WTF?! Shirt designs v1.2

Last week v1.0 of the Tshirts were revealed and you guys gave some great feed back along with the fact that between the comments and emails there is an interest in getting some of these made influenced me to make a new set of shirts with your input inmind.

Things you guys asked for:

1. Smaller images.  Images based less off the popular unorganized large print that is popular and more on the standard popular skate design.

2. Sasuke.

3. Dark colors.

With all that in mind here are some newly designed T shirts.  The old ones havn’t gone away for good so don’t freak out if you liked those, these are just a different style.  Let me know what you think.

Cartoons are for kids - Anime is gangsta - iareawesomeness

Cartoons are for kids - Anime is gangsta - iareawesomeness .

 1a) This is the redesigned “anime is gangsta” shirt. I added Kakashi, shikamaru and Karin, all in G’d up poses to go with the already G’d up Naruto.

Cartoons are for kids - Anime is gangsta - iareawesomeness

Cartoons are for kids - Anime is gangsta - iareawesomeness

 1b) Decided to show the same shirt in womens, same image.

Bringing new meaning to the term "eye for an eye" since 2008 - iareawesomeness

Bringing new meaning to the term "eye for an eye" since 2008 - iareawesomeness

 2) This shirt will make alot of people laugh but I just couldn’t resist.  This shirt is for all you conspiracy buffs out there.  I really like the image.  I can do this one in the black and red design like the others, but I wanted to show it in the dark gray for something different.

Paper Doll - iareawesomeness

Paper Doll - iareawesomeness

 3) This is a Konan shirt that was inspired by a comment by Ibikiteishi. It has Konan in her traditional pose, one with just her face transforming from paper from manga 422 and her with paper wings in her fight with Jiraiya. I actually really like this shirt design and I’m working on one with generally the same set up but with Gaara instead of Konan and Sandman instead of Paper Doll. 



 4) I made this shirt in response to the comment left by Skyhigh and several emails from other Sasuke supporters.  I always liked this panel from the manga.  It’s team Hawk rolling out.  I can also do this shirt in the black and red design but decided to go with something different.  It also looks really cool in the blue and white design like the hoodie from the v1.0 tshirt post.

redefining the term "Bad Guys" since 2008 - iareawesomeness
redefining the term “bad guys” since 2008 – iareawesomeness

5) This one is also team Hawk from their individual covers on the manga.  I’m showing this in a women’s design but it also comes in mens.  I liked this one.


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on October 28, 2008.

15 Responses to “WTF?! Shirt designs v1.2”

  1. WTF?! Am I first? HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

    Paper Doll–awesome. I like when ‘I ARE AWESOMENESS’ is bigger, like in the bottom t. Also wonder if you want the full address? If I’m gonna be wearing this riding my bike on the strand, don’t you want the hit count ouf of it? (sorry…my day job thinking bus. strategy all day…possessed my fingerrrsssssss).

  2. Good thought about the size of “i are awesomeness” and about adding a “.com” but I’m REALLY not doing this blog or the site for any kind of monetary gain. It’s purely for fun and the love of the manga.

    I’m doing the shirts because I really don’t care for 99.9% of the Naruto shirts out there and I think most people agree. This is about “us/we” getting what we want and how we want it. Just like the blog, it’s not about “me” its about all of us making something awesomeness. This blog is nothing without the readers and contributors.

    If I try to turn a profit, it becomes a job.

  3. they all look really nice

  4. I know you’d never be so crass as to propose it yourself, Jeremiah, so I was crass for you. =)

  5. Make one with the Fourth on it.
    Maybe one with Naruto and the Fouth.
    One with Naruto and Sasuke like the one with Tobi/obito and Kakashi.

    And Jiraiya Certainly needs a Honorable Shirt print :O!!!

  6. All are great, when does production start? When do we need to get our orders in????

  7. Very soon. I have a whole plan on how to roll this out…
    Be patient young Sampson.

  8. hey! i was thinking…
    ca i get a shirt?

    coz you know…

    i am on the other side of the world.

    so maybe i guess i am not included for the order?

    i am currently in the philippines. i am studying here.

    actual i am a full-blooded filipino. its just that my parents are migrants in japan.

  9. I can find out how much it will cost to ship to the philipines and let you know. Then you can decide if you want to be part of the order or not.

    I can’t believe your actually on at this time of day 0_0 very early for you!

    Random fact: Kingbernardino (one of our admins) is also a philipino.

  10. I refuse to support the Obito / Madara shirt. However if there were to be a Danzo / Madara shirt count me in. By the way I didn’t see a Captian Planet / Swayze shirt. Or Captian Planet on one side saying “when I say punk ass…”; Planeateers on the back saying “…you say bitch”!

  11. Sorry that should say “weak ass”

  12. sweet new designs!

  13. you should do a team hawk with steven hawking instead of

  14. seeming as shikamaru lost asumo maybe they will get rid of kakashi to show how it is about narutos generation and not kakashis cause at the moment its only kakashis generation and older ones protecting the village all of the kids need to grow up

  15. wrong post soz

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