining the three shadows). Now with a combined summon they will bring the elder sage back to do battle with pain.

    Also Naruto is stronger than J-Man he knows all his jutsu plus he surpassed him in his Sage training as well. I also think now rasenshurikien actually works like a real shurikien now and using sage mode he can throw it now.

    He will not go Kyuubi this time because he has changed and grown as the coming arc will focus on his maturity and self control. He will pwn god realm but Nagato and Konan escape. Kishi id saving this battle for later but will indulge us with a quick sample of Naruto’s new powers and improved ninjutsu.

  154. the hands that hold the scroll is the same, isn’t it?

  155. Nice article, I love naruto but I can’t help for discutions.. :p

  156. The frogs summoned a something that transported everyone to Myobuzukan and saved everyone

    That would be cool..considering there mentioning a summons that would be huge. And summoning everyone would be frogland..

    “The three of us together can summong something pretty strong” that referring to fu, shima & uzumaki.

  157. the key scroll had a frog head at one end & frog feet at the other end.
    @Ibiki I’ll check it out after my meetings.

  158. […] Ja matta, […]

  159. When will the next issue come out? 2009??

  160. what if a gaint frog swallowed konoho to save it like that snake saved sasuke from diedara’s blast

  161. i think naruto arrives with the frog and saved everyone just intime and kakashi dies and somehow naruto injures his eye and sakura gives naruto kakashis sharingan so naruto can surpass sasuke and seems though kakashi has the elements of water earth! and lighting i think he got earth from obitos eye so when naruto gets the sharingan hhas all five elemnts cos he has wind fire from the kyubi and then water earth lightinig form kkashi then naruto wups pain ass


  163. @erosennin o really, i thought it was a super stretched-out frog wrapped in a scroll.

    man i like confusing the snow by moving my mouse quicklynow. anyone else notice that there’s A LOT less snow nowadays, or is it just my computer?

  164. @anon: yes it’s snowing so much that my computer has difficulty breathing…
    i am not a Christian but i wouldn’t want to ruin your holiday spirit…so, i am adjusting with it….
    i am not complaining nowadays, am i?

  165. i think a giant frog will be summoned and it will swollow konoho like that snake did to sasuke when diedara exploded

  166. why is takin so long for my comment to await moderation damn wtf!?
    (get an icon so that we don’t have to moderate you any more.look in the catagories for icon)-moderator

  167. to all those who think everyone died: they got evacuated in the bigenning when sakura punched the centipede, so the only ones who might have died are ninjas

  168. Since no one is listening I will say it again. Naruto is now a sage. The scroll is the colntract scroll Jiraiya used tocarry onhisback.

    The key scrollis stored inside ofyou and not something you carry around on the outside.Remember J-Man had todothat funky deal to get him out through his mouth. Then he told it to store yourself with Naruto if I do not come back. That is when Fuka got mad saying the key could not be INSIDE the lock it was supposed to open.

    Also the key scroll is a frog look a like thingy, the scroll we see looks more like the contract scroll which a sage carries around.After he pwns pain he will teach kono how to summon frogs by making him sign his contract scroll like J-Man made him do.

  169. but the fight only lasted 5 “naruto” minutes…all of them couldn’t have possibly escaped!
    besides, i don’t see how the frog can use the reverse-kuchioyse (whatever…it’s reverse summon) jutsu….one need to make a contract with the frog to do that! (LOOK FOR THE MANGA CHAPTER WHEN NARUTO WAS SUMMONED TO THE FROG LAND)….i don’t think the ninjas had that much time to make a contract with the frogs that quick!!! even the ninjas weren’t that close to one another! how can the frog summon the people who are that far apart?
    to put in simple words, i don’t agree that the ninjas are safe…they are either seriously injured or dead….unless what the frog did was created a force field around the ninjas…that way they could be safe…

  170. contract scrolls

    Key scroll and contract scroll.

  171. Ok..I noticed that you have not talked about who or what is pain in this week theories but,in the last manga,we had a huge glimpse on this matter. Konan said to NAGATO something like “don’t use this technique or your life will be shortened” just before one of the bodies did the kuchiyose. Does that mean that when something happens to one of pain’s body it hurts Nagato? if that is so, is Nagato controlling them like some mere puppets? so if using this summon affects Nagato,then maybe each body is a part of him or something like that… what do you think?

  172. @dunno: no, that’s not the case…it’s a forbidden technique, that’s why it shortens the life….
    source: my common sense…

  173. i think that surely naruto will return and i dont think im sure because the’re is no one that can help the other so naruto will appear as sage mode with pa and ma frog

  174. there’s another thing about naruto i supose that hi will be able to control kyuubis power and to combine it with senjutsu it will be awesome if so :D…..

  175. ok jaraiya is not dead….. just thought i should put that out there lol i thinkkkk his last words were something about “the title of my NEXT book is blah blah blah” im not completely sure but i refuse to believe he is dead! Also! kakashi CANNOT be dead either, he is just to great! and i believe some great miracle will happen and he will live dammit!lol Gai and his awesome team will kick konan’s ass and shell run away and then they will save kakashi or something. As for shizune… yea she sucked anyway for not believing in naruto, she gone for sure.

    The thing with naruto, even if it is him and ma and pa toad, naruto wouldn’t be coming in as toad sage mode. It would be more of an impact if they summoned them and naruto just looks all around of what used to be his beautiful village of konoha and look and she tsunade looking beaten up from the blast and then see his friends from the other teams all beaten up and see the ninja’s either dead or very badly hurt, and then he turns around and he sees sakura looking terrified and hurt and tired and then turns around again and sees kakashi passed out and he might think he’s dead and then he looks up at pain. He’ll probably be so shocked and hurt and soooo angry that he might not speak or say something like “you bastard” and then explodes with anger and either turns to sage mode or kyuubi 7 tails mode or some how both and then kicks pain’s dumbass! Yay!! Lol well that would be dramatic and awesome and have everyone on the edge of their seats!

  176. i dont know guys, naruto isnt as strong as most jonin, and not close to kakashi at all. He still hasnt finished his sage mode training while moving. Also everyone seen before the explosion is still alive, kiba, shino, and the others. It would be stupid of kishi to destroy all of those main characters in one blast

  177. d

  178. @ Fuutonsavior – Actually Naruto is much stronger than Kakashi. Kakashi even said after Naruto added an element that he had surpassed him. Remember the Kakuzu fight? Naruto did more to Kakuzu in 2 moves than Kakashi and a squad of nin did in an extended battle.

    Kakashi is obviously a great leader and a very strong nin, he would make a great Hokage but Naruto is much stronger as far as brute strength and capability.

  179. naruto is strong but he cant use his rasen shuriken becouse it dameges his hand

  180. does kakashi die

  181. @ Anonymous – remember what they said when they told him he couldn’t do that anymore? He said that he knew what his body was capable of. Hinting to the fact that he could. Especially considering how quickly he recovers. Then add Sage mode to that and I’m pretty sure he’ll be A OK.

    Consider that he may be using an even more advanced version of the Rasengan in frog land that destroyed those mountains… that’s speculation of course, it could be something completely unrelated.

  182. does saske come back to the leaf village

  183. what happens to saske

  184. @ hinge – I would imagine Sasuke comes back to kill Danzo and the elders in the future. This may unify Naruto and Sasuke once again if Danzo gets his way and becomes Hokage after Tsunade’s death. They’ve set it up pretty nicely considering that Kakashi is either dead or brutally injured to the point that he couldn’t stop Danzo if Tsunade is dead… just something to think about.

  185. so does saske go good or bad i really want to know so pleas answer this question

  186. i hope narutos new technique will have both normal chakra and wind element and also the kyuubis chakra= the ultimate killer technique with a big boost from the sage mod.

