Naruto Manga 425 Translation Scanlation + Theory:Rin is Animal Realm!?!? + Death of Kakashi?!?!

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Click the translation link above to read Naruto Manga 425 translation scanlation in HD.


Below is a break down of last weeks Manga issue 424.




Retrieve konoha Now

Below is the break down of the second part of Naruto Manga 424

Rin or Kushina? Death of Kakashi?

Rin or Kushina? Death of Kakashi?

Hey everyone,

This post and comments section is strickly for Kakashi/Rin/Obito related subjects.  People were emailing me complaing that the comments sections were getting out of control with 200+ comments on some of the posts making it hard to have a good convo about stuff.  So keep it relative to those 3 people.  Yes, you can still be funny and Captain Planet/The Swayze jokes are always appropriate… that being said let break down the last part of this epic manga issue.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, Kakashi is lookin in ruff shape.  But I still don’t see him dying here!  Last Scorpion put it best “Kakashi is the most popular character in Naruto”. Kakashi isn’t everyone’s most favorite character but he’s in almost everyone’s top 3 or at the very least, top five.  What I mean by this is that Naruto people really like Kakashi, Sasuke people really like Kakashi, Gaara people even really like Kakashi etc… got it?

It’s pretty dramatic when a character proclaims his/her inevitable death but it also can be used as a tool to build tension and drama.  Which is what I’m hoping for.  I did notice that he’s used MS a couple times now and in a row and still no blood… Is this an Itachi/Sasuke phenomenom?

Lastly, can anyone verify that the “Obito… Rin…” is the first time that either of those names have been dropped in the manga since the Kakashi Gaiden.  That was freakin huge. Here is why… Until that brief mention the Kakashi Gaiden has acted as an autonomus story seperate from the rest of the manga.  People could argue until they were blue in the face that the Kakashi Gaiden only provided fodder for backround into the origins of Kakashi’s Sharingan.  That Obito and Rin were only tools used once to tell that story and not significant to the over all picture of the manga.

Even just this brief mention will lends massively to the theory that Obito and Rin still have a part to play in the larger manga story line.  Some will say that this was just adding to the drama that Kakashi is dying and will be rejoining Obito and Rin in the after life.  But look at the text in !! points on the bottom left! “On the cusp of death, he makes a dying wish!!”  Alluding to the fact that Kakashi wishes to see/be with Rin and Obito one last time before he dies. The Tobito theory people are drooling right now wating to see the connection!  They are salivating at the mouth to see Animal Realm bounce over and to see Kakashi’s reaction as he freaks out and is rejuvinated by her appearance, climbs out of the rubble and shows all of us his true potential! OMG! I can’t wait till the next issue!

Ja mata,


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339 Responses to “Naruto Manga 425 Translation Scanlation + Theory:Rin is Animal Realm!?!? + Death of Kakashi?!?!”

  1. ahh wut will happen to him?!?!?

  2. He will be spent, but GAI will come in and occupy God Realm for a while until one of Tsnunade’s slugs finds him.

  3. well God Realm ran off sumwhere else right? so now Kakashi needs to worry bout Asura…which he is basically a pile of broken body parts. So hopfully Gai at least comes and carries Kakashi away from him.

  4. The power of youthful spirit will prevail!!

  5. Kakashi will suervive, then Pain will take off his sharingan, and because of that, kakashi will have an incredible amount of chakra and he wll be able to becamo the most powerfull hokage ever !!!!!

  6. Kakashi will survive, and not just that, he wont be able to use his sharingan no more, but he will have an insane amount of chakra in exchange, and he will strill have some habilities from the sharingan, like his MS

  7. ok so how come kakashi cant deactivate his sharingan? does anyone know

  8. I’m still reminded of Kishi’s interview when asked what color will Kakashi’s battle be – ‘Dark Blue’. Well, I haven’t seen any Dark Blue at all in any of these sequences that tells me we have some more fighting to do here. I’m also intrigued that Kishi is indeed confirming that Nagato is in another location. He also confirms the impending realization that the chakra rods are controlling the six paths of pain and that they are essentially dead (leap of faith here…but seems to be well founded). This seems to set up 2 major paths. First, there will be a team going out to take on Nagato in his natural habitat… whether that would include Pain or not remains to be seen. Second, Kakashi’s life defining battle is still yet to be realized. Maybe this ‘epic’ battle will involve ‘The Douche’ known as Danzo? As a parting shot, considering the reach of the six paths of pain, does anyone really think that Danzo can just hide out underground and Pain will be totally clueless? I don’t.

  9. kakashi is gonna live, he rox! i agree with kroddude

  10. kakashi lives!!

  11. @ Tony – good stuff, the only thing I’ll take issue with is the possibility of a Danzo/Pain confrontation. Kishi will save Danzo for Sasuke.

  12. @ Jeremiah – I’d love to see that bloodbath. And I couldn’t think of a better executioner than Sasuke for ‘The Douche’ Danzo. Good point!

  13. If animal realm is rin, I am the new swayze.

  14. yeah, you did call that forever ago

  15. if kakashi dies….we will stop readina manga nd watching episodes……fakkkkkkkkkk

  16. @ renzy10– kakashi cant activate his sharingan simply because he dont have the uchiha blood. its just transplanted to him already activated.

  17. well i would think rin would still have the same hair style and face painting like in all the pics, and when they showed the body in the bag of the chick, the hair style and face paint on. Im not saying she couldnt have changed her hair style and taken of the paint, but no one has really changed their hair style other than sakura wen she cut it. But i guess only time will tell…

  18. jeremiah! your article is good. it made me think of the possibility of the obito and rin theoris reagarding tobi and annimal realm!

  19. @ kroddude– i agree! that wont be rin. but maybe rin will show up somehow

  20. well i donno. i still think shes dead. but thats just going off of wen kakashi said that everyone close to him was dead. So unless he secretly thought she was a bitch or she he thinks shes dead and shes not then i dono. Also in this chapter wen he says hers and obitos names it seems like his basically thinking hes goin to see them in heaven…or wutever kinda afterlife they have in the naruto universe.

  21. damn. now the more i think about it, the more i wonder if it actually her or not. But then theres also brings up the fact that all the other 6 bodies were connected to Jiraiya, but i guess we cant say he didnt have a connection with Rin seeing as i dont think we know anything about her

  22. i dont think it is intented for jiraiya to have connections to the bodies. it just so happen that he fought them once. i dont think the connection of jiraiya to the bodies as a big deal.

  23. I personally think someone like Yamato might come out of the woodwork and save him. I really hope, anyway.

  24. I think that Kakashi will survive somehow because he is Kakashi ,he is fav and I wish he is alive. But Chouji could use some of his jutsus and try to kill the animal realm or help Kakashi. OMG he can’t move and he is under a destroyed house.
    the other thing I do not know how Naruto will accept Kakashi’s death ;[
    Another thing is that I think someone will come and safe him. Maybe Gai or Yamato …even Sakura or /the stupid/ Iruka if it wasn’t Iruka Kakashi won’t be in such situation. He saved Irukas ass

  25. i agree with glen 🙂

  26. I don’t think, like many of us, that Kakashi will die in the next episode, it’s just another cliff hanger, since it’s the ‘Kakashi arc’ I geuss we’ll see a lot more of Kakashi’s awesomeness. Either way, it would be dramatic if he did die, Jiraiya is already death(Some say that Jiraiya isn’t gone, but we’ll just take what we saw in the Manga.) and now Kakashi goes too? Wouldn’t it be too fast after eachother?

    I still geuss that Rin is alive, and maybe we’ll see her in the next episode? That would be awesome,though. Lol. Seeing Kakashi,”I’LL DIE.” “Obito.. Rin..” And then Rin comes up,”YES? WHATS UP!”

    Either way, Naruto will for surely come back, and perhaps rescue Kakashi from his aweful death, and Sakura of course as his right hand. Maybe even Sai will come, even though. Sai is planning to kill Tsunade(Orders of DANZU(@!&@#!@))

    So many options! But Kakashi won’t die, it’s just a cliffhanger, anyway. This was my thought about the episode, I liked it.


  28. Sorry im really angry that the Kakashi is going to die.
    The naruto people now only care about Akatsuki so most of our old favourites will die!

  29. there is no blood in kakashi’s MS cause he didn’t use the Amaterasu, when Itachi and Sasuke use Tsukyomi, there is no blood too. ^^

  30. Sasuke will probably save Kakashi. Its only matter of time before he gets to Konoha might as be now when everyone is distracted by Pain.

    The other thing is, Obito is definetly dead, I think mentioning Obitio & Rin that now pretty much confirms both are dead. Otherwise it would been mentioned a bit earlier when Kakashi was ‘more’ alive.

    He dont die, Kakashi will be killed by Madara most likely. Either Sasuke or Naruto will save Kakashi. But if its Naruto Sasuke will come later.

    Danzo is likely to kill Tsunade.

  31. SOS!!! u know what QQ is?someone asked if i know QQ which i can communicate with him…and that his is some numbers..What the heck is it????

  32. sorry that is completely out off topic 🙂

  33. just aquick note on the survey’s, the Obito question is pretty much on a three way tie but the Kakashi question is lopsided toward living which I agree with. Just in case u didn’t notice you can click on view results in each survey question at any time to see how the survey is going.

