WTF?! Bro! Why you Raping me?!

Why do I have the feeling this happens at every party with Oro in attendance…

Oro: Hey Sai, wuts up?

Sai: I’m busy trying to create a bond…

Oro: A bond huh?  Did you know its easier to do with ur clothes off?

Sai: huh?

Kabuto: But he’s just a boy?!?!

*Slap!* Oro lays the smack down on Kabuto. Kabuto wimpers and sucks his thumb in the corner…

Oro starts undressing Sai…

Sai: Is this how a bond is created??? Wait… what are you doing?  Oooooh so that’s what the giant snake is compensating for…. OH SWEET HOKAGE!!!! I like these bonds!

Oro: Aren’t you going to fight it???

Sai: No Oro-sama, keep going…

Oro: This is no fun… (pulls pants up) Hey Kabuto, lets go find Sasuke, he put up more of a fight…

Kabuto: What do you think of the new guy? The 8 tails?  You know what they say don’t you?  Once you go tailed beast, you never go back!

Oro/Kabuto: laugh and pat each other on the back as they leave the room and search for the 8 tails while spraying each other with axe body spray.


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on October 20, 2008.

16 Responses to “WTF?! Bro! Why you Raping me?!”

  1. I have sen this one along time ago, still funny.

  2. Yeah, an epidemic sweeping the nation… iT’s near the top of security threats according to the Homeland Security

    1. Patrick Swazye
    2. Terrorists
    3. Nuclear War
    999. Shortage of black dildos and Axe body spray
    1000. Bro rape

  3. *Homeland Security Department

  4. Oro and Sai have contributed big time to #999

  5. OMG LOL

  6. LMFAO!!!!i love the conversation…!!AWESOMENESS Jeremiah 🙂

  7. THX. Sadly thats the best fan fic I’ve ever done ^_^

  8. LMAO. Funneh. Snake compensation…har. Do you think Oro’s bro obsession all started with success with Jiraiya? or the Third? (sorry, had to go for the ick factor there…)

  9. Sorry that list is incorrect. #’s 1 – 995 is Chuck Norris.

  10. oh and lol @ post.

  11. I should have added:

    Oro/Kabuto (laugh and pat each other on the back as they leave the room and search for the 8 tails while spraying each other with axe body spray.)

    @ Ibikiteishi – I just threw up in my mouth -_-

  12. @Jeremiah can u add it now????it’s just AWESOME>>>>i think u are a natural..u should be making more fan fics….REALLY 🙂

  13. @Carlos Ray- We know Chuck Norris is a threat to everything, that’s a given and there’s no need to point that out (like saying people need to breathe to live(except Chuck Norris who isn’t human)), that list is everything and everyone below Chuck Norris…

  14. Oro’s obsession probably started when he was rejected by Tsunade for having a garden snake, where as now he’s got eight giant white vipers @ once.

  15. The Chuck Norris lie must stop now… he’s a government front to cover up the real triad of power…


  16. @ Jeremaih- And the smurfs are the triads evil henchmen.

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