Naruto Manga 424 part II – The survey questions that got left out of the last post


When will we finally get to see Nagato?

Naruto Manga 424 <spoiler><raw><pics><translation>


UPDATE: Since election fever has struck here in the states today (election day) I thought I’d find out who you think should be the next Hokage of the U.S. I don’t care if your not from the U.S. or not old enough to vote, I just want to see who the Naruto fans are pulling for…

Hey everyone,

Time for another discussion and a bit of thought on what will happen next. If you tuned in over the weekend then you know that I was very frustrated by the failure of the new polldaddy feature. So now that it’s fixed rather than insert them into the old post I decided to start a new one.

Last week after the issue was released we discussed Pain’s powers and what was going to happen to Kakashi. 99.9% of you think the same way that I do, that there is no way they kill off Kakashi at this point but the question remains to the amount of damage Kakashi will sustain from the last of God Realm’s attacks.

Kakashi obviously has something up his sleve. He mentioned that he had been storing up chakra for something and the last panel said “the last thing left for kakashi”. But what is “the last thing”?

Speaking of God Realm’s attacks, are you impressed? The extent of damage to Konoha is undoubtable but is this what you expected? Jedi Powers?

Lastly, Ibikiteishi laid out a theory for us in a recent post, what do you think? Click the image to the left to check out the theory post.(Does that make you squirm in your fanfic writing chair Mollie?)

I’ll be updating the blog several times throughout the week but this will now serve as the “current” discussion board. Sorry about the problems last week but it can’t go smoothly every week. Speaking of problems being fixed, SCHY, one of our die hard readers informed me that with the new PS3 update you could now watch the Youtube videos and spoilers that we put up here in the blog. So for some of you who could not before, it is there for you now. Just DL the newest update from the PS3 network. Next up hopefully will be to fix the inability to use comment boxes… Thanks for the info SCHY, nice job representing the UK.

Ja mata,


Here is the new spoiler pic that is being discussed below.




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  1. 1st!!!!


    That’s the second time repairmanjack! You’ve been permanantly added to my $#!T list MFer! The list consists of:

    1. Alec
    2. Repairmanjack
    3. Randy Marsh

  3. Oh yeah! I’m first on your own list Bono!!! Take that Bono, I bat you at your own game.

  4. *beat

  5. @Bono-HAHA very good inclusion of randy marsh.

  6. This is random, but Randy Marsh is my favorite character on South Park.

  7. Well i’d have to say that episode put his coolness status up a lot, then also the newer episodes with the ginnie pigs was also great

  8. (1)kakashi will came up with amateratsu i thing he can have that power he have sharinga hi level
    (2) also ware is shikamaru hes one of the master piece of this battle he can also hold it with shadow technique or yamato with wood came come up also he havent show he self yet …
    (3) that can also be one more bushin clon wile he get info on the interrogatory room or something i belive that kakashi have a lot experience for rish hes life to fast like that he said he have something sooo that is part of the plan hes make belive that pain got it ……

  9. Woo Hoo! POLLS! Yay!

    (squirming in my chair? How did you *know* about THAT?! It’s just…I’m weak to…The Swayze that just keeps rolling off this site.)

  10. ibikiteishi’s theory is wrong and here are my reasons (don’t forget that this is a shounen so everything is possible):
    -Strength only comes from clans: Untrue. Two of the sannins come from a “normal” family not from some shinobi clan. The persons I’m talking about are Jiraiya and Orochimaru. Furthermore, Sakura comes from a regular family just like Shizune (or so we can assume). Of course the fourth himself is no offspring from some Überclan, at least he’s not portraited as such. Other notable shinobis from “normal” descendance are: Pain with which I mean the Rin’negan doesn’t appear in one particular clan otherwise we would have heard about it, Maito Gai, Rock Lee, Kurenai etc.

