Naruto Manga 425 Translation Scanlation + Theory: Kushina is Animal Realm argument updated 11/11/08 + Danzo is a douche and laser head refuses to die + Discussion and theory on 424

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Below is a break down of last weeks Manga issue 424 is below. Break down of 425 coming later today!




Below is the break down of Naruto Manga 424

If kakashi dies it will not go over well with the Naruto fandom...

If kakashi dies it will not go over well with the Naruto fandom...

Hey everyone,

When I first read this issue of manga I was a little pissed off.  They just completely skipped the sequence where Kakashi uses MS to escape the nail and literally ended with Kakashi in the same situation, needing to us MS but leaving it open to the possibility of his impending death.  I was pretty disappointed but then I started leafing through the panels looking to put together this post and realized that there are alot of small hidden tidbits of gold mixed in with the crap.  Cause really… did anyone really care that Chouza died?  So lets take a look at some of the more important panels and get a few survey questions out there to see what you guys think…

Must eat more Hungry Ghost cereal to get power baaaack....

Must eat more Hungry Ghost cereal to get power baaaack....

Lets start off with the most comical, demon realm… His statement is hilarious and I’m sure it was an intentional attempt at humor cause this guy should have been out of the game 5 kill shots ago.  Best post in the comments section on this subject was from Russ who said something to the effect of “A freakin back missile?! What his head laser was broken?”

After Demon Realm had taken off his Akatsuki coat alot of us thought he looked pretty cool and ready to rumble, we even forgave him for the head laser but I think we are all hoping he’s gone soon before he breaks out his crotch rocket.

Danzo is a douche...

Danzo is a douche...

Many posts in the comment section were wondering where the hell Tsunade was considering she had released her slugs to heal the injured she stormed out of the room ready to fight.  What a lot of us didn’t realize is that she stormed out of that room to go to another room to help with the healing process.  This temporarily kills the theory that Tsunade is going to step in against God Realm and save Kakashi, speeding up her own death in the process… put that idea on hold for now.

Danzo is douche.  A lot of us called this one a long time ago, that Danzo was plotting against Tsunade but not Konoha.  This still qualifies him as a douche and a bad guy cause he’s plotting to expedite Tsunade’s death and the destruction of a good chunk of Konoha while hiding like a punk underground protected by his Root puppets.  Or as I like to refer to them, the might as well be dead warm ups when Sasuke finds his way to Danzo.

If Danzo does become Hokage for any period of time it does leave the door open for Naruto to join up with Sasuke once again against the evil Douche that is Danzo…

There is also a nice insert of a “Yamato Works” sticker in that third panel that made me laugh.

Animal Realm... Kushina or Rin?

Animal Realm... Kushina or Rin?

These panels are the toughest to decipher.  In the body bag you have the body for the soon to be Animal realm.  Whether or not Pain’s Realms were dead bodies or not was actually a hotly debated subject a few weeks ago.  I think that Animal Realms body arriving in a body bag seals the deal on that subject.  This image was pulled from the interrogation by Inoichi and Ibiki, is this when someone is going to recognize Kushina or Rin, which would bring about a creepy reunion with Kakashi in the form of Animal Realm. (update note: I thought I’d put these new pics up so as to sway some of your votes.  Remember that every body to this point has been related to Jiraiya… Nagato possibly has a Jiraiya complex. Just a thought.  I’m starting the poll over.  What do you think.)

I think its strange that Konan mentions “the next one”. At first I thought it was Jiraiya but then JB pointed out that it couldn’t possibly be Jiraiya since Jiraiya captured this guy and sent him back before the fight. So is it someone else from the manga… Itachi… that’s crazy but just throwin it out there ^_^ Jiraiya could still be the next body but it wouldn’t be “the next one” Konan was talking about ^_^


Ja mata,


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380 Responses to “Naruto Manga 425 Translation Scanlation + Theory: Kushina is Animal Realm argument updated 11/11/08 + Danzo is a douche and laser head refuses to die + Discussion and theory on 424”

  1. Wow, I completely called Kakashi using MS to get rid of the nail. I give it a 60% chance he will die but a 40% chance that one of the slugs will save his life… and we won’t find out til the battle is over. (I want him TO LIVE, you can’t kill Kakashi!)

    Also, When Jiraiya died, that was the first thing I thought about was Pein using his body… it’s going to happen… Naruto vs Jiraiya… who else can take down the nine-tails.

    …Am I the first to post… sweetness

  2. Since they’re going through the mind of the ninja Jiraiya captured how could “the next one” possibly be Jiraiya, considering he died after that memory took place.

  3. I was testing you and you passed… D+ Thanks JB ^_^

  4. @jeremiah i don’t like how you are dissin danzo, we don’t know his side of the story yet, so far what we’ve seen is all the other hokages making him look bad, consider this you and your class mate being the 3rd running for election. not only did you lose to your closest rival but the next 2 elections they chose unexperience candidates. how would that make you feel. if danzo was hokage after the 3rd maybe minato might be alive and naruto decent respect at the village might have called him naruto sama (i.e. gaara and the 8tail)

    all im saying is that he isn’t all bad

  5. The side that we do see is him hiding like a bitch while others in the village are fighting to the death for the village.

    Seems pretty douche-like to me, maybe I’m wrong, but even you know that I’m not.

  6. @ charzelo – I like ur comments and it’s always good to have a devils advocate but I’d take Tsunade over Danzo all day. He’s very weezel like.

  7. @russ drastic time calls for drastic measures
    if he was the current hokage he would haave atttacked akatsuki b4 they made it to the village. look at the mess kakashi is in at the moment do you think if they had summoned naruto he could have killed pein just like that.
    yes i know that boy has learned some new techniques but kakashi has 1000 more techniques abd look at him now.
    yeah and you people are crying for him, oooh our futre hokage is dying, boo hoo, serves him right for fighting like that. every since we found out about his ms, we’ve only seen weak kakashi.

  8. @jeremiah danzo looks waek but he is quite strong haven’t you seen how fast he is always sense the spys following him. that just tell you this guys knows what he’s doing

  9. The Fact that he’s hiding letting others die proves he isn’t Hokage material… you have to be willing to sacrifice yourself to save everyone, not the other way around >.>

  10. If he’s willing to let Tsunade die in battle for Hokage then he’d be willing to kill her in battle for Hokage… But he can’t and he knows it. Just like he did with the third you can challenge the Hokage for his seat but he lost then and he’d lose again against Tsunade.

    In my opinion Naruto is much stronger than any one else in the village and that includes Danzo, Kakashi and Tsunade.

  11. Danzo is a complete tool.

    And Tsunade is still going to be done–kakshi just gave up his chakra to save Chouji, I think she’s going to have to go too far to save Kakashi. So, it won’t be a head to head fight, but it might shorten her life and/or deplete her chakra so much she just croaks.

    And I hate to admit it, but that’s probably just the way Kishi is going to let her die. (Bastard! Let her get in a good melee at least.)

  12. Yeah, what they (JB, Jeremiah & Ibikiteshi) said.:)

  13. Totally agree with JB, Jeremiah & Ibikiteishi sorry glen i didn’t answer u but i was studying..till next time! 🙂

  14. naruto has perfected the shuriken rasengan and i bet he will kill pain and save the village. and don’t forget that naruto will jave his shanringan that he got form itachi. He will sure be the strongest ninja that konoha has and be better then sasuke

  15. ooo and i forgot…. danzo is a shit…he should put the village on the first place and not the title of hokage. hi is and will remain a loooooser

  16. Hey @alex how are u so sure about Naruto having the sharingan?

  17. I’m sure he doesn’t mean actually having the Sharingan. He prolly is just referring to what ever technique Itachi gave him in general… At least I hope so…

  18. aaaa…but it would be really cool if Naruto had them 🙂

  19. he has sage eyes now which are badass… also donzou should die if hes a good fighter he should be ou fighting instead hes hiding like a little bitch with all his anbu who should also be fighting… and hes trying to protect naruto so he can use him as a weapon if and when he becomes hokage

  20. @charzelo – Devil’s advocate or not, you got no case anyway. First or all, none of the GOOD guys in Naruto would ever stoop to killing a messenger in times of need when the village is in danger. The frog was sent to get more support for Konoha, the more the better I say….and it’s NARUTO for crying out loud….the saviour of them all. The hero when everything ‘s gone bad. Why WOULDN’T you call for his help?! But no…don’t tell me. Danzou went out of his way to kill the frog who would bring Naruto to save them all (yes, experience or no experience, face it, he’s just THAT good) and did it after everyone left the room. He gathered his lackeys (the E.B. Evil ANBU) and tells them these deaths are for the good of Konoha then goes WAYYYYY out of his way to say he WILL become Hokage. Geez, look around! There will be no Konoha to rule. Getcha priorities straight….oh, my bad…. fix your ulterior motives is what I meant…’s when you’re all alone that your real side comes out you know….and we’ve seen plenty to judge Danzou’s. He’s EVIL, get over it.

    Oh, and please DON’T be a Kakashi hater. He RUNS this manga might I add. THA COOLEST GUY IN NARUTO (no offense Naruto, I love you too) but seriously, save the negative comments for someone’s who’s got no brains…or talk to yourself, it’s the same thing anyway….just don’t go dissing him. He’s in a pickle right now and everyone is holding baited breath for his fated verdict. ‘Kishi is SSSOOOOOO not gonna like it if he kills him (the fandom WILL attack…dunno really….sorta guessing now….but it seriously AIN’T gonna be pretty). To put it short (sorry), don’t be dissing MY Kakashi…..and never kick a man when he’s down. LIVE ON, KAKASHI!!!