  187. @hinge: sounds like you need to get a manga fix. I don’t want to spoil stuff for you, but I want to answer your question, too. Even in Manga 430, we’re all still asking ourselves that question about Sasuke. If anyone tells you the answer, they are only guessing.

  188. @Dunno, it’s not forbidden casue he’s the only one who can use it, thus its only forbidden if he thinks so (duh Pain, plus my gravatar or whatever is cooler…) anyway, cause he’s sending a massive amount of chakra waves from his tower which obviously requires him to focus his six part into one ( a price to pay) then drain himself of energy pretty much..

  189. Team 7 reunites and kills pain

  190. i’m agree with jonn

    team 7 will defeat pain!

  191. i’m agree with jonn

    team 7 will defeat pain!

  192. wait what chapter does it say rock nin are coming?

  193. You know, I was wondering why they’re bothering to take laser head home. Then I realized, the reason he’s chock full o’servos is he’s a weakass bitch. They’re always having to take him home and fill him up with equipment since the flesh keeps getting ripped away. Missing the top of your head? Have some lasers. Missing your lungs? Have some missiles and a set of speakers. They go home and patch him up…make him better, stronger, faster…

  194. i think pain wiill be gone by the time naruto gets back. but u guys realy think he can take pain even pevy sage fell before him and half the hidden leaf if not more pain is a real bad ass!!!!!

  195. OOOO Nero Pain…yes

  196. how about Jeremiah Pain… just a thought

  197. Jeremiah Pain!!
    Ibiki Konan!

  198. btw ibiki….i’m doing the Pain dictator Pic(or at leats i’m trying), though it’s been a long time since i stopeed being a GFXER!

  199. @ Harshy – yeah right! I’ve tried to get her to follow my commands like Konan follows Pain’s. She just laughs and punches me in the nuts… @_@ embarrasing…

  200. now, come on, you know obedience and humility are my greatest virtues. >.< Just be grateful you don’t have to live with me.

    Harshy: looking forward to what you come up with! thanks! ^.^

  201. jeremiah said in his post that the summons are disappearing and i totally disagree. the smoke definitely is going out and there are 3 shadows inside so it only means that thing is summoned and not desummoned

  202. Glen!!you’re back!!huh^^how are you??
    and i agree..i think i saw too 3 shadows..

  203. I don’t think Tsunade is dead just yet, maybe she will die later by the hand of pein but not right now. Kakashi I’m not sure about, I certainly hope naruto is in the smoke when it clears and that Gais team will show up soon. Also as for the Nagato thing, the 6 peins shar one consciousness, they probobly share that consciousness with the real him (i.e Nagato)so no matter what pein she is talking to, his name is Nagato.

  204. btw guys…not that it’s important but since you seem to repeating it….my names harshyT and not harshy(without the T) as you’ve been writin.(I just don’t get it, EVERYWHERE i go on the net, they call me harshy while i’ve written harshyt in my name quite clearly…lol!)

    ….yup 3 shadows!

  205. Same reason we call ibiki teishi, Ibi. Babyfox9, babyfox. LastScorpion, Scorpion. Alec, Shithead. Sorry Harshy, just the way it works.

    (JK Alec, u know u in my posse bro.) ^_^

  206. oh! so that was it….sry!wasnt annoyed or nefin…it’s just wierd, looks like foriegn ppl all seem to read harshytkage as harshykage though…lol ^|^

  207. HarshyT: I think it’s kind of an American thing, we tend to like two syllable names and more sounds than that get shortened. Oro, Kono, J-man…shortening to 2 syllables is almost a term of affection for us. And I have been thinking all this time your name was a funny way of saying horse sh!t kage…and harshy just seems…nicer.

  208. hi…this is me…again…
    i have a question, in naruto shippuuden 89, who is that “woman” orochimaru is referring to? is she in the manga too???

  209. who is nagato

  210. who is nagato?

  211. i dunno if that was a summons by the toad…i do believe that it might have been one of ten tens scroll summons…u know ..the one with all the damn weapons…the big ass scroll she always carries on her back….reason being is team gai are outside of the city…so they would be in the perfect position to ambush pein and his team…
    i also kinda agree with one of the comments above, this is starting to resemble dragon ball z….and if it does…i would really love for naruto to come in at the last moment calm as ever….dodging attacks from pain while movin his hurt teammates out the way…classic goku…then lookin at pein and dirt and leaves and rocks start shakin and floating in the air…hahahahahaha that would we so PHUCKIN AWESOMENESS…..HUH HUH…..~AVID~

  212. P.S. does anybody notice how konaha resembles sector 7 in final fantasy 7…..hahaha..look at the panel where deva pain is standing over the city…..then u have another simalarity where the actual name of the attack starts off with shinra….hahaha..shinra…from final fantasy

  213. @bori: that’s one of jiraiya’s student…little kid back in rain-village….jiraiya trained him for about 3 years nagato was about the age of 12 then….i guess….maybe, smaller? he had rinnegan (that ripple like pattern in the pain’s eye) and is supposed to be the man behind all the 6 bodies of pain (proven in the recent manga)….

  214. ok thanks pain

  215. @Pain: that woman in Shuppuuden 89 is called Guren, she uses ice attacks and looks to be a bad ass. She is not in the manga.

    Hey, and speaking of J-man training Nagato, Yahiko and Konan…the prophecy, I read it again looking for rasengan shots (i’m easily distracted, k?). Anyone else notice the translation uses “they” when referring to Jiraiya’s students. Quite consistently “they” is used. Could the prophecy really be about the Naruto/Nagato interaction, and this is why Jiraiya had to choose?

  216. @ ibiki : that woman doesn’t use ice attacks, she uses some kind of DIAMOND ELEMENT, though i’m not completly sure of that, however i’m pretty sure it’s not ice!

  217. found it… it’s CRISTAL ELEMENT .. “shouton”

  218. and that attack you were talking about is called Shouton, Kessou no Kakurou, and it means Crystal Element, Crystal Prison.

  219. […] Naruto Manga 430 Pain: 23,745 Konoha: 2 + Further break down of Naruto Manga 429 discussion + I nee… Naruto Manga 430 -Break down of Naruto manga 429 is below- Hey everyone,  A+ issue this week, insanely awesome.  […] […]

  220. /\

    wtf….we have a trackback Idiot here people!!!

  221. well when naruto comes back he will make thousands of clones and build te konoha back in one day. lol

  222. i read that there wont be a naruto next week

  223. btw @ibi,- instead of just one pic of dictator pain, i’m thinking of doing a whole strip(this idea just has so much potential, i can’t seem to fit evrything in one go…), get ready to see some pain fusions!!

  224. Are we gonna have to wait 2 weeks again?

  225. for what?

  226. Harshy i thing kingcam is talking for the next issue..

  227. i know….it was stupid of me to ask…lol ^|^

  228. shizune is deadrewind to chap 419 page page 8 u see a human realm reading a konoha’s ninja’s mind and seeing he doesnt noe were naruto is and he ripps his soul out

  229. I had noticed, but read futher & you’ll see it say “he.” Maybe more Kishi Mistakes. BTW this Ero Sennin. This is not easy to do with a PSP.

  230. Don’t tell me noone saw the Naruto symbol(that swirly thing) at the cetre of the crater on the cloud!
    Could it mean smfin…or is it just a swirl of dust?

  231. ola amigos! how is it going? where are we?

  232. @babyfox, can’t visit this site everyday coz even we’re in a christmas vacation, i still need to study alot and do my projects. it really sucks to be a college studnt

  233. EVERYONE!!!! Tsunade Survives, It is impossible for tsunade not to survive the initial blast whether she dies next issue or not is unknown however at the moment i have 100 % faith that she is alive. I also have doubt on whether Kakashi is dead or alive now because of this. Is it or is it not correct that when you kill a summoner there summons disappear. This STATEMENT was even conveyed in the previous mangas when the ANBU black opts and the interrogators where going after the person responsible for the summons. The ANBU black opt guy clearly said if im not mistake forget the summon go after the summoner which really means kill the summoner the summon will die.

