Naruto Manga 429 Translation by Sleepyfans + further discussion and breakdown of Naruto Manga 428

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Thanks goes out to Fahim, who put together the spoiler we had earlier. Awesomeness as always.  Breakdown of Naruto Manga 429 will be posted soon.


–Break down of 428 is below–



If looks could kill... this would be a double homicide.

Hey everyone,

If I had to give this issue a grade, it would be like a B+ but it is also by far the dirtiest Naruto manga chapter ever, I explain below. I can’t give any issue of manga an A unless either Naruto or Itachi are involved, and Itachi is dead soooooo… Anyway, a lot of stuff did happen though and some things REALLY pissed some of the readers off, like ready to quit reading the manga level of anger. If you don’t understand what could possibly create such anger toward the manga then you obviously didn’t care or you may have even enjoyed it. Let’s get right into it, starting with the controversial panels…

Size doesn't matter

Konohamaru argues that it's not the size of your balls, its what you do with them.

You either loved it or hated it, Konohamaru dropped the proverbial bomb on Naraka Pain possibly putting him out of commission. Many people felt robbed seeing Kono perform Rasengan. They felt it took away from the mystique of the technique. Previous to this panel only Minato, Jiraiya, Kakashi and Naruto had performed this technique. But as stated in the manga, Konohamaru yells I am a Sarutobi, named after this village, eat my left ball. He does have excellent pedigree so its not like Chouji dropping the Rasengan or Ten Ten becoming the yellow flash, it’s the grandson of the third hokage. Also, does this really surprise anyone? He idolizes Naruto, even copied his Sexy no Jitsu, what made you think he wouldn’t want to do Shadow Clone or Rasengan? I think this stays very true to the character traits in the manga, including Naruto showing him that before the time skip after he had just learned it.

The size of the Rasengan was also a popular topic after the spoiler came out. People commented on how small it was, perhaps because he hadn’t perfected it all the way. I also thought the size was funny but then Kingbernardino brought up a good point, perhaps its a more tightly concentrated ball (Step Three). A tightly concentrated ball would put a hole right through a nin with a baseball sized Rasengan instead of a bowling ball sized one like Naruto uses. Which leaves the thought that even though Konohamaru used Naruto’s techniques, Ransengan and Shadowclone; he almost did Naruto better than Naruto does Naruto. He actually played that situation perfectly if you think about it. In two moves he found out more about this aspect of Pain, distracted and fooled Naraka Pain and then PWND him from behind. Very nice, quick, clean surgical kill… if Naraka Pain is dead. If not, still one hell of a job. The other thought is that Naruto’s chakra well is much deeper, thus creating a larger Rasengan. Either way, I give props to Kono and I can see him becoming a cool character in the future. But how do you feel about Kono dropping the Rasengan on Naraka Pain?


All the hentai minded people are thinking they would control 6 people of the opposite sex too, except the mission would be a little different... the insertion of a different type of rod into differnet parts of the body would also look a bit different...

Yeah… Derrrr…. About F*&King time! In the worst kept secret/plot twist in manga history, they finally confirm that the actual Pain controlling the bodies is not any of the ones attacking Konoha. Nagato is sitting somewhere in his giant transmitting castle thingy, laughing cause it took so long for them to figure it out. Wow, chakra transmitters running throughout the body, receiving chakra from somewhere else, do you think someone is transmitting this chakra from perhaps outside the immediate area? Stunning… -_-


Shizune really loves black rod, she can't take her eyes off of it...

If the posts didn’t get 300 comments per I would go back and find out the reader who called this first but I’m so damn lazy that I can’t do it. Although many of you may have called it, one of you specifically stated that the tower in Pain’s village was the key and they did it first. These panels may confirm that. Someone want to lay claim to that comment?


I think I saw a porno that started out like this... it ended badly @_@

Shizune looks like she is about to get @$$ raped from behind by Human realm at this point in the manga. So now we know his power of reading minds, which sucks in battle but is great for espionage. His power made me realize that I wouldn’t necessarily want some of these realms of Pain with me in a hand to hand combat fight. In fact Human realm and Naraka realm are very similar in terms of results, just not technique. But with these panels we now know each of the realms/paths of Pain’s powers. So knowing this, who would you want as your partner in a fight?

I'm beginning to think that the biggest and most intimidating thing about Pain isn't his chakra, but rather his out of control ego.

Deva Pain and his Force powers are still standing toe to toe with Tsunade throwing down ultimatums like theirs no tomorrow. But his language is starting to sound like Loulouche from Code Geass. Like Pain’s ultimate goal is to create a just under perfect society under God’s (his) rule. He even offers to help Tsunade if they cooperate. Is this a line of BS or is Pain really a good guy with questionable methods.
I can see your future...

Poor Shizune... Yup, I've definitely scene this porno before...

After reading Shizune’s mind and entering through a very uncomfortable place, Deva Pain now knows that Naruto is at Myobokuzan. I don’t know how much good this does considering Danzou killed the only frog in Konoha that could teleport them their so they have a long F’n walk ahead of them. Now that they have this knowledge will they just leave? Weeell the teaser sentences don’t bode well for Tsunade. You would think that Tsunade will freak out now that Pain knows where Naruto is, try to attempt to stop him but then (“Pain is invincible”) fail horribly and (“and violent”) get put 6 feet under by Deva Pain. Do you think that is what the teaser sentences are hinting at?

That’s all for this week. Hopefully it will be another good week of discussion for all of us and enjoy the other smaller posts that come along the way. Once again, I really recommend the Six Sentences post by Ibikiteishi, which was phenomenal reading and very creative use of manga.

Ja matta,


P.S. Lots of sexual inuendo in this wrap up… blame Kishi… Perv… Or Six Sentences… *Points finger at Ibi*


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  1. First! Eat it Harshy, no one shall displace meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. They’re all gonna die!!

  3. third!and Bono is back:D

  4. I was just thinking, Rin could have died in the time skip and that is how kakashi got the mangekyou sharingan, It could also be how pain got a brand new dead body.

  5. about the long walk to myo, if pain is a god, and tobi can fly at the speed of light, wouldn’t they get to myo in a matter of seconds?correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. Well tobi is not after naruto right now pain is after him, pain only says he is god and cannot move at the speed of light.

  7. @ Scorpion – that 1st video you linked to on last weeks post was removed by Youtube. If you find it again, could you please repost the link?

  8. Wow i hope the lack of post isn’t because of kono. He was taught how to do Shadow Clones and Rasengan 3 years ago in the story, so he had that much time to perfect it to some point. Do we know that he can do this again or is this move just him tapping himself of his chakra?? Remember Naruto didn’t have anyone to look up to at that age like Kono does. He didn’t have anyone try to teach him moves like that till he was the age kono is currently. Also notice that the way naruto taught him is not like how anyone before naruto has used it. The shadow clone rasengan is a bit of a crutch. Consider it rasengan for noobs, i am willing to bet that as time progresses naruto controls it better. BELIEVE IT!

  9. We don’t even know if pain knows where Myobokuzan is, he might have to beat such information out of Tsunade, that is if she even knows where it is.

    And even if he gets there he’ll have to deal with the toads of Myobokozan, whom as I understand it all have the ability to draw on sage chakra to some extent. In other words, pain will have a very hard time laying siege to Mount Myobokuzan. Should be one hell of a fight though.

  10. @ Ranish – I’m guessing he couldn’t do them continuously like Naruto as well. Too much of a difference in chakra pools.

  11. Methinks the mindripper pain was toppled a bit too easily, thusly i warn konohamaru to not turn his back on the man with the black pole in him

  12. Yeah it is true that he did it the shadow clone way so it is not that hard to do, and he had three years to learn it. My thing is why is naruto still doing it with shadow clones he needs to learn how to do it without them.

  13. Ok, heres whats gonna happen guys. Ok so all the pains are somehow gonna get to Naruto and Tsunade or w/e the hell it is, is gonna try and follow… THey are going to have an EPIC battle at the frog place, and naruto will do some awesome transforming and become a master at the frog thingy. THey will desrtoy alot of the forg place but Naruto will be good and have the new jutsu of looking left and right at the same time thingy down, and everyone will have to rebuiled all the crap!

  14. @Jeremiah: Me? Responsible for the innuendo? Don’t point that thing at me. *ahem*. Kay, I’ll stop.

    And I won’t even acknowledge FuS’s comment, although, sound advice in general, that.

    Kono’s rasengan being smaller means better chakra control and a more powerful attack. Still, it will be interesting to see if he falls over now. >.<

  15. I think there’s is a lot more to come in konoha. The absorbing pain is about to get a beat down by keba and his mother. Karin has a beating coming from shino and his clan. Team gia is on there way back. So I think the pains are going to have a harder time getting out of konoha then expected.

  16. Ok I’ll admit it was pretty dope how konohaumare did the rasengun. Kishi knew better than to give him a full rasengun. The time of the flashback and the fact he the grandson of the “the professor,” which was stated by oro that sarutobi sensi knew all the jutsus of the leaf village, so it would very possible for kono to the ultimate charka manipulation techniqe as a kid, he has hokage abilty. I all ways that konohamaru was dope character in the manga. I just didn’t want the rasengun to lose any it’s luster by haveing kono do it as kid. It still makes naruto’s abilaty to do the full rasengun as a kid a unique thing! So it not blasphemy! And love how tseunda is all naruto’s nuts, I think it makes pain all nervous exspecialy since mardra said basicaly the same shit about nuruto and his justus, that he better watch the fuck out!!!! And the the apprentic of the jariya who just gave u your hadest fight ever and figured out your secret! Pain’s a little rattled!

  17. hey, and who was the first one to predict that the piercings were the key to pain’s control??

    ^_^ it’s okay, i won’t rub it in too much… *nice guy pose*

  18. (Im FuS just finally registered)criminal how kishimoto set up so many fights but ended up giving us a rasengan that angered many & a Tsunade+Pain heart-to-(chakra-receiver-controlled)heart

  19. sickening when you consider that that girl is actually Naruto (aaaand a cartoon). but yeah im disgustted with the fact that Konohamaru used the rasengan. but then i remember that Naruto learned the rasen-shuriken and its ok again. sorry to those who haven’t read ahead.

  20. I do not think Konohamaru’s first in-battle rasengan outdid Naruto’s first in-battle. Remember when Naruto first did his, it was on Kabuto and he did not have a clone, nor did he have the time to prepare. On the other hand, Konohamaru did have a clone, distracted Naraka Pein, giving him enough time to gather up his chakra and then let him have it. Please don’t diss Naruto like that.

  21. Although, I do want to add that this sets up/foreshadows the importance of Konohamaru’s role in the future of this manga. If this manga ever reaches the point where Naruto is fighting for the title of Hokage, Konohamaru will be his rival with similar techniques and tactics. That will be a fun match to see… with Kage Bunshins and rasengans all over the place.

  22. “Naruto is strong” – Ok…- Pain’s yeah I knew that already…

    Sif Pain will be shocked to learn Naruto knows sage mode, given that he fought Jiraiya.

    Looking foward to using Naruto using the death seal – to seal Pain away lol.

  23. What if Nagato isn’t the real Pain? I mean its too obvious. I think someone else is controlling them. Most likely someone we have seen or heard about in the manga already. *cough* Minato.

    What? Cant a guy dream?

  24. breast princess can’t die yet. she doesn’t have any descendants… so she have to find out somethink that destroy pains and now when maito gay comes to theres no way that leaf going to lose. althought i was wondering… if studame don’t die, what will danzou do 😀

  25. @ Stryker – is it really dissing Naruto to merely ask the question of whether or not his protege’ did better than him the first time he used Rasengan?

    Konohamaru will never equal Naruto because of the endless chakra pool that doesn’t include the Kyuubi chakra, Sage mode and being Minato son which probably carries some kind of bloodline technique (Yellow Flash) which we will see in a future story arc.

    But I’m taking the side of supporting Kishi’s decision to have Kono follow in Naruto’s footsteps.

  26. @ nova – LMAO very true about the Naruto part but a cartoon is still visually appealing whether real or not if done correctly ^_^

    You also don’t have to worry about apologize for discussing anything here considering its a spoiler site. So anyone reading these posts had read up to date and if you read the kishi interviews then you’ve read further…

  27. All of you are rather forgetting something…the kyuubis chakra coursing through him makes it difficult for naruto to control his chakra nd hence do rasengan…but he did it…kon doing it with clones is like not really comparable with that…he has no such handicap

  28. i beleive all the Pains will be taking their day off from Konoha to Myobokuzan, having an extremely harsh time fighting all the Sage lv. frogs. eitherway, is Myobokuzan really exist or its just an imagination place only frogs n the ‘choosen’ can reach?

  29. I’m a long time reader just really started postin gotta say Jeremiah like the site alot and the good insight with everyone. Was just gonna get a little off the topic of Konohamuru and focus on the Kishi interview. He was talkin about the nine tails makin some kinda appearance during the Pein vs. Naruto fight and i’m wonderin if anyone thinks it’ll be the full fledged form or like the four tail form like against orochimaru. Also what is up with him sayin Killerbee will eventually invade Konoha.

    Insight anyone….

  30. correct me if im wrong didint jiraya give tusadne sumthin to call him if she needed help because they were a team while they were at war

  31. ok bono….u got me this time…(Friggin post was an hour to late….or i was an hour to early to go to sleep….WTF)

    Anywways what does that make it-

    TWENTY SEVENTH!!! (-_-)

  32. for those of you who are wondering if pain knows how to get to the “frog place”…please do remember that pain(the summoning one) is supposed to summon everything possible(correct me if i am wrong)
    moreover, jiraiya was nagato’s sensei…so, jiraiya must have taught him how to summon as well…if that’s correct…pain definately knows the frogs place… and to get there is not going to be a problem for the GOD…

  33. You all forget one BIG F#$%!g point and THIS IS What gets me MAD at this chapter… took naruto about 3 years, like 1 million shadow clones and tips from kakashi to know that Any experience the shadow clones gain during their existence is transferred to the user… WTF, kono used shadow clone “decoy”. Decoy gets trapped and learned how Naraka pain jutsu works finally he PWND paine… This is tihs** backwards**

  34. i like that konoham can do rasengan, but i dont like how kakashi, choji and his dad, and shizune got owned but konohamafaggot hurt one mayb even killed one wtf!!!!!!!

  35. hey guys, i remembered something. if i am not mistaken, if the epic battle (as you say) would be in myo (as one of you abbreviated it) naruto would be in a very big advantage. coz he can do sage mode without any aid of someone or something collecting natural energy for him. coz fukasaku said that it is not possible to be in sage mode for a long time only outside myo. thats why i dont think the epic battle would take place there. if that happens, naruto’s training for collecting natural chackra while moving (or may i say while having bunshin/s collecting fo him) would be nonsense. i cant accept that.

  36. @うん、あなたは馬鹿な猿だ, wrong! the summoner summons special summons. not all possible summons. i think those are unique summons as described by jeraiya. those are personal summons like orochimaru’s rashomon.

  37. @ten tail: yeah, you are supposed to get the info when the clones vanish…but you too are forgetting what kakashi said- “you experience what your clones do”…how on earth is konohamaru’s clone supposed to know the secret of the techinque??? the least he can know is how painful it is to die that way…

  38. @glen- well…i am sorry for that…that was one of my wild guess…but still, nagato knows where “myo” is…jiraiya was his sensei…he must have taught him summoning (and the process is never complete until the sensei gives an example….)

  39. @jjjjjjjjjj : yeah that pisses me too…if rasengan was the answer…then kakashi could do it with one hand!!! wtf is going on there???

  40. oh wait! kakashi fought some other pain….sorry for the earlier post
    but then again…i seriously doubt that such a minor technique (since even konohamaru knows it) can hit and kill(maybe) the akatsuki!

  41. that right. i never thought that the real kono hit with the rasengan is dead. never. i never even thought kono can kill him. and still i dont think he can. fuck you kishi if he can kil a realm and kakashi barely can

  42. actually seeing kono do rasengan wasn’t that because of that little flashback. but i’d like to see more of it. also i hope god realm leaves tsunade be and leaves konohagure or atleast kakashi comes to her rescue….

  43. @うん、あなたは馬鹿な猿だ, thats a good point. pein may really jkknow how to summons frog. nut it reminds me of the contract. if you can summon frog, you can only summon frogs. right? and i dont think he can just go to myo. even jeraiya cant. you need a frog to summon you or go a veryveryveryveryveryveryvery long distances.

  44. あるん arrrun, i agree. kakashi might just pop out like a mushroom out there and kick some ass with a new power. i hope so.

  45. kakashi is a very nice, powerful, cool, popular (in short, awesomeness) haracter. he ant just die. he must die with a super-duper important purpose and not just for an info about pein power.

  46. precisely, my thoughts exactly, its about time he made a grand entrance to kick some major pain butt.if konohamaru can do a rasengan then kakashi can always break a couple of his chakra gates if he’s out of chakra.

  47. Team Gai on the way back to Konaoha runs into real Nagato(who is busy controlling the peins he sent in). Gai and lot gives it everything they got but dies fighting Nagato. Meantime Nagato loses control of the Peins who are pawned by other konoha shinobis. Nagato heads to Myobokuzan fights Naruto…loses. (how abt that for a twist)

  48. glen, but judging from the way pain said “myo..”
    it seems as if its a sinch for him to get there,(for a GOD ***EXTREME SARCASM***)

    Jeremiah- you nailed him, his egos the scariest part!

  49. you heard him say myo? funny. you know, its just a translation. and translating a message from one language to another is just like synonymous words. though they are the same in a way, the level is different. like pretty and beautiful. so haw can you judge the knowledge of pein about myo just by that statement? huh?

  50. i meant to say the whole name but it took too much time to remember so i just wrote myo,
    anyways it was just an opiniion, i mean judjing from the atmosphere in the manga it could just as much have been peins oversized ego….lol
    back to you glen

  51. so you are judging the “translated” manga? it just like me. i cant fully express my self coz im using a different language. not all words have exact translations. if we are using filipino language here, i doubt you would have a reply.
    you know, you can only make assumptions and theories. you can’t make a generalization, a conclusion nor a firm judgment.

  52. hey! i also meant the whole word. not myo. i understood what you posted

  53. @ibiki, i read a post (if that was really pertaining to you…) that you are a girl. is that true?

