Naruto Manga 424 Determination+ further discussion of Naruto Manga 423

Naruto Manga 424 <spoiler><pics><raw><translation>

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Below is the break down for last weeks Naruto Manga 423.

Kakashi is pimp sauce

Kakashi is pimp sauce

Hey everyone,

I’ve got the break down for the new issue of Naruto manga 423 below as we patiently wait to see if Kakashi has been surprisingly offed or injured. I’ve numbered the panels and then will discuss each as usual with the occasional survey question mixed in. First we’ll start off with what we now know to be God Realm’s powers.

1. I can feel Skyhigh and Lastscorpion grimace as I write this but Damn… half your chakra is gone already? Really? Kakashi sensei is pimp sauce but this running out of chakra bit sucks. I know, I know, it adds drama but is he really future hokage material? If he survives and I’m going to say 100% that he does, Gai will be carrying him to a hospital once again after this fight is over for some much needed bed rest.

God Realm’s Powers

2. Shinra Tensei – loosely translated as heavenly voice. This is obviously his most powerful move shown in the manga to date as it laid waste to a good chunk of the village. I’m going to assume that since he has the power to push and pull with “force” like skill, that this particular power is an outward explosion of this “force”.

3. Defense – He uses the force as a shield to deflect any and all projectile attacks and if he can see the attacker coming he can also deflect malee attacks.

4. I like the chibi demonstration of his “Force” powers. I’m sure that will be funny when animated.

5. Uses the “Force power” to shoot projectiles. Possibly using on bigger items would be more impressive but I guess if you kill someone with the end of a nail, that is equally impressive.

6. R.I.P. Laser Head, no more promoting Hungry Ghost Realm cereal for you. (Props to kevin for the photo shop) ^_^

7. This was brought up in the comments section: What the hell happend between panels 6 and 7. 6 has Kakashi busting up the remains of Demon Realm and in panel 7 he’s buried under a ton of rock. WTF?!

8. Kakashi looks as though he as taken a blow to the head from Pain’s projectile. Pain says die as he is shooting this toward Kakashi so he obviously has intent to kill BUT panel 8 says “The last thing left for kakashi is?” So this tells me he’s still got something up his sleeve. The preview phrase says “pay close attention” which leaves me to the conclusion that Kakashi is not only alive but ready to unleash what ever it was he was storing his chakra for. He still has MS but he has also been alluding to something new. What is going to happen to sensei? What will be his last resort?

That’s my wrap up of this issue of manga. This week should be pretty busy on the blog. The final selections of the Tshirts are coming out this week and we’ll finally be able to order some. I’ll be doing my first theory post in over 2 months and I’m sure our other authors will be posting some new material for your entertainment throughout the week. So stay tuned and check back with us soon. Until then…

Be sure to read THIS awesomeness Halloween special from Ibikiteishi!

Ja mata,


P.S. Sorry the discussion was botched. It was a combination of horrible planning and organization. Everyone was confused on the time of the discussion in relation to their time zone and so on. I ended up just canceling it prior to its beginning. I will plan the next one on a weekend rather than a week day. is running at some what of a functional level so we can use that chat box in the future plus i’ll be posting some other stuff there, like a hall of fame and so on… check it out if you get the time.


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  1. fiiiiirst!!!!yay 🙂 my first time first..huh!

  2. it isn´t a metal ball. it´s just the back of the nail.

  3. Yes you are correct.

  4. Pooooooop!

  5. Kakashi said were we too late which meant he was up to something more than what we saw…so i think when the camera did a close up on the eye later he activated the sharingan…and pein didnt know it because i think something was delayed …why would kakashi fight with the sharigan out the whole time and a eye closed if he didnt use it????

  6. Yeah, in that first pic entitled Kakashi is pimp sauce he has his one non sharingan eye closed… interesting…

  7. I think that while using the Sharingan he always has the regular eye closed. I could be mistaken…but that is what I recall.

  8. wow
    right i rather think he is alive and i really hope he is
    let’s see what happens with this new power that hopefully will own completele pain’s arse.

  9. Yeah, the stupid diagrams explaining stuff are making a comeback ^_^…

    and it seems like the God’s power is a lot similar to the Hyuga’s except there’s no spinning involved (so that makes the Byakugan a descendant of the rinnegan, and the sharingan is a spinoff of the byakugan) So either the Rinnegan is the original eye technique, or it is the byakugan with weird circumstances setting up the rinnegan.