    HOWEVER, this begs to ask the question …. Are there two DIFFERENT types of summons one real one not??? Obviously the real summons are the ones created when you sign a contract like Kakashi explained. These summons might still be able to live while the master who created the summons died. However Pain was not summoning just 1 type of summon but a lot of fucking summons. This begs to ask the question, How can he summon that many creates??? Is it his eyes or what, and How come his summons will “disappear” when kakashi’s and tsunames did not PRESUMING they are dead. There should not be a difference imo why is there this difference ??? This is pretty odd ?

  234. Another thing Tsuname should also be alive because her slug saved sakura after the blast. The slugs work by taking chakra from there owner whether they have already taken chakra which i doubt because it didn’t seem that way in previous mangas or not however i have good faith she is alive.

  235. All the pains are having an orgy with konan now, SAkura is crying cos she wasnt included..

    poor Shizune..Tsunade’s bitch just got her soul ripped out.

  236. 2glen that’s ok!!i understand..i have the same brobs..haha^^well at least try to rest a bit,ne?:D

  237. @Jayden tsunade is definitely not dead. a hokage and a legendary sunnin can’t be dead just because of a blast. her death must be significant and important.

  238. @babyfox, haha! rest? i don’t think i have time for that. many people here expects a lot from me and i don’t want to let them down.

  239. i think i know what is that powerful summon that pa was talking about. its the 3 legendary frogs!

  240. Am I only one, who feels like HAHAHA DIE_YOU_KONOHASUCKERS because what Pain did (= Shinra Tensei)?

    I’m so bored with all this Konoha -crap, and for me the whole manga is now moving forward too slowly. I don’t like Pain and I’m not interested about his ‘secret’ or powers or anything, I don’t like Tsunade because she’s was just doing the ‘ooh, I’m the perfect hokage now, I want to save Konoha’ -thing, AND I just can’t stand Naruto and the frigg’n frogs anymore. The ninetails would be interesting, but no – Naruto must learn how to be a frog? Oh god that whole sage-thing just sucks.
    I’m probably very unpolite now, I know I know. I’m not saying you can’t like pain or tsunade or frogs and saqe -things, I’m just saying I don’t like.

    Only reason I’m even reading the manga now is that I want to know, what will happen to Kakashi. I just don’t see a good reason, why would he be dead – I mean he may be dead, that’s possible, but that won’t be the end. Kakashi can’t die and just get forgotten, I think we will see him again. Maybe dead, maybe alive, who knows, but Kishi can’t leave that thing like it is now. It’s not satisfying enough.

    Yeah, and where truly is Sasuke? Hopefully next chapters will move the story forward.

  241. haha. u are right tredstone. it is getting boring cause the fight in konoha lasted too long. and kakashi the coolest guy has been ignored and we dont know if he is dead or alive. the story should go forward

  242. @Tredstone- Welsome to the family…^^(though i disagree with you on several matters)

    btw it’s the netiquette here that sasuke is not awesomeness
    hense he is referred to as sasuGAY(pls make sure to correct thaat in your future posts)

    wow…why am i actin all moderator-ish

  243. your comment is awaiting moderation????WTF WFT WTF FTW FWT TFW TWF!

  244. jeremiah…wassup with the awaiting moderation thingy?

  245. Harsyt, I think you were moderated because of your shiny new kanji. You should be okay now. Sorry I didn’t catch it sooner–I’m writing as much as I can between Holiday functions. It’s a busy time for us. =)

  246. No prob….btw happy holidays

  247. let it be harshy….sounds like a nice nick!

  248. must…find…way…to…study…for…exams…and…read…posts…

  249. I’m a little disappointed…. this has been drug out for to long I want action and I want it now!!! Naruto needs to kick some serious ASS!!!

  250. Hey whomever, I think I read that it was a double issue this week on So no, probably no Naruto manga this week. Is golden week coming soon? probably none then either.

  251. @ Anonymous – are you serious?! I feel ya on wanting Naruto to return but with the Invasion of Konoha the shit has really hit the fan.

  252. @ jerimiah can i call you (edited), anyways is it true that there is no issue next week? (i like how it sounds) (edited)

  253. I normally ignore those spoiling for a fight, but I would like to just make one thing abundantly clear. The Uchiha are losers. They were losers at the founding of Kohona, they were losers in (what we think) was a poorly planed coup d’état, and they’ll be losers when Sasuke gets owned by the number one knuckle headed ninja. Face the facts. The Uchiha have been getting their asses handed to them by blond spiky Haired ninja for ages. The series isn’t named ‘Sasuke the Ridiculously Androgynous Pouting Ninja’, its called ‘Naruto’. Dattebayo!

  254. Sorry, I just got back home to my computer, and have finely been able to read through all the post that I missed. On my phone or PSP its a little tedious to reply in the way I normally would. I just tend to answer the more serious questions. (sorry for spamming)

  255. @ anon – negative soldier, J or Jeremiah. Onemanga is reporting no new issue this week.

    Not that it’s any consolation but we are putting out our year end review post. So rather than the usual review of that weeks chapter we’ll be reviewing the major major events of the past year that everyone voted for.

  256. EroSennin–woot! i knew you hadn’t been totally sanitized of skaterathood. ;P~ You mentioned anarchy before, so I’m assuming we have somewhat of a similar music collection. Have you heard of The T4 Project? It’s pretty subversive, but on the off chance you might be interested.

    Jeremiah–wtf? pretty big of you not to ban that anon, IMO. Want me to hit HIM in the nuts? ^.^

  257. Wow that T4 Project is cool. I hadn’t heard of that. I’m an old school guy that, only somewhat, grew up. I got into the punk scene in the eighties (JFA, and skater punk music). Some of my favs are that old style Cali punk (Dickies, Vandals, Descendents etc) British (toy dolls, Subhumans, citizen fish, Fear etc). Chumbawamba (early stuff way before the radio hit), Crass, Conflict (Who Dares Wins) are some of my political favs. I squatted & hopped freight trains around the country for 8 years, before I went to college at age 26. San Francisco (bay area) had a great place called Gillman Hall where you could catch alot of great bands. Now the dreads are gone, I only kept the tongue ring, the tattoos are fading, and I can’t be as proactive as I used to be, but I can never become some L4 (Kohlberg levels of moral development) automaton. At the same time some lifestyles favor the young. (holy too much information Batman!)

  258. EroSennin: k, blew me away with Kohlberg…but that’s my day job and I don’t talk about that here. Alternative Tentacles is still awesome. Dead Kennedys–but East Bay Ray is a complete tool–don’t go buying the albums kids. I love some of the old comp albums, Not so Quiet on the Western Front, Let them Eat Jellybeans are my favs. But…I suppose I shouldn’t be dragging us off topic.

  259. Yeah 4 years & $35,000 buys you BS in bio with a psych minor (and E.bay Ray is a tool), but your right back to topic.

    When Nagato summoned the other realms outside of Kohona does it look like the realm that Konohamaru slapped in the face with his ball is on all fours? I’m a bit confused because when Nagato stops powering them (a couple of frames later) to perform “last thing you’ll see of Kohona for 2 weeks” jutsu there is a puff of smoke around him as if it had collapsed with the rest.

  260. SHINRA TENSEI….!!!

  261. I dunno.. But perhaps the Mangekyo sharingan will play a part in this? I mean… I think it aids in time and space jutsu.. Could be part of how Madara is still alive and relatively ‘young’ for his age. Sasuke has just gained it’s powers so maybe he will try to roll back time to stop this?

    haha.. I’m just one of those people who are waiting for “…and that’s what COULD have happened! This is what REALLY happened..”

