Naruto Manga 421 + Tails Group Wallpaper + Freakin Lazer Beams survey + updated post

Naruto Manga 421 <Spoiler><Pics><Raw><Translation>

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This is such a kick ass issue! Shit is really hitting the fan and Danzo has finally exposed himself as an intolerable dick!  He may just be keeping the 9 tailed beast from getting captured by Akatsuki or he’s in on it with them, I’m not sure yet.  This is an epic issue of manga!  I can’t wait for the translated version!  I’ll put the script in the comments section as well for those of you who are have trouble playing the video. 

I wonder if the survey stats for “who is the ultimate enemy?” will change now that Danzo finally came out of the closet as king of the douche bags ^_^  This does give reason for Sasuke to change sides again.  Sasuke hates Konoha now because Danzo and the elders ordered Itachi to wipe out the Uchiha clan so it serves to reason that Sasuke will now join Konoha since the elders are obviously against it… What do you think?

The WTF?! post is up for this week. Click HERE to see the Wookie porn post >_<

HERE is a video my friends Danielle and Nick did for a AP Lit class.

HERE is the Patrick Swayze post for anyone that wants to know the backround of that inside joke on this site.


Hey everyone,

What an awesomeness issue of Manga last week!  I thought it was great how Kakashi steps in against Pain after poor Iruka Sensei shat himself.  I wonder how long Kakashi will be in the hospital this time after the fight?  Naruto had a funny WTF?! moment while envisioning himself fused with Pa frog that I thought was funny and we got to see Demon realm go Doctor evil on Konoha by shooting freaking lazer beams out of his freakin head! WTF!?  And then Tsunade sealed her own fate by having flashbacks, we all know what this signifies in the manga world… I should add that to my list of RULES OF MANGA. All in all a very entertaining issue of manga.

I honestly winced in pain as I read that page where Demon realms head opens up to expose the not so awesomo lazer cannon hiding in his head.  It’s really goofy.  I don’t mean like Gai goofy, which is funny.  I’m talking like Pokemon or Yugiho special move goofy, which is not awesomeness at all.  I’m not sure if I’m the only one that feels this way so I’m putting it in the survey this week. There is also a question about the tailed beasts on this weeks survey and the last question on the survey has been asked before but since it was prevelant in the comments section this week I decided to run it one more time.

As you may have noticed above I put a wallpaper of the tailed beasts group photo up for everyone.  I’m sure you’ve all done the same already but I just cropped it to fit my computer screen.  If you double click the image it will open to a size that you can use as wallpaper for your computer, if you were to lazy to crop a pic on your own 😛

A few quick notes:

7 tails – my personal favorite, they need more strong, cool, female characters in the manga.

6 tails – looks like he blows more than bubbles… if ya know what I mean… (keep Sai and Sasuke far away from that guy is all I’m sayin >_<)

5 tails – I wish this one was still around, he looks like he could F*&K $#!T up!

4 tails – Looks like the drunken bum that lives behind the Quickie Mart.

3 tails – very cool scar, not sure if its a boy or a girl though -_-

@-@ Ja mata

Click the eyes below to take

this weeks survey entitled…

“Freakin Lazer Beams?!”

Results from this weeks survey (updated10/15/2008):

Which of the new tailed beasts would you like to see make a return to the manga?

37.6% of you said the 7 tails. <Jeremiah chose this answer

25.9% of you said the 5 tails.

12.9% of you said the 6 tails.

11.6% of you said the 4 tails.

12.9% of you said the 3 tails.

Who will be the final, ultimate enemy?

51.4% of you said Madara

22.8% of you said Sasuke <Jeremiah chose this answer

10% of you said Kabuto/Oro

18.5% of you said someone new

8.5% of you said Pain

What did you think of Demon realm shooting a freakin lazer out of his freakin head?

20.8% of you said it was Awesomeness!

35.1% of you said WTF?! That was dumb as hell! <Jeremiah chose this answer

27.4% of you said it was lame but not horrible.

16.4% of you said it was pretty cool but not awesomeness.

The WTF?! post is up for this week.

HERE is a video my friends Danielle and Nick did for a AP Lit class.

HERE is the Patrick Swayze post for anyone that wants to know the backround of that inside joke on this site.


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  1. super duper. that is all.

  2. Sweet! First !
    i Hope we get to see some of the other tailed Beast too bad most of them are dead

  3. thx for crop…yes i’m too lazy 🙂

    wow, first…tch tch tch poor bono

  4. Second… the closest I’ve ever gotten.

  5. third…huh huh^^

  6. hi

  7. fourth!

  8. 4th

  9. kalashi was trying to fight pain but he wont last i think that tsunade will die naruto will save kakashi amd kakashi will become the next hokage

  10. and then kakashi wiil step down as hokage and give it to naruto

  11. i thought that the three tails did not have a host and in the manga they showed dedira and tobi fightitg it

  12. correct i was wondering when some1 would notice

  13. damn…i wonder…will Sasuke ever return to the village….????aww…*sighs*

  14. kakashi wont die but i think tsunade will but kakashi will be 2 lazy 2 become hokage and pass it down 2 some1 eles i dun think that naruto is completly ready yet. i mean he is super powerful and stuff but theres more 2 hokage then that

  15. i think kakashi will become hokage and won’t pass it down to someone else…that’s because kishi said that a huge event will happen to him..sooo he won’t skip it 🙂

  16. Well the three tailed host could have died and left the beast with out a host.

  17. Tsunade will die and Kakashi will be the next Hokage. However after Pain dies and Sasuke takes care of Madara who would really be strong enough to take out Kakashi (excluding Naruto and Sasuke).

  18. how about naruto dies and the manga ends there wat would be up wit dat

  19. well we still do not know anything about zetsu, he has been around pre time skip.

  20. I would say kisame but lighting > water.

  21. i think tusnade will see narutos power at its fullest after this battle and pass on hokage to him he already has the traits to a hokage hes just like his father he just wasnt as strong as him till now thats my theroy 6th hokage naruto 7th hokage konohamaru

  22. Kaby/oro mix… Imagine that character resummoning all the past dead super powerful characters, Naruto wins and then the series ends

  23. bah how do you account for sasuke killing madara? the legendary immortal… at least naruto defeating pain is minutely feasible, because jiraiya defeated one body by himself and naruto will have konoha on his side. but sasuke has no chance in hell of defeating madara, who could probably defeat sasuke by just using one type of jutsu, like a supreme genjutsu, or 1 hit KO like susanoo but stronger… or my favorite scenario, madara pimp spals him into submission 🙂

  24. slaps* 🙂

  25. and then Saskue gives his pimp the rent for the week, just like any good bitch does


  27. What if the 3 tails got rid of the beast. Possibly the “former host” is still around… That would be cool.

  28. @ Ninetailedsage – are we sure Madara is “that” strong, his Sharingan looks strangley un advanced hmmmm I wonder why that could be ^_^

  29. because lastscorpion beat the living crap out of him just cause he felt like it…

  30. LMFAO! at pimp/hoe comments

    In my opinion there are still 3 main bad guys in the series.