  54. i just said it was an opinion, i never BRANDED it with a hot iron rod and stamped an exclusive tag on it Saying how it’s Undoubtedly true because of the power of swayze residing within me.

    ps sorry for the exaggeration

    pss wher r u from?u filipino?

    psss i didnt make any generalisation

    pssss you all are better at geberalisations anyway

    psssss i’m just here for comic relief

    pssssss i love ps’s!
    And i donot HAVE ANY problem with Konohamaru using the rasengan(another opinion)

  55. whatever. (sorry for being so hotheaded)

  56. but you used the word

  57. oh its nufin….just a casual misunderstanding, i should hve used another word instaed of “judged”, And about ibiki?- yup he’s a girl(lol)

  58. To all the people dissing Kakashi (and Kishi) for Kono pwning pain with rasengan while Kakashi went down…

    Konohamaru was able to own his aspect of Pain (to some extent, we don’t know how much yet) because that aspect was a close fighter. Basic rasengan is a close contact attack.

    Kakashi didn’t even consider it because his aspect was mid to long range with his use of the force. So Kakashi used long range attack–MS. It’s not just about the skills of the shinobi, but also the match up–didn’t you folks ever watch Pokemon?!

    Only a knucklehead would have tried rasengan on such an opponent; only a knucklehead would have succeeded. ^.^

  59. whoo!!!!!!! i really never thought girls would participate in sites like think coz here, maybe only 15 000 out about 50M filipinas would like naruto but almost 80% of boys would do.

  60. i agree ibiki, i mean the criticism at kono is really pointless, i mean, if you think abt it it’s something that he should be patted the back for, not ranted at..

  61. @千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi, woaahhhh!! i agree. but still i cannot accept if kono would beat that realm while kakashi was killed (or hopefully almost killed)

  62. kakashi isn’t dead(If i say it again and again, it will happen…)

  63. DUDES! CAN I HAVE A SIMPLE QUESTION? (this is address to all of you)


  64. AND CITIZENSHIP. (that could be different)

  65. I’m Indian
    was born in india
    went to the UK(edinburgh,scotland) at when i was ten munths old
    returned when i was 4
    living regretfully ever since…

  66. btw, anyone know what have been the max number of comments for a post on this blog?(just curious…)

  67. you have a telenovela life huh?

  68. well glen we are the other 20%:D or i would say 2% cause i don’t know any girl here in greece (whose my friend) that watches Naruto…hehe^^

  69. no. i just got in about 4 months ago

  70. i don’t wanna sound uninformed or annythinh but whats telenovela?

  71. so its almost the same case in your countries huh? and i guess the “transgressive ones” are in this site.

  72. oh sorry. i think that term is use only here and Spain. coz thats a Spanish term for soap opera. you know, we were once under Spanish colonization.

  73. oh thats nfin, the state of uor country is so bad, i’d say only 20% would be watching(or reading) naruto at all!(the only ones who watch em are kids on the bastardish cartoon network)
    the rest dont know anything further than that(lol they’ve shown translated eps 1-26 with 5 reruns of this cycle)

  74. the same in our county..and our cartoon network doen’t show anime..well except from Yu Gi Oh..i this an anime??

  75. its the same here for national channels. but filipinos are number one in using the internet so, even the national television is keeping on replaying the firsts episodes of naruto, we are udated trough the internet.

  76. omg you guys are lucky!!our tv doen’t show Naruto:(

  77. but in here, 85 % of the pop. doesn’t know what a comp. is and the ineternet is a long shot, i’d say i’m as completely opposite to a normal indian as can be….lol

  78. @うちはbabyfox9 and harshytkage, its past 2:30 in the morning here, december 14. and i’ll be heading to my boarding house tomorrow for academic purposes. so i have to sleep. hehe

  79. wow….we’re discussing national and political norms for three different ccountries on a naruto review thread….awesomeness!

  80. i know that it’s 2 am is 20:30..GOODNIGHT GLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  81. it’s exactly 12:00am here…lol

  82. nyt nyt.

  83. 🙂

  84. gnight glen, sweet dreams, may the power of swayze be with you…:D

  85. harshytkage lmao!!the power of swayze be with you..that was good:D

  86. i know….lol

  87. how come when i am online, none of you are????
    ok! for the remark glen made…please do remember that when the PA frog was taking naruto to “the frog place”, he did mention a secret path….he also mentioned “it would take months and years (really confused here about the time period) if you don’t know the exact path….”
    for a GOD, getting there shouldn’t be a problem….(no sarcasm intended…i love pain…)

  88. 20:30 in South Africa. I must say with the hype konohamarus receiving from this rasengan hes gonna bag the ramenshop girl! The scarf was already a babemagnet kono you dog

  89. Man…i wish i could AYAME IS HOT!!!

  90. this is hilarious!!!it’s for Bleach but i think it worths the effort to watch it:

  91. hey うん、あなたは馬鹿な猿だ-back in the previous post you said that Kishi is pretty old is he??

  92. fuck! why do i always have to use multiple posts!!!
    this time i am gonna finish it all in one post!
    @SMP: that’s….umm…NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN….good work on the fan-fiction though….lol…
    @harshytkage: yeah! same here…i hate india too! wish i was in uk!

  93. うん、あなたは馬鹿な猿だ: u from India too???

  94. @ babyfox: i have no idea! but the photo shows him around 20s….(until, of course, that was taken decades ago!)
    @jeremiah: is there anyway i can stop the freking(literally) snow falkes in my computer

    p.s. why is the font size so small??? i can barely read what i am typing!!!

  95. @harshykage: yep! i hate this place! (don’t get it wrong…a person like me hates heaven if he was born in it!)
    @jeremiah: never mind on the font size…there’s some problem with chrome…not your site!

  96. I must agree Pain is def a funky drummer but giving him only 1technique each. . . Doesnt that make it every ninja in the village against 6 jutsus & losing! not counting laserhead the bottomless weapon pit

  97. yes the snowflakes are really frustrating..but i don’t think there is a way to get rid of them..

  98. うん、あなたは馬鹿な猿だ: i knwo what you mean, and to be true i;m not one of em patriotic types….reallly, i’d love to leave this place 4eva!

    btw Jeremiah can easily stop the snowflakes from his dashboard…..

    I use opera(dunno why i mentionad this)

  99. @harshytkage: me too!!!

    i finally found a way to end the everlasting blizzard!!! i just don’t let the “loading this page” process end…the blizzard loads at, i don’t have to worry anymore!!!

  100. lol…i didn’t know that once i change my name “my comment will await moderation!!!”
    still, you will get what i had to say once “j-man” accepts my comment!

    but still…i doubt that he will use his power to end the blizzard….he loves playing god and….oh what the hell….the blizzards started again!!!!

  101. yep! that way, the bllizzard stops following me!
    here’s the trick! you don’t let the page load completely!!! your browser will show whatever is here from it’s temp directory but since the blizzard is dyanamic (it changes direction) it will have to get reloaded….

  102. the snows only a bug when the post is new, some days and the page’ll be soooooo long that they take forever to reach the bottom!

  103. yeah it never does reach the bottom… which is hilarious

  104. well, you are both correct… but the snow even appears on the front page! what’s up with that??? it’s not like we are about to have another ice age for the Christmas!!!

  105. actually….it does…lol, i had this page going in the background and after some time, the flakes appeared!!!

  106. oh no…he was talking about “when the post gets old…and there are hundred of messages”
    right now, there is no escape from the blizzard!!!

  107. it’s wordpress… maybe haku just died somewhere (again)

  108. Found it but it has no english sub >_<.

  109. the “he” you refer to is actually me!

    And no….i only said that because it takes a long time for the flakes to come….but in actual, even in the last post,(where i presume i have the last comment or near to the end), the flakes invaded my screen while i was writing it, so yes, the flakes come but it takes some time!

  110. WTF????

    Lucky Star Akatsuki(in skirts >_<)

  111. oh fuck! i made myself look stupid!!! :))

  112. Hey I really like the snow flurries…so DEAL WITH IT!

    @harshy-I also use opera…just thought i’d let you know.

  113. i am dealing with it, aren’t i???
    btw, i use chrome….i think you should try it….it’s nice to come to the light from pitch darkness…

  114. anyone here got access to a private tracker? wont support vuze and i dont wanna hassle with downgrades…..Fuck u funfile!

  115. what? who? where????

  116. ummm…last scorpion, who is that red haired akatsuki member? pain???

  117. yes it is pain.

  118. or are you talking about sasori.

  119. nvm pain has orange hair so it was sasori.

  120. sasori? i thought sasori was a kid!

  121. btw i was talking about the link that showed “the bomber guy” running at the front!

  122. he is, what red hair guy are you talking about???

  123. o ok yeah that is sasori.

  124. The Kono survey question is running 50/50. The Awesomeness is divided.

  125. @ harshy – offers BTguard.

  126. I think Konohamaru being able to do rasengan is a good thing… BUT please do not think he did it better than Naruto! when naruto first did it, it was int he heat of battle against Kabuto… no clone.. no time… just BAM!

  127. Hi, home early. Just to catch up to you guys (and gals):
    1. American
    2. Not crazy about the snow flurries.
    3. I was right about the clones, but dead wrong about rasengan.

    I don’t think that the Pain has succumbed to Konohamaru’s balls. It was very surprising to see him go balls out on Pain. I don’t think Konohamaru’s rasengan was more advanced due to a tighter formation of the ball. Remember Jiraiya’s sage mode ‘ultimate rasengan’? It was the size of a Buick (big ass American car). So, apparently, even Kishi thinks size matters. And, with that, I believe I am all out of testi-humor.

  128. i do remember the ultimate rasengan… wow if Naruto was able to do a fuuton ultimate rasengan… i wonder how much more damage it would do. BTW… the Fuuton RasenShuriken was awesome in episode 88… i had to watch it over and over

  129. @ erosennin – great first post back state side ^_^

  130. i want everyone to admit kono’s first rasengan was not as great as naruto’s first.

  131. i think this would be my last post fro this issue. i have to concentrate on my studies. this would be my last week. i have to kick some ass and show some awesomeness before the Christmas vacation. good luck to you all! i wanna see awesomeness post for next week!

  132. i wanna register i come to this site everyday to see what people have to sa and i have a lot to say about naruto so can some 1 tell me

  133. btw J-man@ how did ya tink of smfin like iareawesomeness, it’s so different yet it’s still awesomeness!!!

  134. Nagato is the one ocastrating the pein’s and activating the devices so Deva Pein is just one of the many bodies he brought back Yahiko yeah it makes sence but then i start to question why is Konan so attached to Yahiko (Deva Pein) when Nagato is the actual culprit behind the destruction

  135. kishi is 34…i just found that out!!!

  136. Mouf219: go here to get yourself an icon.

    Looks like you have a user name (Mouf219). You should be able to comment without moderation now. Welcome.

  137. this one just hit me…
    asuma was the third’s son who hasn’t yet married…
    konohamaru was the third’s grandson
    am i missing something???

  138. again… admit it ppl… kono’s first in battle rasengan is not as great as naruto’s.

  139. Pain戦争を終わらせる神 : Konohamaru is Asuma’s nephew.

  140. which means that Asuma had a sister or a brother that got married and had Kono..????

  141. man this is such shitz FFFUUUCCCKKK!!!! i really do hate to wait and see and the anime is like so slow then the manga but its catching up and also i shouldnt blame them cause it takes a lot of time to animate these anime but its also frustrating about pein, maybe tsunade will die or maybe he will just have an epic battle with tsunade and just maybe keep her alive cause of smthng mabe or maybe the real pein dosent take to long to go 2 place where naruto is training cause maybe he’z been there maybe

  142. @dance: that’s a very good point…naruto’s first rasengan(against kabuto) was awesome….
    @babyfox & ibiki: then how come we never heard of “this” brother/sister?…oh wait! that’s Naruto we’re talking about…where even the main character doesn’t yet know who his father was….never mind my question!

  143. what the f***ing hell dudes konohamaru is learining the rasengan so what its not like its a digrace to the original owner of the rasengan move and also he would turn a really great character someday even though his chakara is little and also he is the grand child of the previous hokage he should learn the move and to beat pein by his rasengan although its small and also maybe quite deadly?

    even though rasengan is like a trademark 2 naruto but if u see in the games of naruto(ps2) naruto uses an enourmes rasengan in his tailed form or in the 2nd(narutimate accel) naruto uses odoma rasengan and jiraya uses a flaming rasengan and just maybe konohamaru maybe uses the rasengan and his nature of chakara maybe earth or something hahahahaha

  144. I think Asuma’s brother (and it was likely a brother, unless Konohamaru is a momma’s boy like…Naruto and Kiba…heh), died in a big battle. There’s a clip of flashback Asuma has in the anime (a few eps before he dies…go figure) of Sarutobi meeting him at the gates, while young Asuma leads home the (too few) walking wounded.

    Sarutobi turns his back on Asuma, and says something about ‘you didn’t bring him back?’ And young Asuma looks like, F$$@, can’t he see we did well for anyone to survive? And that may not be Konohamaru’s father (timelines are wrong), but my guess is there was more than one Sarutobi brother.

  145. I don’t know about surname traditions in Japan, but Kono shares the last name of the third. So, in America, that would be a brother of Asuma.

  146. hey glenn, you filipino too?. never expected one of us to be in a site like this. probably the anticipative ones that cant seem to have a feeling of completeness or complacency unless a new naruto chapter appears. haha. or me dude like me who love the internet.

    btw i cant see why you guys are so pissed at kono for using the rasengan and saying he learned it quicker than naruto. it was obvious that kono learned the rasengan some point during the 2.5 year skip from part 1 to part 2 because we all saw that naruto(the young naruto) was to one teaching kono(as seen in his flashback)

  147. I may be reading too much into this, but did you notice that Konohamaru and a clone had to deliver the rasengan? Where Naruto always just needed a clone to make it, but not to bring it.

  148. I am going to speculate that info on konohamaru’s parents will come into play in the future… further giving kono’s role more importance. also, that ino and her father will try to take over one of the peins with the body switch technique

  149. anyone notice that the snow follows your mouse (at least in explorer)

  150. wow! i just noticed that! it does in chrome (and firefox too)….well sort of…it actually avoids the mouse…if i go right, the blizzard (which is now giving me the creeps) goes left and vice-versa….

  151. @pervysennin…now that you mentioned it….yes…
    does it have to do anything with the damage the ball can cause? does this mean kono’s rasengan is weak?

  152. @anon(that’s a stupid name): and it feels good now cuz the snow won’t remain in the bottom of the screen….

  153. hah! nice catch spotting the mouse thing, it’s really cool(Literally!!)

  154. I highly dought that jiriaya ever let nagato, kona or yahiko sign the toad scoll if I rembrr right there was only 4 or 5 names on the scroll and that’s including naruto name. And I don’t think he take or show any of those guys the way to the toad Mt. But I remember that the great sage said that jiriya was the only human to find the Mt. on his own.

  155. I would like this to end up as Naruto vs Nagato rather than Naruto vs Pein….Nagato would have lots of chakra, all the Peins juitsu plus loads more…..should place him on par if not above itachi….if Naruto overcomes Nagato that makes him arguably the most powerful ninja in the manga (other than Madara maybe). Sasuke is gonna have a fit when he hears that.

  156. ok where is it that it says kono has small chakra sarutobi was known for having large amounts of chakra also kage bunshin is sarutobis jutsu another thing is the surname follows the man in japan as far as i know meaning that asuma had a brother who had kono or kono had a naught unmarried mother idk i also wanna know what naruto is doing late at night after he trains with fuksaku anyone remember that?

  157. what if the kid that had the rinnegan killed the white haired little kid to use his dead body. if he did that then that would be the first start of his mini army. then if the real kid with the rinnegan is hidding then konaha is gunna go look for him, if u put together the pieces, this does make since

  158. if i’m not wrong(and i could be) didn’t minato summon frogs?, i mean i think i’ve seeen a pic of him standing on a bunta-like toad…
    @legend- youre right, he probably didn’t, u see in the manga in the end when jiraiya leaves them, they are only able to take out a clone of jiraiya’s, so i dont think at that level he wuouldv’e and notice that peins summons have the rinnegan(aka special summons) so it’s hardly plausible that they have the contact-
    so i’m guessing the scroll goes-

  159. I think, and this is just an opinion, that even after 2-3 years Konohamaru’s rasengan is weaker, and that the 2nd clone is needed to maintain the tight formation. That said Kishi likes to throw curve balls. Naruto had googles in the first flashback, Konohamru used the Dragon hand sign the previous manga, and other mistakes (or misinformation). The thing that I am still uncertain about is Yahiko. From what we know Nagato had the bloodline trait, and the realms of Pain are corpses that are controlled through the chakra conductors. Konan doesn’t have the conductors. So, what happened to Yahiko? Did he confront Nagato on his initial plans of “peace through domination”, or was the death of Yahiko what spurred the tactics of Nagato. Perhaps Tobi manipulated Nagato’s ideals (perhaps Tobi killed Yahiko himself, and framed someone in order to manipulate Nagato). What do you guys & gals think?

  160. actually one of the names on the scroll is meaningless, it’s just some video game company that Kishi put there….

    and yeah, he isn’t very clear on what he wants to do at this point, just a lot of mistakes everywhere and confusing things

  161. Pain’s summons, if you will notice all have the same eyes and in many cases piercings as his other bodies, so they are specially controlled summons. He has never summoned anything (other than konan) that he wasn’t controlling himself, just like the other bodies… And even if he did know how to summon frogs, even J. didn’t know how to necessarily get to the mountain, he accidentally stumbled across it.
    Plus you’re forgetting that if he read her mind, pain would also know that he was summoned to come back to the village… at least he should.

  162. I still want to know why a self-proclaimed “God” would take orders from a washed-up no body whose been wondering around for the last 80 years or so with a chip on his shoulder like a pathetic little child constantly talking about revenge and wanting to destroy the village… and isn’t that kind of warmongerer exactly the kind of person pain doesn’t like? At any rate, it just seems so out of character for a God.

