Naruto Manga 426 Part II + Further Discussion of manga 425

Naruto Manga 426 <spoiler><pics><raw><translation><new Shippuden review>

Credit for the spoiler goes to Fahim. Awesome as usual! Questionable choice in music though ^_^ 

Break down of the new issue will be on Turkey day/(Thanksgiving)/Thursday or Friday at the worst depending on the release of the translated manga.

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Lost in translation?

Well this week also saw the first transgender character in the Naruto world… it seems like it any way after Inoishi screams “he” and “him” from the tallest mountain he can find.  But in the previous issue one guy says the bag is light and that “he can tell its a girl” and then after unzipping the bag his partner confirms “you were right… its a girl.”  So either Inoichi and his horrible haircut (busniness man in front, party girl in back) a) is a horrible judge of gender b) a mistranslation c) Sasori/Haku syndrome… you read the panels and decide.

Hmmm.... I wonder how frog tastes?

Hmmm.... I wonder how frog tastes?

It seems Naruto and Fukusaku will not be able to “fuse” because the 9 tails chakra won’t allow it. The primary reason to fuse was because you need someone to have your back while you enter sage mode because it takes a few minutes of meditation to reach this point which would make you vulnerable to your opponent for those few minutes.  Not being able to fuse with Fukusaku doesn’t prevent Naruto from entering or maintaining sage mode but he won’t have him there to protect him like Jiraiya did to have those few minutes to enter sage mode to begin with.  What do you think the solution to this problem will be?

Rikudou makes another guest appearance...

Rikudou makes another guest appearance...

 Ibiki makes another reference to Rikudou and refers to him as “one” of the first ninjas.  This word “one” is important because they made it seem like he was the first and pretty much the creator of the ninja world.  Now it sounds like they are leaving the door open for there to be more just Rikudou who started the ninja world… possible implications on the future of the story?

Why are you all sweaty? What the hell were you doing back there? Gaaaah! Put that away!

Why are you all sweaty? What the hell were you doing back there? Gaaaah! Put that away!

 I don’t know why but it was good to see Konohamaru again, not as good as it would have been to see Rock Lee or Maito Gai but I’ll take what I can get.  He used to annoy me but he looks like he’s slowly growing up and may be a cool character in the future.  But why is he all sweaty? What the hell was he doing around that corner? PERFECT SEXY NO JUTSU!

 Konohamaru's perfect Sexy Technique in Episode 2.

*Random ninja walks around corner* Hey Konoha…ma.. What the F*&K are you doing back here? People are dying out there! Gaaaaaah! Put that away you freak!

The last lines read “Will they figure out Pain’s secret?!”

God I hope so, we all figured it out like 100 issues ago and I don’t care anymore unless thats what triggers Nagato to come out and play.

The last line reads “Konoha and Naruto”. Does this signal his return!? I hope so. Things are intense and I really, personally need him to come save Kakashi’s ass so that I can sleep well at night knowing that the great copy ninja will always be there to tuck me in at night… JK I would be really pissed if he really is dead for good though…. Naruto hurry the F^&K up!

Ja mata



P.S. Some of the new people reading the blog are lost on the Swayze jokes so here’s a little lesson in magical world of Swayze…


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  1. First

  2. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Nooooooooo!

  3. My theory is that he will use the shadow clones again to do it. Just like always, he will be able to look left and right just adding mediation to the mix.

  4. Suck it Bono!

  5. Yeah I think russ is right the clones will work. But I also think kakashi will not die, his dead dad might just say something to him that makes him want to live. If animal realm is Rin (it is looking more and more true), then Kakashi is not dead and I get a lot of hungry ghost cereal.

  6. derrrr…

    I can’t believe I didn’t put that in there. Thanks Russ. I just added it to the survey.

  7. yes..kage bunshins will do the job..

  8. everyone keeps forgetten that the 8 tailed beasts clan is supposed to be on there way to konoha to help stop akatsuki thats the ace in the hole

  9. That’s true. I keep forgettin about those guys. I wonder if killerbee is having fun singin Enka?

  10. Omg I’m so so so frustrated. Kakashi better not die or I’m going to go ape shit. Why the fuck did he have to be put in such a dismal situation anyways? ugh. grr.

    Naruto will most likely use his clones as always. That seems to be his solution for everything he can’t figure out. “Hey I can’t beat this guy!… Maybe 2 of me can beat him?” … “I can’t do this!!! Maybe 2 or 3 of me together can do it?” WELL DUH!!! IF I COULD MAKE SHADOW CLONES I’D BE DONE WITH SCHOOL AND LIVING THE CHILL LIFE AS CLONES DO ALL THE WORK!!!

    What is with the people of the village? They really really suck at figuring things out!!! They still don’t know how to beat pain? J-man almost did it and he figured most of the puzzle out by his damn self!!! I thought Naruto and J-man where suppose to be the type of ninja that are all brawn with lets say “learning conditions” fuck, and they still can’t figure anything out?!?! I mean Shikamaru came up with and beat those akatsuki guys with almost no information at all!! He has more information on Pain then he ever had on those guys!!! FUCK! Can’t the village do anything without Naruto’s help!?!?!? This is starting to piss me off! common isn’t Shikamaru a genius or something????

    I hate Demon Realm completely with a passion now! Even in death he somehow still manages to annoy me!!! But Kakashi didn’t get covered by the rocks he’s still there in the lower left corner I saw it the second time re-reading the manga. But still ugh Demon Realm just go away or something.

    This whole thing with Kakashi better just be a way of telling us more of his story.

    Where the F**K is those guys that where sent to help us? Will support ever arrive? I mean does it really take that long to get there? Doesn’t Gai take morning jogs to other countries?? It can’t take THAT long for other ninja to make it there. ugh.


