Naruto Manga 426 + discussion and break down of Naruto Manga 425

Naruto Manga 426 <Spoiler><Pics><Raw><Translation><new Shippuden review>
Thanks goes out to Fahim for the spoiler. Kick ass as always… questionable choice of music though ^_^
The break down and survey’s for Naruto 425 is below…
kakashi is dead?
Jeremiah reading this weeks manga: Hey stop playin man… get up. Yo, get up! Not funny Kakashi! Get the F$%K UP! Kakashi! Noooooo!
Hey everyone,
It was great to see the manga back but I do not like the way it is going.  Here is my break down of the last issue of Naruto Manga 425:
Last weeks survey had Kakashi living in a land slide victory... this issue shows him in a different type of landslide.

Last weeks survey had Kakashi living in a land slide victory... this issue shows him in a different type of landslide.

Asura (Demon Realm) has been trying to attain the crown for most annoying character in the history of manga and I think if all this results in Kakashi’s death he will have rightly assumed that crown.  

I know that alot of people have commented that if Kakashi dies then they are not reading the manga any more.  I’m not going to go that far but it will fall down a couple Notches as far as my favorite anime/manga list.  It’s still possible that he comes back but damn it doesn’t look good.  Usually when you go talk to your dead dad around a campfire after following “the light”, it just doesn’t end well.  After the survey question was asked last week “Kakashi, lives or dies?” it was 80% lives after 2000 votes.  Lets see if that is still the same after this weeks issue.

White Fang guest stars on a very special Naruto... next on NBC.

White Fang guest stars on a very special Naruto... next on NBC.

It was cool to see what Konoha’s great White Fang looks like.  Kakashi even gets to talk to him which is very cool but the coolest part is that we now have a pretty good idea of what Kakashi’s face looks like! HAHA ^_^ As I said before.  Seeing dead people is only a good thing when you are Patrick Swayze in Ghost, if you don’t have the power of the Swayze to come back, posses a body of Whoopi Goldberg and avenge your own death, then your in trouble… we shall see if the copy ninja Kakashi has seen ghost or not and whether he copied the Swayze jutsu… -_+

Flash backs = negative awesomeness

Flash backs = negative awesomeness

More flash backs occured throughout the issue for Kakashi including the openning panel reading “final chapter”  alot of this added up to what appears to be the death of Kakashi but it also focuses in on old characters making a reapperance from the Kakashi Gaiden.  Heated arguments over whether Rin is dead or not have errupted several times, with some people citing Kakashi visiting Obito’s grave panel from the funeral of the third.  This is best explained by:

Reader Outlaw630 who says: “The woman in the image is Yugao Uzuki. She was in love with Hayate Gekko. The prompter for the Chunin Exams. The one with the really bad cough. She was standing with Kakashi because she too had lost someone important. Hayate was killed by Baki during that incident.”

Thanks Outlaw, great comment and well cited.  Click her name above to go to her NaruWiki.  But with all these flash backs will Obito or Rin play a part in future manga?



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  1. Fiiiiiiiiiiirst!

  2. He’s back

  3. the next chapter is more about naruto from the looks of it. Im happy I was getting sick of this thing with pein winning.

  4. I don’t really know that i believe kakashi is covered in an avalanche, i mean it’s not like there is a mountain of rubble behind him, it all looks like fairly level ground. Having said that, i didn’t really understand what that last panel meant.

  5. I think kakashis convo with his father with end up with him realizing he cant die yet and must protect konoha or some shit like that

  6. Since Naruto and Frog can’t do fusion, I think they will want to go back to Konoha to discuss with Tsunade or whoever to break the obstacle, only to find that Konoha is in ruins.

  7. This Has to be one of the worst naruto manga’s ever… we still aren’t sure about kakashi, have allmost no info about Naruto and havent gotten one bit further with the 6 realms of pein stuff.

    I think that i speaking in the name of everyone who thinks kakashi is Awesomeness galore, that if kishi doesnt want to lose A WHOLE LOT OF KAKASHI FANS that he will let him live in some miraculous way, and then we see Konohamaru, and we think Yes Kakashi Isnt done for or we think hey Tsunade, no one will miss you, so go and do the whole Grandma saving Gaara stuff on Kakashi, why just cause kakashi is way cooler than you.

    The whole Naruto fusing stuff is easy, Grandpa Frogg cant fuse with him for sage mode, and someone’s gotta do it, well demon fox wont allow it, so Demon fox will fuse with naruto, which leads to Sage Mode, which leads to the controle of the demon Fox.

    pein is just a pushover, wait till naruto arrives and gives the whole of konoha a repaint, Bloody Pein Style! (i hope so… red will match the color of Naruto’s demon fox chakra for when he is hokage)

    but pein uses body’s of other people to let his realms live, so , stop the bocy to pein realm transfer machine and youve got him in the pocket, destroy all realms, rinnegan perishes, no rinnegan = no sumoning of whatever realm = end of pein.

    this is what i think,
    Disagree? … Then You Are Wrong!!!

  8. ViralNaruto i agree 🙂

  9. i think the same for one reason the old pervi sage give the old frog the key to free the demon fox, i think that i somo extrange way they will fuse toguether, also i think that kakashi will survive i dont know how but he`ll survive

  10. but have all you forgotten about killer bee and the other village who are on their way to help

  11. I thought that the white fang would look cooler.

  12. Naruto goin Sage mode in order to kill pein part of me says he has it in him then another part of me says pein is just to powerful he single handly killed Hanzou eliminated his family lets just hope Naruto can control Kyuubis power

  13. Isn’t the White fang regarded to be one of the strongest Shinobi in the ninja world will still no nuthin about him only that he commited suicide

  14. I dont think that naruto will fuse with the fox its already in him. It will most likely be a master of natural energy and it will just be his beacon for it when he fights

  15. And when the fuk is Sasuke gettin to Konoha did the Hachibi stop him in his tracks or sumthin

  16. And what tha fuk is Tobi goin to do once he finds out that hachibi escape and wht tha fuk is the deal with Zetsu

  17. Far out i miss that pervy sage ERO – SENNIN DOKO DESU KA are u really dead

  18. Notice that Kakashi still has his mask on even though he is in some sort of dream sequence??? What is he shy around his dad or something???

    Also, look in the panel that seems to have completely buried Kakashi after the helmet of the lamest character in this manga falls to the ground…He is still there, just in the lower left corner. I think it was just a different viewpoint.

  19. I don’t get it… If Kakashi can send shit into another dimension why the hell didn’t he just send the two peins instead of a friggen nail? Am I missing something or is Kakashi dead because he was stupid?…

  20. Russ: I noticed the mask and I’m hopeful because of that. He’s not dead, he’s dreamin. Although, I’m hoping Kakashi is purtier than his dad. heh.

  21. russ… LOL! still has his mask on! If (God Forbid) Kakashi dies I think we still won’t get to see his face.

  22. i think kakashi talking to his dad would play a great r ole. i think they come to the point that they will forgive and understand each other and then the white fang will leve a task to kakashi and that would maybe to at least protect someone close to him since he failed from rin to obito to his sensei. and he will regain consciousness by will

  23. i think naruto will talk to the beast in his subconsciousness. naruto will agian have the respect of the beast for talking to him bravely sa the beast would help him enter sage mode. the sage mode will be Able to attain in an instance or the kyubi will surround him with charkra for a moment to protect him from attacks.

  24. ^ glen07- Thats not a bad idea at all.

  25. you thnk so? tnx.

  26. glen that idea is freakin awesomeness…wow 🙂

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  28. glen your idea ROCKS!!!!! 😀

  29. @Jeremiah-i’ve posted 2 comments that are not containing any urls and yet they are awaiting moderation..why????

  30. @babyfox were you signed in when u posted them?

  31. did anyone else think that his dad would look cooler,

    and something funny

  32. I’ll bet Konohamaru was training and he just ot back to see the devistation. I hope he can summon the diamond monkey pole and start whooping some ass.

  33. @ Erich, it sure did look like he was trying to summon his monkey pole alright. Which explains Jerimiah’s survy question.

  34. @ Babyfox, I don’t know why, but it seems that the common trait that was in your moderated comments was the emoticon (smiley face) at the end of the comment. But, it has worked in the past, don’t know why it is freaking out now. ?????

  35. the fox is always still in naruto so he might be able to draw energy from it. Or there are 1000 naruto clones naruto can draw ennergy from, he dont need the frog.
    Drawing all that energy, either from the fox or allowing his clowns to gather energy from him naruto is becoming very powerful, Super saiyan naruto.

  36. @Russ, or he was busy inverting his monkey pole. Eeeeee.

  37. its seems dat everything dat we hope,doesnt turned out like dat.naruto 425 definitely shown dat kakashi is dead.some last word,and meeting his father which make its d “confirmation” of kakashi’s death.he also stat dat,story of his live will take long time,but he will tell it.its like showing dat he got a lot of time chit chat with his father becoz,he oredy dead.hes staying together with his father now.

    hard 2 accept,but its d truth.

    but seriously,there is still a few percentage of he keep alive.maybe character poll will affect this.if kakashi keep on wining it,i think kishi will revive nt sure killing off kakashi is neccesary.2 grow naruto up.kakashi whos d only left 2 expose about naruto’s family.since naruto still doesnt knw about his father(only we knw bout it,since we saw jiraiya chit chat with tsunade).

  38. Remember how Chouji and Neji “died” fighting the Village of the Sound guys. But they didn’t really die. Chouji was all out of chakra too. I hope that’s how its going to be for Kakashi. Hopefully the campfire is just to show that its not his time yet and that he’s still got unfinished business.

  39. white fang teaches his whiny ass bitch of a son what it’s all about than pimp slaps him awake so kakashi finishes the job.