    3. Pain
    2. Madara
    1. Sasuke

    I’m thinking that Sasuke vs Naruto will be the final battle that ends the series.

  31. what if madara is the real father of itachi an Sasuke?

  32. Sasuke will turn good again. I think we will see Kabuto as a new villan. Seperate from the return of Orochimaru.

  33. yes.. i also noticed that the three tailed has no host and it looked like a mutated turtle. i think naruto would be freaking awesome if he will be able to jam with his beast just like killerbee.

  34. jeremiah i am surprised that kabuto/oro isn’t on that list. when sasuke defeated oro he admitted to it being a fluke, a farce, a stroke of pure luck, he didn’t even believe it himself! lmao i digress… but seriously i think kabuto oro poses a much greater threat to konoha considering oro’s record is more badass than that of akatsuki combined!

  35. btw any1 who’s a fan of vampire knight season two is out…and i finally got to FMA which is pretty freakin’ awesome.

    oooh it’s midnight creepy…

  36. Seriously i do not see Naruto beating Pain and i don’t se how the writer would put in otherwise. I mean Pain shattered Kakashi’s MS with his rinnegan. How does Naruto beat that when his most powerful jutsu is the rasengan shuriken (or maybe this new secret jutsu) and the fact is he would have to be able to hit Pain since it is a short range attack. And there would be no way he would be able to land that since when all six realms are together like they were against Jman he could no hit them with any jutsu long range or short unless it was a genjutsu. I don’t know where they are going with this but Naruto even with his new training does not look like he holds a candle to Pain.

  37. vampire knight is really cool!!vamps ftw..hehe

  38. hmm…i’ve just noticed..6 tails doesn’t have a symbol of a village…i’m wondering…who is he…??????

  39. hey i heard that Dattebayo dropped Naruto Shippuden..i believed that they would give it a second thought…DAMN…..who is going to sub it now…Dattebayo was doing this from the 1st ep….this is so unfair…*cries again and again* DAMN DAMN DAMN>>> ARGH..IT”S SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!

  40. 8 and 9 tails still number one!

  41. @babyfox9… don’t believe everything you read or hear regarding Dattebayo. Considering they are named after Naruto phrase, it will be a cold day in hell before they stop subbing Shippuuden.

  42. See i gotta disagree with you again sage. Orochimaru isnt really stronger than most of the akatsuki members itachi mde him look like a bitch when he one hit killed him and kisame could probably smash him zetsu who knows pain and madara are both way too savage for oro and the other dead members well the died so the probably couldnt hang with orochimaru.

  43. hmmm..that’s a little reassuring…arigato @mosesgunn 🙂

  44. See i gotta disagree with you again sage. Orochimaru isnt really stronger than most of the akatsuki members itachi mde him look like a bitch when he one hit killed him and kisame could probably smash him zetsu who knows pain and madara are both way too savage for oro and the other dead members well the died so the probably couldnt hang with orochimaru.

  45. i bet that pain and madara team up and sasuke tries 2 kill konhoa but then sasuke turns good and helps out team 7 then everything will be all happy =]

  46. Naruto is captured by pain, but is rescued by Killerbee, who then teaches him to control his tailed beast.

  47. I think you should watch out for Kabuto, not orochimaru. Kabuto has so much info on sasuke and naruto and he knows their weaknesses. I would think if Sasuke is not going to be one of the main bad guys, kabuto will take that spot. If Sasuke and Naruto team up, I would think it would be VS Kabuto since Kabutos main goal is to kill Naruto and Sasuke.

  48. on contrary erich22, kabuto is more likely to turn into the good side. he always looked like one. he might finally support naruto even if it is fake and just to avenge his master’s death…sasuke is shit brick…

  49. and the above comment goes to lastscorpion too…sasuke sucks my D*%$…compared to him, kabuto is still a sage(meaning good guy)…

  50. @whostolemytaco…that would be like a dream ..for Sasuke to return that is..i hope that he will one day.but as i have said before he is too stubborn to think clearly.the only thing he keeps repeating is:”i will take revenge”and “i’m an avenger”..omg..

  51. geeze…no wonder nobody was responding to my comments….hahahaha i guys opend a whole nother blog….well … i guess ive got some comment catching up to do….

  52. sky…you misunderstood what i was referring to i said that oro’s record, meaning he has done the unbelievable in that manga…created his own hidden village! took down konoha’s hokage! bamboozled the hidden sand, i mean come on he by himself has done more than all of akatsuki with the exception of madara and pain.

  53. i think its point blank…anyone who is part of akatsuki is badass period…now u look at oro…he was one of the LEGENDARY SANINS.and akatsuki….jman got defeated but by one of the tops if not the top of akatsuki which would leave me to think that tsunade is probably gonna get her but whooped… the difference in strengths with in the akatsuki is hard to tell…obviously pein is in a far different league as to the rest of them…but if sakura and that old woman can defeat one and kakashi and naruto could defeate one…then the rest of them are probably not that strong..which would have to make sasuke right under pein and would make naruto have to be above all of that..if not then he will get owned…badly…

  54. I think that the key to killing pain is to rip out the piercings from the body. the piercings send pains chakra into the dead bodys that is why when kakashi and jiraiya got stabed by the spear odd things happend. Look at how kakashi’s chidori missed, I am thinking pain controlled kakashi’s arm and that is why he missed.

  55. that makes sense scorpion said

  56. I think kakashi and tsunde will survive the invasion. Kakshi will get his ass wipe but pain won’t kill him cause naruto will show up and fight all six pains and hold his on and pain from destroying the leaf village. Pain will cature narurto and try to exstract the kyubii, and when the frog key will come in to play and naruto will have to on leash the the other chakra of the kyubii and have full control of the demon. And cause of that he will be able to use sage mode on his own because the kyubii will stay still for naurto and draw in the sage chakra for him instead of need Pa toad. And when naruto returns him shikamru and sakura will join anbu black op wit yamto and sai to elemanate aktski (sorry I can’t spell good) and j man body back so he can have proper funeral worth of sannin. Then naruto will be named hokge like his dad he’ll be the fight hokge and tsunde will handle the paper till she retires, but naruto last great fight to end the ok e hatred will come against madra and sasuke, were hope naruto will so dope that he has mastered all jutsus of the hokages of leaf village and go 9 tails. That just what hope happens

  57. @Jeremiah

    Don’t forgot about Zetsu! lol. He might just be the main villain, which is why he’s thee most mysterious character in naruto at the moment. Also, Tobi was shown taking orders from Zetsu, If I remember correctly.

