Theory Post: Which “bad guy” is most likely to change sides?

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Hey everyone,

Since there will be no manga this week I’ll be posting a couple theory posts and survey’s possibly along with a couple of the other authors in hopes of entertaining you a bit while we wait until the upcoming Naruto Manga 425.  The first of these theory posts is examining the Gaara effect and how possible it is that any of the current bad guys pull a Gaara and go to the other side.  We’ll take a look at a couple of the major antagonists and gauge each of their probabilities of switching.

Were Itachi and Kisame in on it together?

Were Itachi and Kisame in on it together?


Analysis: Kisame is someone a lot of us would love to switch sides.  He’s got the most chakra out of all of Akatsuki and he’s generally a cool character.  Kishi said in an interview he was surprised about how popular Kisame had become with the fans and planned on making him a larger part of the manga.  I think hints of this leaked out when Kisame acknowledged Madara as the Mizukage setting up some point of reference for future stories.

It is known in the manga that the Mizukage was famous for his training techniques and his brutal tests that would pit young nin against each other in fights to the death amongst fellow friends and villagers.  This could be the basis for a lot of sore feelings between Kisame and Madara.  Even though Kisame responded very positively when he found out that Madara was the Mizukage, he may have just been happy that he was now going to get a shot at taking him down.

It’s also of note that Kisame was tight with Itachi who was working undercover within Akatsuki for Konoha.  It’s hard to imagine that Itachi’s partner wouldn’t know something was up at some point.  And they got along good as a team, unlike Hidan and Kakazu who were always bickering so it’s hard to imagine a pair with that much good chemistry wouldn’t know what the other is up too…

Scenarios to convert:  Kisame could go ape shit on Madara at any moment if he still holds a grudge from his time spent with the Mizukage.  He could also have been in on it with Itachi.  Madara knew about Itachi because he helped Itachi with the genocide of the Uchiha but would he know if Kisame was in on it with Itachi post joining Akatsuki?





Can Konan seperate herself from Nagato?

Can Konan seperate herself from Nagato?


Analysis:  Konan who was one of three nin tutored by Jiraiya, along with Nagato and Yahiko appears heartless when coming in contact with her former sensei but also reveals some emotion when she asks him if he knew what they went through after he left.  So some form of traumatic event obviously occurred more than likely ending with Yahiko’s death.  Now that we know Nagato uses dead bodies for his realms of Pain we know that Yahiko died at some point and eventually became God Realm. He may have been the first realm of Pain that Nagato created and also may have sent him down the path he is currently on, one of destruction and leading Akatsuki.

Konan was probably just as damaged from this event as Nagato but Nagato has the Rinnegan which pretty much puts him in a leadership position with Konan becoming the “Angel” which she is referred to in the manga many times as.

Scenarios to convert:  She may have been along for the ride and got caught up in the tragic event that ended Yahiko’s life so she may be able to be talked down from that edge by someone who reminds her of Yahiko.  Enter Naruto.  Most of us can see some form of similarity between Yahiko and Naruto, not only in appearance but in attitude.  This is evident in the story arc flashbacks of Jiraiya’s time with them.

Naruto also shares the same former sensei in Jiraiya which is even more common ground.  If you don’t think common ground is enough then you haven’t been paying attention to the manga over the years at all.  Naruto’s common traits with Tsunade’s younger brother affected her decision between Jiraiya and Oro.  The beast within common ground brought Gaara over to the good side.  Even at the very beginning in the bridge building story arc, that crying kid saw the common traits of the never quit attitude and bravery in Naruto that he saw in his surrogate father that died protecting the village.  Is this possible with Konan similar to the same way he affected Tsunade’s attitude? 





What is the Kabuto to Oro ratio running at?

What is the Kabuto to Oro ratio running at?


This one is probably the least likely.  Oro hates Konoha and is very much a Nihilist.  He wants to destroy the establishment and everything that it stands for.  Kabuto has absorbed Oro, to what extent Kabuto will retain his personality or to the extent that Oro will take over his body is still very much in the air.  The ratio will very much affect the chances of conversion.  Oro is also a former member of Akatsuki and so I would imagine there is some bad blood still lingering there due to the term “former” before the word “member”. (Thanks Renzy)

Kabuto is another story.  A missing nin from Konoha who has given his life to Orochimaru and his beliefs has no master now outside of his own body.  He is an excellent medical nin at nearly Tsunade level, I say nearly because they still need her to fix Oro’s arms so she must be some degree higher up the medical nin totem pole regardless of how impressive he is.  The point of Kabuto is that he is a dedicated follower willing to give his life for Oro’s cause.  What will he do now if he has absorbed Oro’s powers but not Oro himself who appeared to be in Sasuke still… It’s at the least something to consider.

