Naruto Manga 423 Translation Scanlation + further discussion on 422 + R.I.P. Laser head?

Naruto Manga 423 <spoiler><pics><raw><translation>

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Below is a HQ scanlation of Naruto Manga 423. Or you can click the translation link above to read online scans. Enjoy ^_^ Discussion tonight. See below for details. My break down of the new manga will be posted tomorrow.

Discussion tonight at 11:30pm US eastern time at  Even if we get a few people it will be a good test of whether or not it is a good idea in the future.

Long live Captain Planet and all hail The Swayze.

The new post by Ibikiteishi is up and it examines the never dieing Tobito theory, it can not be killed, even by Tobi explaining he’s Madara… Click HERE to read the post. Enjoy 🙂

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Below is the break down and analysis of last weeks manga 422.

Talk about reinventing your self!

Talk about reinventing your self!

Naruto Manga 422

Naruto Manga 422

Hey everyone,

Here are some observations to discuss over the weekend on the latest issue of Naruto Manga # 422 entitled Kakashi vs Pain!! As you all know by now the numbers in the panels above correspond with my numbered observations below.

1. The transformation of Demon realm from stupid laser head guy into Awesomeness… well… it was Awesomeness. How cool does he look now? Along with the tail, changing faces and multiple arms, he’s suddenly gone to the top of my list as one of my favorite Realms of Pain. I can’t think of any character development, in any anime, where a character went from complete douche to complete Awesomeness so quickly. Please comment if you can think of one because I can’t.

Unfortunately in the first numbered panels above he also appears to have become a casualty of war. Chouji’s father makes a comment to the effect of “that’s one down” or something like that. Point is, Kishi for the most part has him assumed down for the count at this point. But is he done for good?

CLOSED SURVEY RESULTS: Is Demon Realm dead for good?

25% of you said Yes. Much like the one that was dissected earlier he is dead for good. (80 votes) 26% of you said No, he’s fine. You’d be tired too if you just got pwnd by Kakashi and friends. (85 votes) 49% of you said No. Pain will resurrect him shortly… like Freddy or Jason he will be back. (157 votes)
Total Votes: 322

2. I can’t tell you how much I love this character. Konan is hard fuckin core. Most nin will snuff a MFer with out hesitation but its usually quick. She prefers to torture and suffocate her victims to death… That’s my kind of villan.

3. “Take my chakra and heal their wounds!”

Translation: Take my chakra so that when I fight there is an excuse why I will die in battle!

4. “I will protect the village, no matter what”

Translation: I can’t believe Kishi is going to do me like this! I can’t believe they are actually killing me off!

5. Many of us wrote off Kakashi early in the comments section last week but he showed some crafty nin work and put down the new and improved Demon Realm relatively quick… at least for the time being. No one should under estimate the possible future Hokage ever again.

6. With all that being said, these battles show a glimpse at what Jiraiya was against when he battled all 6 bodies. Like how incredibly strong is Jiraiya to have put up such an incredible fight against all the Realms of Pain at once! He was an incredibly powerful nin and I’m still not over his death.

7. The all enticing two line teaser for issue number 423 “What is God Realm Pain’s power?” and “Capture Pain!” Alot of discussion has floated around the comment section about what exactly is God Realms roll in all of this. Is his only power to control the other bodies or does he have his own set of powers aside from what we’ve seen?

The second statment “Capture Pain!” is I’m sure a strategy and not a declaration that the next issue will show Pain being captured. The only nin capable of actually capturing the REAL Pain is far away right now so perhaps they are just talking about the other realms??? I don’t think there is any one nin that is actually capable of capturing God Realm on his/her own…. or is there?

I’ll be back with a new post and discussion, with some new survey questions and a couple WTF?! posts Monday.

Ja mata,



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246 Responses to “Naruto Manga 423 Translation Scanlation + further discussion on 422 + R.I.P. Laser head?”

  1. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst! Suckas!!!!!!

  2. damn…bono’s back…

  3. hey bono, have you seen the south park episode of yourself? cuz its hilarious!

  4. That episode was funny, and demon realm is freaking cool.

  5. I don’t think that Demon is dead, just out of it for a bit. He kinda reminds me of Sasori.

  6. oh yeah…laser head 180…I think it was the bloody ‘tail’ sticking out of “Kakashi’s” back that finally sold me.

    Konan puts a whole new definition on paper doll (snicker).

    Tsunade’s toast big time, but I still say there’s going to be an ambiguity, just like the other Sannin. No body, no death right? Although, of the three I think she’s most likely to suffer a permanent death (from lack of penis if nothing else). So I’m still waffling, but I do think the chances of permanent death and body burial are less than 50%. And Jiraiya…call me crazy, I refuse to believe he’s dead.

  7. Not sure God Realm is going down this battle, but if he does, I think it’s only going to be from a team effort of the original chuunin trials class–with a last minute arrival of Naruto, because nobody else will be able to handle it.

    I hope we see more intergenerational fight teams–Chouji, Chouza; Ino, Inoichi; Shikamaru, Shikaku; Lee, Gai; Neji/Hinata, Hiashi; Kiba, Tsume. Last time there was a big brawl in Konoha, the adults and the youth fought separately. This part of the story seems to be showing how the new generation is starting to surpass the old, teaming them up would make those changes obvious.

  8. lol nice “from lack of a penis”. u definitely deserve props for that statement!

  9. how did kakashi find out pain secret so fast he must be a super genius

  10. I don’t think Kakashi has the “big” secret figured out yet (Nagato) but yes he is a super genius.

  11. @ Ibikiteishi – the paper doll comment just gave me cool idea for an iareawesomeness T shirt. Thanx ^_^

  12. How funny is it that Gai is the second most popular answer on the survey for who can defeat Pain.

    That was the answer I chose ^_^

  13. gai would not stand a chance against gai could barley beat kisime and them T shirts are awesome great design

  14. kakashi didn’t figure it out, he was remembering what the frog said about them sharing a field of vision… so if anything he’s a bit slow that he didn’t remember until he got played for a sucker. Though I guess you could say he was playing slow just trying to get laser-head to impale him with the tail so he could hit him with the lightning clone.

  15. Ol’ laser-dome looks like a puppet, I doubt he is down for the count.

  16. what preparations do you think Kakashi has made?

  17. My guess is preparations to summon his dads chakra saber or maybe even something we have never seen before

  18. @ Jeremiah…yes! Konan paper doll t-shirt! Yes! I haven’t seen it and I’m warmin’ up my paypal account. Can’t wait. (goes off squeeeeeeeeeing)

  19. kakashi will use his last two choices. first is hi mangekyo and then the sword of his dad. the white fang!

  20. hey! about the number 5 observation, didnt you noticed that the bunshin got blood? was that supposed to be? i thought when hit it jut blows out. or maybe in case of kakashi’s bunshin, it would turn to current.

    is that a kishi’s mistake?

