Six Sentences 1: Do You Really Love Me?

Jiraiya leaned back in the tree and hid himself from the pair sprawled on the forest floor below. One hand touched down lightly on the thick branch below him, the prickle of sharp bark reminding him to stay still or risk a lot of noise when he bobbled. He breathed a sigh of relief—they hadn’t seen him.

Kakashi turned back toward Rin and asked her one more time. “Do you really love me?”

Her fingers trailed back to the edge of his mask. He grabbed her hand and lowered it to his chest.

She had stretched herself in the grass, propped up on one elbow; he kneeled at her side, one eye exposed and focused only on her now. Jiraiya smiled that he had such good timing. Rin had been teasing Kakashi for weeks, and she had just insisted he pull down his mask and kiss her.

“Is it me you love or…” Kakashi’s voice died away, then came back hard. “Or him?”

Rin’s hand fell away and she rolled over onto her back, eyes on the tree branches above them.

Jiraiya cursed softly and held his breath; maybe she couldn’t see him. The branches bobbed as a wind pushed the leaves, he hoped Kakashi would not catch scent of him. Working with that Inuzuka gal after Obito died had made him part dog as well; the sharingan eye was turning out to be the kid’s greatest strength.

Kakashi’s voice asked again, a nasty edge in it now. “Do you really love me? I won’t ask again.”

“Yes,” she answered at last, “him, too, but…yes.”

Jiraiya took a quick breath and held it again. Would it be good enough? But he could see the answer. Kakshi’s hands pushed the hair out of her eyes, his head blocked Jiraiya’s view of her face.

“I guess that’s just part of what I have to live with.”

She pushed the headband off first. “Open them. I want to see you both.”

Kakashi sighed, and apparently complied as her torso flexed a little, wriggling closer, and she rolled down the mask starting from the nape of his neck.

This time the kid let her. Yes!

The rest—well the rest was good enough to write about—and Jiraiya wrote it down on a scroll where he kept all his best ideas.


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~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on November 28, 2008.

18 Responses to “Six Sentences 1: Do You Really Love Me?”

  1. I am first!

  2. and then jenna jameson comes in and they have a threesome

  3. woah…very steamy

  4. @ うずまき punxed – oooooh…i like the menage a trois in the wilderness.

    @ 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi – You could be the next Danielle Steel of the Manga world…lol

    THE MAN is such a voyeur.

  5. Nice, when do we get the rest?

  6. @ Ibiki Teishi – very cool short fan fic. Pervy Sage lives up to his reputation.

  7. @arrun: “Danielle Steel of the Manga world” BWAHhahahhah. I’ve been called that before. I just like to round out Kishi’s ‘verse a bit, cover the things he ain’t never gonna touch.

    @Russ: soon. later. When you can’t stand the wait. Maybe i’ll go on hiatus and come back talking about a completely different story. ^.^

  8. i second what punxed said!

  9. Ha, ha, うん、あなたは馬鹿な猿だ, you sick leetle monkey. No threesome this time. It makes Jeremiah upchuck. ^.^

  10. holy crap

  11. @ Ibi – as long as the threesome is Sakura, Hinata and Temari


    Involving Chouji like you did last time will only cause me to vomit again


  12. ino hinata temari…. sakura is not good.. she bites when she blows:P

  13. btw hinata is deepthroat:P

  14. aww but Jeremiah, you know if Chouji and Tsunade had a wet t-shirt contest, chouji would win because his “eyes” are so much bigger than Tsunade’s…

    (it’s s joke, and for all the newbies it’s from a post way back, so you probably won’t get it)

  15. Sakura the Dominatrix, Hinata the French Maid and Kurenai the Stripper…
    Jeremiah should just open a new smut section…lol. Everyone’s just bursting with ideas.

  16. […] Original unknown […]

  17. LOL…さくら bites! i gotta be careful…and ひなた deepthroats!!! wow! gotta try that!

  18. Lol, Danielle Steel.

    Reminds me of the Chamomile Tea story, and rightfully so.

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