    Is it just me or did this chapter basically tell us nothing??? Like I feel like This was just a way to buy time to wright more. ugh.

    thats my 2 cents

  11. sorry about any language btw i’m kinda mad at the moment if you can’t tell.

  12. Oh, korro, right there with ya, buddy.

  13. I’m thinking the Kyubi will offer to protect Naruto while he goes sage mode. I’m not sure how they do that but they’ve all but taken out the yubi and it’s time to bring him back in some how.

  14. ibikiteishi I think this was just about the most anticipated chapter ever in Naruto… and it was beyond a disappointment. It just makes my mind riddle more for the answers.

  15. @erich Maybe… I miss the old days when instead of naruto using his clones for everything he used the Kyubi’s chakra. LOL But if somehow Naruto smarts up and decides to use Kyubi’s power and sage power and his clones he will be a ninja that i wouldn’t want to be up against.

  16. i think kakashi talking to his dad would play a great r ole. i think they come to the point that they will forgive and understand each other and then the white fang will leve a task to kakashi and that would maybe to at least protect someone close to him since he failed from rin to obito to his sensei. and he will regain consciousness by will

  17. Yeah, which means you’ll probably be back for the next chapter, huh? Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as frustrated at you, but part of me is watching Kishi wind us up and wishing I knew how to do that half as well. That sh*t sells.

    BUT…there’s a fine line between wind up and the point where we just don’t give a rip anymore, huh? I think we’re headed for some epic fu that’s only going to slow down long enough for Kakashi to talk in his sleep and Naruto to waltz with the frog every once in a while.

  18. i think naruto will talk to the beast in his subconsciousness. naruto will agian have the respect of the beast for talking to him bravely sa the beast would help him enter sage mode. the sage mode will be Able to attain in an instance or the kyubi will surround him with charkra for a moment to protect him from attacks.

  19. ibikiteishi, who are you talking to?

  20. i finally remember who the hell patrick swayze is! and f@*k him! he is a shit!

  21. @ Glen…. I don’t think that you are getting the joke about the Swayze. Just like Captain Planet.

  22. man comman kakashi cant die hes the great copy ninja comman

    if kakashi dies naruto manga sucks 100% .i hope anime doesnt follow manga cause if init kakashi dies too it sucks 200%

  23. @russ i think so too…. hehehe

  24. @ erichh: that’s the most stupid thing i have ever heard…kyubbi is evil…he will most likely help naruto when he knows that naruto wont be able to defeat the guy and then use up his whole chakra and pop out of naruto…

  25. Every host we have seen until know worked along with his tailed beast so, why wouldn”t Naruto do the same. If he can’t fuse with Pa frog, then the nine tailed will protect him while he enters in sage mode.

  26. dunno…all i have to say is “i dunno…” lol…how come you never noticed? shukaku went well with gaara (he was sorta evil but he didn’t interfere or try to come out on its own and gaara didn’t suffer from the lack of control until he slept)…the 8 tailed was a fried of the host (almost like a pet)…look at the demon fox…naruto refers to him as “hey @#$%ing retard! gimme some chakra” and the kyubi goes “worship me you @$$ hole, if it wasn’t for me, you would already be ******* dead”….lmao

    i think that it’s pretty clear that the 9 tailed is both strong and evil….i can’t say that for the other tailed beasts though

  27. as for the “Will Konohamaru play a large roll in the invasion of Konoha?” poll…lmfao…people(currently 30%) think that that kid can actually save kakashi (most likely with a sexy jutsu)…if kakashi can be saved, gai is the only one who can do it….

  28. you left one name out of ur dual-gendered characters….. DEIDARA lmao i hated him so much im glad hes dead art sucks

  29. also doesnt it seem like the 6 realms of pein arent sticking to their plans…. in 419 they said animal realm demon realm and hungry ghost realm were distractions where human realm hell realm and god realm are supposed to be finding stuff out… we havent seen hungry ghost or hell realms anywhere since the start of the attack, and god realm was hanging out with demon realm wtfs up?

  30. …i agree with renzy, wtf happened to their master plan. apparently 6 minds are not better than one. however with bringing up how the team from the raikage will save kakashi (i know someone posted this i am too lazy to look) what about killerbee? he said he wanted some fun, what could be more fun than kicking peins ass? not to mention it would open the door in which he teaches naruto how to control the nine tails. i mean jman is gone, the 4th is gone, kakashi is indesposed, seems like killerbee is the only one left, and the only one badass enough to match naruto

  31. oh, and Jeremiah…frog tastes just like chicken, of course.

  32. yes it’s as ibi’s very tasty should try it..!

  33. after like, 5 issues, naruto is going to bury k-man, and then he is gonna try to peek at his mask, and then k-man is gonna wake up and go like wtf are u diong get off of my mask.

  34. even though that’s too lame to be in the manga.

  35. @ Babyfox- Gew! I just threw up in my mouth… Thanx…

  36. did you guys notice that kakashi dad ia alive because white ftog died wen kakashi was young ans as you see in da picture kakashi is old plus kakashi says this is were u r so he must be alive.

  37. Obito’s Sharingan- passed to kakashi now to konohamaru

  38. maybe she meant toad licking… ^.^

  39. you know guys here in Greece in a town called Ioannina they eat frog legs..and it’s not such a disgusting thing as you imagine.. ^_^

  40. actually it’s a rather famous dish there..

  41. i agree with babyfox. i’ve tasted frog’s leg. yah sure it looks bad but it tastes pretty good. just lke chicke, exactly like chicken. i’ve tasted it as a challenge from my relatives in my province.

  42. now im thinking why tsunad didnt ask for any help from their very close allied village?–sunagakure. why not? its a fact that gaara cant just leave his villagae, he is the kazekage. but there are still a lot of great shinobies there

  43. konohamaru’s sexy jutsu really is perfect! soooooooooo hot!