  21. hey! i just noticed it.

    is the demon realm a scorpion?


    just an observation…

  22. im pretty sure that naruto is going to show up before the battle is completely over. I’ve been thinking about if all the toads focus on natural energy, then they may have felt it when douchebag danzo killed the young toad, or maybe the toad was supposed to check-in or something, either way i think the other toads are aware of danzo and his douchebagginess and i bet their pissed. Ill bet naruto is going to show up riding that giant toad he’s summoned a couple of times. Plus naruto has to perform his(new techniques and accomplish what no on thought he could and in such a short time cliche) Kishi has bestowed upon us time and time again. Then the village will be indebted to him AGAIN!, and he STILL wont be automatically advanced to chuunin. sigh*

  23. The blood has to be a Kishi mistake. I didn’t even think of that. Nice job.

  24. Danzou? I reckon Danzou will go to the mountain to fight Naruto and kill him so that Pein cant get to the Bijuu.( the name of the biju?)

    Tsunade wont die, she will die when she realise DAnzou is trying to kill Naruto. So she goes and saves him.

    Kakashi – wtf is on about storing chakra? looks like he learnt something new.

    -Though regarding Danzou, I do feel that Naruto has pretty much completed his sage training and will head back to Konoha point hanging in the mountains..he has laready how to get into sage mode.

  25. The bunshin probably had blood cause when Kakashi summoned it he was already bleeding. Since bunshins are supposed to be a copy of you then it came out with blood on it like kakashi had

  26. alright since the ivasions already begun and i ahven’t had a theories in a while here goes one. After the invasion arc Kabuto will resurface and tsunade will be dead. Since kishimoto said that he wanted sakura to grow up i think she’ll be the one too take out kabuto. the arc will span several chapters and during this time naruto will master his sage mode and possibly a few new jutsu and sasuke will have another showdown with the 8 tails. The whole raikage situation will also mature leading up to the next arc witch maybe a ninja war. the Orochi kabuto arc will end with a showdown between team kakashi and kabuto that will end in a medical ninja showdown between sakura and kabuto, and Sakura will get the win. After this arc akatsuki will begin to move again with the goal of capturing the kyubi.

  27. we know they are supposed to be copies of eachother, but what people dont understand is why hasn’t there been blood coming out of any other bushin. My guess is that kakashi’s jutsu allowed him to make one very strong clone instead of naruto’s 200 individually useless clones. since naruto’s (and pretty much any other ninja’s) clones die before any serious damage is done we may have just never seen blood before, maybe kakashi’s was just able to survive a little longer for us to see it. orrrrrrrrr…… kishi got sloppy, i just like coming up with theorys =P

  28. I Kinda wanted t go into more detail with that ther\ory but figured it was a long enough post. Let me know what you guys think esp 9tailed cause i like debating with him

  29. I like the idea of a Sakura vs Kabuto fight. But I think there will be a time skip before they fight Kabuto again to give time for some sort of evolution to happen.

    Cool theory.

  30. i definitely dont think that frickin laser beam/sheeva look a like pein is down and out… especially when u remember that jman thought he killed the 3 peins in his fight and all god pein did was revive them…i could see if maybe one of the other peins where taken down because they are away from god pein..but god pein is right there where laserbeam/sheeva pein is…so he will def revive his corny ass…
    does anybody notice how god pein doesnt do anything when he summons the other peins…but when he was fightin jman by himself he was actually fighting….as soon as his goon squad of the undead come he just sits back and watches…almost like…hinting to people that if he gets taken out while the others are summoned..then they will fall all at once…u know

  31. nice one @skyhigh303-i believe the same with Jeremiah..probly the time skip would be about Kakashi and his past and his new position as Hokage..just guessing :)but i would really like to learn about his past and especially his father…the White Fang of Konoha!!

  32. god relm has never lifted a finger in a fight he has only uesed summons when fighting, I am sure that kakashi took note of this and he might know how to win.

  33. If sasuke is going to destroy Konoha there won’t be that much left of the damn village after the pain attack… Also the Whole reason why Danzo wanted sasuke killed is that if sasuke ever found out the truth he would come after him, so Danzo was just protecting his own ass not the vilage

  34. demon realm has a great chance of coming back

    gai sensi is not in the lead in the poll no more

  35. sakura vs kabuto that has a chance of happening but kabuto can fight real good and now with the orochimaru stuff probably even better so if they do fight sakura i think will lose but dont get me wrong she is very strong but her main moves are her strenth

  36. @ f.u. – Sasuke wants the elders heads on a spike more than anything.

    Danzo wanted Sasuke dead long before the whole Sai attempt. He wanted him dead during the Itachi massacre with the rest of the Uchiha, not to protect his ass. As it said in the manga Itachi’s leverage on Danzo was the only thing keeping him alive.

  37. Sakura vs. Kabuto…I really like that. I like that enough to go write about it. Only…Sakura has to have a Tsunade jutsu–like one of her slugs implanted in her spine or…shuts up to go write some stuff down…THX skyhigh

  38. interesting… I bet it won’t live up to the Oro/Sai bro rape fan fic

    ^_^ jk

  39. @ Jeremiah…lmao…probably not, there was just too much truth there…BWAH!!

  40. yea i think kakashi realized something with god realm because it was only when god realm was sucking him did he realize his power so i think something revolves around god realm

  41. I thought the sword kakashis dad left him was destroyed. he probably just has a hidden technique that we havent seen.

  42. @ Jeremaih- what about Deidara/Sai Deidara has three mouths, he could redefine the meaning of a “Hand job” >_<.

  43. what do you think about sauskes eyes and how there losing their sight. I hope he transplants itachis

  44. dude that would be sweet until you realize Deidara is a dude, now i think im gonna throw up, too much bro rape discussion going on here now, putting nasty thoughts in my head, i want to put bleach in my eyes and hope it gets to my brain ahhhh!!!

  45. btw what would Swayze think of this? WWSD? (What Would Swayze Do)

  46. hey! i was thinking, if the sage mode increases one’s attack power like jeraiah’s super great ball rasengan, what will hppen to naruto’s bunshin? should they reamain still after a simple kick? i think that would be nice.

    about kakashi’s bunshin? i son’t think that is stronger than naruto. kakashi is just better using it but not stronger. the simple reason why he make one bunshin only coz that’s what he only can. he don’t have much chackra as naruto to make thousands of bunshins.

  47. kakashi has realized that god realm can control attraction and deflection of space and matter. that is what he discovered. remember what fukasaku told them? to defeat pein you must take them one by one and know their individual powers. now that the realms are apart from each other except for the demon and god realms, he is trying to find out what are their powers to counter them.

    kakashi will now use his mangekyo sharingan with help of a mud jutsu that will hold the enemy to keep the still.