    -Tsunade is Naruto’s granny: Like said, the ages simply don’t match. But let’s assume Tsunade is indeed his granny. Then surely Jiraiya can’t be his grandfather. That would make the name Uzumaki, which I believe is a great shinobi clan specialised in wind-manipulation jutsus, obsolete. It’s not like Tsuande did the deed with J-man and then pretended the kid was an Uzumaki. Yes, J-man can have a relationship with someone and have a few bastard kids. That’s not abnormal. But the MOTHER is always certain the child is hers. I just don’t see Tsunade giving up on her own child (taking away her child at bird seems very unlikely too). Not only is that contrary to her character but also to the image the mangaka wants to give from hokage’s = people that care about everyone and are ineherently good (one of the reasons why Oro couldn’t become hokage). So I pretty much showed that Tsunade nor Jiraiya can be Naruto’s ancestors.

    -Jiraija is Minato’s father: Except for the age mismatch, it could be true. In the world of manga this would be unlikely though. J-man is pretty easy going so his child should inherit some of his bad habits, that’s how it goes in manga. Naruto is like his mother but looks like his father. Minato doesn’t look like Jiraiya and doesn’t have his attitude either. So, I’d say it’s pretty unlikely Minato is indeed Jiraiya’s son.

  11. am almost 80% sure that kakashi don’t die yet. They (manga writers) need him at story to push it forward and then how will be the one how adore naruto’s new skills loike he always do… I realy think that jiraija can’t be minatos fathers because that makes her looks like some kind of super perversed, altouhgt it kind a fit whit jiraijas behover. minatos said in naruto tv-series that they(3.rd and she) want jiraijas be narutos godfather or some anohter think like that. and that just not fit whit the main picture

    sry about bad language… i wrote this fast at work and i’am also pretty stupid whit other languages that my own

  12. he wasnt asked to be godfather they took the name naruto from his book

  13. @nighthawk we know nothing about jirayia or oros parents except oros were dead… they could have very well been excellent ninja
    2nd uzumaki was a name given to him i think from kushinas family… dont you think if minato was an uzumaki naruto would put 2 and 2 together
    3rd minato looks exactly like jirayia did as a kid

  14. Uzumaki was more than likely given to Naruto from Kushina’s side or is a completely made up name to hide the fact that he is the 4th.

    For those who would question why they would hide that fact is because the 4th had many very powerful enemies. So hiding his only son’s identitiy was to protect Naruto from anyone that would want to do him harm because of the fact that he was the 4th’s son.

  15. also he has the fox in him and the elders dont want that weapon taken away

  16. WOwzers. That spoiler pick makes me think Kakashi is this week’s Swayze (kind of like the new black). Is it confirmed?

  17. has to be fake. The usually the spoiler pics come out yellow because they weren’t scanned inside of a scanning machine. This picture is white because someone obviously drew it on a white piece of paper.

  18. Well, that is sick, I’m going to enjoy this if it is real. To bad i have to spoil everything, but if this week’s is real, than to bad G. Realm will be back. Seeing if Demon realm gets to have a laser head, and human realm gets to rip out people’s souls, the G. will be back going “that was very impressive Kakashi, but…” -_-

  19. But what hints it to be a fan drawing would be that the other times Kakashi uses MS, he doesn’t bleed in his eye ch 278 06 or in ch 276 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. So that in itself probably shows this to be a faulty scan.

  20. it could be the specific jutsu hes using that makes his eye bleed… also has anybody seen beerfest? at the end when fink gets the eye of the jew it looks just like saskues ms… new prediction: saskue is jewish

  21. WTF!!! Renzy, saying Saskue is jewish is an insult to jews!

  22. i spoke with the author and he says sasuke gets one of itachi’s eyes, but kakashi gets the other.

  23. haha sorry if i insulted anyone i apologize for what i said and i hope any jews on the blog can forgive me 😦

  24. this is not the japanese manga, maybe the chinese. just like last chapter’s spoilers.

  25. they come out earlier than the japanese.

  26. that’s why they are white.

