Naruto Manga 422 Kakashi vs Pain!! + further discussion about Naruto 421 + Kakashi’s face manga from Naruto Source book 3

Naruto Manga 422 <spoiler><pics><raw><translation>

Click the image below to read the new issue of Naruto Manga 422 entitled Kakashi vs Pain!!

Click HERE to read my break down of Naruto Manga 422 + discussion.

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Hey everyone,

Another week is here as we anxiously wait for the newest issue of Naruto. In the comments section a few subjects have come up, including whether or not the Pain bodies are alive or dead, or alive then dead, or alive but will be dead once Konoha’s finest get their grubby little nin mitts on them. The issue of RAPE also came up in the comments section which reminded me of THIS little WTF?! post. If that was a little too crazy HERE is a funny japanese commercial with Darth Vader in it. Some one gets pwnd but I won’t reveal who.

Ibikiteishi, our newest writer here at iareawesomeness also made some waves with the readers with her post about Kunoichi. Click HERE to read it. I’ve gotten almost a unanimously positive response over her post and a lot of us are excited to see what she writes next ^_^ (Her new post is out now, click HERE to read it.)

Some of you may have noticed that there is no usual survey this week. Instead I’ve placed the insta polls below which are a new feature to the blog. They don’t have as much personality as the usual survey which is a bummer, but on the upside you get instant results. I’ll be taking a couple weeks off from the other posts as I work on some cool new stuff for the blog that I think you will all enjoy. Fear not, the survey questions will continue but in the simplistic form that they are in below. Let me know what you think of them. If everyone likes them, I’ll keep em around as a permanant feature on the blog.

That’s all for now. I will be doing a few more side posts throughout the week and we may have an extra post by one of the other writers so stay tuned for that along with the spoilers and pics of issue 422 which we should see with in the next 48 hours.

Ja mata,


Top answer for last weeks quick survey is:

50% of you said Danzo is:

Is in it for himself, keeping Naruto out leaves Akatsuki to destroy Konoha and let Danzo rebuild it in his image.

Review of issue 421:

Great issue once again! Kishi is on a roll. I’m just going to go over 5 quick points that I numbered above from this last manga that will be good fodder for discussion this coming week.

1. I think that this is what we all expected of the move he was working on, a powerfull long range attack. Though the shadow clones theory was a solid one, panel #1 obviously seals the deal on a completed Futon Rasen Shuriken. I remember back when Naruto was fighting Kakazu; Kakashi kind of made a WTF remark when he didn’t throw the new Rasengan when Shuriken was obviously in the name. So this is the completed move that no longer harms him when he performs the move due to sage mode. Still to be revealed is the power that Itachi gave Naruto…stay tuned for that.

2. Kakashi is in deep shit! I know that its typical of Manga to have the good guys fall behind first, so that they perform a heroic comeback later in the manga but this looks bad. Pain is handing him his ass and the retarded character Demon Realm just arrived on the scene to possibly shoot his super Yugioh Laser Beam at Kakashi. I wasn’t the first to say it but Kakashi is prolly going to lose but not die, the intolerable dick Danzo will then take over. Which leads me too…

3. Tsunade is done. If there were a fat lady female Chouji in the manga then she’d be singing right now. Not only is she having flash backs (A direct sign of impending death) she thinks a frog is on its way to get Naruto, which its not….

4. Because its freakin dead! Poor little bastard never stood a chance. Danzo seems like even more of a punk now. He got his ass handed to him by the 3rd, then sends his gay messenger boy Sai to do his bidding instead of taking care of Sasuke himself and then the only execution “fight” we’ve ever seen him in is stabbing a poor little frog who wears goggles! Note: If you’re a frog and you still need goggles, then you’re a pretty shitty frog. He’s like the really skinny kid at the public pool with goggles and a nose plug that everyone makes fun of, so its not even a powerful frog that Danzo kills. He killed a runt of the frog race… poor stupid goggle wearing bastard never had a chance. R.I.P.

5. Danzo is an intolerable dick, hands down. He’s letting Tsunade get offed so he can slide in and take her place. Kakashi will be too messed up from the Pain fight to do anything about it, Naruto won’t be showing up until well after the fight is over and we all know how Kishi does Sakura. She has insane strength but Kishi some how finds a way to make her weak when shit hits the fan. She did show some gusto when she knocked out the giant worm in 421 with one shot but then was quickly relegated to hospital duty (WTF?!) by Iruka sensei who was running back to his house to change his ninja underwear after shitting himself in front of Pain.

I’ll have an updated post monday, but until then welcome Ibikiteishi to iareawesomeness; joining our group of special Jounin level ninja’s (LastScorpion, Alec and Erich). Click HERE to read her first post and let her know what you think about it. She’s a talented writer (she makes me look bad) and has a good sense of humor so I think she will be a great addition to the blog. Oh and before I forget, the website is in Beta form (under construction) so check it out and let me know what you think:

Ja mata

P.S. Below is manga from the 3rd Naruto Source book that I had never seen before so I thought I’d pass it on to those of you who hadn’t seen it yet either.


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  1. Fiiiiiiiiirst!!! I am once again the victor! FU Alec!

    ^_^ It’s a beautiful day!

  2. lmfao…damn second

  3. I gotta say, I disagree with your views on sakura. Sure, she has amazing strength which was proven by her ability to take out that worm thing. But does she have any jutsus or genjutsus to help her? Nope. Is she really fast like Rock or Sasuke? Nope. So how the hell is she even going to get close to pain to hit him with that awesome strength? Fact is,shes not. Wich is why she should stick with her strengths and go to the hospital and help heal people.

  4. I never get first, best I ever got was ninth. Holy shit u2 reads naruto.

  5. Yes, that’s how far our reach goes… U fuckin 2

  6. @ Meh – that’s a good analysis of Sakura. But Sasori would disagree.

    I don’t think anyone can hang with Pain except Naruto. Even Kakashi will struggle for any form of success against Pain. And we havn’t even seen the real one yet…

    I’m just sayin she’s a front liner hands down based off the Sasori fight. If you think about, she was actually the first to take out any member of Akatsuki. Chouji, Kiba, Shino, etc… I even doubt Neji could accomplish what she has. She may be weak in some area’s but not so weak it voids her power, which is like Sanin level strength.

    Truth is Kishi could make her a lot less annoying and a much cooler character but he fails completely with almost all the female characters in some way. This may be a bi product of the Japanese culture, or world culture in general.

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. Sakura doesn’t have to get close, someone just has to distract one pain long enough (like Tsunade) where the other pains can’t see her and then jump that Pain from behind.

    Then her and tsunade can play hot potato super-strength-punching-style until there’s nothing left.

  8. whatev bono, i’ve been the one on top lately…

    @Kingbernadino- before you say it, no not that way so just flush that out of your mind king before you give me crap like u have jeremiah

  9. …adding to Jeremiah’s comment above. I’d add Fuen to the list that would say otherwise as well (Shippuuden 67). That was a solo fight and Sakura managed. And, I’d add, that Kakashi has noted her talent for genjutsu more than once. She just needs a little training there. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to take Tsunade’s dying to let her get some.