  48. hey! don’t you think hat sooner or later, konan (who is going everywhere asking for naruto) ganna face tsunade? and they’ll have a very good fight. when it comes to the point taht konan is loosing, here comes the god realm to the rescue. and that gives kakashi the opportunity to shut him up.

    tsunade will give konan a big challenge but the other realms come for help.

    tsunade dies.

    after the death of the god realm, nagato will come out and show his true powers.

    unfortunately for him, naruto suddenly comes out as fukasaku noticed that his goggled frog was late for its daily report and feeling bad about it, they come back to kanohakagure .

    and here comes the real battle…

    rinegan vs sage mode…


  49. after killing the god realm, kakashi will go to tsunade to help her but his too late, tsunade is almost dying. tsunades last words is for kakashi to take her position. there are the anbu’s as witness. kakashi got angry and use an oil spitting justu to konan and burn her with a raikiri

  50. @ bashbro – I like it BUT it needs THE in front of SWAYZE.

    So it would be WWTSD? ^_^

  51. @ glen – your theory comment no jutsu is like like Naruto’s chakra, *BLANK* and *BLANK*

    20 awesomeness points for who ever fills in the blanks correctly ^_^

  52. ?….

  53. fox’s and nature?

  54. now i am thinking… are the shinobies of konaha really that weak? are the main characters the only strong in the naruto world? why are the others dying that easy? grrr…

  55. @john (way back there)–I think Madara saved Itachi’s eyes for sasuke. And about the time Sasuke turns on him, and I mean obviously turned on him, he’s going to pull him back again with the eyes. or one eye, and hold one back for later.

  56. @ lastscorpion way back there–Deidara/Sai–you’re a sick little monkey and I’m lmfao. I guess that’s why Sasori and all his puppets liked working with him. No waiting. Okay, I should go to bed now, before I get any nastier.

  57. should pain get a new body for the asura realm?? i heard the hell realm can ressurect a dead pain

  58. is the new hell realm is rin, kakashi’s teammate when he with obito

  59. this is off topic…but….does anybody know where to watch that new shipuuden movie….i know that will fucking AWESOMENESS

  60. @avidphan-you can go to but the second shippuden movie isn’t yet out..but u can watch the first one if u haven’’s really cool!!the second: Naruto Shippuden Movie Bonds is coming on 2009..i’ve heard that it’s awesome 🙂

  61. @ Vox – yup

    @ Ibiki – LOL, you make Madara sound like an old lady dealing with her spoiled grandchild. Keeping Itachi’s eyes in her purse like candy, saving it for when Sasuke throws a temper tantrum so that he can give him one to calm him down ^_^

  62. I don’t like the idea of Kakashi becoming a great ninja. I prefer Kakashi to remain an excellent jounin that could fight for a while with the very strongest shinobi’s out there but wouldn’t be able to defeat them. A bit like he was during his first encounter with Itachi (in Konoha).

  63. who do you think can stop madara when he shows his true powers

  64. well if madara shows his true powers only a sharingan can defeat him or some1 with a forbidden jutsu or kekkai genkai

  65. @Jeremiah…purse candy. lolz. Well, when you’re a hundred or so, everybody’s your spoiled grandchild.

    You watch, Sasuke’s thinking he’s a free agent and has everything under control. Then Madara’s going to manipulate him again–and the only NEW thing he’s really going to need are those eyes in Madara’s purse.

  66. Question, why do we like Naruto?


  68. @ Kingcam – Well drawn, well developed story, nin based, underdog story, likable characters, twists in plot etc… Why do you like it?

    It’s my favorite manga but I don’t think it even makes my top ten anime list.

  69. this is my first time but i just want to put this out there
    i know i might be wrong but hear me out!
    i think there is a relationship between the old two adviser n jman like they are jman parents , and also i’m thinking that minato is tsunade n dan son well think about how the old bags react when tsunade told then tht naruto is gonna surpass jman n theres more ………. come back later n put more out there n see wat you guys think

  70. remember when jman told naruto tht his parent still alive n as you know theres is alway a coneccion there
    n if i’m rite about naruto being tsunade grandson he is related to the first hokage theres always being a big gap n still alot that we dont know

  71. @lizard…nice theory, but I don’t think the elders are Jiraiya’s parents. He calls the woman sensei, and the man by his name. Personally, I think Minato is Jiraiya snd Tsunade’s son, but Jiraiya doesn’t know00or has to pretend he doesn’t know. The guilt is all over Tsunade’s face whenever the topic comes up.

  72. well remember this jiraya told naruto that his parents (jiray)are still alive n those two are the only elders tht we had seen and the last time jman and tsunade talked he said he thinks of naruto as he own grandson jman was away long time and minato can be tsunade and dan naruto looks a lot like tsunade lil brother , even maybe sakura is probly related to kushina i havent heard of sakura family

  73. @lizard2014 Euhm, never in the manga Naruto learns anything about his parents. We know that Naruto’s mom is prolly still alive but Naruto doesn’t know a thing about his parents.

    Besides I don’t think Minato is Tsunade’s son. Remember that Tsunade is in her fifties and 17 years ago when the Nine Tails ravaged Konoha Minato was already Hokage. So he was at the very least 20. That would make Tsunade about 10-15 years older than Minato. The age difference between student and pupil is about 10 years in most cases.

  74. tsunade was raped at 12. danzou did!

  75. that explanes danzou’s bandages on his face!

    tsunade summoned a little slug and spit acid to his face

  76. hey! tsunade is at her 60’s!

    the elders told that

  77. @lizard sakuras parents im pretty sure just arent ninjas… when they were younger i think i remember somebody saying something about them being there like when sasuke got super gay

  78. and according to that timeline post tsunade was 39 when naruto was born so it could be possible that she is his grandma seeing as how they would prolly have kids asap being ninjas lol

  79. Click HERE to see the ages of the characters, it uses the official Naruto source books as reference. Tsunade isn’t 60.

    You all have great thoughts but you have the ages mixed up a bit 🙂 Keep it up.

  80. I’m going to off topic, but I seem to remember the manga stating that the 9 tails is the source of unlimited chakra. Also, that the tailed beasts are forces of nature. That said, it would seem that Naruto, in sage mode, should be able to control the 9 tails chakra without needing to assume its form.

  81. i kno i might be wrong its my first time here but at the moment it kind of make sense you all know how history in a way repeat itself here n how about naruto is related to the first hokage n sasuke to madara the story will take back to the beginin and that migh explain why naruta has lots of chakra and stamina cuz it might desent of the strongest clans i dont think tsunade is the last one of the stronger clans of the manga but like i say i might be wrong

  82. if naruto is related to the frist hokage then he is releted to tsunade

  83. Which by that logic, so is Minato.

    So if the 1st, Tsunade, Minato, and Naruto’s ages all line up then its possible. But do they???? Hmmmm, not really but the manga has bent the ages on a couple of different things.

  84. yea there ages do not line up

  85. Exactly my point. History repeats and repeats in this story, and the whole Sasuke v Naruto battle was HUGE and sloppy with symbolism–history repeating. And that only works with Tsunade as gramma. Now, depending on how old you think Minato was Hokage, that could be an issue. It’s physically possible for him to be between 20 and 24 when Naruto was born. That means Tsunade would have to have been knocked up between 13 and 17. They were made jounin at 10…I’m thinking this is possible.