  40. @ Alec – Exactly what i mean

  41. remeber when pervy sage told that frog scroll to store it self with naruto and he sad it was the key to naruto’s seal well mybe naruto gets his hands on it and tightens the seal up a bit so he don’t get any or alot more Kyuubis power and there mybe some cool justu in the scroll as well after all pervy sage did say the forth hokage left it for naruto if u ask me hes over do he better leave naruto so shit like his flying thunder god space time justu

  42. if ino takes over a body with a bloodline technique can she use it if its activated

  43. and kakashi not gonna die’i don’t think he would kill off kakashi hes to god dam cool beside for that gay mask’god people hes a student of the forth hokage one of the most awesome ninja in the show if ya ask me

  44. so the whole fusion thing with toad-sensei, does it really matter? i mean a shadow clone splits the chakra equally among the clones and the real one (which is why neji couldnt tell them appart in the chunin fight) and kakashi showed that anything the clone learns the real one learns when the clone goes, so couldnt the samed be true of chakra? i mean if the clone ends with more natural energy than it began with wouldnt that be transfered to the original? and even failing that, i dont see why naruto couldnt just fuse with the fox. first off that would be way cooler than the toad fusion, and secondly sage mode allows for more strength, less pain, better chakra control…could be a means to control the fox better. and about the whole ‘grow up thing’ naruto grew up, saske grew up, shikamaru grew up, maybe kishi is killing off kakashi (damn you kishi!) to make us grow up?

  45. Kakashi is nuts..he see his dad..but not Obito or Rin. he visits OBito’s grave, but not Rin’s or his dad’s? wtf is going on?

    i think that key will be handy for naruto;s fusion.

  46. @babyfox, tnx. hahaha.
    @blacks, idont think so. i agree to monkeyphant. the only think the shadow clones can do is to divert attention and take time until the real naruto gets enough natural energy

  47. @ViralNaruto i forgot to comment on your own. fusion is intended for fukasaku to collect and sustain the natural energy supply of naruto. he will also protect him if needed. i cant imagine the kyubi collecting natural energy for naruto, first of all, it is sealed inside naruto’s body, there is no natural energy there, and second is that doing that makes him naruto’s boy. i dont think the kyuubi would let himself look like that he has too much pride.

  48. @russ i think so too…. hehehe

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  51. 🙂

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  53. yaes renzy i was loggeg in

  54. *yes

  55. actually i dont think that naruto will control the kyuuby its too early for that.. i personally think that the kyuuby will be controlled at the end of the series… maybe he will control some party of the kyuuby like 5 tails or smthing… second i have an idea that white fang will reveal smthing to kakashi.. maybe some hiden secret about his clan or smthing about his own death… maybe the guy who “murdered” him.. because whe dont know for sure that he comited suicide we only know that kakashi found him dead and the vilage asumed that he died by his own hand.. also imo konoha evasion will end soon cause sasuke is on his way and i dont think he will hurt any konoha ninjas exept danzo and advisors and the raikage”s ninjas are on their way too..

  56. well i think kakashi won’t die cause , there was only one person waiting for him , konoha white fang , where is rin ? or obito ? , they can’t be there waiting for him cause thhey are still stuck on the living world !!!!!! AS animal realm and tobito . He will say hi to is old man , and the old man will say hey faggot do you see your friends here ? oh blablablabla are you just going to let them go … like last time ?? look were it took you maggot . Go back to the living world and give your fans a reason to sleep well at night

  57. @ glen – Some, like linking words and basics. I’ll look into it later and let you know. I might be able to allow more, I just have to check the settings options.

  58. so…is kakashi dead or not?!

  59. i want think his not..but in the picture in manga is wrote……… Final scene

    heh dont look on mistakes im not english speaking person:D

  60. the manga salled it really did not tell nothimg it was going around in cirles

  61. I’m just posting this here cause I already posted it in the last 425 Blog:

    I was thinking, sometimes when you lose too many loved ones you grow the most as a person or even change as a person. Maybe Kakashi is suppose to appear dead so that Naruto will go nuts and save the day… (or go 9 tails and destroy everything, just saying… that would be kinda cool).

    The one thing I can never forget is that he was told, your chakra is greater than the 9 tails’ chakra and that is how you are able to control him. I can’t remember in what chapter that was but he was.

  62. @ Doron it was ch 299 11. It was meant that his chakra isn’t great enough to control the fox, but the fact is that he can a) withstand the effects of the chakra b) he isn’t frightened by it the same way everyone else is (even pa, kisame, itachi, zabuza were scared of it)

  63. yes that’s exactly what is going on in kishi’s stupid mind….but kakashi could have died with a better fight…he didn’t even give the fight 1% of what he is capable of….(and by he i mean kishi, not kakashi)…if jiraiya was a trouble to pain, kakashi could have been the thousands year of pain….kishi had a nice vision of the future but he completely made the present suck!

  64. 146 16 is for the kisame and itachi thing

  65. well no, jiraya is one of the strongest ninja of all time, Kakashi is strong but he is nowhere near jman’s level… notice how jman was able to handle all the different summons of animal realm while an entire anbu squad can barely handle two of them… and then jman was able take on three pein’s at once and won and when the three others came out he could have fled with his life but decided to stay and sacrifice his life..

  66. i agree with you alec but then again kakashi was his student (indirectly) and also a sharingan holder…besides “the next generation always surpasses the earlier” lol
    and you cant forget that kakashi was far more intelligent than any of the ninjas in the whole manga…he used to have a great tactical plan, used to give every fight (let it be a mere bell test or the fight with the itachi the invincible) his best…(use of “used to” is intentional and can be considered as a sarcasm to kishimoto)….so, in that version, he is better than jiraiya….

  67. and yet kakashi is only truly effective in a team (even a weak team will do) where other people can make up for his lack of chakra… one on one is when he gets in trouble, but in a team he is almost invincible because he can come up with plans and diversions where as jiraya can just straight up kick ass and take names for himself…

  68. well duh? he was in a team…with his old team mate….he looked retarded….

  69. even in the zabuza fight’s he need the help of saskue and naruto, and in the kakuzu fight he needs shikamaru and choji to make a distraction

  70. ok! if you don’t remember the zabuza fight part two, kakashi killed zabuza on his own…look into it…

  71. well yeah, and no, he never actually killed zabuza…plus y do that when i can point to Kakashi can’t even handle one pein, while jiraya beat three of them at once and finally did kill animal realm for real

  72. ok! you are correct on that…jiraiya was freaking-ly awesome…and that’s exactly my point…kishi didn’t give enough thoughts on kakashi….if kishimoto had been a little more careful (or should i say “in order”), kakashi would have easy dealt with the pain(that fired missiles from his head)….kakashi would have died after he killed at least 4 pains and then would have told the secret before he died…but see, he died and we are not even sure if that missile guy is dead or not….

    p.s. don’t feel offended by anything…if you feel they are sarcasm towards you, they are purely coincidental…

  73. and btw, he killed zabuza alright….and all on his own….as far as i remember, zabuza had a useless arm and he said “we are no longer enemies”…and frankly, zabuza was already dead by that time….no hand, fatal wounds…if you say he didn’t die because of kakashi, then neither did kakashi die due to pain…he died of memories…

  74. @glen07

    well, it could be that the Demon fox sees Naruto as HIS little pet, and he wont accept Grandpa frog as the one helping him, so for the fox it will be either to accept Fukasuku or him being the one gathering and helping, storywise it will be great if the fox spirit would do that, cause then we have another point to get going at naruto being balanced with his fox spirit.

    furthermore i like the theory of Konohamaru using the monkey staff… cause that will be awesome…

    another theory i absolutly adore is the one about Konoha White-Fang explaining and convincing kakashi his role in the “prophecy” of Naruto isnt done.

    good thinking people, this forum thread has the best and most likely naruto predictions since ive been here checking out the predictions and discussions.

  75. Well in my opinion i believe kakashi really is dead!

    Although i dont want to believe…Kakashi = naruto’s essence (not the character but the story)

    Kakashi rules =P

    But welli think kishimoto wants to “erase” the old school guys! but i think that if kakashi dies and Gai doesnt i will kill kishimoto for real xD! kakashi = much cooler then Gai.

    Anyway Naruto being unable to fuse with the sage frog cause of kyuubi sucks. though it makes sense! Naruto already has the fox fused with him in every aspect, so adding something extra would make the balance inside Naruto collapse. Yeah and the Scroll with the Seal’s key that jiraya gave to the sage frog will still have something to do with fusion or with at least letting naruto get better control on the Kyuubi’s chackra….

    But even being unable to sumon perhaps Naruto can “enter” sage mode before engaging combat with pein and kill him asap =pP

    When Naruto was training the sage mode we sometimes saw pictures of him in a plain ground with the wind sweeping the grass around and him standing still looking at what i think is some rocks all crushed….and saying stuff like…not good yet…i need “more”…etc…

    Makes me think…is he trying to “THROW” Rasenshuriken ??? or even improving it??? or at least….he can use it in sage mode because while he is at sage mode his body is like SUPER strong…he fell from a floating rock with his back and hje didnt felt a thing sooooo =P no more damage to his arm when he uses that AWESOME POWER!!!!

    SHARINGAN NO KAKASHI LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. @ Alec: wasn’t kakashi a one man assassination squad back in the ANBU days? I seem to remember that from Zabuza’s explanation to Haku.

  77. haha when i saw konohamaru in the spoilers the first thing i thought was “monkey staff would be badass” but no way hes learned it yet… hes just like a young naruto but with better chakra control and it took naruto awhile after jman released oros seal to get the hang of summoning… i just wanna say monkeys are sick as hell lol… but anyway zabuza was killed by kakashi, when he needed naruto and sasukes help zabuza didnt die he escaped the second time naruto nd sasuke were fighting haku or w/e

  78. OK, I think the question about Kakashi’s fate is going to spin out for a bit, don’t look for resolution on that next week. He’s going to get a revelation or have an argument with his dad, and then come back stronger, although maybe without his eyes. I’m not sure it will be all his choice. In fact, my bet is that Tsunade’s going to find him 99.9% dead and pull him out of it by sacrificing herself. If anyone can pull him out of the rubble (CURSE YOU DEMON REALM LASR HEAD), it’s Tsunade.