Scenarios for conversion:  Kabuto has no direction and no one to follow, so he heads back to Konoha to fight Akatsuki for which Oro had no love for.  I would imagine that he may even try to take up with Sasuke who still shares many of the same views as Oro even though he was the one to actually end Oro.  That would be in conjunction with Sasuke now fighting beside Naruto against a Danzo lead Konoha.  I could also see Oro through Kabuto’s body taking up against a Danzo led Konoha with Sasuke and Naruto… possible?





Is Nagato the next Gaara?

Is Nagato the next Gaara?


He has the same history as Konan so I’m not going to repeat most of it.  The difference between Konan and Nagato is the Rinnegan.   He has the eyes of Rikudou, the OG of the nin world.  He along with Naruto represented the two possible paths for Jiraiya decisions as to how the chosen child would change the world. Jiraiya chose Naruto which I’m sure just like Naruto, Nagato has no idea of any of the chosen one stuff that was strictly between Pa frog and Jiraiya.

Scenarios for conversion: His conversion would hinge on the same reasons as Konan.  It would have to be a Naruto conversion for a switch to be at all possible.  Which if you look at the history of the manga is very possible.  He has experienced much pain and isolation, has a lot of pain in his heart and is on a crash course to eventually face Naruto… sound familiar?  The wild card with this one is that for intents and purposes he killed Jiraiya which adds a new side to the Naruto conversion formula.  Does that destroy the Naruto conversion formula completely?





Tobito will never die!

Tobito will never die!


Here is the one that is both the funniest and most intriguing at the same time so I saved it for last.  This whole character beginning from Tobi appearing has wavered between bizarre and ultra serious.  He claims to Madara but has the hair of Obito and the one opposite exposed Sharingan of Kakashi.  Everyone knows the back ground of Madara fighting the 1st hokage and everyone knows the Tobito theories that Madara is somehow  Obito who is Tobi…  I’m not going to cover all the theories because it’s like beating a dead horse but I will rather concentrate on the theory that would enable a switch back to the good side.

First off I’d like to point out that Tobi/Madara/Whoever is the newest member of Akatsuki and was a total goof ball and annoyance to everyone in Akatsuki from day one.  Even jacking Sasori’s ring at one point to be finally accepted as a full Akatsuki member shows how irrelevant Diedara considered him to some effect.  The character evolved to become much more serious and later revealed himself to be Madara to Sasuke and the Mizukage to Kisame.  This radical transformation was capped by a relationship with the three (Nagato, Konan, Yahiko) in the past which still has yet to come to full light.

So let’s just go off our rockers for a second and assume the theory that is most likely going to produce a change of sides…

Scenarios for conversion:  We’ll use the fact that Obito never died at the bottom of that rubble heap and Madara died fighting the 1st hokage.  Obito is just pretending to be Madara.  This situation works best because Kakashi is about to die and finally said Obito’s name for the first time since the Kakashi Gaiden, which was years ago!  Obito as Madara shows up just in time to pull Kakashi from the rubble and save him. 

The switching to good guy scenario works even better if Tobi is two seperate people, the goofy one is Obito and the serious one is Madara. Both of whom are working to together  up to this point but Obito defects to save Kakashi while the other serious Tobi, who is Madara stays on the “bad guys” team.  Well that technically wouldn’t be a scenario that would change Madara to the good side but I don’t think there is one ^_^  Madara is running the ship right now, even more so than Nagato.  That would be like Emperor Palapatine joining the rebels in Star Wars, it’s just not going to happen.  The only way Madara switches sides is if you take or change the Madara factor in the character that is calling himself Madara… Wait… WTF?! 

Keep thinking two different people or Tobi really isn’t Madara and then reread some of the early Tobi stuff, you may change your mind…  But is it possible?

Well if you’ve made it this far and you aren’t laughing your ass off or pulling your hair out because you’ve thought of something that I’ve forgotten then vote below on which you are more likely to happen.  That doesn’t mean you’re voting for which you think WILL happen but which of these is more likely to happen.  If you can’t see any happening in any scenario or you have a total lack of imagination then pick the one you’d most like to happen but you know never will.