  86. …and I plug some sloppy fanfic that fleshes out the idea…

  87. so even if this is true which its not you are saying that tsunade is naruto grandma

  88. James: A crackpot theory, dude, possible and hugely hinted at with symbolism and dialog…jeez, Naruto even calls her obaasan. But still–only a theory. I’ll post some evidence on this wild spec later, after the Halloween story I’m writing for all those Tobi=Obito speculators. hee.

  89. I think that the rods they found inside of the body of the captured Pain will come into play. The rods are probably used by God Realm Pain to control the others movements. I think that Kakashi may have thought of this and used the Lightning clone to see if it would scramble the rods so that Demon Realm Pain can’t move anymore.

  90. i don’t think that Naruto is related to Tsunade in any way except they have blonde hair and can be really, really corny at times…

    One of the main themes, if any at this point, is fighting the system, being the underdog and always winning. Everyone else Naruto has fought has had a gift (sharingan, byakugan, bone growth, ice abilities, extreme c***lingus abilities {you have to admit there has to be some reason y Deidara would have tongues in his hands, other than bomb making}, and string thingies)…

    Naruto being related somehow to Tsunade and the first would be an epic replay of 1st versus Madara, but it would lose that entire feeling of Clint Eastwood riding in from god know’s where, saves the day and leaves.

    And no the fox does not count as a gift, it is more of a curse , the sharingan (until very recently), was not capable of destroying your entire village when you got to angry, and the byakugan does shit (in direct damage)

  91. good point

  92. john said: “what do you think about sauskes eyes and how there losing their sight. I hope he transplants itachis”

    This is probably what Madara wants, he wants to put Saskue in situations where he would have to use the ms and drain his own vision so eventuallt ehy’d have to switch.

  93. Yes, a *very* good point, Alec. Although…I do think the story is comlex enough that those overreaching themes don’t contradict each other: history repeating and the underdog succeeding out of nowhere. BUT…I’m getting windy, I’ll save it for the post. (and i’m laughing like a 6th grader in the back of class at the Deidara thing…)

  94. @ Jeremiah in reference to Glenn: Glenn’s comment theory no jutsu is *huge* and *awesome*

    BTW: That’s what she said…

  95. *about me

    awesomeness five!!! *fives no one in particular and then snaps his fingers*

  96. since the ages are just slightely off isnt it possible that naruto is more closely related to the second who is obviousely the firsts brother… to me the second is so mysterious it could be possible just like minato all we really knew about him for awhile was that he sealed the fox in naruto and that is how he died

  97. @alec – lmfao

  98. I don’t pretend to understand japanese culture, but as I understand it a person is an adult in japan at 14yrs old. My point is do not put western ideals on the social dynamic in the narutoverse.

  99. Well the first hokage was not the strongest ninja, so I don think it make too much of a difference if naruto is related to him or not.
    Since I know people will ask why I say the first was not the strongest <__<).

  100. WTF half my post was cut off in the one above this one. (so lets try once more)

    Well the first hokage was not the strongest ninja, so I don think it make too much of a difference if naruto is related to him or not.
    Since I know people will ask why I say the first was not the strongest <_<, I will let you know where I got it from. In one of the interviews (not sure what one) he says that the third (when young) and the fourth are the strongest DEAD ninja, some of the ninja alive right now are stronger then them. So unless the first is ALIVE he is not the strongest ninja (I am 99.99% sure he is dead).

    P.S I wonder if deidara ever practised french kissing his hand, also it must suck for him after pulling down his pants (yes he is a pa pa pants man) and makeing poo, poo ewwwww (Yes this is first grade humor).

  101. yamato got the dna of the frist and he is really strong

  102. dudes i’m telling you guys right now. All the village has to do is sacrafice 4 bodies and do the forbiddon jutsu that Oroshimaru did. That way we can ring back the First, Second, Third, AND the FOURTH hokage all out at once. true no?

    Also remember the first or second or third chapter of naruto when he stole the forbiddon jutsu scrolls? What if he learned more stuff from that scroll. What if the kage bunshin was just a little remnant of what he learned?

    I know this is crazy but guys. It’s possible for the other Tailed demon hosts to be alive again. People can revive them using the forbiddon jutsus.

    You know how the 8th demon host can bring out the demon within? What if naruto can do that same? I bet he DEFINATELY can because we all know that the little charm that’s holding the 9 tailed fox is going to be released one chapter. I can see it now. Naruto is going to tear off that seal at the end of one of the chapters and there will be a BIG BANG BOOOM BAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM! lol

    it’s pretty obvious that the Pein body that Konoha is doing a autopsy on is still alive. those pein bodies are all just dolls being controlled by those black things like they said.all you have to do is remove all the piercings.

    hmmm what else. Sasuke is denately going to be the one to kill Danzo but Sasuke and Sai are both going to get in some kind of little conflict. Naruto will be the one to be rid of Pein.The Raikage….or whatever is going to try and start war with Konoha.
    Sasuke will gain Itachi’s eyes. Or maybe Naruto will……….Sakura would be the one to implant them.

    Hmm, It’s pretty obvious that all the parents of the kids would probably die. LIike chouji’s dad, Innuos parents. Gai, and so on. The cover of the Manga after the Pein saga and Akatsuki will have the original kids from Naruto and their Older form.

    The new enemy will be Kabuto/Orochimaru.

    dude all of this stuff is soo obvious. What’s exciting is how it all happens. =]

  103. hey! do you guys know about the sixth element?

    currently, there are 5 revealed elemental chakra fire, water, wind, lightning, earth.

    in the mange, it is revealed that there is a sixth element. i wonder if naruto got that. coz like what yamao said after he recovered from the 4tail state, naruto has incredible ability to heal it’s self and that is not because of the fox’s chakra but his own. i am just thinking what if naruto got that and gives him the ability to contol tailed beasts like the 1st.

    would that be possible?

  104. that would really make him the child of prophecy!

  105. about the deidara hand kissing……….

    that made me laugh…

    i just imagned how deidara’s hands lusts hinself

  106. naruto was able to throe the rasenshuriken: confirmed!

  107. Glenn i was confused about that a while back ago, so for now we’re just letting it go…

    maybe the 6th element is firing freakin’ laser beamz outta your freakin’ head

  108. hahaha…


    sorry bout that

  109. the sixth element is said to have great powers, but what actually it is was not yet revealed. i was just thinking if naruto got that element and his wind element is its secondary… what would it give naruto? i think that explains his ability to heal himself so fast and including his great stamina. naruto is strong by himself not because of the fox.

    that element might give naruto special skills like controlling the beasts.

    how about that?

  110. Here is food for thought about Narutos development.

    Currently 8 tails is alive and is the only living Jinchūriki with the full control of his beast. The invasion arc ends with a main character dead, most likely Tsunade. Naruto will be at a stalemate with Pein, who will retreat. Knowing that he cannot yet defeat pein. Naruto will try to master new things inorder to make himself more powerful.

    Konoha intellegance finds out that the 8 tails still lives. Naruto is determined to make sure that 8 tails stays that way and goes on the search, possibly alone. Along the way he stumbles across the search and rescue party that is set up by 8 tail’s village.

