WTF?! T shirts?

Mens iareawesomeness Tshirt

Mens iareawesomeness Tshirt

Womens iareawesomeness tshirt

Womens iareawesomeness tshirt

Cartoons are for kids - Anime is gangsta -  iareawesomeness

Cartoons are for kids - Anime is gangsta - iareawesomeness

Cartoons are for kids - Anime is Gangsta - iareawesomeness

Cartoons are for kids - Anime is Gangsta - iareawesomeness


anime is gangsta - hoodie

anime is gangsta - hoodie


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on October 22, 2008.

33 Responses to “WTF?! T shirts?”

  1. wow t-shirts! haha exiting

  2. I came to this post ready to make fun of what ever lame designs you came up with but these are pretty awesomeness!

  3. dude, these are actually pretty sick

  4. Must…have…one…no…must have them all!!!!! WANT

  5. I usually don’t get shirts with that large of an image on them. I love the “cartoons are for kids…” shirt, but I wish the image was the size of the hoodie’s version. Well you can’t have it all, so I’ll commit to a t-shirt to support this great site. Between it and my dattebayo shirt people will know exactly what kind of 35yr old nerd I am. (though the skateboard doesn’t help either)

  6. Also, if you could get it in toddler sizes I would get on for my kid.

  7. The large uncentered images are cool right now actually so that’s kinda what I was going for.

    I did make one that had smaller text but it basically said “FuQ Sasuke” so I’m not so sure how kosher that shirt is ^_^

    Thanks for the kind words doh. I’ll post a couple more next week. Let me know what you think.

  8. I am interested in seeing what else you have planned. What I see is a great start.

  9. i like every t-shirt except that with Karin….I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!

  10. @ babyfox9 – I think she’s cool. Leia does not agree. She says she is an embarrassment to the female anime world.

    Eventually I’ll go off of your guys critiques of the shirts, pick favs and then get a group together to order some. I’ve had some of you say you were down, and I’ve gotten some emails confirming the same.

    @erosenin – I’ve been contemplating the design since I read your comment and I’m redesigning some of the new ones with your critique in mind. Thanx for the words of wisdom.

  11. hey! those are prety nice. the concept is pretty good but i think the images are too big.

    the last two are good enough. the others are not that organized.

    hehehe sorry for the comment!

  12. I like the black t shirt.

  13. the first one is pretty cool 😉

  14. About Karin..go to:
    it’s a Sakura vs Karin vid..i love the funny!! 🙂

  15. nah a fuk sasuke shirt aint kosher at all not even a little.
    But if you designe one that has the anime is gangsta with sasukes face on it or a i are awesomeness one with him…… or just a sick made sasuke shirt in general i’ll buy one

  16. @Jeremiah Thanks. You should have my e-mail, so fire one off at me when the decision has been made. I work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, and am gone for weeks at a time. Often without internet access. So, don’t think that I flaked out, it can just take time for me to get back in town.

  17. Should do some that have a smaller design on the front and a larger on the back. Front only designs bug me sometimes.

  18. Working on smaller design up front. But probably not doing anything on the back. Using the skate shirts from Industrial as a design model.

  19. Sounds pretty sweet. I will probably sign up for several.

  20. Wow I like this idea I am an anime fan but, I never got a shirt because well most of them suck. I like the the first one the most, but I wish it had the colors of the third one down. I like the third one down the second most, but if the first one was black and white I might want that one more if it looks cool.

    P.S I never went to a blog before, found this one (the day it started I think), stuck around, and now we have shirts LMAO.

  21. I dont know why I am not emo or goth but I always seem to like Black and dark red or blue >_<. o and the hoodie is cool too.

  22. You were there from day one. We’ve built something pretty awesome havn’t we? It’s still just getting started. Much more to come.

  23. love ’em! you should have a hoodie with a zipper in the middle though 😛 but yea you should order them!

  24. Yeah if i wanted one of them I think it would be the fourth (karin) then the third (naruto). I would only put karin first for the fact that a anime girl looks better with that line you put on it.

    P.S yeah her personality sucks but she has a good look.

  25. What I want to know is if they are good shirts and not the crapy thin fabric. Also how are the designs going on to the shirt, is it that tuff that peels off after a few times in the wash or is it die. sorry for all the questions I am just curious.

  26. I would buy one. where will they ship from?

  27. Never mind I found out where you made them.

  28. u can pick which kind of shirt you want, I picked one of the nicer kinds. I figure if we can get like 10-20. We can get them for a decent price. If anyone else makes one send it to jeremiah@iareawesomeness

  29. @jeremiah I just wanted to know what kind of file you did the upload from Photoshop..ect? I might try to make one If I dont find it to troublesome…. and no it wont just be Kakashi. I also see why the manga theme is needed fror the colors, but I like the simplicity of a manga type of shirt more so then a full color one. I like the shirt selection some of them are good brands and the printing wont peel of it is digital printing so it sound rather good.

  30. where can i buy it?

  31. they look pretty cool

  32. @ Scorpion – I usually just use MS Paint but like for the banner at I used Paint and photo shop X2.

    @ Anonymous – no where yet, still coming up with the designs. Over the next couple weeks we will be choosing a couple to sell but not for profit, just enough to break even. Thanks for the interest and keep checking in for new designs and soon you’ll be able to buy one.

    Let us know which ones you like.

  33. I think u should make an order form where u can choose wat pic u want out of a list and the type of shirt this way u can mix and match n change colours if u know wat i mean

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