And then go to the comments section and add to or take away from these thoughts or just comment on the post in general… Keep this discussion related to the subjects related in this post though… I will use the delete comment button with prejudice if necessary -_+

Ja mata,


Check out Ibikiteishi’s funny post on Hidan and his lack of respect for gravity. Click HERE to read it.













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46 Responses to “Theory Post: Which “bad guy” is most likely to change sides?”

  1. First

  2. Gaaaah! I’m slippin… *walks off and writes another hit song*

  3. what about sasuke

  4. Done. I added a survey about Sasuke. Thanks.

  5. I wanna see kisame just get mad, eat some deidara clay and blow up, taking the universe with him…

  6. The Beast comes out in January on A&E i think…

  7. Yeah, my first thought is Sasuke, of course.

    Then I had a funny thought about Nagato. Remember how he blacked out and went berserk in Jiraiya’s flashback (or so the story went…if the kids told sensei the truth)? What if Yahiko’s death put him into a major funk and he’s still “blacked out.” Another scenario for a change of sides could just be Naruto ‘waking him up’ with that new jutsu.

    And I still say that Kisame is Captain Planet in a shark mask–who else is that shade of blue/aqua? So switching sides could just be a matter of unmasking.

  8. I was trying to cover the less discussed possible converts. We always talk Sasuke.

  9. wait a second, i mention The Beast and no one flinches? What has this site come too?

  10. I usually get your jokes but that one sailed right over my head… Unless Swayze is going to be on A&E… Hmmmm… *scratches head*

  11. yes he is!!!! the show is called “The Beast” with the Swayze as a twisted FBI agent who takes a rookie under his wing and is constantly testing his mental and moral capacity by putting him in extremely difficult situations, eventually another part of the FBI approaches the rookie to see if he will play a double agent against his mentor.

    google: The Beast A&E -_-

  12. OMG! That’s so Fn’ rad! Nice synopsis! I’ll have to Tivo that shiznit.

  13. you know how they always take away the bodies of the dead akatsuki members… what if they dont only take them away because of their secrets like suggested but what if they give them all to pein and they are eventually going to have him use all akatsuki members… but most likely to switch to the good guys would have to be kisame because he was itachis partner and all and im sure itachi told him things

  14. if you compare nagato to gaara dont forget gaara was close to killing sasuke and sakura when he went all shukaku

  15. Which made him seem all that much weaker all of a sudden and played right into Naruto’s strength, straight up chakra fight

  16. According to the Kakashi Gaiden Arc Obito died during the Third Great Shinobi War just before the demon fox made its appearance. Itachi told Sasuke that Madara was the one who set the demon fox loose in Konoha. The demon fox himself had also commented on Sasuke’s eyes likening them to Madara’s(Chapt.385/Pg.5). Which leads me to question, “How does Obito go from dying to being able to raise the demon fox in such a short time?”.(If Obito = Madara)

    Therefore I think that the “Tobito” theory is highly implausible. In my view, the mask exposing only the left eye and the name-play (Obito/Tobi) are either coincidental or a ploy by the writer to throw readers off, giving them the wrong ideas only to surprise them later on. Madara seems to have lengthened his lifespan just as Hidan or Kakuzu have. He is also a formidable villain as he is the one giving Pein orders. So being the manipulative, cunning, twisted person that Madara is I think its very unlikely that he turns good. He definitely has got bigger and evil agendas like taking over the world.

    Of all the ‘bad guys’ I think Konan could be the best bet to change sides. On the otherhand, I think Kisame is a bad guy through and through. I say this because he has been shown only as a blood thirsty villain till now. And with the way he looks I just can’t picture him as a good guy.
    I think Kabuto is really sick in the head to fuse part of Orochimaru’s soul with his own. So he’d have to work out his mental issues and Orochimaru before he turns good.
    I don’t see Nagato/Pein joining the good fight. I can only picture him realizing his mistakes probably during his downfall.

    I know this is a little off topic but i’m very curious about the dream Naruto had about Itachi giving him some of his powers. Anyway, whatever this powers are, I think they will be instrumental in helping Naruto change Sasuke. And perhaps, together, they will defeat Madara.