    Short battle and Naruto wins, but explains what is going on, so they help him look for the 8 tails. An event or two happens and they locate the 8 tails, however he doesn’t want to be found and goes on the attack. Short fight as he descovers naruto is also a Jinchūriki. Finding out that naruto cannot fully control his beast, 8 tails pokes fun in a rap. A little comedy thrown in at the right time and they agree to be a master student with each other.

    This is what i have so far.

  111. Minato was Jiraiya’s student rite? So there is no way Minato would be his son…

    Minato though could be related to the 2nd hokage (very very high chance).
    Tsunade doesnt have any children..we would know about them otherwise. Or they are dead already.
    Jiraiya though..who knows.

    Naruto will learn eventually how to control the bijuus. (all of them not just the 9 tails..). As that waas the 1st ability.

  112. I think that tsunade could be narutos grandmother and this could be explained by there hair see in the manga they mostly define a family by the there hair colour and make them have similar characteristics and seeming there are not that many people in the village with blonde hair this could help explain that.
    PS @ alec cant get that hand thing out of my head now

  113. Not really a 422 comment but I was thinking.
    Madera has been around since the first hokage but looks middle age. He only has one (shown) Sharingan eye and is interested in Saske’s eyes. In his current form his right side of the body appears to be stiched together. Orichimaro learned the body transfer when he was with the Akatski. Also the Akatski has a member who travels through the ground and can take bodys (maybe eat them). So if we look back to Orbito. We never see him die. They are distracted before he is dead and then is burried alive in the rocks with his right side of the body crushed. So I think it is possible that Orbito was taken partially healed and had his body taken over by Madera eager to have a body with the Sharingan again (even if only one eye). Now after the distruction of the whole clan he left himself with two sets of eyes so he would be able to get a body with the eternal MS again. I think this will be revealed later in a fight between Tobi and Kakashi thus stunning Kakashi and giving a moment for a split frame with half of each face.

  114. think gai and lee should fight fat pain seen they only use tai jutsu

  115. i don’t think demon pain is out for good he can be revive by pain but i think kakashi is going to stand watch pain be revived pa toad told him about pain reviving is bodies and it no only that kakashi is super genius but he is using the Sharingan

  116. kakashi might lose his eye. Click Here.

  117. Where the F did you get that charzelo?

  118. Found it and posted it. Thanx a bunch!

  119. if kakashi loses his eye he can give up on becomming hokage and i know that he dont wants tp

  120. All very interesting theories. I’m one of the few that doesn’t believe Tusnade will die. Naruto MUST become the 6th hokage and he’s just not ready yet.
    I think something along the lines of Tsunade retiring, just like the third did, and Naruto taking over is plausible.

  121. tsunade retiing i rather have her die

  122. I’d rather have her retire but I’m pretty sure she will die because Kishi said she would have to grow up.

  123. that could mean get stronger or older

  124. Well the characters who he said “already grew up” had their mentor die.

    You are right though, it could mean other things because he said Rock Lee had grown up enough already, which I’m guessing was the injury thing, so you could be very right. I just think she’s done for.

  125. @ Blackorean – I like the idea of sacrificing bodies to bring back the Hokage’s to battle Pain. It will never happen but a great thought! Pretty sure Oro is the only one with balls (which is funny cause we question if he even has male parts) enough to use one of the forbidden jutsu.

  126. If kakashi eye is destroyed (could happen and would be “Something big” still not sure just by that one page) I wonder if he would be stronger. The eye would not drain his chakra, but he cant do chidori anymore. If he has masterd 1000 jutsu I wonder if we will start to see some of them.

  127. i dont think kakashi will lose his eye, maybe it becomes injured, or maybe kakashi will die and that is what makes sakura grow up

  128. Maybe Sakura growing up means something will happen to Tsunade but I don’t remember many manga issues where Sakura is all that close to Tsunade to begin with. Other than being her Master, what other close connection does Tsunade have with Sakura? I would think something happening to Naruto or Sasaske would affect Sakura way more than something happening to Tsunade. Am I missing something here?

  129. tsunade trained sakura the whole time naruto went training with jiraya and tsunade thinks of sakura as a apprentice and sakura has taken a lot of triats from tsunade they are probalby close because tsunade taught her all she knows

  130. so if somthing happened to tsunade sakura would greatly affected put it like this tsunade is to sakura as jiraya is to naruto

  131. Or maybe, kakashi’s other eye is destroyed, and afterword’s he takes either the rinnegan or the byakugan, who knows…

  132. @_*

  133. BWAH: @_*

    That would be harsh. Worse than death, really–the concert pianist who has every bone in his hands smashed. BUT, Kakashi hasn’t made his lifetime contribution to the shinobi guild yet.

  134. the rinnegan is better sharinngan but not the……….
    (i dont know how to spell it) sharinngan that itachi sasuke and kakashi

  135. James, just ms, its short for magneykou sharingan

  136. ok crazy thought… but what if pain controlled (that most likely means he would kill) kakashi so he would have that sharingan eye and rinnegan would be there too(?) haha thatd be badass

  137. Off topic, who else out there really wants to see “let the Right One in”? i have no idea where its playing and I’m kinda pissed the DVD doesn’t comeout until MArch

  138. @ bono, u seriously got to be more careful man…

    anyone who doesn’t know what i’m talking about, follow this link

  139. If kakashi really does lose his eye then there is a 95% chance that tsunade will die, kishi has killed 2 of 3 sannin what makes you think this one will live + now that kakashi is injured she will definitly order chouji’s to bring him to sakura and by the time she is done treating all the injured tsunade will be dead.

    i think the 8tail is alive because he might naruto in the future before he is captured again

  140. Has anyone noticed that the GOD pain is the only one that wears a ring i.e. the ring of akatsuki. So I think that GOD pain is minato or the main body.

  141. @alec lmao

  142. I realised the 2 bodies that came back too konoha were the Interogated guy and the Pain, So Jirayai also sank too the Bottom of the lake with 5-6 Pain SPikes in his back…Jirayai is DEAD but we could possibly see a Pain Jirayai.

    One thing about How good Kabutomaru will be because Kabuto could naturally regenerate and is a crazy Medic plus with the Abilities of the White snake Man Kabutomaru is not too be underestimated.

    If Kakashi has lost another Eye I prefer that he just had the one eye but he could also get a Rinnagen but that would be too much wouldnt it but really cool but, He would have too have some kinda of Bijuu for the amount of Chakra that he would have too maintain 2 eye jutsu. But when Kakashi was storing chakra reseveres it says too me that he can Store Chakra like a Sage.

  143. And I These are a few things I think about that havnt been answered.

    How did orichimarus parents die?
    Who is Konohamarus father and mother?
    What was so Special about Kushinas Whirlpool village how was it lost and what was she too it?
    And that Piercing below Konans lip is that related too Nagato?

    What do you think?

  144. het dont forget about the raikage he comes to help leaf
    naruto ends at 451

  145. @ yo – you’ve said that like a 100 times and every time we ask for the link to show that it ends at 451. I’m not calling you a liar, I just want to link to that information.