  21. I think its obvious that the only way to defeat Pain is by defeating Nagato (who’s in another location away from Konoha). Which I think means we have a long way to go before the Six Paths of Pain are truly destroyed. This is not to say that they could be disabled (due to those crazy chakra rods) but that would seem unlikely as you would think that some other incredibly powerful ninja would have figured that part out already and done something about it.

  22. hey you know guys i just came to a conclusion that naruto will soon appear. i think tsunade will ask one of the anbu to send another messenger frog to call narutp. and this time, it will be successful. naruto will see god realm killing one of the ninjas or a major character of the story.

    regarding his rasenshuriken, i dont think it would work that easy against god realm. remember that god realm can deflect all attack, including jutsus. but i am thinking that rasenshirike is pure chakra and god realm might get a hard time deflecting it.

    killing the realm would be easurier and siccessful once konaha had already discovered the secret of rinnegan.

    about danzou, he’s a shit. thats for sure. whatever his intensions are, he still let the athers sacrife just for his stupid plans. just like jb said, he is not a hokage material. he has very stupid and selfish actions. he cant be “good”

  23. Maybe, the dead body is Sakura? We haven’t seen her in the last episode of Naruto.

  24. No, the dead body was in the memory of the captured Akatsuki. It was kinda like a flashback to the collection of Pain’s bodies.

  25. and I’m STILL laughing about ‘Yamato works…’

  26. I think there is more to Danzo then most people think. A true evil mastermind lets his enemies kill each other.

    I’m suprised no one has asked the real question that should be on everyones mind. WHO REALLY REALEASED THE NINE TAIL FOX… If you look how srories are made, they always go back to a point for their next true enemy and it seems to me that would be the ultimate enemy. Someone strong enough to release the fox and blame it on others and hide out while everyone thats infront of them destroy each other. Although I don’t know if its Danzo, but it seems strange he has been in bandages and hasn’t faught at all. It only makes since that he may be the true evil…. If you look at the eyes on Madara (sorry for the spelling error) He only has one eye and if you look and Danzo, he is covering the other eye. You think it may be his younger brother and he is fooling everyone including his older brother.

    It’s obvious Sasuke is really after Madara and will kill him with the elders and will probably become one of the Hokages with Naruto to create a new clan. If so then most of the older generation may die and this might be Kakashi’s time, but I highly doubt it. You still don’t know how he got his eye and that will be his end when you find out.

    Or they could go Yu Yu Hakashu on us and have the 9 Deamons themselves who are behind it all and they all have a plan and will use it once they are released from that strange statue. Then its all about Ninja vs Deamon (although sounds dumb).

  27. we did find out how Kakashi got his eye, he got it from Obito.

  28. Actually I’m starting to thin that Kakashi will die soon, though something amazing will happen before that, Tsunade does die, not now, give it a few weeks. Danzo becomes hokage but dies when Hawk attacks Konoha soon after killing the elders, with everyone from the older generation, the former nine rookies (minus Saskue) select NAruto to lead the village as the 6th hokage (Danzo was so brief and so douche filled they’re not even going to bother).

    Pain has hundreds of bodies ready to go, but he can only control 6 at a time, but there are hundreds of bodies, but only one controlling all of them (aka Nagato).

    Where the hell is Sakura? Shouldn’t she come by soon to save kakashi with tsunade healing everyone?

  29. Hey…kingcam07 wanted the evidence that Tsunade could not have had Jiraiya’s love child…I’ve posted it:

  30. oh..c’mon Alec..don’t say such things…Kakashi won’t die..besides Kishi has said:I’m gonna write about mainly Sasuke next year. And Kakashi and Sakura, after that. Especially Kakashi. I can’t tell yet but a huge event will happen to him.I don’t think that this “huge event” is his death…

  31. 🙂

  32. well personally, i think death is a huge turning point in one’s life considering you now have no life….

  33. well kakashi i think is not gonna die somehow naruto will be done training and nothing is left 2 learn so he comes back to konhoa and saves kakashi

  34. You know kakashi could die and then tsunade gives her life to save kakashi, kinda like what happend to garra. She did wanted him to be the next hokage.

  35. wow my verb tenses where all over the place in my last reply.

  36. *were >_<

  37. @ alec – Sakura pwnd that giant slug thing that everyone was scared of and then unbelievably sent to the hospital by Iruka after shitting his pants.

  38. i know, but with tsunade now healing everyone, shouldn’t she be going back to the field? (kishi that sexist bastard)

  39. We haven’t seen Sakura this time. I want to see Shino, Hinata, Shiakamru, Ino, Kiba, Tenten, Neiji, and Lee.

    Someone thinks that Guy will arrive in the scene were Kakashi is. XD

  40. naruto will comeback soon enough to save kakashi or atleast help him to the hospital. or maybe sakura, healing him. and kakashi fall inlove to sakura, naruto comes in ang used the new futon: rasenshuriken W/ sage mode to kakashi, and kakashi dies. sakura fell inlove to naruto for its great power, sasuke comes in and se sakura kissing naruto torridly and so he used his amaterasu bud it was just blown away by naruto superduper great rasenshuriken. naruto hit sasuke and sasuke cries and go back to the side of konaha, he used amaterasu to burn all peins including konan.

  41. that’s what you call a stupid prediction!

  42. If Kakashi dies I will in fact stop watching Naruto

  43. It’s a good point to see Kakashi at this part because we could see if Tobi is Madara or Obito. I think also that Tsunade would give her life to Kakashi (it’s stupid to think that Kakashi, being the favourite character in Japan, would die by this way) and I think dat Sasuke will appear soon if Danzou becomes the next Hokage ’cause it’s the time of the elders to make pain (and to hate them)

  44. did anybody else watch the anime this week and notice on the statue like 5 or 6 eyes were opened when they sealed the 2 tails?

  45. also who was the leaf ninja in that guys head when they were at the bar or whatever? he looks like the realm with animal realm on the roof… i think its hungry ghost or whatever

  46. @ renzy – I wondered the same thing until I realized that he’s not actually there. He’s one of Konoha’s nin working with Ibiki and Inoichi trying to extract memories. It’s like Kishi is showing them adventuring through this guys memories and brain.

  47. @renzy: yeah I noticed the eyeballs too, I thought they went in order? Perhaps not. And I agree with Jeremiah about the interrogators touring through the guy’s memories.

  48. hey but where is GUY….He was there when kakashi was beaten by itachi….and he said that he was the only one to beat kakashi so i think that he will aper to help his old friend and rival

  49. Maito Gai!!!!!!! The power of youthful spirit will prevail!!!!!

    Note: I need to scream that every time some one brings up Gai Sensei ^_^

  50. […] Naruto Manga 425 + Kakashi MS + Danzo is a douche and laser head refuses to die + Discussion and th… Naruto Manga 425 Below is the break down of Naruto Manga 424 Hey everyone, When I first read this issue of manga I was […] […]

  51. @jerimiah and ibikiteishi… thats what i thought at first but the guy with the bandages looked the same in the memory

  52. Yeah, cause he’s in the memory as a spectator. He is one of the interragotors in the room with Inoishi and Ibiki. He is not really there.

  53. haha ok i kinda get ty

  54. also its snowing here in buffalo for the first time this year YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! 🙂

  55. Just wonderin…could the “Yamato Works” sticker mean that Yamato has infiltrated ROOTS?
    Also i do not think that Jiraiya’s body will be used by Pein as he did lose part of his arm right before drowning?
    Still hoping either one of the slugs or the three sent by Raikage will save Kakashi.

  56. @ Arrrun – that would be clever.

  57. I want to saw chouji using his red pill with pein

  58. Yamato is the name for ancient Japan. I think the pun of the sticker (and Tenzou’s cover name) probably isn’t obvious to those of us outside the culture. But I like the theory.

  59. Just learned Yamatoworks is an animation production company, my guess is the graffiti might actually be artist/illustrator graffiti. And now I’m laughing even harder…

  60. Kakashi getting killed by Pein seems inconsistent. Majority of the main characters were killed by a shinobi who happens to be an old student.

    Jiraiya got killed by Pein who seems to be Nagato (an old student).

    Third Hokage got killed by Orochimaru.

    Sasuke was intrumental in killing Orochimaru by Itachi.

    A meatier storyline would have been Kakashi to die via the hands of Sasuke. With a plot like Sasuke somehow losing his Sharingan eye and ended up stealing Kakashi’s would have been a wonderful back story.

    In the end, I would expect a Naruto vs. Sasuke final clash with Naruto being confronted with tough decision to either save a friend or take revenge for a fallen teacher.

  61. That chick, that is in the body bag..she has already been made into Pain puppets;


    she is pretty hot..

  62. yeah it’s a flashback through the memory interragation technique by ibiki and inoishi. The identity of animal realm is the question. Since all the previous bodiesvwere related to Jiraiya some how the identity is going to be connected to someone.

  63. I dont want Kakashi to die.He’s like my hero.That’s my wish 4 him.I hope my wish comes true

  64. My people really like Kakashi.He is so a bad person {Pein}.

  65. i agree on nova.If kakashi dies,i would not watch “naruto”

  66. Its a Konohagure tradition to pass the “will of fire’ from one generation to the next, teacher to pupil. That was the case with Azuma and Shikamaru and when Jiraiya died. I don’t think Kakashi’s just going to be left to die alone in the rubble. If he was meant to die then the writer would have shown him reflecting on entrusting the “will of fire” to Sakura and Naruto while dying instead of thinking about Obito and Rin.
    This is the second consecutive time the writer has created a “is kakashi dead?” cliffhanger. Azuma and Jiraiya were clearly shown dying in the respective chapters. This makes me think that Kakashi might survive. I think that the cliffhangers are meant to devastate the readers and also to set up the scene for his rescue.
    Also, I don’t think that the writer is going to kill off Kakashi knowing that its not going to bode well with fans.I hope.