  10. te nul jé lé vuee celui la lol

  11. Yeah, Alec, I’ve heard that before…that rinnegan is supposed to be be the supreme original, demon descended jutsu power of teh Force from whence all other powers came. So, in that sense the eye techniques are supposed to be descended from rinnegan. Now…if I can only remember what Narutard told me that and the source they sited…

  12. I just have to tell you why Kakashi only has half his chakra let. it is the from the bunshin, technically every time naruto uses kagebunshin he only has half his chakra left. If naruto did not do that all the damn time he would be 10000x stronger.

  13. I also dont think kakashi’s power is in jutsu, he is like shikamaru not much chakra, but he can kill people who have a ton of it (see hidan).

  14. Jiraiya explains Rikudo Sennin, original possessor of the rinnegan and big daddy of all jutsu (the Source of the Force) in Manga 373, page 3…

    And kakashi is indeed the pimp sauce. I’d f*** him, but (sorry lastscorpion) his chakra is not as big as the other boys’s. Still, it’s what you do with it, right? Naruto’s chakra might be freekishily huge, but he also doesn’t know what to do with it (yet). You can’t blame the kid, I mean, who would know how to handle equipment like that?

  15. ibikiteishi, I love how you think and talk. LOL. Kakashi obviously has something up his sleeve. We will have to wait until next week to see what.

  16. @ Ibikiteishi- yeah I know his chakra is not that big, and what you say is so true. You know someone with big chakra and no smarts just ends up hurting people, were as someone with normal chakra and alot of brains makes lots of friends. Now if you have big chakra and lots of smarts and know 99% of a fight is in the mind *evil grin*, you will start to hear people call for god when you are around. ^_~

  17. P.S I just wanted am “In love” with Kakashi I just like it that his and shikamaru’s personality are much like my own, With a little naruto tossed in when I get some sugar or caffeine.

  18. Edit*

    P.S I just wanted I am NOT “In love” with Kakashi I just like it that his and shikamaru’s personality are much like my own, With a little naruto tossed in when I get some sugar or caffeine.

  19. BWAHHHHhhh!!!!! So…which is it?

  20. Well so far from what i can see kakashi is in quite a spot right now but kakashi is the original copy ninja. im hoping he copied that reflection technique from pein but if not i think he mastered his time/ dimension technique with his M/S so he’ll probly just send it to the next dimension, or if he really doesn’t have any other trick hopefully Gai Sensei will help him out again. we cant afford to lose any one else we lost jaraiya and asuma, itachi we cant afford to lose the great kakashie sensei.

  21. Hey Eddie, did you just profess your love for Kakashi and then take it away? WTF?! jk ^_^

    I’m just saying you have to be born with a huge chakra and you can learn how to use it.

    The one that knows how to use it can’t make his chakra any bigger no matter the swedish pump that is used.

  22. LMAO yeah I need to look at what I type >_< but I did hope you liked the innuendo in the one above it ^_^.

  23. Hay man I just said I have similar personality as Kakashi not a similar amount of chakra….wait what are we talking about again? hmmm I wonder how many heads this conversation just went over. ^_^

    P.S You can make your chakra bigger by medically extending with a bijuu. ^_^

  24. I had alot of candy tonight, took like half of it when I was supposed to giveit out, damn halloween >_<.

  25. To me it looks like Pain took out Kakashi’s Sharingan eye. Remember the Kishi interviiew something big was going to happen to Kakashi. This may not be a bad thing. What if the Sharingan is what zaps all his chakra. Now you would have a Kakashi with a much higher chakra level and he’s still the ninja of a thousand justsus. Primed to take the Hokage role after he gets out of the hospital.

  26. Hm … I really don’t want Kakashi to die or for him to lose his Sharingan. That is what made him the “Copy Ninja” in the first place right? Would he still be the scarecrow we love if he can’t use his gift from Obito? I think some crazy plot twist is going to happen … like he traps Pein in a Genjutsu … *sigh*

  27. @ erich – that thought had crossed my mind as well.

    @ scorpion – yes, very funny ^_^ The slip ups just add to the funny factor.

  28. Considering Kakashi has the MS (still trying to find out how) maybe he also has the advanced techniques that come with it such as Ameratsu. Heck, if he can get the MS through some mysterious means, he might as well get some kick ass MS techniques along with them. Of course, using that type of technique would be a last resort and most likely bring him close to death.

  29. And a Kakashi who only has one eye and has to adopt a completely different fighting style and not use his signature jutsu, the lightning blade.

  30. I would think if Kakashi had to start fighting like the third did and not use his lighting edge, that would make him so much more stronger. Plus he would no have the sharingan draining his chakra. He has had the sharingan since he was a child so he could be alot stronger without it.