    If time travel comes in to play I will seriously be groaning. Sasuke is also being so confusing lately.. Always had faith in the character, but yeah. I can’t believe this happened.

  262. People may have already said these things earlier but i skipped all the way down to the bottom after shinra tensei started being a douiche about vietnamese people and whatever.

    But anyway, I think that normally pein has six powers in the yuhiko body, and when he has all of the bodies activated, he splits them between the others. And that now that they bare deactivated, Deva pein can use all of the powers at once, lie detecting, soul extraction, summoning, absorbtion and telekenesis, so naruto can have a proper, man-to-man, one-on-one fight with him.

    And according to the Kishi interview, that one on one fight, is when we’ll see Naruto’s true powers, and pein gets his ass kicked.

    Another thing the interview said was the Battle Of The Beasts. so i think that pein will summon the huge statue in which the beasts are sealed, and release them. Someone also said something about not seeing konoha for two weeks now, if that’s true then it opens up for another theory of mine. apparently Killer bee will try and attack konoha all on his own, i think that the next two issues will be him on the run from Sasuke, and he will arrive at the village in it’s destruction, and him and naruto will take on all of the other beasts.

    A man can dream, can’t he?

  263. If the next manga chapters are about Killer Bee Im gonna be pissed!!!

  264. anyone notice….the snow is now going inthe direction of the mouse instead of away from it!

  265. oooops…back to normal again ^^

  266. where is everyone!!! i rarely find anyone to argue with these days….lol

    btw, whats up with the anon thing…what happened???

  267. killer bee is awsome he could show naruto how to control the kyubii

  268. Killer bee’s rap plain sux…

  269. Hey did anyone notice in panel #4 with the scroll it looks like the 4th Hokages cape underneath it? With the fire pattern? Am I crazy or did no one else see this?

  270. hey harshy, how did you get your name shining?

  271. yes, it does…what’s up with that enka stuff??? it sounds almost as if he thinks that he is the strongest….he has to eat naruto’s balls….
    p.s. sorry for not being there to insult the stupid sasugay lovers….i was too busy with other stuff(s)….
    and why no manga this week??? is kishi really out of ideas?

  272. hey people…why is it that i never actually get replies for about half an hour (or so) 😦
    are you trying to ignore me???? *cries out loud*
    btw, i am off to bed…it’s already 2:15am here…if i don’t sleep, i won’t be able to get up tomorrow…bye…

    p.s. note for the useless sasugay lovers….he’s gonna die…soon….muahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahhahahhaha

  273. just checking if my new picture shows up or not…

  274. Someone above said that Killer Bee could train Naruto on how to use the Kyuubi. I have a theory that explains why Naruto finds it difficult to control the beast when the other Jinchuurikis can all go up to the full number of tails.

    It is that becuase the Fourth Hokage only sealed the Yang chakra, the aggressive, almost evil, chakra, It is too much for Naruto. If he had sealed the Yin chakra as well, then the Kyuubi would be neutral, and much less hostile to Naruto, and much more docile and easier to control. without the Yin, however, Naruto must live forever with the constant power struggle and the toxic chakra eating away at him every time he needs to use the Kyuubi

  275. I know it’s off topic but i have two more theories about the whole Yang Kyuubi Chakra issue.

    The first is that IF Akatsuki does get hold of Naruto, when they try and seal the beast away, becuase it is only Yang chakra, their whole sealing process will break down and opverload and the beasts will be freed and there will be an explosion and ‘Poor Sasuke’ will perish in the flames and unfortunately there will be no one to save him and he will die a horrific and painful death and we’ll all cry. (sarcasm)

    The second is that if Naruto comes up against an enemy such as Madara, who is apparently invincible, he can use the Reaper Death
    Seal, but instead of giving his own soul to the Reaper, he could give away his Kyuubi, wouldn’t that be the best? getting rid of Madara and the Kyuubi in one fell swoop.

    Dreaming Again.

  276. hey elasticninja, great ideas, but i’m way ahead of you you… go back to the previous entries on the blog… go to the theory post one, scroll down to mine under Alec, than read that… I wrote that like a month ago now… so nice try but you’re a little late.

  277. yo Pain, dont tell me ur an indian too!!
    Prashant Ojha?you hve to be

  278. hey jeremiah/ibiki Do a post on “How GAY is SasuGAY!”
    c’mon…tht kind of a post is really overdue!
    i mean…it has crazy potential!

  279. hmmmm…so (edited)…thats kinda fun to type;(edited)=)

  280. Damnit Alec! i’ve had that theory since readin 370 and was quite proud of it. now i realise i was beaten again! This aint fair! I really need to start brainstorming some ideas!

    One day i will have a theory which you have not yet concieved, which will come true!!! I vow to win!!! You are my arch rival!!!

    (Or something like that, i’m not good at speeches.)

    Anyway, Great Minds and Maniacs think alike, eh?

  281. You know I just thought of something. All of the summons by Pain have Rinnegen too. If Pain transmits chakra into the dead bodies then doesn’t that mean he must have extraordinary chakra to use it with the summons as well and not be slown down in any way. He the 40 year Naruto that’s what he is chakra level off the charts. No that’s not it. Naruto is the 16 year old Pain and he is kicking butt like Naruto havth never done?

  282. Aiming to have the year end wrap up out tomorrow, since there will be no manga this week. This post should spawn some new discussion.

  283. @ elasticatedninja… No speech necisary just say “I’ll never forgive you for posting my theory before I did”.

  284. is it the yin or yang in Naruto

  285. i prefer maniacs think alike… yeah i formed it a while ago too, just never took the time to organize it in one (long ass, semi-coherernt) thought… next time my friend

  286. naruto will use his look sasuke was stronger than naruto cause he has sharingan not anymore cause naruto got sharingan too now.

  287. wtf did bRI JUST SAY ABVE ME…..incohorent badly hypothesized stuff?

  288. Why would anyone ever want Naruto to have sharingan, it would be such a stupid plot development.

  289. According to the Sage arts does a frog necessarly have to make a contract concerning a summon arn’t they already designed to be at a ninjas command goin by Peins Shinra Tensai it didn’t have the capacity to fully destroy and send Konoha up in flames so concerning Shima she was doin a reverse summon send my your thoughts on

  290. Naruto far exceeds expectation

  291. Whats your thoughts on Tobi i mean if any ones reads the Manga here tobi was left sealing the Hachibi putting in considration Hachibi escaped which Tobi was representing a childish deposition at time knowing what happened sure it states tobi is Madara but how much do u actully know about HIM!

  292. He could take Kakashi sensei’s. Only if he is dead of course.

  293. @johnnyBravo: The Yang. We’ve talked about this; it may be with the post from last issue. You can google the ‘I Ching’ to get a better understanding of the concept, but remember we’re talking about a Chinese concept that moved to Japan, so also look at in-yo which is what I beleve it was called in Japan.

    @Maricoz89: could you clarify your question.

    @bari: What?

    @Kingcam07: Love the icon. Furi-Kuri!

  294. @harshy: we already had a conversation about being indian (and hating our country) didn’t we????

  295. @Pain: at least you have some of the best food on the world (my opinion)

  296. well, my reason for hating it is because I am emo….it’s nothing else….i hate Everyone…(including other emos…like sasugay….)

  297. click here for spoilers…
    btw, who said no manga this week?(won’t bother looking for it myself) is that true?