  10. @ Alec – Did he give me crap when I wasn’t paying attention? That MFer!

  11. uv all probably noticed this but shippuden has been a lot different fight wise to the origional naruto series. In the origional naruto fights tended to be between two ninjas while others watched in amazement. In shippuden everyone seems to be playin there part so i wouldnt rule out sakura in the fights. I think shes really gonna start to stand out after tsunade dies. which we all know will happen.
    kakashis not gonna die here becuase wev still not had him meet tobi/obito properly. i think hell fight pain for a bit until tsunade or naruto comes to help.

  12. Can’t wait to see naruto use the shurikan.

  13. wow this is my first time at this site and i found a very nice surprise.
    actual intelligent conversations based on naruto.
    i like it.. ill be on this site more then im interested
    nice work

  14. now that im interested*

  15. @ Dane – thx. We try to keep it focused on naruto with some humor mixed in for good measure.

  16. yeah, cause w/out humor this site would be dumb as hell…

  17. + Humor = Live action Captain Planet Movie played by the Swayze – Humor = Dumb as hell demon w/ a freakin’ laser beam on his head

  18. Hmmm…. It looks like narutos rasenshuriken is kind of like the destructo disc from Dragonball Z, all the vegetable/tree looking things where cut on after another. But the top of the vegetable/tree things are nowhere to be found. It looks like naruto can throw the rasenshuriken in a ball form, or in a shuriken form that explodes on impact but keeps going.

    P.S Just add water to it and we have a hurricane ^_+.

  19. P.S.S Add Yamato’s earth, sasuke’s fire and narutos heart, the ultimate ninjutsu will be born and it will summon the Swayze. The Swayze is the ultimate ninjutsu, you know that ghost death god that eats the souls when the sealing jutsu is done, that’s the Swayze. -_+

  20. Ive been looking at the site for a while now and ive finallly decided to make a commment. First of all great job on the site! But i have a feeling that Sai will betray Konoha and that he is actually trying to befriend konoha to den work for danzo. What do yah think?? (I noe itz a bit off topic but ive been wondering what kishi will do with Sai for a while Now)

  21. LMAO @ lastscorpion

    @ Alec – one problem with your formula… Captain Planet is Patrick Swayze! During the day Captain Planet is a mild manored biologist but at night he becomes a dirty dancing, throat ripping bar bouncer who died and came back in the form of an ugly black woman to kill the man thats banging his wife!

  22. The question in this post about whether Tsunade lives or dies is pretty damn close to 50/50 right now… interesting… I’m pretty positive she’s toast.

  23. I have a feeling that its the newbies that think Tsunade won’t die (or just don’t want her too), most of us decided a while ago that she was going to be offed and have learned to accept it for what it is…

  24. Thats probably true… They can’t handle the truth!

  25. She had more flash backs in this manga chapter, so I am 99.9999% sure she will die sometime soon.

  26. Yeah, that is a deal sealer in the world of manga.

  27. About Tsunade’s death/not death. Yeah, but ya know, I had trouble with the survey. Can you add a third option? She’s going to “seem” to die but since you can’t kill the Sannin (rather like you can’t exterminate roaches, not really) she’s gonna be back? I bet that might sift your results better.

  28. You don’t think they are going to off her? After the kishi interviews I’m pretty positive that the hole is all ready dug they just need to start the funeral procession.

    I added that answer to the survey.

  29. Iv been reading your stuff for a while is its freakin hilarious. especially hungry ghost cereal! Anyways i just really thought it would be naruto becoming the 6th hokage, so do guys think there anyways he would be the 6th when tsunade dies? or will he have to settle for 7th despite him thinking he would be 6th?????

  30. Thanks for the kind words. You have not seen the last of hungry ghost cereal on this blog *hint**hint*

    I’m thinking he’s gonna have to wait, possibly the 7th or 8th.
    I know your screaming WTF?! 8th?! Right now but if Danzo’s plan is successful then he will become Hokage. Then Kakashi. Then Naruto.

    I’m not sayin its going to go down that way but its possible. Last Scorpion actually laid this thought out better than I do in a previous post’s comment section.

  31. first thing, how do i get a cool icon instead of a flying green blob?? lol
    and ya know, pretty soon they are going to have to many faces on the mountain and narutos and/or Konohamaru faces wont fit :/ sad day for them.

  32. look on the right hand side user bar under catagories click FAQ/USERNAME/ICON

  33. i dont think there will be enough space on the konoha mountain to fit a seventh head, so ill settle with sixth hokage for naruto.

  34. dang, well that took a while for me to do, and especially picking a icon pic, but shika is awesome so woohoo. and it said i could use dude soooo i guess kroddude will work.

    well either way about the mountain, its goin to suck for the future hokages. maybe someone who controls earth will somehow make the mountain bigger haha.

    and maybe its just me, but i kinda want naruto to learn a jutsu thats not about the rasengan….but oh well. the Rasenshuriken will be sweet when we see him chuck it at people

  35. Fom my opinion, no one can defeat pein at the moment. Atleast until the investigation about Pein resulted in a way to defeat him.
    Naruto is still too weak to defeat pein.
    The investigation about Pein(those chakura receiver thingy) is the only hope for Konoha.

  36. i wish someone to kill that dick Danzo….hmm…he MUST DIE..the sooner, the better 🙂

  37. there’s a thing that i just noticed and wanted to share.. its been told again and again that jinchurki extraction must be done in ascending order, but the eight tail jinchurki fled. ( dont remember his name) so its very much possible that. Pain may capture naruto but keep him alive until they recapture that eight tail jinchurki,

  38. I know this is back a chapter but does anyone think that Naruto might be able to use sage mode with one of his Kage Bunshins? As naruto would get their experiences (sage chakra)?

  39. i just can’t wait for the next episode! you think danzo can take on pein?

  40. I think Naruto would be able to go sage mode in battle without fukasaku as he might be able to just use kage bunshin to gather the natural energy and then release the bunshin asn then…..whala!!!! sage naruto….. Go FRS

  41. Maybe he can control where the rasenshurikan goes when he throws it. And in the first time we saw the aftereffects of his training, nothing was cut, we only saw smoke. Even though he said it was almost perfect. So I have no idea what it is yet.

  42. @ King–Actually i think his technique cut through the toad mountains so it must be sum shurikun disk throwing thingy

  43. wow…. comprehensive observation… i’m watching your blog 🙂

  44. ya if you look into the backround you see like 5 mountains cut into pieces. i wish they emphasized that a little more because i didnt notice it at first either i only saw it after i came here and it was mentioned in a comment

  45. I just want to make it clear why i think the flashbacks are foreshadowing Tsunade’s death.

    The Rules Of Flashbacks

    Rule #1- A person will have a flashback when realizing an important detail that could win a fight, this is called the “Smart Flashback” (see shikamaru lol) .