  31. To me, he’s always seemed to be smart, but for every high level ninja thus far he’s needed the sharingan. It’s like his crutch, it might free him to not have it, or it could make him horrible.

  32. *hands lastscorpion more halloween candy, because that was funny as hell.*

    Now I do think Kakashi might lose an eye, because isn’t that what everybody’s mom say about playing with nails? It’s all fun and games and then someone loses an eye? BUT–what if he loses his regular eye? Blind hokage who can only see when he’s kicking your ass…

  33. Saying that it would make him stronger without the sharingan is retarded. That’s like saying itachi would have been stronger without it as well. I know kakashi is not a true heir of it, but trust me it makes him stronger. Not having it would completely cripple him and his favorite move (Raikiri).

  34. i think kakashi is going to die

  35. Tony brings up a sore spot with me, and when I say sore I mean sore like kakashi’s broken heart after Scorpion retracted his statement of love. How the F did he get MS?! Do you think they’ll ever explain that?!

  36. Glad you clarified the sore spot after that convo about the ‘size’ of *ahem* chakra. See, this is a reason why he can’t die yet, because that secret hasn’t been revealed yet, and only smex on a stick…uh, I mean Kakashi can tell us.

  37. my god that sum tasty cereal!!!

  38. i personaly thing that pain is nothing without his other subbordinates as we see in 423.; the fact is that without the other pains he cant really detect people attacking him so he cant reflect them .

  39. S0 wh0z realy g0na w0op peinz aSz??.

  40. I wonder what will happen if sasuke going to arrive… Sasuke & Pein(s) vs. Konoha

  41. it is obvious kakashi has some thing up his sleeve but we will have to wait till next week

  42. accordinging to jeraiya pein has 6 point of views and each time he is cornered he find a way to escape. wowwww kakashi is toast with butter. you need 12 kakashis + a tactician to beat this guy

  43. I thought that in panel 6, the other pain delayed Kakashi which gave the God realm time to charge and use Shinra Tensei again which is what lead to panel 7. Kakashi was saying we’re we too late in that he didn’t hit God realm before he charged up.

  44. awesome dog kakashis going to figure something out and kill this guy

  45. Hell yeah Kakashi is sore, but I had to break it off since he just wanted me around for my big amount of chakra ^_^. Hmmm Tsunsde seems to be the only girl with a large amount of chakra, I wonder why….

  46. What if kakashi has the upper hand on Pain and Sasuke comes in and kills him.

  47. yes..he saves his former sensei..good idea although i believe that Kakashi will summon his father’s blade and finish god realm..dmn that would be reaaaally sweet 🙂

  48. hey is Laser Head really dead?

  49. No I meant that Kakashi might have summoned his fathers blade or some other crazy stuff and is about to kill Pain when Sasuke kills Kakashi before he can strike him.

    Also If that one Pain is Kushina or Rin, i wonder what will happen when Kakashi sees it.

  50. You guys assume that kakashi will take the spot kicking tsunade out. Kicking a Hokage out isnt what you think is as easy.

  51. omg you fucking noobs don you know that will die remeber the part he said were we too late so it means he die xd i am not sure he may be dead or not dead heh heh i will kill pein and the author if he dares to touch kakashi my sensei

  52. and we all know that Kisame with his huge amount of chakra, and his giant sword, is compensating for something ^_^…

  53. LOLZ @ Alex. Is it just possible that Kisame’s face is a Halloween mask and underneath he’s…Captain Planet?!

  54. @babyfox – cool icon

    I can’t wait to see one of the established nin of Konoha encounter animal realm…
    *crossing fingers for Kushina*

  55. @omgviet – not kick out, replace. We assume Tsunade will pushing up daisies soon.

  56. hm maybe kakashi use this dimension thing because he dosn´t used it yet. (sorry for my lame english, i´m german)

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  58. hey! i noticed something! look at when pein deflected the kunai kkashi trowed him! the stone-like bomd was not affected by his repulsive force!

    maybe that’s the secret!

  59. @Jeremiah-thanx 🙂 btw did wordpress fix the problem..??
    @Glen-which number is when pein deflected the kunai?6?

  60. kakashi hasn´t used this dimension break technique. maybe this is his last thing left.

  61. wouldnt it be ironic if kakashi’s eye get taken out..both of them…and here comes sasuke…and for some twisted plot sasuke dies tryin to save kakashi.. .but before he dies he says….take my eyes kakashi sensei…ive been a bad boy so here is my way to forever protect konoha..then dies..