  27. who is in that picture above

  28. how did you get them pictures

  29. nagato is the top one and it was taken out of one of the manga where jirayia is training him and the second one is a spoiler which isnt confirmed

  30. ok because at first i thought that was sasuke and that means kakashi is using ms i wonder how they got spoiler pics this early

  31. @renzy10 thanks

  32. well apparently people are pretty sure its a fake but there is still the possibility its real

  33. If it is real it would be sick, but is unlikely that it’s real…

    where the hell is Tsunade, shouldn’t she be there soon anyway?

  34. just figureed it out, G. gets sent to another dimension, but Animal Realm sees that G’s in trouble and summons him back to this world, thus wasting the jutsu.

  35. give me know about Naruto

  36. maybe kakashi sends him to another dimension but then it ends up leading to the hokages office… and god realm kills tsunade haha 99.99999% chance that wont happen but in case it does you heard it hear first

  37. i just thought of something completely off topic… the first hokage used earth and water essentially making wood and the second used water and the third used fire the fourth im going to assume space time is the sixth jutsu that was brought up and tsunade is earth… the only two elements unaccounted for are lightning and wind which are kakashi and naruto……….. kinda random just something to think about

  38. that’s interesting, though tsunade doesn’t really use any element that we’ve seen so far, but yeah, she does use medical so that’s another type, lightning and wind have yet to be used…

    which makes norris the next hokage and the swayze the next presidnet ^_^!!!

  39. @ Jeremiah- what about doing a survey where people get to vote for what ninja would get there vote for president?

  40. i think your logic may be off chuck norris is kind of like chouji except he uses mountain dew instead of those pills… and both of them have the element of awesomeness

  41. its nice to be back.

    the spoiler is not true. i tell you.

    just look at how it is drawn.

    the blood form the eyes is totally different from how kishi draw it base on itachi’s eyes. it fake. the shading are different too. veru different.

    but i think kakashi has to use that ms. that’s his the most powerful thing he has. and i think kakashi discovered something new from his ms. and i may agree it causes bleeding of the eye. that’s a sign of over usage or too much training for kakashi. i guess…

  42. I thought it was clear but some of you have it all a bit confused… The pic at the top is not the spoiler. It’s what I usually do, a cool panel that I crop to put at the top of a new post.

    The spoiler pic is at the bottom of the post and has not been confirmed. As to how early it came out is irrelevant considering we got a one page pic last week early Tuesday that turned out to be 100% true. All other arguments are valid and we should have the full spoiler tomorrow.

  43. the kakashi thing is what i am talking about

  44. you know, even its not my concern, i like obama so much! i go for him!

  45. the kakahi was just a bunshin! another bunshin! that is why there is blood. like the other bunshin! kakashi is on the other side! he’ll use the ms! but he won’t succeed and now his out of chakra.

    then naruto comes

  46. who among you play dota all stars?
    do you know the naruto battle royal?

    why are they not putting he akatsukis?

  47. You know Kakashi WILL NOT DIE… i remember an interview i read with one of the writers of Naruto sometime before Asuma died sumthin like this i think…. “Shikimaru will have to grow up and Sakura will have to grow up.” then he was asked if Lee would have to grow up and he said “not yet” and then sumthin about Naruto growing up and he said sumthin like not totally… i think it means their sensei’s dying really… i think Tsunade dies and we know Asuma died, but we know Gai and Kakashi won’t since Lee and Naruto don’t have to “grow up” yet.

  48. Sorry, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  49. ok. too bad

  50. for sure naruto will likely kill pain in the end… chouji, his dad, yamato and the rest of the gang fighting with pain will make the story longer till naruto learn the final technique that will finish pain… silly… 😛

  51. @ Cooper – It was Kishimoto himself that said those things and he said Rock Lee had already grown up so Gai Sensei will live for ever!

    @ Zykes – you mean Pain or Nagato? I think God Realm will be defeated by someone from Konoha but Naruto will be the one to kill the “real Pain” Nagato.