    Rule #2- A flashback can occurred when we are learning about a person’s past, this type of flash back moves the story along and adds depth to the characters. This flashback is often about the painfull experiences of the characters childhood thus the name “playing a tiny violin flashback” (see pain’s past or madara’s history lesson) .

    Rule #3- Then we have the “Hero Flashback” this type of flashback happens in the middle of a fight when the hero is losing. The hero the gains super strength after this flashback so it could also be called the Flashback”. Nartuo has this type of flashback often.

    Rule #4- This is the type of flashback that I think tsunade is haveing right now. This type of Flash back is just the character remembering their emotional past and the things that they want to protect, this usually leads upto the characters death.

  46. i dont think that the new jutsu naruto is practising is rasenshuriken , coz he new of the technque in the begining of the gara retreival arc .. n jiraya had warned him frm using it n at that time he knew nothing about chakra nature manipulation

  47. @ scorpion – u should expand on that and make a post out of that comment.

  48. hey @demonicreurrection-do u mean that the jutsu that Naruto is practising is not Fuuton Rasen Suriken?????????

  49. @ Jeremiah yeah I might have to do that.
    But in rule #3 I ment that it could also be called the “Believe it!! flashback”, It seems that it go cut off when i was typing. On rule #4 I could not think of a name so I just left it without one.

  50. well the new jutsu deals with enormous amounts of chakra that is why when training with naruto jiraya had altered the seal with the key …. but when naruto is out of chakra the fox’s chakra starts leakin n eventually the 4 tails appear .. so i guess thats why jiraya had forbiddened him frm using that jutsu … but nw with the sage mode he can accomplish the jutsu by gathering large amount on natural energy …..

  51. i think naruto will be back in time…because since he has learned everything there is no need for him to stay there

  52. It’s super seiyan 4 Naruto.

  53. just want to say great blog narutofanatic here typing away on my trusty psp cuz my comp up and died anyways i think tsunade is done for, two sannin down and now tsunade` s head is on the chopping block. R.I.P tsunade unlike u my comp will be resurrected

  54. “and then the only execution “fight” we’ve ever seen him in is stabbing a poor little frog who wears goggles! Note: If you’re a frog and you still need goggles, then you’re a pretty shitty frog. He’s like the really skinny kid at the public pool with goggles and a nose plug that everyone makes fun of, so its not even a powerful frog that Danzo kills. He killed a runt of the frog race… poor stupid goggle wearing bastard never had a chance. R.I.P.”

    I think the Frog was coping naruto like the konhomeru corp did when they where younger.

  55. […] Naruto Manga 422 + further discussion about Naruto 421 + Kakashi’s face manga from Naruto Sou… Naruto Manga 422 Hey everyone, Great issue once again! Kishi is on a roll.  I’m just going to go over 5 quick […] […]

  56. @ draklen – possibly. More than likely Kishi just drew them on to add character. All the frogs look the same so u have to add something to them to differentiate them. If u read the pilot manga the goggles are part of the standard ninja uniform. He said it was tedious to draw something like that so he just assigned them to Naruto.

    All that being said, saying someone is a shitty frog is an attempt at comedy, not analysis ^_^

    Thx for the thought, it is possible the frog is a fan of Naruto’s awesomeness.

  57. I think Naruto will get killed by Sakura and Sasuke will commit suicide with Madara and Hitler will use nucler bomb to destory Konoha and Akatsuki will have a massive orgy

  58. I am not a 100% that the frog is dead, I thi that he is dead but they never showed his body, and if they dont show a body they are not dead yet lol.

  59. LMAO! Nice! Are we applying the three rules of Manga to random frogs now? ^_^

  60. either frog is dead or he is hurt pretty freakin badly…..unless! maybe danzo used that sword get spread some jam on his sandwich (so thats not blood on the sword, just jam) and then the frog loved pp and j so it just so fast at the sandwich, its goggles flew off!…..hmmm i think im going to with the fact that its dead

  61. Ok super mind blowing theory time.

    My prediction on what is about to take place in the manga.

    Ok so lets start with what we know about Pain.

    1. We know he needs live sacrifices for the jutsu that allows him to take over a body and make it his own, we also know that this jutsu kills the sacrifice when the body is taken over killing the sacrifices mind. All of this information was revealed when Itachi and Kisame did this to slow down naruto and team Guy.

    2. It looks like the jutsu that was used to control the bodys when pain did it for Itachi and Kisame is the same one that he uses when in control of his six. If this is true then that means Nagato killed Yahiko and took his body. Now I am not sure what would make Nagato Kill his best friend, but I am sure Nagato felt guilt about killing Yahiko and took up his dream of makeing people suffer. I would think that Nagato ignored Yahiko and let someone live and later it came back to bite him in the ass.

    Ok now on to my theory, we know the frog is dead (or hurt real bad) so I dont think naruto will be in this fight, he might just see the end of it. Now I know this theory might not happen but it would be very,very cool if it did.

    So Tsunade now knowing how to kill pain by attacking the piercings has killed one or two of them, the other teams will get this info also, so we will see a fight for each pain.

    Skip foward to Tsunade and Kakashi VS god realm (The lead pain), Pain realizing that he is about to lose his best friends body trys to take over Tsunades.

    Now Naruto could be back in the leaf to see this last part. Tsunade realizing that Kakashi is weak, and not wanting to hurt anyone in the leaf tells Kakashi to kill her. knowing that it is the only way, Kakashi reluctantly complies with her request(naruto could see this part).

    Kakashi is smart, so he knows that Danzo is going to be the next hokage now that Tsunade is dead and it is up to the elders. He also knows that he will be marked as a traitor, so it would be hard for him to find out danzos plan in jail (or whatever they do to traitors). Kakashi then becomes a missing nin, this starts the Kakashi arc.

    Now near the end of the new arc, Kakashi finds out that he has to kill Danzo, This makes him join Akatsuki/Team Hawk and Sasuke in their attempt to kill the elders of the leaf (but he has his own agenda.

    P.S this is what happens when I cant sleep.

  62. u know how everyone is sayin that sakura beat sasori by her self remember how granny was controlling her with chakra strings or has everyone forgotten that.

  63. where did you get that the offered body had to be alive?

    didnt nagato kill one of em himself and jiraiya too, they were definately dead…

  64. i think that sasuke will kill tobi/ Madara after he is told by the elders of konoha that it wasnt Itachi who killed the uchiha clan. what do you think?

    PS: page is pretty cool. i like this discussions about what happens next XD

  65. @ 9tailedsage… no the Jiraiya just cut that one guys forehead thus the scar, I dont know where you saw Nagato kill one of his six bodies, but I dont think that it is one of his six bodies. I say that the offered body has to be alive because they said it when Itachi and Kisame where using Pains Jutsu to slow Naruto down in the Garra arc, I am thinking that it is the same type of Jutsu he has on his own six because it essentially has the same effect.