    Danzo, the douche, might just get to be Hokage for a bit and teach Naruto some harsh political lessons. He does need them, and Danzo’s cruelty is going to be a fast teacher. No, Naruto is not going to get there in time, and he’s going to feel awful. Pain will not be defeated this time, and he can’t be as long as he’s locked in the tower with his library of corpse puppets.

  79. i was referring to the second part…and i just revised the whole manga upto the chunin exam portion and i am sorry for saying kakashi almost killed zabuza…he didn’t almost kill him…he killed the shit out of him…no arms, no jutsus and zabuza was about to get the final shot when gatau interfered…. i don’t see why we can’t say “kakashi killed zabuza”….

    and @ renzy – yes we’re talking about the second part…not the first…

  80. and ibiki, stop with that meaningless theory… do you think that it would make sense if kakashi came back now (let alone stronger than before!)…kakashi is one of my favorite character but he’s better off dead now…bringing him back (as a plot line or due to fan pressure) will make the manga more stupid than it is now….

    now about danzou…that’s an interesting theory btw but i don’t see how danzou is gonna teach naruto a lesson…perhaps the fight between tsunade and him will resolve the position of hokage to be rightfully tsunade’s..and yes, naruto won’t make it in time…in fact, he’s already late…kakashi is dead! what else is left there for him to be on time???

  81. I’m not saying that Kakashi isn’t strong, he is stronger than most of the characters in the show. And yet, he is still no where near Jriaya and pain, as seen by the fact he is almost dead after fighting two pein’s, while jiraya wasn’t almost dead until six of them came out… Kakashi is arguably the most skilled ninja in the show which is why he was able to beat Zabuza who used mostly skill techniques… but in a straight up slug fest, which it will be when Naruto will fight pein, he can easily be defeated by the fact that he runs out of chakra so quick… And also as evidence that when he fought Kakazu, he was clearly outmatched by the sheer force of kakazu’s attacks (who still had not gone full power) and the only way he could have matched kakazu was to use ms, which if he didn’t win in one move, he would have died.

  82. Look at it this way, kakashi has said that if he were to fight oro that he would most certainly die… when Naruto went four tails, he almost tired oro out and could have killed him if not stopped by yamamoto. Do you think kakashi could handle a fourth tail Naruto? The answer is an obvious no. Kakashi probably would have been done when Naruto went three tails.

    Could Kakashi handle all the summonings of the original animal realm? From what he has shown, no he has nothing of the sort. Could Kakashi handle Jiraya who was on the same level if not stronger than oro? By fact that he can’t handle more than two peins, and it can be assumed he was scared shitless by oro, no. Kakashi is strong, but he is overrated.

    @ibi- assasin is differnt than guy you use to take down an entire village. An assasin is someone who relies more on skill and stealth, plus he only kills one guy at a time. There is a biog differnce between being an elite asassin and straight up wrecker of worlds (which pein is and Jiraya was)

  83. i just realized when you spell Pain like pein and then add an “s” at the end and then read Peins really fast it looks like “penis”. so the question is can Kakashi handle Jiraya, no because he can’t handle two penis*

    *the joke

  84. god dam wordpress + vista combination

  85. alec lmao!!

  86. @microtube, if Kakashi were dead there would be no flashback and no dream to see because…he’d be dead and he couldn’t tell the story. He isn’t yet. And even if you do believe he’s gone to the light, then why the hell is he still wearing his mask? He isn’t dead yet.

    @Alec, hey I only brought up the sole assassin because you stated Kakashi was only worthwhile on a team. Seemed kind of an unfair statement to me…but I agree, he isn’t the guy you call when the town needs a serious demolishin’. (and yeah, I tend to spell Pain with an “a” because my dyslexia sees the other one exactly that other way…)

  87. naw ibi i wasn’t saying that’s the way you spell it, i was saying that because that’s the way i first learned to spell it o so long ago, and still do occasionally to this very day. I had written “peins” and when i was reading my note again it just occured to me that when one reads “peins” fast it can be mistaken as “penis”, thus the pointy end of the joke…

  88. Alec don’t take me so seriously, I’m actually joking about most of the time. My pointy joke, er, point: I don’t have to be reading fast and my brain does that magic Peins = Penis inversion. I think it has a problem… (O.o)

    I’m gonna blame dyslexia, because the alternative explanation is…not good.

  89. kakashi will live granted he wont be stronger than before… its a compromise

  90. anyone notice that sasuke’s sharingan looks like the eye of the jew from beer fest

  91. Alot of you are saying that naruto will fuse with the nine tails fox. Read back 30 mangas at least and you will see that naruto mastered the sage mode. the only reason they are practicing fusion is because the old frog told naruto that it would almost be impossible to concentrate and gather energy fast enough while fighting an enemy like the akusaki or however they are spelled. And why would the pervy sage give the frog the key to unlocking all of the nine tail foxs’ chakara if naruto was going to fuse with him. if you read that manga he said it was for naruto to “control” the fox and use all of his energy. As for the sage thing all naruto has to do is make hella clones and hide somewhere concentrate and go in sage mode then fight pein. That makes sense huh? lol. Kakashi isn’t dead this is like the soap operas he talking to his dad and his dad is gonna give him some good advice and he gonna come back and use his ultimate technique or naruto will come in the nick of time. He’s not dead though he still has fight because that’s the whole point of talking to his dad. but hey that just a logical opinion.

  92. about kakashi strenght,i might say kakashi is actually great ninja.i might say he evenly match with with jiraiya.some people here keep on comparing,n i admit theres a weaknest in him.1000 jutsu actually nt a small number.

    about jiraiya,he capable 2 stand againts 6 pain,because of his sage mode tecnic.afterall,hes not alone,shima n fukasaku is with him.kakashi is alone fighting 2 pain.both of jiraiya n kakashi is a great ninja.but in their own way.

    kakashi have sharingan,which undoubtly give him more advantage 2 predict enemy movement,canceling genjutsu n more,he can use ms kamui.

    jiraiya is sannin,who has wide range of technic in toad doubt one of the best ninja in naruto story.not only dat,he also can use sage mode.

    tsunade also stat kakashi is a great candidate for hokage title.which make him same lavel as jiraiya n tsunade.if theres a fight between kakashi n jiraiya,im sure jiraiya also have a hard time.

  93. @mitsos, i dont think at the end of the series, there would be 5 tails for naruto to control. remember that the fourth used two seals, one for the yin and other is the yang. i think the yang represents only four of the tails and the yin for the other five. rememer that as jiraiyah said, the fourth left a task for naruto wich is to complete the seal. and so i think at the end, the kyuubi will be fully seal, or realesed if naruto will not be able to complete the sea. or on the other hand, maybe naruto will be able to make a seal wich allows him to control the yang fully without the demons chakra controlling him like when he is in the 4tailed state. if he will be able to complete the seal the demons chakra won’t leak anymore. chakra will only be released by the will of naruto.

  94. i was very disappointed with this chapter…..and to think …we waited two weeks…..TWO LONG AGONIZINGLY EXCRUCIATING PAIN, just to find out it was just as the spoiler…and nuttin extra…who needs chapters or week skips if its gonna be some crap that doesnt give a difinitive answer….F@#% KISHI…WASTING A MOMENT OF MY LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!

  95. first pf all kakashie can not die this dream / illusion proves he’s not dead. this is the part where he’s talking to his dad and he’s going to realize i cant die yet im needed. second naruto do not need no frog to go in sage mode. this link will carry you to when he was training on his raseng shuriken in sage mode if you look at the pic you see the lines around his eyes and he says i need to keep practicing it in sage mode. naruto has the most chakra in the entire show plus he’s fueled by the fox chakra wen he wants. alot of people are forgetting two things one he has yet to be seen power left by itachi and two he has the next half of the seal to make the seal whole. my prediction is that he will not get there to save the village and he will have to go after pein in the hidden rain village. this is something that i really hope happen i really dont think Jaraiya is dead personaly i think and hope he was saved by kushina and i think upon naruto going after pain he will finaly meet up with his mom

  96. or next thing pein needs dead body for his six path of pein
    i think that if jaraiya is really dead he will or would have used jaraiya’s body. or maybe he stored it in that tower.
    the next thing is i think after he destoys the hidden leaf and naruto go after him we will learn a lot more about his family or clan if he had one. i think in the very near futue kushina will play a major part of in the series. if kakashi can see his dad why cant naruto

  97. that a good ass point…why they hell hasnt naruto learned about his father yet….kishi!!!! ur starting to annoy me

  98. i agree! f@ck kishi! he is making us look stupid! who the hell woudnt ask about his father? ive never seen naruto ask about his fathr and about the fourth giving him that kyuubi

  99. well i can see what kishi is trying to do. Give him some room it takes a while to truly develop a character when you only have 17 pages to work with and it’s all pictures. Heck look how long it took for him to prove once and for all that saskue is a douche. I mean we knew that before, but now he’s made it permanent so we never have to worry about it again.

  100. ok. but if he wont clear that out hes done!

  101. @ avidphan – exactly two weeks was long. i expected a longer chapter.
    I just feel that Kakashi is playing possum. Or maybe he on a spirit walk or something. Next he’ll be having tea with Jiraiya. Even if he doesn’t wake up to fight I think he’ll survive.

  102. ok!!! this may seem a bit out of the blues but does anyone think that naruto has some blood line limits?

  103. i think he has. and that has to be somewhat possessing the mysterious sixth element. and may i remind you of yamato saying that naruto’s great ability to heal himself is not because of the fox’s chakra but his own incredible chackra

  104. i think that why kishi is making some mysteries on the sixth element. it is because it will be playing a great role. naruto has that element!