  44. what if naruto can fuse with the kyuubi and remain in control….that will be tapping into a infinite source of power

  45. but naruto cant do that without a complete seal.

  46. The line was a mistake. By putting あれは死体だった!into translation it becomes That was the body! Context is also important. I’m not entirely sure but the translator probably made an assumption from the image.

    Sage Mode requires a still body. I don’t think Shadow Clone Jutsu would solve the problem. The point fusion is it separates movement from stillness while being treated as the same form. Clones are separte from Naruto and experience doesn’t seemed to be transfered until they are released. If Naruto was aiming to have a single clone enter sage mode then it would work. However, if they aren’t treated as the same body then I don’t see where its going.

    As for Konohamaru he is as dependable as any other shinobi. It’s what happens that will have the greatest effect.

  47. @ilyas that statement was so incredibly bad that nobody will answer you… but i will lol kakashi is unconcious and basically dreaming in a near death moment ill call it

  48. I dont think Konohamaru will save Kakashi but myb he saw Danzo and he runs to Tsunade to tell her about Danzo masterplan and Tsu sends one of slugs to get Naruto. Also i think if the animal-relm is a girl (99%) Shika is going to fight her and btw where is he he is a genius whz are Shiyune and others thinking when thez can just ask him he does his hand sign and figures out everything. And what happend to Maito and the rest what are thez doing i think Neji could do some mega dmg now.About Naruto i doubt that Itachis power is going to help him becouse Ita gave Naruto that power to fight Sasuke and Madara (probablz a anti-genjustu or smt like that) so i thing he will have to depend on his friends to enter sage mode or zilion clones fighting while he is entering it

  49. @ilyas, i agree with renzy. hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha. the white fang is dead! the conversation is just happening inside kakashi’s subconsciousness! hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  50. (soar throat)

  51. strepsils

  52. ~ahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…~!!!

  53. Sakumo killed himself after the village looked down on him for rescuing his teammates rather than completing his mission. And Kakashi has always been torn up about not being able to save his own comrades and master. So I figure that this meeting with his father is just to put his mind at rest and give him a reason to go on. I do not see why the writer wants to show this if he is not going to bring Kakashi back.
    Also, doesn’t it look like Konahamaru is holding onto a bar or something?
    Why can’t Fukusaku just be summoned without fusing with Naruto to protect Naruto while he meditates?

  54. @arrrun fukasaku uses natural energy too which he would need to gather so it would be pointless

  55. @ renzy10 – oh yea, thanks. I guess the ever resourceful Naruto will figure out away to overcome that.
    Now that Naruto’s done his training and can’t do anymore I hope he is returning to Konoha. Something tells me he might only be returning towards the end of the next chapter after the Peins have left. And then he is going to beat himself up for not being there for his friends just like Kakashi and Jiraiya had. And hopefully Kakashi will still be around to console him and set him straight.

  56. i think the kyuubi will gather the nature chakra or sth so he wont need Pa. and kakashi will die even jiraiya died against pein.

  57. WAS jiraiya’s body (assuming he really died) recovered by pain?

    The first animal realm pein (guy) died and was replaced with a GIRL but KOnan asked for two bodies… pein was stocking up (probably for konoha)

    Pain could summon the 7th body….(summoning technique)….
    Could he summon the body of jiraiya, as replacement for any fallen realm?

  58. anyone notice that the fox is the only one that ever truly scares the shit out of people? The eight tails and three tails were just weird, the one tail was kinda plain and boring (Gaara is what was scary), the two tail was kinda cute actually. No one even flinched at the sight of the others, and yet when the nine-tails shows up, he scares kisame, itachi, and oro just from his chakra (that is pretty dam impressive, though kisame and itachi had absolutely no reason to fear the nine tails because of itachi’s ms and amaterasu, along with kisame’s sword and his straight up chakra amount)

  59. no jiraya’s body is gone, lost in that giant ocean or lake or whtever it is. I highly doubt kishi would want to bring back jiraya in that way unless he wanted to give naruto a reason to go completely insane and go fox-sage mode with whatever itachi gave him

  60. @Alec: the lack of body is disturbing, tho. We have no idea, and the possiblities are cruel. Jiraiya as a Pain aspect would definitely drive Naruto batsh!t insane.

  61. that what he’s probably saving it for if anything… Naruto is strong, killed a couple of pains but he’s not strong enough because he restrains the fox, then he sees Jiraya. And the fox chakra leeks out with Naruto crying. The fox says he won’t do anything to help cause he hated jiraya with Naruto saying if you don’t do what i say you’ll be controlled by pain forever. The fox says no, then internal Naruto looks up and there is the sharingan looking at the fox, the fox quivers with the amount of chakra naruto is releasing along with the sharingan staring right at the fox. Naruto releases the seal completely opening up everything, only the fox does not control him, naruto is in his human form with all the power of the ninetails.

    (epic battle ensues with force too amazing to describe to mere mortals so soon)

    afterwords: Kakashi (hopefully sill alive) notices that the seal has disappeared and is worried that the fox may come back anytime, Naruto looks at him and says no the fox won’t control him now, he will never harm anyone again unless i, the sixth hokage, tell him too.

  62. I just thought, apparently both Kakashi and Sakura have O type blood (obito had it too), which means that if Kakashi were to die, then he could give his sharingan to Sakura. He would say “I know you want Saskue back as much as Naruto, and Naruto will have his own battle that he will fight and he’s plenty strong now to handle it, here have my sharingan so you can protect yourself, the village, and your team the way i never was able to” (btw yes sakura has lost use of one of her eyes while tsunade was fighting pain, or saskue, it doesn’t matter)…

    next manga, sakura now has a sharingan and has way more chakra than kaashi so she can actually last.