  66. Great blog…I mentioned this on the other thread but i did not get an answer. Do you think that Itachi’s body is going to be used by pain somehow? (by the chakra piercings) If you remember the body was taken by Tobi after the sasuke fight and it wasn’t mentioned why they took it.

  67. @ Curiousmangafan – It would be a cool way to bring Itachi back into the thick of things but I just don’t see it happening. So far Pain has used people from Jiraiya’s experiences. He did fight Itachi so it is possible.

    All share some event with Jiraiya’s past, that is the common link. Itachi will obviously be referenced in future issues through the power he gave Naruto and possibly his eye’s or even his body depending on Zetsu’s actions ^_^

    Awesome thought, thanks for the comment.

  68. @ Scorpion and 9tailed sage – I’m not feelin “the offered body being alive” thing.

    Nagato did kill a nin but I’m not sure if its one of the bodies or not. If someone looks into it, let the rest of us know.

    They all seem to be people from Jiraiya’s past. This stems from Nagato’s idolization of Jiraiya. Hence part of the reason I think Kushina is one of the bodies now.

    I don’t think there is enough info out there to answer the questions about how the Pain’s jutsu’s work.

  69. @ Jeremiah- I just looked it up and no the guy that pain klled is not one of the bodies. I am thinking that they must be alive due to the fact that the thing with Itachi and Kisamie eems like the same Jutsu, it has the same effect. Also I found a page where it sounds like orochimaru and pain had a fight in the past at some point. so that could have something to do with the change in Nagato.

  70. i think that madara sent the kyubi to destroy konohoa and make the heads of konohoa suspicious of uchiha, because uchiha basically told him to piss off with his evil schemes. lol
    he told sasuke that the kyubi was a natural disaster and i think as soon as sasuke learns the truth hell turn on madara.

    Danzo is gonna take control after tsunades death but not necessarily become hokage, member how long it took fr a new hokage to be made after the thirds death. When danzo takes control sai is gonna have to choose his side. i doubt danzo is in cahoots with akatski because he could just tell them naruto is in the frog zone.

  71. ha ha! so that means that next issue or later tsunade will identify kushina! it will be her and not kakashi! and naruto will learn of his parents!!!

    jeremiah! what do ya think huh

    also at lastscorp umm i dunno what u’re talkin about, you realize that the jutsu pain used used dead bodies?! which agrees with my theory, and to boot there were no chakra receptors visible on their skin (kisame and itachi) when the jutsu was invoked

  72. @ 9tailedsage- *sigh* no he did not use dead bodies he needed them alive to cast the jutsu, they died after he did his jutsu. I do know that they did not have chakra receptors (that we could see) on their skin but we have never seen the real pain have we?

  73. Indeed,Nagato has yet to show up. The man behind the curtain a la Wizard of OZ.

    Lets just wait to see on this one. All in all, I don’t think its going to matter whether the bodies were dead or alive to begin with because in the end, they will all be killed.

    I’m guessing that two different techniques are being used though considering the bodies are probably being moved and controlled through chakra receptors which havn’t been used previously. So its more than likely a completely different jutsu.

  74. Well the Chakra receptors could just let the chakra flow from Nagato to the bodies, where as Itachi just gave a chunk of his chakra to the body.

  75. but what has there been to say that there needs to be a live offering? scorp? if he is an almighty god then why shouldn’t he have the ability of reanimation, it is not such an absurd thought since such techniques have already been shown in shippuuden (the sand elder chiyo).

  76. *sigh* I dont feel like pointing out every little thing that points too why he needs live offering to do his jutsu. But it kinda even points to this when he first got his powers. I never said he could not use dead bodies, I just think that he needs live people from what I have seen in the manga. We will see who is right as the manga moves along.

  77. you are probably right about the adding character thing.

  78. @Jeremiah- I just found something funny and I know you like the daily show, so I wanted to give you this link

    P.S I dont know if there are any kid on this site so you can block it if you want.

  79. That is awesomeness! I saw when Colbert did that segment but I’ve never seen the dance remix! ^_^

  80. That was pure gold, and infineitly better than Chris Berman’s break down @_@

  81. Umm okay!! i think kakashi is gonna be saved by naruto..and naruto and the gang is gonna destroy peins bodies and naruto is gonna have a one on one with the real pein…sasuke and his gang is gonna fight madara and the rest of akatsuki after finding out the truth about the death of his clan..tsunade is gonna rush to the emergency room implants before she dies…danzou now has the opputunity to rob a shop since konoha is being destroyed…

  82. I think Danzo will die. Really he is a useless side-plot to this.
    he thinks full good planning shit, but in the end he gets raped.

    he got raped by the 3rd and he will get raped by the 5th as well.

  83. 1. Naruto seems too have mastered his Rasenshurikan hopefully his rasegan aswell.
    2. That Jutsu that blew everything away Im going too take a guess and say that its some type of Gravity jutsu maybe to do with space/time jutsu.
    3. Tsunade is gonna kick ass she knows what to do and shes prepared and she wants revenge for Jirayai, Hopefully she rips those earring and piercing out of their bodys.
    4. With the message not being sent too naruto, I want him too not know whats going on that way he trains more and produces more awesome ninjutsu and taijutsu moves.
    5. Danzo If hes gonna block backup then he is Obviously gonna take care of buisness and unleash some new ‘ROOT’ Ninjas. Or just go take care of Pain with some secret weapon. Let all Konoha ninja take care of Pain.

    Naruto is at Mybo mountain and is now blocked from knowing anything. Team Hawk is Healing up. With Raikages Ninjas looking for 8-Tail with 8-Tail is on the run. Akatsuki have nothing to do maybe search for 8-tail? or goto Konoha?
    Pain is at War with the Leaf and somebody gonna die. And we have Danzo hopefully going too show what his Generation was all about.

  84. @losers-Tsunade won’t make it in time to rape Danzo…probly he’ll get raped by Sasuke or Naruto…i would like to see that…..mwahahahahahahahahahaha*laughs evily* 🙂 🙂 🙂

  85. OMFG!!!they are making a Dragonball Movie….hey Jeremiah go and check it out:…Goku is….c’mon they think that this actor actually looks like hime..???LMFAO!!!! 🙂 LOL!!!!!

  86. Tsunade will start singing when encountering pain:
    “To be famous is so nice suck my dick lick my ass” – You´re gonna have sex with all my famous friends!

  87. ^That is a bizarre comment!

  88. @ babyfox9 – yeah, I was seeing screen shots of that about 6 months ago and I’ve been trying to scrub them from my brain every since.

  89. hmmm…imagine a Naruto Movie with real actors…wouldn’t that to put it….”freakin odd”…… 😉

  90. I think DeathNote is the only one to successfully pull off a live version of an anime…

    If anyone else knows of one, let us know.

  91. i agree..although the ending wasn’t the same as the anime..