  34. i haven’t been on in a while but i thought i needed to get back on after the last two mangas…i am confused, what did kakashi use to block that nail, and what is up with that brain shit this week was a very weird manga, well help me out jeremiah please…

  35. if kakashi were to die he would already be dead…they wouldn’t finish the manga with that sentence without him dying…asuma and jiraya died in one manga not two…this manga is like a filler…he’s out of ideas so he killed choji’s father (one nail lol) and now he is trying to think what the hell kakashi will do…but someone may appear…i thought that would be the most probable thing to happen…

  36. if kakashi dies….the whole manga dies for me….no more naruto(i think i will get back to studies)….fuck!!! what gave kishi the slightest idea of killing kakashi….i mean killing him would be alright if someone else was the killer…but pain already killed jiraiya….how can he kill kakashi? kakashi needs a more honorable death and should in no cases be killed by pain….

  37. p.s. if kishi added the kakashi death part to give naruto a new motive…he is a fucking retard….

  38. when did rin die? all i remember is that when the “third” died and kakashi was by that stone…she was behind him….i don’t remember she dying…..she is here:
    who can tell me where does she die????

  39. kakashi has to live,one because kishi said that kakashi will play a big part..and as of now this could be it but didin’t say anything about kakashi dieing,other then that i think kishi is just playing with are heads seeing if we really do think kakashi will die…

  40. nooooooooooo, K-man can’t die!!!!!!!!
    at least we have to see his face!!!

  41. You know what i just realized. that Madrea guy only has one eye and its on the obosite side of kakashi’s!!!!!!!

  42. OBITO!!!!!!!!!

  43. the O.G. madrea would be really old and obito would be as old as kakashi.

  44. if anyone kills kakashi it should be sasuke, that would be way more dramtic. Additionally, I prefered Orochimaru as the main protaginist and believe that the introduction of Akatskui signalled the start of bleaker times for kishimoto`s masterpiece.

  45. @ no more naruto: I believe that woman he talks to is Hayate ‘s(the chuunin examiner with a cough, who also died) girlfriend. It’t not Rin–she doesn’t have the marks on her face and her hair is dark.

  46. that is hayate’s former gf… not Rin, Rin remains dead for unknown reasons and it is unknown wheter obito’s body is dead or not (obito personality is, but obito body might be walking around still)

  47. Glen, there has to be a reason Jiraiya said sumthin like “i knew it, iv seen them all before”…im prety sure thats about wut he said.

  48. But what about Kabuto infused with Oro?

  49. Yo, jeremiah, why don’t you make a rule about no double/triple posting? It can get really annoying after a while.

    Next chappie I see Gai running in, finds that Kakashi is about to die, and he grabs a slug and throws it at his face to save him XD

  50. yeah i hate you all

  51. kroddude, maybe but i stick with my words. maybe he only said “i knew it” coz he know that the bodies are only controlled by someone somewhere, and they are all dead bodies. it just so happen that he, as a very experienced, once fought them all.

  52. about choujis dad death, he did not saved kakashi (i would just like to clear ir out), he died from the repulsive force of god realm. kakashi saved himself using the ms. remember when the demon realm said about kakashi using the ms to the nail.

    ive been seeing your posts about chouji’s dad saving kakashi.

  53. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. he can die..
    NAruto will come and kick pains ass.. and also.. Kakashi will be saved.. and choji and his father also..
    and Naruto gona fuck pain with his new powers.. and may in this next upcoming manga i belive he will become hokage..
    coz tusnade time is coming.. 2 go out of the story.. may be she will sacrifice her self maybe not.. bla bla..
    but kakashi is the 1 who will stand with naruto till end.. coz on the last episode they will suggest that he stays or not..
    if he kills kakashi i will kill hiatus.. for this.. :@ how can he do that 2 us.. :(( he is the bitch.. :@
    we love uuuuuuuu kakashiiiiiiii 😦 dont die standup and fuck pain.. XD

  54. hey i obito is uchiha madara.. then where is rin? they says shez narutos mother.. she is a medical ninja may be she can apear in it?

  55. i dunno but in next episode kakashi wont die and pain will dieeeee yesssssss that what is goin 2 happend..
    may be naruto will come and kick his asss yupppppp 😀 mohohohoho 😛

  56. The simply mention of Rin leaves me too believe she will play a huge part with Kakashi in the next few chapters. Kakashi, just like the other major players such as Naruto and Sasuke, has way too many connections to the hidden identities of the real akatskui. He will survive this through Tsunade’s slugs and Gai’s entrance. I also find it hard too think Kakashi would die for as little as the info that he found out. I mean Jiraiya’s fight with pain gave alot more info than just this.

  57. @ ibikiteishi: oops…my bad…still i never read anywhere that rin died…..and for alec: maybe the hidden or actual pain’s body is obito….(i can dream can’t i?)

  58. Glen u could be right, i was just saying that i wonder why he said that. its basically all just speculations and guesses which is what this forum is for anyways lol.

    and who are u talking about????? i never said anything about choujis papa! lol

  59. not you dude, someone up there

  60. kroddude, from what country are you? coz the time (which i think is american time) says it was 2:12 when you posted your comments

  61. you know, kishi is making some mistakes lately. have noticed that kakashi in the last slide of 423, he was partially looking upwards indicating a hit to his head. and there are blood-looking spatters too. but in 424, it as revealed that he was not hit, there is no new blood source (wound, lacerations, incineration) found, only the old wound he got from pein. i hate kishi. he is making intentional ( i guess) mistakes to drive us to several conclustions like kakashi being killed by a nail.

    from this, i think the “rin..obito..” thing is just another tactic of kishi to make us think of “wonderful” things. and i i guess, us thinking kakashi will die is another produst of kishi’s tactics.

    Masashi kishimoto is a shit. CONFIRMED!!!

  62. sorry about the typographical errors! and my grammar, i not really used writing in this language

  63. kakashi will die and naruto will distroy pain in his new tech.

  64. eh sadly im in america :/ haha. but i dont have a regular sleeping pattern really because thats what college does to you lol.

    But anyways, i really hope Gai saves kakashi, that would make everything all better!

  65. Oh and one more thing, the clock is incorrect because the time has changed and all the clocks are supposed to be set an hour back. So its actually 4:44

  66. well for the record.. if he dies, pain didn’t kill him. technically, he killed himself out of using all of his chakra.

  67. yes…and that makes it even more pathetic death…i am looking for a more honorable death of kakashi………….death out of tiredness…that just ain’t that cool….

  68. or how bout something crazy happens, like the sharingan finally accepts kakashi as its master and all the chakra it sucked out of kakashi is unleashed all of a sudden

  69. arghhh, but then that makes the sharingan sound like a soul cutter…

  70. @ krodude-we don’t set clocks back here in Phx. We are the only ones that don’t. That’s why the time stamp affected all of you guys but not me:)

  71. yeah Jeremiah, i thought of the after haha

  72. NAR

  73. man that’s sucks that they have to killed kakashi off but they already killed 3 people off already

  74. where’s might gai??? he should have been there saving kakashi….what’s wrong with him?

  75. naruto’s mom is not rin. its kushina (wife of the fourth hokage)..obito is tobi noticed that he only has his right eye and kakashi has the sharingan on his left eye..obito gave it to kakashi for saving rin..obito is just pretending to be madera..kakashi will not die cause he will be saved by someone..who? idk..

  76. I must have missed something… DId someone say that Rin is Kushina?

    Kushina is Naruto’s mom. Rin is the former team mate of Kakashi who is assumed dead for reasons unknown.

  77. i think by you asking if it was rin or kushina they somehow got confused… and wouldnt it be crazy if tobi shows up and saves kakashi because he is obito which i still dont believe

  78. sorry definetly thinking that kushina and rin are dead.Although that girl in that bag looks similar to rin and she came into the series in the moment kakashi takes the spotlight. Maybe it could be rin…

  79. hahaha! so many are thinking that kushina is rin? they cant be the same. just look at their age.

    about kakashi, many of you are still considering his deth. well i tell you he wont die by any cause. he is an awesomeness that cant die only because of low stamina and lack of chakra.

  80. Okay, sorry to not read any comment, but I just have to say, while I don’t see how anything is to be gained by killing off Kakashi, I’ll just say that I’ve seen manga-ka make stupid mistakes in their manga that destroy the plotlines. I’m hoping Kishimoto-sensei will not, but we never know.

  81. haw sad i can’t be around for a week. i’ll be staying at my boarding house near my school for my studies. i have no laptop or desktop computer there. huhuhuhuhu!

  82. kakashi will not die!
    i just know that…
    sakura might come and save him somehow…
    i think but kakashi will not die

  83. I duly agree with Glen,,, There is no ways Kakashi can die…. If he is gone… Manga ends there

  84. You are lucky a month starting now i would not be around till summer..I’m sitting for the final exams and i have to focus….it’s rather hard cause i have my mind always on the anime and Naruto…..DAMN… 😦 *so sad*

  85. i dont think so. i am in the best university in the far east. and its fucking hard here. every tests even the quizes are like final exams!