  67. this is my first time to leave a reply i was just a reader so i must first say that this is probably the best site with best blogs and comments.
    I think that Maito Guy will come with a slug to save Kakashi and dies to protect him as he is futer hokage and does a mega sacrifice(opens ninth gate).
    Than we have a EMO moment with Lee and Guy like with Shika and Asuma.Also i think Danzo will attack Tsunade when all is over with pein and co. when she is weak and without help besides Sakura .Than she dies becose she doesnt use her regeneration on herself but on Sakura who pwns Danzo to dust but lets him live.Konan runs away when all bodies are defited to join real Pein who is hiding in his twr and etc. will reply more

  68. MAITO GAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like the thought of Maito Gai saving Kakashi but with the Kishi interviews it sounds like Gai is impervious to death fer the rest of the manga.


  70. Do you know what I never understood why Naruto dedicated a whole training session dedicated solely to do Rasengan with one hand so he could do Rasenshuriken with only one shadow clone.

  71. I’ve been rethinking the Gai fight with Kisame, it seems like people took that as a sign as to how powerful Kisame is, but i think that also hints at how strong Gai is. Think of how little Kakashi did in his fight with 30% itachi, and as them being nearly equal to eachother (Kakashi=Gai (in power) and Itachi> Kisame). Then Gai didn’t have to go six gates to end it, he went to six gates becasue he needed to end it quickly. If anything, Kisame wouldn’t necissarily be faster at 100%, he’d just be able to take more hits. So with how little Kakashi did against Itachi, and Itachi being stronger than Kisame, I think Gai in 7 gates and definently in 8 would be more than a match for 100% kisame.

  72. nice one alec!i agree :0

  73. @ Jabocol- Because the point is Naruto has no chakra coontrol, which is the sole reason as to why he is unable to easily crush all chunin (and now Jounin) around him. This probably has to do with the fact that the seal leaks out the ninetails chakra, which probably effects the control of his own system. This might be related to the power itachi gave him. if anything it will grant Naruto better control of his own or of the nine-tails chakra, whcih will make it seem like a boost in power, but it’s really just more efficency.

  74. *control

  75. Control may be the issue BUT Naruto could destroy an army of Chuunin and easily some of the top Jounin in the village.

    Remember, he did to Kakazu with one shot what Kakashi (corrected Itachi part) and crew took forever to do to one heart!

    Now add in Sage mode, he is easily hokage level right now.

  76. @jeremiah- Kakazu had five hearts so kakashi and crew got two of them, three if you count that last one that was on the ground after naruto did his attack, but naruto kinda got that one you could say.

    P.S did you mean kakashi instead of itachi.

  77. Also I dont think pains bodies are chosen because Nagato has a Jiraiya complex. I think they might have been taken from a certain graveyard, like one where ninja who have died in a ninja war are put or something like that. Also now that we know the bodies are dead, I think we overlooked the fact that nagato’s personality changed from Yakiho’s death. I think I said something like that when we first knew who nagato was ^_^.

  78. Aside from Pain and Naruto. I think Sasuke is secretly plotting to kill Madara besides the village. And Sasuke found out a way to put Amaterasu’s flames out, which may explain why Madara survived the Amaterasu fail-safe.

  79. Besides his space-time jutsu because the flame DID hit him.

  80. grumbles about post waiting

    I don’t know what everyone is discussing because I scrolled down after a few lines. Nor am I sure if Kakashi is going to die. If Danzou is a good guy no doubt right now it seems very warped from the readers perspective? Anyway II wanted to pose a theory. I think the key to Pain power is the statue in the rain village. That is the real Pain and it sends out signals to the bodies so he can control them. The pins in their faces are receivers of some sort. But as I said just my guess I know there is something to disprove it but I can’t remember what. Anyway what does everyone think?

  81. @ lastscorpion I see where you are coming from. Would you agree that Nagato has kind of taken Yahiko’s goal( To make ’em suffer like we’re sufferin’) to a different level. Which may add to the reason why the Yahiko body is the God Realm?

  82. @Outlaw630…If you don’t want your post to await moderation, you need to register with wordpress HERE, it is free.

  83. yahiko was also the only one nagato had a bomd with which is why he would want him to be most powerful

  84. @ last scorpion – yeah I meant kakashi >_< but I also meant to say one heart. It took them awhile to kill one, I would say that it took longer for them to kill one then Naruto to kill two and disable the third. Sadly that was the last time he fought. Since then he has gotten an unamed power from Itachi, completed sage training and either completed or learned a new powerful jutsu.

    @ outlaw630 – interesting thought. Perhaps Nagato needs the tower to control the other 6 bodies? Nagato is going to be the focus somehow because all the bodies have his Rinnegan. Also the secret code the real one wasn’t there which would imply the real one is a person because they were referring to the Pain bodies. But the tower to transmit the chakra is interesting.

  85. don’t you think that nagato killed yahiko (he did seem to have loss of control when his rinnegan activated) or became an emo kid when yahiko died and then used the body of the dead nagato as a puppet?

  86. hey guys,can’t we do something to spare kakashi? i mean is can we address to kishi not to kill kakashi..??

    kakashi is kakashi, why bother killing HIM? I didn’t get the point that kakashi had to die..surely the next generation will surpass the old ones, but not now..its too early. kakashi is the best jounin at his younger age, what happen to him that could kill him easily?

  87. You could do that, however the timing between the next chapter is very slim. Still it can be done. If you want Kakashii to live then its the most likely situation. However, too expect a story to fall perfectly in place after every challenge though kind is a little messed. I want Kakashi to survive, yet what would his effort mean if it weren’t hard. If the reader could take one look and say he’s in the good. Suspense works my friend. Kakashi holds his own fate. Do not dismiss his will?

    Second Theory. Thinking back on what Jiraiya’s note states and what Pain said after he was gone I think its possible that the body brought back to the village is Pain’s real body. After Jiraiya left Pain said something about being done for if he had discovered their secret. Jiraiya’s message was decoded as the real body is not there right. Maybe he was referring to the five he was looking at during the time and the real one was the one being returned to Konohana?

  88. @ outlaw630 – sounds quite possible. but why would the body that was brought back also have chakra receptors if he was the real pain.

  89. why does danzo have his eye covered

  90. Happened when Sarutobi sensei pwnd him for the position of Hokage????

  91. Hey you guys are forgetting that when Jiraya died his body was in that swamp he created……..therefore his body was lost

  92. i wanna see a picture of danzou in his prime lol does he ever pop up anywhere?

  93. I Think That Kakashi will live. He is one of the only people that know who naruto’s family is. When you look at the series as a whole. The information that was built in the first parts of Naruto lead to what is happening now. So answers that we have all been waiting on are on their way. And the real Pain is in the tower transmitting chakra to his other bodies. He hollows the bodies and makes sure they retain there strongest jutsu’s to add to his. Oh yeah I think Danzo is an Uciha! Nobody will kill the real pain for awhile. This is a great battle, but it isn’t the end. And Kakashi is going to be there at the end. He is a main Charater just as important as Saskue and Sakura. E..

  94. In the flash back that goes the furthes back in time that shows Danzo is when Madara is talking about how Danzo instructed Itachi to wipe out the Uchiha clan and Itachi wants to protect Sasuke. But he looks exactly the same.

  95. hmmm…interesting question. My guess is one of the elders trained him, but I don’t remember seeing any pics of THOSE teams back in the day, or any other shot of not-old Danzou.

  96. @ poloman – interesting comment… I thought he just escaped to the ocean and sank. If he escaped to something he created that would fuel the fire of his survival.

  97. hmmm interesting question

  98. *ribbit*

  99. He lost his arm… can’t some frogs grow limbs back?

  100. Yep. Frogs grow back legs as tadpoles, not as adults…just how ‘little’ was Jiraiya?!

    And did he get that chakra receiver all the way out of his shoulder? Maybe he’s a one-armed, frog-Pain zombie–half dead, half alive, all trouble.

    GASP. Pain animated J-man’s arm and it’s crawling through the swamp/lake/ocean looking for the body. Oh, wait, isn’t that Evil Dead? I don’t remember tho; Swayze wasn’t in it.

    Uh oh…Kakashi’s gonna get thumped by Pain’s new aspect: Disembodied Realm (Jiraiya’s arm) is gonna show up and kick some ass. I wonder if he could be the new spokeslimb for Hungry Ghost Cereal?

  101. Clarification, Jiraya went outside his little frog jug to fight the rest of pain… so he was outside the boundrary when he was attacked… what he fell into was the lake or ocean or whatever was right there and that’s where he currently resides and has a rotting corpse…

  102. I think itachi gave naruto the ability to control the nine tails beyond 4 tails thats what the eyes can do. I also dont think that you give danzo enough credit for his abilitys. Hes like the leader of anbu hes got to be good

  103. @Alec.. Lol the way you phrased that statement made me think back to when I played KOTOR II on the old xbox, one of the robots spoke the same way.

  104. abilities

  105. @ alec- lmao

    That’s what I always thought too.

  106. not the rotting corpse part but everything else ^_^

  107. @lastscorpion: dagnabbit! did Pain put a chakra receiver in Alec? Somebody needs to call for help. ^.^

  108. hey scorp, put some of that gray hair away cause i have no idea what kotor is…

  109. Knights of the old republic

    It’s a cool Star Wars video game where you could pick what kind of Jedi u were going to be.

  110. that’s kotor? i know what that was -_-

    still, lets put away the grays, it’s scaring the children…

  111. I thought part one was better though and I always drifted to the dark side unless it meant killing the wookie. No wookies die on my watch dammit!