    Naruto mastered his super hyper ultra technique to cut a hole bunch of mountains into pieces!
    We will see some nice action between Kakashi and Pain (no one will win this fight within the next chapter).
    And Danzous misterious plan about seizes the village will be revealed.

  93. Here what i found on a site about the Dragonball Movie: “Familiar characters like Goku, Master Roshi, Bulma and Picollo would be there though it seems like they have made some changes to their personalities whereas Master Roshi is not a pervert, Picollo looks like Voldemort, Yamcha is not bald and other plot modifications. I honestly do not know how this will turn out. Lets just hope that they do not murder the series. All I want is for the Kamehameha to make a dramatic entrance. Check out the latest trailer!”
    I think it describes the movie perfectly!Don’t u? 🙂

  94. @Jeremiah-i have a question about the new site..i clicked on CHAT BOX and a Chat-Login box appeared..what is this about?Should i log in?

  95. The Chat Box is a beta for the chatroom that will eventually be part of the site. I check it every once in a while and have had some good conversations with people from the blog.

    So feel free to chat there whenever you want but its really not populated at this point since the site is not complete yet.

  96. I’m hoping to start doing a chat event, like once a month where at a set time people will log on and debate a subject or subjects that relate to Naruto or anime in general.

  97. @Deathanddumbmasta – nice job putting it into simple terms ^_^

  98. what is the name of this site i

  99. I still think Danzo is a good guy in his own way. He’s not a traitor to Konoha. It’s just that he takes the rules as absolute laws that should never be broken.
    The reason he splashed that frog (it’s actually a toad I believe) is because the elders forbid Tsunade to recall Naruto. Instead of persuading Tsunade with words he takes action.

    DANZO = Good guy in his own way.

  100. A!!this is a great idea Jeremiah!!!Can’t wait for the site to be copleted!!btw thanx for the info 🙂

  101. @ james –

    Good to see you again ^_^

  102. @ Nighthawk – yeah, that fits into the whole keeping the 9 tails from Akatsuki.

    I’m leaning toward the Danzo is in it for himself theory though.


  104. Man I ment to do a post on the flashback thing, but I think I am just to damn lazy, kinda like shikamaru lmao. The bad thing is I can see doing post each week in my head, but I just dont want to go into the manga get the pics and photoshop them. I think I just need to do them when I first get an idea, insted of just typing in the reply box >_<…. I think I need some caffeine *yawn*.

  105. LMAO! Toublesome…

  106. Dude, there’s nothing wrong with being lost on the road of life…

    I’ve been lost ever since russia pushed me off the road, and now I’m scared to get back on, especially since their there waiting to push me back off…

  107. Yeah im thinking danzo is just trying to change the village like he as he wants it to be, but i do really wanna see if there is anything under his bandages…

  108. where’s that thing about the 422?

  109. hey! i got sources telling that naruto’s jutsu that put all that mountains down is not rasenshuriken. but stil it’s still an evolution of rasengan (chakra + element )

  110. WHo SavEs KAKAshi?!?!

    its so obvious so obvious he cant win against pain, he can only pass time and wait….

    for some weird reason i think that seeing as kakashi and sasuke havent had their reunion yet, that sasuke for old time sakes try to help his former sensei……..

    think about its sort of poetic, the prodigy naruto or the prodigal anti hero sasuke, ps i betting on the idea so kishi dont let me down..

  111. Ask urself who makes it back to Konoha first……….sasuke or Naruto?

  112. pein to kill him take on his bodies finnish em, and then deal with teh real pein with his real powers.

  113. sasuke will make it first, naruto will come last.

  114. @ Mizukage- If anyone, the Maito Gai shall come in and save his eternal rival in order to show people he’s better than Kakashi the copy-ninja

  115. kakashi can hold off pain long anough

  116. LMAO I love how people see one part of a fight and say Kakashi cant hurt pain, he was seeing what pain could do. Ninjutsu did not work, taijutsu did not work,(he actually said this in the last chapter almost owrd for word) so whats next ummmm duh the mangekyou sharingan (did every one just miss this or what). Kakashi knows nothing about pian, so he is definitely going to get hit by the stuff he has never seen. Dont you know the hero shonin fight yet, get your ass kicked so you look like the underdog, then kill(or hurt) the bad guy with one very cool move at the end of the fight. Kakashis MS will get rid of pain if he can hit him with it, hmm tsunade holds pain still and Kakasi MS them….good way to die.

  117. lol althought the thought of GAY aensei had already crossed my mind, and it would be funny…… i dont think the same things gonna happen again 🙂

  118. we should all agree on a set time to go on iareawesomeness we can have a group discussion….

  119. I’ve been watching this site for a while but this is my first time leaving a comment. I Think this is a great site. That said, I know what you mean by tsunade’s flashbacks foreshadowing her death, but usually the flashbacks take up a whole issue, so I’m not completely sold on the idea. Now, I did see any of Kishi’s interviews, and that could very well sway me. But, what of tsunade’s habit of gambling to see the luck of her future? Also, will gramps toad sense one of his own was killed? It was nice to see tsunade plant the elders on their ass, and I kinda hope it is Sai that ends Danzo.

  120. @scorpion yes it is a very good way to die but i myself would much rather die by the hands of the swayze/captain planet

  121. @ Bashbrotha – well said.

  122. HERE are the kishi interviews if you are not familiar with them. I will comment more later. Gotta go for now.

  123. hey bra scorpion….
    sasuke clearly statest that he intends to kill all of konoha. hope this helps.

  124. Thanks for the link to the interviews! OK, stick a fork in her…she’s done.

    swayze/captain planet? I dunno…. Walker Texas Ranger could roundhouse kick the planet in half. Then how would captain planet’s alter ego Dirty Dance at the Roadhouse he bounces at?!

  125. @ theoutsider – If Danzo and elders turn on Tsunade and the village, that will open a door for Sasuke to leave angry island and come over to friendship shores with Naruto and the rest of Konoha.

    Especially if Danzo takes complete control and its a team 7-10 + Sasuke vs Danzo. All of this is in consideration to the fact that Sasuke wants to kill the elders that manipulated his brother, more than anything.

    I’m just saying the option is there for Kishi to write it that way. Me personally, I would like to see Sasuke become the ultimate yang to Naruto’s ying and fight to the death to end the series.

    Thanks for the comment ^_^

  126. @ avidphan – that is in the worx. I will let everyone know in advance when that is starting. Not this week though.