  146. @ Alec – WTF?! I can’t shag a minx on tha weekend mate?

    It’s amazing how far telling a girl “I’m always first comment on iareawesomeness” gets ya these days.

  147. In the spoiler picture we are supposed to see Kakashi losing an eye right? I don’t see that. Those stripes don’t mean he’s lost an eye. It’s a good guess though but it could be 100 different things too.

  148. The Real Spoiler! Enjoy it!

  149. How did orichimarus parents die?
    Ninja wars.
    Who is Konohamarus father and mother?
    Asuma’s brother/sister?

  150. Who’s Kakashi’s mother, who are Jiraiy’s parents, who …

    It’s most likely not important.

  151. @ Losers – you are right, it could be anything BUT we are not guessing that, the person who took the pic of the Shonen Jump said that’s what the pic was showing. So we are just taking him at his word until the spoiler or translation proves otherwise.

  152. Just posted the full spoiler. Thanks Kilo.

  153. oh. OW. Kakkkkaaaaaashhhhiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Nnnnooooo!

    Heh. Great spoiler. Now I can’t wait for the chappie–and scary enough for Halloween. WOO!

    Dammit! My Kakashi and Obito/Madara fic better not be a frickin elegy…goes off muttering…

  154. we’re all fuckin right

    the demon real is not yet dead (well for now)

  155. kakashi won’t die. i promise you. naruto will now come and play..

  156. hey! aboyt sakura growing up, i think kishi was trying to say that sakura must develop her feelings to naruto, for her to realize that naruto deserves her love more than sasuke for naruto fights for her and never gives up for her. i think that is growing up,. realizing things, doing right things.

  157. i never thought of kakashi dying early and i don’t think he’s dead.
    if he does, that would be a big mistake for kishi. he is one of the most favorite character, he can’t just die. he’ll be a hokage.

  158. I sure thought that Kakashi was a gonner last issue when it turned out to be a lightning clone. I sure hope that they are just tricking us again.

    @ Glen07…They have been eluding to the fact that Sakura is starting to have feelings for Naruto, so I think that can be a way to grow up, but I still think that Tsunade is toast.

  159. i’m amazed there still a lot of people firmly believing that tobi(madara) is obito.. he’s not

  160. I don’t think Kakashi will die yet but I also don’t think he will ever become Hokage like others hope.
    Naruto might not even become Hokage, he will become all powerful and stuff but he will also become someone like Jiraiya… Jiraiya was supposed and has the qualities of being Hokage but he didn’t chose to be. When Naruto becomes all powerful he will have too many things to take care of and think about rather than being Hokage
    I think that Shikamaru will be the next Hokage if the 5th passes it on

  161. @ Ibikiteishi – why don’t you post one of your fan fics?

  162. hmm…@glen07..i don’t agree.. Naruto+Hinata=<3 and Sasuke+Sakura=<3..

  163. 😉

  164. It looks like Kakaishi is toast unless someone steps in to stop Pain. I wonder who it will be?

  165. MAITO GAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  166. Just beacuse Sakura could develope feelings for Naruto doesn’t mean that they will end up together. More drama that way. She will share her feeligs for him right after he finally sees Hinata and developes feelings for her. Besides, Sasuke will end up with another guy anyway.

  167. Gai has not been featured in a while, would be about time for a grand entrance.

  168. I don’t think kakashi will die yet, he hasn’t even used the Mangekyou sharingan

  169. kakashi does not need anyone to save him he still has ms

  170. looks like laser head is not dead

  171. looks like laser head is not dead lol–it’s starting to sound like poetry. *snaps fingers*

    @Jeremiah – Halloween special short (Tobi/Obito & Kakashi) fic is on its way, should go live in the next 24 hours. Because I ❤ <3<3 (triple-ice-cream-cone-butt) you guys. (and a Maito Gai thumbs up *sparkle*)

  172. I think Tsunade is going to live because she will just pass the hokage title to naruto. Kakashi will die though, because of this Naruto will be the last remnant of team 7 for sakura, becoming more close to her. Yeah Tsunade is close to Sakura but Kakashi was team 7’s first master, it was Kakashi saseke naruto and sakura, so losing kakashi will make her more independent and closer to naruto, whatever that means

  173. Well they ended the manga on a blacked out frozen shot of Kakashi so I dont think he is dead. I think he might know how to do that jutsu that madara was doing. His powers seemed to warp space/time when he was fighting deidara, he also saw madaras eye and knows alot about space/time jutsu since he was the forth’s student. I think he found out how to do it by watching madara/tobi, so I think thaths how he escapes pains attack….. well that or it destroys his eye. But if that happens as tsunade is dieing after she kills pain she could give Kakashi the rinnegan, or the even more powerfull eye of the Swayze.

  174. She should give him the five planateer rings.

  175. LMAO! nice… leave it to 2 of the 3 iareawesomeness legendary Sannin to bring Swayze and Captain planet back into the comments section within a span of 2 posts!

    Now all we need is the 3rd (Alec) to mention Wookie Porn or David Bowie AKA the Cankage and it would be complete!

  176. Skyhigh is kinda like the angsty Itachi of iareawesomeness, he’ll come around only every couple of blog posts to remind us that we are still weak and need to use anger in order to become stronger! ^_^

    I havn’t heard from Skyhigh’s nemesis in a while either, unless DudeIhatesasugay got a user name and changed his handle… I wonder…

  177. I doubt Kakshi will die like this. Important characters just don’t die like this. THey die by sacrificing themselves saving others or by discovering a secret and passing it on etc.

    So the question is: who’s gonna save Kakashi? It must be someone fast since Kakashi can’t dodge. So that would be Lee (unlikely), Maito Guy or Naruto.
    The alternative is that Kakashi does something. Maybe opening the gates to momentarily gain super speed or a new jutsu. Why not using genjutsu?

  178. A kawarimi no jutsu (body switching) would be appropriate, the jutsu has been designed for this kind of situations, but it’s not impressive enough.

  179. Teleportation to The Swayze zone? Nah, I think he’ll dodge but end up seriously injured. He’s going to be the 6th, he just might have a helluva limp. Jiraiya lost an arm, I’m betting this will be a leg. Or a left buttock.

  180. OR Cankage(Major Tom) might jam his own ziggygan eyes into Kakashi-san’s bloody sockets. Really, bowies eyes are 2 diffrent colors… suggesting he took one from someone… hmmmmm.

    *Smokes more Salvia divinorum and thinks it over*

  181. Or something regarding his face, in which he may have to wear…. a one eyed mask… dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnn….

  182. Or no mask at all…BALlOON LIPS and BEAVER TEETH!!!! Ahhhh! Although, one-eyed mask, the swirl would have to go the opposite way.