  112. Oh Jeremiah and his wookie obsession

  113. lmao! Forgot about that wookie porn post ^_^

  114. @ ibi- no pain/ nagato can’t put any chakra receivers in me because I am GOD!!!. . .Realm

  115. And I so wanted to call Swayze. sigh.

  116. yeah, know whatcha mean…

  117. Here is what may happen, probably Kakashi will get pawned the gets his rescue at the very last moment by tusanade’s medical ninjutsu’s, Naruto learns the time/space flashy thingy and then gets back to see konoha’s in a great mess, ” speaking of which where is ANBU and all of the other teams that acually are strong enough to fight Pains, never heard anyone speaks on that ” Danzo will Jump into the field when he hear news about tusanade left healing ppl and had sakura do it for her and she jumped in for Kakashi’s help he gets in and he will die infront of Madara who will acually gets into the site and tries so destroy Konoha on the help of Pain.. Naruto gets into the field and kicks some butts and finally he get to fight Pain that will be on sasuke’s arrival he sees Madara fighting Danzo so he tend to kill danzo with madara and finds out that Naruto had killed Pain already and got for the help of Danzo as a leaf ninja, Madara kills Danzo and turn on Naruto thats when sasuke will get with Naruto’s side and they both kills Madara.. then will be an entry for someone like the forth to be the evil guy and continues till the end of time …. which i suppose that naruto series wont end -.-, personally i like that series so much but it has gone too far now, we want to get to see naruto hokage and have mastered some more jutsu’s and ….etc

  118. If Oro could turn into snakes, and Jman could go inside frogs and keep toads inside him, does that mean Tsunade will be able to split into multiple parts like her slug?

    P.S.– Chuck Norris Could Round House Kick Swayze’s Soul, going right through Captin Plant!

  119. HERETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jk, whatever man, but this is the awesomeness dimension, not the real world, so what we say goes (at least in here)

  120. But then Swayze would come back as a Ghost and posses the body of an ugly black women and then kill Norris by pushing him out a window.

    You can’t argue with that… its Science.

  121. Well i figured out why G. Realm ran off, it’s cause he knows that they are close to finding out the secret of Pain. And now animal and hell realm are about to break in and kill everybody.

  122. yo i just thought of a theory… madara makes pein leave kakashi alive mab pein actually heals him because madara is pissed of kakashi isnt an uchiha but has the sharingan so he wants to be the one to kill him prolly not though

  123. Kushina vs. Rin: 0-1

    Observe the drawing for the lower lip of the dead body – it resembles that of animal realm’s lower lip and that of Rin’s. And although it’s black and white, the hair color also matches Rin’s. The dead body, at the very least, would have hair color that remained consistent as red (dark gray) if it were indeed Kushina.

    As for the face paint, that could have washed out in the rain – this is, after all, a dead body.

  124. Not only is the hair different, but the nose is also different between Rin and Animal realm, and pain characters usually have red hair, so they could be different colors like pink, blonde, or straight up white. I don’t think Animal realm is Rin, but she is important in the fact she is the key to discovering how pain really works

  125. personally i think you covered this well, although i have been reading the comments as you have written them and indeed most of you have brought up great comments about the manga, ie, danzo unable/ineligible/unpopular/not hogage material, but then again, charzelo brought up a great comment that if danzo was hokage, then akatsuki wouldn’t have been allowed to advance this far.

    i have been also checking out some other theories/comments on other places on the web and one that really aroused my mind was that danzo could possibly be tobi/uchiha madara, the clues are there [ie, danzo’s patched up eye is the same eye madara has a sharingan in; partially revealed face to sasuke was similar to danzo’s fance in a couple of ways; danzo, elders and the third only knew about itachi’s secret, but they weren’t the kind that would tell anyone, so how did madara find out and tell sasuke?; and finally, danzo and madara share the same ideology when it comes to running countries, they should be war nations] well have a think about that…

  126. oh and i forgot to mention one other thing; that pein vs naruto and sasuke vs hachibi was a bad combo, reason being, sasuke knows naruto’s moves and can counter them easily and the hachibi would have been an easier target for pein

  127. @ Saf

    Madara knows cause he helped Itachi do it. Remember Itachi told Sasuke that Madara helped him and Madara told Sasuke the same thing.

  128. so jeremiah… is the website going

  129. I think what everyone is forgetting to consider are Kishimoto’s chapter endings. At the end of 423 it says “pay close attention”, which made me go back and reread 423 and 424 several times. One observation I’ve made is that I find it unusual for Kakashi to use his real body in a Headhunter Justsu move. Think back to when he uses it in the fight with Itachi when Team 7 is running to rescue Gaara – it was a clone. And then, Kakashi, Chouza and Choji were all hiding behind a wall in the panel right before Kakashi pops out of the ground. Unless Kishimoto skipped several minutes of “time” between those panels, Kakashi wouldn’t have had long enough to dig that far – unless he already had a clone on the way. Of course, all this seems implausible since Kakashi is currently on the verge of death and didn’t release his clone when Deva Realm Pain left, which is logically what he would have done. There are other clues, however, that point to things not being as they seem right now. I’ve read a lot of comments about why Kakashi would announce that he couldn’t dodge Pain’s nail, but more importantly, look at his Sharingan eye on the last pages of 423. It’s clearly the regular Sharingan, not MS, which takes a long time for Kakashi to set up anyway. As for the interview where Kishimoto says there is something big in store for Kakashi, note that he says “happens to”, implying a physical event. I’m not sure what to make of that quite yet, but it’s definitely food for thought.

  130. wtf yall balling about
    the naruto story is allready finished and they twike it a little by little as they go and how to people act…
    i will tell all of yall nigga a secert
    sasuke dies …
    naruto 50 to 50 lives or dies dependes on the people
    kakashi still lives
    naruto get control of the kubee at his own will~( they kyubee fight’s with narto side by side ~
    if you dont belive me .. look it up in the japanese new’s paper
    and japanese spolier’s ~ sorry guys must of what yall are saying is made up as a side story but when time comes .. you will belive intill then just keep talking shit about me hahah

  131. why was I not warned

  132. Well my first thought on seeing that picture in the bag was, maybe it looks somehow like Sasori the puppeteer.

  133. @ anonymous – I won’t make fun of you and I won’t even tell you that your theories are wrong but I can tell you that the story is not finished. In fact Shonen jump hasn’t even recieved this weeks chapter from Kishi yet. I’ve talked to people that work and have worked for Shonen jump. The writers turn in their work a week ahead to be inked. It’s just like a weekely column in a news paper to them.

    Kishi has changed his mind several times as to the direction of characters and has even decided based off of popularity of characters which he will make more important. Like you’ll see with Kisame soon.

    Kishi interviews

  134. Sasori does look fem but the hair is female and the nin confirmed it was female… through his experience lifting dead females????

    -_- creeeeeepy

  135. One thing i got to say if jairaya is dead. why they never had a funeral for his death?

  136. @ jonn – warned about what?

  137. @Klypzz – fo real! 3rd got one. Asuma got one… Jiraiya eeeeeh pass?????

    No panel showing dead body, no funeral… sounds like a violation of the third rule of manga to me ^_^ < look! I’m qouting myself again! Sweeeet!

  138. In manga 483 the frog said to himself i think did he got back life from his strong willpower or something like that and he is a frog how can a frog drown.if its dead its dead but if its still alive then it sure is gonna swim.

  139. the fusion frog*

  140. Another very good point.

    The only thing that kills Jiraiya still being alive is the Kishi interview in which he was asked if he was still alive and he responded “in our hearts” which kibboshes any thoughts to the contrary.

    But he has been known to change his mind. Kishi may also have been playin the interviewer in order to make it a bigger surprise when he returns… thats prolly wishful thinking though…

  141. hehehe i try.jayriaya is me boy eh along with naruto and can go on …and i doubt a LEGENDARY sanin like jayriaya can be defeated although pain is strong.orichimaru has come to so many death case and havent dead as yet you think jayriaya wood die and jayriaya is stronger then orichimaru.come onnn ppl hes better than that

  142. and the reason why he said so is because they know they stabbed him with the poles and they thought he’s dead but they don’t know what happen when the explosion take place cause one of the pains puppet said he got away so don’t get it twisted now jerimiah with that interview. its human enough to say what you see unless u lying and he’s in no position to lie

  143. I was just thinking what if kabuto gains full power over orochimaru’s power and then somehow ggets nagato’s eyes, he would make the strongest bad guy ever. Orochimaru was stronger then Jiraiya, he was just weak most of the time.

  144. never…is jus that jiraiya is jus like naruto always fooling around sometime and orochimaru is like sasuke always taking there ninja life serious.

  145. their*

  146. i was going to say something that would back jiraiya being alive but i forgot it lol but if you look when jiraiya is fighting pein they are named the sannin by the leader of the hidden mist who apparently could take on all 3 at once and pein killed him alone so its kind of easy to believe jiraiya is dead

  147. o yea i remembered lol naruto could have grown up because he thought jiraiya was dead and he went through that depressing state like shikamaru lol and its also possible sakura could grow up by letting go of sasuke

  148. oh, renzy that’s a very good point about Sakura. Especially if Sasuke shows up in the battle and shows himself to be a real butthead. Wow…what if Sasuke kills Tsunade in front of Sakura?

  149. better yet we can have saskue fight Sai, and both die ^_^, sure the gay emoish thing would be incredibly difficult to handle for a few weeks but at least it would be over for the rest of the manga

  150. the only way they would kill eachother would be by choking on eachothers tongues

  151. another thing i see also is that pein puppets are all dead ppl. So you if kakashi dies that he will become 1 of pein’s puppet?