  298. i so can’t wait for moderation….here’s the script…
    Translated by KWGoDのbrucelee
    naruto goes back (looks shaded on a scroll, he has a cape thing like the 4th)
    naruto can’t recognize the place due to all the destruction
    iruka, shikamaru (father son) chouji (father son) kiba (mother son) are alive
    kakashi…still not sure but he’s in 1 panel.
    hiashi was away from the town (or on patrol, not sure…)
    Tsuande has used souzouzaisei and given all her chakra to katsuya to help everyone (the mark on her forehead is gone)
    Enma eats ‘bean’ Pein who then comes back to life
    gathering all the chakra in tendou was risky, konan offers to treat him
    bean pain goes after Tsunade but naruto kills him instantly.
    He has the 4th and Jiraiya’s at his back.
    Final page is naruto ‘let’s finish this’

    i so wanted to give the link to the picture but it will undergo moderation….so, well copy paste the text below to your adress bar…

    that’s all…it’s on mangahelpers btw….

  299. Emo? is that like the new word for goth? Life is too short to cry it away.

  300. ha ha…insult me all you want (i am used to it….i get insults on libraries…bus stands….class-room:from teachers and students, home friends….everywhere….) so i don’t mind that…
    btw there are other spoiers on this link below (copy paste to your browser and click go….

  301. Wow! I didn’t think there was a manga this week. I hope that is real, cuz it looks like Naruto is about to whoop some ass.

  302. Oh, I’m just teasing. I really am to old to know what emo is. Trust me in my younger days I had my share of insults, shoulder length blue dreadlocks kinda asks for attention. Thanks for the post.

  303. after lose to naruto, nagato feel regrets. and gave his rinnegan to naruto before his death…

  304. @ Pain – One manga was reporting no new manga this week, this may just be a fake, we’ll see.

  305. i dont beleive the spoiler one bit because wht would naruto go chnage and get a cape when he knows the village is in trouble and he didnt even know the fourth wore one he doesnt even know its his dad

  306. emo? actually here, it is the most famous fashion statement. but just for fashion. no crying at all!

  307. Hey guys, I was just wondering. To me I still doubt Jiraiya’s death. But I’m still open to the idea that he is. The reason that made me doubt it is “Pa” and “Ma”. It seems like they’re planning something. Also, they weren’t very emotional about the lost of Jiraiya, a very close student to them. And it urged Naruto to train more. Just a thought. =P

  308. ナルト帰還(くまどりナルトに巻物、4代目に似た羽織り)
    naruto goes back (looks shaded on a scroll, he has a cape thing like the 4th)
    naruto can’t recognize the place due to all the destruction
    iruka, shikamaru (father son) chouji (father son) kiba (mother son) are alive
    kakashi…still not sure but he’s in 1 panel.
    hiashi was away from the town (or on patrol, not sure…)
    Tsuande has used souzouzaisei and given all her chakra to katsuya to help everyone (the mark on her forehead is gone)
    Enma eats ‘bean’ Pein who then comes back to life
    gathering all the chakra in tendou was risky, konan offers to treat him
    bean pain goes after Tsunade but naruto kills him instantly.
    He has the 4th and Jiraiya’s at his back.
    Final page is naruto ‘let’s finish this’

  309. @Uzumaki Nagato- lol…but I doubt it though…Naruto would be really messed up having Sage, Rinnegan and some power Itachi gave him ( Some people think Itachi’s eyes would go to Naruto since Sasuke doesn’t want it and Itachi and Naruto share the same point of view).
    @jjjjjjjjjjj- Kishi never said that Naruto has no idea who his parents are….Also the spoiler was confirmed and there’s no reason to not release a chapter and they should have announce it days ago like they always do. Also, about the cape, we never know if its the same cape, we just know it looks like the 4th’s cape. The frogs could have given it to him, same perspective when Gohan trained and got Goku’s uniform eh? Deja vu….

  310. @gideonmiranda, your late. someone has posted that already. and it sucks!

    btw, from what country are you?

  311. where’d enma come from? and who’s MR. Bean pain?

  312. Enma would be the one the Hell Pain was using to judge the liars. (the one that hold people’s necks). The bean Pain was considered to be the Pain with the lasers and many hands and kept coming back to life no matter what.

  313. Yeah, i was wondering that.

    Who is Bean Pein???

    Does he jump out of a tin held by some non-descript hobo and cause mayhem and destruction before being eaten and then killed by Naruto in quick succession?

    Also, how would someone get hold of the spoilers if there’s no shounen jump this week? Where did they take the pictures from? are they inside Kishi’s room as he draws them? could someone explain this please? Because i’m sceptical.

  314. Lol, was it really confirmed that there’s no manga this week?

  315. Jeremiah Fahim’s spoiler is out..

  316. LOL…Mr. Bean Pain.

    I’ve been kind of wondering abou the no manga thing. The Manga said nothing about a break. Maybe it’s the scanalators & translators that are taking the break…which still means no issue for us.

    The first pic is hot. I do hope it’s real because we need a Konoha rally and Peinass kicking.

  317. ‘Bean Pain’ is supposed to be “Beam Pain”, you know him as laser head.

  318. Ohh…. okay, but where’d enma come from? i mean isn’t he the monkey king?

  319. If you go to they don’t say anything about a break for manga or the anime… if there was a break in either they would tell us in last weeks updates that next week (well now this week) there would be none… but they just said that we get a nice christmas present next week… so i’m assuming there will be manga and anime Early Friday morning… i always find them around 1 am or so.

  320. True that. ^

    They translate ’em themselves also.

  321. anon…
    Well yea the 3rd Hokage summons the Ape king guy who has the name Enma, BUT this is a different Enma apparently since it is coming from the Pain thingy… it’s like a name, i’m sure more than one person (or thing) has the same name sometimes.

  322. Did anyone see Fahim’s spoiler vid? it says that Naruto has the 4th and Jiraeya’s scrolls at his back! does that mean that he is gona summon them like Orochimaru?


  324. Lol, no! Remember in chapter 370 or around those chapters Jiraiya mentioned some Jutsu that only Naruto can do that came from the fourth? It might be that and Jiraiya’s scrolls are Jiraiya’s scrolls…o_O

  325. Enma is not the monkey, it’s that monster with black flames that the Hell Realm Pain (the one who fought Konohamaru) uses to judge if a person is telling the truth.

  326. EroSennin…
    exactly… i’m just saying they just have the same name, because it is true that the monkey guy is named Enma as well… it’s just coincidence…

  327. I knew there had to be one more chapter for the year. Naruto has returned to whoop pain’s ass!

  328. dudes, that spoiler is fake….
    naruto is gonna confront pain but that spoiler (the one i posted…and someone else did too) is too far fetched….that is just too good to be true….come on…naruto killing the mystical pain instantly! who’d buy that???
    still the picture is true meaning there will be confrontation between naruto and Deva Pain (my second favorite….first is “naruto”)
    i don’t care if it’s 100% true but the pictures don’t lie….naruto is becoming more like dbz and i really would like to see how the awesome power of naruto looks like child’s game to pain…..(that’s what happens in dbz)

  329. hmm…if i don’t let the page load completely, the snow are like square boxes….awesome….

  330. Naruto killing Beam Pain is totally believable lol. First of all,if the spoiler’s true (which some people said it’s not), he’s been revived, not treated. And to me, he seems like the weakest path lol. But if Naruto kills Deva/ God Realm, that I’d doubt.

  331. why is that? i highly doubt that the spoiler is true….
    that’s too good to be true…
    idc if naruto is gonna kill one of the pain’s body but what’s with the saving tsunade stuff??? can’t tsunade save herself???? the provider is just underestimating the fifth hokage ( i don’t like her either but she isn’t one who can be killed so easily!!!)

  332. The next chapter seems like its going to be a good one. The spoilers are nice. However it is translated oddly.Pain will fight Naruto and probably have to retreat with Konan. We will find out whats in the tower. Then all epic battles shall ensue. Tobi will probably get into the mix.

  333. oh wait! just got through onemanga forum….
    there’s no release this week….
    possibly meaning that there won’t be anyone translating the manga for us (like japanese care about the english new year….the translators must be the one who are skipping the translating business this week…) maybe this weeks issue will be released after new year…

  334. Pain…
    actually i think some translators will release it… like… they said nothing of skipping this week at all, if they were gonna skip a week they would tell us… they always update either the week before when the latest one was released or sometime during the week and neither happened so i’m assuming at least will have it!