  62. i think kakashi has a curse mark and it saves him, but then he fghts all of the peins and naruto saves him

  63. 2nd

  64. I’d like to see Kakashi lose the Sahringan and pluck out Pains eyes so he’d have the Rinnagan. Could you imagine him batting people where all of his nin dogs have the Rinnagan and can give him different oints of view in battle. Then he gains the ability to draw someone into him or his lightning hand to be exact.

  65. there is only one thing that was bothering me. kakashis last words “well i certainly can’t dodge when you’re this close.” Why the hell he said that a loud… like somekind a scorn… you know what i ment… it just don’t feel right, like there might come more of kakashis tricks…

  66. I can die for kakashi if he dies this anime will turn to a trash.
    I say the black holes are the most powerful things in the world they come threw darkness itself kakashi is the godd side opf count Dracula so he can not die.his eye must save him no matter what will happen I always love kakashi and if he dies i will never watch narutto again.
    have a nice time Arman

  67. ^^Would you really like to see that, do you think it would be good in any way for the story, or would it just fulfill your fanboy dreams.

  68. @. Babyfox – negative, still busted. Only 1 of 4 surveys showing this week. Super frustrating

    @erich – ultimate would be his normal eye gets fuqt so he takes a rinnegan! Sharingan + Rinnegan. One of each. Unfortunatly this would also result in him performing one jutsu and then being out of chakra ~_~

  69. boobs

  70. there is a secreat website where u can watch all of the manga

  71. kakashi is gonna lose him eye then later hes gonna get itahci eye

  72. hola everybody, ok first off, have you all forgotten that tsunade was just sitting by sending out her chakra into the village for all? if nothing else im pretty sure this is coming in just in the nick of time to save kakashi. and on the off hand chance he does go, how cool would it be if he became the next part of pein? it doesnt even matter that he would only be allowed one type of jutsu ’cause the sharingan gets them all. it would almost be like a cross of sharingan and bayukugan

  73. @Kingcam- T&A my friend, T & A

  74. @Alec gotta love it

    @monkeyphant: I avtually think that would be pretty cool.

  75. I can see the icons now, just had to update to Internet explorer 7 or something like that. If you were wondering mine was of Kazuma the shell bullet

  76. I think the “blood” on kakashis face is from the person that got in the way of the nail to save him

  77. @ Anon – yeah its called and tis not that secret my friend.

  78. If any of you think Kakashi died at the end of episode 423 – you’re retarded. When he dies, he’ll go out in a big bang, and we’ll all cry like little b*tches.

    Ps- Kakashi won’t be able to take this guy out solo, someone is gonna have to help him. I think they should just let Naruto go ape-shit and turn into nine tails… they can always rebuild the village later.

  79. also just a thought, but why are we so disappointed by kakashi’s rai-kage bushin? i mean it is a combination of a jutsu and elemental right?…kind of like the rasen=shuriken? so if kakashi is using the rasengan, which saps his chakra, and then does something like that, which is only like a step down from the rasen=shuriken, why shouldnt he be low on chakra?

  80. naurto has the rawest pictures in the worid

  81. do you know the last part when there’s a blood splash..actually its the snail blood. the snail come into da rescue. Long live kakashi.

  82. i guess, if sasuke ever comes to konoha will it be to help?, or to try to destroy it. because he is really mad at itachi’s dead. he said it himself (itachi’s life was more important than the village)

  83. I doubt Sasuke would help with either side. It’s more likely he would opporate in his own best interests. i.e. taking out the elders of Konoha.

  84. Sasuke would protect Kakashi in a instant, Kakashi has done alot for him. Who knows maybe it will turn out Sasuke just saved Kakashi’s life some how… or maybe Kakashi used his MS at the last second to send the nail to another dimension.

    …what are the odds that the Kakashi we are seeing is another type of clone or a replacement technique? Just wanted to bring some more thought to this.

  85. kakashi either used the MS to put the nail in another dimension or he has some technique no one knows about and used “it”…we all just gotta wait til friday

  86. i think that kakashi has used ms to transport that thing to other dimension or maybe kakashi made a new ms jutsu such as a stop time or something else (sorry for my lame english, i am portuguese)

  87. I think what female pain is rin

  88. @ Anon – very possible

    @ girardot – so does Lastscorpion. The only problem I have with that is the fact that all of the bodies have been Jiraiya related thus far and not Kakashi related. Pain obviously has a Jiraiya complex.