  58. @ Jeremiah

    Don’t forget about the most mysterious character in naruto, Zetsu! lol. Tobi was shown taking order from Zetsu, if I remember correctly.

  59. well obviously in this series the point in the end will be naruto becoming hokage and obviously sasuke is not gonna die and eventually someday will come back.
    @lastscorpian i think ur right about the piercings i had that same thought myself wondering y they all have piercings and it makes total sense that wen they r stabbed with that sword then they have like control of the oppenents chakra

  60. I don’t think this battle is going to be the final battle of the manga and definately Naruto is too young to become Hokage just yet. Even the 4th was presumably in his twenties when he became Hokage. Naruto is just 16-17. Do you really think the elders would pick Naruto? The only way he is becoming Hokage is if Kakashi is Hokage before him and can name him his successor. But here’s a question for everyone, Can anyone think of a good reason why no one has told Naruto the truth about his father? I mean wtf?

  61. Sweet pic.

    Theories for the invasion. Tsunade dies so Kakashi gets made 6th. Of all the sannin, I think it’s likely that she is that one that really dies, although I’m thinking there may be a comeback for all three–right when things really start to hit the fan and it’s clear that the younger generation isn’t quite able to handle things alone yet.

    Because, let’s face it, Kishimoto isn’t ready to let the series end, and has recently said that there is a LOT of story left.

    Sasuke is going to go up against Madara/Tobi but there will be no clear victor, both of them more messed up than either will admit.

    Hmmm…and Pain? Give me a couple more issues and I’ll have some theories about that, too. I need more clues. Thx for the awesomeness spoilers n junk each week. =)

  62. Alright i see your point sage and really cant argue with it.

    the wrodl did not end so that british guy is wrong

  64. @iamlegend206, wow

  65. […] Naruto Manga 421 + Tails Group Wallpaper Naruto Manga 421   Hey everyone, As you all know I usually don’t post until Monday but I was so jacked about […] […]

  66. It seems odd to me that judging by the head bands most villages had 2 jinchuriki. And didn’t Madara say something about the First creaing them and distributing them evenly among the nations? Where were they held and how? Most of these look too young to be around since the first. If the first did distribute 2 per village does that mean that the Kyubi’s powerful enough to take on 2 tailed beasts at the same time?

  67. I think eventually Orochimaru is gonna take over Sasuke’s body and Kabuto’s and you’re gonna have two of them to wreak havok. i mean, Itachi put him in that dream state, but I doubt he’ll be in it forever, and when he gets out Sasuke is gonna be suprised and Oro is gonna take over, and infiltrate Akatsuki or the village.

  68. I cant wait to see what Sasuke is going to do when he gets to the village. Hes got to have so thing up his sleeve.

  69. I meant some thing up his sleeve.

  70. yeah, well its possible that some of the other jinchurikki have died off and so the bijuu were moved to different hosts. it also sounded like the sand has had three or four different hosts, but they have always had the shukaku in their possession.

  71. i think someone strong(kakashi, tsunade) will take on pain. From there one them will die or get injured really bad,and then naruto will lose i mean go absolutly nuts and step in to fight.

    …WHATS ur preditions on the next couple of issues?

  72. i think that tsunade will die since there are already 2 of the 3 legendary sanins dead, so after she is dead naruto will take the spot and become hokage. after that it will be like the lives of the passed away sanins. but if you think clearly you could see it comming that naruto, sakura and sasuke would take the spots of the sanin. so the manga will kinda show the life of the 3 sanin.

  73. hola

  74. bah, the sannin are as good as dead, we can see that in the way kishi gave each of them a final apprentice. too cap it off they are from the same group just like the sannin. perhaps when they go up against madara they will lie in defeat and he will bestow a name upon their group, like the shannin lmao…i dunno whetever… tsunade and jiraiya will not come back in physical forms but they will return spiritually for guidance, not it is extremely possible for oro to return the question is how he will, he will have no vessel, and his hydra jutsu can only last for so long. but i do really think it is possible that all three will fight madara, to me he is the final villain, i dunno how you guys can think any differently! seriously your putting you bets on zetsu? he is purely a reconnaissance operative.

    and can some1 come up with a cool sounding name for team 7 and i bet kishi will do something like it in the manga, b/c there is so much going on between them.

  75. uber-nin

  76. the final fight will be against hokage naruto and saskue whre saskue will die and naruto will place a leaf headband on his head.

  77. I don’t think Madara is the main enemy, i still think it’s gonna end up being Orochimaru.

  78. Is itachi really dead?

  79. i beieve that both madara and oro will be the final villains.


    fucking bored…stupid sunday

  81. I think Orochimaru will come back and take over Madara’s body when he’s weakened after his fight with Sasuke.

  82. I think Kishi is seting himself for a couple of bad mangas. I mean there is no way Naruto can defeat Pain. The only reason Jman even killed one of them was because he used genjutsu. Naruto has no genjutsu unless this new secret technique is one kick ass one, highly doubtful. It was made pretty clear that no jutsu can hit Pain even if its a quick long range one. Not only that but Kakashi at the same time had his MS shattered by the rinnegan. Yeah Pain is too powerful and there is absolutely no one in that village who can come close to defeating him.

  83. nah Kabuto is worse than Orochimaru. Orochimaru sucks now. If i can remember correctly Kabuto took the remains of Orochimaru and combined their bodys. if i did remember correctly it means Orochimaru is no longer a threat and Kabuto has become more powerful so i think Kabuto is a bigger threat than Orochimaru.