  17. Jeremiah your Theory Post is really GOOD 🙂 I think Kisame will turn sides..

  18. @ arrun – great comment

    But even in Tobito theory the 9tails is unleashed by Madara, its not until later that Obito comes into play. The theory is that Obito never died at the bottom of that rock collapse and went on living or that Madara used his body like Oro does. Which also contributes to the Tobi=Obito+Madara theory. Two seperate people… Hence the strange personality difference. Just theories…

    Kisame as a good guy may seem bizarre now but he seems less evil than Itachi, who executed a genocide on the entire Uchiha clan. So anything can happen, even if it is a long shot 🙂

  19. @ Jeremiah – Thanks. Yea it is a long shot.
    I think if Tobi=Obito+Madara is true than the story is going to get a lot more complicated. I like the idea that Obito died tragically but honorably. It would be sad if his body was to be used by Madara. Also Obito was only introduced in the Kakashi Gaiden and had rare mentions in the main series. So I feel that there isn’t much build up to introduce “Tobito” theory in the main story line. But then I can’t say for sure. I’d like to see the writer surprise us all with something we haven’t theorized about.

  20. ok!!! i hate jeremiah for saying there are theories about obito being taken over by madara….this theories doesn’t make sense at all….the only thing that’s is possible is that obito was taken over by madara….to think of it….madara could have been alive when obito died (or seemed dead to us) and took over the body(itachi did mention new powers coming from the eye transplant) as in my assumption or as dorryl said, “whoever thinks madara is obito is an idiot…”

  21. Isn’t that the brilliance of a theory though… You can say what ever crazy thing that comes to mind but qualify it with a “it’s only a theory though” and get everyone all jacked up and pissed off. LMAO

    Imagination is awesomeness… don’t hate ^_^

  22. funny…really really funny (i mean it)

    but i still will go with dorryl’s theory or my own assumption…

  23. hi…

    i don’t think that Tobi is really Uchiha Madara… i have my own theory… if you think, Madara was the greatest uchiha member, i think that maybe, when Madara died the rest of the clan decided to preserve Madara’s eyes, just like Tobi do with Itachi’s eyes, then Obito, after the incident and his fake dead, he go after Madara’s eyes and implant it on his own boby and that is the reason that when he escaped from the battlefield and go to the valley of the end, he said “My power, Uchiha Madara’s Power” and not “I’m Uchiha Madara”… maybe I’m jast delirious, but if you think that could happen…

    that all… i hope you like my theory…

    by… greetings from Chile…

    Agus Keith Paz

  24. Yeah, thats a great thought. Instead of Madara jacking Obito, Obito jacks Madara.

    Just to add to your thought because others will jump it. Obito does this before becoming mizukage so that when he shows his face to Kisame, Kisame sees him as Mizukage Madara. If Obito was calling himself Madara.

    Having Uchiha Madara’s eye’s would definantly make him strong enough to unleash the 9 tails. But why would he leave Konoha then? He would have to hate Kakashi for some reason. Perhaps he heads back to Konoha with the new eye (singular cause his other one got crushed and wait…) wouldn’t he have both eye’s then? Hmmmm this is how holes are found….

    I like your way of thinking though. Perhaps you can fill that hole (pun intended) ^_^

  25. Isn’t it funny how both Kenpachi and Kisame are similar? Both have swords, large amounts of there respective energy, supposedly love fighting, yet they hardly do fight.

  26. see idk how obito could take on madara if he was half crushed lol good theory though

  27. @ Alec – LOL very true.

  28. kisame is evil for his own,,unlike gaara what he have shukaku…He cant change side

  29. on the other hand i believe that Kisame will help..

  30. kisame you cant say is evil persay… everyone is doing good in their head… kisame is just out for himself or he sides with the most powerful side

  31. Madara’s soul is in a once “realmed” body of a deceased obit. How that happened, maybe something similar to Oros body transfer tech.

    People are lossing hindsight of the summoned slug of the 5ths. One or both Choji’s dad and kakashi will live because of it.

    Someone will have to take play of kakashi and take on god realm. There are so many nin involved that haven’t even made an apperance. Even if it is just to make a retreat someone will step in.

    Also as far as villians turning good. Who better than Sauske to turn back to good, if only to “grow up” and save kakashi his first teacher. There has to be some sort of bond with them still. Like Jman and Naruto. Just my Two…. No no please keep the change.

