Six Sentences 6: The Chair Creaked

The chair creaked.

The hospital room fell silent.

Jiraiya dropped his head back against the outside of the sill and closed his eyes. He had gotten to Sarutobi too late today to pull Rin off back up. The message had still been in transit when she’d been called.

Rin had just screamed at her dithering medical colleagues, made them leave; she knew it was too late.

The almost empty room breathed with her, no other sound but her lover in the chair.

Harsh antiseptic wafted from the open window, stung Jiraiya’s nose.  He blinked against it and ventured another look.

Kakashi hunched in that chair, both hands gripping hers, his bare lips lowered against her fingers.

Jiraiya looked up at the flawless sky, turning away.

“You have to promise me something.” Her voice cut the silence, no strength left in the pitiful sound.


“Take back what you said last night…”

The chair creaked again. “No!”

“Don’t be alone. Don’t make me your only…”

The chair creaked.

The ANBU mask clattered as it hit the floor, spun. Strangled sobs crashed over silent white walls.  Jiraiya put his back against the sill and gave them their privacy.

Rin had come in to collect Kakashi’s wounded teammate. Ironically, that guy would live. Kakashi had hesitated just enough on seeing her; his target got in one good shot.  And that was all.  A flash of emotion and everything changed. 

Only Tenzou had kept his head.

Oppressive stillness settled at last, and Jiraiya cleared his throat as obviously as he could. “I’m sorry, ki—” He choked off his own words, and blinked at the clear, blue sky. “Kakashi. I’m sorry, Kakashi.”

A rustle, footsteps, and Kakashi climbed out over the window sill, his face obscured again by the black mask and headband. He crouched down nearby, but didn’t look at Jiraiya.

Jiraiya, on the man’s left, saw nothing of his face, only the shock of tousled gray hair showed that he might be human and alive.

“You know what I said before, about your books?” His voice broke, then he clamped it back into an smooth turn of phrase. They could be on a picnic out here, by the easy sound of it.

Jiraiya swiped the tears off his cheeks with the heel of one hand and narrowed his eyes in mock annoyance. “You didn’t want to end up in them.”

“Yeah. That.”  One lazy black eye, unreadable and empty, turned toward Jiraiya.  “I take it all back.”

Without another look or another word, he hopped off the roof and headed toward the memorial stone.

Ironically, she wasn’t considered assigned to the mission. As a med-nin, her death didn’t rank KIA; she wouldn’t even get her name carved there.

“Don’t worry, ki—Kakashi,” Jiraiya whispered, watching the young man’s form disappear into the distance. “I’ll do right by her. She deserves that. So do you.”



Thank you for reading, go find a laugh now, because this story kind of hurts.

In fact, I’ll decompress you by reminding you how this really ends up for Kakashi:

If you can’t watch it all, watch the last minute (from 1:39), now that you’ve read this story.  What do you think?  And the other one is a quick 40 seconds…uh, and smile.
Kakashi AMV by HavocPwnsAll.



~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on November 28, 2008.

22 Responses to “Six Sentences 6: The Chair Creaked”

  1. Its a subtle ending to a great mini-series but it pulls everything together well. much props ibiki

  2. What first to post on a classic!

  3. Ibi awesome!!!:D

  4. That was tough to read…

    It’s strange how much you end up caring for these fictional characters. So much emotional investment especially for those of us who obsess over it.

    Great story. Thank you so much for writing it.

  5. bravo

  6. I have to admit, I thought kakashi was just a pimp before I wrote this. Now I have sympathy Kishi probably didn’t intend. Ah, well.

    Thanks for reading; thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it.

  7. good job with the whole thing…

  8. Awesomeness….

  9. swayze would be proud….*sniff*…

  10. YOU BASTARD!!! you ruined the image of the cool kakashi that i had in my head. now he’s….he’s one of those guys with a tough exterior and ‘mushy feelings and pain’ on the inside.
    great work though, u shud write something with kishi

  11. OH GOD!!!!!(CRYING) that was great from beginning to end that was beyond awesomeness the drama, the love, the passion, the intensity wow i am amazed u gotta an episode for this at least a manga

  12. i mean u gotta make a manga for this at least

  13. lol…thank you light4ice, but I don’t draw. I wouldn’t be opposed to it if someone had the desire. ^.^

  14. you know you should be writing jiriah’s books

  15. lol…and then what excuse would he have to do research?! ^.^

  16. I would be willing to put out the word for artists and host it on iareawesomeness if you are serious Ibi. What about original manga rather than fan fic?

  17. I’m willing to work with someone who wants to draw it. The thought of an original…that’s kind of scary…but I guess if some people were interested, I’d be up for it. @.@

  18. I’ll get something together with one of the many artists at ASU. It will be Awesomeness.

  19. Wow. That would be cool. ^.^

  20. Swayze can talk to Rin’s ghost, and there will be pottery to be made between her and Kakashi! ^_^

  21. Wow @ rocklee

    dude I can’t believe you brought the movie ghost

  22. HEY, Ghost is an awesome movie dammit! ESPECIALLY the pottery scene…Demi Moore wowsers! 😉

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