  86. When Kakashi said Obito & Rin I think he was just refering to his bonds cause they are like his only friends from childhood,

    Also Rin is Alive shes in ANBU she wears a mask I remember her from when that ref got killed in the Genin exams and she came too his funeral and kakashi was there, she is still alive and that body aint Kushina either why would she be in Rain village no way it aint either its just a random ninja used by Pain.

    Nagato is in that Tower of the Dead man he must be one hell of a Demon, to have done what he has done. If all of Pain puppets have differant Realms then what is Nagatos realm or is his possibly upgraded like the Sharigan and completly lookk differant.

    Obito is Alive possibly revived by Madara or Obitos body died but Madara just possessed the body bringing it back too life but with madara soul in obitos body and Madara just merged with his genetic traits. After seeing Kabuto absorb orichimaru dead hand and Pain controlling Dead bodys with Metal rods then Madara spirit transfering into Obito Dead body thats My Theory.

    Theres my 2 cents.

  87. oh..!!university….??how old are u(if it’s not too personal..huh)

  88. I think i saw rin as part of the anbu back when oro. was attacking the village.but idk which chaper it was

  89. @ la lu le lil lo – first off, good to hear from you again.
    second you still need to get an ICON.

    Third – Rin being alive? Could you do us all a huge favor and tell us the manga chapter and page that confirms that is Rin. People on the blog have said otherwise…

    Fourth – Pain has never used a random nin. All of the bodies so far have been from Jiraiya’s past so this female will not be random.

    All the bodies may have been related to Jiraiya either because Nagato knew he would have to deal with Jiraiya or Nagato has a Jiraiya complex. Both are acceptable theories.

    If it’s just that he knew he was going to have to deal with Jiraiya then he could potentially have used the animal realm body from Kakashi’s past knowing that he’d have to deal with him.

    Nagato shouldn’t be a realm. The six realms of Pain are a buddhist thing, six bodies/six realms of Pain.

  90. klk

  91. i cannot understand how tobi can be obito… Of course all the leads point to him but he apeared himself at kisame and kisame identified him as madara…. How can he fooled kisame too??? Obito must be madara

  92. sry i ment tobi must be madara..

  93. it’s obvious kakashi won’t die…why do you think he is on hiatus (the autor) ?
    it’s because he is still trying to understand what to do with kakashi…but i guess someone will appear at the “X” time or something will happen like kakashi’s other eye turn into sharingan or something weird ( yes i know he’s not an uchiha)

  94. that’s not the point jeremiah(or whatever)…you show me when the #$%^ did rin die….then we can talk and i will accept my defeat….but wait…do you hear that? it almost sounds like you begging for forgiveness cuz you just said something that doesn’t make any sense to all of us….get a life….just because you have naruto’s icon doesn’t mean you have the power to say everything in your own twisted versions….and for the last time rin isn’t dead….please don’t try to kill her people

  95. corrected version of the earlier comment : “just because you have the icon of naruto in tailed mode…”

  96. and mistos dude, they are going in the same direction….that tobi (or madara) is obito or in other words, tobi= madara =obito….i don’t believe it either…..

  97. I have no idea what you are talking about straight up. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time then you know I like to link the pages that people are talking about.

    So take a deep breath, relax and realize that you are arguing with someone that is looking for answers not with someone calling you a liar. -_-

    P.S. It’s not Jeremiah (or whatever) its just Jeremiah. I’m not claiming or have ever claimed that Rin is dead or alive, read my statement again. It says “others on the site have said otherwise”…

    Why don’t you explain to me which part of that sounds like a statement of stupidity or out right authority over what anyone has said to anyone?!?!

    How does asking a question make no sense to any one? Can I not question what I do not know for sure?

  98. For the record I think she is dead. But I was merely asking a question and you jumped on me for that????

    Calm down.

  99. I just reread that statement. Everyone one of those statements addressed a comment somewhere above it and is 100% true. If it doesn’t make sense then you havn’t been paying attention to the manga.

  100. tbh i think pain just leaves him alone.. He keeps on making remarks as to what kakashi is doin, like how kakashi used his chakra to save choji, and that something inside pain trigers some sort of memories. and so forth we waste another week looking at pains memories. then the week after we make some conclusions on those memories then by the next week kakashi has had enough time to regaon full stregth and just kills all the pains

  101. hmm maybe danzou is madara uchiha.

  102. ok if obito took over the name of madara kisame would know him as madara because he would have met him by that name… also rin is dead and if she isnt she cant be peins body… but look at manga 140 page 5 lol i remember like a long time ago people were wondering who was the strongest character and why orochimaru left akatsuki this kinda helps

  103. also manga 139 page 9 kakashi is at obitos grave

  104. omfg..@microtube-relax my friend…you don’t have to “attack” to someone just cause u disagree with him..Jeremiah is right.. 🙂

  105. kakashi will live and the he will become hokage!!

  106. oh yeah? well, the manga doesn’t show me anywhere….does that mean i am dead too???

  107. Microtube–can I buy you a hot cocoa? (or maybe some meds?) No one said Rin is dead, but in the manga (as has been said in this comment thread), Kakashi mentions that ALL his friends are dead (said to Sasuke just before the d-bag leaves town).

    Later, in Kakashi Gaiden, we learn the names of his former teammates–Rin and Obito. We are shown Obito’s ‘death’ (or not if you follow the Obito-Tobi conspiracy theory). But nothing more is said of Rin. By deduction, Kakashi believes her dead, so many here assume the same thing.

    The shot of the woman in question and Kakashi at the grave is here (pages 8 and 9):

    She does not have the same hair as Rin, nor does she have the marks that are on Rin’s cheeks (Kakashi Gaiden). She’s bringing flowers to Hayate’s grave, so it is assumed she was his girlfriend.

    The ANBU female with the red tats (who talks to Kakashi in the page linked above, and is shown at a grave in Manga 137 with her ANBU team) is named Uzuki Yuugao. She’s the only named female ANBU, according to the source book. Hope that helps make things a little clearer.

  108. That’s Uzuki Yuugao, and you can look up her stats on leafninja DOT com (biographies).

  109. i think it was anko at the grave with kakashi but dont quote me on it haha it would be in the anime

  110. sorry dont pay attention to that it was a lie

  111. @ ibikiteishi – I agree with you. Rin probably died sometime during the Third Great Shinobi War. Besides since Kakashi mentioned that all his friends are dead I think its safe to assume that she truly is dead.

  112. hmm, perhaps Yahiko stole Nagatos eyes because Nagato was emotionally weak to intentionally kill other shinobi?

  113. Rin isnt dead. Shes alive and she was with ANBU I cant remember the Episode but it was at the Funeral of that dude.
    Rin was with ANBU but because she was trained under the 4th Im wondering maybe if she is in ROOT and if it was that masked one with the 4 eyes cause, the person had long black hair so Im just throwin that out there.
    She could be tied into this plot and Kakashi Aint gonna Die Im picturing Kakashi as the Ninja who gets really Injured but never dies like if he got a arm cut off he would still be a ninja.

    I chose My Icon as Guts The Black Swordsman in Berserk mode Its one of the best Manga out there.

  114. i think kakashi’s sharingan was given to him by obito and that madara is not dead people keep sayin that madara is obito well that is not true….

  115. That was anko because you should look at how her eyes were drawn.

  116. I’m sorry wrong name…it was pretty sure.if you dont believe me just compare her to other chapters.

  117. @ Hamaru Uchiha – Kakashi’s sharingan was definantly given to him by Obito, hence Kakashi gaiden.

    @ lelulalilo – your icon is cool, its crazy looking ^_^

    @ Naren – Perhaps but I’m sold hook line and sinker that the real Pain is Nagato, he just hasn’t come out yet.

  118. ok! maybe i was just pissed out at kishi for killing kakashi(or intending)…and for the record, i was just confused on your spelling(cuz it shows in really small font here…) sorry for that…..
    now, back to the topic…..i have a question….is madara(or obito’s) mangekyou sharingan really like the one in the picture below…
    if the picture doesn’t work….please click on the link below:

  119. oh and the real confusion isn’t if it is or not….there is another mangekyou sharingan shown in the manga along side it ….i was just confused if the one in the picture is his or his brother’s….and if the one with the hole sort of thing is madara’s, shouldn’t it change when he took his brother’s eye??? and if madara has been shown in the manga with so distinct nature and different time line, how can he be obito…..are you people trying to say like madara took obito’s body or something?

  120. Well,I have read every chapter over and over again and well,this is what i think.Nagato is in the tower of the dead and she/he”?”is using the tower to drain chakra from the dead bodies and also,i beleive that back in the very beginning on naruto’s mission two the mist,they talked about if a ninja died, information and justu’s could be retrieved.So nagato has a wide variety of jutsu and large amounts of chakra to use in the so called.”puppets” or six peins.Now to me, shin is considered dead because as stated abouve kakashi says that all his friends have died.Madara is not obito so get it out of your heads.Who ever said that is an idiot!Have you not read the chapter right after saskae kills itachi?!All of this bs was blown way out of reason all because kakashi said their names.Come on people think about it.In lots of situations when naruto needed that extra push after he went past his point what did he say.He said what inspired him.he remembered what motivated him to be better.Thats what kakashi was doing.Hes at his limit and hes preparing to do his best by remembering what he fights for.

