The Swayze Invades my Home

Awright, I’m feeling swamped, so the radio silence on my end is me and midterm pain.  But I had to come back and make a quick comment tonight because the Swayze has invaded my personal space at home, and I think you all should suffer with me know about it.

Someone at my house put Stargate in the Blue-ray last night.  We would have used Hungry Ghost Realm’s head, but it’s encoded for mainland China, and contaminated with melamine–but hey, high protein breakfast cereal is great for body building. 

Yeah, I know, you’re throwing stuff at me because it was Stargate (why?  and why isn’t she talking about Naruto?).   I like the special effects.

Of course we get almost to the end, and my guy (who isn’t awesome enough to have read this blog) out of the blue says, “that’s a great line, that line Swayze says right there: ‘give my regards to King Tut, asshole.'”  (That’s the place in the movie when one of the Ra toadies get sliced in half by the transporter rings that look like a stack of radials.)  I searched all over the internet and didn’t find one clip of it, sadly.

So, after I cleaned up the soda I sprayed all over the couch, I had to explain that. wasn’t. Swayze.  Although I can understand the confusion–Kurt Russell may be Swayze’s older, awesomer brother-though Kurt’s mullet never got as splendiferous as Swayze’s.

If you ask me, there’s a lot of family resemblance…

So, you all have successfully invaded my homelife with the Swayze and the awesomeness, and after midterms I’ll be back with some crackpot Naruto theory.  I promise.  (Goes off wondering if Hungry Ghost also works as an upholstery steamer, because that soda stained…)


~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on October 21, 2008.

9 Responses to “The Swayze Invades my Home”

  1. First

  2. Damn it, I’m trying to write something on the Swayze, I’ll keep going though

  3. Can we officially add Kurt Russel to the list?

    “Kurt’s mullet never got as splendiferous as Swayze’s.” – uuuuuh… how about escape from NY, Captain Ron and Big trouble in little China???

    All I need is someone to second the motion and I will add Kurt Russel to the Awesomeness list.

  4. I have Stargate on Bluray. It was 9$ at Best But so I couldn’t pass it up.

    But the part where the egyptians talk wasn’t subtitled automatically, so I had to turn on the subs on my PS3 every time they talked. And then everything everyone said was subbed. Very annoying. Cool movie. But crappy Bluray.

  5. Kurt Russell’s cool and all that, but we should be really limited in who we honor with awesomeness. Kurt’s a great guy, but does he have the overall noteritity of the Swyaze or Capt. Planet?

    I’m not saying Kurt’s a wrong decision, but we should be very careful…

  6. What? You have a guy that is not awesomeness??? Need to trade up?

  7. By the by, the word awesomeness was created as one of the many many ways to describe Chuck Norris’s Beard. Though, there are NO words in ANY language in the universe, that can correctly describe Chuck Norris’s Round-House Kick- well, maybe you can say it’s awesomeness x infinity(to the power of infinity). close enough.

  8. That may be what the false profit Norris tells you but it was actually invented by David Bowie AKA the Cankage while describing oral sex he was receiving from Chuck Norris.

  9. Thanks for that visual

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