  52. P.S. If that spoiler pic is true, someone that is good at making youtube videos please put together one using the Beastie Boyz song Intergallactic. Because Kakashi is sending him to another demension, another demension, another demension…

    (That will only be funny to those who know the song) ^_^

  53. i do! that’s cool!!! hahaha!

  54. okay, how about this… what if stuname gets on fight (probably not even possible cause she has 5guard 24/7 which is kind a stupid cos she is the most powerfull ninja in village, so i but him at the fist line) mut if she will have to fight whit pein. she die and then kakashi going to be next hokake. Then when naruto gomes back he gona flip out and join whit saskeku

  55. Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic Another Dimension

  56. hey @glen-i play dota all stars 🙂

  57. Thanks Jeremiah… i read his interview about a month ago i believe and i just didn’t feel like going to look for it, thanks for clearing that up.

  58. yo! baby fox! do you know the naruto battle royale? or the fight of characters? those are good. i ussualy play those maps than others

  59. yes i do know them and i play those maps more often than the others! my brother is totally crazy for focs..actually he is now on line playing..blizzard is very clever..Naruto is gaining more and more popularity 🙂

  60. that’s a proof. i like battle royal coz it don’t need to level up. fight of characters coz no need to worry about your mana. its a hit here in the philippines. most oftenly when you play online, you see filipinos

  61. according to a source not 100% verified:

    The nail hit Kakashi between the eyes.
    Kakashi suffer as the nail turn out to be a chakra transmitter.
    Pain say a new pain is born and leave the place.
    Chouji’s father open his eyes and see Kakashi Pain there.
    Chouji come closer to Kakashi-sensei, but his father, feeling his lust for blood, take a raikiri.
    The chapter ends with Kakashi saying:”Know the pain”.
    You’ll have to wait for tonight

  62. have you tried playing online. sorry for bothering you about it at this time. it still morning here. sorry

  63. charzelo! i like the spoiler! i think its possible!

  64. playing online what?focs?what time do u have there?here in greece is 11.30 am 🙂

  65. @charzelo – if i remember right, they (pain’s chakra transmitters) were some unordenaly material and the nail looked just normal nail. so i think that there’s is different solution

  66. wow! sorry babyfox. i thought your out. now its 8:30

  67. 8:30pm. that makes toomuch difference from amarican time. so i usually get no instant reply. i rarely get conversations.

  68. ups..sorry I’m late 8:30..where are u from glen?

  69. i hope that the next manga we get to see i new version of the ms
    because all the people that have ms have a diffirent version

    by the way obama won

  70. obama kicked mccains ass lol and kakashis would have to have something to do with space time… there is no way in hell hes a new pain body if the transmitters turned you into a pein body then jiraiya would be one and that is if god realm can turn anything into a transmitter which actually makes some sense… god creating new bodies but still no way kakashi is one of them now

  71. I would like to put my two cents in.I’ve reread a few of the other coments and this is my observation of the whole thing.Kakashi will not die he is the next Hokage….Tsunade will die in this battle or one very soon.Tsunade is his “Naruto’s” grandma grandfather most likly is Dan not Young Thunder. Naruto will not defeat Saske anytime soon infact I think they will and must teamup to defeat they’re commond enemies.

  72. well I think this next chapter is still going to end with us not knowing whats going to happen to kakashi.

  73. Naruto Manga 424 Spoilers [HQ] by Fahim00717

  74. hey guys what does “to do anime XYZ” mean?

  75. omg…damn Kishimoto if kakashi died…
    most of characters that dies make flashbacks…
    but i fear that he may make a flashback the next chapter then it will be confirmed that kakashi will die

    if not so i still hope he wont

    i hope if he made kakashi die some angry fans burn his house

  76. I doubt kakashi will die, choji’s dad just died to save him and kakashi is the most popular character in naruto (It showed this in the spoiler), if they kill him off people will be angry as hell.