  63. @Alec, ………

  64. seriously, you cann’t go around passing eyes. It makes no sense at all.

  65. random thoughts, me and Monster do not create a happy couple… which is why i don’t drink it, except for today which was a stupid move

  66. Alec, ^.^

    But you forgot the Swayze’s influence helping Naruto to fully harness the fox and make it his bitch. AND, MS Sakura should change her name to Baby… ^.^

  67. ill bleave jiraiya’s dead when i see his body with a dildo sticking out ass

  68. Alec your right all the other taled beast arent that bad but yet naruto lets out a bit of the 9tails power and it’s sick when all the other went full power and got there ass kicked the 9tails far has the most power but what if sasuke gets a tailed beast like wtf hes strong the way it is

  69. everyones talkin’ bout how the key will allow a nauto+kyuubi fusion but hasn’t anyone noticed it could let the kyuubi take over naruto and go BERSERK!what do we have then Kyuuruto or Narubii!(But jiraiya did say smfin bout yin and yang things…”Wax on, Wax off:…lol)!
    But i also have a theory for the future of naruto, i believe in the end, Naruto will become powerful on his own and leave the kyuubi to go fatass couch potato mode….and when he’s powerfull enough, he’ll release the seal and Kill the kyuubi on his own…and about kakashi…Fuck u Kishi(dont stop the manga though..)I mean….u kill kakashi, fatass chouza, asuma, ero-sennin,blah blah blah and u DONT KILL GAI!!WTF is THAT!!

  70. Kakashi will not get converted. Most likely the Demon Realm head falling apart means that Nagato abandon that body and made another one to replace him; thus, the old Demon Realm body falls apart. Another item to note is that in order to convert someone, the body must be at that weird temple; therefore, Kakashi will not be converted on the spot.

  71. who seen Swayze in the last 1000 years? he died fighting the first hokage with chuck norris in the vally of end every one knows that”

  72. Why doesn’t the fox just do the ‘keeping still’ side of the sage mode fusion. He pretty much just lies on his big ass in that cage of his all day anyway and he doesn’t even have to do anything extra. He and Naruto are already kinda fused as it is.

    It’s not like he has anything better to do…

  73. why would he help naruto he hates naruto for keeping him trapped… also isnt that seal the fourth (and third) used supposed to keep the user in a never ending battle in the stomach of that demon thing… what if minato is in the cage keeping the fox there and the power itachi left naruto releases minato in narutos head and they control the kyuubi together

  74. I vote Swayze on Naruto’s right shoulder and Norris on the Left. Cause we all know even the 9-tails can’t out power the Awesomeness that is Swayze and the “WTF” deadly power of Norris.

    …but seriously either Naruto needs to now learn to control the beast even more, or he will have to use the beast “nature” chakra to power his sage mode.

  75. @ Doron – LMAO! I think Swayze’s chakra is even more out of control and dangerous than the nine tails! I want to see a panel where the Swayze is screaming and all fierce looking in black and white with the frog in his mouth! @_@

    Great comment.

    Get an icon so that you don’t look like a noob, doesn’t cost anything to sign up. HERE

  76. …it’s a me Doron… but someone stole my name already. It’s so uncommon you’d think I’d be the first, so DPGodson it is.

  77. @ Jeremiah: frog, Naruto AND the fox in his mouth…

  78. @ Doron – If you read that same link/faq on getting an icon, it also shows how you can change the way it appears when commenting so that when you comment it still says Doron.

    Captain planet welcomes you to the crazy house ^_^

    @ Ibi -such a fierce scary image indeed @_@ but very possible. His chakra envelopes all.

  79. its too fierce for human eyes to comprehend… madaras brother saw it and thats why he took his eyes out

  80. @renzy10 lol, I wonder if Itachi’s MS can stand up against the Swayze? …I don’t even think the black flames can burn him.

  81. if kakashi dies it is a good twist i like authors who do not go by what fans want but what he feels is better for the story. and that will help naruto become a man. kakashi was becoming a weak character anyway always ending up in the hospital.

  82. konohamaru is in danzou`s lair

  83. i think its bout time they give naruto the scroll his father left 4 him so he can release the seal n control the fox or sumn so he can go sage or maybe its itachi power that will help him in sage modei mean come one its naruto give it to him u bastards and r they focusing on the code right now or the stupid piece of metal and most importantly KAKASHI CANNOT DIE i warning u lol

  84. Raises hand high, The whole sealing of Yin and Yang Chakra has me a bit confused on the direction the Manga is taking. Can you answer this?

    Based on manga issue 370, Naruto has the Yang Chakra sealed into him. Does that mean that only 50% of the Nine Tailed Fox’s chakra was placed in Naruto? Alternately could it mean that 100% of the chakra was sealed inside of Naruto, but only the Yang Chakra is accessible and the Yin Chakra is locked away completely by the Shiki Fuujin. Does that mean the key/seal is going to seal away the remaining Yang chakra eliminating the Nine Tails as a threat or will it release the Yin chakra when Naruto is ready? This would provide him with access to 100% of the Nine Tail’s powers.

    Have Kakashi and Captain Yamato been training Naruto to rely on his own power and not the Nine Tail for this very reason. Do they plan on him sealing the Nine Tail’s away completely with the key/seal. Is that also why he has learned the Sage art’s to replace the power he received from the Yang chakra of the Nine Tail’s.

    Or will Naruto become a super powered ninja have access to 100% of the Nine Tail’s power, the Sage arts, the ultimate shape manipulation jutsu, and wind nature manipulation.

