Kakashi: the mask, the man and the guilt – NOW COMPLETE!!

Kakashi AMV by HavocPwnsAll.

Mollie here (Ibiki Teishi) bringing you some pure Kakashi fanfiction goodness.  I’m hoping this post doesn’t end up a tribute.  grumble.  This was inspired by the six sentences from Manga 407:  the six sentences from IchaIcha Tactics thought to be Jiraiya’s message.   (And trust me, the vids here add to the story…so please do click, they are fast.  ^.^)

There are six quick chapters here, exploring what really makes Kakashi tick.  What is the deal with the mask?  What made him leave ANBU?  What happened to Rin?  And what did Obito mean about taking care of Rin–and what did that mean to Kakashi?  Why does Kakashi always have his nose in Jiraiya’s books?  Why does he lurk around rooftops and outside windows like Jiraiya, and yet never seem to be peeping the way The Man does?  (The Man.  Uh, I mean J-man, sorry I just don’t think the J is needed.)  And what is the deal with the strange relationship Kakashi and Jiraiya seem to have?

This is a story about Kakashi and Rin, so, um, it’s not going to end well.

I’ll add a chapter ever other day or so, come on back to check for the next installment.  Obviously I do not own these characters and stand to make no profit in writing such speculations.  Hope you enjoy.


-Ibiki Teishi


Read it out loud?!  BUT that's personal

Read it out loud?! but that's PERSONAL

Six Sentences

by:  Ibiki Teishi



Chapter 1: Do you really love me?  The wind up and the pitch.  Jiraiya peeps on a pair of young lovers, but expect complications because the lovers are emotionally constipated Kakashi (Obito) and Rin.

Chapter 2: It’s just like bartering.  A little bit of humorous smut to keep Jiraiya interested in their story.  Okay, maybe also to make all the pervs among you tune in for the next chapter. 

Chapter 3: The leaves are in the way… Here’s the heart of him, a little angsty, so I’ll give you a little comic relief next time.  Oddly enough, this also gets to someplace meaningful in Jiraiya, I think.  Hope it doesn’t get too sappy and you can hang with me for the next chapters.

Chapter 4: It’s bigger than I thought… Back to the funneh, although the dirtier your mind, the more the joke will be on you.  ^.^  Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 5: That’s impossible Kakashi fully unraveled; I think he talks too much.  Have you noticed that Jiraiya seems to be touching some kind of wood in every chapter?  And don’t even get me started about the scroll in his pocket…I’m not about to judge The Man.

Chapter 6: The Chair Creaked The last installment, hope you enjoy.  Thanks for reading.


~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on December 2, 2008.

32 Responses to “Kakashi: the mask, the man and the guilt – NOW COMPLETE!!”

  1. I think Kakashi is just a big romantic that is why he is always immersed in those books. He probably is a very shy guy also (the picture above that shows him perspiring just shows how introverted he is with the opposite sex). That is why he doesn’t have a lady friend yet. He is probably considers his work his wife. The only time he is with a girl is probably in his imagination inspired by THE MAN. And he probably lurks around on rooftops because he has got no courage to approach girls.

  2. I think Obito wanted Kakashi to take care of Rin because he liked her. However Rin must have had eyes only for Kakashi. Hence, Obito realizing this, had asked Kakashi to look out for her and not hurt her feelings I suppose.
    I think Kakashi looks up to THE MAN cause he is awesome and he writes great books. I would think THE MAN acknowledges Kakashi’s talents as well and is touched by the fact that he is his greatest fan. I think this is their relationship.

  3. i think the reason that kakashi reads those books its because he is still a virgin..

  4. @ うずまき punxed – yea that could be it. He must just be too afraid to try it. So he lives it in his imaginations with the help of the books.