  32. well chojis dad is already dead and hes not coming back and with oros body transfer somewhere it said every three years the bodies start to like wear down or something… so if madara used a technique similar it couldnt be the same because he has for sure been in obitos body for awhile because kisame knows that face as madara… also oro takes live bodies so if obito was still alive after the rocks hit he wouldnt be for long and madaras body is fully grown… also as much as i would love to see sasuke switch back it wont happen he may turn on madara but he wont come back to konoha… remember “future hokage danzo” wants him dead lol and that is iminant that he will be hokage…….. what will really happen is tsunade will end up saving kakashi with a slug while she fights pein — she will have some handicap like how the one frog said jiraiya didnt seem to be taking the fight seriousely, she will be drained of chakra and die… but because kakashi is still hospitalized danzo will become hokage and die at sasukes hand in like 3 or 4 chapters lol then kakashi steps in naruto kills pein kakashi steps down and lets naruto lead bla bla bla the end (sorry it was long im wired right now)

  33. <— there is some proof of oros body failing… he hadnt fought anyone and the third didnt mess up his arms this time… there is no reason he should be in bed lol

  34. kesima is gonna kill madara i think maybe itche perswadeed him

  35. Well whatever happed to team gai, gai himself ,shino,kiba,hinata….their getting involved in the fight should make it really interesting….

  36. we also have to remember that when sasuke commenced his attack on Oro, Oro said that he ‘knew this day will come’ and we all know that Oro is a genius. This means that he had to pre-plan, meaning that Kabuto was his last case scenario. Adding to that, Oro dispelled kabuto from Sasori,hence, the major reason for kabuto’s loyalty to Oro…I personally believe that Kabuto is the last to join konaha and if he does, his purpose would most likely be betrayal.

  37. The thing with Orochimaru is that hes stuck in the sword of Totsuka and Itachi transphered all his eye techniques to Sasuke before he died. So thats the sword the mirror in sasukes eyes but he hasnt used it yet maybe he hasnt needed too.

    So with the sword there is noway Oro himself is getting free so hes either trapped forever and Kabuto is Orochimaru reborn or someone frees Oro and there will be 2 white snakes and Orochimaru original would most likely be a good guy because he has been trapped in blissful Genjutsu and hes remembered the good times when he was a kid he changes for his parents or some Sad story.

    But Im going too think that when Kabutorochimaru comes back hes gonna be One Badass Ninja because hes coming back basically too take out Sasuske and Naruto or Who ever gets in his way. And hes off training learning too control the White snake and Im gonna guess that he cacn summon a Giant White Snake that would be cool.

    What’ya Rekon?? Is It plausible??

  38. Have u guys ever wondered what state Gaara is in at the moment? Is he still the Kazekage? He has no skills, now that the 1-tails is gone, and thereby powerless. Why isnt the Sand alarmed by the sudden attack on Konoha!? I want some comments:D

  39. Right, not sure who the moderator of this article is, but a fairly decent one. I think these are issues that ought to linger at the back of the minds of naruto fans. Point of correction though, orocchimaru is no longer in sasuke. Itachi freed sasuke from orocchimaru with tsusano’o and madara also confirmed that when telling sasuke about itachi. Anyways, back to the article, i really think that if there’s anyone who has a chance of converting to the good side, it’s konan. Yeah, apart from the fact naruto has this insane ability to change people, which temari confirmed, the fact that naruto looks more like yahiko would most likely play on konan, like it did on tsunade(remember naruto’s resemblance with dan, tsunade’s brother, changed tsunade’s impression of naruto a great deal) I think konan, not being too strong, would be captured, changed by naruto and would leave pain being really angry, hence showing his true powers. I also think that the plausibility of konan being “changed” could just stem from the reason that her main motive for fighting is love( pain confirmed that in Naruto shippuden 81. Well, let’s just see.

    And honestly guys, about the Madara/tobi/obito thing, i really think there’s no such thing as tobito. I just think kishi is relishing this steaming controversy shrouding this madara character for two reasons-
    1) He feels cool about himself knowing he’s a genius
    2) He is impressed on his work with madara because the evil helmsman in any story should always be surrounded by mystery and uncertainty to keep viewers/readers guessing and wondering. In that aspect, i thin kishi is absolutely satisfied.