  85. Not sure if the moderator took this comment out or not. I noticed it was gone after about 2 hours after being posted. So I created a user account and reposted it. I have an additional follow up to it though. Not only does Naruto have the Yang chakra of the Nine Tails, Sage arts, the highest level of shape chakra manipulation, wind nature manipulation, but he also has the shadow clones, a new frog tyjutsu, and a mystery power Itachi gave him we have yet to see. His only major lacking skill would be completely gaining control of the Nine Tails like the other One through Eight tail hosts have.

    I do not know if these powers could be used cumulatively, or if he will have to select a direction he will take his power in and forgo using the other. If his powers were to be a compilation of every skill he has gathered, he should have the power combat the Akatsuki, knock some sense into Sasuke, and stop Danzo’s militant plans for rise to Hokage shortly after he is back from Sage Art training.

  86. @orion361- very excellent questions and I’m still ashamed there is no real answer, all we can give is theories… which ironically is what i’m trying to work on so i might get it in sometime soon, but it’ll be long most likely and i might have to summarize with a different post or something… hopefully some of my stuff can answer or clarify some stuff.

    aim any questions at Jeremiah, the big dog will usually do a great job answering questions, since this is his domain…

  87. i’m so frustrated right now.. it’s to many loose ends ya know.. i say kill tsunade instead of kakashi… and yea where is Lee, Gai, Negi, Shikamaru…. i mean it needs to be a calling all cars alert right now… What’s taking Sasuke so long to get to Konoha… now my theory is Sasuke will be angry at Pein for messing up Konoha since that’s his reason for coming.. then when saske almost dies.. Naruto will come and save the day… keep in mind that fight between naruto and Pein will last 4 months lololololol… then the sun will shine and they will bury Tsunade and Sasuke and naruto will be friends again… This way the new generation of ninja’s will take control… u know the awesone LEE, NEGI, SAKURA, CHOJI, KIBA, etc…. and naruto will personally train Konohamaru and the snot nose kids…. Oh and the nine tails things is getting way out of control… and i’m thinking that maybe ther will be an epic fight between naruto and saske to see whose hokage… HMMMM.. just mabe that’s when itachi’s powers will come in play…

  88. I think Konohamaru has seen Danzou or at least heard some of what Danzou said. It makes sens only with this approach, nothing else sound threatening to me.As a grandson of the 3th hokage, he might know some hidden spots like the one Danzou is using. This is just my opinion.

  89. @ Terrence – I understand your frustration >_< Kishi is only human and forgets about characters… leaves many loose ends.

    Like when he set up a fight between Kisame and Suigetsu. He then concentrated so much on Itachi/Sasuke that he forgot to/realized it was too early/didn’t want to take away from the epic fight between the brothers… what ever, point is he had to cover that up later with a brief mention of how they would have to settle that squable another time.

    @ Alpha – great thought! I really like that.

  90. @ Orion – I didn’t remove anything but now that you have an account and an icon, your comments don’t have to be moderated anymore ^_^

    Great thoughts.

    P.S. If you posted an identical comment on this or another post, one of the other admins may have deleted it.

    Just in case some of you didn’t already know, Russ and Kingbernardino are both Admins but rarely comment.

    Russ moderates a large chunk of the comments by non members… So he’s usually “the man” when it comes to that stuff @_@

  91. Pikachu will use his “Thunderbolt” attack..oh..wrong place.

    *walks away*

  92. Guys, sorry for that but could anyone tell me where is that part that itachi gave Naruto any power at all, i cannt see it when they fought togther while Akatski was banging on Garra taking the One tail out of it… and when naruto was on the head of the king toad, and he threw an explosive tag insead of useing fireing technique…

  93. Tobi a Mysterious figure shorouded in mystery then we have Pein who some may claim to be the sibling of Naruto then theres Pein Clones In the flashback seeing Yahiko resemble Naruto leads to the suspision of them being connected some how a god of Ninjutzu how well do some of u know the Yondami and theres Danzo yes Danzo similar intentions to Madara danzo’s past revealed him to have the intension to over throw the first Hokage and now with the death of Kakashi some people think Rin is connected to Animal Relme tell me what u think my E-mail is

  94. Specifically it happens at:

    But you can follow all of it between chapters

  95. Is someone neglecting Tobi how is Tobi goin to react once he finds out he failed in sealing the Hachibi something big is goin to erupt in the Narutoverse this is only the beginning of something big Its to late for Sasuke his intentions have already been told something tells me his character is goin to lead him to his untimly demise

  96. like i said earlier: Sage Mode + Kyubii + Itachi’s Power = Ownage and Permaban for Akatsuki

  97. its really not fair how one 16 year old kid can have so much power. i mean naruto of course. and then sasuke goes and gets some sharingan thats a cross between the e.m.s and makgyekou that can put out a fire thats supposed to be impossible to put out.
    enuff of my jealousy; i think the series is coming to an end. what i would really like to see is the power that itachi gave to naruto, the full extent of sasuke’s new sharingan, and someone to kick that friggin mask off tobi’s face.
    P.S. i kinda respect tobi. that technique he does(the warp speed thing where he can transport himself at the speed of light) i think thats just a more advanced version of kakashi’s dimesnsional hole jutsu. just my 3 cents

  98. i dont think that the fire is impossible to put out, i think anyone who can light it (sasuke and tobi) has the ability to put it out. when you play with fire your gunna get burnt, so might as well have a failsafe right? or maybe he just attacked that fire…with more fire! the second fire burns the first one to death, how cool is that?! on a side note from this topic completly, if you could combine two characters (aside from naruto who pwns) who would they be? i would personally go for sasuke and neji.

  99. probably someone like Kabuto & Orichamaru.