  335. well, they aren’t allowing spoilers in onemanga forum (and when i posted spoilers….i got a week ban…lol…i did it on purpose though…)
    they say something about “no manga this week” and now it’s changed to “maybe it’ll be late” (not sure which site i am talking about)
    so, i just assumed that either there will be no release this week (and the spoilers we got (if true) is due to leak while printing…if not, it could be because of the holidays…..and they are too busy celebrating….(btw, i am an atheist…i don’t believe someone else can rule me)


    follow this link and go down the page ull see another pic of nartuto in the cape with a scroll on his back and hes looks kickass. FINALLY NARUTOS GONNA BRING ON THE PAIN TO….. PAIN!

    im soo happy narutos finally grown up (wipes away teers) and now hes gonna kill pain, make sakura his bitch and drive of into the sunset on a motorbike……running over sasuke….then reversing…then repeating several times….then kicking sasuke in the nuts!lol

  337. Hey am i reading correctly or did it just clearly state that Naruto kills the Pein that goes after Tsunade who is that exactly is it Tendou or Deva it can’t be Deva right shit Naruto is goin insane fuk his return from Myobokzan changed him fuk don’t mess with Sage Naruto man shit his proberly as powerful as the Yondami now

  338. Hey i can by the next Jump edition koz i’m in Japan starting from 2morrow dattebayo and one more thing is Tobi still having a good old yarn about the Hachibi escaping to Zetzu and Kisame i miss those guys

  339. @ Maricoz – if that’s true, hit me up at
    You can be our live reporter for spoilers and stuff while in Japan.
    That would be awesomeness!

  340. UM did you just say live reporter are you serious i love that Anime to bits and to be a live reporter for Naruto would be like a dream come true

  341. Holy Crap! Thank God for…starting jan. 09 we will be able to watch subbed shippuuden 5-10 minutes after they stop broadcasting in japan…and the best part is they are PAYING the fee so we can watch the episode for FREE…now thats one hell of a christmas present/miracle…im so giddy!
    God BLess us Everyone!

  342. O yeah Jeremiah um apprently i might be buzy doin Japanese cultural ativities but i try my best in getting you up to date spoilers on the Manga

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  344. Hey The mystery concerning Nagato and his true idenity did he already arrive at the Party 2gether with Konan and the other paths of Pein part of me thinks Tendou is Nagato do you think this is right

  345. Clearly how strong is Pein’s ambition to change the Ninja world compared to Naruto’s risilence and Perseverence no matter how gifted Naruto you alone can not change the world

  346. @Pain i noticed that too. at first i thought jeremiah added hale to the fi***** snow.

  347. I’ll be pissed if the manga isn’t translated tonight.

  348. And I’ll reak havok on Cincinnati!

  349. That 430 spoiler up there is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s got one pic, which is completely meaningless other than to say they actually meet… but it could be at the beginning or end, you don’t know. And everything else is probably at best, half-true it seems. If anything it’s completely misleading.

  350. May i suggest something this upcoming chapter which has currently been delayed i think Apperently it states after this issue that Naruto finishes Pein off now i’m not to sure what Masashi is Insinuting since Pein went ape shit over Konoha with his Shinrai Tensai or what eva that Naruto has come back a different Person does that mean all of the paths of Pein will die due to Naruto’s Sage chakra

  351. 430 is out.

  352. Where? Or are you messing with us, Tae?

  353. Yeh WTF Tae seriously 430 is fuken out

  354. Just to let you know theres a colored pic of 430 on this website i’m not 2 sure which website exactly but you just would have 2 look it up on google

  355. colored 430 pic here:


  356. (Must have been the link)

    Tae is messing with people. As for the picture that Maricoz89 is talking about it should be with this link.

  357. ?!

  358. What exactly are you trying to say by “Deva pain is 100% not Nagato” ? As far as we know, all Pain bodies are Nagato.

  359. I’ve seen that picture a thousand times
    (kingcam, since this is a spoiler site, I think it’s ok to just post your link without so much warning.)

    Naruto has on his dads flame coat or mayne just his own.

  360. spoiler

    here’s the flame coat.

  361. wow, y is the manga so late? I bet they are doing it on purpose just tease us :\

  362. btw I have a question, i’m new here, how do I change the icon next to my name?

  363. ok! what’s the big deal??? i just posted a comment in here…..(with heavy links…if that matters….) twice actually….

  364. @milo: there is another picture….far more better than that pain in one panel naruto in the other picture…
    (paste it on the address bar and go…i won’t bother waiting for the moderation…and this time it’s not even waiting for anything….my comment just disappears…if i post links….)

    @multiburiza: well, scroll to the top of this page….there is a section on the right saying FAQ/ICON/USER-NAME….click it and it’ll guide you through….
    or simply copy the link below to your address bar and go…..

  365. @Maricoz89: naruto just kills one pain….not all…one (or maybe all) rise up again and naruto kills one of them which is heading towards tsunade….that’s all….oh and it’s not deva pain…

  366. Onemanga are not loyal to their fans, if they were they would take time to give us 430 as a christmas present.

  367. u guys do realize that the real nagato has no oeircings and they show him before the attack of konhana

  368. no… the ‘bean’ pain is actually Asura Pain

  369. no… the ‘bean’ pain is actually Asura Pain.. he is the one phucked by naruto.

  370. is 430 out this week? usually i’ve read the raw by now >.<

  371. my little theory is dat nagato is controlling the 6 pains from the sidelines becuz if deva pain is the controller he wouldnt have all of the recieivers in his body and when the head of da blog made the point that konan is looking over to the side when she is talking to nagato. and the reason y nagato uses his best friend as the God realm pain is becuz he wanted to protect him and konan when they were younger i’m thinking however deva pain died is the reason y nagato went on a take over the world ramapage u know. jus a theory tho.

  372. @ pain – if it has a lot of links wordpress just auto deletes it because it’s marked as spam by Askinet program.

  373. READ READ READ!!!!!!

    READ READ READ!!!!!!

  374. READ READ READ!!!!!!

    manga. otakunow. com/ Naruto/ 430/ 01 (remove spaces!)

    READ READ READ!!!!!!

  375. so, what are we gonna do now if there’s no issue, i mean it has to be translated sooner or later, but by who? cuz nobody is saying he’s gonna do it.

  376. sry fr the ttriple post….just HAD to post that link sumhow

  377. thank you harshy, but no offence, it’s still not out, and its FAKE

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    Pain and tsunade sittin in a tree
    K i s s i n G!!!

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  380. dude its always like that. one time its like 4000 snow flakes per second and some other time its like there’s no more snow. maybe its the holday spirit in the site that fading and making the snow go away.

  381. multiburiza: 1st of all, welcome to the nuthouse. ^.^ You’ll find info about getting an icon and all that jazz here. Enjoy.

  382. man i have been gone for a while my computer keeps getting messed up but anyway how is there a spoiler with no manga

  383. @jermaih i know that it was a while but great year ending post i like reading that every week

  384. @jamesthegreat- my thoughts exactly!

  385. im glad its not only naruto and pa frog who showed up. I wanna c the bunta’s in action

  386. i think naruto manga could be released on new years or if it dont it should come out on the 9th may b thats y they have spoilers because its a new years special?

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  388. Dude i’m in Japan and i can’t find the l8est edition of Jump any where but i’ll keep on looking

  389. its freaking out. the aholes who have it need insulting trolls so they would rls it quickly. idk if those guys are in mangahelper or narutofan forums. they need to fckn at least rls a shitty scans wo translation.