  121. Leave me a message,if you have questions.

  122. @ microtube – thats the thing, Tobi was a over the board goofy sometimes like Obito and then sometimes deadly serious like Madara. Remember Tobi was a wanna be Akatsuki for a while, side kicking it with Diedara before getting all serious and revealing that he is Madara.

    Thats where the Tobi = two seperate people theory comes from.

    @ Darryl – Tobito theory didn’t start here. Its a very old theory from waaaaay back when Tobi first appeared with the Sharingan acting all goofy and comic relief like. Who would have ever guessed that goof ball would later reveal himself as Madara. Though “reveal” himself is still subject to debate as Kishi refuses to show us his face fueling the Obito fire. Even when he showed Kisame his face it didn’t show it to the reader. So basically Kishi is driving this theory on purpose. Whether he ties it all in or uses it as a distraction is still up in the air.

  123. P.S. @ microtube – The madara taking Obito’s body is a theory out there. Orochimaru does it, I’m sure Madara is much more capable than Oro.

    I think the funniest thing is that we debate it like the end is already written and its not. Kishi is still writting these week to week and I’m pretty positive he’s not even sure the direction he’s going to take with Madara… hence the not showing of his face.

  124. Great point, Jeremiah. I can’t tell you how many times my plot plan completely shifts away from plans, and a new idea seems better than the planned one, but throws a million monkey wrenches (and sometimes monkeys) into the plotworks. I suppose if Kishimoto-sensei really writes himself into a corner he’ll be out here cruising the theories for ideas. Bwahahhhahah…

  125. @dorryl – her name is rin…i think so…
    @jeremiah – still, that’s the way kishi has to head to give the manga a proper sense….LOL

    and jeremiah can you tell me why madara has the same mangekyou even after the eye change? (kakashi had a sharingan after he got obito’s eyes (meaning that the secret to sharingan lier in the eyeballs and not on the user…)
    p.s. if he got his brother’s mangekyou…..never mind…(you must think i am really stupid asking questions this old….but as the next issue is delayed, reading the old chapters is all i can do…and with every revisions, there comes new questions….)

  126. this one week hiatus = kishi not sure what he wants to do with Kakashi!


  127. What will really bend your brain is how Kakashi got MS.

    I mean really WTF?!

    Kishi laid ground rules for obtaining MS. Sasuke didn’t even get MS until he killed Itachi, Itachi didn’t get MS until he killed his best friend and Madara… well he did eventually take his brothers eyes but as you can see in that panel you posted a link too he has a serious MS going on.

    But Kakashi just showed up one day and was all “check this shit out!” and Naruto was like “oh hells yeah! Lets go try that bad boy out on Diedara!” and then Kakashi was all “what the hell we waitin for? Lets go jack that douche up!”

    I just went off on a total tangent there and you all have now witnessed the full extent of my Fanficability.

  128. But back to the issue at hand… Itachi mentioned Madara was the one that was experimenting with advancing the Sharingan. So Madara and his brother probably both killed people close to them to get the MS.

    He eventually took his brothers eyes which I assumed gave that unique looking MS that Sasuke and Madara have but in that panel you linked to he has that at the same time that his brother has the regular MS. This may have been creative imagry by Kishi or just a mistake… which has happend before.

    Kakashi may have gotten MS from the whole Obito dieing thing and feeling responsible for it but I’m really stretching for that… Cause he would have just realized that all of a sudden 13 years or so after the fact, activating his MS, then looked in the mirror and said “damn… that’s different.”???

  129. hiatus could also be because kishi already forgot what obito looks like and needs time to remember the face so that he can put his picture in kakashi’s thought bubble…lol

    and yes kakashi had an unusual way of obtaining ms….but it’s not like he can’s….there are a variety of ms(also shown by the eye pictures)…madara’s could be the strongest (cuz he got that by direct transplant) then sasuke’s (transfer of the chakra by itachi) then itachi’s (wtf does killing have to do with obtaining ms?) and then kakashi’s(just learning)…everyone seems to have different way of obtaining ms and the result is different ms….kakashi didn’t get it out of the blues….he just found out another way to obtain ms….

    p.s. i am off to bed…i won’t be able to reply till next morning…so don’t get pissed if you don’t get immediate answer….

  130. this one is for jeremiah(you seem to know much about naruto than anyone else)…you have visited naruto wiki (if the link doesn’t show, it’s naruto wiki: could you tell me how on earth did they know about the blood groups of the characters????

  131. @ microtube – from the Official Naruto source books that Shonen Jump publishes. I think they are on the 3rd one now??? That’s also how many of the character ages are found for the naru wiki as well.

  132. Also, thanks for the kind words but there are more than a couple on this blog that know a lot more than I do. I just provide the forum for them vent their knowledge ^_^

  133. regarding the ms it seems one eye bends space/time and sends stuff into another dimension (or illusionary world ), this is most likely how sasuke got rid of the amaterasu. And the other eye can do the ninjutsu amaterasu. Kakashi only seems to have the space/time eye so I dont think we will ever see him do amaterasu.

  134. […] Naruto Manga 425 Part II + Rin is Animal Realm!?!? + Death of Kakashi?!?! Naruto Manga 425 CLICK HERE TO READ THE NEWEST THEORY POST ABOUT CHARACTERS CHANGING SIDES. […]

  135. heres my theory…why did the that dying pain say “so he used his powers for that too”…. the other pain left when kakashi played dead and pretended he got hit in the eye…the PAINS dont really know kakashis power… so by that guy saying it its probably a sign that theyre gonna meet again and fight and this time pain will already know kakashis technique… but before they showed kakashi’s scene they showed the hokage and her medics healing people… so thats gotta tell you something…. all im saying is they better not kill kakashi because it would really ruin this manga for a lot of people… this whole manga is nothing without kakashi

  136. im no saying this to be mean but their is people passing- away like:asuma{he really did die in shippuuden episode 81.Now K-dog {Kakashi} is dying.Thats jank {not fair}.And Kakashi shouldnt be fighting Pein. Kakashi will be killed.And if he dies, .ill never watch naruto again cuz when ever Naruto comes on i like to see Kakashi.I call Kakashi K-dog becuz kakashi is cool.

  137. well im sure they herd about kakashis ms from deidara lol but @lastscorpion tobi only uses hes right eye and controls space time… the best thing i can think of is different types of ms based on the person and that helps explain the tobi = obito theory a little better because kakashis eye was originally obitos

  138. although (haha second thoughts) the fourth did use space time without sharingan at all so its possible

  139. haha sorry for another one but when kakashi got rid of deidaras arm didnt it pop up somewhere else? whereas the amaterasu flames are gone for good

  140. kakashi is my hero person.I like when kakashi use his sharingan,light blade,and one thousand years of death.Pein is a idiot but why Pein want to kill Kakashi.I understand Kakashi have friends like Obito and Rin.But I dont want kakashi to die he’s my hero.So what im wishin for is Kakashi not to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. thats almost crazy what you just said renzy10.I thougt you have to say nice things about kakashi.Like:i dont want him to die and or he my hero and my best chracter likes hes mine

  142. we love you kakashi everybody who wrote commets love you i even love a man and kick Pein fucking ass.i know you can do it we all know you can do it

  143. well, i wouldn’t argue on the side of the eye cuz even itachi (who had both eyes) activated ameterasu with only his left eye….sasuke with his left eye as well….it could be that madara doesn’t use his other eye and just uses his right eye…we can’t be sure if he’s only got one eye (if he does, it could be that he had only taken one eye from his brother and the other got blinded)…so, basically your theory needs a retouch…

  144. and jeremiah, you truly are brilliant….i never made more than 3 posts in any forums and see, here i’ve posted like 15 times (and counting)

  145. wow! this msg was to be posted first…sorry about that…
    well, i wouldn’t argue on the side of the eye cuz even itachi (who had both eyes) activated ameterasu with only his left eye….sasuke with his left eye as well….it could be that madara doesn’t use his other eye and just uses his right eye…we can’t be sure if he’s only got one eye (if he does, it could be that he had only taken one eye from his brother and the other got blinded)…so, basically your theory needs a retouch…

  146. You guys are idiots. Rin isnt dead, she was/is in ANBU, because Kakashi only visits Obito’s grave lol. What kind of guy only visits one of this friends grave and not the other? Either he visits both or doesnt visit at all!.

    Manga 237: “The daily visit to his dead friend’s monument”
    Note “Friend’s” & not friends.

    Also, remember Kakashi or anyone else is not allowed to reveal the identity of members of the ANBU, basically they are CIA

    SO if she is in ANBU which a lot peeps believe, Kakashi cannot reveal anything about her.

    Plus Obito says “Take care of Rin”,

    so its unlikely she is dead. She should still be alive.

  147. Thanks. Glad you like the blog ^_^

    @ renzy – Lmao! Yeah Diedara would know for sure. And you are right, Kakazu had to so that bitch back on!

  148. @ losers, all good points but why did Kakashi say all of his friends died?