  100. Spoier Came out!
    Fahim00717 uploaded it:

  101. So… I think Kakashi won’t die! I don’t know what Konohamru is doing there. He maybe sees something huge? And they maybe will be know everything about Pain. So we will be know on Friday everything. If I wrote something bad- sorry. I can’t speak english very well, coz I’m from Poland;)

  102. does anyone know what song tht was in the spoiler video. buh nt the opening one jus to be clear. XD

  103. nice im polish haha and according to the spoiler konohamaru saw the whole thing lol so yea id say thats big

  104. @ anonymous…. It is s song by Bon Jovi, I think it is called “It’s my life”.

  105. @ Anonymous – the song is ‘its my life’ by bon jovi. the opening one is by my chemical romance.

  106. didn’t nobody noticet that the guy who was captured by J-man and interogated by ino’s fother had that memory before the fight betwen j-man and pain so the second body that his partner talked about couldn’t bi jirayas so i think that its safe to asume j-man wont be any realm of pain.

  107. well i’d have to say that if kakashi dies, the manga will be entering the climax. Although if this is how kakashi dies, i will be pissed. By chance, maybe Itachi’s power compliments the scroll to control kyuubii. Then he can fuse with pa. I think they might be headed towards Naruto, Sakura, and (sasuke?) receiving a title similar to sanin, If naruto isn’t the Hokage. Now, if only naruto could get his hands on a sharigan…

  108. naruto will master the nine tailed beast, so when the nine tailed beast controlling him he can do the sage mode.

    and the power that was given to him by itachi was the jutsu to stop sasuke’s black flame (forgot the spelling) ameratsu? is that it?

  109. amateratsu ^.^


  111. /\ | (.)(.) | /\
    /||\ \ / /||\
    || \[–]/ ||
    || —- ||

    Sorry to blow your minds with that last entry guys. Hope I didn’t give too much of the p-l-o-t away. Gotta go, Mom’s is calln.

  112. /\ | (.)(.) | /\
    /||\ \ / /||\
    || \[–]/ ||
    || —- ||
    Sorry to blow your minds with that last entry guys. Hope I didn’t give too much of the p-l-o-t away. Gotta go, Mom’s is calln.

  113. i tell you all once more, there is no special ability to put out the black flames of doom. just hit the fire with more black flames to burn it out. and as much of a joke as this is, i bring proof! explain to me when sasuke’s eye bleeds when he used the flame the first time, and then again to put it out. its one jutsu, so the eye should only bleed once. or if you argue its another jutsu, it cant be because the ms only comes with 3 powers, not 4.

  114. heck konohamaru wont die and he will survive this cos he’ll become predecessor hokage after naruto, but before that will happen he and two of buddies will in naruto’s wings teaching them shts jutsu.

  115. as for kakashi,it seems he wont die because of the scene with his dad. his dad would probably gonna say to kakashi, “son, its not your time to die yet. you still have students and friends that need you. then,kakashi will have recollection of the past… and come to a conclusion hes not done yet.

  116. does he put the 2nd flame?

  117. put *out* 2nd flame?

  118. Maybe he activated both eyes to put the flames out. Only Go…i mean Kishi

  119. Pervy put out the the flames waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when naruto first met itachi.

  120. I doubt the power Itachi gave was to stop Sasuske’s Amaterasu. Amaterasu is overrated imo, the 8-tails handled it comfortably, when Sasuke fought Itachi he handled it comfortably, Madara handled in comfortably.

    The power Itachi was one “he hoped you would never have to use”, now extinguishing amaterasu doesnt sound like a power that one would hope Naruto never to use. To me its more got to do with Naruto controlling or restricting the Kyuubi. Sasuke could well be after it..Killing Danzou should be easy piece of cake for him, what will Sasuke do after? Madara will be tough, if Pain is still alive he will be tough as well..the Kyuubi will be handy to control..against them.

  121. ‘he hoped you would never have to use’ – Sounds like its something very powerful. Maybe Susano’o will come out to fight for Naruto. Or maybe its not even one of the MS jutsus. I think its just gonna be something we haven’t seen before or least expected.

  122. i think itachi refering to the power as the power never to use is to give emphasis that he hopes naruto never fight against sasuke… i mean that he doesnt have to fight sasuke.. in other words sasuke never turns against konoha…

  123. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. dude maybe the one that itachi gave to naruto will allow fukasaku and naruto to fuse thus suppressing the kyuubi inside him. remember that the kyuubi know madara uchiha? sharingan will supress the kyuubi just like what it did when he released it. itachi is such a good person! he only killed his clanmates because its an order from konoha

  125. are katerinioo…

  126. @ punxed – yea i guess u can look at it that way as well

  127. @losers – the flame goes out when it has completely burnt what it was supposed to, ie: it stopped burning after madra disappeared.

  128. Wow… Engrish much? Gives us ultra strong big funny! With quickly!

    *sigh* Please correct your grammar, kind sir(s).


  130. i have a question in naruto manga 363 page 17 whos that guy in the shadow?
    ( plis answer my question a barely notecy it cause my friend told me)

  131. Caprio i think that that guy is prolly see when they are talking he says:his eyes will surpass Itachi’s eyes..

  132. finally!!426 is out!!!!!!!


  134. gosh…Konohamaru will fight Naraku Pain….badass…hehe!!

  135. that wasnt an episode imo… brings back memories from anime that from 20 minuttes the episode the 10 was flashbacks how naruto loved sasuke,, how naruto was left all alone,, how naruto got recognized by iruka etc etc… that is prolly tobi m8.. babyfox… still here IKE FOR HARDCORE CLubing:P

  136. I Think he will go inside himself and assert a new level of control of the Jinchuriki. I believe this will help him also move past the fourth tail and not losing total control. Naruto needs a few more jutsu in his arsenal before he is at “Kakashi’s level” but he can do it. Let me know what u guys think.