  105. hmm, im actually now on the fence about whether kakashi is gonna die or not. I thought for sure he was a goner but now that i go back and look at the last panel with konohamuru, ima thinking the copy cat ninja has a chance.
    It says that hes right in the thick of things (konohamaru that is), and it didn’t show a clear pic as to where he is, meaning he could be near kakashi, and he might stumble upon him. Also, Kakashi talking to his dad reminds me sorta of in the 7th harry potter book where he meets dumbledore, they have a long discussion, and then, in this case, kakashi will have a choice as to if he is just gonna die and reunite with his comrades, or if he is gonna keep on living.

  106. sweet… i wonder when we are gonna find out….

  107. here is what I think, notice that kakashi is in the rubble and he is facing the mchine pain. that pein realizes that kakashi might have used his sharingun during pain’s last attack with the nail, which exausted kakshi. second of all he meets his father in a dark place but yet there is a fire burning bright, this could definetly signify that kakashi isnt done for. 3rd from where kakshi is in the rubble he can see the inside of pains head now, which could mean he might find out how it all works and the reason I say this is because of the angle kakashi is at in the rubble scene. I dont think kakshi will die here, I think he’ll die when he faces the last ataski with the sharingun (not sasuke).

  108. Kakashi current state is self choice. By using MS to protect Choji he exhausted chakra. If Kakashi is dead its possible that Pain might use the body to replace Asura. If he’s still alive then recovery is his best bet for now. Tsunade’s slugs are still around so that’s a slight relief.

  109. ok anyone who tries to say naruto doesnt need pa to go sage mode dont say because all the you may think your making a good point your really just sounding like a retard… naruto needs to fuse with pa so pa can gather natural energy while naruto fights… without pa he would have to find a way to stay still long enough in the middle of a battle in order to use it… im really tired sorry for being an asshole

  110. @outlaw…yes that is the choice he must make…reminds me of jiraiya…like how he came back to life just to fight pain once again (it was something about leaving a job uncompleted)…i think the same is with kakashi…anyways, he will die…

  111. now for renzy…that sounds like a good idea to me…who needs pa for sage mode??? naruto is a perfect sage and all he needs to do is create a few powerful clones that can back him up while he draws the natural energy….and this is not an unusual way for naruto….he uses shadow clones for almost everything….
    and btw, if a shadow clone takes up 1/10 th of the user’s chkra, should naruto be dead when he uses the many shadow technique??? and if you say he has more than enough chakra…then why on earth does he create them? they are basically useless (one punch…all gone!!!)

  112. glen what’s the mysterious sixth element???

  113. @ Alec

    what you are saying about kakashi is absolute bullcrap, you are right when it comes to the Chakra Stamina. but when it comes to an all out brute force brawl. kakashi will probably win. why? he is the fastest ninja after Yondaime-kage and probably Kakuzu. and he can use that speed for a verry long time cause it doesnt take that much chakra. also. if he gets to analysing an enemy he will most definetly be able to kill them. Why? he has so many Jutsu’s he can match the best atack or defence against any enemy, this is after finding out their skills and strategy, wich he can do using Sharingan. so guys, stop saying he is weak, cause i think jiraiya would have had a handfull dealing with kakashi, 1 because of Kakashi’s speed and Kakashi using the best jutsu’s matching jiraiya’s weaknesses.

    So kishi, REVIVE KAKASHI!!!!

    and why would it make the show stranger then it already was?
    it didnt when Gaara was revived, and personally i would rather see gaara die than Kakashi.

  114. @babyfox9 no one knows about it yet. but it is said that there are six element but so far, only five has been revealed

  115. @ViralNaruto, kakashi isnt the next fastes ro the fourth. the fourth is just so fast because of his flying god thunder jutsu. ok lets consider him the fastest for that but the second would be Shisui Uchiha, the one who mastered the body flicker technique. he can do it in long distances and without limit. he is called the “Shisui of the Body Flicker” (瞬身のシスイ, Shunshin no Shisui). still i dont agree with kakashi being the third fastest. there is still madara who maybe now the fastest. even faster than the fourth. making the fourth second, shisui, the third.

  116. i even disagree kakazu as a fast ninja.

  117. even reviving kakashi. no need. hes not yet dead. hahahaha!

  118. @renzy10, it can be the other way. naruto collecting enough natural energy while someone is fighting OR a chackra/force protecting him while he does. so my theory doesnt look retard. the fox can envelop him with intense chackra while he collect natural energy. that is possipble. so possible.

  119. @glen07

    oke… you’ve kinda got me pinned down here… but does kakashi use a jutsu for his speed? i don’t think so… shisui and Yondaime do both use jutsu, i don’t know about Madara.

    and then again… Kakuzu is fast(according to the Episodes of Naruto Shippuuden he is in)

  120. @bendercu, i like your icon! i wonder if it looks like you…buwahahahahhahahahaha!

  121. not so fast for kakuzu. about kkashi, not reall a jutsu including shisui. they onlu use very fast movement ussually refered as a jutsu coz vevry few can do it without limit and in long distances. actually uts not a jutsu. only madara and yondaime dos a jutsu

  122. kakuzu is fast? according to you, the shippuden says so…. in the shippuden episodes there are some additives…

  123. Kakashi is going to die , lately we only saw him on bed , and in terms of skills he reached his limits

  124. dammmn i posted an hour ago and i still haven’t seen it on the site it might be because i added html codes to it, please do not be offended when you see the post again.

    6th pain/naraka path is kakashi’s father. refer to chapter 381 page 14 and you will notice that kakashi father is one of the ninja’s j-man was talking about. better yet i’ve got a link

  125. yeah! and that was one of the things that made me stop watching shippuuden until episode 80….gaara is better dead! he is awesome but once anyone dies…bringing him back is just leading the whole thing into darkness….

  126. sry for disturbing…
    i’m rev, a vietnamese manga translator ( this is my 4rum )
    i knew that u guy’ve been translating bakuman manga
    i really wanted to translated this manga to vietnamese
    but it seems that u guy don’t have a 4rum so i have to come here and wrote this letter to have your permission.
    if u accept my propasal, plz reply to XD

  127. jeez, glen, did you have a spammich for breakfast?!

  128. Let Sand village allys come..I mean gaara should take a place in this battle too…Who cares that the beast isnt into him..anywayz gaara rulaz without it(for sure)..plz let the immortal do the job with new skills..i d like to see one of pain toy dies with ‘Desert Greveyyard’

  129. i thing that tsunade slug will revived kakashi and naruto you will be late konoha will be destroy jajjajajaj just kidin jajjajajjja

  130. lol…nice one ibiki… kakashi should have that too….

  131. OOOH MY GODDDD This is my third time trying to post this message to this site, it seems a higher power doesn’t want me to share what i found out today. this is no doubt very interesting, this time i will try without html links

    this is what i found out:

    6th pain/naraka path is kakashi’s father 100% no doubt. if you don’t believe me check this out
    read chapter 381 page 14, the shinnobis that j-man was reffering to the first 3 ninja the middle 1 is the same guy in kakashi vision.
    i had images and everything in my previous posts but somehow i couldn’t load it due to the htmls, anyway i hope it works this time. i live in london so by the time it’s 6ish at your area it will be my bed time, i might not reply due to this reason

  132. charzelo, I don’t agree (although that doesn’t make me right ;P), but I do see the similarity. Kakashi’s dad died in the village, so it’s unlikely Pain has his body unless some seekrit (sh!) grave robbing happened.

    Sakumo (aka White Fang, aka Kakashi’s pops) was a pretty notable nin in his day, and he probably would have been a contemporary of Jiraiya’s. Seeing him when fighting Pain prolly would have gotten a more specific reaction from J-man, at least a “WTF is HE doing here?”

    Also Sakumo, like Kakashi, wears his leaf symbol right there on his forehead and the Pain aspect you point to isn’t shown with with anything like that. Cool thought, tho.

  133. i really dont think kakashi is gonna die, maybe sakura will find hhim and give him medical attention

  134. do kage bunshin have feelings? can a kage bunshin see “the Light”
    and talk to father… they are physical beings, they shod be able to dream and feel they just except the fact that they are clones and are going to disappear since the fight is over and they are no longer needed… and no body will care… kinda sad

    lets hope,no! pray they can

  135. i don’t believe it either…he just cannot die..this is Kakashi we’re talking about..KAKASHI nooooooooooo!!!!

  136. 😉

  137. @ Anonymous – LMFAO! Best comment in a while. Thanks.


  138. @ibikiteishi i thought the same thing in the beginning so i read kakashi’s childhood again, on chapter 240 page 19, minato didn’t mention anything about sakumo dying in the village, he was disgraced according to him, well if i was disgraced and the so called friends who i jeopardise the mission in order to save this so called friends and they looked down on me after all that good samaritan nonsense. what i will do is disappear from the village, what still a mystery to me is how he committed the suicide.

    as for the j-man not recognising him, it was even hard for me to find out who of pains he was reffering into in his vision, there’s alot of difference between the j-mans vision guy and naraka path but he was the only one left and that’s the only way i could recognise him

  139. @charzelo i looked at ur image and look at the eyes they are completely different

  140. @microtube first there is no such thing as a weak or powerful clone they all get equal amounts of chakra… second dont you think it would be obvious to an opponent if all but one of the narutos attack and the one that doesnt is sitting on the ground basically meditating it would be easy to see right through it… third naruto doesnt want to rely on the fox… ever since it hurt sakura he has refrained from using its chakra and why would the fox help naruto anyway by lending his chakra?