  127. im pissed off! i think in in a different date and time, i think im from the other side of the world from you guys! i always miss your conversation.

    by the way im from Japan.

    i like your site so much! you all have very good ideas about whats coming next. i know some info but can’t tell you so much

  128. @ Jeremiah- I’m sure were just stating a possibility, but do you think it would take teams 7-10 and Sasuke to beat Danzo?
    He should be weaker than the 3rd because he lost the fight, but maybe now he learned some new stuff and he could be strong, but still, he is pretty old.
    But apparently age doesn’t effect Madara and Kakuzu

  129. but i tell you all, tsunade will die soon enough before you all kill each other.

    she would be able to kill lots of pein’s bodies.

    the report about the autopsy will help her and the shinobies of konoha.

    naruto will be able to come back but not in exact time. when pein already show his true “great” power, naruto will enter the scene.

    remember thet naruto trained the sage arts to revenge his sensei and it must be done no matter what.

    naruto will come back not ecause of any info about the attack but because his training is over and he has successfully surpassed his sensei.

    about gay- he will be on the scene but not as you expected that he can do alot. he will help kakashi. what will happen to kakashi? oh! that’s a secret!

    i think this info is enough. so? what do you say?

  130. hey! how about some attention about the info i just gave! those are actually confidential! i just gave it because i really like how your conversation is going

  131. @ glen – tell us what ever you want. This is a spoiler site, though my friend in Japan says that they know as much as we do on this site since we get stuff shortly after you guys do… Pray tell where you believe this inside knowledge comes from?

    Tell us what you think will happen to Kakashi… several theories have been thrown about on this site since the last Kishi interview.

    Also, you are treading on thin ice referring to Maito Gai as gay! The power of youthful spirit will prevail ^_^

    Thanks for the props. If you like the site and don’t want to look like a noob then click on the FAQ/ICON/USERNAME link in the categories section on the right hand side blog tool bar at the top of this page. Instructions on how to get a username and icon are within. That goes for anyone else not wanting to sport one of those odd looking noob monsters.

  132. @ krodude – naw, I actually don’t BUT I think they would all want to kill him for what he did to their pet frog.

  133. don’t worry about the icon, im on it. hehhehe!

    the info is not 100% fact. a friend told me about it. he don’t want to tell us about her sources. so far, everything that she told us came to reality like naruto training the sage arts and shika killing one of the akatsuki.

  134. i agree. Glen, lets hear wut you think is going to happen with kakashi, or anything else you want to elaborate on!

  135. @ Jeremiah, HAHAAH yes i believe the frog is what crossed the line. Now he must die

  136. @ Erosennin- you are assuming that the Swayze would allow Chuck Norris to perform such a horrible crime against planet earth with turning into Captain Planet and stopping him!

    THIS is what Captain Planet has to say to Chuck Norris.

  137. you know, i said it was a secret coz i dont know much about that. but i don’t think kakashi will die nor be a missing nin. he’ll be the seventh hokage. naruto will settle for the eight. the sixth? it would be a short term.

  138. @ Glen – you don’t have to give away your source, feel free to tell us what ever you want. Sometimes I think that Kishi doesn’t even know what he’s going to draw from week to week.

    Thanks for the comments ^_^

  139. @ glen – yeah, alot of us have predicted Danzo as a short term Hokage after Tsunade’s death and just before his disembowlment by Sasuke. I totally agree with you.

  140. @ Krodude – you NEVER kill another nins frog. That crosses the line! Under Swayze law 48576-98 you may legally rip a nins throat out for that offense.

  141. yah! my friend also told me that there’s a great possibility of sasuke in action.

    he can’t hide away from konoha any longer.

  142. Calling it a night. Spoiler and updated post tomorrow morning… be there or be that dead fucking frog from the manga…

  143. @ glen – hit us up with a spoiler script if you are in Japan.

    @ Gaarastillrockin – I’m hoping to see that too. Nice job repping Gaara. He’s my second fav character and unfortunatly no one reps him as an icon on the blog -_-

  144. hey! i just registered. i also changed my username from gleno7 to gaarastillrockin.

    i really like gaara! he’s so strong!

  145. haha R.I.P. frog :/

    Glen, who do you think Sasuke will fight?

  146. sasuke? i think he can’t fight yet any of the antagonists. he still have to settle his conflict with team 7 especially naruto. the powers itachi gave to naruto must be used. masashi must have a reason giving it to him. that one is saved for sasuke.

    before sasuke can help konoha, he must settle his conflicts

  147. Im also wondering if his whole team will end up turning good. I really hope Suigetsu ends up killing Kisame.

  148. hey! about konan? i think shika will fight her. hat would be a great fight

  149. Any fight with him is great, cuz hes lazy as hell, but so freakin smart. But i think i would rather have sakura fight konan. That would be a good girl on girl fight!

  150. sakura’s role in the series i think, is not really as a fighting nin. her last fight is the biggest and the last i guess

  151. Well im guessing if not a fight konan, she will end up fighting a lot more once tsunade dies

  152. i think so too. but i don’t think those fights would be big deals

  153. Well seeing as her, naruto and sasuke are basically the new sannin, i hope she gets important fights. At the very least, she will be involved in big fights along side naruto and maybe sasuke

  154. i hope that im wrong. so sakura will get good fights! hehehhe!

  155. Well everyone says kishi cant write good female parts, but i thought sakura’s story has been pretty good.Obviously it hasnt been to in depth, but Im hoping that we will see a lot more development once tsunade dies or sumthing.

  156. hahahha! so your prayin about tsunade’s death ha?


    we’ll that gave me a doubt about shiki fighting konan. i remembered that shiki’s having hard-time fighting a girl. if ever shiki will fight konan that would give konan great advantage.

  157. Well its seems obvious that she will because that the best way for sakura to grow up, and kishi wants that to happen sooo we will just see. Then the sannins will be dead, until oro takes over kabuto i guess.

    and who knows, maybe there is a chance shika could face konan cuz he seems to be fighting girls frequently haha. but still id rather it be sakura while naruto is fighting pain.

    and im hoping, like you im sure, that some sand nin come and help. perhaps not gaara sadly

  158. i was thinking that tsunade will call for help from sunakagure. but the enemy is not of number but of strength and power so i guess that would be a stupid action in part of sunade

  159. i was thinking that tsunade will call for help from sunagakure. but the enemy is not of number but of strength and power so i guess that would be a stupid action in part of sunade

  160. lol yeah but still. its more of me thinking it would be cool. so who knows.
    theres also the fact that people are wondering if team samui will arrive and help

  161. the three of them may arrive. i guess so. but not so many shinobi from suna

  162. Off topic, but i really wanna see wut all the Tailed beasts look like

  163. just surf the internet. you’ll see freaking illustrations. the four-tailed even looks like a chicken with 4 tails. hahahah! that one was really funny.

    about the beast, i think later on they will be released after the destruction of akatsuki. and sasuke and yamato will take care of capturing them

  164. lol no, iv seen a lot of the pics and i still see the one with the eight tales as a snake…..which is obviously not the case. So hopfully next they will appear on the cover soon like all the Jinchuriki

  165. in manga 423 we will finally know what abilities the white fang had because kakashi finally summoned his dad’s sword, that just tell you how strong pain is

  166. The spoiler seems a little fake to me.

  167. It seems plausible to me. I like how this is going.

  168. i think is fake, it was surposed to be like this:

    Kakashi on the cover.

