Maito Gai is Awesomeness – Sai FINALLY Gets Some Clothes

Mollie (IbikiTeishi) here as promised with a Gai spotting. 

Remember this picture from Manga 149, page 5?  Oh, yeah, baby you know the one…the one where Maito Gai comes to take a wounded Sasuke back to Konoha after going toe to toe with Itachi.  And Gai says he has something for Naruto, and Naruto thinks this is his chance to get as strong as Lee and almost explodes?  Ha.  Gai presents our boy with his very own green pajamas, just like Gai and Lee’s. 

Ah, touching moment.  That Maito Guy looks out for everyone. (thumbs up!  tooth sparkle!)

Jiraiya sez, that's dumb as hell

Jiraiya sez Gai's PJs are dumbass

And I also remember how a lot of us here have been whining and complaining about Sai’s girly hips and exposed midriff.  I’m thinking his shirt actually shrunk in the laundry, but he just doesn’t know any better, just like everything else.  Apparently, the gods of puking-from-belly-overexposure (actually thought of as the devil in parts of San Francisco, Las Vegas and Bangkok) heard our complaints and have offered a solution. 

I give you (Maito Gai pose):  the stinger from Naruto Shippuuden 84!

This is a BEVERAGE ALERT folks–put the soda down now or face the consequences.


~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on November 13, 2008.

21 Responses to “Maito Gai is Awesomeness – Sai FINALLY Gets Some Clothes”

  1. First, take that Bono

  2. Wait, that makes Sia look gai? she didn’t notice the belly shirt/low riding pants? or the weird emo glove with two fingertips missing? Whoa, giant forehead truly has no style, Ino was right.

  3. Miracle gown! I think it does look gay, but not as bad as the belly shirt and lo rise jeans. Definitely more hep. *ding*

  4. @ ibi- dam it, only now am i seeing the warning about beverages, that should have been in bigger print at the top

  5. Okay, Alec, I’ll pay your drycleaning bill *this* time, but only yours. And only this time. ^.^

  6. one of the best scenes ever

  7. LMAO @ “Look at these body lines!”

    For some reason Sai looks more like Oro in the Gai costume.

    @ Ibi – There is nothing gay about Gai!!! Take it back!

    *shakes fist in nice gai pose at Ibi and gritts teeth*

  8. Hey, hey…Gai looks like the cat’s pajamas in his miracle gown. *tooth sparkle* Gai is the dreamiest.

    It’s Sai that doesn’t do so well. Maybe Sai just always looks like another boy’s toy?

  9. I know Gai is had the best teeth in the world.

  10. Awesomeness link Lastscorpion!!!

  11. lmao at that link! there’s another one with emo Sasuke singing that song, also very funny for different reasons.

  12. This one?

  13. Jeremiah funny link 😀

  14. BWAH hahahahaah! Er, no, this one:

    Crap…stop posting funny stuff I gotta get some stuff done!

  15. Ok if you have alot of free timeand have nothing to do, watch AVM HELL. The only bad thing is that they are all over an hour long >_< but they are funny as hell.

    P.S time for some randomness…

  16. anybody realize that that episode came out wednesday, and just about 5 hours after the RAW was posted online.

  17. I wonder where I can get one of those suits…

  18. Please, kingcam, it’s a miracle gown. Any other term denies the beautiful mystery of those magical lines. ^.^

  19. haha go to a painters store and get a green coverall thats just really tight lol

  20. BWAHAHAHAHAHA that was frigin hilarious!!!!


  21. HAHA! Thanks Ibiki. I didn’t get to see that part…That was freaking awesome.

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