WTF!? SNL Short

Funny as hell, enjoy!!



~ by ゾンビ Russ on December 15, 2008.

15 Responses to “WTF!? SNL Short”

  1. Better hurry NBC as been shutting these down like wildfire.

    Jeremiah, can you tag this to the front page. Apparently I am too retared to figure it out right now.


  2. First!

  3. Dammit! Second…

  4. You’re still first, I can’t claim it on my own post.

  5. lol…thanks Russ…and yeah, I was gonna warn you. Lorne Micheals doesn’t like the youtube, so watch it while you can. =)

  6. LMAO:D

  7. anyone saw Bush get hit by a shoe here on sunday?

  8. i just ate a grape

  9. @anon- perhaps the guy throwing the shoe loved the austin powers movie and wanted to be the villain who throws shoes. and in the words of austin powers “who throws a shoe, honestly”

  10. no kroddude, you see, the reporter is an arab, and as an arab, throwing a shoe at someone is he worst thing you could possibly do to insult him after spitting on him, and come to think of it, you can’t do much against the most powerful person on earth. it’s all about cultural diferences.

  11. @ anon – he was JK. Nobody is serious while qouting Austin Powers.

  12. LMAO @ Timberlake as the Janitor!

  13. My alarm clock just went off…

  14. @anon- yeah i was just kidding, i saw the news report also that talked about it being considered a bad thing over there. lol dont worry, i just found it to be funny when comparing it to austin powers

  15. Wow, where was I when this was posted? I love his songs, I was watching this video and I…

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