  137. HARDCORE CLubing huh..??!!hell yeah..!!but you know here isn’t that’s only 12:15..!

  138. ok so now i have another crack pot theory. i think captain planet is really just the kids from magic school bus meeting mrs. frizzle after her sex change at the 10 year reunion, and all of them going ape shit on evil do-ers because they destroyed the bus. i bring this up now cause i was watching the ‘gravity is a weak ass bitch’ and it just popped staight into my head, anyone disagree?

  139. Question on sage techniques:
    Naruto Manga Chapter 409 Page 11

    The sage techniques balance; physical energy, spiritual energy, and natural energy drawn from externally to create sage chakra. Based on chapter 410 page 15, these have to be perfectly balanced to create sage chakra. Naruto has the Yang chakra of the Nine Tails to generate massive amounts of spiritual chakra, and now that he has learned to remain perfectly still he can control the exchange of Natural energy entering and exiting his body. What will he do about the physical energy to keep these in balance? The Nine Tails throws his spiritual energy off the charts and yes he could compensate by drawing in huge amounts of natural energy to keep these two matched, but he does not have a means to increase his physical to match these.
    Naruto Manga Chapter 410 page 15

    So how is he able to master this technique? The only way I know of to boost physical strength is through Medical ninjutsu, like Sakura and Tsunade use. Additionally there are the eight inner gates the Guy, Kakashi, and Lee can use. Naruto would have to add these skill sets to his abilities to make this work properly.

    With that being said, Naruto is increasing his physical strength via the Frog Katas, but is that enough to compensate for the lack of major physical power to match his spiritual chakra.

    Naruto Manga Chapter 418 Page 7
    Naruto Manga Chapter 420 page 3 & 4

  140. So Naruto is going to enter sage mode while moving? why not? maybe because the kyuubi it will allow him to do it.

    Doesnt matter really, because we know Naruto can get into sage mode and he is better at it than Jiraiya. It basically makes close to immortal when you think about it. They couldnt kill Naruto when he was a are they going to kill him now?

    Konohamaru is going to whoop Dev’s ass.

  141. @orion naruto wont be able to enter sage mode if he takes in that extra fox chakra lol you make a really good point… the fox chakra hurts his body because it overpowers his physical energy, so there is no way they can be balanced… however i believe naruto has a lot of physical energy and that is why he heals so fast, and it is what will make him a good sage

  142. also it looks like this pein uses like seals prolly and that thing is like taking the souls of the people he kills… on top of that he is mad strong so hed need to be fought from a distance lol but that is shitty we didnt see ebisu fight

  143. This is what is going to happen. All the pains will be defeated in some way. Every Konoha ninja youve ever seen in the series will be involved in the fight. Naruto will kill like two of them. The city is in ruins and many are dead. Only a handfull survived but everyone assumes they won. Konan is taken hostage but she doesnt say anything. Then it shows the shadow of minato and reveals he was controlling the pains, and he has more at his disposal.

  144. I think the fox will collect the sage energy for naruto. The key to his seal will show up and then he will be like the eight tails and killer bee but cooler.

  145. yup. i wont hope for naruto killing all 6 pain. probably some of them and im pretty certain hell be captured in the end, and his kyubii will be extracted, but i also gut feeling something turning event would come along in the middle of the fight between him and pain,where pain will be confused what hes fighting for, after he talked to naruto during their fight., this is where pein and konan would switch side and oppose madara and other unknown (not talkin about akatski members cos i know madara has its own real comrades hidden within akats.

  146. hidden outside akats organization)*

  147. i think the thunder came help and the eight tail beast kill pain
    kakashi don’t there too many people die yet
    but yeririya isn’t die he is in the frog seal or something right?

  148. @ renzy10 – actually the names of the different realms are tied in to the Hindu religion. Deva, Asura, Preta, Naraka are all Sanskrit words if I’m not wrong. Deva means heaven/god, Asura means demon, Preta means spirit/ghost and Naraka means hell. And according to the religion when you go to hell liars have their tongues ripped out. At least that is what my grandmother used to tell me. And I think that is what Naraka Pein is doing to his victims. I think the ones that tell the truth are spared.

  149. @ Ben – But Minato died as a result of using the Shiki Fuuin Jutsu to seal the Yin Chakra of the Demon Fox.

  150. i didnt know tongues were that long :O gasp*

  151. @arrrun yea they dont look like tongues haha good info but im guessing kishi tweaked it a bit

    @ben minato is dead and never coming back… his death set the story into motion

  152. Did anyone notice that the chance of jman being made into a pain puppet just got a lot higher…i ofcourse am refering to the fact the his body is now in the possesion of pain…look on pg. 14 of 426 bottom left corner…you see jman’s body surrounded by the five remaining pains from his battle…I guess he really isnt coming back on his own. 😦

  153. @ renzy10 – Yea, Kishi probably tweaked it. I figured they had to represent the tongues and not the souls because Preta Realm(Hungry Ghost) can be seen in Chapt419/Pg8 ripping the souls out of the victim. And when Naraka Realm passed judgment in Chapt426/Pg5 the guy who told the truth that he didn’t have a clue about the whereabouts of Naruto was spared. I guess when you have you “tongues” ripped out that way you die. Actually there are many variations to how the tongue is removed. Also, Naraka seems to be using a very potent Genjutsu as Konohamaru was only able to see the guy die but not how.