  141. Ya man kakashi can’t die man, he’s suppost to give his life up for sakura or naruto not fat as chouji. Lady tsunsde has to heal this guy. Whose suppost to guide naruto on His path to be hokage since jiraya is dead it has to be kakashi, you can’t this guy. There has to be a manga ninja cluse that say a student can lose both his masters, exspecially by being killed by the same guy (pain).and who gona tell naruto about his dad, it would have be best for his dad master or student to tell naruto his dad is the fourth hokage. And one other thing has Pa toad taught naruto we jutsus besides sage mode. Naruto gona need a lot jutsus to be pain exspaically if he.has to fight nagato he has all the elements and jiraya said he taught him a lot techniqes to go with those abiltys. Andanother thing about jiriya, why did he teach naruto hella jutsus like he did nagato, all he show naruto was rasengun, toad summoning, chakra control and how to use the nine tails which naruto can even control. And when is naruto gona learn the flying thunder god the fourth had the leave naruto a scrol with all his jutsus for him, hope there on the toad key transfer scrol like some one said earlier.

  142. @iamlegend206 nice points! agree with kakashi cant die coz of chouji. and why naruto knows nothing but rasengan (and its evolve forms) and summoning. about the scroll, i dont think its the time for naruto to read it. he has to grow more.

  143. @ibikiteishi, i just dont want anybody calling my theory retard. sorry for that. i really hotheaded when it comes to that.

  144. by far faster than any one in naruto and i don’t think he uses any hand movement to do them it’s more like a seal on his hole body

  145. and when naruto gets back to the leaf and sees kakashi his dead or almost dead he gonna have a shit fit i just see it now him come rolein on gummabontta or how ever u spell it with some awesome new jutsu it’s been some time since we seen him shine liek back when he was fightin garra

  146. and naruto will master sage mode beleave it!!

  147. and when the hell is he gonna find out about his f’in dad like realy it’s retared and if he does have a clan what one do u think it is ? and about naruto haveing Kekkei genkai we know he has the wind element and if he has water wind=water=ice would be cool we now his mom is from the land of water

  148. @iamlegend kakashi definitely cant die yet kakashi will die when naruto is ready to become hokage not now

  149. im just gonna put something that occurred to me out there……we have only seen tobi’s right eye correct? cuz im not sure if it is but if it is, then couldn’t tobi actually be obito despite claiming to be madara? i mean its not like we have seen him use mangekyou sharingan and maybe he used one of those techniques to survive and left some sort of perma clone in his place…..

  150. glen07 and babyfox9 and (possibly) kingcam07 are the same person
    you can tell by the time between their comments and their also stupid comments

    what kind of weirdo are you?

    and kakashi will not die take a look at this

    Link deleted…Fake as hell

    if you think this is fake check out the account


  151. @renzy – nope…there is a variation of clones…the one sakura (and other genin made) are the weakest…the ones naruto made are stronger and there are even stronger clones (i don’t know where they showed that but kakashi…or who ever…said that if you focus better, you can create powerful clones…)…they may not be numerous but they are definitely more powerful than the ordinary clones….

  152. ohh…i can’t wait you think that in the next issue we’ll see what happens to Kakashi??????????or it’ll be a time skip?????

  153. kakashi wont die now, there would be no point of his dad telling him to stop as hes about to die if he goes and dies afterwards. I reckons hes gonna have a major breakthrough and start to be even stronger. hes seemed a bit weak recently with naruto having to save him once already so ireckon this talk with his dad will give him a chance to stop regretting everything all the time and become stronger. maybe hell start to use that white fang move he used to save obitio.

    oh and naruto has to use shadow clones to perfect sage mode now since he cant fuse with the toad guy. one clone collects natural chakra while he kicks ass.

  154. @ Naruto man… Glen and Babyfox are indeed two seperate people.

    The link is to a fake spoiler that we saw like three weeks ago.

  155. remeber naruto could make a clone transform into a rock and just let it lie ther gathering chakra. And if he does manage to fuse with the toad itll be pretty gay if everytime he has to fight, he goes “hold on” and summons the toad.

  156. @ naruto man – don’t you find it strange that the clip was added on november 4th?

  157. yeah well unfourtunately for Naruto, the rinnegan can apparently see chakra, so he’d notice that one little rock is quickly gaining a shit load of chakra for no apparent reason

  158. I think maybe Konohamaru might find a way to get Naruto. That was my first thought when I saw him. All I know is that this chapter kinda pissed me off and I want this to hurry up and end.

  159. @ alec where does it say that rinnegan can see chakra? doesn’t mean it can’t but there’s no proof yet in the manga. the only things we know about it are that it can see from 6 people’s point of view, and i don’t know what other super moves it can do.

  160. what about naruto uses frog tecknics like jiraya.. I mean there was a time that jiraya was hidden inside a frog… he may summon gamakichi to get in him and gather the sage chakra and gamakichi fights for him for a while…

  161. cool page

  162. sorry for the above post
    it was 2 in the morning and i was
    hyped on naruto 0_0

  163. it saw the huge ass barier surrounding konoha? which i’m going to say was made up of chakra jsut as arandom guess

  164. *barrier

    **a random

    my bad for the spelling

  165. […] Naruto Manga 426 + discussion and break down of Naruto Manga 425 Naruto Manga 426 The break down and survey’s for Naruto 425 is below… […]

  166. Sasuske will save Kakashi.

  167. its funny because only Naruto, Saskue, and Gaara can use the power of flashbacks to a positive purpose… no one else can handle this amazing ability to harness flashbacks. Eventually that means that they will be the only three left in a world where all ninjas have died because of there flashbacks.

  168. kakashi must die. I predicted this along with all sannin will die in the end. it’s good plot. People are mainly upset cause he died so quick. Don’t forget we’ve seen kakashi fight loads of time already, meaning seeing him go all out with the same techniques AGAIN would be boring and bad taste in writing. Kishi is doing the right thing for once. All naruto great protectors must die in order to have him step up as the last hope an unleash more tails.

  169. @ Alac: How could you forget about *Shikamaru!*?

  170. so thats the amazing and mysterious 6th element!

  171. @naruto man, ahahahaha! nice observation. but no! we are different people. babyfox is from greece and im from the philippines. its just a coincidence that every time i post a comment she posts too. and she’s a girl.

  172. @sean. i think the speed of madara is a power of the eternal sharingan he have. maybe once you have the eternal shairngan, there would be some powers that you can use without activating mangekyu sharingan. like spece -time manipulation that helps him travel so fast

  173. ya i think he does it with his ms too but that might not be the case Kakashi was saying something like he has taken space time jutsu even farther than the forth hokage and im not sure if the forth uses hand seals or not we never seen in fight much besides in the games.

  174. shiki doesn’t use flashbacks, he believes that Asuma was following him around as a ghost, almost like in Coldcase

  175. and im sure theres alot more to the rinnegan than just the 6pains and 5elements i mean pervy sage sad it’s the strongest eye technique in the ninja world he can use any technique but is it stronger than ms and the eternal shairngan?

  176. and this is the best time to kill pain his 6pets are at the leaf’ Nagato is at the tower with all them dead bodys where pervy sage died or was it all part of his plan to get close to Nagato and not have to face his pets ?

  177. everyones talkin’ bout how the key will allow a nauto+kyuubi fusion but hasn’t anyone noticed it could let the kyuubi take over naruto and go BERSERK!what do we have then Kyuuruto or Narubii!(But jiraiya did say smfin bout yin and yang things…”Wax on, Wax off:…lol)!
    But i also have a theory for the future of naruto, i believe in the end, Naruto will become powerful on his own and leave the kyuubi to go fatass couch potato mode….and when he’s powerfull enough, he’ll release the seal and Kill the kyuubi on his own…and about kakashi…Fuck u Kishi(dont stop the manga though..)I mean….u kill kakashi, fatass chouza, asuma, ero-sennin,blah blah blah and u DONT KILL GAI!!WTF is THAT!!

  178. @sean, the fourth is using a seal for his space time jutsu. but his teleportation has limits coz he cannot go to a place he never been

  179. he also uses hand seals.

  180. hey! konohamaru really was holding something! that might really be it! konohamaru is training and he’s ready to fight. i’ll bet! he will be kicking some ass! the summoner’s ass! viva konohamaru!

  181. that would be awesome if he summons that staff like the 3rd did when he was fighting oro

  182. but i don’t think he can last long vs pain but the ‘will of fire burns hot’

  183. it looks like a scroll of some sort im bored.

  184. man wtf i can’t wait to see what happens this sucks my life is falling apart Kakashi is dead of alive i love that song

  185. indeed glen..he’s holding sth..if this is true then we’re going to see Konohamaru’s fighting techniques..this would be interesting..

  186. @ sean – if Pein’s Rinnegan is stronger than Eternal Sharingan and MS why does he take orders from Madara? I think the weapon is only as powerful as the wielder.

  187. @mitsos thats a good theory… just like when sasuke summoned manda to protect him from deidara lol but does he have enough talent with summoning that he could summon anything around him?

  188. ok so i reread the chapter and it looks like konohamaru is holding his collar to me… also somebody said kakashi was buried in the rocks if you look in the bottom left hand corner of the overhead view you can see him so hes still there

  189. if kakashi died then kishimoto is driving crazy.

    if kakashi died in that way the naruto manga sucks because how can a super warrior like kakashi die because he has no chackra i prefer that kakashi died by a sword.

    hope that kishimoto relive kakashi with white chakra dogs and then he will do a raikiri-rasengan and finish all pein.

  190. okay is kakshi alive

  191. why not he had summoned the big toad long before sasuke learns to summon…

  192. konohamaru is holding is scarf … and that it’s pretty clear .

  193. is is clear

  194. @mitsos this is true but sasuke had no trouble summoning manda whereas gamabunta never listens to naruto… on the other hand maybe now that hes a sage he will

  195. manda was under genjutsu thats why he protected sasuke.. and i am not saying gamabunta is gonna protect naruto while he gathers the enviroment chakra but gamakichi.. gamakichi is grown up now and dont u think its time for him to do smthing too to this series exept wathcing fights..?? he is supposed to be the frog boss someday.. maybe it could be a sign naruto and gamakichi working together the future hokage and future frog boss.. u know what i mean??:P

  196. think of the fight.. naruto summons gamakichi and gamakichi swallows him.. naruto colects the chakra at frogs stomach and gama fights for him for a while… then naruto comes out and BOYAAAAAAAAA

  197. haha yea sorry got the names mixed up 😛

  198. also i realized something about obito… in 425 when hes about to die he has the three comma things in his sharingan… didnt he only have one when he died? is this a mistake or is something up?

