Six Sentences 5: That’s Impossible…

“That’s impossible!” Kakashi’s protest traveled out the window and pulled Jiraiya closer.

He’d followed the pair all evening, astounded that Rin had actually convinced the kid to take her on a date—without his mask.

Hatake had managed through dinner and a movie with his face exposed.

True, in exchange, he had demanded the late, late showing and dinner in the darkest café in town well after dusk.  But he had gone out that way. He’d covered himself with the menu, his napkin, the tea mug, and the popcorn bucket until Rin would furrow her brow.  A struggle, but the kid had done it in the end.  Mostly.

“Come on,” Rin wheedled, “you know you can. You know you want to…”


“No.  You just have to bend a little. C’mon. Say yes and kiss me.”

Hmmm. This sounded promising, and he ventured a peek, seeing them locked lip to lip, hovering over the edge of the opened bed. Fully clothed, apparently they were just getting started. What was she after now? Bend a little?  Interesting.  

Kakashi’s fingers ran through her auburn hair and then pulled her away.

“Kiss you, yes.  But I’m not going out without my mask tomorrow. So quit.”

She pouted a little, then grinned. “It’s okay. I’m just thankful for…tonight.”

Her lips found his again and it wasn’t long before he maneuvered them to the edge of the bed. 

Mmm.  Jiraiya dug around in his pocket for a scroll and the little pot of ink.  His other hand patted his chest until he found the sable brush.

Kakashi reached for his headband, part of their ritual now, but her hand stopped him.


“No. This is…between us,” she whispered and Jiraiya shivered in anticipation. He steadied himself on the wood siding and hunkered down low in the corner of the window.

Kakashi sat back, a twitch on his lower lip. “But…he…I…”

She leaned in and kissed his neck, moved on to his ear.

“No.” His hand pushed her back by the shoulders. “We.  We are the same. Thanks to you, what you did for us, I’m changed, and…”

She sighed.

Jiraiya did, too. Now he wanted to talk? Was the kid deaf and blind? She was practically begging. What an idiot!  Youth was wasted on kids like this.

“I know. You are different since.” She touched the scar where it ran low on his cheek, under the headband. “But, Kakashi? Do we need to talk about this now? Right now?” She caught his hands and pushed them under her skirt. “You’ve got…I’m so…Please?”

His hands slid slowly down her thighs, avoiding what she seemed to want.

“I’m making you wait. Besides, I can talk and work my hands at the same time. I’m gifted that way.” The backs of his fingers trailed up over the outside of her thighs, traveling up as he spoke, as he stared, lips turning up in a slight smile.  She closed her eyes.

Jiraiya smirked in appreciation. The kid did have some moves, but then he always had an exceptional intellect. He could easily take his lessons about combat and apply them here. It was all about pursuit and rhythm—and timing.

“I love you, Rin. You saved my life so many times over by what you gave me.” The soft, even words kept pouring out of him; his hands never paused, and she leaned into them, eyes hooded in fever—then closing.

“You gave me him and made me…”

“Exceptional,” she hissed.

“Exceptional,” he agreed. His hands found the tie of her wrap around blouse and tugged slowly, ever so slowly, at the bow.

Genius!  Jiraiya looked away and unrolled the scroll, absorbing Kakashi’s pillow talk as the velvet voice kept going.  It wasn’t the sexiest dialogue, unless you knew them.  Knew what they’d been through.  He’d have to change it around later.

 “I was average without you two.  I was stupid.  Blind to the fact that I wasn’t any good alone.”

Jiraiya managed another peek, and held in a chuckle as Rin apparently grew tired of Kakashi’s dawdling hands.

She snorted, batted away his hand and pulled faster at the tie. “False modesty. Above average, at least.”

He shrugged and slid his hands into the gap in the fabric. “No matter what happens, you will both always be with me. And I will always be in your debt.” His mouth dropped to her skin as he reached around and pressed her closer.

Jiraiya dipped his brush in the ink, afraid of what he would miss, scribbling like mad so he could remember it all. Lovers like these two did not come around as often as he had once guessed.  And that was what they were now.

Then his brush stopped, and he had to just watch, listen.

At a most intimate moment, clothes tossed aside, Kakashi choked out more words. “You are my one and only, Rin. There will only ever be you. Even if you left me tomorrow, you will be with me with every breath. With every blink. But I want you with me always. Marry me.”