  77. yeah, Kakashi can’t die yet

  78. @babyfox9… “to do anime xyz” it is hard to explain without a context. But I will give an example, dattebayo tells you not to ask them to sub anime “XYZ”, “XYZ” stands for any anime you want it stand for, it is like a blank space that you can fill in.

  79. @lastscorpion-that’s where i saw it, at dattebayo’s site..well it’s not really easy to understand but thanks 🙂 i think i got the general idea..

  80. babyfox! i’m from the philippines

  81. hey jeremiah! what program do you use when making those vids?

  82. it seems that kakashi is not hurt at all. just out of chakra. that would be a very stupid death. very stupid. kishi will regret it if ever. so i dont think he’s done.

    so he used the ms at all? by the way, the spoiler scripts aren’t always true. those are not that accurate. so i guess there is a slight chance of changes.

    if ever chouji’s dad is dead, now he is grown up. i think that is really growing. when will sakura grow up?

  83. There is more to this manga chapter, the script is short.

  84. agreed. i really hope there is more to the chapter :/

  85. there usually is. Very rarely do they ever get the whole issue.

  86. i agree!

  87. kakashi cant die….i read the manga cuz of 2 characters
    if kakashi die….50% of the manga excitement is gone with him

    also…where the hell is Gai and Lee

  88. @Nighthawk00 – I agree with you. Tsunade is not Naruto’s granny although he called her that. It’s just how the english translators interpret the Japanese words. In chapter 367, a conversation between Jiraiya and Tsunade occurred and they were talking of Naruto’s parentage. This is the first time that we heard about Naruto’s mother or father. Besides, Tsunade is from Konohagakure. Naruto’s mother was from Whirlwind Country. Minato couldn’t be Tsunade’s son. If we will track back what happen to Tsunade, it just couldn’t be possible that she is the mother of Minato.

    Jiraiya couldn’t be Minato’s father. He was simply Minato’s sensei just like Kakashi as Naruto’s sensei.

  89. I too agree

  90. By the way, I use the spoiler pic in one of the forums talking also about Naruto. I hope it’s ok.

  91. i like how they dont spoil everything cuz then its better when you read the actual manga… also it leaves so many questions

  92. To all those out there questioning the possibilty of Mianto being Tsunade or Jiraya’s son, it is very possible. If the Swayze can walk amongst mere mortals and not vaporize all with his amazingness, than Jiraya/Tsunade could be Naruto’s grandpa(ma). This is also a series where anybody can have a laser in there head or be made of thousands of snakes.

  93. @ibi- No I’m not supporting the Naruto comes from a great clan thing, i’m just reminding people it is possible and i needed to tie the Swayze and D.(bag) realm together.

  94. Deidara is the best

  95. @ Deidara – LMFAO! OMG! Seriously… that’s sooo funny.

    I just laughed so hard i was crying!

  96. wtf: why the dib comment?

    fan girl over here (maybe boy, but i won’t judge)

  97. Well its pretty lonely being a Deidara fan, so you kinda gotta blurt that out randomly… Cause no one in their right mind would bring him up in a coolest character discussion.

  98. deidara was a bitch he flew around so nobody could hit him while he dropped bombs on them and he still lost to sasuke

  99. If I where a girl I could see why Deidara would be the coolest, he has three long tongues. Hell if Deidara was a girl I thnk I would like him, but he is not so I think he is “dumb as hell”.

  100. that a odd thing to say

  101. Its an equally odd character to be discussing. I really think he’s the biggest douche in the manga.

  102. He can’t have the White Fang Blade. It broke sixteen years ago in his fight with Kakkou >_<

  103. @lastscorpion: exactly, and it’s not just the count, but the sheer technical capability. I mean if you can sculpt stuff…my mind boggles, yeah. This trick would be keeping Deidara from opening his mouth except when necessary, yeah. Because what an annoying pissant he was, yeah. (camera in the head, wtf? why are we surprised about lasers and missles, huh?!)

  104. >_< What I said was not that odd…. The Swayze is teaching kittens how to kill captain planet, now thats odd.

    P.S what about Ebisu for biggest douche?