  84. thank uou so match

  85. my theory b4 was obviously one of the more ending theories but i wanna say wat i think will happen currently.
    well as we all know oro is sealed somewhere and i doubt he will come back till like kabuto comes out and gives his body up 4 a vessal and nobody knows if jiraya is still alive but he still might be but not likely and knowing that all 3 sanin took an apprentence and how the story is going now u can see that tsunade is gonna die. and about the diff tailed beast thing u can see that obviously they had diff host because some of them are young looking and the reason that konhoa didnt have a tailed beast because there r 5 villages and 9 tailed beast so in order 2 divide it up he gave 2 to each village and the 9 tails was controlled by madara and since the 1st could beat all the tailed beast he didnt need 1 for the village.
    hope this clears up some stuff for some ppl

  86. @9ailedsage- The reason why there is nothing to do is most of this crap was already said in the huge time that Saskue was doing stuff, so now you should just relax and enjoy the fight unfolding in front of you. The reason why there are “vets” and yet we seem to do little in the way of theory posting is we did a lot of that earlier, mostly about way down the road in the series… oro/kabuto coming back, Tsunade dying followed by Kakaski getting hokage, and eventually Naruto getting it have all been said before. Along with who is tobi, what can pain do, what will kisame do, and who the hell is zetsu (we still don’t know).

    making a prediction here, there won’t be any major new predictions until after the pain fiasco is wrapped up, along with what will happen to Naruto and the fox. We were expecting the pain thing to have started about two months ago, but then saskue had to be freakin camera hog and Naruto went off to train, so that’s y there’s nothing. Most of the big predictions were for after Pain v. leaf, and Pain left for konoha over three months of manga ago, so most of us have exhausted everything we got expecting to see if we were right, but then Kishi got distracted w/ saskue and actually making Naruto stronger.

  87. I wonder if Kishi is going to do any story arcs on the other jinchurikki (especially since he’s now shown us all of them), or other characters like the fourth, or the pre-village ninja wars with Madara and first, also Rikudo would be cool.

  88. neh alec, i wasn’t getting on the vets and to be honest i saw most of those posts, i just didn’t join till a couple a months ago. and i’m definitely not saying anything about you i saw some of your and i thought they were pretty good.

    i can answer one of your questions, and you knew the answer too, but prob forgot it, was in the kishi interviews he said he will definitely go further into the fourth’s story, i think we might get to hear a lil about rikodou during this arc, and the next or last when madara take the stage i’m sure he will delve back into konoha’s history. maybe when the kages gather we will hear about the great ninja war more thoroughly, but i doubt it. and since the bijuu/jinchuuriki are my favorite parts of the manga i would love to see that story, and from the looks of that cover we just might 🙂

  89. Kabuto isn’t a bigger threat than Orochimaru, for one, the whole time he’s had his parts in him he’s been slowly taking over Kabuto’s mind. And for two, Kabuto is in freaking love with Oro. One is gonna end up with control, or they’ll make it half and half and they’ll fight Zetsu, which would be cool.

  90. nahhh dude, its just i’ve been hearing the grumbling going on so i figured i might try and clear some of that up, it’s not anything you did in particular 9tailedsage…

    agreed, kishi doesn’t bother putting up something that sick for nothing.

  91. @kingcam07- schizophrenia galore, i love it. eventually Zetsu is fighting himself while oro-half proceeds to kick Kabuto-half’s butt.

  92. umm just like garra th host of the 3 tailed beast probablyt could use it to the max form

  93. damn i just re watched grave of fireflies, and i guess i remember why it’s the saddest anime ever…btw does any1 know any good movies that aren’t based on anime’s? like ghibli, that are really good, but not miyazaki’s i watched em over the past month…

  94. like would Valley of the wind or Princess Mononoke be off limits?

  95. For one thing, this akatsuki saga is not the final chapter of naruto. Kishi, the author of naruto, himself, answered a few question regarding this and he said they would be next saga after akatsuki. who knows what will be.

    Second, how the fck tsunade or kakashi will die if naruto will be around. Even if pein is featured as god like in this anime. theres no way he cant be killed anyhow. And youre missing a gud point in here. Jiraiya found the key to defeating Pein and theres no reason having any doubts that naruto cant defeat pein for that reason. Jiraiya demise is useless if Pein will survive his fight with naruto…Its kinda dumb for kishi to throw that jiraiya fight with pein and findings about pein if naruto cant defeat him now. doubters… you will see pein will die. but naruto would be capture later on by madara.

  96. @alec

    lmao i just saw mononoke again two weeks ago and nausciaa last week, but i just finished tales from earthsea, which was done by miyazaki’s son…(anime royalty) lol…it was pretty good but he kinda led the ending astray from the plot, and left you saying “how the fuck did that happen” not once but a few times, believe me if you watch it you’ll have the same reaction…you can find it easy on veoh.

  97. is the 4 tail is still alive? he already died isn’t it? itachi and kisame capture him as well.

  98. What about the 7th tail?

  99. 7 tail looks very cool. The way they put her front/center with Naruto and Gaara it would be awesomeness if they found a way put her into the manga. I have no idea what actually happened to her in the manga. Not sure if they ever even mentioned it in passing.

    I’m sure Lastscorpion and his photographic memory would be able to answer that question much better than I could.

  100. Wow it has been a feww days since i took a look at the blog >_<. No i dont remember anything about the 7 tails, but she should alredy be dead unless she survived the extraction of her beast. They could always do a flash back if they want to put her in somehow.

  101. yeah, 3,5,6, and 7 are the only ones who haven’t appeared at some point in the manga…

  102. What chapter was the 4 tails in? Or are you just talking about being carried dead by Akatsuki? I don’t remember seeing him do anything alive.

  103. No he hasn’t done anything, but he dead make a special close to dead cameo, thus qualifying as appearing in my eyes.

  104. I can accept that ^_^

  105. I was wondering a while back if there would be iron users, but since it sounds like fire+earth=lava than nobody will be using iron like Yamamoto uses wood.

  106. no one dies in the next episodes naruto fucks pains ass

  107. I found out that Pain is able to revive all of the bodies senses including pain.Thats thanks to his Black reseptors that allow him to control(like the puppet technic)and actually feel the full scents of battle Exept he is actually safe cause his real body never engages in battle. the reason Jiraya was able to retreve a body was for 2 reasons 1 he put the body out of the others Pains EYES and 2 the frog stomach actually blocks chakara.Now the reason i actually riding all of this I HAVE FOUND THE LIHGT AND THE REASON WHY HI IS THE LEADER OF AKATSUKI on Naruto Manga 420 page 10 what really breack Kakashis Doton Doryuheki is none other than Gaaras old friend the shukaku. PLIS I YOU AGREE TALK TO ME.

  108. come on guys!!! konoha is getting blown up to pieces rite now, and there is six of them… let me repeat that… THERE IS SIX PAIN’S OUT THERE. I’m pretty sure someone very important will die. Look how close Iruka Umino got his head cut off. Thats the only way that naruto will smoke pain… even if that means that the nasty old fox comes out of him!!!

  109. yo um naruto manga ends at capter 451 look it up

  110. god damn I can’t wait till more naruto manga

  111. Yeah, friday never comes fast enough.

  112. why the hell does the hidden mist and hidden rock get to have two hosts in their villages?? the 2 tailed cat is prettier than sakura or ino.. nyahaha

  113. I cant wait to see next weeks manga. I think the real pain is going to have to come out in this battle. The leaf has too many strong fighter for the pains and his girlfreind.