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  91. my prediction..

    finally, kakashi release mangekyou. he throw the nails into another dimension. pin get shock on this, how come kakashi get that jutsu?
    pein getting more serious on kakashi, he call the another path.
    pein attacks kakashi from all direction, kakashi able to move into another place in speed of lighting.
    at the end of battle, kakashi give all of his chackra left to blow all pein path into another dimension and success.
    but, ..the fight is not over yet 🙂

  92. I think jacky chan will save them all

  93. my prediction..

    finally, kakashi release mangekyou. he throw the nails into another dimension. pin get shock on this, how come kakashi get that jutsu?
    pein getting more serious on kakashi, he call the another path.
    pein attacks kakashi from all direction, kakashi able to move into another place in speed of lighting.
    at the end of battle, kakashi give all of his chackra left to blow all pein path into another dimension and success.
    but, ..the fight is not over yet 🙂

  94. I’m pretty sure the next chapter is gna be more on naruto or sasuke

  95. Ok it can go down like this Kakashi has Pain in MS genjutsu and its really Pains eye getting popped.

    Or its Kakashis normal eye that gets popped and now hes a full sharigan user now with 1 eye and we see him utilise his MS more.

    Or its his Sharigan eye that gets Popped and kakashi either fights till the end with his normal eye, Or takes 1 of Pains Eyes and Sakura does Medical Jutsu in field and we see Kakashi with a new Eye.

    Or its his Normal eye that gets popped and he gets a pain eyeball medically transplanted, And kakashi becomes a crazy eye’d Ninja with alot of power but lil Chakra.

  96. i think kakashi will die theres no way he could survive pein

  97. i get it! now i know thats peins power is… the “main pein” used summoning when he fight whit jiraija, and now whit kakashi it uset those forcethinks, and demon-thing was somehow relatived at sasori, which kakashi saw at the akatsuki secred cave. jiraija reconized almost all of pein characters, in past of jiraija’s life. So thats the key. Pein have some freak bility to absurd information on his enemys brain and use his old enemyes bilityes against him.
    also i think that in next episode there comes a few pein more and kakashi find the connections betwed them. Kakashi can’t die, because they need him whit saskeku. if i need to bet, it would be naruto how somehow stop the nail and now looks so mad

  98. lol, a spoiler pic is out at ( It could be false, but it looks like it actually is true. The pic states that Kakashi does indeed survive somewho with all his eyes intact. He is using MS now and using hte same technique as he did on Deidara on Pein. Not sure what the outcome is though.

  99. But hey if kakashi loses his eyes sasuke has an extra pair and gives Itachis eyes to kakashi as payment for hrlping him become strong enough to survive for the time being

  100. in the pic it looks like the nail just got his cheek and he got peins whole body with the sp-ace time thing to send him somewhere else

  101. The above mentioned pic is now post on the other discussion post HERE.

  102. i think that the name of the next chapter is related whith naruto’s training… i don’t belive that kakashi-sensei is dead, maybe he crated his own version of tsukiyomi and pain is under a genjutsu.
    can anyone belive that kakashi is so stuped to directly attack pain knowing that pain can revive his others bodies?? seriously hi is intelligently as shikamaru and he don’t use MS so far, so i guess he is doing something that we don’t seen yet.

  103. ATTENTION ALL OTAKU READ THIS… kakashi survives and does activate the mangekyo sharingan, but only after he loses his eye(kinda ironic) but tsunade and her slugs come to kakashis rescue, so its a chance that his eye gets saved, but good point on the sasuke sharingan thing, oh, and SHIKAMARU TAKES THREE PEINS DOWN, THATS MY DUDE, COOLEST MUTHAFUCKA CREATED, if only he could learn some taijustu…sigh

  104. see spoiler manga 424

  105. i think kakashi copied this Pains abiltiy and combined it with the of the MS to win this fight, first he sent the nail to another realm using the MS, since has stored chakra, knowing how smart he is he had more than one sourse, he sent the nail to another realm, now he has knowledge of how Pain power work he has the ability to have accurate knowledge of object in the the other dimension ( realm ) he then reopened that realm and thrusted the nail back at Pain using this pain power this is only successful beacuse kakashi focused the all his power on the nail, and when Pain goes to deflect it,he is hit, because kakashi attack was more direct rather than more spread out like pains defence therefore the nail had more power behind it the the defence

  106. wtf?

  107. wtf? the second half of that makes no sense

  108. I get what he’s saying. It’s like Pain’s defense is spread all around him and it’s powerful. But if you put something with lots more powerful in one single spot of his defense it’ll pierce it.

  109. yehallo, yehallo. Oi, Oi, Callmetyanasbabybruce. How’d you know that? I’ve searching the web and I ain’t seeing any spoilers like that, lol. *burn*. How’d you know that, lol =). Do share, =lol.