  105. i wish Sai would wear a shirt that fit him :/

  106. Ebisu isn’t a douche, he’s just a loser, huge difference

  107. OMG! Let’s pitch in a buy Sai an awesomeness t-shirt, huh? He also needs to get some higher rise jeans, because (even as a girl) I want to puke every time his girly hips show.

  108. I believe the old generation will die off one bye one, it’s like the game of shogi, to protect the king there must be sacrifices. The king being the new generation that inherits the new world. Tsundade will die fighting this battle bringing an end to all Sannin’s and somehow Kakashi will survive. I still wonder what Danzo’s plans are and how Naruto will find his way back to Konohona in time. I believe that Naruto and Sasuke will battle at the Valley of the End again, possibly it could be there last battle and Sasuke true acknowledgement of Naruto. The loss that Naruto has felt has made him a stronger fighter and gave him even more of a purpose, never to see another person special to him die. I’m still curious of his secret technique. Oh and whoever said that Jairaya wasn’t asked to be the God father your wrong, look it up manga 382. Kakashi like I said I don’t believe he will die, but be in a serious state for awhile. It should be interesting, it does sound like we are really coming to a close though. After Madara’s plan’s fall through there really isn’t much to go on after it all. I just hope it ends on a class act note, but with a twist, just like if before Naruto is to become Hokage he ends up Sacrificing his life to protect the village and peace of all the ninja nations

  109. I have to chime in to agree that Diedara was the biggest douche so far. Every time he was in the story, I was just waiting for someone to shut that douche up.

  110. @ibiki- yeah i agree lol. i think he’s a pretty cool character put he has such dumb clothes… very disappointing

  111. @ibiki- yeah i agree lol. i think he’s a pretty cool character but he has such dumb clothes… very disappointing

  112. sry for double post. i thought my internet went out so i pressed just pressed the button again :/ lol

  113. @Alec – I don’t believe that Minato could be Jiraiya’s son. Even Jiraiya admitted that he didn’t sire any child. As for Tsunade being Minato’s mother, I don’t think so too. If Minato was Tsunade’s son and the father was Dan, her boyfriend who died, do you think Tsunade would drink her life away if that’s the case? After Dan died, she left the village and became wasted and was only persuaded to accept the Hokage title when she saw that his brother, Dan, and Naruto have one thing in common: the dream to become Hokage.

  114. @fully book- i was playing devil’s advocate, i don’t beleive in the heresy that ibi is spewing, i was just pointing out it isn’t impossible in anime

  115. @Alec – In another forum, they spawn this conspiracy theory that Danzuo if Madara because if you observe, Danzuo’s right eye is always covered and Tobi(Madara), when wearing the mask, his right eye is the one exposed through the hole in the mask. XD

  116. yeah i know, i was against that one too -_-… what’s your point, it was a while ago and the theory didn’t last too long (thank god/buddha/science/whatever deity you’d prefer here)

  117. @Alec – the other forum is now discussing the jounins of Konoha who will kick the bucket in this Pain invasion. Lots of them are saying that Tsunade may die or even Kakashi. They are also speculating on how will Pein be defeated and who will kill him. XD

    I haven’t seen Shikamaru in the last chapters of the manga though.

  118. manga is out…on hiatus next issue…WTF?! AAAAAaaaahhhhhh!!!!

  119. well ino’s dad is dead soon enough, too much time for a character that has had about 30 milliseconds before this.

  120. but that was arguably one of the sickest drawings of a character since Zabuza days on pg 13 center panel

  121. wells thats pretty gay about the hiatus stuff

  122. Looks like Kakashi will be dead on the next issue. We will have to wait for two damn weeks. LOL.

  123. Ummmm does anyone want to talk about the fact that issue gave a shit load of weight to the Animal Realm being Rin theory… @_@

  124. It sucks that the manga is going on a break but we will not. All of you guys who miss the reader submitted theories will be happy to see it make a one week return during the break. So all you guys who like to write, warm up that key board and write your ruff draft to past into the submit box because it is your turn again for the first time in while!