  163. the fourth definitely had a contract with the toads, hes with one of them when he fights the kyuubi… and its possible nagato yahiko and konan stalked jiraiya because how else would they have bodies of all ninjas jiraiya fought, so they could have followed him to myobukuzan or w/e

  164. I like Kono doing the rasengan. It’s pretty good.

  165. Renzy10- I dought jiriaya would have been followed to the Mt. Because he would just have had a toad soummon him their to avoid the month long journey to get their.

  166. it was said jiraiya was the only one to find it on his own by someone in an early response haha

  167. oh well it is getting well boring cause it had been more than two months that this fight is not finishing. and u are all thinking that naruto is strong, but the truth is he is not that strong that u all think. cause j-man was much much stronger than naruto, but still he lost to pein. naruto is too week that he cant even do any of his techniques with out a clone which is really boring and make him seem more week. naruto doesnt even know more than one or two hand sign tecnique, he is not strong enough to face pein. what do u guys think??????

  168. Renzy10- I said that check the post, and I bet jiriaya was already a sage when he trained nagato so if he had already sign the contract with the toads than that means a toad could just summon him to the Mt. So he didn’t have walk for a month. O kona had state before pain showed up the jiriaya was doing his frog silouette jutsu so he had already trained with the frogs when he train nagato’s little band of punks!!! Check your fact before you “ha ha ha” at me buddie!!!!

  169. @iamlegend sorry i spam “haha’s” and “lol’s” they are in basically in all of my posts haha but yea i didnt feel like searching for your post and he may have trained with the frogs a little but that doesnt mean he already learned sage mode… it took jiraiya a long time to learn it i think pa said a couple years(?) <– is the great sage talking about himself or jiraiya cuz that kinda solves it

  170. <– thats jiraiya before he leaves “nagato’s little band of punks” haha he doesnt have his forehead protector which i believe is the one you get for becoming a sage… so his sage training would have been incomplete

  171. pein will find out from shizune that naruto had been called by tsunade. so naruto will come soon. he doesn’t need go anywhere, he just have to wait at konoha. i guess he will take some hostages to make things easier.

  172. ya but naruto ain’t commin back no time soon

  173. well we won’t know what’s going to happen because Kishi is too busy being a stupid jerk makign this manga go so damn slow. the next issue will only tell us whats gonna happen in the next 5 minutes in the story.

  174. @ Renzy – it’s ok, I spam ^_^ and @_@ and other random faces. It’s a way to let people know I don’t take my self to seriously or to have people think I’m a dick or somethin.

  175. someone should tear out Hinata’s roastbeef curtains

  176. b4 talking bout naruto,dn all of u think after dis is about danzou time 2 strike together wit lots of anbu guys?
    tsunade dying.i think its gonna bit a big turning point in konoha after dis.danzou rulling d konoha(the most possible things 2 happen.)

    my prediction,after dis
    -pain is leaving konoha.
    -donzou strikes.
    -tsunade die.
    -konoha under donzou’s hand.
    -pain arrive to naruto place.
    -naruto vs pain.
    -naruto beat 5 of them + 1 seriously injured with sage mode + Kyuubi + rasenshuriken.d injured escape.
    -konoha under downfall under danzou rules.all true -konohanian- will be exile by danzou.
    -naruto with gang(exiled) + 8 tail raid konoha 2 regain konoha
    (based on interview,8 tail raid konoha.i dn see he is dis is most possible time)
    -danzou will be dead.
    -d reformation of konoha.kakashi become hokage(if he still alive.will b replace with someone else) n pain weakness expose(should be)
    -plan 2 attack rain village will b form.a special team will b form
    -during d raid,each of team member fighting 1 pain,naruto will fighting real pain(nagato)
    -naruto beat pain with his bloodline.(its state in kishi interview,4th hokage bloodline will b reveal,suppose naruto will awakened his in dis match)
    -all pain die together with nagato.time 2 focus for akatsuki.

    basiclly this is just my prediction together with kishi interview plus logically wat 2 happen.nt a might turned out diffrently.bout sasuke,i dn knw where 2 put him.but i think he might join force with naruto fighting last boss(mayb madara or other new villain).naruto might battle with sasuke again n he will win.with the help of itachi’s power(mayb a force 2 prevent him frm tsukuyomi,ameterasu) of course.

    damm… i talk too long.haha

  177. spam all you want just don’t make it your entire post like this:
    ^_^. <__> @_@ +_+ +_- -_+ @_+ +_@ o,o O,O 🙂 😦 😉 ;( =) =( ={ =} :$ ~_~ -_-

    9_9 6_6 6_9 8_8 8) … or anythng else i’m too lazy to write out in one annoying post

  178. Anyone wonder whether or not Orochi had snake sage style? It seems to me that his look after he became evil looks alittle like Narutos new look????

  179. @ dancestryker – I really really don’t want to imagine why that comment randomly spilled out onto the comments board… WTF ?!

    *scratches head and walks away*

    Do you hate vagina that much? I mean… Really?

  180. @Jeremiah – I do hate vagina.. but I reallt just hate Hinata and thought it would be funny to have people mentally picture her roastbeef curtains being torn out…

  181. renzy10 don’t take in personal, I meant no harm. I like to debate, but I went to both pages u said to look at the great sage is just stating he predicted the jiriaya would find the Mt. In his life time. And to me those predictions seem to come before he met nagato and is merry band of ninja. And the last page jiraya look older than he did in the sage prediction page. When leave nagoyo and them his red tears look longer. That what I think and I don’t think jiriaya would have left the Mt. With out finishing his traning to be a sage. If it took naruto a few weeks to be a sage it took jiriaya a year at the longest.

  182. Sorry Renzy10 I have to agree with iamlegend206. If you Read 371 you’ll see Konan say, “so this must be your toad silhouette technique.” Thus she already knew about his toad style. Yes, in 376 the Great Toad Sage says he has a ‘prediction’ for a younger looking Jiraiya who does have shorter red lines. Also on 373’s cover you see a chunin or Jonin vest on Jiraiya and a scroll. In 372 when Jiraiya meets the future Pains, he is wearing the same vest, and looking like he just came from the war (which is why the Konan, Nagato, & Yahiko were orphaned)

  183. I think that tsunade might actually survive this and then find out about what danzo did. I get the feeling that since pein was sent there to find naruto now that he knows hes not there he might just leave.

  184. and wtf is wrong with my little icon i have a wordpress acount

  185. @milo: konan too has peircings(one below her lips…and who knows where else!!!)

    again @milo: the “washed up nobody” you are talking about is Madara….he is the most powerful ninja in the current naruto time. he has immortal mangeykou(never mind on the spelling), and he doesn’t need it for his special space-time jutsu (this very jutsu was one of the 4th hokage’s most feared jutsus)

    pain maybe stronger than madara(i seriously doubt that). if that’s the case, we can all assume it’s sort of Zabuza-Haku relationship (which indirectly means nagato is not evil)

  186. @annonymous (with the green thingy on his icon): yes, and that’s a filler for naruto…
    sasuke has the snake. naruto has the toad. snake feeds on frogs. and by the look at the things, i think naruto is willing to feed himself to sasuke. (he did say something about how the wind brings life to fire)

  187. wow! everyone hates tsunade!!!(pointing at the polls 🙂

  188. seriously! I’m pissed off! kishi is wasting time by telling us what Konohamaru has learned, how he fights and what he belives in. He has never been a main character to begin with!
    Instead I think he should hurry up and revive Kakashi since we all know he isn’t dead yet.
    And shizune’s team are some kind of filler or comic relief in the manga, they are just taking their sweet time figuring out how pain scratches his back, I figured the whole plot out before they did…They are extremely pointless! Seriously!

    I hope 429 includes better plots.

  189. here’s a spam:
    say your name 10 times. now say the name of your favoirite anime/manga character 50 times. When you go to sleep tonight, think only about your favoirite character. you might not believe it but the next morning you will find yourself in your favorite anime. i did it and now i am in naruto’s world. the thing is, i have no idea how to get back!)
    p.s. DON’T click on the text above!

  190. huh??? my comment is awaiting moderation? what happened??

  191. wtf??? the earlier 2 comment is still awaiting moderation but the last (and maybe this one) got published????

  192. something is not right today!
    here are the 2 earlier comments….

    1 wow! everyone hates tsunade!!!(pointing at the poll) 🙂

    2 here’s the spam (again)

    say your name 10 times. now say the name of your favoirite anime/manga character 50 times. When you go to sleep tonight, think only about your favoirite character. you might not believe it but the next morning you will find yourself in your favorite anime. i did it and now i am in naruto’s world. the thing is, i have no idea how to get back!)

    p.s. DON’T click on the text above

  193. hey hey hey! what’s the big deal? can’t i use Html codes?

  194. Chapter 429 Predictions

    Now that Deva Pain knows where to find Naruto, he would obviously want to go after him. However, I think he might not be able to ’cause they (Akatsuki) still need to get the 8 tails first. So, I think Pain might be called back by Tobi and informed about the situation. Tobi might dissuade him to go after Naruto right now. Well, it is just my thoughts. What do you guys think???

  195. no u can’t..nyaaa…i miss my smileys….!!

  196. @pain(microtube) dude links and smileys have to be checked out

    @iamlegend i admit defeat haha i was trying to create an explanation for the unexplained (how pain will find his way to “frog land”)

  197. @renzy: thanks for the info. call me pain(microtube is kinda gay…)
    @karo: wow! that’s a nice thought…but pain wouldn’t come looking for naruto if that was the case, would he??? if there was no reason to capture the 9 tails without the 8-tails, why would pain attack konoha in the first place??? admit it, you just don’t want anyone else to die….pain is gonna get to “frog place”(always confused on the spelling here) or naruto returns back (or in between that) and they will have to battle….

  198. i understand that the links have to checked but why smileys???

  199. u guys think of naruto very strong, strong enough than j-man no way. naruto cant even do the rasengan without a clone. actually naruto is so weak that he cant even perform anything without his clone. he come on guys he cant even preform more than one or two hand sign. and his charactor is getting boring cause he depends on other people`s power such as kyuubi and so on. every time u see him he getts beaten up in every fight. i am not sasuke`s fun but i think he is well strong. he know lots of hand sign and lots of jutsu`s and he so fast.

  200. so there is no way that naruto can beat pain because j-man was a very very much stronger than naruto when he couldnt beat pein then there is no way naruto could.

  201. Now that he knows naruto’s location he will go find Jiraiya’s body and search fot a clue to myobokuzan.. believe me.. he will use Jiraiya’s body as well

  202. bari: you sound really stupid!!! clone is made from one’s chakra!!! naruto is definately strong! it’s not like he gets the clone for free!!! he just gets genius (rare occasion) and that time he thinks of doing something the easy way…so he uses clone!!! it’s not like he is stealing the chakra from someone else!!!

  203. no what i trying to say is that he uses his clone in techniques cause he is not that strong. and in every big fight u see he uses kyuubi`s chakra. and gets beatten up in every fight tell me if i am wrong??????

  204. @ bari – I think “strong” is the wrong word to use here but I think you have the right idea. “Skilled” would be more appropriate.

    He needs clones to help him perform Rasengan because he is not as skilled as Jiraiya, Kakashi or Minato, but he is stronger than Jiraiya and Kakashi and possibly Minato (impossible to know that).

    Not even counting the 9tails chakra, Naruto’s chakra is nearly bottomless. Every one through out the manga has commented something to that effect.

    Also, he doesn’t get beaten up in “every” fight. In fact, he hasn’t been “beaten up” in a really long time. He destroyed Kakazu, Oro had to retreat and Kabuto wouldn’t even get involved because Naruto was so above his level the second time they fought at the bridge.

    Naruto is insanely strong, he just isn’t that skilled. Lovable tough guy defined to a T.

  205. you still sound stupid!!!! tell me who does he use kyuubi against??? except neji, all the others against whom he has used the kyuubi’s chakra are “MONSTERS”…. gaara had one-tail, orochimaru is a demon, etc….
    be glad that he uses the kyuubi…if he didn’t, everyone there would long be dead!!! (including your favorite sasuGAY)

  206. THEORY post is up.

  207. @ Pain/Micro tube – breath dude… calm down. It’s just a discussion, there are valid arguements against Naruto in reference to Sasuke.

  208. yeah! what jeremiah said…he isn’t that bright…the clones have merely helped him to do something which his one mind can’t (weird that thinking capacity doesn’t get split when performing clone technique but chakra does)

  209. hey i am not sasuke fun ok. i am naruto`s fun as well i just said what i thought of him. u are right jeremiah and thanks. but naruto needs to learn more hand sign to make it more interesting.

  210. oh no, i am not mad at him…not one bit! i just want to lead him from darkness to light!!! 🙂

  211. HAHA! Yeah if Naruto’s intelligence got split with every shadow clone it would be the special olympics in no time ^_^

  212. yeah u are right jeremiah this guys pein needs come down or i will rasengan him haha just joking.

  213. I actually like the hand sign/ jutsu based, hand to hand style combat more than the mystical stuff. Like Naraku Pain’s power is pretty lame in my eye’s but I understand that some people think that stuff is cool, so I don’t bash on it too hard.

  214. Pain will go to myobokuzan with danzou help.. Tsunade will be bad as hell when pain leaves and go F!”·k Danzou

  215. no offense dude (bori)…. but you too have to understand that people here (maybe just me) are obsessed with naruto and insulting the main character (and my favorite) is gonna lead you to such repllies!

  216. @bari…if i remember right there are ties when j-man himselves says that the kyuubis chakra coursing through naruto makes it difficult for him to control it….so Naruto needing a clone is not a weakness but a necessity borne out of his chakra network imbalance…but the fact that he thinks of ways to overcome these all by his own shows that he is a really skilled shinobi….j-man just showed him how its done…Naruto came up with the clones idea in the middle of battle….Sasuke on the other hand has never come up with something in the middle of battle so far….there is really something mysterious in that ability of Naruto’s…and I beleive its that which makes Sasuke insanely jealous of Naruto

  217. Jackalofdoom: 🙂 no offense dude but there is no way danzou is gonna let pain get to naruto…he killed the messenger frog for the same reason (something related to “not letting pain” get to the 9 tailed beast)

  218. @bori: here, eat my “rasen-shuriken”…ha! i win!!!

  219. Konohamaru using the rasengan makes perfect sense. Konohamaru Sarutobi is a prodigy just like most of the Konoha kids. In the beginning everyone was commenting on how powerful the rookies were and how the kids keep getting more powerful by the newest generations even without being at war. It only makes sense that once Naruto told Kono that the path to Hokage means hard work that he would make sure to grind his ass to the bone to become a better shinobi. Especially if its an A rank jutsu his mentor and rival shows to him. I mean he probably used the kage bunshin to the best of his advantage as soon as he learned it. I mean Sakura was pissed when he used it for that Sai/Sasuke freaky orgy jutsu but the kid knows his stuff. When he matures he may be able to challenge Naruto for the throne. Oh and Konan is super weak, water or oil ruins her paper jutsu. Why are there so many one trick ponies *cough*Gaara*cough* in Naruto?

  220. Speaking of stupid…oh, nevermind. I defer to Forrest Gump on this one. (BTW, not a response to PervyJutsu)

  221. hmmm….why does this always keep happening with me? jeremiah, is something wrong with the polls?

  222. others are fine…the tsunade one is horribly huge!!!! is it just here or is it the same everywhere?

  223. huh? It’s looked fine on every computer I’ve used? Is the font on your computer larger than standard? That will put it out of wack.

  224. i mean the numbers! (at first i recieved a violation jutsu saying i had violated the terms!!! i hadn’t even touched it!!!)

  225. i can’t believe it! i actually said “jutsu” when i meant “notice”!!!! naruto’s totally messing my head!

  226. pain u are right. now danzou will interfere in the fight and kill all the pein with the konoha ninjas and t-sunadi`s help. cause danzou will never let pein to kill naruto at any cost thats why he killed that frog. with team guy and danzou`s side it is going to be easy to beat pein.

  227. lmfao a violation jutsu lol too funny

  228. Hells yeah! Skyhigh is back, Uchiha has it’s defender once again. What happened to your icon?! Has it been so long that they revoked your awesomeness license and took away your icon?!

  229. lol…he needs a GRrr, aggravation icon…er, I mean a GRavatar, of course.

  230. @ bari and Pain/Micro – Danzou will not help with anything until Tsunade gets pwnd by Pain. If you think he will help her, you are crazy. He wants Konoha for himself and in order to accomplish that he needs Pain to take out Tsunade.

  231. @ Ibi – He had one. Did you start reading before or after he left iareawesomeness for 3 months to train with Itachi? Skyhigh is OG. I’m jacked to see him again. Someone emailed me and said he came back last week but got lost in the sea of comments.

    Now we will see if his arch enemy reappears as well…

    DudeihateSasugay… it’s only a matter of time @_@

  232. danzou will not help Tsunaden you don’t have to go very far back in the series to figure that out. or will let you download the back issues.
    Anyone here ever read ‘the art of war’? “if you are weak appear strong” & “if you are strong, appear weak.” Naruto is amazingly strong, and you couldn’t have ever read an issue if you don’t understand that. Kakashi, Jaraiya, Tsunade, Ochi, etc…Can be quoted as saying so. I mean the legendary three have all been impressed with his strength. He revives his own chakra not just with the 9 tails, but at times by emotion and act of will alone.(show me where Sasuke has ever done that)
    please excuse any excess typos. I’m making this post on a HTC phone.

  233. u listen to me ok u erosennin i am a fun of naruto too not sasuke but naruto has never been able to beat sasuke. come on tell me if u remember naruto and sasuke fight the last time in naruto shuppiden. naruto was nothing to sasuke.

  234. and u remember that sasuke even surpassed the kyuubi`s chakra

  235. @jeremiah and ero: why do you say that? danzou has to get naruto out of pain’s reach to secure his position….that’s his plan all along…isn’t it?

  236. i was just wonderin did garra lose his sand justus because if he didnt then he can be a huge help right now i mean he can take on almost anybody! O and naruto is cool but i get tired of just two jutus shadow clone and ransangan

  237. @Jeremiah–no, I’ve been lurking around here for a long time–off and on since the beginning, really. I remember skyhigh and his nemesis. *waves* (I was joking about WordPress’s inane resetting of icons so they could change to this magical GRavatar ™ thing…whatever it is…)

    @EroSennin: art of war (grins)…I keep a copy on my desk next to my computer.