    Anyways, madara found akatsuki and has been hiding within the shadows because he has always felt that the pain leadership would be sufficient enough to make akatsuki achieve their goals easily. However, when members started dying, and fast, he felt the need to come out of his shell, and stamp his leadership qualities. He had d to do that, and slowly. So he, being very good with disguise, introduced himself as tobi. Common mates, did you see “tobi” or “tobito” play with the kakashi/yamato teams with the Space/time dimensional movement? Common. That’s totally madara. And what did he even say when zetsu, who knew fully well whom he was, came and told him that itachi was dead? He said “i’ll play with you little children sometime”. That refers to the fact that he has been around for a very long time and he co-founded konoha with the first hokage. And then you guys say he has obito’s hair. OBITO IS BLOODY DEAD. And dont tell me you all expect madara to look the same after such a long time. With madara already proving he can be a chameleon, i wonder why this is such a hot topic. If you are all suggesting that madara could be obito because he obito and madara both have the sharingan on their right eye, then i think that’s a funny speculation. First off, we have not seen madara’s whole face. Reason being because sasuke, upon seeing a sharingan from madara, activated amaterasu on madara. Second, madara has the eternal mangyekou, and there’s no telling if madara’s sight, before obtaining his eternal mangyekou from his brother, was bad to the extent where he lost one eye. We all know madara’s eyesight was horrible due to the use of the mangyekou, we just don’t know if he lost the use of one eye in the process.

    Summary. Obito is gone, tobi was a slow introduction of madara, and the one who gave pain orders and confirmed or identified himself with kisame as the mizukage is definitely madara.

  40. Not sure if this has come up or not so you can just tell me I’m an idiot and far behind.

    Does anyone else think that Madara is Danzo’s brother? That’s why he only shows the one sharingon and Danzo has that same eye covered? I mean in order to upgrade the sharingon you need to take your brothers eyes so you don’t go blind. Could Madara have only been able to take one of Danzos eyes?

  41. honestly mate, i’ve thought of that too. But lets see. I’ll have to keep that theory in mind. I’ve also pondered that could be the reason why danzou could care less of akatsuki’s attack on konoha, and i quote ‘at least, “akatsuki” are good for something.’ If that’s the case, then something bloody would be up.

    Another question, could danzou’s act of stoping the toad from fetching Naruto mean he wanted to protect naruto? My guess is he knew what akatsuki would accomplish without Naruto and wanted to prevent Naruto from getting there. A depleted Konoha would afterall help danzou in his quest to overthrow tsunade. Another funny thing is that danzou has adopted the vile training methods of the village of the hidden rain, something similar to what madara as mizukage has always supported. Funny huh?

  42. That just brings up more questions in my head. If he is trying to protect Naruto is it for personal game so he can use him as a weapon? Or is he not an all around evil person. I mean he always says he wants to be in charge of Kanoha because he thinks he would run it much better. But Somehow I don’t get the feeling he is thinking about the villagers as much as himself.

    That’s a great point about him adopting the Training methods of the Village of rain as well. Good points Festus!

  43. I really think that if danzou had his way with Naruto he would cross him out, the same way he suggested sai be killed, remember? So the answer would be no, he’s not trying to use naruto as a weapon, but he is just concerned naruto would obstruct akatsuki’s free movement in konoha, which danzou sees as helpful to achieve his goals.

  44. Okay I know I posted earlier about this but I was trying to find some proof to my theory about Danzou and Madara being brothers. I don’t know how to post pictures of issues on here but if you look at issue 310 page 12 the very bottom left picture of Danzou and issue 386 page 5 the middle right picture you can see that they both have the exact same lines above and below their eyes. I am going to quote now that “Danzou is 100% Madara’s Brother!!!” So in my opinion they both took the others eye and both can use the Mangekyou Sharingon and will not lose their Eyesight becouse of it.

    I’m interested to hear your theories on this. I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong either. I hate knowing the future 😉

  45. when you are reading this dont stop or something bad will happen! My name is summer i am 15 years old i have blonde hair,many scars no nose or ears..i am dead.if you dont copy this just like from the ring, on 5 more sites.. or..i will appear one dark quie

  46. sorry about this… when you are reading this dont stop or something bad will happen! My name is summer i am 15 years old i have blonde hair,many scars no nose or ears..i am dead.if you dont copy this just like from the ring, on 5 more sites.. or..i will appear one dark quiet night when your not expecting it by your bed with a knife and kill you. this is no joke something good will happen to you if you post this on 5 more pages

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