  110. haha thank you that i understand



  113. pein was jiraya student pein do not know genjutsu you stupid jajaja even jiraya could’n do genjutsu jajaja

  114. thats what i was wondering and genjutsu seems to be the best explanation

  115. remember pein has the ability to take 30% of another person’s charka and a dead body to make a complete copy of that person… remember when pein and konan were on their way to konoha they already killed a bunch of fire nin… what if pein took 30% of all the other realms and konan…except animal realm(especially since the whole effort to send in realm that can summon first) that konoha is really just fighting one real realm and five dead fire nin??

  116. well, genjutsu is a possiblity. But there is also the fact that God Realm used his Force ability to form a powerful shockwave that knocked everyone, but kakashi unconscious. Hungry Ghost Realm protected Pein from Kakashi’s chidori, giving God Realm enough time to create a powerful shockwave to knock them flying. This is also another possibility.

  117. well i seen a spoiler pic…looks like MS!!!!lol…not sure wuts happening but its working…google spoiler 424 and ull see it

  118. lol, I saw the onemanga stuff. Looks lke another good manga today. *jumps in air and yells, yess!!!!!!!* Well, no one answered my question, dang it. How do you know “but only after he loses his eye(kinda ironic) but tsunade and her slugs come to kakashis rescue, so its a chance that his eye gets saved, but good point on the sasuke sharingan thing, oh, and SHIKAMARU TAKES THREE PEINS DOWN, THATS MY DUDE, COOLEST MUTHAFUCKA CREATED, if only he could learn some taijustu…sigh” is true

  119. ok..if he sends the nail to a..nother dimension where da hell is da blood comin from..then?

  120. lol, where have you been for the past few mangas. When using MS, there will always be some bloodshed that one’s eyes goes through. Itachi used Amatersu and blood came out. Sasuke used Amatersu too and blood came from the eyes. I believe when he either used Susano or Tsukoymi, itachi’s eyes did bleed. Meaning that when one uses MS to its extent, it results in the eyes bleeding. Now I’m not saying that you’re wrong, but I’m just proving the fact that MS results in blood.

  121. ok your theory is more solid there is one more thing that seems a little off did you notice that kakashi deactivates his sharingon when attempting to use chidori on pien then fires up chidori again and goes threw the fat pien but its probably nothing special

  122. would’nt it be crazy if jiryia turned into one of the piens but that would probably cause a huge stir in the naruto world

  123. Anonymous – how about it is not blood… if kakashi use all what he had that’s his sweat… we don’t know ‘cos theres no colours

  124. The Hell Realm Is the realm with genjutsu

  125. nice perdictions

  126. hey, dudes, I just noticed somtng, lol. ISn’t Pain suppose to speeled like ‘pain’ and not ‘pein’. Isn’t pein, his name, but the actually spellingg is ‘pain’. I’m confsed, = lol.

  127. @AghilVAGI – on one of the really old posts I had a video from Warofthegalaxies that explained the difference very well but the video doesn’t exist anymore. The fact is that there is a good arguement for both and I’ve used both but it just comes down to who translates it. If it comes down to which is used more I’d have to say Pain more than Pein.

  128. that got explained on some youtube video that was in an old post i dont remember which one though

  129. woah tag team

  130. @ renzy – get off my kool aid yo! jk ^_^

  131. The video post above doesn’t look good far Kakashi. Never good to be looking back on old friends during battle. Hope that part was wrong. I guess we will have to wait and see when the Manga comes out. Damn, I hate being an impatient bastard!!!

  132. Script that is out so far that seems legit:
    danzou and gang go down into an underground bunker
    it seems he wants to become hokage

    back to kakashi

    chouji(?) throws off asura pein and jumps to his feet (not sure about this…jpn is weird)


    chouji (dad….kakashi sensei………!)
    it seems chouji’s dad took a bullet for chouji and is dead.

    kakashi: save your tears….for later!….if you can still move then…go tell tsuande…pain’s ability.
    chouji: me….
    kakashi: don’t waste your father’s sacrifice!

    what an annoying bunch

    ashura is still alive (´;ω;`)

    kakashi: (shit!) RUUUN!!

    chouji (dad;….this is for you)
    chouji running

    ashura spies chouji and fires a missile from his back

    カカシ(今のチャクラでは体全体は無理それにもう一度使えばチャクラが無くなる)(確 実 に死 ぬ!)
    kakashi: (with my current chakra level the whole body is impossible…and if I use it again I’ll have no chakra left) (I will without a doubt….die) [this is the picture page]

    the missile is fired


    kakashi: but I have to help the chouji to make a report! That’s the most important thing.

    missile hones in on the fat bastard

    zuuun (noise of missile vanishing)


    Kakashi: (well…seems like that’s it for me…Obito…Rin)


    that’s it

  133. Not good, not good. I think Kakashi is a gonner. Damn, I was hoping that he wouold last a bit longer. Maybe all those trips to the hospital was to get us used to him being out of the story???