  390. thats was dumb it showed like one picture and skiped a lot out like to many holes but thanx for the upload

  391. i think the frogs might of summon’d the whole village away to save them

  392. lmao “summon the whole frog village to save konoha” hmmm lol

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  395. nanay mo is a filipino! yehey! now there’s a total of Filipinos here. nanay mo literally means your mother. i dunno why he have that name.

  396. @harshy, that was awesomeness. i was laughing all through out! lol!

  397. *3 filipinos

  398. pein doesnt want to kill naruto he wants to help him trust me pein is naruto’s half brother and half sista to konan so he is gona give the reingan to him but by a genjutsu whichs unlocks the reingan in naruto and all the people who are wondering wat itachis power to naruto it was spirutal engery

  399. And the part where he blows up the city its just a genjutsu
    pein doesnt want to kill naruto he wants to help him trust me pein is naruto’s half brother and half sista to konan so he is gona give the reingan to him but by a genjutsu whichs unlocks the reingan in naruto and all the people who are wondering wat itachis power to naruto it was spirutal engery

  400. who are the 3? glen, “your mom”, and…

  401. i forgot his name. i think he was in the post about 438

  402. omg! they cut the sai-sasuke sexy jutsu…. i really wanted to see sakura get eerie….

  403. Pain!!i was thinking the same!!damn..i really waited for this part… 😦

  404. so did anyone else watch the anime this week and see that anbu destroy their bodies before they die? would kakashi still do that even though he is no longer anbu?….

    also i love the weather its 50 degrees and pretty sunny in buffalo, and it snowed yesterday in tucson lmfao

  405. seu idiota

  406. dude everyone who saw it wanted to see the look on sakura’s face and naruto bieng creeped by his own jutsu in the anime.

  407. So the anime has yet another filler..or is this just an added chapter to make more sense of the series?

  408. @renzy: I bet Kakashi would have to do that, too. Once an ANBU always an ANBU, and you can’t get yourself taken out of anyone else’s bingo book. But hey, that’s just my dumbass speculation.

    @babyfox: me too! it’s ok to show girl on girl but not guy on guy? WTH? censorship. ^.^

    @zetsu: I’m not sure if I can call this filler (yet). I felt like the swing into Sasuke vs. Oro didn’t make linear sense to me in the manga. I kept going back and forth thinking I’d skipped a chapter or two. Same thing with Naruto and Jiraiya–from 343 they just kind of jump ahead somehow. I’m hoping this arc fills a few of those gaps that had me so confused.

  409. @ibiki: i think everyone (with superior strength) should do that…if you are going to die, it’s a bad decision to let others use your body (as seen with sasori)….but wait! kakashi didn’t do it…..another hope of him being alive…..
    @anon and babyfox and ibiki: i know! what’s the meaning of that???? and i don’t think that little kid was the one that hit konohamaru….maybe they are making a new team 7 team sort of thing(just for the fillers)….naruto corresponds to konohamaru….sakura to that little girl with ponytail….maybe sasuke is supposed to be that booger guy(finally a suitable makeover for sasugay)…..
    and that creepy zombies….that filler totally sucks….but i will still watch….hinata is one of my favorites after all (not kiba though….i hate his face so much that if i was there, i would kill his ass just for that ugly smile and that vampire teeth)

  410. check this link! it’s awesome…i was lmao the whole time….and (sadly) most of the things are true….

  411. okey listen well ppl naruto and all other dont summon nothing they summon a naruto if you look close at the 429 you can see on one of the last picture where tsunade is following pain you can see a bit of a cape that looked simmilar to the one 4th hokage had. they gave him the cape , and the scroll of summoning (frogs) that jiraya had and given it to naruto so he could start summoning he became the 100% perfect sage that nither 4th hokage or Jiraya couldent become. Naruto comes to konoha and he kills pain there in 1hit thats what happens. as much as i know

  412. READ THIS JEREMIAH, or ibiki 🙂 this translator provided some extremely helpful insights into the current spoiler thread, it’s three days old and i haven’t checked this whole post so i hope no1 has posted this already :/

    Little notes about second script translation by me:

    Enma is not the monkey, it’s that monster with black flames that the Hell Realm Pain (the one who fought Konohamaru) uses to judge if a person is telling the truth.
    Also, “Bean” Pain is probably Demon realm (the one that Kakashi destroyed, that with a lot of arms and faces).
    This would mean that Hell Pain is the one who can bring the wrecked bodies back to ‘life’ and he did it with Demon realm who after all got defeated again by Naruto \o.
    PS: I’m guessing that “bean pain” is Demon realm because past spoilers always called him “bean/beam pain” It’s like Japanese people also gives nicknames to Pain bodies (like we call Hunger realm “Fat pain”)

    courtesy of KSFST

  413. i think they have…

  414. i mean i think they have posted it already…..and i am not waiting for moderation (that just ain’t my style)
    here’s the link…paste it in your address bar and go…

    and i don’t mean anything cruel or something….that f^cking hilarious (and sadly, true)…i wanted to share that with you guys….that’s all…

  415. lmfao PAIN that shit is fucking hilarious
    wow i really didn’t know that so many people despised her with such contempt lol

  416. but unfortunately Pain ami-sama is about to be powned by Naruto-kun next chapter, then i have an ominous feeling that falcon is going to crach the party before the climactic finaly, and will cut tsunade’s defenseless wrinkly ass neck…and a little more about that link you posted, sakura will cry her eyes out.

  417. haha @ pain yea at the age of 12 she knew true love… righhttttttttt

  418. who all thinks that when sasuke goes to destroy konoha to see that it is already he is gonna realize that if he had not left it would not have happened and join back up with naruto and sakura in an attempt to kill nagato because when sasuke was fighting killerbee he realized he wasnt alone

  419. yea my brother watches alot of naruto when are the next videos coming up? answer me at my website. http://www...

    (Naruto Shippuuden 91 airs in Japan on Thursday, January 8th.)

  420. umm….@sasuke uchiha- you might wanna change ur nick before anyone notices…..else it’s not gonna be pretty////^|^

    @chans25- nice web address u gpt there…the akismet proogram must’ve been really confused what to do with it…
    (DAMNIT…moderation for smileys…sorry guys!)

  421. ummm….what am i being moderated for?

  422. this is a link with a picture of naruto on gamabunta in colour and he has the 4th’s jackit on and jaraiya’s scroll very cool frm the new manga

  423. pretty cool man… NICe immage… very cool…

  424. Why is there an option in the last top 10 vote: NARUTO recives powers from itachi?????? didn’t sasuke get his powers ?

  425. Jeremiah that was ONE HELL of a post.
    Ofc today some of the questions are answered partly from the spoilers out there…

  426. I got another picture. Naruto is on gamabunta, while on another smaller familiar toad (i don’t recall this toad’s name). there are two other toads about the size of gamabunta. One toad is the toad Jiraiya summoned during the pain fight, and the other is completely new.

  427. @nino look in chapter 403

  428. @sensei that picture is…is…is solid awesomeness!!!!

  429. i was just reading the earlier posts… Pain and Harshyt your both indians too?

  430. yeah they talk about it all the time even tho pain hates it

  431. well i’m not from India but i’m hindu

  432. the frogs in the picture are gamabunta, gamaken,(the one jiraiya summoned in his fight with pain) gamasushi (this toad was summoned by jiraiya to fight off orochimaru’s snakes when he attacked konoha) and naruto is standing on gamakichi i believe. Not positive.

  433. @ anon thanks.
    Here’s another picture of naruto helling for reasons unknown. I think he is yelling “lets finish this” thenthe chapter ends.

  434. here’s a picture of naruto just punching the shit out of pain.

  435. where are u from then? america

  436. yeah man, straight up.