  149. Also, Kakashi got the MS because of Obito’s blood, its quite possible that the big thing that will happen is Kakashi will the Uchicha blood which means he will be able to get that chakra needed to hold the Sharigan and use those techniques a lot longer – longshot theory though.

    Oh Obito is dead.

    Danzou could be Madara that would make perfect sense.

  150. Danzo is not Madara. I killed that theory in my three rules of manga post.

  151. kakashi lives but in surmountable pain,maybe another shinobi arrives.naruto ur d man!! kill pain!

  152. Look at Jeremiah, he has become so powerful he can now quote himself to prove a point, i can’t wait for the day where i can do that on a research paper… “well if you look in my previous work, that’s the f**k why T.S. Eliot wrote that…”

  153. LMAO @ alec

    Sadly I try that at school too but it doesn’t work >_<

  154. So if Madara really is using some kind of space time jutsu in the forest when he runs into Kakashi for the first time then he doesn’t need to activate his MS to do it cause his Sharingan is plain the whole time with only the three tomoe +_~

  155. other thought isnt the right eye supposed to activate genjutsu? maybe they were all trapped in a rediculous genjutsu and he was toying with them… also i think nagato uses the 6 realms of pein to hold him at night like sasori did with his puppets so all the peins will leave soon because its gotta be getting late in the manga

  156. Your hell dumb, he calls obito and rin, because he is dieying. and hes finnaly gonna meet with them.

  157. How kakashi got his MS we wont know but he didnt kill anyone close too him so he obtained it some other way. Also Sasuke didnt really kill itachi but he obtained his MS through a powerful ordeal of realising the truth of what happen..

    Yea I said earlier that Madara could of taken dead body and transphered his own soul into it and resurrecting obito body only it isnt obito but obitos body with madara’s soul becoming Tobi thats why he said he has the power of Uchiha madara because pyshically mentally and spiritually he would of changed big time.

    But what Im getting at is That when Madara fought the first he said that every one thought he was dead Im thinking he transported himself into someone or even something.

    Zetsu has appanrently known Madara for a long time and they have a plan but what is that plan anyway, And Zetsu Im thinking he is well known with the Aburame clan cause rememeber when they madara fought everyone before they went too find sasuke Madara mentioned the Bug clan before he even did so I think Zetsu and Madara are quite familiar with Leaf ninja.

    Because If the theory of madara soul being put into Obito body was true than Madara would of taken his old eyes and put them both into his new body but he didnt so that means that he had another body whos body now thats the mystery.

    And if he is in Obito body then how did he become Mizukage witha sharigan, but back when we saw him meet itachi before they killed the village he had another mask maybe he has always had a mask kinda like kakashi.

    But yea this message is too big sorry.

  158. A couple of things I wanna see I wanna see the Hyuuga clan just straight up destroy 1 of the Pains preferably the Chakra absorbing one.

    I wanna See Naruto Do a thousand years of Pain Technique on Nagato or one of the Pains but it should really be done too Nagato, we all know that technique right guys.

    And I wanna see Kakashi get healed by a Slug and Man on and fight till all the Pains Leave the village.

    At the Moment I dont want any of the Main or Sub characters of konoha too die not even Tsunade maybe she can die later but not now. Because so far so Many ninja have died all ready from the Village so why should a main character die but maybe one should too give it that lil bit of Oooommmffff.

  159. I was just reading the last chapter of naruto c424p2 Danzo says too ROOT that he is out of tsunade surveilance, I noticed it when I first read it but i knew now on the Pillar it says YAMATO WORKS and above stuck in one pillar too the next was a Wooden Beam I believe that is Yamato in stealth mode.

    Have a Look and tell me what you think?

  160. Maybe Madara can time travel using some space/time jutsu?

  161. It’s funny cause looking at the manga on ch 396 02, it looks like it is space time of him falling in on the sharingan when he’s using his whole body. Which means it is possible that it is similar to Kakashi’s sharingan ability, or all sharingan are able to that, but Tobi’s is just super advanced

  162. @ Alec – I agree, he’s has to be more advanced since he has got the ultimate Mangekyo courtesy of his brother. Maybe that coupled with his exceptional chakra has allowed him to live this long.

  163. You would think to use a space time Jutsu he would activate his MS but he doesn’t. We’ve never seen Madara post Tobi with anything more than just the three tomoes… Maybe I’m thinking to much on this but wouldn’t ya think he would activate it at some point? Like when Sasuke’s Amaterasu almost got him…

    @lalulelilo – it may have been Itachi’s intention but Sasuke for sure was the one that killed him. Which is what Itachi wanted to activate Sasuke’s unique Sharingan.

  164. Do you think Itachi might still be a bad guy? What if he put something in aruto to stop him from saving sasuke. Wht if he was acting like that so sasuke would attack the leaf.

  165. Though the info came from a horrible source I’m geussing that it was true. I do think Itachi was the supreme soldier of Konoha.

  166. It’s crazy how split the Obito survey question is!


  167. haha im split amongst myself i cant decide to believe it or not because there is so much for and against the theory

  168. @renzy: me too! There are good arguments all the way around, but nothing definitive and it makes me crazy as hell. Part of the problem is how nutty he’s been–from comic relief to badass from one arc to the next. And when someone does that from behind a mask you have to wonder…which one is real? or is he just a nut with a split personality and none of it is real?

    Which makes me wonder if Sai, being an incredible facsimile for an Uchiha, isn’t some kind of time traveler, too. Is HE Madara’s real body? Or Sasuke from the future coming back to protect his friends while he’s still out being a douche? I can’t explain the jutsu, but I can’t explain Sai either.

  169. in terms power/strength ignoring Naruto;

    1st Hokage>Madara>4th Hokage>Itachi>Orichamaru>Jiraiya>3rd Hokage

    But given the fact 1st & 2nd Hokage + Orichamaru fought the 3rd..and just won..means the 3rd Hokage;

    Pain>Madara (assumption)
    Madara>4th Hokage>3rd Hokage>1st>2nd>Itachi>Orichamaru>Jiraiya

    is that right?

  170. Maito Gai>everyone else

  171. First Hokage>Madara

    Defeated him one one at Valley of Ends.

    Great food for thought! You may have just inspired a post.

  172. Yes, but lol the 3rd handled both 1st & 2nd + Orichamaru..though it can be argued..that 1st & 2nd were not at their full strenght. Saying that..nor was the 3rd..he was too old. Anyway;


    Not sure if you have seen that, buts its pretty cool.

  173. OMG! LMAO! I want frickin logic Venn diagrams and syllogisms for that one, Jeremiah. Pure awesomeness, losers. Yes!

    Although Jiraiya > Orochimaru in the Sannin 3-way. 3rd < Oro hmmm–technically Oro survived and Sarutobi died so I guess I have to concede your point. But Jiraiya ? 3rd seems…undefined to me.

  174. 3rd > asshole danzo

  175. sorry i was logged out 😛

  176. Aside from Pain and Naruto. I think Sasuke is secretly plotting to kill Madara besides the village. And Sasuke found out a way to put Amaterasu’s flames out, which may explain why Madara survived the Amaterasu fail-safe. Oh do any of you think Itachi’s eyes are still usuable for sasuke?

  177. Yeah. I think that Itachi’s eyes are mos def in play.

  178. Jeremiah, your “3 Rules of Manga is wrong” – not the concept itself…but your application.

    1. The slide shown below Rule #2 – is picture of him at present (takling to sasuke) with background of the 3rd in the past. SO basically in that picture you have the background which is in the past and the foreground of Madara in present talking to Sasuke.
    Hence whilst is hair is different, it was the same long hair during the massacre.

    2. he has to hide his identity from Sasuke though..otherwise whats the point. But it doesnt make sense for him to create a grudge between Sasuke & Danzou..when he is Danzou lol. So Madara is not Danzou – just based this alone.

    3. I agree with Rule #3 though.

    So just a mistake with Rule #1.

  179. Dont forget that the two other peins areheading towards the interigation place.
    Long Livve kakashi

  180. ooo, i would not reccomend trying to out-wit jeremiah. he is powerful enough to prove you wrong by quoting himself, he just may think you out of existance or something

  181. I think Kakashi dies fighting Shark-boy. Then Might Guy kills Kisame. I think that would be illustrated as dark blue. :p

  182. kushina could be animal realm because pein only selects the ninja with unique abilities and kushina was known for her excelent ninjutsu

  183. @Jeremiah-how possible is that Itachi’s eyes are still in play..??..did they freeze them or sth??(lol..Tobi: Hey Sasuke do u want me to unfreeze Itachi’s eyes now?*goes and opens the refrigerator* Sasuke: not now..later please)

  184. haha they are in a pickle jar

  185. @ Losers – I know that the fore ground of the second set of panels is him in the present in front of the flashback 3rd.

    That second set of pics was demonstrating rule number two. BUT if you read it, I say that if you look above at his rocker hair in the first row and combine it with the pic of Danzo in the second row (both of which took place during the genocide of the Uchiha) then you can obviously see way different hair cuts. So unless Madara took to wearing a wig, they are two totally different people. If he’s sporting a wig… then I quit reading this manga. That would be soap Opera junk right there.

    The only reason the pic with the third is in there is to demonstrate the second rule and how he refers to himself.