    Konan turns into papers, asking around in the village.
    Konan: Where is Uzumaki Naruto?
    Ninja: I won’t tell

    Scene changes.
    Pain goes around asking for Naruto’s whereabouts while killing bunch of ninja.

    On top of the Hokage statues,
    Tsunade summons slug
    and let her treat the injured villagers

    Scene changes to Kakashi.
    Attack fails.
    Pain takes off his clothes and reveals himself as Asura-like (with many faces and hands)
    The surprised Kakashi is sucked towards Pain.
    He immediately stabilize himself.
    Kakashi (So this is his ability!)
    One man can’t win against him. I need to call for back-up. At that moment, his abdomen is pierced by Pain.

    But it’s just a raiton kagebunshin.
    Then two giant hands appear behind Pain.

    One down, Kakashi.
    Chouji and his dad show up.

    Kakashi climbs out from rubbles. Actually I’d also completed my preparation.
    But still thanks for the help.
    The end.

    Kakashi is struggling against Pain
    A cornered Kakashi summons a sealed short sword
    It ends with Kakashi’s raikiri sword piercing Pain’s barrier

    Next time: the revival of Konoha’s white fang

  169. Thx charzelo – I updated the blog to the correct spoiler with pics.

    I’ll update it again when Fahim comes out with his which is usually very well put together.

  170. damn… the spoilers are so fun! can’t wait till friday!

  171. cool spoiler, can’t wait for the actual manga though ^_^

  172. in the spolier i seen kakashi eyes he seemed liked he discoverd somthing shocking

  173. i’m wondering…just how powerful is the white fang’s legacy?????hmmmm…….

  174. Put this video on, please. It has HQ pictures with script!

  175. I was wondering why Fahim was taking so long. I was in class so I put this up as soon as I read Vered’s comment.


    Its on the main page now.

  176. Oh, me likes this version even more. If Tsunade indeed dies and Kakashi takes over, he’ll have to “prove himself” against Pain. Besides, Tsunade won’t die pointlessly if she indeed passes away.

    She’d pretty much be sacrifising herself for the village. A loss but a more than honorable loss just like Jirayia’s loss against Pain.

    Now I’m hoping that Naruto will start fighting like a mature shinobi and not like a toddler.

  177. Crap, I’m not even near a computer for this week’s issue…

    dam Peoria tournament…

  178. the only fight that i thought was stupid was his fight against kiba in the chunnin exams. seriously he farted. that was kinda dumb. but all the shippuden fights have been good in my opinion

  179. @ Alec – What tourney are u in?

  180. the Kiba fight wasn’t stupid… But the fart was lame.

  181. well him turning into a kiba clone was smart, but yes i basically just meant the whole farting thing lol

  182. The Junior Fall Classic at the Padres/ Mariners complex

  183. Being from Nor Cal, I’m really not looking forward to playing in +95 degree heat

  184. @ Alec…Don’t worry, it will only be about 88-90 degrees for the high this weekend in Peoria.

  185. Sweet…

  186. Good luck @Alec!!I’m sure your team will win 🙂

  187. wow! nice 422! can’t wait to see 423!

    hey guys!

    sorry but kakashi will only be able to discover even more about pein but can’t kill him. coz pein is not in there. his real body is not yet seen.

    remember that nagato is the one with rinnegen and only yahiko is the one presumed to be like the real pein. in short, if nagato is not yet seen, the real pein is not yet seen.

    kakashi will kbe able to kill yahiko’s body with the blade of his father. he will be using the withe light chakra saber (fixed). that one would be a very good fight. that will be seen in 423 but be over in 424.

  188. kakashi won’t use the mangekyo. he knows that that one wont be a useful tool. that technique will be needing shika to hold on an enemy.

  189. hey guys! kakashi will really be a hokage! remember that the next hokage is chosen by the current hokage if he/she will be able to. before tsunade dies, i guess she would be able to pass on his position to kakashi. guess so……..

  190. Did everyone forget about Kabuto?

  191. kakashi is really good using his jutsus including his sharingan. he even use a mus jutsu to hold the animal realm body of pein and use his mangekyo. unfortunately, pein is so good. he was able to dodge the atack.

    i really like how the story goes!

    realy really good

  192. at the beginning, kakahi told himself he got two choces left the frst one ie to us the mangekyo sharingan, but that didn’t wor. so i guess he needs to use the last choice. i that one is to use his father’s sword. we’ll see the light that won’t vanish! the white fang of konoha comes back!

  193. hey naruto will comeback soon enough. fuka will notice that the F***in frog is late for its daily report. he feels bad about it so i think they’ll come back now.

  194. I think all the heads are why yahiko is god realm are the other realms the heads on his body? because if they are maybe you need to kill him before the others. Thats how the 3 jirayia killed came back to life because they are really living inside god realm and controlling their bodies from there. So if they kill the god realm first the other realms wont be able to come back. Another possibility is they all need to be killed at the same time. Just changing it up from the usual nagato controls them all and he has to die lol sorry if its a lil confusing it made sense in my head

  195. i think he’s not in there. he’s somewhere. yahiko i think is just like the other bodies maybe it’s just called the god real because he is so close to nagato. nagato s pei and he’s somewhere. and somehow naruto’s gonna kick his ass! and that’s not a shit

  196. All the adult shinobi’s will die, everyone one of them kakashi will lose to pein and same with guy. Tsunade gets killed and naruto will not make it back on time. Guy dies and opens all gates

  197. i think pain is really the fourth hokage

  198. @Blackorean- No one’s forgotten about Kabuto, but he is such a mystery at the moment that most of us have concluded that he’ll be back after the Pein arc.
    Actually I brought up that I wouldn’t be suprised that Kabuto helps the Leaf out during the invasion, but that was a long time ago, and before it was only Pein going. So no, Kabuto hasn’t been forgotten but he seems to be likely the last villian before the series ends. You know the last of the old generation that is blocking the new generation from taking over.

  199. Danin316- No Pein is not the fourth, that idea was brought up a while ago in some fan fiction/manga, but he’s different. Jiraya who taught both new that they were different. Not to mention the hairstyle and color are different (refer to the three rules of manga)

    Nice try though, it would have been hella sick, but no…

  200. Until Jiraiya, Kishi has been a punk about killing off his characters. I wonder if he has the balls to kill Kakashi.

  201. Well he was pretty quick to kill Asuma and the old hokage plus hes gets swagger points for killing Asuma with akatsuki voodoo priest jutsu.

  202. i think konohamaru and naruto will do their sexy jutsus to defeat pain, sasuke will come back, and he’ll cry. then naruto sakura kakashi and him will group hug it out. the teletubbies will replace Pein in the akatsuki and everyone will be in deep shit.

  203. @kingcam07 I doubt it kakashi will only die near the end of the manga, same for Iruka. they are #1 and #2 in the popularity poll, if you kill one of them off it hurts the manga.