He didn’t wait for her response, but she cried out her answer over and over again.

Much later, Jiraiya blotted his brush on a scrap of cloth and twisted the top back on the inkpot.

Rin had slipped away into the shower.

That had been something.

He’d have to talk to Sarutobi-sensei about it tomorrow. Rin had no business on medical back up for Kakashi’s black ops team. It would get them both into trouble. It always could have, but it was official now—or would be soon.

“Are you out here again, Jiraiya?” Kakashi’s head poked out the window, elbows on the sill. His bare shoulders slouched in ease, the ANBU tattoo dark between them. The kid was known for bursting out of that bored posture and right into assassination. It was another gift.

Jiraiya raised an eyebrow and looked carefully at the uncovered mouth. No assassination plans, but his ease covered more irritation than his body showed–the tight line of his lips a dead give away.

“You know, kid, you learn the most interesting information on rooftops.”

“Really? You need to get your own true love. Stop stealing mine.”

“What makes you think I don’t have one?”

“Then go on. Go there instead. And stop watching me.”

“Ah, Kakashi, if I would I could. I could if I would. So please, forgive me for looking in on you.” He made a broad gesture, sweeping his hands over his heart. “It makes my own pain bearable.”

Kakashi chuckled a little and looked away. “I better not end up in one of your books.  If you can call them that.”

“Understood. Besides, Minato asked me to keep an eye on you, you know. I’m just doing as he asked.”

The dark eye focused on him again, bottom lip twitching undeniably. “Liar.”

Jiraiya shook his head. “I’m here for you, kid. You aren’t as alone as you think. Although, you know I have to tell the Third about…this.”

A grin split across the kid’s face, although he carefully kept all trace of it out of his eye. Oh, if he was going to go without the mask, he had more work to do. Rin had been right about his mouth being unable to hide his feelings.

The bathroom door popped as it opened and Kakashi disappeared inside—apparently, the kid didn’t want her to know what he had known for so long:  that Jiraiya had been looking in on them.

The next morning, Jiraiya noticed that Kakashi left his house with the mask bunched around his neck, his face bare.


Pssst…author’s note:  you do realize this isn’t going to end well, right?  I suggest you stop reading now if you want a happy ending.

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~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on November 28, 2008.

18 Responses to “Six Sentences 5: That’s Impossible…”

  1. First. this was as good as ever…

  2. Fuck! some noob got here first!

  3. A+ haha

  4. @ harshy, dude technically your still a noob, just because you’ve been watching doesn’t mean your anymore experienced, it just mean’s your like a pervert, just saying…

    great as ever ibi *lil fanboy can’t stop his obsessive screaming*, nice comment at the bottom, though obviously it isn’t over…

  5. Thanks guys. *blush*

  6. I know it ends badly, but I’m really looking forward to how you write the ending. I love the end of this one. The dialogue between Kakashi and Jiraiya is great and dripping with eerie foreshadowing.

  7. Ibi again…you hit AWESOMENESS!!!it’ll end badly????why??

  8. @babyfox rin needs to die

  9. @ babyfox – seriously?

  10. ok ok..i take it back..rin must die

  11. Yeah, I was considering changing the sentence of the last one to “Rin Must Die!!!!” ;P~

    But thanks for reading…again…I’m just always amazed people actually read my junk, and then if they understand what I meant to say…crap, that’s like presents on Christmas morning!

  12. hey ibi be more self confident!!!the things you write aren’t junk!!if they were,they wouldn’t be in this site,ne??you have skills girl!!!:D

  13. LMAO…babyfox, tell that to the editors that keep rejecting my stories. Ha…that last one said: “this just didn’t capture my interest,” which is editor for ‘boring, shit-writing.’

    But I DO appreciate the encouragement. If I ever get published you all will be the first to know. =)

  14. i’m really happy that you are that good!!you represent deservedly all the girls of this site^^

  15. oh..screw the editors….!!and if u ever get published i’ll be the first to buy!!!!!!

  16. oh..screw the editors….!!and if u ever get published i’ll be the first to buy!!!!!!

  17. soz for the double comment^^

  18. Its always the happiest before the sadness. The calm before the storm.

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