  5. naaah he just wants his first time to be excellent.. but he is shy to ask the doctor of love,the man, jiraya what to do when that time comes so he tries to learn from the books… Blowjob no jutsu^^

  6. haha i wonder what the shinobi’s sex life is like. Whether there are bedroom jutsus. Sex must be amazing when you jutsus…lol
    Chouji must really be a hit with the girls with his jutsus…hahahaah

  7. LMAO! @ “Chouji must really be a hit with the girls with his jutsus…hahahaah”

    I never considered those lines taken from Jiraiya’s books to be related to Kakashi… Very interesting take on that Ibi. -_+

  8. @arrun, my mind has boggled at the same thing and I’ve got some really sweet scenes and some naughty ones based on that idea. Wouldn’t dare post them here, I figure people should have to go looking for that kind of stuff. ^.^

    @Jeremiah: Chouji…’Moonlight’, although I left that bit to the imagination.

  9. *uncontrollable projectile vomiting*

    Dammit! Once wasn’t enough?!

    Adding that to your tab…

    1) #2 combo from taco bell
    2) 2 pop tarts and a coke

  10. @Jeremiah: pop tarts and a coke?! mmm. gimme. Damn, you should consider it a service that I make you hurl on a regular basis. Eat some FOOD. ^.^

  11. I don’t drink coffee in the morning so I get my wake up call from loads of sugar in the poptarts and the caffiene in the Coke…


  12. if its not frapes its not kafes(coffee)

  13. What country is that from?

  14. in buffalo we have mighty taco which is 5679645 times better than taco bell

  15. greece..

  16. Noooo, renzy, nothing is better than taco bell!!! Mighty taco. Pfffft. ^.^

  17. haha im the only one here who has had both 😛

  18. Nothing is better than Taco Bell! Del Taco comes in second, the Big fat tacos are pretty awesomeness and where else does Mexican food come with a side of fries?!

    @ punxxed – yeah, Taco bell is pretty greece but it’s still good.

    @ renzy – Mighty Taco sounds mighty lame if you ask me… better stick to the wings in Buffulo hehe ^_^

  19. haha if youd ever had it you wouldnt be saying that jerimiah… and wings are o so satisfying

  20. we dont have taco bell here just a store called “taco”.. and how u guyz can eat that stuff taco sucks is bliahh.. u should try souvlaki or mpifteki gemisto.. it rly rocks … u put the bread and then the souvlaki inside and u put inside tzatziki(yougurt with garlickk) tomato and fries.. its a devine taste..

  21. We have Greek resturaunts here in the US. I’ve had souvlaki and seen my friends get blasted on oozo ^_^ (don’t think I spelled that right)

  22. ouzo… xax0a0xa0x .. u should try raki its ever more strong.. 3 shots of this and u are off…

  23. my aunt is greek so ive had quite a bit of greek food haha

  24. ouzo, because the next day you can’t make a fist. or so I’ve heard. >.<

  25. nya…i like raki better^^hehe

  26. I’ve always said it: women are twice as horny as men lol.

  27. I think Jiraiya new how bad ass Kakashi’s dad was, maybe friends back in the day. Kakashi looks up to jiraiya because the 4th did

  28. @hakz: it’s likely the Sannin and Sakumo were friends/in the academy together/hung out at the same bars–I’ve hinted at that but not said anything obvious.

    I think Jiraiya may have “finished” Kakashi’s training, but then I like the ‘history repeating’ trope of Kishi’s. The easy way Kakashi and Jiraiya sort of pass Naruto back and forth…and Jiraiya’s ability to step in without a blink from Kakashi…seems to imply that Jiraiya had a more official ‘sensei’ role with Kakashi than is strictly covered in the series. Again, hinted at here, but not covered so obviously.

  29. Obito is coming to kill everyone… He owns you all

  30. It’d be funny if Kakashi reads those books because he actually knows the deeper meaning of those books. jiraiya taught the 4th and the 4th taught kakashi. i’m sure the fourth told him to pay close attention to what J-Man does

  31. Wow, I didn’t notice this fanfic was from December!! >_<

    Darn front page got me thinking this was new. -_-“

  32. @ Rockleex- but aren’t u glad u read this? It’s still an amazing 6 chapter fan fic. We are lucky to have Ibi here to add some estro from time to time.

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