  154. yea thats what i thought at first was genjutsu but it actually killed the one guy it probably wasnt the thing behind pein that killed him it was probably pein crushing his throat or snapping his neck… your like almost definitely right that its genjutsu and he uses it to determine if someone is lying and if they are he kills them

  155. @ bammh I agree with you regarding the capture of naruto. I think that akatsuki will eventually catch naruto but since the Kyuubi’s chakra was split in two by the 4th hokage(and assuming it is STILL split in half) the sealing of the kyuubi will destroy the statue since HALF of the kyuubi’s chakra was sealed using shiki fuujin. And since the process fails because the statue only recieves half the kyuubi’s chakra. NARUTO LIVES ON!! If this is true, then the 4th’s reason for splitting the chakra might be not as foggy.

    Isn’t Naraku Pain the Hell realm? And if so do you think the “tongues” get locked in that genjutsu and burn in hell for eternity. It might be why the fire looks similar to amaterasu flames.

  156. During the chunnin exams didnt kabuto re-animate a dead black ops soldier in order to get away from Kikashi? I am willing to bet you the power behind pein is someone we have already seen. Also,(I have been re-watching the first 100 episodes) Is it just me or do the Black-ops Suck sideways?!!! They get killed/taken out without much effort( a VERy bad sign for Tsunade)? They were “protecting”, the 3rd when he died.
    Any way here is my theory: Naruto will return after pein leaves(realising that no one actually knows were naruto is). Naruto decides to take the fight to pein, Naruto meets with killer bee along the way bee decides to join him in his quest. They stop in the land of sand to to talk Gaara into some payback, he cant go but his siblings do. When he does arrive at the land of Rain Naruto starts having flash backs to all the friends lost and the destruction in his village. He sees pein and Goes coo-coo for coco puffs on his A$$(think – last time he saw Orochimaru x 10). He absolutely destroys the village – No survivors. Killer Bee manages to help him calm down. After veiwing the devastation he vows to stay away from people, so him and Killer Bee wander the earth like Kane on Kung fu. Only to find out Sasuke has returned to the leaf…

  157. well, you guys seem to be forgetting something. The moment kyuubi is extracted from naruto he dies, meaning we would almost be expecting a replay of the gaara incident which, for me and of course kishi, would be a waste of time with the main character. Also pain and naruto are both sages, and only a sage could defeat a sage. Those of you who also think sasuke has a chance against naruto, “petty” attacks like amaterasu and tsukoyomi would not work on naruto, because as a sage, just like pain, he is protected against physical attacks and as a jinchuuriki against mental attacks. What i and kishi really know is that naruto would reinvent something about sage mode, something fukusaku is going to be surprised about. We also know that when naruto is truly ready for pain, he would change pain before killing him. And there’s no such thing as pain capturing naruto because naruto is a god of the narutoverse, plain and simple.

    Another thing is that i’m just beginning to realise how much of a genius kishi really is. After many years of patience and mind illusionary techniques he’s succeeded in using on us, he is finally releasing the most controversial part of the manga. Mate, kishi is awesome. Now, no one worries about the orochimaru threat, of course, a part of him escaped tsusano’o (don’t tell me you did not realise that). And there’s also the kabuto threat that no one’s talked about. Then there’s the issue of danzou. If danzou is asking root to stay behind while the watch what pain does to konoha, then we might be seeing a danzou that is way stronger than Tsunade and almost as strong as pain. And then you all expect tsunade to die. Fine, she might, but not without taking out two or more pains. Obviously, there’s a reason kishi’s made her dormant after her encounter with orochi. There’s more to tsunade than meets the eye. Then there’s the concern that people like maito gai, rock lee, hyuuga neji, aburame shino, nara shikamaru, and these new generation konoha nins are temporary out of the pic. You all realise pain has so far been playing with the people he’s all met, unfortunately including kakashi. When he meets all these people, then we would understand why it is that pain can use all jutsu. There’s also the issue of sai and how he responds to the attack from root. I think sai, being a changed person who is getting to know emotion, would be forced to go against his master. Well that would mean that danzou and root would be the next axis of evil for konoha, giving Madara, kisame, zetsu, and a half depleted pain(konan is possibly rubbish) to plan a montrous return, this time as a group. Madara still has not forgiven konoha for making him an outcast. This is where naruto and sasuke would have to reconcile, both knowing that they respectively have to defeat pain and madara. And those wondering how come itachi joined akatsuki, he was forced in by madara, just like how madara convinced sasuke. Itachi was given his assignment to kill off the uchiha and that’s where madara came in, offering him help and training if he came into akatsuki. The only thing is, sasuke, being kishi’s favourite, would have to appear to be wiser than itachi, and that’s where he would need to clean up itachi’s mess, hence a sasuke vs madara showdown.

    At least one thing is sure. we know that naruto is going to change the whole of narutoverse, and, according to the prophecy, either naruto or pain stands. We all know whose going to be standing. Uzumaki Naruto that is.

  158. Do you guys have an idea what happened to kakashi?

  159. well, kakashi is in a sort of trance, a sort of medium between the world of the living and the dead talking to white fang, his father. And we all think that because white fang received him in such a place, kakashi is not really dead.

  160. and one more thing, does anyone think killer bee would really teach naruto to control kyuubi? And fine, lets say killer bee and naruto finally become best mates, there’s also the sasuke issue. What happens when sasuke and naruto finally become buds? You all think there’s going to be a spillover between konoha and killerbee’s village?

  161. Somebody has to… Its funny to see all the rest of tailed beast seemed to be as One with their host. Naruto is the only One that struggles with his… Also does it bother any one else that Naruto
    NEVER asks about his parents and No One volunteers this info?

  162. Its not the type of story most people are up for. If I guess I say someone addressed him with the info before the series. Most likely Naruto believes they died when Kyuubi destroyed the village. Since he’s was alone its probably something that doesn’t cross his mind or it is a topic he doesn’t want to bring up.

  163. Naruto might even think that he was an orphan. Perhaps that no would know about his parents.

  164. does anyone of you guys saw a RAW for Chapter 427

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