  114. @ ya – look it up where? Just from the Kishi interviews alone there is no way it ends at 451. Maybe the Pain story arc but not the whole manga.

  115. @ CarpIO it is not the shukaku it is just the wall that kakashi put in place crumbling

  116. Hahahaa naruto manga ends at 451… Ya rite, when did u wake up from that dream? lol
    Naruto series s way to popular!!! This show will go on for a very long time!

  117. Naruto will use rasengan to demon realm and he turns to a nuclear bomb. He explodes and the naruto world vanishes.muahahahaha

  118. I can’t take the survey!

  119. @ Nighthawk00 – thanx for letting me know >_< I fixed it though and now you should be able to take it without a problem. Sorry about that /_\

  120. Seriously WTF I am starting to wonder what is going on with naruto, Why did they have to make a ninja that has rockets and a freakin lazer in his freakin head.

  121. I’m glad you feel that way, cause if you look at the survey results we are not in the majority

  122. Itachi Gave naruto some sort of power didnt he?
    Naruto who has absolutely no skills in genjutsu, has gotten Itachi’s Killer Genjutsu, just like Sasuke has gotten the Amaratsu.

    Naruto finds out about the genjutsu en uses it against PAIN…

    Thats the most logical thing i can come up with cause thats how Jiraiya maneged to kill 1 of the boddy’s of Pain.

  123. pra min o naruto moi …
    muito loco……..
    quem não assiste só pode ser doido

  124. Now, that´s what will happen in manga 421:
    We will get to see a fight between Kakashi and Pain… lot of lame-assed conversations about Pain´s secret and eventually a small picture in which Naruto arrives in Konoha.

  125. god I wish I could read Japanese


  127. i feel the same @lastscorpion…they are really freakin..the head and rockets…and btw @ya U ARE COPLETELY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!There is absolutely NO WAY the manga ending at 451..THE SHOW WILL GO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  128. I think u r all forgeting zetsu… he hasn’t shown his powers yet!

    I guess SASUKE WILL BE THE NEXT HOKAGE, AFTER KILLING NARUTO! \O/ (I also hate sasugay, like most of u, but it makes sense that naruto will die for konoha and “save” sasuke with one shoot!)

    Kakashi will probably die by pain’s means, but not tsunade! she’ll last a little longer. Naruto will be the next hokage, but for a short period of time, like I said before…

  129. Agreed… No way the story can wrap up that quickly, even if it was to end soon, but it won’t.

  130. i hope the 7 tailed girl comes into the manga. she looks cool and is hopefully strong and will make sakura jelus XD….. will be narutos girl friend…

  131. Pain is Dr.evil muhahahaha….muhahahahaha.

  132. Dude, a laser in the head does not make you a ninja, it makes you a yu-gi-oh/Transformers/Gundam rip off… I don’t care what it takes, even if the whole ninja world dies, jsut make sure he is gone forever by the time the series ends.

    Demon Realm must be stopped at all costs!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Laser head? Crap I thought that was a disco ball; mebbe Pain came to start a rave? Yeah, srsly, WTF?!

  134. I say we start a petition to have demon realm killed off for crimes against manga.

  135. With all the Kages getting involved I think we are headed for a ninja world war. It would make sense with the series for Naruto to save the ninja world and transform everyones thinking. That’s what he’s supposed to do as the chosen one. How many times has he saved Konoha and other villages. konoha will be crushed and rebuilt and Naruto will need to save the world from somethin more terrible. Maybe the sage of the six paths will come back and be the fnal bad guy. Maybe the sage of six paths is actually in control of Pain.

  136. @ Jeremiah I’d like to see Kakashi shove his chidori into demon realms head then he could have an overload that blows his head off. Either that or Big O comes out pinches his head flat. If we’re going to get riddiculous with lasers coming out of peoples heads we might as well go all the way.

  137. I wonder if Demon Realm can talk to computers like that kid of Heroes?

  138. The lasers in his head are quite ridiculous.

  139. no posts from bono?! o_O
    wow he must be dead or somethin

  140. I am not dead… I only reveal myself to proclaim myself fiiiiirst! It was no fair this week, his new post started on Saturday instead of Monday like it usually does.

    Has anyone checked out the website yet? I know there has been no mention of it on this blog yet but in a manga chat some people were talking about starting a website. If you go there it’s still under construction but there are a few things started. Looks cool so far.

  141. dude thats sweet, it will make my life so much easier…ok not ssoooo much, but i do like saving the 10 seconds of typing when i can just favorite it, there is alot you can do in 10 seconds you know…like shooting lazers from your head??? WTF!

  142. the 7 tails reminds me of the chick out of love hina

  143. Jiraiya trained Nagato,Yahiko,Konan after the battle which made them Sannin if thats right, then Jirayai trained Minato later on I guess..So If Minato had a child Naruto then whats not too Say Nagato never had a child if so She/He and be around their age,
    That could be a great Plot twist.

    Also about Naruto the BESTEST WAY and only way he could Dominate in Battle is if he comes back all super cool and all..Then as he smashes one Pain or Some Pains Naruto starts getting angry because some of his friends get hurt, Then he looses his mind little frog jumps off shoulder because hes rejected from the fox. The Fox devastates a couple more Pains, And Naruto because he was pushed aside by the Fox Gathers Natural Chakra too battle agaisnt the Fox and overcomes the Fox reaching a new level of Ninja Ability. And when he does he will smash the Final Pain or something will happen at this point a massive twist or something will happen…Maybe the Rest of Akatsuki Will Turn up maybe not maybe the Elders will do something.

  144. The 7 tails you say? I don’t see which girl from Love Hina resembles her. I’d say the 6 tails looks like Kitsune in a way. But it’s not so obvious.

  145. i’ve just checked out the website and i think it’s cool!!GO Jeremiah!!!! 🙂

  146. @ Nighthawk00 u know the Indian girl

  147. i just checked out that captain planet video….weak ass bitch….that shit is FUCKING AWESOMENESS…..especially when kuami and the asian chick starts rappin…

  148. i changed my icon….this shit is pretty fuckin awesomeness

  149. wait…why didnt it change…hmmmm

  150. Takes a couple minutes. It’s showing Akatsuki Naruto now.

  151. Kudos to Fahim

  152. Thanks Kilo, its posted.

  153. 木の葉

    Everybody in village evacuate.

    Tsunade quarrels with two elders.

    Dont call Naruto!

    Tsunade: He is not a tool for a war. He is Shinobi to protect Konoha. So I call him back!

    「好きにしな」 って流れ
    So be it. They talk like this.