    The new hair cut reference was thrown in there because rarely if ever do you see people in anime or manga get hair cuts after they grow up. It just doesn’t happen because it is a common way to differintiate a character drawn in black and white.

  186. he could just be disguising himself like in narutos sexy jutsu lol except with clothes and gross old man

  187. idk but is anyone else dying to see how strong kisame is …like for real, that water jutsu he used against gai was 30% chakra…like i really wanna see what he’s capable of, and also what up with zetsu??. but guys, first off, Tobi=Madara, not Obito, it would be a very stupid twist in the plot of obito turns out to b tobi. He has no motive, nor should he know what happened to Itachi and the Uchiha clan cuz theres no reason he should have been informed of the advisors decision. 2nd, it would be pretty cool if rin was the animal realm but i cant see that happening. Too many coincidences in a manga makes it week. It’d just be to much. I frankly think kakashi is going to die which really sucks, but i think its the most honorable way to die…Pein is fucking awesome. If he doesnt die, its gonna be like in the sasuke retrieval arc i.e the sound four…when everyone dies and comes back to life…. sorry for the long ass post.

  188. pein= coolest character so far in the manga… hes practically invincible… and no1 has answered how the hell naruto is gonna make it back…the toad thing is dead

  189. Click HERE if you have no idea what we are talking about.

  190. @ Omar – notes on two side characters

    1) I can’t wait to see what Kishi dows with Kisame after he said he would make him a larger part of the story in the future.
    2) I want to see 8 gates! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaito Gai!

  191. kisame is definitely a mystery but tobi doesnt have to actually be obito we are toying with the theory its obitos body

  192. MMMmaito Guy thumbs up! *ding!* Where the heck is he? He totally needs to save Kakashi’s butt. With grown up Lee. Dueling 8-gates with a side of drunken monkey…I’ll be standing by with choco bon bons filled with gin.

  193. drunken rock lee > ?

    He fought Kimimaru who was supposedly Oro’s number one student and held his own. It also took Gai, Neji and Ten Ten to subdue him in a resturaunt when he was wasted. But its alot harder to subdue someone you don’t want to hurt… so I guess that not a good measure…

    drunken rock lee with 8 gates open… now we are talkin power!


  194. Kakashi prob wont die, cuz that would be a too obvious death, and i dont think Obito is really dead. He may have seemd like it, but i bet somehow he survived, learned the truth about uchiha, and wants the same revenge on konoha as sasuke do. and the woman in the body bag is probably either rin or naruto’s mama. why else would they show her for?

  195. OH, don’t forget Lee’s escapade in the 4th Movie–can’t remember the skillz of the ninja he fought but it was INSANE. There was so much drunken fu going on I think the earth caved in around them. sigh. good times.

  196. OMG! There is a gorgeous Gai/Sai stinger on Shippuuden 83, I’ll post the raw scene in a few hours. ROFL.

  197. @ibikiteishi-the ninja Lee fought in the Shippuden movie had earth skills..and he also drunk chakra from a snake-like thing and went insane…and of course Lee did the same thing(ate a chocolate-ball with sake)..hehehehe 😀

  198. nice!!!

  199. @ibikiteishi-just saw the ship ep 83…that was so HILARIOUS!!!!Total Awesomeness….. 🙂




  201. @kazenji when obito was crushed under the rocks there was no story about uchiha except the beginning… the kyuubi and itachis genocide all occurred after

  202. but another reason it could be him is he just didnt wanna fight anymore he wanted the wars to end… i mean pein wants wars to end itachi supposedly didnt like wars kisame came from a village where they killed all of their classmates he prolly doesnt wanna fight zetsu we know nothing about but he doesnt fight anyone… oro left and everyone else is did and tobi even said their deaths were necesary………. also they are collecting all the bijuu which are the causes of most of the wars to begin with so it is possible akatsuki is a peace keeping organization just using violence to better the world

  203. […] Naruto Manga 425 Part II + Rin is Animal Realm!?!? + Death of Kakashi?!?! Naruto Manga 425 CLICK HERE TO READ PART ONE OF THIS POST MAKING AN ARGUMENT THAT KUSHINA IS ANIMAL REALM WITH UPDATED […] […]

  204. well, if kakashi dies just keep that in mind Naruto wold will come to an end and there will be no one left who is interested in watching lame people like danzo ruling leafvillage. any way i think kakashi will not die and will be save by one of his close friend or list sasuke, if that happens that will coolest think ever happen to naruto shit world.

  205. u freak bicth how can he be kill he has the best abilty

  206. what if naruto left a shawdow clone in konoha and can know everything

  207. what if naruto left a shawdow in konoha so he could know whats going one

  208. wasnt rin in one of the episodes when the hokage died he was on obitos grave i don’t think thats rin

  209. chojis dad is dead lmfao (fat shit) he was no uss to anime/ kakishie is gonna live fuck rin shes not that important/ danzo is a wack job he s gonna die by sai/ obito is dead/ pain idk is gonna die by somebody naruto nagoto or the papaer girl no one no yet/ madar is gonna die by sakuke or kesima itachi probaly tells kesima to kill madara and naruto is gonna have more controll over hess nine tails fox i think from itaches manganku or something THIS IS MY OPINION

  210. I still feel Sasuke will save the moment he should be heading towards Konoha right to kill Danzou?

    Its already been revealed that he betrayed Akatsuki – both Madara & Sasuke know this.

    Its all very interesting what Sasuke is going to do after killing Danzou..or maybe he wont…

  211. Where the Hell is NeJi!!! He could step in and save Kakashi!!

  212. Chapter 425 is being released next week right?

  213. im just turned 17 this nov. 6. in here, you under go 6 years in grade school or sometimes 7 (but if you want for a life time) and 4 years in hs. then college.

  214. Glen!!!you’re back!! 😀 oh 17..i’m 17 too but i thought you told me you were in university.??

  215. Obito Rin, i think you guys don’t know who he is.. because most of you don’t read te whole manga. Obito Rin is the guy with the rinnegan (special eay techniek). Kakashi had a mission to become a Jounin, with Obito as a Genin. He died and Obito gave Kakashi his eay. That’s why Kakashi has a Sharingan eay.

    Bye bye, hope you enjoyed.

  216. @ arrrun – yes, if history tells us anything… after a two week break we usually will have a spoiler up Tuesday on the blog to discuss…

    The countdown begins…

  217. @ Sjoerd – thanx for the comment but I think you are confused. Obito and Rin are two seperate people. Obito never had the Rinnegan, only two people have ever had it, Rikudou and Nagato (and Pain’s bodies becuase of Nagato) And the last part is the Kakashi Gaiden stuff that we all know.

    Hope that helped. Thanks for the comment.

  218. Jiraiya will come and save Kakashi….
    Kakashi passes out and get saved by sakura…
    Pein will retreat..
    Danzo gets busted….
    We have never seen a good manga character die and not have a proper funeral..

  219. Jeremiah The Litigeous your right. Sorry, Nagato is whom i’m talking about. But Obito is the one who gave him his sharingan en Rin was that medical girl. Why are Obito.. Rin.. is last words then?

  220. @ Sjoerd – That has been a debated subject but i’d have to say that I’m leaning toward him “wishing” to be with his closest friends/former team members one last time.

    The last panels say “on the cusp of death he makes a dying wish.”

  221. I’d also like to point out that usually after a haitus the manga usually returns with a rather large shocker and sometimes a double issue…

    We can only cross our fingers and wait.

    I’ll have the spoilers up as soon as they post usually tuesday or wednesday.

  222. Yeah, in true cliffhanger fashion, it is usually a big occurrence when they get back from a break.

  223. Just can’t wait for the next issue!

    Really hope gai steps in just like he did when kakashi was up against itachi as kisame, that would be mighty sweet…

    I really don’t think I could continue with naruto if they kill off kakashi!

  224. @ Gouki – Hells yeah! Maito Gai hasn’t been seen yet since the invasion so he’s gotta pop up sometime.

  225. Can anyone of you tell me in which manga or (better) Naruto episode one get’s to know how kakashi got his Sharingan. I know he got it from his friend and comrade Obito, but I would like to read or see it again.


  226. kakashi must die
    thts only my opinion -.-‘
    no one cared tht itachi was killed so i dont care if kakashi dies

  227. @ KakashiWillSurvive – HERE is the link to the Kakashi Gaiden. I wish along with many others that this has been animated but they never did. Hopefully they will in the future.

  228. @ Itachi – Itachi was my favorite character along with Naruto since I started reading the manga waaaay back in the day too. I know your pain +_+

  229. Jeremiah, your update raises an important issue. I don’t think Kakashi has mentioned either Rin or Obito (and of course no one else has mentioned them) since Kakashi Gaiden. And yet, they are at the very core of his character.

    That’s part of why I had him saying the same thing in my Halloween fic (which, I’ll remind you all I wrote well before 424 came out). His ability to speak their names is a big deal. I don’t think he’s ever done that, not before Gaiden and not after–but I could have missed something.

    His statement is HUGE. It shows his desperation. It reveals the very essence of his character motivation (just in case you missed it before). AND it fully links Gaiden with the regular manga as you (Jeremiah) pointed out.