  125. Rin as the Animal Realm Pein? No. I don’t think so. The female appears to be young. Rin is not that young. Remember that Rin’s the same age group with Kakashi. Only Tsunade has the ability to make herself look younger than her age.

  126. Jeremiah, whats the shit load of stuff referring to rin? im most basically blind, so please explain it. lol

  127. on hiatus next issue ,what is the meaning of this?
    there will be no manga for a month or what?

  128. So I was right, Danzou is actually a “good guy” in a way though he wants to become Hokage.
    Will the old-guard die like Chouji’s father, Asuma etc? What about Kakashi? And how long will it take to discover Pain’s secret?

    When’s Naruto going to do his big entry? How long before Sasuke re-appears in Konoha?
    So many questions ^^

  129. this weeks issue left me breathless….so intense..I DON’T WANT KAKASHI TO DIE……..*cries*…..i hope Naruto makes it in time..damn..

  130. Is official people kakashi is a goner, even against zabuza he wasn’t ready for death as for the rin comment, it just means that it’s time to join you guys my friends rin and obito.

    “yamato works” thats the funniest undercover ever, danzo thinks he is safe from all the bullshit not knowing that he’s still being watched and now tsunade will know what he did to that frog, she will find another route to summon naruto.

  131. wow! you still all thingking kakashi gonna die? ahhh…. waths up on you guys?

    don’t worry! he wont die!

    —-i am thinking why kishi can’t write something about the next issue and the last issues where not that wonderful. many pages but single topic. is kishi going out of his real story just making it longer?

  132. hey charzelo! are you a big fan of the dick danzou?

  133. i wish kishi kills Danzo already..he is just a pain in the ass..hey glen!how are u?

  134. hey! the spoiler up there is half real at all. kakashi really used the ms against pein. its just that the only vicitim is the nail and the missile.

    and the spoiler script is not accurate. chouji’s dad did not saved kakashi. he died from an attack. kakasi saved himself using the ms.

  135. i good dude! i dont think kishi would do that anytime soon. danzo is just getting started with his “hokage dreams”

  136. hmm…but it would be reaaaally lame to see Danzo as Hokage,wouldn’t be??

  137. i dont think danzou would a hkage. coz if that happens, i think the other villages or cpuntries would attck and that would ruin the story or the arc about the akatsuki and the beasts.

    i think danzou is just for some effects and drama

  138. probly u are right..but in the end i hope he dies..he is an ass..le after all..”In order for me to become Hokage”…just who does he think he is??a!and what about that comment of Rin as the Animal Realm Pein?didn’t quite get it..

  139. never mind it. is definitely not true

  140. i see..hey do u watch bleach?

  141. So there is no manga next week and we are not going to find out what happend to kakashi. >_<

  142. I now think that the Animal Realm is just some random dead girl, but along time ago I said that it could be rin.

  143. i do watch bleach. but i am not a fan as i am to naruto

  144. @lastscorpion– dont worry, we understand. we all sometimes come up to crazy observations, guesses and conc;utons. thats fine. hahahah!

  145. 2 weeks is a long time..awww..i wonder if Kakashi gets saved by anyone or ends up dead(although i don’t really believe it)

  146. i dont think there is a need for someone to save kakashi. he’ll survive. maybe “help” (maybe to bring him somewhere safe) but not save. he can endure it.

  147. babyfox! what time is it there? in here its 12 midnight

  148. hey! i need to sleep now! til next time!

  149. I called it, MS on the nail. I pray that the slugs will save Kakashi though… they are his only hope… but I think there is like 40% chance of that happening.

    …Perverted Pein Hermit vs Naruto… 40% chance

  150. Well, all of us are hoping that Kakashi won’t die. XD

  151. i tell you he wont

  152. he wont die, he wont die i promise

  153. The drawing is nice. I like how detailed the strokes are. As to Kakashi, I think that he will not die too.

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