    Kakashi (This is not like shock waveWhats this? Everything around him is blustered.) Hows this?

    Something like sander (lightning) dog jumps out of his hand but it is repelled.

    Kakashi (What a guy!)

    スッ! ズン!
    SFX, Su! Zun! (Something moves and land on the ground)

    Kakashi: Another guy.

    Tsunade again.

    綱手「フカサクにも言った方がいいから連絡蛙はナルトを呼び戻しがてらぺいん来たよっ て伝えて 」
    Tsunade: We should tell Fukasaku. Connection frog should call back Naruto and tell them that Pain has come.

    Frog: Alright!

    Tsunade: We protect village with full might! Lets go!

    Everyone goes out of the room.

    Frog: Okay! Im ready to go

    SFX, Ga!

    Frog has crushed (There is no picture that frog is crushed but frogs goggles flies.)

    Danzou: We/I can block in 9 tail in this way.

    THX to Thug4life for the Nihon and English.

  154. Survey updated again.

    I’m curious to see if the Danzo responses increase now that this manga is out?

  155. i reckons thats narutos gonna return, hell use a shadow clone to gather natural energy while he fights so he wont need a frog on his shoulder (that would just be wierd if he used a frog for the rest of the manga). this will make him surpass jeriah and impress the old frog guy lol. Then as he fights pain shikamaru will tell him the code, naruto will remember something from jeriahs book, maybe all of the weaknesses of each of pains bodies. Hell then use them to finish pain.

    In the end i think its gonna be a reformed sasuke and naruto against madara. i think oro/kabuto is just gonna try and get revenge on sasuke.

  156. what??? danzo! that freak is a villain??? i won’t believe you till i see the manga chapter myself!!!

  157. @ wouldnt – the code will reveal that the true pain is not God Realm and is more than likely Nagato.

    According to the spoiler it seems they will succesfully delay Naruto long enough for someone major to die… prolly Tsunade.


    Then Naruto will show up and lay the smack down with several new and improved moves enhanced with sage mode. I don’t think we will see the result of what Itachi gave Naruto until he sees Sasuke again.

  158. @ azint – Danzo may just be under the impression, like the elders, that Naruto is better off away from where ever Akatsuki is because they are obviously trying to resurect something with all the tailed beasts.

    So Danzo my not be in on it with Akatsuki, he may just be an intollerable dick.

  159. @biradical – I don’t think she looks like Kaollo Su one bit but that’s just my opinion.

    I like how this is going. I didn’t like the idea of Naruto showing up NOW, it’s too early. It takes time to train and I’d like to see a mature Naruto soon. Naruto only has to keep his head cool and he’ll be one heck of a shinobi.
    Danzou showing up is quite suprising but I like 🙂

  160. JEREMIAH…hmm DANZO…his true colors are about to be revealed…and as much as u told me before…i see a connection with danzo and madara…especially since he is so concerned with the 9 tails….hmm..

  161. this is really gonna be an amazing issue and fuck i’m not logged in oh well i can live with that another thing i’m really happy about is bleach the anime that its back to the other story arc of where it left off for some off reason and yea its back nothing else to say there

  162. @jeremiah- Unfourtunately it is hard to tell whether or not someone is an untolerable dick or a spy intent on espionage, especially when you don’t know anything about that person, and he bears a resembelence to a guy we know is trying to destroy konoha…

  163. Everything comes full circle and of course Danzo wants to stop Naruto. He’s the only one who can stop Pain. And as of right now Pain is destroying Konoha. Exactly what Madara wanted him to do.

  164. Well he definantly doesn’t like Tsunade so he may let Konoha get destroyed so that he can take over. On the other hand he may just be trying to prevent the 9 tails from being captured.

    I don’t think its clear cut what the answer is yet… sounds like a survey question to me…


    a- Intolerable dick
    b- Cowardly traitor
    c- Coniving asshole

  165. I think that Danzo wants to stop naruto from getting back to the leaf, so that Tsunade will fight pain and die. With Tsunade dead and Kakashi hurt from the fight with pain, the elders will pick Danzo as the new hokage since they need someone to send to the hokage meeting. If Kakashi knows the truth to all of this he could end up a missing nin (thus something big).

  166. damn you beat me to it jeremiah.

  167. Chat box is in beta form on the website…

    Updated survey stats… seems people have finally come to their senses.

  168. Get off my cool aid yo! ^_^

  169. @ Scorpion – nice possible prediction – Kakashi as missing nin theory… I like that.

  170. perhaps danzo just hates frogs. so he likes to step on them while actng evil. its a fun hobby. if they sent a messenger rabbit he would have helped it on its way. he just couldn’t leave a frog alive.

  171. the elders are confident in the other ninjas of the leaf, and feel that its not worth the risk of giving akatsuki the 9 tails and i think jeremiah is right in the fact that naruto’s come back is gonna be delayed just enough for someone major to die just as he is coming back, which would then enrage him to destroy pein.

  172. But I doubt he will actualy kill pain, he might kill dead bodies that pain has under his power. I think naruto’s first kill (if he ever kills anyone) will be bigger then pain. remember they say naruto’s power is not in his large amount of chakra but in his power to change a persons heart. Pain was good as a child, so I dont think someone who was “good” once will be narutos first kill.

  173. I don’t think he’ll kill pain either. Pain is more likely to finish himself off.

  174. Oro is probably the main villian, he was probably the strongest baddie there. Madara is piss weak, I reckon it will be Naruto who will thump into ground.

    Pain will most likely retreat from Konoha,cos Danzo will beat the crap out of him. Its likely that Danzo will probably die, Tsundae Kakashi will live to die another day.

    Naruto may not even fight.

  175. hmmm….that is something to ponder lastscorpion….

  176. heres something to watch…or at least read….that manga kurozuka…that AWESOMENESS

  177. tobi/mizukage
    danzo rock kage dont wanna help khana bleve it and naruto manga ends at 451
    new one will strt up
    sasuke gets killed by naruto dramatic tier seane
    pain is actually controled by kohan
    all tailed demons host are dead exept 1,3,8,9
    three abandons deamon
    deffernt villages have defernt sealing jutsus
    rakage will want alince with konoha arooun 429
    and naruto will fight with oro/kabuto which will cause a return of sasuke throu oro bringing him bak but ends up killing him then
    sasuke will control the curce seal and will still be unde the infunce of tobi

  178. huh….is that a prediction or urs…cuz i doubt that is fact

  179. I still believe danzo could possibly be Madara. He’s apart of daily affair. When root was disbanded he still had loyal subjects, what’s to say they weren’t working for akatsuki all this time. An end to a mean without your subordinates knowing or suspecting. I’m hoping for a twist that will turn this whole story on it’s head, someone needs to be pulling the strings, someone who is on daily affairs. Danzo to me is like Aizen on Bleach in a way, it should start to get quite interesting if danzo is the mastermind.