  437. yo when u think 43o comes out

  438. yo wat u think is goin to happen to kakashi is he goin to die or is he goin to come back n kick some ass

  439. Pain is a six man Genocide i mean he was in Konoha for like 30mins and it’s like a nuke fell on it!!!

  440. @ whoever IS TOO LAZY TO READ THE POSTS: naruto 430 is comin’ out NEXT WEEK. BELIEVE IT!

  441. this is all chapter 429

  442. im jus surprised tat konahomaru know the rasengan

  443. @anon – am from Singapore.

  444. i found some interesting photos at this link:
    the spoiler is almost the same vid placed in this site but if u click on the ‘more info’ link, you will be able to see links to certain pics and i think they look legit

    note for awesomeness regulars: this is the same spoiler and pics as Fahim’s, although not as well put together.

  445. this link has all of the spoiler pics

    this one looks like it has more spoiler pics, but the spoiler itself is the same as before.

  446. DO you all want more spoilers?

  447. @due: this entry is a discussion of 429, the spoiler is at this link. The Manga isn’t posted to this site, but we do have some cool discussions. Welcome.

  448. I saw this today. Not sure if you guys saw it before but the pics and script seem pretty real to me:

  449. I guess i was too late 🙂

  450. naruto is a pimp

  451. He obviously found out how to move in sage mode because he killed that body of pain

  452. He can move in sage mode, he just can’t gather natural energy in it.

  453. 430 is out on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  454. 430 is out on and it is awsomeness

  455. hope next issue naruto goes super saiyan and kill pain with spirit bomb actually he is about to do that but in sage mode and use rasen shurikin

  456. I think he uses the Potara earrings to fuse with pa and ma.. And than he will kick pain’s ass!

  457. @kingcam- ohhh no he can gather and move at the same time… kakashi looks like he’s barely hanging on…

  458. Where Nagato is…

  459. is it just me, or does kakashi have his sharingan eye open?

  460. it looked like that to me, too, dimdim. Either that or it popped. It looks weird. Damn I wish the quality of the scan was better…but I’m not complaining, not one teeny tiny bit. @.@

  461. naruto manga 430 is out in it is awsome

  462. yup that’s what we’re celebrating…

    and my gravatar is up!!!!!

  463. YESH!!!!!

  464. WOOOOOT!! Naruto is back with stylish cape ready to kick pain ass!! Awesome chapter

  465. ola!

  466. cant wait for madara to finish off pain after hed be defeated by naruto. it seems that would turn out that way. i got that feeling madara wont have use for pain anymore. ill laugh out loud when that sht happens cos every member of akats are disposable even its leader. i bet madara have choosen pain as a leader of akats to fullfill 4 things, 1. use pain to gather skilled ninja that seeks war to ninja world, 2. use those recruited ninjas as a pawns of pain to capture bijuu’s host. 3. use pain’s power/skill/jutsu together with the pawns’ (akats members) chakra/power to extract and collect bijuu powers.

    AND, HERES THE LAST REASON WHY PAIN IS USE AS A LEADER OF AKATS, NOT MADARA. Akatsuki organization would dissolved in this arc.(that means its leader will die together with that group)

    akats org, it is just mere a temporary group that Madara formed to complete a stage 1 of his real goal. im not sure about his real goal but it has to do with bijuus powers and the fag sasuke. this will be like the season 2 of bleach ending, where aizen left bleach society and forgets his role being a captain and join arancar to seek heaven luls. it would be same type of leaving that madara would do to akats group… why did i said ” akats will dissolve”.. dont you think its the right time for kishi to start a new arc and bridgin this arc to more interesting one with completely different. i know people have gotten tired/ desynthized with the group name akats. the death of pain would be good bridges to a new arc with madara starring as a foe.

    the only madara’s trustworthy comrades in akats are the 2-face guy, kisame, and some unintroduce characters that madara is working with outside akats (diehard comrades of madara). who knows who are they but i guess its a ninja from other countries that the hokages of konoha had fought and now joined madara to seek revenge to all konohans. think about it… madara, and kakuzu are in the generation of the first hokage.. how big is the chances that a rival foes of hokages of konoha is still alive till now. 50-50, and you can add the 4ths enemies that he failed to kill that seeks revenge to konoha and remaining relatives of the 4th.

    it would be great for naruto if he faces several ninjas that his father failed to kill in the next arc. the only way to make this work and bridges this arc to a interesting new arc if naruto kills pain, and madara would reveal his ideals to pein are not the same when he kills him and take all the captured bijuus with him and trustworthy/real comrades and unintroduce characters comrades.

  467. ok im 100% sure madara is danzo if he isnt i have 2 theories, 1: he is casting a hologram projection of himself frm inside the deathgods stomach which wuld explain how everythings go thru him etc etc
    2: after seeing pain bring the robot back to life i was thinking that move might be the counter to the deathgod move the 4th used, so maybe pain brang madara back frm the dead bcoz madara would of had knowledge on how to capture the tailed beasts and the host etc, then my friend said but wat if pain needs a body to bring back to life first? then i said well maybe pain used obito’s dead body and put madara’s soul in it it wuld explain the one eye and possible robotic arms etc. i also hope that the 8tails teaches naruto how to go 9 tails and control it while sage mode heals him. peace out happy new year ITACHI FOR THE WIN

  468. For theory one that shift kick to Naruto’s face ended that a long time ago. Lesson one do not charge the masked villain he probably has a power you are not aware of.

    On the second I will be a little more vague since I don’t remember everything to back it up. Obito’s body was buried in rubble. In order for Tobi to somehow have entered it he would need the knowledge of the actual body in the first place. Plus there is a grave honering Obito, which I assume means they were able to recover the body at a later point. Though it could just be honors.


    Anyways, yeah, the theories you just stated were pretty good, but there’s still a possibility that they recovered the body but the other probability would be that they didn’t (because the place was all destroyed and seeing Naruto episode’s for a long time, they DO NOT “usually” recover dead bodies). But my theory will be, well, one’s the 8 tailed beast would meet Naruto, – because they’re the only hosts that are still alive- and teach him how to handle his kyubii. So basically, Naruto’s getting trained before he faces the main villain. Could be Sasuke or Madara, who knows? So now let’s count how much techniques Naruto has learned so far:
    – Sage mode
    – Incoming control of the kyubii
    – Incoming unlocking of the powers Itachi gave him
    – The scroll on his back
    – The scroll that Jiraiya mention that Naruto will use Yin and Yang or something like that to finish Minato’s technique (its about unsealing the beast).
    – And the elements he might still have. He only worked on one right now, but seriously? Having Minato as his Dad and some other great ninja as his mom? He has gotta have some other elements.

    But seriously, I want to know what power Itachi gave him!


    Anyways, yeah, the theories you just stated were pretty good, but there’s still a possibility that they recovered the body but the other probability would be that they didn’t (because the place was all destroyed and seeing Naruto episode’s for a long time, they DO NOT “usually” recover dead bodies). But my theory will be, well, one’s the 8 tailed beast would meet Naruto, – because they’re the only hosts that are still alive- and teach him how to handle his kyubii. So basically, Naruto’s getting trained before he faces the main villain. Could be Sasuke or Madara, who knows? So now let’s count how much techniques Naruto has learned so far:
    – Sage mode
    – Incoming control of the kyubii
    – Incoming unlocking of the powers Itachi gave him
    – The scroll on his back
    – The scroll that Jiraiya mention that Naruto will use Yin and Yang or something like that to finish Minato’s technique (its about unsealing the beast).
    – And the elements he might still have. He only worked on one right now, but seriously? Having Minato as his Dad and some other great ninja as his mom? He has gotta have some other elements.

    But seriously, I want to know what power Itachi gave him!

  471. quick question – i want to re-read the manga where itachi gave naruto some power…. what # is it?

  472. its 403

  473. naruto gotten good

  474. one hit ko

  475. second last!!!

  476. What a destructive hand. Nothing is left standing. I really love Naruto stories.

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