  199. indeed he has 2 commas when obito awakens his sharingan and at 425 has 3.. sasuke had 1 when he awoke it .. it may be some point if obito is tobi.. he may at 3 comas awakend the power of teleportation and stuff.. but imo its a mistake.. cause u know…its just a comma:P lol

  200. if you think about it how come naruto was able to fuse with gamabunta? when fighting gaara. when they transformed onto the fox?
    they had to fuse their chakra togehter right? then maybe the old frog and naruto have to do a transformation together!so their chakra become as one making sage mode!

  201. and shouldent isunade have noticed naruto taking forever to respone to the messenger frog? maybe she goes to look for naruto by herself? and kakashi comes from a slug isunade sends out and maybe the way isunade gets naruto is by a old scroll left behind by jiriya back when their were a team?

  202. haha yea it prolly is but you never know haha also at the beginning of gaiden it says that the third ninja war which was what was going on then was ten years ago haha so that has to be a mistake to because that is after the kyuubi was sealed in naruto… hmmmmmm

  203. the commas you guys are talking about are called tomoes. that signifies the awakening of the sharingan. when you have 3 tomoes already it means you have fully devoloped the sharingan. it ussually starts from one tomoe. like sasuke. he’s left eye started from one. his right to two. now they are bothe 3 tomoes

  204. I’m not dissin on anyone that is calling them commas but they are actually called tomoe^_^

    When the Sharingan is first activated by a user, it has a different number of tomoe around a central pupil.[1][2] The wielder of the Sharingan, through continued use, evolves the Sharingan which involves gaining tomoe. The maximum number of tomoe in a conventional Sharingan is three. When the user gets three tomoe, he becomes able to predict all movement from his opponent. – this is from

    I’d also like to point out that also has Hatake Kakashi as pressumably dead now but not deceased under the characters who posses Sharingan section on the above linked page.

  205. the commas you guys are talking about are called tomoes. that signifies the awakening of the sharingan. when you have 3 tomoes already it means you have fully devoloped the sharingan. it ussually starts from one tomoe. like sasuke. he’s left eye started from one. his right to two. now they are bothe 3 tomoes

  206. Damn you Anonymous! Beat me to it! JK

    Thanx. -_+

  207. LMAO! We all jumped on that one. hehe

  208. what the hell! Anonymous got my comment 1 thats me!

  209. @Jeremiah! i got you first! ahahahaha!

  210. so sasuke tells itachi he wants to kill madara and he knows he helped exterminate uchiha wowie

  211. haha and i knew they evolved and everything i just never knew what they were called thanks though

  212. Raises Hand High, The whole sealing of Yin and Yang Chakra has me a bit confused on the direction the Manga is taking. Can you answer this?

    Based on manga issue 370, Naruto has the Yang Chakra sealed into him. Does that mean that only 50% of the Nine Tailed Fox’s chakra was placed in Naruto? Alternately could it mean that 100% of the chakra was sealed inside of Naruto, but only the Yang Chakra is accessible and the Yin Chakra is locked away completely by the Shiki Fuujin. Does that mean the key/seal is going to seal away the remaining Yang chakra eliminating the Nine Tails as a threat or will it release the Yin chakra when Naruto is ready? This would provide him with access to 100% of the Nine Tail’s powers.

    Have Kakashi and Captain Yamato been training Naruto to rely on his own power and not the Nine Tail for this very reason. Do they plan on him sealing the Nine Tail’s away completely with the key/seal. Is that also why he has learned the Sage art’s to replace the power he received from the Yang chakra of the Nine Tail’s.

    Or will Naruto become a super powered ninja have access to 100% of the Nine Tail’s power, the Sage arts, the ultimate shape manipulation jutsu, and wind nature manipulation.

  213. im thinkin yin is the chakra in naruto and yang is like the body of the fox basically because that is what is sealed with the shiki fuujin according to jiraiya and that is the technique that locks the user and the thing being sealed in the stomach of that demon

  214. Hey hey hey. Didn’t Sasuke actually start out with ONE tomoe on BOTH eyes?!

  215. I still think naruto will become a godly being like his dad. That is what the hokage is supposed to be, the most powerful ninja in the village.

  216. Yo kakashS Fukn shit

  217. @Jabocol-Sasuke’s left eye started from one tomoe and his right from two.But actually I never understood how you gain the third one..Itachi said that in order to fully awaken his Sharingan Sasuke had to kill his best friend..but in the Valley of the End Sasuke didn’t kill Naruto..and the third tomoe appeared in both eyes when he hit him with why his Sharingan were fully awakened??In the Shippuden when team Kakashi finds Sasuke he told Naruto that he didn’t want to gain power like Itachi..was that a reference to the awakening of his Sharingan??? *confused*

  218. when itachi says fully awake the sharingan refers to the mangekyou

  219. Nope Sasuke had two in one eye and one in the other.

  220. @ babyfox – mitsos is right, MS requires killing someone close to you… *glares at Kakashi*

    Activating Tomoe only requires an intense or dire battle situation or an emotional event.

  221. P.S. Mitsos and Nighthawk both need icons so that
    they no longer look like noobs… click HERE.

  222. your tomoes awaken under critical circumstances or high strain… sasukes awakened for the first time when he saw itachi, but he went unconcious or something (there he had one in each) when he fights haku he re-awakens it and gains a second one in the other eye, he gained his third one after naruto started going fox and was kicking his ass and this balanced the fight… likewise obitos was awakened during a life threatening situation with those hidden rock ninja

  223. no, it doesn’t mean killing someone close to you, it means that someone close to you has to die. Kakashi didn’t kill obito and probably didn’t kill Rin, nor did he kill Minato. Saskue didn’t kill Itachi, the disease did. So killing your closest friend is one way of of guranteeing that someone close to you dies. And i highly doubt Madara knew about killing someone close to you rule because him and his brother were the first to awaken the ms.

  224. @ Alec – hate to say it but I have to dissagree with most of that statement.

    Those who have the potential to obtain it must make a great sacrifice in order to obtain it – according to Itachi, they must kill their closest friend. Itachi, Madara, and his brother apparently do in fact do this to obtain the original version, but Kakashi has noted that everyone he cared about had died long before the start of the series, so how he developed his own variant is unknown. –

    Itachi couldn’t dodge the attacks because he was being killed from the inside by a deadly – and as of yet unknown – virus. – Along with the illness he had also given half (or at least some) of his power to Naruto further weakening himself for the fight against Sasuke.

    Madara also says that Itachi intended to die at the hands of Sasuke the entire time. Itachi may have been dying from the disease but Sasuke did kill Itachi, just as Itachi had planned.

  225. @Jeremiah: ‘xactly. Of course it’s interesting that Madara seems to know just what Itachi had planned. There must be a part of Itachi’s plan to take down Madara (because that’s what I really think he was up to) that the old geezer doesn’t know about. Maybe that’s the Naruto thing, but maybe there is something more too–something only Sasuke’s soon to find out about.

    AND WTF did Kakashi DO? THAT’s what I want to learn, it’s been driving me bananas. And…anybody seen Gai lately? lol. Yeah, maybe he was able to awaken it based on his guilt over failing to protect his friends, but that seems like a too easy answer.

    @Alec: I believe the MS comes specifically from the stress of killing someone you love AND Madara is the one who wrote down the formula under the 7th tatami mat or whatever.

  226. naruto seems to do every other high level jutsu with the use of clones, I don’t see this being any different. Also, as far as Jiraiya being dead wouldn’t the toads know? I don’t think that Kakashi is dead, not yet.
    On a separate note, I don’t know how many of you also download the anime, but Viz is going to release a dubbed version of the japanese release. Dattebayo says they’ll stop releasing it (again). anyone know the validity of this?

  227. 99.9999999999999999% positive that they will never stop doing Naruto unless legally shut down. At which point they would do it without warning or discussion because as I have found out >_< they tell you to knock it off immediatly and tell you not to talk about it to anyone! And when they say immediatly, they mean like a week ago.

  228. They do this about 3-4 times a year, but they have yet to stop. I think they just like to stir up everyone for shits and giggles.

  229. 千手 – Senju
    うちは – Uchiha

    You can add a family name or Kanji in general now to your user name. FAQ/ICON/USERNAME link under catagories in the user bar on the upper right hand side of the top of the page.

  230. ohh, go knock your socks off Jeremiah, i work alone…

  231. LMAO! I’m guessing Uchiha will severely out number Senju, but I’m going somewhere with this.

    Add this to your name 伝説の三忍 = Legendary Three Ninja

  232. Viz will be streaming subbed episodes, not dubbed. Here’s the link for the VIZ news annoucement:

    Also in the Dattebayo was that Crunchyroll will be releasing the new episodes subbed the day they come out for a “Small fee”.

  233. Thanks for that info ^_^

    I’ll still continue to bittorrent all anime from sites like

  234. Some other family names from the Naruto world:

    猿飛 – Sarutobi
    干柿 – Hoshigaki
    鬼灯 – Hozuki

  235. my guess is that “small fee” is a joke or they are looking to be shut down yesterday. Unless there is an ‘arrangement’ being made–highly improbable.

    森野 – Morino ^.^

  236. 波風 – Namikaze
    日向 – Hyuga
    うずまき – Uzumaki

  237. dattebayo not subing naruto, it is real this time, this not a troll, my information is from a very good source and I know it is 100% true. Viz is going to sub naruto the day it is out and charge a small fee to watch it that week, after the first week the episode will be free. If viz has bad subs (“believe it”) or bad video quality I am 100% sure another sub group will pick naruto up.