  180. @ Aizen111 – I dont think that danzo is madara as he knows where naruto is and there would be no reason to attack the village because they would have found away to go to the frog realm.

  181. AIZEN111…im with u ….i think danzo is tobi/madara…and biradical what are u talking about….

  182. good point Biradical

    I’m not ready to rule out Danzo being a villan but I don’t think he is madara. See my 3 rules of manga post in the theories catagory to see how I rule out that possibility.

  183. @ avidfan – Biradical means that the elders and Danzo know that Naruto is training with Pa frog, hence the whole killing frog messenger thing.

    Akatsuki is in Konoha looking for Naruto, if Danzo was Madara then Akatsuki wouldn’t be in Konoha looking for Naruto, they would know to find Naruto with Pa frog.

  184. pretty much if danzo was madara he would have sent pain to the frog realm where naruto is training. U can tell he knows where naruto cause he kills the frog or does something to it in the next chapter.

  185. you still have to look at him and his own agenda, he has a motive and a big part at that. It’s not inconceivable to believe he is bitter for not being placed in the position of Hokage, why create root, what was it’s sole purpose? There is reason to suspect Danzo, he’s an important figure, something just isn’t adding up . Not everything in a creators mind is black and white. It’s not always a matter of reason, there has to be an alt. motive. in mind

  186. madara plays people like pawns, his real intentions haven’t completely put into play. Pein is just a mean to and end, what mean that is we’ll just have to wait and see. konoho’s destruction is the first objective though.

  187. i believe that Danzo did sth to the frog cause he doesn’t want Akatsuki to capture Naruto and get their hands to the 9-tails.

  188. very true…i stand corrected…@jeremiah and @ biradical….but i hope at least dANZO is a villian…i dont like that eye always closed old man…walkin around like he can see still…bastard….

  189. Yeah..Freakin Danzo… Villan or not is an intolerable dick @_@

  190. Danzo is very ‘old school’ in that he believes you don’t need to flaunt true power. You keep it in the background and use it to rule everyone else through fear that you may use it. Pain wants to do the same thing with his doomsday device. Its the same thing in real life with NATO and nuclear weapons. You have power not because you use them but because fear you are CAPABLE of using them. But you won’t see a NATO country posting nuclear weapons out in the open but everyone knows they have them. If Danzo were in the Village of Sand, no way Gaara becomes Kazakage. Danzo is staying true to his character. I think this also means that Danzo will have to die before Naruto can become Hokage.

  191. @ mosesgunn… that is an very good point… danzo looks like he would think that way thus he created root, which was behind the scenes.

  192. Most of you think that Tsunade will die. I don’t. Kakashi willbe beaten by Pein. Then Tsunade will save Kakashi and fight against Pain. If Tsunade is about to die then Naruto appeares. He saves Tsunade and gets beateb up by Pain. Then Pain will capture Naruto. He won’ttry to eat kyuubi’s chakra, bechause the 8 tails escaped and the Kyuubi must be the last. So Pain will set up a trap for the 8 tails. Then the 8 tails appeares and saves Naruto. He Teaches Naruto to control Kyuubi and Naruto and the 8 tails will face the Akatsuki. I’m sure that Sakura and the others will appear and help Naruto. Sasuke will help too, bechause he says that he have a power to destroy Konoha so he doesn’t need Akatsuki’s help. Pain will be dead and Jiraiya’s body will be taken to Konoha. But before that Sasuke faces Madara, cus Madara helped to kill Sasuke’s parents too. Sasuke will kill Madara. And the Sasuke can play that he want to return to Konoha. Oh yeah! Suigetsu will kill Kisame. So, when Sasuke is in Konoha, he tries to destroy it but he fails. So Tsunade will make Naruto a hokage and it ends. It is my version. And if you say that Sasuke can’t kill Madara,then you’re wrong. Kakashi gived us a hint. He said to kakuzu: “The next generasation will always surpass the previous one” so Sasuke will kill Madara. After all, Sasuke is almost as smart as Shikamaru and Shikamaru taked down Hidan with his brain.

  193. i definitly think that naruto will use shadow clones to control sage mode. it practically gave that away when the toad guy said that u need someone to stand still gathering chakra while u fight. he can probably share the chakra among clones just like how he shares information from other shadow clones.

    and i agree with the theory that pain uses the chakra spikes to control people and thats why kakashi missed. perhaps pain planted his chakra into jeriahs weapons so when he fought those ninjas they were given pains chakra letting him control them enough to bring them to him so he could put more spikes into them. its a long shot but its wierd the way all of pains bodies fought jeriah once.
    finally tsunades gonna die because the three main characters are all gonna have someone very close to them die forcing them to become stronger. sasuke had itachi (mangekyou sharingan), naruto had jeriah (sage mode) and sakuras gonna have tsunade (some kickass medical jutsu perhaps).

  194. @Someone mysterious-it’s a really interesting version!..but Tsunady is going to die..for sure..Kishi said that Sakura will have to grow up as Shikamaru and Naruto had..go check the interview if u want:)

  195. No w/ the communication frog gone, it seems like Naruto won’t be able to go back right away because he won’t have any frogs to summon him back, he’ll have to walk all the way back to konoha, which gives kishi plenty of time to focus o Sakura and Kakashi like he said he would… this alos means that tsunade dies. This part is when the series shifts away from Naruto onto the elders struggle for power and how Kakashi and Sakura deal with it. I believe at some point the two elders put Danzo in charge but just as that happens Saskue busts in killing all three, thus killing the elders and making Kakashi the 6th hokage (Danzo was in for too short to count). And naruto finally does return from there and the series doesn’t do anything for a while and then it moves on to Naruto v Pain and others.

    This series could eventually go to about 600-700 chapters in length the rate Kishi is going with things, so naruto will either end really really soon or will be going on (if people don’t lose interest) for another 4-6 years.

  196. this is what i think those spikes/peircings are basically a way to make chakra go through them to control the other bodies since chakra is being sent into them cant it act in reverse, tsunade said that naruto’s rasen shuriken caused insane damage to the chakra channels maybe one attack on one of the bodies will send chakra to all the bodies causing damage to the real pein, and since in sage mode his body can handle more than there will be no negative affects on naruto, but the problem is how would he actually hit pein with it

  197. Wouldn’t it be ace if Tsunade dies and they made Orochimaru Hokage? LOL

  198. or what else would be cool would be if orochimaru ressurects Itachi and takes his body, gets a sharingan more powerful than madara’s! Madara did take Itachi’s body somewhere remember… wonder what they’ve done with it!