  134. FYI, that says story behind the photo.

  135. well from me read that kakashi wont make it naruto where are you when we need you

  136. *gsps*..omg…i’m so shocked..even chouji’s dad..things are pretty shitty for Kakashi..i hope he makes it..damn..

  137. maybe when kishi said sakura needed to grow up he meant kakashi was going to die

  138. possible but I still don’t think he’s going to die… I just can’t imagine the manga with out Kakashi. I don’t even want to think about it.

  139. I still say kakashi’s going to pull through. Not shocked about Chouza, wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few more of these. He MAY pull through, but it’s going to finish waking Chouji up.

    Kiba better watch his mom’s back, Hinata better step up and Ino is going to be in the same boat too–I think they were all ahown early on in the invasion.

    Kakashi’s about to get a rescue, but it’s going to be really damn close. Fang over fang? Byakugan? Mind f*ery?

  140. i think he plans on dying but one of tsunades slugs comes so he has a little extra chakra and he ends up using his ms on pein and lives but hell be in the hospital again

  141. well only thing this leaves is a perfect time for naruto to save kakashi and fight pain

  142. Oooooorrrr MAITO GAI AND ROCK LEEEEEEEEE! The power of youthful spirit will prevail!

  143. I seriously think this opens the door more for Tsunade to step in and save Kakashi only to bite the big one….

  144. I agree, Naruto is far too caught up in his training to come back right now. He thinks that everything is still fine back home. Unless they drag the fight out for a long time, which they have been know to do, he will not make it back to save Kakashi. Tsunade is going to die during this battle and Kakashi sure thinks he is done for.

  145. If in fact this is the end for Kakashi, it seems very simular to Jiraiya’a death. Dying in order to send a message back to Tsunade about Pain.

    Just a thought.

  146. He’s not going to die… you have a potty mouth ^_^ Kakashi will live forever.

  147. Don’t get so butt hurt, I said IF. I would like Kakashi to live on as well.

    Maybe I am bitter for them killing off Asuma. Just got past that part in the Anime. Didn’t make it any better knowing it was coming.

  148. Well at least we know he didn’t loose his Sharingan.

  149. Just when we think that Demon realm redeems some coolness, he shoots a missle from his back…WTF…What, is his laser broken??

    He is like a cockroach that won’t die.

  150. I think Gai will show up to help kakashi next week, I think it Gai waits for the right moment to make a grand entrance and save kakashi to just show that he is better than him

  151. @Russ-Lmao 🙂

  152. Danzo is such a dick..he gets really on my nerves..argh.. >_<
    *grabs Danzo’s neck and squeezes him until his eyes pop out* *laughs evilly-MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*

  153. Video made by Fahim00717

  154. Inoichi’s going to short circuit the Pain brain somehow, but it’s going to fry him. Maybe that will happen in time for Kakashi to get rescued by slug and Tsunade.

    Naruto’s going to come home after it all, broken hearted and unwilling to leave ever again.

  155. kishi is so cool…

    imagine we are talking about his manga series..


    kakashi will not die in my opinion..

    remember he said on manga 422 dat he is prepared for this fight..

    and kishi could not afford to kill 1 of his main character coz if he do,, his manga would be F lame..

    want to see naruto find out wat happened to konoha.. want to see his new fighting style..

  156. well if pein gets away hes gonna be broken hearted and try and go fight pein for killing all of the people that matter most to him

  157. haha ok heres the deal kakashi is near death and he sees obito and rin… they tell him he needs to live for them and he wakes up and somehow magically kills pein or hes in a hospital

  158. obviously kakashi is not gonna die. kishi saved him from that bullet/nail so im thinking naruto has done fusion and has come to konhoa because his training is done and he saves kakashi. the possiblity of seeing rin and obito is also possible

  159. OR, he might just die.

  160. I think that Kakashi was saying that he could not use his MS on the entire Asura, just the arm. Also, that he did not have enough chakra to use the MS again after he saved Chouji. I think he believes that he’ll have to use it seeing that Deva Realm is still there. I think the Obito/Rin comment was him thinking that it’s all over, not that he is in fact dying.