  183. Space time jutsu… Madara is Kakashi posing as Madara from the FUTURE! Dun Dun Duuuuuunnnnnn! Some one call Jean Cluade Van Dam! We need a time cop! ^_^

  184. @jeremiah- besides not having my free period today because of some stupid change in the schedule, it would have been too much awesomeness for wordpress to handle, melting the servers down and all that would happen is you would experience me… experience me…experience me

  185. crap, i just did it didn’t i

  186. Jeremiah–BWAH! (or a time traveling terminator)

    BTW the fic’s done, boys n girls, get it while its cold and creepy.

  187. I just read my last reply, I just wanted to apologise for my piss poor grammar and spelling. *yawn* due to my procrastination I was up all night long working on one of my many mid term papers and only got three hours of sleep. I should work on my bad habit of procrastination…. I think I will try to work on it later. Troublesome….

  188. Procrastinators of the world, unite!


  189. Translation:
    First is the scene where Chouji and his dad and Kakashi try to confirm whether the Asura is dead.

    Then Kakashi explains the battle plan he came up with based on Pain’s ability.

    Apparently it’s the ability to use attractive force.

    Father and son fighting side by side, the battle begins.

    The battle content is too complicated, hence omitted. But in the end, the Akimichis manage to capture the God.

    Then just as Kakashi is charging forward with a Raikiri the Asura body appears to block the attack.

    众人:还能动吗?卡卡西 (赶得上吗?)
    Everyone: He still can move? Kakashi (Can I make it?)

    Naruto fuses with Fukasaku.

    佩恩:当然还能动 !
    Pain: Of course I(he? not sure who’s talking) can still move.
    Kakashi: Is it too late?

    回りを見ると親子も他の援軍忍者もみんな吹っ飛んでる(かっこいいのが飛ばしたみたい )
    Turning around, he sees Akimichis and the other back-up ninja have been blown away.

    ペイン「影分身ではないことはわかってる。確実に死んでもらう」(年には念だ。うかつ に近づく まい)
    Pain: Seems like it’s not kagebunshin this time. Then die! (not translated)

    Picking up a nail from the ground he throws it at Kakashi (=_=)

    Pain: Feel the pain!

    Kakashi: From this distance, I can’t dodge it…

    The End

  190. right now im going with kakashi is using a genjutsu… but another possibility for someone to step in and save him could be sasgay lol that would be crazy and we havent seen him in awhile

  191. dudes i’m telling you guys right now. All the village has to do is sacrafice 4 bodies and do the forbiddon jutsu that Oroshimaru did. That way we can ring back the First, Second, Third, AND the FOURTH hokage all out at once. true no?

    Also remember the first or second or third chapter of naruto when he stole the forbiddon jutsu scrolls? What if he learned more stuff from that scroll. What if the kage bunshin was just a little remnant of what he learned?

    I know this is crazy but guys. It’s possible for the other Tailed demon hosts to be alive again. People can revive them using the forbiddon jutsus.

    You know how the 8th demon host can bring out the demon within? What if naruto can do that same? I bet he DEFINATELY can because we all know that the little charm that’s holding the 9 tailed fox is going to be released one chapter. I can see it now. Naruto is going to tear off that seal at the end of one of the chapters and there will be a BIG BANG BOOOM BAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM! lol

    it’s pretty obvious that the Pein body that Konoha is doing a autopsy on is still alive. those pein bodies are all just dolls being controlled by those black things like they said.all you have to do is remove all the piercings.

    hmmm what else. Sasuke is denately going to be the one to kill Danzo but Sasuke and Sai are both going to get in some kind of little conflict. Naruto will be the one to be rid of Pein.The Raikage….or whatever is going to try and start war with Konoha.
    Sasuke will gain Itachi’s eyes. Or maybe Naruto will……….Sakura would be the one to implant them.

    Hmm, It’s pretty obvious that all the parents of the kids would probably die. LIike chouji’s dad, Innuos parents. Gai, and so on. The cover of the Manga after the Pein saga and Akatsuki will have the original kids from Naruto and their Older form.

    The new enemy will be Kabuto/Orochimaru.

    dude all of this stuff is soo obvious. What’s exciting is how it all happens. =]

  192. I said this last time but I’ll say it again: I think its an awesome thought about the forbidden jutsu to bring back the Hokages. That would make for awesome fan fic but would never happen.

    I don’t think the one being dissected is still alive because it’s following the 6 buddist realms. There are six bodies again when the female animal realm came into the picture.

    I doubt the Raikage would start a war with Konoha since he knows Akatsuki took his brother and Konoha is fighting Akatsuki soooo it would be counter productive but who knows…

    If you look at the Kishi interviews HERE, he said that Rock Lee has already grown up so Gai will live forever! No one else is safe but I doubt they’ll systematically kill every parent, that would be overkill (forgive the pun) and cheesy.

    Kabuto/Oro will be back I’m down for that. I thought Oro was a great bad guy/character.

    Thanks for the comment, you should get an icon HERE so that you don’t look like a noob.
    Clever handle.

  193. lmao at pein having a jedai power.

  194. am i the only one that thinks that sauske will end up being good again?

  195. nighthawk had a good point. Tai and ninjutsus weren’t working on GOD but mabey gen do

  196. with the forbiden jutsu thang, I thought that the third had to seal away the 1st and 2nd when he fought oro.

  197. Hmmm. after observing this spoiler I have to say that I see three possible outcomes.

    The first one being the most obvious one: Kakashi dies.

    The second one is that Kakashi pulls off his mangekyou sharingan and sucks pein in, but in the past, it has been shown that the technique takes a bit more time than 0.111111 seconds, which is how fast he will have to use it if he wants to avoid getting hit.

    The last possibility is that another ninja somehow steps in and saves him. I think the most likely candidates for this are:

    Tsunade- everyones practically written her off, and if she’s gonna die, might as well save the copycat ninja, right. Chance of happening: very high

    Shikamaru: The reason why I’m picking shikamaru is because he doesn’t necessarily have to get close to Pain in order to stop him, and can completley stop him in his tracks. Chance: 40-50%

    Sai: I actually think that Sai has just as much chance of coming in as Tsunade does, mainly because lately in the manga, all we’ve seen are quick glimpses of him. Might be his time to shine again. Chance: Very High

    Naruto: …..Give it up people, narutos not gonna make it back till Konohas burnt to the ground, and Peins long gone. Chance: 1%

    Sasuke: Hey, he’s making a beeline for Konoha, and Sasuke might just have a change of heart when he sees Kakashi. That being said, the chance of this happening is only a BIT higher then if Naruto comes back in time. Chance: 10%

  198. a nail? how can a nail kill doubt aiming for the eye..

    but Kakashi has a 3rd eye…

    (where his mouth is supposed to be)..

  199. How does the hokage just get selected to be hokage? What was the criteria for selecting that person? They should be more democratic about it and have the aspiring jounin compete for it as campaigners representing the political preferences of all the diverse konohanians but only by way of badass high level competetions like hokage exams then they can clearly confirm who amongst them is most powerful. and then everyone votes.
    I want to see that.