  230. that point would be a good time for the anime to show kakashi gaiden.

  231. yea even at obitos grave he never actually says anything about them lol he changes the subject basically

  232. no that’s not true kakashi is not gonna die

  233. i dont think he will die but i mean my desires could be clouding my reasoning haha im a young confucious

  234. well, we never know what the creators of naruto have in mind…

  235. i think kakashi-sensei will not die.
    there are no flashbacks yet that always happen when someone in the anime dies.right?

    think about it guys.

  236. THINK ABOUT IT!!!

  237. Gai is not coming to save kakashi…he will take on the chuby pein (that absorbs chakra) confirmed

  238. kakashi had his MS on at the time the nail went at his head he could have sucked it up in his blackhole

  239. kakashi will be saved by the choza akamichi, the father of choji

  240. yea too bad HES DEAD!

  241. i have never seen Madara make an offensive move..perhaps he is immortal but cannot make any jutsus or only defensive manoeuvrures..

  242. well we know he uses the space time as a defense, but he did take down the three tailed beast dont forget so he must have some jutsu


  244. he is from akatsuki….he most definitely has some serious jutsus…but you can’t forget that the 3 tails didn’t have any host and so it was the easiest target….and who knows? maybe it was tobi fighting the 3 tails and later was taken over by madara???i mean, it can be possible…(i know that madara made akatsuki and hid in its shadows….maybe disguising as tobi…but still, that might have happened)

  245. well, deidara did help tobi in taking down the beast

  246. # 200 ^_^

  247. kakashi cant die yet. maybe later on but not yet. it’ll make no sense. and if pein dies now, then wth. but wut wus with jiraiya’s code? everyone’s gonna be dead b4 they solve it.

  248. i think one of Tsnunade’s slugs will git to him before or wen he pass out then he wake up in tha hospital lyke he alwayz do

  249. kakashi dat iz

  250. i think kishi forgot about the code lol

  251. Sasuke and his team arrive and save Kakashi.

  252. ok!!! i got this link….

    *link withheld pending verification*

    check it out and tell me what do you think the last statement means(i am not gonna tell what it is)….

    p.s. @jeremiah, is this fake or for real???

  253. I’m going to say very fake. It seems so fake I’m not going to waste anyones time with it. I’ve tried to get a confirmation and as soon as I do I will post it.

    Thanks Micro for bringing it up, keep up the good work!


    We should get a spoiler tomorrow and a new post sooo stay tuned everyone.

  254. amen….it was about time for a spoiler…

  255. Speaking of spoilers:

    People are jacking our thoughts and panels and not giving credit… how rude…

  256. AGAIN>>>>THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

  257. […] Naruto Manga 425 Part II + Rin is Animal Realm!?!? + Death of Kakashi?!?! Naruto Manga 425 CLICK HERE TO READ: SAI FINALLY GETS A NEW UNIFORM! CLICK HERE TO READ PART ONE OF THIS POST MAKING […] […]

  258. I have an awesome idea. You know how someone said that Kakashi’s mangakyou could have been opened by an opening of his eyes(coming to the realization of the truth). What if one time(Probably during the time skip) he went to Obito’s grave and started to dig it up cause he had a strange feeling he wasn’t there. And then he got to the coffin, opened it up and Obito wasn’t in there and suddenly his Sharingan opens up into MS.
    That would also give him a reason to keep on fighting. His promise to return Obito’s body to that grave. He could have telled it was done by soul transfer(Madara’s body lying in the grave). This would also nicely set up a Sasuke, Kakashi, and Naruto vs. Madara/Obito/Tobi/Mizukage fight to end this part of the manga. And what if Kakashi’s father was Zetsu. Explaining the white part of him(the white fang) and maybe the dark part came in when he left Konoha with The Tobi gang and helped him to recruit the Akatsuki. This would also explain Zetsu’s knowledge of Madara’s true identity.

  259. I’m new at this btw. Tell me what you think of my theory.

  260. retarded theory…. funny one though!!! keep it up genius…. lmfao =))

  261. the video called “naruto manga 425 news” did say from another fandom….didn’t mention your name though….

  262. @genius i dont think they ever recovered obitos body… also thts a good thought that the white fang isnt dead but even the fourth said he was dead

  263. the white fang suiceded infront of kakashi s eyes or he found him dead dunno remember exactly thats not posible to be living… is like saying reviving the uchiha clan

  264. i think the code is for the book in the library. the book jiraiya wrote, where the title character is Naruto and the 10 bad guys he fought who have since become Peins.

  265. I hope it goes down with Kakashi getting healed by a Slug while Maito Guy and The Team protect kakashi while hes getting medical attention, And Team guy takes on the animal pain and human pain hopefully do some hard core damage but get knocked around them selves and all of a sudden another pain comes..

    And Guy either Realeases all gates and Fights and Kills 1 pain maybe 2 and becomes seriously injured and crippled for doing so. And as God pain or some other Pain goes too take the killer blow Kakashi steps back into the fight with Ten ten Rock lee and Neji Hyuuga.

    That was stricly all fantasy thats How I want it too go down,
    Man I love thinking 🙂

  266. actually i know that kakashi is in bad situation but if u think.. the god realm left and kakashi isnt dead but just he cant defend himself anymore.. and the other laz0r beam guy is in bad shape and that rocket prolly would be his last shot and almost dead… So aparently there is no one left to kill kakashi…

  267. On that last manga ep I believe it showed Animal Pain and Human Pain running on a roof.. And then I thought What if they go past though that area after that pain shot the rocket I was thinking well they might cut Chouji off and And run in too team Guy Chouji saying kakashi is back there he needs help rah rah rah then the fight moves here it moves there all speculation but yea.

  268. Is it really a matter of who’s there to help? MS takes energy Kakashi is choosing to use it to save Choiji so he can deliver the message about Pain. Then again support is the best thing for him in this situation. Its no good being passed out with the enemy that close.

  269. @j- man: is this spoiler picture correct???

  270. if yes, please translate that for me…please…

  271. Link is dead.

  272. huh? it’s open here…perhaps a picture is downloaded automatically…let me give you the website link…just a sec….
    that’s it…if you still don’t get the picture…it shows naruto with a mangekyou…. kinda stupid to believe…but seems like real….

  273. Should probably check that for a virus. It opens up a download for a picture but that makes it feel suspicious. (Haven’t downloaded it so it might be just me worrying to much)

  274. I just checked it out 100% fake. Check the posted date Nov 12…

    Someone just used an old page and PSed MS into Naruto eyes. Pretty easy. It’s funny looking though ^_^

  275. The irony being I just uploaded the image and was just about to ask you.

  276. sweet…sorry i wasted your time…i didn’t remember the picture in the manga before…so i wasn’t sure if it was the real one….
    btw, aren’t the spoilers supposed to be here by now????

  277. It’s amazing how close the Obito survey question stayed all week.


    Almost perfectly split 3 ways with nearly 1800 votes.

  278. @microtube – It’s never a waste of time checking spoilers. You guys usually post the links to the new spoilers before I can find them so I don’t mind at all ^_^

  279. probably later today if anything or tomorrow

  280. huh…i got another one(from another site)….
    if you look carefully at the picture on the last row on the right…you will see pain with the leaf symbol…maybe just a mistake…

  281. *bouncing* Yay! We should get spoilerage today! Or tomorrow.

  282. @ microtube – that’s not a spoiler that is chapter 420 page 8.

    And that has got to be a mistake. LMAO! I totally didn’t notice that! ^_^

  283. por que dejan que pas eun dia mas para saber que pasara con el manga 425 y porfa no metasn burradas como esa de naruto con el sharingan y si ponen espoilers que sean los reales u de una fuente confiable y no

  284. I would really like to answer that question but I don’t speak spanish. Sorry >_<

  285. something about spoilers from an undependapble source i think but idk i havent taken spanish in two years

  286. also maybe 420 page 8 kishi is trying to tell us something about the future? lol maybe he doesnt make mistakes similar to captain planet or the swayze

  287. that wasn’t a spoiler…that’s the real deal…sorry if you thought otherwise….p.s. does kakashi really die in the new manga???

  288. @ Anonymous… No es verdad!

  289. @microtube NOBODY knows yet

  290. Jeremiah-when the spoiler will be out???

  291. If the images are coming from Japan, its 5 AM over there now so it may not be up for a while if the person is still sleeping. Looks at symbol. The heck Genjutsu, maybe, no a mistake?

  292. thanx outlaw630 😀 i can’t understand what you said in the end..”Looks at symbol. The heck Genjutsu, maybe, no a mistake?”

  293. I was looking at page eight in chapter 420. Its posted up above. The symbol on Pain’s forehead protector is the one for Konoha while it should clearly be one for the rain village with a slash across it. – Lower right panel

  294. they are trying to translate but they are to tired lol at least thats how i read it

  295. Wers konohamaru? Its time!

  296. Naruto 137 page 8 in one manga. I think that might be rin

  297. whoa i just noticed that and that is a huge mess up…

  298. sorry but he was stabbed and also we saw his face….. it means yea he kills asura pein but kakashi dies

  299. The woman in the image is Yugao Uzuki. She was in love with Hayate Gekko. The prompter for the Chunin Exams. The one with the really bad cough. She was standing with Kakashi because she too had lost someone important. Hayate was killed by Baki during that incident.