  238. EroSennin is absolutely right..Naruto is the most powerful ninja ever..he may not have beaten Sasuke yet but he definitely WILL!!!and Danzo is a bitch..he only wants to become Hokage and handle things his own way..i hope he dies quickly *crosses fingers*

  239. oh Ibi your theories were Awesomeness;D

    That is for all you people making pointless comments(this should wake you up)
    *****DOES IT AGAIN***********

    PS lol

  241. First things first, someone is padding the polls.
    I have a hard time believing that over seven thousand (almost eight thousand) individual people voted on the Tsunade death poll, and the konahomaru poll seems to be a bit off balance with the comments here on the board as well.

    @Pain戦争を終わらせる神 – No his plan all along has been to make a grab for power, Danxou in many respects is much like Orochimaru.
    Power over others is all he seeks, and that means the real reason he killed the PA toad is to keep naruto from interfereing with his rebellion as he would no doubt support Tsunade, killing Danzou’s chances of succesfullly installing himself as Hokage.

  242. I’ll fix it.

  243. @Pain: See manga 424 pages 2-3. Yes Danzou doesn’t want Pain to get the 9 tails, but he wants to let Pain wear down Tsunade to make his (Danzou’s) rise to power easier (the enemy of my enemy is my friend).

    @bari: That was only one tail. Sasuke was out of chakra after that, and the only reason he could walk afterward (for one the story with Sasuke would’ve ended there) is because Sasuke’s demon transformation doesn’t tear up his body the way Naruto’s does. Also, remember the fight at the hospital? If Kakashi hadn’t intervened Sasuke’s lightning Chakra chidori would’ve failed miserably against Naruto’s rasengan. Sasuke himself knew this to be true as he left the hospital.

    @Ibiki: I also suggest The Book of 5 Rings. Many thanks to you and Jeremiah (and you too babyfox) for the kind words.

  244. thanks erosnnin good point. but i am talking about the last time when naruto met sasuke when sasuke was with urichimaro. he was so fast and strong. and remember that sasuke got even much more powerfull that cause his brother give him more power.

  245. and i am talking about even before sasuke`s brother giving him more power was powerfull. when sasuke saw inside naruto and spoke to the kyuubi and even the kyuubi himself told him that he has even surpassed the chakra of the kyuubi. if u watch naruto shuppiden 45 u will sea

  246. sorry i meant naruto shuppiden 50

  247. sorry i meant naruto shuppiden 51 or 52

  248. Just finished one of my finals >_< I wish I had time to read all the stuff.

    P.S welcome back SkyHigh.

  249. I agree that Sasuke was more powerful there, at that moment. Now Remember that Naruto had just went all 4 tails on Orochimaru. Naruto broke through the Triple Rashomon (the three gate defense). The four tails form shreds Naruto’s skin, then he chased down Orochimaru, cloned to hunt down Sasuke in the hideout, and then was to take on Sasuke. Now, I’m not saying that Sasuke would have lost, but a brisk fart would’ve owned Naruto’s ass and sold it for cigarettes at that point.

  250. @bari- the kyuubi said “eyes with so much power and chakra even more sinister then my own” (talking to sasuke) he never said dat sasuke chakra has surpass his own

  251. Not surpassed, but “supressed.” Big difference. He also said that they may not meet again, but not to kill Naruto or that Sasuke would Regret it (manga 309).

  252. @EroSennin: lol’g…don’t forget Yamato had just told him to get a hold of himself before somebody got hurt…again. The last thing Naruto wanted to do at that point was let down his tails near Sakura or Sasuke. Am I remembering correctly, didn’t he fall over after Oro and his posse burnt away in flame?

    @yungking: that is what he said, you’re right.

    @lastscorp: go kick some ass!!!!

  253. i think that sasuke going to reach the village before pain leaves and kills a lot of the pains cause there in the way then kill danzo meanwhille madara makes it to myobokuzan and naruto has mastered using sage technique while on the move then he and all the toads fight madara and pain and win then kakashi becomes hokage naruto contjnues his struggle to get saasuke sasuke dies naruto becomes hokage konohamaru copies narutos technique but never lives up to narutos greatness

  254. no sasuke wants to destroy konoha for the revenge of his brother cause madara told him the wrong story

  255. @Ibiki: Yes he did, but was kinda sobbing. I didn’t know if the collapse was from frustration or exhaustion, but both wouldn’t be out of the question.

  256. @ anonymous: sasgay can’t go to konoha cause he has to ge the 8 tails after madara slaps his butt with a plank for not getting him.

  257. completly off topic but did anyone here see Bush get hit by a shoe on sunday?

  258. *edit* almost get hit

  259. @anon the shoe did not hit him. Sinc he has been president that is the first thing he did right, not get hit by the shoe.

  260. I wonder if zetsu might possibly know where myobokuzan is? Although I think its unlikely that Pain will end up going there after Naruto, after all, without a frog to summon him I doubt Pain’s gonna hoof that month long trek. Its not time for Naruto and Pain to meet yet. Pain will be long gone by the time Naruto returns to Konoha to see the trail of destruction he left behind him.

    I’m really torn on whether Tsunade will live or not, same goes for Kakashi. I doubt Tsunade will win her fight against Pain, she’ll lose by a hair, that or Deva Pain will retreat just before he’s defeated since I feel the Yahiko body is too important for Nagato to lose. Even though he talked very coldly about the death of Yahiko it shows something that he’s the main body Nagato uses.

    Sorry Shizune, I think you’re a goner. I think someone else also metioned this theory, but I think it would be interesting if Inoichi or Ino used the Mind Transfer Jutsu on Human Realm and could discern Nagato’s location from the commands that are being sent to the body. That or as Team Gai approaches the village and realizes something is really wrong, Neji will employ his Byakugan and notice Nagato hiding outside Konoha. I think this will be the eventual cause of his retreat.

  261. @johndoe: i EDITED it one comment after that, bu yeah your rite.

  262. lunachik: nice.

  263. ose

  264. can’t wait for 429

  265. @lunachik: well, i do like to point out the mistakes…so here it is…
    there are other byakugan holders in the village…if they couldn’t spot out the hidden pain, how can neji find that out?
    and about that Mind Transfer Jutsu…it either wont work or maybe ino’s dad will die cuz the HUMAN REALM is a dead body….it has no mind of it’s own!

  266. @iamnotreallyhere: that poll paddler was me…not exactly me, but my computer! sorry for that…i opened IE and clicked on the “this is it for Tsunade” and when i clicked “vote”, the window started duplicating itself….again and again….
    i would force it off but earlier when that happened i used to let the window open and go somewhere else for about 5 minutes….when i returned it would be all back to normal…i had no idea that would happen….
    sorry for that….really, really sorry…:-(

  267. hey guys! can i ask you something? can you define sex? pls define it in your own words. this is a survey from a sex education class. (this is only for those who have experienced sex. personally, i havent experienced it. hehe. certified virgin.

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  274. certified virgin,huh???!lmao glen! xD

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  276. @うちはbabyfox9, you dont believe me? in here, we value virginity(even to males), only given to your wife/husband

  277. certified virgin,huh???!lmao glen!

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  280. soz double comment..and i believe u glen…that’s really sweet..:)only given to your wife/husband…awww

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  288. @うちはbabyfox9, you really think hats sweet? so, why does some people here bully you once they discover that you are a virgin? it sucks you know. especially when you know that you are not doing anything wrong

  289. You are from the Philippines right? I’m from Singapore and 21. Here mentalities vary. There are super conservatives and also the very liberal sorts. Virginity has lost its value over time I guess. What if you save yourself for your future spouse and then you get a divorce and get re-married. Will the sex be any less than the sex you had with your first? Even if you’re not into frivolous sex all I’m saying is that the emotions that you share with the person are what matter.

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  291. yes arrun is right..emotions come first:)

  292. You should just have sex when you’re ready. It shouldn’t be pre-determined by anyone around you.

  293. Hey, it is fine if you’re a virgin. I personally think that the stigma around virginity is ridiculous. I think it is due to the westernization of social values around the world. I am an older American male, and even in the ‘80s (when I think most people on this site were born) there was a social stigma around virginity. I lost mine at an early age, and that did not / does not make me any ‘cooler’. At the same time, one should not judge others for having experimented with sex, or put unfair balances on people due to their level of promiscuity (as in men are studs, but women are sluts). Sex education is healthy, and allowed me to be smart enough to never have had any unplanned children, or STDs. That said I am not religious, in fact, I am an atheist. And, I believe that a sex education should be secular, as to not put unfounded practices in impressionable minds.
    Foucault, the author of ‘The History of Sexuality’ said that the development of the very idea of sexuality organized sex as a “fictitious unity” of “disparate parts, functions, behaviors, and feelings with no natural or necessary relation among them”; therefore the conception of what is “natural” is a social construct. In other words sex is what you make it. Sex can be oral, non-penetrating, and in some cases never physical (online sex, virtual sex, some people believe that if a partner cheats in a chat room then they might as well have actually committed the physical act). So, yes sex is all the obvious acts that we know, but sex can be other things depending on your social outlook.

  294. Hey people… i think NAGATO is controlling them … and he got this strong chakra vom all those jinyuriks .. [1-8] tailes beats . and thats why he is so strong with his other bodys ..and he wants the 9 tailed fox to get more chakra and be the powerfullest one and he is so ego .. he just wants to be the god and ruler of the world.. i guess madara will treat him xD and will surprise us and naruto of course will beat him anyway .. and yea this was a shortcut xD


  295. *edit* Ok I guess some of you were born in the 90’s. Great, now I really feel old. Oops, gotta go change my depends.

  296. actually i was born in 1990(exact)…
    oh and btw FANTA means “F^ck And Never Touch Again”(just something we used when we were kids…)

  297. can we go back to topic now?

  298. @pain- Alright I understand that there are other byakugan holders in the village, but….WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY? Besides any Hyuuga are inside the village fighting the Realms, Nagato is probably out of their range. I’m saying its sheer coincidence that they find him to a degree. They’re passing in the area and on the look-out for enemies Neji see’s him.

    Also, I agree its highly unlikely that even if Inoichi or Ino used the Mind Transfer Jutsu that much would come of it, either being that the realms are dead bodies, or some other highly logical reason, or simply because Ino sucks. But thats why it would be interesting haha.

    @EroSennin – You just made me feel really old. I actually did a double take at your post. I’m noticing signs of it all over the place. Whether it be my favorite shows from when I was a kid airing on Nick@Nite, or the fact that I threw my back out yesterday, I’m not sure. But I was Made in the 80’s and I’m loving it. Oops, gotta go, off to Country Kitchen for the early bird special.

  299. @lunochik: please go to this link…
    and then talk!!!! you are wasting our precious time!

  300. oh, and if you are still wondering where you have to look, please focus on the bottom right box…you will most probably get your answer….

  301. wow! my link was rejected again…well here it is…again!
    (put www in front of it)

  302. that was just a way to let you know that there are other byakugan holder who are engaged in the fight….

  303. it feels good when i have the proof….muahahahaha

  304. yea i remember that guy, but he’s fodder nin. Where are the big bad ass Hyuuga. Hiashi needs to come out and lay down the law. Anyway like I said they’re all inside the village fighting the realms, I doubt Nagato’s within range of them, and even if he was, which are you more worried about one guy sitting in the woods outside of a massive village. Or the Realm 10 feet away thats about to murder you.

  305. Naruto’s impending battle is shaping up nicely. Although with the exception of Kono’s Resengan execution I wasn’t really surprised by anything.

    I think I made the first reference to Negato being somewhere else and the key to truly killing Pain in the discussion on manga 424..

    ‘I think its obvious that the only way to defeat Pain is by defeating Nagato (who’s in another location away from Konoha). Which I think means we have a long way to go before the Six Paths of Pain are truly destroyed.’

    I think I also made some comment later that Tsunade will have to send a team to deal with Nagato. Although I can’t remember which manga discussion that was.

    Anyway, I think all the juicy points of this battle are pretty much out in the open. Can we PLEASE get to some Naruto kicking major @$$ now!!!

  306. well, you got me there…and now that i think of it, if Neji (or any other byakugan holder) is entering the village, he will have the highest probability of spotting Nagata…that is, of course, if he knows that the attackers in the village are all dead bodies and that the real one is outside….frankly, i don’t see a reason why neji would activate his byakugan outside of the village….but then, who knows what will happen….

  307. @mosesgunn: i second that thought….but this stupid filler parts are taking freaking forever….i like some of it but why the incredibly long delay? the least we can hope is that the next issue has more than 20 pages…it will atleast give us something more….
    it is kinda like dbz…remember how the 5minutes against frieza lasted for about 3-4 episodes!!!!
    come on kishimoto sensei, we want to see kakashi, we want to see team Gai, we want to see Naruto…
    oh wait! kishimoto isn’t in this group…

  308. He’d activate it cause from anywhere within a few miles of the village it probably looks like Konoha is burning to the ground, haha. Team Gai will notice this and Neji on the lookout for enemies will activate the Byakugan. Plus Team Gai already has a bad feeling…

  309. Please Naruto… hurry up and get here before we are subjected to Rock Lee’s ‘Drunken Monkey’ routine!!!

  310. @anun: sorry, but he post here alot, and I thought I’d help him out. I will get back on topic.

    @lunachick: Don’t feel bad. I was made in the ’70s (and the early ones at that). I followed anime from speedracer, robotech, to today. I still ride my skateboard, but require some advil before and after. Youth is in the heart.

    I think that Nagato is the that building that he built (I think to amplify his ‘signal’). I seem to remember that he doesn’t leave it, or so it was said during the Jiraiya interrogation of the sentry nin.

  311. I used to sneak out of bed to watch speed racer when it aired at midnight on Cartoon Network, haha.

    Thats what I thought too originally, that Nagato was still in his tower. But I really cant account for the “signal” here. Either way it kind of seems ridiculous. What does he have a huge antenna on the roof, a satellite dish that hooks him up to the realms. But this still seems more likely than him following behind them like a kid with a remote control airplane. (Whats the range on those things, will one fall out of the sky if you go out of range?) I dunno, just missing the key here.

  312. “amplify the signal”…you know what…it just might be the answer! wow! you rock!!!
    @lunochik: why do you say that? pain has beds in there…he lives there…there might be some other way he amplifies his signal…after all it’s called “a Tower” which is used for signal purpose….who knows? maybe the whole tower is the antenna!!!
    and aren’t there any spoilers this week?

  313. i still think the tower thing is the most viable option think of how itachi and kisame controlled their replacement bodies just a lot more advanced with Pain… That’s why if Jiraya had know the secret he would have been able to defeat pain because he would have waltzed right over to the tower and destroyed the entire thing, thus killing pain in his trance (i’m sure pain as one being is still uber powerful)… i think that’s the rinnegan’s ability is it is able to send out chakra in very high wave frequencies which is how nagato was able to defeat the chunin with no experince, the frequencies could do an number of things: send out genjutsus, age the person incredibly quickly, bust there internal organs, or control dead bodies from very far away (not too mention being able to use all elemental justus plus 1 unknown), also being able to see otherwise invisible barriers no one knew ever exsisted before.

  314. @Pain – I’m somewhat being a smartass, I guess

  315. PAin it’s just a pain in the ass.. i’m getting bored of naruto.. i want to see what’s is happening with hachibi.. sasuke… oro/kabuto and what if pain resurrected sasori’s body.. that would be great

  316. @Alec: can you imagine the fu it’s going to take to reduce that tower to rubble and bring down big brother?! Covertly?! That’s gonna be SO awesome. OMG…if I were I guy, I think I would have just…er, eaten a grape.

  317. @jackalofdoom(that’s a really weird name): yeah! but i don’t want to see orochimaru hachibi or sasugay right now! i want to see team lee, neji, hinata,gai…and kakashi…the konohamaru fight is just a pain in the right cheek of the @ss and the useless filler is a pain in the left cheek of the @ss…if the tsunade’s fight is too useless, i won’t be able to $hit properly!

  318. wow i can’t believe erosennin is almost twice my age
    no wonder he (or she)’s so mature and so straightforward

  319. @pain: lol…I want to see some drunken master Lee
    @Ibiki: lol is that Pain-is Envey?

  320. hey guys! the spoiler (verification: pending) says that “naruto will return next week to konoha….”
    even if the rest is fake, i wish the “naruto returns” is true

  321. thanks for the kind words Anon, I appreciate it.

  322. Microtube: are you high? (you seem to be spoiling for a fight…so okay…just this once I’ll feed you…this is me winding you up)

    Sas-Uke will lay waste to Konoha once Danzo rises to power–he will actually save the village from x-chin’s constant douching. So you’re safe from him for now. Like Naruto, he’s going to get there too late.

    Konohamaru and Naruto will (together) take out the evil fortress of doom…the tower of power broadcasting nonstop Pain across the world…to create radio-free Konoha. But this won’t happen for a long time.

    Konohamaru’s development is filler? Hardly. It’s going to be the lynch pin in Naruto’s ability to take some big ass risks when the time comes–because there’s always Konohamaru to fall back on. He’s not filler. There’s a reason why he was introduced in the second chapter, and it wasn’t just comic relief.

    In fact, you should have learned by now to watch Kishi’s comic relief characters because they usually end up being super badass in stealth mode: Madara/Tobi, J-man, Rock Lee, Naruto and now Konohamaru. Kishi distracts you with the comedy and then slips in something that turns the whole manga three arcs into the future.

    Sit up and pay attention and stop whining like a girl.

  323. I know this is a little off topic, but with the “death” of Hidan in the recent Shippuuden episode, it brought back questions I had when this arc first appeared in the manga. Now Kishi is generally very detailed about how Naruto World works, however it was never explained why Hidan is immortal. I know there’s his whole religion and what not, but there still has to be some cause for his indestructible body. Some weird ceremony when converting to Jashinism perhaps, but then does that mean there’s a whole group of indestructible blood-thirsty freaks running around somewhere? Or is Jashinism a creation of Hidan and his ability stems from something else, maybe a Kekkei Genkai? I guess this can’t really be answered, it just irks me somehow.

  324. @lunachik: I’ve been stuck on the same things. Maybe it’s a clue about Madara. Or maybe he got sloppy, and we’ll never know. I still think he’s going to get out and cause trouble at some point.