    P.S what is with the kanji?

  238. Jeremiah what is your family name???”火影 千手”=……???

  239. WHAAAAAAAAAAA?????????????lastscorpion are you sure??????????????oh c’mon….why are they dropping the subbing???????damn….

  240. Wow, my grammar is bad in that last reply >_<.

  241. *cries in the floor*DAMN YOU DATTEBAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. lastscorpion where did you hear that??

  243. Yes i am 100% sure, I dont want to say where I got the info out of respect to the person, but it is 100% true.

  244. Jeremiah why are my comments awaiting moderation??AGAIN?? 😦

  245. damn!!!!!

  246. @Babyfox- probably something like “King Uchiha of the Leaf”

  247. @ Babyfox….I think it is because of the Kanji that you added to your name. Now that you have been cleared again, maybe it will work now. Give it a try.

  248. i believe it’s true , it’s the only time they have a decent reason for droping it …

  249. that bastard always hogging the best titles…

  250. I translated it and got something to do with thousand hands… O.o Something you want to tell us Jeremiah?

    AND…because Jeremiah prolly expects me to, I looked up:

    奈良 – Nara


  251. thanx Russ!

  252. OK, since lastscorpion has inside info he can’t share, I started digging myself. This info publicly available on the net. ^.^

    Viz currently offers some older episodes thorugh Hulu (started in Sept. probably as prep for the ‘big move’). Viz has a dedicated Naruto site and you can catch the sucky promo vid there, letting us know that they will offer fresh new episodes right from Japan starting Jan 2009. Dattebayo said much the same in a news release a few days ago–but even when they sound sincere I don’t believe them. Can’t imagine why.

    My concern, and the one expressed at the Dattebayo site, is that Viz’s subs are stiff (and their dubbage sux eggs, IMO). Now maybe a lot of you completely lost interest in the anime after years of fillers, but I’m going to suggest a letter writing campaign here.

    Viz, smart people that they are, do not post an e-mail contact address (although I’d love to get my hands on one if someone finds it). I’m going to tell everyone I know to post a snail mail letter right away to VIZ and let them know how you feel about stiff subs, sanitized translations and voice actors who couldn’t act their way out of a wet paper bag with a compas and a pair of scissors.

    I’m going to my blog to connect all the dots with references and addresses, and stuff. Hell, I’ll even draft up a letter for those from the lazy ass Nara clan. At any rate, here’s where to send your concerns (and do it now, so they can get it right for all of us right from the start).

    VIZ Media, LLC
    P.O. BOX 77010
    San Francisco, CA 94107

  253. @ Ibi – you are prolly using an online translator… Which doesn’t work because many things don’t translate into English well.

    Senju translates roughly to 1000 techniques. So clan of 1000 techniques.

    I want to comment on the other stuff too. When I get home I will. ^_^

  254. Hey everyone, cool site. I just wanted to say i think tobi (uchia madara) is just using saskue. He twisted the truth, about the story he told saskue. Itachi predicted this would happen, hence he spoke to naruto giving him power to save saskue from himself. Naruto will only realize this hidden power in the series end when naruto will have to defend the village from saskue’s attack. And saskue has totally flipped, he’s a cold blooded killer now, created by lies of uchia madara.

  255. Thanks for the address. I will definitely write. I don’t watch the dubbed US release because of the crappy voices compared to the Japanese original (The US Ochi sounds like Cobra Commander with Laryngitis). I like Dattebayo’s release because the translations seem true to form. If Viz releases some sub-par, watered down crap I will just have to be happy with the manga, and learn Japanese.

  256. @babyfox Look at chapter 403. Does that really count? Or is it more like a special situation thing?

  257. ^^^^^ regarding when Sasuke activated his sharingan.

  258. True Spoiler Pics are out of MANGA 426. I think only the text in the description is correct. Here is the link.

  259. can someone tell me how i put the japanese clan name too??

  260. It seems like the chapter is out:

  261. Jabocol what page??

  262. babyfox tell me how to put the japaneese name infront plz

  263. @ punxed – Click FAQ/ICON/USERNAME link in the upper right user bar at the top of the page under categories and then read the Changing your screen name part.

  264. tnx m8

  265. well jeremiah caught me first!!haha..

  266. woah awesome spoiler, can’t wait to find out what the scroll frog’s going to say. ‘Fukasaku says know one knows what happen to her’. I wonder who this her is…

  267. hey hey..i didn’t catch a thing in the is saying:”Fukasaku says that no one knew what happened to her”…to whom is the Pa-toad referring??

  268. @ うちはbabyfox9 – could that her be his mother? could Fukusaku be telling Naruto the truth about his parents? or is the scroll frog a girl?

  269. @ babyfox and @arrrun “her” is the scroll frog i think; er, or ma frog.

  270. ^^no, its the scoll froggy, cause j-man never said that the scroll frog is a boy or a girl.



  273. Excited about Konohamaru’s continued appearance! Is Ebisu going to be a weakass bitch or be completely amazing? (and yeah…the spoiler music…)

  274. From the looks of it this is gonna be a great manga issue

  275. hi everyone! u all are doin some awesome thinking.

  276. ebisu just looks like bitch but im sure hes good if hes sposed 2 be like the best teacher

  277. i’v been reading ur theories for the past six months.
    i’m pretty sure kakashi is not going to die. He is going to die fighting madara. Which might knock some sense in sasuke.

  278. And can anyone tell me if sasuke is going blind from his right eye? bcoz it seems that his vision becomes blurry after his fight with eight tails. He puts his hand on his right eye. It is in Ch.417.

  279. ebisu nxt victim but i hope he fights good and i think Fukasaku is talking about the frog with glasses witchi Danzo killed so soon i see naruto in village if Kaka dies(hope not) he will go rage mode kill all good and bad and than say ups did i do this.The thing that i wander about the most will Danzo subordinates fight against Tsunade when she confronts Danzo or will they see what a mega-lame douch Danzo is and go and pwn Pein(i mean go and get pwnd by Pein) in the name of Hokage and where are Maito Shika Neji and the gang are they on a vacation or just wanking around go save Kakashi u lasy bastards.Also i think that soon we will see Konan fight(hope against Shika)

  280. Kakashi i think he has one good attack left that hes dreaming an he just blows up with power lighting blade in all and pain trys to u use his attack and kakashi counters it with the shiragun eye and penertates lighting blade stait threw the real pain

  281. Kakashi is just haveing a recap on life an come out of the dream to help Konohamaru


  283. The mystery that envelops Danzou his ambition to over the Godamie leads to the specalation of who is he really hopfully Naruto will hurry back 2 Konoha

  284. kakashi isnt going to die and naruto is more powerful then he thinks. If he ever learns to control the fox entirely he could make clones and have a 1000 mini kyubi’s chakra naruto’s that would rip villages apart in 1 swing of there claws he doesnt need that old sage toad!

  285. @ nimrodel13- Yeah, that’s called foreshadowing, Saskue doesn’t want Itachi’s eye’s. but Madara wants him to have them, actually he’s kinda pushing him to get them. This obviously hints at that Madara, tobi, or whatver wants Saskue to take Itachi’s eyes, thus making it a level 2 ms (like what madara has now), then he probably plans on either taking over saskue’s body with the immortality jutsu (who knows if he completed it with Oro, its a guess) or if he takes saskue’s eyes to give himself a level 3 or 4 ms (no one knows how to qualify it when you take an ms level 2 and combine it with your own). To clarify, apparently, once you get to ms, you always have the same ms, and when you take some one else’s, you get there’s plus your previous set, thus the combined look of an ms level 2 (read ch 386 05-09 for more info)

  286. @babyfox Oh sorry. page 11 0f chapter 403

  287. happy thanksgiving

  288. oh.. so i think the damn danzou will never be a hokage. all theories saying he will, erase….. coz if somebody knows and tells everyone about what he did, his dreams are gone…

  289. maybe danzo will for a few hours then naruto will show up and beat him

  290. @ glen07 – but what if he doesn’t reach Tsunade in time or he gets stopped. Kishi likes to disappoint the readers these days. I wonder if Kakashi will be shown again.

  291. why are the thing i type always awaiting moderation

  292. @あるん arrrun, we’ll be killing him now if he does. i’ll kill kishi. then i’ll be the one to continue naruto manga. i promise not to disappoint you all!

  293. glen is right…bye bye baka’ll NEVER BECOME HOKAGE!!!MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA….arrun you have a point but let’s hope Konohamaru makes it!!

  294. @ うちはbabyfox9 – yea, I’m still rooting for Konahamaru. I wanna see Danzo the Douche squished by Tsunade.

  295. What a discussion of useless speculations about the strength of Jirahia and Kakashi. Everyone who followed the manga and comic with a certain level of attention will have noticed the undoutable statements about the strength of Kakashi as well of Jirahia.
    If you remember the comic – I guess it was episode 140 of the Naruto series – where JIrahia is having a conversation with Kakashi and informs him about the organisation Akatsuki and where Jirahia tells Kakashi, that he will from now on take care of Naruto’s training because at Kakashi’s current level he is not capable of protecting him.
    This conversation takes place right before Kisamè’s and Itachi’s appearance in Konoha.
    That’s only one example which proofs that Jiraiha was a greater and stronger Ninja than Kakashi.
    Even Kakashi admits, that he can’t imagine how Jiraiha has fought all six paths of Pein at the same time, whereas he is already struggling hard with 2 Peins.

    Nevertheless Kakashi is my favourite character, altough he is not the strongest. I believe Kakashi is not dead yat. He thought that he is dead after rescuing Chouji. He is out of power, unconsiouness and dreaming. He thinks, he is dead and will meat his old teammates. However, as a suprise he meets his dead, which implies for me the possibility that he is still not dead and will regain conscious.

    what do YOU think about my speculations?