  152. and other human appendages*

  153. haha i was keeping it pg but yea maybe off the script

  154. I’m in the theater right now watching previews for 007 Quantum of Solice! I’m so jacked to see this movie!

  155. i saw previews for it tuesday i went to see role models (hilarious movie) it looks sick nasty

  156. Hi, I know I’ve never commented on here before but I follow the Naruto Manga and Anime very closely and I know my Naruto very well. I have been reading over almost every Thread in this blog that I could get my hands on during the past few hours and I have a few Theories of my own.

    First my theory on animal realm, I think that who ever actually is animal realm will for sure be connected to Jairaya and maybe also one other main character like Kakashi(or someone who’s not dead, or at least connected to the story at the moment), I also think that a battle with animal realm is coming up soon and during this battle is when we’ll discover how to beat pain and his realms. The identity of animal realm isn’t all that important, who it connects to other then Jairaya will most likely be more important.

    My second theory is over Danzo, Even though I think he is a complete dick, I’m sure he’s going to be playing a very important role in the upcoming plot. Look back to previous times that he has had plots to become Hokage, his attempts helped to develop and lead into Sasuke’s story, in fact it seems like every time Danzo mysteriously shows up the manga changes perspective and starts to follow and develop a specific character we haven’t seen in a while. So my guess is that soon we will see Naruto some more, or Sasuke, or maybe even follow closely into Madara(The guy we seem to know so much about, yet know nothing about him at the same time). So his presence now could just be a foreshadow that where about to learn more about someone. And thats all I want to say about him.

    Next is my theory on Kakashi dieing, I really don’t think he’ll die, maybe he’ll be badly injured for a period of time. Kishimoto says there is something big thats going to happen with Kakashi, and he said it would be “Dark Blue” I don’t see any real indications here for that, I was thinking maybe something with the rain village?(just a thought) And Kishimoto usually follows his word, there is always a chance of him changing his mind but with a big character like Kakashi I just don’t see it happening.

    And Finally my last theory, I’ve been thinking about this hard core and been reading and re-reading to try to find some kind of clue to it. We can all agree that Naruto received some kind of power or ability from Itachi right? This “power” as I’ll call it for now will most likely help Naruto in some way, AND it HAS to be tied in to Sasuke somehow. My first thought was that it had to have something to do with Naruto’s Chakra, but after short review I tossed that idea because After Naruto received it nothing happened to him power or control wise, if it did have something to do with his Chakra we would of seen the effect shortly after, much like when Jairaya removed the seal that oro put on top of Naruto’s seal way back when, the effect was almost instant. So next I thought maybe it gave him the power to more control the 9Tails power, I found a lot of not so clear evidence that supports this, and evidence that works against it, First Naruto hasn’t relied on the 9Tails Chakra any after he got it, hinting he may have more control over it. But also he had trouble with 9Tails Chakra during his Rasenshuriken training, so that makes me have my doubts, AND Yamato would of probably noticed if Naruto gained some “power” over the 9Tails because it would of made his job a lot easier, just saying. So I eventually tossed that idea out also. Then I thought of the possibility of Naruto having a Bloodline limit,(There are hints that this may be a possibility) Itachi could have know that he had one, he was black ops, and the ultement

  157. he was black ops, and he was alive when the 4th took on the 9Tails,(He was actually in that battle defending the Village) so he could of known, and somehow gave Naruto a “Power” to help him discover that Bloodline limit? And the last possibility I came up with, would be lame if its true but its possible, Itachi could of simply of given him a “Power” to resist the MS powers Sasuke has.

    So There are my theories… Tell me what you think!

  158. *That anonymous was me finishing and correcting my last post* (Just in case ya’ll didn’t realize)

  159. I know it is off topic, but I can’t wait for he shirts!

  160. Excellent post. Very good thoughts. Only minor flaws. I like the comment about how we know so much about Naruto and know nothing at all… So true.

    Itachi was alive when the fourth dealt with the ninetails but he was like 5 according to the source book ages. But that doesn’t take away from amy of the thoughts so it’s minor.

    I’m leaning toward immunity to Amaterasu but the bloodline thought is cool.

    Dark blue could mean a lot indeed. From death to losing powers to a dark emotional event.

    I agree about animal realm, she is important but many discount her relevance, we shall see… I may just want it so bad I force myself to believe it but we may be horribly wrong as well…

    Thanks for the awesomeness

  161. ive been out for a week. whats goin on? are there any news about the next issue?

  162. ive been out for a week. whats goin on? are there any news about the next issue?

  163. hey! about the power itachi gave naruto, it would definitely be a power against the ms or the secrets or sharingan. coz remember, itachi was asking about the possibility of sasuke being in the part of darkness and fighting the good ones including naruto. and he gave naruto the powers. so it must be something against the powers of sharingan. i don’t think it’s a blood line limit coz the sharingan can penetrate to your subconsciousness and limit you from drawing chakra from a source. remember that naruto is also week against ilussions. (remember naruto, kakashi, sakura and itachi fight?) so, i think it must be a power that will directly counter the powers of sharingan especially tsukoyomi. i think its a power against tsukoyomi and amaterasu. maybe a power to controll them.

    how about adding susano? that wasn’t passed to sasuke.

  164. well, Kakashi will die, but not now. He will die in fight with full team 10 – Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura against Madara. Madara will kill him and take sharignan from him to complete his MS

  165. hy ….this is the first time i say a comm … you know you have to think about that picture is not rin and absolutly not kushina .. think a minute .. rin (if you don’t know) saved kakashi by sacrifising her self ank kushina …. i donk know but look at the hair and how the hair is …

  166. i have a theory about danzo.i think danzo is madara/tobi cause u all know that madara wanted to be hokage but lost to fisrt hokage.also look at the hair style they both have is same.and notice that danzos left eye is always rapped.tobis left eye was sharingan son danzo wanted to hide it like kakashi so he rapped it.well thats my opinion

  167. Do you think kakashi might gain a new power after thinking about obito, kinda like sasuke thinking about team 7. I am also starting to think that the sharingan has something to do with why sasuke wanted to attack the leaf after thinking about team 7 during that fight.

  168. @lastscorpion-what do u mean??.. :$

  169. i dont think any powers would come up coz he out of chackra and that means no more techniques. unless you have something to extract chackra like naruto’s fox and sasuke’s seal

  170. I don’t know… Kakashi always seems to have some trick up his sleeve. Or, at least I hope so.

  171. the game is over in his part but im not saying that he is dying…

  172. NO NO!!!Kakashi must LIVE…… 😦
    maybe Naruto saves his butt..hehe

  173. he wont die. i did not say hes dying

  174. I think that Gai might save him or he somehow gets chakra from “guts” and gets a new power from the sharingan.

  175. ok. i give the benefit of the doubt that kakashi might get more chakra…

  176. I only say that he might since jiraiya came back to life with pure will.

  177. his hair will turn yellow and hell go super saiyan

  178. Ok, do ya’ll realize how many times everyones said “Kakashi wont die!”??? There are only a few scattered people out there that think he might die. I’m pretty sure he’ll end up ok, we should stop acting like Kishimoto is just going to kill him off and destroy at least half his fan base. Cause the way some off ya’ll are talking it sounds to me like you think he might die and you just don’t want it to happen. Common! HE WON’T DIE!

    @lastscorpion your completely right, in the Manga world ANYTHING is possible, whatever Kishimoto wrights is what happens, so the story is only limited by what Kishi can dream up. For all we know Kakashi could use the MS for the last time and end up going blind because of the MS side effects, instead of dieing.(Didn’t Kishimoto say in one of his interviews someone was going to go blind?) Anyways thats what gives us hope, if we think Kakashi can live then Kishimoto probably thinks the same thing.

    @Jeremiah Thanks for the great reply! But what do you think of my idea of Kishimoto using Danzo just as a foreshadow? I mean kind of like when a Character dies, the foreshadow to it is a flashback of memory of their “students”. I’d like to have some feed back on that thought.

  179. lol renzy 😀

  180. too late renzy, only madara can go super sayian (and he goes at least 4 which is why he wears a mask and a full suit, nobody like the monkey face and tail)

  181. @glen07 ch403 is where it flashes back to Naruto receiving some “Power” from Itachi there are a few things that can narrow down exactly what “Power” Naruto received. First off it has to be some “Power” Itachi already had,(ch403 p8) also it has to be something that will give Naruto the ability to beet Sasuke,(ch403 p4+5) SOOOO that by its self should tell us it has something to do with the MS or Secrets of the Uchiha… but what exactly about it is still unknown. Personally I hope it wasn’t just something to make Naruto Immune to the MS, I’m hoping it has to do with some other Secret of the Uchiha and like an eye transplant, Itachi transplanted something else into Naruto. Just hoping.

  182. @ korrothechampion – i agree. i hope it is too. it’ll be cool to see naruto suddenly activating his sharingan during battle on top of the fact that he already has powerful jutsu and senjutsu. or maybe the power to call out ‘Susano’ the spirit warrior guy. imagine sasuke’s surprise…
    But i suspect that the power is got to do with suppressing the demon fox which is a trait of the Uchiha clan. Anyways i’m still dying to find what exactly that power is.

  183. @arrun – I KNOW RIGHT!?!? God just trying to think of what it might be is driving me nuts. There are no hints to what it might be outside of when he actually received it. And I have a feeling we wont find out what it is until the next Naruto Sasuke encounter . I wish someone could just find one just one more clue to it somewhere cause i sure can’t.

  184. @korrothechampion-i agree too!!it would be awesomeness 😀

  185. I’m confused where is everyone getting the whole Itachi gave Naruto some sort of power thing. I thought all he did was tell Naruto something important (can’t remember what) and leave. In addition isn’t Animal Realm just a new body?