  200. blackorean If I remember correctly the third did his sealing jutsu to capture the souls of the first and second not to mention himselfhe then states that once the jutsu is complete they fight insist that witch looking thing for all eternity so I think that since the souls are goners in the jutsu you can’t bring them back if I’m right if not oh well

  201. I hate not being logged in

  202. hey! reading the interview, i think kakashi has to die. its for sakura. i that what he meant. shikamaru has grown coz of the death of asuma and naruto of jiraiya’s. kishi mention “sakura and kakashi”, so he has to die.

    but it still confuses me coz kakashi can’t just die. many look up to him. he is one of the true “major” characters (not like jiraiya who is a later “additive”) and he must live long. he cant just die. so im still confused.


  203. about Blackorean, you imagine great. but i agree with jeremiah, it won’t happen.


  204. kakahi is making some drama. “will i make it” i think that’s a sign.

    either he is dying or…

    like in usual happenings, in the middle of life and death, one makes some drama and realization. one must be inspired by something in able to fight again and live. but like jiraiya, living can also mean dying again.

  205. @Glen

    “I dont know how, but I made it in time”

    Ring a bell?

    He was planning on using MS.

  206. but still i think my theory is right. naruto will show up on exact timing. but i am not sure if this is the right time. i think kakashi will do something that would greatly affect the story. he is not dead. now im sure. but i agree, he will be badly injured.

  207. that is what on my theory. he’ll use the mg. he has to.

    im from the Philippines. its night over here

  208. @ glen – Kakashi doesn’t have to die… I’m thinking Sakura’s mentor has to die, which is Tsunade.

  209. ok thought lol all of the peircings they are metal no? and since god realm uses magnetism and shit isnt it possible he controls the other bodies… thats how demon realm saved him lol he is dead but god realm used his corpse like a shield… also tsunade is gunna die get over it… lastly in the interview it didnt say rock lee had already grown up it said he doesnt need to yet so gai sensei will die eventually (hopefully) and thats off memory but im pretty sure im right

  210. 423 is out go to mangashare and you will find it.

  211. No to grow up one needs a traumatic experience, which lee has already gone through… Saskue was the first to so called grow-up (albeit into a giant dbag though)

  212. Mangashare does have a low quality 423 for DL, thanks Anonymous! There will be a discussion tonight at for those who want to participate at 11:30pm Eastern US time.

  213. i guess i got to stay up tonight

  214. Chapter 423 is out on veoh in HQ.

    I hope the link works

  215. thanks for the link

  216. just so you know its already on one manga i guess they got it early

  217. Yeah I posted it in video form and linked onemanga.

    Thnx James

  218. …………..

  219. anyone else wondering how everything was destroyed and kakashi got trapped?

  220. thankz for the link that was a good episode kakashi is really good

  221. but umm he uses mangekyo to like get rid of the nail

  222. Well I just read the new chapter and I can tell you that I am 100% that kakashi did not die from that attack. I can also tell you that I am 99% sure that he is not going to be hurt very bad from that attack. There are two things that I saw in that chapter that tell me this, one is the name of the next chapter “Pay close attention” It is not the name of a chapter that will kill someone off. The second reason I am sure of this is the nail. look at the nail when pain has it in his hand, I am very surprised no one saw this, but there is a string on the nail. So someone just saved kakashi’s ass or this was part of kakashis plan.

  223. I don’t see any string, looks like a crease in the akatsuki cloak to me. But if kakashi is going to die they would definately name the next chapter “Kakashi Dies”, They make it pretty clear with the other deaths of main characters.

  224. I agree with Cosmic…There seems to be a crease, not a string. But, do agree with the title not indicating the death of Kakashi. Hopefully anyway.

  225. @ lastscorpion, I also think that’s a crease in Pain’s pjs. BUT…on page 16, third panel…in the lower right hand corner, is that the top of Shikamaru’s head?

  226. @Ibikiteshi It looks like it is, but I think that he just one of the nameless ninja that were knocked out by pain in one attack …. they suck >_<.

  227. Possibly the top of his head but then again several disposable Nin in Konoha have similar hair cuts to Shika.

  228. So i guess demon realm was sum kinda puppet thing like sasori

  229. Does that mean all the bodies of Pain are puppets or just Demon Realm? He was the only one shooting freakin rockets out his arms and lasers out his head. He also had the spinning multiple head. But that’s like Kankuro’s puppets so maybe he was a puppet master as well.

  230. have to bring it back to Mylein who made the jedi joke. It does seem that God Realm has jedi esque powers.

  231. well i really dont think all the bodies are puppets, because then it would be way to much like Sasori. yeah Pain is basically a master of the force

  232. Pineapple hair! lolz. Yeah, but the disposable nins had dew rags or were Akimichi-esque–and they’re shown flopped around after the first ‘splosion.

  233. You don’t need to see our identifcation…

    these aren’t the droids your looking for…

    The swayze is pure awesomeness…

  234. ….im disappointed theres no discussion…

  235. seeming as shikamaru lost asumo maybe they will get rid of kakashi to show how it is about narutos generation and not kakashis cause at the moment its only kakashis generation and older ones protecting the village all of the kids need to grow up

  236. hey @Jeremiah..about last night’s discussion at was totally confused with the time difference..does this blog have the eastern US time? :/

  237. Yeah I went to bed last night, I needed to crash from a week of late night midterms. I hope it was interesting.

    @babyfox No the blog has Pacific Time I think, but he said it would take place 11:30 EST(my time), that would be 8:30 Pacific.

    @ Kroddude The discussion would not take place on this blog, this blog is iareawesomeness,wordpress,com and the chat would be on iareawesomeness,com (yes I know they are not dot’s I did that so it would not have to be approved)

  238. thanx @lastscorpion..uhm..when u say your time..where are u from?

  239. I am from New York City.

  240. So I would have had visit iareawesomeness,com at 11:30 PM to join in the chat, and Jeremiah would have to go to the chat at 8:30 PM since I think the blog is on his time.

  241. Indeed. Bad planning. I will resolve this issue. I have discussed it with other people and have come to a solution. More to follow soon.

    New post will be up in a couple hours.

  242. Yeah 11:30 PM EST is fine with me, Just as long as it is not sun-wed night, I have to ge up for class at like 5:00 AM… and if have nothing at all to do that night ^_^. But i think most people are geting confused with time zones and the site address.

  243. @Jeremiah-why don’t u change the time zone for this blog?put the eastern US time zone..i think it’ll be easier..when u set up a time for a discussion at iareawesomeness,com the rest of us just have to see this blog’s time..i am from Greece so it’s really confusing to keep up with it..soz 🙂

  244. New post is up.

    Something is being done. The blog is set to Phoenix time but everything including our TV schedule here in the states is in relation to “Eastern time”.

    If you are reading this, select the new post from the right side user bar near the top of this page or just click the iareawesomeness title at the very top and it will bring you to the front page.

    Ja mata

  245. Naruto Manga 423 with lots of cool effects and SFX included.

    From: Fahim00717 [Best Manga Videos Uploader]

  246. @lastscorpion- i know it wasnt here, it was at the chat room thing, i was just stating that i was disappointed lol

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