  325. Unfortunately, I’m thinking its the latter and we will probably never know. I’m thinkin Kishi wanted Hidan to have the ability and when he couldn’t figure out a logical way to describe it, he glazed over it, haha.

    Although I would absolutely love for a Hidan ressurection, I doubt it’ll happen. Maybe an anime filler haha, I would love to see Hidan up and kicking, he’s effing hilarious. A villain I love to hate for sure.

  326. You guys are having fun today it seems…

    Castleofdoom should now be called Castle Grey Skull, because its by the power of grey skull that the bodies of Pain are controlled.
    (If you don’t get that reference, its a joke)

    I havn’t heard Sasugay dropped on this board since Dudeihatesasugay went on sebatical ^_^

    Ibi is itchin to pwn Pain/Mircrotube LMAO! Good stuff ^_^

    We need Alec to lighten the mood up a bit, where he at? He’s been super serious lately too though…

    What would the Swayze do?

  327. I think that if Hidan comes back someone will scatter him on on an atomic or cellular level. Lets see someone sew him together from that.

  328. MMmmmmmmmaito Gaiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  329. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaito Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii!

  330. Jeremiah: thumbs up! tooth sparkle! lmao…no, no…roflcopter…dizzy from the Swayzeness. ;P

    EroSennin: that would be awesome! I was thinking sealing him in toad-oil-heated-boiling rock, but that would be awesome, too.

  331. you are pretty good at insults!!! i don’t want to fight, i just wanted to let you know that there are spoilers out…(and then pray to god the unbelievable spoiler was correct)…it’s on mangahelpers(google it, you will find the link)
    still “whining like a girl”!!! you are killing me here!

  332. You can post a link directly to it if you want…

    we = lazy

  333. How about off the village run .. Naruto will not be in Konoha for a while with some allies fighting as fugitives and strat taking control of areas one by one !!

  334. @ibi and lunachik, kishi gave some background info on this as it is very confusing, is pretty helpful even if it is just theory (scroll past sakura and kakashi to get to hidan) it’s actually a technique, so he won’t be able to live forever in the pit as it wears off becasue he won’t be killing people…

  335. so from the soundws of this, there might be more of these guys to come

  336. ok! click here

  337. fuck! again moderation!
    here’s the direct link!

  338. why does everybody haye sasuke he is a badass i think narugay is lame he has to make himself turn into a girl to see won naked what a fag actually he is my fifth favorite
    1.kakashi 2.sasuke 3.Rock Lee 4.Itachi Rip 5.Naruto 6. Shine because of that stance what a badass

  339. i meant shine not shine

  340. shit i did it again shino not shine

  341. omfg! why do i have to post a message 3 times to get it right???
    here’s the link…
    there in NO www. at the front!

  342. This is what Pain/Micro is trying to post:

    Translation by Pocketmofo @ NF

    Real quick translation of the spoiler (No clue if it is real or not):

    Tsunade knows Pain’s ability
    Pain pulls back temporarily
    Shizune gets her soul ripped out
    A messenger tadpole goes to where Fukusaku and Naruto are (*to tell them that Kousuke’s name has disappeared from the the name list)
    Pain then uses Shinratensei to cause massive destruction to Konoha
    And by the way, it seems that Tendou Pain really is Nagato
    Shima-sama then uses a kuchiyose (*Shima-sama is probably Fukusaku’s wife)

    Naruto is coming next week

    *The spoiler writer says that he/she feels like crying after seeing the destruction of Konoha

    more from him:

    Tsunade was charging her legs/feet up with chakra
    Kousuke (from the spoiler above) is the frog that Danzou killed.
    Pain’s technique is around as powerful as an atomic blast.
    サクラが泣きながらナルト早く来て、とフリーザとかセルに仲間めちゃめちゃにされてゴクウが登 場したみたい にナルトきそうです。ちょ っとウルっと きました。
    Sakura is crying and hoping that Naruto will come soon. It seems like Naruto is going to have a dramatic entrance like in Dragonball when Goku comes back after badguys like Freeza and Cell have totally beaten the crap out of everyone and everything. Almost brings a tear to my eye (tugging on his heart strings and all that).
    Actually, just imagining the thought of Naruto appearing next week is almost enough to make me cry.
    Pain’s super Shinratensei is bigger than Kuma’s paw bomb from One Piece and is more like Deidara’s strongest technique.
    Tendou Pain is apparently Nagato. Right before Pain does Shinratensei, Konan says “You’ll only shorten your life, Nagato.”
    And incidentally, right before he does Shinratensei all the other Pain bodies collapse.
    Shima-sama is the mama frog (presumably Fukusaku’s wife).
    天道はまさに天から放ちました。コナンはどうなったかわからないけど、他ペインは使い捨てくさ い。
    Tendou really seemed like he was radiating from Heaven (could be the technique or just a comment about Pain…a little vague). No idea what happened to Konan, but the rest of the Pain bodies appear to be totally disposable.
    Momma frog (and probably Naruto too), might summon a frog/toad that’s possibly even higher up than Bunta.
    The last scene is a bird’s eye view of Konoha. We see a giant cloud of smoke that could be from an explosion or summoning.
    サクラはナメクジに助けられて、目を開いたら崩壊した木の葉の里があって、涙ながらにナルトを 呼んだ。
    Sakura was saved by one of the slugs and when she opens her eyes she sees Konoha damn near wiped out. As she cries she calls for Naruto.
    The spoiler person mentions that there are a lot of people around him so he can’t take any spoiler pictures (presumably with his cell phone)…
    Shizune gets her soul or some thing pulled out of her (*that thing, the spoiler guy says, looks like it’s out of “The Scream” by Munch.

  343. yep its on five other threads i read. i think its real considering i quit reading the last spoiler when kono used rasengan

  344. well naruto is known for his poor chakra control which would explain his larger rasengan hence the reason for him needing clones to create it in the first place.

  345. yep its on five other threads i read. i think its real considering i stopped reading the last spoiler when kono used rasengan, even though that spoiler came out last tuesday. another one says nothing important but that shizune died, but its only 5 lines, so its fake.

  346. oops.

  347. phew! thanks jeremiah!
    who the fuck is “j to the power @sshole” ??? how dare you call naruto gay? just because he runs after sasuke all the time…almost as if he can’t live without him….umm….never mind….

  348. @kakashi: well…naruto used to have poor chakra control….especially because of the kyuubi (konohamaru’s sensei’s words)…which means he uses excess of chakra…but rasengan is a jutsu which required perfect chakra control (go watch the Pop the ballon part) so, you can’t say that larger one is weak…besides naruto learned to walk on water and trees…that must have made him better at chakra control…at least better than a new genin…come on, naruto has trained for 2 and a half year with the legendary sannin…
    someone here has already clarified this but let me do that again…jiraiya had a huge rasengan….meaning it’s the size that matters the most!!

  349. see him and sasuke are both probaly guy because sasuke can get whatever girl he wants but he ignores them so he and naruto are both guy lovers they are both off my favorite list

  350. why does naruto look and act so much like goku i mean the same color clothes, hair is almost same they both are the two strongest but nobody knows it till later both goofy and both love to train instead to hang out with girls
    anyone else think so?

  351. @Microtube (and Jeremiah and EroSennin -both from way back): rasengan is more powerful when it is more severely compacted. Here is the third step: and if you read through to pg 11 you’ll see the difference between a compact rasengan and one with the same power but larger size.

    The purests can yell at me, but I think J-man talks about the size more specifically in the anime. I can’t look that dialogue up so easily on the web. (laaaaazy). That’s why I say the smaller rasengan may be a reflection of better chakra control; it could also be a reflection of less power and better control–or just less power.

  352. psst, jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj, you do realize my comment about Sas-Uke was to get a Sasuke lover to attack Pain/Microtube? Personally, I think Sasuke will be a hero in the end, but in the meantime deserves to have a little fun poked at him.

  353. @ jjjjj kishi was born in ’74, so when he was about 16 dragonball z the anime started => he based naruto on it 10 years later.
    *hides for being a total geek about anime and manga writers*

  354. cool i didnt know that dbz is my faavorite anime of all time

  355. @Kakashi – Naruto always had poor chakra control but during the Chuunin Exams when Orochimaru comes looking for Sasuke in the Forest of Death, the Kyuubi’s chakra starts coming out while Naruto tries to protect Sakura and Sasuke, Oro sees this and places another seal over the fourths seal which doesn’t allow the kyuubi chakra to mix w/ his own properly. Jiraiya discovers what Orochimaru has done when the first meet and Naruto is attempting the water walking training to refine his chakra control. Jiraiya removes the unwanted seal and naruto is easily able to walk on the water. Although Naruto’s does not have excellent control of his chakra it is no longer an issue after this. Jiraiya also exlpains that because of his massive amounts of chakra reserve he should not be training for control but for use of the power.

    Orochimaru places the seal-

    Jiraiya removes Oro’s seal and explains starting here-

    Jiraiya talks about Naruto’s huge chakra reserves-

    Furthermore, the fact that Naruto masters Rasengan is proof that he has mastered control of his chakra.

  356. Nice comment Lunachik

  357. Ibiki teishi@ I looked at the pages and naruto’s rasengun looks to be the same size as jiriaya’s rasengun! And I beleave the bigger the rasengun the better.

    Lunachik@ your right naruto has great chakra control, due to is trainning with jariya. Besides pa toad said naruto needed good chakra control to be a sage, to mix the natrual and regular chakra together to properly use sage jutsus are they wouldn’t work.

  358. W/ gaara at the top it looks like he’s going “let there be white sand!!!”… couldn’t help but point that out ^_^!!!

  359. hey that´s my video wow I´m really famous lololol JK but I really don´t know if thi is real guys

  360. I’m not ‘splaining myself well. >.< Bear with me while I try again. Really, for the last freekin’ time, if I can’t get it this time I’m gonna go take a nap. =) (darn)

    Effective rasengan seems to be about the ratio of power to size. Moving from J-man’s step 2 to step 3 he takes the same amount of power to break the rubber ball and compacts it: completed rasengan. The ‘loose’ one rips off some bark and makes a swirly on a tree. The compact one puts a hole right through it. Same power, just packed differently. But it isn’t just the _size_ that does this, it’s same level of power in a smaller space. Example: take the air in a room–it’s just air. Compress it into a tiny space, like a balloon or an oxygen tank or a soda can and suddenly you have a helluva bomb. Same priniciple.

    In the anime (episode 89) J-man explains that the compression is what keeps the Rasengan from falling apart, and actually gets it to turn faster. He also says the compression is what gets the Rasengan to “ultimate destructive power” (dub) or gets it to “reach its max” (sub). Again, the purists can scream at me for using the anime, but it makes sense as far as the physics of the thing go.

    So…Konohamaru’s tiny balls might not be weaker, but more destructive. (or they could just be weaker, and able to compress more…lol) The point I’ve been trying to make and failing at out of sheer laziness–it’s power to size that matters. Great Ball Rasengan would be crap (and just take bark off trees) unless it contained a HUGE amount of force AND also compressed it.

    There…I think I finally barfed that up. I’m still taking a nap… ^.^

  361. @Ibiki: I re-read the section, and I thought that tightening the sphere was more about keeping it in a sphere form rather than the loose mess that Naruto had at that point. It seems that once the full sphere is formed pressing more chakra into it will increase the overall size. I just feel that Kono’s was weaker at that point, but thinking about the 4 tails fight against Oro, when the Kyuubi compressed a chakra ball & ate it makes you’re argument very plausable. Kishi seems to love to have Naruto just barely make it as the fight rages. Naruto will succeed with a jutsu for the first time during a fight, or pass flat out just as he has won. I have no doubt that Konohamaru’s future will be of him as one of the Leaf’s great ninja. I know without a doubt that you are correct when you say that Kishi hides the prince in the jester’s clothes. Rock Lee is a prime example. I personally believe that the Great Toad Sage’s premonition about Jiraiya’s student is Naruto, and to bring the great peace to all countries will cost Naruto his life. Maybe then Konohamaru will take the title of Hokage.

  362. Sorry Ibiki I was typing while your last post hit, but the page didn’t refreash until I submitted my comments.

  363. Off topic, but have any of you seen “Hair Extensions”? Its on my PPV, and I’m kinda wondering if it was good for a laugh?

  364. hey me and my friend where very bored in class so what we did was we were thinking of some ms theories and we thought maybe there was a specific way to how it is being drawn like there is a specific design to it that enables the user to be better with ninjustu techniques or genjustu so just tell me what you think we are currently refining it

  365. gaara looks sick nasty up there haha and that spoiler seems kinda fake to me idk though

  366. @ whostolemytaco – good to see you again. If you want, type it up and send it to me. Let’s try to make a post out of it.

  367. I call bu11$hit on that spoiler. At least I hope so.

  368. @jeremiah it seems the spoiler came from this source, i dont think its genuine personally:

    Verification: Pending
    Source: Found it on Manahelpers

    Full Script of Second Spoilier from NC Forms

    The Chapter starts off directly where the other one left off.

    Deva Realm: “Myobokuzan…the holy land of the toads?”

    Deva Realm: “Call back the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki this is an order from God.”

    Tsunade: “I already told you we will fight you with everything we have.”

    Tsunade: “Even if it cost us our lives.”

    Tsunade charges a huge amount of chakra to her legs and feet preparing to dash at Pain. Next Page is of Shizune and Human Realm

    Ino(Desperately cries): “You have what you want now let her go.”

    Human Realm: “None can live after going against the laws of God.”

    Shizune’s soul is ripped out before the konoha shinobi can react and she falls on the ground persumably dead. Next Page is back to Deva Realm and Tsunade. Tsunade almost reachs Pain with her attack but stops short of him.

    Anbu/Tsunade: “!!!”

    Pain’s body lets out a divine light that causes the ground to shake and blinds Tsunade and the Anbu

    Anbu 1: “What is this terrible chakra.”

    Anbu 2: “Is he really a god?!”

    Tsunade: “Hold your ground no one can truely be a god.”

    The Anbu Begin backing away despite this. Next Page of Konan and Shino and his dad. Shino and his dad are the only two left the other were sufficated by Konan’s paper. The Divine Chakra of Pain reaches the area they are fighting and the bugs begin to fly away

    Shino: “This chakra it has the overwhelming feeling of death.”

    Shino’s Dad: “Even the bugs flee whats happening over there.”

    Konan: “Pain you….”

    Konan(desperatly): “Nagato if you do this you will only shorten your life.”

    Konan thinking: “Its the same as that time…”

    Small three panel flashback of Pain being enraged by Madara at their first meeting in the manga and Konan saying “Pain you…” Next Page Fusaku and Naruto

    Naruto: “I’m almost there just a little bit more time and I should be able to do it.”

    A Tadpole and Shima(ma toad) Comes Rushing up

    Tadpole: “Elder Frog come quickly Kousuke’s name has disappeared from the list on the frog scroll.”

    Fusaku: “If thats true then somthing terrible must be happening back there.”

    Shima: “Quickly we have to Summon the Eldest Sage only he can take naruto back in time.”

    Fusaku and Shima form handseals. The Next two Pages have very little dialog they are just off the 5 pain bodies deactivating. First Human realm is shown deactivating right before he stabs Inoichi with the black spear, then Animal Realm before the dog summon crushes Ibiki and the Anbu, then Hungry Ghost who has his hand on Kiba’s mom’s throat, and finally Hell Realm who has gotten back up and is about to stab Konohamaru and Ebisu from behinde. Next Page is Deva Realm

    Deva Realm: “Chou Shinra Tensi”

    Huge explosion of gravity sweeps through the streets of Konoha destroying everything in its path. A bunch of slugs cover the building sakura is in and saves sakura and the wounded. Next page Sakura walks outside the building and sees dozens of dead konoha villagers and basically a post-apocalyptic konoha

    Sakura(Crying): “Where ever you are naruto….”

    Sakura(Crying): “I beg of you…Save us”

    Final Page is birds eye view of the village completely destroyed and smoke rising from it. Next time: “A hero’s sad return”

  369. So, EroSennin, tell us how you really feel? ^.^

  370. so bad to watch this spoiler

  371. If Deva pain blows up konoha won’t kakashi die for sure? I mean he is still incapacitated in a pile of rubble.

    Hey can anyone tell me why sasukes MS jutsus are reverse for him? I.E. Amaterasu in his left and Tsukiyomi in his right

  372. ShinraTensei: Itachi’s blood ran into his left eye and that’s the one that has Itachi’s jutsu (amaterasu). The right eye shuts it down, but that’s something unique to Sasuke. Even Madara seems vulnerable to the amaterasu–although I still wonder how he got it out.

  373. Ah, gotcha. Thanks.

  374. @ShinraTensei – I’m pretty sure Choji ran to get some med nin to retrieve his dad Choza, and Kakashi. Still not sure if Tsunade meant to hurry to get just Choza or Choza and Kakashi.

  375. @lunachik-i think she meant it for Choza..

  376. As for the Rasengan size argument, I would think that the bigger the Rasengan, the harder it is to keep the chakra contained in a perfect sphere. In other words the bigger it is, the more chakra control is required to maintain it.

    Konohamaru probably can’t form a bigger Rasengan because… A: he doesn’t have enough chakra, or B: he lacks the control required to maintain it’s form. The fact that he had to use both clones to hold it suggests that both are the case, seeing as that was a tactic Naruto only had to resort to when using the more powerful Oodama Rasengan.

  377. Spoiler 429..
    Fahim’s Video-

  378. here are some pictures of 429

  379. If that spoiler is 100%…

    That was a super emotional spoiler by WOTG… damn man.

  380. the situation looks really bad for konoha. i wonder if that “nuke” took out danzou too. ^^

  381. it seems the long spoiler i posted yesterday is actually the whole chapter because the whole spoiler is on it and more

    another secret reviewed, this just tell me nagato fought madara and lost and was forced to join the group:

    Konan: “Pain you….”
    Konan(desperatly): “Nagato if you do this you will only shorten your life.”
    Konan thinking: “Its the same as that time…”
    Small three panel flashback of Pain being enraged by Madara at their first meeting in the manga and Konan saying “Pain you…”

  382. damn..Shizune dies…and AT LAST Naruto is coming..always when things are heating up..