  296. thank you man, of course Jiraya was way stronger than kakashi, any way yeah i don’t think kishi will kill kakashi yet, he is way to popular and he can’t go around killing all the older ninjas just to make room for the young ones, especially when there really isn’t a person out there who hates kakashi… hell even jiraya was way popular, but at least he got to full power and showed how awesome he was before he died. Kakashi’s fight so far has done shit and you can’t kill the most popular character off with a weak as fight like that…

  297. Jiraya was a mega pwner but Kaka is still young so he probably will get to J-mans lvl or higher.Also he i think Kaka will survive he is just mega drained and in some state of dream land until his chakra is back.I see Kishi killing Kaka near end of manga in combat with kabuto/oro and he saves sasuke so emo kid changes sides or something like that.Also would like to here your opinions on Naruto`s mother is she dead or just will have a near end aperance i dont think Kishi would leave her story untold when he explanined what happend to Minato it isnt his style

  298. Fahim asked what kind of music should be put in the next spoiler.
    You can make a poll of song choices, the most voted one will be played in the spoiler video.

    -Thanks to Fahim for choosing me as his Spoiler Staff and thanks to your great website.

  299. Ome manga has 426 up!!

  300. @ everyone- due to Thanksgiving myself and the moderators have not been online to moderate comments. I’m very sorry for this as I know that this is not a holiday outside of the states. The new post will be up tomorrow. The new manga has been released, so check that out at and be ready to discuss it over the weekend ^_^

    @ jonn and anyone else that wonders this- ur comments get moderated only when you don’t have an account or use a link (avoids spammers) if you start an account (doesn’t cost anything) you can make comments without being moderated. After you start a new account and get one moderated you are free of the handcuffs of moderation. Click the FAQ/ICON/USERNAME link in the catagories section in the user section in the upper right of this blog.

  301. 426 is up on as well. Totally skipped over the Kakashi issue, DAMN YOU KISHIMOTO!!!!

  302. I was sure about this…I’m wondering if the next issue will skip Kakashi’s thing too..damn..>_<

  303. 😀

  304. Are we seriously about to see Harem Jutsu take out Naraku Pain?

  305. I think it will be the rasengan

  306. that’d be cool, Naruto teaches Konohamaru a move in a few weeks, while Jiraya takes three years and teaches him two moves, that definentely means Naruto will surpass the J-man

  307. well… itd mean konohamaru is a faster learner than naruto but on the other hand naruto created his own way of using rasengan which would make it easier to learn i guess

  308. wasnt the pic when naruto was younger?

  309. at the 16th pis has a younger naruto behind konohamaru. It might just be a flash back

  310. Yeah but…..C’mon! He is barely out of cat catching duty. Naruto’s chakra limit enabled him to gain the rasengan. I know Kishi is “growing up” his younger characters, and Konohamaru is the grandson of the third, but rasengan? Even a massive amount of clones requires Naruto’s chakra levels; the manga has made that clear. I don’t doubt that it could be something newish for Kono, but an attack that massive I seriously doubt.

  311. then what would it be? naruto has 2 techniques that could help.

  312. return of the monkey king, or more monkies anyway… i wish

  313. Dunno….I’m guessing something Uzamaki barrage-ish (small set clone based), but you could very well be right Kono would have had some years to work on it.

  314. 伝説の三忍EroSennin, dont you think that naruto taught konohamaru summoning technique? or maybe the rasengan with KAGEBUNSHIN. ONE KAGEBUNSHIN (a normal bunshin) doesnt require much chakra. even rasengan. it just a matter of control and shaping of chakra

  315. the anonymous up there is me!!

  316. glen do you think Konohamaru could handle the training of rasengan??..he has to go through the steps that Naruto went when J-man was training him..i think that the summoning is more feasible..

  317. @ うちはbabyfox9 – think about it, if Konohamaru learnt how to do Rasengan then Naruto won’t be that special anymore. I think if Konohamaru was to grasp Rasengan it would take years. Even though the summoning does sound more feasible I still don’t think he has enough chakra to summon the Monkey King. He has got guts but I don’t he is as special as Naruto.

  318. @ anonymous/glen07 – I’ll take your word for it…lol. Kishi better not disappoint us

  319. arrun you’re right..Naruto is of course more special than Konohamaru..besides the name of the series is “Naruto”!!I hope that we’ll find out what happens with Kakashi in the next issue..i won’t handle it if it skips this……

  320. @glen I’m just thinking stepwise, Naruto learned summoning first. That said, how does Naruto have him sign the contract? I guess Konohamaru would have inherited the staff, but does Ebisu have a hand in that? I need to go through my hard drive a find the episode that the flash back is eluding to. But, it is not below Kishi to knock Naruto down a notch, particularly when he is about to gain something thought unattainable.

  321. yea me either. I think the next time they show Kakashi he would be wrapping up the meeting with his dad and hopefully after that he will be ready to kick some serious Pein butt.

  322. hope you’re right arrrun *crosses fingers*!!

  323. @babyfox: I’m think Kakashi might be left for one more issue, and the next may be on completely different part of this battle.

    @arrun: thx for the info about liars in hell, that’s really helpful.

    @EroSennin: I think you’re right on all accounts. There’s gonna be a twist here tho, don’t you think? ^.^ I’m gonna be laughing about harem jutsu all week…

  324. why is the new page not up yet


  326. Jeremiah is rejoicing in the wholesale slaughter of the native Americans….uh,er… I mean Thanksgiving (for white people) sorry I have tourette’s of the fingers, but seriously to each their own. I hope they are having a good time, they have been here the rest of the year for us without fail.

  327. I have been combing my manga, but I can’t find the flashback reference.

  328. EroSennin what flashback are you looking for??

  329. lmfao kingcam that is some of the funniest shit i’ve read in a while lol thx

  330. ??? haven’t been on in a while whats up with the katakana and kanji?

  331. umm @EroSennin i just remembered something because of your comment…it pertains to naruto learning kuchiyose no jutsu, when he signed the contract i noticed that after his name is jiraiya’s, however jiraiya said when naruto summoned the frog boss that gamabunta was the fourths personal summon? so i don’t understand if thats possible if minato didn’t make a contract in blood on the summoning scroll.

  332. I was looking for the flashback where naruto tells Kono he has a new jutsu to show him. In Kono’s flashback naruto is wearing the old clothes (before shippuuden), but I can’t find it. The closest is when naruto was going to teach him a new perverted jutsu, but sakura hits him with her tsunade strength. (but that was shippuuden)

    @9tailedsage they are family names. You can go to the FAQ/ICON/USER NAME screen to find a FAQ on it, or read back through the message board. They aren’t all listed in the FAQ, so looking back through the posts is helpful (like mine is in the posts, legendary three, but not in the FAQ) Hope this helps.

  333. hmm….. dont think the dumb kyuubi fox will listen to naruto even if he asks it to help him to do so….
    Probably Naruto wont fuse with the Crappy frog…. hell enter into Demon Fox Mode probably than sage mode…. like… remember…. Kyuubis chakra is the negative energy… part of yin yang…… think this was explained in that Sora fight……..
    so Kyuubi red chakra is the negative one and nature chakra will be the positive one…
    both will form a complete yin yang…. Naruto will become a Sannin rather than a Sage.

    Would be better if he had some dress make over to look like Minato and little similar to Kakashi and got rid of his forehead protector.

    Whaddya ppl think???
    Cant wait to look at the completely released Kyuubi and Naruto fuse to a Demon Fox Mode….


  334. I’m not the same person as anyone, I’m just me. I use Kingcam, that’s it.

  335. Don’t get me wrong watching Naraku bleed out from a sexy jutsu would be funny. We’ve all seem Kishi use humor and awesomeness at the same time….When Rock Lee drinks the saki he thinks is medicine, and goes all Roadhouse Swayze on Kimimaro (dunno if you’ve seen the anime, but funny as hell)

  336. EroSennin i think that this flashback is from the beginning of the show(the clothes are indicating this) although i don’t recall Naruto telling this in the beginning..

  337. I thought so as well, but looking through the first chapters all I found was where Naruto taught him Sexy Jutsu. You can get all the Manga (at a lot of places) by signing up for free account at, clicking the link for the latest Naruto manga, and searching all the way back to the first one. I have them all saved on my portable hard drive, but no luck here.

  338. wow!i didn’t know that…thanx!!well then it seems that Kishi just made a mistake with the dialogue..

  339. Well, I may have overlooked it, or it could be part of a future flashback (a flashback that Kishi hasn’t showed us yet)

  340. @Erosennin, i would agree to the “future flashback”. I have followed naruto the most of any anime/manga, and I never recall him teaching kono a different jutsu. It should be very interesting to find out.

    This is the 4th week I’ve read these pages for every comment, and i must say they are awesomeness (even when kishi is being a…Bit Irritable To Characters Here…{suggestive sentence there, doesn’t make complete sense}). I plan to start being an active poster. Looks like Kakashi will not be in the next one either…*sigh*…

  341. @ 千手 Ibiki Teishi – Your welcome

  342. i went back and in the 2nd manga when naruto meets konohamaru is when he teaches him his sexy jutsu lol but he had goggles at the time and in 426 he has a forehead protector

  343. i don’t think that it could be a future flashback..he’s before shippuden there..

  344. @babyfox this means in the future they will show a flashback of when this happened haha… and its definitely something that wasnt shown in the manga

  345. you can watch it at they make you do one of those survey things but after that it’s good to go

  346. i couldn’t even see the video

  347. thats so fucking chat i wish kakashi is not die i dream 4 him to be my own brother like itachi and sasuke i wish someone protecting me like kakashi sensei i love u i gonna live cause u are the one and only who treasure in my live and i think obito and tobi and madara uchiha is only one person but i guess madara uchiha never cries and obito always cry i don’t know plzz give me some video of naruto Vs. six patches of pain add me love_aj21_handle@y.cb love kakashi mmmuuuuuwwwhhhaaaa!!!!!

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