    Yugao Uzuki:

    Hayate Gekko:

  300. 😀 it’s freaking awesome…kishi rocks…i had thought that i would hate him if kakashi died…but death in this way! wow!!! i wish i was there…it’s gonna be a lot of tears though…. and sorry for saying rin isn’t dead….

  301. @Anonymous – Naruto no tiene el sharingan. y el despojador es falso

  302. y everyone keep on telling dat d dead girl body is kishuna or rin?is it look really same?i think dat scene wanna show us dat d real pain is actually lives at d tower.the scene is create 2 show pain location.ntg more dan dat.since nw is kakashi spotlight,everyone keep on creating a new theory bout rin.afterall,its about investigating pain.locating pain location,sure is a big find.more fuking weird wen theres a people say d animal realms is kishuna.which more lame

    cant just all people stop bringing anyone frm dead,alive?kushina,tobi,rin,all dead.making new theories base on the appearence dat same on current character,it just farking lame..

    bout kakashi,i think hes not gonna die.but will have a serious prediction,next mission sure its gonna b hunting pain n kakashi gonna b abscent in action.

    i figure posible way 2 kill pain is kill all 6 + d real at once.its gonna b done in attacking rain village.

  303. There are now two different spoilers up. The second looks much more real.

  304. @ lame – because its fun… and we have over active immaginations


  305. @Jeremiah in the second spoiler..was that Sakumo????

  306. There is also a confirmed script up.

    it’s the last post on the page.

  307. very possible. If that script is real, I would think that being Sakumo is a distinct possibility.

    Sakumo = White Fang for those who are lost
    White Fang = Kakashi’s dad if you are still lost

    Sakumo Hatake

  308. Verification: Confirmed
    Source: Manyou
    Credit: 六代火影


    オビト「里の奴等がなんと言おうと……お前は立派な上忍だ」「俺はもう死ぬ……」「リンを頼む ぜ」

    オビト リン 先生




    融合が出来ない ?









    Obito “I don’t care what people in the village’d say…you’re a great jounin” “I’m about to die…” “Rin will depend on you from now on”

    Obito …

    I can only be your eye this far.
    I also failed to keep the promise to protect Rin. Please forgive me.

    Obito, Rin, Sensei
    I am joining you soon.

    Kakashi is walking in the dark.
    Kakashi “!”

    Kakashi “So you’re here…”
    “May I hear what happened to your?”
    Kakashi “Ah…it’s a long story. Let me tell you slowly”
    “Ah, alright”
    Kakashi smiles.
    Kakashi “Dad”

    Kakashi’s head faces down. Motionless.
    A part of Asura’s head falls on the ground.


    Fusion is not successful.
    The Kyuubi is rejecting Fukasaku.
    Naruto “…”
    Naruto “How can this be! What have I been working so hard until now for?”


    The female Pain reaches where Ino is.
    Kuchiyose no jutsu.
    The female Pain summons a strange creature and it’s barely restrained by the ANBU.
    Kuchiyose no jutsu!
    Another one is summoned and it heads towards Ino.
    Shizune “What’s this?”

    Female Pain sees the black rod in Shizune’s hand. “So it’s here”
    Ino’s dad (what?)
    Ino’s dad “I’d seen that girl before…what’s going on!?” “That should be the corpse!”

    The restrained summon also breaks out.
    Shizune “Please tell it in more details! We maybe able to work this out!”
    Ino’s dad “But right now…”

    Ibiki “Leave this to ANBU and me!”
    Ino’s dad “Ibiki!”
    Shizune “Let’s go! We need to find out Pain’s secret!”

    Konohamaru is panting.
    Konohamaru amidst the chaos!?

    The End.

  309. oh..this is so frustrating…i can’t wait anymore!!please Jeremiah tell what do you think?????????….Kakashi will make it or not..?????????????WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!! :0

  310. looks like kakashi is really gonna die.d spoiler(raw version) shows dat kakashi joining his dad.sort of in the dead world.nothing we can do then.but,there is a few percentage,he might lives.i hope he gonna lives.but wats going on is just hard 2 accept.

    i think d conclusion of kakashi will reveal end of pain’s attack.its tactic for us 2 keep buy this manga.

  311. Lets say Kakashi dies… who’s to say Tsunade wouldn’t give her life to bring him back a la Gaara. Do you think Kishi would use the same trick twice…

    Just a thought.

  312. i don think hes gonna use it for twice.the chance of tsunade die is quite high.healing all villager,might fight 1 or 2 pain,donzo is preparing an attack.d situation is really not on konoha side.

    my prediction,donzo is really gonna b konoha hokage.later,naruto n co,might b exile from konoha.later,lead by naruto,or kakashi(if he still alive)attacking konoha 2 gain konoha back.

  313. tsunade has got superhuman strength…she can use that to fight pain…it’s best to see kakashi die rather than her…it would be much better if iruka died..i mean come on…iruka’s role is like a genin there….what has he done so far? nothing….it’s best for him to die…that would give naruto a strong reason and kakashi could be the next hokage as intended

  314. 2nd one looks fake as well. If it true..its probably the worst chapter out there..its pointless useless chapter lol.

    Wonder why only half of it was shown as well..

  315. My god. It DOES look like Kakashi’s really dead. He’s going to have a chat with his dad for god’s sake.

    Oh god. Kakashi.

    Kakashi, are you dead?

    I refuse to believe.

  316. just to let people know….naruto 425 is already up in onemanga

  317. don’t believe it..KAKASHI WILL LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!FOREVER 🙂

  318. i think kakashi is dead already….it showed him going into the after life:((
    @jeremiah…when will the next post be up???

  319. later today. I’ve got class then a break, I’ll write it and throw it up on the blog then.

  320. kakashi will have a conversation with his father and he will tell him death was the wrong path for him because he committed suicide and that he should fight to keep living so he will come back… but did anyone else notice inoichi referred to animal realm as a ‘he’?

  321. that was worth 5 minutes of “LOL”s…renzy…try hard…that theory is retarded

  322. maybe he said “he” because that’s a dead body he was referring to and as far as i know gender is of no use once you die….

  323. Maybe… or maybe lots of Manga make guys look like girls. Also… does anyone notice that Konohamaru looks like Obito?

  324. P.S. Kakashi better not be F-ing dead or I’ll murder his ass!

  325. @ Doron – LMAO! I love that comment!

  326. Don’t be fooled by the “he” thing, Asian languages don’t really have gender specifics for pronouns the way latin based languages do. FREX: sama means “sir” and it is gender neutral. It’s probably just an error with translation.

    Thinking more about Kakashi and starting to reconsider genjutsu. This is an odd way to have a death scene play out unless he’s going to survive.

    Clearly soemting about his past and his dad is about to be revealed, but there are only 3 reasons to do this: fan service (*pukes*), plot advancement (revelation about rookie 9, or 9 tails…mebbe), or character development (why waste time developing a dead guy?).

  327. @ Renzy and Micro – yes I noticed that, it will be in the post I’m putting together as we speak… Something is messed up, one way or another.

  328. I think its an error in translation and I’m going to point it out in the next post.

  329. don’t you guys remember haku, maybe animal realm is just really feminine…

  330. of course not…remember that guy (the one jiraiya threatened to turn into a frog and the one who was under ino’s dad’s investigation)….he had said that “what did i tell ya…she is a girl….”(or something like that) i think ibiki and jerry are correct…it’s just a mistake of translation….lol

  331. i have seen a spoiler for manga 425 and three main things happen

    1. kakashi is unconcious and is talking to his father in his mind, you see them both sitting next to each other talking.

    i reckon this means that its time for kakashi to get stronger because hes always been the same strength for some time now. except for the MS he hasnt got any new cool moves for us. i think hes gonna start using his bloodline move, the silver fang one he used to save obitio.

    2. naruto finds out that the kyubi wont let him fuse with pa toad.

    i think this backs up my theory that hell use shadow cloes to perfect sage mode.

    3. shizune and inos dad meet up and head for tsunade with ther info while ikibi is left to face animal realm.

    the answer to pains power is coming soon i thinks

  332. @ Whouldn’t u like 2 know….FYI, the Manga is out, you can click on translation on the top of this page to get there.

  333. useless chapter. really it adds nothing to the story.

  334. Have anyone noticed Konohamaru?(except for Doron)As I have said above before chapter 425 was released. It is time!

  335. he’s not dead. When ppl die they have long asses scencs. He’s alive.

  336. @ live good call.

    I was thinking, sometimes when you lose too many loved ones you grow the most as a person or even change as a person. Maybe Kakashi is supposed appear dead so that Naruto will go nuts and save the day… (or go 9 tails and destroy everything, just saying… that would be kinda cool).

    The one thing I can never forget is that he was told, your chakra is greater than the 9 tails’ chakra and that is how you are able to control him. I can’t remember in what chapter that was but he was.

  337. well kakashi has a penis

  338. Kakashi will surely live. He still has many things to do in the story.

  339. wtf u ppl are talking about kakashi should had nevered died he fucking awsome the show come he the best ninja in the fucking show

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