  383. Fahim’s work is as always awesomeness!!

  384. i want to see the real chapter… MTF hahaha that spoiler almost make me cry.. lol

  385. @babyfos: wouldn’t that be “when things are freezing” instead of “heating up”???
    @ibiki: i heard that(just now)!!!! now…tell me which of you ******* sasugay lovers want to attack me?

  386. never mind on the spelling!

  387. @kenleewrites nah danzo is too smart for that, i think he will be back in 3 weeks time, tsunade will be dead by then

  388. @pain spelling of what? it all looks right to me (:

  389. @ charzelo – I agree

  390. i have a question.. have u heard about the tengu/uchiha theory.. Why Susano is a big tengu?

  391. What does it consist of exactly? And I’m assuming you meant Senju/Uchiha correct?

  392. That’s Fahim’s spoiler…..the real spoiler

  393. My one problem with that spoiler is the part where they say, “by the way it seems diva pain realls is Nag.”… He isn’t physically the real Nag though, and at this point I think everyone has figured that out, so unless there is some increadibly stupid twist I don’t really know what to make of that statement

  394. @kenleewrites: Danzo is in the basement like a cockroach, of course he’s gonna survive a nuclear blast. ^.^

    @charzelo: dead on with the Danzo prediction. I even think you called the issue.

    Naruto’s still going to be too late to be anything but a one man rescue squad. Be prepared to hurt.

  395. oh yes @Pain..this is more accurate..but by things are heating up i was referring to Pain’s massive attack..

  396. Goku=naruto
    Master Roshi+J-man both super pervy
    Piccolo=neji both always serius
    gohan=konohamaru super strength within
    7 dragons from gt=akasuki
    cell,frieza=orochimaru both want to live forever and be strongest
    man kishi loved dbz

  397. the tengu/uchiha theory.. this is what i’m talkin about
    take a look and then answer me..

    jjjjjjjjj i agree with u lol.. kishi admires dbz haha

  398. i still dont get how shizune can go down so easily by konohamaru can defeat one

  399. @jackalofdoom i read that theory a while a go, it’s a twisted plot about madara’s background. according to the theory you need 3 ms users resurrect the tengu king (madara’s father/some fans also refer him to Rikudō), according to the you need 3 ms jutsus to ressurect him: Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu and Susanoo (the technique zetsu was refering to in chapter 391

    this theory doesn’t add up after the itachi and sasuke fight

  400. jackalofdoom- that theory is like two years old man… plus if you’ve read tha manga (start 400-405) or with itachi in the 380’s it is clearly explained that madar is not the first Uchiha they’re a huge ass clan before he was born… now there is the tengu on the temple of fire but that’s just a statue… it is thought that the sharingan is an off shoot of the byakugan but it has yet to be explained in the manga where the eye’s come from (i’m stilol thinking rinnegan, which came from the gods thus tying up a loop hole sorta…)

  401. @alec 100% right

  402. for the konohamaru v naruto rasengan debate… look at 260 10-11 for naruto when he combines rasengan with a clone… and then at konohamaru’s… not only is naruto’s way bigger it is a solid ball of energy

    and even for naruto’s first rasengan at 167 17… it is bigger, one handed and no nine-tails… konohamaru is talented enough fro rasengan, but he still far weaker than Naruto and i think that’s what kishi is trying to show without revealing NAruto’s jutsu’s yet…

  403. @ibiki – about the rasengan…I think the bigger the rasengan the more powerful it is. Both the regular and the ultimate rasengans are equally concentrated. However, there is probably considerably more chakra involved in the ultimate rasengan. You cannot compress a large amount of chakra to occupy the little space it would in a smaller rasengan. As a result, there’s a larger impact. So I think the size matters. I hope I’m making sense here.

  404. @ibiki lmao i didnt start that thread, although i wish i did, at least danzo deserves a few minutes of fame before naruto takes over, this guy has been waiting over 50 years to be hokage dont take this day away from him. i still dont think he’s all bad i think he only shows this affection towards the Sarutobi clan, i.e. the elders have huge respect for him and sai is still alive (if 1 of my subs betrayed me like that he will be dead by now)

    if danzo turns out to be madara in the near future then he is a mofo and if not then he is not all bad

  405. charzelo – danzodouche is like hitler…it would be a dictatorship if he was Hokage, not a democracy. To me he is a complete mofo.

  406. right, Arrun, but there has to be compression. Jiraiya made that really clear in the anime. The compression creates additional speed and destructive power.

    And my question for speculation (since there is no way for any of us to know): is Konohamaru’s rasengan smaller because it is less powerful (and therefore compresses to a smaller ball), OR is Konohamaru’s more compressed (and therefore faster, and more destructive than Naruto’s on an inch per inch basis)? If Pain gets right back up I think we might have some evidence.

    In other words, size as a pure measure of power/strength of rasengan prolly not the best idea. I think Alec may be getting there by talking about the intensity/movement (rather than size)–I’m still looking at his refs, and I’m particularly looking at color. Konohamaru’s almost looks black in the latest issue. In the anime we’ll have motion, sound (whine) and light flashes to help up make that call. It’s harder to do with still shots.

  407. @arrun & alec of course the bigger the better, simple fact: the small rasengan j-man used against those guys when he was training naruto only knocked them out

  408. i think its just smaller cos he does not have has much chakra or rather he cannot compress larger amounts of chakra yet. but kono’s rasengan is probably proportionately compressed.

  409. @charzelo – J man wasn’t meaning to hurt them but just to demonstrate the jutsu to Naruto

  410. @arrun that is my point, if he wanted to hurt them the rasennga would have been big

  411. I don’t agree, charzelo, but I’ve said my bit. It was the equivalent of a 60 mph curveball from a 100 mph fastball pitcher. Size not the indicator, I don’t think.

  412. damn it! why the hell won’t my GRavatar change? Have I offended the GRavatar god by dissing his product in public? *goes off muttering and trying to figure out what kind of sacrifice a GRavatar(TM) god would appreciate…*

  413. i just dont get it…..every single time jeremiah posts a spoiler, everyone says it’s bullshit, say they dont believe it and in the end it turns out to be true…..really, from next time on, lets just skip the bullshitin part and just discuss it….lol

  414. hey Ibi when did u last change it??

  415. @charzelo – i don’t agree either. all he would done to cause some hurt would be by concentrating the chakra more than he did.

  416. i agree with arrrun..

  417. @ibiki i understand what you r saying about the rasengan but here me out, j-man’s final rasengan (super great ball rasengan) was bigger than his body himself, surely he knows more about the rasengan than naruto if he thought a small rasengan would have done more damage to pain do you think he’d have waisted his energy to create that dammn thing

    naruto great ball vs k-maru’s great ball rasengan, so what you r saying is if both clashes, k-maru’s rasenga will go right through naruto’s rasengan and even through his hand, i think naruto’s rasengan will absorb k-marus

    as for you gravatar, i have the same problem my new avatar didnt show up on my computer but it does show up on my iphone, i’m still stuck with my takamura photo on my computer

  418. good spoiler

  419. @everyone: Chakra can be compressed, try and remember when Naruto went all four tails in the fight with Oro. Yes that was a technique on a whole other level, but the (and this is important) SPECULATION remains that it COULD (that technique proves that in Narutoverse it is plausible). That is what this whole site seems to be about, speculation. Thus, Ibiki is right in her THEORY. I don’t agree, but I am willing to consider another point of view. I have been wrong, and I made strong accusations against the spoiler, but I am ready to be wrong about that too.

    @Ibiki: busted out the Tamari huh? Get a restraining order on hold for the next person that changes their avatar to Shikamaru.

  420. only a sith speaks in absolutes….oh wait, that is another site.

  421. @babyfox: changed it last night when I got called dude for the umpteenth time. lol.

    @chazelo: A huge amount of chakra in a sphere, will probably compress to a bigger ball; but I think it’s the intensity of the chakra (the spin, the speed and sheer amount) that gives rasengan its power–power to compression ratio. Lots of chakra might compress to a big ball, but a little chakra in a big ball is going to be a weakass bitch–and flat as hell.

    I think you’re feeling me with the Naruto v Kono statement. Although, I’m not advocating Kono would slice Naruto’s rasengan up, just that IF his is smaller one is due to compression (and contains equal chakra) the smaller could kick the bigger one’s ass.

    re: Gravatars. Apparently, they cache your old one and keep using it until they re-cache. So, we should both change faces here in a day or two.

  422. @ EroSennin – I forgot about that. Nice job. That was super compressed like black matter. I wonder if that was the technique he was doing that nobody could see him doing?!?!?! (.0001% chance)Never considered that. It would be awesome if he could perform that move while in sage mode rather than Kyuubi form, and without the whole swallowing part -_- *Heart burn*

    @ James – I was just wondering where the hell you been! ^_^ A lot of OG’s have been coming back now that school is on break again.

  423. The next manga chapter looks “Hella fuckin balls-to-the-wall awesome”. -_+

  424. @EroSennin: I was going to go with Tsunade, but thought you might put a restraining order out on me. ^.^ Or…Alec might have on your behalf. O.o

    I know you don’t buy my theory, but you put up some good points anyway. You are a good egg. I’ll clip up those anime scenes I’m talking about tonight and you guys can judge for yourselves how hard I’m reaching on this one.

  425. I think Tsunade saved everyone from the village with her snails. She used sme version of her kinjutsu (forbidden jutsu) and used it on everyone else.
    In the process she’s practically dead or maybe even dead.

  426. I did not read what you are all fighting about but I think I have a idea of what is going on so I will give out some info.
    Kono did not compress his rasengan, he is not that skilled yet. I also do not think that narutos new jutsu is compressed, if it is a long ranged attack it would move slow. I would only think his new attack is compressed if it’s beam like, just like when he did it in four tailed mode.
    Also compression in a rasengan would not do much good since its power is not from raw chakra but from speed that the chakra is moving, so a large ball rasengan vs a small ball rasengan that is moving at a faster speed would not win since the smaller one would cancel the larger balls spin and break the rasengan.

  427. @ibi- don’t even look at that though, look at what the end result is obviously… Naruto’s first threw kabuto all the way back to the rock and then some, kono’s barely broke a wall with his and that’s with a clone helping… I think the key thing here is to show that only a few can master the rasengan (oro not being one of them) and that at a young age konohamaru did, so he is good, but NAruto’s is much more advanced when he was that age, showing ultimately that Kono is good (better than ebisu and the other so called chunin that got there ass handd to them, but that NAruto is a hell of a lot better… plus color deosn’t mean much in my opinion… it all depends on a whim by kishi, plus if it did, there’s still alot of white marks in it while Jiraya’s ulitmate is solid except the edges (377 13)

    @ero-sure he compressed the chakra, but what happened to it when he actually shot it? it expanded, otherwise the thing would be a bullet rather than spread. what does more damage close range a shot gun or a rifle, a shot gun is more likely to kill a person point blank than a rifle because it takes the same force and spreads it out, causing more damage, a rifle shot just goes through the person… that’s why Rasengan is more powerful than chidori because it takes the same energy and spreads it out over a wider are, thus beating chidori which is simply compressed chakra (and kakashi does say he allows it to grow bigger to increase the range and make it more powerful

  428. thats coming from a pro ^

    everyone bow for lastscorpion while he walks away haha

  429. you know its so much easier if you just say : “the denser and faster, the stronger”

    GEEK MODE: so, if one Rasengan has, say, 64 chakra points, but is the size of a 6-inch cube (relatively speaking), is collided with another with, say, 4 points, but has the size of a 3-inch cube, the first would only win because it has more chakra in it, and it would win only by pushing the other one back, because they’re the same density. but if a rasengan is collided with a bigger but less dense rasengan, then it would go through it.

    how about that for a compremise.

    ps how many of you DON’T think i’m a nerd after this comment?

  430. @Alex – i was in the army once so i know. actually the bullet from the rifle ricochets around in the body before exiting. also the exit wound is always bigger than the entry wound, very much like the rasengan. and the rifle causes more damage than the shot gun.

  431. @anon – i don’t think you’re a nerd. you have explained it very well quantitatively.

  432. I took astroanamy class, when matter is compressd to a certain point it slows down and loses energy like with a white dwarf. That is left over after a big star like the sun, that has the same amount of matter as white dwarf but just isn’t compressed to max like a white dwraf star, but spins faster and burns more energy and has to go super nova. A red dwarf which is a little star that wasnt created from a super nova has extremaly less energy and matter than our sun cant even go super nova it just slows down and dies out like a white dwarf star. So my point is if a little star collides with a bigger star the big star will win. So if konohamuru and naruto’s raseguns collided naruto’s will win. If naruto’s rasengun collided with jiriaya’s ultamate rasengun jiriaya will win, more energy to make it spin faster when compressed. So a lot of chakra compressed is more powerful than a little bit of chakra comppressed as is the case with konohamurus little ass rasengun! Bigger is better, that’s what lady’s always say!!! If u know what I mean?

  433. renzy, you are easily amused. Wrong as hell, but, easily amused. ^.^

    lastscorpion: rasengan requires compression to reach full speed and to hold together during attack. The compression (that’s Jirayia’s word guys, BTW) allows the attack to reach ultimate destructive force.

    Alec, I agree the proof will be in the results, but since the next chapter hasn’t come out yet all we have it the jutsu and immediate effects. So far, it’s looking like little balls. ^.^

    I think color–maybe that’s the wrong word, texture?–is a big deal because aside from a halo effect, it’s the only way to show the nature of the thing in pen and ink stills. I don’t think it’s capricious, it’s too big of a moment for that.

    kay…I’m going to go clip those vids and get a post together…speak now if you want to contribute to the debate in the post.

  434. I am also not talking about density a large rasengan with more chakra then a smaller rasengan is not stronger unless it is spinning at the same speed as the smaller one. When naruto first learned the move and hit the tree it only made a cool looking spiral cut on the tree, but when jiraiya hit the tree with his faster spinning rasengan it went right though the tree. Chakra by it self is not going to hurt anyone unless it is the demon fox chakra. So a dense rasengan would not work since it would be to hard to spin the chakra at a fast speed. oro said that a dense ball of chakra would move slower then normal chakra.

  435. @ lastscorpion i understood… but i am easily amused haha


  436. @arrun- i’m saying close range (which the rasengan is a close range attack), a rifle and a shot gun at the same power, which cause s more damage? i know it depends on the type of bullet and the caliber, with the amount of powder, whcih is more likely to kill a person… or even rifle versus rifle lets say at close range (within 25-50 yards) would you rather have an armor piercing round or a one with a hollow point? Throw out accuracy and say both bullets were to hit the same part of the body, which one is more effective in taking down the opponent? Obviously no armor, just flesh…

  437. renzy you are the awesomeness. ^.^

    MMMMMMMMMMmmmmaito Gaaaaaiiiiiiii!!!!!!!

  438. @Renzy-My last post was at Anon since he was saying stuff about density. But thanks for calling me a pro, I now feel like the swayze -_+ lol.
    To tell you the truth the amount of chakra, speed and compression wll never matter in the manga since naruto will always kick everybodys ass with his, I see no point to say anything more about it. Manga only has one rule the hero will always win in the end, almost forgot the other rule a fighters hair will always be perfect even in they get their ass handed to them ( with the exception of Kakashi since his hair is so bad ass it falls down when fighting)

    P.S the swayze’s rasengan will kick narutos ass.

  439. @alec if your in close range with a shotgun and a rifle go for the headshot and they are dead either way…

    @ibiki thank you mam

    @lastscorpion the swayze kicks all ass

    @everyone haha its all physics… but i sucked at physics so i wont try, just take force, you put speed and power into, of course spin needs to be accounted for but the speed and force of a rasengan determine which is stronger… spin is a variable that causes the destruction of stuff, if you take a drillbit for example it does more damage if its spinning, but if you take say a bowling ball and throw it slowly at a fast volleyball, a bowling ball is gunna win until you reach a certain speed

    its a lot of bs i wouldnt read it haha

  440. i just totally contradicted myself kinda ahahaha… im overtired by just a touch

  441. i don’t want to sound like i’m clueless, but who’s tendou pain? i mean he isn’t a realm?
    or is he?

  442. Tendou pain is deva pain or if you want you can call him god realm they are all the same guy.

  443. lol, i still think Jiraya’s would have freakin’ destroyed the entire town if the fat guy didn’t absorb it (btw, wtf does he do with all the extra energy cause that had to be an absolute shitload?)

    sorry about the sailor’s mouth… finals have me swearing too much now…

  444. Isn’t the extra energy where the pervy-ness comes in?

  445. @alec he uses it as chakra for all the other realms… maybe if i pass it off as a fact everyone will believe me

    @anon its ok idk all the weird names either i speak english not puke

  446. lol, ibi maybe you should check your own pervyness…

    i was talking about sir eats a lot (not chouji and family, i’m talking about diabetes realm)…

  447. maybe renzy, though i won’t believe you…

  448. lol i luv how the snow changes direction when you move the mouse ^_^… i think i have ADD, oh well

  449. @lastscorpion tnx
    @alec a i’m with renzy

  450. I found a site with more spoiler info if you want it.

    Warning if you do not want to read the detailed stuff then skip this post.

    The Chapter starts off directly where the other one left off.
    Deva Realm: “Myobokuzan…the holy land of the toads?”
    Deva Realm: “Call back the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki this is an order from God.”
    Tsunade: “I already told you we will fight you with everything we have.”
    Tsunade: “Even if it cost us our lives.”
    Tsunade charges a huge amount of chakra to her legs and feet preparing to dash at Pain. Next Page is of Shizune and Human Realm
    Ino(Desperately cries): “You have what you want now let her go.”
    Human Realm: “None can live after going against the laws of God.”
    Shizune’s soul is ripped out before the konoha shinobi can react and she falls on the ground persumably dead. Next Page is back to Deva Realm and Tsunade. Tsunade almost reachs Pain with her attack but stops short of him.
    Anbu/Tsunade: “!!!”