  186. @outlaw they dont show it when they initially talk naruto recalls it in one of the later chapters if you scroll up korro sed its 403 p 4+5 which im sure is right

  187. @outlaw yea its in ch403 just go re-read that chapter you can’t miss it.

    BTW I’m off for a bit i’ll be on later.

  188. I think i found Rin on naruto manga 139 page 9 plis correc me if i am wrong she seem to know about obitos and kakashi relationship.

  189. I think i found Rin on naruto manga 139 page 9 plis correc me if i am wrong she seem to know about obitos and kakashi relationship.
    and i think obito is madara but not madara

  190. Carpio, that is Uzuki Yuugao, she was Hayate’s girlfriend and first appears at Hayate’s grave in Manga 137/Anime 54 with the rest of her ANBU team. But, a very good guess, you aren’t the first to have suggested it.

  191. Well I am thinking that the next chapters will be packed with stuff since he had to take a week off just to finish the next few chapters.

  192. it most definitely means the invasion of konoha is coming to a close

  193. Actually Itachi states quite clearly that he hopes Naruto will not need it.

    I dont think will be the sharingan or anything like that, Naruto doesnt need that to beat Sasuke. Its probably something counter genjutsu..or some last ditch jutsu..

    its basically a worst case scenario thingy that Itachi gave.

  194. it could somehow release the seal on the kyuubi

  195. @ korrothechampion – yea it driving me nuts too. i hope Naruto has either already figured it out or he is going discover the power soon. I also think that he has managed to turn his Rasen Shuriken Jutsu into a long range attack (compare Chapt418/Pg10 with Chapt421/Pg10). I can’t wait to see that either.

    @ losers – I think that Naruto does need something extra to beat Sasuke since he has the leverage with Sharingan, Amaterasu and the countlesss other jutsus he must have learned under Orochimaru’s tutelage. Besides, i don’t think that the writer would have shown the dream if it was not going to come up later in the storyline.

  196. @korrothechampion i did not say that it is just something that would resist the genjutsu og sharungan, its just that i really dont think that naruto will have the sharingan himself. power(s) is transfered to him but bot the eye. sharingan is a blood line limit and cannot be passed by just how itachi did it. maybe its only an invulnerability against tsukoyomi, amaterasu ++++… there aare possible pluses

  197. chapter 404 pg 9! sai looks like bruce lee when he is well dressed!

  198. hey remember kishi talking about kisame? and he was saying that he’ll make something out of kisame with “…”? i think he will turn kisame to the side of konoha. maybe itachi has still something over isame. maybe he entrusted kisame something to complete his plans. what do you hink? with kisame who’s got so much chackra on the side of naruto against akatsuki?

  199. Wow that’s a lot of comments

    You’ve been loved

  200. I believe gai and hinata are going to come and hinata will be able to give kakshi chacra through the chacra points and naruto will unlock eyes but not the sharringan but the rin’negan remember the father could flash step and could have gotten away during the flash and when he did the jutsu unlocked the rin’negan also and went back to save his birth country

  201. sorry for any misspellings

  202. What about the team the raikagage sen i think they will help konoha

  203. @glen07 yea i don’t think it will be the Sharungan its self, but the Sharungan might not be the only thing the Uchiha clan has, so he easily could of given him a different Uchiha “Power”. But like the amaterasu he hid in Sasuke’s eye, I think it will only come out under specific circumstances.

    @arrrun ugg ya who knows.

  204. tha power itachi gave naruto cud probly be a power to disable tha sharingan in order to stop sasuke from destroyin tha village and i think itachi and kisame was always plottin against akatsuki cuz if you wuz to look back at all tha battles dey were in dey neva tried to kill anyone jus waste time

  205. @yungking lol! just waste time.

  206. the power tha itachi gave naruto prolly must be smthing to resist the powers of sharingan not sharingan itself… cause..think about it.. Naruto with rasenshuriken sage techniks and sharingan OmFg he will be too much of a pawner..

  207. btw do you know if any OVA’s coming out.. sry cause its off topic

  208. glen i agree!if Kisame goes with konoha, Akatsuki is finished..maybe Itachi had told Kisame about his past and entrusted him the protection of Sasuke..maybe!
    hey mitsos you’re from Greece, aren’t you??

  209. yeah dude dosnt it looks like from my english??:P

  210. First I’m a girl 😛 your English aren’t bad..i figured it out from the name.I’m from Greece too that’s this also your real name?mitsos?I’m Xenia 😀

  211. i think thats very sexy that we have a female that shares the same interests in anime as guys….and then she has a name of “”XENIA”….thats god damn AWESOMENESS to the fullest….hahaha..ok..i will stop now…back to the subject

    As far as the hidden power given by Itachi, i would have to agree with it not being the actual bloodline limit(sharigan). I do think that it has to do with a way to overcome genjustu because Itachi already knows from previous encounters with Naruto, he is prone to genjustsu techniques. That wont be the only power tho, it will be a combination of other things as well, other things that we will just have to sit back and wait for. One thing i hope it is, now this is just stretching but, i wonder if he opens some sort of hiden bloodline limit like water. Now if you think, Naruto should have it because his mother, Kushina is from one of the water villages(i forget exactly but u get the idea). With this he should be able to defeat Sasukes fire technique since his wind technique defeats sasukes lighting.

    Now here is a real stretching of the imagination theory but, what if one of narutos new techniques that we didnt get to see yet was the abilitie to create a huge HURRICANE JUTSU. IF we look at the the title of Naruto it says HURRICANE CHRONICLES. Now we already found out that his mother is from a water village and his father the fourth had wind chackra, what does a hurricane consist of but water and wind. We already see that his shurriken technique goes around in a circular motion…and that was just a unfinished unpolished technique created on a impromptu situation. Now however, Maruto has plenty of time to do this. HUH HUH feed back please….AVIDPHAN

  212. I went back and read what happened between Itachi and Naruto, thank you to the people who provided the chapter information. Here’s what I think, if there was anything worth giving to Naruto to fight with its not something to resist Sharingun. I believe it is something to stop Amatarasu since it would be the greatest threat against both Naruto & Konohana.

    Returning to the main topics. I don’t think Animal Realm is Kushina. Their hair doesn’t match, style and shade. Although it could have changed if she were a returning character it would be more obvious.

    I had another thought. Maybe Pain no longer has a real body. Perhaps he’s capable of surviving so long as their is at least one person with those chakra pins?

  213. I’m still for Pain to this point has been reduced to a fat lardo (steryeo-typical middle-aged video game nerd)who enjoys fighting people through other bodies as not to show himself and he has a crap load of bodies waiting to take the fallen one’s place inside that building…

  214. avidphan you make me blush… :$ ..i agree that the new jutsu might be sth with water..besides we’ve already talked about it..btw where are u from?

  215. oh oh..go youtube and write:
    Naruto flash: Your the best around..
    it’s really funny.. 😀

  216. actually dont u think that as naruto grows up he will have some conection with his father jutsu.. I mean he will eventually learn it or it can be his bloodline limit abillity.. cause as far as now anly 2 known shinobis can use space/time jutsu.. one is the forth and the other is Tobi/madara but for him its not clearly that,,

  217. eeerm btw avidphan this site is not “xriso koufeto” dude.. (xriso koufeto is a show that they hook up middle aged guyz with problem to find a chik..) sry off topic:P

  218. mitsos …thats funny…i appreciate ur concern…dont worry…i wasn’t hitting on “ur” greek friend, although i do find it rather odd that i sense jealousy in ur Tone when u commented back. anywho as u stated, thats off topic and clearly no offense taken

  219. aaa no i was just making a joke dude cause i am rly bored nothing to do..:///

  220. ha ha….off topic

  221. erm..guys..what’s this..??“xriso koufeto”??

  222. he said its a show where they hook up creapy middle aged guys with girls lol

  223. Animal Realm is Jiraiya’s old student cus if Kishi made the effort to have his other bodies be someone he has known it only makes sense on top of that we don’t know anything about Minato and his old team. Naruto has incredible chakra and his mother was from the Whirlpool Country so I’m pretty sure Naruto has water as a secondary element he just needs to be shown how to bring it out. ( he is a bit slow ) Itachi probably gave Naruto part of his Uchiha blood because we don’t know why he was sick and why he was moving the way he normally did ( zetsu said this ) or even something like he seal part of himself inside naruto so when sasuske use gen he would be there to counter it and let him know the truth… lol i dont know

  224. Don’t die Kakashi, not a fanboy. Naruto is ballin, my computer is slow.

  225. lol ahahahaha “hook up creepy middle aged guys with girls” thats really really funny.

  226. omfg…rr mitso i don’t recall this kind of show in greek tv..the only thing i know as “xriso koufeto” is the song in Anita Pania’s show:Je t’aime..check this on you tube if you wanna know what i’m talking about: tampakis xryso koufeto..i’ve never heard of this thing…oh sth english xriso koufeto means golden sugar-coated almond 😛 ..again all of these OFF TOPIC..

  227. u must be pretty young. .Anita pania is doing the show paratragouda but all of this began near 1998 and they hooked up cripy midle aged farmers with cripy midle age women.. they had smthing like a pasarela and if u wanted u could call the show and book a date with them.. but the first contact was on the air… i cant find any vids on youtube to show u ..:/

  228. yeah it definitely seems that naruto learned how to throw his rasengan with his wind manipulation and not only that sage mode seems to fit him well with that extra chakra he has.