  204. here we go crazy prediction, the tobi is actually the 4th hokage, he didnt actually die when he sealed the 9-tails into his own son, he just sealed and did his little speed burst, got a hold of a uchiha did the oro body transfer and has been waiting to get revenge on the village because the elders are…f-ing stupid (i dont know) and he also dyed his hair which is why its black not blonde, so this would make a huge battle at the end when sasuke and naruto have to face naruto’s own father-now thats f-ed up man

  205. Bashbrotha, I mean this in the most respectful and tasteful way; that is the dumbest shit I have ever heard.

  206. hahaha

  207. lmfao!

  208. thats like in talledega nights lmfao… “just because you said with all due respect doesnt mean you can say w/e you want after it” great movie

  209. also if he took an uchiha body he wouldnt hafta die his hair nice try though

  210. o and one last thing sorry for taking up space but @alec isnt kabuto technically part of narutos generation so he wouldnt really hafta die to replace the old generation… not saying he wont but he could start a new “brand of villian” and they can keep the manga going having naruto fight off his own generation… prolly wont happen though

  211. ha dude, the way i see it, the naruto series is about to end. Cme on just look at it this way. Jiraiya died, and Orochi supposedly “died” too right? now it’s time for Tsunade to die. Naruto will become hokage. And the Kabuto/Orochi would be the enemy of the younger generation (that little kid that looks up to naruto).

    He would have to avenge his grandfathers death wouldn’t he?

    what’s wierd is i think the cover of the other chapter gave us a BIG hint on what’s going to happen. It’s pretty obvious that naruto is going to get his bijuu taken out of him. but i think he would somehow bring everyone together (all the tails hosts) and fight along with him. why else would kishi have put all of them on the cover of the chapter?

    dude i can tell we will have a LONGGGG way before this series ends though…..

    UNLESSSSS what if we have another time skip. Konoha could be taken over by akatsuki and sasuke could be the leader of it. then we’ll be able to see the older naruto…..

    *THERE WILL BE A TIMESKIP* think about it. Naruto and the Sage frog are clueless about the attack that is going on. The reason they went to the mountain is to train naruto right? No one was expecting an attack from akatsuki. Now that Danzo killed the messenger frog naruto will be up in the mountains for quite a while. (maybe years)maybe Danzo did it so naruto could train more?

    dude Naruto will kick ass

    Sage Mode + Demon Fox + Itachi’s Power = Ownage

  212. When in doubt refer to the 3 rules of manga post. Rule #1 it’s all about the hair.

  213. blackorean-are u stupid how cud naruto get all the host together and fight with them if their dead already…once the bijuu is extracted from the hosts body the host dies, the only one who didnt die was garra and thats cuz that lady brought him back to life and theres no way naruto wud get the fox taken out of him even if he magically was able to survive…just a dumb overall statement by u

  214. hey guys! no one shall defeat pein xcept naruto! tjere must be a revege!


    the demon realm is not yet dead but he is close though. kakashi will discoevr the power of the god real and naruto will take care of the rest. kakashi’s gonna use his mangekyo sharingan to put the demon realm out of the scence. unfortunately, he can’t do the same to the god real. the other realms will be killed by tsunade and other shinobies.

    to be able to use mangekyo sharingan, kakashi’s ganna use a justsu that releases very sticky mud that you can’t get out. it will hold the demon realm but the god realm will be able to dodge it. then the demon realm is dead.

    how about that?

    i guess that would be good

  216. hey here’s another choice for your poll about naruto if he will be able to comeback.

    fukasaku will notice that his f*ing goggle messenger is late for its daily report and he’ll feel bad about it so he and naruto will comeback. the will be surprized by what’s happening.

    naruto’s gana see kakashi almost killed by pein and he’ll enter the scene and kill the god realm. the true pein will appear but naruto’s ganna kick his as too.

  217. The fact that ‘The Real One Isn’t With Them’ means there has to be another battle setting up somewhere to take on Pain. The question is how will it take place and who will do the killing? The Six Paths weakness was expoited by Jiraiya and Ma/Pa Toad (who discovered that if you separate the bodies by breaking up their chakra network… fighting each head on… you should be able to kill them all). The trick is, of course, you have to kill them all and, right now, they are in separate locations. Naruto will have to join the battle sooner or later otherwise they will stay separate looking for him within the village. If Naruto can use his shadow clones while in sage mode, he should be able to easily defeat Pain and his bodies if he can use the same disruption jutsu Jiraiya used when he fought them… he just has to make sure he uses it against all six bodies which would be no problem for him.

  218. Another observation.

    I think Negato’s control of Pain must be very similar to Tsunade’s use of her slugs to heal the other ninjas with her chakra. It makes me wonder if she will actually join an actual battle this time around. It would seem that with her healing power it would be unlikely that she would get involved in a direct battle at all. Tsunade’s days may be numbered, but I think there’s a good chance it won’t happen in this battle.

  219. One more thing.

    I thought it was totally cool that Kakaishi could use a shadow clone while he was using the MS. The legendary ‘copy ninja’ has a few tricks up his sleeve that we’ve yet to see. Can’t wait to see how this battle unfolds. But, its obvious that he is being groomed to be the next Hokage. Also, with Danzo. If the goal was always to destroy the village and take it over in his image, whi wasn’t he able to accomplish this when the Third was defeated? Especially considering he has such a strategic influence over the village elders?

  220. @Tony… Well danzo was not the strongest and jiraiya the person who was the student of the third and teacher of the fourth was in town.

    P.S I dont think he wants to destroy the village he has his own motive. It could be that he just wants to run the village or it could be that he knows something that others do not. Why did he want sasuke killed if he knew itachi would attack him, alot of things just dont add up yet and it is hard to tell what he is after.

  221. yea danzou wants control of the village like he sent sai to kill sasuke and he killed that frog because he does not want naruto to be in akatikhi hands

    kakashi is stronger than i thought he has some good moves i never seen before i am inpressed

  222. i think danzo will be the next hokage

  223. possibly most likley it wont happen just a very slim chance very very very slim chance

  224. wow kakashi used a lighting clone hes good

  225. ok so how did demon realm transform like he did… clearly god realm had something to do with it

  226. yea you are right but it does not matter demon realm is dead

  227. just curious a bit off topic but wy is tobi such a clown if he is really uchiha madara cant see a real need to hide his identity cause he so powerful

  228. Dudes i’m telling you, all the Tailed beasts will come back. even if they die come on, their souls or something will back up naruto. Why else would kishi put them on the cover? my theory about the next time skip is right though.

  229. don’t think so dude…

    maybe kishi put it in cover as a comemorative for their part.


  230. Blackorean about the beast? are you talkin about the hosts or the tailed beasts? coz if your talkin bout the tailed beasts, i might agree with you. they may come back. maybe they will be released after naruto kick akatsuki’s asses.

  231. That is a good t-shirt design. Very artistic. I would love to wear it.

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