    Pain’s body lets out a divine light that causes the ground to shake and blinds Tsunade and the Anbu
    Anbu 1: “What is this terrible chakra.”
    Anbu 2: “Is he really a god?!”
    Tsunade: “Hold your ground no one can truely be a god.”
    The Anbu Begin backing away despite this. Next Page of Konan and Shino and his dad. Shino and his dad are the only two left the other were sufficated by Konan’s paper. The Divine Chakra of Pain reaches the area they are fighting and the bugs begin to fly away
    Shino: “This chakra it has the overwhelming feeling of death.”
    Shino’s Dad: “Even the bugs flee whats happening over there.”
    Konan: “Pain you….”
    Konan(desperatly): “Nagato if you do this you will only shorten your life.”
    Konan thinking: “Its the same as that time…”
    Small three panel flashback of Pain being enraged by Madara at their first meeting in the manga and Konan saying “Pain you…” Next Page Fusaku and Naruto
    Naruto: “I’m almost there just a little bit more time and I should be able to do it.”
    A Tadpole and Shima(ma toad) Comes Rushing up
    Tadpole: “Elder Frog come quickly Kousuke’s name has disappeared from the list on the frog scroll.”
    Fusaku: “If thats true then somthing terrible must be happening back there.”
    Shima: “Quickly we have to Summon the Eldest Sage only he can take naruto back in time.”
    Fusaku and Shima form handseals. The Next two Pages have very little dialog they are just off the 5 pain bodies deactivating. First Human realm is shown deactivating right before he stabs Inoichi with the black spear, then Animal Realm before the dog summon crushes Ibiki and the Anbu, then Hungry Ghost who has his hand on Kiba’s mom’s throat, and finally Hell Realm who has gotten back up and is about to stab Konohamaru and Ebisu from behinde. Next Page is Deva Realm
    Deva Realm: “Chou Shinra Tensi”
    Huge explosion of gravity sweeps through the streets of Konoha destroying everything in its path. A bunch of slugs cover the building sakura is in and saves sakura and the wounded. Next page Sakura walks outside the building and sees dozens of dead konoha villagers and basically a post-apocalyptic konoha
    Sakura(Crying): “Where ever you are naruto….”
    Sakura(Crying): “I beg of you…Save us”
    Final Page is birds eye view of the village completely destroyed and smoke rising from it. Next time: Naruto 430 “A hero’s sad return“

    Hope the other impatient/eager/raring-to-go people like me will appreciate it. And yes, I am one of those people who unwrapped their present’s before Christmas day and re-wrapped them. I hate to wait for good things to come my way.

  451. Well crap, I just saw a similar post half way up the screen, oh well,

  452. Question…. When are they going to start selling the DVDs/BluRays for Shippuden in the US? Shippuden is at Episode 89 as of tomorrow. That is 22 Months (Since Feb 15th 2007)of Shippuden. I would hope Viz Media would start to advertise for this within the year.

    Do any of you know.

  453. well they haven’t started english dubs, and they probably have some copyright thing where you can’t buy the subbed versions… which is fing gay cause i don’t wanna hear it in English, i want all the swearing at the bottom

  454. why iz naruto bein compared wit kono…..he iz not even almost on naruto level

  455. well we’re comparing Kono to Naruto for funsies… i guess i didn’t start it, i just jumped in

  456. for those who missed it

    just more food for thought

  457. Alec, I happen to agree with you, but I think I understand what Ibiki is saying. It has been said here many times that when Naruto had a loose rasengan it hit and made a spiral. Now lets think about the hit. The nin spins the chakra in a sphere, and by will holds it in that form, then when it makes contact with the target they release it, and it unravels unleashing high speed spinning force on the target. If a person was to put a mark on the center hub of a bike wheel, and another on the tire, then spun the tire. When that person counted the full rotations of the marks there would be more full rotations from the center, thus it is moving faster. Now, I happen to think that if you put more chakra into it not only do you have the slower but larger momentum of the out side, you also get the incredible speed of the inside. Well we all have to agree that the Narutoverse is an odd one as far as physics are concerned. I mean a feudal japan with electronics? Kishi as definitely left himself squirming room, and won’t easily be painted into a corner.

  458. an oddity in the narutoverse: zabuza had a cellphone (in the anime)

    very wierd

  459. yeah that’s the sad part, is that we’re all right…

    and i understand what ibi’s saying i just like staying to my side… more fun

  460. another weird thing: i mean why would you have guns (pilot)and still fight with oversized dinner knives and hair(jiriah)?

  461. hell yeah, what about the wireless, 2-way, CIA inspired ear pieces that the teams have worn on missions. I think is was during the Gaara death arc.

  462. @ Alec: lol, yeah it passes the time til the new release.

  463. guns???? oohhhhh, from the very first thing….

  464. @charzelo: Pain/god has never lost a battle. Remember Konan saying that to Tobi/Madara himself in the tower when they first showed his face, cannot remember the manga number off the top of my head right now.

  465. @charzelo: Not sure what happened when he fought Madara but she would not be saying that to Madara if he had given Pain a wooping though.

  466. that’s why pain is crying, he doesn’t like the fact that he did lose to Madara and that he is now a bitch… But i think konan meant he hasn’t lost to anybody else

  467. Coz tha clones that envelops Deva Pein is Yahiko not Nagato there for his not the actual culprit

  468. Koz the clone that envelops Deva Pein is Yahiko therefore the only relation he shares with Nagato is orders well i guess thats the end of Shizunes run behold the coming of Naruto next week

  469. By the way whats the name of the song thats comes on before the spoiler

  470. @paincankissNARUTOSass konan despises madara, she truly believes pain is the only living god and that pain shouldnt take orders from a mere mortal

    i think madara thought pain a well deserved lesson before he handed the leadership to him

  471. From reading all the spoilers (if theyre real), I bet naruto when he comes back, he will surely fucked pein and konan. Theres no fucking reason why naruto would let pein and konan live after doing that destruction to konoha. (we will never see naruto and pein being friends). I cant wait to see for naruto to become a kickass ninja like his father, when he is serious, he becomes a deadly ninja that whoever he confronted will be dead.

    ephiphany— naruto. this is the right time to change. become a ruthless killer and kill all konohas enemies like your dad had done in the past. if youre father can do it, surely you will be do it.

  472. Madara with his teleportation ability wouldnt even trouble himself with fighting Pain. He would just convince him that anything that he would do would be perfectly useless and its better to listen

  473. also, forget about sasuke, naruto because he is a traitor that doesnt deserve your friendship. if you ask him one more and reject his allegiance to konoha. go screw his ass like you would do to pein.

    speaking of sasuke, lets see whats his reaction of the attack of akats on konoha. will that event change his allegiance to akats stronger or weaker.

    hmmm. im having theory that if naruto cant defeat pein and he will be captured by akats… sasuke will rescue him before akats can extract the kyuubi in naruto.

  474. @eugenx19, i believe naruto is gonna lose the fox….akatsuki (madara uchiha of course) is gonna take it away from him….then there will be a fight which his dad left uncompleted….i deeply believe this will happen….and sasuke will always be on the evil side…he won’t return or die…
    the series will end with naruto being a jounin(or just jumping high on the air) and training somebody(maybe konohamaru)…
    well, a guy can dream, can’t he?
    p.s. has anyone noticed how “asura pain”(the one who fires missiles from his head) looks so much like android #16???

  475. @Pain why such a gloomy belief???c’mon!!!Naruto’s dream besides is first to return Sasuke back and then become Hokage!!the series cannot end unless the hero hasn’t fulfilled his dreams yet!!and about “asura pain” i think u have a point..

  476. Motive-No, Sory to spoil it 4 ya Eugene, Naruto is not gona lose the kyubi,but instead he’s gona go 4 jinchuriki training and wil eventually unlock the seal wit da ‘key’ that frog is suppose to give him…n tsunade is not gona die yet,cos she’s apparently a type of God herself n da guy hus gona eventually kill pain wnt be Naruto but the fallen God hu created the Biju,cos he’s actually the guy above Madara in Akatsuki(he’s the silent head of akatsuki) n his plan is to gather all the Biju back again so that he can be a god again;But! too bad Naruto is gona Kill HIM in the end…Can Anyone tell me what powers Itachi Gave to Naruto?cos Im still lost on dat part(Sory to Spoil it 4 u ada fanaticts By da way:)…

  477. Theory – The unexpected Naruto returns to Konoha to fight Pain and loses. Akatsuki obtains the Kyuubi and draws it from Naruto giving them 8 total with killer bee as the last one. Naruto is presumed dead however, survives by the Yin Chakra placed inside him. Akatsuki missing it because, they knew nothing about it?

    Anyway just a theory on what I think could go down. What is everyone’s thoughts?

  478. outlaw (and to everyone else): who is the “death god”? and where is he??? inside naruto or somewhere else(i mean in heaven or something)???
    @babyfox: well, that’s a perfect ending for me…besides, the “sasugay becomes good again” theory sounds crappy…he is equivalent to orochimaru…so, i think he is better off there…
    (p.s. i might sound gloomy because i just read the jiraiya vs. pain chapter….again)…

  479. @outlaw: I don’t get it. The Yin chakra is the 9 tails. The Kyuubi was split into yin and yang. One was put into Naruto, the other into the Death god. The death god is the thing that the third sealed Oro’s arms into.

  480. But didn’t the yang get sealed into Naruto? So, the death god consumed the yin.

  481. It was my mistake. I thought that the Nine Tails Yin was still connected to the seal or attached to Naruto in some vague way. Since its not then the theory has no point because it can’t be relied on as a replacement if Naruto were to lose the Nine Tail’s Yang Chakra.

  482. hey jman! (since j-man is dead, i’ll call you the j-man from now on jeremiah) the gaara thing up there is a total awesomeess! i think thats the best think you’ve ever done in your entire life. hahahah!

  483. the death god is summoned when you use the shiki fuujin to take someones soul in exchange for your own… i just wanted to say shiki fuujin

  484. hey my j-man, this is my new name. try to read it. it is totally translated to japanese

  485. hey jeremiah! the one before this is wrong. i coppied the wrong translation

  486. ahhhh!! i’m waiting for the next post but i remembered that you aren’t working on it yet coz the manga hasn’t been released yet. that sucks coz i’m hoping to be the one to say “ffffiiiirrrrsssssstt!!!!!!!!!” and kick bono’s ass. but shit.

    it’s alomost 1:15 am here and i’m already having two big black bags (eye bags). grrrrrrr

  487. I just wanted to Comment about what Ten tail pwn said on December 13, 2008 at 8:17 am. He was mad because it took Naruto 3 years and lots of training to learn that any experience learned from a shadow clone goes to the user when the clone disapears. Well the fact is that no matter how incredible Naruto is he is still the dumbest ninja in Kanoha. Anyone using a shadow clone and having it search for a cat or person or whatever would realize that when the clone that found it dissapears and comes back you would know where the cat is. The reason Naruto didn’t know is becasue he is just plain stupid. Konohamaru is much smarter then Naruto and probably realized this the first time he used a shadow clone. I Think Naruto is the man but if anyone more intelligent had the Nine Tails inside of them then they would be far beyond Naruto by now.

  488. you know what BJBthe1, your icon is perfect for you! cuz from far, both of you seem like underwear….

  489. @ BJBThe1 – good comment.

    I agree with alot of what you said up till the very end. Naruto is a lovable idiot BUT his insane strength doesn’t come from the 9 tails. It’s been said many times in the manga that Naruto has an insanely strong and deep chakra pool not to mention his determination is off the charts. He is stupid book wise but he does pick up new techniques very quickly, like learning Rasegan in 2 weeks was off the charts as far as Jiraiya was concerned and Kakashi said no one could have learned the next step of adding an element like Naruto did within a week. Kakashi actually said it would take an average nin years and years of practice.

    This isn’t because Naruto is smart, its because he has so much chakra that he can perform massive kage bunshins multiple times. Kakashi says that Naruto is the only one that can do this.

    Pa frog also says that Sage mode is something only an elite few can achieve.

    All of this is without the help of the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi power is seperate and is the power you see against Haku or Oro at the bridge or Sasuke at the valley of ends. The Kyuubi doesn’t advance anyone as a nin, it only takes over and controls the body. So when stuff like that comes up, its not Naruto at all, its the Kyuubi. Everything else is Naruto.

    All of the above mentioned stuff is without the Kyuubi.

  490. @jeremiah: why do you always have to be the good guy??? haven’t you heard “an insult a day, keeps the assholes away”? try it…but just one…if you do more, you will end up getting slapped by a girl in the library…(i am gonna get my revenge on that b^tch!)

  491. I agree with Jeremiah, but I think that Naruto as a character doesn’t bother with deep thoughts. What I mean is when the clones disappear he has learned, but without thinking on it, it is a subconscious learning. He knows it, but without contemplating it. That is part of what keeps him an ‘idiot savant’. Have any of you known anyone who, once you got to know them, was very intelligent. But, up to the point of understanding them they seem stupid. You may know the person who is very smart, but lacks all social skills. I think it is along the same lines.
    As for the chakra, remember the fight with Gaara, he didn’t call on the Kyuubi until he was completely out. Up to that point he had gone toe to toe on his own chakra. All the chakra that the 9-tails gave him was to headbutt Gaara out of the ‘false sleep trance’.

  492. @EroSennin–I was gonna say almost the same thing. Get outta my head. ^.^

    Naw, but I don’t think of Naruto as stupid. Slow perhaps, because he does process subconsciously, and it takes a while for that stuff to roll to the front of his brain and turn into words. Learning is more of a physical process for him than having the wheels turn. I actually think he’s pretty smart, he just gets in his own way.

    It’s not the kind of conventional smart that will get you a 200 score on the IQ test. But there are times when he pulls off a brilliant, creative strategy on the fly because his gut just knows what to do and he has the good sense not to question it or think too much about it. I bet if he stopped to think about it, it would never work.

    He’s a social idiot and yet at the same time is intensely perceptive about people–his social faux pas tend to be pretty minor offenses, never anything major, which is why he ends up everyone’s friend.

  493. His insane strength comes from his unwavering will power. His ‘will of fire’.
    I Don’t remember who said he was lame due to his lack of interest in girls, but remember he is head over heals for Sakura. Part of getting stronger is showing her he was better than Sasuke, and now to save Sasuke (who he feels is a brother) will partially be done for love of Sakura.

  494. I wonder, what would have happened if Akasuki worked in three man groups as opposed to two or if Tobi had accompanied Pain and Konan. Also on another note what happened to Danzo, Konohamaru and anyone outside when that blast went down. Who’s safe and who isn’t.

  495. Danzo is underground, so imagine that he is fine… chicken shit

  496. I hope Danzo is fertilizing the Leaf Country rice fields when this arc is over.

  497. didnt pain use the shinra tensei or whatever on kakashi too? and he survived… until he had to use his ms to stop laser head… i think hes still alive though haha

  498. hope you’re right renzy!I’m wondering when they’ll show what happened to Kakashi….

  499. if he doesnt die then why did pain just leave w/o finishing him off

  500. ummmm, yeah he did use it, but that one was a smaller version, this is the “holy freakin crap its the atomic age all over agian!!” version

  501. and that’s why nobody uses guns in this series…

    BTW: # 500 ^_^!!!!! oh yeah…

  502. woot! 501! =)

  503. @jerimiya sorry to lazy to look how yo name spelled
    i remember someone saying the kyubbi gives him alot of chakra look at all the jinchurikkis they all are strong because their beast gives them some power and why is naruto and garra the only to who dont like to use their beast i mean look at the eight tails his beast and him are friends and he knows hoe to control it


  505. @jerimiya sorry to lazy to look how yo name spelled
    i remember someone saying the kyubbi gives him alot of chakra look at all the jinchurikkis they all are strong because their beast gives them some power and why is naruto and garra the only 2 who dont like to use their beast i mean look at the eight tails his beast and him are friends and he knows how to control it

  506. The Sarutobi clan is pretty perverted. It’s like the clan of perverts 😉

  507. @ jjjjjjjj – the ninetails can and has but now only when Naruto asks him for power. It used to leak out when he got really angry but he seems to have mastered its control now. When he uses up all of his it also comes out, for example Yamato had to subdue it during his training to add an element because he was using up all his chakra.

    So to summarize, Naruto has insane levels of powerful chakra + the kyuubi chakra. So in a sense you are right. The Kyuubi does give him power but he hasn’t used it or needed it in forever.

    Reread the Kakuzu fight arc… Kakashi and all those nin took forever to get those 2 hearts, what does Naruto do in a very short time using only his chakra once he arrives? Kakashi has even already said that Naruto has surpassed him.

  508. That the nine tails and one tails don’t seem to match their hosts personalities well. Better to say they don’t get along.

    Anyway I wanted to ask a question when Madara/Tobi obtained the Eternal Mangekyo why didn’t he just give his own eyes to his bother so they could both have a set. I mean, he had to have had his own out in order to get his brother’s right, or is medical jutsu different than that?

  509. lmao it seems yamato was spying on danzo before he and sai joined the group check the yamato works on chapter 281 page 17. i guess we didnt noticed it because we didnt know he was then

  510. @ Outlaw – LMAO! I thought of the same thing. Why didn’t they just trade?!

    Perhaps you have to take the life as well. That seems to be part of whole Uchiha thing. Taking a life to get another step farther.

  511. differnt personalities, so far it seems that Garra and Naruto are the only ones who don’t use there beasts in the fights because they are just to “evil” i guess… The nine-tails is known as the most evil of all and the sgukaku takes over your personality when used (though Gaara doesn’t ever have to worry about that again).. the eight tails is jsut a more compatible beast and the two tails had to be convinved some how…

    though Hidan does mention that he found it odd that the beast and host were working so closely together…

  512. answer to all Naruto based questions: “Kishis wrote it…”

    the next best thing is to check out jeremiah’s three rules of manga

  513. I still say the ‘Yamato Works’ sign is actual grafitti/inside joke. Yamato Works in an animation company and Kishi probably has friends that work there. Remember, Yamato’s real name is Tenzou.

  514. @ Alec – Well the Shodai Hokage did give them out to ease relations after the nin wars. So he probably gave the well behaved ones out, otherwise he’d be giving them the most destructive force known to the Naruto world… they’d be like… “Something that could kill us all… Gee thanks… -_-” LMAO!