  161. it seems that kakashi is not hurt at all. just out of chakra. that would be a very stupid death. very stupid. kishi will regret it if ever. so i dont think he’s done.

    so he used the ms at all? by the way, the spoiler scripts aren’t always true. those are not that accurate. so i guess there is a slight chance of changes.

    if ever chouji’s dad is dead, now he is grown up. i think that is really growing. when will sakura grow up?

  162. hey guys! i’ll bet $10! kakashi is not dead.

  163. There is no way Kakashi dies. Just not going to happen and I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face

  164. I hate kishi..he is killing everyone and every cool characters in the manga …first Asuma, Jiraiya and now the cool kakashi and the others (Not to mention the expectations for Tsunsde) and leaving Danzou and the rest of the BAD GUYS untouched…I mean whats he thinking this dude.. Killing everyone in order for the young generation to grow up!!!! is he gone nuts or something….I can’t believe that he is planning to pull something like this.

  165. hey dragon! don’t worry, kishi wont kill kakashi. if he does i’ll do it to him too!

  166. why does the title says take a closer look?

  167. yo just to put it out there i know yall want kakashi not to die but it would seriously take some one to come in and get him and transfer some chakra while getting away from pain. That’s alot to do when you think about it and there are still 4 other pains that are running rampage we just saw two fight kakashi it took all six to kill jaraiya so that just tells you there kakashi is above excellent ninja but he is still not up to par to a hokage level ninja like jaraiya. i wish the best of luck to him and hope he pulls thru but pain is just too much for one hokage level ninja so anyone lower is a push over for him

  168. Chouji dad is dead? just cause of one nail? lol.

  169. look at this now naruto has 2 teachers and someone to look after… maybe thats why they will kill kakashi here(well thats what i thought) although i like the way kakashi moves, talks hes so cool… but he has nothing left to do in the story… yamato is there to look after naruto now and he can stop naruto when he becomes wild… but lets see what will happen

  170. choujis dad got hit with a missile

  171. hey glen!do u have an account in battle net?if u have do u want to tell me the name to add u to my friends?we could play sometime foc!huh 🙂

  172. ill tel it to you next tym. i forgot the account. i always play offline. just using the lan. i rarely play online so i forgot. ill tell it to you next tym.!

  173. There’s no way that Kakashi dies. There may be nothing left for him to do in the managa, but there’s no reason to kill him as well. All the other ‘major’ deaths help to advance the development of the younger characters (i.e. Naruto, Shikamaru, Sasuke, etc…). Don’t see whose development would be served by killing Kakashi off. Someone will keep him from buying the farm. Might be Tsunade which leads her to buying the farm instead.

  174. that would be kinda cool to see naruto go tails to fight pien but i wanna see him use sage mode and kick some ass o yea!!!!!

  175. i think the moment pien sees naruto hes going to bring all dead piens back to life and attack naruto. then naruto makes like a few thousand clone since sage mode gives you huge amounts of chakra and naruto already has a vast amount of it. and destroy pien o yea!!!!

  176. Hmm Kakashi is dead, I thought the next chapter would lead to Naruto finding out and arriving to save him, but, the only other soloution i thought is gone, so sas, o more Kaka-sensei now kill Gai

  177. I’ve been reading the messages, and it seems to have gotten past everyone that Raikage sent a group of Ninja: Samui, Omoi, and Karui to the leaf village with a message for the Hokage. These are elite Ninja Jonin level, so it just may be them who will come to Kakashi’s aid. It makes no sense for Kakashi to die right now. He just learned to use the M.S. He would use that and end up in the hospital rather than die. He actually learned to use it by copying Itachi. He’s the ultimate copy ninja. Sasuke has eyes and I’ve never seen him copy a technique.

  178. Well I knew they would kill off kakashi, just didn’t believe it would be so soon. Sacrifices though had to be made in part to ensure the future of Konohona. It’s sad, but also great due to the fact we would suspect Kakashi to be the next Hokage, but to die in battle sounds more noble and adds a twists. It’s like the game of shogi that shikamaru played and used as his basis for his strategies, the king being the next generation. Loss only brought more growth from the characters in the story line. If we received the expected, what would be the purpose, it is a matter to keep you thinking, I love that fact.

  179. […] Naruto Manga 424 spoiler 100% TRUE CONFIRMED+ further discussion of Naruto Manga 423 Naruto Manga 424 UPDATED SPOILER VIDEO BELOW! […]

  180. Do you know what I never understood why Naruto dedicated a whole training session dedicated solely to do Rasengan with one hand so he could do Rasenshuriken with only one shadow clone.

  181. kakashi, wont die thrust me he still needs to teach naruto techniques

  182. Whatever Kakashi plans to do, it will definitely surprise everyone. He has his intentions kept secret.

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