  199. prolly a tasty snack for Zetsu^_^

    “Mmmmmm sharingan…”-Zetsu

  200. i would be highly pissed if this shit goes on for 3 – 4 yrs more and they still havent made naruto hokage YYYEETTT…hmmm

  201. can’t wait

  202. kishi said in his interviews that he wanted to finish naruto, because he is tired of doing the same thing, and after that he wants to leave the world of manga to study philosophy or psycology or something, so i think we will definately see the end of naruto in about two years, by which time the anime would end too if they don’t throw in anymore filler arc’s.

  203. Then there’s gotta a be a serious pick up in pace… that Saskue shit took way too long, he said he’s still going to focus on kakashi and Sakura (positive note: he’s at least started Kakashi), not to mention as another rule of manga: you can’t finish the series with the main characters ultimate powers being hidden… unless its DBZ then they could have ended it way before GT, but besides he’s built up too much anticipation to let Naruto die (the series not the character) as quick as he wants it too

  204. The 3tails must be the next host too recieve the 3tailed beast because that bijuu didnt have a Host so my theory is that Pain gets beat and all the Bijuu get divided up and we are looking at new hosts or ninjas that have all ready died by getting their Bijuu extracted maybe they get ressurrected because the Pains extracter gets destroyed and all of them turn too Naruto too lead them or be their leader because naruto saved all their lives and now Naruto is in the Same League as the First Hokage because he had all the Tailed beasts in his control now naruto will have the same power but this time they are hosts commanded by Naruto who listen him like a buddy, Cause thats Narutos ability Peace & Love.

  205. god…im scared for kakashi….i know he is badass and all but im fucking nervous and i hope people don’t start labeling Danzou as a villain yet, from what ive seen he has made alot of hard choices that are darker than what Tsunade is capable of……….um does the black stuff on pain remind anyone of Kakuzas tendril things…could there be a connection…?

  206. wow they posted manga at 10:45 last night!!! really early 🙂

    sorry i thought you had it jeremiah 🙂

  207. What if itachi’s body is going to be used by pain. Imagine if it is controlled by Nagato with those chakra poles


    tsunade betrays the advisors!
    kakashi v two pains!
    and danzo’s secret plan!!!

    sweet fucking manga!!!

  209. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MANGA!!!!!!! 🙂

  210. naruto’s supposed to be the chosen one…he’ll return peace to the world…and believe me it’ll be impossible if he kills sasuke…covincing him would be more probable…still i want to see sasuke dead

  211. YAY!!!dattebayo’s response to the subbing was really fast!!go to and watch naruto shippudan ep 80!!!!

  212. ups shippuden* 🙂

  213. i want naruto to fight payn as soon as possible

  214. the manga is out

  215. You may want to cover your usb ports, Apparently I didn’t read what happens when you click on the translation link.And then I got face lasered from my computers usb port. Luckily i was able to read naruto afterwards and I am expecting a full recovery.

  216. AWESOME!!!!can’t wait for the next one!!!yay 🙂

  217. naruto shippuden ep 80 was reaaaally sad….*sighs* 😥

  218. you already knew that was going to from the manga
    421 was good and danzos plan is starting to unfold i wonder what he wants

  219. If the spikes within the Six Paths of Pain are really designed as a conduit, would this mean an expanded role for Neiji since the Hyuga clan has the ability to block chakra points?

  220. It seems since Kakashi can’t feel any chakra, that pein broke a piece off in Kakashi’s shoulder and is currently manipulating his chakra flow from there

  221. now i really think danzo is madara, protecting the nine tails…seriously that is madara’s trophy, i think he is secretly playin’ akatsuki…

  222. danzou and madara want two diffrent things he cant be madara

  223. Just to let everyone know, there is a new post with a break down of thoughts on the new issue of manga HERE.

  224. […] Naruto Manga 421 + Tails Group Wallpaper + Freakin Lazer Beams survey + updated post Naruto Manga 421 Click HERE to read the newest post which reviews and breaks down Naruto Manga 421. Click the […] […]

  225. I think that naruto will meet up with sasuke on their way to konoha have a huge battle. Sasuke will change and will duo with naruto vs madara and zee real pain! at the same time, also dont forget the othe ally nations, KAGES VS REALMS wouldnt that be cool? Raikage wants revenge against akatsuki, they are wanted in all the nations.

  226. Just have A COUPLE of things to say… HOW THE FUCK DO WE KNOW TOBI IS REALLY MANDARA? We are all just assuming right now. If he is who he says he is then why is he covering his face! And why did Kasame call Tobi his MIZUKAGE??? Just read issue 404 and u will know what I am talking about!!!


  227. everyone doesn’t assume the Tobito theory, in fact some people still think Danzo is Madara. Which I’ve disproved on a previous post called the three rules of manga. People that assume these different theories comment as if they are fact, which doesn’t bother me at all and u shouldn’t let it bother u so much.

    The mizukage implications have been discussed mamy times here and I won’t relist the theories but I’m happy to hear yours or anyone elses.

    My personal thoughts are Tobito is relevant but I’m not sure how. Is it just the eye? Two seperate people? Pro body snatch?

  228. “My personal thoughts are Tobito is relevant but I’m not sure how. Is it just the eye? Two seperate people? Pro body snatch?”

    Sorry Jeremiah but i don’t understand what u really mean in that part plz do explain….

  229. I’m too lazy to rewrite the whole theories but in short:

    Two people: If you read the manga carefully, it seems the character has two personalities 1) is goofy and a comedic relief type 2) the other is serious and manipulative

    so tobi is two seperate people, Madara and Obito, working together both using the same name but two different people.

    Just the eyes: Obito is dead, Madara went blind and took Obito’s eyes after the collapse.

    Oro body snatch: Madara took Obito’s body, similar to what Oro does.

    Straight up: Obito is tobi, posing as Madara.

    Straight up part 2: Madara is Madara, nothing fishy

    There are others…

  230. Yeah I think we killed the who is tobi thing many, many times now. If you look way back in the old posts you can find full in depth theories on this topic.

  231. I quite like the 7 tailed girl; finally (no offence) there are multicultural people in this!(Look i really bring no offence!!) She looks pretty strong and shes associated with water

  232. That Tails wallpaper is cool. I have it now. I know my friends will want their copy too.

  233. mandra should be the end character and naruto and saskue should fight him together

  234. then that ending would be too predictible.. because it would feel like it would be like the 2nd Naruto shippuden movie. where they fought the villian together (well naruto did most of the work) but still..

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