WTF?? Pretty cool

Here is a video that I came across.  It is a pretty cool fountian located in a mall somewhere in Japan.




~ by ゾンビ Russ on November 7, 2008.

8 Responses to “WTF?? Pretty cool”

  1. Hah…Had to post in order to beat Bono!!!

  2. Although, it doesn’t really count if you are first on your own post 😦

  3. I want that in my bedroom!

  4. okay, that took some anal retentive programming, some impressive modeling, differential equations and some kickass engineering skills (and does somebody get fired if one venturi nozzle gets clogged?!) *goes back to hide under the desk now for being a TOTAL geek* That was some SMART ART.


  6. I guess the Swaze knows a liitle diff eq then. He did have to pair up with Captain Planet to get the modeling done right.

  7. The Swayze of diff eq. BWahhhahahahaha. I think you can take that as a grad seminar somewhere.

    Of course, Demon Realm lent them his missile and laser servos or the timing would STILL be off.

  8. sweet vid

    and yeah russ you can’t claim to be first on your own post, that’s like asking yourself if uptown eddy enjoyed meeting downtown freddy

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