WWE to MMA Bobby Lashley wins first MMA fight (video of fight). Who’s next?

Current UFC Heavy Weight Champ Brock Lesnar

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Brock Lesnar by now, the former WWE wrestler that quit and became the Heavy Weight Champion of the UFC .  While I was watching him beat Couture (full fight video is below) my friends and I couldn’t stop talking about how this probably just opened up the flood gates to the UFC.

Many freaks of nature had swarmed to the WWE for the pay check, and with the decline in popularity of entertainment wrestling in recent years it was only a matter of time before the “physical freaks of nature (or science)” jumped ship for the new show in town, the UFC.

Not that the UFC is new by any definition of the term but its popularity with the main stream is reletively new, only starting to appeal to the main stream within the last 3-4 years or so.  This could be attributed to the failure of professional boxing as an organization but we could write volumes about that, so we’ll leave it to the sports historians to discuss that one.

*glares at Don King and points angrily*

It’s not so strange if you think about it.  These guys grew up wrestling or involved in martial arts only to find out that there is no professional wrestling league after high school or college, so what do you become?  Well the natural step was entertainment wrestling, which over the past couple decades of ups and downs could provide massive pay checks and fame to people who enjoyed the spot light and could entertain. 

Many phenoms with real wrestling or fighting  backgrounds made fantastic money in this line of work.  Everyone from Kurt Angle the Gold Medal Olympic wrestling champion to Ken Shamrock the UFC legend were making great money in the entertainment wrestling biz.  But that well appears to be drying up and the UFC’s heavy weight ranks are anemic of talent and lacking in the name recognition department.  Suddenly these guys that grew up with traditional wrestling and fighting skills had their NBA, had their NFL, they now have the UFC and the UFC is paying at a level that competes with the WWE now, even exceeding it.

Bobby Lashley 1-0

Bobby Lashley is the latest to make the jump to the MMA with the hope of  eventually making it to the UFC to face off against Lesnar for the title.   Is this good for the UFC? Well, as long as they make the fighters prove themselves before giving them a chance in the big league’s then I say yes.  But if they let some roid freaks just jump right in and make fools of themselves then they run the risk of turning into WWE part 2.  And neither the UFC, the fighters or the fans want that.

Lashley defeated his opponent in an awkward fashion last Saturday, Dec. 13th.  He did nothing wrong and looked confident and in control but the fight was unfortunatley stopped at 0:41 in the first round because Lashley had opened a very large gash in his opponents head.  This only marks the beginning of his career.  I’d really like to see him in a competative fight that lasts at least a round before I critique his fighting skill, so until then I reserve judgement.

Bobby Lashley’s full fight debut:


No doubt Lesnar opened the flood gates, not just for the WWE but possibly from other sports.  If the paycheck is there you may see others flock to the UFC heavy weight divisions.  So who’s next?  Who is most likely going to make that transition from entertainment wrestling to the UFC?  We’ll have to wait and see…

1. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle Gold Medalist for the US Olympic team


2. Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg Former NFL vet and WWE Champion


3.  Randy Orton

Randy Orton - Brother is already in MMA.  If things sour with the WWE expect him to take a shot at it as well.
Randy Orton – His brother (Nate Orton) is already in MMA. If things sour with the WWE, expect him to take a shot at it as well.

Brock Lesnar’s promo and full fight:


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  1. first!!

  2. Well i prefer Japanese and Korean martial arts!!From Japan ‘Ninjutsu and Taijutsu’ and from Korea ‘Tang Soo Do’..

  3. the swayze can devour all of them in 5 seconds

  4. LMAO! @ anon’s comment ^_^

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