  229. well, well, it looks as if iareawesomeness is now something more than a blog…

    tsk, tsk, i don’t want to see anything frisky overhere, just make sure things stay under control, aka ban on anything with the words “sexy” (or anything implying that) and “jutsu” next to eachother…


  230. @alec captain planet doesnt need sexy jutsu unlike most noobs

  231. hello Im russia and I reading 429 manga in

  232. To anyone thinking that Kisame might have a change of heart, or thought that he and Itachi were working together toward peace…check out manga 404 p. 2…this is the issue where Tobi reveals himself to Kisame. Here Kisame tells him, “I’m relieved…it’ll be easier for me to do my work with you pulling the stings.”–so we see how before Itachi died, when Madara was held in check and could’t attack Konoha, it was harder for Kisame to go about his work, but now he can do what he wants.

  233. On the subject of Naruto’s power…I think the jutsu Jman told Naruto not to use was Minato’s Space/Time jutsu…I mean it had to be a jutsu on a whole other level when compared to rassengan or fuuton rassan shuriken…I say that b/c with the fuuton rassan shuriken when he uses it the side effects are serious, yet even with the multiple warnings from Tsunade, Sakura, and Kakashi, Naruto still said he would use it…he knows his body best. But when Jman told Naruto not to use “That jutsu” he said “I know”, so the side effects here we have to speculate are so severe that even Naruto knows he cant handle the power. As for the power transferred to him from Itachi, it has to be something that could negate the power Itachi knew he was going to give to Sasuke. Why? b/c Itachi hoped that Sasuke would follow the path of protection, or at least peace, so in the off chance that Madara talked Susuke into attacking the Leaf, Naruto would have the power to stop its destruction.

  234. can u tell the manga chapter that jman tells that to naruto plz??

  235. @domosenpai-i agree..
    @mitsos-yeah as you said I’m pretty young..I’m old are you?

  236. ooh lol
    sorta agree, but I dont think its space/time jutsu. I think its got to with Kyuubi and Jam tweaking it..

    The justsu the Itachi gave to NAruto is more likely to be used to save Sasuske rather than to protect Konaha. At this stage Naruto is considerably stronger than Sasuske. Sasuke couldnt handle the 8 tails..and that is a worry.

  237. Kushina vs. Rin ?-?
    Consider: Lip, Dead Body vs. Animal Realm

    Alec said this on November 13, 2008 at 3:53 pm:

    “Not only is the hair different, but the nose is also different between Rin and Animal realm”
    – The hair is different between Kushina and Animal Realm as well. As for Rin, we don’t know what her hair would look like as an adult without a head protector, so it’s possible for her hair to change. As for the nose of Animal Realm, it’s not the same as Kushina’s, and again, it’s not so different from Rin’s that she couldn’t have grown into it. The lip, however, is the same between Rin and Animal Realm. Shouldn’t the lip be the same as Kushina’s?

    “And pain characters usually have red hair, so they could be different colors like pink, blonde, or straight up white.
    – Good call, that’s something I hadn’t considered. That eliminates hair color for the Animal Realm pictures. However, the dead body didn’t have her hair color changed yet. I would think that Kishi would keep the color consistent with Kushina’s when she was alive. And the hair color of the dead body does match Rin’s (as far as we can tell). As for hair style, neither’s match Animal Realm’s – although that’s really minor.

    “I don’t think Animal realm is Rin, but she is important in the fact she is the key to discovering how pain really works”
    – Fair enough 🙂

  238. ^ horny bastard haha

    im 17 also

  239. it’s nice to know that there are people in my age 😉 ..losers how old are u and where are u from?
    you renzy??

  240. well losers i don’t have any pics right

  241. well Kisame’s thing could also be seen as a sign of his job of betraying Akatsuki would be easier. Because now that Madara is both running Akatsuki and is the Mizukage, Kisame could find it easier in betraying him because Kisame did leave the hidden mist, which means at some point he disagreed with the mizukage.

  242. 😛

  243. alec Kisame was in the village the same time Madara was Mizukage??

  244. he most likely had to have been in order to know him by mizukage lol and im from buffalo NY in the US

  245. i was rereading and i found this… lol apparently yamato works has always been there

  246. nc:)

  247. 😀

  248. @outlaw630 – i dont think that pein has lost his body and is alive in chakra pins, i think its more along the lines of they allow him to control the realms from extremely long distances…like perhaps while hidden away in a tower in the rain village?

  249. could you possibly mean the one where they send the dead bodies and nobody is aloud to go? (sarcasm)

  250. ok manga 309 pages 3-6 is when sasuke meets the kyuubi basically… the kyuubi says the sharingan eyes contain chakra… is it possible that kakashi might die and then obitos chakra which is in the sharingan eye will be released similar to naruto with the fox? also when he says not to kill naruto because he will regret it he gets this funny look… do you think sasuke might try to kill naruto in order to fight the kyuubi and prove his strength or maybe even take its powers like madara did?

  251. i dont think that sasuke is after tha kyuubi cause he said that at the manga (dont remember chapter but after he captured the 8 tailed) that he is not after the bijous

  252. Sasuke’s not after the bijous yet, but then again he thinks Naruto’s not a concern at this point. I think he sees an opening with Madara and the elders, too without needing that kind of power. But let him have a couplde more set backs–like with Killer Bee, and I bet he’s gonna be wanting one of his own.

  253. renzy the Kyuubi said to Sasuke that his eyes contain more sinister chakra than Madara’s..I remember it crearly so I don’t think that the Sharingan seal chakra 🙂

  254. damn it, don’t turn seventeen until mid-Dec… from San Jose, Cali, which now that i think about makes me the youngest of the famous three ninja here… oh well, could you back that up Jeremiah?

  255. alec who are u talking about not turning seventeen until mid-Dec??

  256. me dudski

  257. People are jacking our thoughts and panels and not giving credit… how rude…

  258. THIEVES!!!!

  259. sorry alec i didn’t understand that you were talking about yourself..oh!!soon is your birthday!!when exactly?so as to wish you:)

  260. @ Alec – possibly, Eddie and Erich are both in college I believe.

  261. Damn, I guess you should be putting watermarks on your posts so that you get the credit. CRAZY!!!

  262. Russ is right….

  263. Whats crazy is why I even have to do that much. They also present it as fact or a spoiler which its neither, its just fodder for discussion.

    If I use a video from Youtube that doesn’t have their name in the video I always give credit beneath it thanking them for uploading.

    Just common curtisy people -_-

  264. they don’t even bother mentioning the site by name either… oh well, now you know how dattebayo feels

  265. Where’s when you need it -_-…

  266. I am quite sad today. I was refunded the money for the 2 shirts I ordered. Well, is there any other shirts to chose from, or did the whole idea sink?

  267. @ Jeremiah & Alec… Yes I am in college, just hit 20 on the 7th ^_^ . Damn people are taking the theories as fact and then not even giving credit to the blog, that’s not right. LMAO I never thought so many of the random theories that just popped into my head would go this far, must be my sharingan -_+.

  268. wow!lastscorpion is a second Kakashi…with one sharingan…cool 😉




  270. @babyfox… i thought you were a boy! WHAT THE FOX! hihi

  271. @EroSennin…There will be an opportunity to order shirts, it will be avail soon.

  272. @ ERIK, nice ideas but the problem is that Animal’s realm appears white in the manga, the girl you are talking about has dark hair. The one thing about manga is that the hair color never changes (unless its dbz, which is completely different), thus light in manga never goes dark or vice versa, unless dbz which is again irrelevant.

    Second, this was just an idea, a theory, nothing’s in stone (or paper) until kishi rights it. I think it would be cool and he would be the most likely to switch sides, but it’s very unlikely.

    And Hanzo has been dead far too long to be used now. Jiraya fought him like 25 years ago.

  273. It would be cool if Itachi was the new Pain…

    Super pumped for the next chapter, it better be freaking epic.

  274. i dont think there would be any new pein. pein is goig to ell after 5 more chapters. all those chapters would be in konoha

  275. @ baby fox, about you asking me how old am i back in the last forum, im just 17. its just that we only go through 6 levels in elementary or sometimes seven and rarely 8 or 12. then 4 yrs in high schoo and then college. im already in a university. its my first year. im taking civil engineering

  276. @ erosennin – awesomeness icon. The shirts were a good idea but i can’t tell you why we had to refund the money to everyone. Use your imagination… instant refund to everyone and I can’t talk about it hmmmmm wonder what happened @_@

    I have a solution that works around said unspeakable problem and you will be able to order shirts within the next couple days. They will arrive at your house in 2 weeks, shiney and new… well perhaps not shiney, that would be weird but at the very least new. They will cost about the same, some will have more color options and in some cases be cheaper^_^

  277. @ Jeremiah – licensing issues? though I dont understand why you cant talk bout it? a nice riddle. Supplier bombed out..even then you can talk about it..hmm..

    @babyfox – i am 21, and living in Australia. I was just kiddin about the pics btw.

    Kisame will want to kill Gai though lol.

  278. @2losers, ive been thinking about hat when i said about my theory about kisame goin to the side of konoha. i once evn thought about them in one team. that would be cool. they will be quarreling all the time but still a good team up, like hidan and kakuzu

  279. @babyfox, im still surprised that your a woman. hahaha! never thought a woman would be that active in such site about naruto. lol!

    or meybe its just here that girls rarely like naruto

  280. @losers-i know that you were kiddin about the pics 🙂
    @glen-oh well..maybe i’m different..kukuku^^ on the other hand i’m surprised that you are already in a university and you have the same age as Greece the system is like that:6 years elementary,3 years high school,3 years college and then university..when we enter university we are 18 🙂
    oh…btw you should have guessed that i am a girl from the name…what boy would have picked as a nickname “babyfox”???haha 😀
    hmm..glen what’s your real name??