    He meant to give sand village the one tail, hoping it would chew up their furniture ^_^

  515. actually the one tails has been the sands since the begginning….

    though yeah, he probably gave the ugliest one’s away, like the eight tails and the three tails…

  516. It has been said in the manga that the 9-tails is the strongest, has the most chakra, and is like a natural disaster. I imagine that is why Kohona kept it. Now remember that just the yang has been sealed in Naruto. I understand that in Buddhism that yang isn’t “evil”, but rather it just is. I think I’ve heard that it is like the dark side of a mountain, as the sun passes over eventually the light side of that mountain (yin) becomes the dark side (yang). Yet, if we call the yin good, and the yang bad, then the part of the Kyuubi that is in Naruto is the most hostile, angry, and destructive persona of the 9-tails. Which might explain why it tends to show it’s presence to either save its own life through saving naruto, or when Naruto himself becomes enraged.

  517. i think gaara and naruto dont work with their beasts because, like alec said, they are the most evil… but still weve only seen the 2 tails and the 8 tails work with their jinchuriki, the 3 tails didnt have one, and the two tails is supposed to be weaker right? and the 8 tails and killerbee do match well… but look how insanely strong killerbee is the 8 tails has developed some respect, and the 2 tailed beast had an older woman as a host too… im sure respect from the beast has plenty to do with it

  518. watch that at 4 minutes haha i know 4 of the kids on the white team thats so insane

  519. @EroSennin: Really, really great points. And I don’t want to, but these issues are confused enough in our Western minds, please forgive me for tweaking your statement a bit. I mean no harm.

    The yin is usually wrongly considered (in Western belief) to be the evil part, because it is associated with things Western cosmology relates to the bad (dark, night, moon, feminity), while yang is light, day, sun, masculinity.

  520. renzy: the three tails did have a host (remember the poster? can’t remember where it lives now…) The Three Tails is about to occupy a “filler” arc in the Anime, but didn’t make an appearance in today’s episode.

  521. @ibiki haha reread the manga again when deidara and tobi are taking it back

  522. on the poster it does have a host, but the host didnt exist in the manga, im guessing the three tails took over the hosts body, and when deidara and tobi fought him the acknowledged that there was no jinchuuriki


    there it is

  524. Had a host but was extracted prior to captuure.

  525. In the filler arc promo it looks like the lack of host has something to do with Orochimaru and Kabuto. Pretty damn glossy promo, too. Wish the rest of it was this slick. ^.^

  526. I’m sick of Pein sure he refers himself to be the god of Ninjutzu associating himself with the kekkai Genkai Rinnegan and using bodies at his disposal but compared to Tobi his nothing his just living in his shadow once Tobi caputures the Hachibi in his custody gud bye Killerbee

  527. Apprently the up coming arc didn’t occur in the Manga therefore there explaining the origins of the Sanbi in the Anime

  528. Outlaw: I thought Madara was already blind when he took his brother’s eyes, and that’s why they didn’t simply trade them with each other …

  529. @ibiki: Thanx for the correction. I always like knowing what is correct more than I dislike being wrong.

  530. Yes that may be true but Madara has something that Pein doesn’t have his able to control the chakra residing in the bijuus with his Sharigan him and his brother were alike so it doesn’t really matter whos eyes Madara possesses you tell me can the Rinnegan control the bijuus now thats an interesting question

  531. Hey I did some reading on the whole yin yang (entered japanese culture as in-yo), but the yang is light, heaven, masculine, hot, aggressiveness. (starting to remind you of any lead character we know?) I wonder if it was based on maleness alone?

  532. @jerimiah if you look to the beginning when tobi and deidara first see the 3 tails it emerges from underwater already like that, i think it seperated from its host long before they got there haha but well see in the anime im sure (:

    @ibiki when i saw that promo last week i shat myself i little bit thats how amazingly excited it got me haha

  533. The concepts of yin and yang came first from the I Ching, which is (if I’m remembering correctly) the predecessor to Lao Tsu’s Tao te Ching. I think the association with maleness comes from the link of the I Ching symbols with gods/goddesses from Chinese mythology (yang ones named after the males, yin after females). Scholars discourage taking the masculine/feminine definitions too far, as it represents behavior and character more than physical nature. For example, Shikamaru is very yin (still, passive, works with shadows, contemplative), but still is male and masculine. God, I sound like an insufferable pedant. Sorry.

    Hey…MMMmmmmmaito Gaaiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

  534. hopefully they don’t freakin drag it out forevr, but this looks sick….

  535. Does anyone else suspect Konan might be the real pain? They talked about the need for whoever pain really is to be near by and to use some kind of transmitter. Konan has that conspicuous stud in her lip…the flower in her hair already IDs her well so I could see it being important. Maybe this is the big twist; Konan’s true power is using that stud to transmit and control the 6 pain’s. One problem is the eyes but this whole Pain thing is already so crazy they could come up with some jutsu explaination?

  536. i Don’t blame u i was stuck with shit stains too when i saw the promo for the new arc can’t wait for the origins of the Sanbi to be revealed i have a sneaking suspision that Orochimaru is connected somehow i wouldn’t really classify this up coming arc a filler but more like info on the Sanbi’s origin

  537. Just wanted to make this point. Most likely, it will go un-noticed, but I’ll say it anyways:

    I think little Kono’s fight with Pein using most of Naruto’s abilies was actually a set up for when Naruto comes back. It was to show contrast between old naruto abilities and new Naruto abilities against Pain.

    Tell me what you think.

  538. has anyone seen the anime yet? alot different than the manga. is this the next filler arc, doesnt that guren chick looks exactly like anko? its been a while since i saw here

  539. Alec: Yeah, well, tonight they introduced a wicked new character (briefly) who attacked Kabuto with some wicked ice jutsu. Heh. And that’s just how she says hello. But no hint about the 3 tails yet. So, not so hopeful about the not drawing it out forever.

    Renzy, don’t blame you a bit, that promo is like Naruto Anime porn.

  540. blaaa

  541. wow! been long since i’ve posted

    @Ibiki! Nice Avatar(i was getting kinda sick of those scars, btw Temari is WAY CUTER! ;))
    @Alec Thatb was cool!and my thoughts exactly, no long fillers please!

  542. I’m thinking Shizune might just make it. Her soul won’t be completely separated before the Realm’s bodies deactivate and her soul will re-enter her body.

    And yea, I do remember that now, Zabuza has a cellphone that he communicates to Gatou with. So if phones exist, why the hell is the fastest way to communicate between the Sand and Konoha when Gaara is kidnapped a freaking messenger bird. haha, Kishi sure is funny sometimes. Guess it’ll just go down as a little piece of Naruto trivia.

    I’m assuming that Kishi just made up a host for the Sanbi when he drew that poster. Like Renzy said, in the manga, after Deidara and Tobi subdue the Three Tails, Deidara explains, “The Three Tails was much weaker because it lacked a Jinchuuriki medium. It lacked a mind to control the power, after all.” (Chapter 318 p.12)
    So the Three Tails host in that picture is just a mistake I guess. It would look kind of weird if the Sanbi was sitting in the middle of that group, Kishi must have felt the same way haha.

  543. so you’re saying, the kyuubi is much more dangerous inside naruto and can’t think when it is released, kishi sure includes a lot of inconsistencies in the manga, but diedara did say so, makes me sooooooo confused…

  544. @ibiki, i totally agree with you about the yin and yang thing. that is exactly what i am pointing in the theory posts. they are always referring to the masculinity and femininity of the yin and yang. but in the manga, it clearly represents good and bad. the yin is completely sealed away simply because that is the bad chackra.

  545. To continue my last thought – Thinking about it now, its weird that Deidara says that the Sanbi “lacks a mind to control the power” it has. I don’t know, maybe this is a misunderstanding through translation. But the Nine Tails certainly seems like it has no lack of intelligence. In the brief moments we saw the Eight Tails, he doesn’t come off as dumb to me either. Is the Sanbi just dumb for a bijuu?

  546. @lunachik, when the beast is extracted from its host, the extraction process damages the beasts intelligence and causes the death of the host. the 9 tails still has that intelligence coz he hasnt been extracted (yet).

  547. @glen07, when is that stated in the manga?

  548. @Glen07 – What I’m talking about takes place before the bijuu is extracted. And where was it said that the beasts are damaged in the extraction process.

  549. where is the manga

  550. Here’s the Guren clip, if you wanted to see her for yourself:

    @J-Hall: you aren’t the first to say Kono’s rasengan is a set up for future plot developments, so you have quite a few kindred spirits here if you can stand reading back over the 500+ posts. o.O Welcome.

    @lunachik: I think this anime arc was planned (as well as a few of the other jinchuuriki plot lines) to be covered in anime alone from the get go. I think they really figured out how to maximize interest for all fans (some want manga only, others anime only, and some want both). Pretty smart business decision, really, but I don’t think the three tails host in the poster is an accident. Remember it’s Akatsuki claiming the no host thing; maybe they never meet the host, but Naruto sure does.

  551. Hey hey its out its out! finally geez. I shall be the first to say I like what I saw ^_^


  553. @ ibiki–I like the idea of Naruto meeting the 3 tailed host in the anime…The arc preview has Naruto stating the he will not let Akatsuki get the 3 tails. (I interpret this as meaning “I will not let Akatsuki kill a Jinchuuriki…someone like me”) This causes me to believe that somehow the 3 tailed host is separated from its bijuu by someone in Naruto’s company. (Maybe another new anime character finds a way to extract the bijuu w/o killing the host)

    I just don’t see Naruto failing his nindo again…especially b/c what is to come in the future anime episodes with Jman and now all of Konoha. There has to be a limit on the amount of failure and heartache the main character can endure in one non-stop sequence, we need to see some achievement…some small shimmer of light in the overwhelming darkness that is about to surround the Narutoverse.

  554. I don’t think that the other Pain’s get deactivated. Animal realm is still talking. It looks like they all just landed, thats why the puffs of dirt. The only ones lying there are the ones that got pwnd in the invasion.

    Some people think that Konan is talking to the Yahiko body when she says Nagato but I think she is saying it to Nagato through any of the bodies cause Nagato knows what they know, so its like talking to Nagato.

  555. i can’t tell where exactly i read it but i think i read it somewhere the net and not really i the manga but i think it is somewhere in the manga too.

  556. I don’t think that’s true, I just think some are more intelligent than others just like some dogs are more intelligent than others.

  557. Okay can someone plz tell me wtf is goin on with the progerssion of the Naruto Manga the annialation of Konoha at the hands of Pein whos now pursueing Naruto at Myobokuzan so much for the homecoming Naruto was expecting dude i don’t give a shit about Pein well partially i do koz his killed a majority of the Naruto characters i’m stuck on Tobi (Madara) we haven’t really heard much from him since the sealing of the Hachibi true

  558. Holy Crap! Pain can fly?! Also whats with the scroll near the end. Wishes to boldly Hit Tsunade upside the head for madly rushing into an Atomic Blast. Everyone by the edges were lucky.

  559. kishi really sucks. after all the dramas nothing happened between the konoha’s finest clans vs. konan and one realm. and i think naruto is finally here. what/who do you think is that summon?

  560. outlaw: I did the same thing with the scroll. Seems like pa worked the kushiyose, so did Naruto put the scroll on? cause it looks like the toad scroll and Naruto didn’t have it on in the prior shot of him.

  561. the one with the scroll is the one that pa is talking about. its a summon. a powerful summon. and if the summon is there, naruto, pa and ma is also there. so the battle will happen in konoha. woooh!!!!!!!! the battle is finally here!

  562. awesome chapter reveals a bit

  563. the summon is somehow weird. the scroll is like connected to a tongue or a piece of cloth. i don’t really know. i wonder what is it. it’s big. you can see it from the smoke in the last page.

  564. Great Chapter But Dam Konoha got own wit that blast

  565. omfg! that chapter totally sucks! i didn’t understand a thing! what the hell is going on there?

  566. @Jeremiah – The bodies do “deactivate”. Right after Konan says “Don’t! That technique shortens your lifespan”. All of Pain’s bodies collapse.

  567. Thats some jutsu Pain uses. It’s Independence Day in Konoha.

  568. Is it so foul as to say that the summon refers to naruto himself? and that he is in the same uniform jiraiya wore to fight pain?

    and it seems the results of the last poll have come through pain said that he wants everyone to feel his pain 🙂 which means he has taken the path of the asura to cope with whatever his initial pain was

    and just a quick reference, naruto has not completed sage mode in motion or whatever the fuck he was doing, and i think when he blew up that mountain with what i believe we have come to a consensus as what the cause of that was (completed fuuton rasenshuriken) he said also wasn’t finished, although i’m not to sure about the legitimacy of the latter comment (can’t remember clearly ;{)
    and the reason for that reference was that kishi in the past at two pivotal moments has had naruto bloom wildy in the face of adversity, and they both ended with the completion of some level of the rasengan:
    1. whilst naruto is still in jiraiya’s care and ero-tutelage, completing the 7-day bet against Kabuto, in the legendary Sannin fight.
    2. after a severely decreased amount of time that it would take for any normal person to merely tap into their nature based chakra, naruto succeeds in infusing the rasengan with 2 types of chakra creating what we all hope is Rasengan: stage 2 against the uuber cool kakuzu.

    so what i really meant to say was that naruto is fucking coming back to konoha, whether or not it’s before pain flees we know not, and when he does don’t forget that means that he will confront sasuke! and lets just say they are both shells of their former selves compared to their first post time-skip encounter (but naruto has clearly improved more than just getting some hand-me down jutsu from his older brother! especially with that title for the issue in two weeks, naruto will release the third form of the rasengan!!! (on sasuke :})

    @ibiki teishi is ms. guren filler? i would check but it seems like you are still on 🙂

  569. @9tailedsage: there could be debate about that if she crosses up with the 3 tails somehow. Right now she’s being summoned to talk to Oro and sure wasn’t in the manga. Looks to be an interesting time if they don’t draw it out until I want to pluck out my eyes.

  570. I hope no one gets the wrong idea and thinks that Deva Path is literally Nagato.

    If anyone knows where you could get piercings like Pain, give me a hollar! >_< They look tight.

  571. @ibiki you might be right (quotes from naruto wikia)

    “Unnamed Kirigakure Jinchūriki (It is rumored that this Jinchūriki will be named and showed in future anime Movies or episode, per trailers of past Naruto episodes.)

    * Beast: Three-Tailed Beast
    * Status: Extracted under unknown circumstances, later Captured

  572. just to let you know, pain won’t be leaving konoha…now way…not a chance….
    i didn’t quite get this chapter (i mean, i didn’t understand wtf was going on there…at all…) but team gai hasn’t even shown up yet…there is no way the fight between naruto and pain can be postponed…
    well, that’s the truth…
    but i am not sure if naruto will return now and win against pain…

  573. sasuke is definitely showing up soon, tTo ask for an asskicking from the NINE TAILED SAGE!!! i dunno pain said that attack drained him and he has many escape routes.

    sasuke will show up, see that konoha is already demolished, and seek revenge on pain for stealing his prey 🙂

    and its pretty clear they are summoning naruto, pa tells naruto to get ready for the summon i mean comon…that means he is in battle atire with his awesomeness cloak and toad contract in tow…

    THE NINE TAILED SAGE WILL ARRIVE…in two weeks…bleh

  574. hey Jeremiah we are #8 of the Blogs of the Day!!!

  575. OMFG!!!Did just Pain crushed the entire village??????? O_O

  576. what happened to konoha….i’m almost close to tears…brrrr

  577. for some reason im thinking they summoned uo some ENOURMOUS toad and it ate the village lol i just cant see all of konoha being gone….

  578. Pain sounds like the biggest fuckin hypocrite on page 2. Someone else could say almost verbatim the exact same thing back to him. Haha, Pain’s a rockin villain, and I suppose to be that good at being that bad the arrogance comes hand in hand.

  579. …and then Naruto finds the dragon balls and wishes that every innocent person that was killed by Pain in the invasion was brought back to life… and then on to the cell saga…

  580. i wonder what kabuto/orochimaru are doing right now while konoho is being destroyed

  581. i think naruto is goin to summon a gaint frog becaus on the second to last page there is a scroll so some gaint frog is goin to eat pain lol

  582. i think that that scroll is the key that J-man gane to Naruto

  583. kishi cant do good action scenes plus naruto is not shinning enough. Wack chapter, Kishi needs to work a little more on his naruto manga.

  584. She’s not looking at anyone specific, she’s just looking off into the distance, toward where he is… which would most likely be the tower in their own village.
    And even though some of the people may have survived, there’s nothing left of the town up to the mountain… the whole thing has been blown away. So in a way, sauske wins. Which is good for him, because he would have never been able to do that himself.
    What summons could the frogs summon? technically with the frog scroll, they could summon the 9-tails, like the 8-tails was summoned. But that’s unlikely.
    I do think that despite everything, the six pain bodies won’t leave the village alive. But even though the frogs, naruto and the others will beat the 6 pains, since they are all dead bodies it’s pretty much a hollow victory. Though nagato seems to still care a great deal about his dead friends body, so loosing that and perhaps konan would really piss him off I’d imagine.
    And on a side note. if the leaf knows pain is the leader of a nation, and he’s already pissed off at least three hidden villages, did he ever stop to think that all of those nations would declare war on him and his wonderful little country would be completely destroyed, regardless of who won?

  585. The progression of the Naruto Manga is slowing breaking down the foundation of the plot Pein extracting infomation from Shizunes to the whereabouts of the Kyuubi then sending Konoha up in flames this whole reference of Pein is a god due to him deriving from the father who gave birth to Ninjutzu does nothing to me Naruto’s intervention with Pein will be somthing memorable i’m just distraught about the villege why waste Konoha history and knowledge by reducing it to ruins Kishi i just hoping you have a back up plan here send me your thoughts on

  586. Wait a minute i just reread Naruto 429 and Apprently Shima did a summon before Peins destruction of Konoha so therefore it may have not been reduced to rubble entirly which leads to the the suspicsion of casulties of the blast

  587. Yes in deed… what powers did Itachi give naruto?… And since the most power Nins seem to never die… is itachi really dead? Or is he doing a Madara impression?..

  588. Hey Kyuubi Sage, this thread has been retired, everyone’s over here.

  589. Apperently the power that infiltrated Naruto from Itachi is a specific power meant for Sasuke this power or Ninjutzu could have an impact in his sage training i’m not sure what the power insists off its still a mystery

  590. Yes, I think it is really dirty. I don’t like it that way.

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