Six Sentences 2: It’s Just Like Bartering

Jiraiya had been gone a few months, and something caught his attention as he passed the empty lot. He crouched down at a convenient knothole in the tall fence and grinned. Kakashi and Rin must have just arrived; both stood facing each other near the center of the weedy, overgrown space.

“It’s just like bartering,” he said with a shrug, one hand in his pocket, hip thrust out in the image of cockiness. Kakashi was on the attack, and Jiraiya stopped himself from whistling in appreciation. Excellent timing.

“You know how that works don’t you?”

Rin fought a smile. “I think you’re about to tell me.”

“It’s give and take, Rin, you know that…” He pulled closer by her waist, that one hand still in his pocket.

She reached up for his headband and he snapped her around, like combat, pulling her backside into his chest, his arm still wrapped around her. She gasped. His masked face nuzzled in close to her ear until Jiraiya had to strain his ears. He still only caught part of it.

“…reach a bargain for that first…”

Oh, the kid had moves, that was certain. Jiraiya wanted to put on some dance music, because this seduction had an undeniable rhythm. He pressed his eye closer, until he felt the sharp edges of the wood on his eyebrow and the chemical scent of the stain on the boards drowned the dusty scent of summer weeds.

Rin stepped away, toward Jiraiya, turned back to Kakashi, arm raised like a threat. The kid laughed; so did she, and her arm slowly lowered.

He closed the gap slow, like a prowling cat. “But since you’ve chosen your target, let me make my opening offer. I’ll look at you with both eyes if you…” He whispered something in her ear.

“Tch!” She slapped at his chest. “I need the eyes and the mask for that. And you’ll also have to…” Her turn to whisper to him; he pulled her close and ran gloved hands down her back, gripping her down low and pulling her closer. “It’s only fair.”

She probably didn’t notice, or if she did she didn’t protest, that Kakashi slowly backed her toward the fence. Jiraiya licked his lips and counted the steps, because if this kept up they would hit the boards right about where he squatted.

“Good,” Kakashi hissed, one hand disappearing under her shirt. “You understand the basics of barter, then. Never accept the first offer. Don’t under cut the price too much. How about…” He whispered to her again, burying his face against her neck.

Two more steps closer, and Jiraiya could hear her moan. “Guess I have to give a little to get a little. But it’s still too high, Kakashi.”

The fence shuddered, and Jiraiya was stuck with a splinter, which he ignored.

“Hmm. Then how about this…” Kakashi’s thigh edged across Jiraiya’s vision, who tilted his head to get a better view.

“I’ll give you a taste,” the kid murmured, through what sounded to Jiraiya like kisses. Lip kisses without the mask–and he couldn’t see anything but Kakashi’s leg.

“In good faith…you understand.”

Definitely kissing going on.

“But, Rin…the most important thing…about bartering?”

More soft sounds and her panting now. Kakashi pushed himself off the fence, jarring Jiraiya’s eyebrow and coming back into view, his mask over his face again. “Know when you need to walk away.”

He took three steps toward the middle of the empty lot, flexed his knees and waved once.

She sprang after him. “Wait, wait. I was only teasing.”

He laughed. “And that is the principle part of bartering; the game is always…” One hand pulled his mask down while the other freed his eyes, tossed the bit of cloth away.

Her hands molded to his well-defined cheeks, her thumb tracing the scar on the left side of his face. She shuddered when he looked at her, both eyes wide—one dark and one red—unblinking.

“To measure the other person and…”

He kissed her again, driving her back into the fence until Jiraiya had to sit back and rub his eye. At least he didn’t cry out. He went to look through the knothole again, but Kakashi’s hand covered it. Damn that sharingan!

“And what?” He heard Rin tease.

Sounds of unzipping.

“Get the…” Kakashi’s voice floated away in satisfied distraction. He moaned.

Jiraiya, frustrated with the lack of view, considered poking the kid’s hand with a stick, but that would ruin everything.

Shuffling, then silence.

“Get the…what?” Rin asked in a teasing tone, clearly less distracted than Kakashi.

The kid apparently had difficulty answering, and his words came out between gasps as the fence began to shudder. “Get…the best…deal.”

Chuckling to himself, because he knew he would no longer be heard, Jiraiya stood up and walked away—determined to write it all down before he forgot a single word.


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~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on November 28, 2008.

12 Responses to “Six Sentences 2: It’s Just Like Bartering”

  1. firstttttt

  2. Your doing an amazing job tying in those code sentences!

    I can’t help but have a stupid grin on my face every time I read these cause that is so in character for Jiaiya, very funny, very well written. Can’t wait till the next one ^_^

  3. kakashi = playa

  4. i cant wait for the sentence “its bigger than i thought…” lmao

  5. xaxa00a0x a0xa0 x0a0x me tooo

  6. yea chouji makes an appearance in that one doesn’t he???

  7. dude kakashi is a complete player, and once he gets her to ask for the sharingan, its all over… kakashi wins and gets whatever he wants ^_^

  8. yo Jeremiah, you might want to hurry up with that theory post before everything is ruined.. jk good luck on finals, i hate ’em

  9. @Jeremiah: *blush* ty. Flattery gets you more stories, you know…lol.

    @ arrun: Chouji’s like in preschool when this happens, so I seriously hope not. @.@

    @renzy and Alec: yes, Kakashi = playa. Rin’s got a thing for Obito’s eye.

  10. Ibi you’re AWESOME!!!!i loved it..can’t wait for the next one!!

  11. oh fuck! that was awesome! can’t wait for the next issue!!!

  12. Luckily Kakashi hasn’t learned to use the Mangekyou yet.

    Under the heat of it all, he could lose control and accidentally teleport one of her boobs to another dimension. Aahahah. 😛

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