  281. we go 6 yrs elementary 3 years secondary 4 years high school then college 🙂

  282. hmm..i like THAT better 😀

  283. @glen, yeah i agree, there are people who for sum reason you never can guess what gender they are haha

  284. yeah like jeremiah for example: is he a man or a supreme being whose list of offspring include the swayze, captain planet, hootie and ALL the blowfish.

    Tough call, but I’ll say mere man because Swayze has exsisted since before time.

  285. lmao alec 😀
    but kroddude did you believe that a guy would actually pick the nickname “babyfox” ????? 😕

  286. actually over here stateside it is very believable… like i was going between Alec and i<3barbie, i think i made the right choice though…

  287. @alec LMFAO

  288. @jerimiah did you replace random words with swayze videos? lol

  289. @jerimiah did you replace random words with links to swayze videos? lol

  290. haha babyfox, now that i think about it, it makes sense being a girls name thing. but there are a lot of creepy guys in the world with with names lol

  291.’re right.. 🙂

  292. you live in greece right? how is it over there?

  293. you know, babyfox can be a name of anyone, any gender. i dont see much girl thing there. and considering we are from different parts of the world with different culture, and who knows, the girl name n your country can be a guy’s name in others.

    @babyfox glen is my second name.

    my whole name is leandro glen lorenzo

  294. @babyfox, by the way, in here after high school, we go college. being in a university is just the same as being in college

  295. Great news about the shirts. looking forward to it.

  296. No, no, no, this spoiler is so sick and yet it is so bad!!! I know kakashi’s got to die, but it can’t be now!

  297. whoa…spoiler is mind blowing…need to go thimk. Is it really confirmed?!

  298. omfg…kakashi can’t die. hopefully this chapter isn’t another cliffhanger.

  299. Hope he doesn’t die, that will be the crappiest death ever. But the background info is interesting.

  300. I’m going to say Kakashi only gets seriously injured and loses the use of his sharingan forever…thats why he said to Obito lend me your power one last time…at least thats what I hope happens…its going to be a sad day when kishi kills kakashi 😦

  301. wowww this looks serious, face revealed???, this must be his final battle,

  302. Face revealed, big time flashbackage, and multi-issue battle between main character & main villain; this is a death by the rules. If this spoiler for 425 is correct, then 426 will be a heart breaker.

  303. @ babyfox9 you have become the official “most likely to liter the site with emocicon’s”

  304. A few things bother me about it. Especially the first grouping of panels, I could do that with PS in like 5 minutes. It just doesn’t seem like OG material. I think we’ll see a different spoiler very early tomorrow morning.

    The one panel that looks really real is Animal Realm with the centipedes at her feet but that may be just some great PS work as well.

  305. i think animal realm and human realm are breaking into the interregation room

  306. does anyone find it odd that for a sharingan user obito wears glasses,does it increase the power of his sharingan or his vision was getting as bad as itachis or is just his fashion style????

  307. @Jeremiah: I was thinking the same thing. Very few panels and they don’t look like newsprint. THen the rest is all “script.” I’m skeptical.

  308. i am really hoping kishi read jeremiah’s rules and is just doing the flashback, in spite of him…but this does look horrible i mean the face is revealed?! but i think i agree with jeremiah, i think we’ll see a very different spoiler quite soon

  309. If I remembering right Obito had activated the sharingun for the first time in Kakashi Garden. The goal was to get it to become stronger, so there was no preparation. As you asked the goggles are just his style.

    I don’t know if the spoilers were altered or not. There is a great amount of detail too. However, there one thing that bothers me. The page color. When the raws are scanned from Japan they have a grey tone to the page. This looks as if they were changed before hand or edited from a previous chapter.

  310. Fake spoiler lol. the pictures are from previous manga and the dude did some photoshop. the panels are not aligned properly and gap is too big between them lol.

    Its the same pictures from previous manga, Kakashi face is from the last chapter. Pain crawly creature thing is from few chapters ago.

    Sif the 4th will ever say ‘Relax’ during a battle.

  311. In this spoiler there are only a four scanned pages. Where are the rest? First page is the cover, second one looks like a poorly done collage. Where did XNarutoxXxSakuraX get rest of the story from? Did he just fill in the rest of the story or did he not have time to fit the rest in? Makes me question its authenticity.
    Also, Asura Pein is already a mangled mess where does he get his “special new electric saw” to stab Kakashi. Doesn’t seem to add up for me.

  312. to all of you— i don’t think that’s a real one. you know, i am an artist. i am a cartoonist in our campus paper and i have been analyzing kishi’s works. you know, what bothers me a lot is the third page. the flames seemed not to bee kishi’s even the details. kishi usually don’t make unnecessary details. he make sure that your eyes are on what he want you to see. i can be wrong but as of now, i really doubt about it. including the cover page, the boarders are so wide. and almost every time, kishi dont make much designs. but what make me believe it somehow is how the page is lay-outed. it seems to be real. but still a have a doubt about the spoiler.

  313. the story us not even consistent with the illustrations. the story, i think is based on a fan-fic manga i’ve seen before. but there is a chance that kishi based his story from that. well, i am really confused.

  314. hey! the spoiler pics arent really right. see how the slides are arranged? kishi is always making slashing things. diagonal dividers. the second page,where kakashi is closing his eyes seem to com from the last issue. also the part where the dogs are summoned. those smokes are not the smoke of kishi.

  315. the arrangement arent right too. why is pakun already out there and saying something before they are summoned? the spoiler is a shit!

  316. @kroddude-Greece is really nice..especially the islands 🙂 where do u live?
    @erm alec i didn’t quite catch that..can you tell me what do you mean by become the official “most likely to liter the site with emocicon’s”??
    as far as the spoiler concerned i still don’t believe Kakashi dies..glen i agree..the spoiler can’t be right..

  317. erm..i don’t really remeber..who is Sakumo??i’m sure i’ve heard this name before..

  318. Sakumo Hatake is Kakashi Hatake’s father, the White Fang

  319. oh, that’s right!thnx arrun 🙂

  320. *arrrun

  321. Your welcome babyfox9 🙂

  322. There are now two different spoilers up. The second looks much more real.

  323. hmmm that first spoiler script is almost like what everyone would like to see if kakashi were to die…u know…its an honorable and AWESOMENESS death for kakashi….go out with a bang…sadley..that is why it is probably not a real one.. kishi doesnt usually like to give us what we want…he likes to toy with his fans …and than laugh in our faces…but …we will just have to wait

  324. Is that Sakumo in the second spoiler?

  325. i like that recent spoiler….i wonder if naruto even needs the frog to merge..since he already has that fox…hmmm

  326. avidphan you are right…….Naruto could just make some Kage bunshins to distract the enemy while he is going in sage mode…*sighs*…i believe he doesn’t need Fukasaku..

  327. If the spoiler is true I’m glad fukusaku cant fuse with naruto, just means he will have to find another badass way to go sage which will probly enable him to have some even more badass moves/abilities .

  328. babyfox….long time no see….wheres ur jealous greek comrade…hahaha..let me stop…

  329. naruto will probably find a way to stay in sage mode by using the fox… his energy would be rediculous foxs chakra + equal amount of natural energy = awesomeness

  330. where are the spoilers at with the face

  331. do you guys think it’s possible that instead of fukusaku fusing with him, it’s gonna be his fox demon. Naruto and the fox demon will evetually help each other out, just like the eight tailed ox becomming partners with the demon inside . Also I think it would not be a sharingan tecnique that naruto will have but he will eventually make his own, considering he will have his sage powers, the fox demon chakra and his own chakra. what do you guys think? I trully hope that tsunade will not die yet, it’s too early for kakashi to lead and his so invloved with the series that it’s gonna suck if he just turns out to be hokage and becomes a background character, there are a lot more akatsuki out there to fight. And if danzo becomes hokage it will be a big mess. What do you guys think?

  332. @ squishy – I think the only way that Naruto can “fuse” with his beast is if whatever power Itachi gave him allows him to control the 9 tails.

    The clock is ticking on Tsunade… tic tic tic…

  333. @ jonn – it was a fake so I took the one with kakashi’s face down.

  334. @babyfox9- ehhh america lol. :/

    i also think Naruto can use the fox to be the second person being still, just like how Kirabi used the 8 tails as a second person to break Sasukes genjutsu….makes pretty damn good sense to me.

    and if Kakashi really does die….they better freakin show his face

  335. cool hay if the thing about naruto not being able to go sage is true and if kakashi dies naruto is going to be very pissed. I think that if they havent killed pein by the time he gets there he will go all 9 tails and reek havok

  336. @ jonn – he can go sage but he can’t use fukasaku to buy him time to go sage mode like it worked for Jiraiya because fukasaku can’t fuse with Naruto cause of the Ninetails chakra.

    So he can go sage but he needs to find a different way to buy himself time during a fight to allow him to go sage.

    That seems more confusing than it needs to be. Hope that explained it.

  337. Fahim’s video has been uploaded with HQ pictures.

  338. Fahim’s video has been uploaded with HQ pictures.

  339. Naruto can buy time with Kage bunshins..right??

  340. Jeremiah i love your icon 😀

  341. Thanks Vered. I posted it.

    @babyfox -well then we have something in common… I also think my icon is awesomeness


  342. 😉

  343. Well it looks like kakashi is haveing a flash back, that can be one of two things, kakashi will die or kakashi will grow stronger.

  344. Indeed. Epic regardless. Good to hear from you Eddie.

  345. not regardless….he just can’t die yet..*sob*

  346. Worse than that, he’s having the light at the end of the tunnel experience. The appearance of White Fang does not bode well. Epic.

  347. Yeah I’ve never seen a camp fire with dead people end well…

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    Beause I can remember after the fight that she had with Orochimaru that she reverted back into an old lady that was when she was prtally wounded and she became AOK again..

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